Newspaper of True American, February 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 15, 1839 Page 4
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,(ý iMW~E'I`4tl!"ACACG. i"'tnm( vl Sye t eýfie Boot It IIV 2 or Cice Le IitColL becA*o sit 2111 rio Plc o tt oo·knenili t9at m i bn and~ 7'e ' itb ,ill Clico ie Pifiit `+ B AnitiCtntih ecmc, I"t lhemLtAtlrn'. Pa I4p~ vi`ticL. lii an r ý, ,Ibr L33 EV 'o+l Aeat LeedLot 7 iM : r t> ±ýtaEiit:iaT a Cc ·Ic tsýý.>"n, a_"t ._ . l lt =~r rýAl*salt[ent'/tY~·, lglitýy.u epl .M ct, Bvoientry Milai Enycopeia E du r S 01 XCc.AE Acrs. No Aniri 'N vl iaRtlbicecd - 4~t ggtc~ Oi~pre gk1 r M~seai¢fE 3OiiNi & g1ipyapU 9t .Constaa r i ric 3 o i ud cc ot ' ONI AtiaiuiE ~f-~iitre, Ot. rle c tt itiv d ition oioc t Ccclice ieccoredical Soiancifig Dit t o r).i Rnv o dfre ot rc O e cd o - tor:. Chnrlan and Commlon sr. t 'ile curetof het Facir antd Aii. . t 'ýt e'ecly didenvcred oereqoin tie Tonic cito titCc egnCI to the drdinery mcdot . iftreating ItotRrm Y h Aiwr to io che firm oil tis cbngoa eier, ol t cecc, buod eifrom, cieettletcrit antiePooin one of diecoc it occ ie iacon bitli the ou eefnot't IndjIqn ofe e itender ` cfntioe agedt~ invlid. Ittie, t ventselapseIcc ii the diseasel eontcu o lithe nndtitct tin soonO ec'ius it.iwobhed toile and ccttrv 'lit cmiob-ct lishfetcoautcid iermn if eit appttiti ccy initiornin , SIrosvtnnteccancd hives reotte toct eotintntt of totlttt itt Bein0 lOOculia i n 'otieC te 'liea quality, it reot inclt lint in the bo~wels to increase this ,iisorder, its to create othler dieoanga, btltthororgl!ly clcennal the several or gino of digenliuin, notl thus benefits the Fssr'em Cwbe oppie d. lndlccreo i ittilfr th e dnte o c',e Ti ni l y cite teci Lttiottctlto loblall thce ci'tal ioclsc i the dicac e yeecpe ny eylllpnma of cluri: wherea by t< dit11bu uflahecanomm ro inod~liesi then is always crea s41iiin increased cl libililv to recurrence. The dangnoer a frequent reinpaes o If thre Agle, is yen" lvid., nt, for Fi c sic-. clcc l 0il a inon ct lcti too mucei prot i ititit 01 nits ale tt eectowiteh ocodiciitend speedily fllce vie ?ine toelo inoeicuut icrikleneo i'be'i'otitc Mixturt ii atirerod-at each n reasonable trice, as m-pinta it %%Phiil 411 aanceaeevofov ry one!-so llnt Ilia pone and Ilcrtitute moot fehtt. hmitotitcatssi tnRty & A oliriti, g wee tld'eindndttenellc wbiclin fregttcutly totied to " ialtetnCof tee very reluctanty heetolwed.. T~hb pithilyc nrA re,,pectl cant tined n ilntntlt the spal +iaoe Iliitotiuu+ of thi medicinec, that acer daily utteredl It i* prep'ed oily v 1, the. Johln It. Ilowondc, iIt his l~nbnrntorc, Al Ikri 51'.', ·n ,I'iilddollrlia." Th'le aakr."riltre H tld~e wYholaI~s.Ie nc(1:tt fill, theC fnuth 1Vesteni store+, and lwill-Lei] by rho . rns,, ite f aite'hila elsaiphil prices. 'a bIe h~ad lit retell als~o, it t iuen,"ftie :tplitois utt iy J.ulvle C. ANDREW-1, I -air nlilhoirsche Itrugci-its, 1,0 m-C imov y ' "ln tnlti laeeansitppi aind Iounthln,, Al stecl,^ t'5 \r.7 / .5 Ina t ItS. MARY KIIRKLAND respectfllly an. I ' ounces Lo-her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at Ite Above establishmeot, acd hopes frem her xertiens to render visitors comfortable, to receive 't continuance of former fivors. She feels confa. I .dent thaetperseons visiting Covingt3n during the it Ilamer m.oentlls, calnnot find better accommodatior s than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. trHor house is pleasantly situated, and well supplitd Ir with every convenience; the bar is furnished with R the niost choice liquors, &e. in short, she promises I i'at nothing shall be wanting on her part to give II Sstire salisfaction to all who may patronizo the ilissimippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 0 Tit HEt PtB1iC.-The undersigned. having . studied under Dr. Sel.msidt of Charleston, 8oath Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor 1 to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid- to the calls sthich simay be made; and also offers his services to the holders of elaves, being well acquainted with the d4iseass common to them, having attended them in -I Ithesigar house in Charleston. S The fantous anti hilious pills niter the composition b of Profensoe Smolletto, with directions, can be had ol'the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 16l Magoa. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. ,,OLLOW WARE, WOob-C ..EV-, SAD') IRONS, &e. SHiE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have, received the past season, and are constantly re eiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizes, froa 3:8 to 18 gallons, Sakepans" or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jamno's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sasubweights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to lOlbe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. mkde to order, Also steambeats and other machinery mgade to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly rseemmended to the attention of' Southern and Westersnmerchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon thie most liberal terms ; it is be lieved to be the largest and best assortIment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the Unstod States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prinerd circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, fromn which no deviation is ever made, furnishod by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1'3 30 MWROUlt , h a 1 igra 7. .. AL BOL.T six leo(th- aro I ho 1 tIh i un itiue to ,ot L a soret dioeas., for rhich I e've arlpli'd to eve. ,.ral dfictore for s cure, and tihe, did sot cuol mue. No now el the above date I put eysclf unoer thrs cane of lturtut Huet,tal leXpet Il toen tee . S.i.e |that time thedisentat got worse, a an totreak out itn large nlcer0 to the number of six or eight ont ea h leg, and all ever ivy faco, mitt sore throat, and tnt aile it; work at Ith preenet titcn o account of the disease; l'rge ilcer on the right silde tof the throat. I tsin no v ltatin II' self confidetntly uderteth cure of Dr. lurt, c.i Pis to be perfectly cured Jell N DEAN. feoe 14 Iv n DO CERTIFY that the eorve moettrned diseasee i •i-quite well eured to liy e atisfaetion, fr whirl I thank Ir. IHuet; and tlereover k-sure that the mei cieh I have taoken akes tehe ttlt, and dI nottinjere oy nealtht at all; therefore I advise . io f Iltew soanerecre trr sa no it:ne al apply to i)r A. Hrt, 121 Ceanal atreet, betweet Dauphint and Iutlrtbeou streets. l1r. "net is at hoem from 9 o'clok, A 31, uotil 4t P 31. They will find a true donter or this omeplaiet. Jt)S.N I)EAN..1II tirtvier street. If any one wants to see me, call it No. 4U Gravie JOHN )E.AN. Niew Orleans. Feb I, 1838. feb 14 ly * p Gentutne Indian Italsam of ord Hore. JL~ oi put up in botttlo at the lotw price of 5O d etcontal ung the strength of three ounce f 1tles the vi rtues of many other routs and amo. the ldiasna asa icactious in curing paunee CoemplaintsH. IwitaKoalled ueeces which tioe atteltded the ,re of thea bnstemabhe Baleam wherever it hts ben intro= bs otained the confidence and reconuenda. f lrespeetable phyoaicins, for the cure of cutgho, pint the aide, waot of rest, spittirg or blood, geetplaent,&e. it t may concern. This is to cerlitiy tht we t e riaeeeptaetire f'treqttetly trescribed Mirs brrd B Indian Batetnt of Liverwort a d einoer tnti( wcithl goad effect: oo can tlterefore, frotnt thte heow tihe materiaL# it is made from, and a bservateot .-pe-icet t ecotop0snd it 0s a 00 "i- preparat" i t ne tiauld ofa th leehos fir wich it is re nedted. A I+B t: I I " WVII. II Atp S , *I. 1). CALVIN EI.I.IS t.1 It. mlethesa of the Bosteon Medical Association. .,. thet JARtVIt & ANDRmEWS, etr oo,1 bns t( I l'r1 titttlao eta EA 1'5 Ptence of Per.ntanship received,and * .alfiat their permmnent VWritt Academies S street, New Orleans, 1119 Bradway w° . lauphiae at., Mohilh. y des.ignie for private learners, and iotiteatntt furpetre:uaof allacerea. btl. ityiced tttcall and ,xamin. ad to leases f.ntredt in any pare gI., .frit...... ree ......... idleir....... tein ere trte e to rse nf leoas r,. lesira d peetiafre -hietne. tree otfIe.rn rtt rt. trsirod .Mltaey weitn,, .'ttll AhtIey wth. OIL 4 .1 K i tit !I'rI IIF.I R i- MI.o 9 IARTT & c, ai reS n reivingm Iero on booard ship Orleans. Eagle, Ilighlaader, thoner leery Andrew, Frnch aid Gertnop eteY earls; Back-. garmmnl floards; Clhesmene, .aentl 2 3.B8iteh 1In I B nrd alla'; 1, h. !0 and 12 inehhloile Btoe -tnivis: hr Leather anld- thor trnvell'1eg l) tlrebigCrae.ol; itel C ' Pocket, Iloretoan'o, and Duelling Pistols; dloube a rest CiI single barrelled GdOuein-,Game Bags; Shot UBlts; Powder ti' and Pistol P a Dram Bttlea and Drinking Cups; or.i Pereraeoan 4 I Cm Holder.; Cloth, Hair, Tooth;i and Nail a)el and Chleorine Tooth Wasnl e' Tooth Pd il'd hing So in great van ma iete i ' r rBoeida, Rin.l.ts and Frioelee, Pear: vie asnd ol Powtllr, Emory linagrs; orv Tub Cushlion. i Patent eShe or Garters; Ginm Elhtic Suspondero; \er ieoweir Pirer aend Boxes; Gilt Clelins, Soela and Kayo; ace Eardro;t Wniat Buakles; Brotrleta Bead Necklraces e andC ; Gilt M iilvered Beals; indi mDBeeds, fit Bells an'id Plstne Shell Twiet; Side sen Dceshine Com bs;,witihii adition to theirformer stock on hand, pit akehes their assortnrat very complete, and will ie sold m, owe and on liberal terms, at the asig of tihe Golnlrd n omb. if 70 Chartes street. rý . Seebnrih,' genTRe for the entenowie hoino of L . & I. B, r Shilatvl e r,, E Eneand, have ajust Cg rvecd a very exetalive-set of pia' rll., reotsieing ofs Table and Dessnert KIoee of e. -". description, Pen, " Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point Ien ire; Razors, Scis ,on. ERdle Tools, &. &rc. &cn. whic they arn prepomrenl n o exhibit to thie erlae r e arders. Terims and eonditions d wltl be made khnown at time e. o . [ tm16 J.I).1EIN& A COHi';N,90.i nmlo n e t. i: I sIMMONS, IIARTT& CO--Ace now receiving aJ per lip Ilmlntsville, Eaglei, Mery Andilw, Ilimeh Snder, Frdench wai German douhille heati plavian.s'rles 0. c- ster, belt oedl pocket pistolas; lelah, ribbed and split I c c slins capsn can p holders; scisst's, Raneor, trenl. t vet; (;illot'a commercial alld oiler steel pensl; io- I ius; Violi stringse shell,ivory netd horn eomlhse.nlers; le k, head rnd leailher pursei haIir hlahild, front still nk rhinoletse; egro punls; German :ond Fleneh cologneiI t water Rrowlanis .maeresseor oil, imitntim do; nntiqule I sail heaer nol; oielahlel deslks etl dreslag easre: past, e blackig; stat IClamr toilet glasse; convexn ailrots; oe - I i to- ol glasses ant views; lntitaa beads, bells nl pHumes; a g Ceordoon; whlit twie;toilet and sillnvilleg snips; toilet e- owrler, osmetie i wiash buals; scontedil eii a oaliioens; un- pool stalnds; screw celioas; fancy head chains oatil fr- neeklaees billiard et bi; ck ooks o ai walletrs;e t - German herles; i azor snnpes; fitle sil erommoni gwi.. a- atoaie lauspeners. gaiterse do; BelltslueifRr matclcesesil. in, ver penceilsa Creyons, &e. &c. r e I The nbove in aldtion to out fnrmer stlck of fanecy lio rti les, mkesaoltr nrsst llen t very eim trlet. bot sale ate wholesele or retnil; as tie seig of tre Goldlen Comh, 70, or- lihar(rlestreet. 1 rret.. ir ero N OIiCE---Tlhe paerteCship of Kellery, .ni ly& oii Ld. ' of New Orfenn •orn, liraso &Cor., o Natelez; ve1 n e Harris, Kelle &Co. of Rodnle, was di.sroclved I use, i blhlnt of uy Inest, b the deulti uli aouel A luMson, by ine ole lior Ilarters el thle irs. en- Tlre undrlersinoned trvrivin portnner, will be hacrgred gr M nith r otli .n.atlir neil br :nio h adiii llcree pt frlln ; i for cLvi CH larris will attend to tlye settlinr of tw bnshiroi t1 ot' ,Masoni,Harris& Co. it. l Natelez; cur lntrir'i, Kitl ric er &. l.,tl tldilR.d\ne and lRenrr (ll. y niofeatterd to h i re ris ir oftale bltirross of Kelley, N ll rn & Ci.. at btin :Nell Orleario. 'fiThe nires of Ie *eeral firtms willc i tute used ia liqiiidrntiolonlvy. ring lThose indrlted to slid firm are earesrtly requested I Ito oaIeie lforwonrd h d iake early veltlcheir urts and thos i aving e'lriys will Illease i, relen trem withlet delay. ;tre o ,tM c Vn C PIARRIS, IIENRYIt KELLY. NNevrO)rlonts, Jllne .7, I.37. Shis - AirN ce, iFA-R-ks INA'S COl.OGNE WAnie tle '2 reases more of tlis srperilr Cologri wrateri Jtst rt received iavdI for aole' I tile dozen or sitloe bittlt. S11 Also Amnerican nvid o 'le'echr toilet r wdlers, powder' nru tllid bioxes shlviii anrid toilet son ps eosaetit wash hulls, lilk of roe, e'osntetire eol Create; eRO xit o n .sk, kiephnlul Ward's vegetable alir oil, polcrtrr, u Ir'rltl do prril. Fluridl. hellur, roe nl;ll bay wiltero' ,'r. t t r io c oalts, lli arreill es 'e tc incii V ih tillLo:nts velitl= ehoth huir tootb'lrl aod Ilestr !rtohiler' together witl an. an anllitioial supplv of flshiolnble hor~ tred shellcl one. oatbs and jeiulyf;orale low tv welolesunle or rtttil Sct bly dSIMliONS llIAI'r' I CO, er 'vil tv 70yl fnhrtresrcr tret. vevo CtALi-'1 ho echo IILri hour role- llly i it[ rnil. IoIind a large suplylv ,f Ca.nol and Liverlrels coi!, the in hulli, f so pt-" ric qtail, li cit wi eh ofler for I hone sal' in In's ito nsuit purieha r.'t rits. Also expectled by tlle first arrivals from It rlied il nard the Niorth, Cnn.l, Lehli.l anil Pueach with i Moantsin Coal, broken and screened, put aip in isesi hgel.eidselxprseely for Intily ur.-all of weh;ei give they will dlispose of on tile nost mi n erite ttoo s. tilie Orders left at their inffice, Nn. 53 ellnvihle at ,3 up stanirs, will be promnptly attrnlrdl it. ii el 3 "I. & A SOULlE. ,ton, Cologrne Wat er~,i'r-riie nnt &tn--A s,,u..., it in article of cologner, put upli expresily for tle relti nott trade; also the purest F celchl Printvrlaer, rmblra city. cing everry .sriely Ior the tilol, for silo byi naost ier 2 REES & D'ILANG. hich . the 'Tio Country' Melicolnlrs -id Plelaters. tlin Negro llotlsnlaakets, flinelr , lnserys, lowell iin l :hirtia S clhecks, linens, cilicoce, lehandkerchiefs, &v &..receivod and lor sale lowr by tIte subscri. tin bels. llO[l''A & Ci. thad IOct. cornerCantl Sldl C!'iotrce et . . I-. Glenl's Ir/'fa.rie,. Indian Dye, f tr coloring thoe air ; Benr's Oil, Russinls beaho'sreese, polnntum, Michao'sa Fre, I cle WVush, supelior pearl powder, hi iwhite, crearli of rsest, vegetable rouge, otlo of rors', lip salve, kreasote twoot wash, ca,,rbnii dentritice, orantge Sliwer water, Iowder puffs and bhrxe', Anerienn charonal, nnealy put up in Unr ounce vials, Pres. t.n salts, rolog.e, kreorte tooth achew drops, hair brushes, E ,'lish dressinr combs, uIdian hair oil, tith a variety of otier pirlnumrir,., SC. For sale by C. J. 'l'RINCIIARIt, oct 3 corner of Lanal and luudtlouiOn sis IRON ROOFS--The sutbseribers have procured at a great expense, the right of putting on iron f rofIs in this city. They are adapled to puhaic buildings, warchouses, and private dwtelln,s,snd cumbine at once cheapness and durability, and are perfectly fire and water proof. Terms unna Sknllow,allnd a model seen at our establishlmenlt, opposite St. Mary's mtorket, Tehlpitoolas st. oct2 E I COGS\\ ELL. & Co UPIIOLS1'ERY & PAPER HANGING STORE. Hlenry Siebrecht, (foromtrly J. C. WVicks & Co.) would roest respectlully inform his furerlda and the Illlle ill general, that lie Itas nrnd is oUnsrlanti pl receiving a gi neral astortnient of upholstery rmnd paper haening. 'Tlhe fllowing comprices a art of his stock, which Ihe offers for sale nt whole sale or retail on the usoat accomnmodating ternts, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style ; do half eommon aoid comnlmn, Pniladtlphia glazed and unglazed do do, French landscapes, fire bunrds, blndcr, &.. do velvet and worsted do do,, morranze do olore silk fringe and gallluns aolll qtualities, patterns and prices, worsted Irilgls as sorted pattern, plnin and colortd. Swios muslifo, laitest stylplain and tolouaed, eotton drnpery a.uslinsptso i and twilled, as-orted, culornr, ne styleOl needle work for sofa cushions, fIorotstol covers, &e new sttle of bill pullers, raised liturers and plain, gilt window ornlaments of all patltern and tlars, gilt eagles batal and spears, lealhels. &c, glnss knolh, casters, hair choth, figured and I plain, a lara, assottment of toys fPr clltJren; lor.:e slk corI anId tassels, worastd cord and Is. snls, a eaeral assotnletllt tof uhlistero and paper I ahginrs, constantly on hand anJ foi at i lowest prices at Nos 41 Royal and i64 Cutaom (foure et. S--pcrsons in thu e city or tomhe ienuntry, are ci ul ly Invited t" nail an I t-r itntine Ii'i hliee.clver. Ce rpe s and curtains made in the la[test t ndlro n ,v ., roU ms prepared at the sori a est alottes, aind all kinds it Ipl Oif;dca ltuly n. hkl dane hith leat tess and dt, spatch, oct 3 Lb.-: .JUUR, No 4 C..ittle t'eet, r etwe, l D'.inmnin sald Si Philip, keel eoneI lln ly r on hand an r xtl n.ive t llt S t lli o(lif f oot a011tS It d brio an i and 'line ,,uf New iYork manall .lietore, lsr:tt'u. woment u ..I.1 eilrl.. r olf nl a e., which he will di'p t e I ' at very o.lra'e pir, s. Famtilies of his a q itanve on srtdona ' n ' rder'I willtrve their wishee attelendd to L, SE 'UL't DEI)AFNES:S. A NEW article for Porslius troualed with denamte.s, I by thels.iu of a hi I lse ih hg test articulation of the ill. In;a vo(lice its die illliv liiCrvey. to tile otar. Any uoeiI SII e" lB ilts lell, i·bu y acn,itdo oth-1 didll ah y nid e( l. [=arrasslnellt expelieu,+ed bobll iy milllueles nllll tIhe in dividlnals so nnlirtunateiv afflitned. Ily the use of tlh Ear TeIruompt this obuletion is entirely aoviated. ''The nmst sceptical haves u altysn a andoned their doubt, atter having used ihea Trumpet. For BuOe at "I' S GUION'S, Fancy tore,.corncr ofrCP mon and St Clarles i trncts loer Is .t Ecluisa Hotel. lIth 1;1 SI'tERM OI(AL--5I0 galieos pare winter d ~Sperm (oil, in casks and Ihls, for oale by JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, A Whulesal Artlogg sts, orser C tutnIen and T'lehapi aIn streert. tlr I:; 40 1 'Ar kegs, 10)' t'" )0) du 25 " Encliesh dot--5 1-4 bbl. .I100 IO IPalt rI ulshe nvarit us sizes, I os-s VermsiAli ,n; I bbi laCot al Varish; 2 "` Julaan '" I " Coacdh t20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; Alit do Dutch Metal. WAINI)OW GL .\SS, American, Erl lishl and Freuull Intl0 boxes, carlnus sizes and qualities. Blnt.n Lrown dau.--'0tU botxe, neiigOtnehtt, will be sold low. AlsIo, i generll assortment of artists' colours andi tools, for sale by A \V SCAI IS, S No 16('manal strel.'c I N B. Alabama notes takes at p r. andI Mississipri notes will be received at 10 per cent discount for goods, ora il p..mielt f debts-. .AI Alw !' Ari, e aAORS" ,'s. En· r hln's Ratlz cus f th, tsenutnm artile. j,,t received bys 'es 3 RERS' &- D'LANG, Ain C'ns .n "\h-'s'Ua Auo-i,-01 stils \hlssot i tale ripe, atrd. all of h Itl.p,in atore, ad far sol' blit n 3 Lt) I;llT m tA\\ T '1ITORN, 6.1 t.av:r, ' r SBook Be iEl C UldPr ith Pieeruno Orfi e, 72 C wap i '. BRONPEIA 't& flOWSON beg "env Into inTfirm p their eue,.omers an.l ilhe p hhle . .,ic ern lly, lnth l 'hey hve renis veld their estnbliahnlment i No.72 tils, COIIs street, i needilrly under the ollice of lhe ahoes Pira'yne--where they urue prepred to execute all dano orlvs iin Iheirline. ea ne received ftomi the North a surprly of po. ing lIr and mIlerinle of a superior quality), for the i ianufnacture of Blaink iouks, they oiler their ser- yn vices to merehants and oiler, who,may wii lash work of that kind ; antd halving the edvagnge of whie several yehta's experieine in that line, they nare jove conftidentof iving satisfaction to those who racy menu fin r them with their custom. ofIth SFr otairies, architects anol ithere, malps aned cin plcls wilI be pasted on line. valrniiahed and S mountied in ilhe neatost manner, & at the shortest ting notier. Plin and foanelr hindlin, ii nal ats varieties nt. o f 36 Chnrrea street, New Orleans. Ii STM! Sl'ERGEANT & Co. importers of French hiti ijfl nid E:niseh Chinn and Earthen wsare. tre ols iotc ope.ninll new and rich patterne of breakfasl, met a dliintg nd ten services, uileot sets, pitchers, tea Ii n J cfee cullps, renplot, esugars, ereailsa, bwler, sne plater, dis.he, Ittreeni, wash baoits i aenwie sl. t Iool blte,, etc. pe. m 9 1ich cut and ptlnin French anl Amenrican glas. to I c wr--aohlets, chamlpignesh, Ilnslneades, jellies, nce cilares, inelos, celrdialo, centrn huimles, llllltelre, the t umblere, preserve dlshesaeler;ies, pitchelilerpsUi, l,. p shlide and glasses, caidle sha-los, salt cel- suI lerts, etc, any I1 Sliver pirted, hrnnzed and briteian wnre-e-as' Ite in tore, liquor stands, cake baskelt, eandiltctickr, de to Ianchell,ih stons, ladlles,caoffitenn d tcolplla,setglars't Screaisn. lcmps, jilpa.ned trays, nstral sinni , and er 1Ichanging-larmp,liine cutlery, Germln silver spoanstiac and lrks, togiether with n grell variety rf articls tihe c fr l ii f ipy uat. Il erchln ts, planters, hllt Is, ri nd tnt SteailbuatlS, rnished will goods at thie toit reac priers, cnd pacred so, as to bhe convey'd i, wit esalely tI any part of tle catn ry. in neat s o nl rrlhpecrirn' lniSe Here. oe 2 ai TIHE FLORIDA LINE nt SlFriom MNoile- ti Augusrn, oe . so ireves Mobalt every any at three he So'clock. p mn per U S mail hot n (I, fn Ilall's I.lldin, nboveo Blakely,-t-'enc.' foour C in t cclhanes tio Pe:lsn la-thlneh steemhnllltas i1i ,,, r anice, where ithe land rouls is resumed-th-ilee l un, vina n nl'rit nn rnd IBrownsville, Fla. la:linllldgl e, P dltlrtl.t II, l s i n . 'dtrivle. Snciiitcreiilea Loui-n ots red viille it A 6nustin, n, c nneeling rte ularly with ill iihe ri road nicrs t C'iharleston, and the stea en °lý Tc e's i' No te Yolki Norillk, Pailadelphia, etc. ile t 'l te pa olits a lir e best for thie service, anil nit athe nlitig'lcion presents amire ndvnnintca tican cnl i lie liellod upon anl y steamboat route inl the southh . ern res r,,l.. t i 'IThei greal imprnvelriets in the roulto have cein o ice. pruoiucetd by th ctinstriulionu ol fiftvy ils of new Vio Smroadl, by lthie pr, u'ieolre, viz : fror LnGranieee on , I calFnvtelnate vo, nit arml of Santa Rise lily, to at Ilrynt's Fierry, on ti e Chaintl llcl chll liver, ien ist iiil, s abovel the Ctl orIe , or 14 above Cedar bill', p E t w.iedreiby the lvigation oa the steeir, aind tihe en. tt "-qno dnletentli ns anti mi ,re recenl y th e i ie lm st 'er venient crossin at lihe Cowlrli, are entirely I t .os I avoided, and a litne rind frot Mai trilina direct lh c o i B iai rillg , instead of the rini, l tl boai l ro d viai i to l ictlahouci re, lessenin rit h itti eano . ut foriut it e., n l (es, anlid incrlealllg tet fe titCll:s at olle Ih n etl- once ia (at. t, Airt,, a bran, It line of two rhorse atgels every a tll lthe r day ftlmn i in kinasv:!r, vie P rry to Mhlcoa, Ih tail 'a,. connecting wil ilit line to Sa nannah antid L)D.ien, Ge,. a t A iail asteantu nl ,iis ri guei t rlY be ween ' it:inbridge anid Apnulochicoil. 'Travelh rs wishi g n to reach any point o Chatltaholloce or Apalachl:- p n!, cola, tenn take steoitoat at Bruwnsville. ni for Mobile to Pensaella-Lalnd louo--During the e time occupied liy tle repairs If boats, tile pioprie. II l- ilrs of lithe Flrida lie will run a line of four t: ht ollrse ipost colchs every oilier day between loIc SiPllend a 1 'c' 'Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 to'lclic. , p nlt a ci in rihe U S ma iloat, cnd proceed to lall's Land- i st ing, whaere a Iour hrse coLchl will i ini waiting to i einvey lhem to iliu excellent ilouse of' Mr. Charles , lall, I 1 4 mile distant, whore they will find , lelasant eocconlmiodaltilos for Ihe night-leaving next morning, they will arrive in l'ensacoola etly lra- in the evening, ltus avoiding the discnmfort oft 1 night travelling. Oieice at ihe Mansion llouse, .o.lile, and Cul. i ý- lini' lotael, Pens~ole, where seans must beseou I red. S'I'OCNKTON & Clo. nov I fal Pianto Forte elstruction. I serbi William Smitrh tenders his stervices to the citi, izeins of New Orieann as n tfacher of iho piano s as forle. iMr S haovinlg'eeln eployd several ventlea aan teacher of inusic i private f.iilihes in B.silon, and also at snveral of the femnile selinaries in its Oil, vicinity, cannot but hope to merit theIr cunfidnrce. Fret Ile is lermiitted to refer tot Rev Dr Cllpp, Pleaars hni elson & Avery, lIendersoni &. (Gaies.r. arlve For term. &c pleaise apply at Ille booksea re of roa Alcxander'Tower,49Coepst act 2 icon .--- . .-- -. - - -- . . ---- . . . 're. Drugs anLd NlediCine. hair J B Prevost has hitrted hinlself t this city for r il, the purpose of Iran,'acting a aeneral lVhollestie d l t )rugll i ilness. le is nowv rccr!ia ng ia full snpply ol Ireah and genuinle Articles, which hi will ell Its cn liberal ernlt ''it cTity druggiste, and those ti tile interior, ito plhysicians, n ere haens and plantr re, ic lie will fiafr induclelnts such as hnve never ha. iro fore been iffered inl this city. His intention is to site a strictly lenilimtote businiess. 11is stock will lant noon be cnomplete, iand in A f ew weks will be ren. 'cnIi dy fIr business. All orders train the countlry, and nio fro ,ti erchants ol ti i , city, receiving such orders Ient, will he proamptly attended to. nact 2 N 39 Camp st PROSPECITUj. TIHE subscriber p-opeses to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsuang winter, a Condensation <f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of MartIlen Louisiana Reports, to be colnrised in fllr volumes, bno., according to the model of Peters' Conaeseed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton IIarrison, Esq, of this oity, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a dilinoguishod retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of tihe sitting Judgos, to expect from their peronreal supervision all thel advantage which may naturally be r,.aped from thelir experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no. cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani let. in the other States of the Union, in roference to tihe peculiarjurisprudenceo of Louasiana; and the circumstance of tino numlllerous principles here den cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prino uti lity to the jurists of tic whole Union. .Moroovec, tihe rising republic of Texas has adoplod our codes, anid thus tl ore is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel casoe decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the more authoritative leruims of the other States, wit. oc added to each c;i e. l'ho workt will liorm four volumes, royal octavo. .cnd will be deliverred, bound, to at $6 per vol.; in rase it shoe l l be found practicable to ecmnpreos it into three volumles, tile pliee to suo crheru will be ir7 per vol. Eubscriptions received by WM. MeKEAN, IoN cor Camp and Colllnmn sts. IWTIIO.IES.Ai AND tREIAII.CO.11 ANT) VA V RIIETY STORE-at tile sign of the golden comnh,Mo70 Chartres street. The iIaicribere have re ceived, inl cidition t ttheir previeos stock on hand, ac full slmd complete assortlmnlt of artiles i their line; viz: cocllln, pcrfnloery Jvceller, bruclhes, Ircdire glassesr lorce articlesc, Lc. carlisting in part as Illows C())M ilS--ltrtoice selil, cocicric accl pllei tcek,twiest, qcilled hltck, long round, drcssing, sid.l pucltc, curl and ine k, Brazilian comlllls of every description amongst which mr somlle Mexican ilpatters, Ivlry elobs of every dnasri ptunl horun, alet-sin and Iocket, tagether with it general c ne ltOlellcctrofl:renlaaccll Ametriecalc. I'elRFUMlERY-tCologne, Ia.vettder, Florrido, hooney, hlie, rose, iad crange flower waters of every sizeaod des criptioll canllhorlted Cologlle, etreact of I;rernlot, tocv uoalis of all kicnd, shling dcr in cakens nco plots Oerea coING doi, Ward's veeeablcle hair nitl, ears o and tiqcedo. c reswtoan' smeling malts, prlcn ad p'erficed toilet powder, pearl powdere, Io lerIr pn iorl and Itit o iatam in pots andi roll, orris and elllorin tooth wias aotell c rlowelse, ewith a general assnrtmenot of J1E.EI.LitLY-nsome ofl the latest and most fahliona ble sttll, consistire f wh ite ad cred cornelias, t., ar A. let erdropsci set in lilngree, breast joins ofa grea' , e ty of pralterns, watch trinilrgs, gilt and slnier .ckleb, iler tcr irltehs, silver and lgold pt eils and guardc chnins luriUSHldS-C-otclh, hire dust. hercrun,lcuob,hearthoor lat, oflesh. tooth, Cplte, comnb, Nail, lraing, shoe and wbitewasnr . LOOKING l.ASSES-Germaon tatl e nod toilet liasss, magnifying nold Frelnch dressiig glasseas,i ome ido, with e variiv of oilter kinds not ecnimeratedl. FANC:Y AND VAILIE'I'Y ARTICLE:S-FIrench and lAmerican eiortable desks and dresaig canres sonce very rich anld linely iisherrd ladies work boxes odc dres nsing cases withind witocto music, musical boxes, Ac. Ieordirnal o ivarioco kinlld, violins acnd gcitars, rilrer and plated prclleis id leadOr,worod pencils lor iiarpenter and erita oniii,:atlee cleosi,giunsimaid listuls with all witlhout cserCs, raltlleni.n Icpc.replecuSlon colp chargers, llpplce scr.cwllivers sloit biltcracrrlcoags, paste blacking, toy tea selrs, licindiaalrac cfevery kind, eulls acd doicerd ciacncnlecllllnrc c knies, lalzora nod scissoes, ci:lcbles, eIles, pilS, silver plated, steel slid eoulml splectsd cles, pocket broks lad alclet Utlo various kiends, vieiticg crdctand card ecases, eaViag caUrds oflFrerch olermall nail Arclaici:ln minlllllco lnore, tl coll. ilitalimcc fcellclt, uIII iboxs, pecrllllcl of ios kinad, Seanlldl, s' P' LtO..V Ellllcerlun's, I liltcim'a slrd lawkill's Irezor tr s ari d letallic Icioes,dirks, filalcy Ilhand IIue:cIIesi dol wIJt car drop, toy watchtlen, Hanll buttos, powderl Ilal~tks, eu a cd plain eedll beads, git lind silver tao, gun cla-tic as.ellu tircs, ald garters, dticatld sworto.daer, laclcgallallucd bhrcsic, tiesj optical iilco.: ,jeavslarps, h)molins IIcIIICI eri alld drinkircg cIps, with a great variety fl toilier orti rels, all ofwih II will be sold lor cash lr city ncceptsn. eel -c 12 iluoths credit. B II SIMAICflfoS, & ro. 1 It 7{1 ( lt rrc,11 ir . Of IS, \ediic ii i,, P i.t-i- do. cn I l i c ,crltc.i . t, !, lc a p , Oli tleenreoftrheumtijmracrifulaor kingsevyl,gott , RO lýsciaticai or.llip gout, iiut; !oet ol.cersI Llldt rheuml, siphilifi nt] mI riol d.liseases, llatillltrly ulcers and painfuait rectionsofthe bounes, iultlerted tinat." nsJI. tiils, ulteers of'ever description, feversores, tnd internal iýa'" abseses, fiatuttiabdles, sehidl hend, sieury, biles, ehro- to nliesofi eyes, oslti~l Illslill wae alld every vaietl'Orn. "el t ing from any nerid himor, pinst is, the stomach anid lys peps.n.proedtillgfromvariation, ,seetioto ofthe liver expl thronie inflammation of the kidneys, and genenrl dehili- xist ty caused bye torpid action of the vesselsofthe skin. It ilC is sin.olatrly effieiouas in renovatiag those constitutions to tol wlhih have been broken down by i ludtoinus treatment, lieit jovdnile irregularities.d In general terms, it i reotm- li0n mendled mall those diseases whichtsiso fron Ymptlitries lip oftileblood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever .la' nine or khin. lols Sotme of tbe above complaints may require some trli- pr'o flingasistant applications, whichl thecircumstances of tilhe 10ti case will diceta; but for a grneralremedy or Pertlfeal ot to removethecullse, thle l\IAN'S PANACEA will deli generally be foundl sullaeilt. pe' ''O TH'E PUBILIC. in t Ifow trtleit is, that modern Physiciians, In teir nm- of Iition to excel in their irnfession; explore tile vast fields the ofl'ienen by Ie aitl ofchemilstry, and seek out new re- cot medial geilts; in shn., to arrive at perfeetion in the .lY iraetice bfy means of art nlone,--ntirely overlook and ten neglect, as iheielh theInotitee, tle rich el ndti bounlteous itl stores ofmedicine, wshich the Almightly has e.tuse to in!' spring out of tile earlth in every clime! Andl how muclh Un moreitlre isitthat whilethe Amerielan PIhysician looks tog to foreign countries for mnlly of his most comlmon and t ne.lsary artirtles perpetually hanging as they are at All the iietates offolhilon orfollly, hIe is stlllrreilltt in his t I own enlouty with an endlessplrofusion of nedieal pillls, tl suflicient to anoswer aly indietion in disease or to eare (e any culabl drlisordcrt alndat he is ignlroant of their vii- Ihi toes, . an tihey are sllRerctd to swantetheir bealing on the rnt desert air.' The cti'cts of vegetnble medclicines upon tihe system re temporary-those of mincris lastilng. The foletner ex ertiteir elleettue ,ase off-the ltaer, merury in ptr- 1t1 ticilar, net tlemiieally upon the solids, dctnmposing ( the bones andl ulderminhtg the eolnsittion by a slow and sure desttruetio,. The cougeniallity, elficiency mid SAFET'Y of reeian tile remedies over tmtilllal, tiait ire estimated by ontlllrast ing the alncient prcetice with thie modlern; or, io bring ii tuoreimenliiately ti:lerlint ow o observatiion, tll Itillli al plRaic.e with that of the whites. \Vho, ill Amleric, . o nas oIt klownlrorhelld of repeated ii.linstance whereiln some dlecrepid, iunplrclctndinigemale llinl, hn y.a enrlIs iof her simlte rencieicels alone, h aflecteel thI most rapilh rl indastonilshiig cures, titte'tlle t.htcira iredlica of ithe 'a1 -nlmmonpllllneie, directed int the most skillful Iannier, i has foiled? And who las not bieeln Srplrisltd at the coil plarltivcenseasndn fility with which the ldlmi llneshit - 1i , self iirom any disease, anid illt the lmost itoa alistillence orclhroniodisease among themt Who his tle heard I of anll Indiian withl coestlittiol biroken ui ln rllile by it llireanllno t Altd ca l i otit exist lthat this nhalspiv x i elptilon onfthe siavage from imosl of the ills whichl ti he flesh oflmn is heirto, is chielly owing tio molre genia t andlanfecremedies which lihe erlplloys? 'Itlis astonish i dliltfereiice in success, is ii thir exemplillletiont of tie infinie superiority of tlhe silllle ani sil'e means of curel whieh Godi has createdi folr the benefit of his children, lelrthosewhich thie pride aud of' matheart f ila he in rom I long resideuce lmong aporlion oftlhe blorigin atllilitiautsof thieountryl , a iana intihonte neantin untlle witllh te nietlhlls of otlre of some of theirl most sticcesslill pr;ctitionors, thie proprietlr of 'The it fiiin's , 11' aean,'aeluhied a knowledge of some of the mnost "" pllOi'iild fu'aeorlrt t emedies. I.'ronl ihcse le sclectell osuch ats were most efliaeinls allll I1'pproprinies, nul after y varou1 esexpliina ntoI tt tiithir rintcildianlil stiengtth, h; ihas coembnlud them in the uwm lc here prisetlld, asll tIhe is mot perif eti ntll enelicial for the purpose for which it i tsle ropn'ietor offerscthis pelle iation to the publici wilh tile aOnselsnsllnlss thlit lie isltliltgitlgeilhillleihil sesa,I ,,Ii reimedy eapale ofrielieving iilliy of his afnlilteil lot- .1 low bcilcs, who le sufel'ill ulnder the iarliol chronic i and aoll inilltecmleaoii ts to whioch . t is appliethle. 'To suchn it will piroe of ilealloullle arle.lals the means, and in mai y caves, the only mealns o eiievingg their sul " terinlgsltul restoringithem olee morn e to healthd :d ll -ii 5 piness. Thisis notoll'ered as a colnino reomedy, lthat i mnay per ichnme he eqlttly good itih many othest lnow ii uise, but as one wllthll tsellt ible of sat i. glilil inlltll.y to exrel e casesw.shich all the unisual.r oediesolit. This it a. las done repeatedly; and this is thie reputitioii iihisob ur ainledwhelreverl itlhusbeeln ilntroduced\. S It is only iabout three years since thlis reparation was p resetled to thle plublic: butin inI shlllort slpalce .f tnieI some iihiidreds oi personlsighta iettiil . ht wouil solemnlyt declatet thai they believed that their lives were slvl by it, alit il in most oossaltr ithey ihad tried imany pl perha s all the Coimon remedies in train. Wher s ever it is klilwit t istalipidly coitnI into use, illtll Ihis old atords lie most substaltllluiatl convincing plroof to it og mteils. y Tle value of the Pincea i most eonslpiuous in those ol long atlnliuilg nld syphilitic all setlio ol'l i :naectiitus ; hihtl Inl.e tieliCe allt other renmedies, nod particularly l. in tllhose .lases where nmercury hls beell so lavish !y used u as to enluse disltessinlg pits ill the ollles, ile, tllell I rial ulcers, delngementll of the digestive ol'ganllls, de. lThese itt aomiuleely, ndlll iiiall casei it entire ly elldicat;s Ilte dliseases otll elthcls of melulry, renll til votesthecoinstition,iand leaielthe p:ttie t s;on,ii oldl nI well. ln rlitlmntism alll ii ulert,:Ied sure tllrillt, its ae IpIIpy eioets rel nlt tlss apIarenti giving allgost imlle limtc irelief ins lakeni i e propie ioses, thelhlitt'it Pa'lace operates S Allas n alteiative nall dtlrgenlll; dliph r-Itic, diturttic, e' and illxitives,an nt lili-sltlnioinllie :11111 :l(tnlyiin ; h ill ill a 0 proper'cases, :ilsltlliom lr ic inltl tmltin llesa iou . (bine. ally expressed, it increases a tl til'e oencretC:lltio alll ex tleghlslillparticularmaor. Fit t ihtie prilci. r lies itsopealltions i y ii e luilli1desttutd. Thiisloeldiine hias be en Iound highlt u.tiifilh iln iiIIY aei bilgoos diiseses lnot hire spcciledu, ind it has heIL selil whose 0onslitlulioise'rltuie new \igo. Such Ipsr soIs will Io well to use t vt or lthre otdles i s11,|l li ses. \heV c llnu, dlidit I.hilnk is culllsidl|red licessar:, thr tis 'tPanaccttaken in a smaili us.e; will answer all its be. purposesr, i .uch less titte, :It less iexpense, and ill ai t lrtii more agreeable tateiut hittani the cotmon diet drink.ioi till The following certificates, eo i oI hundrleds siilei, en. which lmighlt hlie llprocured, alre given to sihow thi, cltrct oI and the lIndan's Panacea, in thte various complahintait.r·;cl lhrs mentionetititi ed inlsoto cxhiit ill tihe ostu s:tisltletory manr its supioriy o er the syrupts in loiuuomo use. it CASES OF ItHEtU.\ IA'l'ISMN., N ov. 15, 1832. Durig gtihe last winter and sriiil!, I :was ulllieted wilt ie. a very severe and distressing ri. uIIatilsnl, oaCniond by I, exposure in lad weather. I now Itkeg(lreaet pleastu iIt of stating, that six bottles of ihe Itndiin's Pi:tlatri, IetSIItilne nulte t1 perfeet he:llt, santll I confidently rcoleleln.lll it to all similarly- afflicte:d., JOHN FES USOiN, King st. Clot.L'rSTO., .March 27, 18s2. I was seized shout three yCearlr silCe, ith a distlreSs'llg irhetlltoatismt, eausede Iy takhg:tsevt. ecol wile Ioielt tleindtluenceot nmercury, oand which has disabled r" frliom business nearly ever since. I)Durling this period have be:t platicnt in tile llarine Hlosplit:d, in this*it pIwaridsel Jolur months, anid nearly the same length, tilme ill thile alltimore Iluspitalt and tried alnost ever: remedy, with little belleft. On thel 6th of okebruare last, at that time screlely atle to move abutm upon crutch es, leommenced tihleuse of Indian's Panacea. Il oil month I t)und mysel' entircly lreed llfrom laltn, .1d all now happy to state thalli consitder tmyself plerltetly well. I. T'UCKEIR, 13 .1nlrket t. CASES OF SCtlOFULOUS ULCERIIS Ntvw YontK, Sept. ln, 1850. This ma cetil that i that e liall ofl 1825, 1 was seize with a swellingin my neck and thee, which atlerwari uleelrated atll became large ghastly ulcers in my nect. Anierrylng smveral physieiaus to no advantage, 1 went' to P'hihefelplna, slnd olocgaged mself under tile care l rlrs. 1h)hisis al igec h, when, after repeanted llivatlolt to no ef'elt, I was pronoullncell utterly incurable. Alter. wllrds Itook twenty botllesoftSwaintis PIllce:l adl eigh bottles of L'ottel's Catholicont, with no tmateri. bCnelil I)eslpiring of lile, which had now beconle a rllthell t ita, returned to Iny parents ill New Ynk, ill 182., an iave mysell.up to a lingering dtetth. Ite:int of tilt great sccess of The isilea's lP:iui:sena, tlso ver, i cast. sanlilma to lay own, I was persuaodel d tirtfr it, asI last "I. sort. To itty great surprise, as well as sltistl'etionl , soon flound iaettlrtrapidlyt Ievetolot, ottt upon takint seteltl bottles, the aaellteltikl illtl htlomtie tIrtt.ttItlt well ill the course lt two itontllts, and have remanedl so ever since. I make thit s statemell and wishit ubllishtd irtlh benetllofthosA who ure sulllting' under similar selartillous or syphilitic :alections, that tlhey may knlw what sae erletd ne who Ilhas sull'rel e\ery thing but deathll, t.nd t lieo cnsidlers his life saved byll te above ·v O 1.M. IllNHA) ('ru..leuly I2, I s31. I was afflictea, ftotr years with lnt ulcer In the le g, oe. etsionally iemnopnitedlt with crrsipetltotus infionatlltn and excessive wiin in the leg mlt l ancle joilit. Secvle l emitt pllhysicians exerted theirskill upon it, but with out ipriaiel, benefit. In this case live bottle Ildi.'s aollneea mdle a pe ellet elltr(.. MAIRGAIII'T A Ei"'lT, '21 Market .4For salelby IIKoNRY IItNNA lt L, ldruggist, alte to t, propriitors', 'trheuirtololassnreet 1Ott NiE\V OILEANS E" NA toIVILLE RAI.L tU.AD COMPAN'. TIlltlt stoekhohl, ers of this comnny nare tlt rehy no taiol pastedl on the 19lth inst. the call naade ol theml oin ilh 13th lFebruarv loast, filr teil ptynlentof fit e d lliers a shiare, ws riscindeddI and thle aid stockhUIders are flrtler notilifid thatn WilI.Rt.tS, by a arittolutiotlofthithoard pastsed on the 19th iatst, a c:ill Iha tleen -i nrle on thle atloekhoter. of Ithe New OIletatns noltd Ntashvillt Itail tlond tOtt aiytit. the firstd'iy ollt teptetoti reext; two dollars per shre porble tetllthe first day of Dhecetlber leoxt ahld res, dulilrsper share pvitae on toie afi t dhay ol'nlarcl of this compnlly shall notif tihe share hohlerl. th erei threug i lit tllllic tar ontt oe teil y til erl inottl ll'er lt t wile sixth seil o tethe cllarter, tthey olla d tll.ritl.d to postpone anlly lpayment iculedh in on the stoek of'said clotny for the tern of sixty days, from an d aler tile Idy on which it is liltlde pnlvis, with the exlat e s con dition hIoweter, tlln if tlti rteglarly aid witiit tit e said proloulleioln of sixty) dave, lifrlll and aft'r 'Ih day on wlaieh it should have altto paid that ihen the t stok on whie:ci said playmelnlt huhil have beei made, is lnlld remi e: forfBiid to the couenuny, the charter on dI t pointl ming impelrtive. In eonfalsity tlhrefore, to suai+ eall, all slnek of the slocklholders in said cOlililmpl , ao thliik propner to uttl eli" ll payllntSll to Iheir stotloc h, the end ofl the hilhlnal sixtv day, thlrch the charier allows thlm, are inoliietlthat the Ipayent of two lol lrs p.r share called for,oud dute oI tihe lirit of i- t ill idertolfe, mlay e, e ppottponed unldeT te sixthl sec ft' said churcrr unil lhe 31sl day. of Oetober ntir ,, thtt dlle oilhe, first day ef D)eceimhr next, iliv m la lilhst. poll,(d uteil the 3!i1l1 IBlv of Janltlurv next;all.ti|.+pll;ry mornlt of 1+Ytl dollarpe ihlJ ilu p a alled) for ad .atlle te il'rslds of'htrchillI nextlay be pollponed unlil llt :wpiih rl.ty of April nlext. Extrrc t of tae miautues of the board. jute A IA ,Me .ill:. Sec'r. asp 1i8 =.=. I- .. ....,-...- - -N-- ... Royal College of-Physi nns, London rNIIb oragitofloegertlo lingeinth" Uhiverael Mledi e 'ine, presmrd bly W Aiikin, Esq.. lemoer of' I RFleval Colleg. of S.teao.s, Liceaoile n f dt ohe cat sUtomlpty, Fellow nrf olto UnottrlSonlety. Surgeon o to tile lloyl Union 'Pension Asociatihin, do Phola, Waterloo Bridge, andt Perpetnll Pupil of Gu)' nvo inl Tl'homas's llopilals, London. T'I This valuable medicite, the result of twenlty yrrs' gou exolerienEe oand unimralleled success in the extensine I n anti Iighly resptetable prnetlie of thIe proprlety, palro isad by tile tullty nl noblilitn, nod i now inlllrodenl ilot to the notice of the American iublic, at the enrnest so lieltation of number ol'gentlemen of long and high t Ih standing in the profession, it is hoped, as a tprlimt- no nltry step, to chleck the evils nan fatal eonsequences lu arising from the use of tile numerous and deleterious ve nostrums foisted upon the public by the old of fthricateld . pro'fs of miraeulous cures, and other Ittndes, by n set of eo ttetrtcnary, unprincpled pretesders so tt ally odatl's t ol mtdiet science, that it impossible the inotnonons f.e dolusiul can any lopger go down with the iltolligent tin pneotle of'this country. These pills, mild alnd ngt.toeret, e in their nature, sholdd be kept in every fomily ill cass to ofsoudden illness, for, by their lpromn.t adlmilistration, m eholerl, cramps, stintls, fevers, ad othter alarmig p complaints, wlehic too often prove tittal, mony be speedi ly curedor prevented. Int fact, all those who value good health, should'tneer be without them. They ae sol ld in p:lkets e t sn cent, l t lnd $'2 eteh, by evelry respe it tabte dlo'uggost hnoseller, anl vedolnroftnedleine in , 1t. United States i I Ie Canadas, with copious disretiols, it with: esttlonials of pro'essiontl ability from ft the lidollow in, enlient gentlemtu: Sit' Ast:v Cnooper, ,. Ahrttenihy, .aoes Ulllttdt l, MI. D., V. litek, tI. I)., t J. Aston Key, A. lirmtpton, lt. U., and nuteroones nthers. The originals smny he seen n possession of thle Geinehrl Agent, by whoml tlhe medlleilne is imported in ti this countrytl, olllto whomn all applientionst Irtage'cies a must lie llande. JNO. ll1.t)IllElN, 129 WVt'crly Pl:ace, N. York, Sole G(eneal Ageo t for the United States, fe. t l:or s:tte hy oppoit.ttent of the elrgilgol proltotict'. h1y .Wte . llttatte. t ', htngi'ts, No It Caolllt' strCt,1 g :lorel's" At,'enttfor StattheC of lAltlistloo. jutes I i- 1MILY It LEE U co, No a. laizltre stleet, ar r S norw receiving from ships Nashvile!, I,luis ilIe', I- ICclttteko, Eogrle, anl other late artitlds tremt :lt i : -.tern citiesro, i inrge nntd uw selected assortment t t!.ios, Boots, shoes anlld Brogans, , .onsithing ol'geo',leleol's lt olf Itall' aioroece ho ots do 2o qtuatlity; tdo bull"'d, atl stout was peggeil boots i of :trious qutalties; lmen's linoe cale seol nlod Mornoce' I trlot,'. moantls and bhrg:oln., bhtekshkin shoes, brtoantls to'e tio pels: I tmen'sfine cll' :uald kipped pegged loestund 1 ,I rongrnn.llS o botts; dlo solet kip aittn wxII legged shloe Sa ill brogans; gentlemen'sc best quallity elil'sew'ei sitoed I It- gans andl Iack I)wnings; do i alf antd N turnocco e t tckle lloes anllll brogi si ido elf, seal nt loe.rc'o. ee I I tital shtoes atltn slipp[i"'s, lie olf, buff nllt serl wnign, Sa ,lew noticle; do fine clft, set.l and utoroeco qutlrtet orts; hoyns', misses" lltd child;et's pItege o l. tdd sowedl ih. Ogans, il slhoes of' eerr quality andI kidlt. SAlso a genr.ll aso.iltlItntt of men's stoutl war land I- hro~lats Iand shoes, tntgethler with o10,.h pair te tgro test quatlity, russetlt brogans, uoiletd ,ill ill r Itmnks, adoleexpressly for plant:ion use; a good us n, eltenllt of menl's lille antl soeel kip lbrl'gnIs, I o notitcle, to io a'rge qutntity of tl inlrior qualihy r, sset al wal brloh ns.l. Laullies' tine eltf, seal, sernleeo and glrtie i-'lts, :ntli nI ptlana sole shoes; tl'l fine lI'retih Muitrocn :IIn kil irun it nt.iIoI slipers; lit rnotn shoes, with lld witlotllltl heel; st I ll kinds anintd ualities; do lastinn , iontts; nit gnitlr-' d : .id .foxed Ibno te.. \lisses' lostilgs slluillu oII( I:lo . r t "vans. Childret's ceel'olo 'ct .loircod lastiig bro It, 6'lr lltl bo leo s ,c. I .; altlcmele l'Stf onl'.lhil eiL1 blc,,k .ilk Lot,; do hhttk it Idrab beaveerdo t l .it st' .perio l le;ity. dh iun' itel ,'I mdo o In ii e; t n -1l n111 narteOInt I 1nim 1'ett lill : :an CIe, . .k nssil sbtnrt ntatlitenl hots, at new article. 'tltlt, n, I. e size hats oI dillerent nqu:ltties; dtin childe' 1- ,1l'tsttlll hn l 'c:s black 11111d : wont.ll its otnf tt:lill, te sllt iles, with ggcerlll usortlettn:c of botys' a.ld ilei' o s.,!t raps. rashI ' is asstnt ent will be replensih,.d b) the a ;i al. of - ea It I packetalr.ln the mooe nllllell citie, all of which It n ilhe sold on nenommotlating ternms. ine1- If MtiNTA I UG 1E' BAL. M 01FO TIlE TE. TII. /rltt1estailtishltedrelputaionundtoustatl.lyi, creall' i Sdemand fior this elle, tual Iremlte1,' o' pain, nudlll )r! servative of the teeth, hIa inlduoe. thlle sula-riter eier it to the Amerinlorio nit il l t lie, . A raieIllp e ulilt ith i t the reach lof tho1e slllle-inllg anod likcly tw'sin'r thi, Rios harassingl'L olf ll achre, T'oolh-clhe. Vheu applied tecordling to direc,)os civetn on itlte, it IIas I everIt Ii titi t ).idtot to iltl h *m I" Ii botule, relief. It alllso arr'est the (Idec v lin dl'Be. lv letlllnd relieves hlnl cor'l' ,ei. . uib sh reinentl Il iiioUder, i strong olft usIeiIl T,,e ta nIilcu clod el olld' alre silmpl llll n l, lic a o t lllple3 ml; n th ilia la e t Ulltbte s it p trtll ll- dilTrltlt Cl-liolnl, iI Ill luttltry, thitl have lr l dy exp eriellced Sch deliIhllS ud s ud r rv e.ihels Isom fho u-etrllhe ituti, arei r)li I tI h rll (t ar the publict good) their testlilmony t its i ritvalle qui lites, It is an Inrull remedy, t bitahined e itotl ti t t ti .gxl tcdiuly nd nIsvv . v ,ttiv ittlutt t I)t l t ic S1 or" b outtl t. o;" t ltl v lrultmors t tie uiv lertl i lod ihalvii;:g .old loltl, dr distcu:.h rlod hi old a Ito; elt,.l, ,.tii , t d F :AaItto N, So ED i TitORl, lavintl betuen tuos tott,'rpiott e'r tt, ly tod itresllte paott r hefr, tlhe tloto, tO d;oI hiro Il'ends genrlly;, and the P lU'.i at larg , Lhat he still o llti.ille wtt litU n t lt l , oo , of it s ti l, or ormelr ,tIit t dll, wl brihed with a ol lll ol rx lenive supply of all thl swamba'rd kid, I"ituheu or vegePtallb hl . var',,n, .''td, of the g;\vth andll ill. port of t rhe ire iteit l taso ,lt 1i.37. ceived or(np rtt t Ultis)'s, h ty the ptir. t hait Valks. burg, tlrucllty, and Ark Iin.. , all o urryAt l io slolul ipaslse, dl'eet froum Net York. Ily th L M.u.I u ilpi allnd another l1k1i t he is Itn expectt. rion of ioa utilply of l it 'lTrIees atd Asplartlagus lrots, thavinug ulrudy recetived ivoioes the ruoof by rTho sulscilibr biegs further t, aso iire tite plric t at lIrge, that ell is at plreornt as weoll bor td to liett aind executel orders ftr all the kinds it ti rdelt S ledst, either wholesale or retail, ais lhe ever wa. siice his first establtli llent ilnl J ulq rsin , lb)-. Country Dea.ers and .\0,rktt Gar(,l,.irn' order., llid at tire lowttsr ad io t treistntablo tl pound weoight, ollld gItotl or buhtcl malls re Catalogriue, tithr Ui French og r Elc ngsh, lta alwaov bl obovlcotd on personal appletl utioh at Gb l eun Seed Store, 8i5 Custinhouse titrei, NOTE,.-A crlistantt lupplly of llird Sied, eiti cr mi.ed or plaind; pulverized ol)up; Ierbs, anti Shake rs' dried herbs,-with i a supply i l pet l antid biuan.o Fancy Pucket Bouoks-Uhder th s head will bu found a splendld variety of ladies' nod gentlemen's t krit books, note, , ard, iuedlu d ue tihread cases. Fancy -tocks, uspenodirs, &c.-Of the ilatest pattern and of superior quality, consistilg ofplhin and figured s.tlls,, velviet andlll cloth stockst, linen busunts. plain. antd tlhey with and without ruffles, shirt collars, susperders called Washington suspendeors, also, gua Olsoti t worst. ed and cottonest do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wsre springs;and a great va. riety of genthllemtIn's wear, nlmade expressly for le retail trade, by A, L. Vanhurn and con of Phila. T oaJIs-A gentl atllr El a co to aslOrtnn I ofL c:ombs lco their muano tctiryl.Also Englbrsh ald French dressing cous, etc. hlee27 IRUSHTION & A"PINALL'S ('OMPtUND T'ONIC MIXTI'URH.-A ,peedy J and cOlti crite Ifr tiie Fever andl Ague, remillent and intermittent foillvt; pretpared fortou the original recipe. Used w\'.h eminent and uni versal success in 1832, by perso s oft tho highest resplectabilty it this tity, i .o stated in the annexed tertificates. T'ilh is medcineo is highly r,tn amndled, and has tbeen extonvely.used in ths i atbove diseases with sucht distinguihed success, that tihe proprietor of the recipe bus beent induced to offli r it to t o pub. lie n its present firm, in thoe hope that it may be the means of rheving manlly of lllue who are uffTering under lthe soiturgo of our eou try. It is a medicine possessing great vittue, and wheu used according to tht directions hals i ever failed of efIcting a cIre, c'on in tho nost obstinate stiage of the disorder. It is not all disagreeable, sad persons of Ihe weakest stomach, antl children nay take it with impunity. It strengthens th1e dige.tive organus, creuts. anppetite, and ,oldom requires Umore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arseni in the medicino, nor any thing injurious to the human' constitution. The proprietors art so well convinced of its efilcacyv, tht they asgree to reluud thle price of every bot'tlo which has benc takan inl accoldance with the directions anld has not efiected u a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and rletail drug and methdino slore, corner of Bievvdlo and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. S.MJTI1, 48 Contti et. TIIREE' D.1 :Y , a UI i 'E, E IV ORLEANS. I lIR proprietor of bhi es tabllishment has the plea Ssure of announlcing to his friendI , ndrile public im gencltlthat he will be in readiuessby the first day of in to receive visiters. lie will also slate for the b. nefit of those at a di-tance, that Itherat have beon large i n)iUovemelts aade, i ow goinhl ol elnd In Ssu.ser.bner to lnec.mUodule it much larger unumber than ti[eretolune, and at the slme timl.e much better. Fuain.uti can he laccommldlated . nth g lood roos. 1o.r those who peler call have large cabins t etuched em Ithe masn builing. helieved that they are not inferior to any in tliu Suuth best music tiiat this part of lh country allords, lisi hee An ged, ,and ivill lye inomist it alt erI ne it the Ih I l l| ithsad l eth will iavil hi oltef f this op lurtuntit\ in rellrning his lfeirnle thanks lhir tlle very liblril alopolt given him lalt , Ii pe, bv the e er liun. that Ito,, b leent tondo ill illpro~aill u ni exve.tlhl the ,auomml. d iteio ,, to lueratl a h .rrll p. nell tn,, ih. r present sec- ,n. J.0t CIL LI. std, J3UST PULIStIHEDFROM' TREO 'r.f E PL.IfrS S, lTe Fltlh Editlion er Nt ItOWIEITT'S TABLES OtF INT'RERST': rT0 I t) hilnch is now aIed aII AAverage Timee l1ienili . torl, ore easy methods irt finning lthe naverlge time on slorme., ntes lf 1h.,ad dr bIil.s of goods, wheen nil- i 1 chased at dtiffUrellt tclates, en dilrenCet rreditc, and r I varliouls nlmnls;l besidesln miod comnpleti e 1ltml.iing ý Time 'T'lt'e, the leit ttlat cnll be eontrived. ol lt-a: f gures can pr lduce within thle same condeslnetl compass, and size oftt pe. An 'enveitisemlent in thehonk is in nerhly the flltovw ingwt""ds: t'li hgh distinction this work has received tlhroutgh the ten i egislative aets prefixed to the title, is a re e- c fln.intn tioln i Itself, so tnlclllnlnoe,, anid so teoncll- ,sire, Ill t nolthing is necessary nmole iMan by way of nd 1 1vertisemnt,il to giee n tolL.nstedl view ol' som of its i ie-i d ellliarilies: s f.elinstnice, the Interest Ihas belll en compl s-, 1 ed from,anld empnr:ed with, what is e llivalenti o flnlr- ' il teena&Ctsf eiilellationlle, extCmited in the lCpresstility Is five times, n i prilntledC Ihno .trrenlype platies tested i i thiltyiy-nne times, romn an' which it le, it hc : evidelnt t even to the skeptie (et..icialtly Co lic ple.s.nd nl'lhe lc- Ie nnteital ti e-t in fiele prrfire) tlot the wcirk mllt hC Cvilh- I n, metilly i lible, iti, mii n lclnfilrelation of lhis b elil I 1 l1 premiulll. ltwo huih'cd anoI fillv dollars, is now oflcr- fI cd loC the €lrctilo " till eriror offa cent in the presenth1 iI or fifth edition, s explressed in u.e pretifae, Ilklikie e II' nietetirCmils :cimr.fli iredIf til e samt erroC r sinc tlhe lhst N I plhlicelltnn ill lhe 'eer 180. I One of lthe moet nconllspienlios fntlres olf lte lnbles is ,intlhe :rlr:ingeelntoi of ite 't'ie illl nd Amountsll, hich e for expediltls, reolrencenoe lllperlspicill. with tl ilhelp .i ofthe side:llnt ilndex, clinnotti be excild' 1 n id tihe sltly ", ty nd ealse with which the interesl can be found to lhe is extent of generai l business, wihlult dolllhling of'islms he is hesil s iI eO niellti Cee e s .ltoeltiHal, ltiht ill hiI esOCtlnC: io ion ll' lon le oi Ilil moi t eomllletenlt pnn l tical bCllsi- it e pss mllell oIIId public f01, ers who llutse modIn eq.l.rl lle of the woCk, it hI ICbeen dlitigistigished lhoe honlmabe nlpellatinm efrfl'l n nlster place". lAnd considering'il ite itnfilihilily of the meithld originally adoptedil it i. conClloi.gil tile wOl.k nllllllelht extrtllll'luilll ii niiiieii tncnlllll 0t, veliety onlhe Cexaminaltiions, ll tests of evclry ed0llition it hIspassedinll le lrsi , eotwitlhstmding the hn icle is in - stereype, considering, in shol Ii e . nhiti niive necae r ti"seaOled c ycthe itht tiCcOlooll iemencoemplonnoil, thxi Io IIi, ln tel illlcCii llC ill nllil- d C ite nIllllt lliill n slt l el ii t IIC 11 most wonmerfu'nl book In the oal0k;"' most eel mainly It f mnnn can tmren ftlgre work on th- same extent, which I Ilesidcs, nas test il sltandrd, it htnsbeen tried and t epred in nely all the sank i tild lphlic in tle 0 es UnI iiit S ;IIes, l ll ll l)y tllhe e lic goeIIly, dllril the e t, Inng period of thirt-"ih, re.s, et Co r1ror tof the e:dni :eo clliltionS has le lver nfl'oti I I ill, alho.h cotllillll oli tily elhallcllngdl b tlhe -lt.rtcr o l iry Il ' mitms. to fln w citC se ierll e l'he lI:id-ii, t I ,'i i t ii iclI ) ll el fo ntlal ite intereh t," l also y law lis baok int'rel.t i ecolldinges till book is iui e, :at as 1"ny he seo in 1111 p:rt, by 1 ..we rnl1o ol'lthe sth 0l'ibers, nt ll t' ,i fw oTf l:e i I r l n ell enl llr .lPIsers, int the Ii t i oioil Ci ll t I'lh bott :II isin pellls.r ssi+lnl e'er t' th -classol citi niIs ill l) illi.-" Is. to of the ULnit e l tllles. R, It isl mlorlover elll klnown that, h) its lreaylr, it Iles so CCCitll lc e in lll lt letii ntoi s, ling ollr thlley wl erl Monade, cmevn byr the l hll L :nirl't l lll 1 a nlll st co1mp ol" t in l ilhin'l t-.ltii n u, l ti itn s'llIle, d si , lnld te i i lho- ll. I 11 11 cssity t." its us , hoave been t lettslylli insisttl up i, 1i'; so evident, Mli el- I - il . in.ti l h h its :ll nin.s, an , i'. o tn savings, Illth , serl )t'ii .o go, i hio ils the t ll uitnit V.ic- wt siurce, and oCI of prinllti it h tiOC ' Willl l .(.e B I ii t - , lie i i i i .ii iii A 1"'l.l 111 1! I I i ll hmi colt pies were so l It.h oriiii., 110 I-: t'l I Li'.1.11, ,l l- and pul lle sd(. : l 1t nio( l 1p1 il'e', nh t v 1( 1 e)"hl od . e;i, ;l ll)' hio n itked 1p ll It fo l ll l , 0l $ l, '5. 11 l ,I 1 !, 111. n In ll-il kc uoted tt d , w btroy 51, lit1 n lti1 sioi el, ,-i iih-iqii Iiltui nne I'- huh Inn hIn-c - I-i , at hr I '0 1, th ll'ats to be h ah d l '1 hI o s, 11 ," 1r . 11 : lii.,!:d i~ thein l e r li 1 t CI n111011o1 1. 1t I1.oe"lyl 1.oI1 l' line xH tlhibit'ii allidi toiryi ro , to ' 1i",".1l p:rson ): - nlit ilinm to i im it wts ri'ni 1llt g a th31 anonev out l till l h:ll ilnil l cil i iviib 1'1111 il()llh lh Iit lll l IIllll .:t hore thlogh lthe s~liltg ofl'lii ,vr .1.Mablh: lhim, he l t of I is like:I ise worlithy l nlot ( .,' ,nd idi.d proper to lic int prte ., 1h:i1 such is IL' natureo lig:ue, work ge. er:llyl II' nd aIpecially wlhen t the 'xlt t 111d1 i pone1 1 of\1'II I these to h .s, iihl d I ( this bool k o its like b, i 1 repi r ed i n the nslml Il.tolr one, 1 'he I mHost 1ompt'1en11 I .C cui .or in the woroio, nt-l aftero no rls tl liotl loslt. pi ll would, almoli to l h wll l lll It,illl I," iibiion u .i: oar li r W l ll I iel cea d l li , , pall.rh l a , ht ll rlle p f , lr I ('-i lin pl .l10 n1 . Ii llt is . rl tll mI idl .iiilbl I n h ive mI ii ster0 1 0I1'pei lt'.1i? l 1tt tL his wl e lwn bkheen 11 ,ll h l tia s1 ' t' l cllr h hem, :i'dlllll ir ll ellr(lolls t tll ol. x anl.l :hlv exallllmina noo tinllcl~InFati lti ti lit',f-tir' 1: ' I, they ae (hit sltt'li+D l ol ) toH lll ktept it Ihl t of sp.oit.l :dt i 1\, lexCt'l l 11h: 1. ,' I i. i i pi i Inth,1... ', ,ii Aa l-hj lireliIeitn o li d It i lth ,.l . s :I l n t I . I. i t,. - eýtel l wit o0 l ,ts' e fi low the p re , fiance ,lhicm , iln ii tI t ill, is ill doI~ ~ "~ti re .io iC " I ditilll s,-i i hlil I, on ln I l ,, ti.og c hi , i fe tw.o l','ful ',lle o~f \ i' In, to I1 l i lin t)i el o i-i- . -it, i.n) m u-ini . -ii" iit .i-luk ,i kiht ii. h 'ii. ini- l-llitlis nur ,ll i I ii l tee hear1 "'. , 1. 1: i - I C r - -tl, il ,1 , I t t*le :1 1111 ndi l a ll l t. u i i :" 0,110 ,.ir *.I 1, li , , S iv I en :ll I: yh and hol f U y WM. ' 1:1 KIIn (I l t V o ill t Itl' 1 ie ' II \\o. h ii-' Il i. ll . u oll([ Ir 1 , i;0:lI ,tt 1111iAl. ([hll i.. -Juot'cittg iv,"to oil 'to h, to'oy \V.It . 'tl'il.I NI'i,' ' 1' I': ,L: ll.\1.'1''I]lt 'S I',-+Hu,u,11.0, 1 lnij I·:x trac ' . ," S otr- p.trilltt, for t' e cui e ,1' o: ltio A ti, o.ns " &i' o li,0; S ,oioll ' ri".ý " oll" mlll llll - ot l t:,1I t; r o ol' I 't l, t I o ,t i e'' Ire, loot tini i ,0 .t 0l0"h od; eC l iy 1r tii n tils; 1,p WI o"s t 'h bjmt'; 0:, to ,;i Il.rnatmt , 'It; ' t r; crtl'o , o r I fl 's' vi!; o, it ari'dil lrooll impo t re Lullt t f IIc )I,,),1t, t) byi 11f oo resil', i ini lit t Clllnate or tohe Lnjudiul o I to u t: f lawrt ioy. ' A:o,--Carrt & Schaff to 'orin Syr p, ior In. "ait t'rosurvativ :th teln' ist pro prrmlaln ni ts ,xta lt. A0m1og which tr, the f Sllgro t g:-Indi.n 1ly, i for col ring the It ro; l ,oo r's (ol; Rolss,,t lio',r' s - iras i,; Poinllim ; Ihlt' t ree I, tVah: so pIrior P,,all P 'Plwr r; lly \'W hit,,; (rea;llll i IIo 's; VIguetabhs RnuI, ; Otto Iof osX; Lip SI v ; ire. osint T''oth W\,il; Cwriunsl Donrille; 1Or1 I, Floanr WAV vr; Powder l'ull, an I Ilux ; AmIrr . Cul Chlarelol, lnealltly p1111 il in flor olce viols; IP ctston S.llt ; Colll.,.ig ; Iilopseotlln Lf eh Drop.; Hair tlru:,he; I'nglis;i 1)r'. g n '0 ls In. ut l air O,;- with ;t vaulty of ,floor Peri'., illeries, &c, For sale by[i L IV GLENN'S I'ERITU RIIRS. J C "'TRIN( ARD, Corner of C.oll ,iid oboii strleetsl OYLE k I.\\AY, iloulse, Sigl, rIIol ()rn:lllunima " | PlilielrsI, 1i3 C: mllllllele streetl , two dloorls fromll . tit'l slot't' I. Iluitlions 01o thle following woodls uunl mnlhbles, exl ecuedlill It malsterly manner. SI.IIli , I lltF.R. lit, l ta l annus allahigaiiyI, t option black reid gold, Oak, (ifl a ail( Anli, PoIIllard 'dh, t it : I otll l It i or io '1! tiqu , CUrl'ed tih, t,:till0 'lt, Curlited ,lapil,, Ilh tr, t t tohne, liirds I",ve ,o, ll :0. l, r nl- lltol, Satiil oi \Col ojlod, tonll, o .I lt i I i Ihr li' \\'rollllll, " l lme o1. lltrdoell I, I'otllor l'lltl Ioo lioal \Iiriolt.' tl, Contltmile or llirtck I iSot:i .i : roItrclla, rioe w oVd, Anwri ti,. ' tilrey, Ash 11 bite OaI, te. tr 'e. Cnrlrd liht, tSpcim ns it l seen ili t l' l sI o. P aints. olils, glass, copal unihIllli ke. to n111 olld h I r (it"or sa1e. to l fi N , I It:i" : L: I- i'.ll ll ii 7 :7. ui: flt - i1: ,l ... ..l(·In no. n hd ,Unnol ir', well aO 'tIn,. I1 ll, sicI l .'ll t llt ot ild it un, nil roi'dis , ill|lllolo h .iC:l., rh'l lnn, slleal , blist.ed, sipring, sIlevIt'noIo I h ilow sltare, cu mlud ,wrou ht rails ;,iu l .pik.. 'hL Ilokf tin, lokt milll od grind retones, sill k itleI (hor, 1 tlu ncilen t hlli ls, coro mills a tillices, 11l mInters ll ltllllo)l W iVel , r.hect, pig ;ll ll biol lead;ll ellot C ,l|, al lll lold ,.kin il lt d so s " -'A es, ifew iVulll ml ,ther spadc'l ul Shlv'ls Ilo llokio ui l ll el hi ,sll b oolllur ;ol wioitd t hlookill i ns, ii mts, Shallt,, ,ill ilher taxt's A full :sswimeat " .lardware and ship ch:.llew,. alwa)son Ihallld, nol wlic are ofhifle d f:r sateit orhlc sale u1r rclail, n tihe floor florablue te'nus, hlo mni LA "Y T N k Cot. 53 Qgl'Leve'. -.'E\V GOOIl)S--.iiliiml Ill||it & co 1r' nowitoe goods in their line, which to-etiler .with tlhoir fnrmei ine elastic suspend1rs, loo flci ild iir matches, Svidlis. oubiw.canwder pnle t tillnd boes,% Ilihe kowner, pocket I lll r and wo allet, ndb iy e b oks, shrell, ie il'I, rnl hetracts, klnceatsou l nearlig, t, l, b ad .Lmu6 ,' vt, |r e icaln w'. o ut holt siln plaini,seedilvor rud , oiht ieni ter f utsktl, shut bell d htor si, hlth, p skir t rod thlw ilihn and dirks. ncisure , ts, t oo e 'tMleiven ltieezrnt .Ltin nlld ril tlo wnit bur keut se loh , hair, Ibrat, ain ser' lllh sh oe, platneflon r andil i nei- r i u enhte, o loe, , md shv, i'ssn alnd, sit \ en', ':r pard'. ore . hu L ir oib.r, withg au, [rm t snips of t11 .-.. criptieis, ltio'.d whii Q'uleamh.r ' (e chl tooa l oin ltie,_ and s hilv e" Prid. ll com r r.t oa toth l a.nd ila rl ,' JUAIL, ARRANG(EENtI rehert lAJi, i Evrr I)av at It2 IAl. r , luson Ever t ny at 14 A.l3l IWester Ji ( un vvirv ho,v \Vudnrsday Sm t. CI es evey Mand v, Wednesda Lou..u , " nd Sn turday, by 1), I. Mi. TIhl evervLni t lya , lyThurhday, I I 7lihela."ni/ljS nturdvn , I r5'. v . via Clcse every 1hom0in ednelday TIMES O' ARRIVAL, ISEPARTUREI. DISTANGE &cn uIthe EFprins Shtil, hlvwm sa Mooile e.t'New SYark--lraving Mobile daill at 31'p. . .Norltwrar NRow York.daily at 5P1'. kon...ttnd. Arriven 'Arrivs IortlhwardI. Disllnn e. 'illne. t tntra'l Mi.tilta nery.Ala. Ina. 1t8 t1 h231 13I. i Ctaibnl,, G. 114m 81 94 3a. m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 149 jPp.m ' ot(nv i .C.. 7 at. 16 174 1a ltnl¢igq tN tC 54 215 2l It2 t \arrnto. , Va. I2 nt. 55 al iR l'tra.buat, Va. it0 I. 63 10 9a.m t liehivnn V.\a. I tin. 21 3 6J S]" rvderickab urg, . i7 7 II. p tm. \\-t lhinglou n attct, 4 Pii. (i1 04 a it ltn! itiore, 64 '" A 4 01 -hItiledrlella, 64 anm. 10O II 2 stNew York. pill. -.0 6i is 1305 143 I. ior Sd 23 iNortlhwIard. Colntir PSolthward, the lithe is six hour II, n I.s; i(iie5 days ti . i17 hours. IA INAVAY fran Iii!) C(: rodlelet ornemr of Ihevi s , .reeta.snon h niillt of 30i1 a August, and wee v en ,lhe next Iiornillng ill I'ellrnn streeti an g n ro'boy i_ nitrll CIIAtIti.S, abnut tn 7 yeers ofl age, tnl fie i or tlierenboutsi i !i, i li vt,vev blunl , iall un Iiin imped ii inltnt in his spleech, oun of his legs is s re, io neasollet by a recent hurt; hehd noo iulw he whrae l¢wl wiy a whirte Iti oinll nor linen sirlt nild white cotton ullltannlrs. Motrt ril of vessels and G arin bons ate uivntianin d a gInFiut revovi lln orlln r rboringi saii dtn gr, . ns welle8i all i otiher crvis, n s i h li tlltllst rigonur Of tlie law will lI, -'enl -r;'rld nniitl h litinI. The il vne rer lll will hie tnin 0l f t tlilace.itthi t ilnti , ntiny) of lheo jils of either ofttic n- rnitip 16iliec, or at 169 Cnande.tllu corner of Ilevi. Itet r, I. slpt It N T i-T-i ll'. - ,'-atiiiin ,i;i, hIretarre-existinitg iI 'cunder le i n of ltublt r & anrretllon, hlan boor dlisoled. The uil.m.criber will liquidate the nltitirn o thl the:r llrllu in thi.°ity, a lnld rilt'le u ir aIll |,"rFO1$ intle'l - Ia rdt I I IIe nitti it ii hiiIcvtln, andn till tlIoselinvilt. I s -I It tlAIlIlETSON' Ic \VY. SW. VAIN. lA. Il' 'anal S. eel Atne Orlrns 5I 1liI al i,, ,rta d lll ti iin nl1v S i recei inl l)rt I I6. Ilo, , (, li"mia :llsa l 1laln',i.II n)II thI ,* nor., ,il lov w il l tie Ill slr ttVK A tttliln nv, rut ', Argols, reil, lll re ttl s, AI tti.t i, Si c - t Ars hni., ernal, Ahon, do powecl etd, lhe i hctlc ,voo, Ik l rclivv d, I lupal ', i I l ll c , t illh .pli o, Jul cI" ti it - t dlo r, .i M tlainh, It , C. i,,roil, Ind;iýn llr ignl, l(o r vin i: t, do v la illye , ( ai l ll l llid', ido tI r' ncl • , . I .. : .., Ld a f i mln lan l, " i., \, ý.ýýr, L ," +(,lt, ('ll (,pr ohy S ui , , IJa itican, ,I viSY i Ict i eri I oll . ' . nl . . l. o.larleoib 11 t l r l t do II lach- . hdo ., in ('lI MI AI... I h t tl, Acbl,, itleiiv , ,11 d ,t, d 1 r ib ido plie t., ' lut. 'llIi., ,II, el Itt till S', i l l, ll .. I i tl, hi ~ 0!1, 111 Al b it 8 1ii rI lcd ItAR'i ni. tl :1r,1 iv o l, i,,tiurli n 1)yei C ' n' aon''' li iory 1! dy t rt f m '_ tu 1tuIi- r t u 'uv 1 tutu- r I Ii . rh ,r 11 1 11'" r '·11 ,1ob : n ,i0r m i 'o , o A ,,,,en c , i d E -,g t h etii n a ry in I , l. l l t I J `0 it c ,va vnv Xli, l0-i1 ,I ih i,, ' all, ci uvi-iit 'l " Ii , Iy Oil c'ho's v iv tlcu p, vi. i t a , eit 1vu'.".I 111t I.ll.v t ene lvc ,il ivl i v.hii libe, i n .a e a art- J v ciiiilt.t, v' caJhln l y d,1 ,1111, .oh:,. ,Ia : ,, "1 i, ' 7, ~ .hh n. .. 111., .h ii 1, i, 1- 1 ~ .\,,, , ui i in'pot+: ,' t, al'.+' \\'lll( 01Sit, I, I.- I~ai"+nl1hlh inl III I"h- ·llo t,1. h ll' ,1, ll i, I,.ll ,li,,~ l. I.I t .ln l. , lr ll ,,, . "".! dIII I " till,', 1. ' I II 1 i " 1\ . . o r rI"Xn t (I,, N ll',+,· le af:,,I'n'' t s •nmi, I "ir .II.:i , .11 VI ok : \ I ..I Il' n 11 rnt,111 1· l €'l edition ' to'n', rlllllt1..l Il', n.'s I .,'v . + ..r ILi I ,, 1 BENJ. un L EiY. S ,Ii 'lNt \ I l " i .'llsI '· : i \ ilc, ' b It llt t u llt AyeiLar 't,, Poliict l/ir,( ,'t',nr, ,, of 1h ['niltd States, or a 1tm nr o lttu .p . l, '1 t r( { ill i .tt I e' ellll l nl tleralI hyd a lll 1;' Ite I1 L) mm!: en of the L vied Vh t'., by I': 11' 1; , fi,. (I, F':by.r Ai ' .rols I i , Tl. t' t . intetr-wr I lf with eI aricter li u.t i u ..1% - h11 11 ll0li i l. t I. I IO x'itlh ioh ir, al eint tit,, and ýdor ,al inldex of nalmes,,'i trlI: Tl: ('fl'I : i A i(Y 'r nlhl (or titc'-, [tii, ( I'tl-oll C i r ttl.llll im , Cl.Lhroie ( tllallw u i )b - Pltail inl Ihe l a., by free I (.r { l-lt t h ·llllllliltllaLt I"to ItI I IIPI Ib' ttioi' , I) i t L wit h the ala~d being i t titinttd s tate. o t o f Thit very toutc trattt,1 * ot y i, prepMied l it h lia ithe I Itli r i t tip otf t -il rillt in tllllt t i Itt oso I o t ten tIru dl l o re', s herl'i urb!e'!. Ilhm ler vegetabll subl.t..c. f I II tli I l twi b I,; l xhtllilt alll l '.l " ll; o i nt , ( l'n litl, lia illt a llo'.i Iol.;" , hn - b Il!,{':.;: in thlis pe, . nrlrtiln-- lhry, h ingll tiie e tlll l ll I l ttde.l t old oly at SWAINe IH1:1 i''i l dII' drg sore, No. I. l Ij' ut i ltrolt, wilhE itl' b1 hlld lresh i lllll genuine,{Llrrc l thellln h pirt, i n lu I, S I' i. ea and VIIIII:I 11 ernii"e, Puhtter's .t·autoll co1n lllrlin lllen"r PreI'i thr I .ont i(I u Id lagtr nd gi eLMnerl :llilt iott o tiltu . t ol'lh I. a s wi th nl I)INNUCK't' ' I"(1 I", &I.. - INN: i K' S I\ l lPO I' hi r11 l'rloN O1 F N )l lIlft la nd, I tih'anv, s.hI n .reaio votiety Julu hl bro thefo lnliodls af "Ihrorellll, tthi l ln e.1 "i ou t ohe .ll ll era li-li h m nnr and Auli, r ari, it tihe Io lr l.l wllO h nI itl oli tu.rIolnrhiLcrl tiI 1iloril.Frlat l Noes m n qur il ial i, lc" e lil; ltion it bll " rdi. llllt d" t b l IIp r .ov . aint lus of Impll nrove 7 t of' lic a pIhldart 01tlhe Aset I tAC ,t. . tiusi lil' Ibr ilnml tip t r an ila D nd ih iun Addhl nd Ihw'llhu, tlh Ct rloy. C llls llg of oilo ii vOl RU wll llll i. litlleni x a. eminen trioul IT'hupi,)U fixpe wahmorf llUll)RY. ] Ien l Rks loyit .i llt. , ii ii,,i nd liiharm nloe of the lahe. Al Tutliune t (he (.Olelitli l , &. e 'i.., illt ialtd by attyin ilr'l Guils',,'r, ,t" OI(I:IO t~rIII) ·I.ale Al'idnLmer o l PMh', N ' T.wI']. in ai Usore of "hllt. Novl A irican .' e tdition, ih. ad diionis g ll huprovemol u( : 1 copler ol.,thall r a r "Pall([ C m a ,i'It i' :l' ,L i ( I.A CA L L IBRAIRY .. -. ,

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