Newspaper of True American, February 19, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 19, 1839 Page 1
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PaIcE 12~ CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 19 18;39 Vol..-Vi o - %c A'. . F. 1 NPress f ,II. iIPLan 'I ANTT ANT IFKASIER~ovIAM HOA'S N1W ORLEANS . - i '% iA .OALn, A IItLid, &c - .ul I11 , Terms of Se .'e+esep.per Press of New Orleans suulaniltn se : agrse'd fti at atn atlonurnoel Inetinug of the P'roprietore, s'ld on tihe 13th of Mereh, 1837. i SnacatIPrlJn. - i'w.:lvJ I)sdl tre for the douly pn I per anna u, pYa!le eo ni-a:unatilly in advance: tee Go dollars fr ithe wi-cttekly enoutry paper, payable one lie year in advunce, where no city reference is givert. Ne Pr Stbstription will hte discontinued until nrrearages are wt settled. :n case of di continuance. one week's nletie g. is oritsg uollSt or invarlab.y given, previous to th re tiirtion of subscription. 'r e ne dVarrlssoIN--.lre dollar per eseuare for the first an nsertlon and Iulf tlhtt Irico fIr ellch snalleltneq t onet an mnt'inl s lýrttitO frlomt tlle original advertioement will be chtaged as a new ene. VaANLe ADe.,VrnLITs.icerhentnt andl 'rrn err, os arty dollars fr EnglIsh aletne, and sixlty or lotl In- wl gamls } Itanhe, lnsurace. Ollices,and other simior ubhle ainstitutions, fifty dollars in English only, alrd pight. for both langusntee; Ship and Stenclmo.ts Fe tors, or Comminssion merrhllnts sixty dollern in Eoglish neo, ad eighty ior lath langtnages.n ManRasOnis, t)eIrc.Ai NoTICES, and artieles emil Slg tile atteltsion of the puohlie to sates o' property, tardes f pams.engore, benlrit.l &c, . &c. will be blrge a one dtollar per square for tile irst insertion in e acll ln Celn ustCaATesestor Atoyectinementn, of toy peeten' a l natnre, wheet adolieible, shall oe cIharged dotnle, and in advance. A adluution of twentyfive percent. till ie male te Auctnuenern, SherTll, TiieT ilstrs of Wislltond tMarshalsl an soles of real notnte. pnatliehed iss botih longitgee, and 50 per cent. in Einglih alone: l0 plar cent. otaeen of athcr prtoperty. Aa A eVaRTIns NTS out of the direct line of busine ae d of the advertiser, such as legal, euction, and plants lion sales, rllnaway slaves, strcy tatinnle, &c. &e. will be harged for saelm.tey, ald oit the nrdlillry rates. ADVEsTnsIsaMBNTnT I0c nlcifield a to time, will be k1u!:lished oe mon th, ated hrellceenorlldintly No adverti sretnt of i totkrupiells will IM published in any cen, onlen. poid fir previoust tinseertioi, or pavmetnt gua antreed Iy t rresponsible peron in town. the'rIatreO anie othtler places ot all..enttItc, lt vedrtlinsil daily arlle aenol. to hoe ehnred $10t foir L"nglis n-at lone, and $1550 in bhtll Innegaces. ' All aiouneneents tf t ,f lidletia for pielit'enl nmates will e charelnged doutle tIes prie of citlesr advertise to ls. immense InR" iutatin"td by ICnewnppr prorplt'tore, thev hlave come to tihn leclllnn that tile san esof pyers l oshoe tccont bnv 1h11 e leaen pid witela one teonthls after cpresottltit , olhll le. elds know (so far aelpcoticoable) to etL other-they hei li g tsing themsllveu not to nldvertic e or print for suech laelinquenls, anles in cEs an d lo OneCre pcyPeos n t Signed) J. C. I): ST. iOM lSES J. BAYtON, A . P'. IrEA, J. (. PtIENDIEtRGAST, JpIroIN (l SONL Itrekly Pres .--We, tIe ' totlersiierIlg ogree to alile by the alove conditions, an ie as thery ere applicableo to weialv plapers. , (dinned) A. I. I.A\VRn NCeu , e N rihnuberiplntion n r ttiken for leis thaienGth ultln. letters ethst, in sell fir.te ail, shud" - Sl'IF.t PsSen- Fall'4 let. 1'.:1 eeo 5 4 Arun'r 4 Daniel Wlet'er pen, Felt' Ilghe errel teen dII wIolll dol dt i silt i o S rtin l e etc ihie tth| Ie do jeenleaal bStc ete eteent ed (;ille's henrlel do do Nntioni do And G loth's Sotm Aerre i t, feOr cale AY I)AII) FEINT & Cn I Chcertres a t. fUfSolAN el Slatneeleld ogSeO t ll hl 10.1t1tl nlln lolasses-- n plntlltiOll ili[.or the city, foer s r by ADAMSt D WllSrcG .lin Iow tr nS-lO0 honso in seore FIr 1ile hl e f " S i ll A.1 . FtRit W N.t 1 9' oree tte 'er t T ' It tli':NI''1n ,ileti. , til e ni ...ei .... I.,ien id t Iv Mesnrm . Kelle. Itarris Co. p osse ssi n giv en Os thel st t'eshroutl I--nptpl 1to teV Plitl'l'CllAItn e h J(t'PA'A EII'I'.t P jati car Pydrns & cAl.nxine itit IIA MORRlIIOIS. I II1AY'S I.NIMSNT--N. Fiction.--T Tha en Strsordetnary eletniclI conep sition, tle resultll of science, endl the inveltie..,t a cletbratll Imel i anil eans the introdee . n l'wl~iclt to the ilel r., wan iltnvrted wito tile olenictty o t delatlloied. bequenstl has since gaind a rpttt.on untprallelrdll. I fulely susutaiting 1et corrt toeetluS el tiot Ieeoleteld l)r Gridlr3's Ioat cnneltssoe., that " 4e darId not _ die withtout givinr to p t;t eirity the heolil ee his knowledge on telln ielejeot," aod Ie thereeer.i heqneatohedl to hiitilcrl etld tltell nett, Suolnoec Il.yse, the arerl olf hii dleeonoery. 1 It is new tel-ed it theie prititleol lnspitels, annd tihe privt, irlltet in oulr ctteaetr, first cil octeti snitrlyee .it cia,' tell e s tni ene ei l., d reen ll ex| l 1'11 where its udectic .Io witnlelat'd lxler11+[ly in tLe I foilwewg contplityott:e at nnse. Aitl Swcllings-Redcloineg lhenl in a fe hours,11' ltecumnatiant-Actea or Cerlnicte givlng qll.e ' Sete Throat--ly Cancerre Uheer. or C( s I Croup aad Whoopen g Cogh-lt-kab cy, and L,, over the Chlect. All Bruises, Sptias, antd Burns-Curing in i few hours. Sores and Uleors--Vhletlcr fresal or lung stnlldlng, and 'ever sorts. Its operntiong upon adults altd lchildren in rcdlse n ins rel su mtn tie ane w0lingo, ant l eo sse nin g cit gl ees need tiglltness of thl cictr opy lelaxation of thle porte. has beha srrpricmg beyotld coeccptioen. ''The It ensomon remark of tlhosne whel have used it in tell Pile., is " It lcs o hea stohar." THlE PILES--'l'he Iric., 71 in refunded to oany person who will usa a Ibttle of lay's Linill.elit nor the Plles, and return the ellpety hlttele withoute being eared. 'Tlhose are the poseillvn rders of the t proelrietor to the Agents; nllni et of uecny thnou. I sands saold. not one lhas been unsuccesslul. Wi might insert rteftlcates III anoy lengtl. but prefer tlhat thse who ela l time article, sldesl-al tIi hlbit tse nriginnl to porchisarn. CAUTION-None con be genuine witlout an eplendid engrlvecd wrapper, on wliehl is say nallnte, and also that of tihe Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by CO.1S'I'OCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in the lehion. Far sale by the Wholesole Agents, eornor of Con.non &. "l'cehoupitoulns street, and by the Apl,.oearie.l genrav tic. j,,_O FRANKLIN INFIRMARY / HE public are re)ectfutlly infarlned that rtlla in om Siln s eiarrtted .n me t olt t iaol inmplrovd Ithatl alaid in on eir alnd nmot ltatinrtit el situ1atio, iatlla t Ilte tIfh r F'ratklia, uplon the raih du, no nlde le frem e lissias via iheboilding ialare eat mot comtmotliauslv divided oea into, pa.rtllamentsll r kaepnlallerat" differe t clalssue, 1t and d fLreut diseaser. the Tnhe unstrmtti it suppli 1 with te, mn.t skillut and attelltive male and femlllatt nuse>,ad speaking the vu eioal muater Iaugltt.lts. Privnte Irollanl llov a ll hv gelntlemen at five dol col lanl per d, v. iohlajiat att.enda IllaI &a, c. Tear ai th.d ol ioaury dollars ler day. nlaveD, alo a vo datllara. mlall Iollx in Ite ordioaiv Farrda, five dl:rart. Tlie raidtttont pt ristiat is IDr a'etll ldhnoa, to WamllFlll , lt.uaellabrtg, NOt I tatliart ltreea. aI9I r You .-- -llll) -Josug t r ved by lauvtd AIl Mr-Co., 2A4 Cartes It. Thits vallho t l*r contains over 50 steal grallnlatt . lllvlrltioAnt t l" Notr e oam e Paria +\n.itet Cthedralll , t'hIrtres dol Beauvaia da, ana do, oeux do, o. rice $11. 16 PI.E.NDIDn L&oht Atlaalt.--'l'hai Ihtan h at l"y alL)' n tlll lerb oollJllll lhate.:; lillulelle, Tableaux, llndll rollert of (mraees: Filtr's Drarwing iRoam tk~ lta Itn Pok; lieautisa .sltltlllteat,--At das toi I llttoallat; Wtatverly Keepsake,--The Itariatt Olrietnta aI]llnn . l'ttrvett atie a t, uJ orala'y la Portrait Alat IAnn .,l; C(aritatllrt Analllltl; Comlera Anlnatl; Friendship'a Offeringla c v Fisller'sa .Itvaile Miketih Boaok; Young la ina's and yvouna g atelrtrn's AMluel Aleric, A Wattal; ('hrlsantlle "'alee. Aamericnn A nauarst. Tile Takhe and Alaintlic SF uvceir; ''The Violet; T'lhe ifl; Mra Gilmmll oannual laaister &r Iloauscile Almanae. Almananc'. American Almnanac &n lepository ofUselatl Knowledge lllunt's Nntltictl tlmnuc; EJthlls & Co a. Lollisiaallta Alannae; Crokertt-C(:oie--Geroltall Allltlltttc, Stewart's Diary ior 1803'9. tcoltaitig a blank mcmo- - randutn for every da of thei' year. S J30INS &Co., cornir of St Charlea tion Cot nto ate. IL ODON Editiae of ecart e and vnluomalle wuokse Sjnust .teivad and foi r satle ly the alvhseriha'r. Baron Dupin's t'llttatrrcial Pltter ,af (iratt Britain, enhih ling a ctomplete viaw af tie Publie. Baron Dspil'a Hitnory nod neattnl area ea of tile MIli'a ry Forcesoft(;reat Blritain. Mlacrquai'a etSytelo of tile Waarlh, trarrla tad frol thae lFrnch, and ealcidated willth explnaratory nttes. WV F P Napiar's Ililtory ofthe 'War in tle Penitlta la, Ra1tt Sonthl Franace. .Jeemv Benrham's Rationale of Jtlitit Ervidlenre. J R McCulloch'e Airtiaur'y, Pracieal. 'I'laeorattll and iliartorlcal, af commelnere lllll eommnereial naIaiantiola. IAllatsltn tad with tlatp Rllnd taltlta, atw editian. WVAMacK(EAN. p rl"a Calllr &a ('lllalntn it I lIPORiANTTao IASTEKS or STEAM iBOAATS' SThe su.scrilere have in more a lbw lbrrels of Sltee ihueiniated Peat,n orow artcnle lately invented in New York. A few boarrels of this Pent wasp" on bolard thy Great Western eo her last tri ; thie ens ear Pit es tha P rite roult of the trial liha natieded hi that 100 Ilbe. o Sen Peat aret. quat l311 tll la. el Con .and tlhat in cane ll wher there is difficulty in gn stin r ke n ,ilg firer gao.l nhead of siean, this fuel m .diIpeaeabln. lbe di reetour of the Great Western C dorse the purchase a comp 1l00 brl flor tihe use of the shi . which wa ptt on board AlI on her last de1Martare. Or For a trial,apply to S LOCK & Co. come No 8 Front Levre at prom N B-- urt 2 brls at n time can only he delivered to famil on steam boat, until we get a further supply which owI.'1 in few days. S & decf S . & Co I "F -Flalfberrel mess and prime, vt tla, inapeee. Slion. in store, for sale by iU tIRiEYY N4A fe4 44 New levee ItAI..Nl-S-411i hones NRi Iaisins, Loring's brand, instioreand fire mnho hv jn25 JTH A YER & CO,74Piodras stl iL, A tI:..A C(IIRDAGE-5i0 coils aseored sI es. l in tore, and frrale by J THAYEIt & Ct, ja26 74 Poydras at sale DRAFTS on Now York, fo.rale hv d d124 " ANDREWS & tROTIIERS, V AI.JAiII.E RL t BOKS--Just receivel a im tice Ii staondld a.d valu.bIu hooks, chiefly Lnrdon d editions. 'The Diendm, with superl plates. Deau'ies fyron, l or le damens de Byron, splendd Byroi lllmatraled, do do rin lcolm's Ionldealm illustration+, Iplant. lirgi lttockoendemma Alps, memo Rosloe'e Wales. Findol.'s Tileaoux. appli (;illervnflriti.hl Airtite, all ep'endid engrsvitr.; d .ifet of Jhi Si'. ttor, with ealired leorting pltes;m L.ain and (reek lflnieir:tl I.irory, in English,, l'Tcitu, Xentoplhon &c., Bvron'e works, .lonldon prcket edition, Lui Sltakti litore, .Lond,m, diamond edition, lneg'e, mIte Ettriek helerd'kS Isleo , Aikrn'. ttilkis, poon', Tl'. Sp'ettor, 6 vcis, in 1 ,mo, Selectiln. from , Briti-b posites. Iioteiaclrilo' Deeiameronr invllreo,i ui itir ol I.iteoatulrer be ilsll eli. Marehall's life of \Vashliniton, I tol.12ma, l le With n variely of splendid Annuals and works of Art, in handesome bindings. F. JOHINS & nCo, /I fel rcar tI ('harleo nr- Cod rlla lltt I I Mi-1-01ni caks fir.t hirnt i'lomma ton nLiam, her, A landtlngfrom brig ..liions, fiter Pale hv jan :I( S. & J. P. W'fINIlV.7l ( tiamp t h rI 'ANNF:li'M 0(11. I5 bils. Birown .lanneri ' Oil, rai S Iorsdi.g and fr sale hvi of Lr joe :130 . &, J. I'. WVIIITNEY , 7:1 ('nrp .t 'I(I rlilR() (Cl.t)'lI--4il Ialem nnd cv ri will Krr1ere.e , Jenno, Ac. rilimle fir mieero 'il,hilg, 1e oler bIl hy ISAAC BKI;Il" & lit, j Rin :0 131 ltnagnzine at n in half b'id+ I nil e Flo r, at'i 'I half hble Philadelpllia buckwheat meal willI t1(lr ()irner I,. do do O1110 Iiothb do tie gdoo 3(H1 lmlotn ern extrae nizli Havre potIto..n, -F lt small 4;loueeslerrehlemr. elte, 541 canllistpr, prsrved snhtmnvn. 2n Ihox's I'liladelpiai assorted preserves, Justt rectiot eI asll fIr ale oR l hV (N WI PII'I'CIIAtt & tt "I'A(:EiP ', Jr., belf ja!t enar ITvdras , la.ziln n A tl)--II(I ke on li'r sale by SA llndid, ill storo lr iale Iby jan 31 G. Dt)rl EY, 44 New Levee p %.iIN-I) fIUC 1 .KETS- 10fI lfn int flr .ole by js:lI J I'tAYER & I'o, 74 Pnydra _)11. T..I1C --310 Inles 3-.t andl -4 Itenor brown jO lmhitin-' id sReetin-, fbur sale hr lRoe ja2: ISAAC IlRlklliL & 'o,13:1 Isaoine ast Elep PIj'"NSACIOhA MANSION HOUSEI 1lrot NFW LiTfY, P'E'SAglOLA. 7][1lll eibilricler blvinn inrnmhaerld the lueIe antl lr Inrlllor +Irl' this well kllrlrwn aetabli-Ie.rlllt, lrmlutl Mt lii i t. i l'lor, l li, inor .rietr, will lie re ly tl o receive il.. Nueroins , id ,one Iv iirovements will be found in and tlID l rra) I vnlttIlll. oi" thte Mllll:lllll IlItII.. New and slll d allollnt' t l: tdmll i bnloirn I cill Ieoe will h t ,rcil oat, I I'i warn ...l+h will le provi.l.dd at all A stnlh ' kniv will hbe It !chd to thet, w.ill goil ai mnl.l ollllll- cr in.s fr lari a : II w tllcarriages. Fi sl rle'it lieIIrls ntI d ill "'ctrrle a esl will allo In. ' kept lilr hire i t Illlli, erl e ltier'i I io.l salil lnd tr ll i t h n ..% itlll elllnti s ln mit lelllgl ' heri ' p t lenllyfinl J ril ln oil r rnll,, orinora a lornisi d lcl s7,o Inod o lltl . uIt ,hml \e.l ,s nrot llt to rill'r wlll I l lll. l 'o. ,rr tnl eplliet of the Iboarders. Tilhm wtines lnd ll glnli m "Ill fI ei. of IhI bet I taI lh, and tI elnsulre a ull ,,pplyV of Wil I,'.. n carto hait alreIl.i bleu orderell, whlit will rnrie, Ie, r111111 1 te It Mi , aloe. aMr ,I re.,l.rick l;t.nlard, who formerly kepit e populnar i Pt Sointh, ll at \ lshii'etI iton 'it',aill 'undal't tiin. I el 'ir lI tr, tle prl ptetil r, who, cl iIith uell li rl,lCon idlltitV r tIles, the ,icmior of lnat year, ndl his frie'n.,'n g.nellyv, thni I.e will receive every psible r. tentiUn; and lllthereby v p, exd etls to sie genrrcll malitlclilcn. I lThe nol .ldvullnlmite of tlh houilloe rea too .'ell knownr to need n lnglt. ened de-criptil a bire. Thel A alels lhat Pt n•iiI is elsl lraeo nt neaini .taltimin of the floorllln l her'rea irlheol einrIl(-n' In o of'IIhe (;olllftilllmd- tl he rltl; lhe :,lllll,,v of ilt cinllllte reFnlrshed e ltnilllll tly dl- mIre tiae tlh, summler lllllth It tlit coIolest I ree'.es frirn ll Tin the (;ull, the .ltoir of the hy and the reighlbouring a co ilnd- in td rivers; the aIhulnldance and delilcy of thel fit h vith winch the waters .lbound; and ie proximity oti . to the Ihest Soutlhlern mntrkels, eive Pensacola the ,rn"- oth . fe-rene over all other places in thllee latitudes, as a h iealthy stit delighthil summerretre.n t.I bho Fimr rate I,ats will r bleween Penas.eola and Mo- kin I ile, and will m all times be able to take the ptassengers ea, Sfrom then New Orleans hants. I F.N B ARNOLD. se a Peonsucoia, Feb. I5th. 188. iI , f7 (ntlemrln wishing to engoage rooms for their efamilies, an laddress he m prpriiottr, at Pensacola. or i Im i Mr Sewoll T aylor, tie fornwer prplrietur, at New Or slo .k 'eans. L Refrenees. e T Sanford, Esq, MIrC Cullom, I MeAlplin, Esq., l.t. Kihlv, in Moh le; S T Taylor, P P Kea, Ecl, in NtI Pat Orleans. act P S--A letter hba, to receive cern, ninations for wil perso is at the hove hotel, is placed at Geo Whitloan't hlnt office, 51 St Charles Exechnge. FI.ORIDA ROUTE F. (OR NEW YORK. gI. Travellers desirous of taking the Florida route, via Penaicola,to the North ,are inf.ermed that itra, root Ioats will constanlv run from. Mobile ti Pcniocrla. leavine Muoile nul PenI cola every other dnv alter the tIt iof tMay. Goad eitaees will nlwnoa be provided oI the snicsrrlr to be in r'llillesci to bike passengeers fri coe lohilr, in c=e of the failite of the botnne of N I ANOIlD. wi The tatrnnaotl Champion leaves Mobile hlr Penite cola to iceo I week febll on . P E, JOHNS & CO, rT T4 I'ONF.R'S HAI.I., corner ,FSt. Charlres nudl is ton111ion streets. The sIlniicriiles lnving receiv- thi ved and now in store their asortornnt of goods fr i1 b EngIlllnd. France arnd the Neorth, of8ir for aile the folr w; Ioc ttg orticles: Eo glisl DIrawing papers of Fll sies, a do wrililng do ,itper royal, reoald medilun and lote', folsct,. letter per, all cc. large thin elluot; do blto laid; lo Ia o t coping plper, at all slzY, Lon n ndul dl'ristol boards; do fl Cw letter unnd nate paper, plain, eobouss d anid coral bro codle,. American cop, letter and writing papers from the ' eat mille in tll I n ioni " Perrvan Pens of all deserinptiln ; to !.est ierman and Enelish quills; Sttephen'c and Perryai's writing fluids. Mtorrlr'so a nll Perryvon's best copying inks; Entelish tltt American iao a- il quarto eoprir. ttnpter; lodgers 4 San's bet ettlery, ceimsisti in disk, pen and desk ktive. razors and scis. Pokeot books and wallet's Russia and Morocco leotier, Euglishb wafers ind sealing wax, Psuerior quait in; Traveilinc desks end dreosin.e cars-c. Ackelrmoan's aul Neman's best nature cto s, Brookman a and Ackerlant' drawing pencilcs, Drawing iooks, Altbum and British cnd Amer. sicolt Antilso. for 1839, Bloose-Englih,. French, Spanish, Italian, Cer Io man nld Latin. conieting in elassical, law, medical works, literary. e. Just receive,' andfar sale by nnvr2. B JOHNS do CO. 0 ACKEILEL-7i bills , slid 'l half Idbl. Nos. S 1,2, & 3 Alackerel, in store and fori sale by Sfel5 J "THAYER & Co. 74 Poyilrasn t a 'TATOES -i-20 bbis nlrthtern *Attoe in aiore, nnI fur sale by J TIIAYIR Co, fe a 74 Pndrno a in !`UNNY HAGS-o-- 0 bltc.o 2anld i hboiiel ,.uaIy nU egl.5 efo -ale Ly J TIIAYEIR & C, fel5 74 Poydran st a B Aio'.ON-70 casks, a (rit cote articlei hat ahaul I . dra,,nd sides, for sale by G IORSEY lo- fa15 44 New I.ever 'h 2 iDr c Saivnyrno FIGS, landing from ship i'-"-' Victoria. fir sie by - fel5 REAI) & BARSTOW, 7 Pank Place ^n -7 HI- V 1KN. -brelr rlilied Whiirsk e Pulleo'a brand, lauding frot flat bants, for nate dl " by G I_)IOKEYV, 44 Nee Levre I- HEI.LS W4NTED-l'.t. barrl t waicw d b I'elo AIIJAH Il1IsK it P h.:i-7iI.t0- iks tirns peas, in store fir sle, hb jc?i CIIiAMI'Ii|N j t'l(Itt . Jolita NrW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. ,9. oreas (near the Pontlchartrin Rail Rond.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Suda and Wine Rocuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the firt quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kill dried corn meal. Orders left at o. W. Pri chard and Tagat, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. 15nov jIOUR--1000 barrels landing in stner and for h sale by tL. I)ORHEY, dl3 44 New Iove Iv NAll.S--70o kegs Naile, .nr.. io ries, fe sale by t d15 ADAMd & WIIITAIL, ti 67 iGravier i O11.--,'5 anrrels 'l'ntrs Oil, it eansks winter Oil, the 40 ensks full strained do, To CANDLES--00 boxes Syprm Candles, for Vn sale by I. II (lAI.E, Or d7 9: Common r' likl NEW POI:K & BEEF-2-1 bies mesn , and 40 bbl. 'rt . prime Pork 120 Ibbl prime Beef, lir sale Iv rea U IiI lI.SV, Be dO| 14 .,lvl.-ee A CARD. Rin JONES, Professor of singing, the Guitar bat i aiid I'i)aao-ftortle, hes tl aelnlniute her arrivanl tee Iromgnlnsgn w nand frn evral ears practiac in Edia bnrgh nl shle flater hre roli tan lier sys tem of iutrueiill nill ,iv e ntinllteti, to pupila. bha Te'stionial as to lepnl ilit, &e. ean lIe sllown, on ne .ppl.iotinn to Mrs. Miltard',t17 liiynl strert. tic -OX CIIAIR --I{It dozel. I1ix Choirs, jata re Seoiv aal,nl sitablt lerlsipiing for ol e e at the Latuin In Furniloure Wlare Ieto in,. nov13 \i It NI.ANf. EIV IlOOK.---N, ..lena's ) N ntlhPrinne,( aallqiceres by (nlle Innroo inl vols; The Kilddyil or scnes from Ihe ifi- o I Ihrn l I..selles. is.2 a;ls; Psrlev'c Chrisr li'. fa or 1233; Parleyta ChrisinraI if forl 139; jl, Jrt -neird ead for ale byV MWl.K -AN. dc" l0 earner e r Cnrtp & Common R",l LOUISIANA INSTITUTIE. f .I HItS nstiitulltia n lr id hlotion iI iallln Ema nt rile Siiic., ill e. into rol)erailii . li iitr ifilihItI) . it lier, in tie iasncll .lorv ,if tlt. t Mn lis (re, er iclern ir of lri~detl allNi PIo,idr, Lndur !in IrClim so .ill.Zstlltsioic G.l.eralol .n.l ie. tI i airl ni i-u d Iho is a L..ocutle itne of ii UOt ted uuniildo itie n of ttrlro t`. 'l rut:oir.r oaIeitilltti to le sircllerl in is i e inlioary ( will lie coln prehendled iti thII fol.on ill" divieio ., i v 1. 'I' luligliih i iepi rtileeit, eiitr:ie lace tii the Iianhi ife thorouaitgh and aancompiihei d Englishlled . he classical departent, eomprelhendiag the he Len and (treek languages. I 'Tite departumentiil inioderl latniages, ir ahi ti wil ttaugh tli eIsreichl, Spllii anud Gerelll onu ranges. 4 TIle matelmitiol adl plpiiilonipiia-ie nlir tleet enmprehendiae Algebra, iieeinelrvthe two Tr gi nms - etrie. with Iheir traeulial aliai.n to Si arve ina , re Navigation, Astnomvi, &n. Niut-ral Philosnphy ai:d CheIulirty illuzrcte4tbyu approl lote exIerneneu. [eEvaenin (lassers iil the Modear Iln Rl ger will ye be termad aid atlended to f lrom tle lest cnera,. C J IIAIDI.EIRTIANN, A 3l. an REF'RENCSa:e'lu J (;lISON Evl, ed Rev PIresident SIIANNON, Louisiana Collage, t Jackon .. oi I)r C A L.c ZESNBEIIG, I. C IN(IiAlN c aE, on J NICIIOLSON IEq. New Orleans. lit errn5--1 c o.1 Pt oe I ° CASEY er , No. 19c in , iijwln utsj t reaeivetd it fei from L.ndoni, lir li 'Iier. i)eit, Medliulm a iovnrl. S tir Stoan at, locrik,, (C'uh hier, sIII d lie lihr phaI. 'llt rawinl I aoper, 'T'inted ro il uud .itet !rn, dl . ' T'u r nh e l ' Lab : ho a i ll or h. Pk ain d u w T n e d n IIIthli boalrde ivory pnlenr; alraspirell i apeue ia CoIe ed ie il AWIN PENCIl tcv.i n & Sn': Iesle prpint orv. ad i'rieileite; tironik O wlln & I.nalldoe lli do. nio, mei ")i le¢mo ITnS. &cfre . lin r. i d lhtero'.+ 4.on's A't,.er tolor,; or-t ,Jnnl liurtin; hox I o of ('lllk;., s li ( dra'o 's'-. it i i' 7 ' I i il ritr ie Cll llii9 iln; Nira , Malioll ll nI (hillll 'rner I I'l hll Illlo v l ;ll hp'a l I I i Ii r I',,tll . h ; Ii ii he ; I t , 'r ilild ('ark et m :;\l l ltlii ot(llll ve h nllii; ' ut-ce (I'iits a u.!le (tauil Pent its; ,ii, IIIrIk ci S dl . e. t. In , ivI ) l c: m i:, i t a r parIr',( en,, Jadlae. wi,(, Tevry Ia)ttnti .hwir Co 1 TI(s. th 'eci w. Irrtweel'is, 1 c. irpanrd t' es. tll ii. inA i t_7, 3it & :ilt i hl,.l. lli,..i ll!.l ,MIr, c , loclfork- l:ooks; Nlhi-ia I emlhr r i lh'iit luiae lasie.n trile ellic li hok e, ..IveiL o ilrne; lort-lt thlelad wic d lt'i'e. t moil ca mos. t lih liired tiehd li.,.ucoil, clllxwiai, Mut Cohli A Inarni-hed goldn, Faney neoin d and guld S..rew IIn s lin e .l il a h of every ', PEN Il I.DlEPtc. e Pearl and Gi!l, Pee Ililier- ; Pearll tid Siiver dn. 4 lN'DREW c IMITil & CO., -.cerlTiilly infiri a t mtheir friente and the puelic in ir enorI, thiat they oetiupy tis new briie slhotp, 219 TlloiupitoalIs - ireet, whore thvy keap onstanTly on liaid C eoplier, T'in nd Short Iron Ware, of every desnriptini, e ch an copper stills, kettles, and pnups, tin bath. aother irutre casting done at iahortect notire. Grate hers of every dAecription, e.lsm as steam. boat stirrups. hlog chasis, screw bolls, and other r- kiud ofsteamboat work, such as chimneys, brcceh. P es. lteam pipes. 'They will also do all kinds of out dnoor work, eurh as zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, &e. They above and all other kinds of work in Sthleir line of business, thely will execute atl tihe shortest nnlive. dec277 SOMBARD & CO'S IBostn and New Orleans , SLi vol Packet Siipe.--Tbe new line of hips tas been expressly built to rcie betw-en thie above ports, and will be found af suitable draft of waner: accromlutodaliona for passengers, and every effl'ort is will be nmnai to giveo general snatis'hatlon, 'Ilho hlice is composed of the fo lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 Cleo Capt. J [larding, I Carolina, 411(1 do S Leniasi, Charleston, 374 do I) Kldridge. I 7. Clumibianaa, 625 do (h Barker, Seamao, 240 de J Ilowes, i Bombay, 625 do D , umphirey. The above slhips are all now,. of tle first lass, o tcopper fastened oand eoppered, cotutanded by imnc ofgrent experience, ihave larg aee eimnlodation., with a separate ladiers clbhi; every atlentiti nil lie ° paid to passengers, and the v.ry tlst of stores pro videi for tlhem. ThIe paekelt will be tlowed up and lown thie Mia all sissipp,, and the streictet puctualli y t' verved in iv- the tieis of sailing, aid alluld the refilor vcessels at be detained in arriving, ntller lhips equally as goidiI will in all ecases be ubstitulel. A slvar of patron age is slisitiid, ntd tue I gnialti pledge tiiemselves to in? aeealantadatuns irUshi as praciicalhe, to reeoive and forward gooads hy a id line et Ihe inoi mrader. nct charges, and to odvnance all nxpcnuee on goods sli:pped, if" required. ad The shlily will leave thi let end luth of every i rInonth. Fur freirht or pma-see, ipplv to the agente. J A MFRICITT, 62 Commoln at. N. B. Advaoncelnonts nli,le on etnoSignlon;:ts to Messrn. A. C. Lolntahrd d Co. md nov27 IA F 'I( ,\I N BRIANI) Y, G"bh:o, Outler, &. 30 larts' A melican Brrand v, 20 keGF (dohen Biutter, 2t bxes starch 50 kegs Hukoltheat meal, 25 5 oxe Imperial tea, 20 do do canisters do., E0 Ialf barrels mers shad, Lnnding frolt ship Adiiondul, h,fir sale by fe5 G W PR'I'TCIIAID & JO tk G IETlIE & Schiller'o select minor l oems, Sketches of lMarried Life, by Mrs Follen, of loston, The Iifo add character of the Rev. soll II Just received and for sale by A TO VA I, fe5 49 Camp at P ARLORORNAA11ENTS --Rnre anl bteatLifl curiosities, hfr sale ooly by Rees & D'lange, and at Plough's Museum. All these lrnlalnents consist of tle most splene did specimens of orthin,,logy Irom Europe, Asil,, Africn, and our own country. Approved notes at 60 days will he token ol TiEAS .d irebl-,aend IhIetsheads-i-00 first . qtality Mtlolasseo hrrela; nl.,, 75 do. do Hogoheads in prime order, for *lRle bv fae W\1 PItIRT'EIt,it5Cmnt on o NORRIS & Co, No. 33 Chnrtres st eet, or ret eeivian daily from their house in Pliladelplhi, an elegant slid e l.tplete nssort,lelnt tf stllhet alnnlt il tald fashltonlable clotlino. They invite the alten tion ul the public, is they are warrlnttd in saying ,hat strangers anld citllens cannlot Ifrnish theta. .ivs oiv:e advantageously int any city in the N. B. A few d tzen elegant ivory handle uem Iv rellas, Iroe 32 to 36 ittches. A' o, a larte Iot white p ne packing b,o.,., varitn- sizes, rr, l,,,.. ' ' I e RBADNESS. A BEAUTIFUL hend of hair in thi crnndenl orna meot helonnine to the human t;ame. How shrmne vl the ines ol it changes the cn*na, nan-e, and prmon tlrelv I.rines on the appearance ft old neg, which e u sel many to renil at heain uncovered. and sometimes even to oshtll.oiety to avoid the test and oneert of their nequoail.tane: the remainder of their lives are con teqnantly spool in retilement. In shorto. not even the lnsl.f troperty fills thie enernus thinking nolth with I that nenvv inking el.llm as dina the Inns of I:io hnir. To avert all unltea-ant cirnlmsaunere., ,hhid,.ice' Rohn of Codumlbia alop, the hair frit tullinar nff on the first application., ald ofew hottle restntre it neni. It likewi.e prodelee erehrowo and whiskers; pevnents tile nair from turnini erav, mkesaitcFl i tenhnntifdnll, nnd reen it from seurf. Nomernua eertifientne 'of the first resoectnhilitv in cappnrt of tine virturn of Oldridgo. Balm, are linown hy the irpririetr*. flY Rend the fillowing: Robert 1'harlon, Esq. lnte Manvor of Pl ilalilp,!l Ioa certifie' no moy I s een below, to thehtgh chlarm ter of bhe ftllnwine rgentleman. 'The nnderaiened do hererl cenifv that wehnve used tile B*alm nf ('ontolbhin dilcnvered hrt J.Oldridge. and have flttod it highly servieonlte not only ns a preventive aneainst the flling bfrot hair, but alsoa cerntain roatur tive. WILLIAM TB ATCIIER, Senior, Methodist Minister in St Georg eitnrte, Nno i6 North Fifth at. JOHN P INGLI.S.32I Aerh street. JOHN D THO)MAS,. M D, Ii13 Racest JOHIN S FI'rEV,ll Spruce streert. IlUtII McC'Iti Dfl.,tYi lneltth d at. JOHIN GARI),Jr,123 Anrh etreet. It ip known thl thlree of the claonea -ieneru nre mort than yenrs orno, ad tlh e otrthas tn o r h0 0. Fromn the Maynr.) Cuolonnwealnth itf Pensr.vlvniani,a City of Philadeldhin, f, Rohert Wharton. Mayor of 'aid rity of I'hiiade. Ithin, do hereiiv certify thtl I nil well ncqnninted with ioesrs J P Ilalis .ltnn S Ftre r, and IMech 3 -Curly, v hoe inmes are sienle to thil aone certinete,thllt they nre genltleee, " nl" r.h nr n.lFer and reslrat llhil:tv, nlltiI as abch filll ceredil .Ihiolb iv heoI Ito ihoid lterin liiee t. In witnrt s wht reof I hlav herettnt setn my hoi ndl II eniorid lhie toni of the t eity to Ie nfined. this fih d t of fneoeother, &r. fr.. `.] " ROlfli'RT 1VIIR.TONM, yrr. (OII.H IIVE Ilhot each iottle ifiithe entine Iahn hIs a splenlid ri.rnvetl wrapper, on which is representer tile Fiill tf\inatro, Ce Sole .holnesle nnd retail i thle sole neents for Anm rica. o Flerhle street, neir Malidin Lane, one donl het is Pearl slreetnad by most druggists and perfuaurs t oigh hi country. JARVIS & ANI)ItI{AWS, m9 Wnholesale Agents, New Orlenne. I ORRIS Co. N . 38 C&ha·rns strPPt, are now receiving and nng the mnlost t.lndid, s - .tunll andi fahionanli strnek of Clothini they hnave ever rhihtnd in this mnrlte', iro sisiin in part of the folinwine articlec: Illnet, Iine hiak, jIJo hirch, Iltndon huhrowl eilt-o. n live,( l ndon anmikii and gilden o',ve friek and drtea rants: IhPavnr, snhiie inndl harrinlltn fork coats, Pleanliy fi.nis. I ed: fnnc and ti-in hiltck casuimire nndl i clli pannnloors. enelish and fIPneh fncriv oand ii ,i i silk and satin vests; real new rnarkt-i olnfollt: englis.i nlnd frinh ftnty and pilnn a nrf' annd uidki-;: chamnns. ilkc.weih and unem-elasic sits ponders: rlhnmoiai merinn.lnlm.'a wool, we ah flat,. not, ,ilk and cotton net sherrs and drwers; fine I lnin and ention shirts, with linin hosomn, Aini, nnd rnmilid: vierv pearl and plain handle silk irn. threllas : "(raff's" premium Glover-ul.o, a I htolutiful rtilrle of white kid, fir weriidin a, bal &c.: rit tefild silk n, d rani'na hI!kls: plain,! ti.-ierdti and emhroidered Cnnhrer do.; silk, lun L's, woolls, lt Millnn, uPrmrntown, nt l rows n and wlhie Eo-tOn h-.ll hose; : I of which i thv 1,ff1r I-w fir casoh.o or to punnnl cusornern as ausanal. Nov. I W AGNEi S LIQUIID ODIEN') I A.-In heen I,,nn2 moedm. hboth hoei and in the nollrt wish uniform e cer. fu r hclnlsinea ,uind whirenine t; e Ln s, p,.ril in,- tilhir, nth, nnld r- c -lv.e p'l-; l dise s e. t: which . he motr lh rabinhle in either the Sis.h, or inenr -0, e ten s onlini., mied in a wn.e s ln,.-ul lit purr water, and sit nlite! to the etolh v ,nt iu.nry, nind word ai lthat txcrualltIing pain, 1h1, tao lh ache. Pepored, oly htv 1'. F- Weanger, Suero D), i-n. tier o J- Irlftron CUlhtt. aid atlo wholsale anld rec'.i by CAIILETION & C-. 31 Cannl a,. Sf sole n.lll tn for \itnnPre's Od(enicon GS AIDL EI:Y W'ARE.--'lthe, mdnnt.I"o Il ures ad who esin dealer air idder .e ... l.., l . non r.rre iving b'y . .i . arrivals +from ihi, i orl o, in addoti I to their torner stock .n exn el srve n ssortlno lt f arnicles in their lino , amnonlu T fe. w hleh are tile l0 llow)Inlll, ViZ: I.'diue and misses plain and quilled lsddles, I rtl enlemtnot's do Spanish do ct do do lexteoan do n do, do Creole do t " to do Anlmr. do do do English do < Youth's lo Spanisnlh dt i do do Creole do " Ameor. and Eng. brdies and bridle mountin gst ou do do molrtingnies, lfl' Plated. broas, and japalnted eoach hornes, do do do g.g and sulke du " do do do Baruuche dol Dray, eanr and wgonn do Saddle bags, double ands:nole; valioes; omedic. a adllle baos. Bieriassls carpet boos; best iron froml -i letl ther llto trulnks, brass nailed; leather blot too I do, assoreed sizes asIl various styles; hols'ers asr, t 'I pistol heltn; cooch, vie, sulkey, twig and plInter. Al rop wlhips: oo.l, worted, cottono and leathler co girth s o nd oo rsitohs; snt rcot. leatherso: sroot to strltpst o l p dWoste,'Ooottoo l; o rnd tooAl ttoto S oto hames; blind bridles and lines; Scoteh colEae, and h.rseonod mnle rnllaro.:l all qnahliies; m0o. roteo,( buck, and uflalo skins; plned all brass ansd sltel bridl hIts Iof ev ry deseription, plated, brasts an sterl sputF s of every descriptIon; ilaned, lrsas Sio steel stirrups of every derscrips 'Iletogelg r Vwil0h a erntmpler assortment of every a titele I , i ei r liie l businrtess-all of w lich they iollt.l arosr ... n ecommoodati.. ter rn,. i They wdil alan ct tinue to r0 ceive tolrongh the i iern, ' yIekl.t from New York, fresh supplies o o keep ltor stock aoIotmp.' onid rolplete. OUUNS, DAVIDSON & co. Fe 18 15 Cnal st. F Eil GARDEN SlEED-T-he tnhscriler F, I. vs in hie gratelul thanks to the pub I I , for the lihernl soprport he has cceived since lhe colmmeneed business in this city. uing sole pre F prieto.r of the seed store, 17 Common strere, he is r not and eover was agenllt or nov notthern seed vender; ilnitlher is he conneoeed wilth any house in oItis conolry-but he assutres the public thalt his conncetinsiui saory departoment of the seed bust. F I Pess, in Rhe differenlt counltiesn f 'Ntlope oreo equal to that of any house in tlhe Uniteod Staies. 11. i, .,prls seelds. lants, &e. fro. the moart erxnsive F s and respectnble nurseries and see s omen in France, Illtland, Etnlanrl, Sinsland, and the no theru o rF -t.ts s- and it will at all times ,be his atinrerre, as it is his etiooy, lto rerive, or addi'ton to hit lpreeit ' stok., large or ivols of ev, ry descriptolt, railly the grrow Iti 1 138: also, engrpfled fruit ire s, l. all kinds. The public may rely on findng a lull as sortment of every article in the seed lone, io getnus inlo quality, and inmported direct by n Wi\m. DINN. s EDUCAT'1N-FRENCII and ENGLISIl. Mr J,,m s, recelnty ar:ty. d n this city, bega :eove - to intorm the ti zties of New Orleans that he will o on an ademy on Monllay, 14, January, at No. 19 I'oulousae sereltc, for i st istiruc ollo of youtlh of t II both sexeS. in French and, in which hie will be ably assirted by Mrs. Ja:mes and Mrs. Meo:bhre, who speak both Ihose languages with Pt treat fluency and purity, and wlho will tle charge ol the deparllllt nt of the young lnttie.s hMr. J toes will give bhi whole atelo ntion to the various braneles of educatont, and flatters hinloell nt that ho will give entire satiskoiotin to those who tlmly lhonor him with theireotsidonltte.o ntV I. NO l ICE.= Te co partnership I+runed on thi. 8t11h July Il.l. betwet'n Johon Y.Doayter ,Joueph A. onrl c and s Cllnrdhnt . Ul.b. sorel, o e ctlondod, ted un der the lrale and tille of loI)lisa, IlHerd & Bot,.r , Is dits.,lvrd : ood lots dlsaodutionl is t, s take elect us Irom the let of I),Ocember urst. re lThe underiigned will prompnply discharge all the af otlioatlone or the late lirn, sald I1 future contlou. n ll thir own nllltmes, anld tfotr li oWll conlllt n- thle same busint s, ts Factors aLndl (eneal Coo,1 112 1i io 0n 0iterchbants, under the style a In iiit i i l t B eard & HIbllen, land sohil ta iishareo f tIhe ptro S uge ofl their Irends mrd the puhte. JOSEP1H A. BEARD, m n I I LI ARIES I. BItlREN. lfo I 'L)--l1iaisii l ppi Fundo taken at 7, Fraot L.c .,--,l;.rt~r,'er ,-, It, aja tlN'enuILn, t.Lsae, Iltil ttn, .k.-. t L lalding trhlLhpll onlsItultionllllnd for Rale-- e 16.JI0fbel t u'glass, belt qluality, frei 8Xlil I i 23.28 311i kegs Wlhilte led, pllre; 3j do greell poilln, ii 2 Iibr. ko. '; "I zi, i crd tinle h i l ;l;ll0 lb hhrll. ,f; dliz splnidi IdIIUIIII 0 round braIle- ulels of.0|)0 inllli illl0 do; 2casae crn*,ne green ia powder; superior article do do an crns; u large nasortmeni t of salh ools of ever size ad qualit: r. suible ecilis f'ur ariiisti; flat lmarkine brushes formnercllants artist's colors ill il ready prn pared,in hoxe, tlited "i tith all necess.ry bu islhee; artist's Itols, rc., Flake uld t'nllii white; GO lncks gold leafl ; white and yellow wiax; gn aralllic; snl t large and chlloice as llrtlellit if points, dry colnri oil, Itlrlpetin<, varnish, &o., ior sale, wolleale and rietil, ai the luwesl lrice., by IlONL)I'IA, ilgunl'lA, I L.n. NEW EDITION OP TIIlC CIVIL CODE OP LO UISI AN. . IT has been fIt seomn time Inle know In to the pullc .thIt at tile m~b,¢rlltrni te enzled ia I)Ppielill - ,ur ,r erthe pr'ss I er edition oIf thle i.eei-ioua Civil Cudlu - They were.Iron tile firet, aeware of the grelt diticulty t alnd resplauusulill asltnding thile pllublleuliton i the wurlk, and it was ot without greatt hesitttim thi t they i i n sellted to t i unIdertakile llut (te preent eIlli1on. amountine to tntut three thounuld topies,thd whichi hladcast thie State mnre lthan thirtl.y thu .d dollu:n, wts aentirely not ofp rint. +'or mlre thll two vears past, thie lslnal prie of the vWork las been fronl tiirty to fifty ddllnre. It is a nvalten of written rules wrilh ll l itmelldiately operates upon every indivihual of rthe rtte, i.tery l either in ag-ielltiire or comnelretl .and which it el-rll tho dislousiin oif so much properllliy Ollllmine to Il fromI SItilier tiatliitlthat--al)l lbe hlillmnt', i itCe tIreiiP ielipnlI la--it is as muICIh the itexil)Olik 'ind lintnllll of the merehalnt andI tlhe Ilunter, ea it is of thli- private gentle inotlanld tle prlfe.sionllll advoc tr. b aThe wers ol't 1 nlnlo stt, and in flct of nl those stlnteR".pot tic ()hio end lis issipp. i rivers w4hicl illd a niiart fr ithleir lprollle ill I.oli.ianon. have a le quent neceunity of reference i) thecode, and make it ntl iltlis tenlbli le reqttnsite it liteir lihrarieh ; ant(] in the rite of Nlew elrelet lhe l.ok ii liltlure tI L: .otllll in the terchant's eitllcoilgl rlin s up n e .disk Uf Ihe ud,.e, or the llt ll tle tlt, rlur. It is aet riip rtiiig there;tre thal the Grst ellition of the ware wat so qtick- I ly displluIed ol annd although a nIilre reprint of it wul l Pit some Illeaire supply the pulllie neLes-itv, vet it wo+id be ilhper ect Ilnd unsln actiicirty ul annotated wiwth leftrrces to the lietporte and Stmautr , in or ll toll m ra:le thlilelumeron ll' ileidilln wh lich I b en iade Jby the I. gis ltrel, ni d lthe implnp l t l llei rtil s h I and pm Irlinlhli w~lieh hi\ heel, Iupnii Imn I t it articlle s iltab e Sllir lle ltlre il irt. The publllishllers hve e ured, lPIor tIhe -eeral super-. intendence ntt editorial de pall-entl of' the worl, lite irofn-lontl sclviees iI hilnlck S IilS',ll, Il;.-. n 1iii.1lhee i tie Ntlw (erleii lice. 'u'le IIn. Jei,_.e Ilull d!,' Ilerllldll.e, ind! h)e Ge; rTe Ii-estis, IhaVPe eich kindh, al-i-tld l tr ptIIon wlilh ithe vinIahle I wh i hl they have tIlll k -iell in th ll o re a tiheir ti lm. li'and ura Itice; nld to t)Ir N R .lelninse,thlle part neroll itrl ott, whollw is also enenged ill the work, (GeC Strawbridlge, Esq. lhas preentelld thelreat trauss Io Pere reP... ontnhlod in his oflice of the rlde, nnd iwhichl nave been nilade by him dariti e whole period of hin disinmtuished proleseional Innens. The puilitsh. irn lilY. Iitler.lre elI trli.t illlt Ith llatiutntlitilln of lle wnrk will ie IllI thitllhlilrV n.t I IlIrl4tlotesi-ted iby learning and experilnce, (.tn pIrtlrm. Iti pattitlyglflrt lh his ir nltlletus lIit solieiietin erPe S tal Itlslietilere to tihe wlltrk, Illa lliillit-rs lobe lrile in the folt t hat the .Le.gillaltuare' if llieindllli ha Illthillrized Ithe ;overlnor to iordeir one thoulsandll copies of it foe. the SIutuire llse lft'he 'tnate. The rndineswite ill which this nlltlmblr wan take lb tIle Assembllv, evinced their iust I sellne of thle vale olithe wllrkland they therellby extenl ed Ihat cnllfidene in the leility of' the plublieltel and ,dihm'. which it is ho ed i uti wh-llyv ,ind.r.serteII. hI eh work w.ll IIe priu. t rllin t Ireonth and l+ngl:s.l, Iupon od pper Ild lll ith cler ti"er; nlor will niu ex penlee carelIe nspnredl t.niuke the hlihle ni ehnieal exe culi nI it el:rl'reslllod witl . i ireent llllll.t ee I t will l oilth lie retllv foir ilh!ivtr inll ie Illt tl el tile.ii tlina e d Inlllar i dllrtbe I aotl tI le lile ufesul The Lub.scrilptioni lists one ellosed, tile store price will e Innwenit dolilrs per tie.Py. I ori tI tI1OINSl & CO. Pultiheliesr. ROWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, ~ FtR rcov+:r..'D ,;a . a a:. F rEN years have not yet elapsed since it was teJ first regularly aslbnilteod to the public; but it N1 has iatained thie highest reputation; and lhas Lsup-.I a planted every other meicine lfor thie Ague, where-v. er it has been known and apprecited. Already & /c has it be:n earried in every direction threegaholt griet the United States, and still realizen more thail eould I have been anticipated by its most s.anguine friends. ilr Tlousands of persos lhave not only been relieved, Ihat r.t-eatd t, le t an vior tIhrough it agtn. ey; and they now thetermllltv ervtify t every of,.- xn Iprtnuity, to its detided and suproeme e;icacy : to : is composed of such rimoteirial prionciples as are vcll ca.lculalted to renew l the healthy action ultlln stomn- A acb, hver, and other importtant digestive orgalns, tor the loss of which harmony is the imtumediate causeoI ext of trhe disease. It is appalrent nlot, that it produ- F coa ani retire cilllge il tie cetdlitin of the systelln, and certainly deostroys the naive liability to relap ses of the utfccltioln. Woen tile Ague is attended Fri with any other euomlaint, the emplhyment of Lhei Ta'onic Mixatu-' will not inierflre witI the treat. L Ilent of the other di-ense, but wi I teven afford as. stiltL iat-'.nee by lurnishing strength and vigor to the steal during the coure e of treatment. Those who slah usee of thin medicine may be assured that via theru is no Arsenic, lnarks, Meernury, or any other "itt, erticle in its eompslation otltricld y to the uman t ill co.srtutinln; being a vegetl,tie exlrct; bile Lad they mny have additional cntidetce in the 100 Ilse thereuf, wllhen they peretive thaI:t it s haI ef- thre eat of a gent - luxative about tile tine lilf a but. I 'ri it full ihas beern ItcKeI--iI coneiiqitrnc of which, el , here in no part of o cle nMedicina: left to linger il trOl in bowelse to ciusa obstructiuns, and other evils, is c ,risilg sroln the aue of many of the remedies now tieo .ffired for the cure of tilts aLffietion. It has been tle sted also as a preventive, by mniy wiho were sub 1 r'ettoa periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it esti .as invarimbly warded loffthe aplprtletded atttae. ale (Obserne! Tie Proprietor, tfully satislied wsith the tig anpar illeled ald universai l succes .vhIC has cti. LIti -tantly nttended a punctual and regular use st the a fotie Mixture, in all cseSn o' Fever and Ague, Istela warranted in eng igiig to rrefund he price to Iis all those who have t n t+htntte medicine it strict aec to O! r cordatce with the prescribed directions, without oan lauvmig been perfectly anid lastingly cured. oa The subscriber ar te wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of thi i medicine, which is warranted lfrsh acd genuine. For sale at tile manulaclured prices J 1\t\ IS &, ANiHll.\VS, i \\gha-atoh slh.i-dgleSten it hiileaale antemgists, nov7 co Commolln ia T'l'cluitoulus streitt. ORDE) S I llICEIVED) FORl / O.\"l-ser' C(jI)V'O.c f;V L\; lvthe Pateitei , c . 5 l ; zihe street, Ntew Orleans st 1011: .11.1N F.C'I'UIItI ) IN NW\V YORIK BY ROlbERT h' UE & CO. I hb SC iL.F OFP PIIICES-Dleittle iteu. For a dobIle Gin rtrof saws or nlmot enat tilt1 cylirder, talkingt 160it anmi iI the stitil, 1r witlh ieder i, llhands, t c. at filc persai, r $40 I r 'or 141 oble Gite ol fI sa vis iCt a c illlht o 1l0 saws inl tlh stand, leelldcls, &... a t( $6 per' saw, or 700 00 FIordo. iof 40 saws oil do. or S saws ill a s-rtand, at $i6 2i perl so;w, or t Si 0b 0 For do. of Zi salws oil do. or 40 aews in a stad, ei $. liper sa , o' Zlt O0i N I SINGLE IN . . SFor a singlt gin of SO saws or a more, with i onet set olaedeltrs, catlds, &c. it $l6 it $w, $1s0 00 eFordo. of it0 saws, with lecders, ce ..t $6 ro v do." l'i40 saws, withl feedlcrs, &e. ;6 C i75 per saw, 31X till I n Fir do. ot idosaws, withfledil rs, &e. it $7 i,, l1,1"26"V s1511 (iU I axtiatcethilere hrsired, f frufelltder, rmlipliditc i tIl eets eath; the nltiiher ofteeth lbetre about eniuatltl u o the lllitbr of sIts. I)ite set of ledel e, it isi can sidered howeuer, will wear out two " IIthree sets ol I-lTe G ins vroa-e't, ti ill ibe deliaered to the tgents ot a planters in any of the sea port lowns alt re cotl,; plan a ip- Stales, ni tie nutti pri ces, th10 i mtIt s ti l ) ilt g til - sp-.. ibhlefrlh tie mom ntof the (iit. A Ilii a gll a illibe Sll itt with the Gin t Ut tilhem ill Iwre de 1 sired;l the chalges for ahuse services will be etra, bhot be mndlerate. r. sru IUltllillng ge:ucnRtl alsolle orerel.d here des-led.l I h o, reasousble ter:.l, but will be charge: extllra. Ilors, ge IOwel, Iflaniy dlesrililllpti caln e furnisied oli like itelms. Slall steaml en cagines also be ordered ef de he siedl. ei It lsiitlesinbll, wahen planters live ordelr for Gins, be th.I) tihouht tod o sc any ihem ith iheid nihe s in regieid to tle ar-alllamuenlt a saws, Ibreasts, Ilbrushes, &e. Ii - isn ftout thi y stit- h o- pinioi. Smie ca esita- ouoe ni I lamrger it otal others. The must com.lo sizt A s iJo lchesl t . a soli wisn thlem I illuhes. Slme Sii" lly i 5 tr 6 ih .Ibrushets oil nll ait, a l ilu othil rs d(, nIoet want moret e lit at ast. See:ue wish saws witll i t r t'Jett to the inhb, while olthers wattl or It. |\V sclal, aIre|: isc we pIrel.e thnit shoulad, at tih e lina oligiaiug itrders, fiurdlish a statetcut o" thOeil e uishes, and tihe tirnlirhiettiriers c'it itltllb the in sever) S Where it is left io our discretin, we shall at. | "ake them o thhe nolt monldlern ad aprovlled pl.l+ r- t.n o'd,,r can Ia exectled, from the tiale it is rre.ived. on the slace ol'eight or init e s eekii , c ll the (in ir Iha Silrle i lllnlcdin the h dilllls of lie ctor. To be ill IIII or the next crop, all orders ought to 1e in the hie s of hit ilmaiulturershyl thtire t li or iiiddle oif illn ;t eurlpt or p."Itatiols wherietheary are itn ecolnnilluilcg to |pick or gill cotton. iLe- N. ItI. thriel':ent Iitight,,- r it any te of the eittoi it ,i : wr " ill he " ,,10 r... !I.1u".. * . S E 11 Y " 115 E AUL'I'S k .1l., . CINE. T I[OR.N'S Compnl Extract ofCopiba and Srans -pailla -A certain, sale, and most tllical rene-1. D ever discosverd fr the cure of Gtono(rrlsean, Gless, dluri trictures, Whites, Pains ill the Back andl oins, seaonal weaknaess, alffltious kidnies, ransel, soorbitic eruptions, &.e. In thie introduction of ia medicine possessing the usefi S and active virtue ofl the one now otfered to the ipulic, , tile proprietor h:as but to rieferl to the numlller ous rolnm- a meatlons received lfrom lllthe most emillnentl of the ime slitcal tlsulty in uholoe, tbelioing that it sell Iedly '1' appreciated when its merits are ollcre fully known. i'The asl Uitsxlll of .oqpibai, so eetelsively lsed, las last much Yo of its credit front the dislike 'shich patienlta lt oanerl rot ex p'ss ir egardlng its dislgreeable taste, sislsitrlbaUet drl troducts e linstse howels asd stonmchi, stds its CIrseotitr .wit, insicii.llsencv whel used in the inflanlasatory stage. T'l olf proprielor ha:s Idea all atlysis o tile t.alsam, cossnciv tow ilg thls tIle mlore activequalities wo.sld thlerelby be mulcllh lhe nore oneentrattd and inore usefully sadninistered than int il the present slate. The Ibove med cine combinesir - I s-Ur gr.edtients which atie in tie higihest repute ansss the , winl trlst scientific and learned in the ilt.Resisn. Essel the tdrug in tl;eeonssitioni of thisprepartion Increase sthe on ellieacy of tie olter, plrodluing nit operoiion trlly noto- t Iishlgll, .nl srillallq ssil e most angllui expCelations; lscs's-sislsgat thlsae s stim e ti e asltcsstssga of its laeihg 'lnt nd1lilliStled Wihilh pesrlecsstl soxesl1s itl tie diferest stagla( , tin, o l'he bovre dlisease. lhe losl t elninlent Ishysicians antd pae sosgeonas of thle pr.esrnt day ex(psress their decided al. Is e, he i, and still cotinsa very exstesnsiet , t waa a lst - ol-ste Irrllelly with tile eelelatstesl iDs Alerlnlsethy ill all Verllnl sllts, s sti I iss nollillissateiCnsestasusIserrt Iilsts, asinAg flrom na Ilsorde redt state ol'thetligestisefuillctions. NE lavil beel submlnltted to tile test anld experiene tof tile most celebruted among the iatuly, tlhes have expressed I thlei satisiastlon of its extrantrlinasry elicacy in ecery well ssss ctdcr thil aeir ar4a i- asissistlssti it issil in tiseir tisa pnbllic Iand p all'epIs.rlasticee. Their oh, ettiOatsls will t ar use i rd hsreaster. Prepared bsy J B Thorn, (achsisslt L.ondon. Price l$1 I ler pot. TEST'IIMONIALS. Fr-am A It Salmon, Esqx, F R i, st.gren to the Stl Thusa a htospital, nod Lac urer on Anatomy. The stit which It have made of roasr preparssaion an a sons variety ossaset, iodth oale sno fe-atae, in its results Ihate dra proved o higily ftiourable, that I sdo nt hesitate it is pronouncing it one of the most valu:ale rnd efic scious Far remedies e ser tilired to the pullic, ans, nne in which, or Iroth experiterre, I can place every reiialsnce, ahilst it M, Iois lntsol'llc le i se nliasstllaasast etlictsuuaally ex- rxI i iee as ael11 RC SlS, Phyrsi iaes tbo h St rsq ssarylebone )sispenry a. I lakse gtr:n pla:osr'e inl arllinsg my testimony to the uh.bale nprop's rtes o your prepatrtioss, wishisg you the on snecess y tilt so ISlly deserve, itl ansst lple ruwiaId iE lre ll sa! sest t 1"st insurrled ill brinsging it to such sois om \V t Cooper, F R S, Surgeon to Guy's Ils- - pital 'Ilhe unIllliform snelrces which has a'tended the idmIlnis -risg ysr sesiin "isasngs my patients afflicted wiih tlhe cbove disesstes has fully satisfied ine that it has ol" to be knowls to hIe truly atlllreelattid. Mlay tih success you so well deses ve, amply ansd speedily repay you for )o valuable lprepartll on.R "C e FroxSir A Coiper, F II S P It C S, F/c. A . d ilating Ieen Inlhlced to try your Extaltel ill sevet:d casesof iolent ;oionrrhoa, viih had hithlerto alled as every prescription administered by me, having f'uond in sure asd speedy cures effected Iby it, in a few days I S ieel msself isn dhs ihound to state that I now ill Imny pra ice bothll public and private recommell and i use non Si othler. IFom G W Blair, M I), Physielan to Guy's Ilo Sit piltal. 'IThe strict test which I have given your medlicinel Sis Samtng nl paients, and its invalriable .lt.eCs, thus far, will ilsltce e to 5 t0elsevea'r in its site, aslnd I detas it Sit ut an ilet of llStice and el" l sst to sds Isy' feeble tasti nlhoial in comntmeln ation lf itsvirtues. From n C 'LT'hios1 on, M1c DF It S L. ] retrllur tll nl silleele ittalks fr t e valuabsle l're d ellt of outr IExlrlnt a's the saea ' s os llelas rhrsa, k-. i li t.eel grattl'il that you hate at lact i'ougsht a medicine 'n inlto use hich will erlve eiellii l stn s Ing soghtfoilllo ill tie ledics worhl--a aule, suetilye and elreatsialcor filt in cases - I thel above class. it aItrlists mog-reat ipleasure in publishing to the worhld the valuabe qualitiesofy our As Wer it necessary, the proprietor coeldh here furnish r iitiimiy moisre tesist iliasa equally as Eontnlllelldatory a:s the ic ainitte; bt tIsts that itsgreat ucllcess hitherto the Elrec & exlense at which it has been p elpar'ed, will prove its l /ellest recommendation amongn a iscerning psublic. O(lle recomlnnlldlssatisot this Iprepuittionll etnjs abover x ill others is iss tneit, porItat e Iorsn--nt Up in sAts-ts tel n[tlle illn which it nmay ie takltn, beinlg both eals) s I ph'lst i nt-its lastehl nature, s ith no restrictii lil il i tllhlllll this mediine ll I hl 0Sltl usell, iand2 Dilt e cIve to bIe unprovil dd with a pr'ilsiAtion possessing the all bit which the pIresent one comblines. Accomsnasingsi thile Medililsr itea lamphlet explaallhao tory ofltelitislte.r stagess of tte diisease, withoutl ass, exitsa cIlstie, containing flull and aSIplC sireetiosS. - g For scale b SICKLES k l)O. me 14 sawtl la. UnCall street. TAIROUGI IN FIVE AND A IHALF DAY.S From Mobilo (AlabRma) to Augunsta (Ge) T EAVES Mobiil evel y other dat, imm.intely t al te SLthe arrivil of the mail from New Orrlans, per thti steamboat EtMEttNc, to Illnkely, coaches to Pensaccla steambonats (er Pensacola ltay, St hosa sound andx liClnxo tdclehie liier and Ilavi to Cedar lAluC; coaches thetse via sMariannt, Chattsh'acheie, (f'oramerly Molot Ver c nton,) Hlainbstlge, Pitderion; lis twkisv'ille tand Iouis itr ville, to Augusta. A passelgeertakinid hs seat at Me i 1ile is in no danger o' being thrown out or losin{ his t l lre erence by ether tnstflicting interests, ar 'le FIL.OI). SI iA LINE ,is bout on cncern, and lunder one col te throulgiout, and nlay relyl wlrll CERAIN.Tc uin hi.its I u s iva ast Augastl in t''si"secifiled, through all weith er anllll salln sOll, lea hlseswa lllle ostnSltbts l.cseea 1catis- I trphe sl ull - occ lr. T Great aNew urleais lMa I is carritalty this Iroute. The Agents for acso.uiln,5. 8I tion, ''ealms, Conches ald Drivers are not surpassed I the southern conutrP. Thie smooth, hatd, natural roads, the safe and inter - c, estiig watler navilgation, the time and accomnmodlation, s alford the traveler speed, certailnty, comfort, asd a pleas s0 ing v:'ielty; eonnected as it were with the t ail Road fit Ciharle:ston, S. C. andl te slealn pakelets to New Yorkn Y W -isoelaer can rea ,t New York from Nuw Orleanl 4th LEaS ToAN It II aas--'Wishiixgln eity in 12. Fromnn CIatuthoochee, FlorIda, we lave a ltrane SLine via QstinaCY and Tallahassee, to St Marts, 4 her - at post cnaches, also two lhmeihes from Hawkinsvills A one to Milledgeville, and one to M.scon, light twi hure pi otetes STOCK I'OsS & co. as A'oversrA, 21th Jan. 1835. Officent Mansion Ilouse lMobile ; 1 Isa )istonev, New t)rleans t MN1ile, 1511 ils I t SMohile to Augusta, c5 t , Aun.tsi to Chlleston, Ifs "5 Charleston to New York, h980- 10 . Time, New O)rlena tt Mobile, 2S Ihts.r Mlobile to Augustla, Augotet to Charlestsn, IS " Ch crxeston to New York, R- 5f 2Maki¶i i miles per day. or i miles per hour, inle sibe s f all stnpl,ages. ,orts Il N. II. I I sal leave to inform the public chat it I bridges over thle Ch,.talhonkheswamp and Ilard Labo 1 creek lave just been completed iy the general govern i . met, (the. r t obstalcles operutingl. lginsltthis sare ai speedy roullte le thushallppily removed; and I have th pleastire le stanig lfrom travellerstha theconaehes ,hotr s.s, drivers lnlid Usas are of the first oleler iitl as ito Its water roalt from s'ena:ndii to Cedar illtl; it is admiit. ited y all hol have passed tl.rnsgh it to be unsurpasse il inloelties belutsy andl solely. 'The bridges ths4tltgi SGeorgia heae also Iee, relatited. J I" C BAK.lIt j ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE Wntr.oeces, u Cuasntomhouse street, opposite the pobt.Utlieo. Thoe rubscribers ur now receiving from their fLe. tories io New York, and will keep eonstanlly on hand a general aneortmlnt .f Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperior workmahhlip, and of the latest patterns, made of the host Egyptian, Italian, Irish and A,merreie marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stoines, mouldod and plain sills and lintels,,. I omarble !hcinga, hearths and boundary stone,. plaster or1 Paris, IRoman & Ilydraulie Cement and Plaster. iog hlair, together with a splendid assor'nment l brass nm.unted and plain Grates and Iussia Iron Grates lofthe newest and most approved patterns. Lattering done ill the neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to set thle above work. ie5 'AMES RAIN & STROUD JPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURNAA. of an Exploring 'Pour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the draetinm of the A B C F M, perforlwd in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge. ulogy, clinmate and productions. and the nutu cne, nanlors and l ustolnt of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samnel Parker, A M. I heIt River and 'le Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and thL 'hartreuee; by Miss Pardoe, author olf the ('ity of a S tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Talo, ' ' the author of Richelieu, I Th, Gypsy, Atlia; in 2v The T'wo Flirts; or Ad. "rure in a Country Ilouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blesaington. E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Modwin, and otthers; in 2 vols. ' ie Lilt anJ Adventures of Nicholas Nicrc!eby, edited by BaU, with Illistrations by Phiz, No. 1 Just rorcired rnd for sale by BEINJ I. QOM1 'AS3SE S, ''l'HElRO I'ETERiS, MIn its S i/ "tPI'IS, &e -Ju.t received oand for sale l'y ' Wmin. tIcKenll, curllerrl' of'allp andll Conloen slrecnt, a general assoaltleenlt Survwyor's Collmpau-te, 01 itolaheu nirietl Iolirluti'lols, lrawing lmit' Spitinig DLivletila, dc i.lig Blwn v ltets, ivory Pro. Ivory itale, tOunter'as ~ales, Glss l'rianalas, on Parallel Rulers, blicroseopes, Therniaoellll , Camere ilbsevlras,S.urve'ei Chain-. r .lon-rieng l'apiyor. 'A York k Iattimore rackets 1JACKETS FOR NEWV YOK1-New Line. iLaTo anld pulciually every scuond Monday during tlhe s-.soai, fill or not fullj thip Orleans, 5909 tns Capt. S. Seasn, Ship Alabema. 474 do C. C. Berry Ship Arknnss, 62(i do E S Denaia" Silp Sr ,toga, 54d2 Id W ilathawasy Ship Nashvirle, 540 do I Joukso.a Ship KentOueky, 29 do j Bunlkes 'llhe abovec ,ll are of the first clnse, coppered4 and-copper atietrecd, a, d having bien built in New' York expresely lir this trade, tlar are of light draft of water aonl naloet invariablly cross the bar without any det.rltiion. The eomlloanders aire meoa of great elpnr ino, and thie hipa wil a! nys be towed up end down thie Mississippi by eteamboats. They hfrve haedrromre lir.ri.shed afer nmoda'iones and storas of the best ldecriptirn will alwayv be, furnished. Tie c.bin parsage is $90 without wine or liquor, anrd there is an liquor Irnlished to the officer, or crew. Frr frigiht ir passage apply on board, or to 11 C AMES, 48 (:Caipat. Tile e sp nr, tot aecoulitable fur Ireakage of glass, hollow ware, inarlne or grua.ite, cooperage of tin, or rustr of 'ron or atrrl, inor rerpolibile tlir any pbekage or p 'rce!, unlu:s a regular bill of lading as e naoted theelfor at the l(eliu of ti i el.ts. nov27 NEW URL.LANS rue IlALTIMORE LINE OF PAt'KETS. This line will coirsRt of tile frllowing vessels, which have been built or prc.'aseod reilyessly tor tie trade, viz: Ship reeamr n, Capt. Minor, Bark Mlry, " Nickersn,., Iratrld erry, new *- ntevens, S" oloion Caltus., i Lathant Brig Archteoct. "* (dr.y. These verse-s are of the fires clase, hlvl~ hanst. sone flurishrd : ceeunolidltione, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit off thrir recevi.S and ieclhargirg Ithecir eaignt r in fl;ltimrrile, t ther city. Freight will be ltken ior peures en tin, (:Cihessrake or Jarmea' River, and foirwarded ly tile ;,gents, Meessr. CLARK E & KE.l.lo;G, it ulu'altrore; xprenes oil goolds slrrprlpe will be aulv ilrdi wlon required. T';,e prle r of pessacge a fixed at $60, nample stores of the Ib sit orahty will be provided. Soeati tll and dowrn ai .11:rstcdrpri Oil bhe taken eon ill uro.nh rus. For freight or passIge, apply to LiEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Blenvil'e at. AAA IOR NEW YO(RK. S[L.ouisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'I I,: Shlipe conmposirig this line will arl from New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-conminencing on tile 20th Novernber-- nd to insure the punlretulity in the time ol'saiiirg, the lint will hereafter consist of five ships, vie: Ship Yuzoo, Captain i l'erask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louisaillo, Cuaptain Pamer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Iluntville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th I)cceuliber. Ship Vlcksho rg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on thile lot loruaory. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of tihe first clas, copper. di anod copper ftltened, o drrl npwards of 5o0 Ltns hiurthen, are of light draught of water, ieing built in New York expressly lir tire trade. Tile price of passage is fixed at 100 dollaro: their cabins are fitted up in tihe rost im proved eand colivenient Splan, and filnihed inf a neat and elegant style A1Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard pad to the comfort and entire satiefaetian of liasserngrs, who will please lake Ino. lice that no berth catn e secured uoled paid for at the off ce if tie coeosignees. Thrlee vesel sare cominao;ndd by captains well iexperienced In the trade, who will give every at tention and , xert thentsulves to neomnlrdadte. T'hee will at all tiones be towed l.p and down the Missia. sippi by stralnboats, nihd le stricteet punctuality i.h .rv id f ,,il t ;, . , : n' . .. i 'he owners of" these shi:Va will not be responei. hib for any lotter, parcerl ri package. sent by or put on board of thiem, unless a regular bill or lading be sig:ned tlerelor, at the counting house of the agent or orwre. lFor further particulars apply to J I) EIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st FOR NEOV YORK. [Louisial and NSE York Line of Packets.] FI chpstllll.lps , ).iu h llu o,. lw ! £sail Irma, Mew I ho..uanItu,:\w 1ii-k en every other Mnndanv c-nltenciolp titt 201th iuoveiber, nand to otiolre iho sttietoosI lIatotoIu lityI in lit r timlle ot tailing, tIhe lie ill Ilerealter conosist i" live llips viz : Ohli Inazoon, to'aptoli Tat;k to leave on tile 21th non. SI ilJ i.oetri+i/etili, ol P'ainer, to leane on the 4th Ship Ilutsaville. Cuptnin Eldridger to leave on the lShip Vick'sburg, Captain Woodihooe, to leave on the t an njnlarv. 81ip Atis rs ippl, Captain IDavi-, to leave on the 15th ir The ilhove liips are all now, of the firstt clas enpplr"nd ottlil coppr e a l npwards of o50 luea burtheo, arre of ligllt drtltiit f water, being built itll New Yolrk exprealn lo fr ihe trlo,. l'the priae of pna the first qality will bhe provided, ano ever regard hal to Ithe eomtrtrn e!iltatlltl m eu stmi:vl pt.senrlloee-, wlo will llenase tlke InIite lllat nlo beilti cniltt Ieeunured un-. tl paid lor at Illte ilfe ill the cnholvtgilPa. 'hes' n r at-nt- anel irtlllllldeil y Cplli lta w ell ex perietiedl in tlte tradle, who iill gin' ,.trltv atlletlini, alnd exert tlleli telves lto a ci lllnnodlte. l henv will at all titen totwed up ,d dloti the M.lissieiptpi lby Ile tlboae 11d the j l.u iU lity o .served in the little of mlllinlr, 'l'e owner, lt l-e hipi wi ill not hie respanaibt for tty let or, pir el of p.' lll ti -.s bI" i r Iput 1u Iiou t in thrI'Pnu nle.l :, reul ar bill t ladln. is .i aidt' r re hi o rIt tilelr ln h+ fIll I n i tle agent or on l etors. lnrs It 1H;IN & A COITEN; nl 1i3 u Coiintion St NI EW OR IAN & till \Ali.i.TION PACKETS ih h," er consiss iof i .ur esel,,all of the liv e: crla-, opperd anid a opte r llas. * re , 1 ed1 1 l1 tit U i It s burti hen, with hlodalllnt, n ,i ri ,r ps-venger. 'hese v, ss i .l r c',tainllnldd by enpains well et ion. andi. , ri thui iiselvs to nt ,,pins date le it ehip:,er-. L ,te1o1 it ttwl t od dn wi te Nto-lessi p;, hit t-I I a Orileann on or before the 10 ib and lrlic h .If et rv in 1h. i 'Ihe followilng vessels v ttol po l e IIIIIIIt Bril Arlahit l, (lChlolles it ln, master, Ilil C aprun:..l, 1. ' no upion, mastelnr. alrig Al i te- n, J ,i) - I I, I ( CIIIII I r.n h .g r i \ IIhIltn , I . .I liters, n na er. PFor fr ight -r pc-,i: e, Inly i,-n . At . IlARELLI & Citl C(,ntion .. , Naw n liane, er Jl. C. ltrd 'co,,ChI,l t, . ct I / IlE un ler i nt ed Illrpl i o ',stir d husine ss r lls a tOlt..- uinl A viviiiaten-ry, in the istren Iehwlend Ilrafini\allk, nip-ti ll liAirih of the nutltic ptirllltldoe etll renwanl at the favo , his frmr ti+t-,,s" eS. ' lhe entire stank at Drugs. nuetleiiven loneni I larils is frsteaI and cartafull.y a-ieed. The lltwall-g only an. par. I.clarize. , viz : Pre Bush,, d. ali z und Saratopgn Pw de,' IYa nst 1owill , is, ill,g1n w hIt nnle uni elegant sotlniitaU for )eutt, iii rtisl.g bltud, buckwUenat a rake, &. B I'ull I's Effervc, .n Alt M vnesian Apperienlt-a d plea.wet unil genre linro-itivn in dyspl an or idtli. geslion, nlerv, Iti dil hliry, ndtdlle-i, headache, acdityl i the atoinillh, ltuiaol niatvenllle, couto. Sneous eruptions, lc. , Cnspeae' IIsta litl Extraet of earsaparilla for uf posiu Inl the L,lo , Anc ,i. do and eSbbhis, &. w, wanint's Pnlleral nl d Vermitoll g ; British and Hlaertldem n il- Oiodt-ldot,, &c. S Relined I qi, race., jtIJbe and Gunlanve paste. 'oanch ha ie N S Pr.ente's cenrnonih dentrir ,fire, ehlori,, otuith wash, tow der ipuff nnd hexe., Petiettes e' tmto-inie dntrtite, thlir e- toth wash - powder puI,,- nd b xet-, 'rellieil's scented and "lata oilet I oolw r, p.n atum revme de Perse, orange flowera r ., 1 .V,-l, cr and Florida waters, at the bekt q ilitec. Rwlaat' Macnesar Oil, Old. rid-e's lait, tIt Colui la, beat'.. oil, a varielty if uoiler and otlher Iattes, tuddltble marking an, supriotr Ilak iak,& . S Spaerm untd lefien whale oil. IlaI'sLintiment. by A I-reh anstrllnet If Thurhrn's(ar an L lds, It. ct GEO.RGl Ju(lN3. r Ao L .-- MI kg to'ieg o'" .... lAer-Ai lM-tf a LZfr stle b n tc Ilit.;S+.o a44-at.a nedl(h'a .evand b. . It in J HA .i EM et 7/ Pnydaau

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