Newspaper of True American, February 16, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 16, 1839 Page 4
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1 O.ýA f N 8a NDsAR D ' v NEW MICOAL Wottlt} i 0 n r-IPhthi n1itd t.r d uris;,rnence on Insnity -Pritchard oB. Inwult)' -Uto' sreryr uIter nri rntoI-Coooeapopulaor MdiciuO 1s'D~iýwýy nr~hnrigory i f ..5e 'iLAtlnnu! NAUThdAtry 't"11121t~tAL AND NADmlP-AL. minoa aid flpo4itorv,rm L8J s ou count Teia Dictinalry, Lend a pa Almanoc far 1833 ?1 whnsNavigation MtRITECTRuI AND MECBALCas . a. Iril-nar, f ArhitectUm, Londeo 2 ; Arch itecture,: vole, London y A Eiu g ~ c a N o oto o o d Oa d t ay t hnlnh0 Tablas * Amen1 DILSCELL..gp0L SicrdllInmr from thie I OsmJeonfovanti R.Conotan "ý. ., B'iVorj.s2, 2v v, l ond,n 1'Crio~itios Of Literoture, L-, Etbado onoy by, ogaVeithako inn dndrrb trW~ine~t g roln ndI Irslla, by Prrmcoor.3 nobs prledid mdition, 7 colnRnem ·uoman u~n. l~dcdScienic~ iseeilane ok· hooksNor t Grammar, Engliso nnd Lutjt and Greek. 1: JOhNS & Co. .r.- nor. Chrlesaond Common et". t[o AN4' s Tor-f( ana vaaca le treeitmes said care of the Ferc and Apne. ' 1T wiU Wl reailv di deovered aheroin the Trelio ix. * Ours ei euperrs Int the ordinary rendy of trtlting lMlsrq and.Ae..l In thle first rmil ha tlg a Vezo S 'Etrat, and free fre a nv deletersmt andl pl ion .a .lr dient+ it may hie taken aithl the tmnest snfe ty eoen by the tender rifant oraerrdinvalid. It pre yeSnt retpseof the diserse. consaeqtenllv the eonsttru tion soon regains its wonted tons and nel'vitv. It es nb |ishe a Moo ]en ta pierssent aprnet te by nvienretine qlm auloaeh lad gives a relish to the enjtmvnlents of to-te. llans penlior in having a pureatuve qunlity ,it remiin 'enin tiom bowels t* increase this dliorner, or to create ther tiesas, but theronghly ernanses the several or 'gim OT i igestioe , and thus benefits the ro.n'er with mwhterr thPer affentions it inv Ibe oppressed. Sidleidueal, nfer tire oe ofthe Ton4 mlixtotre, have beat epowr to ell the usual causes of the deermer, 4nd have es.cped any svtlmtoln, uof aettrn' whereas hV the seshene emnon remedier, there ic always erew ell set ncs liaility to rer.erene. The drnmer fltfmqnotn relnlpses tfthe Agne, is very ovird, e, for -ree saystem wilsoon beromne to o mulh pmrotlate to ", ahO! to react rwith l .edicie, -tld l o rer l tiallie otro Caueh ineeannt violenrce l'ler l'h is allture is ilbrel at teah a rennsonehle pri;e, an to ptco it -ibhin the peach of every oine'no that a thd poor and dheithtoe at horeby' firn;hed 'ith asiasaeree without rolileiti.g the aid'and tlelaniee which e mn frquenttly denied to mGt.erole veryrell etantly bestowerd. firlde'Sao ar.ves ctlv C-ll caned c ngtd the thesll aone imitationt of this medimin,, tiht are daily elthred IT ia prnep tid nlio bh Dr. olln R. Rowned, at his Ilatoratorar, mlretrt .tlhtirr tiocan. The oulrscrinr thie wht rrler* sorits ftr tihe Ilouth \Vestere tIae, and ill csell hv be ei ttes, t tier Philderlphia prrerre. ' he rhad at lseo, a iate(t8lho Aputlereari s in ll. ctity. Jh.die & A''DRE\IVS, Whioreresle Irte.'rec.n, tovo'l S t' Cn'nmrlu t& 'I ch itnrl.. v SiLnitra:pl itt d t .,t rtlltsttta Ittel, t:. Yl l; Ir· + (,l RS. MARY KIliaKLAND reepectultiy an. ,ee ,iOncr to hIta r rieatds and the public gone. ally that she i prelared ito acoaorndalIe the at 'I bovantes o thlismentait, aord Ihopesu frcn Ihrr 'exertions to render visitoro counl'ortntle, to rteeive Scontinlnlare of fourmer favort. She fuoris irrrfi.o 'dent tht pe oriuls visiting Covi-igloo durti.g tire tmmer mrnttlr, canot find bcrttrr h tcfonrinlrdtitltst than she can afford them, on mteru heoral terms. lete house i pia:tsantly siLu.ted, and well su)plied -with every eronvenicnc,; thr e bar is furniahd with the moat choice lirquors, &c. it short, site promises '.eat nothing shall be wanting ort her part to give ltlire eritintlnl to all who nay patrlrize Ilho Misissippi atnd Iuisianr Hotel. jc3 --O-- TIE PUBLICT- e urdereiged. i avring Setudired uder Dr. Se.l miit rof Citrleslon, oseth Carolina, and for sornme years his assistallnt in eOh practice of medicine atnd surgery, hapo le ihor to offar his prtronsrsial servies in this city. :He assures the ladies and gentlemen tiat, the most ;prompt atotention will be paid to the calls which :mer be made; and also offers Iris services to tihe holders ofolotves, bohlng rwell acqurinted wilth tihe diseaaes comrmon to thet, rhving etteded themn in .lto sugar Inuse in Chlarleatoun. Tbefanmoeu anti bilious pills aoter the ceonponntion o d Proeurwn Smnulloett, a it, directions, eran be had f ithe undersigned. Thie efnfct which they hsve produced in this and other cities, has beets mttetded with tle greatest success, to which the hilt of ieferences aon be given. Apply at N,. 1fi6 fMlt-s. sine street. J NO. M'LO IN G. IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Benkman street, New York, have received the par t easron, ntd are onr.stantly receiving largo and extensive addntirns to tire tock uf the above goods, which now coaists of tihe allowing natsortuont, suitable for thie southern and western mnlrkets, Hollow waren oF stperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots o1'2" different sizes, from r:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallorms, Ketleso, 15 sizesl, froro 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bokepans or Ovens, 7 diffrerust size.. 'Tea Kettles, 6 do 8kiHete, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do QOeddlos, - - 4 do Fire Dugs, . i de Wagon boxes from 1 14 to 34 34 inches. Cnart do. 5 to 7 iclhes. Wood Screw., 20.0(10 gruss, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 t1 3:9 irai, No, 24 of a ruperior cjaliy and filnish, and leas than Jamoa's imported pricu. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailo's and httoer' Irons, assorted.. ash weigirts, 100 tens, assorted front 1 4.4 to SIObe. Bells for Plsatotions, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, A!so steanmboate and other muchineory made to ardor. The above assortment of goods is particularly wecommendad to thel attontiot of' S.uthern tirrd Weotern merchants, and are offered frr sale at low priee, and upon tohe most liberal trnta ; it is be. lteed to be the largest and best assortmuett ever offered for aloi by any one oestablishment in the Uniteod States. Marhauts,. by forwarding a request by mail. cat have a prin'rd ireotlar, witll doeeriliti,,n ot'ootli, priccueand tertes, from whieh no dereation is ever made, furnished by return of mr;il. All orders will roeivo immonedote attention. New York, 1838. 1-3 New York, 1818. 1-3 iNOMEROURY NOi Go'eaM g anew Uriusa, iv.s 14, 18 7. A BOL'T six months ago I had tho mislrtilune it ge - a secret direas,, for which I tave aipplied to see ve a.d noctorir o care, and tlley did nt ue me. Fo nowo ao the above date L put Imyself uner thl caei of DI)cta Holt, aId I exlipet iur to, core itle. iine thet tidii the diseao i got worse, si as ot, break out in l.rge uleerc to the num r of six or eight on e h leg, aid all over "cy fae, and lire lthroat, and wit able to wourk at hI presant iloe oa acciRunt of the disease; larw o illctr oi ti right side of th ihr att. I am ti l putting myeSat eaflsentlty utder lIln care of Dr. lntuet f l'1ris, -to be perfectly cured JUIr DIEAN. " PC CRP.Tr Y that tho .bnove meni;nel cilne isi Sgeit well curdi ti o own I eatiaflcli'acl fir wld.'l I Stan I)r. lluer; and mioreover irn thlat thle iedi cine I have taumln ickln s mwe tile and i lleillilen lily amelth at all; therfore I1 arvi ncitv flia w sultierrs iti lerno time tad aepply to lir A. Iluet. 121 Ctaal etr.ltei betwen Dauphin- and Ilorllrelii srtes. k r. Huet io at homte froit 9 o'elock, A , uaii a P At. .hey will find a true doctor tar thll oomphant. I JU!IOlo IDLAN. II) Gravier strRet. If any one wants to os me cll t Nae . ci t ,.avie. JUIIN DIEAN. New Orleaans Felh 11838. fl I.h II IVe E liieatcinc India~ ltnsinmut I M lc i.iwlct ll.o.e tbotnd i pi. usp inlii oer liat ti lew prce lt i ,oants each, cnslaining thre itrcndi of illc' OInces if l.ivelwort, i rri Ile teh , i, miuiv i.h,tr rtli and brbs known anmliong tihe Ilndians as lbicicaus in curing pilmionary compidainta. The u ricalled lc aee which elitn attendeld the trise ofI tis'iia ttmautihiald elam c heeter it hIe Ibeenc i iiti dueil. has ibtloild thre conelidece andt rccolnU inda t noa of rcesectIable physiciats, for the cure of cegne,. eids, pain ill tlh side, want if rl.t, syjitin- or blood, To whom it mayl clccrn. T; id to ceril'y lthat wr hae ia oir practice frequently plrescribed ir (Ird aer's lodin I.arital c. lirverwnri a d Iloariioundl, rit ,I -decd ei 'd ti efifoet: t can tIhcrforc, from iei kniw ledge of the matcrials it is made from, and c bell va:lton id x palriaolle, recoitnlen it as a ilafsri.' preparatiotn Mall those afoelotiun of tile longo fir whicb ii is re rms asdied. .sBIIL . WI I.Ll a4 , M. D. CALV'IN ELIS.IM, It,. lembena tfil4 Boston co ledical ACseciatii. tor!eso, chtlwr 25. eu.sbe J A.MIVIS & ANDIILEW, t it1 i i. i i ct' I t':,i :it nlr i ate DOLBEAR,'S Sieence ofl'ermanohlip i io wile at their pernllnellt Writn" Acaellsiii We. e (Chalrto o'met, Ntiw ll)eCan., Il8 Btl.ldwarT lew 'Irb, I)anphibte tr., Molbile. It ispotriicdrliel deIrigned foi plivalo' learnerst, end I stcoale hi I 1 il r llaterl fior perr..nie 1 II a e., - li gelil ned nitlc:cl tre ilii td t. ncll alid -soma'. eh9 a m flr the a+-+'e . (,ai_ eic arr. giv"r ait :'h i,, iou.. iscn seilt thei ioau.eslculve 'il, slid ilo cl:tias foiriled iu nov parr "' toe oitly. I *dies 1ho prefer it can ro:nivr ce-'ol at tlheir osn ref . fu=ir ti..-., tirs ao. ere ire u'jrrd I lntslthFy r;ctn. it s n.lheiv cih. ..j; 1. 2EA ii lil. Iil.R. 4, s S!MN AR? & CO, are hew reeeinanlroWa kr on board kijp Orlean. agle, llihlander, t okar leary Anadrel, inrh and German clan canrds B.a anmmon Banrds; Cteassmnan, 21-4 and 2 3.8Rih i!. ard BIIalls; 8,9. 10 noc 2 inch blade Bowie Kniel Leather and other tfibelling Dressing Cane"o Belt. Pocket, dHormnala' and Dntaliln Pistols; deohle and C sinmea arrelle"d Gutn; Gm Bags; Shot Ilelt.; Powder I' Tad Pistol Flacks; Dram Battles and Drinking Copa; ,t PaerMdems Caps and Cap itolder; Cloth, rlair, Tooth: and Nail Btashns: Orris and Clnlorina 'ooth Wash: p T'o.ib Powder, Toilet and Shaving Soapn, in graat vas r velt long Hair Braide, Ringlets and Frieottes; Pear; sad Toilet Powder; Emery Ito.; nIvoiv Tuh Conshion: Patent Slirden or Goner.; loer F.'detic spenadei'; Powder Plffs and Boxes; ;hlt Chains, Seals and Kevs; Ear-deropN Waist Bueeklo: Braneletra Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt.anm Seivered Beads: Intdian BRaods,t Bells and Pilsnesa RShell Twist: Side and Dresnalc Conbas;which,in addition to tleirformer stoek on ha, p makes their assortment very complete, and will he sold ow and on li.eral terms, at the aisnlt f the Goldan Combe . 12.5-tf 70 Chartre, street. THHE Stbhheriher', Agents foIr the extensive Inase of W. & . Botcheer, Sheffield. Ealand, have jnstat eeeivad a rv aex enasive net of pn' ae,i, ceonsitino of Table and Dessert Knlives ofr es . descrition, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and s pear point Knvera: Ranzoer, Sei torts. Edge Tonls, &e. o&. &c. which they are prenared o exlihit to the trade or r rdern. Tems and conditions will he mode known at the time. ei6 J .I). EIN & A COHEN .N, Common at. NF, 4\' GC1t1S. a1.1lfON9. H.4RTT& CO.--Ae now recelviog niher slip iotdn9ville, EIagle, Mele AItohew, HigLat nide, Fralenhed Onsi rmao ilo'ile hresalt ltvine eard: S terhellr sad pockeat parolat plain, rihed and spelt nw.snica l; cas altn holdeld e eisr "s, Ihonors, elln. vyes: illolt's eommegaal ansd otlrr 'tal l eoal Vieo ans Violia stlinet: tnell, ivory anid hInorn enatnltn water k, heald amd leather lres; le. ir lail, front and ease ri.elti neg.o pmlei l;ermoon a;d Ferneh Colelgee Sinter. Rowletlns merasaner oilh imitation do; anttillet Ilnl haenrnoil; prtnable deskl and dresahleg conea: I'oat eockinhclg ato linll toilet glasses; conveax ilrorls op. a el glu seas ndl views; Ilndian leas, hells aonl pcleoe; C caordeon; whliltewine; toilet ad shlaving san.n; tilrel e owder, osmetie wsh bhalls; sreneld atil aelallionesn al" pnl and nr e rth Csnnllisn fanEy heIand ehainPss ti itecoloces tillinardl nll; poe-net Ionks sced waullettas ~ ermll ehoner; e oaenr stslr; fitle senl eommonl genm le tlsl eeenleiere .larte selll ; elthealuofur matches; sil -ter lrercilet Craynter, &fe. &c. S The shove in ladllitinlc to our formae stoak of fancy Senricles, Inakesaoar nlssortnent veerv a ,stielets. oreo ale te wholesale or retlil; as the sigen ofti Golden Coma., TO. r Celartr"e lnm.. S oN l'I'ISCE-.Tlhe lartneship of Kellev, eat l &Co d. of N ew rlene : lason, ilarris &Cr., of Natchicz; nad Harris, Kelley &Co., of lodlnev. was dis.dlved on e ho2llst ofMav last, by thIe deathl o Samuel A Mason, ine of the priners of thite fires. e The uNmleraic. ned"srviving partners, will be cheged car iale theeolleec etec clocing eeid Ilesinoc aes E fill Olw: ror l.eiC iisrris ewll :ettend atothec eaelinl of the heniny-C toof Mna,so, lHarcs& Co..ct Natchez; cnd lHrrine Ke-e See & Co.,na Rodnev; and Ienrv atelley will atced toe is lie keltling of tho baliness of Rllleyv, S.1oce & Cc.., ot tin NewOfrleans. Tile names of lhe neveral firms oill e "r hosae inthaledcr senid nfirms are enrne.tto l requested to ocomae forward lnd ake early eettlellel; and thiltse having claimes will pleasc pr'eonc tlclm witihctt delay. w. wi' c IIARBi e, ed ENIRY KELLEY. kNewtOr c.aln, Jne 27, 1837. sJ IEAN MtAlIh : F AIINA'rS COIOGNE WAT ER h eaote mc're of lithis ollpericr Cologc wnte". jeust n receire aclec el* ~ale tIher dozen or sianee ottli.- Aleo Aen:crlnea u nud ':elnch tileti wern p .e oder u e deof e anc elaxcs ha i clT and troilre neap, e*ctic wa ni oulia, milk o ef reses, c..ncceli corld eareec, xtr oc o, rusk, kephlnha, Weenrd's vegetalle hler nil. poclntum, o v "t111e do tI;'esP, Floridn hlvfldlar, roeF nod nhay wear., free' ,:,'s sht Il e.. 1c ce perfuoee iet.r unasolle vee ,' h le a on e chea r'es and ' ht is tlsts, wash" ahrte lpe ir, toohO, ireii l tirst !,rwashes together with comlr. alld jPelr Irysill .c loea it wholesale or r. tail UIrv "lI Ecet ONS, Ie A Ac "lc &itO, hler most 711 (tlyn m rtre.nreo. a [I f. I hand a rese uprlph' Irf R dlll L;verlpo.- coal. thd in P alk" esopkrihr qch ,,'y, wohirh they offer ho, o iee c ieel- t ellad I e ace c i srhn;. re. I. Alsol cxloo ld cby ; ,he firsot rrival frlmn Eci lie o a.nd niod he Norh don-, Lehen g and Peoch h llnntail, lCoa , .hrevlln and screened, p&rle, ill he lsthhdsoxprerssv ir lamily ns,--7ill of watc', oiv. t .) will t I nn tlC e ioe ll rt o e e I.r1 e e rlllm . k art 3.i AcaTc: ,ecllTlrEc on ' r .lenel ellr.e iC o' c eley , l-' ige . - ci e, ..I. i nth I le a e Ocelai uknd p xod t ey, fclo tohe rcc cii ly sne sviaiery valecy cn r lhe t oile,, e or s-l re h ow ncabers. nell sle Ieee pellc setescellierr ·Inure ,ost .", 2 il' EO & D'I,Af:. e i n d / I'", ui" tr ,Il"d w , , ~ha m . n1 t J ',.nIt. .l. n te Ned ro ' l,,lzs, hlg t kets, n ll r ln.Ir, In.!rs, f owhell thirtie & s, ehas k s, k alites, h" ;,' -, c l an'lh. , ,rrf h .. &I" ke ruiceovnd and lor :ale Ianv by thi .atltsri. ion ye 3s. ROTA e Ca. Oac cra cornen r Cnal I soI C'lc ,trm "r. ti ederiIeVpGrtlly c ee p o sali m. g h m. / us\' n IIS ,e;ll'v C re rs )nl,d llm, ~lur .i h 's FInt, / lotes t l, m 1d ,ler ior pe .arl ; l)vdrrIe p whi r 1h e s( or a r t e"f w ,e velce leabh re . Iretoe In ie ee lip .ce vce = likreolsote htool h wa lsh, i'lllh, i I nll• h rlllol i pC- l ,.itll ifl-,wr e water, cdar pul"'s atic h,,tsek Ac, r tna oo. chc nr lll n.,tly ,t I nI ie 1 11.1tl I,,a1)· . Ifro. crk, ln sai ,. olece .e, c- eo..nte: 000 t , uI, dl rp, hIIII tly Nbrcshcas . e Le cl: h ,, r.ssi,, c ,lseI e ,olo a hne r ,t, ock .'sith a vAll/ly uof ilothe r p rrltlrll rt,"-ý C',. For sal, the by C. J.'I RINCIeA lD, nd i ct 3 co rnl er o ae d ee .u, ov etc IRON 1,I" l0 l--' l'- , s .u ,0crll,0os iltv pu t le,'* l ao t ru r g t xpenle, tlh rllegat iu tlllv iii iron ' in t IIn rll,. d lhc y urO adpt, c d cee p tc a bulldclnas wyrelhler eei, -d icrivale e diiellaehe.,ne , 0 cmonalne gI once ch leapcccss ned hraelllhle nnb d are pert otly firel nfid we.alr prof Tc rie s nle ,.e klnc anod a model seen at oeur cet-,dlct~celek", eappocosie.l St.elecery'e nle r l cee. a tati fns e', Ut'IIULS'l EItY c'PAc;oR IIAec;cIN:; .'1'Ul.Ea k lee r)' Sichreht, (htctly J. C. Re V ,Iks A U,, lo(uld m.,el reeleaccllCII nfo' rl e eledv his feneode nd th1 e puclbic I elontoyl, tlte c cc halsand is cccinot, un d Iy rececvgt, a eo, nrcyi ascedInrele d, IecphIIlesee ry or , l pa pel r o nne ine l . Ch e d I. Il i ain c lat pr ie elrs Lad p ert relyhi stic ch n hd ele pra far seatct cccnl fo oa oer rcccl o theia l no, accco. ccodt-etlelccccce, F', Inthl VBIlvet and satinl paper. ItPet Sty!, ; Iho eiihaeenllnune Mry Iaolc ee"iee', Pfllilatclflhic a .lnzcc to ind E CnglnzId if, de, II, .'lenlc In IdscotH , lil, U k. RElVorizo do vao,,T silk. lllllP I nd INall:oon,.s o;1 ] ql ili;1 ;n, , elll¢.rrn, inn I ria . tinr. i ir ed Irll.g,. it - to nreed p'attcrn., plain :sod colored. Swi-ulllllmlo llh J ll.$t sitiy plaill and iolantpn, eI oll t llll d11pll1i rly ,c uhlnaS eeain und twllell, .s-Crled elhel, nCt. od s'y'lot needle weerk e r ifa en cushions, Ic tel w tpoyereg,&c new el)s ot hrell plllert . reised t ilurep be. cind palni, sit elndvi.TernIlo ltoola all icnict, rn ver tnd ruseieonlt rz rlea balel ian1d fpea're, fe.lher-. 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Na 55 Cada sir4 t , maewn Dlaa.nie tnd S, Pnlthp, keeP ons ll :mnlli hitnd an,1 X I I·I e n-I " ti , [Itnt l aa ,mf1.i nII ,ry an, o. ;hmr, eNew Yairk maaaufimtnurc. ir ina.n'mian' rn1d cl:ilbirle of all naer, which hew wIll dlepos e ul F'iamilesofhi s i ghImiama anae on oer..idn nr Ir'r wi; Ih v, .hmnr ls'l.e it,'lirte 'on I, ' S P ./ OI_'r DEA FN S"S. ,i NEW aratilefrt ' eral, s tIroubled 1wilt dea-niia, S(alied tle itr Tl'rmnqael,) hln jUt be araa,,hrad, by tIme ma" w.hiih aIt, li l. i ta.t artlt atiu of th a . Uani voice isi iiaitIia cunanneac il t ile ar. Aln.A. :r who has ever gm lul uhnilm tin nOal. rl'r a nith :a vurv die+ lr, t, lle~i e fllll lly Canne a1 Ii d licul lll .t11 aIlrri4ln ll| vxperhned trlt)lhl r rit'1 til, -clv nri the tll in dividualn a r iaUrtn ilnVnt il uliitel . , ly hae ue to th. Ear I m umpat thin nhlime Ilai a ell.rala nniil.liU i 'l. i ml natScr;,le ntal h.ta alit nvs ii nlldlll" hIrrdnoubt natart haviua'a usud snn l'aur.tir-. huanain'a Tr L GUION'S. 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FI r itcin.. &Ic l i nlc, ,ply at tioo buoksnt e ie i , A cxanllll,.rT| we."149C31 t n+(,t .+ Du I)ii s anrd .aledretince. a . I J B P,,v l Ii1I1. w,,olt ed Iuii 'c.+l in thi o ciy tor cil, i he p loe y tu ltruny i o lltn ied e eral toh.,esal. a l 2)tg bNl- 'nn's. lI is now recuivin.. s 11n stllopli ol reillh nlld I'l n , nI lh h'+, whlllh hI w. il1 sel1 a in libelrall ternm+ T" c+i' y dru c~fi+Ite, anr, lhow, ol th+i int~rier r to, p+ll"ylicialn., Iiu f h lf11t, and id .At r-. he will ,,ff' r inIduIPltelllen such IN haIlVe never Ie. hor, h.elb + a (Twel in lhis cihv. lit. i'i< b nt+nl i.- hI hi rln a riell.' l,..itim nto lbusine... I[l e arn k ".ill S soon be e~nmlplete+ ,1nt n a few.*. wor.Pk.s wiB, he ron. ,nt I v l -f r h ue i n e -. A ll o r d e r s i m t h e c ,,u n tr y , a fn d rlolml m erchan nt oi I i- cly,) recciving such Urdedr be promptlty, silended to. ,,., .C.. .. . o s ,t PROSPECcITUA. TIlE slubscriber p-upensn to piblicsh, in the bt. ginnlig of the onstnci winlter, a Condensation (f ithe Iolllty volslllns rf the Old and Now Serims li 1.irtln. a Louisiana lrtpirts, to be comnprised In fLnr vilhlmesn. ba,., iecording to thb model ov Peters Conaiie,'eed Reports. This work is ion in preparation hby .. Burton larrison. Eq, of this city. u.ssisted by Willian F roand, Eq. 'iThe Editor is also porntcdl by a distiilgiialhd retired Juldge OF the SupIemai Coalti, aid iv one of the citting Jl]ges, toL expect fromi thleir siperviiolo aoll thim ada:ltago which ullay atraly iii be rieaped from t ioxpriUnvee. Such a work is bucomilig overy iday illol n oes.ary, as the orignal In volohmlimus, explensivo, and scearce. An increasing curiosity too is maIl ciot, in tie otler Statos of tle Unio,, in referetlce to ithe periCmlrjurinprudenca of Lnu.iana; and thel circumstaoncc of the timecrous prisieiltcs here de. cided in the aoijustmeoit of1 colliets Of laws, make tlhe lknwledge of v ur iladjudgeid e.sos of' prime ut. lity to thtjnjrists of tie whole Uminn. Mereourw. ile ricing republic of Texans has adopteld cur codes, tandl thus Isere is a great demoand for the Loieiano n decisions from a quarter. Convenient notes, iidticating thi parallel ease' decilded in Loisi.i an, n od ccno ialcly those tmo t ie mnre authoritativo lforumns of the other Stalers, wil. ne addeild to oseh case. The work will form four volume, ryal ocntavo. end will he delivered, baindl, to subsvr.bors at $6 per vol.; in conase it selnill Ile flound prcticablelo to ,lnpress it. ilt tlree so olulnces, the p-iec to suo. crlberhr will be $7 panr eol. doubscriptioels receiverd by WM IMcKEAN', ,]np. cnr Calnsi ainlld Coolraia ts. ITOLBATI.AE AND ILETAILCOMT AND VA v RI, T'N'l SaTORE--at the vign of the golden comb+, Ma70 Chsrtes rreret. The Rublcribers re ceived, ins.llition to itheirprevilnr stiiik mn tand, a fill c.i eenpvimlele narmitirt t vi nertieirs in Iboir [iac; vii : rOeImim, preiesmurmee J'.el'cry, blhecite, lnokh:ie glaseea, icarncv irtelon, hi. iitiniting in alr es I;}ll\wS: ti)MlL~-t' rveseme shill, wriamieht mn viall le:tit lriilled hlock, l.nn round, drring, eit' luiT curlaltd acmk, Brazlilini colubs of every desriptino amrngst which art: 'ame leianl p:lttersn, Ivory combs of every Sdanerimmi'mc, Iort, hiileeig vail npacket, trge~her with ai R.,'ZlOml ;It.+,wtment of :nllrcllalt ;td. nrlfrieallr I'ElIlei t'.l <-Colava, la.velerclv, I lrido, hoene, abc. rcase,and orange flower wfere orfe.vm:ize and dens ,'i'etiaa, i caild.o'antcl CUolmgmn, *sitrat' r,ef lsrgiiinv, Sin,.v llllivl o ':,] uil., iiii ii n in ic l ci s nonl lori e-renleu eovitde.iu l, e e'ei.eitdlu. htiir eillmrers niml ao siimmmmiim Jrestnlltn Sianc!lin sal, 1m:,lai anvl pprircaied toiletpunwder,peanrl powder, 1onle ilorlpufs oandbolxe po latilo in Iplas and rolls,.rris and c:hlyrille tooth wash ai n: lowrle,, with a 4eneraln asnsortment of J E\'LI.I.i: Y--.ine ofthebslateit a most fabhiona ibe setts crusisting of white itad red corineliau, topa- , jet eeredp, ea sid iucilr~lree, irmivr I eius ofg ee,'e. .la tv of flterer, waItch, gilt and sic;'- Behklee s;i!;rtventhivmmes, siie'ersualdgmhlmlpni Is uiiulcmmgurdlmlhaiin: lttll UtSII"--fliiii heir, tost. mer,ccramuta,hrthusclflvor iat,, l,tplate, t c volma, Nail, cllmaviig, alse andi woimirecrssl$tieiilti~en,k LOOKINGt GL.ASiES-Germen n tatia and toilet classs, iui.'uil'inc soil Ian eech dreis leing glsme, huiaii do, weith, a ommret-iv of othhr Inds!. n:,r e-llllerutd IANCY AiI) .\IIIETY ART'ICI.ES-'rench ond Aerican c ie lrtalc dCFki deeonul drvsingeasevna c uerycii crl n finily fio i+e,,d ladiesl work aIehhean d drve. ullg caF[so \Y ill:th a withotllt mulllit' lltlbical bI o.isn, ..a crdilamns o lverilus kilad, violins and ailitae, silvCler land plated perncils and Ileadc,slaod jlie:ils or earPoIIntll.r aLdi anvyns, mntrt alnle iocanmtlll li;ald pistlh wtiti ild villtiut e i eise, Lricusson ell i .r i cp cvhage' ll., IpplC avnwdcri,.,.ri:, iit lm,·meriismlllu hIalv gaat, blaeria,. toy ied selts, Illdimall ieculs raferv erykat, hello ol+ iaulslllll. illeanlh earlllln knives, raors aelld seiscore, slillllea , et.".:db. ,,ns, aiver steel auleeauullllm l s spt.rai c*,'ivc: Ies:l:as s m.loetnaos k l vrin.a iiilnl,, mclsin. curdcaoso elmd curdas, Ila. illt Ceiard ofai vfllev!le it~.ral coill tpiicatn manunactsne, s ' ,d. iinitvc:lO ll v ,tits anxes, Irvlllr n,+ viriillt kind-, SnlllllLsra' I't:;I.::,v's. Emmtotero~na, lillmlan'i and n luwkii's razor strapls nnd etallii honesdirks, farhey imtel secklaces, do ,.th - dmlnpn.lov n~lt,'er, pscrshot ttope . a uucn er t lvl.mpou ha nl- d allueevdi, itsaavl silver mio, cia-nl l U+.Ten. imr·.lad gatlmrcl, pilain av:d sworvl sie,,t bmgc.mgmlhlllons bouard, die, opiv:al. iiewimas, jewshlaris, loen;b,,o n:tchl emi d cl ,lrie.kine ,:UlP. iwite a great vsarie,y o otlher arni elmt, s!l e fwihii hwill h, sola liar cash .reirv ai:etne n ce-e o 1" mouths ciredt.. r l l.l." 5 .Si . i a o. d _ 7. ,,..,rreses.s Oln~1 ' :ed;al h b,.i -Inuil l PhI.hiedi ds. om re " A )'lhtc . 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Inogenresl teem, it is revom-i m:nmll Ien sll thnosehiirttes whietlarise from impnrtits of the blood, or initiation of the humotir, of wrlateer nameorkinti. Some of ltte shoot oomttlsinttmsy require some tri. L lllgisettosI eppl1iatotnh wiles ottiec tiremttltel enoftlte eaos wjll dlotet-itbut fort Inerul remedy or turifalon o toremofvetheeonse, thie LNtlIAN'S PAh ACEA will ti sgellerlly he folnd eltfineecl. l et S TO T'lE I'U.LI, .. hio true his, tlhlt hilern Phyriehs, In their lsi laltioli Ioexel inl their lrofesoin;tetlilne tIte vleltl hI ol'foileet ob Ihe dis ofeemistro, tnd seek olt new rev mtoedil agents, is slhln, to loleTe it teieronti on ll the eetite lty meeansl of ot elolne,--otelro ovelotok altl teglrtet, es haentit hllr orttse, therich mtt r aonllleeus stores ofltedicile, whio the Almightly hilt entsed to t ·irlittg ott ttf the ealllth in rvrt rlilte! 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CIAiIe.T:..d 11,I..31 I uw..!nictt~l'.leI roni- Y.lrs whth 1 t11 i1.1.I, iitle I., oe. sll ''ililll~lLy~k H(CII.:)11laliie~l wilh eI-j-sl~ill~l.Ulli il~l~ilnlll; )11 a1,,1 II eXCL·1iY 1ive ll~ ill tLeC leg al1d rll:'lu j~lillt. SeeL: .. Feyenil l~l II l ,yriciuna I'Xtl'tc, d Ihcii'kill Illloll it, blll| withl tha "" 'll .c lulal·lnl helteiil. !11 .hise ;lr e file lieltie rl Is-,I l'o i',llea Illil(. I'. LLY ' U)NIIIct, c rl llbb~e. u ,'.A{A.!.I FSII.It~ ,%Ir n N:iV ORLEAAS A NASIIVILLE RAIL tjOAD COMPIIANIY. rT EIIF stoekllnl 'es uf this cotam ny are herebv no tifIed thut bV a resolutio of th le liaid of tliec. tio' plssed oil thie 19th inst. the call Iloale on theml on the 13th Feblruaorv I at, thr I avinelltof five dollinr It shae,s wsi r.eeinded, and the said stockholders are furtherlintified Ithat \VlI REA be a res.lution f tthi heard ipnsoed oi tle 19th ines., a c:ill has I.-In odle on tlle lortkhohlere of tlh Ne Orl',-e til Nashvll iltRil Iot.d Compi ll y lor thlef ollwig ylle" oiiit i thie the stuck held resp:c ihely htvlhlin ii:--two ioiiiar, plel' share, Ilv e on thle first day.. e if lieieber next; tiwo d-ellala per slare p"yale oi ie linl dt;ly of Ideeemlbtr lexl; ulld Iuo hl:llsper sllnre plyble oil thile I t d'iy ol Malsrch nell. Sowirleeo te rle iti resolved, t ri thle of t!is coinill n shill lnoify tie slie hollders tiletrein, Iht nlujll th[l Ie l r liC pr nat of the cilt" ,lt t in cI{) i o ",ni 7 with the ,tl/ I.ecrtil, of the ehartl thcua e lerlenitt:d ter ietllle ally llpayment eiled in t ll tie tock l of suil ciputll ltyllot er ll e ei t o if sixtyv d vItP, linlll lllnd aitr the dii oln "e,'ich ii is dei adi.iillio, ith iteixle tirt cem ol wlich it shouldll Il e Ilel paid, that tenll tile stoc;. oni whlieh safil I, rinent slhonid have been ni:ide,, is Isi Irellu : orfeitcd to tle colany. the clarter on that: Ipoinltlll b illlelaltive. I conllirllilVty thereoLCe, to sait call, allistek of tie melkholders in s"idl cotpaeny, is tllink Iprllper t Ilut ol'0 the liny ltlitett ii their etlk to itiL led tll the dl:litional ixty days, ti hich tie chalter allows than r.eunrl ified that tl Iaymelt of twol ldol llre per callssed foratl dte ti le itt first iof Sel mher next, nav he ports e rintbtt er hite sixthull teeti ofs heid shtr neioil thellt diii of Octtober , tial the ihlelval1t ee two hdIllars pert lihare called fir, iand due liIlil lis l tely Itcettlhr n:xt. Inay hle letis. I'n e I , llil thl, tt ll at o" l.llu ir t In .t:n tll 'iht p:ee o tfvie' inler. pi-r .lh n' l;I Flled lla.nd I ,. llr i liilltarif llt lrth nElle lie.y belfw:lrm dri,, t',iite, 3ti1,s i-:- of April n-'ut. .xtr:ie o ins itnue of sithe lad. jionr OI A Ift PIt., t.Lt .,f f rr. S- " 'll- * 1 ," , ' .n... ., i ...,., i.'. A ,, .+ .I. Royal College of PhysirH s, London.n ElE originaml Vegetahle tls.ian Unlliverlal loti L nie, ,Imcloel by W Makiis, Fi. NeItelcn ' tIp l Colleg. of Surgeomt. l.ieetliate of Alltlte ary'st.oolnpnv, Fllow o Iohll CoUnrt Society, .uogeon tthe loyl Uition Pencsion Asocilinlt, Locne,.trc lnee, Watecrlon Ilridge, andl 'erpetunl Puplil of Guy' v kil St. Tl'homas's Iosl itlts, London. This valuahle medtline, the result of twentl verets ' xln.rinee and uSonnralleled success In the ctliustti' lad highlylv ret ubltle ,rctiee of the plrorie't, pa, l - -ised by ile ltaulty ant a nobility, a sd I sow itlittdu.e . I oithe notice of Ibe American public, at the earnest so citoalioa rf a numberr ofgentlemen of long ti hlbhl ltolig in the l'nolfession. It is Itoped, als a prelimsi tr sltep, to elteek lhe evils and fatal emtlSellltects triing from tile use of tie llmeonss all delelaterioust itrlntls lointed upoll thle pablic by the ail of litbrieatcd rool'fsof miraculous enres, and other frands, bya set of lel"tellar'y, Iungripltlted piretelldetl so toilt) iguliOItlll os mntdill salenee, alha it impossible the monstrous tlltosill eant anoy lolger Ea down withll lthe intoeligent enolle nol'lhiscotnlry. 'I ies. pills, miltd andsagar'eahle it their nat'tte, should be kept in every famnily lo cnse, fntallen illness, for, by their promnl adlministnliion, holeru, cramlts, spastns, fevers, astii other alalminlg att.ploints, whichl toto ttin iprove ital, atty o e sledi V cul.ed or Inrevetllue. Infletcl all those who vahle g,*od ;call, shotlldl never be without them. They are alli St, pckets at 51 eelltt, $1 aol $ eaoh, by e .eryreslpee table dlltgit, tlto.l kstlee, anl veltttor ltof nliedle iu tIlt Lnitrd Stalest I I I Canadas, witll copiouls direeiols, togetllr with: castmonials of profetsionlll bility 11ron ihe Foin'oing nentitett gentlemen:t Sir Astllv Coloter, J Aberitotnhl, homes tltntlo, M. I)., W. Back, 31. I., J. Anson Key, A. Frnllmpton, M. ID.,. and immerous lthers. Thle origitllsl naty be seen t possesion of lthe General Ageat, by whlom thei meticine i importedt into tIis .,untry, sand to whomn all applicationts lorageucies ulauIk llae ,.. JNO. II SE.llElN, 129 WVao'erllPlnlce, N. York, Sole tGenetl Aglnt for the United States, .tc. For' tile b aploitltlteitt of tile loigilnil prtoptrieto.r ty S.wAIN Itnitra-aa, lIh'oggitls, No It Cooral sleet, neilrt-e AIrelt sur StlatIIlee o Lolltisinx. j.t lt Fl IQMILY It L.E & on, No 3 \ttlgnaze Slreelt, a. row receiving from sllips Nashille, LouInsville, iielllLok, Fpgle, al other late arrivals tralo :h, .'-atll' ciiies, a inrge tmol new t eleselet asmllmttnt !!lib , Boots, Shoes nIild Brognso, nnsisting ofgntilelnttn'sfine calf atid lMorocl o boots ldo 2dt qulil~t; do bult't, atind stuatd was pegged hoots t laritsttllllslistl; mell's Ititn call seal andllI lorIieoc I ta' ttpsl ulit brogitllas, Ilekskinllshoes blsogs S tlll titlleti : In.'llt'Sllte calt niot kioplCli ptggedot tltoen:aul Srogllnt; tli boots; tin icato hip acid Wicn Iegg.eI lshoo a ItI bcl'otl; gentlemet's best qualiIy calf sient diOes; i.olgttoln atld .ack )owhlilongs; do culf nand Mol'ocu tI ckle sloes andH bragans; dio calf, senl a11i1 iR.lroeno I tllian sIhoestn ad salpltac, ndo clf, tull tlaitn sealt whis, a ew tlnicle; Ito lie canIl sel.l toI msoroneo quIOtel 'Ot; toys', tinisses'uot ehildtell's peggoei aid saweda tI. ogans, all sdoes of ecery qalit tt nld klnd. 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IIs 11 IIto y' t' i t hl hIla reach t t11hose ] clrlino d il litkdy io ) , Sdr this anta I itrtosil g of alls achtl. 'onlt-che. ille applied n itcor(dil to directinlls given on hotleo, it I.n never f.i:ef It oili ntl unidiatt aund mane rsire !i.f. It aleo arre'ts the dleav ni ,atfcctiv Itelhlan - relieves that trttne oi which o frertipottli rdomr iC O trueI , !urb nnle t lns 'ITe ip, tlllt t i 1t d I arrelledv t .imre I i no e u ' t i+ al} Pal rot m p:.I.i Iii; I i Ifhi 0lr l000ie ai i .' lip tt illnl0l00 trni nto io "+llld if) coalirV, that hove air ady exp riellced uclth dr.I.lil I inde lictula ell"t.a i0om t icule lf Ihe Ilulln, our rl-. rit:' d lllell inPtt. 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Ily Ithe .1li.lo 1 ill l an ld illlther pac, tll- Ito 1 le llof~ vy e peeta mali. via voutpdy of Fltrit' "lrot-i ,nci a t.tttgttt Thie subscriber begs further to ai.ure thE, ipli at larieo, that ho is at preent us Nell a nabbd vt noen and xcenltteordue for all Ito kinds ofi Gatrded Seeds, eilthr wholeil.e or r.etail, as he over wa d tn;e his first establishment in Jo.lmry, ylhId2. C Cuuotry I).tiers and .M\k t Gridnir, ' ordrr filild ct ith lowest ant d iesta reason dtit rntls, b, tlle pound lweight, ad gal til borl el llealsur .o C talgmulo, eit-i.r Iii Frelnch or l'tglish, ola: Salways ha oibtaillcd oi petrson l appilttlion ul- , to 55')1. S 1 I'll, G dtlen Seed Store, 85 Cullomnllle b. sre NOli4.-A:. . ,1stant .ouitly of Ilird sett, cilil mtacdi or plain; pulverized ioul,; hrbs, antld Shak r dried herbsto,- iti a tsuppliy o l pean atvd Iiaoln, Faney Pct:kt Binoks-Uder tl, n h.uit will bi I'IIIand splirdllt variety of lad.hL.' lld gcntlemenll' po k. t books, note, ' ard. ncedleL ill" thrned casle Fitcy : toks, s ouspend s. t &c.-Of the lates pattern and of superior qalily, conslltingl ol'plain and figured sit u. bo', velvet and cloti stockts, linen bosomns, pl+ii, and fitocy with am wiithout rutifleI, hlht ecollars, nuispl ders callnt WanticIngol lllsansoendr., also, pTln .lastie worst ecd and cottoneot do, with and nilhout rolltc pantailan cIraps with wire opreing;and a groat va ralty of gntleltlln's r'a r, made txpressly for talt retail trade, by A. L. Vattnll aornd uo of Pil ,c pphia. - ombsn-A general sand complt n'ete as.orme ofour Ibs fromn thir mcanuoicory.Ao', Etghioh and French dresieg co.mbs, etic. eu-7 RUsIl''ON & ASPINALI.'S UO M0 U ILLNyD TON I' t 0MIXLUIt .i--A eo- o and cnntoili noe for tho Faoso acd Agoc reml ittet tad iote roti:Inct. th ,i prepo rnd tro: versal uce- sc i 1832, ity inersnm ot thi ittghiiio; roomipetorilhyi it ttis city, as snited ii te vitunex, rhis medicin, is hiighly r000 aton,.,h-d, ond h.t b ooi extusi-ely used v the t biv, i sot stot . witl t e ri cip e t' ns i ettvt indueo-v h, co ,r it ti , the puo lin lh its pr -,'t itroit i n the ho al. I na t it li,,y ipa it'e ttcnist of rcnteatitg ttny oi' ihitit it-ito or oall'cringa undr the ih ourgo of oiu aountry. It i a metdisine ptsrsSing greatovtce, anod whnit at-, according to Itl directions lto. never t:ild a e itcting a n1tre, 'cn ii tht cmiit ibticnatio stai of tt disorder. It is not it all diotooreabih, obs take it with iinrity. h I stret t he ns tht dini lv ttti organs, coatisa appeti-, ain .tidaen rquir mor) thun ot , t, or itt ohslinatc casis, two bottl to etall t a cure. There- is aoither tercurt n n o -rcen o n tohe s ehlidini, noa r ny thicg ioja'iouj to nho hucan constd u 'Voi. The proprictoa aro lus, well conv\'lneed of itsien. .acyth-L they afgrc ito roltlnd the princ of avery btilo cwhitth haoi etn I takto iu toct'dvc'- wiih the directtons nitd hta lnot eotlntod as perofct icor of Ihe fartor & agua A. OLIVER, soie atgnt for Naw Orloani, a hia whla,.ieno od ronail druog and mtdtctne sbtie ictroier of flitatlllo aid Chirtres ,Lorets. For isatrict Agencies anltyp to ic5 T. IV. cI'ITaI lW to.r;., HARROWGATE SPRINGS ~lll~llun~gn· crrl ll.l Or .l lnltualu rfllWL D I I'S JO&RN1 V FRO.M XE w )RlLLA.S. rI1IPd proprietorr nl I thi ltniishlrnent lies the plea sure of anununeicin g to his friends a nd fi cle public n geneeiai .nt he will be in r.1dinu.hj,11, Ithe hr.ot lay of rlllv tHhleIceIvlior,. l le will ,lhI, wll 111011 thte 6r. nelit ofthreel at it distlullle, flint there hove here l argept mprovements madellud, anl~:ICd etheri now l)in on and in ra4,id Ilrolresi for compllletion, ahlcii will enal"I: the sit 1,cher IVto a1rcumlmnllld111e a £1111h larger aloatber than tlhetllo Ihl"lIn atIlllhe salmeytue alluchl bttpelr. I I'nliliu call be a IC 11 Ii d i ith good r . or1111 1.lloe wholtl%111r ranI'h'taje largo ca1111sj" stached from It is dee med ..0IlllI ty to talv a dythi.g in particta lar of fho o iltilrltner of these w,lleera, fur· it is genera.lly " tit Srrlea All thle hrrulten ll"lr s thaterIr genera~lly 10pr~id at l\alrrint lII ncel, will hellGdIdtIt this. The hest mimic th at this/lj part o tit - country a IBrnin has· era -n ca. lldt Illll h iol:Olflhet" Lteahn at the h in rrtnrlia 1hr1 Iatthetd lilsak fikr th" otra the-el rallpportriver'l 11h1 hat reasan. and hap- hb the earr V'on, tlrt luny. f-m nnml in) illlllrrO,'inp muIst, idit Illu ?r,.nlllll).lfi"*:, I n M, it s tib""r",i p-*'..r."n.. the~ {"'ýu11 nf .. J'. r it i.::l JUST PUBLSJEZDFROM SrFRElOTrYPE PL.TES, lThe Fith Edilion ofo ROWLErT'S TABLES OF IN''ER.EST: O whilh is nsanotltle an Anvrego 'lime Clettla tor. otr esy methods for fOlindn tIe average lime 1 on storigr, tlntes ofhalnd or Iillr of goodsn n hen o'r ehlaedl t rditnerent dates, on ilifnernlt erlelits, nlodl "r vari'ots annonl eo bieshilerau.fill nod omlllple: hlanking rI 'l'ime To'a' le, the bst that ca he. colltrived. ori thlati girret an opr l)duce within the same colllleslnd compass, atd size tsooa Ie. All a.avertsisemlelt In thebook is in nearly the follow- TI in wardls: Tl'helg ditin'tion this work has received thrlogh the tenl Irgislative asts ptrefixedl to te title nage, is a ir enmmtd:.islta iu itsellf, sl unomemon,, atl so eonclu sive, th t nllhing is nleessaln more lthin by wa% of td v'ertisement, to givea cotlllt'nsl view of some of its pe enllinritie: is ferinastarle, hll Interest llla been comp ls. C Ell from, endcompared witlh, lhlt is equivalent to fiour- ii I teen sets el'enletllllioie, examined l ln the press thitly- r tfie timles, altnd printed from trlreolype plates tested It thilryt-onle timest, fom all which it mlllst ell eident 11 rvenl til te skeptie (etloceially on the lie sat1l t rfthe ie- P til s Iprtoof in tie ilrefnee) tlhat tie work mllll e rithl- It meteicalv inf.llilte, ai its rOnfirmat.o oflthis belirw't F g ipn'iln of two hundred allt titlv dollarn, is now oilbr- V ml to.r the delctilllln eof a rrr olofa cenlt in the present ,lt Sor lffth editioni, as exllrossed inl Ie p.lrtiLeL, alsking fie I laro'rl'rmiunllllli'treLd lfor the someetrTor sitetheflist lphliiciion it tihe een' 10112. (lOne of thei moit raonsiricuoes feltures of the talt's is SIothe trrlntgemelt of tie Time ad'i o Autollnts,i which to ef esdtrsiiti.ns, rnllrra olnot.dtlerspieuois, will hlllehelp d oftle side aiot itlhix, etnllnolot Itxrell;l t;tod l.e itsaliy Iv anId ease wiath which the in:eresl ensl let Ibund toti tthe S exttent of gnt'l;ltll hIlltai ess, wiltIhutt d)lllin of t'ums to sltetidls ita cotnellrlee soo essential, that in thi .tstttail l tiono l'some ei tihe moet e omre ltent lodt pnelt'tlall buaai e ns mean sa ll titblie (fli 'rs wile ale llale re.'t utie of the work, it hals been dislinguishei d I ti'tlt hootillitle iieIllltiot tl,fa "mtstelr piler". And onsideinglll the infialliility of she method originally adlpted in coman.ositg tir' t'ok, tol the xtirtardiirnary niMaher atnd vartietv fthe 'x. ttiiltiottn, andl tests o ta every edition it littosiasedil the it. ,, eotwiti.iiatan ig the si i hole is in stereotlyir, r.onaiderinlg. in sillG I I.e positive nunleloltly i leer l n, t the illllre'tillntttl t natioll amotlllt noi, tie to a IllllhtLHa hee i hsld pt Otl t llhlttitillty tyled itl Ithe mastl waotirrfal hook o tii wislk;" tmoal errtiilllv n mallaaen Im,'n tfitgure work oftllt he sa extentll, I licl ilce thle I.rgittnig at oreation, llhs hr Ith e e n llllm s tet. tni va'rietln' f irmt' inl the same number of ttlitors; too, lnor onle thalfthe lnumlber, as is clea ly slowsn il tihe SRtineiden, ns te.t and staMidad, it kiln been tried till il LreLled in nearh' nill ithe nk and tlilie.h:i ' in tihe SUtll' S.iote's, lotl bIy the pitilblie gonortlly, dluring the is Iont periodl of titilr't-fie, yet tino rtlr of ile ral n ellitions hal s evr h Ie lil'o l in priit, i lllll eolllillul t ail ehallctleligd by the of very' Illcge pir miillnls. 'The ill futrt exprt'slh ai ptell at) all theanourts ol'lnltw 1ci evua'lll ol'thoe Stl n is is the " rtlle otf t .lctlliitlo I trallntute illtteres," nsalso by law Itt'or itok interest, aeconlinges tile book is usedl, stotil sly I.e seent. in tllolltoth by .oe notosle oflhoe aalhaooihronat d it fetw lf 'ie ll isil il;ressinll ofir l y cl ssof citizh lls inl everl quh :-I s. to af ihe Unot ed iStates. It ismoreovelr wHll known that, tv its rrenly check, it) it hits tt Ittte.lndetected lrl gec elrrors, lng ti'er t'hel weret mlaIe, eve hIy the most crcl Dl a ni moslt l comlpetent I ntillnlrtictiaoy, atot its tisefitoi.lness, the absotltle tte i cessivt for itns t, a've been exiltenivoly insisted tlp ,t 1; s evident, iceesd, have bteen its lnttugi's,. and its tso.oinga,i tiot, scetwn ye't'sogo, whilst tlhe lirt entioino nr- was sorlce, i out o( priolt, glt'lit Ilmber of .en.nli hland copiesl were so.ulhl Io' t t oo lln alt gre I lisl~tlc o- And purt sed I rll, t arol s plite, as they chuld tuca-sim aot llly It, pickedotip lioon n I$ Y to $15 li-r .opy, :till irk soie pietlis hale ier.ei." delneptd, i' d instances a ln t c llll/ t. oell that they w uoll ) a5 ll"lI s t ttl - n I II t'r a copI n, 1t1nott O I,e ll I nt', ri d i .tn it li\tt idull t in tll tel.l tder imintll ep nl lt lhulmI), hIroillg at the saint' aI' o r ix lt ri t- sIa .t'tiC I r) lt r ,ti til', f ,: Ur*llll ipe llr l. m ' S sctt l h hto him t w. really wottih ido t Utt tn y ml o, more ltiot gh the tto siio t ngo o t'tl tr t vil btl-illtie, ltt bei'g . - t r i nu. and in tt l ic ot ice. of it is lik .twi~ e w tilltlv of ntll o,, i l ttl i le ll'proper to h in u.s e t, II:t sock is the . autile t lgoe welk g.-irillty il -d alllpeiall wcItl ofi the extent snor i.polr tie oIl i hese ln ns, tha:.t t:ul this hook or its It.e t io' l lr :n eel ilt n he iloal lnta t er vlo , hlII 111the a l io oi Cl ca:luhlaw in the worhl, and Iafter titl rs pit i.t most S :ullotiu " Itlu l dn ar hi lowln correclition of proof sheetiith IiwoultI, httlm, toa itc tt inty, hle bt e ulit nllsi' t. oIr rt Ilecti.,moil dte.r .t maov pi o'et, is it t pl. ef..i ln flitvu I: 'ni nd l, pl I li Iat' e iN Il I nih to InaLe it O tMele ,t tolil kll ol his wilklnbeI" m t.Pll hatIto te ni'll t oo n' , fl i'llhl r to' er a lill exi-n i So r . lira l e'list. nt l ll) ,ol, u tllly k ept in It phace of speeial ii sallt.,e *cc l ot w ahil ae I" ii ll I i, t . not' A 't holedi a tioI .s to ft'I I.o h b :olt I'acis nd ttt inth .' et t i lh usw1 iS:1tI o es, fl'!h! Ite l i .i . t o e, I o ich, in tl s' nd thh a iht, he t- prirecelhio editionhs, i,.laho much ii, m t iilei'at'll eth lt, g ith, two hnltll tnlttes of PutIIIu l t oo,,. l tn 1lIIo.y I;-ttt) olot,, nh 30 ll d1 oothit fll.ll.h atd' Ionoutoo.lh tFor' ok, wntb'h btyc io . i .l Idl'es w'erv: 1, ro..o..... it do o ,h, )I . l . . . I .... ...... e tnld e :lal, Din ,l : lll , a. nl iift to oe e t chlri l ,.h I.l ll.ll·i r li , Imitrini-el , it hb. not ) t1 so in.l as paid ailt ihtur, 1'. tee hoet, I" I ti o~,'t 1 thC ,let iil I 's, -.ihl Si..te , llo e ti'e llnro o 1799t) C l , o a..S i a 1,nd 1 l it . , ii i n i , ili ,i u o . lt 7i ',l. . - 1'..;pi , , l'.i ;g lnc lh e ul it o it t..htll a : ali,. , b t i t 1uth v I rorx l ~ . .' I .\. " etr in .1 . ) ill li. 1 co:i nll'le , li, ll i at 'i p l I h hit ons; , . J,11 . :Ioe tt', I . ri d i it + \I c o c: t b' ' i; ' .rc Ibor ,uhit , 1 " t l ' 1, ,, . o h to l ll l .:lig l ,yp i * Xt: d"e,;1 , t allllh I - ch li,,U: oI. .ill ".l." ý - I d n l ll 'oinl l l , ' olll I l ' I.)+ , .i 1 rle , r i n 1 on il ir n V in h ' .i m , B io , oi tu h it tl o m· o r nl ti lil " 'It M I. llll I; d I eI r dotle's. i, . u: t re-'eto,,,Ia d fi l t el d .,tl Iry \\ i'5 . 11'lt t\ , Iot. re m.0 in l e climate, or 1'', In .besou . uhC t, IrA "t I-'C rl , r:lo.. i.ff r' h uo'r , S lr p or ll. rt itt l .tPa rerv eti : I l Ith bl prll4h r .ol ' ll O. fI& 1"in teii A; hit:)g w hi h aro als · atll l t·llopi.w . 1 : I i11" Ihyc, or for ; c.l yr.u lh bn; p r I'm 1 b.bua.; i ,.t-are via. h, Vlg toll. lll o t g ; crOt ,,ll , or II '. Li elS vl; %,rl . to. s., Ilie g; .y lihiLle d t .a , i; r all dlt,,nd,"r, oirIh II ia Iaim OoIn-Diah r tuty Ihe floo, byt ;r Per, by r nllc* nc. Fn r he illat, or b cou USe of "n' y Corner of Canal and Hourbon stre sea. O\lt.i l k o I.Y1, Ilohis, Sign, :naI (I':ult . ' Iinter, No .s ca,,lele street, hno doorsn'Iron', GUnal 'tree'. Intitliotns dl 'hIe filllvil wroos :ndl nrarbles, ex u ti·cal in it r sller! t'.., l l er. willl s I An a1l B. . Intahgon), Eligtinin hilonck cn.t gold, O)kA, iaI:, n ,l Antieo, Pollard dn, ieionte or wtd antiqtue, (CI ltlo o, ,usp.r, lo I'll nMatnle, lilood I ,tone, Ihrdsle,' i-,'n, uoh- Granihe, Satin \\ o,,I, Po.none, )..hir 11 , , I)oe or- Ihrdelln. v.n "i'lrl,+ li:ia W hile. 'Coro :,: ile or llaek Sil l:l ndli Ir tella, Rol. +V od, llt.!i ".+t (:le'. Ash1 bie r nk, n. i o k e&. Cueled Elo, g lb o n, i.,c ol r.iIh, ne. on hand no r n ale .i " t. iInn h llln llIn + l l n +,o Uio , ,, . nto linop, ltroll ai rod I irong , nlit l ro ils nd lu, h C. 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Sdnrikn. |trontd n) htonkI hill n In;m o, a Vlrlo-no I,;onloetofi, INew ort tito trent n niodi '. goend in their line nt, hicho tlheo il t nit l thj i riel .I k nn oir ilei.n, inakes flhir n t nr en t v, rr_ , ea I lhhi lh lusilng co:pnC a p rlo smrt, iz: "l11llvl , ,.r., i de, noic 1l1olrek loescon, olot-nunltil tig,,redinnntnon nll dnd rulbbo r, s Cik o ul e irited l th .air, tirt, e co l fine Ellt Ielntop tn, illn e r c, n ill o li l iouinire, ir t rall r, ritIlt.l hand ut, Iehl~l ullla niill 'eiominr bilnt I ,nrlns h gold. at-I nltoel gilt oni nsln gn.-. - ln-dialo bh. s leJ.' andplenoo -i llnee Iol atcoe l ug prt" ter lt,, ls, a] it F ts, Iio e, bell. p rla tu. oil] r tiil. is h a'donllnend ingle barirelled nlintnwie knivn f i. rib rlns, wi istl buc:kles clrtli l hc aird mi , aui " Is ,rt bllih. ti , piste, door and dustthg rllb _ ll t. m iical work hex,.,, r i.,in r ill] Gilt, ig rl, c " t n \ i. ?{,,; .,,'rntw. .reinlrrA MAll AIRAN649ICNW . lu. u rr Day at 12 M. Northern la ila aCloses Eacrny y ato 10 A. I We er al. r r e2trlV illlldY vW enesdm day %\.et,. o.!.11 | rhls by.SP. litt. . p ttrait Oh ' . a t ioas every Maat, nWedescd. Loa-it,. |.lid tntaardoa, tar I, It, hl. Thelake ine i el teI art'ldhursday, a itar dla,,, Ut I'. Of. via Closeat eneryv Monday, Wednesday EX.',.iI9S MAIL.. TIMES OF A RII VAl, I)EPAI''URtF 1)ISTANCI &c. af the Expreln Mail, btai-^e Maooaia and N.w Yaik--leavinag IMoblie doli at 3 P. M1. Norfhiwl" New York doily at t P. 1 1aoathward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. 'line. Ieturn'g SitAntiomery. Ala. 0ltat. 18mi's h311 1Im. - CaluntltllieGn. 114 I 94 2.. M-iilledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14j pt.m -Cllaltttidi S.C. 7a. 16, 7 1 ttnieign, N C. 5 °215 2 12 S\narrearon, Va. 12 m. 55 fit i - Itichl.n. nl... LVa . 21 3 61m Peterak u , pmn. I0 prm. a 1redrltakrlntltr 8 67 7 p m, SVnshiagan irate, 2 pto. l 64 at Itl~inn ..... 4 ha : 4J Il I tdep ia, 4 nat. 100 11 i tNew York 2 an. 90 84 1305 143 h. or o1 23' Northward. (Comtinie Solthward,the time it six hour i.,; Itiact ttnyo alld17 hllatr ,. ANAWIAY frr 1t}9 (t'arondelet er'ner of Terih , i treetiR I in:I te igi]t nof 3 h af, nI d antlll spen Ie r next iatoraing in Iedras tinreet, a negro boy named CtIIAI I.ESl, atout 17 years of age, on I 5 fee a' itherea untn itt itri tat,ve t e' rvr nihck, and lan an ia-ted roeon rOP liten thirl and awhile cltn anltialolllns. Masters illr vessele nnd ste:an lntt are enutioned a "g gniet ireeivitg or hanrboringi said negro, n werllta al a other rtaerao, aa Ills etfan[et riganar of titst taw ill hra eafoterteat egaitat iaaant. lia anbovne raetrd will i e paio ey fatrdei'le g him injt nnv of jhe inin af eithaer ef Ith a- mnni'ipalities ,or at I Cnrantdeiet, corlrner of HeIlvi. J-l .ndertthalan nir initatino & liarrrtaaaa, htanbeer S disoltaed. T'Elm saabscriiber w ill iluidalte Iho aflirs o tile conel rln in thli city, nerl r, 11 ull ,'l·Olpo indeb - ed to malkel unnuet 'fein I himl unih', Slid all thoselilv nlJ eatinllcm aIt)aaiealartt thttti F tIt aa adaltt. aa t at tt }--i II tiAItltPITSON, w.t W. -V-SWA1N. a o. 11'Cannal ,rleel Atr Orernt n [.TI yettrtahnailind aonn llllleln ntt eerl.inelltlr t i IUGs. filVES, Aetittity, nrurit', Alghtlt, Iret, do rlgtltl , .nntt o to ar . te A rtettie, erattia, , Athant, k riloi liw redt tl ttzillette wonae, l lnlam e tavia, Cochi ,e nt, Li da refnre, lu Amettit , LrLivinstolle, crud,, lustic, 'Ti'nm ic, it t raoll, t o (t t hC do0 flowerT .(n bltnillr· S Ilieth lrhichl ut , lil. de (etsail, trinian tiata a, Itt ttttIatr o ; ', hiir s, I o i!ll ' I nel t , ti en nal-t at tta t' . :laln , do a.t.ic, aa.aaraoaa alataagt hy ih. IltI tla. I nlloll) O tin nllttidaaa, a St aointlfi in oi b tanl*ill, C I: ll 'ai tIii I do do stcrip l, +Niel gi' , l li o nllnlelr ,Io d. S Anwrhce*, dlo (CIor, tin11 tat trIte, tin It w tl Iio gui:,.c m , CIIE .ICA L . €lo kAmn{, Acid, n~itrofus, tie m eit, do muri:,tic. dto nllind, hlolrdeof lihuh. tinhg, psn aitla itt attts, e helhir, In ha e tni.ri e, a noAaannati., a a iinicranttle tat (;iliiq :.w ice* ii t allr , ,hailaeletS t l, llaa aane alae, dal iaa It ag tla , t ui n ta i ,isa l e, tt\ llli lil lllr I aiTl h I nesa S It talt iil.. g il hl :ltca '.t 1,11 i ti M a 't lntiatt~ , 'a i ln, a llp. ., a e at l ar ll, aa a l |ila Iga .a llp ti i tan, r l, h i.. i isii I: d ,i iii1 I I. 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I ll aita'a- iatn '1 dora t !.a 1' el1 I aatlan t'itnenalttgelf~ tlalr ta I .rl ta ll t 'i l I t, . le i aN itt( t it it tar, lattlaate ttIte t"hnoa t aIo ( 'hllalto t naila -tat. tI e a, en'i. t a voI. , l, adtlttaaalaaa laaea t',nttah t i t t t.nlr no, e talll it0. aata , A. toatatalo+ th latnata',L~ ih. a utt'aa ,rnl'tera t .i~ iii-, 1.itn a natei latt t'at 111, tlattl Ialtat , atiain, alal tttlt,1' . a'ittala nltata taral h tt Ittatta, at t, tal:li Ii tre laaa tfti tt atatati Ittattat lit ac.lco,,ttt',, to;. anal+ a'anaaraltt'deatf taatat. ii, ~ ll ,'~n '' [11111111 10111)I 11)1 tiN OF ORll(· 'ict~ill 11I1 .1 ,1Ii.'I;Il~iil l~·Iil.· l( ~lli AI,,,,(1 ittI,. , ttt11 l t tn·lli.Ii( niCI: ao rlille ti~ as, ll, llt I tr,,, ·Ir 0 r. ci't b 51*K I I' B· I~rlllllil1 . ill~lllil' 14 31r~ NIa~lvIif r~pN l / oailt, ), lll'l 1I Ilnlt(till11IleS llr I (Ilillill- iill \lilllj Ill~il*&\II IIAIj

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