Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 23, 1855 Page 3
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The ice in Long Ijlutnl ociuinl U scry troublesome 10 vcspciflt no ateamer . , s, nm, niodorc wns kept in the- ico trio laj ""'I j imimt it iirmcil liy n recent foray of Ms i.iu ttireo nlfihts, with two litinilroil imsM-nRcm , 'I'iflis j no tlio report ol his de.itfi i 'irob.tlily on hoard. She wns niilwl by fiip lh' of jirti- 'also. tisions nnilcoal from nnntlirr tti-amer, the (', Vandcrhilt, nnd got safely in to Now York, Friday night. WliSliu4 ico bound, eomo of her pnmenficrs ntttBed to get on shore over the ico. After four hVirs effort and running many hazards of being drowned or crushed they returned to tho Steamer greatly ox haustcd. Many other vessels aro reported as belntt in tho ico. No serious fears aro felt about them, A great transportation company has been organized at Dufl'.ilo, under the general tmigution law of tli State of New York, to transport freight and passengers between tho .Atlantic scauoaru ana tno ports ot tne .ortn cm nkc. It has a capital t f $900,000, is to center nt, iiuiuio, ana is to exist twenty years. I'orclsn Nc. John Hull is patient, to a proverb, of nial administration by his own officials. He starts with an assumption in his mind, haing tho forco of a Erst principle, that hnglisii Minis ters never blunder in their diplomacy, and neer lack in administratis power than an Knglish General is always as competent ns u n Lnglieh soldier is br.ue, l!ut facts are stubborn things. A few of them can be pushed aside or rode over unseen, by one who shuts his eyes. They may bo so many and so astounding, that no winking will koej them out of sight Tough as tho old gen tleraan's skin is, it can be rasped so severely that ho is obliged to feel, nnd when once ho gets so far as to admit, square out, that his oflicers are, after all, blockheads or worse, ho is as resolute to condemn as before ho wus obstinato to applaud. The reckoning timo for the mismanagement at Sebastopol has come at last. Tho Aberdeen ministry have gone by the board. Itoebuek's motion for an inquiry by u committee of the House of Commons, into the condition of the army and the conduct of tho departments who had chargo of the war, could not bo staved off by any arguments that such measure would have a depressing effect at homo and abroad, and would bo embarrassin to those who needed their time to act for the war, rather than to answer questions about it. Tho motion was carried by a large majo' rity and the ministry forthwith resigned. Who are to constituto tho new ministry is not yet settled. Tho chief items of news from abroad arc as follows ; It will bo seen that an extension of tho war is portended rather than a rention of it. Crcnl Ilritnin. On tho cveninc of Mondav. 30th. Mr. Hoo- buck's motion wiib resumed in the House of Commons, namely " Inat u select onimuit teo bo appointed to inquire into tho condition of the liritii-h army beforo Sebastopol, and into tho conduct of those departments of tho government whose duty it has been to admin ister to the wants of that armv " Messrs. Stafford and Disraelli spoke, when tho House divided, 305 for the motion, H8 against it majority against government, 157. Whereupon tho Ministry resigned. Their resignation was accepted, und the Aberdeen Cabinet only hold oflico until anew Ministry can bo formed. On tho evening of Tuesday, the 30th, tho Queen sent for the Karl of Derby, tlio leader of tho conservative party. On Wednesday, Lord Derby waited on tho Queen. Uoth houses of Parliament adjourned from Tuesday until Thursday. On re-ascmbling, Lord Auerdeen briefly announced tho resig nation. The Duke of Newcastle entered into an explanation in self-defence. The Karl of Derby informed tho Houso that ho had been incited by tho Queen to form a Cabinet, but could not do so. The friends of tho Aberdeen ministry aro dead against Lord John Russell for breaking up tho coalition by his retirement. Tho Queen is reported to have written him an autograph letter censuring his conduct ; but this is doubtful. No ministry has yet been formed, und generally il.oro in nntnowtiat of public anxiety. Tho bill to give effect to the reciprocity treaty was read a second timein Parliament. The Knglish Baltic fleet is ordered to as semble in tho Downs ready for sea the first week in March. Humor says that Admirals Seymour and Martin will command. Italy. Numerous arrests liato been made at Florence, on tho pretext of a revolutionary conspiracy having been discovered. Arrests have also been made at Leghorn, cause of the sale cf Mazzinian bonds. Dlplonmcy. There has been no fighting ; but some very important diplomatic moves havo taken place. Prussia checkmates Austria. In the ses sion of the General Committee of the Ger manic Diet, Austria's proposition for a gene ral mobilization of tho whole federal army has been rejected, nnd Prussia's proposal to place the contingents only on a war footing, is carried against Austria. Much anxiety is felt as to what course Austria will pursue under this check, which prevents the Kmpe ror of Austria having, as ho expected, the command of the Federal army. Probably no step will be taken until after the formation of the new British Ministry. Tho intelligence of this Austrian defeat caused dullness in the funds. An important despatch from Berlin dated 31st, says. " Tho Prussian Government has decreed an immediate mobilization of its own army. Tho fourth and fifth army corps are ordered to occupy tho provinces of Saxony and Silesia." The demand of France, that a portion of the French army bo allowed to paes through Prussian Territory, is categorically refused. Denmark has appointed a military commis sion to place all tho forts in tho kingdom in a state of defence. Treaties between France, Kngland and dinia are published. Sardinia engages to send in English ships 15,000 men to tlio Cri mea, under tho command of a Sardinian Gen eral. Kngland agrees to lend Sardinia XI, 0011,000 or double that sum if wanted, at .'1 per cent. France and Kngland guaranteo tu protect Sardinia during the present war. A French army has been detailed in aid of Austria, and it will march through Lombar dy, to prove to tho Italians the reality of tho Austro-French alliance. Tho Turkish Ambassador at Vienna had roccived plenipotentiary powers, in order that ho may attend the conference Till". WAH. SxnASiorot, Jan. 11. Quantities of warm clothing were received in camp, but more are wanted. The French are assisting the Brit ish to build huts and stables. There is much grumbling among tho British officers at tho alleged injustice and partiality of tho recent brevet. Jan. 13. The Russians celebrated their New Year's day with apparent gaiety within tho city. At midnight all the chapel bells woro ringing, and at 1 o'clock in the morning the Russians within their lines commenced cheering. The French taking it asan insult, opened a firo upon tho town. Tho Russians immediately replied along their whole front of defence, by tho fiercest cannonado yet ex. perienced. The earth-works flashed forth uninterruptod flume, rapid and unbroken as file firing. It showed the works swarming with men. Under cover of tho strong firu, a strong party nf the Russians made at. attack, capturing a British videtto and driving in tl.o cohering party on tho front and flank of tho British fine of attack ; but on being engaged they retired towards tho town. Simultane ously with the attack upon the British, a strong sortio was made against tho French, wheu the Russians penetrated w ithin tho par apet and spiked threo mortars. Tho French rallied and drove them back within tho line6 of their advance. At daybrenk the batteries were all quiet. Jan. 14. Tho sanitarv condition of tlm British army is iiaprowng. Tho Turks still suffer fearfully, apparently from plaguo. The establishment of a central depot fur proiis ions has much relief ed the suffering of tho army, Jan. 15. Continued Bnow, now three and iv half feet deep. Preparations for renewed British bomb irduient aro progressing rapidly, Fifty new siege guns, thirteen of the largost sizo mortars, and IrSAIUO shot and shell ,ac reached the camp. (ialvanic apparatus for exploding CO tons of powder against sunken ships nt Sebastopol, had urrited at Balaclava, as also u corps of divers. It is expected tho explosion will ro move tho obstructions and daniago the foun- tlntions of Forts Conntnntino nml Alcxurutcr. ASIA. News of tho Week BY TELEGRAPH TO THE FREE PRESS. llnvnnn pws. New York, Feb. 17th, P. M. Tho steamship Cahaieba, arrived nt this port this morning, with Havana dates to tho 12th lnst. Tho much dreaded descent of tho filibusters does not appear to havo taken place, hut the authorities continued on tho iii Wif, and arrests were constantly being mado. On tho day tho Cahmcba sailed, a highly distinguished lawyer named Citra, was arrested. A report pretriiled at Havana that tho Governor of Puerto Principo had been arrested as a rarty to tho conspiracy ngainst Concha, but it was considered doubt ful. A decrco has been issued limiting travelling licenses to fifteen days, instead of a year, as hitherto. Veto Sustained. Iicnnvtt's Lnnd Hill. Washington, Fob. 20. In the Houso yesterday, tho President's veto of tho French Spoliation bill, was sus taincd by 2" majority. Tho Secretary of tlio Navy has appointed Commanders Kagle nnd Gardner to select pro pellers to bo sent in senrch of Dr. Kane. Mr. Bennett's bill granting lands equally to tho scleral States for railroads and school purposes, was laid on tho table to-day by n majority of two. I'irc nt (.enevn, Ohio. Cleveland Feb. 20. There was a destructive tiro at Geneva, Ohio last night, consuming tho store of Messrs. Crowell, Wilcox k Co., together with tho Post Offico and its contents. Tlio loss on goods is covered by insurance in the A'Amn Co., but the buildings were uninsured. Gen. HouMon'i. Lecture. New York, Feb. 20th. Gen. Samuel Houston delivered his lecture on the American Indians, beforo the New England Young Men's Association and n great gathering of citizens at Niblo's thcatro last evening. Ho was received with much cnthu- ! siasm, and at the cloc a voice in tho crowd nominated him for tho next President, Inch was received with threo cheers. Suicide ofGrccn. Chicago, Feb. 19. Geo. W, Green, the banker, who was con victed some time sinco of tho murder of his wifo, hung himself in his cell yesterday morning. AimiVAIi OF Till". HAI.TIC. O.YE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE Lord Palmerslon, Picmier Defeat of the ""a'i'inj ny tne J UThS 1) C. New York, Feb. 21. The steamer Baltic, ""stock ,arnv. ed at her dock at ono o'clock, bringing one week later news from Kuropo. Tho llal tic lelt Liverpool on tho afternoon of the 10th inst Shoarr'ned out nt 2J r. M. on tho 5th. Tho City of Manchester horn Philadelphia, arrived out samo day, and was taken up by tho Government to carry troops to the Crimea. A new British Ministry had been formed with Lord Palmcreton as Premier ; Minister of War, Lord Panmure, formerly Foxmaulo. Foreign Affairs, Lord Clarendon ; Homo Of fico, Sydney Herbert ; Colonial Secretary, Sir Georgo Gray ; Chancellor of Kxchequer, Mr. Gladstone : Chief of Admiralty. Sir lames Graham : Chancellor. Cranworth : President of the Council, Karl Granville ; Keeper of the Privy Seal, Duko of Argylo; Chief of Public Works, Sir William Moles worth ; President of tho Board of Control, Sir Charles Wood; Post Master General, Lord Canning, Tlio Marquis of Iinsdowno is in tho Ministry without ofueo. The abovo form tho Cabinet, i.oru AU.. deen, the Duko of Newcastle and Lord John lussell go out. Lord Panmuro coming in makes tho balance of interest about the same as in tho old ministry. Tho Karl of Aberdeen had been created n Knight of tho Garter. Tho Lord Mayor of London had given a grand banquet and among thoso present were Lord Cardigan, Sir Chas. Napier, and other notables. Near 3,000,000 pounds had been voted for war purposes. In the reconstruction of tho new Cabinet tho Karl of Derby, Marquis of I.ansdowne, Lord J. Russell, nnd Karl Clarendon, were successively sent for by the (Jucen, but they nil failed to form a Cabinet, and LordPat- merston was sent for and succeeded. There is very little other news of importance. I'rom the Sent of Wnr. Nothing of importance had occurred in tho Crimea. The latest official despatch from Lord Rag lan is to January 23d, and from Gen. C.inro bert to tho 24th, They both alludo to the improvement in tho weather, and speak cheer ingly of future prospects. Tho latter says, " We renewed our work before the town with increased activity." The Russians wcro constantly making sor ties. Supplies wcro reaching tho British camp in abundance The siego works were advancing but tho army wbb still sickly, Frosty nights and fine mild days prevailed. Gen. Canrobert reports the deaths of Capts. Bouton and Caslcman, during the sortio by tho Russians on tho night of the 14th, previ ously reported. Mcnschikoff had gone northward. Tho Turks had dofoutcd the Russians in a rencontre on tho Danube. Markets. Corn market dull, with a lim ited business and unchanged in prices. Old Western Canal Flour 42 a 42s Cd ; new, 37 a 40s; Ohio 44 a 45s ; Corn 42s fid a 43s ; Wheat 11 a 12s Cd. Telegraphic Report of the Cam bridge Cattle Market. UepoileH for the Weekly Free Pren, Wednesday, Feh 2i,t. At Market 757 cattle, about COO liceics and 157 Stores consisting of Working Oicn, (Joivb, and Calves, Yearlings, two and three years old. Market Iicef Extra per cwt, $8J a 9. 1'iret quality, Second do 71 to 81. Third do $7. Ordinary gGJ. Hides percirt $51 a 6. Tallow gja0. Pelts $1.00 1,37. Calfskins 12 cents p.r lb. quick. lUrrelling Cattle, $6J to 71 per hundred. Veal Calics 4J, 1, 5, fi. Stores Working Oxen, IOC, 112, 120 to 190. Cows and Calves, 25, 8, 30, 2, 4, 5, 40 to 48. Yearlings, 19, 11, 12, 13, 14. Two years old, 25, 0, 8, 30 to 3fi. 'i'lireo years old, 30, 8,42, 0,8 to 52. Sheep and I.imEs, 2103 at market, Extra, 0, 8, 10 to 25. liy lot, Si, 1,3 to 4. Swine, tiono. Itcmarks Tho mpply to-day is not large, j H, , r , , , . nlders arc firm, and lmycra do not cuncoa disposition to purchase any more stock than J fur immediato sale. Tl.o Cattle trains were j all ill promptly and tlio cattlo a a wliolo of I inferior quality. 88 can. out tlio .. ,, ,, , , ., ,, . . I itolihurg railroad and 53 oicr tho 11, .t 1,, It. It. loaded with cattlo, sliccji, inc, BURLINGTON OSRIAN'S BARDS ! Tlih Company nf Singers tinder the direction of 03SIAN E. DODGE, Lute Editor nml Proprietor of " Dodge's Literary Museum" will Rhea -dr UXIOX 1IM,!,, Ilurlington, On Friday livening, Fob. L'Ud. 1 1 Ml IS celebrated Company of Foot-Songstcrs lia te Just returned from a triumphant tour through tho largo Southern cities nnd nro now better pre pared than over to cntcrtnln Sew Engenders with their fund of wit nml Song. VST Ticket! J5 cents. Doors open nt cj oVIock, Concert to commence nt "J precisely. Mtttlclj23 II. L. (JOODALL, Agent. NORTHERN RAILROAD, N.Y. vim i:it AitK.v.:i:.iir..NT. COMMENCING JANUARY 11, 1S35. OASSnNdlllt TRAINS leave House's Tolnt nt J. 10.45 A.M., on arrival of trains from tlio East and North, nrrlring at Ogdonsburgh 4,43 P.M. connecting with tho 111 town nnd l'rcscott Hallway for Ottnnn, nnd ttnges for Iirockvllle, Kingston, Ucllllllc, Toronto, Ac, I.cnro Ogdcnsburgh nt 10.00 A. M., on the arrival of the lljtown A l'rcscott train, nrrlring nt Homo's Point nt 3.43 1', M., connecting with tho Vermont Central Hnllronil for tho Houth nnd Ilat, nnd Chnm plain A St. Lawrence for .Montreal nnd Quebec. ni;o. v. iiovlu, Sup't. OrricE NontiiF.KX It ui.ttoAU, .Malonc, January, 1A55. 5 wtf Corn riantcr. A 1II:n AI-4Itcl1 1. I 'ball ho ready to furnish - C. II. Dana's Patent Corn Planter, ono of those lahor-sadng machines which will suit I lie most par ticulnr. Its operations nro icry simple and cnv, and four neres of corn can ho planted In a day with ease hy ono man. 1'or planting ill of any kind It cannot ho surpassed, l'rico $3 no. AnV OnO Wanting till, nl.nrn trill illrA. .A 1' T Huttolph, Essex, owner of tho right for Chittenden Essci.Tcl. 10, 1833. w3mos I llEimiY (UVE NOTICE, that I have alien mv son TRUMAN McNAU. 1,1. il... .l,,rln. "malnder of his minority, and that from this data fit m ""m ef his earnings nor pay any debts B' JOIIJi Jlc.NAI.L. iincss. .John I, liAIE. Colchester, Feb. 10, 1S53. w34w3 Notice T llERi;i)V (IIVP, NOTICE that I hnro given my ,.,.lSVon' '-OREN.0 DYKE nnd I.INl'S R. DiKE the remaining unit rr .ln..-;i.. t.t. permlnlon to transact businc'3 for thomsclics, nnd i -nan ciaim none or their earnings, I shall pay no ilcbts of their contracting after this dale. HUMAN DYKE. TRrv.iN iAilmims, Witness. Wc.tfur.l, Feb, 20, 1S35. w.1lw3 Notice. rpiIE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore c.iitin In J- the name of E. ADAMS A CO. Is thl. ilnydls solved by mutual con.cnt. 1). E.liriswoM is hereby uthorlied to settle nil claims and demands for nnd ngainst tho concern. Grand Isle, Feb. F', 1S55. E. ADAM.", D. E. (1RI5W0LD. Tho subscriber having the business of tho Into fum of II. Adams A Co. to scttlo is desirous of hnv Ing nil interested call ns soon ns practicable. And would also say that ho will enntinuo tho mercantile business nt tho ol.lstaud. Tobias' banding, where goods can bo hadnt cot for cah. D. E. ORPWOLD. J cb. 17. n3tw3 V" Ynrk. Oppf;ltion to tho Combination' Ml'SIC AT UHKATLV HIIULTIIH KATIN. NotnithstandinK tho comb hint ion of .Muic Deal cr to keep up the prices of non-copyright mujic ngainst the interests of .Vatlv? Composers, an i their refusal to extend to Mr. MWTCIW the courtesies of tho traile, ho is making tmmenso mIcs having abundant evidence thru he has public countenance and support in his opposition to the ( .Monopo ly, and in his efforts to aid .Native Talent and adopt the National Currency. Ills etockof American an I-uropean Music immcno, nnd tho citatouo of his own publications is ono of tho largest nnd best (elected in tho United States. He has nlo undo a Great Reduction in tho prices of Piano", McIodeon and Musical Instruments ot nil kind. Superior toned Octavo Pianos for $175, $200, and S'J'Jt, interior if a good quality nnd instruments as Jtrntig nud as durable an thoso winch cost uu. Pianos of oery variety of style and price, up to $1000, com prising those of t n different manufactories : nnd among thorn tho celebrated modern hnproved JIoitAcr. Waters Pianos, and tho firi-t premium r, ole a i Pianos of T. lianKtu A Co,. mako (own ers of tho Jlileaii Patent). 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No other author Ins mceeeded su well In touching tho fincrcliords of the heart. CONTENT; Genius In Pantalettes, Mrs. Jupiter's Soliloquy, Fanny nt School . The New Name. Tho Iliiband' Death. Tho Second Marriage. Fanny I'ernat Home. Early Literary Efluits. Fanny and the True Flag, J no l nlaliniul ljver. Petticoat Parliament. Fnnny Fern on Widowers An Hour with Fniiui Father. John Hull's Opinion of Itutli Hall. Funny Fern In Church Oith'I-'tT Tcftiniony runny tern in lirc-nlnay, Auutucr I t-rn. FannvFci n at the TremontThe ltt of men hae tlnir A Ley to Km.. JI .11." ThtMistakt;nf al.ifotline. A worJ nbout.l'.WiiJin.A ifoa lCTntion. Mea al'uut ILibits, Mrs. ZuIjtU'oSiiiilli', 1'JiU l'raio from a Vfman. Itisophy. Tho rcmalcablc JUitory ofIntereptingt"ihu.hfulilen Jemmy Jtn auiy. The Angel Chiitl. Jemmy Jesam n Iteleiice L nclo JlenV Attack of Tho Go.crncn, prin Ferer. All about l-atnn. Connubial Athertisement. 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I then considered that In tho sight of (ld, I was released from all obligations towaids him, nnd loft his homo under the protection of my brother, with whom I nm now residing In my nitlvo Stntc, nnd Dr. Stono knows exactly wlicro notwithstanding his declaration to tho oontrary, lioth health nnd happiness required my ImmcJl nto removal, nnd to halo romnlncd longer In such a polluted nttnospliere, would havo been (Inning against tlod and my own soul, A.MA.VDA il. W. STO.VE. Jan. 20, 1833. dr,t.t-3w Piano Fortc3 6l Melodiona. IS It policy to buy n poor nrtlclo which lasts only n short timo nnd is then worthless, or would you havo n thing of the best quality. Remember that the PIANO FORTES nnl .M EI.ODEO.VS for salo by L. S. RUnT, nro witrtmttd of tlio first quality, nld nro manufactured by tho best makers In tho coun try. Just call nt tho MUSIO STORE nnd coinnaro them with other Instrnmcnts of tho kind. 1'ch. 7. d.lwtf " u a n n n a it cj 'a i .v a ." " ItOO.M WAXTnil!" 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ALSO, i-.rr,it jia.-suinos of every quality. All th nhove goods havo been bought nt greatly reduced ,.n. I,,,, ue sum accoruingiy. NICHOLS .t I1UYNTON. Burlington, Oct. 1854. diwtf ROOM WANTED. IXI'HltlK.VCE ha deiionstrated to hundreds, yes, thousands, that STANIFORD'S Is the phco to Pnrc!ine rnrpctins. Oll-C'loth, rnnrynnd Staple Dry Goods. CHEAP ! lie than over before, to securo bargain's, as room 'is wanieu tor I will close out my entire stock beforo 1 st .Murrb nest, nt prices that witl. nerhins. sornrisn il, chaser. 0. F. rirAXII'DP.I). lJurllngton, February, lSi.i, d.lwtf By Telegraph raoit LYMAX'S STOItK, 15URLIXGTOX ! ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER' ! TIIlli:i: IIAV3 LVTHlt FROM JEW YnriK ' ' ! XUWS OF CillL'AT I.MI'OItTAXcn! ! ! I Reciprocity Hill Pasnd ' ' t r IMlADn IX IiltY (iO(JU.S VllltV IlltlSK. THE . receipts ol Dry Hoods quito large. Sales luick, nnd ut icrv low tliMirps. n Mln ...l. lis : Mic'llll's. .hirlln... llni.. s(rl,.. I. . " sidcr.iblou-tlutydlspljcd,nt prices much lower than last spring. MOOLE.VS nro heavy and firm, nt prices that at. tract considerable nttcntion. l'JI!i;i(l. HOOIt-S Casslineros, Shawls, Dc Lalnes, Ac., nro icrv c. iin. Prices of ,,n n.i;Ain. excepting worthless and unprofitable kinds, cihibit I'iE VJcAVu'H 1 .tfk'O'-. , nu J firmness. Tho Styles nre sales. EMlJltOtDEUinS. In this line wo notice alamo and beautiful assortment, and nt low prices. Tho st Ies nre choice and the goods aro good, .Much at tention Ins been Uvvotcd in this lino by tho Ladies, nnd more nnim.itioii displayed than usual. TIIIlIErS. .MIUUNOi. COIIUliOlI;. ACLari-e importitiuns of these goods this season, and prices aro from 'Jll to 30 per cent, ltss than last year. A beautiful assortment of theso goods aro no ready for eihibitionaiid site, ruicbascrs areiniilcdto give them a look before purchasing elsewhere. ilOilLUV A (II.OVI As usual, n well selected stock of Hosiery anil (iloies are in the market, but for choico goods, 14 -i I ,irs ;nW, the COIt.VEH STOlti; is jupplied with an endless variety, and at tfiirpri, tg. arcluitcd to call and examine for them- selits, CORNER STOItE, IIVAieirc llml.hng, ) September 23, l&.'it. ( IIA11E BARGAINS " at the I i F V E ! ! B l) i Tlio remainder of our Rich Pattern Cloaks, ill now ho 'i( i if prtera ti suit pur.-A urn, rtgard lets i- co.r, to tlosr thtm out, .1LMI, A II XV i il I v v U (i ii il s ill he oTercd at prices to insnro their sale. Fur. nishiiiga rarooppnrtiiiiity fortlio'e In want of such goods, to secure ir ft irirmn.. Our I'M i mis n i c.pcclnll) invited to call in timo to .ecure somo of them. AI.HI, Juit rtcmrtl t,y .V;jrsf, S!irN, (s'tioils., PliuincN, .Merino Wrappers and Drawers for Ladies and Gen. tlemen, 1'olka Sacks for Ladiis, .Mitses and Children, Knitted I'ndrr slcovp., Wristlets and Oicr Sacks, Loggius for Men ami Hoys. i;cMroKTi:its, Ariirs, i,ovr.s, Stockings,.-ilk l'ocket Ildkfs. .1 Cravats; Linen do. ALSO, a iintiicrCiirtiiii ni i:.m i i:s, Cambric and shire Lawn llilkfs. .Misses HetuiEtitch do. ALSO, A great variety of Dress Trimmings, (lirdhs for Robes, Dressing (iowns nnd Apronl. Another Carton of those Superior French Kid Gloves. .M '11, White 6l Col'd Marseilles Quilts, for French and singlo lied-tcads, Cribs and Cradles HI. NKErS, all size., Togethtr with n great variety of Window Slmilt's, Ciirtiiin (.'oods, mil llnuso Furnishing floods generally. At so, P A C A" .V (! T R U .KS, all sins. Our Ftock embracrs tvci'tldng usually kept in Dry tiouds Stor.s, nr.d uill be sold very CHEAJ' for CASH. Wo do not CHALLENGE nnd DEFY THF WORLD toCOJIl'ETE with our l'lllCE-i, but wo 1)0 INVITE ALL to call and examine- for them, stives, mid aio willing to nbilo tho decision of a dlrcrlmlnutlug I'ubllc, to whom tho nbotoissub. inittcd. Very respectfully, N. VV.CK, Jn. Jan. ICth, 1S55, dlwtf Notice. Persons wishing to purchaso DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will find an extensive nssoitment nt 156 Church st. selling nt prices which mako It for their Inteiost to call before busing elsewhere. C. r. STANIFORD. Eurllngton, Jan. 1S55. I.tntf Jan 20, 1055, New Goodo, UriT Ol'ENIXO A NEW AND EXTENSIVE variety of Rings. I'ins, Finger Rings Focket Hooks, llruihes, Combs, llritanuia Candle sticks, Tea Tots, Oy. ter Ladles, Plated Spoons, Hunting Watches, Ac, nil of which will be sold as low as cau ho had at any plaoo In town or out of it, at the old stand, Church Street. J. E. BHINSJI.UD. Lato Brinsmtdd, Brother it Co. Jan. 25th, 1655. dlwtf Railroad Watchea OT my own Importation, cased Inheavy 18 carat "fine gold hunting cases, from 3$ to 31 ounce cases j also, fine ones in heavy silver casts, with lay own name und of my own importation, of tho finest movements 1 hmo cter had tho pleasuro of offer ing to Railroad men. Double Tiuio Watches for spoilsmen ; L.tdli !ol 1 Watches In great laricty, all at low prices, at the Old Stand, Church Street. J. E, 1IHINS.MAID. Peh. 3. ,Uwf LOOK IIRRE ! n: ARE NOW READY TO SETTLE WITH t s every person, and not only ready but INTEND to do so "soul" and nil who aro In. debtod to us me respectfully Invited to call before tho tilth dsy of February next. All accounts not closed at that time, will bo left with an attorney for collection, as wo aro determined to hate our books closed. Recollect tho 10th of February. NICHOLS A UOYN10N. Burlington, Jao 57th, 1855 lUwtf LI5QAL NOTICES. Petition to Sell Land. STATE OF VERMONT, The lion, tho l'rolmto IHstrlct of Chittenden, J Court for tho District or Chittenden. Tn tho heirs, legatees, nnd nil oth ers Interested In tlio Estato of Elmoro Ilnpgood.lato oflJolton, In tho District nf Chittenden deceased, tlrtr.imu. III.llEAS, the Executors of tho Inst will nnd i i l,c!,t"",cn' "f Elmoro Hapgood, lato of llolton, i n "!lr'c'i deceased, havo mado application to Said Court, for license in sell rpnl falnln nl.1 .1A. CCnscd for tho nnvmnnl of Idn .tnl.l. nr .Al,l .I... I nnd setting forth therein, that tho personal estate' ... r,.. ueccnscu win not pay tlio Inst sickness debts, funeral e hnrires nnd,.na nr n.i.nt..t.,.-.i... ' nml that tho real estnto Is under mortgage foraboio f i l"!! Dollars, and consists of a Form, part ... ......... iui uu soiri wiiuoui great injury to tliose interested In tho remainder, and praying for llcenso . r.u iu wnoie oi sain real estato. Whereupon tho said Court appointed nnd nsslgncd tho 12th day of .March, A. II. 1855, to hoar nnd do. cldy upoj said petition, nt tho l'robnto Court Rooms In Ilurlington, nnd ordered Hint notlco thereof he given to nil persons Interested, by publishing this ?. r 'l,rco weeks successively In tho Ilurlington frco Fress, a newspnper which circulates In tho neighborhood, all of which publlcntlons shnll bo projlous to tlio tlmofor hearing. You nro therefore hereby notified tonppoar beforo said Court at the timo nnd placo .foresaid, then and thcro to glvo bonds for tho payment of debts or oth. vi miKo oojections, it you seo cause, (liven under my hand at Ilurlington, this ICth uuy oi leoruary, a. u. laoa. w3l3 D. FRE.VCII, lteglstor Thomas Fcighony's Estate. XT B THE Sl'IlsCRIIinRS, having been ap ' ' pointed by tho llonorablo tho l'robnto Court for tho District of Chittenden, cominisslo crs to receive, examlncund adjust tho clnlms nnd demands oi nil persons, ngainst tlio estato of Thomas lclghony, lato of Ilurlington, In sai l District, deceased, rep resented Insolvent, nnd also all claims nnd demands exhibited In offset thereto! and six months from the day of tho dnto hereof, being nllowod by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby glvo notice, wo win nucnu io tno nusiness ol our appoint, mont, at tlio office of T. K. Wales, In Ilurlington, In suld District, on the third Saturdays of .March and July next, at 10 o'clock, A. .M., on each of said uays. Dated this 20th day of February, A. D.1855. I .!. II. BIIA1V, 1 , . O. J. WALKER. Commissioners. w3lw3 STATE OF CANFIEL1) D0RW1N IIODEIIT BEACH, 2d, I1ETSEY I1EACII JOHN I'ROUT and VERMONT. CnlTTFNnF.N Co. COI'RT or CiiANcnnv, Nor. Term, A. D. 185 JOHN IIROWN, Jr. ViniEREAS Canfield Dorwln, or lllncsburgh, In ' ' said Chittenden County, nt said term of said Court, entered Ms petition nirnin.t ltr.herl Ileael, 9.1. of Carthago, In the county of Hancock, In tho Stato oi ininois, ncisey neaen, wito or said Robert, also of Slid Carthacc. John Front of County of Addison, nnd John Brown Jr., of Willis- ton, in sni'i uounty or Chittenden, showing thnt the said Robert nnd Betsey, on tho 3d dny or October, A. D. 1851, duly executed to tho tnld Dorwln a mortgage deed of ccrtnln land, situnted In said lllncsburgh, and described as follows, vis i All of ins, tno saia nobortv, villago lot In said Hinesburgh, that Marcus Hull deeded to said Robert, by his deed dated July 15th, 1811, nnd recorded In lllncsburgh Land Records, In rolumo Eleventh, pages 407 and 409, being tho Homestead, so called, of tho said Robert and Betsey In said Hinesburgh, whero they luuu ii-'wcii, ami continue! to reside until they re moved from said Hinesburgh ; also of certain other lands, lying nnd being situnted in Richmond In said county of Chittenden, being ono-linlf of lots mim- oereu nm'fy""'" and iMn.fl-Vnir, drawn to the orig inal rights of Hczckiah Rogers, containing each one hundred acres of land; conditioned for the payment of tho sum or nine hundred and thirty dollars speci fied In seven promissory notes, all bearing datn on inojo. uay oructober, 1851, ono Tor Serf? ' ,,," and Kif.w 1-"- Jears from date, null die. Sther six notes, each for tho sum of thirty dollars, payable respectively In six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, thirty, and thlrty-.ix months from date, to your petitioner or order, for valuo received, nndall signed by thcsal.l Robert Beach 2d, the first five, of which last mentioned notes nro now duo and owing and havo not heon paid according totho effect of the . same; and further showing that nntholOth day of .November, A. D. 18i3, the said Robert nnd Lefey duly executed tn John Front, of Salisbury, In the County of A.l lison, a mortgage deed of tho same parcel of land sit inted in said Hinesburgh, so mortgaged to tho said Dorwln, conditioned for tho payment of tho sum of rive Hundred Dollars, with interest nnnuilly, specified In a promissory nolo of that date, given by said Robert to the said Prout for tiro Hundred Dollars, for taluo received, pay. iihlo in one ycir from dnto with Interest annually, by virtue of which last mentioned deed tho snid Prout claims an interest in said land In Hinesburgh ; on.I also further showing, that the said Robert, on tho 10th of .May, A. D. 1853, by his deed of that date, executed, acknowledged, and recorded In due form of liw, sold and conveyed toJohn Brown, Jr., of Willi'ton, In said county of Chittenden, snid lots of land in Richmond, numbered ninty-thrtr and iin'IV-W, except firiy nsres of each lot, by virtue of which deed the said Bruwn slaiins an interest in f1U..lyul-,Kcn(il.;.'.irr-.i"ind,...nnd .praying that the liefer Bench, John Prout, and John llronn ,fr.."i'n the said premises may be foreclosed agreeably tc the act to diminish the expenses nf fortclosing m, rtCa. gcsln equity; nnd wherons it appeared tu raid Court that at Hie time of the service of said p. tition the sai.l Robert Beach 2d, and llctsty IJ.moIi were not residents ol this S'atc, and havo'not hid rersonal nolicool the pendency of said petition, tlicr. furo it isordtrcd by said Court that the ,....,. .,.t continued unlii tho term of said Court ntu lobe held at Ilurlington on tlio last Tnesdiyof .March A. 1). 1S", and that said Robert Beach 2d, and Betsey Beach be notified to arnear on lh,. fir.t of said term, and make answer to the said petition of tho said Dorwin, by publishing this order, to. getber with tho substanco of said petition in the Burlington Freo Pre", a public newspaper published at Burlington, aforesaid, for threo weeks succes sively, the last of which publications shall be at least twenty days, pru iUs to the commencement of the said term of said Court. J- P. ADAMS, Clerk. it M. iW.xtov, Solicitor. w33w.t DERRICK A .MILES, " , ,., '( Co. Cot nr. PEINE 3 D. COHLEY. i"'-. Term, A. D. Ih54. V 1IKREAS, Charles R. Derrick ni.d Guy .Mllu T of Burlington, In the County ol Chittenden, partners in trade ut said Hurling! nndi r the firm ol Derrick A .Miles, hating entered at said term or sai l Court tin ir suit against tho said PMncns D. Cooley, in action on book emnndinir $30(1 damages to balance Book Accounts between tlio arties, ,nJ whereas It baling bten suggested tu the said Court thnt at tl e time id tho rerwee or the writ in this action, the said Deftndant was not a rtsident of this State, ami 1. ad not had ersoml notlrr ol tt.o pond or this suit and has not nppcurej nor answered to tho same. Therefore It is ordered by the raid Court that the cause Hand continued until tho term of raid Court, next to ho h'd len nt said Burlington, t.n tho Inst Tuesday In .March, A. D, 18'ij, that tho laid Defendant be notified tu appear at said term and answer to said suit, by tho pnblir.itinn of tho sub stance cd the declaration in said action, and this order, in tho Burlington Free Pres., a newsptper printed at slid Burlington, three weeks siercs.itely, the last orwhlch publications shall boat least thrto weeks btforc said .March Term, A, D. lsjj, at which time the Defendant is notified to appear as afore said. Dated nt Burlington, this 30th day of November A. D. 1-51. J. S. AD .MS, Clerk. Lima-Ci"iui.s, Attorney for PI ilntllb-. w33w3 Collector's Hale. ri3IIE TAXES n-sessed on tho Grand Li-f of this JL Town for tho tears of H5J, 1553 and 1831, upon tho Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Cliiimplaln nnd King ttrtets, rteci.tly occupied by T D, Clin pin in, nnd set 111 the Slid lists to htm, said Tnxes being in in) hinds f,.r collt eliin nnd unj aid, and not being ablo to find within my pneinct tlio proper goods or ohntti s or the said Chapman whereon to levy and collect tho same, I lave extended the warrants Tor tlio cidlestlontr tho said Taxis upon the said cstntc, which I shall sell nt Public Auction ut th-said premises in said Burlington, on tl.o I2tli day or .March, Itsai, at tl o'clock in tho rortnoou, so much or said estnto ns will produce a sum sufll-tU-nt to pay said Taxes nnd sill legal costs thereon, S. W. TAYLOR, Finl Cnt Mr r.n I (VfV.f. r 4f if(u',iy unt f'ii-n ii h tot Txet. 3urlington, Ttb. nth, 1855. w32w3 Collector's Sale. rIHIE TAXES assessed on tho Grand Lists or this J. Town lor the years 1853 and 1851 upon the Duelling-house and Lot on the corner of Clmnii. loin ant Bank streets nnd s.t In the said Lists to John Sm th, said Taxes bolng in my hands or collection ancunpalJ.and not belngable to find within my pre cle;t the proper goods or ehattols of tho said Smith wh'reon to levy and collect the same, I haveextende I the warrants for the col lection of tho said Taxes upon the said ostate, which I shall sell at Public Auction at the said premises In said Burlington, on tlio 12th day or .March, 1855, at 0 o'clock in the forenoon, S3 much of said estate as will produce n sum suili. oieat to pay said Tuxes and all legal costs thereon S. W, TAYLOR, firir ConttahU and Coltrrtur ff lhzhiray and Union Sehiot 'lati, Burlington, Feb. Oth, 1835. w3;n3 Collector's fJale. rlHE TAXES assessed on the Grand List of this A Town Tor tho year 1631 upon the real estato or Charles Paine and Joseph Clark, Trustees or the Vermont Central Railroad Co., and set in the aid Orand Lilt totho said Palno and Clark, laid Taxes being in my hands ror collection and unpaid and not being ablo to find within my precinct the proper goods or chattels or the said Paine and Clark whereon to levy and eollect the same, I have ex. tended the warrants ror the oolleetltuor the said Taxes upon life Dwelling-house and Lot on the North sislo or .Maple llreet, rurmerly owned and occupied oy O. A. Stnnsbury, which estato I shall sell at Publie Auction at tho said premises in laid Purlin, ton. on tho 12th day of .March. 1855, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, so lunch of said estate as will pro duce n suni sufficient to pay said Taxesand all logal coits thereon. b n S. W. TAYLOR, firsl Cunitablt and Callretor cf IhcWay i ii ii . ... . ,s",vsM urn, Burlington, Feh. Otb, 1853. w32w3 lAl.M OF THOUSAND FLOWERS '-ror beau. tirylng tho complexion, removing tan, pim ples nnd heckles from the face. Just receliod and for sale by T1IEO. A PECK 1 re". . diwtr FEBRUARY 23, r. Collector's Stile. rjMIE TAMISnnucxcd on the Grand Lists of the I welllng-houso ami Lot on tl.o Wet sido of I o ,n f M '' 'Til;''"1 y, '''" I'ollfun, nnd set In tho sa d Lists to Mm, said Tuxes being l ,y ,.,,, r..r collection nnd unpaid, and not being able t., find within my precinct tho proper goods or chattels or .oo sunt ncigan wnereon to levy nnd collect tho I same, I bale extended the warrants Tor tho collie. I t on or the said taxes upon tho snid estate which I 1 at Public Auction at tho said premises In said I Ilurlington, on tho 12th day or .March INT., nti o clock, In the forenoon, so much of said estale as i wil produce n sum sufficient tu pay snld taxi s nnd nil legal costs thereon. I S. W. TAYLOR, lirtt CmitnlJr nnd Cnllrrtnr nf Ihshnitij 1 md Union .Srhiot Tatr. Jlurllngton, lebruary Dili, 18)3. wJ2w3 Collector's Sale. rinil. i..E1 assessed on tho Grand Ll-t or this I In.un rn II. ., In.. ...... . . 1851, upon n parcel of land on tl.o .I.ln r il. iu, (,iu j,;;,,. oi isii, isn in;i nnd Wlnooskl Turnpike, in tho cistorly pirt or this town.sct In tho said Grand List to Jesso llodgckln, said Taxes being in my hands for uillertiou nml unpaid, nnd not being able to find within lay pre. cinct tho nroncr i-oods or elmii.... ..r n.a ..i.t llodgcklns whereon to levy and collect the snmo I have extcncled tho warrants for tin. entlneiloo ril,n sai l Taxes upin tho slid estale, which I shall sell nt Publlo Auction, at tho Town Clerk's Officcc, In si'd Burlington, on tho 12th day of .March, 1RS3, nt 2 o'clock, In tho afternoon ; so much orsild estnto ns will produce a sum sufficient to pay said tixos and all legal costs thereon. S. W. TAYLOR, first CmttnUr nnd Coltrrtnr of Jhgfivny and Union Srtiool Vir... Burlington, February 5 th, 1 83 1. w32w.l GREAT BARGAINS jVoio offered in Hats, Cans and Pui's, nt tho Itilrllnglini lint and Pur Sttirn. 1 il t h I opportunity to retnrn , . ;iiroo ign tons oestoweu on them, nnd further siy to their patrons and the publlo eenemllv. that for tho A7J.V7' SIXTY I) A Y.S, wo shall sell nil goods now In storo nt n low future Our stock comprises a large assortment of Hats, Caps &. Fancy Dress Furs, BUFFALO AND FANCY SLEIGH ROBE, A largo variety or (S I. O V P. S . MITT 1: N s. Gentlemen and Lidles will find this n rare oppor tunlty to get good Goods nnd get them cheap. Cill nnd see. Goods In nil branohes or our lino made to order nnd repairing done nt short notice. N. ALLEN A CO. Burlington, Jan, 10, 1853, dAwtr HAVING llctnrnc'l to my oM Ftnn'l on Cluirch Street, I am now prepared to upnl y the ncc. v with the best of 9 Trn, CnffW',, Susnr, Splrn, Mnrnrnnl, Tnpiocii, Vrrrufci1ln rnrlim, J'nrn Stnrrli, Itnlln. Spilt Prn, Canary and llnnp Sml, aV Utah of Soap Markrrch Vrrmon, ("W Ftth Lamp Oil, Iturnine Fluid Ctdcr Vinrgar. Pork Lard Dour by tho Wrel or pounU Huck Whent nl Meal,ta very mo'lcrato ft'lrancc from ent, an.! a I milto nil my purchn.o for cali think my prices will b founl satisfactory fl. L. WAKN'KIt. .Tan. 25th, 185.1, FORT EDWAHD INSTITUTE, JXf.v JOSEPH KtSU. A.M.. PRisnrvi.. Tmotii brick lMiiMlng, In th pMmntion of u wiifice In America. The bonriling cirpirt. mcnt his hfrn full from th h'ftnntne. llniM, fur nihcil room, prenarc-l fuel, wihinp. in common English, nn-I !ncllfntn1. In n-lvntr-p, fr wnoie term of H weik. ?2'.00. i:?PTirinn trnln at rciluccl fare, between Tmr nl Cntlntnti, on tho first and Int day of each term. Hprinir trrm begins March 2th. Thoe who delre sup-riMr fi cjlitlesforn Uioronjh edncntion, commr-reial. rn pieal, or orntmental, nnd inr r-npnhU nf lr,ltnf nhtlmw ruin, are lnited to nnnlv fir r.itn! hpi or for boird, to the Prineipnl. xon i.iivara, v., jn. 27, w32 wi., Come and Sec DRY GOODS, A T T Ill II .SlUSCKIUCnS AUK fcLLLIMi ALL ilescriptlons of DC T3XJaUS5 ZJHry Mmhhwrr thin any other hou-e In llurUngt-tn. 7il)tuui)litiiig o. wliAiit) In our liuhica nt i.iiiu - menta wo aro desirous uf eluding out our e t k e.irly pu-'jibta, Tu tho?o In of Ihy i i cithirut Wholesale or ltvtail, we w uhl -ay ( ,lt and ittt and 3tunt you will -m aumn.. , iuuni;i; x wi;ui: i IVb. a lRf' dotHlw i uo ou liny llociu nnd Shoe for a!i ! If yuu lu wo II on T. C. WALES is. CO., MB I'l'iirl Micct, Who wlllscll ou GOUll Itr.TAILI.VO Boots, Shoes, Rubbers &. Gait crs, id all kinds and sizes. I'rom tho .inalksl child's to the larcsl men'., bv tho CASH or DOitUN. nt L'JtSBIt l'l:ll'l have been Known Tor years. 'Givo .y I'LAltl. .?iiil,i.i a iry, oeiore nuying. Boston, Fib. 3, lb55. w3inos. Matches, Matches. riHH Subscriber has taken the shop and fixtures I on Chimplain Mrcet, tormerly occupiid bv .Mr. IMdy, and is manulactiiring the CLLLBB.ULH A.VL'ltlCAN .MATL'HKS. Ho has on hand n large quantity of .Matches, tor salo at Wholesale or Betail. All .Matches sold bv the subscriber, aro warranted to gile good salisfat--tlon. u. BUMHRK. Burlington, Fib. 1, 1755 ujw I I C . I.. It'll, I.I!' UMl rtlSAL PAIN EXTRACTOR.; nut tup rnii: or NERVOUS HEADACHE, Chronio Rheumatism. SUT.M.IXfi and Pain in the Limbs, rMde.or limr cl, Cramps, Xer.ous Ik-ad.iche, Tic Uotoreux, Neuralgia, Sprains, Urubea, I'lorti uund, .pa-m, Sort Throat, llurnj and rculdi., Lock-Iatv, Crutip, White Swellini;, Hydrophubi i, Profted tcit, T.-th Ache, Ililious Cdic, Iyipepsia, Pik-, htlng", Ac., .Ic., Ac. i This Ukmkkv has been sold In IC States, and in j soruo 3.00U Uitie" and Towns, and has gitcn great J satisfaction to all who bau used it. It H j teed in all Nervous and Chronio complaints, to be 1 superior to all other prepnrutb.ns extant. Jlr. T. W, LovrLL, of Ilurlington, Vt., is m.11 neiiuaint-l with the "Pun Path ictuii,' li.ning both mdd and ued It. PHICU 2j and 50 cents per buttle. L. WILLIAMS, .M. P., Prfprittur, Xrw Vrk, Jr"Sold,AVhoIeale and llet.iil, by IIPIUIU'K A MILI'S, Wholesale ilroem. Water trcet, Purlnig. ton.Vt.i New York, ALLXANIiPK A .LATLit, Piuggists 7ii Pare lay Street, New York. 1 llurling.ton.Oct. 19, 1851. dAuly. ! MEDICATED INHALATION, nil. j. im .ntinc:, f .Vnrlliiiinptoii, .llii,, VNI formerly of the Prompton llu ital, Cit ; Itcad, London for the euro uf Consiiuiplu r, j Pronchitis, and all ether chronic aEfectinn uf trie ' Throat, Lnns and air paccaKeB, by tho inhalation ot medictted vapors, as practiced in tho Mid llo-pi- i tal. The remedies I'uiplucd by Pr. P. art-bruiilii into iiumediate contact with the ulceratid ura.i of tho Lungs and Throat, by iuhul.ition, priid.K'in their action at tho very neat of the iUeeuu, A sin. I lo ufck's trial will conlnce tho fuwilid ot tin oQicaey of tho life-restoring power uf thin trentturn t Pr. Punting will be at the American I Mel, Pur- linton, on Wednes-lay, Thursday, and 1' tiling , tin Uth, 15th, and It'.th, inst., for cuntuttation' witli patients on thoaboe Pise.ues, No charges for consultations, which are fiivtn frouiS A. .M. to 8 P. M. Pr. P. may bo alio consulted on all disease Jt cullar to Females, free of charge, at his rooms, Principal Office, Northampton, .Mas., where all letters (postpaid) will be duly answered. Feb, Sth. dAwlf GRATIS! just p uBLia II r. n, A New IHscowry in .llt'il irine I A1 FEW W0UPS on tho rational treatment, with. out .Medicine, of frnermatorrhea or IamuI WcaVncts, Nervous Pebility, Low .-pints, Lassitude, Weakness of the Limbs and Pack, ludii-osition and j Incapacity fur Study and Labor, Pullnessof Apprc- ! honsion, Loss of Memory, Aersion to Stscuty, Lore of Solitude, Timidity, Self. PUtrutt, Piiiitiei-., Head Ache, Involuntary Pischargei, Pain nt tin 1 Side, Affection of the Pyii, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other Infirmities in Man. From tho French of Pr. PeLancy. 1 Tho Important fact thatthese alarming complaints ! may easily be removed uuhout mrdiart is, in this small Tract, clearly demrnitrati-d, and the cntinly new and highly successful treatment, as udopud by tho Author, fully explained, by tho mtaus ot ubtch everyone Is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at tho least nossiblo cost, avoiding thcrtby all the advertised nostrums of the day, Pent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two Post, age Stamps to Pr. P. PP LANEY, No, 17, Llipcn ardStrcrt, New York City, Pec. 12, 185. d.twtf December 30th, New Goods, IPPTUHNPP FKOM NPW YOllK LAST evening and havo received dewing Putter-Flics, Plrds and Pocs heavy Silvei Snutf Poxen. Silver Cups, & patterns Fruits Knives, Shell pocket and BackCombs. Huffalo Hack nnl Puff Comtt. Iluffaln an, other hair Pins, Crochet Kings, lUticulcs auJ 1 lots new goojs. J. II. nillNSMAUi, OUMaml ChurchMrcet. Iec. 30th, 1S5I. UAwtf , - - 1 rilli:it.M0.Mi:ri:llS. All sues, low enough for I cold weather, at the Hid Stand, Church Mrcct. Feb, 3 ildwtf J. E. DRINSMAID, JSfifi. (il eal A ii n ii.i ! S;,i. tl'IVADlis UP 50,0(30 WO Ii T II w I N T I! n CLOTHING. At tho following Low Prices : $1 50 to 2. Good Pants, of various fabrics. $2 50. Caslmore, Doeskin, nnd Broidcloth Pants, at this law prioo, for a few days, to reduce stock. $2 75. Custom Jin do Doeskin Pants, Canvas Bottom, and mado or ns good materials as tho Pants Tor which you usunllypay $5. Closing salcor Winter Clothing. S3 to n. 1 "nfy Cass., Doeskin, and Cloth Pants, of very .1 A.l 1. 1. . . . l.t . . A. ' . . J , "'"piw ihihiiip, m-n Inr. nl nn.l 9'. h.....l l.. 11,. .1 ' . . .? .. ' mo samo lire usutliy soul. $0. A nlco Affair for a Gcntiemnn. Over Garments, custom made, uually sold f-.r much more. 010 to 12. j A Flno Custom Ma lo Overcoat or saek, made from Drnb, Blue, nnd Black pilot Cloth, Broadcloth, ani l.envir Moths, for this hw prine. Will guaranty that tho same garment. nro s ld at from Sly to J20. $0 to 10. Talmn. An entirely New Stile nf Over Garments, combining gentility with ease nnd comfort, $3 50. For nn Olhco or Business Coil, toctoso out the stock. S3 to 12. lire" nnd Frock r,.nl, from Superfine Broadcloth nnd .looskln, im l up In good stvle and In n faith Till m inner All will bo suld at these luw price, to cl i-e out stoak. $1 to 1 50. ests,of the latest f isblon, Tor these low prices. $2 to 3 50. Tor i Nlco Fancy -"nlin Vest. Also Ilhek or Fancy tiik no., in oie up In tlio 1 in ide un in the Intent tvte. flpntlemnn'j uresing iiowu, ttryl-iweat prices. c;r.Tiit:.Mi:.s FURNISHING GOODS. 37 1-2 Cts to $1 50. Assorted lot nf Shirts and Pratren. 50 Cts to 2 OO. Tino Shirt-, Linen Ilosomi and Collars. 12 1-2 Cts to 50. Fine Linen Bosoms. 5 Cts to 17. Tino l.lncn Collars, 17 Cts to 25. Socks. 25 Ct3. to 1 50. Stocks und Cravats, 25 cts. to 1 00. Silk I'ookcl Handkorahieli. 10 cts to 50. Suspenders. 37 cts to 2 00. I'lrbrellni. 6 cts to 17. Tooth Prusht's. G cts to 1 00. Hair Prushes. $5. Travelling Shawl. Toother with n reat variety of Tansy fienit, to be cloed up cheap. BOYS' DEPARTMENT. $2 to 5. Out Sucks. $1 1-2 to 1. .Iaek'itB. $1 1-2 to 2. 5uit .I.t ki and rants. $1 to 3. Cas.imtr(!l f'lnth nn 1 Doeskin Pants. 50 cts to $2. Vests. I'rru trull, th all l orr lout nn .. ' rurahssr,t linweiiT, nrr re.iiesii.. t , l.rin,. this a Irertisement iritti lliem, and tlliv i.ill th-Mi ac ili'mled. the fact, us we ar' h'rinini'd t' dose up alt th. stock of inter Cl'ithintr. A cipy of th" Xi-w I). ink, "flsk Hall Pistorial," Kriitis, t., .'vci v ii'ir.diaser. ONE PRICE, CASH SYSTEM. Oak Hall. :t 3 Xoi-lls Nt., EEftnloii. Tree. 2i, IUI. s.3mos STA lTLh(i. BUT TH UE WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. IP w often it hnrp.-ii. tint th- wife lingfrs from jfar to wnr in mnditton as not even InrcneiUy t. fi-rl tho U.jy a d exhilaratim; infiu T1IK m.OO.MI.NfJ HIUDK. I j-ears ago in tho Cush of health and TOUtk. I nu,'f'"t ' !' ana aijir.nllr In i.IiciUv. I,rn,ui. a feeble, siekly, salfim, d.bili- an.! ei I tttted w lie, with frame einaeiited. Iierrr, nn,ln,n. spirits ileirencd, e.iuntcnaneo bearing the Impress of suffeniiK. and un uller bv-ionl and mental fros tranon. f.-nu i;n.,raneo of tho slinr.lest and ..iioe.t ruhsof health ns e uneeled with th. mar riage state, the iiola'ion .1 vsh.eli entails dis.ass, uflerinjr ai.d misery, n. t only to tho wife, bat oftea EEF.EuTAr.i' c:'FLA:NT3 'TJ THE CHILDREN " Vt TUT rillKD AM) roVRTH OENKI ATIO Tinnin1ttlii (0S JIITIOV. CIItPUIA. 11 l'(M IIOMIItl , INMMTV.tiOL'T, KIM;'S i:vil,, niMt other nnd DREADFUL INHERITANCE FRUM TI1H PAKH-VTS. "n.lma-tthnroDtmuef WuBttliUUf U (htrt remi-.jrt So rel .'f N lr,re' TIii mrm! g hr knm the tunnel dJ soid.Bf UiPtn, in.l knimm? tIip rmeJioi, ml benefitin by tbn. These ire puiut?.l tjt m THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PBIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, UV I'K. A. it. MAURIOUIT, rtorKHPoR cr ciaxiun or woviv. Ons NuvJrrdlh KdUinn r.VYl 000). Smn . WP Of FIYS KXTtA BlIDwa, 1 00 A itanJard work of fitablnhej repuUtion, found cUim3 In the caUloirun of Ihe forest traJe Mien in Nsw York Pbiladelihii, und other cities, tal iolj j tb priioir! boAelIeri in the I'nited fcutej. It u flrit pabliJbt4 la 1547, kince which time FIVE HUNDRED THOtJSAKD C0PHS been -old, of which there were upwrdj of 0.i: IIL-M)I!i:i) I HOUSAXD SENT HY MAIL, ttentinff the high etiinition in which it is btli m re liable popular iiooic roit nvr.HY frmalb the othcr hivlnir (ieTOted bin exelsilre aUeoUen U the treatment of conitUiLt i ecuhar to frniklea. is rpat U which he U yeatly c io-ulttJ by tbouwods both in pereoa tol by letter Jlete erer womio cu dlscoTer, by cemprinf hw cva symptoms with thoie described, the nature, tWister, ctuiM of, sod the proper remedies for, her etiupUInto The about teccmln; a mother laa often ed cf In true lion and atlrlce uf th utmeit Impart to her future I faith, tn respect to which her stuiUTanaas tbv bids CfDioUIcf a medical gentleman, wtU fia4 ttefa ha. itinctioQ uj adrice, aod alio explain many tyspteme wh eh etherwii would occaiion aifety r alara a all tbe peculiarities facident to tir s.tusUoi art deear.Vad. How many are lafferioj from obstrietlesi or Irregular Itfee peculiar to the female lyittra, which aalernlae tb Lealtb, the cfiects cf which they ar ftraorant. ler whieh their del'eaey forbida aeealtis rned'eal aarlaa. limy icfenrj; from yroijpsus Ueri (falling of tt waau). cr from Jlwr oilu (weakness, deb3.ty, dte ) May tra la eoDitaot asr-oy fr many moathi prtted bj ea9n rreot Many bare dif&cult if sot desferoua diRTsriea, and alow and uncertain recoveries hon wboi Lvm are haaarded during such time, will each find la its p tb mains of irerention, amelioration and relief It la cf court impracticable to vaf fully tb varices fiubject tieatvd of, ta tLey are f a nature atrlillt la tended tor the married r th coatewj latic mtrriij. Jlcader, ere you a bsiband or a fatkart a wl'e er a mother f Have yuu the aincer wlfar cf th yea left at baarti rreve year a seeritj, aad lo ae Umt la learning! what came Inlet fere with their health aa4 hap pi not la than yonr ewn It wiUavtid to yea and joum, as It ha to thuaa4a, rasay a day of paJn aod axiety, fwlt owed by aleeplea n'shta, incapatitatn.; tb mind for it crdinary aiecation, ant ethauaaa; thai mean a for medical attrsdance, toedleiued aad a-tfertiaed ncatrums which btherwlae neuld prorid f.r decllnlcx year, th inBrmtttea of ae aod the prorer education of tour children In cAD'eiience f the universal pc Parity f tbe work, a e viilein id 1". it i tranr tniarr eale, Tarioa impow. tiooa tinva t-cvu atleinpled ai well on boolsallera a ca the public, by im.Ut. ti f titl paj;e apunoua e.liti--n, aud aurrt'ptitioua .nfrmment r.f copyright, anl other Jet..- aud Jiftei tiuoK it Las beu fuund DMeaary( tlat-rcu re, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC to bin iii) tstiok uuKtha words "Pr A M MaVUfwr, t.y liUriv Hreot S Y " i cn u"i the entry in lh tli rk a i'tt.iu i'fi t1 v buik ot ) l) o tnlo i-ae , aod boy inK it H'l-.-ii.' ii.l 1. m.W- M?nd by U-i.l. ujI uJujki l 1 1 AM Maui.Cisau CJ"Uton ticcirl rf On l) "TIIE MAR. RICH WOMAN'ti 1UIVATE MEDICAL COM. I'AliIOr" u icut ui 1 .('.O 10 any jvait of th Umu tt Sui-i, thi t'dia e Drifah rrovincea. Alt leit'ii pnt V" iHi-pitt, .int Jd Ire tied to Dr. A M MAlHttCIS,'. I' 1-1, New.Yoik City Tut uuiy Dun, .o l.V lctty Srt, New- Agents lit Vermont. Smith A Picree. Mtntt-elttr O P Hate. Chtliti K M Urown, HWijiocA UeJtieU A Granniss..ljru. iwr-CLl'aie A Co. llranionK Y Ulalsilell, Vtrgtnntt Collins A Porter, M.ntpetitr p Welch, Itrandon Y It Wallace, Vaiiurf L Pratt, Jr., llWaort S IC Collins, M'titrrtirrS Xicholl. Iuriicron P MerrvfioM. Windsor II 0 Tvler. MmtptUtr D Mott, N Albam, jon. 10. w6mn - - ! KWIXO CAN UY H1H1W New Styles Cana. 1 ry HlrJs. lluttorlHes. Uocsniul ScrewCushlons: small Tape Measiirrs, just tccehedat the Old Stand, Cliur.'hSircct J V,. URI.VSMAID. l'cb. 3. diwtf -STYLES! Sirccc'.ONDS S KIT DOOB TO I.VMAN 8, MA llilll."!, WOULD ItESPKOTFULLy i&R TB"T Citlions of Burlington anil vicinity, tui'!E has rccolvcil a larj;o supply of Fushlonablo Hats ami Caps for men ami boys, suitable for tho present rail Tra.lo. A good assortment of Trunks,, llonnet Cases, Traveling Hag., School Satchels, Umlirellas, Canes, Olotes, Mittens, ISovs' llclts, Ac. Thoso wishing any of tho above named goods, will plcaso call and examine. RT Hals and Caps made to order. Repairing done with nentness and dispatch. WILLIAM C. DKEiV will remain as formerly. FURS ! ! FURS ! ! I rUST Ilccclvod.a fresh lot of Ladles and Oenti iti:ss rims, selected fromlargo stocks In Vew York andlloston.' Uor salo at J. EIOlONDi, Colleeo Streot. Oct. 20,1851. diwtf C'np.irtiicrlii!. rp II K I'NDKRSIO.VnD HAVE THIS DAT ' formed a Copartnership under the name and style of DATEYA DOOLITTLE, for the transit. tlon of tho Ifirdwtrr, Agricultural nnd Commissisn w,in,.s, at the old stand of Davey A Alltn, ilfn .f the Saw, College Street. C. M. DATET, II. II. D00LITTLB. Darlington, fob. 51, 1S51. wif PALM nil At lf.VYAV.Vni), Attorneys &. Counsellors at Law, OFFICE, NO. I....E.MPIRE DL0CK, St. Paul .Mlnnesotn. EDW4RD C. riLMER, I WILDCBM. nATTVsRD, Commmionrr for Vt, Xotary Puhlte, February. SH d A wtf HUTCHINS 6c SAWYER Commlaloii .Icrcliiints, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Butter, Chooso, Grain, AND ALL KIS'DI OP C0CNTRT TROBCCK, No. 78 DnY-STItKHT, New-York. January 16, 195S. w3mi BLODGETT 6c SWEET'S Patent Galvanized Portable Oven 1 SKVE.V SIZHS. SUITillLB for the smallest private family or Hotels and Steamers of the largest slass. T2T Every Os.n wsrranted to gl v. im'm fa-tlon. Manufactured y P. T. SWEKT, College St. Iluillngton, Vt. wtf 5 : 2 S ss. a . .1 i s s' .- 1 - .2 -eg Z S J S S DAVEY & DOOLITTLE. 81'CCESSORS 10 DAVEY 6c ALLEN, wnOLSSALE lin asTAIL DKALEIS IX Heavy .uitl hcir Ilnrdnnre, Compnstig an txtensnt tsortmtnt Ilnihe rimmincrs Mechanics' Tools, Miulillrr)-, Tnblr nml I'orkrl Culler ,, DEALERS IV .Viifs; .If., Cmt-Cu and Circular Sales ; Stnl Sprint it Pump Cnam 1 Ilunt'l Tatt't and IJrootr Arrt ; Aran Sftovrls ; Painti ; Ois; ndov!t Olan, c, sj-c. And Dealers In AcmcnLTiinAL Implements k MiciiiSEs, Field, 0ai, Qaidfs aid fLowm Seedi. Acnils. nf llurllni ton nnd Vicinity for Trouty A Mear's Celebrated Centre Draught Plowi ; H. Tabor i Co.'s Plows ; Dlanchard's, Perkins, Messer A Colby's and Taft's Scythes ; Th. Genuine Drookleld Forks ; Wheeler, Melick i Co's Uorse Powers and Threshers Ac. Ae., Ac. Our Stock of rnrminc Tools it very large, Such as Corn Shelters, Straw Cutters, Hors. Rakes, Hand Itakes, Fanning Mills, drain Cadles, Snalhs, Manure and Hay Forks, Hay Knives, Cattle Ties, Halter, Trace and Dlnding Chains, Grind Et.nfs, Scythe Stones A.., A.. All of which w. are pre pared t. sell at the Manufacturers' Whal.sal. Prices. And. also. Dealers In Burlington Wufron Axles KAXErACTCREi IV DAVEV, KI.VOSIsi.XD 4 CO. These Ailes are mad. f the best Inrlish Rsfln Iron, and are superior in quality, style aad Jnlik to those used In the celebrated Coneord "agor. Cumblnlns;, strength and ease of ran. nlng, thi'y commend themselves t. all nakert ani users of Wagons, and se.ure for tb.mselv.s a reno tition and preferenee la every nark.t wh.r. they aro lntrodascd. We avail ourselves of the present eppertunlty ot returning our thanks for the patronage w. have heretofore receive!, and respectfully ,. licit a contln uanceof liko favors. Sign ofths) Sow, fol leKe St., Ilurllntlon, Vermont. C. M. DAVEY. H. JI. D00LITTI.K. srtf February H.lSJi University Medical College, At llurlinirtoii, Vt. '1HIE NEXT A.V.N'UAL COUItSE OF LECTURES a in tho Medical Department of the Vermont I nircisity will commen.o on Thursday, Marchtth, 1S5, and eontinue Sizteea Weeks. .'AMUEL W. THAYER, Jr., .V. D Anitomy and injsiey. HORACE N8LSO.V, M. D., Princtpltl ani Practice nf Surgery ani SurgUai Jurnpruitnct, WALTBR CAUPHXTHR, .V. D., .Vfslma .V'Jies and TMirapcutica, 0RRE.V SMITH. M. D Okttriti, Dmates of H'ossm and Children amj Obitttnc&l Jurisprudence HEXRY RRXl, CasmlJfry a i Toaictloty. EDMUND KAN'H, M. D Principles and Practice of Medicine and Patkalegy. Th. fee for a full Course Ii HO, Matrlculatloa $1, Third course, students flO; graduation f.. $1S. During tbe Lecture Term, liberal opportunities will be provided for gentlemen wishing to pursue Practical Anatomy. Dr. Thayer will pay panic?, lar attention to those who wish to lUttect during autumn and winter. For further particulars apply to 8. V. TUATER, Jr., Dun tftke Faculty, Burlington, Vi., Sot. lit, 1854. wtitohl LOST. LA X D W A R R A -V T, No. U.m, Issued to JOSEni LAM0RE, of Vermont, for service In tb. War of lilt, and mailed at Washington, Dse. 8, 1851, having failed to reach Its destina. tlnn, notice Ii hereby given that application will b. made to the Commissioner of Pensionitoliiue a duplicate of laid Warrant. HENRT WEED, Agent. Hineiburgh, Jan. 15, 165S. wJ9w6 (f) aT Q- W S" 1 w ? 5 2 I i i 5 m o55 oa gS r- - T f a r. " S ' .- O v t . 5 - L a t B'is5 -"iis 2 ?: r- r. S French Glass, Sash and Fntty. rJIRENCH (1LASS ALWAYS ON HAND, FOR Salo by the Box or Retail. Qlau Cnt to any Shape and Site, and Set In test Style, fjr Orden promptly attended to. Callandiea, twodoon Eaitof the FREE PRESS OFFICE, Cel. lege Stree t. HERTET BURNETT. EcRUaro May 35, ) last. i i7.

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