Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 26, 1855 Page 3
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(iuI)KV's Ii.UllV IfoOK. I'lir IVIll Ilill'V. ii mi limnl. Tim lmlillntier p.iys lio N bonking three ttmusand fiilipi-ntier! iv week, wlilcli is cIJi!iiio cnouli nr llio pjpiil.iilty "I' t!' book Tlio t'olirunry imui'tr t-tmliilns hm full Iuro pl.itca, sjxty rotitiiliiitlons,lilty-imt-engr.n itiRM, unit us tmuul ono 1m nli'tl ni-jes. Sumo Miig.ixliii'-i tlmt f MUsli -i 110 -uri-h In .Inrtiiiiry, ilon't do mi in 'sxWir.V- (Imlcy's Lul.v'n Hunk mid Arthur ..''.fotnu Mitjr,uzttip, omit.ilnlrtrj together nliout 1!,U00 pugos mul 800 eiiil'cllishmcnts, hotli ho had one ,cnr for $'l 50, cliouti clublilug. The Slcfie of Sciiutopol. (Extracts from letters and papers by tlicCnnnila. The London Turn's of the -ttli iiit. o.iys: A we lmo l.itely ilut-lt so liiurli nil tlio ilisiir.iniz.iti.'ii of our 1111111 in the F,iipt mul the iij -p.1 ri'ii 1 1 v lioeillt'si Iiim nf lily inline-illitti-ly nrlsliii: fi diii it, we nve jjl.til of nn up piirtnnit.v of prc'Ni'iitinj; the other Bide of the j'ieture, terrlMti nx it ni.iy he. utln-r side that enmpemutinn lor tlii-s niifl'.-riii.' ninl iii'iriillt if, that on the ti-Mitnonv of n perfectly r-oiniii;ti nt and tuitlioi ity. tliu ! jey at the last departure ol the pint, that is the 13th, was s.i far udianeed as. to loiuo hardly it doubt that minietliiii;' duNhe iuiuM s ion he done. We latin repeatedly an assault was to take plaee iih.uit t'liristinas, hut the information was euupled with the request that we would say nothing to iii-lle.ifo lliuriuiirturor the il.n ol nttuik. ejulii-ic we may noiv nay on the 13th it was the Retinal hel'ief tliat on or nlsiiit I'hristnias Day the ullii--, would open fire Iroin three hundred pieees. with sued n mtiih of iiiniuunition us would enuhle them to lotitiniit- without stopping lor loitv-eilit hours. artcr whieh they would assault hoth fr mi Trench anil llritiih positiouo with great prospuet of suceess. Thus the assault would jnohalily he made on the 2Sth, There was 8 nno chance, indeed, of a Ilusi.iu attaek iu anticipation ol ours, lait fr-mi Iliis-un BOiirees we learn that nothing had on uireil up to the 20th. On the same itiithuritv we learn that on the 13th the men who had nt their warm clothing were In good spirits, and, though no reliance could he placed on a transient gleam of line weather, the health ol' the in my was expected to iniprow. II these expectations were well f lunded.we may eipiet in Iwo or three days t.) hear that this question has come to its fast issue, and that the lour nations hae crossed their lux, omits our the shuttered walls of iSehatopol. The ships were to t.ike part in tho attack The nuuihcr of hatteiles ronipktely armed ami supplied was. aceurding to a lc"ttT, 2.. The stoiniiug was to commence early in the morning alter the first day's cannonade 1'cw in the Frcnoh eamp becined tj halo a dutiht as to the result. Csmi- .MiovK StnAsTnruL, DuLMnut 12th. The mountains mar bimpheropol me cove red with snow, down ton lew miles from our position; hut wo haye had none here yet. I was in tho trenches the night In-foro last, and it was most Utterly cold. I had two flannel shirts on, n waistcoat, then n pr-a jacket, and my regimental great-coat, vet it was as much as I could do to keep warm. Itie groiiml, rlfrtMiiot.-lr, v..... Imiil u,,.l moon hright, and the Jitissi.ins not irins, so that wo could keep in motion, hut if there had heen the usual mud it would hao heen perishing work. I am now. I hope, quite oier tho trouhle snine attack of diarrhcea, and feel quite well again, and if I could only get fresh meat this work would, I am sure, agree very well with me, hut 1 shall soon get accustomed to the silt meat. The men, too, thank Hod, arc getting round with these fine .lays, t the loss has heen ery great. We were till the last fortnight the healthiest regiment hv far and all thesickly time at Varni lost hirdl iinyni'n. Since the 27t'i of Xmeinher up wards of 811 haye died, and out id' the 12il men who came out in the last draught -III nre already liuried This shows more than iinythingelse laiw deadly tho fatigue in the trenches is to those unaccustomed to it. The 0th joined from .Malta ten days ago, .VJ strong; they have heen some in the Mediterranean ; now they lane only 21(1 fur dory, ami I hear they can hardly In'irv thrir dead. Thin may he n iggerateil, hut there is nodouht that the British army has still rid more U' few weeks from sickness than -from the swoid. (Mir men drag iu on the trenchse while they can seareely stand, and take a pride in tu-iir shirking or casting thiirduty ithcrs; they are wry niuih to he pitied, nil of thom l.eitcinit so thin, and out of condition ; iti'le-d, three, four, and sometimes fho nights out id' hed running is enough to kill any hody. If this go-s no through the winter, some supptsc no'iody will he iihle to surviic it ; they must send out enough from Kugland to gii"e them anoth er night in hcil, and then it will not he s,, had . hut it is very wearisome tiy ing to walk about in lor twehe honr.s at a time, indeed, the young h.iiuls cannot do it ; the) sit or lie do vmi in the w et, get cramps, and nre carried to hospital, where they die. That is the way they hae all gone. The old sol djers know their only chance is to keep mo ling ahull t, which they do while they can etand. Wo hearrumorsof iron houscs'heing sent out to us from England. 1 only hope it may he true I ' ALMNT IIll'MllT or AnMiiui. llttr.T. The Journal du buret contains a letter from Crimea, which says : ' Admiral "i, daring is proierhial in the fleet. In spite ol the tits of gout with which this officer is so frequently attacked, or el haps on account ol that affliction, ho sometimes lias the idea ol such audacious attcmps nn uro more to he espeetej from iv .young lieutenant s,n has his promotion to gain than from an admiral Lately, after a seiere attack of gout, the admiral called some of his officers into his cahin, and said, ' (ientlemen, a good idea has just occured to me it is, to go quietly in, and ourselves xisit the channel ol sahastopol. We shall so ho utile to judge, for oursefws what its situation really is. The propn-it-ion was joyfully accepted, and in the mi Idle of the night several ol the ho. its of the Oh ir lomagne put off and entered the channel. mo iKiats went tnrougli every part ol it. and the admiral touched with his one hand the chain which closes the entrance, of tho mili tary port. Everything was managed so cleverly on tjio liart of the admiral's party that not a single liussian sentinel was aware or their approach, Hut day hegintohrcak while the heats were still far down in the harlsir and the alarm was immediately given. tcrriMe fire was then opened all along the fortifications of tho channel, and it was under a fearful shower of projectiles of evcrvdecrip. tion that the Iu.ik made their wav out. fortunately, not a man was wmindeiCthrough the longhoat ol the Charlemagne was some what damaged hy the enemy s shut. This hold attempt, so successfully executed, has since heen the principil subject of conversat ion and praise in tho fleet." A letter from thu Crimea to tho Hoston Journal says One thing is certain, that thoallies aro not very eomlortaldy situated. The French hire hotter than the English iu this respei-t, fur. as I havo already ohsencd, their ideis of food aro peculiar ; they are more aecustomiil to a poor diet, nnd can Is, draw on a mouldy hiseuit mill a little sour wine, whereas hie. nnd porter have to do with an Euglis miu's pluck liesides, the French aro hotter m n tiled with tents and clothing and hoapitil ttorcs Still there i lunch s'n kn ss amooi: them us well as among the English, though not to tho same extent, 'fho Ciim a, lo.e ulioutB, is a dreary, inhospitahle uiuntry t tins seas in ,and the Kussi ins have thoroug d v fwltowed out the .Moscow system, audra.iil every hamlut to the ground that could lunaih y afford shelter. 1 ' The great laistako the allies have made, (unless the mistake of undertaking this war was a greater one,) was that of not attuchiii" isih.iBtoKi! earlier andwhitha greater foreu lit tho outset. They are niivv ah .ut l'.M,(M)(l on a foreign soil, hadly provided for, in the winter soas, igiinst 12.1.(11111 tough n itivt s, either in u eo utortahle iortru4s,or with their oii country hehiud them. Si'iTosKti Am.'ii'T ro .Miauut Win. Ila eon and U in, Nutting, ul'thU town, accom panied hy bumo other men, iimung whom was a Mr. Colny, uf Xeiv Hampshire, went home three weeks tince on a hunting and fishing uccurMou toSaraiuc Lake. While thcto Mr. Oolny was inducuU hy u btranger, who proh-iibod to know tliu country und wlitro (leer were uhutidant, to accompany him on an cscurion. They weut out, the ttranger told Mr. Colny to go on a head, and ho would triku into tur vvpods mid scire a ileer aeros fio lOld, so that . Mr Colny might shunt him. Mr Colny started on, hut had nut got more than lour or livo yards hefon. ho heum n rejiort Iruni the gun iu the handaof the sttan ger, und ho was pitched head foremost into tliushow. lie instantly sprung to Ids feel, wiicii thu ttriingervviiB up to him. Mr Colny ijriibped tho Btranger'a gun, nnd took it away from him, and charged him with shooting him designedly. I'liestranger denied it, and told Mr. Colny to remain vvheru ho was, and ho would run to Smith's shanty, ahout half a milo off fur help, lie went, and that is tint last that has heen Heen nf him in tlui'ii nu ts. Smith's shanty, instead uf hdug half n mile nil', was five miles. Mr. (Vlny received live huck-shnt in the leg. lie has not the slight, est douht hut that the Strang -r intended tu murder und ml) him, What confirms this he llufis, t every representation tho stranger nude to Mr. Oolny, In relation to gime, tho country, &e , was false. Ilrandun I'ust. A suit arising nut of tho discrepancy exist ing between one of 1'alrhaiiks' platrorin sealos used on tho lliltlni ir.iund OliiiK. II. , and one of another m inufaeturer, was deci ded at lliltimore recently, Judgs Mirshall ruling that tho accuracy of thu loriner actles. was estahllshed li.iyun I all question. Ncwn of the Week II- TclCKiuph to tho I'rcu Tress. Tho Steamer I'nlron. Kosiov, Jan. 1'Jth. A dispiteh from Xew Oilcans s.iys that the most serious fears are entertained for the silcty of the steamer Falcon, duo at Havana Iruiu Aspinvrall. l'mm .tlcxlrn. IIvi.tivioiie, ,lan. 1 1. New Orlenns pars of Siturdiy con'ain details of the Mexican ncvvR to the Hth iust. The paper.saro filled with aceounts of skir mishrs hotween tliu governni. nt troops and pirtiesof insurgents. The revolution was spreading to the niosi important points of t'10 Itepuhlie and all the military resource nf S inta Anna nre itiiavai l. ing to quell tho distuihunccB. I'.vecution. (iw.i:.SA, Jan. I'J. John A. Taylor was executed here at two o'clock this nfternoon. Ahout ten thousand people were present, lie spoko for nearlv an hour, and persisted in his innocence at heart of tho crime, lie express 'd a hope and he was forgiven hy his Maker, anil died calmly. Congicstjoiiul. Wasiiimiion, .Inn. 23. In tho House yeterduy, the Pacific ll.iil road hill was committed to u select commit tee. There are douhtsol its final passage. Washing-toil All,iir. Washington, 22d. Tho Secretary of the Treasury has iitneudeil his project for a new tarifl.und -Mr. Houston of tho Committee of Ways and Means will report u hill so nearly like it will prohihly he acceptable to hoth houses and to the Northern section of the country. The democratic senatois met this morning to ex press the sentiments of tiicir party upon Knuw Nothingism, hut they uilj-.urncd with "" coming to any conclusion. i ...... . , IsllllK -nv 1 oak ,,. A vefsel has arrived here from llir.l Nland, the new guano Island in the West Indies. She was ordered off hy the nfhVcrs of the Vene zuelan government, as was also another Amer ican vessel. Coiigressinnni. WisuiMiToN, Jan. 24th. Tho French Spoliation iiill was discussed in the House yesterday, hut no vote was ta. ken. It is thought that it will pass the House. ?I line Legislature. Hoston, Jan. 21th. A very stringent Liquor Hill has heen laid hd'ore the temperance committee i,f tin. .M.iine. l,..K;l..,,...o I... .v.,. I I)...,. It piovides for fine and imprisonment for the first sale, and one year in the State iris- .01 for the third. The It nll.i to unit Itrnnlfonl II. It, Itiots. llrir.M.o, Jan. 23111 I'. M. The laborers on the llull'alo, Ilrantford uinl (ioderich Kail lload still have possession o' the Ivaek at t'aistor I' VV , ul.out 'Ul n.ilu 'roni Ilrautlord, where fully armed they have a-SLMiihle.l to the numb ir of 1-10. Vestefdav in. .ruing thu Directum with .10 men took the train at Ilrantford to come through to I'ort Erie. On ariiving at the place where the la I'orers were, they diseovered thu force to l ntirely to i strong for them, and so far from b ing able to elo ir the track the Directors and their men, being unarmed, were obliged lo hog pjnuiaion to return to Ilrantford. The Storm. We have details of t.Ristcrs hy the late storm but no los of life is yi t reported. In llaltimorc the storm was terrific. Ten sehonii crs were sunk iu front of the city, several houses were unroofed and ntimhcilcss minor disasters occurred. The storm of .Monday last did damage in IIockland.Me to tho amount of over SoO.IHHI. number of wharves, a large quantity of coal and lime were swept away. Ciiicaoo, Jan. 23. The snow storm has completely suspended all movements north, south and west. No trains havo arrived here since Sat urday. Telegraphic, communication with St. Louis is also suspended. t .Massachusetts Legislature. I A petition was presented to thu M issichu l setts Legislature for the removal of Edward ' (i. Ixiring, Judgo of I'rohate, who acted as ' C S, Commissioner, when Hums was rent back to slavery. Telegraphic Report oi the flam bridge Cattle IVlar.ct. Ilepoilul lor Int. Wtikly Prie l'rct. Wednesday. Jan. 24 At Market li'J.S cattle, about .1011 beeves ind Or! Mores consisting ul Working Oxen, Cows, and Calves. 1 cartings, two and three years old Market llcef Extra per cwt.$i- First quality, $S. Second do i74. Third do $m to 7. Ordinary jO. Hides perevvt $51 n 0. Tallow Sar-4. Pelts 7o eta to 1, Calfskins 12 cents p?r lb. Il.irrelling Cattle, ,i,r1 to 7j per hundred Veal Calves dj, .1, (!. Stores Working Oxen. No sales. Cows and Calves 21 tu 32 to 51'.. Vearlings, II, 12, 1.1. Two years old, 21, .1, O.r? to 34 I'hreu years old, 32, -1, (i.'J.dl tulS Sheep and Limbs, 1 ,130 at market. Extra, 44, 5, 0, 7, H. Hy lot, 2J, , .'I to 34. Swine. All large hogs fiom 4 to '14 cts p r lb. I!kmahi.&. 1 he market is lig'itly stocked, oaiug to the lato storm There has been no stock at all driven in this week. Tho mar ket is tirui and steady. fae demand actual this week hy the trade is small. Taxoa I Taxes ! ! Taxeo : : : riiAVK this dy ki;;kivi;d Tin; stati:, iMlboi 1 , Uuuilly biiiI llljjli Fclutd tax billi, and am my unxlou, to liuvo the in liuid al oace, and tiientiy tatoaay em 'arramuent ttmt will t'row outuf delay in payuitf Una, I villi giro tai payers an early call uud liu.t I .halt muit with u iuoutptrouM) TUubii taxes kbuulduy thtMttUt. oeuic of ttioui uro pjyuLlo tlu first nt Bali, and unlit all are crcuint tbcru will bo cuitusku.cnt. o. UU.VIIKCITO.V, Collector. Jan. 1855, d.tww Notice and Challenge. OKINll ANNlor.STO TlSTTm;si'i:i;i AND I Ih.ttt'M ol iii v Iwo yutr old rnlliu Ctdt, b) Flying Murgiiii, i .i(t. i u niiuiii ut or V. U:iu imlu h.uU, bed ' 111 ,1 to liarnesif, curr ing cu:il weight, ugahii-t uny 'I ol 1 in 1 1"- Mate foruntqual n iu.j not 'Ihu winning tlt t ' taki bulb firuiiiiuin). Thu titnuani Mci x lbJ trotting to be agr.'.d upoii by th' frtUj. JAMUS McNASKK. January 74, 1855 diwlt ?)TTTILTN(tTON CD.UMl.ltCIAI.. piiocroii &' wooivs B'rlffst C'lirrctit. M S.Paocioii, DOSTO.V. M. F. AVoou t'ooiinisiin .vicri hnnts For the sale of W'OOI, AND COUNT II Y I'llODUCK Ilusto.v, Jan, 20, ASH!;.' I'.it,, per 100 lbs. (1 7.'i 7:174 H 311 JS VI 22 211 11 1(1 21! rcillls APPhi:- Uriel, ncr lb 7 2.1 a Sa IIKKrtH'AX Vfllnw, UUTnill Very cli'ilco, per lb, new Now Vnrk and Vermont Dairy Ooinnmn ll.llry, Wc-tcru and Oaniillan, ClinRSli Prime, per Hi. (ncr) Ceiilni. in and Fair, null Per ilmcii, 2li a 21 a 21 a 21 n In a 101 a ti a 2 a tLOtJll (lciic-ce, Taney, per 1.1. do cvtrti ilit ri.iiunoii brinnls Olilo, en iiiaoii do fancy J. 1 extra Michigan, ci.tntnntl 1I11 lauev 9 7,1 a 10 00 II .'. ) a 12 00 2.1 a u :.o 11 v.i 11 ;i .Mi 0 T.i 11 10 on III nil a II nil !) V "1 a 'J .1 1 11 ".' a III HO (Iain Is, in Ik.ihI com. A 11 2.1 a 10 nil .,. . ,."'" """r 1 to a 7 .'.(I U1..V1. Oom, .Vnrtliero.pcr huslicl 1 oh a I In oiilncrii, yell.o, 1 01 I 07 lis 1 (i7 2 51 1 r 12 2 21 Ntutlieru, Ml.ito ,ui a Western .VI I veil 1 01 .1 M lu nt, U't -tern I s7 a Hye, per .11. His. 1 jii a Oat, .Vorlhern, ,u a White lt.i.iis,;iorla.,r,t lbs. 1 .111 a l eas, tsiind.i a 1 .'ill HOP -rerlli,, lit suit, 1 8-1 1 28 , yij I'ltOVIHIOX. Iteef, Vi litem Moss. i.vlin, I in..-. Westell! giiod Western Cniiuiiioi Illlstern Mess Perk, extra cleat 4 inus. Clear Mes,best Me other brands l'ritnii Isinl, keg, per lb. 1,-inl, bl.l., per lb I In ins, IliMtnn stnoke.l Westell! d.i llresse.I Hoi's I'orv ror.s e,v per tu. I'lll'bTllV per II.. SHHDS t'l.uer, Northern, per lb West, ru 11ml Southern ncir Tim-.thy per hu. 17 DO a 17 1!1 Hi 11(1 a In .111 1 1 oil 11 I , no 1:1 on a 1 11.1 1 7 .VI a 1 n (10 II. .To 11 17 00 1 1 7. a l.'i no a II Vu 12 .Vi a II no Ilia 12 10. 1 Ida Hi a ( i a Ml a 11 inj HiJ i H.l II 111 12 3 21 5 .VI 1 7.1 l.i 4:, 40 :is 3t 3) 14 a II a 3 00 a 100 ip. bag a 1 l.ivseed n .SrAHUH Point. .e, per lb, quiet. a 110(11, II(iiiieslic.-.,i..conyI'lccccs, Cm. i a Pull blood .Mi rino 3:1 u 3 do do 31, n i do .1) ;tja Western mixed 2 i a Pulled INtia in n 4i Alllls The StO' k 111 TTIftrltrt is on! 1 ,r.. 1..., , thulilKh rut binniel not actllc, and many arc I silliplbd fa the season. Pearls range at 7 2) a 7 ' .17 J, ii to quaiitity. Puts nt (', 75. Ilf THIIl There 13 n mucrhl clnr..uto notice. tlio atri,.aie , linite.l. and as Is usual 1 nt this s .aon (here Is not a. ir.ucli dein md. The leek is .null 0 inirkit.ii.-..-, the present prepect 1 favois hii-h nnees. Tho h.,i ....i r vi. d ... and Vermont .l ilry i, Wut'ti, 2j a 2.3o. ' W estern an.l at Is a vile. CIIUi;i:ot liiueh priino to be bid, und vvorlh lllj a 11c, quick. Ollicrquilities plenty and FLOUR Hour ha heen arrlilo oior.. rr,.,.lv the pan week, hut with a steady ileunn.l from the triele, an.l a c.iuonrathely small stock in ile.ili nod receivers haodsi prices have heen well sustain- I e.l lliroiulionl the we-k. The sales of eommon brands Wist-rn heen at ;i 12i a 'I 2, , f.incy brand" at '.I 71 a $ III j and extras at ID 25 a f 11 per bid 111! I IV r- - - - . . , . , at 1.0 u i.jj. Iljcat I 10 a 1 12. IWilto lleiins of the very be-t quality aro Fciree. prices for such r.inirout I7ia2 U IVa ail M, selllu quick at the liighe t rates. Canada Peas are scarce ules at I ill. 1' KIVI'lllN's The market rcmiins quite steady for I'erk, with a in ..L.rate demi olf thetrale' lies of priino at ..1 .ill a SI 4 ; mess at 9 LI a I i .V) Tor ..Id. and 3II1. a 111 .VI for n w ; and at ll, '0 a 17 jit bid, 4 in Ileer has been ia ate demand, "-lie of Western mess at II .10 a -,, heny do at 51li a Ih .10, ,,,,,1 exln do at 17 a 17 "l, p r bhl,4uio, I.ird rem lin without elian e. Iluwd llo.'S are fi in r with sales atl.J .1 7j. " IfA'Y'.Wi'.V IIM.SAM t)F WILD CUIUlllY, the gnat remedy or (' () X S II .11 1 T I O X , And the b'st m...lL-iii3 known to 111 111 fir Asthma -.I u.ory sti., layer u 1.11,. 1 11 os, Ur...i.'liitis, i. Ilueim, U,iiis, o 1, ilieedoi of the Lunar, ' 'lieitli, piin. oil ,v lilies. i t"ie l.le, o.e.l-t, .to., a 1 1 .ill l ,er diseases of tho I'l'I.MOX MtV ()ltc.. Fiotil the l.o'tun 1' -t Mr s,. M p llv,, H w.K hi 1 0 aitl -l .. .i,tl.,a ... i. .-.Tw h -t preini.ilt 01 .it 1e1t.11i.-eo r. d t.-r tue eu n- ..t e .Ids .1 id olu r e i.i-.i niti, j e.n.liiit-, II11014 teet.d this niedieltie, we tun s,K.ik with eonlid. nee as to i s ilut iry o fj -t 10 renhiv 111 e .his .10 I ..tliei eouipl mils incident to this sutou ..t the year. I'm in mo ciiatiio.iil mqulur. Wiieneier tin- inedieine is introduced, it ut once attat is th it hi 1 lepntitiou wliieu it -., ric .iy d. Wu it uiu stop its s lie, when on el .iy hauo can by witues.ed It- winleitul cure-. Tlie iv .r-t eisesol A-t'iui, no ul but .1 ing.T ais! n.l also tuo-o tn it iifu o( 1. 111 sti.i,,, I cutis, and consumption in its eirly i-tigc, ... aiw,ty cured by tin- 1e.11 irk.ibl uie.lieoie. It li.'t .1 -o lied by lill,,st rs Hie public should be c iretul to g.-t tlie euiii.o. utticl.. us nutations 1111. 1 e. unlcrt.lts are b.tugput up by t.uee on., km w notion., .'t luiilicii.i. .011e genuine unless signed I. Ill'TT.s on the wrai-per. Tor silo wholcs.iie and rs. tail by the (leneral Agent, -l;ril W. lOWI.i:, Washington street, t.oston, Al.iss,, and by Lis sub-agents tlooughout the country. Me-srs. f. A. PrtK aul A. C. Scksr, agents for Hurlingtuu. w24wl ill a v t i c i In Hoyalton, 1st in-I.. Ol.IVKR II. 11H00K-, of Hoston, and s.M'.AII M. f.MIHI, of Heyaltin D i e b . Iu this vill.igc, t rriI.i cicnin, tlio lOthlnst., MRS. IIUVUY II. .MITClIIII.L.agc.l Mi In liurlintun, on the Tii inttant, Wiitcttu CiMMH.Mt, ngcil .11 yean?. In Slitlburnc. 1'iiJii)-, .Jan 10th, at tho rtfi tenet of -icorso It 1 1 Nauy S. Huckiis, ngej 4 yiurs. At Ottniuv.i, W'.ijtcltj Co., Iuwa Jtccinber 3Ut of!i"M Tovur, .Mr. .James il, Kisl, atU (nbuut) 'it f-iriucrly nt l-Iuiliiigton, Vt. At Hatru , J.wiu.irj -ttli, 3Ir. Abigail Dodge, In lienntngton, Irc. 10, Mr, Joseph Cobb, aged In Castlelmi, on tho 31st ult., Mercy, wife of Dcneim V m. Ot-nitun, agud TV. i. y "1 my, .Inn, l'itli, Hun, Dornttus Woostcr ono of the old-.-st mirinLiTti of the Addisi.n Cnunty bur. Atau Dec. '12, MUii l.inclinu Crane, aged VM. taiit. In .Maiicht-i-ter, .an. 2, Mr. Henry Dyer, aged D . Ho an a lti'vohitiuiiitry f-uldior. In I'awlet, Vt., Uc. V7th, Mrs. Phoebo Iteid, aged t". In l'uaetinm, Die, 1, Mr. ngut4 .Merrill, aged AUo, Ih-u, "i, Mr, i'ri-cilla .Meirlll ngid h, In Nixioiii Itiier, Jan, JO, Mr. Charles 6, linker, aged :t.i. In Ktindstdi, Ike. ISth, Carlos 1!. lartridgt( aged it) iar; aUo Ike. V 1th, Jane L. J'artrKlgu, aged IS y virt. I ii St. .fohiif bury, Jan, '!, Cunt. Churki Uosuer, aged 77. DLODGETT 6l SWEET'S P.ilMif Ualviini.eil Pnt fahle Ovni! xl IT. UI.i; f r t, Mualku irivjt ftnulv or ? lint- l-i and .-(".liner- (.f t)i largest tl.i- Ttf I-ury Ulii uairanl lt-M (il--t Am fuLthm. Mnnufucturtd by l Tt hWinVr, Collfgo St. Ilurliiigtou, l, dJUwtf Barrc Academy. Tho prlu Term will beein ou Tliurwlay robruury 13, 1855. 0ARD 'OLUDISG U00M AND l'UEL mou $1,0 to ?,'' ;or wtk. Buveral ladiet oiq bo aecommodatod hi the family of tho 1'riiicii-al, Appliuatlouu Hin u hi be made noun to J. ril'AULDIN., Pnnapat. Iljrro, Janu iry wth, lb."A. wjw Caution. J V wire, Amanda M. V., Inn wilfully dcertcd slvl tu , and giio tu iarti unknown, 1 there, ftirfemli n tho oultlo aaimt fumUMng her In any nunmr ujmii my credit, tu I ahall not pay any Uobti of her contracting. LUlllUK 81U.V1;, Charlotte, Jan. 11, 1 K55 dlwAw3w FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, i HAK1J 11 All GAIN 8 nt the B E K 1 V E ! 1 The reinalniler of our Rich Pattern Cloalcn, HI now bo flt nl prtrta tt slot ;m'i Risers, rtgntd Itti if rest, to f'f thin nut. M. so, A II V i 11 I v. v i 11 (I s Will bo oTere.l at prices to lnuro llu lr sale. Fur 11UI1lne.11 rur.!iiii.ii!un!ty f.u thoe In mint of such goods, to s cure e'wl birgunt, Our 1'iitioiisiitc I'spcelully larlted to call In time tu secure sumo of turn). ALM), Juit tttmrtl by V.Tirnf, !;inlv l)tc tiotiib, riniiin'N. Merino Wrappers and Driivcrs for Ladles and den tlemen, Knitted Polka Sucks l.ailtis, Misses and Children, Knitted L ndcr lcolc, Wr.stlets and Uler Sacks, Leggins for .Men and Hoys, Al.u, i:o.iiroitTi:us, sc.vuis, ci.nuis, Stockings, -!ik I'oeket Iblkf,. A Cruvatsj l.luen do., AuolhcrCiirtoii ol ll.HltltOIDKlilES, Cambric an 1 Shire Liwn Iblkf. Misses " lleul.litcli do. s I. so, A great vatiity of Drcn Trimmings, (llrdlts fur Itohos, Ilre'sln downs and Apron. AI.SII. Another drlon of tlime Superior French Kid (Hove. AI.SO, White & CoVd Mirirjiltea Quilts, for French and sin le'll.,.l.teiid. Crlhs an I Cradles. Hl.tNKHTS all sites, Toclher with a gnat variety of W'iiidiiw Sli ulcs, Curiiiiii (soods. and llouo Furnishing (loods generully. MAO, ' .1 V K I .V (1 T II U A' A" S, nit Our Stock embraces iverylhlng UMinlly ke'pt In Ilry Hoods Stores, and nlll ho sold vcrv Cl'lHAI' for OA 'II. VVo .hi not l' an.l" HHI'V Till' woiti.ii to co.Mi'iiri: with our frici:-, i.ut wo 1)0 I.WITi: .M.I. to call and examine for thi-m-dies, an. I ate willing to the deeislon of a ili'criiiiinating Public, to whom thu ahoiolssub. milted. Very respectfully, N. l'ECIv, Jn. d.lwtf dan. 11th, 185.) MADAM DUDOYCE, inn cr.i.rainiTHi Astrologi3t and Phrenologist, FROM t:- V0HK. JiSUJUL SI SkORl JOURItr CHILDRCr. WofilrT itniosKr.tMKii.i.s .i..h.Mi 1'ii tnLuiioLr ' thu L'uito.l .st.iti-s and Huroiiu forcorrcctncss f tiinoand JlrCU nst i.ic -s, asconncct.d witli Hualtli, rtoilth, llitfi ulti s In Huilncss. Abs.-nl IVUnl,. Iluyiiij; au l -clliniof l'roicrtv, Clianglii ol busi ness, l.iw-uit., I.ov.-, Ci urlslili. and Am. Hum'. flic p. .Lot oi on. biitn Is uurliul with sonupo ciliircirciiiiist.ii,ccs,wnioli jlnua 1). n ill cti'.aii, its.ict.iiily t,y tnc llimnlv bo.lns. lic liiu. cinult,.l ursi f t!,c hljhrst, and wil.cln i:uiuM prclicli-.t the- mar i iu ol i'ln-cu Viclurli I'ri .co Alliu I, an I tliu (-rent oicile. incut conccruliit! -ii John Mm has tikmi Itoouis at llio Ainrric.ui lieu".', where tn- will rein tin I'.. r a lew .la. Iy. Mi c uniciti.uH stilctly confidential. Xo l.iforin.i ti .11 giwn on stolon .ri.icit--, nor .IIITicuUics he twci'ii Man unit t itu. -MADA.II DtJHOVCi: will also giicn I li r v ii I it i a 1 I'. . ;i in i ii n 1 1 n ii . TKIl.M' ",() CVnts. Hours of!.iliuo fiou. i in the iu r iniif until :i i, tiio ficniny. -Ma.l.iiu l.. n.i- tlic ..III., p, isou In tho Uniti-d state-stunt pr dieted that lui. Taj lor would h. 1'usld. nt ono yea. l,ifre his nomination. 'Ihe Ios uslilp lloi-au .Moiiaich ; tin- r.liirn i.l sulet) ol t,i -tea n-liip Mlu.'.tlii in lW'uls ! tlic 'xpeilit f ll.iiiklln, t, .at It would I,. .mil I of within 1- uiontlis ft. ,ui date, I - tli .No. II I.". It is well known tliat it has been wtllie.l. Htiilitifttou, Jan. It., Iiij. d.twtf HUTCHINS SA.VYEn, t'linitnissinii llvri-liniita, ASH tv HUI.HsAl.i: III! ti lllt.s. IX '3 u 1 1 o r. G li e e s e . G- r a i u . AMI M.I, K IMl III lill STIlV I'llnlll ( K, -Su. T-i i)i:v.s'riti:i:T, Now-York. January ll., I -ill iliwUms Notice. Persons wishing to purchase DRY GOODS or CARPETING, wi.t tin 1 an extensile asso tuient at 1 id Chinch si. "illinj; ut prices which male it for thllr inteiist to call Injure Ijuiii ilecwuere. c. v. ST.wirnitii liurlinton, Jan. IKSo. d.twtt GREAT BARGAINS sYoii' nfftrcd in Hats, Cans and Furs, at tho Iturliugtoii 1 1 nt und I'ur Stnrc. ".HH tako this luiiiurtunlty to retnrn I their i r.,r ll... Ill. . I... . r . - hetowed on them, und furtlier say to their .Jtrons and the public Kciu-ially. that for tho A'KA'V SIXTY DA J'.V, wo shall sell all K'tods now in store at a Imp t!SHrp Our ttock comprises a laro U'Sotiuuiit , f Hats, Caps &: Fansy Dress Furs, UlifTALO AXIJ r.VXCV SLEW II IlOIlK.s, A largo variety of i. v i: s .ii itti: n s. (ientlemen and Unlies will find this a raro opp r. tunity to get good and get them cheap. Call and see. (toods in is 1 1 branches ol our line inado to order and repairing done at short notice. X. AI.LHX A Ol. Ilurlington, Jan. 10, H55. d.lwtf NOTICE. -N I 0 II O 1, S k li O V X T O X , I -i'-S Ch i rcli o i i. 4 HE now receding an additional supply of WlN'llHt (K)OII-, suchas I, idies Chdhs a id 7'riiiiinings, Uks, .Mcri. nos, lie Liu. s.Cobiirgs, Ac. Hoods, Victorhies, Tippets. (Iloves und Hosiery, Isni and .sipinru Wo den, I'lii l, llrocha and fiiibetShawls, .to , Ac, all of whic'l will It., suld unusually low. liurlingtoii, lAc. SI. d.lwtf MEDICATED INHALATION, nit. .i t:t)i,i)i.f.iir.Ti(;, it NiirUiiiiiipnin, .llnss,, XII formerly ot thu llroiu)iton Hospital, City , ltoa.l, u,u.l.. the euro of Consumption, I Mri.iii'hltis, and all i ther chronic a'fiitions ol tin Hit. at, l.nns and air passages, hy the inhalation ol me iicit. il s,iK,r., as pru tlced in the said llospl. Ml rin irm d'us employ. .1 hy ir. II. are brought into limn. di.ite e intact with thu ulcerated surfaces I the Lungs and, hy inhalation, producing t icir iii'tuni at thu cry seat ol the disiasc, A sin. gle w.ik's Hid will eo.nilice tho invalid of the ell .ley I the llli-.ti storing poller of this tieatmen t Hr Luiitiiig i, ho at tlie An.cruuu Hot. I. Ilur. Iliilit..u, on the Villi, ;..tli, Vtlli, and '.'llh ol this lu.iiitii, fur consultation with patltuls on the ahoie Hiscjhcs, Xo eliarges for cunsuttatioiis, which aro given from h A. ,d to 1. ,M. Hr. II, iu iy ho also consulted on ul' disease, pe c In I em ilis, free of charge, at Ills rooms, if I'rincipal (llVice,, .Mass., where all I. Iters (postpaid) will bo duly answered. Jail It,. d.lwtf LOST. jj A X I) A II It A X T, Xo. .r.,iJ7, issuid to l-i JOsLPH LA.MOItn, of Verinotit, forscrlice in Hid Mar of IKIJ, and mailed at M'aslilnton llcc.-K, IH'il, haimg liiik.l to ench its desHna' 'Ion, n. ticols heiihy giliu that application will be made to tlio Coiniul sinner of l'i u, ions tu issue a duplicate of slid Muliaut. 1IHXHV WEKIl, Agent. Illncsburglt, Jan. l.i, lhij. wV'Jot" Estray. ' A51C Into uiyeiiclosaiu about tliu 30tli Oct. liil, two 1 yeur oldnteurs, ono Ited and ouo UtHyisli lUd, which thoownvrottu Lasu by proving proiisiity tad .in clurgt,. JOXIX KELLLIt. Litei, Jau, V, 115. .7w3i SELECT SCHOOL. l ISS I., II.ST.Y.'V WILLCO.M.MK.S'CK utR i I next term on .MUXHAV, the SHiof February. KMHILAHMiroeipectcd to enter at the com. Ineliosinent of tiu term. KMil.l.SII, ft.l (III ncKM'ii, i no DIlAWINli, I (II) JTirScliooldlooMi, one door West of Jlus.LAXd WOKTHV'd (Ui stairs). IHiblisctok, Jan 3, 165,' N-FRIENOSbe. LONG JOURNEY x i . HOMOURteX Vrrtj ENEMItSV DEATH SKQftT JOURNEY CHILDREN iiciil Aiiiiii.-iI Milv! tl'WAIlInl tit' Sl.00,000 WOItTJI or WINTER CLOTHING, At tho followl ig Low Trices t $1 50 to 2. (Jowl l'.tnts, of various fabrics. ... $2 GO. .a.l.crc,ll,.eslln, and llroadoloth Pants, at this l"W ptlcc, for a fow days, to reduce stock. $2 70. f-'u'totn Mato Ilocskln Pants, Clnv.s llottoms, and maileuf ns good materials as tho Hants for which ou uuallypay J.",, Closing saloof Winter Clothing. $3 to 5. rnncy Ca.s., llockln, and Cloth Pants, of very it-sira Me patterns, being at least 2i per oout. less than tho same aro usually sold. . , A nlco Affair for a (lentlcman. Orer Osrmcnts, custom ma in, usually ,, fr a ucli more. $10 lo 12. A Hno Custom Jlado Oiercoat or svk, made from rah, lllue.and llltok Pilot Cloth, linn Icloth, and I.oa,or Cloth., f,.r this low prion. Will guanntv that the same garments uro sold at from $18 to i'.'U. A!X in IT, Tnlims. An entirely .Wis Stylo of Over (larracnts, ciiinbinlns gentility with ease and oorarolt. $3 50. ror an Ollico or Business Coat, tuctose out the stock. $3 to 12. lire-sand Krnck Coat., from ."iipcrflno Hrnadclotli a.ol .ocsklns, mole tin In gnl style and Inn lallh. lul ui.inuer All will bo sold at these loir prices, to close out stuck. $1 to 1 50. ests,of the latest fashion, for theie low prices. $2 to 3 50. For a Xico Taney Satin Ve-t. Also lllsck or Fancy Silk do.,mido up In tho latest styles. U.ntletueu'a Dressing downs, very lowest prices. ii:xTi,i:.m:.s FURNISHING GOODS. 37 1-2 Cta to $1 50. Assortod lot of Shirts and Drawers. 50 Cls to 2 00. Fino fhirls, Linen l!ootns an.l Collars. 12 1-2 Cts to 50. Fino Linen llosims. 5 Cts to 17. Fine Linen Collari. 17 Cts to 25. Socks. 25 Cts. to 1 50. St icks and Cravats. 25 cts. to 1 00. Silk Pocket Han tkorchiefs. 10 cts to 50. Suspender s. 37 ct3 lo 2 00. L'trbrellai. 0 cts to 17. Tooth Uruhci. G cU to 1 00. Hair Urutliei. $5. . TruTclling ."rhnwl? . Together with a groat r iritty of Fancy Goo4i, to b ) Cli-siud up cheap. BOYS' DEPARTMENT. $2 to 5. uvcr SACKS. $1 1-2 lo 4. Jackets.. $1 1-2 to 2. 5uit Jacket and Pants. $1 tn 3. Cassiuicre, Cloth and Iloe-kln Pants. 50 cts to $2. Ve-ls. IVy r'u'V, 'As lift- t-r art I oe pries, ' Purc'iaers, howeier, are re.plest.'d to bring this advertisement wit'i them, aid they will then ao nowl.-ilge the fact, a. wu irs detenuitud to close up all the stuck of inter Cl-.tliing. A of thu Xew Hook, ' O.ik Hall Pictorial," gratis, to eiery purchaser. ONE PKICE, CASiI SYSTEM. Oak Hall, :t I 'oil!i M., Stoslon. Dec. 2c. 1111. ; Noiicn, 'JIIISmsv eertlfv tint I halo giicn mv son, .".(!! '.' 1 U... F.Ly J ' s.l I time dining the re. turnings nor pav any debts of his contracting fr' iii an I lit ir this date. JOHN' ti, PA THICK. Iliuesburgli, Jan. 10, lHi.f,. w2Sw3 Bishnn TTnil-his' ATll'l' Wfl'IK OV ll'IMAN't.S.M, entitlcl ' T'ie I 1 end of Controversy introverted," l vols, price ittn, fur sale by E. SMITH, Agent, Xo. 3, Town Hall. d.twlw "STAHThli(;, BUT TBUE WHAT EVERWOMAnTsHOULD KNOW. How clicn it liapia-ns, that the wife lingers from sear to j t ii r In that pitiable condition as not eien for oi.ed.ii t reel the happy and eihilarating iutlu cneu iiieidml to Ihe ei jojtuei.l of health Till-: HI.OOMINO HltlDK, Uu! a few j ears ago in the flush of health and youth, and Imoiuiiey ot spirits, rapidly, nnd ntlarentlv In cxlieal.lj. becomes a feeble, sukly, sallow, debili. tated wile, with frame eiaaciatt.J, nenes unstrung, spirits de tcsse.l, countenance Waring the impress ol siifferli.g, and an utter physical and mental pros tration, arising from ignorance of the simi lest and p.auiesl rules nfhealtli as connected with Ihe mar riage state, the violation of which entails disease, luBcruig and misery, not only to the wife, but often HEREDITARY COMPLAINTS UPON THE CHILDREN " l-STU Till. rillHD AND S'll-RIH UEMBsrtllN." TlHiismlllloit llm MI-THIV. S IHII--LI, . im-iK niiMnii t, itMTv, utitr. KlMl'S KVII., ...a olhrr anil worse, a. a DREADFUL INHERITANCE FROM TIIK PAHLSTH. "Anl mast llii. eoatinaef Vast tins la t Is there no rsir,ej ? .Norehrff No l.uper" ll. rrms.l. la b lnoln tl.s eaesss Bud i,ul,i: tlism, snj kn..winz the reiuMies, snl Ixnefillne br them. ll.ese are sjlnleu out in ' THE MARRIED WOMAN'S riUVATK MEDICAL COMPANION, HY I K. A. U MAVRK'EAtT, Thornton rr or wose Out Ilmiutirdth Edition, (50O,fKX)), IStno., jy, 250. 01 nil rtm, hjua njtio, 91 00 A (.Unlr.l wnt of nublmbesj rptttHon. fujn-l eIMa In th fflUlixuc- of tha grn trd wt in Ntw York. rbllW.hI, d.1 Mhi-r citivi, a- ioM bj th pnociil In tl. I'nitM Putei. It u fint pabli.hJ In 1841, uico which tim- F1VE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES liate twt'n foW. uf which thr wrrt. uiiMi of dm: ni;."i)iii:i tiiousaxh sent hv .mail, fttttlnit th 1ii,'h llmt;cn la which it U bell a tt liable iuUr Mnlicl HOOK KOII i:VRIIV I'KMAI.K thu uU.'-r bavins difote4 hU f tclm-Ui-attf-ntirtn u tlio trt-ntiniTit nf cuLiplilrito icultr to frmU-t, in ri-lct t. which be in j early c.-uiulUfl t tbuuit.lsi twth in vrto a4 bj Uttvr lir tiery womio can dUcovir, by comi-nnnit her ivn )U)it&mi uitli thuMt Jei.cnl'., the nittirp, charae't-r, dni-H-n of, ftinl thr ritj-cr rt-tfuslien fyr. hr c-tii Uinta. Th ifo ft bout Lfcoioin; mithr La cftrn m-t4 tt Intstruction and aJice vt tlit utmost inifr-rtstncw tn Ur future bfalth, In rfrn-ct tn which her wnttiUTn."" fur bijs) curt oil in a mJical gentleman, will fln-1 upeh in IrUCtlOn Ktist .si...,., ma 1 .Ui r.lsi. m7mpl,na which ntlirriM ouM ncra-iion aotitjr nr alarm at all tlw fwubantic- lncMnt to hr utitation ar i.ft.enUs.1 Hiiw nun re ulTirin frrrn obtructini nr irrrutar Mi i-tculmr lo the frmahj irntem, which nn.lermino the bfalth, tl.e effrcta of which they .re innrant, ami for wl.ich their drlicacy f.rbi.U weklnjr me.lictil a.ltce. ilnjf "urtt-rin fn.m j rtijitu dari (Mbn t.f th womb), cr irom jiuur aWu (wrftknt-a.,, he ) JUnj are In ci-ontftiit nr-'njr for mjr month i-rrct-bn ennne incnt Minj hue d.iKcull If not tlinrou deliterien, anl fclirw Hfi'l uncertain rerownt-a hoine wltntr lire ore haur-M durirnf cuch time, will ch Ual in id pn- the meant t.fpretiiilhin, amrlHiratfou ami reluf It la nf rnurM- imrrnctirihl to rorttr) fully the -rarioaa fill'ji'Cta tie4tv4 of, aa Ibey ire or a nature alnctly In ten.lel fi.r the innrnej or thoe rontemjUtinj marriage. reader, are you a liui-baml or a fitberr a wlfu or a rnnther f IUre you the i-tnccra wrlfure of thooe you lma at bsHtrtr Pro jour incenty, an) lose no time In letrninif. what raima ntrrfcie with tbtir htahh an-l bsp I'.nmn'i not U than jour own It will aroi I to ou ami ji'um, ii It haa to thouKanil., ninnr a tiny of j-uin anil antitty, f. tlowe-l by thejl.-Mt Dilitu, lurafacllating the tiiiinl for ita ordinary atorullon, ftu-t eOutxtin thnxe lutaoa far m.tlicttl altrtnUiice, mO'lii,Ii.i,4 and lir rtit-fd Roatruina h ..U.t'iHlM- ftouU jTt'UJ fur fittbninj jtura, tlio i nil .-ru i-t t.f uje and the fnir t-h talitm rf our cl.Il lifi In coiint-qm n i "f t-i. i- "f lb' work, a otftl. iHtsj it- tr mriliii.irv .iUa, tainnnt lnijtii l.t'0 bmo tun utTfit,UH, will t'U lss.Lkcll.Ta a mo tlto j-ul'lrs. bj (mit-iin'ii of title it uricut. e-Mtt-'i-s tu urit'tilMu iiitriueuunta of u'jiHt1.t, and other dkv ud tW-i'tlM-iis?, il Lm tutu frr tLvifUsrO, Ui CAUTION THE PUBLIC tubu nn Usiik unhaatbn word I'r M 11. Mt tur, 1 1' I.'U'rtj Urtft, .V. V " ta ti (fill the eniry in tb tlrrk tilliie on Ibo Ui.k l ) tht- ttlle j-ae , und tmy of n--"C' '--U' nut li-MM.i-uMe diaWni, or Mnd by nu.l, uud uddrt-s l I'r A M JLutircaa tUpon r-eeij n( Cum Dollar "T3IE MAR. hilii Woman's rmvAiu MEDICAL COM. rAf-ION" ii rt ..H-ii'-' t in eny put of th Ulillttt StjUk, ('in Ci'Mils-a ari,l JiniJih 1'ioviiicea, AU IrUrift u. i be l-oil-i-.d, jn l aJdretied to Dr. A. M. MAtUICBAU, b Niw.y.nk Ci!T rJbiki.iJ) OlUr, I ibi-jlr sn-.t, f, w via Jan. 10, tf 6m JANUARY 26 None i. 'jillK -I lliserllnrs licntiy itlie notice, Unit, on mul lifter IV nry 1, I1V1, t ley e .ntlnue Hielrliiisl iissoii llio CA.sll SV'.iTll.M, nlvlnj! no enoiii moult , i n Persons hitting un.rttleil ticooiitits with the frtn will il" lso cull nn.l settle tlio suiiic nt tlm r eiilll st conTctileiico. ni. v.vcii tun, .lonovNorr a uo. llurllnnton, .Ian, 26, IH.i i. Unlvcralty Mndloal College, At 'tiirllti-:loii. VI. iiik n'iixt avn'it i, o.)t'ii'i:iiF i.i::nnti:-t . In tlio Me'liml ll -ititnicnt of tbo Vermont Unlvi rail jr irlll eommenen on Thurulny, MarchGth, 18.33, nntl continue sixteen U'eelts. 8A.MUKI, W. Til tVKIt. Jr., M. D., Anitmv nn t I'fiyu -fjry, HOItACi: KELSON', M. D Principle and Prirttce nf .Vwssry nntl .Vurica. Jiiriiprulrnre. U'ALTIlUOAliPiJN'lKK.M. t)., Mttmt Mr'licn a n't ThtmptuUtt OUUCX S.M.TH, M. I)., Ohtttrict, IhirntH, of H'-.meri an t Children am OliMltlnrnl Juntprtt tmct. HUSKY H'lVr, CAcmnffV tt d TtTtr ihgyt nil.Mir.Vl) KANK, M, !)., PnnnplfM and Pfuttrrof Mrt'tnnr tin t Pnthilnqy, The fto for a full Cmro la AV). M.i.rloiUtii.r, $t, ThlfJ cnitr-iu, ti.i-titi $10; u itton fue $18. UuriiiK tbo LcturuTttn, npp.rttintll-. will he pnnileil fur K-ititl'-uten wiliitif; to pufiic Practical Annt'.my. Hr. Thu.vrr nill piy pirttcu Inr nttentlnn to tlioso who wlili Kidiwtt ,lurliig autumn anil winter. For further particular: Apply to i. W. TIUYRM, jr., Ilurllngton, Vt ,-Xor. 1st, lh5l. wlllmhj The Greatest Msdical Discovery of the Age. jll K. Kcnnp-ly, of TlotWy, Mna.., ihj .H.currpd 1" In one of our common pit 'tit re wce-l u rcmo'l v that cureat-wry ktnd of hnm-rttrtm the .eorft crofula "1 -wn tun eoininuii pimplf. He hm trfpl it hi over cloven liumlril ci-im, nnI nevtr f.iik.1 rsrept in two ca.ea (bt.tli tlmiider liu'imr.) Ilo Ima. now lit hi.. 1.1...,!,,-! ,.,,,. two hun In-'l rirliflcilci of ita nine, all within twenty unit ,.t u ..t i, Thu Ijottks aro warruntul to cure a nursing four mouth, One to thrco bottlea will euro thu wortt lin 1 of plinplcH on the face. " 'I no nr thrte Imlttea will clrir the ay. torn of lioili. Two Ij'.ttlri arc"'l tfi euro the worst e inker in the tnnuth anl tutihU'li. Three to firm b itil.-a uro warranted to cjto the wnr-t cne of eryaiptl ia. One t'i two biitUc Are warranted to curcatl humor In the oyia Two Ij-.ttloa nrn w.trrautid t'i care runnin? of the Ciira ii'nl hi tchifa niiiong tin h iir. Pour to i Ii -ttl i a.-u w irt-iitte 1 1" c iro enrni and rtiunlng utot-r. One b.sltlo w II cure cly cru;tlon of I'm akin. Two -tr t.'itcc In ttles aru wirranted t cure tin wort cassof rinwiirm. I'wo or tbn o bit;tlei aro wirraht;d to cure ti mst d-xper.ito ca-i-n of rb.-uni ti iti. Threo or lour bottk'-i are warranted t curt- tin aalt ibi'iinis t'tei-iht bottlei will cur tho rery w irt c tt iitfX ful i. A benefit ia alw iya i-xpc'ienc i frotn the fi r-t b"t tktHtisI t pei feet cure i w irritated lnii t'ie abnt quantity i t.tVen. .Votrtin Iimldi u IrnprohiMe to tlin.e who h tl'i iii ralntri d all lie w.iidf.tul mt.'dici ea..f )hi .lav, .t that a c tn'imn weed, .r win int.e pia'uii'-, n-ot , atolls old st tie r, 3 . eu..- ti-i v liuunT I I the system : ,ntit I .nn .1 1 1 .1 lac.. (I t,ti ln I a liuirwii it ioa t uttrt Theru .tr no ifj nor ml- 1 l,1t ..-.r h if sihut itc s titin -iuj . but n t ymirs. I pt-ddU-d orer a thu.i-id b ltl.n ( u n the vie tut v nf .iii-t'tn. knw tin; o feet of it in every e.i!it. It h ia alri-a Iy d me khiid ut tho eft cirvuur d tie i 1 .ln4ichtietta. I mvc it t cljiblriu a yea old ; to old ptnplu of Mtv. I hale acs.ii p M.r, puny, Wi.rmy looking Ciiblren, who, tlvan w 11 -...ft an flabby, restored lo a Hr!ect -tiitt f I leu Itu by b .ltd'. r.- t loa who aiu bj 'Ct to 1 aic'i hcilichc 11(11 b-.ttlo will ilw it It ijriMt re!i-f in ea'ari h n id diiilta-i. Sum w to hue tak.n it hue bfOritM-'tiro t-.r .V-ara, ,u,d t ivo beju rt ilid by it. U'tieri- tiu b)dy i" s m.ii it work iubue i-y,bo' w 1 erf there $ a ty d raoui.Mit nl the Iu .eti..i ot 'latu.-j, tt will c.iu)- T.:ry sinful ir It, but ou .uii't not b-j iiUriiud the alM,ta 1 1 .ppeur in (-uirdiy to ii week. There is n.vr a bid re auk liniti ii m tho c oitrtry, when tlfit tve 1 1 . ar i one, you will fc.'t yoiin-elMlke a new pi-ron. 1 tt.Mr-l a.Miiu of the nii'-st extra. igaut t iic.'iaiumi of it ever man listened to. Xo eh ino of diet li ever nccea.ry. Hat the bet you caii get, and eiiou.b of it. s n 1 t 11 ' s Anodyno Cough Drop,-), the r.ttmr i ttl. rou .1 Dneawi ,; llir Thrnal ami l,ungi ' In t.arei. Hollies ,it 5i Cents. ,. 1- I o., ... v.M.ins i . Ililr tir.ieliee 1.11.I In their own fj utiles, th .no , g .oUsujee-- tlmt lliei willingly, isttli.iut soliciliitlot,, vd their roe.i.ii'. tueinlatlons fur its use. .Many Ci, s are -mw in my Musses-ion l' nliohui.. used It nn.l exjtoinej llio !tt-ci,i Iroin wl.ieli tt is irep.ireil, unit ttu-y ilicl.ire Unit II, e.v Kn. tetter irei.tnitii n iu use til in tlie.e Ai iy-i. C..m,-A Ir,.,-. lieloir nre a fits names of the tininy ln sienius vsho use it iu their practice .ui'l ipc,ik highly in its lalor : Iir. CII tlll.ns CL KK II. .Montpelicr, Vl. Ilr SA.M'LW TII.W CH, Jr., llurlniKlon, Vt. I)r. illlOltlli: N'lUlluL-i, Xi.rtliliel.l, Vt. Dr. IIATHs, licrlin Ilr. IllllKt.ilW, llarre, Vt. FltKIl. II. SMITH. I'r.,,mit,r. MonlpeliiT, Yi. AHH.N'T A C SI'Kllt. 55" Druitilsts, .M'j.-liir.ts in. I others, sslio liko to net us Agent-, plen-e s,.,,.i in iln-lr orilers t.. ritini, i:. s.iit'ni, Hiii-.-i.-ist, .MiniiM-iii-r, i ttener.ll u lloi.-s no Iguut ..r erinolit, I HON ALU kUNMUlV, I'loi.ri.tor. Iloxl.ury, M.,-.. I A. C .'l'i: lit, Ageuts. Iluilint-.n , ).. 1. Ill l 'l. 1 Eli A .-ON', St Mtians, II. A lllltllii:-. mul II. II. I tlliKKX, lticlim..ii. , it ti. s-l'H.M.l K, terpen, t ii.-s. Also, liy llruistsan.l.Mercliaut.eierywlHrr. I N'ul -1, lei I. w ly Another 31oriois Victory 'jiiiETitriini.E i.v Et itoi'i: is mvTTiM. tbe attenti n oftbe ctviliied w..rl I, ind is nl I all are Sucill Itlll as to tile .rol..iblo l letor, n. r- I i lurlin -ton, wlu-ru no arc luntn illy aeU it .tld n me for a moment doubts tlie result. T L'i Hi ivill nqiiti ! I Kor uhcrotKe in the tae of Vermont, ctn Cb.t ing lor tho preseut W inter bo obtiined in o'ic ip ' CLOTHIIVC. ron nn: uiluox, Jomfort, Beauty and Ecoaoin, Cotiiblne-l I ! The Public ire oordi illy invitetl to compare ton tock of lioodt., lt('i(d..liulr and .11 ail c to OruVr, ith any, r all, tdniiiar t"'re-i in iiuiliuton.cithe a tu uality, nuanlity or priio. The bvtt loek . ' VKIiLOAl'S, t'OA r, I AS IS YUV. KXIMfcLV HtK TIIRM:ti, AM) ML TIIK tT CtTtK.S fa Odntlotn in' -VArdrobj, e i-i bo pnrchaned t!i'r M.ii.K-r tli ia at .my other in the .t tie. .Ami 14 for t-.irietv, -flvle, and tsxclk-nco of r irkinau- up, ono trUl will 4ecuro the patronage of the iuUii f ft id i out. r itc this la the plice to bring your soni. (Chontoek ot goiKls which we arc inakin'up into Boys' Youths' &. Children's WINl'KK cuiniiN;, IS N D K E i IIK.U Till I.1 Come, Ktnuers, Merch mti, Tradetinieii, Cutue, lecbi'tio leave yourwoik ; tJo, Uwyer, lojii'i that client homo And buy a ni'iT ot f I HU ! ltd all an clear an d iy, you ere. That no ot'ier rule work, So lon ad people bat o their ltd They'll buy tluir ciothva utTtllK ' THICK' Wholesale Hcftnl Clothing r.mportiun .NO. -Z UAK IIMU'K, IMMCM.VCTO.V. Nov. 17. d.Utf PRESENTS. 4 NICE Hold Wateti, a liand.oine N'eekiaeo and V l.oekct, or Cross, it rieli ftoo j-o'd Jtraeelet, Hold Sleeie Itiittons j siller Krult Knlies. a.kin Itins, Snutf and I'ob.100.1 Holes, rich silver l'ort .Monnatrs .indC.ird Cnsos, Soup Ladles, Siiir ilters, I't-n --trainers, n bandsoino I'm or u I'ea Set, Kruit Mands, Cake Caskets or Castors, Crumb, 1'ie or Cake Kniles, silver 1'orks, Itetieules, UressltiL Cases, Writing Desks, lluitars or Flutes, tbese, ami a iery gri-at lalbty nf otber artielis, sre ute mil, receiving a beautllul latlet nf, and lute alreadi sold iiiany articles for . resents, and cxi.ict to sell more. .list recchcillho nlecst aisorttnent offered ibis season, of Udici Watclios, lletioules, ind other soiHss, uv mo om suuu, uuurou strmt, Lurliojjt.m, Spoons, Ulu;s, Loulets, Coffin I'lstes. io., neatly osrved. J. u, HKIKSJI.AIU, Late of ind luoecsior to tbo firms of I'augboru X llrinsmaid, and UtinsmalJ, lltelbcrA Co. Deo. 20. Jintf DIanlcs ! Dlanks ! I OLAN'KS OF . 1,1, IIESCHII'TIOXS PlttN'TEIl I' on superior paper will hereafter be kept con. stantly on band, or printed lo order at the Kins I'iikss Oinct. .May IU, 1851. dlwtf 1J0TAS1I I First quality, at wholesale ai d retail, by I1IE0. A. FECK. Jan, 8 dtf 'sl.AL iVOTICKS. Ablgill'.i Eitato. SfATU OK VK'tMOVT, Tu nil eon- tlistrlit of Olilttmi'ten, s. uemi.l In the 11-tntu ol Henii, lute of lliiilliigt-.u, in snl-l ilistrl. t l ii, UJISlil, II tKKftS'l At it I'rotiato Omit liol.lcn nt Hurl 1 1 ,t 1 1, within mul for thu llislrlet of Chltt-n lo i, on the -iDili il.iy of Iininiry A. II. Id.iiii Inslru'n-int, iurp .rtltn to ho llio lut Will an I rt un.-iit ol Milall lie in lute of lluilliitoii In sail lil.tikt, ilicilin.l. -.1, ircoiit.'.l to t'i 1 1,'oiitt ul .rosil.l, for I'rolnte, l.y It, ti. t'ole, the Uiecut ir therein Anil lt Is or.lerc.1 Isps stlil (Joint that tho llltlnliy of iry A. U. lx.ii, atthe olfico of tho I'rubato Couitln siiJ, bo a..nol lor (miring sal.l In strument an I that notice thereof be given tn all persons onnocini-il, by publishing this onlcr tliroo weeks sncoessWely In the Ilurllngton Free Press a newspaper printed at said Uurllnj-ton, previous to the time appointed. Therefore, you are hereby notified tn appear be fire eourt nt thu time and place aforesaid, and c intest the pruhale of s.tid will if you !iavisciuc. lilt j:i under my Initnl at llutllngton, In said dis trict this iuth day of January, A. II., lj . w!0w3 W. II. ntE.VCIl, Judge. Petor Lynch'n Estate. ST ITU OK VI'.ltMON'T The lion, tbo Probite District ol Chittenden, s, s. t'ourt f.rtbo llistrlct ol Cliittcn.len. To nil persons con eerncd in the estnte or Peter l.yucll Into of I-helburne, In said llisliicl, ilecia'e.l, Oitri.livn. WIIKIti; the Administration do bonis non of tho oit.ttn of slid .1 -ei.i.ed pr imsi-s to render an account of his ii.rnnitrnti'in. nnd present his ac count ng.llnt said estate Tor ex itnlnation and al low itie i at a session of the Court ot Probate, to be hidden as the Probate Office Iu Ilurllngton on the "istli dayof April next Therefore, ym are hereby notified to appear be fore said couil at the tilno nnd place aforesaid, and shew enise, if any Jon ha,o, nhy the n count afire said should beallowed. lllieu under my band at llurllngtnn this 2.1-1 day of .1 .iiiu.iry A. II. Iy, "i. r J'J J w. II ritllSCII, Judge. Benjamin Wright's Estatf. T I'TIIK Rt'n-CltimiltS, bavins been a priolnl ' t e.l by the Honor ible the Probate C .tirt for the lli-tr.ct .f Clilttenden, ri.inmis.ioiier to ro. cen ... xsmlne and ii'ljo-t the enun" au-t .. mn.l.. -if all iTs.ins,n -aln-t I be e-late of Ibnj unlti Wriirht bite of t'oleb.-ster.insild llstrl,-t. deceased, represent-ill ins'ilv-nt, an.l also alt claims and demands exhlblt.'d in o'f'Ct thereto ; and sii tnontbs from the d iv of the d itc heieof, bMna nllowed bv sal I I'oift f ,r t'ni tmi-tioso, wo.l'i th-refore hrebv ffiic noli.-e, that wo will ntr- nd tn the liu.tne.sof ..iiriio. poinlmetit, L the dwelllnir of lnrsnri t ' tl.-bl, in t'otrbi-'ter, in ibl lii-tilct, on the flr-l Mon-lai of I'eb.-uirv in I I'm Ilt I.i-i I.iv f M ireh next, nt H' -iVb-c'., I M , on i-iieli of. all div . Uil -d t'us r.t'i div of ll e..- I. . . .l Ml -II till IV -MM- ) I ft ll V 'IV, -, . I . TIIDMAs Mtl.t.s, S ft!-w1 rh2 Modern School t'o I' I A.N (I I'OUTK. Is AN INsTUIC! MIX l.lliil, Willi II 1 I.l ' en. bit uiu- to bieini, ii limit Pianist It, the iliollisl tiioe. fills is aiiuiltti . I.) tl.e oi -t i ininl l-niiit-ts an. u.ii liers. lo tl in Iii- i to. i in-i l--.i, to In liy tat th, to- l lo 'i-liii ii.. si n 'i". l-r-il-s-ll. .10.1 i-otupl-l, l.iti until, i f..i t'.e I', tlmt has ev l b-i-n ,iis, oh i. I ti,. ,.,li'.. oibra.-log ae-uiM-Ii sy.. to It-in tl.i leri ..uts. t i i.i huh -I el ,s-ie,il oiii-le. Niitt.iit. Ilt.-'i ti-ls i. issi-t, .1 liy ight. . o lltiiiii.-iil 1,'un.p, in Pi.i .i-ts. rue hl.-hi-st reei.uiuieli-l lit. l.s Inn. b. I. r .i-,.i ., r .to the toll winy ii-sol, ,,( P,. I,.-., i . ,.l ' .,. -I. V. Mill, i, Ilo. I M.l.l,. , ,l. i.iV.,,.1, 'iirl l.Ti(lii loo. 'Itti- llvelel, ' ltri-0 I II, .,,,l 'iribbl-ck, tiu. Kteis-tiitiu. t-'or sile at Ml .-T.- m.(. st,.,,, s,-. ,tl, i!ev. Please e ill s ml xuuiine. Die. 27. ,ltl Avnr'intha Barber's Estate. 'K fill: 'tj'il-il.'ltlllK i-. baling been iipn-liil. s el Ijy t-ie Honor H.le tic Pi -bite Ii r j he iii I u-t ot Cit e id -ii. J i p nl to r c ii.,1 . X 1 nine ll id :1 Ijtl-t till-o l.ns.ini ol nil I, ,i -a-ii.t t to ot tv iriotti.1 limber,! , lie ot i.oltoii, I. is i.l tlistrti t,. eels .1, repr-a.-llte-t lo-i Ii nt, ilo.t also all i-lilinis ni,.l delli.lii'ls ex. ..bit.d to ..f.el tlieieto i .1.1-1 six In in th.- diy "t the -I Itc hireot. bei.i alluw. il hi s,,td Ci urt I r Hi it purpo-e .lo tlii-ri-fur herib giie n. tie. that we uili attend to the of our appoint iiieiit.nt the ilweliiiigol .Maitln II. limber, in liol t..n iu sHd llt-triit, in the sec-.tid H.ut.days of March and .May nest, at 10 o'clock, A. .M. on each of sai U i.s. Dated thi. 1 1th ,1-iyof N'ovi mber, A. Il 1-51. HKVItV r .1 IN1 ) 2sj i:. ii. ii,ti:i:.v, J Coiiimi-.sIoncrj-. Simon Wakefield's Estate. T I K Oi' VKItMO r r. ) fh- lion, the Pmhite I)i-tnct ot .'iiittoiiden, a, p. J Court fur tue IMatrict t Cditten lun. Co ill per -".in Intereat d in the . .t.iif -.1' .-imm U jkufield latu uf Williaton de. d-'siJlv I, UitKTtMl W IIHIiK nppli itlon hath been made to tlii-t Couil to luvn-if t . the .Vdii)1uitnitor of fm'd eaMlo ol ailJ tlcee.iaedt. deed liili'N to .lulin H , s-tfiro of lliirlloitiin, -fthleh tin .ilo' sK-cen-td rai uii'.ir C 'dtr.iet i)t hia lifetime to deed; WlnTcf-Tu the said d.uit .ipp.dntud the 23d day of hinu.iry, 1"ji, rorhuiring ltd n. at the lVob.ile wiurt Knoiiii-, and iil-o ordoled nil per--on intiTLttd be untitled Uy publihin thia order three net-kit auecc-inly in the Jfurlingtnn Tree I'ri preuoja to the t lid I I iliy o .finuarr. tlinn umler ui. hand .it Hurnu-tun this Jilth dny 1 -e-'iuber, I 5 I. w'i;w.l 1. ntE.VCIl, Krister. TO RENT, iMin.TouKo.v com.l'.;i; Titi:r.T, indkr i the Fnr Vr OJite. i'ur teriua. uppl) at thu Ulliee. Sept. S. d.Utf lioouis in J!m Vt nf vyy Voplt. J 1.NTLI..MUN VIITIXil THU TITV OK NEW I VoitK, inn find pl.,i-.i!it aceoimiiol,itiiir ai I IN Ue.-t Tenth Mrcet. The trv.ilit.v Is very , .ur and lu-.ilthy :tnd comenivnt for otriinerc, beinc t the t-tti AveiiUs. lUiiroiid, und retcral line , ol M.ijjen ; Arid the roo ns will be fuuud mure plti.-si.t ih..r. a any bt.ti.l lunt Jt, I dstwtf FALL STYLES! rSS33 J. EDMOMOa, Mii ci stir In I. . 't ' It t' 11, Nl XT II I Ml III I.VM . lllLI.Klt- srits T I.II ItEsriHTKt LI.V IMdllii H i t'itueiis of Mil. Il'ik-l-.n ami vteinit.i, to asrecilled n lare snppl of 1'as'ij,. liable Jtali- ilu i.s f .r i-ien and bois, suitable for tbo prisilii ill trade. A "-"! .issnt tuient of fruliks. all-is, liont.ct Cases, fraii'lui llaj., si:!,,,,,, riubrelbis, Umes, llloves, Mitten", lie's' lt-, .te flio.e wlsbtl,' .1113 ot tlt.-aboie nain.'l, will pleasi call and examine t'tl' list, and Caps nilde to order Itepitrto. io in- siitli neittln ss and dispatch, l 1 1, I.l AM C. UltE'V will rtln tin a lorinerl furs'! fukp::; )IST Iteceivs.l.a fresh lt of Li-liis' and flrnt mti:ss n its. elected from large st- cks in ,Ve V.-rk and 'lost.-ii.' horsileal J. EU HON' Colle.-. Streit. Oct. JI., lell. d A -it .v;ir. rich, ami i:siiioyMiu: w i v riwt .o(i : Ja .1 rrrrivrtt ty VICHOLS and DOYNTON, l.ltl Church Street. UICII FIlll'ltEll FLAIU AMI PLAIN MbllV I "Superior Arhtlr of Mark Silk, all widths. Kkvaiitall Wool Fitt'XCII I'LII1S FltK.VClI -MEItlXOS A TII1I1ET CLOTHS. LADIES CLOAK A A CLOTHS, do do do Heady Made. Ileautlful 1'I.iln and TigM all Word DE LAI.VE-. -l- do di Cotton ii-id 1 oolen. ls.natil S.ti ire Cashmere, llna-hs, Thibet 1 .xnil liUnket .-sll WVI.'s, new and beautiful patterns j t 1th a large a.sortment of Gloves, Ho3icry, Trimmings, WHITE (JOOU-, FLANNELS, HA MASK"., and llousckecpllt ' Hoods generally. Our slock has been purch ised at the late Soeiinn -ales, and at greatly reduei-,1 prices, much less than Ihe costof iinii..rlatlon,aud willbosold accordingly. L.e.k lound, get posted up with tho lowest piices, then call it I j'l Church street and buy your goo-Is, as you will find it for your Interest to du alter learn ing onr prices. .Nov III. d.twtf 1)11. I., it'll. 1,1 Ills' UMl I. IS SI. PAIN EXTRACTOR; F lit TIIF CI'liF I IK NERVOUS HEADACHE, Chronio Rheumatism, WEI.LIXIl and Fain in the Limbs, ldc, or lio v. I els, Cramps, .Vervous lleadaclie, Tic Iloloreux, Xi-uralgia, Sprains, liruises, Fle.h ll'ounds, Spasms, loro Throat, tltirns and .-siialds, Lock-Jaw, Croup, It Ii i to Swelling, lltdrophobia. Frosted Feet, Tooth Ache, Illinois Colic, Dyspepsia, I'oisonout Ilitcs, Stings, Ac, Ac, Ac. Tbis HkuKiiv has been sold In 10 States, and In some 3,1100 Clltcs aud Towns, and lias giien great satisfaction to all who have used it. It is guaran tied in all Nervous and Cbrnnio csimplaints, ia bo superior to all other preparations extant, Mr. T W. Lovll, of Ilurllngton, Vt., it well acquainted with tlie"l'ii ExiKacToa," having both sold and used it, i'HICE ii and SU cents per bottle, L. WILLIAMS, .11. II., 1'rt'pnrtnr, .Vrie lord. rSs-Sohl, Wholesale and ltetail, by HEItlllCK A MILES, Wholesale llrocery. Water street. Hurling. ton.Vti New York, AI.KXANIIEIt A SLATEIl. Uiuggisll 7ll llarolay Street, Xiw York. llurliug.lon.Oet. HI, IojI diwly II.OI'ltt Very choice Flour for Fatnily use. Just received by UEUHICK A MILES. Dee. 19. dlwtf Marietta Borbar'-i Eitat . ;i: TIIK -MJIMCItlilKIW bavi ben p ' p doted by flu Honorable th Pi ,b ileti.u t for the District of 0 illtendo l, I'u n ins. one s t receive, .-x l nlno a 1 1 l lu -t the ct.-ll.u . 1 deiniods nl all tiers iu, ti 'linst tll.i -stile of l i I ''ll 1 1 1 be', late of .loltou, t.i s ml list) lc , j-l t lie I, r pes tiled Insolvent a 1 1 also nil el il.ui an I le n l.i'l xhlh lli-d In o fst-t t ler. to j in I six in-iat is from toe tl.iy of the .1 it., h.-rn if, hulii all by siil ou t (' .r that pur,iis , wedj th rcforo heri by gli u uoti.-i-, that wo will atti 1 1 t-i t'i - liu-tnan of our nop. lot Inent, at till .Uv-lllns of Al.ntl.i II. Ilnber, ul liolton, in sil I 01-tri. t on tlio sen I riiili s.l.ti . ,f .Match and .M iy next, at lU o'clock, A. .M, oil eacu i'fsal-1 days. Dtcd this lUb ilav of N'ovembcr, lRat iii.sui,-, i o.,t,imls.oners w.j3 K. 11 OltKE.V, 5 u CO CO C SI w o " s s 03 ' --4 ,sl,Ml)llll ,4. - - O - h - tn i a s . s J I i L 5 2 I' "i -J. 2 z I -" 5 "i 5 " v 'r IT o - l r. - -j s- k. . - v " s . 1, I 15 s ir. . 1 1 . it i , - Z ll-lilililtl tn 5 t i Cont.flmrr-'liMti. ril II K t'V'iKit-stuvnii IIWK THIS DAY for-n-d a 'inirtner'lii-i ii-i-It the na ic and tvleof nW-'-IV t: imi.'TTM.;. fr t e t .m ne lion of the rt,-feif.. ... ilftt'it C ,n , n '..,-.. il th- ol I .tin. I oT tl'ivey t III f the saw, r.,'U ct-ei n m -i ' s , I l... t- ") V R V ,V L ! r - Hot rs it.e so nt.r i ti o , i , its - U .:, tui'l S'i-U' Jl:i' ilu tit f li p nit 4 Ml. i 1 mM itd.l I'm' nl H.t A , OK t.t(- X'tht Mdl. Cr,, .Cut nt ',r w 1. .;-rij , 'ifrnf- I'A.fn .' "'in' 7 ' Ilr A.' At. ! .It-tr ' h "I ' ' . U'.n ' U ' I: Sc J 'nd t. ... a f H I.O, ' I It H, I Kl H s. 1 I ss i H V',r"Hi .tt tilin Ion it i i i l i I'rntitt t di nr'a ( Uhrntfil ('.'ittri' Iir ' U. Tb t t Co.- Pl-.w! : itlrtoeluir.r . k Me-s-er V CoMit'" ao.i Tnft'a -evitt- 1 Uenuinc I. molt field r.-rku . U I I r .M elicit t Ooa l.-re I'owcra -and Threh r .te., c . .tc Our "torU uf I'.i tin iittr i- irri Imil'-, ueh a Torn -hctlera, trnw i irtera, Ilu e Haki-. Kind lUp", Knimin-.' MilW, tiniiti Cadi-", nth", Hour." nm! liny Korku. IUv KnUr-. Trttttf Tie-, 1 1 ultr. Trace ml Ul i-luu Chiin, tinnd -t .i-a. ethu -roii'-a .te., kc. All of wl.ic we ire tre pared to a. II it the Mnn.if.ietur.Ta Wholesale Kricea. And, lo, lenlera in iiiirliiiirfiui VLri-ii Alr, VatCrafTrRF.n BT DAVKV, K ING.S L A X D k CO Thep Aitvn are made hot Enli-h liefin d Iron, nntl are ayperior In (('lit-', atyle n i fininh to thoa.. ued in the celehmto.1 Cnennl U'aoi OsiotlWnfn llhtriei, itrctith and -ar run ninjc, tli y c ininind thetnvlvea to all inak-r a 1 iii-era of Wa-on", nd "ecure for thenifelveii u re u tatinn and preference In every laaiket nhere they nre Introdueud e aril ourel. es oft he present orportuntv t returning our thnnkii f.r the jutri.nBirc lm, heretofore received, and reap, ctiully iwlielt a c uance uf like favori. Sitfti ul the Siur, lolloep it., Htirlitieton, Verinotit. C. St HAVEV, n. ii. DoouTn n February 21, 13.U wtf TOWN'S GRAMMAR SCHOOL READER. (The Itemlpr f irNf.,.rt vchnnN 1 fpHK lit issued of f.W'X'.-. ('n-mill a sin It tl itii ii, .ii l i hi, y arr i if matter, render t!na Itook cuttalili t nnr -and adaj ted to the want ot all pu.iiU wli n ehane from their pre;-.t,t lir-t cl.ii's hv.i mw wrkt withon uoiatin tht 1 Ntr m it now prevaila. Ttaehirt pl,-n-e exaiiune Now kept for sale by Uuukells,r.-- ui 'In - , anl Tow na -Literally. A. ,- S U 1 Ia.c, l.t, 154. . l hs HMO XT'S l.IQl'ID liH EIXH N0 I'atent Lircb Polish, t..r s lit at Nti i. dtf HEtt F By Telegraph I Ktlll IsY.MA.N'.S TOKK. ltrHI,lf,''ON .nniv.i. uf ': sri:..ti i: TIIUtK I'lls FIIOM M. 1)1111''' NEWS OF lil!ET IMPOUTWrt-.' ' llinpriirily lUll Vaunt ' ' ' pmiiE i Dm un.iiis kih 1 1 i-i, i i I .1 II--1 .t- nt i plies, ni. I it i -ry I Hoi.s. ti I .t -n 'l 1-, . urt. i ;- ,i. ii ii-. s. i I, i . 'ill- fn ity ,i,il 1,-id, at p, i. - ii to i i 1 irmg ll ') Ji. s a. K hix.-v i-i I ti. iu, .it ,.i i t trieiu .-livi.ilil. utt ottoo. F l.trl Is s ilju -' s, s lff ,( ,( . (.line-, to., .lie ,-erv c ip. IMcia"! ..i a . s, .so .till4 w ot lis. .n. o iprollt ll.le I.. ... . X villi r r-.-g.ll irity aid tiruin, ss. f .e ril - .1 -tho best lo da. ku, u .us ij.-i itly in. . t ivttti u. -at... i; i.t to i hi: nils, intiiuiitu ii . t .i i-tl n iiitltul iss .i tiili-iit, I...I at (.-is i ice n itjlos l- c one ill Is i.c .1 l i ' to.lti -n Ills -lev te-1 .ii tl.i. Hoe hi t . Li. In s, lid a inn iti -ii iy d u-u il IHlilErs, lie! ti J l 1'i.lllls, t ' Lirge nop.Tt.ili-i.i- -.1 I ii-s g ,,,,s t i. s, as, , i I , ire fr-Mil '.M t- I.l pei i-u ,1. Iu.. Iha . a-l a ll illltillll .l-sortillellt ol ttnseg is ll, , ll I.iv for 'x.ilbitii.ii.ini site. Fuio.ia.sis ire nn ri J to 4lle tlie. il a look bet-ire puicli.iiiu elsi-w lure IIHsIEitY A lil.O -. A. null .. m d .t.s-k of llosii-ry and llioies are In t e lirirk I, 1 t ..r l-hotce goods, th , nrr it tin II iX f a sTuilE is ipplicd with an eiuliss iarieii..i il a . U' I'll ss. .SAII urei ited to call and examine for them silies. LOKNEU ST0I1E. ItVticir, UuiWisc, ) Septioibir 'Jj, lr. it I 11 1' K 1,1 Mi TO N CARPET WAREHOUSE .ml CIltH'Ki r.i STOItE, CUVRCH STREET. iso A fresh lot of new and beautiful itvlcs 'f PllHllliN i Vlll.nll l.N I ti.Fl ls 1 ' ' Tl'lt KEY VELVET, TAPESTRY, IHiUijELS. THREE PLV. UV, nnl Cnmrnon M'sml, Cotton and Wind, at .1 all t " --, Hocktag, Crumb cloth. Hugs, Mats, Mair Carpsts,.tc Al.sil. FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, all widths from I yd to C yds l-traw Matting, Ac. .11. o Crockery, Chinn &. Glass Ware. A large and entire new stock S.I.SII. PAPER IIANHIXIK of every .ln.lity V" - aboiegoiKls hare been bought at grestly reduced prices, and will be sold accordingly XICIHJI A 1IOYNTOX nurllugton.Oct. Is5l, dlwtf December 30th, New Goods, IREfl llXED FROM XEW YORK i,l.T eteningand hate receive I Sewing lltitter.Fli. s, llirds and Hogs beaiy Silvei Nnur 11. xt , Mlu-r Cups, .1 patterns Fruits Knius. Shill pm-kvt and Hack Combs, lluffibi Hack and PuT Combs, and other hair Fins, Crochet Rings, Reticules a 1 lots new goods. .1 E IIHINSII AID, OldStaud Church stu-rt Pec. 30th, 1851. d.twtf A Great Saving ! v u vs go o u coons u u SOLD CHEAP. I AM now prepared to sell the balance of mv WINTER OOATS. PANTS, VEVTS. F0Y5 COATr! and FUR CHATA and KOIIE , at less than Ibey oouldbe afforded, looking lor proBt only In buying fprlng Hoods ebeop for cash. C. I1EXNS, IVhccler'alllock, Iliut ofAinerieaii Hotel, nurlington, Jan. 13. d3t.tw3w Buckwheat Cakes. jVICHOLSA OYNTOXbavc now n hand . good I supplynf Ratter Hlihesand Ruckwheat lleit "!."', ?, fs"lfiIII haveLlp'd Milk rani, all ia liipenilblo artklca for family use. Dec. 21. dlwtf

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