Newspaper of True American, February 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 15, 1839 Page 3
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,lrO J ^"PAN" Mill Dler"'",efoo.e.s.,t j..2J Exchangea ,fl(ce, 75 CLanl at NOR'Rtll'l'HK EX -A - DiBits of lElxhanltt on Apply to ANIULEWi & tiltO'e, j;t"6--'2t 51| Camp at LDp i.-* - YoAlt-t- 1 bsoat ia slti, and f'or .oo by j26 J 'I'H \YEi' & Cu, 7.1 Pluhlon st A I and lit0 e aci litehO,r sale by "JDý a KtE:dU & IIA~lt $I'OW, 7 Bank Place' ouiIiiC't i'ip-5 coe+ swreeto tbculote, lunbijig ftrot ship oi.laaltae,fr salote by j,26 ISAAC B;IaLIOU I; CO, 131 Magazine at W At1'ER JOi--tco nteo tiuicRk water boot., for S snalse by ISAAC BIRit)GIDE Cr, Io2(t 1 4 Mgeeeine at S"j' VA.N oIICIlAIL.N--3. Al. Principo laran-cl t L gtirs, ill llllr bllo.. iI ll te . by •ai26 13. It Itt IDtlE ., Co, l34 Iago.ine OMiAN C. T ENpT.lanitn l oo ship E lieubrtl from I.ondon, fat Ltlo by jtl206 ll:.AD & IIAI(STOW,7 Bnnk Place. nDOST. V 3OA'-U '2'l bace inll str far snlo Iby . .lL i, it" ;1 ( r"A iar t ,Pti AN . CA -tItt.b-LIt Iborxes in, store, ibra', l hv Sjot6 ABRtI Att l'llt'l:It, "4 lrvir ajl PiPiTA roES-3 It hbmmrse-tOt iarred rml'co potatoes, of a utpeItir, landi Ilr tle by al6 L H ..\!1, 9l3 C(-.Olltllln tI CORDAGE-An invoice of tarre'd ompe, rcsrter sizecs, for stile by READ & B 1tS I'OW, jilO. " 7 Ilank I'Plce L IAIy)SeS--5 balet Lowell It.indnor, 'r ingll fur sale by SLI'''l & O aVERY, j7 i8 (arnvier :t ANTED-A partner with a npital nio10,0 f, in a Ogeneral I"tlnlnitr il t& Brbkm'ege buRmoiore 'mlut to ,e esthlieh.d in title city. A line, nl lre,*i o to A. BI, Bex t9 Post Ofitcr, tolting htlle al i ,orriecw may be alwrl witel tnmtioewl. iwilb r onsiderCOd eRtIicivi otl trlidenitil, antd imret ,ti tll, tentlllioll. Io sale bIy DOSSIP & Co, ,t Citi, Ice at, S_ . .... . .. I___ nolm ge IloItel T EXAS LAND SCRIP FOR SAI.E--I'he ssli cri hber olffer for sal iwenLy Flosts of Wili hIlldreJl and forty iacres o land, each. By time ct ol thi Legis 1 tlture tils acrip call behelIld and located by lfreigners, and istralnllerablc by asa.ignnIusot. tOv'19 'I'IOS B l.l';E &,l CO. J1(UK-Meloss & Pfilm, at rile in spetils, foir salle Iy S ja4 ( 110)1D.,I 0 , New I.05 ', ! UNNY BAG.S-33 bales il. l,,r, ior sale by G 0D1ORS1 Y, I" Jarlb 4- New I,eve' ce twa i sotary is ,v a isg ri ] I ,4c'sas , s-l ']'ri 1)e ton asront, uls-r Tivoli 4 'irrle, tandliu l btck 3 from ltie street, h viIg f.u"r Ioua s, well lin- e I e, wu story kithilll wilah ltllr il,solac,eistsrn, wed, ll atlnd evera collv cllience to aIll .kl t Ia s t hlrrt;tll: resi d ece for a .a...ll l,,ily d+sirun. of hvung ri1 irt. Ald ily to J. u'in.'. dect FASHIOl\ALILE ARIA ' .1i i.l.INElt. c T HE subscriber has tihe Ihonor of illnfiruing the 1. II dsrlthat li hitsn rel'lsivclc per shl'ls al.stBycslsis alel MsIcasl i. K sills'y i eicsil alld wittie MPilr :ry. oI ceslatest ad ericc rlaihe-'" .stls in 'aisl saly.lh AsMsirs. Is coallllln exl ecs to hIve . Illoed and rneIly tor nexam le ination ion Mucday and l'l'uday D l 'CtNILAN, I' nlv3 2iiiChisrs rst t . BALELi'-ii cois Krn isaa' 5-cl. e in s isr a ..ens by J 'I'lAY i l& 4i), BAZA \ R.I Corner of St. Charles &; Common str.. eet, B Utll & ALI..At would respectfilly call the at C tentioll of.iz.nll and stlranlgers Ii teiricssomlspll d aIsorteallllt ul (ientlemlo 's linen- hlirts, d c mbr ll i , a with Illlen Irnts. fashlitinahile ,inen t r its: Ilinr c,- 1 lars: silk, cutton anld uerms, Iuids r lirsl. all I drawere: F calnbrii and silk hanliln rchlal-: blnac anld fncy circ- Id vatc in great vsnriolsy: sto*ks- of every iscription: gllll elastic uill cotluo sIlllllspI lerls . ulk, c ti l llo I d I real d ti gloves: ,nts llRslkin gsoves: umccrielluc and canes gold si lllouliled. Alho,--plenlidrl assourtment of ladles nad genir wri. n, tilg des!ki. dlre lst clases, purs folic+, perlu ler;,l cut- d, lery, and richl ft.lcy goods. iaI I I'R( SA ALE ATIle mnras-'tif,trv iof tile seslbseliher, lsaistine i\\'h el,. l. d Pipe, of all sies; rll a lll ilsster lasr, s.. ''atluslg, Sawsug anl (rislihlg doe as ul W NOTICE. TAMF:- . 1 %YVIEI,' ) , I 'oumellor and Attorney alt l.... of I'se s. , I ll'es ists ll lrrnllc lel llles o wi tll Joseph .i Wlhile E-:usl., ie's liele-,t ill C:nuers frin c'lor Ilans. a 'd s 's cselil a1t La.w of the Is ll'irel'5s Court li the I. rled Isti . -, is v lhs l. I .l., I, .l opnl .ni llltl illIrucIIs sic is all ra-s LI- Isi s IIII ll ] rMallldll in tl'xal-. I l. W\ilte ,,iill in 111 .:l-e= g1.1 wrIit lll s1 t crll'lsI 1t", wrll ill " , ,'s ,l"; t t il'c itl ld, h i is Isisi s ir as i ais- s lss I-i ssi i s id s th ivsc I)Id,. iland Titlee, in all Ic es, ihsl esls .ialn i . -l,'iehsle i1 r Imind ", an atltoroflt a~ I I iawlt n \ . , l' TI -, hIle i ii ris ,v mlly r i-tcrllct a 1ld s.i s ll\i t- .. l ss.s ,ls ! s r. •52' .I ,., -51 ''s i s ' ' IF CYCL OP.EItAS! 1)1 CT'ION aRII ES!! F1.i.' 1`zl.'ft. Jc , 17 sio-., EIasburg I.ncyclo l'=my v ,' i ,1' `.I,', l ith. I-:neycliopddi i Amer l l,' , 13 tol.. sGel u o I) tionary, 3 o. 'a st ,er'i I)iih anary,, I vJl. Boyer's L)itisonry, WeVhl's"'it do I vol. Jollhuon & \VtIalks',I l)iclot larv, I vssl; NewJcses ,. Iisrii'tt',c Iciectin bsrv, ss vol.. Jo llu u l'+t )ictieti ry, Ivolulnerye bote l' I)ictioua rvc 'vo d ; IBover's l)itlnnsrv,i n vcs; Aln o a large slssply ul English a tlVenire. &e, for by WI' MKcI.A N, dti rnr Caunlp and (olnllllln ,t CARD 10I 111 LADIES. W II AM lE'L., No. 10 Chartrs street, costin sesc. o psi'rhli."e old broken Joselry.,I od iIld or silver in ans Ibrai whaterver, uad ipy Ithie highest price ill Orlcans. Ladiee ulI, nlav have old fashioned gold jeswelry., vin: ear orlnalcenlrs, s.hains, ne,':ulaees, buckles, linger rings, or ill fact ally arilicle of rIhe lill, whill is Inih g die and of no uis to llem, can ,xchauge tile salne to gaoos advllslas ge, I caclig as ubove. N B--I aslcls; J.vcelry nid iScectacles repaired in the besl nlener--charges moderate. Ja:d, 1l49 rAMIILY 5MEllISS 1ii-. -40 Ihall blss. flaily mess l beef, lnladling fri un tecll blt .ia a11 1 lt ifor sale by j3ei J 'IIsAYIKR& Co, 7- I l'yiras st f UlRKS ISLAND SALT'--O500 bll in ar for . saleby On & J P \VIII I'\l'\, ja0o 7l l('sampl st I)IN'T--Jlls cacks ckPimento. landing romlll ship SCalumiet and for saleI by jn3I L t o RL'.NA ' i.l iL' IiI AltPril PItl I .'l . (l-0 VILCE, - t ,.trSginle strelt, opposite s ul:ks' A.r cu GI.RgEE tikes ple-llru in annnnnring to his friend| 'I'd tihe clii lls of New l rliA1In., that he has at lengthb ou ht L.ths agrahl oni It p1. with coptper plnto pruting,an I l sio the I s ililisi tls" 11 has iover coppers prlate e gavis tfg h,i can esca isute aill lnes= is isted to lic, at one hllllhe ei expes.lli of 'elgraving alnd1 slesrly as c he"apll ns tvpe p intikZ.; Mrc luitsuiciiisg I ieculars -eat out in thiir o' t rall hs miOst rnsplclnec cyulansiub huai=e. it this .isa. Cards ishse'd isi'shse giuct gs'nsc'rr, will ss- well bs callin atr he dits ec lld lse specinleus. Feb. I, I0'1' N B--llaa nltes neltly executed, and circulars, printed at one hour'c ioutica. H ANDKEIICIIIEFS-' massnx pongee lnllldcir chiefs, for rate by ISAlAC .iMa(il 7" Co, t FF3EE-- k ln p I, t R i'uef aondlln trove I(tLLII hootnn Nurrlla~tor nut b G l It~l, jan31) 41rw LI.evee F LOUIL-2110 bbla sagerfla flaour, landing and for j,1 lb j 'fllA~il:lL xt (~,( ja29 71 ('IL & SALT-1la Uhblo f'anner oillil plrimte order y0 3 its tblea , tra inerarattl nil, 421(1 nacka T'urk'a Island cilt, in store ture arle by j1 9!AVANA COFLFEK-4011 bonyr primle. quality is Marc, an, lbor snle by j.t17 AIIIIAII\ I TIRIIIR, 34 Crratvi-r HVANAri SEiAIl3 -313 priSt lel Iluvlli at sugra far aaleby ISAAC 11 11111(4 & (a let 134411! nie R OSIN31-70 harre47 ela at-nlt t t or a ile jn3) J TIIIAYIIlI&Co,71 Poydllmvrt jijb IltltSt.&t .- thla tabcr lumber, JJ81s atea914r. 151 ) alns Iiny. ISO tltda tealnl Pawed white pine laitr , landing roam ship I'laltina, and for rale by jal30 EVI II G(ltE, 91 Cottmton at CORN B 01SS-43f die ta i aor. ,r sadety Cab 7 I IDttt)ltI, 44 NaEW trere COPY BOOSKiS tar Letter pIrearea Luntrecerivd tram New Yurio. ad uill Ie sold IlowflrIaclt, *r approvede redit. Alsa. I lttear prea, and fIor lat of cth invaice al t 1 IAVIDI) "l.' & Ca, ja30 N YStnlbanrra tIul, 3-1 Clartreaat W IN-17K-I boIea Claetjl an d Sau~Rrn (('tiue, int stain and ier sale. by ja2O CIIA'IItIIN&COOPERI8l Julia at ALl. (t.l'l--IL3O Bale (tape, af analrior Sqauality, fer asak hb fell ISAAC IIIIiDGE & Ca, 131 Malegaaae et i+.ybv LaettIs - ' rIillred, aerry iadid eý arti.b", ofr ery -t't, qualitty and t itt. Alas black adged Irttar and billet polaltr. for rate by DAVID FI;L1.I' at Co, falS N Y Otatit.n ra (tall, ) h21 tlea at .1A )ltR--Rf I errrl ailperiar trued, far tale by 1,,1t7 It)1 BLIS, $ Ftytdrta at DY HEWLETT & CENAS. SYNDIC)'S HALE. [ W ILLob sold ot Monday, l181h or Fehrular, st 12i o 'lcoek, ut hr 'it E'xchntlgP St. . Luit estant, - ia virtu of t oordlet jioti tlt |'.trtth i'ofl t, fer the o Iarish and cirty o' .ow rleano, notrdtl lihe 7th ilathllt, unrdr tihe direction of the $yndie, tile ollh IIot.ig Iserib' ell prtp"rty, lurrendered by Gnbriel (lorgo Ulelmy to his credittris, vl I. pour lots of Ground, Nto. 5., 90. 1il lanod 60, .itlo- ted iot arrolltuc. No. 59 oand ti I u+l t.,otrig eocb 25 Iber (toot nee Itlh atreet, bv i5l1 feet in depth. Nat. i6 ond G.2, hl:lvi tile noln i'root of:5 li. it lteseis ,o t, by a like tIPtJtl,. Itotlght of C. Lto't Iby Notlarol Art paeed befoe L GUardleur, Noutary Public, theo Ith uof d M sy, 1837. - 4L. Lot No.5, in qunrar No. IT', in ootl, Was lilngt, n 3 t1 tlunicloaliy, lleauriog 29 f'rt ilteeht s, o, ooII Moraleutreet, between Palrl Ntolllt. 1 Ferdiand tl7aet, - by I0li Iet in leplh. Iutglttll uo I.. S. Ilile'gsberg, by sgt befile T. Segher, Notary 'oublic tile 8rth ou Febru ury,1837. 3. Five I ots of Grioud, Nos. 8, 9, Ith 1 enl s l 12 in Pqunre No.21. i loIirhJ) i\'nahirgton. 3I 9l unicipality,he roan.8, 9 tlll ti, Ilavilg ench 3.L. 6. Oil aenlt t, belwoen Ioo rales end rquelart strret, by 11t7'eet in delll. No. 11 ht!ing ml.t . i. fetl oIl hMtrNll trIet. Ly 107 feet on L rqullort ltreelt oalt No I, haviogl 31 thatel no Urqltart btruet Ity 171. 3. 6. foot ine Itlrl. Itonht. of E. Illranl by oat bIepfore L. Fteraond Ntary Public, thee 'hat Felutarvc 1837. 4. Eigg lIon la. 1t, 14, 15, t, 17.1}, 19, 20, i , s 2llre N,. 4t nt stlbtlrb VanStllgtolt. 311 illlolicillntty. No. 13, forte thei corer of Fretnolt ad lirttollh.rt strto; ll.orieto 31, 9. 6 feit on lFr(c .otreet by,t 1G, 1i. el on UrlIthilrt tr tr, ad Ni,. .14 I, 16 17, 1I, Iu ntd 2t, eurt Illell.,etring ', 1. . frel lstrnlt oul Fe.rh street fy 116, I1. feat it deptb. Iltttttltl frolt E. Iltrthe nod 'hl;to Dupleprtie bI net iosoe d Ioefour I,. leo oedN o. lay. Pahltc, thils 'li of Fot. rurv 1r7b:i?. 5. (tie lot Itl VIno nlreet, trar itet tleW ('nllol,bottrlt frlOlt (;eoret Anildrenws, Iy private cet. tlatell tthe Itltt March, 1837 tecr. .lo drl',s o lllwl twlquiorI l illlr foea N. OItalo.r. tothia lot ,o.hich touelo 'nS 35 tort lillt ol Vil olrcete, IteWt.o tihe Ftollllldo Ioetdilnotaad hr Itle onolldlrv beo iwteell .o urb, St. Mary na L IJelort, coring 1it5 f.el in depth. l'ePrst nl.l CNrotdiiiouo-r lio third in cnsh; ntlt flrI rntolltittg t,,o thithlll of thle trice of each lUlltlo.e, tttoatble io 61o1d II tllltll. 'he pero'll t ot rlle giic . Ilo ult wltl ,llu godll rdoroer, and crtgog taineotr I 'The ICci of sle to be inato oL I 'fl ler I l. Cn N' \t, otllllry I'lltlie, It Ilt:erllt tr lonailto tie Nolltary foE n,, ant tile ete1pCoente l ikild plll.oooeioo bhy Storleyot if PAIl IIEWIeI..S T & CLNAS. nI L .err eoudo. le It,ontdi, 1 fovrier, 6 I tietlr,, lt - r ded , o iii, oi verlut.h la c.edrt t doe ie ter te p)lrouseLP , pOulr Ilra J4+roi el villa de 1i. I 1,,le lle tlrle lllI llllo t hl,,l 7 tet ctlooont, sorttt t.l direcOtli'tll ,t ytn til:n,ln, Irtpr.r'te ouiv ttlOp , nllbtltttlllllol ti; (a hbriel liluorc tilelloy tol e m'r: r I. (tootre Iz oeo tnrloe, lus 59, (cl, G t 6", itnles a Currt.t + t ott. 5. iot lttle lttrornt tt 5 ,tll, fitltttt it itte In rce o llo lor l5'1 i loie , r'iorofll'ol IInt o n ) lft t I eltlft', .15 pi'tI d flee d In rile rlne-rvi r, 1r InorP el ollr n ,, illlor-lll'llct e C+ I erl u, l t"r fll filltOs dl. . eg lrdl rt h t , a lc i ole O1 c ra rb nti 1a3h. hEbl.lo u r , l ll dlll1 15.lllt , Anll lll.t i ll g t ll Il l I' 3 Mlllto ) uti llllltno I elol . .. ts or n mrllt rale U - aallll e l 7 1 d frsllr dll for Io t 1 l ioo t ilt11 ili0 pit o el ool ln rl nt(o -Illr- elr, it,' IvS lliltltr' l re, potr at e de" troll' i,' ho."lo, tt. ptu . tle 28 fl ' tt'r 11.37. 3. 5 od , r tr .o n, it, 9, I lot ie t 1 uln ie f in, 2l., no to . ll II ulllr i W Iti lliollnicll, 0t i il,o 3, o t l et Illll II, I n tl'(ln lllu :1 I. tG . r Illn o ril~..%l lt+ r(lnlr·. I I cnymnot III t 9 6 nor oo r'u lozot ettr lt7 ptlt lr I t. il I 'rl htl et It t 21 r It 2 t ' p tt S l ltt rlto l e Ur qtlh lllr cr lli7t t L ttlilio, a t ru ttrtfttt leitr-lther. - 1toe I' ltt.ttrhe, ''rltto'o o odevotl. L Irlod, ot tpuhdic tl t10 fevrin r 18117. 4. HIloit I, .tos,to'n. 13, 11, 15, 16,17'. I., 1l ot 20 i'on I'ilel nI 24, all1l fluh ,urz tl a tliunto , 3. llniv.i p lile, in 13 ftllrlocll 'e ,oi ure id l rCnles de o CFr. i, et Ur l nril t t .. all o r n llllt 19 1, G li tll r Ia rue d,.- Frnn. - (m, llsi m lllia ldl I I ljt str I nriot rr Ih l co let l d los. 11lit, de litre , In~roue Ines Fratnoin nor till t 11 de po oct devtllvt It Ferllllc ,not. Il l, I' tl fvvrier 'I' l 7. 5t. U Loit lsntr htl Ie dea Vofgno, ptoeot du e.v Vrlll Coo totle ,.hele par (ornt'r' Ancirewtc, )rlt ro ar r;vi ll dilt'0 dtt tO ro 1637" G ge"oo dOilredrw'ct too etoct't'" 111 tirottt l titre le N l lt ,lltu , it t hlt, ttii t ro'so r 2 I- , ata, a lit r loP lde In Vitne, entr le t ;harr(udere Vlori In a liot .lto 1 doe trntetltlioot lde tot.u.urgn Ste .1e0rie el Dlor, a.ant 1It5 ',l ie tro.ftotdettr (olldli --t.'lltt tiers llllt toI t,t etl t l, otl o n -' tivrs u i mnia, lllnqullercur donltnl s billetM ave en d rlo,.lt Ith ottlltlllo' l p rf'i' pei' teO l. Le.o Crl'ato -'iIIt lpa0e dsoovotllll II. eL son,, eott tlth. t'o tuo' reottnt ttat iiitlel'roetl on'it, . c1 ,It lmie dr l ttttdoooiot tttr lt'rst.ent Ur 2it .\IN'l'o ucod lit,. I t Itutot.t lintead oil received per ship1 Fontle tr, M10,erment IIt ollarel+o El h IIIoi.ll tol oil received per shipt 00 m lh I te -t lbo o1 000ll 0 ll l , 11t10 b rr labrw I r llllelr oiloo , l11111 l.brelo . 1pineih whiling, 1 ollO krg, Phtilndelhi whire h.ul, 5!I ICCg Id tol olt"k d fd '5t0 he sll n still05 v hllo I , & t &c.' 'uiut fi.'t'.th . I a r e.dor s tl, by J 1\h1' 4 &" o NIoRo , WS, It! 5 c,. 71 .a i ,I1 Il , T ohttt9l.', it, h- I t' . a' " n u ,t' It t ' . . . ' , r !ottol l\lhtl,onl Ot. 1n3. no~,'? unOd,!, t~~u1 F,,,,_Z.ts lu .ren brah.i authorof'Sallhw larn,'"Hhrse Sihe lHIn son,lo; ieC. &c. lin t2 vols..ulul rceivIe.1 i a no l Ale by VI pi'KI'.AN, Ju jill anr Cotump &. ( C llll n i ll) )ON PIi't''li- Id tiiur ha Ale landingh .4 IIf ip (Irwe!l, fitm Liverpool, and for sale by lle nule' iel ".h': 0 I kl ,( 1<' doz, each) i p lor Lonldo Puoter, it dtl Idr. ltlrl l e;ll I AI t -(t h ea r t.lta , filh, very heat qualily, put i tin tbox.s, auld frln 3" to 46 ltoaeah. Ja°-. I': JelltNS & Co, St Charlea Rt - TJLA-75, boxes IIlI 'l'ei, f.r ,alte hi 1.ISA.AtC RItitllR & Co, jan`5 1I4 \Iigazine tt l I)UG s'litE EOI(1 ll.l.l--Situated on Tcllapitullas sltreet. Inq0lll lNN11 i II lt NNA. II. , I j,23 cor Naltlhe &. Th lpitoules l ta IVI':Itl'I(i. 8 L'--151( sacks course and fine, huanin salid ,I t.ore 'f r sale by jal9 n II, i,! &I 111 lI., tank Place JO .'th'l'li II \.IITIr , u r llu r at "L ; Ti' e - e tIxclllan iice, a lew doora tirolt t e Poat Office. lanl8-- a A G 1UNNY 131 .9-201 hI aaortied sizes, jtotts- br c,'i.ecl, wlld ,ar solle b)V jalJ I , l It 11i. 11 ROWN, Dil aluazitne at I (1Itt I{ N .\1Pl:'l.l t4--101 abh. in t.. a rer, at the M In11liag, ar sle by 6 It')ItS.' , c j- 1 8 II le\v i.evee I l III)E - 1 ilt,l bl r€,tifat, t tho Inl hlaing for sale by - .lals c: I ilt o'Y,41 yew I I rlll n l tria.. r , stt lo . l m ers of ever ijl8 N ' Stationers Ilull, l lharttey It - .i .Itia .. ...... . .t-a o.. e t. ....a?' N,, O1l.!.\!I (;IN-- 5 pilp , es 111tili t dt.benl a r l iNt id'h y l 'T 11.1t I Itt ] & 1are, jn2 :.9 Comnllllon, oeir ltgaZillne sat 17 01 1 KiY-- i brN l .re .lhr , iit . te. fl r ale LI at y' a tt I Ia Y t)' , a li ra, t tt a 11. ('011lEN has removed hii I..a Otfhce to \o. S 2"J ixchangrl Plac, nleartlly ppll+ite tie Post (fiie I j.O ! ,a I .i--t t - A- N),li- 0 kgl t allt lt rd- L a at,.tre far sale f ay .l/ ja'-:l tOL I IlSlN , t_ ti - I t atet I LI.ANNELS-7 bIat ,.t C e whilt e Atll a . ni lliel: for at le by IlIAC llIlI)I : & Co, jnll a I: 11 Magazine at NI .\IAN' Pallllna'ea, Swlimll's do. rogelhcr with aI I lr ae a t l Iarlet of p enllt n llldli cileR, t Ite ied Slaelv ' a iid f ItAul by It 1 ta \,ft IIIt.t t, j'j cor Natc11 ez J Ii Tl' ait'l uhlr Rt I -lt)I I AIitt-ANII. t -- hi ls in -oraa ll araltsle bal a ,J tta4 tG 1)OtSt iolE Y. 4,4 New lliare.y SiGi K-[s-l latil, and ..hhln-1 tsa,'orill ah aa d" &®} ACO. SID)ES-59 hhd, Ciuciuluat Cured, of au .I pri,,r af I fota lr sale 0 b.y A)CON I51)1 l --15 riuk sides, lld t12 asks call 'vts:d htt:lls I, frC '.iF ' ly j ja2 ISAA IEOiD(l E & LCo, 131 M lgavzine at OITNDi--Iounid in PItidra alriet, & POCKE'T L A ,3 IOK, c alntlalilg n llu of ani e i iilu tea l s;the owner wil call at this :llice and claim the s ':mc. BUCK3 S & I ' \v'IITrrNE1',1Cam-) at .Rl 1110 lGANat-e0 casCaa eusett brogu, al I 9.9R1) cll, .N,--t ll do l ,o C - lt-la tllllll llll ld w tll i xtl t Ie, for rile I l in j9 ISAC\. ISIr1U;i ": & Co, i:11 :lllcn ..hlntl f NGLISII ollath Plprr--lut rrc.ied a lw 4 ) alrllm of ver) fite I.ngli'h cloth pnper, 30 by 45 S ilnch.. 3 by 45 ilch.,.nd 36 bhv 4r inch.; a sluparli r article. Alo,5 greDay N Marlli p l.-te blacking n for ale dy f)AVID FELT & CoS t'hlarlrei..t fI4 N Y Stationuuers flHall i ]V YD!RAU! IC CEMELINT, for sualn by a j1lull . EA | & [IAItn'lll' \, ll k PI:^t p r.ll.-Andnvtice fall ýd hilter, % anitel, for sade id fe6 98 Mag.zine st I AGGING and atle Rape, fir aulc hv SI i Ill & I III ) AiKS:PTalY, 7 Bank PI'lacne t t AL T -ll1;l10 bhcheel C hull dalta ufnt, in bIlr; " \ 1..,1nn 1 . ia:. do do for ean. by ai 1 f 1, ' ',IITDlit k 1',P, '61l4gs inc Ni bHIPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. Th'le Al and fast sailing chip (ANGkS, nplt Jones, requiresr 11i1 bales cottn ton till up. A.ppl io l tOl:Elte, lor(; AY & Co, nel or, LEVI U A lE, 9.3 Ca:unnon l FOR GIASGOW. The Al (lndes nd eit anud maey HAl Uing barque AIAIIAICA, Cspt JUti, bas lrlyarv all ther cargo elgalged ag d will have daespaclh Ti' calins being very saperior, passeli ni gerscan lie comfortably atolmamnlated, Ior freight or p plaage,g apply on boIard or to fl HIIOLMES & MILLS, Ilnk Place Ri FOR LIVERPOOL. - The At falt caiin.g ipJiilh HALE, A Cnpt Cruwell,awill receive imned;tnie w ieapatch ti fir ihe oabove piit. For freight of 2Olm bals r cotintn comsplcte lhor crgon apply toin fa l. iI iAL.X:, 93ComtnonnS e FOR LIVERPOOL. 'ITha A I fast sailing ship EUROPE, ot Copt cDruanmictd, ill rlecive i.ltnicdilte des puile or tllh nlaoe put. fl lrnight uof 204 Ilesoa cotton ia aenmplete her aigo, or i, mange, apply to LEVI It GALE, eJ 9RCI .,llnin at FOR IIVERPOII.. oi The Al coatered shin EiQUA'ITOR, J Blenao, master, will have dreapate. For - i froight aot 20l1 hes, or pianege, apply to len il id 1' W II'r'.AE 7 i.73 ntrp at FOR LIVERIlPOOL l Tie A an d fast nailing ship BHOW-A tIrct il, 'Thnalrl Iniie master, haing muai of t her cirge engagiet, will linve despitell. For Frbmloe a af trigll or i ,loganl.opmiily to est S 0- P Wll 'TN EY, 73 Camp at u FOil LIVEIOI'OL. r. TheI Al at sailin siling hP IA MASSA 1S01'I, Itit Blarltlt, hbanrg tile 4rrifr part of her cargo enr agedl will inlr despatc h. r ih o iofr blice of freight or ply sao , pJPly to tn2~ BL II I.L.4 ,9-,lentiiill 7 ini t F~R I,I1 VRI'OUI. ei 'l'h. AI fsnt railing ship SAXON, Capt a Mansfitel, haviing lie greaer part of her ear- I igo entgneblt, will i, et with dil cai . For fm'ihii ll"2ili Ilnros cotln, if iminediate aipliction be c inld, ir p assage, oaply L II GALE. pi f*i' 93 Commmniion at FOl LN Eli OUL. 'fTr A I tailt lliling lip UNITED Sl'ATEi, (:nit. Itlrr, hailng no-t of hebIr ciargi ennsge, will have de~epaet. 4 For fr.iiit if two lia lrd ltlior irs . p0,rn,', apilpL toi 013 I' WI I 3I'P ',7:tc(' ' FOR it OhVllK-P-I,.alhr Ir,-m-y.. . The Alilt l sen lit llgship VI.It. Dll PAlrl iiCt'lrotlEinmoi, will receive im - mleliatne deist lh. baor e'ighli if ii11111 ilua ttOl or p ia t oge, aip pl to INE, 7A a tLE, lit 93 Coi'mamin ct Fr o IA , VN a -Pcket -hA, nce. on linlr, Picaulee Tier, a I t r r POi It lit, f.l f 9r Commo :ginnl at .. ... a'oastwise._ O FOR NEW VYORK. . Csnptc .hl-n, will ri-.ive dirpltichi, hiaving 0 theilegrater o rlihiofelr cnrgo engaged. ic trclglim a p an p ge apply to L 1 t GA.LE fel2 9Il3nomioin st FOR BOSTON. Te Tih I lfat sailing ashlip COPIA, Cap Monre,will hove despatch. For freight of I A 2:tt balec ciiitin, aplpla e fai 9 C 3 I' WIIIPIrEY, 73 Cnmpt -l FOR NOIF)LIF AND BAL'T'IORE. 'The liod schr Al.tION, A 'arnhliln, wan ir. hIavingnaost if her cuarlion lloard, will mt wiitlm ililncliite dispaitch. For balance lf iigrii or passrge. sapplly to S t J P nIVItl''NEY, feb 7 73 (lanp at FOIL I|O.S'i'oN. j Tla Al fast sliliig nliiil FERILAX, lIen Iv, tinastr. havirg most inf her cargo ega ged, sill hllve illcedainte dliapatrlch For iaiglat or pltsage, hinving goiod acconladllll.tli i , applY to S m m P IVIII fill 7 71 Canip st FOIL tOIiFOl.K ANl) tllCIhilfiN). 'iThe A I fist naill snlhr I.EIiANON, S Capt. ntickbritrr, will sail il a elw dnlays. For passage only, Iiavig clllld as clluinl. d ioniiiail to WiVNI. P iILTEI, tall i'11 . o m t FOtL NEV YORK. Tfe fmi nailing cop.ered brie B MAi ýASOI I'. 'leutt, alln-tr,wil hove wi m lnalcl. '-.s For fa iiglit iif .ii...a..; lapily i f.i 1. JI' WtIl rsY ,7dlwampnl IPegulnr racket al lhpe 16tl inst. I]OL ,II' i' I, NI; ill' p-t'K- IS. I * " l'ie 'uit cliiilill eatllinriql 1and capprr ,hinln fascni e ll a.l t lship NA:,IIVIIt.t~ Is nal,, In n si;,'7.ll nailnnnahny,', For I,.,,ll tit - 'aillllll o i blalid, Illpposite ihe Vegetliallel nllrkct. ir imo , _ A CaIItEN. 91ni('liilnn st . fli, t wci .ii, a ipiiri fiasteneIrd th ve esltci. Fort freighll aplll to de tp AMl., 42 Camip t FORf NIEWV YI)Ri-Pa. agne Only. CIf'Lat"piain Ricet . i ill necaiae immediate de' . lri , I ll. r i'pinllte Cag - ily lltiilg clip'lar r lacu:,ml udoxth, apply i tlhe ('oillhin oin bear, or to j '. 1, I l;A I', :l ( allllnolan t FO. NEIV YORK. Te fast nailing en:lered trig 11011 RIET, ('aptl. I ialrr,ill halte drespnach. Fur ierighlt or paIaI- p, r InpiV to j 0: I P \V'I'lNEY, 72 Camp nt 10i. I :NT'l'--Ps~e-si-n cnll le cagiven immneditelt. STht. ,leiralPl, andi well or lisillh dwellin tlout,, now in colnpllel order, al Ie eillll c'r ot Camnl said Juli, siirlci-. Ailtv onil tie nlenlli-en, or io (. \V P1 tl1 CItAIt. & Ji 'I'AGEII I' Jr. f.5 I'olylsen & :glauzine at FOI- SALE FRE I'1' OR CIHAR t- - 'r1i . eliiioner C,.iLON,'l'hou p Delanlo, IIaeir. 79 Itos Inad tu INm l ohiln for erm, apply tuIo (.apt Dlall, above Inh tI li llu a Cuion Press, or io itel4 IREA.D IIAIIBPT)W, 7 Ban'. Plase FOR SALE, FREIGIIr OR CHARIER. I'uT - lii-t eailing c plir fatiene, nnld coppered trig .l ilt( LLIZAIE'l'Il, 1711 Ioins, Iuilt exspiislth fnr a iackl. Ilnm,-igan a'I cabiii stale rolns fir the aii-:onll:oi-llailin af`t Ipunsctc fcr-. F r ternls, alply io Clit Hovpn, in. moanI, Pican yanu 1ial r, or to W.10. P, il'Ittl, ,13 . o._lnmonit SOAP..30tobone, Belaten No. I Soap, landingfrom ahip Atn, sand for ale Nby C jt Sand J PWIIITNEY. 7ll C p at NEW I.AW and fledi:cal Books: 1 nertie' I)inest olcamto Adjudicated in coarts of Admlairaitv of the U. S. and Englund; a. ew and valute bhe work. Pe.erb' Digest ofeaase in the Suplelme,Circuit and DIstrict (n:ourtf a lneaap ply, 1 vol, o\\'tlar's Anatraay, a new edition, received by Pan. The American Mledicje Almanac fTr :1339, a ne and auseful nedical o*.k:t bnek Ctfor llieal Cgeetltean, usasurtwent la tie most al ,rove Law and dicnl worka. I'. JOIINS & Ca, jal7 cor Commn k SI C'ha rles ast v 1 INE--An invoi.e of Sicily Madeirn, in pipaes, ,5 V lha:f ptpen," t attr enkn, a nt d 20 cervee, t i.led to debenture, braoad. by Ilagrttn, Cli & Zizan fsale by jan.5 ISAAC Itll)tGE & CO, I ITTU lNATED II'E'T'-l0barrels fortaail by a S. Locke r Cto, No. 8 Front Levee. Masters - if.stnna boats are particularly I'.dested to ialk, trial t of tills n'w and very valu alile artlnle of fuet, so much stretamd tcev en'cer, in every part at the ctultry awlec it tnas be.aat need. '.8 t 101L CIlAINN-U cansks coil chno.a just received t L nAd for n ale hy S LOJCKE & Co f,.l 8 Fra I tvee Ge NNY I-IAfS--ltiI bales G(unlny Blag, oa close j anod prime texture, suitatb.l far Salt, I b . . I e Dlll)(;oE, 134 ,lagazine at at )iOWLIE"TT'S Interest Table --Foustr's lnnkkeep -b i.'e; IElenet's do. Itarris' d. Expeditiou i l Measurer, and Edward's laookkeeet"'s Atli, rceited t aud for sale iv A 'I'CWAIt, j-l 49 Camp at A I.IA ILL I)DEEN 31AII.lttI lD' Turkiah Dye, I lorttllatginlgrey or red llir onl the Iehd, or i-llikers, or eye broaa, ty a single application, to a Iernlllent brown, varving to a complete lack, wtllh At outl alaitltg either tfie anda or linen, just received at hea lBazaar, corner St. Charles o& Ollln streets. BUSHII & ,a.I.AN, fi,8 Exchange lintel (/ t O'l'T'NSt-90 ha'es 7:tth and 4-4ths twilled Low. J ell Cottons, for alle bv lt tlA ISIAC IttlRI)E & Co, 131 Magazine st P I:RM CANI)I.ES--60f boxes New Iedford, oas Sa to and Nantucket Sperm Candll.. for sale by le 8 IA .1C IILII)tDGE & C:o, 134 MIgnazmeat l.ftINl Cablen and Anchara--i'wo chat. ceblea C and anfhoerl, landina fraom brig \lary Etlinalleth, Picanyne Tier, andforsale by WM PORTElt, f"i1! " 5 4,t111111t 1 , n t -t HIAY-3SO balesn Nrtttro, Itna. in store tar oa' by i fall CIIAMPI.IN A (;O')PER, 8IJlla at at 1E \S--6 Slksn (ierman Pen in arare ftr rale by - l feb I CIIA\PI.IN & COOPER 8"Jlaia At MEIOB A'1-Cit banxe i tlner'e) tanutaetured Tu ' .L Iaeco, in store fir ale by r fell CIIAMPLIN & CO.fPER.8' Julin at S )ACQ4-f(.iiT50 coaks, consasting of RIIIP, a .l eira all L nd sides. for sale by G I)ORIEY, tell 41 New Leveea * l'LOUR.-95 bila it atore and fr sle ty ( felt ta I01(1( Y,44 N-ew I.eve ala S IllSKEY-sou barrels reetifedd. in store for ,alf at V by lI D tRSEY, 44 Ne Levec S -OFF'EE-llti bage San lttmiteo Cffee, for .ale /by W\fll'IRtI)(I C (n, te felb 78 tilaetinA i at t; I "pLA . CAN DL:e-I."0 boxe, brand o Jak. at i on Trowbridge, r& C a atle ·tI f¢ 12 IjA.At BRItDGE &. Co. 111 Ma. .m- , t FOR NI.W YORK. HOI.ME1,S' I.IN,: OF P'ACKETS. TO sail petually ual advertisedl, for tae prt--The line ill icuiuit of tIle fo lowing shil--siz: Bhipl Nasheille. Captaon Wocl. Arknnsas, Coaplain E d I)ennis, Alnbnnca. Captain CC Berry, Orlerts. Crptain S nears, Vickaburg, L.asain J uanker, Pnntheo, Claptai Ashl-y. The sl.,n anll of tin first las, toppterCd, ani c.l.ilr IilSlallenl, aInd were built ill New York nx prtoal for nhJis taile-they are draught of we tr and almanstinvariably croruss the bar without dete tion 'lwseacet a ere commanded by Coptaina wall ex vurlancd in th trnade,alld will alwas nexert ttlnnaselvePl to anecminlodatle. The'I'l) willalas cis he towed upl e Isd lown the river. araJ will pl..npily sail an aildvertised. Thev have Ilalndsaumely furul'lhd ledlaClnlondtiwon,aned torens f Ihe first qualily will always he furniahed, and every .tiention paid tt the comfart ard satisflction of pasengers. The prica of the eabin is fixed at $811, whhout wine or liqaor. Forr Inlther particulars apply to A COHFF.N, j 8 90 .mOCiorlo street fEt ae ships are not necounta.le for breakage o class, holliw ware, marble or granaitel, lnpercge. of tin ar rut ,f iran or stseel: nor res iansille for nv package or parcel put on Inoard uni es, nle retular bill ofluding be sigaed thereflr, at laso loflic of the agents. FOR NEW YORK. A New loro 4 Yew Orleans fine. A NEW LIE lof packets has been established to run between New tJrliens and Nrw York, to CUcontsofiv finrst rate ship, tit.: Ship St. Marv, It W Furster, master, " laepuhlican, J Russe[ll a Aultnre, II P DurfLy, aaw buildang, Thanoe shlipe wre built in New York expressly firn this trade; r a liglt drila hlt of a nter, ad will Iklt be sliject tIoditellloin at the Iarr lTheir a..contlldtions fiurlpa-n egr coa pteie all thiat mty be required fIU -cflnfrt antd conveanlltellce; nod their conlatlndr are imenr o lep lietce. Lot thIe ships nlow building are e:apletedt, too first class chilps ll supply tl:eir plaes. 'i'lem grente-t punciatn.ity will be ioherved ill the tinme f sailing, and every reasonable accolnodaltion extlnled to sahippit.s and p:lasengers. Fnr furtlher particulars appl to ntesrs. Johnsaon aln I,,aden No. iJ0 Wail street Nw Yorik, tlr tol jut; Il''I'El. I.AII)LA.W, iii Camp at . or the .nterior. For Shrereport, Fulto an d Jonesbro, above the Iaft, on Red Iicer. Tlul, nlew amlJ substantiel steam . er CA 51T',., Vil It t'arrn'l, ma - r-le having bheen built expressly f,.r Co plts,, 'Ilhurdaev, th.e tllh int., al 4 o'.cock, P Al. F.fer I c.hlt or IL S1.Sgvt ul ly n boonar ot tie fot e Custaon (louesc at., tur tL TIllO. I1 LE & Co, N. fel2l O :.nd 27 New I.-vr FIUR .[llBIJILE. 'hll gslar paec ect low pressnre AWN ste,amer e(ILA , FE, Capt. S.iler, will leave ile hlake end of thle Rail G oievery TIIUI'SDAYS¥& iSUNDAY, after the arrival of the 1_ o'clock cars, and on ber roe turn, leave Mlobile, every Tuesdays nad Fridoys. A In For passage apply on boara to CAPTI'. SWILER. P S-Whenevr a snufficiento uumhe of ta.nger - offer te Giraffe will touchti ato of tile intermedlite landings, upon previous notice being given to c'apt owder.. nolv7--tl A MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, JRemoved from 17 Custlomouse St I' NEXT DOOR To ST. ClIAIRLES T'II ATRE, CoRNER of POYDRAS & ST. CIRIncES STREET. TO REN I'. A LARGE and commodious Rooma over Levy's N auction store, 53 Magazic-l street. AGpld to W GE .,.LNO, Lithoraplher, on tli premsies. N B-The above would oioke a good drill rocro. nov3 IWh S JEIFFERSON ACADEMY. m:I I3REPARATORYIL to Jefrerson Col oe and to oth ere conducted iby ii. (eranct, l. L ). nelxuchge Ally, betteen ,'oeti codn Iicuaville. Thic; A itnatiou na. tile moIst eligible. that could be found beinc entirely fLee Irac tile rlcne of tile streets nd tile raltllcu ofdrtcys all( cae' iage. Co r'le Jenflrseac Academyis divided into two depart. rients. The Junior i r elemcentary departmnent ctierlce I various br;nches clooc co o pocducatiuc in French and iC ECglihll-I'le Selnior dlepart:cect oIbr Llatin, Greek, Stu lanlhemtics, &c. lotuulculty, order oun discipline Ils c are strictly enjoied and obslerved. ,c Tr ' sIc. Jutanl It ;rtment, per month; $10 Cic Janiur do 1 dra Sl1nish ii co Ist. Boosa, sla e.. paper, c. charted senmrately co A2d. A ,ccOlth once tgullc to bh lcaid in fll " t lrd. Nc, dellcctiul for cbsnco:e inor lic r hIolidas: e 4cl1. I'laclcnt to b Ideuc rcgularly every ee) ccnontcc. -clluul hourccs bot a 1.-2 t 3 o'clock, xc.llpt Thlrcd. days. sept7 EXCIIANGE lEADING It1t0d. T rlll .rclerieltor los re-fitted Iis iteadicg ltom,cic lt le St. cholc, Exelhane, Corer ul Giruvler slind St. Oharles street, tn the nltest pullllner. Bleaides all the pricipal lapeors of Ithe Unitced Startes, Sofeerv city land state. tile Uanldcas, I'enxas ual Mexi o I [c ccltavnccc, tut' roct in regulrlv ecnd cxtceCniv Iv su ieldl will! tilh loatest Icl'pelan palcers, I.oed's lists,uanl's Price Current. Aloi) with nearely all tie Lit rury Per dlceals ol' thle tl y, cltoit Iit e re puhllicutillns of the London, Inlclnurg, We'rtlntincter r dletlccplitan c.eviews and Blackwoodcl AMlgoz.ince. lihe T North Acmnrican Rleview; the 4Southern I.itertrv Knick t bocker,'l'heA.lletican Journal at rScie.ncec and Arts, (albinct Ali.actlclly LDemlcleratice R.evew, icelltlelen's Ad a l glzille, Acneician IucOlctily, Bentlv's Miscelhtnv, tihe lMexico Chirurgicat Review, and a variety tf olhere. ti All these works ire regularly suoscrioed tor andl recei. vei. t'he roelo is alo .ulp plied witlh a lalge vll, iet :cflnaps and ctliases, Niles Ierlcater, Levy's Price Cur. Ion it lentfreom itc rcmanllencel.ent, Gazateers, and a variety of works of reference. p Tie most active & intelligent news collectors are em pI; loved, gve the earliest a rivals, and no peins nor ,x pense will be ecpred to recder this (eading Reom the first tle Uilted ~tates. Subsclriptions are respectfully receive I. ~cot I-11l by t t C A R D . 1 ItHE Principal of the English, French and Spanish SAcadevmy, No. 11, St. Charles slreet,c annlunces 10 ois friends antd the puhlie with natistictim, that his institottcn, i0 now i successful oaeeratcon, that ie Ihoper to hao., his comoliment of pupils, whicht wilt be at limfited to fifty. IErlnes this o poertcnityof assuring parents that notiling snail be waonting, which nall contribute to the coafour and implrovement of theair son d7: 18J8 GEORG'E W. SMITH, fof f epoa Dealist,fron Plhiladelphia, D EGf ti)' oru t lht dIc.' and gcwnthlgetl fc cnw Or L e laons t ttl lIlc Ica cclted hi ,Cself at No. 166, Caacl Street, opposite the Scate Ilouses " lwhere he will be hapllpy to atteud to any professional C cc 5 c: geme nT e. 1 iV Sclith nit having previously vi-itldl tlys city takes the liblrt, of extracting tron sullle reclllln nla ctd fo le.ters, hllut he bear. , tie flltowingd testimonial froit tIhoe e h lcnvc klbccwe him Itog reld intlluktely. e ronl tle (toi.v S Ib 'Tyl, of PbIlnadelltainc . "I tke reait pIleasur in suyqin' that I Ilave lnad eonsidera n, ble icqllaillcan o with Ml . nlli bothc ptcclollc ll ndl icn Ihe Ce busiei e of bin proefenoSla. Ii lth respects Ie cotIcider him n genitltell.ll hieluly wurlhy of lie I sti unn.o e ricvlr h reit S Sciotc. As.a IltWlcTI 1l oae ioeear founad at illaerotor llhem tlcinidcered edope-ior, and foil salisfied thIat n.ieees eocll fin d- .ndoee all e reposed icll Illt by those leaClahlt atl l with at Iy hill, ill be well rerid by his discharge of dalire elutrsnted to lee him. e.c1nilh hlm s lnoperted ui a c cc "derublo elnoteut sa me pelsonally and for mnembhrs oftnrv Cfcdy. etc STIEPII"N II TYNG. ey From Rev. J J iboroetso, lMissionary at S.yra, in (ireoee. 1,1 waited ia Pilctcl cc e phi n to Ivr. Dr. iith a fair operlca- v -niy of paticng my teeth ill ordelr hics hTe hais don inh e ll terly ialnllbr, id ith k golems-,o sl., ano, akll wihll e I wn c, Ihc.. . I solcol hIdi.eictdon, ,re equclac Oll cly Icy iscP- .p ee l, p1 ersll rcev l Ic ilneivn s ere hlCic haeilhtl lt i helihet fi . I shallofin ftclree e sIc,l occt nlclyc oeach cu:Tarlng, but also o much tl belbl timea mco.Ae. Iefe ronce c1c N Rew Orlecaac.. t J.eaho Wcilcn. Esql. 1 Lcoi Allec. tlle lae & Co., I L ~tc. Rec lichardn ec&Co, Necw Orleau. , icclclin t'Irkc Jon.I Eq.q ed Cutchbcrl Ihelitt c .scc . I at VI'NkELIO i-Coprras e ndc ed c cacinicoue to e, ja341 (New I.evee v fr B AGS--5000 Guip tHage, of nsuperior qulity I ved foil St11.h1.&' flh!)WN. 96O Magazince a *'AC'KEtl WANV. lED-A licel roble Plcccle, well ee. ctad coctcndcc d flir cabilie and steadioness, v ill fhid - enmp'ncatc oun tpplicatio to B Ittli0\Vc'EI & Co, I tw. lcc5 17Ccaccp et il ACKI,;RI.E--.2( c bharrels, i11111 hanlf barcl.s and 50 .i!e qr brte ls, e No. I. :, nd3. lMackerel. iln stct fei "ale by ja J TIIAEIr & Co, 74 I'odraon at 'M ULIBERIRY & Sitk W..,.,c-A, e er n thei Ies 1¥1 clccerr ancd Silk " orccn. tanslated frol t .e sIlt,'Chinest, I col, iveo,jusl received and tor sole at Ihe lookstore of A TOWt.\ , II t lel 49 Camp at 00at ýHISIKEY-25 bnarrol relifeit, for oelocy J'25 G. I)t)RoRA, 4i New I.vee by st Lr O tNI nn e cltiacrnlibraiy i ed l , cafeioe and u-" Li ,nablccwarks, foer scle bly the subceriber: To- OSIoSTING Oe THE IVorks of Willioam Cosgreve, ill : vole, in at do lShirley, draeatic and poetical, 6 role, ,toc do Shlnhbltry. ill; v.le, do lteacumont & Fletchr, I, v(ol, orye do (1tay. in 2 vn l. " do ulnn,l,. 3J,.I. with On.cecounot of his life, by 1only Mokcezin; do PirWVilllcn tl'colct, in 4 rode, i;lln do Emtpror J ulian.2 volt, vec do Fieldint. Ill cc-I, - oe ,o Rcco,3.eo Xlth, ols, dci IR-bardswn Clariaa hlaerhow,6 cole, nb. In iditiou to thaboohe, a torge colleetlon of Lin den editjlcc yrnero -oeih. WAI A1'KEAN, , Ic Jot¢I r rocfc anc d Ccc olnecn ,ct BUSINESS CARDS. PRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL .,r UUISIANA, )vI. IEIts hsl services t ttll ,, ublic i;; tl depart. ol mnsel tof urveving and Civil Engierig, both in tllwll dllll o tlllry. Frlr I orlsiderdl r xpesrigls e ill his profession. and fIy proeoptnes+ and fidelill ill ih execllioln l' bulsiless entrustled to hillm, he hlpes to Iletll a leiuive a aIsI l of sIlllie patroelltle. liet wl' lio ille;sllre aells ts lateu thle IoltiselnIt til eijas anll excatiations. Otiee No 3 Chartresstreet,seeord story tback. - je7 - BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & E-DSON H A2VI opelned atl office in Neew i)rlenus. tpoes'ssing I equal aldvantges with their house inl ew Yosk, fur thle plrlmste fee eigrsving at I petig Balsk Nitt,, 1 Boa;In, l1ll8s If l'xcI1llsge, Lertllfit:,.I, i Ioeposit-, Cheacks and otiher ilortalnt pePIers, rcqll:ring secl5tt i agaillst hrgeII.ICoe; andl huIavr llae tilllu pila clviiun fur the safel keeping o' all hlates unil illlressiluI eutruet- - edl lotheireirct;hir speci s ns elllllracelthe nolltes of over fite hundlell banking. inililtltinls, and all orlders will be esecuted wil I)rlltlill itudel an i II the usual ten.. OUfitee, corner ul toyal & Cou111l tret. .ia--tf SAIMUEL TOBY, .Alerrnhand;se Ilrnker if C.rntisstson .'lrcthanlt, d1:3 Of11c-, ,. CIsrllo st.-For ttel pieletllt. Ii. II. BLISMS. 5'_ SIIIPBROKER. & Coll.I ISSIU MEIRCHIANT, Nu. 63, Pu5dras Street, 1 .. . P. F REEMAN & Cu., IPholesale Clotelhilg Esablishrwenl; No. 3, .alazlnle stlruet, ý1 AVE constaatle on hand a lars.e sutlDly of Clo co 1 in , alcula.lted Ibr tlh: cou trry tr:td-. T 'lh,+ r u-. sortlllelt ing illIarge, Inclllt tile coultry o. be su litl ai t te sllortrt oIlu ce. Oelt I FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADI)EN, No. 14 CI.arlteel lrneel flAVI: it tllstoal nlt)ll' pF eeryf e rltcle a 'ltrtlcl iart to geitlelle l't dress, d f t lle laslit sltite, at Ntw eurk it pric, " ,,11. tl . B.Rossd SURGEON DENTIST nnvA No.'., toaleet;t. - ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EnTAI LISlII 51ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lianks' Areads. Il'lLL.4!fl1I GltJEE.VIE, IllOPJIIETiOL nr I J H. PAIIIER Comnntisbion anu Forwarding IMerchunlt, No. 6, FRONT LEIVEI , ur sT.urMS. NeCw 9 'lite Pet,. :. JARTIS& ANI) RE WS-, WIltl.IOEi11.1' ANID lRE1I' Ih). IE: h.I"lt IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUPI'S A.dVD WII.VDOWI GLASS, ourner of Coulnoll, and Ts hounpitoulas streets, NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIIKiEWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted time growth of 1837. DOY1kll t sitl .a, I)EAL.EIlS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISHl CROWN GLASS, No. 3 aRONI)ELs'r STREsET. 01 F'I R E l I EN'S .1 INSURAN'E COMPANY It OF NEWn ORLEANS. This Company ars now preJtred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's luilding, Canal steert. E L TRACY, New Orleans, Mayv 15.1838. Secretary. ROBERII' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. I2 (:Campl streetr Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnislles, Brushes, Il:10 Window and Pi:ure Glass &e. \e. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEYi & L0nSLLLOI AT L.41 I NOW Ipretisinn in tie Sltale ad Cilty Courts. Cli ents ;,ill find blirttt tlhe lerk's tlline, U 5'ireuit Coulrt, ill the Custom IlH se buileling. jetl illl oluhsereilhtr, lhvient rt,.v.Id ae1 o nSl sion as Il)eeleuty tlrveyr e uleeUlnittd tete- L.l.s, elo s this Moite, oilers his services to lthe pllit to survey and i locate Lan in illy part of I.ouisit isy t .\s herello all ,operrtiolns, ither of Surve inu or CinilEnorieorieg, stulh Is slignllllolt 'lstttrey, p1l1t.s, drawih,, leveli I gr,ofiles,ealeulltieosofexcavaliule , etbenktnelt, eIlltttlti of Nsalls, t'. either sle t-sou or cuintrv, ill be prollltl alnid Ifaithlully Iattnded to. Charlges reosonl. anld t ri s cash. OUldibe 55 Ma eazine ltreet, in Ianens' Arcs Is. ldcl l-taw-l3en r .E1 ). WILKINSON. SH1II.AAI)EI.PlilA Itckwouat lthnl, Sceot powdtest Shd MII Beet; Iteklel lTtoIlg'e, Courrant, CittI'It dhing from sllip; lests;v, lirt t lit.lll Philnd.lplna, 20 Imlltlrbareels Ruehoet ,aeal. 110 illllrlr rrel s IBu lkwhe at Iellal, 2.5 holfbnseln No. I 8lad, 25 lalf l a'rels laeniley lIvft 10 Ii dlfbasels piCkledl Tongues, 2 laerrel solloked Iolllecs, 1 Illdtlllh r ilnt W (new tl''llntlt I gross t c liIvr's e east Pwders, fltr snle by 128 (1t W'PIII'II 18AIlI & J.)I I' t[ II'. j3 I )A W,66 Camp t TI V EIPtoL S.LT'--73 scks lille, tALI d7511 e ks. coarsa I.ierpool inth, rceivel ter s0hps (4reeni Adelaideand foltl I.iverpol, end fer s;l by !3 H11)L1 ". & , ILLS, Bdink Place ) LEACIIEII t(L-1-.; Ie 'ci bleachred n'ail oil II landling fro, ship St. Mlrys. 32 : ,x i sperm Camlls, t. ew Bldteord lrads- lauding fIt sclr hlMria, ifor eale Iy tja:l JitIESPII Co)CIOiA N, i GOritier et IIt ý\lI'AIIII MALAGOA RAI.INS-10i1.t whole anod half boxes, for sale by AIILALIA.MI 1''1rIEm, ', sIF'-'IC IlrAN IlY--I l hlsr d,--tlnrst andl Ilh poo la ndin p ro. ship I I napn, for sali by I.4\VI:INCNI & I.EiIEI1)RIE. jn13 2,1 and 29l New Levee. THE d uhs cribrs ullt-r at wlhlesale IIA'l' --l0Ii caned muleskin silks, as s l0)r1ed size- nalrt brims. I s :0 ok st Nol d2o do Isd s Nt r it d ds d ctsea best No 3, assorteld sizes and brims. to20do eavser, a superlior arilee 50 11d, Fine Nutrila; 51) dA Extra ds - 20 d0 Block ntl Wbhi:e Russia; 50 dill .. Black Ito-e ln.. ; EeIU(I dh o 1kl beat e fCur blloV hrosd and nareow i brlnll, fler I.t e'neled ttuetry tr sellk; dh i All tallkiu ofeilitary & nnye i 'i.,et; ea let Ie. ltoeks--oalieM'illi .led lulaibsaiie el.. t]e .i..les. to illilitry I'lu l sin s oiled illk. tilk Ilauntheclieln-"Pettee ati. f ittllihh.le Basn.dbtnoxes 1st Irhlatel', wesitl caese,litdouble f,,r dre gold.. 'J'hIle tlote e.i0de4 ellllri.te I lretit cltrkte.llt| IlI vsuet;I, nwlit co,+l aalhei on New York s erices. Te hek selbstcrilttors ;,ill I fikt. tr er e fi~r st..ller wct ,, rn alt SInotice. (i treatlnle Frecs e'hlksht1 III llht. Nanal, .lilitary, alid Fsslhi1,a;;le I].lter's t 'n . . . . . . . . . .( (.,,) o, Mr. GEOIR GE M 1.RIIICI Khaving eoignedi the o f fice oechief Engineer of the New Orleanl and Cai'rll. ton llail lnoad, Mr. Joha If psoun hIas been ppoint ed in hisa plce, to lwhml all persons having bu-iness wilh, or wishing information regarding said Rail Road will applt at the IRtil Road tffice, P'vydras trcct, 1Sy order of the Lancrd. lSi·nod) JOllN NICIIOL'tON, novl7--it" Cashner COKE I. rl51i E price ofCoke Pf.o and after the Ist day t o S(ctoler, will be fifty cents per Ibanel in tile (i Work's tard, and if taken in quailiti,'s of oUa hull red barrel., ,ill be [leh ed frPe. of ioi t'e. The advantage thltats article ofIl fel possesae=o ver the anthracite oand cu n . as coals, igniting more I readily than thie friei aind c rs . from tit e unpiea .et smoke of tIllhe latter,s ould induceevery limilty to Iianie use cf it. Orders received at the Gas Olfice itsn tnnk Alley. SV W \VELLS., sep29 _ _ _ 'y_ j-- W, ITCHItlO &JO. 'I'AI: FttT Jr., eti " . I' aydcus and Magazila ast., kLte jus in rivcd and i lfer for sale. 20 barrels American brandy. 15 firkins butter. 51 roiss rks, '0 barrels N . Rnhm 11) bcxes stanch. 1 chest, ) 6 uass cho, itecheig, imperial & gntipowdc e tea t0 ia.if barresl No. 1, Mackerel, L2 " do i, do,. 101 do :had, 2 barrels almonds, 50 barrels Aladeira ine, rqr. casks 'art willt, Sqr di. Tenneriff do. s5 nias pare spirite, extra pro f, Ihhd l ol fits Lt.onlldOn tck Colngiac, 50 qr. ea-ks sweet wine. (et2 AU ilN0 iRIand Roe r200 pieces b&gg e, 1) '"0 Eoils mppE. for sale by L-1 ]IER5O(I.NE BRO\VWN & e, ? r'. r BUSINESS CARDS. I dr JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DF.nCRIPTION, WPEEDII.Y, IIANDO6MIEI.Y AND CHEAPLY EXFCUTED AT TUE OFFICE OP THE True m 1%neriran, w ST'. CIIARILLS STREET, B EAR POYDRAS. MIcCOLILU & DOSSY, Factors & Geaeral Comamiosion Merchants, MOBILE. Ile Reerrnces in New Corl, dre Ifirknan, Abernathy & Ilnnnra, s lope, Power & Cio. DAZAAR. BUSH & ALLEN, A NO. , EXCHIIANGE IlOTEL, :'orner nf St. lCharles and CoNmnon os,. I'OI'I'TERS rnd Derlers in French and Engih No No. ON, ChnrLre. f Ireen, In Uno Door bolow hitornoill, sr i :lA' conl tly on hand'every mortnicle erld ,ost la-hiironble style, which they offler for cash. lat ledrrcrd prices. ,rlrr4-i-13t1 JI(IJLl ANA A I PFURITURE WAREROOMS No. 31, Ilonorirre rstrer. " '"I.!IA'1 I: iCAI.N.S, ro uld reosprctfully in-' Vf-rm has II'ir,,do arnd rhe prrblic that heis corn stalnIv receivion lioni New York and Boston a good aI-orinlt o a norill , sudch as lmalhogany chairns, isIr ed trr-rlri, Icrri, dtlt patrnted :Ihair", map. and 7 wv berrhd,+tebd-, oa,aorn and chr. r tables afr al descrioin-, tureatu-, ,.olets, recletarvs, wriin-" dbks, warlro r esr of llhrnioganyl and cherry, wash snat.s, l innrr glac-es,leatnlher, eddintg,& Ac' &e. N lt. Fl rntureo packed ifor trn aiportatiun with great :mre. uv 13 JOHIN STIWA RIT, t." 5, Pltrrl Street, NAew Yo'rrk, tIt'O.ll11SSIOtN IERCIIANT, i 31POCI'rI: aonrd rtaler n rlatters 'lushrles and Strirrlrini-'. Ar:pl' riagoe roay hIe had on mriad'i. nr-frmnr rrllmr, ndi cuosr.;.u aJnUi.oool t ugaodsforward Ioe o. ces:- |ce S.e1sro.Lar I.nou Pr,,ort.N 0. A CARDI. CI IRTuIII E & N.YNNOTT, 3i hIf ,'csle Grroers and Coomissironor .M,-rrorratstro No. 27 ('o.no0n Street. New OSieranr. g3'i';articurlrr athr irnio paid to the putting up ol tamn boat nod .hip stdie'. No. 0:1 n a_",z ir i. Ir, op, r"li r r ar bks' A Iroo, o'I'A BLiSIIEIf for tihe execultion of mnpsl, pilnr I and oIrawings. mercl.nots' cilrulars, boHines- nld nldle'e caords of .ver y description, funeral citculnr- on dlr l,Oilrlnlioi ng lr. or, Iotlror'ary llald rllru.girst'l IroI bahk crhecks, drtv receipts. Se. printredl aInId-XCltaod ill ac lln.apad '-editios stlr, Ih, b tie proprirtr. W11.II.1.IiHl2E NE Nil Bannk Notes rOtntlv executed. m24 US' reortrerid,-srat-ihe I roimn Fl'utnitura Woare l Rorols, 521 Iliorville rr'eet, ir0r Malre rir, Cherry lledsteadl; a first rate article, Aleo, a good asorlrt nurot of r11t ile, WaVhlrt, and I'airted Chairs, which will be sold lur the low cat csarh ,irr.:e. V' It (.AIlNES jy7 5_ t inville street A Cord.°4 ORLEANS LIT'IIOGIRA PHIC EST7'ABLISH ME T, 53 MA (A ZIA E S TREEIT, OPPOSITE IAK'|.' RAtA F. i SGREIENE rtur-an, hi+ tlhanks to io W l'ip ids nl the ilu jd ofn Ne' w O' .rlirn. .ir rhe -introuac bestowedl orr ii m, fir the lar' t two yei r. alnd Legs leave to a-sur-re thrm tint all omrdrs ceo Orli terd to Ins charge shall be putluncll lr uetded tor; hre will as u.tal, keep the lofice openll daring ile sunloer, and rshall he alwars r,ayv to sirike oir mnerchant's circ:u lars, bu-ines- ,dut adhress cards utlnelal notices, maps, I phutl , and drawines, u every desitin.'rltn , at tihe shlorrest ntier, al( oni tile n te<: reasronabler, r tr,. t liBeing assiled bv alrtils uperi.,r toanv otherestnblish t neit inl the Ci\ Ianl'] I+ O -Ill:-v ill thie lithliruahlc line, hor Icels orolident of giving osn'ira Qotislrc rioll Trob. N Apolhecri aries and itnllli.. ' i alaels o xrtlll in fi an Poll g ,the as coppe rlate, egr1·aving, allen hat lne thlird of ll eexpetalsr jva. l-nrr.1 I' , i).ir soh, oo criears e ja i t oine, ned rll leve - C , al cae of EES & ILAm . 1 Ei IIT Tn cITOIý TU"CK. Qi:Ll tfullJ'urdie 'T'uck, oil. Gru S IIlt, dor u l bloonn, o o W du, Shl,'. In all theabove variety at Eunglidh, Fleash.;and Amneriea f lrlnafhactrll re. Ivory fine tuuth Cu+abs, in ail the vnarity ul size and i'ocket, Rcke,Nuse coarse and fin, nld all other Comlllbs, for b ale by IEES & I)'LANGE, ti nv13 JU 1`.nmp . t Sl.v11,1\V Gi..\ , I.IN,'.ol'.l) OIL--Toll box rla ,o" VARIliltthe; (i5 I oz of P','inft tlltu, hpreceived per s,,ip at Louis alnd Blartltl VoIuchelr, tnd for sa:te by it 11B.;T. CL.\ Nra, , x nnv27 '12 |'alp A El' Ali.aSiC-1'.o Rosialn-I dun's miaa nlle, e [ vn her molleln--'l'au hals. learnat to lcve Alnotheur Sw.nel tAftlln \'ater; 'Tlhe lii.ri.h'.n Farewell; IIle pus e helr i surroa; I inda's lTllllt; 'l'hey have given 'Ice to Aionller; Lovely l.ady Xlinnca The bridnl, Th'e Ilnrken Heart; MSy lairt is a'1 Alone'; tlIl Men what silly tllhings yo are; (i I i cul l love l 'ah u ( lh IPatrirk, Ic1 f, ,Iwlin ; That IIhlI a lia Iv hlu', i deii; IThlilnk laV LCc, ()h! Thl'lilnk of lrl.; '.ln tli aIk I lUve l n merv lenrl; The intlage Son.U; The ship is ready; The l iher Aooni ; No cere eler gries ae; Not iilr Mle; I've Icli c hlerei e Fi'e lIwhcr are rrllnlglI; I dearly lace The firet; nnOd'all.ln spcnrt that free; 'I he Wild All larss Iie Faries, lis;n' tose. of Jesey; The Miclstrel n'd it beauteous nMaid; adi The uIestI wele biddenl; My I'aathler Iand; The MIiad le of the Munl nailnali; n 1 Ilaliv coiVl; Mlev heart's best trel- t sure; My WV,,,'dlaud lBride; Mine tsota b, a sileut Tea,; ,\hl 'hii, olll's |lhlo s Farewe, 'Ili;e' IeGreear vo<,d Tree; Sai;oalon Lob, a collic slng; She wore a wreath dl Mluses; li preitty Janle, Just receivedd and |ur sale at c C tSEV'S Plano Forte and MuSic sltore, novla 19 CLaipil) it l OIAcCUo-2 hoxes' Virulala ll.luinbec. aassurted,i jI nnding freum i Illn I.oiisll, I t- sale tl n jt' UrNPS-lilU -s itutl' 'l l 1 Ell,: Inerat r jaUIttIP -- I lhdsa a I'lIl, t ia cc.i' u casks in l t' re .t ld ll'l slil e by I. S cotch Ale, hai rsile Iv jiull t. 'll ]t 'l K MILLS, " ,nk Alley L1 3 d31 ni1IT illIa E n 0, 7nd 1 al - kine+, Tý!\Nli % 1:!..15 -. ,XIII' 'I t ' hFl' lsfid, 9 lit1 ' aleby { i A I.I. la -hin .tni X , n tai Suii i e ti. OF.FI..E-5o hos ii,, lsuperir altle, Ihlading plie ib 11.4 "a.l.n'nnr it" saile byIan i c i3 SI11r.1, & I'M IXX, 93' Mangziue st r tAL\LOW DANDIES-' . 131 I2 a t,fire le by ISA',AC l'tllitU;E & ('o, iATTI''1ETS--4 caes daie anld imixed siattineti j9 ISAAC It C l X lI.; : aCn, .. i l4 Magazine 18WI ORLEANS & t ARROLLT.' ON RAIL RlOAD ! stISAI PANY, AltIRNGEME.I S FOR THE. WEEK I'IaS. Fron C aarr 'l'on. n Flol Sew ()cll ns. e Car lt 4 o'clrk, A.X ,MlItI re l Car at 1 5 u'laan, .1. P131. ' Lo lliOiutit c il i n ii L','iwive c ' a .. 0 I ' I I' " .. . .. ..t y .. . .. ..° Anr IlO o'ak . Carican be olntained by paying 10 do 'lIlt JAiO'nN ANI) IoACOURUt SRE'ET F CARS I.r, ('ntoaitll NIt M .t c. Ii j. hlk, A . and rau ithenly. At n1 , n'atnnailn 'n'u'hnnr ticl day ali Santra h . wit. apIcoali " e O' h'e tlri. ear aI coh,ne e ,uurtle every dhll l'anr, clc " a o clil na *lh n1nu a''l l t ii aiinl |y l dilll ( I i'ElO - LP. 'l.i i loXX Ith,, h, dOfNJACk lnrl slet. I'er nl . Oil by tlhe Ite ,comntv, jmur proadt IdLelnaL ielN llh 0l'1ckt s h no ni Uh II I 'el Ia , til aIlIcil ll ln l Ollitl' ilnlaJ alnd Ca'nvllraull o,,ila Rinlmd Cnplal.i Iog dinr turert. OIIN Ietlll'SONw " T S lI5 ~C . ] hh'f I.ll i+ , J I (: . / (liat. N.&1 C i. R. ' clf-ii T ihil . li ti,.- 1 r-1. - l- n tdilagIly RIOA I l:,--Ill )''ICI--tu. ail|l (titer the leti l I'.,e . le, t:ili I'tlrlir ' itli ne, all ratnIui cclt CUr will" h live lht, elar harllt-, I'oyyrtl slteet, lit hIlll" plastl il ,,l'dl ori k, 1', Ith. Ierl+ |+i "tv l anil intirniedilte plaees. l "ill i 'l'iiketal37 1-2 i elltccn illr t $ 5 pel r Illlladral. II JOHN I-IAn)P.l'SI, tnoX/'--tf ('hf, EIIa. N. 0.& C. R. It. u r u .rutl ~, ntitiire; ile Ies, PereP ratiou ever put p for tilteeh, ljulst received at tile Bazaar. IIUmS I & ALLEN, ' c r .StlCllrla & Clie ion c ta.. Exellanga FUiINIl'1'URE! FUILNI'T UutE!! 'Un'P reclived ait t e I.ontilnl Flncilmi WX'ire I hiuac, a lige suply li'anll enl' York and Boa ton. I'el'olll ill thie w.ltf i urlil Ure wi rlid Ido ell io atnll.and elec heir l rn;eles frumn one ofIe the besl ai! larne-I itaekai u iw ia the cit. W It CARtNES, "iN 5A Ilannile i N l--Plartienulr nttaieitioa Iaid to packing "nld chip icg Ferlndlure,fl'vl lxpeiisa.e, de1--w )o'rATOES--Ita lin'els, in stnre, and firn ale by l 9 CIIAMP.LtN & GO)PE|{,hJuhia it LUUR--+0 berrhls echoice brnada, lindgrg from flat brata, ane fcr .ilo by 'IF t: TnirRSE', 1.1 finr, Ii nit N EW MLniIC-O, native 3Mte.r; ThleAte ite I'm a ranting, roving Iaa le; .º'ca . wgir i doatyat re lamtetr hel beau itl gleatn in lnomance; The White Horsee ie PeIep lere' 're I colse ald ) Love thou art near loe, ntg Iy JlieM tlsL ri I ill tilhe ral Homantic Opera Atlilst; tteid'l 'i'lnm meelltg and parting; I cure not F,irhl aig es fiekle wing.iby II Russell; Come, comn, tlan a ttsitM row; A Lile on the Oceaen wave, by H IlKnowt tl watched for hint; Fo me lett fal l a teari, s o tl. morningl; Oer the waters by nooniight; hPl 'amtistism like' my o.n, lrranged for the hIarp Iv Royal Wiahlee, by A FIehrh, Qthsep .,VtEW k Quadrilles. Jda rrcehlt and Ir ekby ,119 H C04rY, 19 "l N E\º Uil(tis--ari d Alln tao J a plendid assortment of ltne luaay (loNi, ine for PhaIrstee, comtprihig ilaliNes atnlt dre-inre tecet, tirk bittes, Inureinl hxre, Fplltftia needle looks of pearl, hell aidl ivory, a:nl eo ae rula nrs in.laid with ptearl nd;Iold; iec.eti 1ithhme, - ret, l titer gOlenes geld tid iaTver paencila . Iw AtmwaI ol all kind,, c Ietlerv, &'r,et THE BAZAAR. Ir29 t:l r . CtloarIe &Comelnnn te., r aehaus - TI) 'THL I.ADIES. A TKINSON'S I)EPILLATORY, frtr rtmovinage4 perfleoult Bair from the fae, nekC and nrmni'*iS' a, ual oaety attd certainty, ieaving tle skin hal er ho wlhiter thian beunre te apieliatiun. A frerh uptldy jlrst rhceivedl at GUION', No I Exclnnge Iitel, cornel n Cearles and Cata* intre tn. sltt I"Al. I, WIN'I'Eli CLi-HINiI. J P. FREEMAN & K CO.. ho. 3, Me eaita eics, i are rerrclisng thitir snpplies olf lland Wisacd Cl.hil nltn and tll conlftnll It reeti:rte rhiIpItatea te ly Ilrly thrlougholt the seasonal. Their eni.rlltntlt bi hirge will enablt Illtnl to elitiply ret lllt' l t rs I'e cortlt. at tie ellortel l n cer; foa aule whali & retail, olt lc.Ulnoaatitlg ternas. can29 FAI.LL IFASHIONrP. IilE anbuerlbere fake leave l ilflrma theirjpatrae, and tile publitc ereritlly, that they are aon prf .l nld!t rxhiblltI teir fall fashions. OSiSIP I (lr) IFavhionible Ilatnlee, 'channge Hotel, Iool2 Si.h t(,rl ea t AAY-75t balsfa lsniodin from 1ipa'lh Miar. r ewill, for salu by inS rl WHIT`NEY, inl 1·73 Camp l NINi,)N PItCKI.ESt, SrAluia d&o. jut .ceived i hy tile tubvcriherr. ]2 Llaxes Etlglinltl Pickles, anorlted, 12 " Saernles, dot 10 " Eatre quellity Lnmhm mtn tulr d 10 At nlchilv iS in glae jars, 10 A llellary plste, 3 ,ll. l'ltckin , t)er & Martin, 5 bxIeetuier. Olives in glosjar.,a 5 " d Silad fAil. 5 Assortrd irulits. G \V PRI'i CHIIAILt) & JO TAGIITr Jr, nov?4 corr l',ydtias & iteeazihU O H L-Antitrncite Coatn in Iltnitott Itnttthtigel / err llin Iots It sltil purrhner, ollldn isf at the eoalynrd, iltltCltn l .t.r., or t.. j1 g, lol.M lel and MILl.,. B ttk Plaem 1.Pt E(iI.API--lri -tO odrKlit'a ive ral, 1 large .lx] voltaieI; Molltile Brnlll's dor., in 6 vnliiilonr · llnlbi.' w it Attes: \lltttlhrhtlg & \Villnrdl' IJnivertl, wil, AIier; t)nhelllotye, Wm reidge's, Smtitlt'l, tlluni glen's, Malte I rl's Abril tinleilit. Prly ' Bee: a 'I do. for hlgnters. Ales, II;ltltne'e pieetgnAptlt ttf low. lie 'enas, lith the "l flat. A tihtdren iidwttntn aliowed Ill tncler and iothers ptr.n-haailte Ito thit quatity. taxi AI..A.X t1't) A I1t, 49 C.tmnp n L\O, 30t. -Ili: tit the nl;ty the author oa hlorme ,hIietn Rltilloinn, Oliver T'irl. in 2 voltme, eomnplete, T'e olly IDiitghter, 2 vaol, 'h. -leirt of Selvltodt, do, Stanley: or tile Recollections OtA mnat oAfn Worild, Rllerteull'a Pnr:i.guav, vole, Nputtleo i \lemu se, tor eveniutg with Pri..ce C.a htte .rr ElienI Giainvile, 2 vIdns, Aletanmlerr's lii.crvery in Africa. 2 vol., 'ithe(itv ofl he ('zar, l'h \\'ift lit liter, 2 vole, 'itea Ileritislni Se lito volt , Aa R1 mancn.e olf Vir.llen, Ltlectu received and for stile Flv' jI:i AI.EX" TOWAR, 49 Camp I C1 LtiTilNli-I:I caste neanltihle Clothing. iatditg arum ship NnaLrlltrte, f ur isale byI R USSIA.t -IIElI.NGs-- II tloe F iat ,Iheet. R ingo, Nitr ale bIy 91111110'e t t.f &ou, jil0 . .laglur.ine I VINE.tIAR--I(11 bit lelrrsetttedl as very line for sale by I' LAiIl.AW, j3 66 Caump at SEIti AL IiOOKS-J-ust received antd litale at a the Boott Sttre. 49 Ctttup teerl-lloanr k'tt 'Practice ot Phveie--llell'., iledienl Joulnal, 12vole, boundt--l.itttlls Irmocticil Surgery; Wistor's Anatomy, a new edlitiln. by l)r. I'tncoalt; Krotter on tie ear; lhegin's ']'hoernpetter.--Shaw onAi thllotlv; Taoan'a f)i.s rtor;\oglelldie's Phvnsilogt; freiltiard'e Antatomy, Edtiwnrl't utteri I.dricl; Boylt's Analtttlva y Irby lat; fitr esle Iy jnl7 AI.EX.' tlllVAR. Sj.,tl i\ ll .lKS-- 4 rats printed feahiotltale pan. u teln=; fine IllOlee si!k hntdkilrcli,-f in i tore n sil fur sale. by ISAAC BRIIDGE &Co, ll7 I3:14 Mageaine 50 ) tl AI.ILS.. ' .i.terprerved speiu', ii 311111 tdu Flil sllaiued lt t0 1!l) Ilefited tIhnle Oil Ftrte ealn Iy WHITRIDGlE & C(, jutll 76 Mnnziane A NEW Ediltoe of Sir \Valter Scott't fueotile I works, in olt,l .Untio, Alir., a lew edition of Ihe Waverly Sanvel. in 5 vola Ijst rreeivcrd aid ifr sale Iy A TinWAR, jo17 49 Campat I 1.-Jusl recrmertd Gtlll llk, fIr .rtlisll., sCoilt and pIrivaLe. lie. 1idieB w ill find it fier ortlaeenatln Iailllting, vitililng ctrdst, c.. to be suprilr to any Ink ett ilttrodutn'd to tite putlic. IIUSII &s AILAN. ja21 Fancy Stuire, Excllngs Hotel pA (i-Lttllisted Oil noltl opper;t. ill store for sale by (i DIItISEY, 44 New Levee I O.F nU(iAR--And Sugttr Iulne ltolal'nes ia l store, for stls t y SHAJ.L& BIIROiWNI ji 19 9.i Mttitaie It) 'i'IE I.AlItiIS-Atkitteii's Iteii!iuturltfurnr tovitg t uititlrllltttus heir fritm the fnte, tnck and tlllth, Wtt, eual tilttyv tlin ceertailnty, leaving tie skia fitter ldl tolliler Illt nbethre the nitlilatlinc. A hteaI stllply just r. ceited alet the lDoiar. .: IlUSliH & ALLEN, I, xlinne l intel, c tr St Charlice & I ollnatel at SINIS oen Ednoclioa. Hw shall I govern my rschool, uddree*.ed nto yeung toechera. atdi ales udapted It tusaistl irents it tie ntltnagellltltl of lItl lea : by EE Witnes, authorof 52eurs and a haIlf i tite Nay). Ilints lttt Educnation, by the sln athnlore; ital, Hall'. Icrtttres to t ch.t tnmastera . tr or e tle by d3i A TOWERI , 49 Camp at l HALE lll.-Il barrein in ttnren taid for lte by jl17_ AlitIAMI 'ITRIEFR.I4 Pyllreaa /OW .V . C.1 L'--Firt rtte, (litria.t.l oreale .y / ja2:, I' I.A I ILA%\_16__mp at It H AVANA CI(G LRS--lrecived Iht'ln hit inetliUte J rly ina a ll aItIu: tl tn trtlltl t .llt attll1 ,t(lt C( igars, Il tthe beat quillilty-TrtlnIcLs, Iegulist,Caltoe., flr litle by It F1.I \o, tt j'7 17 & 581 Cautour 11o01 .t" '" ITETitl..50 kcSI ;G' I htllrelltttr, lllttltl not for .anle by i. 0 mlatd J '11tllti'.ISY. in. iaipat .)Ott't FIit.IO.. A tyleotid itoertlti1t at FtrtteLh \Vrl DtA\ID YELT,,Ii to. jS rew Vo.Ik et. Itlnt s ae i.11.t '-tt 'haeneeo ALP 'rII. O $er Wstre, T'le Yaung I rasn' eKeer, tend Flre Veserntl lesr, Bn We .A Alt .t, araherel '(learn I lire In. 'Youa Solrnr. (iiae,';rad Edirir srIlitr Ijnalrrn tifileath. V. sale br IALEXANDIt 'I'OWAR. j.,·a 49 Camp a r t )OT-Lauding fnt siehip Aru, I:! cares af fit. f cult sew',) Beenl, (,or sal by S Y ~E1LtI CANDLES-3--3U buxes New Redfordl ryenu C+srller, a-ssestedl rirerap, rs' ll vrnsl brand, 41010 gallorn. ."ew lirileard wiolrrsj'eress oil, of very r li'nter ylluiily, In0 besre Ne I, Bees,. orsep, oll dsi 2, dh 0)) Sesar rrjsrri or tellow In rslee, 5 tvcaeSU releetsenls, 10 Ilb c ýp!"rr, NO0 sheet. r brizier's Ol o assorted, !eseb # 1ja5 JOgs primle 'frn LCavu N i c lll vir, 5tt thousand linvuvall cigars, "U bbls n Ilinerd N holeI Oil 1155sW ANrltp ig l W Iine l' Iup -rilr qualvity Imperil, gunpowder, yo)ung h)sua & a UIha Cop'per, in sheets, from 12 to 1£00 !b  flecek Lead 1'ots~asaorteal size.S,ftr rele by ja n25 JOStl'tl CUCKAAYNE, P5 dnvir st IWAND'd '1'nl\IC (11\'I'1jKE-Jurt received .U cure. 4.1this inroaluable remedl h r like Fever ane.I rAger, arrrocd genmise, direct Ions the emeettin. (say in Phriadelphia, for sale Iy JAKVJS & ANt)REWS, r15 er'lTchaiplnaiee & Crehimman 55NL'Y-i0 rvssco hiere Cnk Hellaseec sr l6ed. Siing rosa brag Banrst liasa fi cane, trslsle by J E(YIS & ANDREWS jan ! Car eeCsen irned Tr:ePsieeeb a e SPERMSI OL.-4 reusksai wntr etrniued Slr'ev warsrantred poure,forrelely fell ISAAC liltIl)Go fi Co, 131 Magee v De Lashsu ra~nlessu al EAD ri SARIc (6 __ Nss7ll Sauk E AI'Eg! PAPER-oust received at 24 Chuaeera Ui 8OUlreamee lasldvislie eter ppepr,lMas t ls 2IO a llslslssl'o do do do di'" 1011 a 1)1) Ames Id do do 501115 Hudaso's du dsi 500 fine &esuperfineeep blue.& wodee,'; Partofsthv aclire are plain evl part rule.1 t with a gsdl aeertmerst s eflrge writing papery. folio pact, ireoy, mevium. royal ansl auper iwl, and whsr,, teer vale rn isa vistienlcastc eeU eby DAVID I FELT &Ce, N I' N iei rs, Ja28 '!4 + PEI(.l Ce:id ee-ln-ti base. Nesv i einedl ad flr paie by SHAILM & 101i( -0. d10 -- -- 9 [PEPPER-1M begs inereoe nd suit a [- Jo~s J TFIRTi tt e(i, t nLEt1ANT ti$O N' E--Wd*

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