Newspaper of True American, February 16, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 16, 1839 Page 1
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S!],el ' - --ue" =r1 , C - ---.-r- ORE. SAU--R DA--- M . N. . --EBR..UA..Y -- -- .--. --.--- -- ý-r114 Pslcc 11; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, IEBRUARY 16 1839. Vor..--VI .o No84 .. ...C~n~ . -_ ........................... . ......... il --wT,,, i--. ~ _ _ - -- -T'-'m.,-' -- --.,'.. ·-.---. -- - -- s ---l- - -- - - ---i Tersu of t'te N.e:espiper Pren of Ner Orlenn, uuaailn enge . l rndI to 1 a nin allurned iniBit , f tile I'roprietori, I Id on lite 3lth orl Marah, 183. SUnl:.tlrrtn.. s- I-'ely Ii), lrs fi, r the, di tily pa ·ir, pt".!le 4,vii- tin!ltlll in advane: toan I dollars lir rte tri-weet:y eounltry pner, payable one year in nladvance, where. , city ro eretaee is iynle. No i tbtacripttiir will be dlscotlinued until arrearngen are nedltledl. In cane iof di Centhlllnllel olne woeeks nontice En writing mrnt oa iteanrib y given, previous to ih apiration of su.criptioi. Auvreatrlsi.--J)e dullar per nuIt.hre for thie first aortien, nail half tilea price for each selleeqlerl t one: ana mahterialalteratalo fram the original advertti'cment will be charged as a new one. - yCAaLAt AytIVaRTtSrtca.lMerechalnte and Trn erc, arty dollars far English alone, and sixty far both lan agen u n l nks, Insuolrnace OlIeee, andolher silriar blie ianstiutitons, fifty dollars in Eaglih enly, anld plght, falor ath lInagnage.o Ship anti Steanmlot rar. iern, or Co:nmleission merehttre sixty dollanm in Fnglish ne, aendeighty orlbothllaenguages. lMarRiAIAOIs, Onirulat NorlccS, and articler eall. lag atention of lathe pnbllie to sales o prnlperty, cards a paoeenagere, beneafit, &e. &e. will lie ehr.rp I one dollar per sq1tare for the irar insertion in eachrl Ian ;ui e. CuniMletcrATtaNs, or .dvertisimente, of any person Il n.altre, whene admissile, shall be clharged dnuble, and in adnvance. A deiluitiur of twenty-five per cent. will be nmade In Auctionaeers, lerLfs, Ilpei cer, of Wilrs, anid Marshals on ltes of real nesate, 1,]eliahel in both Ilti.glngee, anti 511 prr cetl in Fn.glish alone: lo per cent. ona ales af other perperty. Adivcrlscerii'rs oet of the direct line nf Ibusinres of the advertiser, nerrtr as Ileal, aIcatiln, and pinatn Selt Sales, runainy slaves, itrny animals, &e. &c. will -e charged fur eei.niately, and at the ordinary rmtes. AvnrirvaiEMl TS nit scpecified nr to time, will Ibe pu'lilhedi one montirl, aiid ncharged aeeorln.iclY SNo ndvertiseai ti oa Iakrupltclet will he published in any cae, Inllns Ihaid for preVious to iasertioll, or psnvlaenll p~l nlaatee I |v n real sis·I pereon'in Io~vii. p'nheelreland nll nr idlaesnli innellerment, o veroii.ut" dailyv rthe enlon, to lie clharged $101) fir Il.nglish a in li, and $150 in boah lnni-gite". Ali annouiceineta oi'f e:u:slihilt n fur polit'eel oafies w;ll b, elharged dolldl ihe price of other advertisCe meat+, cretno t nh imea lose aiinined bi nean' pnper i)ieii Cu~tl ihi iee ct, eei i , e | e . t p'orpiellhri they have conic I tIIh elelasilon that IIhe ni nes of peers:.i who,. ni'iinii Iiele oint beitll lbid w atli one naonth after re"lllIIte I1 SIlm, l '1Ibe li:lde hrkn' (In far an peectliedili') ric teher-ibr} ihli gfi cr thelnroilvee eetl to nlt'crl.e or pl'ini flir srll doliqalltl., uillesi in easei el o li'niir," pnyanCls. (;igu""l) J. C. ItE: fr. Rt)Lo ,,l. J. IIAY(IN, I. P. I Nl',. J. ix. lI{I,'NI)Elhtl A-'. JillIN tlIBSlON, ,IMSdil"N. V.' .ly Prsn.-'\b ei. th," tidiie ni',l, iuire to C bile eth reliev lice ryl.,tiOiii, an la:r oniy iry e applicable tie Cl . n ,i n ,, i i i ci iiit tlril thi i-- th l tii u. lntlts . iiere ee t ,t t ii i ll CIei ', h p,,t piid.i ... .-- --a--ld| - '=' " . oat eom+( . m+ 'rTUED) tY, 4Ith Deornbar, 183. Rteeolvol,, tiat M3 . Prciter he required to ferern . "iI' edditionnl c' etriv.tfar tile C rmt of I'rlydra Marrkct. Cot JOSIItiA BALD)WIN, Recorder. Sint to tier Mayor, Dec. 5. Int R^teolvod, T'hlt pernlisuion ihe and is hIroiy rr 1rnnlcter to J,,t( r CiaVtoI to erect fur twto tnntcl. nit e envat: pavilliom, fr tih ex 'ibittin of his Girnilt an I e iat '. r; ('. iJOSHIT'A BAL1)W\VIN, Recorder. Sent o the Mayor, D)ec. 5. Resolved. That tie' Iecorder be and hI in hereby thr tathorr,'d to sulweribe for ten copies f the Code Nii of Practice, nhout to be pulroihed by E. Johur & n iJOSITUA BALD)\VWIN, R,erorder. v Selnt to tith' M1ayr, Ie,". 5. R'te.o'vet.i, "'lht rit the :sur i n Co thit Council at x i Ir I"X el^ t to antul, r',el , or d, lhter tothit •ar ' ' r,, any |l. r Il i it lllr of (i iat l' r o rs'h,'t pe e e nt n it' h rs, in saw or here. iafter rtey I . t,, m tl by thil= '31 lt:,ic tahty. .ill i \ 11 \ ICA WIN, I'cnrder. SBrilt t- thr ..mlay . II.t . 5. Rt-o'vd, 'Phit th" 'T'raur ,r c.'.t1.. thler il,.thi:n , i' the . 'lu i .'p ''T x for 1 30, ,n lhr nC, ! c, ay f.1 tr ntry 1 -l 3 , +lllt r gvtng teln d ' prey:.iti Hlt''''111 to l: H ,f'll r He~. ltpr . ipe t" till." "al osl ! T n hit "ll r it f t,;' pay !,lI l Tl p t l 1a eftlt te "' ttx ti, l lF ,:,t'r t .,t r ht e rate o t .rl' np:r r .i .r l l r, t, r rlllo t 't llt tf i te tll at .T)SiltA BA ,LI)\V IN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, l)ec. 5. he p 'ld t'i, ( ,. It ln lr it lha ing ntitto io t h ri lax itn hst fer 1>34. wth ain alphiabet ofthe ti"are, and of tax reteeiite. i JOSIIITUA B. I)LDWIN, Recorder. , Sent to the Mlayor, l)c. 5. Resolvedl, Thit thie Treasurer pay to .l. Ellii onx warrant f thl M.iyr, the n untt of hiir'y five dollars - for sltttil'irnt 16 it,4lti Munic ip i t lelel. I JO.HItUA BAiLD)WIN, Recorder. Sent to tihe lMayor, Dec. 5. Reiolv,.e, Thnt ti ire Triaurer pay to John Toinit olin the warrant ,fl. e tye r, U e taur of twelveW dollatri thr gradi.g the Levo'r at thi font of wharf s No. 2t, hy of the Wlr i iaretrnrr. JOSHUIA BALiWIN, Recolrder. Sent to tihe Mayor, Dec. 5. Resolved, That tleo 'r sest and Petition of N. Ilto'ar c. J. i. \ Frta lnd, R. V. Jouraltatn, iV. F C. I .pl oitl, and l tlers, protesting ag.tillst the t Ordinance of this Council,t dirst Drn the pa183ing of Circus street with round hit noe, i rejected. i JOSHUA BAIDW-IN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Dec. 5. t r q t nt of tihe St. a ttry'sl 31 rket Steam n (rryir Iapriy athr iltrin r i Alre.n. JOSlHUA BA L DWIN, Recorder. entlt to the Mayor, Dec. 15. lissolrmWl. that the leitr o.f the City Ihank for tho .s;|()1.ol)O B11, ta althelizod by on of 25th Septo: ihr, 1838, fur the redemnption of the emnall the snsrtn in hereby R lepted: At.i the MAyor is 3 iipnl;optity for one thiunsnd dollars each, in the usel I frnm, with interest w irrantn annexed therein; ,,lh Rond.ito ba dated the first December, 1834, payabl: iu thr'y ye .... hearing six pet cen t ter T rean :ujrr's o ff'c , or at s tch Bla tk i thto iy of JOSHUA B..LDWIN, Recorder. Sent to th|e Mayor, Dec. 5. TUESDAY, Dec. 16, 1818. Rovoirold, That the , lonto of one thousand dollars Charity Fond, to he di trihr ead bu the.. Ahldrmen JOSHUA BALD WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Dec. 19. Fe.livod, T''hat the Snrreynr in e'aqine to lhe paved tle streetO nn rcch side of Poydras Market .bell allow ten foet solee incets widtlh each sde walk. on tile Nortlh side and n the Snuth i de of acid M~rrket, and In feet width eah side walk in front oft' e hleses on the North side and South side of aidl Pavrlras sermet. JOSHUA BALDVWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mlayor, Dec. 19. itolaed, That all atlchmen who have served for six mantle cnnsrc tive'y priror the first of Deeem'Cr, 1.r138, sha from and after tlhat time re. enive fifty dollars per month, for every month they ma serve. nlesalved, That all other Watchmen who may he now or hereafer enlitled, and who shall well and faithfully .ervn as uclh for six months enseeuliroe. lv. shall, from and after such six nmothl service, reetive a like s~in of filly dollars per month. R lsolvdl, That the salary of the Second I.ieuten, ant be, and the same is hterhy increased to the ain of eiftleen hundred dollars per annual, sch sljrvy to he paid monthly, fromt and after the firt d q of'Deeomhir. 183.1. JOSHUA IAI\A)WIlN, Recorder. Set to the Mayor, Dec. 19. I11sI'v, 1. Th at al .r.ln the day polien wIoe i ..i vl" i r:I'el flr six mllrtlhll consecutively. Cri ao he ,rat of Itae.mler, 1933, .hWl Irem aId after that tuine rceaive fifty" dullars per monsat, fur every month they maiy serve. .Resolved, That nall ollther day police offlcers, who may now or hereafter be employed as such, and who seall well and faith)fully erve futr six mionth cs consecutively. shlll froml and after such six monthss mn, service, receive a like sum of fifty dollars per be month, se J'OSH A BALDWIN, Recorder. at Sent to the Mayor, Dec. 19. de Resolved, That every Sergeant of tihe Ni;iht Watch who has fhiitullflly served for twelve mionths n preceding this data, shall hlereafter be entitled to P. receive a salary at and after thlse rat of sne in thousand dollars, per annnm ; such salry to be M paid monthly, to wit: $83, 33 100 per month. O JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. O Sent to the Mayor, Dec. 19. of AN OtIRDINANCE fr Providing fer the Assessment and Collection of I, the Taxis on Real Estate and Slaves, withan the of taxable limlitse f the Second Municipality. el Art. 1. Be it Ordained, That on tlhe first Tuesday in January of on h year, there sa1ll be npipointed by the Council three a..sersor o of the Muntleipality Tax, one to ibe chosen II1 from each ward, who after being duily awarn , by the Mayor, shalll proceed to make an acireito , nssesnment roll of ill the Real Estate andlSlaven, snbjet to said tnx within the tnaxble limnits of this l Mussicip llly, inking as heir guide for the number. II ing and boundaries of tise squ.res, a plan deposited ir the Treasurer's rffice. ri Art. 9. lie it furrier Ordained, That on or before e the first day of May in eachl yur, said lasessore a shall deliver tile assessment roll to tile Treasurer, who shall cause said roll to Ie copied alphabetically (I in the ' la book with ain index, and hnve the ta n bills made out, after which Iti shall lroeued to col. eet the iax, giving en davys prevouLs aolite ia two newsapapcr in French sadd Englisih; and n default nl ithe paymlnrlt of tlhe wol amntllll of cid asners. enoit roll by the thirty first day of December in the name year, it shall be thIe duty of thie Treasurer toi brin ginit, without delay, befrore any court if come petent jurisdiction ngaisilt all who may le inr- 1 rears, includillg interest on thlle aont at theil rite o' eight per cenlnsli per annuml frollm the day on which tihe asselssment roll is daled: I'rovidcd, horw. ever, that no acit shall be roughllt gai at any per. onr, untlill lilten ays le lie se has been notifitid to all pari at tlee Tnlro rer's ollire Ind pay said lox, iL. Sinnlihe is a ncff rrairile or aekli iwi iiwhiclnh tase ,an order dhall bc obtaitned bly the Municipality rom aniy cormptcnt trl. il ll to have the property i saljlecti to aid llax seized and llr for the plIlyI)ent therleof, afer due notice in Frlieli indll Eiiglilh, during ter li.aila, all have been inserted in at leal t two iewwesiapor printed in the city, giving the ad. vereliselnent three insertliins in each of said papers at the oxpriese of the roperply andvertieed. Art. 3. lie it furt ler Oldlirned, 'rlet if after said nereassnolnt roll is deposited ill the Treasurer's ofRce, it should appeiar to thel nitisfaction of the t. Comptroller anld Treasurer tht any peron haills lbeen .oea.lsd for property noit belonging to him, saill Corllptrller and Tl'rensurer hlill halilve power to mlakre ucllh dedliletions fromll tile b 1I of the personl erroilenisly tax id as to Iihem ilay racun just and lproper; alnd it shall be their duty to keep a correct aeount of nil icti n thus remitted, to tle ecd that if the proper owner cannot be flnd, ithe properlty mayilv proceededll natinst, as provided in thle 2d eirtclo if slim. (Ordinance. Art 4. nil it 'nrthtlr Ordailed, That the cum to ie paid tlo elcll ol'th asaursora is hereby fix. dit, Sthree lihudred dollars, ihliclh lhall ne conssidered a e raull csiirlpsoicaiaa for their cervis s. Artl 5. Ie it io ri tierOrdaiiiril, Thlt all Ordi. n-l ees or parts of" Ordinancesl, colltrary to the pro. " vinionslitliI, ar' lereby rr. ieaL d, .IOSIIIUA IIALI)WIN, Recorder. Senrt tol the Mayor, Dec. 19. WI'I)INEtiSiAY, January 2!, 1839. lislellllthat thl Corinpl r r ihe and It a hIere. Sb iit atinlri.edto fit r il thi l" ly.or with ia s.tlite. 1 y Iy ndrl , ntles, or oth r\tnle; mil hIl.o a lutll Sdill, :erne t tof th, aIIs' adll rtI I llceu--lie well uLs ,I tihe S .ll lng Fuld esti sliel,td sfsr llr htIll g i.tion!l of the d eebts JOif IIA Al1)DWIN, Ictortihrr.. belit to IIlh 31Manor, saui, 3. ''' I k...v , l i.l i qiat i ,ril eiaisn i s ,i f thei t Iii, (, i . act, C ,et ix h i i rt " g . ts I :A, , ,I p'. lart, he i hT, led ii Ph archives tf the Coti.ell. "' . 1(1IIA IAII)WIN, Recorder. r. :eit to the May1ir, 1Jai. 3. Ilts.lve'd, tihat the Trac:,urer be and lie is , I rt by autlirliedr toi rceivea Irall Evans itiogers, nx tllhrough hIls Itlo.niiou \iVod Silllltltii.n, the nLsu id of, to\\ thiu"aniid nine I:uiiuret l sad filly doiilar, hing the iaountil ol i iiiiertgin1 exi roitg viul i ir. a ot on (alll streei-t dlved,'d half of lot N.. 4, as per Ia1 uo Ji.tco w I' fa.eae, city urvv ru yr, l. i iNov, l( it D llh lo wa. sold b ilthe tly of' N.w Orlean., ion the 03, N'ivr.mbslr, 1809 Ito (;rgri WV on \V. I)ee., on1 p.rlpalai, grlauni reln , at G per cnt ars iterit, the p nrchsser having the rig t uter Nov, 1836, itio py the capital. er. 2 I.eslvsd, ihtd tIr Mllayor lie and he is hereby antimilrcend to snigl il n hihlf of this iMunicip.tlaty, any pl.h'iC net whteh may bci necerasry to annul hin the llotnlgige on the rIne hallf Inl aid lot No. 4, ln anld tIo vent in said Evans ilogere, a tilu in ter anr simple, to the aom,. JOS111;A IALTIDW IN, Recorder, er.; Sent to the Mayor, .Jan. 3. Reslvedi, that the owners of properly in front of N whic! the street or strpets t liay i paved with wrool, Ss or other mlatrials expterimllentlly, shall blie bod the to reilllurse to the Treasurer only the almount ti y would bo rubjecled to pay in cane tiia pavement aid been miates willh reound sloies, it beingl un. icdertood that the repairing of sulh xpleriientli S p :ve lnent, or of substituting; other pav ,,in .t mn hen thliref, shllall bo wioly at tie cost of thle Muni. cipahly. thie 'll 'I're.aurer is hereby anlhorisnil to return to rry anv persol who Imay hale: pa d moiilre than his p. portion as fixed i thi resolultion, the aclouist Icr. which may he Ia dian. .IOSHITA BAT)\DWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, TJan. 3. ;the earr nhed that the tTreasurcrsiny to Melosrs G W 1 Pritehard nod J1 DIein, on the warrant el the of Mayor, the so a ,of three hundred dollars ftr the be rllnt from 1- January to 314t cI)cu,,thr, 1838, f a lot *,f ground .n Tchelpitoulis street, between Notre Dsal and Julia streets, used by tmhe surveyor as a del, t JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 3. Rrirolved, that the Treasurer pay to J B Marks, Sthe Notary fl this Muni. ipatity, no tihe warrant o thue Mayor,. tie wrn of t.lre hulndred and eight dolatLr. i.ciLg the umount of his bill fron Ist May , to 31bt D .eembor, 1838. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. L Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 3. Re:.olved, That the Surreyor be authorised to deliver to any individual who may require curb and gutter stones, for .,aking any stile walks within this Mauniipality, any dresseda or hewed curb and gutter stones on hand, not requires for the public e works, at the following prices: it 12 inch Stones, at 47 cents per running foot. Ila I 64 " If 18 " 71 " . 20 .9" " 22 ., .. 85" 24 " 9.1 ' 26 " ,. 991 " 30 117 " S 'r,ovidedlt no stones he delivoered without an or tier from thie Comptroller, who shall not issue such forder until tile anmount he paid to the Treasurer. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tl.e Mayor, Jan. 3. h tin Reolved, That the Petition of A. L. Plought a pnmyinlg to pho eremptetd fton he ttx for exhibitio.s, , I his Leturoe R. ought a t n he gratrted. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 3. cl ru Resolved, That tteI Blcksmilth shop referred to in the Petition of WV. T. Ilhpp be permitted to or. remuain, prpvided that said nhop be tntiovrdl or Ce. inolishtod, whenever the sam's be ordained by this Coutcil. e JOSHUA ]BAIDW\IN, Recorder. ty. Sent to the Mayor. Jin. 3. and AN ORDINANCE la 'Fe establish a Ferry neor the St. Many'a Market 4 and connected with the City of Lafayette. i I Bu it ordained, That a Coipnlly be formed to wit eotablish and conltinue daring T're Yeats, one or rn nor " Steam Ferry Boatt to ply 'ra.n a Llnding to ver be ippproptiatud to said Company between St. Jo of seph and Delord Streets. acrossa the River tounhing at the City of Lafayette going and coming, provi. ded the -ail Comnpany shall conform to the condi. lions hereinafter namled: lIt. They shall establish a suitable boat with all neceossary conveniences for Carriages, Horses and Passengers, nd not ilnferior in any respect to the ros Boat, now employed as Feiry iatas crossing the ow Misissippi within tihe limits of the City of New Le Orleans, within one year fromt the passage of this i' Ordinllan. apt O2nd. Thety shall at all times daring thle existence of their privilege keep a Steam Bouat running once in every lhoer. from sunrise until sulnnet, to and from ( te pointI dteigiated in thin Ordination, on. less prevented by uunvoidatile causes; land the rate lhi of Ferringo lshll r..t exceed the rate hIretrefofr red charged by the New Orleans Steam Ferry Cumn. puny. 31. ' The said Company shall be allowed thee tise of the Landings which will be allotted to them fur the space of Five Years free froln any charge whatever ; but at the expiration of said Five Years (e taid Company sloll allow and pay monthly to the ftr Treasur:r of this Municipality thi sutt of Oare io Hundred Dollars for thie use of said Landing until the Ihe completion of the term of 1 'en Years. 4th. The Second Municipality guarantees eno right to eutablislh this Ferry ill ease it should ap. pouar to conlflet witlh ally alniilar right enifeared ant otlhers bIy otiy exisitig lain. i tile State. oe it cthlrter xoldaiid, ''That it hall be lawful en for any number of citlizens of tllis Munlelpality, al not lens than ten, to accept this Ordillnance in the n annter fiillowiig, viz :hit A Bolik ol Stubrlption shllall be opened by foa Charles DUlnntld, Sotlotmn High, till M. ItRoitnillo who are hereby appoinited iConntnisiitenrti tirf tlhia purpose; after five la)ys notice inl at lehnt two tnewelpapers givenr by theam ora majority of thoe, I which Book shalll remain opeln or at leart Three tn flayt frorm thi hours of 10 A. M. until 2 P. M. on e eatch day, at a placu to be ildeigated by sauil Com. utiniionars ill tIhe f.Tremaid olie.I lit Tile Capital Stock uhall be fixld by lhidl Com. if nmisionrs at a nlum nlot excledin.g $20,000, and if shalli e tivided into Shares of $lllcacll, anld whene st hie subseriptions are closeai, if ia greater alltuunt IS subscribe:d thlan is Inecessary, thle then crn shall be diminished by reducing the largest Subscriptions in unhll manIer that nIa one wiill be reduced while a larger one rmltatils. 'lhta at on nua an a Company no formed shall in- at enrporate themselves In confo'rmity to the law of pr the 13th March, 1837, and shall nitify this Council be of their ccelltanct of tlis Ordinance, it shall be binding on eaod Conipanty and this Municipality, provided said notilfaution be made pirevious to tile First day of February next. ''lhat after the formation of said Company, and aeceptance of the aforos,aid Ordinance, the ilmajor. ty ol'the Stockholders to said Compally shall have to privilege of ilnceahing e sir Capital to any cum not exceeding $40,000. Iy eoiplviny di ale r esaid with t1he 13 ,lh M areih, 1837. JOSHUA BA L l)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 3. Resolved, Th'at Ahlerlnan Nixon of the 1ot Varld, he utllorlzed to exalninell the C(mplltroller' t ccouint fir 1837, an I comparte tIe same with the I hBooks in it.e Coutptroller's Office. a JO]SHUA BALI)WIN, Recorder. it Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 3. n iRTolved, Unanimiioualy, that the Mayor he arid hie in Illrey reqrgeted to presuet thle thalinkt of llthi ('tincil to Capl. I;rh.tlir.i and tlio of~inceri of tile Frencl itealo m ship or war Meteore, fior the prnonp i. tule and nal evnlced y themll and thle ntien unllder their command, on the night of the let inetialt, in iletitivorir g toII arrent thei' rogresi of tile Fire oil F ron t street, ti ani O protect the s ipping fronr itn r ravagea ; A!so, I xto resi.s to ltaUe oIncers, onit hib;thalf of thoi citizens of tihe Seconlld Municipal is v, trheir grant, aikrhttn luid.iimvnct, for their gahI i lnt anud Ish uterlralt rneutmP i n thalt Ji enni.. . I. ,TOSlliUA BALD)W.N, Relcorder. ''utUt to the Mayor, Jan. 3. Reln'ved. That a DIlrenC t a Ilth ftri:in.lto!:s ali I or p il aittittie i of this Mrreaii tngely-nltphu ettrly ic o l lll.l-itl t. i l- , m lt 11111i d lrtlllt tl d1 r t ha sLI uperI . ' It(deil.tOlll 'tlrf It Co ntllitee of the i mn( berli aof IhIIe Clinet td t JOSH UA BAI.DWIN, Rc:order. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 3. s Resnvcd. Tiht the Council will proceed to select e, a ti' peronl to make said Digest'. and to attend to ll, cIc1 pllh'ationl in Eang ish nl.d Frelnch, l in d itve huln. .l, dred dollars ishall b awarded to suchl per'on, ns it vi full eompenr.ation for hi s,:rvice-Pr-vlded said 4, Dilest be cnmplvthd prerionu o the day oi th April n.xt. S id Diget to contain all Orrihanrcr, w i:sttd IResolutiona pa esed to the tilat of January. W 1839. nt JOSl-IITA BALDW'IN, Recorder. v' Senttto the Mayor, Jan. 3. TUESDAY, January 15, 1839. nI Resanlved, That the uim ,of $300 be paid to P. 4, t.i. D.ves in full for anaatt s sustained by himr in ei conspquener of incorrect Invies Civen hin by thy late Surveror of this 'lunicipality. rt" JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 10. nof Reolvcd, Thnt 500 copies of the Report of the F(' inance (onrnilittre, shllwin a setaelleont of the sot [affairs of the Municlpality be printed and dilstrbu. at ted lihr theo informtln;ltionl of thile citizensl of the Muni. ,ipi y JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. en Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 16. Resolved, Tihat the Tr- usurer pay tn Vtm., Pena tll con junr an the warrant of the MIt(r, the sum of i forty.neve 63.100 Dolla:rs, fit furs tire in the of. flce of the Wh.hrfincger andt CIoll'eto' of Iove dner JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 16. Reenlved, That the Treasurer pa' to Robert MeCullnieh on the warrant of the Mayor. thle so tls of $17 2:5 63 100 for laying Fla atone in the hv bsnquettte, f the Pydren Market. ye JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. I ti Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 16. SWhereto, this Cucila. is inflrmed that n P.ill h, I nnts-ed the Senateof the state. hatvint ftt its ohjeet . tl deprisve the Councils of the three m n:;. P rii.alieirn of the right oif ppoinl ing their, xrcutive sn nelirte's nad that entd Bill wan ad m advorated I-v ir erenatoreof the Partsh ofOilenns, uns, lieid hby hit see.tlsiluntor eilter fl I th Co) n i'; iand ndel nstanihnm further that the ris-, n s ndvnced bhvy nil Se-nator hr rthe poasaoge ni said BHil, was that thisCIuncil had recently replilted I it oltie,, the Comptreller of the Treasury, who L hi d been removed by lth- Mayor t 1. Ito i thserefore Rsnelved. That in the npinv I inn of thCoCtun-il, the remnoval of Jhn Cnlhoun from s, e .fier of Cmiptroller of the T'Irenasury. of the Second NMunicipality hby the Mayor of the City, because said Comintroler entertained an honest dfll;vrenee of opinion ini the constrction of Ia law, anll opinion annetioned bty a recent decision of the first judteinl Dlisrite C ur,. of the State- [ was an arhmtarvy ex,-rciie of pouer not contem'n p'sted by the law of the 8,h Mn ch. 11:36, and ult- 1 terly repagnant to the priecilles on which our In a itntiunsare hosend, nod that this Council would have olnsoid red the C, nitrtllehr subhject to te con. sure and unworthy of the confide tih l and r s. ponoilio position the recupied, had ihe given to the Mayorr n one sided -tntemno t of thefinancial - affairs of this Muneipality, withou.t firt obtain h ing the authority ut this Council, which lie believed the law re rlired. 2. Itnvolved. That this Cotnoil vies.e the pro pos"d Inw, detpriving it of the seleclien ofite I5i en: snd agents, ewhile the law if thel8 h March, 1836, maks-n it solely responeisle sfor the pro,. t administration of the ftinancial concerns of its con. s stite'nle, asn unjust end oppressive, a it viola tion of the rights of the people of the three Mutn . r. ci nliier, as guaranteed by said law, the 8ei, March, 1836 3. Resolved, That in tlheopinion of this Coun cil the po)er vested in the Mayor to remove itrim o otamer the Treasurer and Comptrtller. in ineoe. - Stent wih the sosuni political maxim, that the pou. C. pie should, through their own itnmledl:tte Re re Ji soent dlives, have entire control over their n, n ino. oey, a rinciple incorporated io the act of d tvis r .son, s w ,sI as in the original charter of 1805 b. which rce FMayor was not permitted t" tlpp>int, i nor to rtleIove. i r-one c.-,irg.i i .th '!,i uhe itodI of a Il. I 're,,a itty a I0 l clt I,.ri , Fin yol. e ,o 'Cc ouhould bn rnken f.rm tile Mlnor. ihe 4i. IResomlved, Tihat ih Pre:id ent of ihleCnnrce 1 he her. by IqcmsLt d ItrnImlllit tithoee reiolhllion w tmll (mnlci t e f t l di mo ueinntscI rtltlmlinti o ic t h ti rm'e i et r . m fllval Irhmll lf ice u [ th e C O loll roll e r( to Ih t, U(J. vernomr el Ihe State, and , tihe Smnmae and luusim of Rf.preemle cttiO,. it. JOSHUA B3ALDWIN, Recorder. bel Semnt to the Mayor. Jan. 16. TU.ESDAY. 5id Janunry, 1839. li 1. ireolvedl, 'riht in tle iloinion of this Counecil. recolutionm expresmivo of their opinionla ts to Ihir h Icn own rilghtls, and prerogmatlivem a rmeperenvitve of itr i tline people of the Seecd Municipality, hnnlemd not Fl. have been seant to tile Mayoror lr lic approval or din. tic approval. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ti Sent tq the Mayor, Jani. 23. liii 2. Resolved, That tile Memanre of thie Mayor' of ! thiu day ared hil Me.cage of TunaOday last beO rafurC NC red to the F ntn n Committen. JOSHITA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to thie Mayor, Jlan. 23. to IRebolved. That the Treamreer and tIle Comptroller ccc hie and tummy ere hereiyti nuthori-ed end inmruncted to an filrnilsh ithe Mayor of thei city any nnal all infclrmn- j tion iem may r' qmRa on tLheo finaneia condition of I tihe Muniieilllitv. JOSHTTA BATLDWIN, Recorder. LI Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 23. , Resnolved thlat then urveyor fmrthwilh cnii e to t Ir enclo.rd ithe Inlt icelnnling to this mllticipalii y uiti afcd ill Glmd mir,-nf hitvmen tmic fir ea;nvic Ieulle nnc tlho propetry of tiw trill & P A licrlv nnet Iately ptrmmlmnerd from W L Hiodge. And tlhat tile a foot way.c Ie Imlnde andt repaired I JOSHUA BAL.DWIN, Recorder. Sent to thie Mayor, Jan. 23. Cc Reaolvmted that tic Tre,.aurecr, unter clie ruperin c lenlhence of the finance oemlmittee, ie anci le is hmrerby antholrilod to have discominted in niy ol' thie o lllnkm of tLim citay ny omoulitof nmtIcm recCivaole!m lhat may ho neeessary to meet 1m' ccnrren! paymentc.: icf tclc M' nieii altiiy- -c prite inc curelt di c eo at to tile, cnmitrnllor ewm lmall trnem mit t tile countci a statement tltere. F. JOSHUA BAT.DWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 23. - ~ tic Resnlved tlhat the mlirveyor be and Ihe in hereby er authlerind to cause markeot sqmarce to Ime filled uip Io aC promper level na oon aso practlenbicl, nlo tihe holev li botwcen M irket nai Niina etroclt on Lve .elermet. c JOSHIA BAI.DWT)IN, Recorder. ie Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 23. di Renelvedl that the etrveynr he nnd hic is lereby n tthorised ei cnntract with E II IHarding efor fillen imunvi for lhe port mf thii -mnicielpality nrovidald the prie elhll noel xceced e 13'1 nmle, saihl bioyr to be c delioered no or hlero Ir the firce le v of Anlilst clnx. F .IOSHUA BATLDWIN, Recorder. N Sent to thle Mayor, Jan. 23. TUESDAY, 209th January 1839. R+.t, l.e,'d ,hnl th a Coulnci'l i,, pl,,[i$, liol will I anintehleti bjiitm ites fc thoc'ici rI nin mccllc it ic .Iell ei ciO chP icIe (I lll ' ti.,s , er. cil llm rl'a1 - ctioccin .1 cihc,221 insc, nucthl riminc the r'ricnlt r Ie anllll Complrolle er, in im flnisl the nvr ie th ll c Ii illfer , ioin c e in y rPillllr in ril iiln tll h , annmre m f tml mc lin, ci c tt ity,'. .l.OSHITA BPALDWIN, Recorder. I Sent to the Mayor, Ja. 30. I Rscve 1, thot chis Co,4ctil tic pervst, ntc witm . c stand cn i the ihcections ,f the ,'ver in ic rsee lu Sin of the 22d i.itnnem, nchnit·icc ,he Tr ac urtr ind r the elpc rintniln llct c if tic c F llllmitl-c r f i Finnner. to knvec dici nnlidte in any oflie cncilkc cf cmi .it,. Pnch n miumllete ot t ill ieeeivaiblP ea m nPcearnry to mItcl the current pal inileta e Ia th m Municcipality. JOSIiIt'IA IIALIDWIN, Recoldenr Sent to thie Mayor Jan. 30. Resolve,, T tiat thls C ,tc cil it mech hlti e cd to chteis llcnor tie c Mtycr, fer the advice c, tainid in chis mieo.cegr of tlici lay in roln.timctn tothe fam u s Sthe l iilcc ictciilfi illl. ctl ipeI t fi ' fi l thac i plt r. tlionll ni ils lnios r.q·iiriel by Inw--t hit h l l iat s itc t halve telhice ic cci trm l civetr lhe recmilcms mllcc i x. . penditur o f e1 h o llnlll'Py Of their conl, tinO ts. Ietolvedl. Tlh:t itt orlier to infern tihe Mayor on thc fitlancial crtndition ote thli .InMnic illalicy, . II annimal relicct of lhe Financial Committle be treans. initterd to him by the" Secretary/. cilvei, 'Ichal;t I;t m.e~nr hit Dill,!iIIm m. JOSHITA BATLIiWIN, Recorder. l Sent to thIe Mlayor, Jun. 30. Re~ntle. that it he permittecl Messrs. 1Bilfeldt and Lansot t, ercet a lbcard and: r. rnvass Ituildin, and to continlue thie samne lurinl three manthn , in a lot belonmint to \Tr. Freret, ninsite the Theatre ill St Charler s street, fr tite purpose of exhibiting their Panoramn of Paris. JOSIHUA BA ID)WIN, Recorder. SSent to the Mayor, .Tan. 30. Ri.alved. That the memnr;:ic nof('hcmpnnnitrir and Gire ml he referredI to Lihe Finclne;al Committeem -a-nd tllat slid Coelitnileello nnthnorie en nrrtn i Swit i 'ai pallie r cs nd altler purehpm erin. oflae i.imlellt h i of Froe., lro, andn P. and lV Dnmhnvt, fir a do. mc Icy i ln ph m teli..nt cf tihe nmnant dmie; subject to theI apprvcl of tlhn Cc.cncil. ii. TOSHITA BAT,)DWIN, Recorder. r. Sent to thie Mayor, Jan. 30. Renrolel, Thatt a norl of tltl %tni ylnlity, a I Itr sixty dayr, for thre thon1osad fotr hundred and thirty foalr 90 100 Dllars he i.aued to Rnobert • it tin on for etrh nnrd ttierstone, drhlivored on Ihis con. agreeably to a resolution of the 2SiLh March i 1838. JOSHITTA BA LDWIN, Icecorder. I , Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 30. in Rieolved, That th- e au.r' of tlhe C.tmmi;.o y of .,i thi Povdransretret market be and the "noet in her.e. iv ofixl at the rte of twelve hnndrorl dronllrso per year. papn!le monottly,l the same to take effect from th e lt Ja. ,Irv. 1839. f, TJOSHIrA BALDWIN, Recorder. NI Sent to the Mnyor. Jan. 30. I _ IR-solved, That hereafter ltht eloans'ne of the Povdrn stroet market shall be done by the Cnenmis- N sary thereof, and thalt ih sum of fifty dollars per l month he pid ton him therefor. I JOHHUA BALD)WIN:, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor Jan. 30. Reeolved, That the Men ne of he 3layer of thei S21 instant he. eonfnrmah y with rregnest, trans. I Smillted to the Governorr nfilte Stale and both line. sea of the Legislature. ancd that the Report of tile Finance Committer thereon, with the annexed doe. u rmento, nroenm nOn the same. S ,- BAIDW7N 1 'l, Recorder. n Setnt to the Mayor Jan. 30. n Resolved, That the said Report. Mesageo and Docnments, be published in tile norial paper andt " t h Bolletin; also i'l the New Orleans TIne. in Eng. lish and Frenlch; and that the Comptroller ino and I' he is herebh authoriend n caonnn to he published in d1 pamphlet form, under the iuperintendence and dri reettiona of t e Finn ere C mmittee, 500 copion of .i the same in English and French, for the use of the to citizens of this Mln eipality. °l JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. a Sent to the Mayor Jan. 30. ;o Resolved, T'hat the Comptroller he and hte Is h . rehv nauthnriasd to pay Th.aOn Ruhy, Four fluan. l drel Dollars ther extra lolr perfO.rmed by him in on widening and dno.enino Meomeneor Cnnol. S JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. n Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 30. Resolved, That the . l.arfinlgr the reqlired to n- franisnt the dien.sinns of tie fifteen Bu.oys antloer. om ;ael to be contracted for at tile last mneetin of tln 5s0- Counnil. and that said RBovo when finished o e ptl o-. cad as his disposal for mooring in their proper sot. ne tions. ,y. JiJOSHUA BALDWVIN, Recorder. b0sb Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 30. l,a Reorlved, That the Surveyor bhe requenteo save re.pai· in siuch manner an to iini n l1o i on ptoir advioarle, the gntes of the -quoaeo in front of Bthe Muoncopl IIl. Strf JUSI-IUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Jan. 30. p - Suo Wileroas, That part of thle port, comlprithd be- A tween tho WhalfNol. 9 aod tliu Wharl for filth, fors beihg so ild ul thatt either flat boats or anlly oter corn kind tfcerall callntcll oil to e ttetll dtlrilltciaIhgh eaI A ler, anl:d thait, cotasrqtantly, coittrce suufiri und O tile tlurltiptllty loses n p''t jf its retenuc whtli coro tht itoeotvet'nietece is nt rcet'dladn : ot Atod \Vtortto, Mr. Nichola toottlloe:red to dig out foot tnd carry off toe cuorth whtich fills tile said sprace - in stch t matner as to fclottitate Iho latditg i I1 Flat Boatl on the oliololong condtidOs, viz: l1., dl that tie earth whnicth tu sihall take out shall btlaong l tlt hiillt ard that IperllI stioot to dispose lo f itt poi t ll toe quay, in a plact nvhioe otty be designated to hlim tir a timll,. not extlendleg i mrlths.--1· , that - tie Munocipality sll payo hiplt $200 oIr diggio. M out atld arrying ofT:he earth ftr o ppace or 10) t ftot parolici to the base of tie Levenr, Irom Wharf No. 9 to the Scaveog-.r \Wharf, and ,$100 far d:o. giog out nnd carrying off tle earth Irom another space ofl' 100 fet oparallel to Whirf No. 9 and ex. tendig towards the river. R:solveCid, That ltie Surveyor Ie and hie is hIercht T nutlnrlllsed to acoe pt the proposilion ol' Mr. Nichols J and toell er itlo a coltract rill. hi llloe ir ls ol.[ jo el; providiog tlhat Mlr. Niholoothall plt d o hitt - a.ti to compleltl this workl beloro tlet rise of tile river, and ouotn Ilia faihlg to coafol ctractstly to tills colldltiol,. tloe t ottroct thall be null and void . anid thle auld Mr. Nicllols elha.ll claim ;o eoutpe'.. Itirj sariol Croa ntte Mooicipaloty . In JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recotder. 'I Sent to ithe Mayor, Joan. 30. ap WheIretP, Mrlpomnne Street is ohbstrctd ity the r.arth throott frto tlo ceaning lot the t tanal ohich tot passes throolgh the otiddl oftlhat +totttl, IResolvtdl 'Trlt the Surv.yr be anod he it horeby utli.ise to ceaise tiLe .aOid carth to e Creoved oid Iraopoopted to tilhe lower arts of NiLdes lod l Colisouln treuts, ill sucht a iltanlner no to raisea tile o -atid strteta lo a sulitblo lheiglht, .nd what el t c I PIt tmay theru remain shall be saved to fillup Prytann;oa JiOSIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, .Tan. 30. Reoolood, That aho Carr.olton Rol' Road a and it is tereloy ootiloorosotl ttttttt to l tie rail of Balronle streetc fromt JoIta street to Triton VWalk, i, ltle alterations and wtorls inetltiloned ill tlt letttert addressed to the Pr-sidont and Dirclnrs of'the atid Companry by John lamo;on, Enginoeer. dated td h it t18th 183.9, and now deposcttd in thlo Survey. t ,t's OIlc, providd,titl that hoe roild altro.tiott Ihallt o c be ptr-vtld bly the Surveyor andtat thlat he lvel and directions Ithall hte dl-t'erlnin d by hat ol'ficr. L.a JOSHUA BAL)DWIN, Renorder. Seot to the Mayor, Jan. 30. g Resrn'vd, Tlhat tihe Trensurer pay on the waNrrant c rftth* Mayer, One Iluldrecd and Ffaty Dollors tIn N F.ra (+cnp ony No. I. bloio. for tih purchase of ao C Nea Iloor Cttritro for otid CoomtttooY. JOSHUA BALl) DWIN, Recorder. blot Sent tr the Mayorl.lan. 30. j nto iit g'ro 1br I.u. Wirttl I'v 7 n a t-a 05 An N ' " ,, ,,l , l- i tle. V llToan't an .,r e, i tdio g and tt -alt'm jan3' :1II ., J. I'. \tIITNPY, 7i1 ('eomp . Tttl a ItO It . lo' Intool cat'I;I & r. I V l lt rhalt'h to ,.....l. Ivtlth,,,, io tt o .lltt -lo IJ hIt, . i i t il oIli 1l. in ttt ott1310 oonatorc I I tit oottr d Is t'tblelt tickhtma 100 uartr d ed 10)00 Itichtlh do dt do . ll) lillllllnp.r* P Fxtra r.zedl Hlavrlr IulpOatorr, i 'ottO Iinttll too e-to t o th rIte. 5'1 i onhi tter t prl'l tl r a.ttd ;llllllon , to hares !Phihlh-e phin assoted preserve, +e 100 ItVi I'lrl li f Jo( TC'AGERT', Jr.. 8 I i~car I't-totorosln aot.cIn - tjat9 s T. tt- a , IB Gravter at 5 E.1)' I 1\ t1 ItO I .o 1t I. , l.r -- Ili b n'It- nt I illt i be't itohtn it t wi n b JI lblllf wil~l beiprovalelli- ta h h ua . A~ sub r-I NE\\ C itE tt or. at ' n I 'iUtll tbth h hvl ilb , a' f3r %th 45 of5 9atrs Itiji a andothe I useni' .! itue ' liP W'eff liCl'n'a~l~-iOi'tt i , & '~ii l ,r iat ooothloe rorbloatroo T winaes ra'd I' ra.oooto lot S o l I i t ttir It dho tot i ltt roc-tot a rlt a it ,tttattttentst t l nd tinrto xI r l I b h - I uto-r o at e l too, tlli "tt oa titt b lol ottlltiO tattotolooi itttt l [l~lttttt .o OctlLl -a tot ct - -i l ot to o l I ooo d t r th tnillhb u rI- , tall otortn li trk flltt h lo i rllt '1 , to nrlit o i itoto l a he ot lte ilirl a l t Fi..h ., o h b ih .a illie io alllt I nlh ll anlll d 11 illlS P lllalllat r tol. : tfttrttt . tv lll'l ( i tlr ii oin llj l lll.lllt i I o .r ,sll Pi l II1I IOtll ill 111 x. ltll l p lwre. . ll* t.l~l Ir lle'nrllcllh / i r ,ei 111 tt Ilto ,1t h io , lllo t I it' .t i to rtt a itrt' l Iotlnottoiti t l' oiotriro1.otl otott1) totril TIc ttt tt .i,:,I t .l'O! theI(Ilt l :1r [Ir1 TI i 1l!I.~ w ine t~lnd llli il(( l· Use Poit ti tl . o ot- a it oi t- ......l.... . . 0o to..i. t , hetctoorztooottntt ooa 00a01rleu, orfr.-iol, o .ooio 'orillon lcritPo ct h i e t o to'r o at h on!-, t-o l o Motot' to to h it t r w. tr o i ck tl io:ard o who Formerlo l 00 0w sopo0ult l 00 hiooll iooi too shi,.i'io tt Oc'lil eloo- otidtcoit . 11 l tl. I |lit ,-,tr a ilto. it to . ot .to l ulll lllvt ot lido l iI rot h it llln* ill'l i r .i o, it - tt0,0 l l el 'altV0 Ih l r.· I IUl,V will rIl·liv. p'.erv pile*-|hip i~·ttelllUe; Slid Illereb\. i .i~lln ]~II·: I III(P IItootooo on1 o11 II(IE 0 tat r i 'I o Ot No 0 Ii t e vP ,, ;..rnllllttll Ot loo llo '' I |lll,vr :Ii·Pr 1I1·|V l (ll t'Pq III.\1 · Ii R ii IIF I;II+O II 1 I· .P i nl l% I t I~i'l, ''l | 1 l ll ~l~l i h)+criil·'llil( TPI. lll~ ( n I1':I-rc I. "|ili· i 17 I . i:.. )e ia,*+lnr I~II1I /ho l la r ,:.l llav;+ .lllll'lll 1·II,• tl1 V fll il:lP lbl l. te tllr e~ I|.l~tllllllj lllj lllP /I Ihlf~lI\ld C1 ,.. . .. . . .... I ; h ·I~i illl i· l lll/l r, Y.. . ............. , II .......... , .. t in.+llr i l',+ . ll'·lnE/II(r 1 FIt . i, Nl h e oh t ¶I ttre tl . tar ( •III ll t11 0 - - I )'ti r i ll tll* ! ) I rll lL' ) 00:11 "i.lld- S'I, aol It it Itill to o .aa 00 t0"0 far to I i+ ,, i ~. . i |il,·. .~l P. tl llli I··r · 4·~· l b IIIIill i fetotir' ooto.lilltll l ,co t.o' , p toyri lollt c ool 'lltoloc Iarto oP ril I ito cHil;' in It ito ,-eo ' t1tttto la i 0 'rOn t l.' t tali l'oll oo I o, lr~ Ott Ottnl.osico t tin . n oll tt , io-tttoot'o .oo fotio, I ['a ileet ifr c +, lr t the Jt 01:1 ron a t-to tonll r itod la, it "[' 1% c la Iia t Ihr r ht , rll)lroth e i an aa ' . rolse ta-it'' no ie b hh u iln In ..... 1,JIINS & rl0, ST I'ON EIt'S IIA.l., ernerSt. Clharles ned ('0m.Illn.I stre.ets. The selll,:.( ile-H; I:'d'.il, renen"-; veI ll n l ow in stoelc their r.cmtlnc t if gecd- dfr ci EIngland, Fcrnce enld 1he Notuh, o|i .r fcr 1ie the fill- I ,owing articles: 18t gliSh Elinin c paIters nfnIll iz ie. do wn t eien Ic e feplir rteen/, frcc l nlmed ium] ;1n,1 tkLlll, J'onp ll. tt PIer p per, ex. tnr'Fe 'clil ellln: I' lee hid; do Ino .o'pilng p eir. nat all citz, l.ondn ued li;resttl bnled'; dn f e Ictter ndl noe Ialper, plainc, tmbh.e d ued rctnl I' Aneeee i, cite Ameri'nn cap, Inter nrfl wriling naipes lrill the 1 Yet millt il Ill, 1 tc iol, Per el: n P'ena i alii dl'crlltli.n.-; Ile at c(; lllnn rildt I "trlic h qeeL ; ':.';hec.'c n dt perrrIll'P writing flond l lrrIin ti' n ant! Plerl ec n . Ihe% t ee. dett inkc; Itcnirlsh ixnd A ntiean fin no a d" qnnrt,, Cop irg Itnpe.; lif }ler-n i .nIl'sl het cllllervv, V cnnslmllp ill ili·k. Ip and denk k. re-, ran.or mad sri; lpoeket hnoi ald wanllet'e Rcsefia enl tMorocco n I n-itoh wfers r n1 nenling ,.x. R~lsnior gal.); ti; Tranelline de.kA 'ld dlrr-n! eutecel A 'eh ei 'em l l' a Ia d , ennctni e hee l ne tl tre t-i .... , ccckmcnc aeflnd Acke.micn'r drteuinc penecrie, Drcmincg hor'. A lumc nnd Urletih und Anltar tnicun Anncenl. for 1839, Ioo.--':ngli-lt. FreehcSpuni'h. Itolicn. I;-r man eel l. t.tin, cnn-icting icn clasxcc.l, I.1, medircl works.litcrrrc, &,'. 'et I'ut'- '; .ci'b. l x " O,, 1; Ifte dl- r, f(., NE\V ORLEANS Steam and Pl.ant Biscuit Bakery-W-lters ond Iflllsnnsn. No.. a. oreanu (sear the paltmheartrein Ral5 Rond.) Pilot and Navy Bread. udaa and Wine Isocust, Su gar, Butter, Mid ord and Water Crackers. All the bove articles or- warranted to be of the firs' quality, and ton keep in any climate, being completlty kiln dried. Ales,--Kvlo dried corn mpeal. Orders left at G. W. Pri chard and Tagar., JIr. eorner Magnziltu and Pcydras streeto, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreely far family use. 5Inov tel.o ll.--1000 barrels landingin etorn, I;vt a Pale by (. IIORSt'.Y. d13 l44 New ltre s tAllt."--700 keeL Nnil., s~aorted fir ale Iy • dt3 AItli1si & WVIIIt ILLtP 7dersier st tI CRSEYP: -7- bales Kerseys, .t L--'5 barr-la 'l'nner.s Oil, ls :I .k Wroak water (ill, t 40 s.aknL fsll seinesd do. T CANIILES-- I0 beun.s dlperm nCnndler. for sale be i. II tAILE,Y, d7 93 Comnmon 1' SNIEW P(1t1K & IIEEF-2- 0 bblln nle-., and 40 bbl. er iprine Pork 2l bbls prime IerI, for esle by G IsoIISIC:V, di, 14 No vI.avne A C-ARI). IIR ,P . li NEa. Professor of inging. the Coitnr It I nld Piano.folrte, Isere to nnotnce her arrival to tl v' (Gclas.wv, nand fron snev.arnl yearn ps-ncien in Edlin lIrgh and (vslatlse . ehe flssiters seerelt stits her eye tem tt in-lrtertinu will sive ntis'actisan to Il\ttils. h 'feRtilvliUt aln .sre sblhility . e. cnt bre lown, onle npl aelieaiito 3irs. 3lillardl'+, 17 IRoyal str.t. . )N X CllAII 4-ItIO - dolzen ivtx Chairs, inss ra - -) hivsed, anti esitablu h.r shipping for sale at thl Furvnitteio \ arc Jit ito.. "EN'V'!' Ptxl)lK--.Ns:vslrvvs's 3ersvsr-,--,v sgs siltl Pi Il e,v alton.ers'et, ls Rartn I.nnsean. in 2 vole; ''live lisiddy, or .s.nss f'rem the ' ife of I'dI nrd I nacrllne, iln vsl"; Pa'lev's thri+selas Tale= for Ie 3); I salt i ,'s C d sri as,a+ lift fnvr 131: ja.' nvepired and for 5 J.l(e \V r-.,':AN. dei rolnvr of (t!lp .e Csltsneon eta ILOUISlANA INSTII'UTEi. rf 'IllS lis orv t hs ednvs ri+sn o lf 'vnli s .ntc ' S s ill eviv t h elll ratl i is ste ise l t Ie f, hs sis i , hlves, in ahe ls'ves t -vss : ,-sv t I Me lohethovdist s hrsel, c sl n sr of Curnv ielst nnd PIsdsslva, under t'e disecviss lof the indersinedl whi l.s occup el the chair of inthelalac-in seveln 'ollcee . (fl le nesrrh, nod who is atgSnlrlIate oafor of lhe mlst ce'ebrated univereiues TeI h cwurre of studliesto he paearledl in this seminary will Ib comprehended sl , svlsv fvI 0 hiss divisinnssvvm: I. v'e lEvghlb d psrtvuent, embrve:nsg all the biauche iafl tlsoruagh and acoinmpished English ed ncathmn. vs. iIThe elna.ieds dep:rtmlent, comnprehending the I Latin and (:reek laguages. I •'" Tn denariln: o ulilnsdess ligsIasge!, in hllick will Ie tllglsh thell:tench, Slpn:isll sand (trransa lhll 4. 'lan oa malthemnvical andll phli'nlllhial depotsrent I cou prehen vine AlJebira, ivemvesry, the two ''riss oni ellis- with li eir Istulis:sl aplllicntion tn S ssvevinv", Nnavigatien, At-llalns.Vs, Ae. s nvu, alI 'htlon'1sllhy v:vdI Chliclistrv Illus;re'4" l b )npprlp' ite xperimentsn. It."ielvivf ('laorse il tlhe lModern I.anllctnllges ill be irlnl d aud atLel,hlvd to i m lltl ie Ist (!stllur r. C J IIAI)DERI1ANN, A M. J lIOirN EF.ENCL a Iev SIIANNON, Louisiana College, s Jacksonr. C LZ RI 1, C IIlN:AN Eialq, J NICII)I.SON Isq. rNew Orlenna. I C . sI1, .Al. 's19 ('nap street, Ihas jaset received i * frtn IUlilan, per ship I iver, 'ierlo, ledim I lsval. nll.r s .'e ls'l. hImperialllll, svlllvlmier, and dollle I.h i hllle Ih'awine l pn ler, Tiilte" d Iisve ' l an Ivvsn' l s in. SIi!ibtol arlld: ivory paper; Traitparr.r.F Ithorn pn llc' G(oldh Ilod1[ Silver pluLpllr; Gul llorders, A hlille and Color dII ' lvvpiat ar. ed DRA. WING PENCIS. Reevs'. & Snana Ibet prllred Lead Pencile; Ilrook m l & . ' 1.n lllgdon' If i S.Ir.,. r. R.eeve's Soou's Color: Newnnan's ln hlnx "lea aif Clslkr, sft Crvlvslls-s-3l'. 73 slo 141 lillltsrl'vt lsndes; I sqsidl Is' dl, ' ellsvsl Silver SPIsell; Mhllhle a nn ( b Ins sk S lsis' t'ivn s.av 'err; Chlia 't'ile 3, iit, ' i l D isi nvtlllll lyllr', Malela asl', and ('hi' s I ale.tte ; tPvalsh blrnsalc h'ev t ilne I'h,,vs brlTslleea; Plilah Ist I el:ves; ll·e tr l Skelehri ll s ltftlil; Inah ter, C.erh vr and C'srlh I h alllll''i; of'siae Ivvrier adsl CeaI, r WIlrai Qalil 'llat i;nti da lshlovk St llle do. Picl rat l rt.l o laprever d 'firs Ianl it.l llshlr Co ,1, s, tiv l'vi s v . |ltc rs, s s c'' Prepared t na me ,,. ivV sacs, uc ?s Ie-c l('11 al*I 1'' BO1I'S & WAI.lTE.' 1 I all-d ir bl,,i'ceo i'let llaks in 3 &nl l r.laitherl 1 IVxllry Ion-la I. nlhr' hionk,, :1 ale 4 Ivory IIte.-' Ilae, I lalev., ws l "'i verpeneil caes. Pla I'hin no l Sevlsh -tres, sns',, ,,xwsrns t, hnt enil ia ri-IThet gold, Fansy elolterd ind gsld Slrew llanl L sIhss PP ITsIIERS. P l arlse,. lll Ini l'en [hll d hhr; P ale erl ad SliPr, d. -l. s tl"l'' \1 I'ITII & nO.. repecfeelly infii-rm I- theirr l Irines s and sere pth lie in .eneral, sliat thley ccotit Irhe new brick shoillp, 219 Tceloupilusln. ri Itreeet whi.o ths Ilsey best rensl ally oas handt,i d' i ai ndl Shllel Iron seare, of every desriptin.,I Ssu eh is Icper still,, ketlle s, and lpmss , tin bath. i.l to f ll ., tin( nil canlle , of l sortsml , zi e aid allelrai ll s- vllther bras neairely done avtshortest nntice, d l rait halr. of every drltsler iat. vll as slteailm. i I lsisslll'slenas.slv-sataaorkl, auch as chilsnenyc, breech. rie'e;They viil nlev dno all kinds or ovet door work, illwell o- zc'e, erpper nnd tin rae fint and gllttrentei t I &et, 'they absae and all ollier kindl alf work its t i, ir line fI' businese, tlley will eleulte at thra shnrlnsl nlltice. d-er7 ' )41t.HRI) & COS Boston andl New OOrleans Pt Li c of Packet Sltips.--Tlane new line o[ ships Ir. has; beenll built to run betwen thn above . plls, arnI \wiIt )(h lld iof tluitalltlo dratt of walri: t n lt colemmrlmdllatilns for pascngers, tir'd everP- i1olrt h,: Wl,1 lodo adato give general salcntiction, ' e ia Ie iRs omposed i rof the ti lowing ship s: r Cherokee. 115 tnlls Capt. J IIhe'ig, bp. Carolina, 4011 do S Lmi-n', ph Ch(ll tion, 3t74 do 1) Ehridge, Cilothmana, 6t5 do 1 Barker, t Seaman, .1(0 des J 1lower lomhay, 625 do ) i oumphrey. n I The ,aboe ships are all new. of the firet a .;~op, h i copp Ier l'lctend wlla copp( ered, commandel d by men oI great exrrienlcer, have larIge acconllllttins, vr with n .eparatte ladte. ebinj evtly athenti,,n wdl bo kt paid to pas.ingterI and the ioertV a et of stores p-o vided for thein. ''ho, pitactort will be towed tip and .!own the NMit siissipp,, and tIhe sttrlest puncttldi y of served in the tmit ,fl sailI.g, antil shlolld the iteular vesiel bt+ detaitloed in nrrivinl, other ships eqnally as good will tallcl rases be substitutled. A htlare of pntron' age is sot'led, otnI t. agtplll pleldg themselsrr to I trelm.lmotlllle la uch a pralicable, to rteceive and t'rward groods hy s id line at th mnost nnoldr. clshtppeCdt i" rctlmred r nto charges, and to ldoatce atl expen-es on goods 'ihle hp A. l leave thile 1rt ant 1G:hI of very mouth. F.r ltr iglht ior poNler, :apply in the ngnits. J A 111" RIiIT, 82 cCommon st. N. . AdCvIIICreente totide ont corlsignlme.. to to Mirstr. A. C. Lombard & Co. A bnlll RIA\or, h tlten t Illld . tt k.m t.lhen Itt, Itr,I tonxes Itntpeiant m. -(i bi Im wi nn ch tt0 ti do ennilern dnr\ S0 linlf )nileIn me'' -h;ald, I.onll ttt tirI lian ir. litott r IrI 'r lI 'a hr t"i G5 I \\V Il'I-TU(' AIlI) & O TA I Shkethet of Motried .lie Iv 'Mrt P'lten, nl i T'he ifi o antd charncter of tle Revt. srnl II lo e rec r arnd fur salte by A TO1A0 I AI til 1iLtOR OIN atN IS.-Rore nnatto irumtl rn IL I,, N 1.,tr Nnhe onty b" Rees i D'ial.t, ]t " "1 11 t Iher llrnal. en. t cnir t of the o oI sh len-i ',1[Af, , A , ,+ , ur ,,.n ,.- , t o untt i aI _nn-,,ve__ll ,, G' ddays willetlhaken 1n SI, .ll- i1. r a l- red h aitt-- s0 to finI SItwo-h d n cse on mrer fir Noe h b' h \1t It ililpo'E". ' ,mnn cco \ tRliIS ý. l ., \ 3i Chrl lcn slto tI, air t."r | e i i, t i ,i a d a\ f l t " ur r h n ,sP r t n P ,Fý l a i t i lll ,h + o n I ,,and nn b ',t 'l l I nSMhint l nl. They invite l -t.h tgll nti n ..t the p ,h io, .t5 ItheY nra warrnnltd in astint hou str ngera nod iee annY fTrnib the t r Ives more oravntenlarotly in any city in th tar Lfitlhrr. lo, Ne. r. at feIe ra zn rirgnt iii y hn!Isoc t t N B A' Ccn:rn.odtra'o " ous r . -----n - - - :- I-~I'i., RA .DNESP. SRF.AU'TIPTI IPhead nrhnr i. tl, erand.ef . ment belnnain.l. t hef hmn lltl am .s. Ites atmll Iv the lmna of it I hallnt r. toe nt fr cre.dp dccifr% tlrelv I.rinsc on Ithie ppiern teertf nol .t.c wficlt aec m.l't to rechil |!t brino Ilnucvrr°.f. olr nmnelinld eve t n to Eh ietettI'tv to avnid fee retie an|d tinerf their nrqounh.t.nno: thie rte!nnlder i'their lvrea lie edi req.cently sepn~t ic retite enot. In t.ecrt, not even thd noe t.f tep'rveic fi!!l tl fl CPneCrmt tit hkin ratltrh wi0* thnc norro Pinhincg elect ndoes lth ie' loot of Ic Itof. To evret all th.tIcP ietoln nie ciinrre tnetartct1eOh)lfl' Rnlm or ('olf C ,n ..i ,re the i her tf.I, r fllng n.nn tlm 'ratnppiliettcion, old os w hottld e .flttcot ittlsein. e( lilkewie prodteer s eeciowr and whititle ; pterevrefethe nn;er frnn tltnt i eer'e matket it tllIrsl breL.til|l, ad Freri it frotnctnrlf \'dIc erttI . rel.tifcntec 'of fl.e Slt rezplctnl.ilitv rn erte.e rt of the aictieeo OfdrT halm are shiown hby he proprietore. rr Rend the fllweinf Robert Whhnrton, Eeq. eInt Mdvor of plhi'.'Ill. has reritfirr' as enny ,e eft' beloev, to thelllg 1 'arel ternf the frllwitcerie entitrmen. 'Thet tdrc.lie'ti cdoitceby i rhtie iflrnr olia e sele the lied, of iccecchic icilteocred hrv J. (lidrtii|e. and have flilnd it hieighl ervieeelilenotoItva. apreventivr c.arninst the hiling ofT.of, but also certalt reel.t tire. 11r T.I.1 M 'H Ar ITCf tEll, Se.ior, M!ethodist ilinintrr in St .ihric' tr'lnre.r JOHIN P fifivl.t.t i .,ai.i treet. JOHN I) "r ltrHI.. 11 in. M f: Iaeeef JOIIN if it*i l',l),ff Sprcetr srelr, - PlIJif MCIitifY1)titettrbth2d set. JOHN fi;ARD,Jr, 1t-l Artib stiet. It ir konn n Inhat there etIthe a.ioy. ei.cnr are mntr tha :0 years of eoa, etp ttie otbtre niti lee trit, 3o. ( rante the !ove,,r.1 r Cultetoccnlt. ;,ftl'rte irn,, e r`i'v .!o' h'liladaIilhin. f. Rlioert \hrhnt.ln. Motonr of 'aid Pity of Ih il n. Or'in, do here'',y e,,ifv tint l au cell neqltninled wiir \l,.ora J P Inglisr. J,1,tn a i"' rrt m itt IfIhg M "CuPniv: j v elo name nrt o, cle I tret :lor lo ,ce'r-fi cte,llltet thei err Cernt.P etlttc o1ef tIt'trtncI'r andl er. lotlc.l il:tv , cnd as asech Full credli olteuhl he eivt n tl.Ie ocii eetlifireate. aIn witner, P wr roof 1 have hereCunto rt Mo mohol nad enu"-'t ,Ithe cnal of thre ity to be edlel thi fitb dv of DIecemhr. cbe, [L 5I. . t nll(EIRrT WVIIlATlTIN, Manor. Y OISI ,E tlint ntech bottie of the (;elitiee Balm all a eplendid enreaved wrapper, on which is reilrorrnte. tter Fall f\'iineca,,nc, e Sold' .hnIlreal and retail hv Ithe role Ienta for Am* rice. n2 Fletche' stret, n 'or ,!niden Lnc.,e e dlfee e be Pearl atreertalld by moslnt druggierselaltd peilamera ht eugh h, counretiJ. h 3.% HVIS A. AN)RK:WM, mt9 Wliholesale Acenti NeC Orietis. S ORRIS & C.N ha-lrni sCtr et ,ae nn.t rctrlvin e.nel olentto ing tie most iplendid, s · clintisl nd fashioonalIn rstock of Clothhihr tlhey have t .ever crhibit, t in ts a mnrke', rnraisting In IIIrt of the foliccri'e gt artie.:[ il.te, hlite hllaekrjet hlre',, Innrt-n lrewn . cit on, nliv,,, t tionnn emn k and ge,,den o'; inrech nn diretr rennts.t Ienter, nCr hnrrin er,.n intik e trot lrpteeanlly flrniahl edl: fancy and din clhk ens'imeccre and cloth e,1 panrtntnr. enclirh aned french fanhcy anti pilil S.!k nnd Fn rveets: real new' marnketr cnilofrstl encliob nnot fro nth foncy and ponln rnoffsnlhd h !kl.; rlnlhnl s ilk.-.w, and s ff ,,n..ehs ie till pi.nd"or e: onm ,ics , ril. l 1.11111' will .r i reall nrl, silk and crmen net ohretrte n drnierrt tihe t linin ned raiotn sb!hire, with linih boonmrplain i aend t!ifl dI vcrvi pearl and plaii hindle silk itse. le hrelins : Lflaf.+" pr.emium fl ereF-alis.o, a n t a.tifui ertice .f c hite kid, fr werddin tP; hafli. Sd ..; S rihtlficil , silk a d rai lnna hdkfs; litllin fi ur,,dann, .browlorrl Cnmbr do :si k, Inmbl. r w n,,,c. ,r "inn, uermn nt,,wn, atl brownr, aslll white ec"'trn hrlf h,,cr: :t of which tihe y e Ter ow for k enhr.or tI ptn'uil ccusromers as unsul. i ,ov I AG.j -NEC R S 1.1QUI!) OIi.)f NtI A.-t-in " . ne|cn e in e uPse. hait l. etnyrl in tihe north etch cuc.enihorm ert ce, fatr elteantie and whitening tir the te el, nl prve entnl the loe Ithtetr;": preeerving e. It! e Cumls, lhi th ble athi and rclivinst meet tei disreto ,hicha lo imotlh is hlie in either the h e,1 ut er infant --,e a ecspectni', l i.ed in a wine as n!aesuti o rf pur e w ter.r nold so ipuleed to thle lteeli in usnnl mannor with a lrulih, will effectually proe oni vn 'rrv,, and a nrd off tlint txcruiating pains ceir cc a ee nlir. t" lharee hd ily lev "P F. Wcctanere Surlrenn Den. 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I I.tlr..l n ,s will IVoa hi-o wi.luontitltionln Othl Sv .rions brancls ,Io i dcithion. ancd loters himerlf 't'ti lh ill iVe i.i re n isinhiotioni Io tltrse who , ioir hi,. wt hll tir ctotrid'n'. now I N it itl. - Il '-io p'l ni.tsht trlorlod on the I 1J . , I. c, .t Jon o . ,ylis.Joseph A. r Ir tar,i mad I(.hlur ls B. Bllot.rn, br conidntlrd as. di a r iho i, I e anod tIiti of Bul isi, teard & toree, : hr.hy di½ ..'ed : and 'ihis dissoluailti is 9o n L Htake itr iii t1 o li t hlo oII iet Ito.t e o soi er last. t,"" 'The inni r liLo d. N It poa ln til y dst hargeall Ibih o iholo own conieo. rnd tor ,heit own oecount, ,n 'e I lne Ibuin ioi , is PalOrt and (enieral Co.. it IoII|IutIIt nt irib.h ioi old r tir ll etltls oid tile of i , nrit t. I thllr. r. ncd iull'!] ati are 1i tiha p'lits lb alg: oI lr it at dril titillh poIluhh R. .SoEEPti A. t EARD, St nnv 1 t:lltS4R Lft. ltilt$SN. "of' '..e, (ri.rtrowo'. tr ic,;

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