Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 25, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 25, 1842 Page 3
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MRS. GIUUS THE VOCALIST. Tim iulinliitunl ol" our town liavo this Week been f.ivorrd with' tins im-smicr, nnd plenspil nml charmed willi tlto tl ili t fill sint invuftlio celebratr-il Mrs. Gihhs, f'nnnrrly JNss Grnililon of Loniloii. Tliinlislingiiisb cil Lady, bus visited nonrly ovrry section of tho United Stales. The liirr.iry, perodicnl, and newspaper press, speak of her ns tin; best singer In America; and having our lolvos bad thu pleasure of lio.irilis her, we of course, cheerfully concur in sill they have said. She lias given two Concerts this week to full nnd fashionable audiences. The Songs "Wtinted a Covcrness," "The Old Arm Chair," and many others were enthu siastically applauded. The Song, "Why dou't the men prnposo" also, was well te ccived, but it was suggested by some that the words might bo changed with piopiiely, "Why don't the girls accept." Mrs. Gihlis1 ncrform.inccs are very attractive, and wu recommend the lovers of sweet sounds to at tend her Concerts, wherever she may be. Since writing the above we are given to u nJ erst a ml that Mis. Gibbs was prevented by severe indisposition from taking her con cert anounced for last evening. Tho Philadelphia Sentinel contains the fol lowing' information, derived through a letler from Ilnrrisburph. The Captain is " headed" at any rate, and no aie glad of it : A bill passed its final reading conferring upon Willinn Crnjihan, (tin: father ol the girl who ran off with Captain Schcidoy,) a life estate in all the property settled by James O'llari upon bis daughter iU.iry, who married said William Croghan, and is low deceased. The bill fur-therprovid-e for the dual scltlcineiit of the paid estate upon Mary Crughan, nlheiwiso delicti. Jey, and lier lieirV, subject to the entire discre tion of the trustees of naicl estate who are to re ceive all rente, issues and profi'sof tho r.imI es late, and coi.tribute out of the samo for 1 lit support of the afnrcaid Mary SSchejiihty, actor ding to their discretion. Tins act was tent to llie'l louse, and thil body iiiiuiedia ely concur red therein. It was then ecivt to the Governor, and returned with Ins approval, and is now o law. The Captain will have to try some other speculation. Lake 1'rie is again open. The steamboat Gen. Scott rrached Uufl'jlo from Detroit on the 'Jth. There is but htlle ice in the like. STATE OF BY CIIAKlTijS PAI11, (i o v i: ii .von, A PIlOUhAMATlON. At the opening ofanolhor season, it becomes us ns n Christian People, to fonrw the public nnl united neknowledginiiitsof oiirilcpi'tidenoo upon tlio Aix wise UnnATOHt tit'ihniik. linn I'or lliu hies -iii'.'s be tin showered s i nroft'selv .iMuud us, nn I nil rite penitence nnd humility In lmv nutsclies be fore Hint, confess o-ir tinworthincss nn I implore his foryivness as individual;, ns a stnto, and ns a nation i 1 do, therefore, in compliance with n custom of our rubers, appoint mill AY, tbc EIGHTH DAY OK APRIL NEXT, to bo olseticd, 'throughout thii S late, ns a d.iy of l-iliin Humiliation nnd Prayer to Almiohtv Godi nnd I do respectfully, but earnestly reeotinucnd that nny rinploymi nt, in consistent with the duties nf s ib nil occasion, may, nt tint lime, be suspended, that the peopln mav assauhle in their usual p'ncesof pul l.c wotslup, nnd, with humility an I revercne1, enns.-crnte tbo day to the I'u'toniary icligious soletnnilies. Let lis, nt ibat lime, whit sincere desires, present ourselves before lite SurnEME or the nnd the Given. of All Godn, rupplicate His slill lurlhcr forbcarntico towards us for our numerous ni.d ng trinvated transgressions, nnd iniploic His continued nnd constant eaie over the interests of our beloved Commonwealth. Let us hcsccch Him, to bless the mining season, so Ihnt theenrth innv vielil its nbtm- dnnee, nnd that I rallh, comfort, nnd happiness may cover the face of our country) In crown with success the efforts of nnr citizens tii improve our system nf ,,I.I. ;,.i...,,.,; :..r.... : n :'.. i, nf Tcinprintice, Virtue, nnd Charity , to chdow u wuh wis loin, so to protect our own inhistrv, thai the laborer shall be encouraged in bis well d higniul rewanle'd lor his toil : to enlarireour nmilcscs, secure our liberties ntid Irnnsmit thcni to nnlerilv. to the end tint nil may be free'; to lessen the animosities of party sirue, resio'c nnrmnny to mo councils 01 our eountrv, nnd guide Ibe elei-heiatinns of nur .Notional nnd -late l.c i-latnrs to the advancement nf His dory and 'ho silcly, honor nnd prosperity of Hi people; nnd thai pence nnd happiness, triilh and jnsliee, nn the inettltttionsnl n puie anil un emeu religion may he isnhh3i(d mining us, for nil gt-notr.tions, Given uiv'cr niv hand and Seal of said Slate, nt Nnrthfi'hl ibis fifteenth dav if March, in the vear of our LORD one ihousand eight huudri'd nnd fotlytwo, nnd of the Independence of ihe United States, the sixty-sixth. CHARLES PAINE. I'y the Governor, Hcs-nv Hale, Secretary. A son of John C. Spencer, Sec'y of War, has been arrested at Albany, for forgeries amounting to over a tliousand dolUrs, commit ted on bis own father the proprietors of the 'City Hotel, and a broker in Hroadway, N. "Y., being the victims. The two I'lTcitnns, the hopeful young gen tlenien who committed turnery upon til our banks a few mouths Kince, and v bo were ar rested in London by our Consul, Tito. As-tin-wall, Ksf., have been transported to Aer South Will's. JVearly all the money uas re covered. Courier c)- Knq. .JBRIUO ACADEMY. AT J lilt ICO V I'.XTUH I T. 'IHESpriiijj term will eoiinueiHo on the'J3ih inal under I 'e elnrtfoof l!ev. Smeoi lliekmll A, M. Mr. HirKnell, ii will bo reeeolleelcil, was foruietly li of this Aenilemv, but eft It in tlio Autumn ol of H.U tolaUecJnrcc.ol'nsiituhrins.ttiiiioiiinthustato oij. l.nti'l tin nputn un nsa tiiiiru'jii ami lut-ifs,-I'nl ,i nchri is in this, vie in I j. already cstibli'hnl. Ilaviu?eiWT'ed llii'rineiiten sctviee.s ol n tini het of so milch evp.'ri. iice, nt I lm thoroughly repair eil the A-aih'inr liuililinir, the Tril tees would now slate that t istlicpiirp is - nil I erpe-cuuion of nil con cerned that this School shall be inferior to un I haired Institution in the siihsiantul advantages nnd induce menu oIKred to those who wish to ntten I n well rei!- uhted school where there aro fewimhiceiiicnls to idle ness nnd dissipation, nnd who are pre pared lo npprc eiate the a lia.itaj!;e of thorough and systematic in- sirue ion. Th" academic vear will be divided into Twn Ses. sions.eit h '2! weeks : ami each session into two Terms nf 1 1 weeks each. The Charce for t itinn will bo for the common Una lish .Indies iueludiiiL' Historyanil CompoEilion 61,0 per term. Koralltlio Iliidicr branches of English sin 'y and I.amjuaL'es sl,.,0 per term. Board m res pi cliblo families can ho obtained at a very low piiro. Ji-neo Match 15. 13P2. J. HAMILTON, Ckrk. Dissoi.rrw.y. a ",HK. copartnership Iwreioforoetisting hftwecn tba . subscfitie'r.sitiiil. r tbd lltii ofl lager & Com .lock is this day dissolved bv mutual umntnt All dennnils due the late firm must ho paid by 'I he Gist div of April next. Eillur oftlies bscnhi isare nutltorised losel t'e the business of the late linn. M.IIAGAH. . (H'.OItGE . CO.MrtTOCK. She-lhurn, March 17, 1812. ii v ac: vaizi:. THEO DOUE HOI.III'OOIC. (I.ale llolhrook Tnppnn) (10 MUk st.. ItoMoi!, aHE S'nb'cnhtr oin rs a large and thoiee selection . n! Ilindwaru to tlio diiiiii v trade upon tbc most l.bernl ti-iins. .March 1. la 12, 2m FRANCIS liKN.1A.Mh, .1,;., Wholesale Dmlcr In HtDiaijc, l cmiil t'nmtuU'tloii No. 273 niVEIt STItEUT, H.TA fete doors nlnveWashiiifflun fijuarc. Oil SAI.H. :! Share's of Stock in the I'ar- 1. liters and AleJi inies llaiili to llutlington, Kcti. 11,1312. Ililrhng'on. Aonly K. . COI.E . tlatx. Ityc ami Corn. AI'EW hundred husliilsof O.tts, Hvc and Corn for alo by the epianlity or sinylo hiihi., hv aiareli l S. WALKP.It. NOTICE. 'fill! I'opattutrsliip liirelob ii" i'i.iing lelween M .I..I. Suirrnu I I a J Dow, ine'er ihe linn of Siarr & Dow, i. lln. thy by mu' ei Ii entdi..ohuil. All per-on in li.!.iil 'o !bel.i'e,ni l lirni are req le tol In in.i -I'paMiifiit, as it is neee.",iry the l.u iuu thould I e elo-i'J iiuinoli.tlely. J. .1. STAIIU, ISAAU HOW. II rl"v."m..M'ir.b 17. 1SI. TO rAII3IK.KS GUIASS SK El). The Mihsciihcrs hale selected from host samples of northern growth, their usual supply of Iftnh r7tnnd CVeirer .Vcee, which they can recommend as very superior. Jinny far mers who have unfoitimaiely used the southern eir wesern seed, a large qaanntv of which Ins l(cii berelofi re sold in the licighliotho id of Lake Cham plain, haieb in taught by experience ;he difi' lence between seei's of a "mlhcni i r lioithrrn giow lb, 1'or sa enl ihe Duel.. March 1, 1312. 1'OI.LETT & UltADLY. Pim.AiiEt.riii t, Jtarch 18, 19U. -t full ?csump- tion..W our Hanks I':y Specie I.nt mglil nil ihe Banks of the City ami tj. unity, ilmi bad not then liroke, in t at the I'lidadelpbn Hank, when the nine following named Hanks resohed to i.suuio this day, in full, ti v t i llnl.idi.lpliia, Coininerehl, No.ih America, Pannei's nnd Mechanics', So.ilhwark, Norlhcrn Lilcrlics, Western, lien injlon, and Ger tnantown. The only two banks that ilid not enter into ibis re- 'olve were the Movnniening nnd ihe Manufacture rs' Hiid Mec'iiinies'. 'I he e wcie lioth run pretly Innl JeMerday, and this tiiorniug hoth huh d lo open their 'doors. All he other nine have paid specie all day in alt who tleuinidtd it, nnd lhitu weru not a few; thou.jh tins demands wele gcneullv lulu, lot the pur- Iposes of change to fill the victjuin created In ll.u "wilhtlrsmal o! the small "Ue'iel" mites. Tlie reMt'upli'Ui is a fdl one every demand of 'every elmracttr waa paid m j.irie ' I in the Inn 'p , own notes, nt the opt on ol I he pu'wiiler. The on y Hanks (tin t ifMied le bet r.o'ix tb it bale nini d in ll.e tciuiiipti'jn, redeeni lliesci lehet lulls in coin thesnue ns tlu-ir own pnoni(s to pav. find the o bcr Ihnks receive thtit. Notuillifrtandm bete wan n run the 11 inks Mood It without flinching, nnd the community, ns if determined to Miniu them ill re tuimption.'e.irricd in lln'ir .specie on ilipoile bv thou Hands. Ill the a.'giei'nii', ibe I!. oiks have recti eil more specie n dtpoaiie than thev have paid out ; and "ill open toinonow linn they weie lodiiv. Tho rarnifis' nnd Mccliniri s' I nuk receive 670, liU'J Irnm one source, anil the I'liiistieipnia n iti t.'.O.OOO. On the CornmcriTjl, Western, nnd Soulb wntk.llicre w is couiparaliu ly no run. All was qui, t no more people nuoui man man on ortnuaiy iu eineis t.ays, Tho hii'lit'iU plarc for woman is to walk bv her hiiRband'h Kide, and ihe lovtoM place fur a rnan it. lo be teennd l home hip rreatcst shame that Ilia own conduct has made him so. In South Hero, on the 21st inst. Ilr. I'.I.I'HA HOOT, nged 30 vents. Dr. Hoot wnsa naliic if Wd'iston, wbeie bis beuavi; ' pan nls tind an only rcmaiiiiug brother still reside. Ho studied his profes sion miller the instruction of Dr. .toteph M.Urlt, late of I!ur ingtou, an I was stmnglv nltacbcd to llint Inveiy.ntid lamented man. Since the coniplet'on nf his siijJjcs, willi the eciitiou of a few months spent in Canada, ho has res.eled on the Hand. Itewnsa young man ofuneomnion rxrelle ni e very nmia' le, sucei ssful in his professiom.l hlmjs, nnd it ran ly falls to Ihe lot of any man to'be so universally nml ardent ly loved. It i an hardly be conceived bow hernuW haic nn enemy. Tho community valued him highly, and deeply latneni his death. He Ins left a wtfo to bedew his grave with bitter nngiuh, nnd a htlle daughter, too young now to realize, Inn hereafter to ho told nf Iter loss of a ib voted father. " Very pleasant bast thou been unto me my broth er," the waiter can heartily and in teais exclaim, af ter years of intimate neqn out tnee and kindly fellow ship, and he feels ns.uud that nil who Know bun nt all, must sympathise with bun in this feeble expres sion of his feelings. Glad nre we to enjoy the privi lege of saying that wo "lehevc nnr loss to bolus a. n." He fell c ilm'y nnd sweetly asleep in .Iesn. lie was willing lo depart, and expressed an utulevh ting confidence in the merits of the yavioar. O what i ronsolation Ibis nffiirds to bis nlllie ed fi lends ! Il ma'crtaiiy enange tlio nature ol our sonow, nnd liss palci tho ghoni that would othcrw se gather around l:is giave. l'arewill friends, farewell broth ers, farewell our dear may God grant us a happy reunion in Heaven. ONE SHILLING. A M;T0H I'OR HAUL) TIMES 1 1 The iilicrih( r oil! is for ale the GltEEN MOU.UT.U.V HEPO-ITOIIV, . Emrnn nv Zii iti; Ijiompson. I'vr one t.liilline imi. 'Pill; hook eeniaiMs 251 rjiindeciuio pages and is J. I ouiid in n good Fiiliviiiiitinl Inauner. 'The hook contains mam hiogiaphical noilees ol the caroer set ers of Vermont a d nine h nuiliet'tie iul'rination ic hlive loth. Iiatutnl and end l,itoivnf lliu .-late. The price of ihe Kepn.i'nrv is wnlui Ibe leiieh nf nierv "iji-m trjaiOH unit c.'ii'i," nnd is a hook lint h ill I be in the hands of every child in I tic Sl.ili: hat cm read, and it icjitltl nut bea ft't'y 'so iuits in jury to Adults, ij tlirytl'Liitil rtotlit. A l.heril discount n.ade lo those who buy to tril, or huv to giveaway. S HILT.!, IIIJ.Vl 1GTON. Hur'iglon. hrch 10. 1112 Notice to Inn-keepers nml ltelni'ci v. t LI. tho-e pei-on- win re. tive I intern or re'ni i V le en es, at iliula-l .Mmeh Term of Clii'ieanleu Co ihv Co n aie notii !, thai the aire will rspin in he lift day ofAunl lux' ; mil tlieiil Co n ha 'e irovn'e filial the .-ame may I e renewed, 1 1' aliing on the Clerk of .ui-l fjour . I'y order of the J ie'ge ol -an! Ci tir. WM..NOHI.r, O'er!;. Il ir'iif.'O.n, M ir h 22', 1SI2. (il'.OItCi: I). COIISTD! Iv O 1I'HI ri'l.LV anno n e- m tin: uih.i' until - nl LlL Shell, in nn 1 ei mil , . lia' lie ha p .ich.i ol i.l eir. I.. M. Iln-'ar. (In- h ner h in eie t in die good-1 rh hi-tiiir to ihe l.i e lirni i f II lear f.iau toe!. Ifi- e ntthl al-n itif roi the p il lie that lie w ll1 ou'inue ihe I to inc. on ho own a vi urn .n 'heol I l.oi I, wheie heotier- a t.ler.l, a s r:nieni tif lie o.l In. ti fi r en heron i un nth -ri-.J.i. Shelhi rn i.l t , Mar. h 23, 1312. Tin: pur.i.ic. i r w mi n re iht I'iIIv Mid nn hi-- TO 'SflllE.ul i e t-ioiner-and the mil lie eeuei.illv. that 1.. ti'tunied lo do-village, nnd in'eii I tairying on he Ma-on lu-itie n P rmer'v. 11 .trveo m tlie i evf line are re t ev I l'v 'i ffewl to the n il lie. Wu'e-w:i hue, I net. and -lo lewni'I-, phi 'erni'j eenieifiug done, n' bort uuii.'e anion re.ionaMe te-rin. lie mav I c found a' hi-i!. ie i'ri n Mai'eu l-aue. ' GI'.'O. ., SIM A US. It.ul'iie'nn. Man h 21. IF 12. I2-1 .ii nsiL 1 1. 1: a xo i 'J c ii. UNITHn STA ' I'.- OK AMERICA, l'ui-uatit to Vermont District, to wit. ) a watiant is sued out of tin. II' n. Dist iet Court nf the I'liued Slates lor sniil Disttic lo me il ri etfl, l.u lo t t-l.y give tins puiii c noi'co tuai inieirniai n lor tlie viol I lio'is of the revenue) laws if tlie Ijuled Sislt , Invi h. en tiled in s-niil I out! by Charles D.uis. En . Dis tii. t Attorney of the L'n tul Kiates for said District, nirnnst tho I'olloveing d'.sci;lx.d goe-ds, vrares, and itiereuanui7e, rtj wu : 1 lllnck leather mink, 1 eaipi t bag, 13 pieces hnn dana Iniidl'eiehiils, 1 pieces silk I an kiiehief-, fi woo ten sit it Is, 1 pair wool ten drawers. IJelially In nil kerch.efs, 1 eh illy thawl, 1 hlai k s Ik handle" reltiof, 1 green velvet rap, 1 palenl-leM r silver wiileh, 12 liock uals, I liroad eh th dre's coat, ! pi ted epaulelies, a ininnlily of old siher s 'raps, ihiui hle wo. ii, il-o, -1 i otloii shuts, ) woollen under s'liits worn. 1 pur eotlon drawers, t old Inn kerehiif, 1 padlock and key, fi pai olsoiks, llnoa) el 1 1 i cap, a lot of -mall tin and wo- th n boxes and oiln r small arlicbs a bom' aiue stoi k, 2 horses, 1 thai lo har ness, i two horse leigli, 2 hull i no . .ins. 2 h aiik.if. and one nick vnke, se'ed a' llvdipaik. in sud D s- triet, on the 11th dnv nl rihitiaty, 1S12: Also, 17 p lirs of eoais.' cheeked ki rsevnieie pants, o pans, of woolenetl pants, 10 pairs of lilac . broadil'th pants, 2 pair hue kskin pants, 7 pairs of sterl. mixed bro id- eioiii pants, 1 pair ol l.l.u K coarse elnih pains, !l hlaeU lirmdi loilih vests. 3 ,a r.n..ih linen ilitead. 1 linen lah'e s irea , 10 ltnh l!oy Inndketchii Is, 0 .vnried haudki'iehn fs. aiWl sack, seii il at .Inlincon. in sa d Dis r.ct, on the ISih day nt' PMiruai v, Is 12: Also, I ilocti of u.arse kers'y pants, 1 dozen nf Mack ket-evioeie pant". 7 pair" nl" fine tins, . men Id ick panii, 2G yauls nf line black I lo.t cloib, 11 vards of Ida U broadclolli. fi raits of rnartrn eheekid Uersuvuere nnts. :i a:r of stud mixed pants, 2 pair nf p' aid pants, and II hrmdelotb roun l.a lioui1 ni- .-il al .lo'ni', in sat I Uiiiiiit, on the 2Ul elay i f l-Miiiiirv. 1t!2: Anii Inal uill be had on ibe foregoing .several sriz ores, ihe s-i'i e wil e eonileliuie , ngrernblv In the prnvi'tsof s'liri mforiuaiion, ni ihenextst i tt ii u rm ot s ti 1 llMfi.'t t'ourt, to he holdi n nl Windsor, with in and for aid l)irirt, on lhe21l'' day of Jlay n. x , unless n claim or e latins sha'l he 'tit. ip. s d mi or In -fore that day: of which all persons inliiiMcil will tike notice, and govern lliem-thi.s aeconl.iiglv. Givkv iim'er my band, al liradfonl, in said Dis trict, ths lOllidiv.if Mar It. I, D. 1 12. WILLIAM ISA'tltOX, Mxrsiial. xoTicn. THE Copartnership herctof to exi-lin? inider tbc firm ,1' Hirko1, A Catliuis this d iv dissolied. All demands duo hem which me unsetili.l m, it,., t.i of A .1 it nex' will lie placed in tho handstif II. I.eav enwor h, Hsn fortolleeliuit. II P. HICKOK. 1 March, 1312. II W. CATLIN. I.tliiglt na'. -- TOXSJ.ehigh raked, Poaro Coal, house anil kept fium the weather, for sale he Nov. W. rOLLI 'ITil- lilMDI.r.Y. he.vj CmixIl skiit's estatp" Vr.Vll'.or VEif.AlO.NT, 'The Pro nlo Court f,,r D.stnrl ofClullenden S ih-ihslriet orciiiit,.nden To all pi'rsous eoneerneil ill he estate of It. tii imiii II, Skitli I ite or Chat lot to in ,-uil III I net ; (in , tin". Wherea-, S illy II. .Skill) .adininilialii of tbo es tate of lb" said deceased, has made application to said couM lo extend Ihe 'line limited for iiiskiniriia.-in.iii ni iiieoeois oi iiic ii'i oeeeabei an i seining sam is laleone year liom Ihe Dili d ty of pr. fjjj. n, also proposes toienk'r an nceonut of her miliums- tialiou anil pr s-nt tier aieount against said e'Stalo for exaiiunalion and altoaanee. Whemipon tlie court doth nppi lilt thesieoiid t'e 'uesday of Apiil A. I). HJ2, for hearing and ileviding on sud npphen thn and exam, in if said acco-mi, ni the olilee of ihe Itegisler nl'- iid court lit I'lirhiigtim in s ij, disitict, nnd ilnlh order lint al persons irttfrc- ed ho notified thereof bv i iibheilioii of llu older ihreowe-eks sue eessnelyin tho lliirlm .Ion l-'te: 1'iess, :, newspaper relied in it.l I'uiliiigton tho last af whirli piihhcation lo he pri'e io is to sai I s 'rond Wiilm sday of Apiil A. D. Hl'i, lint thev tiny th-nnn 1 lliu c.a i' eir nnil-liiiw cause it anv ihey haee, w hv the nine of v'lihng sa i s nte should not ho i xtelided nnd whit sn.d nccourit shoiitil not l-c allow i-d. G ven un ler my h nil nt sn I ll irlingian thij 13th day i f .March A. D 131'.'. Win. WI'.STO.V tle-'Utcr coi'Mirxi:nsuii notici:. TT AIIKAK oi W,IT i'U. nnliie that llcv have ihl. I. dnv ns-oei.-i ed wi.h tllcm In b i-ine s'.MK. Hi lt AM l HOOT, nnd Ihnt they willrouiui' elite b t l no s ol tmporthsnn stlllrt CflOOKI'.KV, JI,S-! IMi CHINA WAllL tinder tlie firm of i'AKItAll WAIT f HOOT nt their liiruier Storc'lhey have on ban I a fit'l -toe' t.f wnVti bleb they will pn-li in Crates aisorttd to order nl New Yorl an! llos'nn . nee-, iiien-hnnls in the -urrteindiHg town" will tin I it ereatly to tin ir a lvaivnge lo I'xaiuiiii their toek li forepiir Irising al lln jo-ali, all orders ir' luplly at en 'eil to Store, corner Church and IMh-ut si. Lluiluigtoii. E. L. r.RI!Alt. JOS. WAIT, II. 11001', N. II. I'arrar Wait and Root expect lo receive car le in Ihe Sirni2 in answer lo Iheiri.ri'ef n lull siuinlv of thai lenutiful S'vleof "0(iaqUe Pearl ware" llint yiveu sueii generai sa't-i.te ton itiepai ae:ion, theceW rn:elmjiri(,iione. ofChtWs & Co, the only llo-i-u in 1 nghtlid that inakelhat atjleof ware, which will Ic sol I whole ale and Retail. l!uilingtou,Jnn.31, 1812. TO YOUXU IlOUSll-KUUPimS. "l'AI!lt,lt, WAIT ROOT, KEEP constantly on hand a full assortment of elegant Ten Stts, of e.oin i nun i;iuna. linm linnu lea i inicrj, tiold sprig'il do. Gold edge nnd lino do. Extrn widogold bnnd do.Goidedge.lineA tprig'delo Gold edge nnd lino do. Gold hand Pruaervc anil White niid snriu'd do. Gun iilnles. Whito China Hicaklas't hnd Tea Plaies, Pitcher-, Howls, lliitter Kianda sud Nnr-'e Lamps, with small Ten Pots tiilached. Chiun liikslnnd", a verv nn ttv nilicle for present.s--for salo chenp nt tbo Ctuckcty .sjiores conn roi utiiircii aim college iirccu. Iliilhnglnii, Jan. 'Jl, UVi. a r noxns 'ItVJ 2.", do 20 do 30 Kegs 20 do 31 Dec. 1911. A'O TICK. TS herely aiveti lint JOSM'II WAlTbas t,o'd out l lu's iipere-t in Ihe 'tune Waie Man if.ielory and ihal the I iii-iii .--s villi here.ifur I e earrie I on u usual 1 V.Mr E' en L. Ririnr, who Is d i'y tVuhurize I lo tei ibe all the s oflhellrni ut his laeiorv, rixirl licet Iliirlinelon. Jan. 3l'l.S12. NOTICE. AM. persons, Indebted in the citato of the la'e Rn-h.-rl Jlotuly, nro notified thai payment must he nndi! iminednicly to the stihsetiher, to nrew nl cost, ituriington i-e ,atS12. GEO. II. SI 1 v, i-iin. I 1ASH iiaiilfnr I'lav S y, IS 1 1 . i-1, Iv HATCII,ODi:LI,if.Co. xmv music. A EIl large nn I well ,eiee:etl as.oitinent of i 31 ise, nlapie I for the Pi hid, j si receive I at the llurlington lloolMorc. A'so Miis-rni Works, ueb as Soiiheru Ilnr i, 'e iner' Organ M'Mie, P ami 1'on Primer, lliin en's Iii.-tii.cni'ii for the Piano Fern, l'nr -nle hy .Ian. 1. D. A. lillAMAN. Ci A ill paid fiir all kinds i, f-"iniiiia K iri-. I V ' Clan. I? 12. HATCH, ODKI.I. & Co. a i nuns. New it un f. '22 l.'ee. nlelv HA'ICH.ODEI.L OILS. ,f. Co. O ffT T GALS Pure Winter nnd I'nll Siiertn Oil, OfO do Whale Idea -h-d and unhleaebtd, SO llhls. Ainericnti Liasicd, by 30ih Dec. 1311. .l.A J. H. PECK efcCo. ti LANS. IPiO PO XV. lliiihngton, Vermont, nnd Essex CvlinderGI.'. ' 300 do Kedford, Snraine, and I Imtnn Cnran do. ly J. o J. n. I'ECK tVCo. 30 Pec. 1511. Agents. QC) -M DRILLED End eedle, 0JU 200 Gross liooksand Eyis. 100 do. limning I'uis, fi Cases Louden and Amciiean tlo. i'OMis. J0. Jnt leceivedand forsilehv Nov. :;n, bh., i.oomis .; co. ;i:oci:i:n:s. I f HHDs St. Croix and Porto Rica Sugars, I kJ 1" lloxis Lump do 30 llbds. .Molasses. fi'J Hatreds do EO Cbesis Voung Hvson Ten, (.0 do Hyson Skin do 1" do II j sou do 10 Cnlnes do tlx 300 Matis Cnss!a, 2 Hariels Cloves, 1 do N ttnegS, 20 Tii-ret-s Sa'cinins, 111 Kegs Pun. Ginger, 100 lloxes liar Soap, r,lld.i Pipes, CO Hags P.pper, 2 do I'un.-uto, 40 do Itii Coll'i e, 13 do Jain do by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. 30 Dec. ifill. XOTJCK A I.L who aro inde-h ed lo the iindersigneel whose Jl notes nnd accounts have lit cninedue, aie hereby uolified, that iiniuieliale laiiuent iniisl he made ti i cost. 'IiiilHise wliosi. eleiuantl are Ijeeoimnt; i due, we would say lint piompt payment, mtutding ' lo runlrail, is i xpi i ti el. 1 lie term of copailnc-flun ol Hie MUiscnlier.s cx fHI USE SALT T tVs Island and St. flies VSill. Also Dee. Hll. i fine barrel Salt tor sale bv S. M. I'Ol'E. DISSOI.II'IU.N. The eo.inr'uershi,! hen ti'luiee.i.!.iig lie"wienilie un'er tgurliii l!iir'ill'."un. 'ni.'e r ihe -tv'eil liein ecWal rr, nnlS. WaM er eV Co. are lliis" day hv our ' piles by limitation nn the hi of Apil next, it will mil al mi rut ni- nivi'l. ,ll itemniil. in l.aor ol i tnclelino ue insisted tipcin, tlial all eontrncls lie n h :.- of sud liruis, ii i v plv I1' e, and w leeh b iil elnscd. S 'RUNGS & Co. not ' v I I y the lift day i I Annl uexi, will I e lefi Hiulington, Di c. SO, I'll. in the Inn I nt II. I.civen wi-rtli J'.sip loreolle-'tloii. I! irlingtem, .M-rsh 3.b I-l 1 AMEI, KTHN. fOI.OMON W I KEH. ClilfA T JiAlldA LXS ! ""piIE entire stock nf Goods lii'ielnforc owned hy 1 Kern it Wallet r isnr rid at wholesale nr telail at cost. It consists of n large toek of Dry Goods. Dry and Wi I Groeeru , Ctockei v. G Haul Watc. All wi-h'tig t" buy Goods wi'l fin I il for iheir iatcr est to c ill an I exa ni ie the 'to ids In-fore luiymg ele where, fur they uiubt he snld at s'lini' i.tire le close the concern. sen ciMt). WaI.KEII. Hurhiiglon, 5th March, 1812. 25 Tobacco, KEGS E dmond's, 12 lloxes I.rvme s, 12 do Hooiu s, 10 ICeiis Caldwell's, in l!,i,.s Itowi-'s. The above are till choice hrands, end nte offered ow hv I-1 'LLU I T it Illl. MM, I V. WOOD. March 1 1. WANTED. Doniestie Qulls wanted in cx bangs for lino s nr March 10. 5. HUNTINGTON. Important ti Hoot ami Siioi: Makciis. For tlm information of that hr! miirri'sper table class uf our follow citir.cns, etinycil in the niamifdciure of hoou and slmes rfivd lo show tho ileprcr of ptinrriion nflorili'd thai branch of domestic industry under tlm exis ting tmifl ue statu the fact that the Mara thon, uhkli arrived ut this port a few ('ays i in co (rum Havre, lirnttglit ;n pari ol her cargo, 5,2oG i-aiiis or iioots ami shoks of French uiannfoctiiro. Alias. Iiomcsllc Mai'itiarliti 1 1 . V APHIS'S .lei lllacl. Int. for .a'r I v the il -s. rdie-r. 'I his in', is man fiet redin ilu- rl ige I v W. it- uhan. and i-'rl not inferior to .May- nar' it utt..' ol anv o'her ink now in n-r. I'lei r I ear in mull llul tin-in'. t nf liome-tu Man ilneliire, and i vmt by of anv genili man'-ut- utinn Hti'l paliouage, e-ieviaiiv it .e waoi-ti run. .ir'nlc. l'i r,a!eat S. Hl.N'l INGTON'S Mandi 2 5, Honl -Hill 'cry. Oats. I'easiaii'J Corn. 1 rflOn I" SllI I.--Oils 1UUU 123 ' GoulPeas, 230 " " Com, for t-a'e at the old sla vl i f 11. i. ' ir an I i.oin-'o 'i;. Shel'.iirii.Jlar'hC.i. 1S12. .lloiiscline Do I.alncs. PLAIN, Sinn .tiipe-l and Kijiiii'I, ofeverv o silily nnd price, lor -nlo by II. W. CATLIN. Spring lloiine ls. 1 OKI NCE lli.od,Ti.un, mi l Straw Hi nne'.. i f the.S'nri'ng patterns, fi r talo by II. W. CAT1 IN. :, I. Mm. Ii. I'aner llarglngt,. if 11- I , r.Nc.v r.iilein lh Mur h. , lor .ale ' v W.C'ATI.IN. t'arpc Ings, It nsgs and eiilcioths. uiii At var.ey rarerii. lo ic miIiI very . loev lorcdii, i y gj Ii .uar n.J ll. vv. u. I l.i inli2t, 1312. "TlVi'O Dwrllm? Hniee S1TT. V.ielv in ll. i.Eavenwouth. "Alt FARM FOR SALE. ECU. SALE, that well known Farm sit ualed in M Iton, tihout one mile linm the uplir rails, fornicrlyuwiitilnnd neeiipieel bv the Itev. S. IC. Crnne. contnltiiiiL' he- tween 273 and 300 uetcs of land, compri id m pari uf iiiowiiij,', iiiiiign tutu pnstntiiig, nml gout umni lois nnd siignr orebard. Saul farm is w ell watered, Ins two gooel UHtlluijr houses, one of which is of hriek. the other of wood, hnlh in eond rcn iii : ihri-u eood good barns, one of which is CO by 41 fiel, ibe others hi iiy iu it-ei ; a noise uarn nun otner omi ii'iuiiiriirs with good yniitb nn I watt r bimight mio linm nml &! tlieliou.c ut log-, and also three good wills of water on ill, farm; Isinga desitable situation for a man who wants torai-eninl stei k or sbei ti or bitb. m is tin excilh til farm for the daity business. Tho-e wishing lo purchase such n farm would do well hv applying soon to John nnd James Morion on the piemises, or to Gen. Win. "Vath of New Haven, Millon, March 81, f,p, U if Sexton f'nr tin. rIlla?i. TTAVIXO received the above iippoinlmenl, TO lailTOHS OK I'AIT.HS U. S. David liABUiSEit, of i'jne.'e';i in the. Stale if Vermont, United Stall s, was ilhilafew tlajs ago on Ihe Jioniucltcie, by the lull of a Iter. He was n fiinglo man ami has bit some propirty. Daxih UAnDtNCR was nhout 42 enrs nt ncc. die fist nine inches high and dark comlexion. Ho has been some yea is in Canada, and was etitploved in the T.miier Irnile. 1, is suiipjsed he has relative, in the Stale of crieont. Jif Applu'aiion to he made to Mb. Hoot. Rich t.ds, Torbolton, or to .Mr. Aluciit littnLii, Town f hip of Hull, Dis net of Sydenham, in whose cm ploy he wa nl the lime of his death. Province of Canada, ) -Maich 7, 1312. S HRIGHTON MARKET. Monpav, Slarch 1 1. Reported for the New England Fanner. At Mntkct, 270 Ueef Cattle, 20 pairs Wotkint Oxen, 10 Cows nnd Cnlves. 300 Sheip, it. 120 Swine PntcDS. liter Cottle We noliecil u few eh ue cattto l So. ouoto liist nu.iltiv. $i,C0 n S3.70. TSerond ijualily, $1 73 a $3 23. Thud tjualny, $3 73 oKlf.U. H'nrAing' OxenV'c noticed the following fhIcs G7, SiO, MS. nnd $97. Coxesand (.'urc Sales nt 18, 2?, 23, nnd S03 Sheen Several tits sold ? nru-es not known. 5irin. Se-le'ciol lots in pi-ddle-, 4 for sows nnd 5 tor narrow . .u iciua, irum lj to . Jloslon Wholesale I'ricrs. SEEDS Herds Gmss. fioui250to S3 per bush, Hcdtop, 13 lo 30 cents. Clover, northern, 11 to 12 Flax seed 1 E0 to 1 S3. Lucerne 23 ctntptr Ib. GRAIN The sales of the week have been sove ml mrgocsof yellow Hat Corn nt 5d ti W, nml v lute to Al cpnt4 i norlliern rnlllld. which is Scarce. G3 Cents Oats, few ill inai kci. oOO.) bUfhils Delaware told ut 4G 1-2 ceips per bushel. Rye, last 6ale, 82. PROVISIONS Sales hv nucno i, the following parrels; CC0 mc noik S fl) In 073 per I Id.! COdi. clear do II M; 100 do Pi hue, 0 23; 70 do Chimes unci Rumps, tj'j. REEF Mens, -J mo. new Lbl. 0 23 to 950-Navy Rio R f)0. WOOL Prime or Saxonv fleeces, wa'fied, -17 10 rn ri-iiu Ainerienn full lilonl. il l. H to lj-D J. !1 40 to 11 Do. 1.2 do. 33 lei 371-1 ui.l comino.1 do :m to :i HOI'S No chango exist', nnel sales, nro extremely limited. I si sort, .vice Iri i I, I- lo IJ tenia CHEI'.SE Shipiiing and I meal, 1 lo C cents New 5 to 8 - jV tiroi nf E. M. Wri'.'lit iv. Co. is I v iiini'ial eon-iaii TKMJ'KRANCB NOTICK. ih d.iydi.M.liid. Ad .tel.lsd.ic ihoHrnaro to le There will bo a meet 113 of liuri;nr'oii Total pad 10 H. W, Cailiu, who is am hunzts I in colles-t the Abslincnco fiocietv IIiik ev tho Court, ""ic- ?.'.'.'. ,'l(.!i05' .half pan rixo'clocK , n lrlng 0, M,.r h 12.1S12. E.'.M.'wj(l(iilT. An acilresa 10 cxiected from I. C. 1 trcrrn. 1 n w C.i lm will1 rnnitnuo I ii-fnn.. at the Hem Esq., of Nuriienncif, fjriiicr,yt"'-l,piw U Jf. W n'ltA-nc the 1'llbhc nte ri'sneeirnili nntiri-srii llial 1 will nl all ll'iics ho i tn readiness to ntlend to lb) duiesif the ollice. Ihe Old Hearse has het-ii rejiuiiel for prut cnuise, nn I Ihereiskaine hopenf gelling n now one. Coinns ol nny kind l,iriu',ed at tbo shorten notice, tind all charges iiioderute, ... , , , , IV K. P.WGIIORN. Shoponrnihn's Lane, Ulh Mnrih. lit. OHO C0R"S ''chnnd Maple Won I for sale s, v v ' ii y Solomon .Ulller's r.stale. STATE OF VERMONT, j THE I'tohate Court for Disttict of Chilli Udell ss. j i,c District , f Chitten den, to nil persons intetct-lid in Ihe I sialenf .Solo mon S. Jldltr, l-ttc of Williaton in said Disttict, de ceased, Harry Miller, Aduumsiralor uf the Estate nf the slid decease I having 11 id in said Court bis petition, in writing, selli'ig lotlh that the said Solomon S., at the linieni lus ihaih, was h-ii t tti In owt. i ghl m fee of the b i se lot, so eilled, ut the late Samuel M Her, e'eeeiisiil, lying in Middle Iniry, m ibe enmity nf Addison, nnd about Itn n lis of lain!, di sctihi-d m the lasi will nml testament i f the said Samuel .Miller as lying on the road leading fioin Alfied Slum HV lo Koliett 1 Inslin s, wlmli sunt ten acus o! hnd lies, :do, in said Muldli hury, ill wlut h said lands Rilicce.i .etilier, wiunw ot tlie sou -tumivl, lic i'alilo estate timing In r own life; and fuilhir selling lorih that he said Solomon S.. al the tune of Ins' death, was nsr seized in It's own right in Ice of one undivided ihird pallor tho linn lying in sud .MihlUburv on wlueli a led House slauils, luiug tli Sauiuel .lillir firm, niimIIiiI, ci'tit lining nhout to hundred acre of laud, the use i f ., b elt the said Samuel hiuueallied and divisisl to bis wife, thesaid Reheeca Miller, dur ing h'T lie. or w lule -he n iiumii d his widow, which sud thiol part of said firm ihe said Solomon S. held -ulieet to tlie Me e-state ol i lie said HePee'iai Ihettin; nu.l lurlhcr wiling foilh I ha I the said llil.lne'ea has dee', nsed, nnd lhat ll woahl bo I ctu lici il lo ti o belts and all others mii-ir.-Ii il in the i suite of l lit- said Sol ooio i S. .Miller, deceased, to hate ihe sin esaid lands sol', nnd the procecilsofMicb sale iliudtd anioiigthe heir- to si.d estate. or mi much theteol ns may leiiiam afliT p lyttig tho 'elitsdii.'. Irnm slid estate and the expenses of Admini-nation, nnd tnnving said renin to license nnd nulhotie linn, thesaid llntry Miller, as Adininisnntor ns nfotcsa d, lo s II nnd convey the nfort-aiil Innds, ngreeubly lo the statute in suih cnc uiadn mid piovidel. Where pon, lb - court nfurcaid ilutb appoint the fo'tnh dav of April, IslJ, for heiiing and dceidt ig on sail pililioii, n I the Ollice of the Register, of mil Court in Hiiihugton. in ihe District of Uiiuendcu afnres lid, nnd dulh order llint noiii e ihtitnf ho pin n lo nil persons int ttstttl, hv icatioti of ibis urder, coiitaimtig petition, lime weeks s ui'ci ssjvely in the riitbiigton Flee Puss, n news papet pnuifd lit nid llurhiigtuii, previous to said lourlh ilny nf Apiil, 112. Given under my band at said It .rlington th's 13th dayof-Maieh, A. I). 1SI2. Wm. WESTON, Register. Cf)IMI-SIOEll'S NOTICE. WE the Suhscti crs Inungl-ei niipi..inliil hy the llouotnhlellie Ptnhai" Cnutt lot the Dislttei of billi !' ii. i niiiims ioners lo trri ivc, evauuiii nnd ndjusi alt 1 1 inns nml ilciu.ii.iU, of all pi-rsons ngiiiusi the estate of John M icouilvr, I it.-oi Westl'inl in sai l Disttict. ileeeasei . rcprintilii in n vini.nm n so all claims niidilrmiir.tls i xhib ti i in i U(I thetttn ; nnd six 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s fioui 'lii'Uiivnl I In- tin t hereo'. Iieuiu a lowed by s id Cnutt fol lint put use, we do there'foro ben by gno nonce, that we will uii-ml to the business of our appointment nt tie ilwe ling of S, 11. Sin ford, in Wistlotd in said Dl tr'ct nil bo second .Mondays nf April nnd June next, nl lOo'tlock, A. -M., on each ol.saitl dais. Dated, lhi Sib elavnfF, hrnntyA. D. 1P12. I1E.N.I T 11' AC! I ) Cninmis I1EM:K1AII0I.IN5 smnets. ci:mi:st cimt.hxs. TH E siilociihi is lavin. lie tight lo uc, lo an i for lliecountyof Chilti-n I n, Patkcr's llydiaulie Ceni 'til, f r Cistern. Itc-riv rs, Acejuedue s, Celhr Kilchen antl "sfihle Klonts, In 'ihe pur nsi i f making them dry and proof again t mjj also lleiilli-, S n',s ic. w. 1 1 1 infoi in Ihe nls of said eniml v, lint llrv w ill ho n ady 'he coiiiiiil s tisou to a lend to nil calls in 1'ie ah. e hue of hnsli ss and will wartanl Iheir wi-ik lo be durable. JVEI'tt LANDON, Uil.ANDO OWE.N. flurlington, Marth 9. 1-511. N II. All orders mldn smi to the subscribers at Hinesl.tiryh or Huihngton w llreciive inimediite at- tent on. ii '0 Ninen'cloek, . M .Tin r. 1 1 ' ah ee Wind strong f'.im N. W., rolling the wains of the l.akeiulo heau. tiful surfs, and o'l.tiiiiirhng is sptni s with the ravs of a most da7..bng sun-hiiie that also i h ers uji the high m 11111111111 to'is. ami illu les the dee reee ws of thevallcvs. All, all, nl of vhich i ench lining, eb I i 1 1 ! fill and cheeiful to lo 1 upon w nhout, while wiilfui at HOWARD'S AM, nil, all nrchi-ih eteiagtl in ta' ing account of, vv.ari-s unit iileieliamte, ircparaiorv o tue decking out heauMfid r.trav l'v Itiron- s'f ihe laud, who wil n iisnnl p'ease msk. ih. ir app! rations for plumage nt tho lancif d depusioi y at said HOWVRD'S. TOBACCO. 'Itotiti's' Cavenaish Tobacco, 1 EtnlerV di do 'Irvine's' do do ' EuderV Plug do '.McDonald's' do do by J. it J. H. PECK it Co. O AtiVS. Mill, Cross-tut, anil i iieioai oa,.- . , O sale by Jan. 7. H.U! R it ARTHUR. Sign of tho Padlock. Corner or Church end Col r'nc Streets. jTI.ACKS.MITIPS lirijI.OWH, a fi st rale LJattiele, nisi Anvils, Vises, Files, fee. for sa'e h Sign of thePudloe . ) 11 AGAR A-. ARTIIlill. Cor.Cb. nnd Coll. sts. Those who have promised 'he nhscri- her Woud are reminded ihatthesleililnnr,.l nhout town. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. IM.OTTI.NG l'APER.-1'or salo hy 'be Rein, or I quite. Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. "OINDl.NO I.r.ATHEU.-A few liozl" Calf-skin 1 ' suii.lblsfor book-l inding wannd hv Jan. 7. C. GOODRICH. lRI SH KIGS NI) LEMONS .l i-t reieued fioin i- ll -n it, nn I ll.r .-air by CEO. PETERSON. JIIU.SJ. I - 1 tr. dav. '-J' THOMAS will continun his Auction Snlai a tlio alttrnoon nreyety Wcdin sdav and Satur' A hll.u el nlltllv llf I loilqi.I,fil,l l.1iirnilnri. rtf mil rent ties' riptions win no oltiieel, login er wilft Slovtsif various kinds, with pie. fviles. tif Dry Goods, Cutlirv, Clocks, Jeiichv, Ac., A. re, will 1m olleritl Tuesday, Thursday arid Saturday lvcnitiijs mull further nuticc. Octobcrc. 1S41. ! 5 ! ! l-fps HOUSE TO RENT. A convenient dwelling house and burn. ntid n pood largu garden, on .Manilas , Lane, six tods liom Pen 1 Slicet. r 1'or full hT pnrlitulnrs. i.ttinnreof ' .March I, G.DI'.O.N M. FISK, North st. STOHE TO II EXT. A conveiiienl Stoie lo rent on Churel. Street. Enquire of MOODV HASKELL, or S. Ii. SCOTT. March !. HOTEL TO LET. . j 'I'D L E '1' For a term of years, at St. (I'dRa Johns, Canada, the old and we'l known R!;sM,WTSON HOTEL, wth nut housm Kt'f'fn? Garditi, Vard, nnd -laid ng. well adapted KstJZiS for a l.iverv .Stable. Possession civui the lt nf Mav next. Apply to Mrs. J. E. WATSON, Proptic or and prtsmt occupant. , -i. John. IMi. 1 1H2. n36tf. f. .MU.VSON, M ritJT v -J..J . fiill,. ..I.-... nr.. lice that he has. ISo iks lor Town or District l.lliraries. CI GOOIllilt II ha- a tab nl-le etiti;tioii ofll ok's smtul e for town i r ilMric! Lil rar.'e.. whu I. will Le sold un the ino-l hi r ml term-, and at very low price.. IJcj. I I. IVriv l.avv Itooks. pONNECTK I.T Rl.l'Oli'IS, ol. 13. Coninion Law elo Vol.34. l.c'l. do Vol. 0. Foe. 15. Fnr-n'ehv C. GOODRICH. SALT. JtfTl Ti?) I'.ESIIEI.S S.ihrSalt, :0r.0 , Finu do KiOOIlarnh do do 300 S i -Us D-iirv do iO Dec. 1311. liv J. it J. II. Peck A. Co. OJXn HONE-s Hunch, 0J .;0 Kegs Mai iga do 13 Hags Madeita Nuts, 12 do FilheMs, 13 do Htazil i!j 10 do Almonds, hv 30 Dec., IS'1. J. ip' J. H. PECK .f- Co. C-i KEGS Powder, -.n ii,mS .shot, 100 Dozen Coin llrooms. hv Dec. 30. M 1 J. it J. 1 1. 1'r.e-K & Co. L O () EIXO a I SSES. A LARGE an i well se-lecti d ti -sol t incut, consist ingot dilt, M.i'io"ony nnd (lilt, M .'wiuny, mid i oocy iiaim o iioieuig i.iassis, ;orsxt' at gleatly rcducul puces at the Hardware Stoic, tNrtier o'l Chun b and I 'ol ege S ., I.y II AGAR & ARTHUR. Cn IIIID.S. iatdiur I'icwer's N. England Rtiin, J 3'3Pipjsand II ilf Pipes V iierioan firindy, 0do do Ihbiinoit' Gin, 10 tlo tin 'IVIIe-vm-ii1 Ur.tndy, S do tlo ' Swan' Gin, 10 Hilda. SODbls. Sherry nud .Madeira Win?s, 3"; do Mnlag-t do 5 do Pott do 31 Dec. 1511 hy J. A J. II. PECK A. Co. 7-S?Ii,yy?-on hand and U i:ripl,J uicivifacturing d -AJS- s Var.eiy. .f Piano lories, wh eli nre olered lor snle on the most ica-cuu!' e term-. Aibe e iiilrniiirnt- are niadeca ii verymu.-l, iui,.rovel plan, they ure warranted to I r -iiieri'T to all other in tr inients' of I lie Piano kind, in par al.nn; m a oi uree the tone uf the -'Into-. In point of in ii h and Jural iliy of workman-hep thuy mcal-o wnri-au'eil lo I e eipial to any iitstrn1 HUM'S 1 1 t;i 1 1 1 1 a lure I in the Uui'.eJ Sia''e. Al! per-ou- w bo waul a gnod Piano are pariieulnrly Iu vitrl tne.i I Jint i-xaimur I'm ihem.-e've-. Il,ir!mg!iii, ! e'. 21, IS 12. r FLOCIl. ftO HP.I.S. r.n.1 CCO half do. of the most ap ccV w proved biands.hv 30 Dec, Ptll. J. .1. H. PECK .f. Co. i) vi: sruri's. (JC liltl.S. Cntnpeachy Logwood, ' t-JW 2P0 do St. I oiniiieo eio 2.'.0 do I ulie, 10 do Nit nr tern, 100 do Cam Wood, 3", do Madder, -10 d i Alum, 50 do (,'oppcrn', 23 do U ue Vitriol, 50 Demijohns Oil do., bv 30 Dee., 1841. J. it J. II. PECK HDDS. Tiimdad, and 30 hhih. Porlo Rico Ci .Molass,. h,.;iv y ho 'led nud liulit colored, jiiM reciivtd and fur bide, tit a verv low- piiie.hv FOI.LIVPr it IIRADI.F.V. Old Dock. 11 iliugtnti. inn ''I!S- U,"le !1IJ '""I'd Tluend, Hjyj 50 " lllnck Linen, 73 Gross Round and Flat I.acfts. Nov. 30, 1311. I'or s-ue ny i it. v.s. i.viu.u ta it e o. 1'or tllUpl'lllg tf.ldr, GENTLEMEN'S Calf Hoots, .sow-eel nnd pegged, wuh nnd with oi,l heel plates ; Kip Roots, .sowc I nnd peg-ue-d j Men's and Roys' Thick Roots i Gent'i Calf Gaiters,, the best nriic'c I', r Spring wear iver tnaufaeluicd. .10 Pairs Women's l.i athcr I'ootccs nn I Shoes, Gent's I.t niber Oier Shoes. Icso'J. low for ready ea-b, by .1 UIKS II. PI.ATT, Corner of Church an J Cherry Street Eurl.ngton. March I, ISI2. J.'jL U'ALTOX, WO! l.. intoini ihe til lie that ho , S na-t ti uau t uno eon'iii ies to tnnn- Ai, . . ..iti I, . ll laeinre.i in e , ii iti'e-,iiurne-t!s( Tiuii!.-, Vt-li Carpet Bag-', 'il'l'il'tliM be h'-i wnri.i.iau hip, whuh hv Mllli 'fi ii'IJ will se'l on rea imnMeierm.. Al o Niiillj; r a'e,C 'rryCoiiil.-.Cai ' , L'ru-h-A e-,luiis nnd La-la;., .u many lt t -lnT ai i't'- in hi lute. CAItEIAtil'. TRi.initNC; rono m 'he le.-J ti e on l.oit in i e. Mn ,i in W amv r gli '- lludJIn J, t luircli -'it-i; , a le.v i . r 1 1 Lovtiv'--Siore. II ii-'iu'iin, 1-Vl ruarv, IS 12. Ii33w3 . . ,',r.l .l.'. ' ' i'. STRAYED, F I! O M ihe t'u.isrril er in Ci3rlottei 'Sw-fSn' o it ibu hi el. I ily lnl, 3 jenrliniM m C" i'itsrsj, unv r- ( im i jUi sieer, eme. ro I una la-!; heifer, mil one I niulle lieilur. Whoever will return a.d tallle, or lie na it'J outo I lie ,auie - inn testimony rvieiir ii . e . . :i.. oiu.i, xi:w FIRM. HE Subscriber 'o Id respectfully inform til puh-r iljt they have puicliasal ino entire stucs. of FtiruitJieritid I-iinmug.MUIsni tiiocw ;-. i t. .. i t. it... r.., ..t iiicrit. len.iijljre owned rtiui cjn iui itu y mc unw Co. rotiAOCo iS- s.xrrr. aC I'.AllRr.L- I.otiilhid's i hew ieg Tobacco, 3 40 do il" smoking do 200 Jars do .Ma -ahoy snuff, 330 Iliad b-rs do S otch do 30 Dec. 1 11. .1.11 PECK A: Co. Agents. rl n-"i ' R-. C Nov. 3D. HII. Iftatliers. e- lea her , of s-iperior o tahty, Hen'- d". For -u'e I' w I v VIL S. I.OOMIS it' CO. Sliet i .-Skills t'lIC Itmik ISil glllg. .V.C. 5Ert DO'. Slieep S'tm , as orie i i .aliliesr.n iaWvW,Mn, un I lor - i in una f.i .'nier- nnd olier-a' ovnn e-, I y MLAS, I.OO.MIS, it Co. N v. 30, IS 11. CLASS WARE, f' all description ron'tantlv on hand t u full a- vVsortmcnt of T.iuibh is. pl.iiit, pressed, ground, star bottom and en: gla - Wines; Jelh -s, I.eiuon.ide and Egg gli-scs; Lamps of nil descriptions; Lamp g ns.., Dir-intttis, Waicr lluttle, Specie Ju. ivissiis; Pn-sti ve Dishes, cut glass Cu ttiiil Rowh, Pileheis, Sills, Castor Rolllcs, Rivolving Cas.ors nnd cut glas.s Lamps, for sale (cheap of c ure) at the new Crotkeiv and Gla Waie llnn-i'i'f F VRRAR, WAIT & ROOT, I'lirlin-.-ton, Jan. 31. 1812. I. . ii... rir, f i.irnea -V, Kee er, wnero iney intern to keep con-t.ti.tlv on natulan i-.misiitJ i,i,. nf Minis, Secn-iaiies, I'oo'i-eases. Ruteaus, Rod -leads, Tahh and Snitids of various kinds and prices t suit cus omers. Mol kinds of coun ry produce rei ttived in p'. Also most kinds Lumber, suitable for o ir lu.stm-s wi'l be t iken I" c.xelunat for I urw ture.rran.imi, Mil 3. jUNI,s & nyxu PLASTRIl. j) TON-1 Fitsh Gioiind l'hster, bv JiwJ 30 Dee-.. Ml. J.itJ. II Pecko-Co. " FisuT 1 firiNTALS CODFISH, Kifj is Ihriing, 30 I I ill hbls. Mi. kcrcl, 30 Dec , Ull. by J it .1. II. PECK & Co. MIHOS s.i'f i, tig Ironi an irrilittJ ttitte of lliu I Lima's, p niieiilarly al this si-i on of ths year will lind an exeelk'nt medicine in that of the LILY SVRBP, For advertiscinent uf which, InokyViir t eohunnJl ibis paper I'or sale by PEcR ! sPEAR. I Sheet lion. I ( V CICS R i-sia linn, h-i rted Nils, 1 V oil H in h-EiiL'.an I Amen an line, as'd No-i 7.5 llni-s t .iii'i'hi P a e 'or a'e I v Nov.30 1311. VILAS, I.OOMIS it Co. ritllE -nl .en' ers itne uniee lo the f b'ie lhat j I they have a ei o I luruai t'niiw in -uei-i sfiti prr ataiu, a' nut h l'I'a mile et t rf Jen 'n Coin or-, an 1 ire larel o firie h an I 'i i sh i, or Irtr, Mil Gear' in$ and Cmtinrs ofeviry dis rmimu, at tborl uo-ni-e', aii'ltm lea oual le terin-. We have ioin toe!., .Hid siii,Tior w. r'..meu, an I il-i m t ioii-ti 1 that our a.r'i'-le bill ' e iellel inmiahly hy my e Ml -Ii huieiii in lhi cc i"ii., The ce'e' ra'el "51 1 aeh i-ll PlO 'gh,' I rpenn--'airlv nu hail I. 'I In- is a , re -iiji-ti ! nrtie'e of the I lit I naviotr la' eu iho i-reuit-iiu of be Ma-s. Ag. 'loeiety. FartneT- nie n vi c! tnr-il1. FORD & LMIItSON. Jerie-ei, -March 0, 1612. If. S'lectli'gs. 7Ci RALES 4-t llrmvn Shietings, ' w 3 Ca- s I'lricheil do Nov. 30, IBU. I ot sale hy VILA.1?, LOOME it Co l-'lanncls. 1CASE While and loh iel Flannels, 20 meets In: ued -at!"iry do. 100 " tt'.itle! dinue-lii: do. Ju t rei ei ii'mid for rale I y N v. 3C 1511 . VII.AS. I.OO.MIS A Co. White I, -ad. - TON'S " Wcihrell" Dry Wh te Lead, J 3 do No I ami Extta do do in packages fiom ICO to 300 pounds. 2 Tons I xlra GiukihI il O.l, in Kegs nf 23 nnd CO p unds. for sale al Manufacturers' prices and frc'idi!, by Nov. 29. FOI.LETT if- HRADLEV. OTUASIDES Solo I.cnilu r for mle hv ztvUU FOI.I.F.J-it URADl.r.V. f HOGSIIIADSof llioben ipialitv of Vinegar 1 J for sale Hv u. I'lil'I.RSO.N Also, p'resh Ornnges nnd Lemon?, j .st iiccivcd from New York. Match lfi, 1SI2. DISSOLUTION. TMIKrotinrtnefslnti heirinfuiei exisling eti'ir the f O.MMIS-IONI'.R'S NOTICE. I "I' the Suhserih. xi, liming hn ti nppoinled hy the t t llotitiinti e tlio rroliale i unit lor tlm 1) sine of Chilleml. ti. 1 0'iinii-i.ipc n n ciive. exiiiimii nnd ml- just the ehuinnnd deiiiindsof nil prrsms ngainst the es ale of Solomaii , Mdbr hue of Willis on in said diirict, tlicinsid, ii pti'fi nil il in iiHuit, and also nil claims nnd demniids exhibited in oil's"! theicln ; nud six mouths ftu.ii ih dav of ihe dale thcieof. beiii.; nl. low id hy said Court for that purpose, we lln thertfore ueretiy give notice, that we will ntttnil to the Iuimiics ofour appointment, nl tho dwelling of John Unwind in Iliithn -Ion in mi I District, nu the iccoiiil Mundajs of JiinnnridAuj7Ust nxt,nl 10 o'clock, A. 31., on each Ul s nil imj a 1'atex!, tins Zttti tliv of Frhrusrv A, D. 1812 "THT 0K0, n.ffliny tV II E subscriber Ins jut received nnd ntrs for m sale a new supply of nooks ftnni New Yd; nnd notion; nuiong wlueli tirothulollowiiijj 1 l ouilioti tliu Ltuisiitiiiion, Greit Tcnchcr, Fan run 1 lection, I. iebig's I 'heimsiry, Gtetk Te.stami ut and Lcticcn, Tacitus and I.ivii, llicki rs hcilt on PapiUm, Michael Kemp, Colerulses Works, Tiles iif theCovcnanteis, i Gems of Aim i, can Female Poets, ' Whelplev's Compitid, ' It i-ne's .Notes on tl. Cos ell, Glimpses nf l'n Old Wntld, i Jlacaulcv'sMiscilhnii s, Elegant 'Q nrio 11 h i s-Tutkee Mnrorco, Twtedi.s' Lilnniy of Piacliial Medicine, 5 to's. Clns O'M d, v, 1 vol. Danglisuii'a "Ii ilicil Dictionary, 1 Puller's Ancient Alias. Pictorial Geogtj .hv. lBOOcngr.nings. Poeisof Ameiiea, Kriimin.i hei's Parablis, Jaccjiiine, l.y James, 2 vols. i Ito nn r's En ii h I'lirsscj, t It ok of P-alms, Weillh Worth, Lite ot Sir Isa i 'ewloii, II. Moore's Private Devotion', Coopei's Snrgteal Dinionar)', Atilho'.'s Class cal do. I.emprii re's do, itn . I. urne ih l.tou, hy James. Fib. 21, H12. D. A. I1RAMAN WI tho sil.-erii its, lnmn.'!cen a p melv ll.e Hom.ral Irthe ho'a'r C" Ti fur ib'- I Hurt if I li.lii-ii'i o, i-oiiiini turner- in, i xai i in1 mid ic! u-i it atii's iiii 1 reinauds of nil rit- oa , iig.uii-i hees'atenf.Io'iii ii I van :la r of l.'sj i s, in ran' Dl Iru l. i'i'iim r1. irtux- n'nl m-tlvci', 'llldaLn n'l etn no nnd I'ellinnd. ixhll i.lsl 111 o.hl t I'ltiei; tunl ix mtiii'hi fti.m ll.e day if the 'a liereol, I eur,' nl ov.vlly -ml Court ef ibat pirpol wet do Iherfl'ii.e herel v eive nrier. that we will n end lot he I ion n 1 0 "r Bpiiti.noneul, nl ihoilweil in; of SnnuK If. I-ham's in 11 irliusion, in ia Di-triet, em ihe la i Mi.ndav cfAugusi next t 1 u'e'iili, A. M., rf a' I dav. 1'a .Jltbtk33liavirre' ruarv, . ll itn. rnai i ' n i.hhm, niR'tM. l.vm:, om'a 1 l W Filheris. xi to no iira7ii ,mii, 10 do haul shell Almonds, 1 , 1- rails soli tlo rlo 20 IS Is. Hi'-knry Nuts, 3 do ('In sinu's, Of Fiinctiur nual.iy, ami olTiird loev, by rOI.LI'lT'st I1RADI.EY. LAW I'LANKS. Cl GOODRICH has constantly for salo hv Ihe . Renin or (luire. n central' assortment of law- blanks, pruned lrom fotuis from Revisid Statutes, consisting nf Jusiicc Wntr. and Executions, nil kinds in uso Tuislce Wtitb Cnunty Comt Writs anil Estcutions, vancuis kinds Wnrinntry. iluit-claiui, and Morignro Iieedi Chancery Hills for fore-losing. 3Iorioj?fs lllanks fer Drpositious Ailiiuiusirnlors llonds l.e'tirsof Guardianship O.P.CiNs Receipts Justice Appcnls I'd ink- lor Notes, Hiy-Scalr. ete. etc. hew a in: of deception. Itha-fieq cutty co tie to l'ie know le g' of the uili scr.ber, Ilia i i.iply Miiill'Jais. with lu.s I.alie on then, bale turn b night tip tor the s lleig m thiMiian infi mr n, iduy Si 1 11 ; nun 'i!-o, that hi-SniiU'-laht Is haie, tn -olno' ui'lanci bun uiiinier. feitel, ur ihe ur in ral if s gu rf the same si tiiuaiiil as lo i.i-ilv iliceivc ihe unwaiy. lie deems ll, llu-ri -fore, hi dity to itiforni pur bascis nl Ihe in inner in which thev nre often imp fed upon ; nnd h" wool I hereby ri ipicst tlii-m to tear ofl'or def ice '.he L bc!s on the outside ol the Jars, after having d sposed of the contents, o as to prevent further u'e ol the same. A s t.ti'.de rewar I will he pud for sgcli ev denco as will lead to the detection nnd coiiiietion nf the im postors. V'.ie jtl.Veri'ei'r continue! ti .If mnielw.; end of fers for silt l'ie follmcint nrticles: Fine llrauu fi iifl". Genuine Maceohoy, ) ro e American Imita'ion do. j flavored, Holland Si'dv. do. Tuiicinsp. MnliiBe, dn, St.O.nir. Cutacon, do. Stra'hur. Caarsca rovru Vimo". Demigros. Nalibiiorbrs. Pure Virpinis. Frcni-h Rnpr'e. Ilotithou. Aniriican Gentleman St. Domingo. J'ure Spaniib. e.upriiuagcn, supenor naver. i. .vnxiure. Yellow Siuill, ccotcb nnd ) r. Iti'li lilac eua-d or ) IllebToaslJ 1 ,np' Inlilligh Tnn-I. ( CoirM- Mveet Srcnlc-il Vim Cut ( lirvv lug Toliacco. Snamsh, Kits furl, Canaster, f'oinmonand Sti-mi. y"f-i lihernl discount mad,- to whnlei sale dc.ileri PETER I.OR1LLARI', Jr., 1 Chatnam-St., New Ynr' . F.MIRAR, Vr.VlT A- ROOT, Inn urt !- a 'nl lio'esaleand Helall Dealers Id GRQCKERV, GLASS & CHINA WARE,. Imp con-lam- ly un hand a large ttssoil lueiii c' Win ner Set's cum ph te.with toup ni.d Tu tett.s, Uultcr Fonts, Salad, n i. .ed D.ibc-s Pialttri. P ltd ti... . ... . . I la.. i 11 U ly i. '.ol ' I'- w ' ..- I- 11U, .,IIISll ami llokiuon s; rig J waie, n Bets lo inatcii l.icIi , a gte.n vai ily u! loll "si- and nil quail i nl e jiiii.iii'i w ne e Uiiiy wanted lot jamdy use, p!l nt Milieu w il In. sold eoiap at wnolesale or triad at tiuii Sluii', cormr of i 'liurell an i College streets, h lingtuii, Jan 31 IT'. " I. 1. IA.IR.AR giv-.j iini.'e lhat ha coati m-.J tn e irry on tlio busi iie.s as usual of untiufici ring St wire of -j -ir quality in all .is vanities and will vi all x-t "J it lies he m read- tnctclnntsoa tbc most reos ma' le terms, nil orders ...onipt y attended lo at h.s Factory. Pearl Stria), lliihiiglon. J.iii.31. 1312. te 1 r" i Rappee, t)3. C; CtSESand RalesTicki.igf, I 1 Rale Canvass, 2 do Dri'.l'ti?, 20 l'lHccs 40 inch Rurlaps, 13 'o R"il Pa id ng, I'or tie bv Nov. 30. 1111. VILAS, I.OOMI3 .f-Co. on CASES English nnd An erican Prints, . . S t. I . . I l I I ' I... iw ' 1 1 c tmrcu e.llllliiii' . i ' t i 1 1 i . v Nov. :.n iaii. VILAS. I.OOMIS .'.Co. SI1I.S. U CA-E Pongee ."'Iks, 3 Pieces black, blue black end figured do 20 Ihs. Inbaii sewi's, 2" " India do 10" Pluck and colored T in, IN'ov.SO, 1511. Fot la'e by VILAS. I.OOMIS iV Co Mfrlr.n... .be. Of i PIECES Ci lored I'n.lisli and Trench OU '20 dn black tlo do 2-1 do figured Ilomhatinf, 20 do black tlo 2 Alnafca ch ill, Nov. SO, mn. For slehy Vll.AS. I.OOMIS & Co. FOUND. On thoTurnpikt nboui 100 rods east of the college, nRnrkinc-ihiir Thnoivrur rn hsvsthcsann hy calling on the sabscrircr, proTinrpropsrly nd pay ing cltarrts. JOHN KIVRAI.L Purlinsti n, Dokci t'ret'. Ttb. "Blh 184V. -Iicctitss. J( If, LES -1-1 Una ii brut ms. I "J L.M tllll.'IlM I O Nov. 30, 1511. For snl I r VI LAS,' I.OOMIS -V CO. iNOTICIC. rillliS m.ij ivr'ify ihai I hsie cjvrn my l II. IV il', his liiued 'r n Ins nnnrri v , thfret'ire'-iaim noie if', earumas n- I 'e I-of In I'l'it't't 1 1 .r Hf.tT tin- -'a e. Jeri-hf, Fe' . 3. 1-12. Z 11 MI PR UT. on Chi . nil I , pay miv WEALTH A XI) WORTH. MONG Ihe very iinni' va'iiah'it ne puh'ie.i. Hon" rc'tived ihe 'n t wei k at the lleo'.store ot the FU rrihcr.inav b tound, WIv.VI.TII A WORTH, no Hi si oi a s.-ri. s ,, .unci ii an i .I't-jsv Istrs lrom I tie pen nf nn Am-iican. That iro-.'.i nn I not wealth niakts the man e pi. unlv and elegantly proved. Wi recoiimii-nd every ftilu r In -lnie lh: hula wolk In the hands nf hseludtui, 'hat they nnv barn Itnw lo act under the tria's cf bticaietnent and poverty. Marth I. CvA. UR MA.N. WE thn Siihscribets, having levn nppnntidhv Ihe lion, ruble the Probitt- Court for tlitf l)i'. tnfl of Ch.tiend-ii, ennimissimiris to recnie.ex nm'nn nnd iiil'usl ihe clsim nr.ri deitianel. of nil per pers in-, ncaiiisl the i stale ol Sue run. Ct.M.n.!'e nf Ullirtlnltgll il sail l"tliil, ileeeis..l, it i.f -r.iltst in si-il vi n , nml al o nil el iiuis and th minds rthiti.tcit in offset ihcrrt'ii nnd nt month fioui the daV nf Iho date hereof, In ing nlloivul by slid Court tor Ihnt purpose, we do thertfore beriby uno nmce, thai we will attend to the business of our nppnirnment, nt tho itusllingn! I tie wiiluw V in e l laik in liinesliurv't in saij Dl nxl Doted JOSIPH MARSH, . PA IM S .yC 1 0,000 1 l. Wsthcrells Dry Whit Uutt, HalKigs i'.o do giound in oJ, EOCl' do L wis' elo i'o 30 I hi- Spaitoli White, 20 do Veneniinil Red, 2. elo Fiencli Vel ow, 20 do S irits Tutpentirj" 3 Cases Crtune Yellow, . Ciome lireen, llriiuswick eo Saxony do. I's-d Leud, Vcrt'igns, bv 30th Dee. 1S11. J if-J. II. TECK f- Co. &.0 .Yrir GOODS. 'IHE S ih-ei ii r hoe J i ' re t ve I lnrg a l.linr.ns .. -h'e.r s rk . f Sa lellery, Cta h niui Shell ILtrdwern .ii a'l "s la'ieiie-. .Also IV g-, He-ilie.,c, Psir.'.s, Vaf.ii-he-,Dj esiitd'jH'uih-' I-. "f an kind., Joinm Tc 1., fn &A H AGAR tV ARTIHTl, titieii.,Sini.l, Sig'iotlh P.i Mi i , mrnei of Church na-i Ci 1'rve S ri e'-. "Ti' the sip si-rd cr-, ng leen appnalnl ly ' 'he I liuoral e tie Pml ne Cn-rt I. r I .e IV-ir-T ' Grand Ll, mumus. toner- tore,ttsin nte nu I a.ijii-t the e' an li'eman U of a'l err an-, iigaiitsi i lis- us ,i e 1 1 lnry To! .a-,li'eii (iranll It', ike a a', r"i -irted in ii'vcin.nn I nlso all tliinis an I I'lin.ilid exl'i'i',1. in ot-ei 'lve.o; and tlj niotnh. Irvm ih" 10 ll ef 1'tlrnry, 1542, Irmgal hwi!' s.i d Co ri lorihai p, vie t'u ihtre. fir Irrry gtvr n 'i e, ihal ve w. 1 nict nt ilm .'We.m lio- rf So'rti T"l ia-, in the Ti 'vn r.f luai.J l ie, m tui'4 li ( A s '', ' 3 o'tloc. A. -M, S A. Ill A I j I A -M.v. .Wt.l.AI!" liUld'O.V, s-CmiV. sr. i ii iioAG, Commlsstot ct'st ntlc. "t P the Subs rib.' -, lvivne heeti S th-llo'iorabh the Piol i e Co, it 1 triel i f Ch lteide-n, c iiiii..iiii is In it iiicnr.ei a just the rl'iuur n ddnrti Js mains! tbeisilleof I!onrl Grow, Is'i nl in said District, riecraed, ifpn tinted intolyein, and ids) all claims nnd demands cxb lined in offset then i m nnel ix months fioin tbo day of the rate bcienf, h. ing allowed by said Coun for ibat purpos We tio therefore hcrihy gne noticothnt wr will njj tend to ihe l.iisiness at nur pwoiniu enl. nt S. fit is fun! s Inn in Wisttnni in nn J.""''tci ea ST-M..I ... r.t Tnnn nn.t lull rl..l ut 'TI X ...wo. I S " S . Disitict, on the first Mond.ivs of .Miv and July nt lOoVloc', A, M.. tn) each of siiddajs ted, this 23 1 dnv of Fib. A D, 1312. On, Ilea l.e i ami. ti' !-- I, l vi'. I,.. . iojiv iijm pislpy, f r aeelenply S. M ' -V llfSjM IC'mM tie! o Dis .xam sons. Iford uo Is I NsiV. 12.

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