Newspaper of True American, February 18, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 18, 1839 Page 1
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_____________" ýýV u anPRC 1 ENS NEW ORLEAN MON D)AY TJ 1JiNIN ,;, F E~BRUARY 18 18.39v0 .-j I 5 PRICE 12~ CENTS. NEW ORLEANS .. m,.iir I'EK- A!Y 8 aj Ternoa nnu Xewsrpr r Prt, mt Noc (hmfenno M RnI'ANrr, hive i on fa.. BtJX 1-NI, .I ....:... ni..II. I aIiu.rgaed. l iei., '',i t rlhanl l~~I..di in o.,iea foe r eI *rlrcl1 I.ioo~rr ,n· D SW·OU LE ANS. III. I Terms of t!e Xewaepiper Press of Nero Orleans unaoniln) il .orad tr at an oalinitrledl Ioetin, ei the I'roprielor., h°ld n t he 13th of March, 18:17. Seascutrrtinos. - I'w,lviu I)l rs fir lily pI per amntii, Ia,its :,e Ii-.iitlllijv il it,oIvies: toen dollars tii toe w.,V.iltdV Olntry lpapelr, plll oble ioil fear in aldvance, whIV re I city rl-erenme ie NIive. * tbacriptlon will bie diseonlinedl until arrenrilers r,. settled. In case of di continllllce, one week's notic, in ariting mnt s oi invaorub y given, previous to th spianlion of subserlplion. Aovyrrlsio.--O lne dollnr per sqnure for the first aorlitl, and half tllht prie for each Stlheqittrlt oto: -n> material alteration from thle original adverti.eloenl will be charged as a ntw one. YunAIRL AuvsrnTlsein.-Merchants and Tra ers, arty dollars fti English alone, and sixty for both lan t e;ta$ RBanks, insortnllce )lies.nnlod oilier siliia. abte institutions, fifty dollars in Entlish only, aino ,ighty: for both llnlguages; Ship lnld Steanmho,ii FiPe torn, or Comnatinsioo merdchnts sixty dollars ill Eglish me, andoighty ltr both languages. me ontal es, Omerh nyv NoTIcrs, anll articlel enll ing the attentio of lthe pullic to inles oa prplrty, c-rds of pfssengers, beuOit.:, &ec. %i. will Its etnirce I ane dollar per qluare for the frast insertion in each lan gu ige. Co.s., or doveirtisotnent, of anv poer.on l naitre. when ad nissible, shall be chIarged dohlle, and in alleanee. A deduction of twentylfive percent. will he mnade to Auctioneers, herfftl, ILaer if Oilll, nal lMnrshals nt smiles of real estate, putlilhed in bth langunges, and 5t per cent. il Englis: itlone: l n poir clt. on s0al's :id oiter prlopert'ly. AuvnerTs.nroNTn ollt of bhe directi ille of biusinea wf the advertiser, siuh as le al, eltion, oanl pllnnt ltan sales, runaway slnves, stray anilallll,, &r. &*. willI knolthrged for senn.ately, and et Ihe orleriarv rote.. AaDVIaRTaInaNTs no01 eicifieiIlli tot ille, il, lie pubashoed one mnoth, andl ebargerd nelor lie; ly NO ndverlisolmoito of hlankrnllcis will he phllrliberl in any aseo, inles paid lfor previos tIo insertion, or pIymeot guaranteed by n reip .nilre persomn ii owni. Tllehaat and otherr pincers nl' nllluemelwn, nldvnrtiahl. daily ther le .olon. to he clhrged $llO(i fr itgloIt a-s lone, and $15i ill Iathh1 lligtn.ooa. All annoa-neolten+ iof eOoldSilults f1r pllit'cIl ollirs will b eharged dolbl th:e prie o.f ,iller adertline. Owim g to thie ilno llc os lea titnilnl.l hiy nwisilnper propilrtoYr, they oinve colie o theilne llCllnllrnri tlaI ithe imnee of pearmas whiinse acolliu Invs lta ll tll- paid wilthlin one Ieoilti after 1re0PatiOii, lhall Ie In:ld know.t (on far on pricticnable to earh eslhir--tle obli s tina themselveos liarn to i icierie it phriln fir snth delinquantr ionless is enane oI slldtdr'e pony.lonl. ibigned) J.i . t. I) S 1r. i31ES J. IIAY()I, 1. P. 181'A, J. C. PiENI)ER .b\iST, JIlit;lV (i lN, Weektl Prus.--We, the II Ideruierd, ni'ee to abide -y the ahdove uli.litio.s, as far as they are alplinalel, to wealy papers. (igiud) A 1. I.AWiiF.ICI, E N, suiinoiptiono ore lrte-ill iar le-tt htb ftluntlld. Lettrs olllslt.i ill m n iii i :i) . st u .lid. " IT .ne l \' - Fer 'l. lt'i. I lý 1 .lr Ii Cutlgres s Inrgol o I'errs'. flal +pi 'lig ll d is s dl I hi d ,1 3 sil I1 WVindetl's oir ue do oubllile plrellt de imperi:ll Ilrtulltt lputrut do Gilalo t's hnrteli o do 'li arl do And (Gil!htl'. Cullier.ini, for Male nl ti iVI) IeEI.T & (Ca, dlt Chnlrlte ".I fe6 N 5 'ionj,'s Iall S UGAII & 011.1 4Si10-1501 ·ibbdn la , 1i .1O.1 galls Molasaes- n ip iluil ,,inr.e l he cityflr s.t.I by ADAMS & W\tVII l.., f(1- lltw 67 CWB (irulier or L i-- I i00 ho iiesi in store fir l u41e v r -!G. f6 ,SI I.Il. A- 111W V.9 Oilnerninr St Iy Pylrearo. Keil', Irrin & Coa. Pannl.oodai gio a0 on the I. Iehr lllv--o. :lp II G W PiIiTCfhIAlil I) rAi.I.;ItT-.IR, joli ,1. tliydruai& iltazineii t IIA A (... IIOI).). H AY'S LiI:M.N'r.-N eli,,na.-This r traeordinary chlilnicll c.uw hition, the rnsult of science, and the nwektl ,n , n clebr.t.t. aeldi cal malln, the i trOdct rl hlr'i (:h to the m.I li was invested wit the dblemniaty of a de:ita hed bequest, Iha since gailne a r leputtii n unlp .ullh.h.J. (ully the enarriactea of the icaeinlail Ucr Gridley's l-t confe.ei.n, tha.t Pi* .Ir.airl nI t die without givinlI to poti.iiiry 'lT Le'fit t of h;i . knowlludg. cn tie. arIi.htei," cnd he thr.ft quiestlieid to i , Ii nd i oinii altiiact, Aoaiccr lays, the eest of hI.c dtcar ry. It is n w tused in tri n ,.,i i hopitali, .ii thie prirvlate .pra.:tie in , u ii c tiry, firet onld io-s ertall I'oly r ile crllll o to l PO Ie'rl.e, n .ul l l xten .ivc ly and * as .oa h.flt ie ihiti, aild . I =where, its c.'icis ao witsl tcd a Extireailly in IllI!. following . onpl.l : For rDr.p.y-Creintg extr'iordinairy ihrorpp t: All Si.'lihng-Rldicline them en a Gre, hlar,. Rllcolhenatima-Acte or Chllrome, ginglla qulllu Sure Throat-fly Cani rsc . Ulreer or Clt is. Croup and Whiooping C.iogh-Extern..lly, andti over the Chetl. All Bruises, Spraios, and Burnls-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-W-Vhelher fresh or leng standing, and lfevr soace. Its perotiasns ponll adnlts and children in rcdllec ing rlouInatuli swelling, and lalla II in ca.. gln and tigttnelle of .t.. cheet by relax.lton of the parls, has blen sor.ericing beyond conception. Tihii commolnln rem irk of those l I, halve cal:d it in tlI' Piles, it " It acts lie a charmn." TH E I'ILEliS-'l'h6 hrien, h rcimlhed to any person who will use a hottle nt Ilay't LllliaIent for thie Piles, and return thireuopty hbIlle ijwithout bein[ ellred. Thlse ac liit peositive orders of the proprietor to the Agenlot; anld l1 of Inlny tllou. sunds sold. not oae hliu breenl unslecorfeL Wr might insert ecrltiea.s t, any l.ntlll. but prefer that thoI- who sell the artclo:, eIthold el habit the srioinal to purshasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wraplr, on which is lty name, and also thlat of tihe Agentes. SOLOMON HlAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by CO.MS\TO('li & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in evecry town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Commen & 'Tciloupitolae slret, soand by the Apotlhocries .ei rally. ju30 PRAULIN FINPIRIMARY FT public nare ren; ectfullv nrmed thati tornls inst, tutiKn i. erected r"In te Itloat improve p, and in an airy a1td ntoat nIldl I ir a olilll, n tit.e oo oin nr Franklin, upon the rai Id, one aulde tornt lhe aliatss 'le baildh in lar noge a m a.. nnx ietdj, divided int., npareltltt for t kp, h : ue. ' lat ditdll,' et Clasen, and Il licreut ,lieas, r. The inslitution is noppli 1 tith tole tmolt lkjllat and Ilttetie male anltld lettol *t( ,ollnand aiea. xgtlt .ait .n riollus Ileln lanulntele. Private rooms may hhd hv .:lleolln at five dol lam per day, inclluditn ealteold Itce.l &A 'I'ermn in the or initory wards, tio dollars per enn. lalvoa atlt ntlllrl. Small oln iste ordiot.-a s erd,, five dllhnra. All Catitl sureit:ll olperatlnnl extra. 'IThe reiblnnt p4tticia t io I)r \' to n w na , ppplication lilr olotliattlltll mIutt be Illltad(. t) I)t r (C .1 Luzellllbeg, No i I.t olllltrl tretrt. n,ltt Iv eonltitn+ over 50 sterel relrltving~.t.a Iolil)lo I)| " Notrt Itlne lD . tPri o t, iriollt (:t t}ltrltl, (titrtrlr, dot B auvain ld, i Eoeux do, IBottlrnl do. I rice $6. (6 ANNUALS AND AI.MANACS, F,01 0 3it39. SPLENDID Lomb,.u ti.-ll'llk--J'he IBnokX of I(.v A alty, e'lIPerb lol't t t. ' Fhtttlet'. TIableaua , n.dtl (itlerv ,f (;'e-; hiohet'a Intrtt titat ( ktn-- I t lh o t :; Itatlien'v Kt 'tatltlk',- lI tle Illm.pari; i (rioia trl ttnt; t -ret me Aot Jorllll'.. P tlltitA tIIIItIIIo (aricator: Anollio (nullc Alnnual Fiaslter's l vteile Sketch lhI.kL Youtng IndI.a nd t.ltt It eteohl., men's Annoal Alaric, A a'ltt-; (tllntrtat. Talen. Attcrirna:t .ntnara. The Tokcn nillt Atlhiatt' S'oovenir; Tilte Violet; rite (tif ira Gilmaln's annual itesister & IlHllnett ile Almanac. ilmtnaoc't. Americnt Almtnat & Itlt poitlly ot tfU elt Knowledg. S ln tllttt an ttnal bmtllnle; El"Jtht & Co . L.ouitin t Alttotne; C.roeketrl-t(.tnie- ltllttl Allllllllltti , Htewart'o Iltiry tur 131'), clttt.litillng a bbolk Inemn ralltdtln for every d.yv o Ib lyortr. I i OllINS & Co., '8w5 cantrof St Charles ual Colt no ata. 1RDON F'ititla of e,: et and .lvahall t torkt i juast reeyodad tnt lr finleity tl.eotltet1lrdloer. Baron Dupin'a (Cotnntcienittl Poettr of G(;ra Britnin, xhtih ling a cottldete view 1 Ih.e Publlic. Baron Dupin's Hiatory and .ettl. s'a e of tIle ilili a ry Fnrces oft(ront Itriti.t. Marquis de I.nel.e'a a. . ttnt of t te \norl, tannolt tedl fieou Ile Frenclt, end elucidltlted ith e pltauutory ntlt.t. WV F P NapiPr'o Ititotrr ol'tle Wlar ill the Pnini.u In, ain,| ýaItJ) , lrlllo-e. laremv Benollta's Rationaolo tf Judileil l'vldecle. J R MelCullttlh't' Ilt llllrev, PaI"ectalIa. 'l'hmrctito i anttd lirtnrtl, ofle .moer,.l nn d cnmmercial n;tv tlltih. Illttllt. ted with imnt alod tl111l, ita edition. WrV1M c KEAN, Sore tta k to n& oltttouutu at. r rMPOcETANpyTno aIb 8Eiij r tl'K M Col' The 'llhfnalfbrr hl ve in andro a fe or lrrel oi Sinnlilatield irem, tan v a 'le Iontly invented in New York. A tew barrele.fl hcio 'et ., i , - (:enit h ,tier . r Iieb, I tat i t i ;liti ito err -ti ot It t'i reault )fthct. tri cii has sttit ,oe.t hi hint ia i. c P e.nt lrs r t . 311 iho . or Col . an I Ilthao11 nl ende; .oLer, thiere i diliclty i n aigll o r keet in a 0.1 loal' of sat,,, tlia ltuel , iiaitc+pI ccctnh. The di bt eettra ot Ihit GrPit Weoteert 4 l'reJ tite iurrce r, 100 Irlel ror tcite naettiti olel(adi. w Ihi won IIa II board ton ther lot id o amre. Fur a crinl, apply to S LtloK & Co. N N Fronllt I.oare tc N B-lot 2- hrl at a tinm etnna aly be It hvered to no tetam boat, uonil wo get a furthaJr supply which wll Il in a Ibe duys. dosc S I. & C Stio ia, in e trr, fir ntle by d U ity te4 4, Ne L.eele I)AIt.t.'i-41ci Itctt Ni.tR Iihlo I.larittt bitaUd, l in i to ree o ca ftr reta hf je25 J 'I'll I Y':It & C:O, 7 1 Po, drat , i. l taor, ead Ef,erole by J TIlI 'l, . Ci Co, ja2ii 4 F'anldr I DRAFTI'S t n New Itrk. fCrtle t I d24 ANDRIE.W.-; & IIItOTIIER'4, .,n l:BiInn t V V I.lIJARld . iI --')KS -Ja't r-a ieia .ic e c V tladnrd and valu L lblohtla, ch:aflv Lultdon 1a0 ibinnh The Dirlcn.t wit', tteirht pIntte. ileat i 'a f Il, ron, or I. daJtio do llaon, ,pleandtd Rivrl llhlotrtle, i do d .aolr', Ihltntlealt illnleratelu , ,icrla , lIoteti.'. \VnleP. l;'i , T,+hlt , nlo, (tileer' oflriti -b Aen'.,all t p'tntdii en'eralogo; Lifet ofJi, ih,, tt,,, with -t'e'nlceet pclatint lcnIt Lati and :reeek Ctli+ea', I.itrar, in Elnglilo, I.iv., 'Pth.+t, Xronpttn t , lvre,', waokl)lTc , Ialanlhl lact., na terinllina S. iobak- ,n., ct onotcd i.c.l .id eanii, Iln .g'., clita ,tttrk Shltealcee' tclea. Aik-n'o Rtilit i ctalio , The Sr) ot u'nlat, in llman, I m tte. ,i+' . e lltlc ill I, v ll., (' ri om 1ira of I, )y t'lamr li, Marthnalt'o lif a .,cl,,,t ,. I .tl 1ta.n, ,"i it . r, rreley olf 1tIp'llndd AnIIIlII et and woJlks of tll, ill hl cedso. cde , ai:!dd"to bo I tlOl,'.. & in'n, .et enr t t t:lllctk rnd Cl 11',t11,in a IIA\hti'"a till-.II n o hh lla,,enn TI· cl, i jnta Fti . , J. I'. c VWI'I \I't , 7 t ia,, apn j..lý (' ,.1'1 t*- . I . ,t r Jac'·0 ""t, ItoPI;\ D Pt o,,,,. I. [ 09 hatt hlI.I ,,a mil, "hittcr, '.'5 lhtchhhlPl tltiitIphitrtatlrabi 1ctct mean , Qat'., raer .dc lint tao ]9) Ii~llh (I,) n d , d. , Irlr nin- ll , tlnl.·tr errllhr+. ,, 5'1 , no.11.( r. llrl+.1 re,) asks, , "1. 11) IIh ,'e l'hilh.,hlhl , ."(1 +< . d jpreaPrve" Jut rlte,, , I ,,+,i Pr lnnl l tv j1!1 C roi r l li ',,it ,, llt enzi'it I j At t-rll im-1 h ke'o 'cc rl jn !I tS 1 "'; O. .: . RyI P,1 , ir'a1i'r iert i ' did, il' To-,n r dAle I' v ,i , ' jI n 31 G. D)R. ' F , 44 New Leve, jata :ii, I . X n Itlll. n. 1) : 11,1 13 i ta! I,. ' i I'J:.As$A'I)¶..$+fL AI.\ .OS IIOUSE i S1\ T ' I 'i C TM.- I' . jlth in ' Icr'.r Pale Iy Ja n J T'i!1 R & I' tt n,741 P rit 1111 ..t., I ` 1 hea y biwni S '' 1t.Ili a'C' I ii 11 'l, iF L C. ( I' 1 " %a r 'ine P1 Sil Ant ths1 1 1 "-tktI ''r , a :·l i LIt it H .li et - l l. ti nI t 1Iwt .t t. i l .xl. II tn'n int l int 1 va io I I i ll- n l I .hr .'r,,d_"r:nrntee il. 1 III, i v s, i I, , ~ .ill i \r~ a.'.,'i I. t ( d. 1 t. l tw bro, i mid"'rt~· ,~ n-it. w.i' a tin, ii or I ,.lt l w ill L v t e. b ,I h . Ih u, e n , r. ,ll rin a ". d a1 ithe r lre ja lio.- l ' , l ...te, .at . n il! iati o htia" iar ltrII te tak 'nIa o!,taa 'r ae athd . Np ,l,l d r l w o ., a il ,i.,, . t ,,' Ir. a t , 'a e . th tI,' N II. r . ,,h . !,o ,,r ,,.;,,, t ,,nl ,,,,.;~-tl. ,,... ,.l I.lhl ...... nr.,ati attra rr:., ,d.c t, ,,'e h/ at' aelf rthdi' ni r te i l iicr=i i , Iw , li, o t Ue t r Fr, i. ,I oft vlt r eth andaN i i nrstoans, O ihi ell 'dt ilin ' n raidl r u r' te. a , -ri .,. o it hne fli'Fcr It tl . ti. rIL nt" r tilt "t'P F c., i M l 'a ,att i . ale 'et(a l" t ilt i,ltrt t11 n ' t irlsc n' it tsnh.-1 ,l nl'h. l.ct l a T : vlo i rl ie , ,Ilh ta , ,r4 Bt~n I' o rl for at .- 'r jita'. ( t. t . iith .n' r'FP.B l.r ttilw I' p er n tr, p la i, ai d l l', t b ITenr n Pa'cal ni of I-io r.I rko,. I'deri , n , hI t.t riltd tra hsplr , ao imtv ra. Iir ti -as t 'rtlNtntrt'' i iI1 It, {+" ' I rpi4e ' til i a'9 ,'i tat-te. drnat. Tire"nih"'nn'ie a Itaaelinkr ira a tr 4 n nitr rt !ct' r5')r1nl t a lth hest aol-' h tl l alrk rl. .,vi 'itrn¢r Ir, r'"" r i ( ite r over tI t o t lr tt't ein I t ae lilu s aa s u tatith ' U r, 1 i" t rihrll tl '"ai tic r h at r tt First rate. h.}mm ,ill i rl h,'an, · Pe lroo • I d '(la fr,. n .ern , ...Fel, N IS A R N O I D D J-u" (ll . 'r'ice, l i athi ao ll l ina e me cnfalr e ais l Fin ,, einn a' Ir s e iti rn itltr iiit Jl tr .neol PO t. , 1rSewell T Trraylor, t'le a .,ua fIt.airr..tra, a Ie O, lihv, iitadg ,h'; T Tai lor, P I Ra EA!, i' tt-, Orlin n:. PI S-A leatter talic 'to raraitet e Ite Ia n a Aiit c'a ,trwmop n th i -ll." I hun l i. I la ed t Gt7o n' m an'. ofice, :,1 St ( fIr '(a n Exch u1 e TRaariiria l aer i eridenrcf i a.r .ista r 'r r'ristrt t. ru vin Pen cl ,h,,t,, 1.r snarll . FirI. i ·l ,'", ,, d i nI lI rat tkrt i~ will e,.itlhrl rialm h aaam a •iai c t iit'ePeRlla ia oF a ac r la i ' itllr ni' i I "h. taL e',a di n , a It AtB3t9, . Th a a-nntinic Champi.n I ,nr''ni " a tbile tfr PeI c Alia ic, a i week li-a i i I . ,i' ,m . , i ,rli l i s! lli rihe s, t Ima.i,, re+. v F,.ii, i rance and file No h t' 1 , r rfln-solr the e i] E';, .lK..h 11rnaviom I. . l l·* of .II m,' win I oi ,-' IIIng (to -,,pe. r rl n val, ro, meleium al ndJ, ,Irtmo', f ltim.r l . letter fnser, cnl· vin pl qr,al a lil pizr Amllerica lt n~ll etter. n.,d "Wlingh.. aellr+ I lli 'hrlc the , rat minill. itltl I 'll ; 1"1€)| Perryall n' writig i ln ill+ ,lnrrin i's at, "It, |Pell aII des' k liLee-, ruzoms I iidsis. Sn-110 II Js'IIN.S, A. fO. R'I ''"I''(I: Ith'I) ii blII . niý.ll III n t ill~;j . toy.u l 1, 2, & 3 1lnekrn r~l, in +1111'. ruin1 finr a",I, lv ro. 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SImall kogs put up expreaely fcr fletimly uSe. 5lilov J LOUR-1oO bnarre landing in ,tore, ndl jir dsale bmy (.. IhlmJlNL . dl3 44 NPw .ee NA lAl7O kgIs Ndilsa..iieerl rire, Israle b, 11, - 0,-5 barr-l's. eTae Oil, [( gEflSEYS~r 4dlbgkn Koraryr, 3" cokn winter r)il 40 c,.ak.f..ll grglned do, F CANI)LES-:IItg bkoXs Splerm Conlhs.. for - alebv byi - a r g t , r I 7 93 C orngggl g " Pg,:t i t(':K & lKl.l"-'-2-g bill. )re,-, anlg 4 5L 'rie Porl,; Oli bbi prime g Ilgo. tlr..l Ie by ,nG D)OISEY ____ V 4 v, , V ,."r, CarCt. - - d 1 0r. J. Nt/.S, p.rf,"nr orf singing, rlhen Carng anmid Piano-lin lr o, h - to) en lo he r errivl Irgan f;llgoInw and Ftr ,ong r I yn.o proclog in ip Iog lo - htglrgh Iiid g lCal.gown. hile tgfgllrron egt gIaol Iher ny, rtll of hntractl ion wil g v og, liis hnet) lj r ilg " 'l j gllllg galarg to Igp, g ,ilita, & c, me b .t oWng o appltrog,.gn tig rto *1ianiflggg',, 17 Ronyal strret. 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T las beien fier someo teno made known in the pubihe that ihe snbierlbrile are enlaced in Irparling. lor t ' iie ii rr.s m. ed i if et.nallll Civl (Clde - 'They weer,, rlloaIn ileirst, aware o thie great dilficility ind reeP.lltqiil.hiit niteidinii tie llvlieaiu ti tie worek u ia it wn nnt withont girent lies iiniii that thev clln sehtd to tile nllderlatinklg :ut Iiie iresent ieditii alnnlllniei'te t I iot itireetliuanl erpies, a IIIWillI Ilud c sl.t tiee N:llnllllra I lrIe lt "tv ihIt tLL d' dollalr wasenntirely tl'iri. Fr Ilmoa than i-two vear past, t sile ulal p. ice of he work iba beei fron klirlv tii fi iv tol l ari , It i u vn stem of written rules wnirh en i!nmedinalv operliiesnuen every inidividuall II tlhe tale, hltersheid tither in ne-il ttlri lre c aread wb er tile ililtlsiiitnif il innch pi) ilertteiy s ilng tiii froii olther shtets, tat--nlde l, Ise shoosa v tither treatia uplon liw--t is a milch tile -it)illn ok 'and Ulnllallolf thei it it ielnlalRII 181inlheicn8tbi UehnlCdiiheni~ihllie:Pl llctlhanllellld t lile geliittlteeill eein nman anld tile p~r.,fi..,eionell atlvo c tee. ." lihe lawvy.ers orllleP.a joini I stares, alti il fa.'ct ofnal thosec sits, sa"+po+l tihe e)h'iolllta eif is a isipi rivers whirl. find a mIelt hir Ikeie I):ii.-ie in Loeiisiin hnte. a f . unl ntn eitv ec 1 rifrenrclcevIlf the cde, and dake it l di-ltrllcile rIc :iite teo tlheir li'nri|ce; lnd in lh, vity of New o)rle. 1+ thie hon+k i" as sure tl L, !bland in le ichllllnlekn cl tiig rlham au utdn he of oh ud'',,t r the ablleO h If` a It ittiiie,. It is e t irpirip -ig tlie-rf e that tlie fir',l eiiiiiil lc ihe toit wai so q niik lI diiisC d ilon d nln l l 'h all i nte " reirle if a it w lro h Ill orlno 1Ineaure inpllv suppl heubhc nettes, tv yet it wll be illlpcr'ect oIII Itni t lieflct, r ucia line notnealred I wilh refcretceto ieeill idett. e and ikic in I,.r to emln irace the mtnncrmr;. i cldtntullotS which havrF bI Inelle b thy e I.neihturltee ali ti he illerita dieilOns ooa d on olrllioli tllll hli, l l e e git. u Oll itsl articles by Ihlt ,tllerellle tC, ;i'rt, T 'le bllislners have scitrd, ir te ei l stiuper. inte)dene a. editoii l IiIiiPI rn . if the cork, tIe iiilrillr n hklieiliiek iiUtoIPq ev1.her of the Necw Onrlcea lIiir. fne Itoi. Jude, iihilrrd, Jiil.c Itlmlcle, e, il lion (icirlee Eetisc, hive etch kilnl. acli,-te, Aer Ct.rte wi th the vaeile notes whili tlhei hlvo collieeid tiii theeeois i their I studlles anc d prac.ticei;iil no lMr N It le.inini,i e Ie nrtr net ofh.lIentil Wein ii alino I eeeed in the worik,n ee Siteenlcthide, Eq. qlie presented rile gcet Inuas IliiefaI ,eeCeoneiitmi,~ld in hlis tfireP e ,)v of tie co)d, nd ig nave bon .....byinllt liur eng. r w'lhe pi rli it ers m i. htiare .ren tel ie rat ton- tnnOentionciif thi I e i irek will be all thlat itldntrv e e labmur, asniited iby [esrin liind xprieiCe call p.erfI r 1t iIn ilpttine fIrlth thlis t)r lr s iimeIit sollieet ink) enei lict f fa ll e thla 10 teeoIltctllr l I.t isiit l l has ttthrillzd I iiie ei inetiioer e ire.r one cltho tnet copit hf ii fir et fltllre l e o 't n.e .tale. T he r:. allineza w i', w hir h, this I Itiriie inte tekhe Iel Ithe Ainseilnlv. evinti' d their Iet saliue nof tle %,liltie <ftite woork:alc theV t ·re v extend o ell that ertldecid ill hr abilty i ' tle pubi te.s tlld edllihlrs which it i.+ Ill) ed is ImIa wl ,lIP Ilnl eserye 'The Work wnIl h Ilerinted in PFeneii and End o , It i iipon i clll paer IIlle d with clear l t ;- nor will ann n x !pl.ll lr ater renrol)Pe prrd I Illllt mke the whl)le e1 IP • 1 lhieI i n xeeetlleill f It ieeirreil,td wihi itc erecl iiiicitarice It will pllll ld hIe r.eall fi. I vrd!.,ry in tlt monrth fI b Sep if 'l]lrr inext ; nod, th. "price will c lo+ s I 8or ~r, r n fffn,"u doluars--fv dullars to) be lpaid at t leetim;e uf'snb cribing. 'The. nlus'riltion ltrcs oniee cloed, thie itore price IncI iieidilceteclv • till h nwenly dollars p Nr t Iy o lltee. apli E.I()li. Si CO l'nh stare, it ROWANDS TONIC MIXTURE, Frn FEvEr: 011 n Acts 'I FEN yeanr have not yet elapsed since it was -' first reigula:rly slbmittedto to e public; but it t' i has ltlaieud tihe hlllghest repta:tion; and hla sup. r plated cvtry other medicte tor heI A,,e, rv. er it Irt, botl kllnown anlld iapr.eciatd. Aiready hIll it beian e.arrhd in every ditre(tion throlih, tile Uniitei Status te11111 ll t tieli 'ot atUutet'i:i i.R l I have b ln aticipaltryd by it ltt o nguine thelds. rd . iOf pllrlls o lie reot Onlt y beeyo l retheveL, llIt ruFtllted t, lle.,llll tlllt i igI) through its aeln. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at etvery opf eurotrlllt-, o ilt de^.ltd dIII dllpremle efl1ciy. I; ! is olllltol oftlesucL IIou lOh I It - ih e teipi.R Ir c tlclttel d to renew ttie hteallthy actiol ofltle stoll atc, liver, and other llportrant digestive org.lns, th" e lol oif wilniir harmony is tie immediate cause of tie disease. It is t.pareiit alo, it;, it prdoh. I cs on11 celir- ciange n. tie, o ldilion of t e system, Iam cerl.amly dlu.reyt thie native liabiity to retop I s: of ti lllu[C(nL. WVIoe the Ague IS attelndted Sithll ny enlher Fttphlhini. tieempttyl)yet tt(t tIte Irtuit o t,,.u-tu will R tot iUl'rtiter with tit e ti root. IeluI of tie oilter dl CUse, but we I leves afford as. Itltnee by lurnisthinlg strenlgth anti viigor to tite 'dy durig RhIt ct urse of treutmenlt. Thosde who ",llke rise of thi medicinlle maily be assured that ither is no Arsenic, Ianrks, Mierury, or any other article in its comlpoititon unlIrliend v to the human constitulioll; beilg entiruely I i et r;'el .e I ti r -ir ct; ond they Inay Ilhlto nav i lltiol:l colfitdei: e i the ise thereof, whIi thelly plereuive thait it i is tllin ef ct of a gent n laxative aboutllt tihe time half ot. t. : 1 liu ll lat been tI. e - -in col .qtl. e , e o f liol' Wlere is no prt of the Ielitcie, left to linger in teo o ls tot crusa oobstructions, and other evils, rillsg Irtn ie et >e of llllly teoo e rtIemedes now tlired litr the curoe of thlls ottion, Ii ha bieen id ll. as It preventive, by Illn any who were sub tet tol lt periodicl recurrence of tlie Chill, tatd it :s Illrtrlrbly warded oti tle tophuiprellnedlul tteli. Oberruve ''The Piopretuor, fully satisticd owith the sparitlltleld adullnversat rucess vllich has calllo tatly attended a punctueal andot reculr use or the loti Mllxturo, in till clses of Fever aei Agiue, eelluo woarraoted in etlg ging to refrund tiLe prie toe oil Illoe who Il have tkebitl Its llit iotiti ie stLtct It cordalnc wilhi the presctiivld directions, without having been imrfctly lld tlatingly cored. The subcribers re tie the wholesahl ogents for the South Western Stlttes, nd Ihave now on hand six ty cases of this itmdiclel, which is warranted fresh Land grolUine. For saile the anuiicitrlled price, ntst t eoe o tnto oitlltc itlet. toti7 eetot' t eiton Ro 't lutIU iteulaa f ,h teit. ORUERS IRECEiVF:U FOR 1o VP' ' 1:1 %'1"1W' COTrl %1.' (; LV Rothe tlol 'Itoe, No. 5,1 i." oo'ooerlrect, Xetvoienllt RI (11 0' 11113 &: CO(. FC, 40 I OF PU1ICPS-!w n. ! o ~~lo llinklO( ISolo,1, or 0 toi oloto e~li,;le,, i II ?i) 00110 l eIll Icdll, r ,I b1111.l1:, * l$fI , tt i0a~te, or $061)'u(1 I 1 aI II. 1100lll(11 l Ii (60 (tVS 'INS.c\ lllll e otIl .n sawsFlill l1," htoolo, &''so. &c$ [Il' $10 (I;1 I·11 oh1) ,d01- 0.l0l1:VCI 'IIol. irl· r .:1$0 il Forlo. of4o e0)0 o"~, o. or looi,,&c $1 ' stimd, ;tt i "1.5) I'. sa w of51011 0(, t ,r Ito. of1' YII saws lt (1I1100.lo il) s.10. *1 611111111 e. I11 pers, or t1 11t# li r ro 11rit inle fin I1' 41 lllw sol· nlnr,"., will( 11 ,106 0 l.) Fo1tllll of fl,0 s.lllclil lttedersI&r t .l,.l 00 111w, 3II I I. Itor do.hoiohio saw', wIOillQOol 11 013, 11c. fo fo 50 01, s aw' 1to 1,0 00llote ll ooopooot 11±l , f".1" flllIbe rhot111lied lll s ,1 l1 11) coots l tllllr II'l'tl 1 Ilrlr itOOttlI 11111 n 1111;01 0111(1,1 o 01s11. (1111 111 o1 lePdIts ii1i,0 i a llt lllll Itlill will 010 l ully o o11 lo e 0 00 ts11 I 'I'Ite (;ios nrdan·lc, . .If he delivered Inr the agenlts of :lanwrs i anv of he sea Mri towns f be erno"l plLw N.~ -In 'Iltik P;oo. fil New411 lIt tor! ooofl tltlomin; I) .. 2 1 ol t I of lie tII il". A ti l wr1ýr lulll h e scot with file (;iols to llt then( Ill( wher,.le II. na rcasuuahlc u:"Ina, bu 1 %6I bI.IC·E H.11 eell 811.: 1iv. hors l oernls. Stllull steak . cllgillt s clll Dieru he olrtlelcll It' de 1II·;? sOmlddilcompllln them with tll h I irtil·\i 1'1 Iegm~l·t lottll· :IrmilllrIlll"Iltn saw's, III.otlL, buslllC' ot. 1, is ti owl Iht") (litter opinion. S umo sottoir: sow:, of loot.',' Ili:ooelet* thah' others. Th1·le mo~nt rolnl'loll siz, ,r9 teethl to thle illlell w Isle others ,gait In 100 I 1 . (V t nch tliscreb: olllulc%, we prefer tiflle, shon1 1 1, at Ile time lll o6lli e 1 1(5( nr l* 1111"I i ll a ll ill'lll of diet,1II en tt'·lllor. (('here it is l, IjlUII our lillle jll I.C we sloth l1' the llesl el kill, all ordell~s Might I~he n th~e handsnl of I Ill ,.':mul;,ctwrra by te lirsbt or Iliddlll of 11 av~; U1vI"ll l \S. It. The t;un~t (1041111, It,, ,to nor of the cottonI n o);v l , 11~ 11)ent. , ,,. ."o. U,1 '' Dlj Ili. ':AL.L1 'A t.1W..L 82 'U"IOI)IX\'s ConrunlMxtrr fout n vs I et I I t cu ( III tuI~L· LII aJ \Vlile, :,iuls is he1,,, ill Il:I s, LII I (lilhl IIIIIII * ek ,UILh. Ia i weakiless, attihciuka kldior, gral~el, seulrbbll '[S u ""IaaI, as t l -! 11" Ial,"t, a,"l oa Iaaidi aioa POjSL1'.'h I}ICa 11I.fL enll active a'rtue o o n te , tole prolnillrtnlr Iu:tr l,ut to 1rlielr to the unnrernus rer uul-~III Ieodatllls rrcl itr ll I emr l mot cmitwul tI. 1 tlute'aS ,h eal l ill ulll in llli pe, he\~ li,'t lug that it will he rlllll Iappeiated aie taja.e [ae ia are aretII,,, oxn.' tin '''I ne leli l ' eta uii. l ,aa st,,li'e Ia'. na a t of its credit trol~lll, fileaadlike,.., t, hick pniea "'e ads +IIlc tIeIg ±Ia" aIIts gi C Ingreellle tasty, is re L',a1,are,1h13 oilet UI.IICII: I OI)l~alia, CIal B-U produced it, the bowels ilPa'l:,'llI un 5111a ll~ it. lillllllli n' . ixllliiliatmuel when used in th eecmr ill tle stab,'. Thl:~L· Laopiela,,~ I tad t- Ilao:alva.} telaau: oe tug ,at, till' mot'. Neli1 t' (lfl Il I- leg n'O:,I I the~cht Illl much ;i n(rrc ll ilt. 1II1 el. d a nd more orcr u llt ad iirislcrel Hlwn I "l llnill the presen t "ate. 'I' l~e:ls, ul i 1il cin lm e ine u1 r 9tedielut Is rlhireh 'ld in thle ItinhetU:t repute atnolli the _ must Sutut Bll eltill and ea l·) in the pe. Lt sols a Ik,· dru.;l~~o in h "ol ullo f hs rlrrt n l ; e I uishll·g ,:oin 't he must saufinm+ l e·ll xsnielelttilull; Illcil· uligl;~lthe s me time the fige of its evcng ut'thu tbove Iliseax lleic. Thu most en el·eut p ll)' icias a1,1 Iurgoos f th preent layexprs teir ecivtl f 1 |t T rone li ospital, un I ce u er on.) T Ae I I Sithruh o Idtm r A, as, t S Pto r o ut tino i fr<.t ,u e %" . a , I Ol i ptilltl t t . . ' '1ils il' h SI t i toI 11111 .lt S Phyihit , n to lth Sit 4: ' ti *o int odtittr mt tottir otn to h g d~· j~llh~l*O H8 Il~t jlll t~ Ift. g 011 IllL·T o.; .:tll rli. t l rnl t i o tl. l orolt: l thiiu l , t. t iri gir i too h l l, i, ll |lii~ I""""ncil~ll:illel ID.J ['ille ll~llst ).{l:l+l.+ hl' r L'¢ % tilllt i drC~l,. lifol'.l 0(;I.Cellt ,uL(I II1 'IIll"L~ :Itl cLI1. .t.itli (t .'%=I O I.III' r?\l ..lcd eIrolr l colmih Ct . )CI liilP 1 jil I it. tlo II CUooper, F 11S, Suogeonroio' to IIt,, . / ,i" h I t. l'rro ol nr., to 'rioot eo+,i r t JDIIIO heI(I IIC~indfirm suctis hthtai hi, oI ,)o o kol tltro "1 lt.ulvy ti fcia ti. 1n tter 00 ltch IAil~lrll: exl).,, e Ior1 gi II,,,B, i,: o ,)t lfotto O s oterl s]ltt et- :Ut dlyrod Ip i, eilt r. f ut ts frtt 'd r , ttSPtio , I t i . rtif e o tijlt u l t(i pli h tO oo:ller e tII"om usel nl il I~'l. .()l'nu ir ivu rcc,), llllon ,.v m ll:Isll rtvl . Ill Altom G Ilk.iAr, I ), PhyIIs cin to Cot's fl Slthe sriclt tehst " lh ith , I bt y ve hu gir m ici s Itn, aC. t o j )u Stic iu l ft h tIud UI I i t'¢b le si Iico. ot lbo tio Ils.d t t:lto uir etttl. mf l sot:tlltt Ii ilaolle \Irl C T i mpson, .1 D Irillitll 115 L. I~lll~ iF turo yu on sicre. bI ) t, hvseln to lua'= blfipn ids|lie hn ht tet w oh l , ]t 'e Atoticr :umit, tori. l= t'/. tr *,,t it.itottr .Itcs"r.,,,rr.~, th s ,,,,. SWerei hh'es.,re,, t hle , rsvr it , o cal . e. e litrnih t rilalll; ch re1 a I niu g ,.o ll ai" , ir umph ction I- rtrn I.rC Tl.n.,..i . I )1 I { g L. ()I rl.It nll~ll "+'f il II}+ I ti: r l' 1 Ill/:Itll+ l'+l' CI( 1) v:+h b e p' tl,,h,,llou ll;. +.t ]:,,l ba o ,,It ll t+. e (.to usel l +i h \rl~ l~ In :',,vt.l :+ dt.++ ,rlc~It sll j.=+ o l ,,t I·t AiotIrttrtrtlttt,. I.. Alwr i r"""e,,e , L irttrtitlt - e it ro)o l%' ire ttiftt tcemr- 0h g notttl, i-tlop ,t1hl.hre , trno,.h lil~·olLr I litifl'+' l+S scllji; I+ t' llt id l i selr; Ull llll£lidl nitsll Folrle+l. ll it I h~d it!lUi ICKI:S+ h :tCrt ., u*t. Inl tl iitlll.Il ~da l it .i~ l~~ it illlt " C' llr a iiott~c l hotoi r,, I''oi ~'il ,, il I~',~ L+l It.+k Iot l o t Al d til to, O rihd wt i~-m:til ~ sl+i+ h ':n,;nf:Il I-N F El' .N' A nAL" DAO' -i :rom Mobile (. n ltmtn ) to Ati iiti l t't I F.A.V'ºx'.s lhiitl),lt ol.d. , ran,,, lb.., N. t Stre to or ol.. itttrom , s oa' pe o it,,i t : , Il Pt 9 t e 1 i " . l II s b .0 m .1 l fI t ,t n I),v ttltad , in i" tl i staonllals (tes l', +,,,lla,. St fIlntos o t tl lo:..t tahaehie(l et l If', P nd . itt d. 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Italioan I rsh kiosvilh melr c tw marll l ooile, mdal rto No;:o om , oli ,bs: I t It A ro ' t't TA, to ultlt I ian. 1C . i ot o m b fli ng+..ttt 1\ .+siio lh lt.s d oml ril y "llim \ ' Oll .h. In , 1:ii: ihii Itl I . ho hile t) .\l.esda ore nt " o + At o .-.o , t o to , 'oh.n.t osl.edpt, l i (::tl tt-'t'o o, to N u ft. ++ tt o t IS.: Ti ote , hot .} ll It0 \lu',ilto 'o bit.'! r lt e Uoito h " to A to . ' ,t t A,.C..,in to tt o ,t att lonr ..t. oy tt h:iort es to' n tot New \fr l ook l.oi ts UN. I. I o ,e to inf m te o1 .liyod theat Ih hridOl. . . thto n, ..toO'lt .. l .t.. 1IIr5 'fl j u 3o;y ta.' Jtu boo ootnd t roi'lutt onsttd tb e getetal R ,' ' o Or 'go l' , .It'to' y, byrteI.Lsll o l t l ar o, ' s l, oRl vm. ao t n. e llOD t.,il. o o ; .,..c t l i Roo r oie'M tit Ud. t ot'(,.'oor.; btyo ii i t Ido0, l t IIt O t, 11w o.-I.+r t I uii. , Io , It ll.h itors G ir rt.+lieL s I imt nod os:ut tt. '1 At I i,,v . 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A ,re in a Counlry Ii llol, ,s and other Ta[l.s, by LadR B:cs nl ton. E 1. L 'I OCaIIptIIon ,ledo Ili, :and uihr+.-; ito 2 rots. , 'ClotI Lh..+ aiJ Ad'.'.'ntturc' of N th ol is nic.'e by, e d lte d b y) ur , B u l -. w I I;:1 11 >I ., Is b y P l £1z , N 'o . 1 ] Juat reT .,elve d dIr ,ale hy ( IUl';\..l.-8.~;~r "l':l`UIII(El I+I(, .11' r C '() PIil , &I:.- J:,st r' cir w d Pnl for lisle I, W on. Meblcl ,ll, comll.of ' n l n' , tlllll I'olllllllll o :reeto,, I t ner~ll g, uerd . llll+,ll o lS ll~ll ll l-o'61:o11 pa.ior, Sp"1 'lrll --lpr.+, 5.[,r,1]L B.'v 'elli,.% Ivory rr,. ! 'arsllhl IIul'rs, .Micro-cope:., l'hlbrlu letU o P, , Mo''ld,; 1,tr -. )"" i '14 Yort mX .Uahiruaaouurt Weaost IJAc § Foa ;tcw F o.tK -New te.e,. d 'e ball t eltu.e ,ly e',Vry twuwd MuOday dur ,g tih .mo , l'ul; or not full. hirl UrOrlrn:. 5!13 ton Uallo . 8. .erh, Ship Al.,, 174 do ..C. Berry Ship Arka,,0,, 6"57 do £eS Denni, Slop S re toga, 54:I do W Hathlway. Sipt N....h'ilie 540 do 1) Joualks, ,%P/p Erlitu,:k, 629 do J Beoker 711: ubv. i , are If the firet, eo l)pred td ctcte..r ,.at,, 1, ai d Ilteiig 'eon hilt in Noew do. rtt.r ly f,.I , i lett s Ie dtj r are of light drait uf Motor r'u-Ml lll.r ,lt eorlinahllLy cr ron Ihe ba u{ gea :x{' nvleeetr tct 1 , re a l1 Se witttuto;,ty drt tltn ' Jcceiceooeol, e', hr mon oI g ed t cle"rtucr. ad n fe :' - 's cl,. altaysbe t, "ed . p e, .d l +, e ,! to I;su l.o,- li Iy le mb toatu. lit+.y hll'' Illle(eOlnn tieca Jc d e ct co'eCcilltJOd.oiolet and -tort. oia the b ceteic pi,e n will olwaye be Iue." d. 0le Dcclprly: is #O9 wifltoul \ilne or liquorr , and tlll·ere is i , iquor furlnlelkd to tile cuflielt r c re... Fir trcigIct ... poeanlIk te), o ,uh r, or to n tc lE,ct 4. CA ie atE lThu ships ar¢e riot aerooutable i, e tbrolkage of gi'o, icoc moo : ' 'o o .e Olerot iti,.e , or n. r n:(t ci U t C, Ierotc retl)Oleeoeibelt ntran y I'k igeh pr ' r'cc, ul,:, a re ul.r bi!l o" ludine c ,I ll: i ru, r Lt tlcn ut ,. u ol c ih e iLi.t ----'`-ZZ ..... ..... . ' O,. I:ANH ~PI' .ORE LINE O. Tbi' line awill cU a na aal tlc a Il!oawing Fas 1a, -.: or cur-rLI , zlh¢.rall 1;H ha d, a nonn a a t '.ae whln (br pars Manor, r ' Ri v r - t .ht "i r s, [I ag n'erra, na , SCavaenr F'r lan t" t or la in. ' a handg a a . to allletrurni ]aJ . ccla.lrdt, l O ii d 'areo(rs hl t a nam an'lialaa a Pnanac kret S hr.. N ,:tcr a i, ua t ,d l , I ,,ltr ef aa nr :i;ll to lh r ist Ialo.I. i;r v ai l lane aaty. e1. eI, atai .aa ua , a. nts li t/ht e '"'h4i1, l.\ i LBu P Ilx .... .. . . (E i I, ..l .. on te: ,,r , a , ,U.l a R ,. i, ,dl a w; t, l. , q b , o all all Eeo . d (e d n r ifrat Sala rIt anpanad ag eaayi'a 1',,r or |' u. ;l F or p arssge, nplriy o o nov7 GEOI . BIEDFORD, 22 Ilicnil:n at, Np. ±W ".K. [Louisiana nld New. y •' Lie ot Packoals - 111 Slp. aaa "ajan'lla.a lai laa Wall nil I rn Nav ailct.a and N',w York Oan N very otaer Mhn aay-raaaaaa oi tnlla 211:1, aNnaaaarbe...naa a. I iru av;Il ai. ph o el'll ily in Il. aimare oa ' iaailial, the a ii l I, aat Itr aolialna ol fivl, alll , via: Sip Y. zt, I- llaill Traskl, to Icu.e oil lhe 20}ih ! e ae lille . hiaap Lauir alu, Captain Paier, I leave n fhi 411, Deleai, a r. Ship lisi villo, (aaplain Daah i,l to leavo all the Th ie ,b lrI a rl a af 'a ' of thIle lir't clalFc, copper, na o il(. c,1 lr Iar-lee, . aad aa, a rd of 5!n1i 1a'a hurhl h , re t 'lht d lra lghl ofwra lh.r lialg lbuilt aa NeIwa Yola i Ixlirr.l.y ir the Itrade. Ta". jtic i p' ,ilae i, fixed at 100; thrir eaoliaa- are lil al d in lhl mlloot a, pr'tved a.d ctlellient In a1 naiol in ll l clegantetyle-... Aa I wla lureas pth firal aalahl will te dpr,.dlil a nad c ) rýanianl aaaa to a iU c.aaaliaaa canal cttiro an.tle .a c aaailla ai, ra, WnlO will pleanse lake lo. Ila, lha lat, iarlhl r ll aie sa ured untll paid ftor a lh.,, ,;1Y'CO of ti"e tolloli~rl ees. '&'.cal v.l.'aa ll anr cn,la maaaa id by p lpnai. well xpelelit: a ala l aiad , i the 1, n.o ll gino every at biliaia aaad a I lnt tlaaallaaaa'l are ta analanaid:lta. They will at all Ill:lea be towgld it Up tla d d wI, the "I.,,s aalila ltay ntla'la,,,Ulita , ; ia d tna alfinlest piaiaalannhly S.laa vl a ill tile I line o isalitlhiLg ''ile a loha s oaa tihrc' nali a wnall nnl be rneopne . lan liar ayy letter, Pare,.I ar p)iaaara. snet lay oe lapa a. la, l alaaaao, , ... . ar ball l o ia.aag e siga,-al llaranl,r, Lat to anallillng ntl O nll of Lhe IagaatL or naltra. I'ar llrtali.r parllcula re npply to J D DEI' & A COII/;N, nanh7 .1901 Comaon at • _ _ Common at mO NEW X'flRi. [Louisiana and ' t,. J0a'k Lio of P'ackI.. "t ll ob er, n]. to inslre the tS'i e l a erili, ., in of li l, i gr tSailing, the S li ine, t+ ill herealtter c:(Jiu rt o fv' Si)·p vJt. Fzm : Sl-ici Sic i , Pac";k t r:' ve t he tinc t C.t. n tr. hi;, Lt, |t a, or, to leave on th- 4"h Ship //t;i i/pleg , Cptrain Eldrlidger to leave on the S il, / .- , i, W , to leave on the SlI :s lls i rppi, Caticin Dea is, to leave on the 15th 1j' 'ie tlhove shilnip are all new, of the first class rlrplrt~'d ullod cop .r tIvslevll.l, ldld upwajrd, ofjS0i) llon New v iva' vajiii 'i~t cud,, at ofcwgg-, being built in ne ark . p ttr te m lev. I hc price of paB ,oar' i. Ii t .1 nl on:e 1; ',,dre dollar. Th,,ir cans art fioid " " onl' te "oolsrr ll vrd nd Cnvenieat plrn,dl h l ia'divp ll lul a e , 1,ad 11Ir i t. Ii . gAlple stoer s o thle 6rSc qait . uiill ue I'iioli d, F .i t ve1,, a r gap d hld :l u lld vill an i f ior ItI i lija , II, 't--g e I 'l hi+.> I arei.,.ts :u- e ollrlll,,:,: lo , d y. I C (. .lrr well aX iallli'l ill ,i illg t eel i, i h"ll it h iW < a -euip l i n w , , er, I ,Acv ,'e r li"r ig i' e 't b -- : i oli ilul leiu 'h.e. ru;,] b, at, f at .e a .i. .. .a-i.s. a'I t iitl-' tEI. hv .itt Cva iiilN; I , r t l, l e,, r m-i. l on l .iE q !I C II en S1- a i u a:.t i !a , ra, , ig 1 ggenig e lS. r t1'. r , i I i !l e r+ t alry I t, 1100,-" ".1"1 ... ,i:. .ol i... ..,n ni .... lnl.-... . .h. hi- - pi:,.,I . . .'s e, tS Irl ., ,n or bcefor Ii*r 1 hi .If 1." i r f r ve rv '.1 ,[ 'hn hollA wien t C A .speI t JI ll r (3.I:, lit? ;. ma rrr. Hei + nl d: n ,lq tcd hrl olub d | ual n ulgd ll asinl g T i"'"' "i IAde b m g i-il and IfnT- whl~ A itlrvini t e in . '.. nr" I., " i . J c I 0+ ill ', e eilllun- , r, hc.Ti "f'.." i I' i VZr /'. :,·:llll . I. tlt, ,"I th e l% wtr+ A , i.h.e1 c i,,,r,. it, hr. c .ni, ,ii r l teak n a D ru, ,, tlGEOv. ,a s,,r.. o n l l " I t'F F l l l l .lrlh.d . 4. { i l. l l i "- n~lB l+ t'nrlnlga ll. ' a lllllel. t' l rN i u n l h i7 O ' rl lll i , l l 1 - n J, it, i , ? , li, littill)re pi n ,, . , : ', t i lrrl il ,, t lag, ,,,ii So i cie l.ent aI, l ',, ,, itl 3-I , ad liiv n hc dacrl g ew Ii 'h'yAl tlc: eII , l l, ,+tmr ,Iitit. l co rtvt uc , col aIr il ihll ,l 'l vi l" II I ·a(, Ctltuucv' i', uel' Exhit-a, , i4 nacat pcnilla fer ,li,, --il- , S0 , ',. iiv ' due n-1,.'.9.0 a, , Il ,,l o -a-Ac-iulcllllpl +Ia .eandl wtlf ccn a ull,- . ic ll i . iiI, i tr ' i tle-x. hac dl ehlta rach ,Iii'u". : ch ax h, h a eaet'g, j .t. I p, g e 1 piv111 .lt '. , Au ni, &1.. , a the, g Ic; q nI i, % lun tc encassa l dt~lil. 1 u~ jU fi+,O ' ,'Jl~

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