Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 9, 1855 Page 3
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BURLINGTON .FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 0, 1855. Tim ItriMMi Coc.nty J i r , i ilft-f i hed as a flaco of lurturu. Tli ilimcinlom of It " black hole" nro ten fif' I'V tule. anJ six foot Mgli. It.i wills' nro olil I u lump M'-li burns dimly on neoount nf lb" Imil nir; il door a qunguilro i Its only uimlotr.iml venli. lator a small crevico, twelto inclici by two. " Into this abodo of torture and iniscry," lays Mr. James .Morton, In tlio t Into seen jrrrn men crowded together, most of whom were drunk, spewing, smoking, spitting, swearing, singing, daneing, fighting nnd presenting a sight most horrible and fiendish. From this reservoir of pestilence, (now inhabited by fue men) proceed n thick, nauseous vapor, which poisons the air of the rooms whero the wifo and children of the Jailor must brc.ithc and live." A committee has the matter of building n new Jail in hand. A Son- of Sir. IVi Allen of Wilming ton, Windham Co., aged 0 years, was drowned in tlio Deerlield Kiver, on the Stli ult. The little fellow was playing on tlio loose cakes oflec, when, in attempting to pass from ono tcanother, ho stepped on some small fragments and instantly disappeared. Ilia body has not been recovered. Maine Law. A correspondent of tho vN'orthfield Messenger writes from Dorset, Bennington Co.. that on tho 14th ult., one AmaVyj Wado was convicted of unlawful selling1, of liquor, and finod $20, and costs. On the "3d inst., officer Ilodgo seized four gallons ojf gin, and forty gallons of brandy, belongin g to Patrick Burns. The liquor was spillod and Burns lost $25, fino and costs By an error in the superscription of tho let ter containing a bill of Ill's liquid, it was bandou to tho wrong porson by tho Pest Master. It was purs rreneh Brandy at fifty eonts por gallon !" Niar Sharon on the 2d inst. Mr. Wolcott, conductor of tho freight train on tho Vermont Central Kailroad, put his head out of a saloon car to look after a hot box, when he camo in contact with a wood pilo, was knocked off tho t.-ain and seriously injur ed, having had his head bruised badly, and an arm broken, whie'i will have to lo ampu tated above tho elbow. Wreck. Tho bark " A rgylc, " went ashore at iquam Beach, on the Jersey coast, on Wednesday but at midnight. She was loaded with pig iron. Tho sea mado a clean swoop over her, and carried away her boats. The crew.elcvcn in number.took refuge in the rigging, and remained there till four o'clock in tho next afternoon, when the ship went to iieees, and all but one were drowned. Only two bodies.tlio captain's and the chief mato's, oamo ashoro. The soa ran so high that no SUrf-bOat COUtli possibly rrncl, (l.onlnp. The Complaint Buok, which .Mayor Wood of New York has opened fur the people to en ter their grievance in, chronicles a largo as .ortinent of disorderly things and practices from a swill pail in a wrong placo to an en tire filthy street. Sometimes tho book is en livened by a piocu of fun, liku the following : "Last Sunday morning early at the Dutchman'.cor ner store, Rapped I loudly at tho windows as I oft had dono before, But tho spiritl wonldnt answer, and tho Dutchman snored away, And the neighbors all around mo thought the d 1 was to pay. Hut a "snifter" I must have, and I swore to make him hear As I plied my knuckles on the windows in tho rear. Then the Dutchmangruillyanswcred with the tem per of a bear "Can't have bitters hero dish morning I'ernando Vood ish Mayor." ML'ut not alone I suffered in tho dark and wintry morn With a bottle in his hand, stood a ragged boy for lorn Whose father bad sont him all innocent of sin For an ounce or two of coffee, and a half a pint o' gin. Now I enter my complainings against inhuman laws, That would cloeo on Sunday morning alt the corner liquor .tor... And keep that ragged boy and I shivering In the Winter's cold, Knocking loudly at the window, whero tho people's rum is sold." President Pierce and uts Democratic Flock. A distinguished democratic southern senator, travelling upon ono of our western etoam-boats, fell reluctantly into conversa tion about politics with a gentleman who was rather hard upon our President. Among other matters came up the results of tho lato elections, tho anti-adminibtralion Democrat remarking : " Pierco deserves all this for his suicidal course in taking rotten Whis into his coun cils, and for his folly in trying to nuke tho party a unit by bestowing bis patronage on tho rottens' of tho party." " You aro doing Mr. I'ierco injustice," taid the senator. "The President is deeply religious, nnd lie has taken specially to heart tho 18th chapter of. Matthew. He has been hunting after and nursing the ' btiuy sheep,' but unfortunately, in searching out tho fuw that bavo gone or threatened to go ustray, he has lost the flock. Mr. Pierco is a good Christian, but bo. never was mado for a good shepherd." This was said in a cool, dry way, which gave it great point. A'. 1'. hie. Post. News of the Week BY TELEGRAPH TO THE FREE PRESS. Nomination of Mr, Reward. Albany, Feb. 2nd, Tho Whigs of tho Assembly held a CaucuB last evening, to select n candidate to be sup ported by them for U.S. Scnttor. Wm. II. Seward receivod the nomination on tho first ballot, the vote being Seward 74, scattering G, Tho nomination was subsequently de clared to bo unanimous. 'Die utmost har mony prevailed in tho Caucus, St-ntitorinl Election. Chicago, Feb. 1st. Tho Legislature of Wis., met in joint con vention on Tuesday and Wednesday for tho election of a V. S, Senator butwithout effect, ing a choice They agreed to ballot again to-day, but wo bavo not yet learned the ro. suit. There is no quorum to-dsy in the joint convention of the Legislature of 111., for the election of a U, S. Senator, "ongrcealonnl nnd Miscellaneous News. Wasuinoton, Feb. 2nd In tho Houso yesterday, tho bill for a tele graph to the Pacific was passod, Mr. Ploas unton, fifth Auditor of the Treasury is dead. Mr. McDonald of Me,, is talked of as his suc cessor. Mayor .Maury is at tho point of death. A steamer has been'wreckud in tho Mis sissippi rivor above Now Orleans, and it is supposed that 30 lives aro lost. Wisconsin Legislature. Chicago, Feb. 3. Hon. Charles Durkee, formerly Freo Soil member of Congress has boen nominated for U. S. Senator by tho Republicans of the Wis consin Legislature. Washington News. Washington, Feb. 2. Mayor Maury died at one o deck to-day. His loss will bo universally regretted by tho Thole community. He was a wealthy man, nnd while he held tho office of Mayor ho dis tributed double the amount of bis salary. Commander Andrew H. Footo will proba bly command tho Arctic Expedition which is 19 go in search of Dr. K ino and his crew, Tho Anti-Xcbraska members of Congress have contributed liberally towards tho TAymont of tho 1000 fiuo imposed upon S. M. Booth fur violation of the Fugltlie Slue I aw ( Nuthing of important was done in Out. res yesterday. Mr. Seward Ite-cledctl. Albant, Feb. Ctb, Mr. Seward has been ro-electtvj U.S. Sena- (or for this State. Tho ballot stood as fol lows : Heward IS, Dickinson 5, Win. F. Al len 2, mid five- others 1 each, in tho Senate. In the Hoik..', Seward C9, Dickinson H.'S'y imiiir 13, Hunt 8, Dix 7 nnd eleven scatter ill)!. The Wcnthcr. Roston, Feb. C-l M- At Harvard University, tho mercury stood thii morning nt 101 below xcro, tho coldest for 15 years. Despatches from all parts indicato that this is tho coldest day of the season. In many places tho thermometer has not been so low for 20 years. Tho reports show that tho cold In various places has ranged from 20 to 10 degrees below. Boslon, Feb. 08, A. M. Light below zero clear nnd windy. Ogdcnshurgh, Feb 08, A. M. Thirty below zero, nnd clear. Montreal, Feb. G 8, A. M. Twcnty-fivo below zero, nnd weather clear. Congressional. In the Senate yesterday the instructions of tho Michigan Legislature to opposo tho ex tension of Slavery, and to labor for tho re peal of tho Fugitivo Slavo Law wcro present ed by Mr. Stuart. Mr. Cass said that ho should neither obey tho instructions nor re sign his scat. Ho defined his position at length. Mr. Stuart said that when tho tirao camo bo should bo prepared to act. Tho French Spoliation Bill was specially assigned for consideration to-morrow. It is now said that tho President will veto it. In tho Houso Mr. Witto attempted to in troduce a series of Anti-K. X., resolutions. Tho Houso refused loave, by a voto of 104 to 28. Aequlttn! of .Mr. Ttnotli. Chicago, Fob. 5. Tho Supreme Court of Wisconsin has n.c quitted Messrs. Booth nnd llyccrolt, pre viously convicted of assisting in violating I ho Fugitivo Slave Law, on tho ground that tho indictment was illegal Boston, Feb. 78 A. M. Thermometer 12 below zero. Clear. Ogdensburgh, Feb. 78 A. M. Thermometer 29 below zero. Clear. Potsdam, Fob. 78 A. M. Thermometer -10 below zero. Specie Going Ahrond. Ntw York, Feb. 7th. Tho Collins steamer Pacific sailed at noon for Liverpool, with 43 passengers nnd $143, 249, in specie'. Illinois Legislature. Chicago, I'eb. 0. Tho Legislature has appointed Thursday next, Stb inst., for tho election of n. U. S. Senator. Anti Nebraska resolutions havo again passed tho Houbo by yeas 38, nisys 28. Boston, Feb. 8th, 8 A. M. incrmom.i.. ,., nboTC 0ne foot Bn(MT fc last evening. Telegraphic Report ol the Ham bridge Cattle Market. Repotltd for the Wc.kly Free Press. Wednesday, Feb 7th. At Market 831 cattle, nbout 731 beoves nnd 100 Stores oonsisting of Working Oxen, Cows, and Calves, Yearlings, two and three years old. Market Beef Extra per cwt.$8J. First quality, $8. Second do $71 to "J. Third do 04 to 7. Ordinary $GJ. Hides perewt $5J a 6. TuIW RInQ Pelts 75 cts to $1.00. Calfskins 12 to 13 cents por lb. Barrelling Cattlo, $7 to 71 per hundred. Veal Calves 41, 51, fi. StorCB Working Oxen. No sales. Cows and Calves 21, 0, 8, 30, 2, 4, 0 to IB. Yearlings, 12, to 1G. Two years old, 21, 4, 5, 8 to 38. Thrco years old, 3G, 8, 9, 40, 2, 4, 45, 8. to 5S. Sheep and Lambs, 2409 at market. Extra, 5J, G, to 8. By lot, 2J. to 41 Swine, none. Ukmarks Tho weather is intensely cold, confining business oporations pretty much within doors. Tho market is firm and steady at quotations. But few Western cattlo aro expected in this week, which gives a firmer tono to our market than it othcrwiso would have. Cattlo trains over tho Fitchburg ltoad all in late. We would o 11 the attention of oar readers to tho advertisement of T. C. Wales A Co.'s sale of Boots and Shoes, in this day's paper. itt a r r i c i At St. Paul's Church, In this village, on the 7th inst., by the Rt. Iter. Bishop, D. D., HOMER O. I1UBDELL, Esq., Cashier or the Mis sisquoi Bank, Sheldon, Vt., to Miss LORAINE A. FOLLETT, daughter of the Hon. Tmotar Follstt, of this village. 3U i c b - In tils tOTD, January 3 1 fit, of Croup, Tkixcbi CniPMA5 pAnTRiDcr, only daughter of Willard W, and Charlotte E. Partridge, aged I years. Id this town, on the 7tb inst., at one o'clock, A. II., Mn. Josepbive S. fiiLBERT, of Consumption, aged 29 years The funeral will take place at her late residence, Saturday next, at 3 o'clock, 1. M. In Elleuburgh, X. V., on the let inet, after a long illc of Conauinptbn. Mn. Metirtavle IUckett, wifo cf Allen ilackett, aged "I yearn, 3 monthsand 4 days. PALM Kit Ac HAVWAItn, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, OFFICE, NO. l,...EMPinE BLOCK, St. Paul Mhineaotn. EDWARD C. I'Al.MkrX, I WILDUKV. HA TIT A RD, CommiiMioner for Vt, j jVotary VubliS Fubruary, 1855, dAwtf FORT EDWARD INSTITUTE. Hkv. JOSEPH L. KINO, A. M,, Principal. 7 AMfoTH brick bulldlngi, in tho eitimation of ifXintelligent visitors, unequalled by BDy Bern ioary edifice in America. The boarding depart moot h It tn full from thr Irexnnine, Board, far niebed roomi, prepared fuel, wanning, tuition in common Engliib, and incidentals, in advanco, for whole term of It weekr, $23,00, Kxcareion trains ai reduced fares, but ween Troy nnd Castleton, on tneureiana last day ol eacn term, cprlng term begins March 29th. Thoie who deIr iupenor f. cihties for a thorough education, commercial, clas sical, or ornamental, and are cudoAc of ktrvtnr vKohmt rultt, are iof ited to apply for Catalogues, or lor Doara, 10 ine rrincipai. Fort Edward, N. Y., Jan. 27, IMS, w32 wl., Dn You Iluy llnoW nnd Shop fur 'mh I If you do call on T. C. WALES V CO., 20 I'enrl Street, Who will sell you OOOD ItETAILINO Boots, Shoes, Rubbers & Gaiters, of all kinds and sites. From the smallest child's to the largest men's, by the CASH or DOZEN, at UIWKR PRICES than haie been known Tor years. CJTOlTe JO TKAKL STKliKr h try, before buying. Boston, 'eb, 3, 145). wStuo. Notice and Acceptance. To tin V.ditot nf the Ilurttngtn Frte Prrta t llailng seen a challenge of JAilBS .McVAKSER, under dsto of Jan 21th, in our puper, to trot his '.' years i.ld entire colt by Flying Morgan, for ft prem ium ef S'ii or $50, one mile heats, best two in three, to harnoa., carrying equal weight, Ac, against any S years old colt in this State, the ninulng cult tn tak Ik til premiums. I hereby accept the gen.'s vliMllengo for the Inrgrpt premium or timourl, irid will Irot vtilh Mm a 2 years old entire cult of tlio Black Hawk f Jinily.iidd'jtn ready to egreo lii.m the Dine and place fur lii trotting, but us the genll--miin is "anxious In test," 1 propose to glvo Idiuj-lO to come to llrldport, and trot on the lak oppo.ile Crownpolnt, on the 50th ol this month, at 1 o'clock, P. .M, B.Ul.VAB.VSJ. .MYItllK, IlrlJport, Vt., Teh. 4, 1855, dot Collector's Sale. rnilK TAXK3 assessed on the Urand Lists of this I Town fur tho tears of 1853, 1853 and 1854, upon tho IliTfllliiq.liouio and Let on tho corner of Champlaln and King streets, recently occupied by i. l'. uiaptnun, and set mtno snm iisistonim,saia Tates being In my hands for collection and unpaid, and not being able to find within my precinct the propor goods or chattels of tho said Chapman whereon to lery nnd collect the same, I hare extended the warrants for the oollestion of the said Taxes upon the said estate, which I shall sell at Public Auction at the said promises in said Uurllngton, on tho 12th day of March, 1833, at 9 o'clock In tho forenoon, so much of said estate as will produce a sum suffi olent to pay said Taxes and all legal costs thoreon. S. W, TAYLOH, Pint Conltahlt anil Colltttnr of Ihghvay and Vntnn Schopl Tans. Burlington, feb. Dtli, 1833. w3Jw3 Collector's Sale. THE TAXM assessed on tho drand Lists of this Town for tho years 1853 and 18H upon the Uwelling'house and Lot on tho corner of Champlaln and Bank streets and set In the said Lists to John Smith, said Tates being In my hands for collection nnd unpaid, and not belngablo to find within my pre clnct the propor goods or chattels of the said Smith whereon tolovy and collect the samo, I havo extended tho warrants for the collection of tho said Taxes upon tho said estate, which I shall sell at Publla Auction at the said premises In said Burlington, on tho 12th day of March, 1835, at 9 o'clock In tho forenoon, so much of said estate as will produce a sura suffi cient to pay said Taxes and all legal costs thereon. 8. W. TAYLOR, first Constable and ColUrtor of Highway and Union Schaitl 7 at s. Burlington, Feb. 9th, 1855, w3 2w3 Collector's Sale. flUIE TAXE.-i assessed on tho Grand List of this A Town for tho year 185t upon tho real cstato of Charles Palno and Joseph Clark, Trustees of the Vermont Central Kailroad Co., and set In tho said Urand List to the said Paino and Clark, said Taxes being In my hands for collection and unpaid and not being able to find within my precinct tho proper goods or chattels of tho said Palno and Clark whereon to lery and collect tho same, I hare ex tended the warrants for tho collection or the said Taxes uponthe Dwelling-house and Lot on the North sMe of Maple street, formerly owned and occupied by O. A. Stansbory, whioh estato I shall sell at Publle Auction at tho said premises in said Burling ton, on tho 15th day of March, 1855, at 11 o'clook In the forenoon, so much of said ostate as will pro duce a sum sufficient to pay said Taxes and all legal eo.ts thereon. S. AV. TAYLOH. Tint Cjwtabh and Colltctor of Utgv:ay ani Union School Taxn. Burlington, Feb. Oth, 1855. w35w3 Collector's Sale. THE TAXES assessed on the Grand Lists of this Town for tho years 1851, 185J, 1853 and 183i, upon the Dwelling-house and Lot on the West side of Champlaln street, and set In tho said Grand Lilts to Lawroneo Waggenor, said Taxes being in my hands for Collection and unpaid, and not being able to find within my precinct the proper goods or chattels of tho said Waggenor whereon to levy and collect the same, I havo extended the warrants for the collection of tho said Taxes npon tho said estato, which I shall sell at Tubllc Auction at tho said premises in said Burlington, on tho 15th day of -March, 1853, at 10 o'clock In tho forenoon, so much of said estato as will produce a sum sufficient to pay said Taxes and all legal costs thereon. s. w. TAYLOH, Vif Conttallr and Collator of Irihu"iy and Union School Taxes. Burlington, Feb. 9, 1855. w32w3 Collector's Sale. T,ILE TAXE3 anuexed on the Grand Lists of tho A Town lor tho years of 1S33 and 1S54 npon tho Dwelling-houso and Lot on the West tide of Coara plain street, oosupied by Peter Koigan, and set in tho said Lists to him, .aid Taxes being in my hands Tw?"""0" unr,,iu' nJ not being abloto find within my precinct tho proper goods or chattels of .' "neroonio,,ipyj:,vanu. eaJJeeJu, A!w tion of the said taxes upon the said ostato which I shall at Public Auction at the said premi-cs in said Burlington, on the 13th day of March 1K33, atlO o'clock, in tho forenoon, so much of said estate as will produeo a sum sufficient to pay said taxes and all legal costs thereon. S. W. TAYLOR, First ConttalU and Collector of Ifighway and Union School Taxes. Burlington, Tobruary Oth, 1355. w32wj Collector's Sale. FTMIE TAXES assessed on the Grand List of this M. town Tor tho years of 1831, 1N52. 1853 and 1854, upon a parcol of land on the North 6ido of tho Winooskl Turnpike, in the easterly part of this town.set In the said Grand List to Jesso Hodgcklns, said Taxes being in my hands for collection and unpaid, and not being ablo to And within ivpre. cinct too proper gooas or cnattels of the said llodgckins whoreon to levy nnd collect the samo I havo extended tho warrants for tho collection of tho said faxes upon the said estato, which I shall sell at Pub lie Auction, at tho Town Clerk's Oflicce, in said Burlington, on the 12th day of March, 1655, at 2 o clock, In the afternoon ; so much of said cstato as will produce a sum suffioiont to pay said taxes and all legal costs thereon. fe XAVI,0Ii, l-r$t C-jrttiLlt and Colltctor of Highway and Unim Sthwl Taxr$, Burlington, February 3th, 1853. w32w3 MEDICATED INHALATION, DR. J. OOTiDIXCIlITNTINO, of Northampton, .Mnss, AND formerly of tho liroinpton Hospital, City Road, London ; for tho euro of Consumption, Ilronchitts, and all other chronlo affections of tho Throat, Lnngs and air passages, by tho inhalation of medicated vapors, as practiced in the fald Hospi tal. Tho remedies employed by Dr. It. aro brought Into Immediate contact with tho ulcerated surfaces of the Lungs and Throat, by inhalation, producing their action at tho very soat of the diseao. A sin gle week's trial will conlnco tho invalid of the j efficacy of the life'restoring power of this trcatmen.t Dr. Hunting will bo at the American Hotel, Uur llngton, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the ltth, 15th, and ICth, Inst., for consultation with patients on the above DUcacs, No charges for conoultatlons, which are giren from 6 A. M. to H 1'. Al. Dr. U. may bo also consulted on all diseases po cnliar to Females, free of charge, at bit rooms. Sr" Principal Office, Northampton, .Mass., where j all letters (postpaid) will be duly answered. Feb. 6th. dlwtf i Piano Fortes & Melodions. IS it policy to buy a poor article which lasts only a short time nnd is then worthier, or would you have a thing uf tho best quality, llotuember that i the PIANO FORT Ka and .M KLODLONS lor talc by L. 6. KUbT, are wtrranted uf tho first quality, and are manufactured by the be-t makers in the coun try. Just call at the MUSIC hTOIli; and compare them w ith other instruments of the kind. Feb. 7. Uiwtf FOUND, rrUVOOOLD PENCIL CASES. The owner can X obtain them of tho Subscriber, upon showing proper evidence of bin ownership, and paying the necessary expenses. HUUJJKN PARKKK. Ilurlington, Feb. 0. d.tw2t BALM OF THOt'SAND FLOWERS ! for beau, t if ring the complexion, removing tan, pim ples and fiM. rn) tho face. Just received and for salo by THEO. A. PECK, Feb. 5. dlwtf Taxes ! Taxes ! I Taxes 1 1 ! I HAVE THIS DAV RECEIVED THE STATE, . SchAol , County and Ilurlington High School tax bills, and am very anxious to havo them paid at once, and thereby eaveany embarrassment will grow out of delay in paying taxes. I will giro tax pnycrs an early call and trust I ihall meet with a prompt response. Those taxci should pay thtm$tUt$, Some of tbera are payable the first of March, and unless all are prompt there will be embaraMuient. o. HUNTINGTON, Collector. Jan. H, 15.iS. dlw3w Come and fiec DRY a OGXS RCniICGn PKICES. 'Pnt BUU&CUIBL'HS AIIE SELLING ALL i descriptions uf Much loiter than any other housa in Bnrllngtoo. Contemplating a ohsnge in our business arrango ments w. are desirous of closing out our stock as early poselbla. To those In want of Dry Goods either at Wholesale or Hetall, we would say Corns anti set, and seemgtyau u-ill corns eqoin.. IIIGIIEE i. wEnn Feb. 3, 1855. dOtlwlw IjlAII.VSTOCKVi VERMIFUGE ! The great worm remody for children. Tho genuine artioie for sale by the wholesale agent, TI1EO. A. PECK. Feb. 6. dlwtf Railroad Watches OF ray own Importation, cased inheary 18 carat fine gold hunting eases, from 51 to 3J ounce cases j also, fine ones in hoary silver cases, with my own namo and of my own importation, of tho finest raovemeats 1 hao ever had tho pleasure of offer ing to Haliroad men. Doublo Time Watches for sportsmen! Ladies Gold Watchos in great variety, all at low prices, at tho Old Stand, Church Street. , - J. E, 1IKI.NBM.UD. leb. 3. dlwtf ROOM WANTED7 r.XrEltlK.VCE has demonstrated to hundreds, yes, thousands, that STANFORD'S U the place to PurrluiM' CitrpHing. Oil-CJoth, rnncyiind Staple Dry Goods, CHEAP ! I am now offering a better f ppurtunlty to the Pub. Ilo than r'r before, to ifcuru bargain?, aj room li wanted for WV.XV .'OJ! l lll clu.o out my entire stuck befuro Itt March next, nt prires that will, perhaps, surprlsu tho pur. el"er. O. V. rll'AMFOItli. Jlurllogton, February, 1S55. dlwtf I'lllKtllKlMKTKItS. All sizes, low enough for cold weather, at the Old rUaud, ChurcliBlreet. Fh, 3 dl-tf J. L Dl'.INSMAID. By Telegraph FROM LYMAN'd STOHK, UUHLINOTON !, OF Tin: STEAMEIl! I TURKIC llAYS LUMl FKOM NK1T TOIIK!!! NEWS OF (1 It EAT IMPORTANCE ! ! I ! llteiproctly Hill Passed ! t .' ! ' riMtAPH IX DHV OOOD3 VEUV MUSK. Till! X rocclpts of Dry Uoods quits large. Sales quick, and at very low figures. In staplo goods, vl i tholngs, Shlrtlngs,Ucnlms,Strlpo,!c.,con. slderable kitirlty displayed, at pilcci much lower than last spring. MOOLE.VS aro heavy and firm, at prices that at tract considerable attention. FOHEIO.N aooDS Casslmcrcs, Shawls, Dc Lalnes, Ac, aro rerv c', .p. Prices of all articles, excepting worthless and unprofitable kinds, oxhlblt greater regularity nnd firmness. Tho Stjlcs nro tho host In Market, conscqreitly meet with ready tales. EmnOIIlEntn3. Inthls tlno wo notice a Urge and beautiful assortment, nnd at low prleos. The stylos are cholco and tlio goods are good. Much at tention has been devoted In this line by tho Ladios, nnd more animation displayed than ii'ual. Til HUTS, .MUHIN'Os, COIlUltOlIS, AC. Large Importations of those goods this season, and prleos nro from 20 to .10 por cent, less than last year. A beautiful a.sortmcntof these goods aro now ready for exhibition and salo. Purchasers aro invited to give them a look heforo purchasing elsewhere. II03IEUV A GLOVES As usual, a well selected stock of Hosiery and Gloves aro In tho market, but for choice goods, goodsthat are goods, the COItN'ER STOHK is jupplicd with an endless varlcty.and at lowpricei. IITAll aro liwlted to call and examine for them selves. COKNEn STOflE, UVJuw Duildine, Peptemhcr 25, OK. 1 WILLIAMS' UNIVERSAL PAIN EXTRACTOR; fiiu thr cum: OF NERVOUS HEADACHE, Chronio Rheumatism. SWELLING and Tain In tho Limbs, Side, or llow els, Cramps, .Nervous Headache, Tic Dolorcix, N euralgla, Sprains, Ilrulsos. Flesh Wounds, Spasns, Soro Throat, Hums and Scalds, Lock- law, Croup, White Swelling, Hydrophobia, Frosted Feet, Tooth Ache, lllilous Colic, Dyspepsia, Poisonous Uites, Stings, Ac, Ac, Ac. This Itr.MKnv has been sold In 10 States, and In somo 3,000 Cities and Towns, and has given great satisfaction to all who have used it. It Is guaran teed in all Nervous and Chronio complaints, to bo superior to all other preparations oxtant. Mr T. W. Lovell, of Ilurlington, Vt., Is well acquainted with the"PAM EttnscroR," having both sold and used It. PltlCE 25 and 50 cents per bottle. L. WILLIAMS, M. D., Proprietor, A'rw Yorh. tSold, Wholesale and Kclall, by IIEltHICK A MILES, Wholesale Grocery, Water Street, Ilurling ton, Vt.; .New York, ALEXANDER A SLATER, Diugglsts 7C Barclay Street, New York. Burllng.ton.Oct. 10, 1854. dlwly. FALL STYLES!- J. EDMONDS, Successor tn I. W.HA llMtJI, next door to lyman's, : : collkik street. WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM THE Citizens of Burlington and vicinity, that he has received a large supply of Fashionable Hats and Caps for men and boys, suittiblo for tho present Fall Trade. A pood assortment of Trunks, Valises, Ilonnct Case., Traveling Hags, School Satchels, Umbrellas, Cane", Gloves, Mittens, Hoys' Hclts, Ac. Those wishlncnnv of tho abue named goods, will please call and examine. Hats and Caps mado to order. Repairing WILLIAM C. DREW will remain as formerly. FURS!! FURSJJ! liunss rinisi'"' "" u""" selected fromlargo stocks In -Nov York andHoston.' Eor sale at J. EDMONDS, College Street. Oct. 2C, 1631. d Awt! PRESENTS. A NICE Gold Watch, a handsomo Necklace and Locket, or Cross, a rich fine gold Bracelet, gold Sleeve Button! or studs ; silver Fruit Klihcs, Napkin Rings, .nu!fnnd Tobacco liotos, rich silver Port Monnaies and Card Cases, Soup Li'lles, Sugar Sitters, Tea Strainers, a handsomo L'rn or a Tea et, Fruit Stands, Cake Baskets or Cators, Crumb, Pic or Cake Knitcs. silver Forks, Reticules, Drosslng Cases, Writing Desks, Guitars or Flutes, those, and a very great variety of other article, wo aro now receiving a boautlful loriety or, and havo already sold many articles for presents, and expect to sell moro. Ju.l icccltrdtho nicest nssortmont offered ibis season, of Ladios Watches, Reticules, and other goods, at tho old stand. Church Street, Burlington, Spoons, Bines. Locktts. C cnirravcd. j. ;. BRINS.MA1D, Late of and successor to the firms of Pan-born A Lrinsmaid, and Brinsmaid, Brother! Co. Doe. 20. UAwir Notice. Persons wishing to purchase DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will End an cxtonnivo aseoitment at 15G Church st. selling at priccj which mako it for their interest to call before buying elsewhere C. F. STAMFUltD. Ilurlington, Jan. 1835, Uiwtf Challenge Accepted. HAVING noticed the chnllengo of James Mc Naser, proposing premiums of $25 or 550, to any two year old colt in the Jitato faster than "his two year old by Klying Morgin.' I havo to fay that I will accept the challenge tor the latter prcm. iutn. As to tho placo of trotting, if the gentleman will eomo boro I will pay his expenci,or meet htm at any placo agreed upon by the parties. J. II. THOMAS. ORwrLL, Jan. 20, 1S55. notice! " flTIIE STOCKHOLDERS of the Rutland A Bur X llngton Railroad Company, aro hereby notlfud to meet at the Bellows Falls Hotel, in Rockingham, in tho County of Windham and State of Vermont, on tho 2tth dayof February, 1853, at ono o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of electing si Direc tors to fill vacancios which hate occurred In said Company's Board of Directors, and to transact any other business that may legally corao beforo said meeting. PEYTON II. CHANDLER, Stockholder, WILLIAM HENRY, in said J. D. BRIDOMAN, ) Company. Bellows Falls, Vt., Jan. 27, 1S55. w31w3 UnderhUI Academy. THE SPRING TERM will commence on Monday, Feb. 12th. Instructors the same as hereto fore. Special attention will W gucn during the coining term to tlioso who Intend to teach. BOARD SI.50 and .11,75 per week, for which ap. ply to tho Principal. L H. BYI.NOTON. Underbill, Jan. 29, 1655. w3lw3 Northficld Institution. STRING TERM begins Tuesday, February 20. JOHN II. GRAHAM. Princhwl. Xorthfield, Vt., Jan. 27, 1S35. w31wl Ilt. (.'. W. STOMAS Mesmeric Nerve Kt'STORATIVE. riAIIIS Compound Nervine was discovered and re. X vealed to Dr. Stone by a celebrated Clalrvoy. ant, whose wonderful powers of second sight were developed and exhibited by him in London, during the Spring and Summer of 151, Tho efficacy of this newly discovered remedy in restoring to nealtliv action and incroasing tliotital energies, has beeii woll tc.tcd and proied to a demonstration, by the proprietor, in his treatment of Nervous Diseases, During three years' practieo in Europe, wterehund. reds eau testify to astonishing and almost, miracu lous cures performed by It. In addition tn tho mag. leal powers of the Ingredients, it Is highly charged with Mumerlo Fluid, belug in aocnrdniico with tlio directions of tho Clairvoyant, powrrlully Mo'ik-. rlsod by Dr. Stone, thus combining with iu medicinal virtues the- aid of Mesmerism, by whijh alone some of tho mo.t remarkable cures havo been 11 formed eicr known, It is a spooiflo for evory Neurotic dis easo, and may ho rolled upon as a cirtain euro for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Paralysis, Ho Doloreui, Nervous Headache, Pain in tho eido and Homacb, andGeutral Xcrvcus Debility. PH. STONE'S Cough. 4;iiiiiii)oii mid liRONCIllTIS ELIXIR. Tit. S. would also call tho attention of tho publio to his Invaluable remedy for Coughs, Colds, Con sumption, and all Bronchial affections. It will give immediate relief where the most eererocough oxlsts, and In a few days will cure the most troublesome cold. As a preventative and cure of Consumrtion, It has never been eoualled. It contains no poison ous ingrodients, and maybe given to the most deli cate child without fear or risk. This medicine has been tried successfully In hundreds of cases the past winter, and no family should be without it. Trico Fifty CenU. Principal Agent WILLIAM JOHNSON, No 100 Hanover street, Boston, Mass. For sale in Burlington by O, W. ALLEN, Apothe cary. Feb.l, 1S55. wly Matches, Matches. riMIE Subscriber has taken the shop and fixtures -I- on Champlaln btreet, formerly occupied by Mr. Eddy, and Is manulacturlng the CELEBRATED AMERICAN .MATCHES. lie has on hand a largo quantity of Matches, for sale at Wholesale) or Retail. All .Matches sold by the subscriber, aro warranted to giio good satlsfac-tl",n- 0. BO.STWICK. Burlington, Fib. 1, 17S5 w3w NOTICE. rpHE Subscriber, hereby givo uotlce, that, onand -I after lebruary 1, 155, they shall continue their business on the CASH SYSTEM, giving no oredlt whatoter. Persons having unsettled accounts Ith tho firm will please call and settle the tame at their earliest convenience, BLANCIIARD, JOHONNO'IT A CO, Burlington, Jan, 20,lb53, dCtAwSw' VRA.NGES A APPLE.-' 200 Bbls, choice grafts V'Just received VS Boxes ofOianges, l.v , HEIUUCK A MILES. Deo. 19 ,UMlf fU-c.'it Aiiiuml Sale! rptVARDj or .a . $150,000 IVOR'in or WINTER CLOTHING, At tho following Low Prises t $1 SO to 2. Good Pants, of various fabrics. 62 GO. Caslmero, Doeskin, and Broadcloth Pants, at this iuw price, lor a lew days, to reduce stook. $2 75. Custom Mado Doeskin rants, Canvas Bottoms, and mauooi as goou as tho Pants for which you usuallypay $5. Closing saloof Winter Clothing. A3 tn fi. Fancy Cass., Doeskin, and Cloth Pants, of very desirable patterns, being nt least 25 per coot, less iiiu siimo are usually sola. An. A nleo Affair for a Gentleman. Orcr Garments, vutiura mauc, usually soiu lur much moro. $10 to 12. A Fino Custom Mado Ovorcoat or sack, made from Drab, Blue, and Black Pilot Cloth, Broadcloth, and Beaver Cloths, for this low prlco. Will guaranty that the samo garments aro sldat from $18 to i.U. $8 to 1G. Talmas. An entirely New Stylo of Over Garments, combining gentility with case and comfort. $3 50. For an OEco or Business Coat, to close out tho stock, $0 to 12. Dress and Frock Coats, from SupvOno Broadcloth and Joesklns, mtdo up in good style and In a faith ful manner All will bo sold at these low prices, to close out stock. $1 to 1 50. Vests, of tho latest fashion, for theso low prices. $2 to 3 50. For a Nleo Fancy Satin Vest. Also Blaok or Fancy Silk do., mile up In tho latest styles. Gentlemen's Dressing Gowns, very lowest prices. riCNTM'.JinN'S FURNISHING GOODS. 37 1-2 Cts to $1 50. Assorted lot of Shirts and Drawers. 50 Ct3 to 2 OO. Fine Shirts, Linen Bosoms and Collars. 12 1-2 Cts to 50. Fino Linen Boioms, 5 Cts to 17. Fino Linen Collars. 17 Cts to 25. Sucks. 25 Cts. to 1 50. Stocks and Cravats. 25 cts. to 1 OO. Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs. 10 cts to 50. Suspenders. 37 cts to 2 OO. Uirbrcllas. 6 cts to 17. Tooth Brushes. 6 cts to 1 OO. Hair Brushos. (65. Travelling Shawls. Together with a great variety of Fancy Goods, to be closod up cheap. BOYS' DEPARTMENT. $2 to 5. Oror Sacks. si i&.&r A $1 1-2 to 2. Suit Jacket and rants, $1 to 3. Cassimero, Cloth and Doeskin Pants. 50 cts to $2. Vest-. Very trulyt thr nboie nrr low prires ! Purchasers,, aro requested to bring this advertisement with them, and they will then ao'inowlcdg"! the fact, as wo aro determined to close up all tho stock of Winter Clothing, A copy of tho New Book, Oak Hall Pictorial, er.Uii, to every purchaser. ONE PRICE, CASH SYSTEM. Oak Hall. :t l -North St., Itoston. Dee. 20, 1854. w .Imos sTATmm," but tr he ? WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. . !:. 'fiSV U.'l!)WV,:i.l.Wi lllS-!ft. I...gers from for oii ijjy to feel the happy and evhilaratlng influ ence uiiiUent to the ciijojmeiit or health THK I5LOOMIXO I1UIDE, Cut a few years ago in the flush of health and youth, a r,d buoyancy of spirits, rapidly, and apparently in elphcibly, becomes a feeble, sickly, sallow, debili tated wife, with fraino emaciated, nerves unstrung, spirit, deprcued, enuntcnanoo bearing the impress of suffering, nnd an utter physical and mental rros trillion, arising from ignorance of the simplest and flaiiiest rules of health as connected with the mar riage state, tho violation of which entail, diseaso, suffering and misery, not only to tho wife, hot often HEREDITARY COMPLAINTS UPON THE CHILDREN " INTO THE TllIKI) AND FOCKTIl QE FEATION," Tinn.mllllMK COVSOIPTIOV, RCItttVULA, HUNK IIDMlltlA, I NR. MTV, GOUT. Kl.VO S i;vil and other and isorse Dlsrasr., a. n DREADFUL INHERITANCE FROM TIIU PARENTS. "And mn.t llii, continue! Muit tuts bet Is there no reme-lyr Nf.rtl.Ffr!" The remedy I. br knowtnj the enow, and avoiding Ui.m, and kn.innjr the reineuio,. and beneflttnff by tbeia. These are pointed not in THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, DV IiR. A. M. MAURICEAU, ritOFBSOR Of DI0RAUt OF WOUEV, One Jlnndredth Edition, (500,000), ISnw., pp. 3M. o- nvR pafkk, fttha m", $1.00 A UBUrJ work of e-.Ubli-.Iio4 nrutiitlon. fbon cl'i4 In tho catalogue, of tho jrrat trnd unlet in New York, rhilsnVlrWa, ml other eiti, anl ioM bj the principal tx-ukflr In ttia I'nitiHl SUtei. It vu Gut publuboj lo 184", pIoc winch time FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES liar Uen soW, of which there were upwardi of O.NE IllLVimEi) THOUSAND SENT BY MAIL, attesting the high uttmation In btch it la heH u a I able lOpular Medical BOOK FOR KVHHV FK3IALR th aathor hating derotej hta exclamte, atlention to tba treatment of cw.i plaint peculiar to femalei. In renpect to which he i j early coomlt by tbouundii both to vcrtoo 10I bj Utter. 1 IIr ertr woman eaa dueo?er, by comparing her own ymrtomi with thcie OeBcrihtx, the nature, character, caatca of, aoJ the proper rtmetl.e for, her comptaiota. Th wife about becoroiog a mother haa often oeM ot luatructton anil aJtiee of th ntmost iinportanc tA her futon health. In rcipect to which her ttnalUrectaa for bl'li eon 1 ult to j & mediul gentleman, will find aoeh Ec traetiOQ and advic. and aUi ezphin raaay eymptoma which otbfrwlstj woald ocuioa anilty rr aUrm m all the f etaluriUca lccIJcnt to her aitnation are deacribod. Jfow many are aufferloj from obstructions or Irregular Itftt pecaliar to the ffinile nj-tcm, which undermine th health, the tCttU cf which they are ignnrant, and for which their delicacy forbid aeeklng medical adriee. llany eufferlng from prolipnu ultri (falling of tha womb), or from Jtuor oJUa (wealmtas, lebihty, 4c ) Many are In eoniitant agony for many taontha preceding eeoono tnent Many hare difficult If not dangerooa dalirerlM, iwid alow and nncertaln recoreriea Rome whoie Urea ara haunWd, daring each time, will each find In jU j-agea the meina cf prevention, ameliorate u and relief. It li cf course Impracticable to cootey fully tbft farlooa aahje-ta treated of, as they are of a nature atrictly Itv teodel for the marrud or tboe contemplating marriage. Header, tre yon a huiband or a father f a wife et a ti other I 2IaQ yon the aineere welfare of tboee yoa lore at heart? rrore your alaoerlty, and loie do Um ta lurnlcg what causae Interfere with their health ani bap pUma Dot leu than your own. It will aToIJ to tea ao1 j-oon, aa It haa to tbouaandi, many a day of pilo a ad esilety, fol.ow(4 by aleepleai nlghta, Incapaclutlng the mind for Id ordinary avocation, ani eihauatiog thoie mcana tor medical attendance, medicinM an) atlrerUAed DOttrumi which otheiwlae woult provide for declining yar, the Infirmities) f age and the proper eduralieo f jour chllJrtn. la cmequenre of the universal popularity of the wrrk, evUeocvd hy it extraordinary tale, tariona luiioi4 tiooi hate teen attempted, aa well 00 book tellers a no the pubUo, by Imitative of title ge, epurioua e-lltlone, an1 uurreptitioua )iifilD4f mtnUi of copyright, and olbr dei?i and deception It haa been found Decaary, Ibeit-tore, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC tobn. tiotik ucIom iLe vnrds ,rr. A. t. mcMfr-ir, 1.3 ljlrty t-irt N'. Y ," I. on (snd tb fntry In lh tLrk. I'flu n ll.. b.c . I'll tliw title i.;. snl buy wl, of i..t..(tsblu snd tinmirMtit, or M.nd by n,i ped li.v, to .t A 31 Uuilcv.,u .-Un ' Uol'.ir "THE MAR- I..CU WOMAN 'J. ritlV.'L MEDICAL COM. 1'ArillI " 1. .jr.' 1 1 e 'I f tn any rt v( th. tlntl.'l Stairs, fi Cradas Knd llrtii.h Pioylncea. All inuil .-iti, ,nl lo Pr, a. I, JV1AtJMlCl.ftt. i. lii, City It.. : 1 m , . , ?v ti. Jiir 2u,.i, t:.w V- Afcnls In Vermont. Smith 4 Tierce, Montp elier 0 V Utile, Chtlsti EM Drown, Woodwork ItoJileMA rinnnli,.Vl. pelier CI, Cast) 4 Co. llrandonlu W HUIs.iell, Vers iiiu Collins 4 Porter, Mmtpelier P Welch, n-in.'n W II Wallace, Jra,burCL Trail, Jr., HWarec'.S K Collins, Mmtpilter S II Nichols, lurmj ci ! Merryflcli!, Wind, or u 0 Tyler, Montpil er 1) Molt, it. Albans. Jan. 10, wCtuln UKWINn CANARY III HIM ' NewStjles Can.. ' ty Ilird., Ilutterllles, DogsanJ Screw Cushions! sinill Tune Measures, just recelreJat the 014 HUnJ, Church Mreet, .1 K MtlNSMAIH, Feb. 3 44wtf I RARE BARGAINS at tins JiJi HIVE!! tho remainder 6t our Rich Pattern Cloaks, HI notr le told at prices to suit purchattri, regard, list of cost, ta close them oul. ALSO, A II Winter Nomlt Will bo oOcreJ at prices to Insure their salo, Fur. uishing ft raro opportunity Tor those In want of such goods, to socuro good bargains, Our I'ntrons ntc c.pcclnlly Invited to call In timo to secure soma of them, ALSO, .nil received by Exprtll, Miriwk l)riN (s'nnd?., I'lannoK. Merino Wrappers ami Drawers for Ladles and Oen tlemen, Knitted Polka Saoks fur Udies, Misses and Children, Knitted Under t-lcere', Wristlets and Over Sacks, Legglns for Mon and Dors. ALIO, coMioiiTints, scnrs, gloves, Stockings, Silk Pocket Hdkfs. 4 Cravats i Lloon do. ALSO, Another Cnrton or HMnitOIDKRIES, Cambric and Shlro Lawn Hdkfs. Misses " Hemlstltch do. ALSO, A grett rarlet of Dress Trimmings, Girdles for Hobos, Dressing Uownj and Aprons. ALSO. AnotherCarlon of thoso Superior French Kid Gloves. ALSO, White k Col'd Marseilles Quilts, for French and slnglo Bedsteads, Cribs ani Cradles, riLANKCTS, all sites, Together with a great variety of Window Slvidos. Curtain fioonV, and Houso Furnishing Goods generally. ALSO, PACKING TRUNKS, allsizts. Our Stock embraces cvcrvthlnt; usually kept In Dry Goods Store., nnd will ho sold very CHEAP Tor CASH. Wo do not CH W.LR.VOn nnd DEFV T1IF wom.n tnomn'crn with r piuce. but we DO I.VVITB U.t, too.ill nnd oinmlno for th-m-nMvcn,nnd aro willin to nbldo tlio decision of a di'crlmitiatlng Public, to whom tho aboio is sub tnlttcd. Voryre.pcctfully, N Vr.CK, Jr. Jan. ICth, ISSj. d.twtf LOOK IIERF. ! Yru Ann now ueady to settle with ovory person, and not only ready but INTEND to do so " soov" and all who aro In debtod to us arc ros ectfully Invited to call before the 10th diy of February next. All accounts not closed at that timo, will bo left with an attorney for collection, as wo are determined to have our books closed. Recollect tho 10th of February. NICHOLS 4 liOYNlON. Ilurlington, Jan. 2th. 1K5.S, d.twtf Caution. MV wife, Amanda M. W., has wilfully deserted mo, and gono to parts unknown. 1 there fore caution tho publio against furnishing her in any mannorupon mv credit, as I shall not pay any debts of heroontracting. LUTI1EK STONE. Charlotte, Jan. II, 1835. dlwiwjw CAUTION. DII. I.L'THEU STONE, of Charlotte, ha. nt the imligition of his ruling passion avarice, cau tioned tho public against furnishing mo upon his credit. If tho public should do so, it would bo moru than ho has ever dono, for I ' upon ray sup. portin" uijncir, unit has often asserted that ho was under no moro obligation to support mo than I was to snvr'. I,lul havo been cruelly persecuted for conscience sake, nnd subjected to every spec! s of indignity, brutality and injustlco, by himself and family. A young ingrato, who is Indebted to me for all sho knows Is useful, was set aboie mo in uuthority. Last of all tnysolfand sister suffered personal vlolcnco athls hanJs. I then considered that in tho sight of Ood, I was released from all obligations towards him, and left his honso under the protection of my brother, with whom I am now residing In my native State, and Dr. Stone knows exactly where, notwithstanding his declaration to tho contrary. Doth health and happiness required my imme diate removal, and to havo remained longer In such a polluted attucspl.erc, would havo been sinning against God and uiy own soul. AMANDA M.W.STONE. Jan. 20, 1S3j. (16Uw3w SMITH'S Anodyne Cough Drops, TIIE GREAT CURB FOR All Diseases of the Throat and Lungs n I ta Usrtilci OV At) VrClll3. It is used by Physicians in their practice and in their own families, with tucli good success that tbty willingly, without solicitation, give their recoin mundationi fur Hi uso. Many certificates arc now in my possession fnmi cminont Physicians who have .'.l -..u uAiunined the Uecipu from which it Is prepared, and they declare that they know better preparation In uso thin these Audnr Couh Drops, lielow aro a few names of tho many Physicians who uo it In tbelr practice and speak highly in Us Dr. CIIAULE3 CLAHKE, Montpelier, Vt. Dr. SAM'L W'.TIIAYKK, Jr., Uurlingtoo, Vt. Dr. GEO HUE NICHOLS, Northfiold, Vt. Dr. iiAfliS licrlin. Dr. DIG E LOW, Barro, Vt. 1'UED. K. SMITH, Proprietor. Montpelier, Vt. AOE.S'T. A. C. SPEAK, Ilurlington. The Greatest Medical Discovery of the Age. ,I U.Kennedy, of Roxbury, Mass., has discovered in ono of our common pasture weeds a reraed that cures every kind of Aumr,fr3mtho worstScrofula down to a common pimple, llu has tried it in otrei eleven hundred ease, and never failed except in two cases (both thunder humor.) Ua has now in his possessi.m over two hundred clrtificates of its value, all within twenty milts of Hotton. Two bottlei are warranted to cure a nursing sour mouth. On to three bottles will cure tho worst Und of hinihles on tho face. Two or three buttles will clear the pystem of bolU. Two bottles aro warranted to euro the worst canker in the mouth and touiach. Three te five bottles aro warranted to cure the worrt case of erysipelas. One to two bottle are warranted to cure all humor in tho oyes Twu bottles are warranted to euro running of tho ears aad blotches among the hair. lt to six bottles are warranted to euro corrupt and running ulcer'. One bottle will euro scaly eruption of the skin. Two or three bottles are warranted to euro the worst case of ringworm. Two or three bottles aro warranted to cure the lunft desperate cases of rheumatism. Three or four bottles aro warranted to euro the nalt rheum. VUo to eight bottles will euro tho tiy wont raioa of scrofula. A benefit Is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted nhen the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have iu rain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a common weed, growing in the pastures, and along old atone walls, should euro every humor In the ay b tern ; yet it is now a fixed fact. If you havo a humor, it has to start. Thore are no ifs nor ands, huuis nor ha's about its suiting some cases, but not yours. 1 peddled over a thousand bottles of It iu the vicinity of lioiton. I know the effects of It in e ery case. It has already done nomo of the great est curesever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children a year oM ; to old pcoplo of sixty. I hau Keen poor, puny, wormy looking children, whose tleeh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect state vi uuaim oy oue DOllIC. To tboio who aro subject to a sick headache, ono bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who havo taken it have beencoitive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where tho body is sound it workiquiteeasy.but where there ii any derangement of the functions of iit it r, it oouao rry lingular feelings, but you must not be alarmed thov always disappear in from fourdayi to a week. There is never a bad re sult from it on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard soma of the most extravagant tnoomiums of it ever man listened to. No change of diet is ever necessary. Eat the best yoa can get, and enough of it. CIME OF ERTSIPELA6. Mr. KtvzDX. How can I express my joy to t'link I got cured at last of the erysipelaa ! My face was at times as red as a piece of btef ; I suf fered from the headache more than tongue can tell of, I tried every remedy to be bad, without the lait benefit, so that I despaired of relief; then hearing your medicine so highly praised In Quincy, 1 procured it and In a few weeks was well. It worked morllke a charm than medlciue. HARRIET BLAKE, Quincy. CURED OF HUMOR. My sen was troubled with a homer. Some called it scrofula, somo salt rbeum , some oce thing, some another. By the use of your Medical Discovery, he is now cured of it. R.n. LAYTON. Quincy. CURE OF PIMTLES OX THE FACE. Mr. Kc.s.tEur ; About two years ago my face broke out in pimples of tho worst kind. Seeing tho goo4 effect of the Medical Discovery on a frend of mine, who was troubled the same as I was, I tried it, and I am happy to say a completo cure has been the result. J, P. TAR DELI, Brighton, CURE OF CANKER, Mn. Kennedy. To txn can describe what I mf. fercd from a nursing tore mouth and canker none but a mother who had it, can possibly believe what it is and none but those who used it can possibly bolicvo the efflceiency of your Medical Discovery in curing It. ELIZABETH CK033, Cambridge, nrDruggMs, Merchants and others, who would like to act us Agents, please send In their orders to ritnn. u, s.nrrii, Druggist, Mompcitcr, Oeueral Wholesale Agent for Vermont, DONALD KENNED V, Proprietor, Uoabury, Mass, A. C SPEAK, Agents, Burlington ; L. L. DUCTH Ell A HON, St Albans i II A H0D0KS. and E. D. UHEEN, Richmond j W.U. bPRAOUE, Vergen km. Also, by DruggistiandMtrcbantiOTerywhere. Nav 21, wly LKGAL NOTICES. Nathaniel Gage's Batatc. tVE THE SCnSCIUBERS. hating been ap. T pointed1 by tho Honorl! '!' 1'n Uto CoO.'t for the District of Chittenden, Comi..!)s!onerl to reoolvo, examine and adjust the clalmsand demands of all persons, against tbeostata of Nathaniel Gage, lateofShelburn, In said dlstrlct,deceased, represent ed Insolvent, and also all olalms and demands exhib ited In oJscl thereto I and six months from the day of tho date heroof, being allcwed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attond to the business of our appoint ment, at tho dwelling of Jason H, Jennlson, In Shelbnrno, In said District, on tho oth day of March and tho 2d of August next, at 10 o'cloek, A, M,,on each of said days. Dated this 3d dayof February, A. D 1S3S, JOHN VAX SICKLIN.) DANIEL PATRICK, S Commissioners. HENRY S. M0R3B, ) w32tt3 Orrin Carpenter's Estate. ETIIE SUB3CRIDERS, having been appoint, ed by tho Honorable tho ProbAte Court for tho District of Chittenden. Coatnisioneri to receive, examine and adjust the claims an t demands of all persona, against the estate of Orrin Carpenter, lata of Huntington, Ins ltd district, deceased, represented Insolvent, and also all claims and demands ex hibited in offset thereto j and six inonthi from the day of tho date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpoo, wo do therefore hereby glvo notioo that we will attend to tho business of our appoint ment, at tho dwellingof Mrs.Ancella Carpenter, In Huntington, in said District, on tho fourth Wednes days of March and July next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of sal days. Dated this 31st day ofJannarv, A. I)., 1S.j5. SYLVESTER U.NVDER ) n , . ALMAN D. ROOD, ( Commissioners. w32it3 Goo. E. Harrington's Estate. STAT 3 OF VKUMOVT, To tho Hon. tho Pro DUtriot of Chlttonleti, m bto Cjurt for the District of Chittenden. To all peMini one me 1 in tho esttto nfHeo. E. Hirrinton, lato .f Burling, ton, In said Dlitrtct, d-)i9ncd, OrtHErno. WHERE ? J. D. Allen admInWtrntr nf the Etnto of nld deceased propor to rrndf r nn nc cnunt of hi nd'ululAtrntton. and prrnt nco Hint aalnut .aid ot t fur Tinl nit Inn and allowance at a ifMlnn of thn Court of Protutc, to bo hoMcn nt tho Probate office on tho 27th day of February A.D. Therefore, you are liTcby notified to appear be fore atd court nt tho time and place nforeinid. and shew caue, if any yon have, why tho account afore Slid should nit bo nllowt-d. Given under mv hand at Burlington this 7th day of February, A. D. 1955. 32w3 W.H FRENCH, Judge. Petition to Soil Land. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon. the Probata Dintrfct of Chittenden, ss. Court for the District of Chittenden, To all person tnterertedln the estate of Elbert F. Bliss, ofUndcrhlll, Onrp.Tivo . WHERE S, A. W. Ptnitb, Guardian cf Elbert V. Ulis, a minor under the ze nt fourteen yenrp, bath made application to thlnCouitin writlnc, to grant him license to fell all tho real estate of his ward, for j the purpose of placing the proceeds of such fate at interest, or Inventing the sain? in stocks, ns the law provides; ThtTtf'.re. younre hereby notlCed tnappcar before this Court, at the Probate Court Rodijil, on tho TM day of January. A D., IHjS, thenand there to make objections to said sale. If you sec cau!thcaid 2'Jd d.tvof January aforesaid being insincd for that purpose And it Is ordered by satd Court, that no tico be given to all persons interested In said otute by puMi-thlni; tblaordt-r tbnoweeks successively in the Ilurlington Free Pre, nllurwlitch publlcntiuna shall bo preUous to the timo appointed for said hearing. flivon under my hand at Burlington this 2Sth day of December A. D. 1851. w273 D. FRENCH, RegUter. George A. Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Hon. the Probate District orchittendcn.M. J Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden. To all person concerned In tho estate of George A. Allen, lato of Burlington, in said District, deceased, Ghef.ti.ho ; WHEREAS, S. M. Pope, administrator of the es tate of said deceased proposes to render an account of hli administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a ("ession of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Probate office in Burlington, on the 2Cth day of February, A. 1 855. Therefore, you aro hereby notified to appear be fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, it any ou have, why the account afore said should not be allowed Given under ray hand at Burlington, this 2lt dav "f January. A It ItI 31w3 W. H. FRENCH, Judge. Thomas Chamberlain's Estate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS, haUngbeenappoint cd by the Honorable- the Probate Court for tho District of Chlttomlen, CutumiasioiicrB to re cede, examine an-1 aajun tU t-Uhua uu4 Umiidpot all persons against tho estato of TbomusChamberlain. late of Burlington, in said District, deceased, repre fcenttid insolvent, and alsoall claims and demands eahibititsj in offset t bur to ; ami mix mon ilia from the day of the date beieof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wc do therefore hnreby giie notice, that wo will attend to the bufioessof our ap pointment, at the Office ui IndtrwoodA Hard, in tiuriington, in satd District, on the ith Saturdaj i ot April and Juuu next, at IU o'clock, A. M., on each ut eaid day., Datd this 2Jrd day of December, A. D. 1851. T E. ALES J 'mmlssiontTe. ISAAC NYE, ) walirj Abigail Dean's Estate. STATU UF VEK.M0.NT, ) To all porso s con District tf Cmttendvn, ss. 5 cerued ui I... E.Utu ol Abiai.,1 llcau, Ijto of UumntCD, lu said District deceased, At a Probato Court holdcn at Durllnatuii, nithin and for the District uf Clnttenlcn, .in tue JUih aay ol January A. D. l5.j an Instrument. purjMirtlug t bo tuo last Will an I 1'u.tauicnt ill Auiall Keau mlo of llurliutu.i In .aid District, dteia.ed, as presented to tho Court nUnsaid, lor Piuiute, by It. J. Cole, tlio Eiecutor thereiu named And It is urdvit-a hy ,. I !,, r. ,h.t (ho I.Mh.Uy of fc'wOrimry A. t). l3J,,attue olhco of thu t'roUuto Cuuit lu .aid iturlhilon, bu ussioud lor proving said In struuient ; uud tna'. notice thcreol be givm to all perauiia concerned, by publishing this order three weeks successively in tho llurliugton Fne I'm, uoirjpaK:r printed at said Uurllngton, pre) ious to the time appointed, Thereiure, you aro hereby notified to appear be fore said court ut the time aod place afortsaid, and contest the probate of said will it you have cause. Uhon uudcr my band at Ilurlington, in said dis trict this Wlh day of January, A. IK, Inii. "J0ir3 W. It. FRENCH, Judge. Peter Lynch's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT The Hon, tho Probate District of Chittenden, s. s. S Court for the District ut Cbittendon. To all persons cun cerned In tho estate of Peter Lynch late of Shclburue, in said District, deceased, GntcrlNG. W11KKEA&, tho Administration de bonis uon of the estato of said deceasod proposes to rendor an account of his administration, and present his ac count against said estate for examination and al lowance at a scsaiou of the Court of Probate, to be holden as the Probato Office lu Uurllngton on the 2ilh dayof April next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear be foro said oonrt at the timo and place afore.aid, and shew cause, if any you hare, why the a:count afore said should bu allowed. tthenunder my hand at Burllngten this 23d day of January A. D. 1035. w3Uw3 W. II, FRENCH, Judge George Comstock's Estate. bTATE OF VERMONT J The Hon. the Probate Di.triot of Cbittonden, s.s. J Court for the District of Chittenden. To alt persons interested in th. estate of George Comstock, lato of Uurllngton, in said district, deceased, llRki:T.o. WHEREAS, the Administratrix of deceased proposes to render an account of her administra tion, and presentber account against said estate for examination and allow.uc. at a session uf theCuurt of Prubate, to bo holden at the Probate Court Room, on the 19th day of February next; Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear be fore said Court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you hare, why the account afore said saoum not n. auow.a. Olren under my hand at Burlington this !6th dsy of January, 1836. w3lw3 DjJTRENCII, Register. University Medical College, At Darlington, Vu ritHE NEXT ANNUAL COURSE OF LECTURES -L In the MeJioal Department of tho Vermont University will commence on Thursday, March6th, 1855, and continue Sixteen Weeks. SAMUEL W. THAYER, Jr., M. D., Anatomy and PhywUtgy, HORACE NELSON, M. P., Principles aid Practice of Surgery and Surgical Jurisprudence. WALTER CARPENTER. M, D Materia Medica and Thtropeutics. OUREN SMITH, M. D., Oojfrfurs, Ihseasts of Women and Children ana Obstetrical Jurisprudence HENRY EKNI, CArmufry aud Toxicology, EDMUND KANE, M. D Principles and Practice of Mtdictne and Pathology. The feo for a full Course Is $50, Matriculation fl. Third course, students $10; graduation fee $18. Durinz the Lecturo Term. liberal opportunities will be provided for gentlemen wishing to pursue Practical Anatomy, Dr. Thayer will pay particu lar attention to those who wish torfusref during autumn and winter. For further particulars apply to S. W. THAYER, Jr.. Dean of the Faculty, Burlington, Vt., Nor. 1st, 1951, wtllmhl Gents Silk Shirts. GENTLEMEN, YOU WILL FIND AT Lrxax's a nice lot of Silk Shirts for summer wear, just the thing for tbls climate. Also, a, good assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, io. Call at the Comer Store. Jon. W A'aEtr, RICH, and FXSlUOfrABLE Jmt ttttivtd ty NICHOLS and BOYNTON, 150 Church Street. IttCII flUUHCU I'l.AIl) AND PI.AIS Klt.IiS, A Sitptrior Ar'ittt of Hack Silk, all mtlths. Elegant ll Wool FX L'SCII PLAIIW. FIIEN'CII Jinnt.VOSA TillDET CL0T1L LADIE3 CI.0AK A TALMA CLOTH'', Jo do Jo IlccJjf MaJo, Deauttful Plain and Flg'J all Wocl DEI.AIME-", do do do Cotton and Woolen. Elf gant honpt and S'juiro Cashmere, Brochn, Thibet and Ulanket dllAWl,S, ntv and beautiful patterns. With a large assorlinent of Gloves, Hosiery, Trimmings, WHITE O00DS, F&ANXE1.P, DAMASK?, and llouse.kcoplnf; Qoods generally, Our stoek has been purchased at the tale Auction Sales, and at greatly reduced price", much less than the cost nf imputation, and will be jld accordingly Look round, get po.ted up with tho lowest priut, then call nt 150 Church street and buy yur g ds, as you will find It for your interest to dooltur learn ing onr prices. .Nor. 10. d.Utf HUTCHINS & SAWYER, 'oinml.loii .Merclumti, AND WHOLESALE DEALEI'.S IN" Buttor, Choose. Grain, AND AtL KIND. OF COUNTItr I'RllDCCE, No. 78 IM'.V.STItnilT, New-Yorlc. January K,, ."",. v HVVtXO UotJriid to my Id ftnn 1 -t "truer, I am n-iW preparud to uplv t h Kjy with the oe! nt Tfii, Ciiirr, u t:i r. plpr. Murnnnit, Tapioc i. cruilcillii. I'.itinn. (mn tiir li. Ilntii.. plit I'iMf, Canon nnd If tip Srd. limit ' S - , Mn krrtj. .ihn..n, Ctut A, . 0, fi'irntitir r uid, ( it' Viri' 'ff, if I.nnl . Hour by thi bi'rrl or pnni t, V Meal, at a v.i-y mo lurato .1 1 i ; p-m d as t tniko ill mv uuic'i i- f r c.t- t my prices witl hi found Mtt-f.H t-rv (i h w v i Jan. 23th, 1H)5. dtw BLODGETT 6t SWEET'S Patent lialvaniznl Pnrfalili- Oicn! SUITABLE for the smallest private family or Hotels and Steamers of the largest clave Every Oven warranted t gi xe erftctiatij faction. Manufactured by V, T. SH'KET, C'ollfgr St. llurlinctnii, Vt. UJtAwtf CO ' d 2 r - W M k i 0 - 1 CO - o c -tr it i VI T a c: ta : o . j w: 2 - r - i - - r J ; .2 g S r' S 2 g i) .why nnnuTTu:. arccFsoR to DAVEY ALLEN, Heavy antl sUviV Uni-tlM arc, Comprising; an fTtrniie .umrtmmr cf Hoibe rimmins Mrcbank-s9 'I'ooU. MnH.tttrr)-, Tublr nnd orl,rl C'uflrr .Ar.Ar. PFAtrn ti Xailr ; ,fdl, CrntfCu and Wrrular Salts i Stttl Springs; Pump Cham; !fnnt'a Ta'ts and liroakt ,re ; Amen eShoiels ; Paints ; Oils; Wtndout (Has, i'c, 4f. And Dealen in AflRICrLTITRiL ImiMK.T & ACI1!XE3, FltLD. ftRAIII. OaBP' X AND FlOWTR SEfTS Acentv of llurlinctnii nnd Vicniit) for Proutv .1 .Mrar'i Celebrated Centre Draught Plowi j K. Tabor t Co. 'a Plowi ; Itlnncbard V, Terkini, Measer al Colby'a and Taft'a Scythea ; The Qcnulno Brookfield Korku ; heeler, Mcliek A Co'a lloree Powers and Thresheri Ac.. Ac.. Ac. Our Stock of rnrminp Tool, it very lnrge, Such aa Corn ."-hellers. Straw Cuttera. Horae Rakea, Hand Raked. Fanning .Mill, Grain Cadlca, Snatha, .Manure and Ilajr Forka, Hay Knhes, Cattle Ties, Halter, Trace and Binding Chains, Grind Stenei, Scythe Stonea Ac, Xc. All of which we are pre pared to aril at the Manufacturers Wholei&la Tricei. And, alio, Healers In Burlington Wntron xvt UAtcriCTrRrr" bt DAVEV, KLVGSLANI) A CO. The Ailea are made of tho best Knglish Refined Iron, and are auperior in quality, style and finiih to thoae used in tho celebrated Concord Wagor. Combining UgbtnoM, strength and esse of ran nine;, they oommend themsehea to all makers and uaers of Wagons, and secure for themselrea a repu tation and preference in every market here tber aro Introduced. We avail ourselrea of tha present opportnnity ci returning our tbanka for the patronaue we hart heretofore received, and refpectfully solieit a contin uance of like favors. Slun oithe Saw, Collepc nt,9 Ilnrlinptoii, VI UlUlli. C. M. DAVEV. H. II , DO0LITTLE Mf r.bmaryll.lSS. Barre Academy. The (spring Term will begin on Thurs.lsy February 15, 1S55. BOARD INCLUDING ROOM AND FUEL mew $1,50 to $2,00 far week. Several ladies can be accommodated In the family of the rrineiral. Applications should be made soon to J. S. SPAULDING, Pnmipal Barre, January 10th, 1855 w3w TOWN'S GRAMMAR SCHOOL READER. (The Header forSdect School.,) I"pnz last Issued of TOWN'3 Unrivalled Series. - Juiiolous selection, and a happy arrangement of matter, render this Book sultablo to any School and adapted to the wants of all pupils who desire to change from their present first class Readers to a niva work, without violating tho I'vtrORilltV that now prevails. Teachers please examine. Now kept for salo by Booksollers in Burlington, and Towns generally. A. A. SAWIN Dec, 13, lSl. w?m LOST. LA N D W A R R A N T, No. JG,937, issued to JOSEPH LA MORE, of Vermont, for servlco In the War of 1815, and mailed at Washington, Dec, 8, 1851, having failed to reach its dcstinl tln, notice Is hereby given that application will be made to tho Commi'sioner of Pensions to issue a duplleate of said Warrant. HENRY WEED, Agent Hluestmrgh, Jan. 15, leSS. w'i9l,' French Glass, Saohand Pntty. I QUENCH OLASS ALWAYS ON HAND, FOR Bale by tho Rox or Retail dials Cut to any Shape and Sue, and Set tn best Stvli EIT Order, promptly attended to Call and ee, iwo aoors tast ot tno I KCii l"ri OFFICE, Col. lege Street. IIERVEY BURNETT Dcklisotoi May 25, ISA. i 'If

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