Newspaper of True American, February 19, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 19, 1839 Page 3
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X1rYD0R PAMS11 Mill Duln"rr~lbt . hila a ja21 o2tcobogo Oflico, 75 (Corrot o N ORTI4ER9 E8l liANG1,-Bi-ll of EGohson oon New York, atshiort iONl, OlllIolh'l ,0011d; l0 y Apply to ANIDREW.S & B1R';i , ja26-2t 50 Cnlilp li OAF .IUAAt--I00 l'il· 0nxtu , ilsd1,1o *11I' 5y L J26 __ '_'H \YE Poyd co, 74 Poyolns or AiGG·ING and Bole hoto 10 I01 se by JLD oill IEA I) & IAlR- 1' )1W, 7 Bonk Placo' VCfrom ship CoUso1nllioe,,fClr onlo by js26 I'SAAC BRII(IIK 4 153, 34 ilnonzinoy 0 SW ATEIRRBO 1'd0-101111111011110k w110ts111111,fr salo by ISAAC lt l llI fE & Co, jo@I I:11 8Itornzio o3 TA VANA 4EIiAR1-353 AI. I15111eip1 910vunu 0010 .gas, il quoyter boxes. f1r sln by *a2oS I3AC B1RIU.lE ' (Us, 134 Mlagazlin RiLAON UO iIE7IT', 111513i58o fO ship Eli0lobth from London, fl male byv jirf24 RE I) & I3AIINTOW,7 Book Place, lAlt on plajntoinn oolollh city, for slits by, d" 4.11 1tPLI)& BAIYS'I'OWI 7 loonk Plu 421TON SOAP-201 boxes iln l0100 f1110 by `PERM CAND)L.IIS-bIA .IIIx11 Il mIore"lilrotr IyI J julti AIlR\H~A U 1111III. ''·1 lil.liilrl I 1)T\ TOES-2 ULU hsrnoo-11-1110 borer PI" 1 . r tcnroso, of a superior L qualll, 01111 If for oole by al I 11 (.\!.E, 3 C3oololn lo CORDAiE-Al invoice of tarrell Rope, 000 n0,10 3i0es, (or sale by IhE.\l) & 131111111W, 010 _ Baok PbIne, L NDORYiS-SO bolos I onoll I ,llnoysy, Ioadling for sale by 9IF FoSl & & AVERY, .ja7 118 lirooier 03 LADII.,' Vel0et Illinrol' ala, of 1he lolotl slylco to sole lby i1SSJII' & Co, 3 CUiorl s at, Ill 1011g01101111o~c P ORE-Meon & Prime1,at 01e i1n0 ectionl , foll1 flo byI P ja (4 IlIInIE's, Noo Iever GjUNN BAS3 baI e in oui, lirrueb jalb 4s New Levre FAS1HIII7ABI, K P0t11- AIU.L 4.ill TIjIE eLnbcriber hoo tII holllnr olf inflorllg thllo 10. ties, 3ha0 110 Ibls ,1n,1llolI r Ill' 01010 10 Lal yIl and Mss,,oo. a 001p11y of fu1ll 111d11 i1011,r 1ill: 1ry1 ol the laelo and riche.[1 IlolnlnlO ill nloa. ll, . 1 101. :Scanlan 30pe00 to0110 IlolpIlel d1111 re0171for e00110' (nation onl Mlolnday and 'L'uooduy l1e03. 1) 1' noCl I:N B ALE ItII'h-Il1, cold; 0110 1 100 hle o1111·1 1 , stsorandfoor aole by J 11II &l 3(, - -jail1vdrot't 11A'LA I . Corner of St. Choarlco 4 Comooon streeL, 5.II A Nor. II ~1.. B gll & ALI.1t %woold 111r7 110 ull01ll t1he01i lars: silk, rltftln naol 11111111 11 111r shins 0 .111i r1 1I *8801bri11 nUi8 1 ilk oI lrnlll r'oUl( , Il' ll11. ll d fI. 11111110, cal1 in grea1 v111110 : ojk11 :k1011 1Il e dll Iosolld cllo: plos glatic llo lo o t.011111 11 glol ole· : sIlkIIA' 1,A 111111 and ghllr d glovsner: gssllroska g~luuao: s llclc·l iu ,all canes gR ull Alas,-S::~plendid .,,,,,1,,,,. f ladwix uud I~ lnnU Cei aurgdeaka, drefola!~ Eases., port folios, pelulluntery cue ar lery, dal rich flacy goolds. . nuIIv 11110 11 5.11I1' A Tth maa-lfu~~·lurr of is Phvihr I luiti A Wheel.. I.."nd I'llln, V ll eial··l; +111, 11'.1 ,71 Hair, 4&. 'I nglOll, Swlllg IIIIIngAiIadiIGdAIrildg lu aI 110l b J. IIT I' LAW NOTIC(E. - T SF ES N. I I. 111o: 1.1)0 , ·ll llur will Atlorny s J sepr I. H/il/l I.:q ., Intl Ileg a, in 1.n-los 1 opi0,111 'l s ,llll l'lllll II u lls all I..oos in which ha Is I retinedl in Uoeas. od l. Wolo, 11i0in 11 ll 00110 Altl prittLei ina1ruc1111 l a di n loll. ll & dg 1 g0 ea0 l l I 0101 il 10rll ' I Sil Iwll l'l'0111. fIlIVII Supr 11 ( illr loll 111000 fl l ilsls, andIi h11 11111111110l 0wlll01 1111111 ICid telg0 Ivil 111 library in I\II)r:TcuU Loud 7'illeo, w In allayOl lhs inI wlelll II. IIe1s .II . 1(·lyie is IItainedIu an attornley nn-Ilad %-,t i'1esa, P Wllreciv m~y ·*.iil*ance, weld udvvc as a c, runn-rl hlr. £807 J_"._\110,'ol odc \l1110l '111 tE CYCLOPA:9IA'C' 1)11 lIONARlII".S! ' 1111110, Ill colo, Penny 1'yclepnedisc~ycl I'`.I. I'n""yclcp'dia AlneI 10011n, 1:1 .. Peny10in his010 111:;7;I Golloolo+ 111W !,iu 11tcur,3 o /o1nikoer'0 11.:1un1 ary, 1 voW Il. ,,'o o I)ic li100 y, I 1111, We''l~sll'1' do I Icll John~ll~ & 1111olk,,'o ))11,0 I ucr 1 -11 Ne m n1 Iltrj"uly Ilil t~ I, l rv SoI 1 ~ II 11, I' Al 1 ('.\ I(I I I I I'E I. \1111 1 I ® 1[ 1.11 it 11 :11. No It IuI " '.1111 ad sr 111111111' Iev" .Id I."",l 0. 10101 Y1 1 II viz: 1·I1 ern ~n rn +, c Ihl'i ll* I,, h,- 1- ,III.I~' iinl~eT s 01ag 1 l 111 1or 1N11 1'( N Vlul Wte e, ll I. It I01 111lg Iu l l ld lla10l', II 1100' 110 0lha; 11l. N I-1-/V Ill~v bo 4 ,oIro 001 0100c hoclt I eurdh -. ,4\11,1- MES 11I:1:1- -an Iln hfllhhl+ ti nil y nice. a le IIy 310 ' lli II I 1-; 11011 1, FE WRIlS ISLAM1) SCIII .10 buho 11111 011110 for u nlle'y J 1' WIl I'NI"Y', jos/0 7:1 _____ st 111 : Ni't) :01 soc, P c'ao, andig rculshi )13 Il- l 0I 1C4Il dllellle 11.11 0 1111 IQ; L1o ollurtOldlollouIO h \V h llIt NE t rket alataure isn nntno'ilag to hil fron d' a, d the b(i ,the ll ' t )ha No r I \hls l t he bo w tell b leigth brld gtl Itilht,,tln . . . I u a ,ir .i..ttco.... Illule it p loingit a I it t urt h ar t b to r t opierl 1 `, tN Ig nav g h I n lt,, aiItl exe te . I t. an clllrl-.ra d to int ll It at one Bhoa t , t l ving urly as Mrcht nin t t ll' l t olt inll Ilr Iowa a and wrCltig,teltt hlave ayv qltlrl tI Ia hlllTr n ot ice or hey will te, ertI fotr th.t it it l,a3t4 ra itaa etyle io.tasi haat herehaaa re gtlva t gnaranalirasat.fn to i hall i ma 0t !t ap ectl llll ll Ho r ~4 ill t liat cityv. (titllatle i desirous ot bhavitlng Vtiwg or lIoni- ( aes tlardas fintished i tie best tatnnar, will Lo well by cullling at ha-.tina anld seae sjla I.enias. N IB--lBnk notes neantly executed, and circulars, j] printed at one houlr's notice.e oANlIIICIIiIE-'I ann. llee g a hutkndaru- l ch iPfs, for sac by ISAAC ltRlll)til: E Co, Ta1t Ill elaltzine at d - E~EF--55 bnts pl'a a ireea landlitg arom stalana - jan :30 . . ,-w I e lllo4)III--2'0 hibls superfine fr l lr, I;lld.g uillll for nta le Iy J 'ill b'll I a 11 1 - b altn staraen, 1. ad a an t t as Poa nab jt o to l I tm a lrtall Te IeEll r i l ta ir tti jt i8ajiAA5t Irtr.s1 41 tatite til ctnvttna sfrt fr Atre b Iy ISA B T ltmll al d .e tavnr 1erS.14-70 bthelii dnioeanoro'.ui tim, h v jtlJ J TI'll. o yl\ ll[(~ &.Co, 7 ] 'll, yrIt. ot d" tco . !the ln t cn rl or, I 10 0 ihd w ttatac satea d anlaitr pe tt, ,t h aat, hldt ig SlIEAM ASA 1iL. l I IIA'I' the b it tho tny a tllilxi. i n i lltha m tae aifl S Misie sipk fir t hI a i t lll aP e a IllAe lluttekalb ule,, , The m pill hl: no i Iur.e nld slbltnntiltv olrilr of a d groavinri and I wlirllh i+'ulteh.-d it grist I nill, blalaa miat n t'mpanIl I,.!.. a l bo-es fn Ilir ctaloat at datli a oaorkmenl; all ite! nae.oarnri tolo fCa ;rtlllttlg the mill i optrtt ta laaaanr, nkae of Onxell t. a1:lea it" tldlnlorming tlhe point on wi Ih Ithe mill ia built, all enttry n011rtt all ai , alld Illll itt dltrfttllt actian at on lhe tanjaoiig river., t ln e n:tatttral convlitnten a of access Itor .mal-t lhtllt n ,vi-itltle tiaba Itk are Itlrivnllell, ton at all seasons ofi late ) t r Itt the minll anal the ser ai rivea efrt.n ''o tat ilUe t .. Ilaanediatlly i tlnl itatll lta af t maill, nld witllhit 50 fateeol thne It lla , it n nataal litiat llthat will Cealilli t 211aitltl lao. whricl :ata eeanhil Ia etatlrttl .aiguint all kitnda of wenrihr. The Iacilities Ita tatlrhaaia timbaler, are not surn Iii-eol on e, wherI.I '1'l.'itt aettS lf Ithe I ny ana wanter - aanraats hating Corlell witih lle. akn aa, nanh naad hickti, y and easyl' of ac,'s. 'Thbis a.l I;hb roprly, rl o conlig noan t l lt aity aof at. ()lNtolllts, offetrs naantlllat, to th eltterpalaising, lately to hnemet witl. It is aot deem - e aecs.artr llta Filattta ,tetan. In ta inianedi.lte ,itiailv of the afaarranid pr.pterty, is alno ffered a pIlnlltalla. 1" 700 lae ael tf vlllaaln lt ltand, 200 I f which is cleared andl aitder feles,ll w a i eancoftart alle dvaelliatg laae. tihrnin utlensnla, 61i haadl I ataeepla 50 of or illc attl, ald a qanttity of lhga Talis l rnet fronts an alhe aRy ahbOt ai nilea hond in ia lltol deslrlll rituation fiarcllau nt ta tatna, the hands bhnilg elatPV led hlilh ltilb wilh alliit altiai hllti at w tfor anay oa \ the lao eraft III npprtilalh its hanksb. Ahtlll t5114 atiela ofthlit aaaa is anveatled /ilh a thick grova lh of pinea, atakan llald hickoaT, anl can lie nirtnlaplrtl.d witl gralll failit nalil ills ca enaeat. tll a alturket oleritlg nad vrllnge l i iplrotuiahh itenxt ellCnenl. l '' ll-n tatwo tlart aain ant lia a olhl tlogetlhtr at sepa ratie it a ]li'ta ,b pr , l , atlle ttt. ttlaltll tt, t tl ler ln a i or furtlht paoti alulalelply hi It 1VEI.ttAN, ft 6--11 .Chlaita :P Pl-ea ii at ft ,rt:ll"it J "At Illil1ati" & .ta SCiUYLER'd COUNT ERFEI I DETECTOR AND PalOE CURRUNT. FIHE delaycmaused by t!e tenreity of the descrip' J trin oftyp, req ired fLr the l'uper, conmpelled the Ruh criber to postplone the pttblientior fur s-ne dlnyas to the very elret disnPlmintmeht of tie publie. Htes, hoIwever, htppin o fIltrm tle noflnmralte lpplieants thit he hs rerceived by fip lmet IP'aket frlom New York, a full n.enrtuentrt of tihe kind of type nrertonary for him to uoa in thr Dteor ld eo nlrlquenttly the irst num. ber will he pubtilishlred on I'horaoyv cone, Thin Paper will contain a list of all the countorfeit Ilank noeio inm irenitaiui, thrIu ghint I tie whole U. S. ualm Canada, so nercorately described that perrona notl ncetcutomedl to handling iank mirotes, can ensilv detect a Ollunterfelt. A liit of all tie broken bantk, and frutdulent hunkn ng Institutions,l will also be Iounld in tlmp Detectr, togeller o hith tie rates of discoiunt. ol all kinds of Missnsippli, Anlanomle, 'ITennllesee, Flordrlh, Ohitio and eastern molny generally. Texas Treasury notes vill also be eareflly quoted. Tl'hePrice I'arr -t will be got tul at great expelse, andl ray be relied ,Ion s the correct rates of the market. Sale oflstck in Wall street, New York, and most every descrilption of inbllrmation u eful to the mnenln.ut, me- chl'nic, trader, stearo boat or ship captain, will be I It vill be pl rlishel lver Sundaly morning, at 25 cents fo' o sirgle nullmter, r o $8 or annuol, p.)sbli Inhalf yearly irnrvrtn ee. PetIoe r reidinol alt of tihe city ca. hoove themr err v elnt.crled in wroapprs, and deu ;itched btl y the munil otlt Sunday. To in llonston amnl o (Ulrveotn, ('rexas,) they will ibe hlrwar derd by the regutlar steumn It'keta. ANTIHIONY II StIIHUYLER, Exchange Broker, 10 Camp et., N O; i Third ot.,Cin cinnati;onnl tO liromdway, New York. Ie15 SiNEW PIA NOS, from l'aris-J ttt received per eititr i Saxl, froUl lavre, and or sale by the subseri betrs A new stoertlrent splendid horizontal Piilllrfortet ot lI' icetnsa, fromr thoe celebranted itanullactry itf Iley l t r Cot ,rf PuriL . (t'Il'hPes' iNlrrumcenl aire parriiltrjly well nislred, areflillly iriotel and forolt tI, lst nUotply tlntil Mty exit. " E JOINi S & Co, fel9 St Charles N OIr AiI'r kp ,:--U 00 Co1t luorrid llle.a , a ts ' /. sizes Irt ii io6 inrhen" .cnylyrn uniIhatlr.n Pirtoryrron intl ttr Itir rtuStk uloo, irep .ra rand iloutlk d r irer; 1f ggilg tlultor, O ite. lor ioe by jol RI'I) &. IIARSTOW,7 u Alk I'Pllneo re UINPIiP l'liSNt lndl Iinset (tili,jlt.t r eived end lirlt s ite, wulesole or retail, bh II BONNAnFI, f14 o r'I' Tehllnpitoul,. . Nothrez trs 1 ON Y fll r boeso qurity,landing 'or h rn dr Rilh by l 1 t1 BtJNNABEI, f1T4 oro Natchez rlNol TchapitoOiln at I|tAI,:.s t the tihret great ret ires of Auutriu, Ii usshl inl Tti'trv, by C It Ellit, Al A It S, Vicn r ul r(lirltih l, ancil nlitllrr of I.ttllerr fronR Itle Norirth ,f rultllrrll, jltt rccivorrl, uti for lttnle bv f,14 'I', )WA Ri19 Conip ot NIW of Iti utrier ou Obliig.lirth., jlut rt I id oid fur uial by A 'rOVAR, F l, 4 49 C'namp sT t wa AI°"o.,U1 WI'--n\ll ilnvuicn of ll iulagi sleett \Vin ril qullalrtoetr cok frts Iale hby frll I Ill -II IIAr 'I. ) W, NI,7 IBalnk Place I 1t i..l EN 11U'1t iI i--A f+ filri,' fotr a · b[ I llJA IAt) lI ItL TI rIV, n 'h 14 No oh 7 wIar* ink Placep d 8 n ! )tNEi AiM bCiEtrlt'Sr-Afw Itacl to 1'1ttbr SIIEAIl) & IAIIt'I'tW, " fritl4 Ntl 7 iiRhtnll i tcer ( 'I tItI II i ttrn",-- 1. oe wewr-tI tiutile, putit ttip ) riu srouiill oelt', ihlndig firtU irt, iBuhi,n,w fulr aotI iry ISiAAC IIiUDG.E & Ce, fat .1:t1 i.,!oemtr (IAST'IOR O11-i ltarrelr No I. ( astor i ) t, l pi aillr l rk,', le sters nr fr r sate byr 'JAILVIS & ANiIEWVS, f.l. 12 or Cannes, trlllttrrUt, . l'rth all iS ed a supurior lurtile, h DA VlI :L' trI" I) h(.e, hf'l N Y Stationers Hall, "1 Chitore ra r.-E il lI tN IC -fT Y IMSERCIHANrT'. Ill II i-R' i h uI tlIrbers oonrtre now rreeevine e itt i tiaunl I upply of enoithn'n, chillr, tr'aur. silver, w.nd ian iron wore; I'a.irs, loin a l g lehh. eulerv, whllichlihe eMlle er ir n i lw, utill It t otlllsi r m'u il l.t l ter ,ill :e stille tit retail. o'ortttry Irreh ltr t ni d thetrs woild tino it their nilrninutg trr cull stilt roomier, iprevius to trrrinrirlrlg, ite'wliter,'. II ItittIbIW I l , Co, It[ll"tn'rrt " 'lr thil',tV.r waret, 17 Ctatmp 84 Corllirihon I N B. Ailr iI it,' ote italt, knives with silver Thties, n e"w ti -tt,'ilr articleo fIt ' "t.11. I--il00 buorrIs tni'os-ippi n ot. -o.ar1-er,7r'r for tltnity O l)ttlSl"V. boti- 4iNeow Letor (I I NNY IIA1,oW1Ii0i ,sltoo. for oale by 4 i f 16 G ltit(l', 44 New' Looes G tiNNIY nciS-lill in ,olus and bundler, as. .-twil +izf., furl, sale vby ,; I'11Ac IlIIIIII;F.&Co. 1&C 9.114%ooooooa Ito-i." I I 11E OF l'lt.0"ll'EIt, ne du ano the oltnt of I outniunt, cntv1 i iog +ualo' of1110 rift ~ ~ 0() Mtoor~~o~'1''AN, "IA 1oii. i0 0uZ Fflhln earner af(`llllp nud l (IIIII'In et I 11':ItIlllc' N M all llacs, a very Ilr lful arlicl l· ur aliv to he _o."riaeu al he vrnl oem on thelo frill ill I ,te at I Ilrillollooole olouNE',\' lolllaifooo 1il V,,, -)ot i,", , nod Dii,,, terl."iv '.lo. n t "ý T he I I.',r of ýrl.. o I. l, I..- III,- nu 1hort- of ''.M others A. u8illi oaliiiol lrr( .. .11th l" 1'l, In",,,, e' t h IImhIaI d'`o" I oool u.:odk, ll, ll . la1,' h at ti 1·-l ,l I1' 1111 lean In, rifl ,, or te l 1 1( t1~1 Ci ,",t c. oo od~ hO. Li Vol. 1lI110N, - III , Ijlnn ` ^ ,or Tul a}, an dljllll(··*tl Il'lo f moon j A 1 la.. , Il 11IlI i I Iltr l nutlt. ,r of '.: l,( T law i·Ia C ( I1ll1ru Shoe I91'"&.&c 11 (I. ut \1 (uoolI ml'tp & (aat II 4 l '(l:I _S'I't Ot1'1:1 lll 10 _ 111-. Situ-_te u obo''~'iuln le?. hylqiti oil ,101· 1LI II\~II llIlNN0IRL, I 000 ca Nanchlooo.&'l'oonplal,.loonl jIY 111. 1:1'- 11111 mb at ou 0 oand ko, Iadn told ooin ttnoioofor solo tby - NlllIN'S I onue, Suwo9.'n do. loigolloo writhn 1 ta .r Nathezl.'I c epitauln, it olooat noloon I oi 10 \NI.S Cloth Potper-lo0 onott reeie a ho. aor Nrt f l ein oli-h cloth paper, 30 hy 4. nc..32l ht 45 I ohr.,.o.1 36 bo 45 inch.; superi is urtlc'. Also,. ,ugoe.aDayN oMarti', pateab nklaog a rfo Y laley PAVID) FELT & Co,44 'h rt: h olit 14f" N YoSoonioneltHllA a I 'lYlDb$ULICCFII IENT, hor ooail~ by It In joon l 1 hEAt) &r RA I OI W, aliN k Pin1. tin 11. -An invoie loll -odowi lierwoir.n.OorJ r rnlo ly ISIIALL & 111101W v, ""96 II ogi. oino 0t rAtiIal Rilo Rope, for galeby It) & ISA 11911W, 7 Rank P'loon I.LT -10;1111 loolo-elo Caodi Salt laloat, in hulk; yu r-oob,1 oon~k do do bor =ale by X03 A tt'lRItl10 & Cu, 71 Mangazine 01 I 1 t AIl1,N-1:o oobu, ounuiatuin f llouo, shoot, dart O ±0< 1 ltd si lll for tale by 0 Ilt1llI ,o fltl 41 NeoLen tnco - till i,~ll .-95dbills in tore maidf o r v J 01 1 1lISKEI:-,11 barrel s rloolntidit`oe by a, ilttM ,I'; , 44 Non tooco' ho; dnllltth till bLoobgos Sa lutniooguuCoffe, fuorlo u - 'Jh 0fI I 11 IttlllF & Co, by 'tfl 76 IUB k i:I . Ilv Ir~i; 61uooio 11 a Al I0. l .'Ilt~i,0l.ll luaosi, buid oulJooo.k- A n oun.. 'Iouorbridgu, fiornale b Pity tl 1 IS1,0 IC IIit IUhIL & Coo, 134 nagazioo st :I nt-tl1'S-gin c t',ooo.'haoot oiuoooo I'oitl 0 1. various quaulities, foo tao by h 'ar, lis. 0 1\ \C tIDltiE lc & Co. 14 Mlag~iaoz no t" 1OA 1'- 5iaU nszes Dlecclhmll'' and tieurge RHhias' it n broulan, fir salt by SIIAL1.0. k Il)itOX E, fell 7 -uo; llaga i000' 01 t at11 I) Xi;II lN-J0tobau ty. 4,uod tooulasndosides, tut ) nsa'e hy ISAAC bttitDtt I Co, felt 1311 .Mugaoinent I S)AltE 110)1'-P-ll coils IleRlulel,, of atuerior I l 1t ) oIoolv, too naal byto 4.01 oja t-l- 13 131(: 111 & Co, 134 0llnzooino m1 - CI'tY BAINI, Noon Orlenln, Silh I'ohoruaro. 11119. 1 \l It IIA\NGt ou Engliutd, fu0 sets lloji loti al, 11013til· I RO I' J P'ALFREY, s t 6Ca-ir oilr- t!T"1'llloI'-Af.iotu ohndred hltou oo teoontoo t Slooe in guoil older, for ale bll Y C:e 01~ ( I)J)II~FEY, 14 Nn trw.ovo oo.-/11Ll)..~:ll bobd blodiog b~oo.. nteOno oi I..100,11 t, an , " 11 ·1.1.14 44 N,' oova t'IIIAIICiKI.I- lilu Ontl fo (ll Cincinnati blleoot an muer cutckers, Tlloliig fromol -tenl bo h o., 01011, fur a to by 0 DIOIIOKY, Bld el44 1'n'11p at ever - .-- - - -- -""'' " eclat INSItIt UIL-tO bhiot in 001e aod for nale by 0,11141 f'- ---------- Nw lo of - LW lI0.Iotlt14. e no lE'I'E BS' U1. oltATI~, 2ovut'; Polero' condono vater I drli ivol· En~gli~h E':IheIC(I r, 6 vela; condensled boy, F.onglilon It hatoro, 9 0lt; Inoouutch'o, 9 viall; 100ck1' 00100. bIonouglp U lotlnn, l2 L I'; IRnron, 2 vltol,; lin eno oooooooto o olo, lG vklc; Pioknriiio 17 v ol; TiI ror nl o l& Io:.soIok8nboa iot+; Enolish Colnniloln nlt01iO EngF lioth tloicl,'olootliool, 5 vole; Atkinsolnoo' 3 vool-; Iull'o 'ty, 00 00 000010 io lelr, l v lolt` l oJl omoo'Ocanuoillnlan', 2 0volo bond, tooonnoio'o t'toooooo,7 vnob; tioooolln af loiino',i noun; fohrt Po'nluordrl'n, 15 vals;; Polo Williaon, 3 volo,; Otoron'o U rlp, Sltate' 5 vain; SolnSlor's do 2 valsi; Spen0lder, 3 vo0ln tra0ct Wosltiolgtla'ia U Mob's, I vol, fuor nob toy frnh .- ALEX. rOWAlR. raord fob 6 29 001111 '- - __--------- Wilob i t'1ll. ') 111-t0 casoks nod 51 hbarelos w101- ail lg aot 17 lulaoling fioooboig Elizoboloh, l'inayoor T'ier, nd tur arolo byX At .1t o1l l't~lt nrpo- ulll 95ol OlnInlg streel 1N 1 0R1 A OI,-0 TnoegTr, in oarst rate order.toorslo by Plan sja'' CIAMPI.IN & CilOIllot. 0.1 Juliet pol ('II 'N1--lHl onllli'ol RIloinonl jooorretond nod Iord o 1:A1I) & 11.0 IinW. EL,+ a 31at 'i* ý.. bHIPING. For Europe. FOR HAVIIE.--Rrgtar Pa cet, I S The.01 a. d fast railing ship RICH MOND, Culat I\Vinahip, will receito in:me diate drspatrh for the :hove Iprt, Illr ing tla greater part ol'hercurgo engaged anid .ing on Iard. Fir Ialnce ri' Ifreight or Io'orry, lhaving stpetiur 'tat onlnalodatiall. apply on hoard orpposie tle Mitr ora t fel5 I GA L.. 91 l('lnmon tr I SFOR LIVERPOOL. lThe Al and fast silina ship GANGES, Ca (pt Jepar, requir 3(1i0,. iales cotton to fillI up. ApplyVto ILOIER:, (;RAY &Co, ell or, LEVI H GAIE, 9:_to Ctommns FOR GlIASGOW. Thet Al Clidle uilt ar rvery f.t nadl ing rtarquorA(oIAICA, 'apt Jull, hlion - ilcarly nilll herear.o ergagled and will have deepaici The canli. being very nsuperir, paraen gorsean heo comorrably aecommodnated, air freight or a-sagag, apply on blrnl ortto palfg IeIOI.1ES &, MILLS, Batnk Place - FOR LIVERPOOL. - The r I i sttsrailinr lil JIlIIlN HIAL, Copt.. ruwell.r ,will c ceivrri immeliat despatchr . fttt lti abi e port. For fright of 2011 Ibales catlio o crn plete her cargor, appt Commto fa6 I. II GALE, 93 Caroo1n at FOR LIVERPOOL. . 'Tl'heA I fast sailing ship EUROPE, Capt Druatunceld, wrill receive i .mediatledes ptth or the above port. it ir httrlt or 20i iales cotton Ito compate I hare.go, orpa, nge, apply to LEVI II GALE, FOR LIVERP(O't 'I'he Al colppared shin EQIUA'TOR, J i Bion. miater, ill haveL despatch. For . ha4 freight o1200 I,tIoes, tir tatn o, ippliy to tea S f'.,1g I' Wtllr lE ,73Cnamtn at PO1R LIVERPOOL. iThe tew and fat artiling ship .i)1V-A DITCll. lihomlttan mtrter, tarorit toat of ier crgau elgaigtd, will Ihave dsl..tcir. For barllaceo tfieighr I or rasriarg, ii.lriv to e & J P \' 11ITN E V.. 73 Cnmp at . i)R LIIR I'KOOL 0Th Al and oiling ship MIASSA Isf'l', Cli tlBartaltt, having tihe greater part i of herncarga, engrag,'d will meet with desat lch. alor batlac of freight or ttifaa ime, ipp liy to t'2. L I(iAIIE,9.l Cmitottnt n t I", 5ll I.lVEl{t't0l, The Al f at nrilianeg hip SAXON', Cpt Mansfiirrt, I tio r the greater part iof iar anr go el, -elf, will n el with For freight iof 211 balesn cation, itf imatdirot a ttlitrtitoa be t mode, or passage, atply I. II (GAL A, fill 9:1 (,¢mmolllln O F)lN LIVIA Rit UL., A-'Te AI taot ,ailig a hilp UNI'rlED STAy., Al, ('r. pt. Barr, hitvirr toat of her S e,---ncrgr, etS nasel, will nave deipatlch. For feiht o I'twt hualred Ilallu . +,r p W,9s. Ipplnv to ja'22 S & J I' WIIITI'Iol,7 7 t'r'tp pt & "rite Al snlendid ship VII.I. )E. I'Allit, crit t'rott, tlmtter, will rrelive im - tirttnr.udit" lde it. I'or i'right tf 200 Ititls totto, or rio-ltge altply to . II (; All, FOd. IIAVANA - ,lbckl 0-,ht,ner. p The irt raie fIrt Unailiag packert rehrl E WAII) I'ILIEIIL.. Capi Bahke, ill ,1lt - itit aril ''11111 EVENIO(I. Far flirght of .lll brrnlTa, ilating elegattiacll r t:ullltllltlri loa. It laly onIr tritrd, L'a taune rTier, \V.tI I' It'x: It, fell "i95 Cnmoao t aoastwise. - Ca Regular Packet of the 25th inst. ilOLME'S IINEOF I,'AC:.I.TS. [ Te sa ri, fua t -uilian packet ship A ARKANSAS, Ilonnis, ma-ter, will iail a haove. For fretght ir paslagr , having gle nt N a t 'idttiona, apply to tlh Cuaplain tin-)l ard, two tiers la.Iow the Vegetable itiakhet, or tI not fcli A t'0 I ,li N.t9'i C(otelen at FOR NEW YitRI. 'RI The A I and last sailing ship IIODAR" I (apt etlden. will r aelve despatch, havinm I lxcha Ith I rater pairli of Iher cuargo t'gnid. For liteatti ie 9:1 C llnon at r il FOR NEW YORK. I This iThe ir 11 Aill'iN, Ca t Torrey',will va'rit htae despatch. For frei'ht ir nisal l i np- EaIn ply to " i ' li 'SiJ iPni" fell 7:, a:mnpl st are at ItR I tr'illIN. Te'o The I fael sailing ship COPI ., Capt MIore, aill have destlait'h. For fretight of t. f i I Will fNEV, 7:1 Canmpst n FO'L NO IIII K AND l 1 LTIM'iRI. 4I1'h. t l T" 'r a, Ir nt at' \ l.ll )N. ' i t I,'arnhl ,.m. - 'chum af ta wallt i ltp altt diilaicha For htnlnce i o __f _,, ___t or p_,i ge, at__ t. o & J 1' %V!!I'tNt.p , 1 ' up I i) Its Il Ti, nA i'--i- ,q{- i- . .. iT' I.jt a.. , A l lJ I iuI p II I t 1'1 lien- tll i il a ptn, R i ·e , h w + ill r lcivr I Iml chi a de< F: 11ofs ' Sl~·lt;r~ ~ Ul " ltUIt "lit r 'i'l tao I I tAfllll l , l iar 111 loc, ." 111 , i ip itiVIIIaiaaia'Iip " ftt't t-" 'SOR th faiit iai i 7 t cin'l, F l -k The t t a. s lotari I. IiN Ousi, Pnrll lbri Wcr. ,Bill nell In a nalw pata. Nord for,, a ply tI m s a Vl.y 1 C ) atpD el {, [i1'o.|,ein run - --ot on-`e-'o to - t .. I' N IV L YOI . ..' FOR ;iAE v FREIGTOR 1. l,.,, The1 st salit n c i tpr falsti ene i all dS"r AIl i '" ttaOIr ' I ti all "t , o t p , . Sll te , ie t Y l i, Z a ve d 'rant tm , Fr arela h iaaat i iard, ai t 611-1t& J l' A t I',\ ,":1 Coamp sn t F - il..VEW -.-; Yo R oByLL ' T Olap R UWF, LA W an ie l e imotk , diale de s- e aft ut, dee lr fit. a or i nlYaitt ili t sip f)r of I llltlllll 1tt I t pllly tU the ('ln lailin nl , or to al a t ii It jP'e. D.iti r I9 a ,q:na t il o lanai niant ad; lI F FONREw YNE RK. -O.......y t '1'h r i st It snili eo .siplrer ed bH" 11 R- I., tiit rtialmtnos, an npply t Iap u a rto t hI a 1r ' liEy aD &e IISIIitl recJ3avnhP6 P Bn RI'I', a pt riani Fi r, waill ah aue depnr ch. ia 1 tn a il ne': u fls r k b I'1kNEY , 72 Cmp etntl a FOR-SiALE. FRE.GIIT OR CII lIRlLa.l a. l I c r CE 1 L9.iat nalho P i, I)elanld , an sler, 79 tons land 15 Irni tll am oldaiz for tit lllms apitly a (ae li Dolnnar, ib vaile a ed tra i a i Cut tion l e, lo to ' I --r tu 4 I (II C t& A IIScatrWa 7 Blina k Plancei SeFOR SALE, FREIGI i' ONi il .EI. I A a The ia- sailirng e, trr fu i ai tt nel a nd . coplirr'ed brig 1 .AR[ LLIZAIIlTIt,, 1171 b.ut AO l ai iTult y ex airessly far a puia , a ailahugony eabin, state annio s flr the ncOarlnlllOdlirl f:5 p iain- sale ge os. Felr ternms, apply to Copt er , air on eard, r I -- ayul u'iter, or ti i , i l lti &, --a Idn, Fu. . sn. a ' . iii.. wfSi r tntn i ju it itredo wilt SjCo imun at fi e ril lFN'l'--I )sse' sion can be~ xiven imaine dintelv . tor I hloat detirblh, and well 7 nisth d dwelling hl e ow n sow in Co lnplel order, at tile ca oler f aIa ' lp and . J onli, stee ds. AIInIn het l perm t. es or I y In GC IA PIII'CBRIADE & Jo, I'AGE34TJr. |s V ta fI I Itovdrtrat t. alttio gillm.i & a e - In a IAis, alld lbr sale &by O l (urlis' tI) Esl L '-I Pllndiealed fia egrlts ofa E-Admhaltv 4f thl a U N i. and Engtl& it n ii ew nnd valuna ble o lrk. t Pe.eri. l)ig,'t of ares ill the tapr ur e a i rctl it and ) anatriet ('tit,, n ne rdw s-pplv, I v.I, \\'ralnr'; AneInl ty)', i Ilew edlitlUe received by Pan 'he At leriln Medical Alnaane nfr 1'a39,a e anew andl I ts' ueflul Iordll inal pon:ke hakl, k or Medlical gettllelnen, Ani tlar usarlllat orhye thellost l lliioved Law a nd a edical wu rks. Ir , JI)IIN n t aC , u _jua o iC niinu . I I, ii Cliatrlea ait % ' INE-:\I invoice of Sirily Madeira, itaaailheia do na d 5 haltilf e., hill qnJiar. Acsks, n.l l ta1 ot'nve, iur entiled toll de lenl elr e, bm'n lls by ilgru all, Colli & Z iz za elt, sleb by janI:,. ISAAC II G[ & Cl), IT'rI 1 NAT'MD PlEEl'T--lll Incrrels Ifer sal lvy S. Llock! A. Cuo, No. 8 Frunt l.,lter., i\ll osie f silt h in Iloatl are! artcularlv requested Iii Ililtkre trhal itu If tlis ni,, a ld vI ry l u tlAitl oitll etif itfuel, ito ilmuch siPntdt l ahv ellin er hi every pord a t Iahe rOa y i ar whea , lli has beten uSed. ilti ir aU a suaOI IIAINala--r eakr le hil chna juata received ap- ,l d fur salse ay S L a'l .: & ( auLt O\ I l ir- s ? b 'a ta sad y 4 thal u tiad cla a' as feB ll S fihn lltiture, suitahiE & C, itr i ag, ca - - P jat,. I C ,Rt lJiEt , 131 Ml'agaizia, e sl ,a h ,A, RO\YI i'1l7"r InS- reSttltubl e -& La, 114 Itlgaunan ai 5 ('a i,,'g llsia sd uraa- ti t a at akeil ca ' ii at . e aarr, alld idward'a fouiakee br'Ag Iaay, receiietd i = Ud filr ale by a f sl " it; i, V jeat 49 thtnp it b AI. ILL I)O1t iIAHOtIFD'N Turkiil Dyel n r ha ) llclllailgt greh or red Iair e n ta ithe alellb,t' r at+ | wliska rs, or iya blrr1e bly it silt gl ap lianlionli, o a IlOB- l CCO 5baet lirnsl own vlrylng toa )2.1111 'l balauL ae a11d - i _ e ," out siai l,iug either I hn hm nds er knell, just received " a t the hl s aUb r, nturer c I, C h arles ,. C o ml n1m o n stree ts. fil, fe Ex lelnlage Hltel °ls; 1O 'l"l'TO S-9!) hlairs 7-81l1r nd 4-,1tr twllied Low- / I s r ell C att aa.b. for tale by T fell ICA; ll(lli I); a l, ng l tDe st , Yulat -- ------------- .... I' i F-.; CXNI)I-,ES-- ---- boxes New llBedflrd, e.on R. lllll S S inllelet Sle Sperml Candles. for sale by I tl fe8 ISAAC. BILID(IE & Co, 134 Metgazunlen at lia | t and an.·hllel, huadina from brig Mary Elizlaeth, SI cavune Tier,ned for sale by % , PO'itrlRT11{ oil fel 95 (5 t'.,..,..t e1 .,. lad A --'0 1 - boles Norther Hay. in store Inc ale by treet - 11 (ell AC .N . Ut) PEIt,, 8"J ulh" at to Iby I)E.\S--GI Stncks Germnn l'ias in stor, fr sale hy .lint; - feb II CIH,\\PLIN & COOPER 8`2 Julia at dand rrIR1UJ--'5 bnxes I \lyer'a) mlanulactured To" nd I aceo ils sore for sale by fell CHAM[I.IN & ()O IPI';R.I; Jn at FOR NEW YORK. HOI.MIES' LINE OF PACKETS. Cr O sail punctuallv a~ advertised, for eac prt-The line ili tlosit tlrf the fo lawig shipa--tiz: hllil) AhMville, Capias Wood. hi Arkansas, Craiorn E S I ennia, Le Alabanma, Captaint I C Bert , ,n Orlans, Canptaio S ear, al Vicksburg Ca ntain J Cpunker, a Panthea, Captain Ashly. ie The above a shops are all of th first erMa, eoppered. and enpper Ik steied, and were built in New York ex preaSiv for this trula--thev are. of ihllt ,]raeght of we ,re, arid almost invariably cross the bar without deICea-. n 'I Iheam ackets are commanded by Captains well ex perIlneed illn the trad, and will ulwayvexertthem selvRes th to nc,comnodatlle 'I'lney will alwavs be towed up nod It down the river, sad will ilmnpllyv sail as adverlised. CI They hcare hateld.ooely furnished necoilnnlodli ,eeund t stor.softlhe first quality will always he farniahelP, and the every tllention paid t tihe comfort and satisfactlion of ed passengers. ON lTh price of the cabin is fixed at $80, without wine wi or liquor. tin For artliher particulars aupply to A COIIEN, jaL8 90 OmCilnln street - llf'I'"t ships are not eceountr't·le for breaekage o gloss, hollow woire, miarble or pelnite, cooperage. of tin or rust .,firen or steel: nor reilaoible for an panckaon dit or parcel put on board, unles a regular blill of ladirg be signed therefor, at the lficelof the agents. FOR NEW YORK. Neew ork 4 Orleai s Line. A NEW LINE of pckets has been establihed to reln between New I rleaa and New York, to consit ofifve irst rate ships, viz: I Ship St.i 5hre, It W b olter, nester, f, Repulinan, J fi usasell o SAublurll, P 1' Uurfey, a - new building, Tlinne ships were bails is New 1I dreheripenaI far thim trrde; art of a liglhtdrleighr ofiwaier, and eill srt be ur;ens tordeteiticin er the Itar. 'lTheir arcoirnridutions forpausn'gerr co prise all that may be required fur emufrt nal conveniencel anid their commandere are men olp riance. Untiih llApi uildig ae fer tex rrivne Uo th the I hipk now buding arer re eu:, plitel t.o first class ships wll salpply t:eire placer. SI'h greatne paoncntuitv aill mbe o fn.erved in the time of anilalr, and every reasonabnle aeommlodaltion oextrndcd to shippers and passengers. For further particulars opply to M-iers. Johnson and I.,oden, No. 80 Wall street, Now York, or to j Ms. AIN'EIt lAII).AnW, 0'i Crmp st Reor the interior. ste er GIIAI IFE, C('pt. SHwiler, will leave tho k ne ted of tle Rtail TIIUIIRSD.IYS &. UNDAYS, after t he arrival of the 12 o'cerk aerr, and on her rem tirn, leave IMoile, devery a F: r paisuge age tply n lao A ur I CA PI'T. SWlILER. P S-i Whneros a wthe aci e tleie tlll oftpaeedCng'ers efin'r the d iraflte iaill touc art aoy of the irterutn adeiet SLn:iilrgn uplo prenviouas lieoicu beig given to 'ati MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOAROING HOUSE, Removed fr'on 17 Cwulomhouse St TO NEXT DOOR TEST. CHARLES'I'HIIEARE, CORNER OF POYDRAS & ST. CIdaRIt.S STREET. au:9--1838. TO RENT'. A LARGE and commodious Room over Leo v's auction store, 53 lagazitre street. Aroly to: I.ithoyropler, on tile premises. N B-Thre above would omake a good drill rere. nov3 JEFFERSON ACADEMY. I )REPAI.A'I'rTRY to Jcflerso Cullong nod to oth S er canduct'd by It. Granet, LL ). a EIachn ge Alley, between nti neil Ilienviler. Thit o itatioan wain the most eligilde that could be fouad reing eatirelv free Iruetr tie roise of the streets end the - it rattling i ig draysis and werriages. iThe Jeffeirsron Academiy is divided into two depart .I ents. The J.liror or elenmentary delpartmlent for the variouo branches of caliaenr education ill French and In E.rgli'l.-- 'lie Senior leportreart lor Lnatiu, (reekh, tlnthelntiresleo Punctualnv, r rder anl diseipline lare strictly enjrined ul observed. I'eros. Junio ru lepertmnt, per nionth; *10 Siiior do e5 ",f Slaliash l let. Inoons, i alts, paper, &e. chnarzd separately I Ind. A .tionath e beguln, to be paid i full; 3rd. Nt dr'luctiau for abSllene ar lur holidays: a111. In.nrllsta to be lirdo regtularly everyalouth. -'eorol t Ironaiai 8 1-il) to 3 clack, axeeiptl ilerae t.'XCt'IA'GuE Ri'\ DING ROOVI. C Whlitpl r l r se-litrled his Reliadilg Raom,in I ther St. challs Esethunce, Crller ua Gravier ahd St. Ilharles street, in tihe neatest mlarlner. a Ih+id,' all lt r'Iilrm:iiLrl ilets er thle Unritrd Statesr. rf rvnry ritr and I (ll, ll; dir , texns s.lari Me'xi t, d I h u -xl - nll ,ll ta r ,o m is r c ul lhrl y a n d e x te n s ivi " s l. rtlulatl 'let' 's P'rice (C lrcnt. Also wilh ne'irly ntll rh Iott-nearv Pr rerbntsafrlrerday., and inns there S Hlia Irais oif tis lroidrr, r d,n E urg, Westlitiie ar s, rler.l ilitall I , 'pi n . tr tll ll rlckw rleri IafZillrute. Thi' \s. rbor ir. ib.ri e aiieitilslet;tlie tthrrnl.itere, Knick it blercker,'l'be .\rnneiea' Journal of S:ipllene anid ,rts, ('~tbinnt li.crllully Deilornuaile Review, (;entlenriit'sr Sa ga rrill, Allrle Icliln allOlltllV, Iletein MtisCeelLny, fire -- IleXtlle CirUlglcal Review, anil a variiety of olhers, lll these wn)rks ire reaularly nuoscrined hnr and recel Svrlel. Ile roorn is also supltirieid inll a n nlge sariety I flllimp and eilniaed, Niles nlegester, L.evy's 'rice Cur ,ii Pn n'lllain t C ais lle rnoCe allet, Gazateere, .end u variety of works ofrcfreacer. 'tllaoatulll . tive & illntelligiicn naews l eetnr-ere am plo, t ive lor, t he tera rliest lrivulsr, alid no pains nor es pillreie' will lie sprlleld to render this Reading Ruuan Ithe thile Uniltad Staies. ot I tSutrirtriutinn are respectfully recehe I. -ectl r -1 CARD. tr 1HE Principal of the Etnglish, French and Spanish lall dAcldeo v, No. I, Sit. Charles treat, annoullce to his friends anId Ie puhlic with aneirlt.tioa, that Ilia instltution is now it succesmlill o )eratea, bhat he Koper, oeetll Io hav Ilie cOlllilleentl ol pupils, which will be Iieoted to lfev. I:etenteas lil opportunity of assnring inrents nthe " nutililt naiull hie walntine, which Inav cV0ndibuto to thle cuneeot eand ilprovelente o thatloir a Iby d7: 1838 LINSEEDOIL--Copperas and Red Bean, in atore J G DOR.EY, s ja30 44 New Levee B AGS-5,000 Gunny Bnag, of superior quality and for sale I ,w le £f6 SHAI.L& BROWN, 96 Magazine st -l ACKI'REI.-- 20 herrelt, 0l Iltlf berels, and 50 1V I bererls, No ,. l and 3r , Mtackerel. in sacr, fore snale by ja24 JI 'IIA YE'R & (:o, 74 Poydrae st fMýULLIERR{Y & Silk Weorms-A Treatise on the Mulherry and Silk Worm. , translatied from tle ('hinesr, 1 vet,vo, just reecived aild lr eale at the Itcikslare oe A 'tow .l, Ca let 49 Clamp at IIISKEY-.5 barrels rectiied, fer vale icy (5 G. Do)IRSEY, 4i New Levee L ONIeON etcnarrd lihrarv edi ins. of icturne und vahlualle, work%, falr sale IIV the sulb elibna: CONSISTING Os THF. 1 Wnrk' of Williae Cem.grevene, in a volle, do Shilleiv, draoenlie and ploeenal,O valle, St do 2hiettbtryel'e. inet ws,. do Beauoeonl .. Fleltcher, 14 vo., % do Ot.'ltay. inll 2 veI do Itee,,', 3 v,.le, with an account of his life, ha Ieler 1 O1klrlzlee ; . do Sir Wilancm 'l'emlie, in 4 role, , Eplli rcr J ulian, 2 viols, aI do Felehlig, Ilt volv, tie liosco, Leo Xth, 4 volse, e do er'ez deeeieliie,3 vale, coite l,:hltrds n Cl .e i- I lhu'w, 6 voll e, 1 td o S ir t la lae (i r atir i n ,7 . ,le , c, tin adrlititeo tho te abve, a large colleltion of Lon don edition searce worksl We Kl't(EoAN, jal e()r Cam te aed (Coeolam etc S11001. Ri:)OKS-A ,sp,, y o' Elnrs"on a Boo.. , A lso.,frst, se.n :olld hird parts Aute ied a fi And a eell aIerur irtIhl of e :cilni ntluit classical e ti iooksbl for sale by AI.EX 'i'OVA I, Y febl6 49 Campe ai 0O toea kictledg0, apply to fti A Ce)IIEN, 90 Comneee st ' r'II ANtEIY RIEPORiTS-A nw edlioen of ellt i e/ & liaoeeVy'a icamert Rep erte,ill't rreeivel, fr r atele by fetti .t1 EX TIOWAII, 44 t'ece)ect t I l OCKS & TIfItIEC' ES-Jaest ope.ld at i ) Chartres ) t ,.d,)zen warrant ed 8 da'lT'iinelieees 1 i ter noticle" . Pleen 'a llt I d ai nel i a tll e tllne Ce.,) I N. B. Clrcke, I'imeeeieeeee Waetelec. Ottt'ite oxeIc, t eand Je".enery carenolly repairedl, aed rnlred; 'lalsge nat l d ettie. le: nt Or '1ol.-AND0N\-I eile'e.,Craerel \Veies Gn a SI ,upeireior artiele, intcatreend forrae Iy oIt- fll J 'IHAYEII & :Ce, 7. I'Oydrae st :d ')AINT'rEUD UCRE"3--'1Lll doz. ipainte'd ham:,ete, Ilending frmhi) ri Ne.eaaetem, and lot *alelev fell J 'II AVER & Co, 74 Pyc'draes t ct C0100 BO OK;--tllannk Iteoke, paper ofall kinds '- t ink, Iquill necid a general assnortllellt of buloks seitible for couatry mertlntes, can ble hId on good lt terms at A To 1A R'S f 2t Bookstoetre, 49 ('a mnp sti 1U 300 thounnan l do. cegnre, S bot hoxes Veiginia chewiae tohaceo, ln 190 do. fresh Malanga lmiain, h, hit do do lemoni, 37 fruits do aelmnnds, it 300 hohes apccrnl ieandlen, ty 1010 do Bentoe rona), tat 40 iarrel sperm and whanle oil, n fiiereee Carolirna ice, Iby 175 bbila it ee .e..r, in stere fer nle by. et ja1 AIIBRA IA M "lI IER, 30 iravier st "I- +.OeIT'4-4, atee ntiut calf sewed leete-, land"tg i) freet back abhaBen, fnr celelel n l r15 ISAAC BIDG)GE, & ('e, lt I lagaeincet ........ • .- .. .. _.-_= - - = - --...- .= BUSINESS CARDS. R- D W ILKINSoN. OEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPY .r LUUISIANA, O F'FFtlRS his servwees to Ih pub ;r <. the depart ` ment, ol Surveying and Clil Engineering, both intown apd eouln v. Fro n mlaiderable experience his profsenion. nal ,v promptnes and tildelitt io ,ie ececutIca cI c uineaS entrusted to) himll, e Iips to menrt and neeive a sharn of public patrouage. le wil' also measure and calcula the the coltlltL of walls and excavatilons. Odice No Chartres alreet,seacnud stry hack. J7 - BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. lAWDON WRIGHT. HATOH & EDSON ii AVE opernedi ano oflile in .ie, ()l'ealn. pu.sneaing sJ equ nal adlvsages oith their hIusu ic New Yolk, thr lle pael aclaferigravcleg m1L c ilelllg honk Neltne , t clce. g I eims of Il:hh:og, Certlfiecnjn c c")epshinaI h:heeks lnd orler ilmortall t eu)d, i lnctn.rng secil! ctrity uaginst i',ogetle.r; ai have lipide ampl(o ])le.ioialju for II,. afe keeping o" all I [attes slid im.tlresst.)n4 enI(trust el to their cure; their specn lln cmLncrcc'l e nltes of cver ficelcacncl backcitt intituticilc tlnd ccll ,Inders will be executed with plrolnlitlud, n I Ul the usual terms. Office, coie rof' Royal & Cenal street. juP--tf SANlIUEL ''TOY, Jllerchandise Broker n Comm,.snan .Jlerchant, d13 O(cde, 36. Clamp at.--l'r the, preseut. OI. II. 1L INS. SIIIP BROKIER & CO.VMISIION MERCHANT, No. 03, Po}draa Sleet, NEW-RtrLIANq J. I'. FREEMAN & " o., Whoklale Clolthing sltablishImentl No. 3, Magazine street, ]1 VEconastantly on hand a large supply of Cloth c Sing, calcult.ted lILr the country trade. Their an. sortment heieg large, nrr chnllah rnt n tle country can be aupplitd at the shortest notice. oct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HA1))DEN, No. 14 Charn rea . Mlrre l IIAVEI a constant supaply f evern article pertttinnt. to gentlemen's dress, f the latest style, nt New Yorke prices dec 20 J. . Ross SURGEON DENTIST nor No. 33, It(lyll .street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHICr PRINTING Esu'TALISII 3 EN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lankhs' Arcade. WIILLIJ.1I GII EENVE, PIOPII E TOR nrl * H. PARKER Commission antd Forwardingl Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, rP STAIas. New 3:lcaceaFec.b. 2 JARViS & AND)REWS, WitOl.IES&t E ANI) ItETAlI, ItI \ltlIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFb'FS . l) WIfV YDOW "Gl ASS, Corner of Common ad T'rhoupitoulus streets, NA'I'IItAN JARVIS. JOtIN W. ANDIREIVS. A large apply a Garden Seeds. warranted the growth f 1837. DOYIVE & cEAT, I)EALEKS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISI CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDELET c STREET. Of FIR I :l lI EN'S INSIUnRANC. COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Complany are now prenared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Muason's Bddling, Cannal nte.e. E L TIRACY, New Olrlenls, Mae 15.1833. ecrcntary. HROIERT] CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 ca(np) street. Wholesale Denler in Iaints, Oil, Varntihes, Ilrushes, a0c3 Window and Picture Glees &c. .e. T. W. COLLINS .tTTORXNEY & OUOAN'.LLOR ..4T LAW. s TW practisin- inh Ihe tute anld City Cotas. Cli ] ent v ill find hiic act the Clerk's olliec U S Circuit C ]Oulrt, in t he eCstOtl lit le b ldn. c8 IT h,1 subs]riber, having Ercn-ud I comnurI sT itr s , a l I eputy Surii eyh r of Unid Stl.h tes Laud, . for thi N Il Starure, othr bi serveices to the Ipblic to survey and as goo locat La1d In Iw po t N . Sl u eadi or hI ua ha re5 tl frealonl dllers mson it hero Olikve si or 10Civil E h aeine ri nuuhckhnudlig eat, "l' e nue t p l n o, dra~wings·, Ievril g., profilesle , calc ulation~s of rxcur tloll. embankment, conL.(lltenlt of ull=, no.eihril n\I U country, ill n ' ubprol n s ad ilfully nlincdbea nietn Ih]a ret Onle r, d t. n ell . l c. O. ,:e q.uMa gnzine street, in Itanela' r ern lee SUK-toa w-ies sFt ED. WIL KI NSh r N yH1.18 ;.' d/ oo roo 1W"1 PI{.'nstU & J T od.I{r. I-' ,,,,,,3 l'i. Plc\rn b.AIDI.AV6 Ipn ;:' ..l .e ,, J IV ha, l el . , pcr l sh ip0- t a sry eurran. 7 In t In 32: nxi spr lalh, s,.lw Bedford hrands- ] anding from, sAh ,NiCi I' fro P rladerll , Anteri 1)I) a I )IL '.Plf bt)CKA lioknll l·Ut mal . 2 G r t Ile, 0i 1 uat ar lb aeirl. Al' l bent lo al 9 25 half buirres forsaloy ABIe IIA Comb'. 10 I t dfourth loopikle 1m iusj 1 ,ae t 2! barrels a mukll d'1"mlsuea, nR jIn 2do ant fit new Levre. th, a1 gnlou4 liver's e set a1 t lrr, era lera b hey 012 Vl, \' ...... .I:till & Il)nllt., lt... ,,,is . the fllohwiug -ood. pe IIHATS--,ft cae ......leskin silk, ... S.lo j3 te ize an Iris.doV do I'"'ua iV ll0 `-O i 51:1 -1 1ns , liaes n d 7511 dm,: t . 1 o dll o No 2 o do 10 ,oa ses best No 3S , assreiv d sizes and hr nms. SAdelIide and rau vs, , i uperior l uleft'tic l e;i I 5O )111: &, MI1i,,11/11)I'oria;we 5i1l do ,xrad NEYA h L nE G InE laIcy 0an (r hl) Iun cl a d V tll oil 1stl5e0 frd o shier BSt.c Manr"; ' l -l , 100 do Calret Ne r ford rands- unrr i rllan rlT. nf s fof Maria', for sol oub non I lld' J' )IdrSP H Cri)C Vki, I2 GRia n it IAllte. a ha boeal, for salh e br y A'. II"n a 'del11n. /on P / an ti " I ih k cnu Po h rifo s/t d hl b, islrs ilS l lakeodes- o ni h rand, V le t w a., e IeLou nrtipn ad Fron hinP ofs thiiet, fa ts lit bIn & E .o /Lot feI dro '111 Juleri ll n and Sp nlletl>. p a Naval, Mlithart annd Fa hi o bfe t ale , -is 3 2, ." a E 29han- Le Fht ."l i " I r. GEOIG] M bAIR.ICK h, ng resignd tile of- e ee ofehief _ ngineer of the New Orhllea in t aaarr}ll a on Rail HonA Mr. Joha-pson hmoleskien Pilspoinaslo edinhis Pola rte, izo w all plersons vhi bus irs wi 0 or wising in .nto re lg sai d Rail lNo t e9 dodo No. do do t 110 Preenf i b nd No 3,oIn tstr hai e st a rnd brim o. 0n d . lrt e rw ictn biran rtiler t )t L]e Il'{ld..II be.·11 hqivei'edli~e"l li~i%' I, ] - i0 5t) do F inehutter i r T 00 lan r li lik his \l lfi: e Russiao it 51e d e n rtc Blacl. I s oir , i S do a ni t oinn t lea r I mp a and rot f r tie o wIenI tr. [,runs, for Lo~ 'l~lrry anl nld county trde; l ,,,r ,e 11 don All ranks Ilrfl itar0v l naval Clinll/:·11II ; f 00)1 so-Fur, O"tier, farr S eell, NNte. , ecllriLl, and st ] r Seal9 fit ozeehaeys. sin enld tr |te. Clothb Capsn-Piekn ick, Polishl Avril's lint ce ; lhllpe, soft top, • l l brel ncre/ rnd'' Fli rct / 1 i orkasbltr, A' td s / 511rts cnlrk°N. Ir itd , L. atl hrre l fsr g tN'R hildllen's Farley 'I urbaner Illoiil and Velret Caps;, I· Fte~e1) pterns.ontlfl S i he. f b-Sn rl, sill and Ioulbaai ne, of the neatest boor Umhrclr l ln -.ilkl end 0)01100. 1' iltar '0 , l ik , tani,oxasbr TIr n,.tl wlunitr~ n en·udlhllle r Ir drv E'no l. ) Ti0 " dbt ob S '400.ahtad, tc, n n of the Intvnt lmlltet'll, and w ilil besod a tll1n a small ud- N'~ vuucec, with l rll* nod char--e on New York priceo. 'I'll!sbci1eswl k odr ies oten :0Pnad !r .I'Px1.s ,ttrklrl*, Iir the · Inllin of.t H Goesq, & Co., lut If it 31nnufocturcrern. New Yo~rk, wad at ilia nhortenII't posISible delC 5otice. (q rell0a) fnd Frt inch °'lunhen Imngh. Sin 5n. qr)S I &,I ('o.rffd .51 ihi nesiise tl r'f Nahh li ilit y, I . d Fashionh blee k ll1le s l, 1Nrcl i s L. p^l Pr. M. (;EOlt rikl~l M.lR I aving rIsigtId thle t7 1i, rice ofchief Engiuetla c of the New Orleans11 and Carroll.I oval tun Rnil Roadl, Mr. John Ilfovtpeot I has been plpoint.· Sed in hispll ce, t o w o,, a, l pfo r haoib, buby Iss wr fillt, or Wishing inio na IoIRadi\ng said Co ol i Ru td ' will npl)II y at fit(- Ro~il Roaod Offiice, I'naydrus street, ,, Bly order of thle 110.10,. lar (signed)ll JOHN NICH()OLOON, lol -- COKE ins for rý1HF price of Coke font veld after ti, Ise rjnV a I'll lletller, will he tiI'v cents pe~r harrel in file Gas. r Work's y'v ardl, andl it'toe i 00itrso) o p t cgs I frod barrel,, gill b~e 1e11ve -I freer~ of Ibaynee.~r 1. The advaninen tlnt this article of fac Pons--n a r xis, ver the anihnoc~i~ ilr and nL11111ns e un1ll, iguttutg mor 1)3 ,gON readiily Clots thle l~tirnoel slld fret trout ile ullpllxnan ll smoke of the laftt rllLLTahllnld induce every Ihlmily to stake anIo - us of it. If a Orders reaiived at the Gas Ofic in Bon~k Alley. - E \V· WELLS, s) Is st ;chic dec'y .Cets W. I IR1TC`(:I(IN L &iJ..' rAr\(iE T Jr., corotr I IF G I'o Brs loud Magazine *ts., hanve just receivedl nea~t and off" fou T i al c· ,li ='0 baorrels Amelrican brandy, `i inks Irftrk osbmtr, tr 211 balrrels N U Rum, of 10 bolxes rolls I chest, 0 cases, }I pouchung, )roper ial & gunpowder tea 30 Illf barrels Nou. 1, M:.cdkerel, 2 bRarrIJ almondsl 50 barrels Sladailra ine, 5 qr. cass Polrt w ins, 5 r" dn,. 'refine, ibr do 5 11i1h!* Pure spirits, eau's Iro"+f I hin fll fine Londonl~lln lock Cogaiac, rirr *t 51) It. casks sweet1 wine. fee 1 ndoag t PAbiGINli and Hope ''Uri piccerbagginr i 40 a oil., rope, for eels by :inetf l F:\io;:NE IrHSt`T ' &C nD LI 1 BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF KvERY nlil~iill71PiY 6IEEDTLY, IfANDOOOTELY ANIO CIIEAPLY E.:I TiOITEDTLOO AT THEI OFFICE OF TIIE Trie .elmericaua, zil'. CTAIILES STIREET, NEARI JPOT IA~9. O T nt23 nMcCOLLiUY & I)ONSYI, Factor, & Gcrareorl Commission Micrch'iants, OtIOBILE. IB Thefotrnceo in Now0 Orleo Kirkmann,tAboenathy & Manna, Coldooelr l Itokey, PoIpe. P00100r &CO. ot8-Ito BAZAAR. UVSK & ALLT~r1i, 1 NO. 1, EXCHANGE ItOUTIn., Corner of St. Charles aod Cotoooo its,. NEW ORIttl~"ANS. J Prlfunltrr; Dressing C(::I.C9111 PortTIU r P IIsk~l, Cutleeo', Tloo.inty, (dlace', Slhiooo, olcu ho, Loohbrellno, FASI-ITONA3LE CLOTHING. RODE SO.7IS GOOD WIl, No. toY, oobnrhro o J rr tol II ~ ~ ~ 0. AVontoolo looiod beloooow 'enie E AVRY ronctaully oil land every article upped tie-l Bog ito geoeleoleo'o drrax, mod in ooad a e-t tall. - oer nail Boao If'ahioonnole style, wlhich t ooeoor Fro ca0t, at -edu0oed price . deal-t 3l38 - - LOUIs.I.ANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS NnI. ii?, BRetivolle sheet W TT.t.IAM R. CATNES, woold o-ojeoitoohylo W Brill his friarllrl nuld the public that lie is colt. otantly reeivin feromfl New Y or,,k Ioo lTo.oo ooc goodi aoouroonrntofoiFurnitue, such aos teoto)i chirs, slofoo,' r dtendoeo maplooaond poinooed oooioloople ood oherrv btedstead-, otlhopgonv and cher, tales o foll dooesrilptiloln, hureuus, -dots, rcrrlures, rrliu; doisks, woorltreoooof ootlogooy and c:hery, oootto soooois, hkioig gulliete, leaoloeo, boeddintog, &v. Ac. Nit. I' ortootoorlo pakoIoood for traIt poeoioo w'ith groat JOHN STEWARI', JV2,. 5, Hall Street. ir etA Yorkl CO)3MMSSIOtN rh1iAJLIN"' I STT'ORT'UE and dealer n Hatter: PT'tohr ane I tooootooooc0 Amoople ooonoge tly tle oad ao Inud ernto 0erm0, gatd coor, 001000on paod to good fororuord. rll t his rare. ile'ereuces;: Mloosrs. L.orun Prnoot, N O. 0,ooooio RCo. nnr2? IM' ly A CARD. CURLSTII A. 4INNOTT, Wholesaole Grocers and Coolnoosslooo .rlcrireetls, . o..':7 CLoio ooo Street. Voworleans. T2Poooirileloeoiatoooooo.l paid to toh Itu:tiOg op10 of Stooon booot od shiip s ouE.C Irov:' .1'w ..2.".. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE I 1'AR.IISIIEI) fo~r Ilhe execution of naps, plansl E,.and drwingooo oiooooots' 0 irculars, boo Si0oogo d d address erarls of nulrn· dscriptrion, firfnl circtlar- on droep moorinr ppeir,o molt r oeyri d dB iooihtoo I ,bell; burcheoks, dray roeeipts, &c. pri0Y ool 0 ortcuol o it, oohooa and "editiono style, hy the proprietor. W!IJTlASJ UTOit ;lNEh NB. Book Notle o ntlo executed, 1il" JUST teto-ejoe t 0the Louioiooon o rotoito(to \'ne " oomsoo, 53 ttjoooiloetoeet, _1111Moiole nool('horr tedotoado; a o frt rtte artiole. Aloo, o goll aeuri 000ut of Mlaple, Wolloot, oood f'o1aied Ckonto, which will Loo sold tor the loweot coot, pl, ot, 1Y It C.23NES jve 51 Iinnville street A Ctord. ORLEANS LITHOGRiAPHIC E15TA fLIS) ME 7, 53 MAGALTZINE STRET', Ot'01101M. t0ANK'o ARCHO GREENv S retpl his sinoere t',ank to hit t V' lair Bds anld th p i ofi Noon Irlraes.fotile tIle I:rog bentowcll onoteioohr the Incotoanooolooioand begotloo0, to ooott 1tito 11 tiot oil oodder ctOtlultol) to Inc rI, iarge shll e tplll el. olull n e dd t o; hr oil itsIIIP; U11 uo-toI, keepo the nilts. opon lnroi' tieuno:,mi shall oie o lwoi 0 tol to st 01'e otiffn eichoot', cirrn Iooe',hou~ioeooooltniieaddoeooomtd fooo,onioooermas pit oo, andl droalleo , o n ever doCo-ntiot, ot the shortestl native, anid on the sin-t nrr~sonablla terms t L'rui ,tsiiaiell by IrTII la FIIIri,,rttl any olllr esrtablishl o ,oolIo in oto ty;a ooetotdopea Iotootn t tlerine-t its the iitioogeoopto lieuo, Ite feels ctonfident of giting entire 0 N It Aponllotnriot and druggioroood ' Iotloelo.ut. d in R goodo iut-e a opoltiileontoe oogreoing. too at 00 e thir il 00' 01000xp00 00 . v24 to tcas ltof Cmabl. HIGHjl TW1 Tll::TISF. TUCK.. Quill tap ''ourtooioe 'I'uck, dou du 'lri"it, do du(1 I llri; to do f1io'f. Ton all the above oiariety of Lo:ngliolt, Jretoct oRd Anoerica.ottoooo.uftoint'. Ivry fooile toootltCobl,o, in all tlte voioty oof size od otolity. To.ct, Raook, Tlle, coarse and too', otnd toll oothoee Can. bs,~R for sale by Ci,, h, fr oolo RyBMS & It'LANGE, nnvoo3 1i t'Iooo It ~I TNT)oV (iLANSo. I.TNSI:IKTO ML-7il11 to. ea ofl otVt oloo Ulo t, Tt3tt0 golo~om lil; 011 bar1 -rl eeoof'o'rnooleo; 1,5 dnz1 of TPoinot tiCrtobol, reoceivei t o er .ipSt Looois od turquoelooooheo,otodbo leioto-hy 1100Jio'. CLAt \N, N, a o,1 '- I 'autp11 Ii y louter olve--l'tttto i oet, lat to iove Antotllu S toetr Atitto 1I' tie r ihe fthght'-t 1 Fatvtrv.; Iii' pos.- hr in sorrow;; Ilind'i l' aolt;The hav gran '1hetot 0ottott'; oilytholytot 'fine; iot O 7'Lr B Iridal, The Broken kt ll Ilmlt; My Hearrt is tllfirt, Alour; (Al:! tien wIet silly I .tviy Olw; toe;()h I cool I 3iner love 1,11 , 1h! Patrick', iF ' ftomI In; Thttl tou arittloe wot'Ittov;'lliok Jlv Ot. i (! 'Thook of e; II-' i b',(t'iklink I ho've a -'r~v Ilvtl't cujrt; Th e 'I'lle shipl is mos;'it; ' T ilot :r,'loo; Nuorto e No r nrit't'vovv; Nottoiitnliv; I''ve I t-t- itt,' het Ftto eo are Spingn g; I deotle Itov' 'l'it,'e tfree;t",hh'odnn sre that 1'ree h 'Ah d Will Al Ottoa; tI;Tor Its, lit": otdop 1oRt·'fJvv 'eIhov; ' li','nl ttot'd i I, tnteou- 3nid; le' : hIle durst.. were bidden; An Toth:,'tllCI I·Rlod; Thlle Maiid the f mithe Mioontoint; 1 1tttjtive itt''; lit leoot'' t re urn 'liv Wtod' di tI rhide; Mineo nt,ot L.' n sitent Je'In;lto }iv e~itiitt,,'- tii-o't ~uewnti; Il'iet-tlcn'o ltttdne; di S,,lottton Lol, u comic tong; She wore a wreath of otu'ts; Mi nretit' Julit, te Just received and for auto of B CSTY'S -y Piano Forte nod Module lol·,. , novlt I4 C~nntp omit NElW OIRLEANS & t!AiLRt)I.Il'ON RAIL ROAD Cl Ia PN Y of11( otoo titt.Mro 'taO '11H WEEK IA. dal rFoot Corroll on. I Ftotolr lotlr iion:'' Car nott ot'i , A. AM. Mlor'r Car at 5 u'Nl~ck, A. 12 P 11 P 0 7 I 4 J1 After liOo'iot iktocr itn obhtoine by ovying 10 dou A Tar itr Ott 'tO 'l '1'111: JAC~KSON ANl1lIhCOI0lRsF. STRPEETCA(R Letlt I C.:eII st't' et .0' t; ojeloek A. M. tntd rotl t orly. At onlt'I:::st a',-hock Ilik ca~r wlll counlnpncc runon'le ever- , hall :l bot % , t oid ue thrm(I hoE:t llt dto.noel! 8 e'lll l P. J1t Air: lentl ~Ctl ttete:rd ofOilk-mtt. .it al lirrt'ilt Finot yth itotie'ootCIov mui t prlovie 'tt't tltre with T'Iickets' as no money wg ill heo taku:ll by the· cmlldi, 11;,1 Olirle New Olrl;,lm uud Carruullw:: Boor It gadl C'omlpan) .C PuydraoU rrnrt. JOHN~ IIAMI'LiUS, tte'vo i Chief Etg. N. O0 C RIt t1tlttG\V ')RIitt CARRILLTON RAoll' I ,,. t\ I O\ itf.-tt'tTICt-ttl and0 te'r K the 1-t I'l o1 Illc., P0wi ine utcn xrau tCrwl ti 9ev h ctur Souse,toieru&Ctreet, tiot hul'pat 1itng le o'clocki1'. M. te r tet-ti tto slid itttottdrtiatn placeso Singlo Tieketd37 =2 cotott, or tt 1+5 .lie dtunteti Jit N t tt IV lt 1i,\' -:fl nnv9"o-rf Chf. I::ig. N~. 0.& C.RK. It. it Pttintt p011 PASTE-.%otl letntttentdt ttiitty Ealpoed dntifricte Le.; Prpnraio ever itt, o reittttit Lont I - t? I N'tt' Br. erer I 11. ,d 9 cur St! Charles & Common -t+ Exchangelnnp st. FURNITURE! FURNITU IIrEl ! 'ds 7 [;S1' received at t o I.oaiaiitlu Furniturre \\Bnio j bn IOIIe, Iit lrg sup,:lyI from N ew 'llrlk mod 1::· 111,:n i'etrIt iln the want of fvniture wo1l1d do tot-n to call. l II ot . I: oee t irt le s irone one 011' ·.' be'r olil largest etuck loiv in the c ity. IV It l'.1 R NES, dh) 5 t I& lt rillN e N I(-Particull a nNtrlii:0 paid to packingM :S t dttzhp au s in tFu rniturt, fwn ory: o t t peeect-t t LARtD-4' kttegstrt uttttle a Lard, int fttre, fot tet fellI-Ii 7 t~ot 4itnn ood ilutn e 3 ee to tore t 9110 errei podtwtrrtb a 00 Iii feiet Jlulmber,'lmli.iN&Cfron ship tt(lit-vt~ Iea foi fale by LEVI 1 t jami 9.1jl~~~~f o 1', 'T.1gon1tto at boxesl Letup, ItoithtmtiIitmitp i,! enig t : I bloc2(K) lop Cott mtetlile (onr stil e tale be =- jnlf SHAT ItsJ I3ROW;Y 91; Magnrine of ved !'(OLIN BROOMS-400 do Lz in r sore ,for sol I.I `/ fl 7 : I rU~'t'SEV 11 New1. Irre trom Nrw Yolrk. ortie will r t e rtorttd for a by, 3mpprqroed cedit Aloe, I letierpss ftln (ttlust0o the invoice, at DAVID w E i~'' &C Co, ja30 N 1 Slalinnpra hall, .I1 Cho''treeetp tea I UN tore dad f;.r s Claret and Sautonne H'iine. in `Nstore on ur afire. by ju li CH. \1IIP.N N& COPER,8-2Juliectrr Ajl.!'. R KoPE--150 cil Baule Ropes, u!' sapewlur Rqualitr. f,,rsale byy f.,lo_ ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Jlognainc at 1.'1'lN Letter Topenpr-:iilt edged, a veto' rp~lendirl a,,I;.Ie, of eery !Iolor, qlonllty anld size. Also black edged letter ulllbillnt toper, for sale Irv DAVID FF..1 'f412 N Saunr HalI 1 kle Y~lt~onr~ IaIII I l0ltles wt 'nLOl1R- 8It Metals -upeier itq nd, for ale by tin -1 I, aly 0 II1141SS, Ri I'ny'dl u a V oW MUSIC-oU, Native W Muhi ; Thoe ut nouruu. P ON I'l- a ranting, rosin, Illade; Never Despair, ( jL duto you rnouumo r the bouuti;tl glade inl I[tm .r*'lle Rom.:l .'r; ' he While Holre of the Peppers!. Thod J co t tl ' ) otthor art nesr mroe, ung iby'hi .thte 0i l. gt u tnd I , martict opera Amlihe; Good Nigh 'Jh1, Im.-,i 0 - n-:l parting; I care not for opritg on M4 tick.' ,Ne , l Iy II liunurll; Cotte, st,ne|, tllhlt aet it .o" root: A I.l ot n thi O)ean. wave, bvel H etlw ly She woa. lltc:rl for too';l Fo ln coo fall a I,,r0 trt nto 10 rao t I noor.,oig; t'o'r the 0at, l, ob uto'iiLht;t 'l'hre'teesrhoM like ot'v o,, o'+Vtliroo oI feotcIh o hapto'f' LlltrOr. Hu) .o \Vohz lo. t by A loirode; Qoo',oVi'rite .o'8 Coson (LQudrilcs. Ju-t r .c.lloedoaod lor r I r d;I. for o, o'mo rioo t' tllte rtintg d.l, necotu hool. ol o peal, ihelll l, iv ..t crll' o'rd eeetiltt ttc.oel: i os ih! o ' 'tai o pe l:rl l ad p, okl,; nrl:t.u b eoksrpure Sea, opcr e .ln ,e ., .o hilo1nd ilv-I r pe lr:Cif. pe fumM . otll kind, r ,ller. at lt'Fh IIZAAR. dt9 : ro St ' "h' r ,e . , 'f.uo mtn s .t., t hult uttlgt ' I illt . l\ ii . ATKINSON'. Di.PI'l.I.ATORiY,for removing us Sgo p lerlnenl nir cfrom Ithe face, ntck and arms, with vo ual :lod :Certoinry, leaeing the hkin finer arl) otiter thaon b.lre, te ap lor'll on A freakh d upply just received at ~(UION'n , 'u t Echaonr,' latr 1, '.orner ttCuoarleb and Comuls irea isu ac ea' I' AttII *'. o,,h'I iJ';ihtt .'0It'HIING. P FRI:11.14 ., f , MIgazunitrl ST o ore 'oo roiinl ihir =op ploe .o f I' :,olI hd Winter 11 sl mid el f 'ull c nrlll ." t arriv :ley re non reuo lar e ito. xi, o le t ohe r s .o. 'o hei to' t'lotloot tbsi= l re ~ll a h,:onal e In ,llrn, 1.xrcl:n pha ls front tI cjnl t t o whouleCn al LoO'lo'' IoICI, L II, & .ojuot reoot Sretail, uI l HI. oliFer ltr tee s. 12, ,b, xes iSh Pickles, aRsroted, I.\A1. l 'AOIIltoN-r. rslid):ahl1,o t.i l ooti, . 2 ,o' ;rr~ too io'orln thieir patrntr , S tbox e pullroli' it li glottlly ar , pr S. oSP to" ('fr, I'tl.lh:nacle lito1ro, l ol'xotnnoe lutttl, tott l i o totortlei at j A l-'. hlaitlh lio Ilundio'g Iotin hoi l Johnt Mar I1w thi;,fir al ,i S W, i 'll 1' d \ui'rsl, wEY h .j 7 3 Cnmp I b? hr . :ll. :cr re .al , L 2 tuxtoo 't.ngtitV Pi"iooes, laojn rcel, I1 Horoo . .lrl t Ilo til .o n Muoe 'ond li0 e il, in t hi.ell p, ol u j orte, I- t"' Atnrtvvu,o . t, 3 lblt . etla .k;n tyo t ) l trittin Pri c l5 boxl .uer. io Ilv-r in glass jr vol, T ' "It otId 'r t:: t n. T " roo tocohr ti +.bI Gc 'ooe T Irtat, S to d in ot t +tit llc 'lio n v is I.n donl t the, jnl t r Ic i t. tiv dllnd ll rk le ove j ht - ALXA'Rndi:h' I.'ni.iA, 49 amp Ir cIf tolu-o, 3 fll'ble Cloteli 'g lionm uli W t l Al. o \ .'itid;, \ ill ol U iverse l, na ih Atta'e ():IIo'.' \\'o o d: ri,!gt.e St,'llh', tloenti"eton'ot for It iotle . Atso' l.tetoo.rte Is(toaorolt of the ei,.lt,'l ih tl O,Ot' -J'to . A lt ceiet u''l t ore ale dt to ltht ut k llu d 0or04.Cr p (i ? 0n lr e '-HoP0t'aiht _ati5 Afl I,X ' ' i)\VA t l ,49 eomp . n lv ed ,it .n, .--l I,) ,:. ,i c thll rul , toby o t on r o orIl , dic; l A R onli, I 3,n; i dtT 7 I u"to votl , eOl i otte, " u'nll o " ly I l l i l W i' lT R io &l C O TI, I I t ro !'. ilrt l, d , j tr nhrrt b oa I'amkb Azo v Tal l, or ttt t tcoooootoe tin o nolne ot'l Ejoll d : , Alexlu,,h'r+ [ li', ,,v,:r? Jzl n .frica, 2 v no~, ai The (' "i~ the + 'rr.n N The \X'ifi, Ih~ltl' r, t w t,! toohe dooe o s oe.onle. o''t ot o i, tor t ancy Itr, Exchang e Hoolt Run ,,f Vinna, L ath r toeeived ,dton lfr to! h e fo -U.l -i S PN -l I.- I les F ,laia l nheo t "tl. tg, f tr stle by t o,'1TR 4 Moo)tE &Co, j till u .t-agnzine D V ---INIl-GA o- r pt i tpre ttted os very file S fur sale by I' LAI JD[AW, j3 11i1 Camp at 1:O1 4 AI Itti OK-o-Jit rrecivd tnd forale alt I'rt .c er Of o'ov ic--lh te'., 1oo, dcal Jo t eiltl, 12 rt.l, bound-I+itthIr o'oo uro' iooo oerooi'r' % iroio"oo oltoinoy. ot new editt .,. bo D. lo'ol.I' ouooooloo Kroeot'r on toe ear, lito.oo l'.ot" o o't.'oo.olo l .iuo t cr;ticcteohlarrls'Anntomv, Itor ohohy jol17 " AILX.r'tJWAVII. to. i+. 0 -Iti tc 4' 0a-0 1fprinted tihioitbloepat h lU lue lliv: sio k llio.dke rthS i in.toerte nnd for coht. by IA.C 4 Il l ittGt E I -laCe, jl17 13,1 oMtagazie trii ,it.Ooi {o o F tll itcooooete i o I foil oolo.otde dt olae 'il ItO t tll. 'o', t o t' ot ei'l jl il t" Mi f agazie, dA IO I ,totoo '- ti w iter tocoolt's Po'tical .A oi'., a i ohi'ooo'i 'h' ivVa'erlt Noveli. in5vola ''I J oil 49 A anTpAII I '0t1,00, iiol t'rd,, \c," to tp tuparior to on o Ink . j,'00 l'00c0 Stcre, 1'.eo'hange Hotel l t o( -Linotoe d O tl uwi i'oporao.0, h tre for salt i D by _i 1): ,II' Y, 44 New Leve O.Fi toGAI--Atd heogrr tteser MTolnsea in 0 000r0, Inc sole' , dliii Lt0 itROoWN, ul " 9J lagaziune T I '1'111 : LAtll tl:S-.ttkjo o'o I) oicatury,for s. a:n. in; <*,;I"'Aula ooolhir foo, the faooe, neck and allllP1 Wit h II~il ::di l ln.l co're, Iooeving thce skin feoor and 1olo tOn ooo too the ojopiisooliooo. A fresh 00(10171 jo-t r eio od at~h ho~nr o 1 ot BUSH & ALLEN, 1, EKirhlan~ i, car St Chllit&oler & Uomunmonat IN' lNL' on l urooiun. lHow salli I goeren my C vchu:4, jld'he-i.1 too voUUt to-ohcrs. ond aLoe oolapto d to poo'o ·t pareonts in otioootlulogooeouse of fami motto!'': 1H \t ieoe, atouthor oo Otero and a halfis tliP R IIYI· Iiosoionl odeiotion, by t' fi mono , oho h alro,llelVe. let misn~s to elio,7l l l~la t EFor Pute by (131 A JOW tL, 49 Camp et h 11 ALE tilt.-1+ too, tt.!n -t re and for anto by 1,17 ABAll l I 'iI tlt it ti Poovdraa ýY1ýý : .-i" irl rate·, (IlllrilP.II) for Pale ay Al \1.·o \ ON 0 (.10. t -Io-I:L c, trotn otasroanafos otoot : in la a.~ ",i "t-..e ,C to a, 0'It Ot Cigars. ____________ toslly-1o/Milt,,, Leg,:liu R C.?uoaee fora Iodoe lit Iot FsLfei\Sb j,+7 17 ,t; 53(`adtrapHone. rr O7"""1I:ltO.: O h (T:· Lti .nI tto. t',,do rif told ysle by _I. ij 9 a i J i' \t·1I11TNEY, .3 Cmp ate IJU111 I''iI1I1WU..A -P fll ejd oCtilomI1 t If Franah Ws1 ltiig Ueahl,0, +,uliU e ,tact and {, et'cIie, I., rts by 70 Noe look Stootoooooo' Itot. 24 hohurtoes it The Y \lulllc Ituuar l Ret-t1' and 'Tooel Y.ount, lutLoor, it Ho \Vo oo AItotot, ooo:thoo oLt'Louoo I vtoo in. '"oot ttio PLtod 'h.; ad iddtol o0 oo ijtoary of llernth. Fe sale by ALEXANDEBR TO WAIA, J·ti 49 Camps, 1UL0L ti 'tol , tifroo tihip Atro, 1 cases of ins', .? call L)o·R Me ,Oo, or anteO by j +17 L.11t(4dt. e, Io Maeiso en, 1i 'tjt:B. t'x\NtotL,70-3o' boot. flw Bedford! -t bJ y lll C,,ldlee, oicr" reI rites, of oopprooed brano, ill Vjitod golou 00ew \ ItIlird Oittteo Olerm ail, sf vsrx 1it _, 11. 0 11 ic c tit . 12 at o t, Itt ttHI, ly too' :ooooo, go-et·coh tootoo, copLtr~ .011 a I ",[+ I~ir:". r Iic's Iippe+; assorted 50 ll ,usan ioooooootueioaer, 0. ItIo retlon'd to h.,!., O.' lutprrl:;j: 1, ý,I)O lpo L ti o quaritoc 1. odoo ~Y ootoog toytotr & soncbae: t. C.,pp , in into Ltb i" io' 1`_ to 1£0 The HI n25 N ,, us-~rrtsd Rlre,+, Rte sole by jid .iL> I-mOI 'N:KtAYN 5 (enrvieats toii 110 \`,I I( l IX'I ORE- Just reacive of ti~iv"ýlab remdytoot ithe loeser - 0007' dti +,,tj t cun [)a, direct d reto the wocuise _ tutu lit hthuielllj·Ll:, fut taie11y for JaLVIS & ANDREWS, vtI otS co l'chouoitouuoo & Common at 17' 0 10 tlra 00 tech Cuba ltn7, wDlaow tVO ing buto br.t l3Atoo oo tootabovnH IWY ,ftor sceby, J EVIA & ANRTEWS jn0000 Cor Comm "n ando Tbcaplokulss * )Ai PER lAPEL-- cn sts tntoedr etti 24 CitpeessR, to P wae :.ooooA ltoootodo'io cLeoo joteeboe wi 010s Hoobbo ro's do. d0 do do 0000. OU 1 I)0 itAmoes do dut dos do c-io 0001 iooo Io'ooo'E do. fto do do. oof 00' foe & cnioootor. cap t la'ie & bli,. e Pt ort of theo otbo'oe nre plioo rood pat traied 4i ttidr" witoitogoooooioeortoooot of toreg oetoda~gporree 1. seeioe, ttoito ol' pooro, diofooy, tooottoto. toosal cnd auper lul.Ms 0.0and ooi'oe, firoae tint 00 Oesoroqdttdtno toetr~ in AViD FELT &caN Yspaooo 11.1, cdterlehy I NIIALL&~I dtou- t` p L I' t(! I'AdI:--. nsl rrcei N w Bed fast., t ,,did _ llt l lslli~ln la(r at^, ý+e bl Attn ji':l'l'B-Ltoo bogs in etore, end i.'ssrfo j4e't3 Jl lHAlTaER & u ,d 4 p 0es 1'i.t":oA. ti'R'OtttHE$W1oqi.ýf,se&, Is' 0000 ideeot., Lo rtios dey ro.eivedoee re e 07 ohr 1.lo egr nmle t drd methats brecetpi se, set a s Otlt rtttit'.

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