Newspaper of True American, February 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 18, 1839 Page 4
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WY PA'4I) S'TANDJARD! 'AAL AND SCA OCE. 'M. tu. r `1 P~mtlwan , 2 ynlfl Sm risB~wi. * lhpelw cnlo e·e rlltwi LOO L Philosnp6 aw I l In NYatur. , Paris 173t 3 arca 4w Jon cst EFhor. 1 )) "ý . P nlr h . P lrhi ,( i? ad1 ,'. 't TI-diall Jlria;,rnda on inenoity .0 n trsr- rPchntd ",1 Inanity "Yurwryrv-.iato'b ·urerv ý Illuairttad-^ootnl popvtn 3lrdicitH cat rutty of (:hemistry A3COMMKOCIAL AND MAu~tCAt. i-t nt'n Raprn ore, fin. 18M --~t~ 'M Urial tlkttinnnr; lio, At onaoo fr 183" '#dio,'a Navigntian Il eaaunwrr la lcla c iIw AOatl ~i.tCgt rADD nacoAla nio. " X 11 t- s ro hit otu e L O . 2 rchitecture, vonte. London Am Sotn. r'odg'dd'e Ca~ rpe maticllao Tables~~~~ ?krA lu SCELI.ANsnos. .1 Cal~~j~ Ills{ . V* ~ol, "- Miacelltnieo fiam the t si Ij'In, Jauff., and t. Contlan ~I t'.'Wtrke,2 n~ot., l~eodo~ Cern,,it, of Litereture,t., * l l h1y Kay, da Vetlaka ALa~n "Li'h of\Valter. Ot, 2 Vol* g sA·ind otwbrltt, by recogi. t vota Ap- are sdlndid aditjoo, volO, Rnt Oner assortmlt of Law, Nlica Si ic at sllenenul Hoat,,.Nov ·wrt r:;s, f:h"04rEagliab and ---- Latin and (creek. P JOHNS & Co. cot. Chtrltee and Comnnon rt. A e ors ..-r ROWVA'p TOjj - Pe" Ee'ncsns and ewre of fe erud.t . ST eill isbe mand di a.,vered herein the T'niuc .ix. tue is superior Ie tile ordinarsy node ei treneie M,*v.e;, and . In ti. e lest plne. be eg a Veer. tble -..elre ane freel eny deleterrio'u ned pelen. n , ingmrent,, it may Ile eaken with the snlfe ty een /b te tender itL, in need in vallh. It pe nose bpseafthe disenee,enrateq,,eete the EcOnitita. een ree g-aiuS its wonted tone ad net ritv. It retch lihee..tcmeh se ndpePrmnent nereit, by iiaoweejathinr hexet.n ad ves n re isi to tboenjoyelnea toftrc-te. lmneg eeeuiuer il havinnge a prrene qualiit vireoeu, Setin the Iowels l. inerene this lios. er, or to crente other diseasen, hilt tllr,,ele v cleeanses tiOe eeverai nr amer of dingestih, nntt thin benefits the esnrem with whateverer hr n e',i, a it wnry be npprenedwi. hedmoiduals icer the lore s . Toin s:rs Mixt remi have Missi expopned to ll tbe Iin el. j d hne e ,te n all te eUsLale-t Ten of the vdiease, nin esdpedeny tn er e D fetme of etrn. wleo. h the 'els i common n m rnelien , tihere is nlwaye creot file n increrned liabili v to reinurrener. ' ehv. deneer otof5leent rel.pses rofbe nieA el is very v eide noin for ihe eveIteu will swi, beome too mceel prl tls to a e bsueh itices;nd violence lThe hi i c tily es isf.d at such n r hemeso-eei e prce, ae to plaoc it n ihin thie eteih lfenerv hee--ns tnhat lP en. and d t lute ,the a ndermitelneed wlliTh e frequentlv dnie d te M..n or elen very relhet.ehly best rwen 'hbe puhlic: rerrm r~lwctlv rvtl ond ilm ap i ueiththe itatient on is medicines that are daily offered aeet le p leIele. i etprepael inlv bf Dr. Johen R. Rowendi at his Rlabiorar, ASlrkeiatr.e Philadelpha. Tel fent ale in pleareed the steosle auntlefoe hec Ihle heetenlre -lates, aneetill sellv i e e ie ree, at SPhileknlpela rcef,,,e Tn be• had u. ret fil also, eeei nst sthei Aputhecar i ieg th, ci ety. JAItVIS & AXDREWVFJ , em i e t W olhei a le lere e -e i et ee + orlll Pot Colnre. ra n S& 'I cho iteolda s S iA-l-pllpir utlt i-,liulrarno, lrurels R$s. MARY IKII( ' LAND respectrnlly an. " ounces to her flit uda and thle public goer.. ally that sihe n preared to accoemnersten thren at hle ibovt oetahlihcenellt, and h ipes frejlt her iertion s to render veitore colnmbrtlbilc, to rleceive e metcinuance of former fvnte. She fuhe ,l cclefs. de-f that persons visiling Covi-.gtun during the I lamer meonthi , ecannie fiild better accolemnt tltios than ir e can afford ilhe, on meor liehural teares. t dar house ns pl:rsarntly situtetd, and weell cpplied with every eonvenieneno; the b;yr is tiurenieLIcd ,eltI the most enhice liqoors, d .ln ill short, site promisrC teat nothing shell bo wale ti.e fi1l heri prit to glyv r setie sa'isftetion to all weldw mty patrin>iz thel ;Yi imiippi and L. lisiana Hotol. je3 aO--_.III PUBLIC.=-Theo und.rei.'nad, having -. studied under Dr. Sel. midt oal' C.b.rloesol, 'Booth Carolina, and for soete years his assistmnt in the practice of medicine and surgery, Ilha the ibooor to offer his proleoeionl services in this city. Hie alures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to tile calls which my be made; and leso offers Iie services toI the helders oflavens, being eell equoninlted willl ithe dieea eenmon to themn, lhaving attended thnee in he eauger lhouse in Cbarleston. The nfamous anti bilious pills asir the composltion -f Profesnr Semullette, ciUt dircclionee cue, be ieed -fthe undersigned. Tihe effect which they have e"duced in thlis and other cities, lhas been utteelted 'iLs the greatet senecess. to wiichi the best of '.telbenee can be given. Apply at No. 1(i6 Magea. esls street. JNO. M'LORING. OLLOW WAR. OD S-CRE%, 8AD IRONS, &e. S'IHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 2 838 Water, near Boekmian street, New York. Lbate received the past season, and are cori.atatly nesiving large and estensive additions to the stock eef the above goods, which now consists of the Sllowing assortment, suitable for the southurn and walern markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of uleut 1500 tons, viz, Pots of1.2 different sizen, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettlcs. 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, 'Ketlslu, 15sizes, fror 3:8 to.I8 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizos, _Toe Kettles, 6 do flkillete, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, S do Ornddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de 'Wagon boxes from I 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches, 'Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. WVood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from "8 inch, No. 3 tc 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior .uality and finish, and lose than Jamsa' imported qaiees. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibe for tailing. Tailor's sad hattor's Irons, assorted. Su weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to .ella for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. unaie to order, Also cteambeats and other machinery made to mrder. The above assortment of goods is particularly secommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be lieted to be the largest and best assortment mer ,Iffread for sale by any ond'establinhment in the Vonled States. ¶lcercbant.s by forwarding a request by mail, can _avs .a prin'ed circular, with dc.cripton of goods, *rieseind terms, from whinch no deviation is over .ade, furnished by return of .All orders will receive imnediate attention. Nsw York, 1838. .I 'NjOuUROCp YOR UUa'eoasvu new Urle Us, ovo. 14, iLt 7 - OLT sin months ago hIad the mtisaiirtuie tou geo Sa -crrt discese, for o hich I have al~pliod to aevre isl dowtoro for a cure, oand they did not cure ie, so ow -a the bosve date I put IMyself under tim crie of I)octor ela, snd I exprnt him to core ome. Since tliht tinme Ld le..ree gt worrse, nso as to break out il large ulcer. theMnumbere f six or eight on er h leg, c delal n e my Tfsa, on.stee lthroat, ed not able to work at rII FIf nt tlimn e aaccant of the dieease; larte l:ler o:i 31N.- e r abdle o f ehtbo at. 1 em lO {{lptlin; ulynell eee6ently uder th care oft Dr. ueat, tf ]'ari, ek perfectly cured JOUH DEAN. fet14 ly D" 'CPJTIFY tlhit'isaboeore menroned liseaso is . quite well noadrad to or own satislf:ctin, fior wlihib I ASe IDr. Ilus ald moureover L aasre tlia tiht IInedi sool bhave lale, ieau.esa me fat. audl ,1d nit inSure novy esIalth a aeU; Ihenfore I adviseo mr f tlw sffeorers .o lss noitimesawl apply to i)r A. lDiot, 121 Ca.nil I snse, bslween Doaulro r end Itllorbll, nlreeic. fir huot is at hmne fritms 9 n'clhcl:,i r, laitil 4 P 11. 'kney will Snd a trueil. dotorr for lthi conlplllino. JUH.N I)IEAN,-It)(iravier irtret. If aiy one wiate to ae me, call at N,. 40 i;lavi.oi JOHUN DI,"N. New oat, t1S8. I. 14 I1 v 1 iE Gentlle ean ltam. mnf, etaI It J holnn(d, ip"t ap in batle sa i It th n low prje .f en tseach, cnnoaili.tth straL..Ith oi f thrde oaiCot .' Luiwot, iron lea ihia, inurtel mlnv selnler ru, lte and w- e iinwaasiwo l.ndiana urllicaciouus in curin p1, naywcet€mltIiints. Tse .rnvallen succeewhicl line attended the tise of this inaettmable Ial$hnt whelever it hIas been iotro d.ned. has ohtined de coefidence and rceallom uda neai Of rellpeetble phlyiicins., for lie cure of vtnouni, chide pain an the side, want of reat, sfittitg of blood, lisea iompliait, &e. - wom it nay c'naern. This is to canrtiy tClt we bane in oue practice frequently prescribed Mrs Card. aer' Indian Balanin efL.erwort a d |hmrhim d, with a dtaided gun e t: we can Iheroefore, fiem the know. dg., ofthe materials itisaude from, nid heelrtiaon etm$patinnaielneeiiwseniitastCCiuiP pnia li tilni a.U thoe .ectiaooa of the f.r wiichil i is re awyul. AI.B't" I' \VII.LI.tMS, AI. U. CALVIN ELIIS t. IM. nlmbeie of thl. lBoton Medical Assneiation. bsste.l 95. ~satb J.ItVI d & AND)REWS, l ill9 " nnes l l | ':in itttla4 esa IEAR'S eirnCne f Penmanship received, and Sr-n. t ast permaeret \Writinp Acadnmier tM 3 (ihaars e'mtrlanw tirloan., l Ii B aidway gw vna~t. Uataphit itLrhlil.. _tl edntliedatlyedepnla fir privma? learnerr. aln - toin islcalculatede ..ff.ereiitns ti'all agen. i endennen art.niied to call and aemine •I air t e . rer a' l .ei h 1 tiena anny ,tit thw neafaPy si ll, fa anl ctlucaea rtiam J in any part a lpr.frn. . t reeive ers enne at dttiriwnref ,We aO fpir aO I a sar m : lm of l.ns e ra desired - ilil tltisy fite ,' n ell as they + nh. ID D . Jd. tli B IlTITI.R. '|- l MONS HARTT & CO. are new recriv netem on board ship Orleans. Erle,, ' rAre r !arrrnn enards; Cl enrnet, i 1-4 nn 2 23-, n'h liii ard Fnlls; 8, 9, i0 andn 19 inch blnd elwie Knive' LPather endl, other trarelli"t n)reo i-.tC en; nelt. Pncket, flonrcmnan's, and nuslli.r Pitonl: do.uble nnd ncrife nharenirrlid (ln;: Game Ilno'; Shot lWelt'; Porler and Pier.l Ilanks; Drnn Rlottin and 1)rin1in8 Crlp: Pem'ter'on Ceps and Cap Itohlers' Cloth, HThir, rootlh: tnd Nail BrtshehR: Orris ndl Chlorine 'Trnth WVnsh' Tonth Powder: Toilet andl Shnvini .tontn, in crert va. riety'; Inn Heir Brnid,. Rin.Iattt end Fhrizltres; Pear, tl" Toilet Pnowder, Emery Ilnhe; Ivory T.lh C'snniens Patent Sldes or (lorter.; Glm E'iric o9enpenldere; Pnwd.r Pnltf and Rneece; (ill Ch.ins, Senl and m Keve; Ear-drip,p Weist Buckle: Brneelatin Bead Necklaers and Chair.r (lit and Sheered Readrl'. Indian Iends. Helic andl Plumes: Sihell Twier, Ride and Drheniner Cenhi ;which,ln ddition to the'ir frmer Ictok en iend. makbe their e.tortment very complete, end will he ,ml i and on liberal terms, at the lien of thie Goilen oelb i2.5-tf 710 Charres street. THE innbcCriher., Agents for tile extenive or W. & S. BIcher, Sheffield Eneland, havne jrt eelved a verv exte.nsive set of pn" re t r,',.ietine of Table and fleenert lnivee of e. '. le'ri,itinrr, Pen Pocket, fltr, nr d Speer point Inlver; Rneeorve RSi lore. I.e Tonei &c. &cte. &e. wirih tley are prentredl o exhiit to tihe trade tnr orders. Terms eand coneditions ill be malde known at the time. ,e16 J. it. REIN& A C0i4EN.illCommon it. 91.MMOS. HAIRTT & CO.-Are nnw reesviati aper srie a nMnllr o Ai h ville n agle en An hew. Inoh-e .rder, mrench tid Gernan dhth de heted l*ain ee'rsls: lter,helt ansd pacrket pistols; plain, ribbed atl Sad l cuaint caps eapi Ihfulersi; ne is re, Ilitzles., tinl. yesl (illot',r eemmercil sail other steel tiens: Via. as: Violin strintlqi shell, ivnry and Ihratotes . w.RI.r. k, d theand leather Ihersesa hlir slehnla, frsnt .id aek rlielets; negro pimfs; Gernatll o al rle se lle olgie watler. Rowlnlllds maeraselr oil,. imitation dln: dansiitl tnd henr, nil; iportable dleaki andlleain esres ag s: pIlt blckingh; amtnlell toilel lntses eonvex mirrnls; ol c.l g.lsel slld view..;l Indian I, .ldt, hall; nld phisne.; coorienn; whit. lwine; toilet sid nslaiig snaps; toilet owsler, a ametice wash ,alll; areilel ',il cd, ios: pool astlnds; seisw vshionsa; Fater Inawle alein ial tecksbh's; hill Iad llst; lmoet o Iks v nd wnllell: fiermesa hone; ranor mstrsp; ftne nistl oenmmnr guml il nti ais.olenle r l,, ensrt di; Rolls lIulifr matcl es; sil ete peesils; irreynno. &e. &c. The sbnye ii adllditinl to our liroer stck ii Honcy ltiel'.s, olltke aon i lroaatlnett van.v a n ,let(',l. Nlr sOIl. wholesale nr etail; as the igan ftllhe Goildcl Cimn, 711 Chluntr l , e rctetr et.4. N l-Tll-'- lhe partneto hip oi Keller, ltaa &s(an I r na New Orlesan a Ma n,. Nrrie &Co., if Narti ez; id lenrri., Kllrv &Co., of Itoanev, wrna dis Ivedl o he2lti of 3 hav latl, ht tle ends irf ofanul A M~ ons, the of tle rtinere sl the firen.. "lTtrl umlerinod, survivin, partner., will e rhergeh d i rth tlae settlinga nld cl',ni soid Ian sine uts flllw: LeviC oalrrsa will attend to the aettlille of tine hloillnnii ir rvllosoo, Ibrkn Co.. i, Nathlez; andl IIrri, Iel Ser & Con.,rs l.inev let Irv I(elle will eatt el to he hestling of the bhinessa ofRKellev, SMfoon & Co., ats te" Orlen.n. The nanes of ie aeverol fins wil ie u.ed in siqul ntinloonlv. 'Tlhse ishllllsed to said firmar ee orne.tiorit Ieqiesei neolrefaorwlrdt nltdlnoeenrtverty lrolle , tani dthsoe havilng Oluaili will ilease. ttllen wiltlaot delay. IITtINl:Y KELLEY. NewOlreanna, Jne 27, 1837.   1.A.\ ,IARIF FIIINA'S COI.(IGNE WiVATlIl ,s c'ea, m+*re of this Cnal sriir ,e tots we.'" joIt reeaived od for irle iIV tIhe dozen ,ir iinll hostl,.- Also A•nericun andl 1"eelh troilet ip wier, Ii'vder O ill7 andlhnaxesalt,'is nsi( toiletosnapa,.as etiri wnfih ahulls, oilk of ronse, ro eteir cold erasti, o itlsk, kephlntlh, Ward's vegelgleo l nilr al, poniutl: t, ':lloede perm% Fhloin Idvelnlir, rose nnid oa w:ters i're" +:i't alts, .nrseeillie' perllitllterv ill tranks. reoto ale id qiqih roll e, (;hitioee sailt ris stoels ;oah, lotl, hair, trsthol, sil llld frleI rtlahePe; t::getier wistl o nlslliilcnll ot1:ly of fihol. oilhle herc .ld lnoil rol+. ansd jeroelefr, e loarl lw lit hollesolnle or r tail a y " 1S3.ON.S, IIAIlI"I' &it), l i .711 haIrtreaetrret CilakI, -s Inýno ".a.. r, qo, l v."l....lsy;IT, e hnol- n ',irye2 1 uppv, fF Ca ne 1 anlldl l . ver llol co.atl, I d1 il: hlp to snIlli iirrhn: , is. Al-l exolll d t l i" IIt irlt nrrivl . fotflllt Itn iod innld I he N-,rh, Coos.1:. L,'hill l ald Pesllh hloºllnnll n:CnGl., hr,,kui no-I Ourle,,llc, inu li i0 leh, 'tlrnlstxo1 rnotvl s ,l r I-i,+ill i ea -,"I :f sal tIhey wdll Illdonlnp ,o oln lieth ioa n'o: r'air It r5l (n'jrltt Irlt at Ihlolr ,s ý",'. N " 5:3 Di·livvil+ e1 i;, .ni.a.. aill I I s a N.3... i I .n. . 3 , It v A q.'zTlt ' rlil is io ,'lol1o-a, Iis Up Ixplr s-lv ia tel rIln , I tcade; els ithe ilurel en'clh Prllnntonr,, ,l thrl Cile entr• variety lot tlhe nldo, It s in, bn r'.." t .l.lq., Y. D'a.AN' e iro lirthll, h 5-inketa n : Ill tIe I,tlrev hwn.1. -hirtiunns, ai:u hek, lltielll. it po ne,1 h:n:, lkt l:5 diedI. l.' &oereLaoled and l orsle 'a Sv IIy ,, 0i0h :ri. Sbe e. KRt-"rA & C,,. 1 irf. - cno ,r Co:,l,. ,,,C: 1.: ., L IV Grnins rJfumnni.s. Indian Dy'. .hr m n e hl ir Hea.'s il, Rual rnnsa Iellt'r s oreae, pnnilllainn 11 ' I IIha 'sI FI,. cle .WVasl upjerior pearl powder, hlip whltmi rI: , o"f ruis,', vege. able rlage, wotll of r,.t s , hp I llvr. k reisll.e illuth wash, cl, tbonl, dtl iriiat -. lralgi Slwierr wnitr, powdnr puff. and b..x-, A . re .. chlarcnal, neally put up In ollr ounlle lIa.- , PIre+. in saliS, r',lngre, kresnanr loa ,lh ahe di ipn -.ti bru.ihe, E ~-tihh dressi"g coimbn , Indian hair if, . ilth a vatery ofl uthur p rtlrito ri ,. & .. Fir rIiI by C. J. 'I RINC,iA'RD, ouI 3 corner i Ca.l.n l anld lI u. o. sa IRON lOUOFS-'i-Ther ain -anhna . i,. p on. ir. :ina grult exptlnae, tinn right Iol p ling on, It,-, ro-tn in thils cit. Thav are ladapeld lto pi I budding", warehni ueia , at'd privnit dc eltlan i, :ili innu ai t ,nee cheapllpes and diurl-lllut , oi are perftotly fire and waltr prnoof ]'lrliln Ilain ,.a knwlil ,and a mllldeleen al I Ur e.Ftlh shti mel , ,ppoaietr S'. Mary's m-"r. e,, Tl -apliinln. e. r E 1E CoEIt s E'.I. '' f, UPIOLS I EiY & tVA'rl: tiA ci1;l lI oI'tu Henry Salerechlt, (Irainrly J. C. W\Viks & C.. 'wtuld meet ri.etpelttllv inllrm hlil frrienda a,,d the plublic il ge.nerl, that he hais nd ie s conullr py receiving a i nveral a.etorten r phl er end plapr hlanuing. The f iionpriec.e , part Il hii stock, which he off. re yfr salt , whol i ,ile or retail on the most accoll.ntudatin8 teial, viz t Frn nch velvet and satin paper.. Inst styla :p d. boll olmmon alld coitmon--', Pnill.lltdlthia einzc nad unglazed do d,., French lindau.tipe, li., .,"ards, bInlde, &c. II, v Ivrt and wlr.ted do d . lntra zo doI clora, silk fringe and a.llntiln ,i I qualitirte paeierna and pricle, wnred Iihig a . sotied pattern, plain and coruled. Sri-umunlin. larest styli, plain and aoliuned, coittli drlappr nuslineplain and twilled, acs-rled col-r., n.-a syleaol needle work for sla cushionst, f'.niett,.l a-ovre,&c nIew tyleo hlitll ptllets, ra.ted fi.ur.i and plain, gilt window i rnamen.l o all vall.trn and lizle, gill rugi.e batal and lspears, fl-alheas &c, glaso knoie, cae·lei, tair cl -h. tiguead uin ,l-an, a large assorirntitiil of thys I r children; .ar.e silk c.rd and mllsasls. waistl d conirsld l9a +a's,a general sanirtmrnt iaf upli liatern end pipei hiahtint., coInstanipy on hnald and fo rile nit, . itwerll prices at Ni 41 R"nyal ein 64 Cn t mon !i-uer FIe. N l--prltans in the city or f nm the ctuntry. rare ;epecilully invited a. nall and aimrnte hi hellrntesvea. C-rapels and earlilins made in tIh Illest lllllJn Styll, raoona pllpared al the sqirl - ue nntt-e, ra.el all kinds of uphtJldeeltery rokl, done with neit.eta na:' d.ti lt. Ih. it 3 L naE Mit, , nAo- a4 tauaiflotc uiiaeiI Dlllllllni and S. Philip, k-r, an:nlnOllti n /anll on t xtrrnive nrs.l,,rtion et .ftr and , i ,an . a ,: -hIerr, IF Nnew Ya.rk maInfl urelllrl. aor illen. 1.t n -nd cnildren of uil nage, which hu v.ll dispsoseu ai very ,-odle raoe pair.,e. Famiilie al his n.q tintanc, in eedin. rn "r. , wi'l I, v. thler w.ihl - nat-:lndld I. i SFr ;OUt( SNEW nartile for perato-ln tretulld awith dea nm. (called thi Ea l Ibtcitinl ios jult bel reat ved. hm ilie a.o .I .t hiclh, l.- s!ight t lltti ta ll tII | titt fihi InU allao voice i. diatllrcll caallenad o. lt .u. At ollat who Ilns nver .IIel ollgrnd to {or.Olnrsr t ill ui voh' d" onrraaltilnteat t- elteinret Illt l Ii igic tiSeu l -e easl i i-d i i. livildunala o Ltunltortulln nllllihnltl. Ily Itn- une of" thl Ear 'lltllnait tlhio ObeI:ti a elllinela a nutit.idl . Illnltl +el~ tlcu l hlve nlw t ii d lllldUIi rt lt.aUU al l tl T I nvi.g used lln ''rul[pt. For s.a a I' F GUION''.A Fancy atore.canllrer of.llnn andl t CI..aiRca , rel _ý_ I'EIIyl Oll.--ldltllt Fgliolel puir winter d lo Sperm t il, ill cac. k and los, f 3r tidc hv r JArVlCie d Aut NPitt e W\Vianddr I)rug ts, corner l(' uiiou and ii I ap Ina tiirerie. : tint WN lrý L "au- bldLIII, 1 i II Iba ~ L11 40 keg4 , 1110 200 I d , .¶. T a:1 a5 do-?S 1-4 bblo. -.110 lull l'alii ir'uihem sri -us sizes; I ear VeYrlllllli .ry S blab Copal Vanuij C Jalpan 20 packs Gn.Il Leaf, So d~r Silver do-: loll d. ILatch Stead. 1"Il T)roW (:!. 1 5. Alaerirnn. Fr CPah and Fran, to 01 boars, venous ri,re and qulitir·l. B llarn %.ron d&.-W0ollbcce, cClcgn0:l , w111 be a Id llow .lao. a general assortmaenl of alia:-.' aolours ald Lola, for Sado Lby A wV OCA I E No Iti C,,,nl .Ir.:et. N B. Alahonaantesla tbo., a:t pI r. and Mlair.icipl,l not1s will le received at ID percoent discmunt foe gaud., 0' in paylment of debts. e 3 d - a r n F{ ' , ndhlfrl lalllC, Ielelfl ll : ^k nrreeen' Roe S,1a:a-ll1.oic case.10 i kenorn. all" Ia. j.'.t r."-ivo- 1l hp Illr 3 HFiP d r)OIAVl, 18 rC ""p al -0. .a"1 1!,.,. .-,U l :a 'tiela r,,l alIae r.p. ra-a. rn arh , I+rt-e1". a -d inr :1l Ib S3 £OA0T & L"H TA 1 I'?:, 6:, ;:nr: · HOOK'B IN ER Y. Under the P i.vun O. e, 72 0' Cl at. RN\SFIGS A'& o-1VWSON rit leave ,nirform teiri e ns.nmIr n n I the f t. ic Iert nerlly,l i "* v h1av, rem. ,ved th 'r ea thhhitnenm , n,. " 72 , tnpl lrr(,, i ninelliatelY ul:ler the oinl . of 'l. il, a":anor-where they are prepared to Exec tie n:. otr ' ers in ht rl in',." Utini receivd from the Nlrih n .pi ly of" p per and trnl i'l oif a unuperi,,r quaityl' , for ti.e n~utnture of Bll-ink BoHks, they niff.r t h-ir vaces 1t) Inerchantis and other=, who may wish work of that kind ; and havinu the ndvotlalte of aeverol yaite's experie.lte in llat line, Ihey arn 'onfident if uivin esattefietti n to those who mnt) fv., r them witl their th snie. For noIriee, nirchitects land ithelre, maps and plnn- till he ptaled on lntlen. varnished ani llmounted in the tneltost ninetr, ,t t11e shlrte Pi in lan frrvr in 'in. ,, ,ni i.. " ' o i I CUIA;I.A ...'.'...... 36 :,enrrl reer,I, Nvw l)rlenll. W \ SI':IGGRANrT & C.. Impnrtlrr of French annd i:n I a Chinn and E:.erhen wnre. are eIrt. a pellln nlrw n id ridch I:t lerlle Iý f reakfne , l tin e and ten erevie.s, Iir et mee , pitchers, I.en ni Cff aTe rp. erpIuiFI, rug.:ro, screalmn, alwler, plarer. di-hen, Iurcelnes, r wach basins and o.e e, ftlrr hnlle, lret. rec. Rucr eur and plain French nnd Amlrican glaal . war--Johlets, rhmellnpelrgeee,, iiinen.aded, jelier "lahre'*, n jinlt., Snrdills, aemtr.' howls., d6 n i.stero. rInhle eprernr edi. iehs,celarepiltchet r hl lp, I hIp llade anld glenres. canola sealle, salt ceal SI rtr Ierled, bronzne and brirnelia warer--·"a r*, teiqee.r rtrnde, cake hocker', cnndllstellcks brn.l.te, I one, I tilerr , if.r.1 trentle trars, ug r-, I:enllll Inmp., j lianied Iral, nasrall sanndezoand hellin!i IeIr4pre liri n e(tlllerV, urlllrlnn slver erhofle n and11 cir , letellir wilth I crer.lI cvre y of .eriCleP for frlllr ly use. lrireerrharn , plrnlere., Ilot Is, rnl' lralllllhors. f'llrnisheld w":h golllde Ill e mIlr t seil n shle prirs, and par k eed. na to ie eIreoney wiri satr.y t . nne pert el teIII c.on ry. .. an. ll ......e r.. , I.. . . c er . nree, 'Tlt'. [Lt)RID U LINT: 1!'r ~a 1,.t'hie ,. A dusnUs(-e. .7 . l e ,,v e d , a i , " vr r c l i y i c c h r e e -,p ' Ier U S it lil sI., lr liall'. L il 'U , ii)Yabove llk ly.--t lcI-C lu.:r ., t te.' , i( uch t. P. 1''+ll.O - thef.11lt g.l nl . ..:11tt 8 .-11 ciir ne where the -and c nccln ll-cc rcr neldnhniice ',I;t . c ctlllnc :' i l l r ,-'-cc.w ill,. Fl I. Beil bhlil.e, PIlderri "o , [11 lwk.lneaville. So der ville &. L . ,ip. vdle tol A l.gcaSil, G;i, alIcnCeuc'ile rlCu, I'rly lwllh hi. rc-l rn,,c I -nr to ('hlcc lc'ccc t n h. cchi ! nn aheics ,o Now Ycck. N.,irhll, Pili.d·-llchi, ,ce. S h e. t a e tl ,nll t S Ire, l i ~ lh e e , fhor I r ,le le ryv i ,e.n cI n Scll-cc via. ltI prerict- mc t.'e u'ivclnnare thai n c a n 'a, f,,lo d ,cjcu n any ilat ,nuotlll routeI icn lhe s cuthll. Spro 'uncd by thi, c ,ll'rc lici nc ci f ift , mileis of n w rull, 1b1 r. I1e i·rr pierr , viz : fri.ll Ic,-U rn c es-, on !,Pl'ay nle l'in.-n , "n ar:c .f Sanc+ R ca Jl.v, to II yrnlll' e oinrv,' l lie Clc r la cc'h.' -ce * i,- t , en 1 1 • h vt, tfi. t',,wiard. or 14 .bhove, Cc, lr Illhff, w elty :8e nll vi~s tlon o tid r iver, l ndil the ci Socn'I detl lions, c nc d n Ic re re,'c- , rly - he veslenit 'esin1. at the Iowl Wr, ar, entlirely V ili'dll, ei icn icci ,e ruI m i lnnccc m rinicl c dc c .'e, tI- Binbric le',, i' 'tand 1 tshe r, nc lalhuc t ro d via 1h:1 bitloluhel,-1 h lle, Ir.r ,nio lhs, disinnePr abl,,llu If.l 1miles, n"d , ier-a ..g ihe nl lhlt.c mIl re r ': t c c onlce ai tI,-1 .,, c ,'rcn'.h Ih ni of cwi, ir. .t-lc every ,.tlh r day f(,cn. II . ki av, il.,h, vi P n ry , 'o ! co", ( .ct in' g .ill the lilo tO J V,Ycollcc l inlld D r.lent, (;,'.. A cmsailm arnconc li ia reraicirly hn er- n .1 Ihbid ice i ll.l n - A 'n 'lc.l-c.-. I r.evII i- r. lnshl i a c ac --c y c o- -n 1 Ch ccnh c ca.,c h A,. a rl - 013.el 1-1 r .1 Hot" t' o '. '., t ,,I B '+ .lu ll 1s-. ,line it cup c-i hc i."rc pairs 'fI a i , ccc aa -n-cc-. iic ci, Ilia, FI-. cr , c, I ic c, Iol a li al i l' it ~f '. h rr- i p ' nc'lit a' very (tiher dy -lct A- n 1. ".o a d P.ens. ' o.f P II,- n Iernn ,ll c'cvecI 1 "ilcc an t l '.Icl . cpm, in the U S cccin ' h''cc, an''' pcred l.. 11-ll ' Ltcci. 1n ~ 'whorl' I n l ourh t,.l-,l se ll w ll in w ,lll , g lll In veIII V i` h i I ll xI e.1-nt I o eIIII 'i f l 1 . C all rles ;Is1, I 1 4 .c ilh dctl'nc , wthl r they .c I ,II li, ,'Ie e sI a colltmml . cilo )l - l,.r ht oilct--lUeavllO g in lll tr velllnlt e O.li11e it Ihe, 3lanciin IHcuse. M.,' ih*, and C."'. li ' 10'e', P['nsaic.cIl, i her.. -'' a mcnua' bc' clc l $ 1'( I 'ON & c,. no I Iacro i rlre clasrucclu. lllll E'llllll rccc1ccccc his cIVllclse Ill [htc l'', rllts cll N 'ew Ociea s 11a leallcc r c ,1 lht planl cr e. Air S ii , e i . . 1, ,ly. - ce. - c-cc l l';la d.(l len(ch e . uIlll crl lC II priat,, c llllll Cnc c I11 c' -'cic In(d al ,n , a elve,-rcdl y I thle Ic ' c.. e ""rllol.lll't l In I c .- 1II.'1, Cac1,I but ic,- e, mll l ',i , intc onfidIc, c . 11-* , ccac cl", d 1."'' I, occ I ,' l U ,. - , ,.11% '.s Se;a,,on A ',r, , 11 .cc1 r1cnr . . C;a i s. FI r ierlcm i. c 'c owc c 'lcct' ply i , fl tcc ilc okerro ,I A'cexndrT'l' we .491 C.c ,-c ,oc 2 Druga cccd .11edceier. J 1 Prc vovn' .tl. c I,- ,'ed c ,,lic ll In thin cicty t.i lie p c llc ll i" nnactinc a i re. r U r l Wl\chdlcsali lrci llcsinlss. 1llT, is ncc cw rcce:vcin i full ccnpcl, it tret'ih clnodccic ic ,c,'' crcl , c ',scclc hc c ac ell 'n liner l l'ermoa Tcci'i1 c rucca ccis,c d d'eh,-c+c e l to -r r. c, ph csic c, -.r hn c ctci cnd a d cpl t'. , 'ae w II ff r i lcldlccellta such c -l i ave ne rv, I I I,, c crlre-ll Icleilim 'l'e ilclillliess. II a itcl.k will do-,n hr 1mnldete, ,nI i nn few weels w;l the rfell. Iv tfr hc uineinc. A L .orders Iroc c h- co. lrrrind in , eni h allllr of a i ri y, rec: ivlng cc ch . urdelc will e prcocpcly altc nded:c . SN', 39 Camp et . . . . . . . . . . . . FROS IPECTUL'S. TIIE snbscrier p-.opces to pu.lihl. in the he. gilllnning of the onI.nig winter, Ia 'odensatiLn the Iwlnty vlumtos of the Old and New Soriies l lcrti'. iLouisiara R,'plrts, to be comiriild f.,mni voluime, o ., .ccordilg to the muodel of Petero' Cone, ,r..nd R.ports. This work is uov iv preparation by J. nurto,, Iiarrion. Rq of' this city. a iited by IVillicen F Brandl. ,Esq. T'le Elitor i alsol permit tedol by r dlistlinuislhed retired Jutdge of itn Snureme Court, and by one of the .ittm.n Jnlgeig, to expect Irno. their persourd supervision all thit adlrH taIo whicl, 'cay naturall hbn r sped fron ti iirr exp.rimnee. Such a work eis b'u.omiuin every day nmcue no e.rlary. as the original In vlI.uin.u., eoxpoansiv,. anl scarce. Ani inlcr:eailln curiosity too is manii test, in thI otler Staeos of theo Unio., to referene,. to the pneuliar5jrisprudnnce of Lnu..;oan; and the cironmstatnco of the nnllornus pr,neiplus here do. nido.! in tile arljuistment if nof cllric of laws, makes the knowledge of our aljuded e isos of prime utl. lily to thlcjnines of tlmo whole Union. Moroov,l. the rising republic of 'exas has adoptod our enodos, .lad thus II ore iso great demand for the Louisiani i doeisiens from a frelsh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel elne, decided in Lnuiinn, andll noce.aceally those In tL t Inre authorit.itive foru.lls of thle ther States, vwi no added to each case. The work will formn four volumes, royal octavo. and will he dehvrdl, hllunld, to sulsur.lors at o b per vol.; in rase it ehool I be foud practicabehle to lcompross it into threle solumoe, the p'ieo to ao-. aershern will be $7 per vol. .ubscriptions received by W7l MeRIKAN, ind Pcr Calny esd lclomon es. W tif)LESAT.Fr.r AND T.l.T\ilCO]ln AND VA Ri i: r' N' ijl'(SI11:-ar the sign of the ;gallon c lnIh,31n71 Chartr. 31 Flee. TIhI,'kr, hcrid Ihavweyre, mAdi a~tint .llirmeion A'iutekeman ha , afl at~1 complete n sortmeIi of anlicls in their line; viz: cnlmblr, rr~r~iimelrr Jeweilrr. brushes, In'!iig g plPSI.H In,)I Itpn -tor, rnie pamdm, iv o imith and plin nck pa. neck, I rnniliuu rGE·' of ,veryi dicI,; na fintonnnst wllilll l me tree, Nlaxieno pa~itc!'r , Ivory comll* of every daucriptinl, horn, dre·ine noad I;nnaet, Ig-etha r with a gIIuerl n ,-nrCIAt nfFi,.I, will Annauiin I'%I:FRFUII- IF.RY lnani, Lavender, Flridn , hIoney, .i~", rotc nnd ninnr floaer wafrers of evaey Lice nant ldni c riplii(,n. camphoratedtr~ Collll·al, eau..-t ';f II;rrgamot, taInyri ao pIh Iii Kiini.yii ,,a uting in cai ikes ind rot. i cream ll FpO,1, Ward's rjl geee heIr nil, heii ni all. nnriiiaeninoi. i 'r ak isimellinala,i inandl perfmed toilet powderealln powder, ro~ e~r petitad iii le in mid rmlIldeeuc, with a g enrral asso~rtment of J Ei\eL1.rnnin'-nai..uiia. lateIn stll, nii t unj, inniu i Iie astt, eosiiinle o hIn e tiand red carniain, topa - jet eardrops, set inl liln:·ree, rnrmast plll* of a gla-' ~",. iiv Iof ntteltut, wah trimnilec mlis read situl-, dliesd [ a',lr thimbln+, lilanrna t pt. lsnd gurarnd e, hut, lien!:i, troth, 11Ca r ombnl Nail, 'having, r hoi ii i It inndgnatar:. l.0l1Ot I Cl; GLASSE·S- Ger~lnsn etia an~d toilet ,ciass, magnri f, ing Hella nI'iimin r I t tlla ios, hotmer ad, nith n vnrinni of o tther kinds art ,lm1'rlt d FANCY AND VARAI1I'L'Y RR1ICLES-Frenil l and Amlerican portableo deeka and~ deeming c uurcs. uac very ricl and ineBly Guisil: ladies work ba bra: drean s4ag Aases with tun itltoutlll ci:( mnaival bax, AcK p carllons ,,,admitnll kind~. , ilina and gettara , ether tout ,tinted )Lentil" Had Ieuda~x wocd pa : it, iIII ter cnrpllmarra Ha er",punsll~llletu lurn*,elge:,eenil plsllll with anld a ithotlll A:apa, ercorslollr;:l,: IIIenPl,.lOi CIII1 IIhllfBI.J. IIPIII t, u sets, 1 iula head of ever kind, ell. andpit nes 11-11 Hal CII) 111u.11 kll~e·, a,,m'e uuIlld seitisore, tllimllle( neeleslr, pin,,, ·ilher plI. tot], steel andII coalmen, sp ectn-tl ,wed:; nud card cll ases, pllnvieg cards of French, l.Uarll;enu 'Ind Alneric~ll IB~llltlcttll e, doll.1. imitataion fiulf, YI111 L~la. nirst'r, Ila il(an's tint] llawkit i a llldz r traps ml-p metatllic . dairks, fancy bead neel:lilesr , do wvit), ' ". I .Iropa~tuy YI1VIIhea IPeaI I1 lI(I 11ua , powder flecks, e lse tall plum seed b an~ds, Llldil en siler d, true, slit tlic ·UJIpII I ;I::ru, aud garters, lieu e l He ard l L:;liu, bulcksillllull o alsal f hr twe ll le :ld iercur orcit areluu. atan . :onts cedi. I IfNI~l!I: ', u. J t~tundletti:'h, a "" " supiply ,nerd by 'IIE. Ill. AN' .A I'As.XAF:.. .- 1R tthete tnf or kituevIl,gtan, . aetica nr hip rEntll, ioi. ionl nancers, salt rwIn . dlhililie and merlurial tliseasts. ii ielltorlry sieers o, ainfnlilafctielois iofthe boiLes, iulhocerei tesdral v-. ns srils, Ieres of evervrdesernatin, t'ever snles, ans internal 1ssesses, sistulas, piles, %'i si head, sourv, iles, itn-e. tli sore eyes, ea" stilslitlshithos, met r evers' vriev-felsl sonvonlls aft'etin. eteeiein Caitar1"1, headl "e t" ing firnm anlly acrid hlumor, epain in thle stoaelh I111It dIs. pesil "proCe -ling from1variatitn, aflecttilonof the liver, chontic iniammation of the kiihiers, amI reeeral debili. Iv eausl hv a torpid action of the vesselsorthe skin. II is silg "l'lyeffiooeioll il rencaethlog thots emtotnstiniontr sliil have beenI hrtketi down hb njlli...isl ilrltunlellt ijuv.oile iheeltlrtieii. In terlms, it is reenl. nesmlel in all lhore diseases whlieh atlm frIoln illpritlnel of the blolo, or initiation of the humors, of wiat.eler lameor kind. Some of the above comllaints may re.lire some trit filngsistant alpplications, shitc thlteiremsnltasee onlnthe ease will diot.e-s hut for a gener*nl remedy or I'uri'tcait tornemotetheolasse, the INIIlAN\'S 'ANALEA will geterally he foundl smfflient. TIi 'I'iH I'UtL.IC. Ilow trite it s, that modetrn Plvsieians, mi their am. hitiin to excel in their lprofeossion: iexplor e e vast iels ofm!ience Iv ithe aid oflhelmiot, aod seek ot new re. medial ag.its: inshrset, to orrie it petrfection in the practice hI 'uowns of art anloe,--ntirelh overlook aumi negleet, as Itene theer tl oi .a e, tihe rich s:lle Imlttus stores noftesliine, wllieh the Almightlv h:r eaiuset to splrig ot of tihe enlrh in evlery clinear! Atl hlnw Ionch moire true iit that while the Aserires i P' Ihnks to litreigt nllll c iesliepr eanv of hits most nomuon E wotd ecesr.ayl al'tiles, rlletlietait ehalgillg as itryW ate o the slictites ol'fnshii o' .fullv, lie is surtoto(, iesl Il iis own country withas esdlessaprnofsin of ledlical phlnts, tsuflcitt to niswer any indic:tiotm it disease or io eter it cclablyal diastnrelr atl vet he is igl.rant of their sIh" tlts, ail they are suffereldlto 'waste thir healing on the ldeser alir.' The efects of vegetable medliines upon the systenm o.e tenttotnloy-thosse of mnlerain lasting. The li.;nmel ex elt thei elTeets anld ass olff-the later., metnerey in Ipn.I tiell-re, not chemicalcly pnll the solidls deEEmosaiollg the Iones nold inlllermioing the constitutllion by a slno 'The congeniallity, ettieiency sool S 1 "fTY of veeln hle eelletie over mineorl, i:s teo estimatel byI enirast ingthetlenieilt pssrciie withthslielOelne or, itthring il orl ter smd telyt l o its rcite tit oll llt'n sobslltio, Ille Il'tI. sit rittee with Etilsh of the whities. iWho, lit Allertile, asiot inokwn ol.hetrd of resttie tlstancels wheeil some lderepit, Ulrll itelllinlk lleale Idian, hlilteanslf hersimpleremediahitnte hashal'iietld the most stpilt milnitonihing etlleis,i ftlr the Nl:itth li Me tlla of the r i otlnl tlsrtice directed in the miFst skiltl l nollsner, hi s foileI l ..11t1 Wllo hllbs oll l llr Sll p i1.d :a Ihle llOi9i Ielfll ivnm.a i steasel, a.n1 ait lithemost tota abstilence olllielnic dsllleaite naolnl: thlen 1 Who has i tel heared olasl Istiiotln withla colstitutioei rlo iad r Isine il by ill oraltnentil A:d canl a dhibt exist thal ths ish I s1py e nrostlitlf lifthle sage from most of the ills whtite tshe elethoilfnln isl heirtlo, is hitefll e i ig toll llmlrlee llc i aitsclttreclnihes ewhic lit: e Ittrio1'tn i " a"i. Ionh ing dilffTerlne i sncce.s, is ia lei r etotlifictlion i l of elll iollslille snlllo iolliti lit' rit i lmlpll i S:I|' o of Intll cu f lr· otelr those whlcih thse pride and the lrt of nmn hIve in. I"om l sin"e.d renie iamong a portiin iif theth.arigin l istd i lalltotsof thiconH tri y attolti:ll i tll alite u l tahce with the tthodsiof crlll e of sowilm of their most S Iscessletis l psao ltiti erls, thell pi rietor oi t 'he Ilte ia'lll s Ititac,'aoesluired ai know letge of somle of tlte most ipnllt.dllhu dIoLrite,+medie s. 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"his is nt i otlered, as : a o ni n, riim ldy, tiha nor per ch lce , libe ti'l lv gseo d o i ih o ell rs nlll in us. ollt Is nore w itlih capahlr of i mt ig lie iin t.n u Ie tr ean~mec esubid l iit iittr ttutsu t se liesltt' . T his it his. ne repei tsit;t a1s thisiist is the repiuittiton it husob. tulillt'i whervI lt it's I'I1tsI slee l i ititscetld. 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Itarge anllitw seltealelld asentl.lel I;.s,, Ilotl, Shoes anlld Brogauns, siestini.g |ofg i le.owni'sfine l d"l i ar| Morocco homyi ,o t.t .lity; do bull'tli, anPil stoll wtias peeggeid bonits it erin.itslinlilhies; mei's tint call sitl til Allori.O11., Iil.ll Ilpiis l I a ln rog'i, ibuckkin sh.oes, IIbrogans . pes mile's llle et ll an l kippell lpeged n ht ien.,u Iro s; its litmas; do steol kip sant wai pegged .ine p bI gllians; elitlialli li's bet il:lity call's..ei 11, Iengiul anilbank linwnings; dI canlil ln Morocco * i tttl necsil ellsetil nail"ll ille r I Ick1e s11"lsa I 4'l hll. I Oilt Io call', send ad ,ll'nr ri. I lllns lhoes mid slipp "a, !do cill, hiull itu seai wlilgs a ew article; Io 1in ettll, sint nald moroccowtinuie inil; I n)i%', liin11c'ntillili thhlrll'S eggellld aLwil I. lsrllll holin ( 'Sth ltii tI i ailu iil khin . 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L.I FOR SIIR TEETH. r'jIi| eetiiliahedreiiteiitttttiutd titictna, ilytieret ohi t-deouand f lr this el n' t t IoIl rentted,'o pI" uull i t ro servalive of Il.' t.leel,, ha: i ihcl tltLelll he s.ih-Clibter oiler it tI the Altlu ricau ll lblit,, ,llilllr2llll'lll* ttn n dtllt I inl tie Uollll+d t Mtlr llll us ll hl aI ce i t aIIl I l el t o t hell ll e s lr . ir i nt uf 1 1 l k e ly t~ , I ll l e r t h i. s us n ru ecll l. g -f All amhe .++ , |'f"I ll-t h.o- r"Ire th.tll , applied ui Ill ngll i to directions given oil bottlle, it has 111ier fi ci Ill taId im edi illte ttll iIneI t re if.t It ais arrets thi e d.cav li t eletiv l.lth, antii relieves hill tlA rlsslllc hichll' Irel tlI :endel s a tlron;;I tol ith soe..less The npl lIh ooll+ ll remll re e i ll; r, inellllll t Ii i e I nal ubpl ea r o t; u tike large l| , Iur of pelllo s it diffcrelt m.hiote ,.f th coOlllil', that trove air tidy! - ch det eid lu -ingularly otJ lP r t,'tlh', nod it ba r.m r hI ti I tie ci i ized -old its the moutt valuab edtser .i-y " I't ce $1 lar butlc. Soli by J tiblli & ,NltEIV+" IN PU M2-f~- LU,, Lii: 'Ut 111.1-U tuttiti a *r diSCo. 1 chit Il'llll l llly 'iooI t l; e llidl, -:: GARDEN I,,:ED IT'tRIc, i l, tc , o.i'i.litlao " ;.err, having l oelonr most ;lc.. ultied by s.rl" Illtlorstld p r1 ,'s. tho .l[sCrr, er' hlr :: t o laoSre. bll fioll.d, g'LntrIy, ltnhd thie pllbtc it lIrg, that ,. ,till +otti.lnes -ithin two neaor:, of In lute, or it rmn r st,nd, to be' trln ishid with a fIt1 aI d ; ,x. lti'e i su llly iof al toit st.,udlard kinds olll li,.l h ir vcgithltb .ournli, .'d., on the growth utd tin. port of It prlm nent teason, 1637. Sin llt th, early part ,oi Sup'leblll r, len hoe rl. p' l.tihrs, hvy tilh pactrk,:t hips Viks olrg, lK[ itiel:ky, ial Ark lln*, sh .rllr vtd il hlrlt ptassag.., direct from Now Yotrk ll thle .ippi and another pock-, he i n ditt ulv expclta. llon of it supply of Frith 'Ire, allld A+palragsl ISolnoi, livllcg alrady ruccived I n vuicce lirruol' by itn Iii. ''on subshcriber btgs furtlher to a.aure the pullii at hlr.,0, thalt e 0s at Iprntilt ias well niablldJ to ,.eet anid excnle orders I'or all te kinds if Grtrden Sitels, eitlher willlllel or rehtil, asI he ever wilt ,'.en hi firs.t otsablislntittnt in JltotirJy, 18522. I'noltry Dnalers aid .\,atrt G.rl't,dnrs' ordersr illud it tile lowest nlld iotlt roeionllablo rttes. by Ile poiltund weight, nlld gill o1n or bustol htmllanre. C italoguns, citlur in French or E.iglish. c:,av tlwaysv bu obtained oil pt rsop.l iappl .tlon .a Illal, to W1M 8ll I', G idnlt Seed Store, 55 Curottblllllll. stru . NO r'M:.-A Icollnint uplily of lictrd iSlal, cil er iilSd or idt" ; tpulverznd sou,; herbs, atld Sh.atk, rs' i rd hertt.,-,uiti . Iunpy l ni. d ,i l-l Foitty Ptk-lt tIk.r-Ul.ndtor Lth ti h ieid wl he lhunlt1 :i r tls dtd varl(ty el hlland.' unlld gulllllemllnll* pIl k It boldts, tlI, uard. nllld;e anill thread Caclu . FanLcy toks.. u.'petnd is. NC.-UI' the lihtt.t patternll al t'of spetir qua'ity. CitImtiog onfplui IdI ligured attllln, hb: ibz.u, vivet and cloth 'tot'lie, hm, hittn.ititt, pliin, aod fanny wilch itd wthlonl ruinm n , i Ihit colhlrs, sunpder. clllell WValhitglun rilldiid nr, alomi, clllt dlstic wUort. I'd lmhd Otontloutl dd, with itod wilthout rollvr, riu'y of getllltttllltlllll wt,., lliU m ,i iireioily Ifr lie, rctciltradu, hy A L. Va.nioro atllI ' cn oh' Phlit. dlpitia. , ltis6-A gotornL! and comnplete i ncormen of cnoinb Ir(itit Llihir tltiotltttLory.tAiso, Eriglthi aind French dressing onik hs, rPI. dec27 S_- .. . . . RUsil'ON r ASPINALL'S OII'UUND IONIC .IX'I'UIl.t.-i A .peedy nod cu..illn culr Ior tu Faver and Ag.e, remittent and illlrlillleat fr.rmt; |lrepared from hlei orlgilnal recipj. UIsd wi!ll rtiunriint and ulli versal success In 1832, by per-ns of tile highest rrc.cctalillty iI this city, an stated in the alnnexed certifin.ites. 'lhi i - medicinn is highly reeniumniroel d, and has banll Ixtn..ivo.y usdci ill til abuov, diceases with sucIih distigulligl d successiL-, that the pIroprietor ii1' the rl:cipe hai been ilnduced it offer it. u the pub. lic oi its prerent form Ili the hope Ihai ilt may hbl thel Iiact of' rul.evillg iianiy tlinso w iiUo re nutrurig uidor Ithu Iuurge of out en!oulltry. If is a iiiihcdC o pIIIossuIg greatviictue, anld wlhen used uccnuilrg to Iho directionls Ias never failed f I efctingll a cllre, oen ill tilhe IIoct nbhsilnat naagu of thile diiorll.r. It rI ilocltt all dicu. reebhe., aud Irsons of the weao;kot lstonich, id children may take it with liuptllllly. It sitreLgthiers the dligstivie organs, creailteu l a pputite, ailld seldom requiri' Iler .c than irn, tii iii oletinato ces--.s to linliun ito effect Ia uro. Tire Ilnnillhr imrcurv nor uraeelll in th( nrdircuio., nr any luing iijnioiu. to the hiiumiiii cOllstitulioii. TIue proprioetor urn so well comvineud i at iicclflcyv, thu.L yagree Ito refund the of avery biottle which lha IHeen iaklll ire uecordnl.r with the direcotions lld has uiot ffi:eotid iapr pierct ec cI o Iho rr- -r'& ngui. A. OLIVER, eoli ogiit fur Now Orlesnic- a fl.s wllulVale miid rluinl drlig nid IniidUCl slltelor, cuerecr (i Itllullvullu aid Cilurires treeots. For Duistiet Agenlcie app I!v to js-5 T'. W. 11h'I'II. 48 Clnil t H'A.OWGATE SPRINGS THREE DAI ' JAOURINc L PitO NE IV ORLEAINS. eIiIHE uroliuetr *m IIiii eeraiiiihmcent tins the ple c sure i lllllotiulliiclh I i eiiiiid l ?i l. I I rIIe plu ic i geralal,t i hie will li.e ill realile.iisvy Ithe irtl dc o . Ile uoreivc ci-iler. lie wicll ais milesl for Ihe't. rellt olii . al i- I-ira l,e, lita l uere Ilavea Ieei rtlngeL illllrllveulcllluelac de, aud ,ihers now crhig" oa ll in ralpiid Iureurce fu l eulllupili . ciill wil e blll e thlc Sl+ubsr ~I, nllluedl tallt o large iiuhlu e I tlrecr eIllllliirr thuu Jll'llllillill , U-u Ii iI h .mlne lim Ia U lu bthlli. ctl iii ca In, c r-lari.all huve larg cabia in eached froli ihe ma ima btiild.iii It i dielmed Iinmrllslel .rv i lcny aonyhig i ah t ihricln Itr ie' h ii u ritih.uc iiiiir e if ":,ielu, lo it is gou ll.rull" l err, Slitie i. All tiro au ucneilr iiiha ire -'riuci-a i tiiiui itud ItiItuterli; ilas, will hi Uril l alill i . 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