Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 2, 1855 Page 3
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Houston's comiironiiso turirriilll, with iiltcr.v tions, proposing Unit articles now pajint; llll), 40 and 3D per cent. eliiill uflcr tlio 1st ol'Jnly pay 80, 32 ami 2o per ci lit rcilncitig the prrf ent rates 30 per cent, tlio niiinW of nrtklii paying 23 per cent, to Ijo reiluecd itliout 20 Mr. Lotclicr'4bstitiito was then ndoptcd. Yoas 99 nays SOanJ Mr. EJgcrton's amend ments agrcod to, yevs 122, nays not counted. Washington-, Feb. 21. TlioSenato session of yesterday listed until a quarter past twelve, this morning. The time was occupied inadc'mto upon tlio law to protect U.S. officers, in which Senators Sum. ner, Wilson, Gillctt ot Connecticut, and sev eral Southern Senators took part. Mr. Sumner moved ns nn amendment tho repeal of tho Fugitive Slav d Hill. This was rtjectcd, only nino voting in tho afiirniatiio. Tho Bill was then pnssed. Indian Wnr broken Out. Accounts from Santa To stato that an In dian war had broke out. A party of Apaches and Utnhs at Pueblo, had massacred 14. men and left 2 others for dead, but they were only badly wounded, 3 women and 2 children vvcro taken prisoners, Tho Indians numbered about ono hundred. On the 20th January, Capt Xcwcll and n party of tho 1st dragoons Jiad a light with tome Miscaulercn and Apacho Indians nt Sacramento Mountains,nnd killed 12 of them,while on the American etdo Captain Henry W. Ston'on and thrco pri vates were killed. (Sen. Garland has called icdu service livo companies of volunteers for a period of G months.nml recommends Congrces to pay tho expenses of tho same. At last ac counts 400 Apaches and L'tahs were on tlio way to attack Santa Fo. In tho N'ovv Jersey Legislature the prohibi tory liquor bill was defeated 10 yeas, 9 noes. Sentence of Wilson uml Wife. OciiENSDiT.r.n, Feb. 21. Wilson tho notorious incendiary of this placo wasyesterday convicted of Arson in tho 2nd doirco and sentenced to State prison at hard labor for lifo. His wife, convicted of grand larceny, is sentencod to Stato prison for 5 years. Ill's son is acquitted. His wifo was an active accomplice. Washington, Teb. 27. In th Senate yesterday, after an eloquent speech from Senator Cass, the sword of lien. Jackson was presented to Congress. In the House, the presentation speech was raado by Mr. Smith of Tennessee, who was followed by Mr. Benton of Mo. Tho thanks of Congress worn voted to tho family of Gen. Jackson. Severe Wcnthci. BirrAto, Feb. 26. Tho weather is intensely cold, and tho de spatches from Chicago and Milwaukio, stato that it has been tho coldcstday of tho season. Thermometer 20 below zero this morning. No Now York train has reached hero s.ince Saturday evening, being delayed by heavy snow drifts near Batavia. Four trains over duo. Steamboat Explosion. New Orleans, Feb. 27th. Tho stcamtug McDamcl collajscd both of her boilers yesterday a little below this city, killing 7 persons and wounding several others. The boat is a complcto wreck and two ships which sho was towing wero somewhat dam aged. Anthony Burn on bis wny In Itoston. Baltimore, Feb. 28. The reclaimed fugitive slavo Anthony Burns, is now in this city on his way back to Boston, havinglieou purchased by a few Bostoni.ins for 1,300 Dentil of Judge Edvvnrds of New York. Hon. Henry Edwaras, Judged thobupremo Court in N. Y. died last night after a pro tracted illness, aged 4G years. Judge II. was tho son of tho late Governor of Connecticut. K. N. Success in f.corgctovvn. Washington, Feb. 27. The olectionof city officers of Georgetown took placo to-day and resulted in tho entire success of the K. N.'s Tho present mayor is to-elected by a handsome majority. Cubnn News. A letter from Havana by tho Crescent City 6ays that arms bad been taken away from a number of Creolis, and that Scnor Estampes had teen sentenced to death by th garote and Mr. Felix to ten years in the chain gang in Africa. Col. Ilentnn on Wntcr Drinking. The Mercantile Library Association of New York, presented Col. Benton with a silver Pitcher and Salver, as nn acknowledgement of the favor bo had dono tticin in lecturing boforo them. In his reply, after expressing his thanks for tho generous and tasteful gift, ho said : In making theso acknowledgments I beg leavo to say, thcro was an appropriateness in tho selection of tho particular article for tho testi monial, beyond what might havo been under stood when the pitcher was filed upon, and which is this : When I was yuung 1 becamo what Dr. Franklin was my only point of resemblance to that illustrious man when ho worked at his early calling in London, an ajuatic tho term which his comrades applied to designate him as a water-drinker. 1 also drank water, and nothing stronger, in tho early part of my life the first half of it, and to that abstinence, from all vinous, spirituous and fermented fluids I attributo the good health and general vigor which I now enjoy. As this allusion touches a point at which a word might bo useful to other young men de sirous to advanco themselves in life, and to have good health in old ugc, I will go on to say that, at that time, and in tho Sou h, it was tho custom in every houso to offer some thing to drink to all visitors even boys ;und that excuses were no delcuce for those who would refuse. Pressure, importunity, cus tom, broke down all excuses, and it "becamo necessary to opposo where reason was unavailing ; so I made a law for myself that I would drink nothing until I should be in the decline of lifo, and might need it ; and resolutely pleaded that law. 1 aiteruurds caped importunity. It was tho first stand, "solitary and alone, "fctliut 1 ever made ; but not tho last. 1 was young enough, and Ml- y enough, at that timo, to suppose that this decline would come upon me at thirtv ; and so fixed that bro us the limit fur my law When thirty came I did not feci tho decline, and extended the time ; and eventually re laxed into temperance and have remained at that point ever tinco, Thus, tho first half of my llo was abstinent the sccand half tem perate i and to theso conditions I attribute whatever ofmcntal and bodily vigor I may now nave, a u wnatevcr ol business applies tion 1 havo ever shown. Liris or Washington. A London letter writer says that at a collection of wax work now on exhibition in that city, thero is dU played a bust ol Washington. It ii pl.icod beside the figure of Mrs. Siddonc, probably tho create, uctrcss that ever appeared on the Knelish stago, and boforo it is placed it card containing what purports to boa sketch ufhislifo. Thoskctchisa curious specimen of biographical literature, and reads an follows : " Geurgo Washington was a colonel in the British army under General Br.tddock, and resigned on account of George was uorn in , uiiu muu in . 5D i c i In this town, on the 2$tU Feb, Jossruixr, infant daughter of Joni D.and L. M. Cmr-DEix, The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend ber funeral from the residence cf ber father on Friday nfttrnoon at two o'cltck. R In Itlchmottd, Feb. 1st, Ma u vim Darurr, aged 61 years Iu llhitiburgh, 011 Filday, Feb. Kih, M Alii is L. Cho&sman, aged 4(1 year. Inthls fillago, (Moutpeller) Feb. 15th, Mrs. Sarah Clark P.ublee wile of Doot. Idib'ee, and daughter ofDoct Charlet Claik, aged 28, Mrs. H, wai formerly a preceptre In our Academy, was an accotuplliheed and exotllent woman, and hir death robs our Tillage of one cf lit brightest oroa raenU. Jitpotitvry Telegraphic Report ol tho. ".am bridirc Cattle JYlarXct. tlrpotOd lor the Weekly Free West., Wednesday, Fob 28tli . At Market 021 cattlo, about all beeves and no, Stores consisting of Working "Oxen, Cows, and Calves, Yearlings, two and Ihreo. years old, Market Beef Extra per cwt.$8J a 9 First qunlity, $8. Second do $i to 7J. Third do S01 to $7. Ordinary $GJ. Hides per en t $5J a 6. Tallow 8.i9. Pelts $1.00 1,25. Calfskins 11 to 12 conts per lb. Barrelling Cuttle, $G3 to 71 per hundred. Veal Calves 4 1, 5, fi. But few. Working Oxen 125, 32, 5, 40, 5, 5!J a 225. Cows and Calves, 25 to 3G,38 to 53. Yearlings, 10, 11. 15. Two years old, 23 to 10. Three years old, 45, 4, 5, 8, 50, 2 to 58. Sheep and Limbs, 2562 nt market. Bxtra, 0J, 7, 8, 10. By lot, 2), 1, -,3, I, ,,i,4 to 41. Swine, none, except in tho carcass, 9 per hundred firm. J'.F.v.vnKS. Sales at quotations, but not so quick, ns thcro has been a large amount of beef, mutton, pork nnd veal in tho carcass, and also largo quantities of poultry brought into tho market from almost evcr.v section of tlio country during tho past two weeks. Ono largo pair oT oxen, raised in Northern New York, but fatted at Decrfield, Mass, wcr aid to bo tho f.ittit nnd handsomest cattlo ever exhibited in this State. Ninety-two cars camo over tho ntchburgh Itailroad, and 52 over the Boston ,fc Lowell 11, It., loaded with cattlo, sheep, swino, horses und fowls. oo.ii.nn ucial. I'lfoCTOlf ii WOOD'S E'riccs Ciirrcttt. M S. Proctor, BOSTON". ; M. r. Wood Commission .llcrclinnts For the sale of WOOL AXD COUXTHY PRODUCE llosro.v, Fob.. 51, 1855. ashes rots, r iooiij. Pearls r APPLES Dried, per lb. f. 75 U 30 27 25 22 21 11 10 20 0 75 11 75 40 n 51 a 2'J a 25 a V.I a 20 a 15 a 10) a U a IIEESWAX Yellow, BUTTER Very choice, per lb. Fall Now York and Vermont Hairy Common Dairy, Western and Canadian, CHEESE Prime, por lb. (now) Common aud Fair, EGOS Per dozen. FLOUK Goneseo, fn.ncy, per bl 9 50 a do extra do con'mon brand Ohio, common u fancy do extitt Michigan, common do fancy 11 00 a 8 02 a 8 CJ a 8 75 0 25 a 0 50 1000 a 10 75 O on 0 35 a !) 50 Canada, in bond com. A fancy 0 00 a 9 50 7 50 1 00 1 01 05 1 UC 2 55 1 30 1,0 : 37 1 75 30 Hvo Hour b UUAIN Corn, Northern, p.-bushel 1 04 Southern, yellow 1 02 a Southern, white 33 a Western Mixed 1 01 a Wheat, Western I 67 a ltyo, per 50 lbs. 1 25 a Oats, Northern, 58 a White l(cans,pcrbus., CI lbs. 1 75 a Peas, Canada 1 C!J a HOPS Perlb., 1st sort, 1851 23 a PROVISION'S Beef, Western Jlees. Extra, 1 mos. 16 50 a 17 00 Western good 15 50 a 16 00 Western Common 11 00 a 15 00 Eastern Moss 13 00 a 15 00 Pork, oxtra clear 1 mos. 17 00 a 17 50 Clear 16 00 a 10 50 Mess, best 15 00 a 15 50 Mess, other brands 11 50 a 15 CO I-iluio IIWHIUU Lard, keg, per lb. Ilia 12 Lard, bbl., perlb 10) a 11 Hams, Boston smoked 10 a II Western do 10 a 10) Drcssod Hogs 7) a 8 POTATOES per bu. 65 a 90 POULTRY per lb. 10 a 1?1 SEEDS r"U-f v..l.ern, per lb 12 a 13 Western and Southorn now 10 a 11 Timothy per bu. 1 "V n 3 50 Red Top, bag a 5 50 Flaxseed a 1 67 3TARCII Potatoe, per lb, quiet. C u. I.J WOOIi Domestic Saxony Fleeces, 6m. 15 a IS Full blood Merino 10 a 4 3 do do 30 a 35 I do do 32 a 35 Western mixed 25 a 35 Pulled Extra 33 a 13 Do Superfine 33 a 30 Do No. 1 25 a 31 Wool Skins 50 a 1 00 AS11F.S Th! slock is limltod and no particular chan;e in prices, Wo notice a decline in New York, but sales in this markot are ma lo at 0 to a 0 a, J for Pearls. Pots at G 75. 1SUITLR Thero has been an advanco for a strictly prime quality, which is scarce and in dcinanJ at 7j a 77c, iiul lair ana mo muro common gr.tues prices aro without much change, and in fair supply to meet tho regular demand ; quito ordinary qua! ities aro rather dull at quoted rates. Tho stock of all kinds however is small. CHEESE Nochangc to notice since our last re port. There is a steady but moderate demand fiora tho trade, mostly lor the extra brands, and lliey are held quito firm. (1HAIN Tho market is dull for Om ami juices arc a shade lower. Sales of Northern round at I 05 a 1 06 ; Southern yellow nt 1 02 a I 03, and some lots tcry good at 1 01 ; and white at 93 a 95c per bu. Oats arc firm and in fair demnnu at 58 a t.Oo per bu for Northern, In Kyo there havo been further sales at 1 2S a 1 30 per bu. Whlto lieans aro in demand at 1 75 a 2 37) perbu. HOPS Holders continue to ask 20a nor lb, at cash. at which figures rolil sales hare been made. PHOVlBlONS Pork has been In better demand andthi rairketis steady nnd firm at late prices. ales of prime at 13 50 a Sll : mess atld a 13 au; clear at 10 50 and extra clear at S17 a 17 50 per obi, 1 mos. About 500 half bbls clear sold for ex- irtto California nt $9 a 9 50 per half bbl, cash and time. Reef has been in moderate demand at steady prices. Sales of Western mess at 11 50 a 16 : and extra at lb ou a $w per noi, linos. Lard remains without change. The sales hare bf en at 10 a 11c in bbls, and 11) a 12c in kegs. The arrivals of dressed Hogs hare been moderato and prices range 7J to 6 jo. WOOL Stock of fleece and pulled light, and thero is a steady but modcrato demand at our quo. ted rates. LAdvcrtisement. CiMition repented Thu Otlirr hide" Answered. Wc very much regret to say ono word more In relation to tho conduct and character of John Drown, theponofthe (so called) Dev. F. II. Drown, of WlUiston. Wo charged him with using tho money and goods of tho Division Xo. C02 X, E. P. Union, and for various acts of fraud while In fur pmrlnj Pince then ' tbo other side' has appeared In tbo Free Press, wo learn from the (so catled) Her. F. U. Drown, that no proof whatever of tbo chargts ainst bis sou hacbeon adducodj and that the au thor of the statement are at least mistaken ; and that many of the best cltlieni of WlUiston agree with him. Wo are thus directly charged with falsehood and libel. Let it be distinctly understood, that we bare the proofs for each and every chargo which wo havo made, We felt it our dnty to caution the public against the young man. We called upon bis father and bo agreed If we would not expose his ion, all the charges should be amicably adjusted, Whether wo are mistaken and have dono his son great Injustice, lot the public judge. Ills ion In tho presence of bis father and four Directors, (as fast as he found wc could provo tbaia) acknowledged fjom ten to twenty charges which we brought sgvinst him, and Mi father has tbo amount of tho charges on paper taken down by himself at the time, and not only this, be has settled for the same as far as dollars and cents aro concerned, and further we have a writing from him saying that If any more such acts be proved, bo will sittlo for tbo idiuo. In the mean time bis son left Wlliliton 11 nknown to us, and then bis father his afUriued that we have greatly wronged bis son. Wo took all honorable means to bring this unpleas ant aflair to a sottlcincLt without a State process at law, and n efforts to do this, us have been misrep resented, ami charged Mth mistake and Indirectly with falsehood. Doing thus treated, wo felt U our duty U cautiou the public. And ftand ready to uvtain each and evory charge uiado against his ion before any legal tribunal in the country, D. A. MUHIIAY, IIOUATJO CHAPIX, Hin.VM MURK AY, JOIIX C. fUUFFIX. w35wl Me O S T II E I M IMI-oHTCK or W INKS a no L I Q U O H S, i:t Pro 11 1 Nircrl, ( 7 wo (mci r9 C'.tntir iit'J't) n 1: v . v o 11 ic , March 1, 18,5. wtf BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, rlIB MOST SUCCESSFUL AMERICAN BOOK! R V T II II A I, I, , A DOMESTIC TALI! OF Till! PRESENT TIME. lly Fanny Kern. 500 pp., 12mo. Cloth. Price, 1 25. ,i i , ( " " noon reserved to this distinguished author- acuiors wnat may, tinder tho circumstances, be regarded as tho most brilliant success ever ob. talncd by nn American writer of fiction, "RUTH HALL," her first continuous story, though dcrlv Ing no interest or popularity from connection with any of those vexed questions which agitato tho publlo mind, has, In tho two months since Its first appear, ance, reached a largcrsnlo than anvothcr inis.n work of fiction whatever within tho tamo period. This extraordinary fuct Is, of Itself, abundantcvl denco of the nbsorblng Interest and graphlo power of this remarkable work. Wo havo In our posses slon several hundred lcvlcws of "RUTH 11 ALL," which havo already appeared In the principal news papers and periodicals. Nearly nil of thoso pro nounco It emphatically a work of gcnluj, many pre dicting for It the largest sale of any American book, and devoting whole columns to Its culoglsra, while wo havo yet seen but very few (not twelve In all) which deny Its singular fascination. " RUTH HALL" Is for salo by Booksellers cen- erally. Published by MASON BROTHERS, f w N'o. 23 Park Row, Now York. St. Lawrence Academy, POTSDAM, N. Y. rpilE present Term will closo on tho 11th day of I Maichnext. Tho nott irrtn Thursday, March 29th. Hour B. . IlrcM-Aw, A. B., Prlnclpal.aad Waldo j,,, ,,..lani. .HISS AVAIDA E. Waiirkx, a graduate of the Mount Holyoko Scml nary, has charge of tho Female DErAnrr.:ir. Tuition per Term or 1 1 Weeks : Langungos, and tho higher branches of English Edu. cnllon, j no Elementary English Studies, 4 40 Muic ou tho Piano Torto, Drawing and Palntlnr riro also taught In tho School, by other and couipo tent teachers, for which extracharges aro made. Iho lR'-irr.r.s ro ,ppjr to iform lho publelnal Messrs. Iluckhnm and llrlgham, graluatcs of tho Unliersltyof ermont, who havo now boen In lho school inoro than half a year, havo fully sustained tho high reputation for teaching, they previously enjoyed. ' Tho TRCsrr.r.s feci a-sured that this Institution aTords facilities Tor acquiring a superior Academi cal Lducatlon. Tho Academy buildings are amplo and commodious, with Library, Astronomical and t-hemicil Appirntu., togothor with a respoctable Cabinet of Minerals. Public patronngo is solicited. By order of tho Board of Trustees, . . S. RAYMOND, Secretary. Potsdam, Feb. 27, 1655. -""ry. Note. Tho Academic year Is divided Into three terms.of fourteen weeks each. Tho first tsrm com mencos nn tho second Thursday of Au-ust, overy your. At tho close of tho first torm, isa vacation of throo weeks, and nt tho closo of tho socond term a vacation of two wocks. (Tuition formerly char -cd j ... .tua. ,1.-1 , ,4 HtCKSJ. w35 w3 Valuable Farm for Sale. ril It IS DESIRABLE FARM, containing Two Hundred and Nlnoty Acros, is situated 1'uur miles north of Vorgenncs, on the old stage road, and ono and a half miles from the Railroad Maiion. It is pleasantly situated, nnd tbo soil is of oxcellont quality. On the premises is 1 Commodious Urick Dwclliii". a modern stylo! together with all the neeosiary'""" I1ARNS ANDOTIinn IJUILIH.NGS, For Dairying and other Farming purposes. Also, an Orchard of nearly TOO APPLE TREES, just coming into bo.iring. Of tlio Choicest Vnrlotlcs. Altogether, this is tho most dcsirablo Farm ever offered for salo in this region. ROWLAND T. ROBINSON. Fcrrisburgh, 1S55. wJ3w3 Deafness Cured. TTJEAr what Scarpa's Acoustic Oil has done ! The greatest cure ever yet performed by any Usol tUllU. !( IIViCI 1111 1 3 J from tho Albany Daily KuUku Lv,,,!.., it, 1 . j West Troy, Juno 3. This Is to certify that I, V illard Jenks, proprie tor of tho West Troy 1'xchange Hotel, having been nlUictcd with dealings 111 one tar lor too iau twenty years anil in tho other for tho last year, so that It was Impossiblo for mo to hoar lho loudest oice, and after trying various remedies without improving iny hearing in the least, I was induced to try Scarpis Compound AcouMio Oil, for tho euro of Deafness, and it Is with great gratification I am enabled to stato that it has perfectly restored my bearing, and I will be happy to see any person who wishes infor mation in relation to my caso at my place in Wckt Troy. WaLAKD JE.VK-. Do careful and purcbae of Mr. T, A. PKCK, Durlington, A. U A D. SAND?, 100 Fulton etrcet, Xcw York, as thcro is a counterfeit article in the market. Feb. '. w3nios BULCE5 NEW YOKK TVPH-rOUNDHV, es tabhshed in 1 S 13, has now on hand, ready for nmvtiutt drlntry in forts tn suit purchasers, 100,0011 lbs. KOMAX TYPK of mw out, SO, (1 00 FA AC Y TYPK, SCUIPTS of various styles, (imt.MAXS, ORN'AJIKXTS in great variety, IlOltDElt. 10,000 5.U00 5,000 &.UU3 30,000 fiet UU 5S AND TYPE METAL RULES, and nil tbo ovcltics in the business. Al! tho apovc Typc-s are cast by steam power, of tho new eoiupoMtinn of metal peculiar to this foun dry, and WHICH ISCEKTAIXLY SUPKIUOU to nny ctr used before In any part of the woild. The unequalled rnpidity in the process of casting, ena bles mo to 5ell thec inoro durable tyrvs at tho nrl- ces of ordinary t)pe, either oncredit or for cath. rrceses, vtooil type, and all other Trintlng Ma teri.ils, except Paper and Cards, (which bao no fixed quality or price,) furnished at manufacturers prices. The latest Specimen Bonk of the Foundry U free 1 given to all printing offices, on th receipt of 60 cents to prepay ibe postage. Pi in tern of newspapers who choose to publish this adtcrtUuutnt, including this note, three times belore tbo first day of July, 1S55, and forward me ono of the papers, will bu allowed their bills. it the timo of purchasing five times the amount of ray manufactures. Address, OEOIIGE 11 JUTE. 13 Chiubers-St., tw lork, Xcw-York, Feb. 12, 1635. w35w3 NOTICE. FgMIE L"il VM rs in Town Meeting, of the Town J- of liurhngUu, jro hereby notified to meet at tho Town Hall in Durlington, on Tuesday, tho Cth day of March, 1&55, at 1U o'clock, A, M., fur the following purposes, Mi : let. Tochoutc a Moderator. Vnd. To fleet all necessary officers. 3rd. To see if tho Tuwn will vote to elect Street Couimissii ners, aud if o, toelect them. 4th. iu oto for a County Commissioner to ap point Agents to purchase and sell intoxicating liqu ors for Medical, Chemical and Mechanical purposes. 5th, To r-eu If thu Town will tote to extend Union Street to Colleiro Strt-tt, or sell tho whole of or part 01 uiu om roor iinuso 101, on uonege street. Gth. To tiee Ifthe Town will take nny action In regard to tbo occupation of obstruction, by any of lue iiniiroau loiupames, 01 mc public Highways ana Bireeu. 7th. To unko such new arrangements of the iev. eral School Districts a tho Town may deem proper. 6th. To see If tho town will authorito tho 0en Inland working of Lako Street. l)th. To rauo money to pay all tho appropriations that may bo made at aid Meeting, and ordinary ex ptnsos of tbo coming year, and the debts of the town, if anv exist. 10th. To seo it tho Town will appropriate any money to aid tho Firo Society, nnd to transact any otucr ousincsi prui er 10 do uone. T. E. WALE. ) c . . M. L, CilUUCII, J wloctmen DateJ at Durlington, Feb. 2'.', 1855. dAwtf Cash Music and Piano Store OF HOHACi: WATEUS. Xo.233 Droadway,Xcw York, Opposition to tho Combination! MUSIC AT iillKAILY DEDUCED KATES. Notwithstanding the combination of Muilo Deal or to keen up the prices of non-cov-vrlcLt muiia against tlio interests of XntiioCompoeers, and their reiusai iu esitnu 10 .nr. iMiLiu luo courtesies c-I the tiado, he U making Immeiiso talct having abundant evidtuce that ho bus publlo countenance aud suproit in bis opposition to the (treat Monopo ly, and lit his c fit. Hi to aid XatheTalent and adopt the Xational Currency. His Hock of Americanaiid European Music Is imuiciue, and the catalogue of his own publications is ono o the largest and bert Bilected in the I mted States, llo has also made a Great K eduction in thu prices of Pianos, Melodconi, ana .auuicbi inbtiumcnti vi an Mrdi. bupcrlor toned b UcUe Piauos for 175, and $225, Interior of as good quality and iustrumenteasitrong and as durublu as tli nfl which cost $500, Piauos cf ecry aritty of stjlo and price, up to $1000, com 1 rUing tboro f'f t n different insuufactorles ; and among them the celebrated modern Improved Hokace Watkiib' Pianos, and tbo first premium .KoLfAtf Piamis of T. Uilukht t Co,s. make (own. ers of tbo EUoan Putenl). reeond4iand Pianos at great bargains. Pilcvs from $40 tu $150, Melo deons (ruiu the different manufactories, including the well-known S, D, A, H, W, Suitu'h Meloilcons, (tuned the equal temrrament,) tbo best mako in the United States. Prices, $15, $C0, $75, $100, $115, $l'J.', $135, $160. t-mitli'i Double Dank Me- lodouns, &20U. Each Piano and Melodeon truaran teed, 'ihe beat terms tu tbo trade, schools, Ac. l'2 per cent, discount to Clcryuun and Churches. All oidei s promptly attended to. M usio sent tu all parts of tbo country, iot paid, at tbo reduced rute. 1 Ocneral and hcltct Catalogues ond Schcdulci n) price of Musleul Instruments forwarded to any ad- dresi free of charge, Feb. 15c w3ins lvAC0USTIC OIL! LEGAL NOTICES. 9?.!cb Nsh'.i Estate. STATE OP VERMONT, The lion, the Probate District of Chittenden, ss. Cult Tur tho ills trict of to ttonden. To all persons concerned In tho estate of tnleb Nash, lato of Jericho, in said Ills trict, deceased, (Jnr.i.tun 1 17"1II:KI;AS, application hath been made In , , , ."""as for license nnd authority to tho Administrator upon the estate of sai l dtctne.,to deed twonty.fivc ncrrs of land being part of lot No. in Jericho, which said decensed was under con. tract to deed to Kah Chittenden, bf said Jcllcho. V hereupon tlio iM Court appointed tho tilth day or March, A. 1, 1853, at tho Probata Court l!onm, to hear and decide upon said application nii-l it is further ordered that notlco thereof ho gliontonll persons Interested therein by publishing Ihisorder thrco weeks successively In tho Burlington Free 1 rcM previous to tho time so appointed, You aro thorcforo hereby notified to nppenr nt the timo nml plnce aforesaid, anl show c.iue, If any you have, why such llccuso should not bo granted. (liven under my hnnd at Burlington, this 23d day of February, A, D,, 18.13. "33"3 D. FRENCH, Register. Martin L. Croasman's E3tatc. irE THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been np vv pointed by the Honorable the I'robvte Court for tho District of Chittenden, Coinml.sioneis to recclvo, examine and ndju-t tlio clalmsund demands of all persons, against tho cstito of Martin L. Crossman, lato of Hlnesburgh, in said district, de ceased, represented Insolvent, and also allcliims and demands exhibited in ou""Ct thereto j r.d six months from tho day of tho date hereof, being al 1 wed by said Court for that purpose, we do thclcloio hereby giro notice, that wo will attend to tho lusi nos of our appointment, nt tho dwelling of Mrs. Laura A. Crossman, In Illnesburgh, In said Dlstlict, on the first Mondays of April nnd July next, at 10 o'clock, A.;.M., on each of said days. Dated this 23d day of February, A. II. 1S35. (1. D. WELI.EII, ) - , , RENdAL BRIUUS, Commissioners. w33w3 Martin Barber's Estate. VI fE THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been appoint v T cd by the Honorable tho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, Commissioners to re ceive, cxntnlno and adjust the claims and demands of all persons njalnst tho cstato of Martin llatbcr, late of Richmond, Insild District, deceased, repro scntod Insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited 111 o!Tct thereto ; and six months from tho day of the d tto hcicoT, being nllowcd by said Court for that purposo, we do therefore hereby give notlco, that wo will attend to the hulnessof our ap pointment, at the dwelling of Tannv i'nrbcr in Richmond, In said District, on tho third Thursdajs ol May and August next, at 10 o'clock, A. .11., on oach of said dayj. Dated this 22d day of February, A. D. 1S55. E. 11. OREE.V, NATHAN FAV, Commissioners. E. 1). MASON, .V, w35w3 Henry C. Boardmar-'a Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The lion, the Probate District of Chittenden, s.s. 5 Court for tho District of Chittenden. To all persons lnterctid in the estate of Henry C. Boardman, lato of M Iton, In said district, decensed, (km.iio. WHEREAS, Hector Adams, surviving Excculorof the last will and testnment of Henry C. Ho.irdma-i, lato of Milton, deccuscd, and trusteo ol s.iid estate, proposes to ronuor nn account of his ndministrn tion, and present his account against said ?t,itc for examination and allowance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to bo holdeu at tho Probate Court Doom, In Durlington, on tho 25th day of April, A. D., 1355. Therefore, you aro hereby jiotified tn appear be show cauo, if any you have, wliy'tho account nfou faid should not bo allowed. Jlvcn under my hand at Durlington this 26tb day of Fibruary, A. D. 1S55. w35w3 D. FKEXCII, P.rglster. A Musical Joiirnnl for the Millinn! ffHE XEWYOIIK MUSICAL DEVIEW contains 1- annually over Ono Hundred Piec'i of Xuw Music, besidei a vast tunuunt of critic il, intructivo and entertaining reading j nlu, a work (pubtilied In chapters) by Lowell Mason, emb.tdyini: the jtrtr- ticnl rrullit n applied to pr ictiral teat hnq, ot hi experience, during a long and industrioucarcer, n an nuthor and teacher of music. And yet the 1 ,1rme-i Rmiw Is only onu dollar a jear, or six cop ies for fio dollars inflexibly in advance. Anybody ! feeling an interest in the causo of muic, is invited I to get upcluu, and forward subscriptions. Pub Ih'icd fortnightly. Specimen copies sent on receipt of five cents, or two postago stamps. Address, post-paid, MAsOX UUOTIlCIl. 23 Park llow,Xew York. dAwJn f IinnEIlY HIVE XO tlCE, that I havo ghen my I son Tit UMAX McXAI.L his timo during tho emalnder of his minority, and that from tbi dnte of bis contracting. JUIIX McX ALL. Witness. Jonv u. ijalt. Colchester, Feb. 10, 155. w3lw3 Notice. JIIEUF.nV (UVK .VOClCi: that I havo ulvcn my tiro sons LOilC.N'ZO UVK II and 1,1. US It. IlVKHtho rcmiiuin pirtof their minority with permission to transact business fjr themselves, and ns I shall claim none of their earnings, I s'l.ill pay no debts of their contracting after this date. TnciiAy Williams, Witness. Wcstford, Fob. '20,l)i. w3lw3 Notice. TIMIV. C0rAnTNKI!-lllI' bcretoforo e.vitinfr in t tho n.imor.f V,. ADAMS X CO Is this daydi solved by mutual consent. I). E flrljwol.l is hereby authorirul to settle al claims and demands for and against the concern. uraQ'l isle, leu. i , jo, E. ADAM-. 1). E. tiltlSWOLD. The subscriber havipor tho business of tho late fum of K. Adams A Co. to settle is desirous of bav. init all intercsteil call as oon as practiaiblo. An would also say that ho will continue tho mercintlle business at tbo old staud. Ti.bias' Landing, where goods can bo bad at oost for cash. II. It. tilllBVVUI.U. I'eb. 17. n3t3 ALL THE WORLD WILL HEAD THIS HOOK. Tht Lift and Brauttti of F A TV TV V V P. n TJ . Iii eno Vulurnc, l2mo., Cloth. Prico One Dollar I f 110 IS HUTU HALM Is llutli Hall Fanny ' T V Fern, or somebody elto 1 And if 1'annv Fern is not Kuth Hall who Is Fanny Fern 1 Thu Life and Jjcauues ol J .inny l crn is nuw beloio the public, ami the world will bo enlightened, And this b-olt a strange tale unfolds, lho present wirk id iiutlien- tio In all its details, lno&o who hao rea l the ad vance copy, pronounce it tho wittiest, t-piciest boo!, of tho season. It presents vhi l, lifelike picturei of the charmins and brilliant Author ol Fern Leaves and Hutu Hall, at her own tiruido, in tho Editor's anctum, in tho street, at church, and everywhere and In uvtry position sho is tho same fascinating woman. In this volume, faocrat of Fanny lVrn't uarliett etTurts appear for tho first timoinbjok torn), Tho reader will find that they posies tho saino at tractive features which characterize all her produc tions. They nro alternately witty and pathetic. caustic and Bf-othin, sp.irUln; and pensive. So other author has succeeded so well in tuuehin tho finerchords of tho heart. LOMLNTS. fionlasin Pautalcttt-s. Fanny at School . Mrf. Jupiter's Soliloouv. Tin- rnfaithful Icr. l'utticoat 1'urliaruonl. Fanny Fern on Widowers An Hour with Fanny's Father. John Hull's Opinion vt Tho -New Name The Hudbaud's Death. The Second Muriligc. Fanny Fern at llo'ne, Karlv Literary Ltlurti. Fanny nnd the True Flng. llutli Hall." anny rem in uuurcii Oithodox Teititnony. Funnv tern In JtiouJ.wi v. Another Fini Fanny Fern nt lho TrcmontThe Lest of men have their lIouc. 1 ailiugi. A key t Uuth Hall," Thipll-ukeofn Lifetime, A word about N.lMViliis. A Wfys Deit-tlon. Ideas about Habics. -Mrt. ZehedicMniths I'fat 1'raise from n Woman. lostp!iy, Tho rt'tnakublo Hittory oflnttrt-stinj-tobafhfuDIcn Jemmy Jrs-amy, The Angel Child. JeminyJes-amy Defence I'l-vle ilcu's Attack if The (iovirnesn, Spring Fcrer. All about falnn. Connubial Advertisement. Well known CLaincters. What Fanny thinks about Horace Man's Opinion," Sewing .Machines. WhatlFonny thinksof Hotlho time to Chooso. Weather. Our Xclly. Family Jan. I Cant, Two in Heaven. Mrs. Smith's Ilcveiio. Tho Frivato History otA Mht-wutch witu a ! Didymus Daisy, Efj. Dead Infant. The Wedding Press. A Little (lood Advice. 1 IsltbesttousennvelopealTbe Other Oue. ! Feminine Wisdom. A Pen nnd Ink Sketch. Always Ppeuk tho Truth. Fann 's Mlules for Ladles. Moses Miltiades Milton. Tho LltMe Pauper. j Tom versus Fan ;or a Little What ianny thinks about Talk about little things. 1 ricmWhlp. A Letter totho True Flas. Truth etranirer than fiction The Orphan. Don't Disturh Him. An answer to irs urowe.A .noiiej iiuuami Mrs. Farrlngton on Mat W hat to do when you aro rimnny. Annry. A Whisper to Romantic Tho early Plight. Young Ladies, TLeie's Hoom Luough for A Woman With a Soul, All. Clerical Courting. The Cross and the Crown. hat I owlor fcayi, Tom Fay's colli quy. Tho other Side, A Chapter on Clergymen. Tbognodnaturcd Bachelor Fanny Fern on Husbands. Cotchiug tbo Dtar, Fanny's Ideas of Monor IMn,tbe village Hoaclmd Mattcrr. Single lUeiscdmis. A letter to a eelf-cxilcd That Mrs. Jones. Frlci.d in the Country IlooVulIeri, Vewi Agents, Po lUrs,und all others will please send in their orders at onou. They will bo supplied at very low rates, by the slnule copy, dozen, hundred or thousmd. All ordcis will be supplied In the rotation that they aio leeched. Bo all had better orber at once. Price for tho complcto work, handsomely bound In one volume, cloth gilt, is One Dollar a copy only. Copies of the above- work will bo sent to any person tn any part of lho United States, per fir' t nml, free ol iii i ago, on tneir lcm-umguuu I'ollar lo Tie pub lisher, in a leuer, poll pi ii PtiMltl.eil nnd fr hv 1 IL I.OU , PUin'UKP, PI XassanPt N Y 1 T'i whom all ord.'is munt bo adj e d t'lrieebo I prompt nnd iarly attention 1 w34wi 1,000 Acut Wanted I FRTD A Y MORNING. MARCH 2, 1855. northern railroad, n.y. A. is ... Mtrraprs IHMMHJUX BSXBSt ,1.1 WIS I lilt AltKANtin.iiniNT. COMMK.N' .iaNUAUV ll, 185.. IJASSEN(l!;it TRAINS leave Rouse's Point at 10.15 A.M., on nrrltnl of trains from tho I..istnn.l North, arriving ntOgden-burgh 4.(5 P.M. connecting with the llttown and Prescutl Hallway lor Ottawa, and (tigts Tor Brockvillc, Kingston, Bellville, Toronto, Ae, Lenvc Ogdensburgh at 10.00 A. .11., on thcarrlval or tho llytown A lhexcott train, nnlvlng nt Rouse's I olnt nt 3.11 P. M connecting with tho Vermont Untrnl Rnllrond for tho South nnd Eist, nnd Cham plain A St. Lawrence fur Montreal and Quebec (IEO. V. 1IOYLE, Sup't. w.n..r, .luuinr.KT liAII.UUAD, 1 Malonc, January, Isji, 5 wtf Corn Planter. I MARCH 10,1 shall bo ready to furnish V C. 11. Dam's Patent Corn Planter, one of thoso nbor-sivlng machines which will suit tho most par ticular. Itsiipcrnllons nro very simple and easy, and lour ocus of corn can bo planted in a day with easo by ono inin. For planting small seo Is of any kind it cannot bo rurpasscl. Prlco$3 00. Any ono wanting the nbovo will direct to E. J. liuttolph, Essex, owner of tho right for Chltteuden Co. Essex, Feb, 16,1853, wSmol Real Estate for Sale. HE "(leu Placc" so railed, about two miles South f.rthn ffllnn ..f lln rtl I burn roail, containing 23 acres of land, excellent fluit, nnd finely watered. ALO j.1 ucrcsof I ind near to it, on the Wct sldo of Shelburn road, being the South part of tho old Homo Farm of tho Into Juepli Harilngton. It is finely situated. 1 hey will bo sold nt a low price, separately or together, und a liberal credit given. D. A. S.VIALLI1Y. lcb. 53, 1115. d.lwtf R OOM XVANTED. JXPERIIlNC'i: Ins demonstrated to hundreds, yes, thousands, STANIFORD'S O tho plnce to Pttrcliruc Ctirpi-jtiiis. Oll-CIotli, rrtncrntid Staplo Dry Goods, CHEAP ! I nm now oX-rlnga b ttcr upi-ortunlty to tlio Tub lie p. cr before, to sccuro bargains, as room Is wanted fur I will close out my entire stock before 1st March next, nt pi ices that will, perhaps, surprise tho pur chaser, c. r. tsIAXIFOKU. Uuillngton, I'cbruary, 1955. dXntf By Telegraph trom LYMAN'S STOUl-:, HUULINGTOX ! AHH1VAL OF Tift: STKA M22H THHKK DVYd HTKlt FltOM SUV VOHK ! ! ! OF CIliUAT IMPOKTANCK! ! ! ! Utctproaty Ihll Vasud ' "! ' rniiAii; i. itiiv hoods vuitv intisic. tiic m- leceipts of Dry (Jui'ds ulto hrge. Sales (tilck, ami at vory lw figures. In (topic good', z t ShcMng", hirtin5,I)cnim,itripc, .lcMcon Hdcrnblu u,tiity dipl.tLd, nt prices much lower thnn last opring. WOUMiNs aro heavy and firm, at prices that at tract considerable attention. rOKKIUX (iO.JlH Cusslmercs. Shawls. De- Lalnes, Ac, aro cry c. Prices of all articles, ' excepting worthless ind unprofitable kind?, csbibit greater regularity and firmness. Tho Stales nre tho best in Market, conseqrcatly meet with ready sales. EMIiUOIDElUES. Inthls lino wo notlco 1-;' and bea-itlfula-rtmcnt. i'lnlVs?u? , . ivi nm ootls nre good. Jucn at- I tentlon In been devoted in thli lino by tho Ladios, I and more anim ltbm diplared than uual, THIDETS, MEUI.VU, CtHlUUOII, AC. Largo I importations of these goods this season, and prices 1 are from 20 to 30 per ecnt. less than last year. A beautiful assortment of theo goods nro now ready for exhibitionand gale. Puichacrs arc invited to give them a look before purchaing elsewhere. HOMEHY A UJ'I. An uual,a wcllscloctcd stock o( Hosiery nnd Oloves aro in tho market, but fur eludeo good, zia.hth'it are fWj, the COKXEK M'OIIE Is j jpplied with an endless urietv. and at urclc7itcd to call and ex amino for them selves. couxEit stow:, n'ukwnr? nutMigt .cpteioher 25, hll. RARE BARGAINS .it tlio B E E U I V E ! ! Tito rcmaluJcr of our Rich Pattern Cloaks, ill now be tolj a' p'tcri I) shi' ptirch isrrs, rtgarrf .'tit J c . , ro rjr them cut. A I i V' i ii f i- i) ,, Will bo onVrr.l ut j.ricos to lnuro their sale, lur uUbinga r.troopitui (unity for tbog in i.unt ofsiieli R')0'1, to secure jfoj'i 6 rrnn,, Om I'.itriniMm" r-iicciiilly invited to call in time to tecuro some of them. ALMI, J'it rtfttirJ by .Vtmj, MiiiviN, )!v it)oi!. Fhimu'ls, Merino Wrappers nr.'l Drawers ff.r J.ijies nn.i (Jen tlemen. Knitted 1'ilka CJcks lor l.ldics, .Mes and ChiMnii, Knittid I u l, r -lcee , Wristlets ami Over Sacks, I.eii.s lor .Vlen nnd linys. .L'l, ;o.vironTr.iis, st Aitrs, m.ovns, .-lockings, ; "ilk l'oclict lldkrs. ,t Cravats; Linen do. JUO, Aiiutiii'rciirtnii hi i:.iii!it(iii)i;nn:s, Canibno ani aliiro I.avn Ildkfs. Misses ' lliuiistitcb do. AW, A Kreat variety of D r c r j 3 Tri m ming a, liirdles for ilobes, lJresing downs and Afrons. .VLbu, Another Carton of tlioe upci lor Kronen Kid GIotcs. vru, White ii Col'tl Marseilles Quilts, for I roncli anlsinlo Ijed,, Cilbs onl Cradles, iiLV.VKUr- all sue-. Together nith a gleat vaiiity cf Windnvv Shades, Ctiiinin CJoodsi and Home rurniMn (,'oods gonorally. A 1.5' 1 1 7' A C IC I .V (, V R rSK S, al! tins. Our Modi emhrapf'i t rrtlttn- iitanllr Vniit tn Hrv -loud stor. am will W x.l I i erv CIIL'A P CASH. Ho do n-a Cll ALLEXdE and DM Y THE WOULD tOOMPKri: with imr PIUCI. but DO I 'VirU ALL to c.ill nnd examine for thtm sl ve .and are willing to abide tho decisljn cf a difCi imluatiii Public, to whom tho aboto is sub mitted. Very respectfully, N. PKCIv, Jr. Jan. Kth, 16jj. dJlwtf GKEAT B AH GAINS iVdte offered in TEitxtUt Oav-a Purs, at tho ! 3 1 u 1 1 i net on lint nml Fur Store, f ffMIL fibiiril'ers take this opportunity to retnrn their than. for tho liberal patronage thus far bcit'irted on th--ti), and further siy to their patruus uud tho public j:en'rnlly. that for the .:XT SIXTY DA YS, i we shall soil nil go ds now in etoro at a Ijw i;urc Our ftucU co.up:iats a largo asortmcut of I Hats, Caps St Fancy Dress Kurs, I liCFFAl.O AXD FANCY LIHOH UOIILS, A largo unity of ; i, n v i: s Ac ii i t t i: .v s. ticntlcmui and L.idlea wilt finl this a rare oppor Unity to get g o 1 Good and git them ehcip. Call aid see. lioods i.i nil bratKdies ol ourlluo made to order and rcpniilu done nt thort notice. N. ALLC.V A CO. I'irltiigt&n, Jan. 10, 1333. dAwtf f.rsVINr, Iletarnnd to my old rtanl on Church -ticet. I a'u now prepared to the uccdr with best or Tins, (.'u.Tjl'. Siuar, Spice, .lliicatuui, Tnpli.r.t. t'riiiicsllit, I'ltiinii, Cum St it 1 1 Ii . Split I't'ii", Canary nutl ILiitp Herd, all kinds of Soaji, Marhcrtl, Salmon, Cod Fish, Lamp Oil, llnming I'lutd, Cider Vinegar, Pork Lard, Flour by tho barrel or pound, lluck Wlieat and Meal, at a vory mo lerato advanco from cost, and as I uako all my purc'ji for cash think iny price! will b, found s.itiefactory (1. L. WAK.VKIt. dan. 2Mb, dwCluos. .V:U It tell, and E.!iIHO.AI)LE ve.'i i:k noons : Jutt rrctnti by NICHOLS and UOYNTON, l.",0 ('lmrc)i Stirct. men linuRLH l'LAin anh plain fill.KS. .1 Superior Article of lllack Silk, all widths. Elegant all Woul FHUNCJt I'LAIUS. runxcu muuixos x tiiiiiet clotus. LAMES CLOAIC 1 TALMA CLOTHS, do da do Beady Made, Beautiful TUin and Hg'J all VW.l DKHINUS. do do da Cotton and Woolen. Elegant Iton,; an 1 5o,uiro Cashmcro, Brocha, Thibet and lilau'tet all.VWLS, new and beautiful patterns, Willi a largo assortment of Glovca, HoHlcry, Trimmings, wnirr. naow, tlaxxelb, UA.V1ASKS, and IIotise.t,ecpln lloodi (renerally. uur ttocic uaa been purcntsou at uie ute auction SaliM. and at itreutlr reduced prices, much lest than ther t .fmi; irUtb u, and willbo sold accordingly I. U rou id.gft i ited up with the lowest prices, tl'Mi call nt lal) Church street aud buy your goods, asy u "ill Hod it f ir your interest to do after learn. ing onr prl. Nuv IU dAwtf FALL STYLES! J. EDMONDS, Sncccor to I. VV.ll A ItMt.VI, NEXT tlOORTU I.VM.VN'S, ! ! ; ; CtH.WOEHTrir.ET, WOULD ItCSPnOTFllLLY INFOIt.M THE Citizens of Uurllnfrton and vicinity, tliat he hasrccclrcd a larjro supply of Fashionable Hats and Caps for men and boys, sultablo for tho present Fall Trado. A prod assortment of Trunin, Vnllse., Ilonnet Cases, Traveling IIbrs, School Satchels, Umbrellas, Canes, Olorcs, Mittens, Hoys' Uclts, ,lo. Those wishing any of tho abovo named goods, will plcaso call and examine. E5" Hats and Caps inado toorder. Repairing done with neatness ami dispatch. WILLIAM 0. UHEW will remain as formerly. FURS!! FURS!!! I L'ST Ileeolvsd.a fresh lot of Ladles' and Oonts imi:ss runs, selected from largo stocks In New York andtloston.' Eor salo at J. EDMONDS, Colleco Street. Oct. 20,2851. b dAwtf " It A It B II A It (! A I N S ." ' ItCIOM WANTUDI" 11 COME A XL SEE " DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Crockery, Paper I liingings, Looking Glasses, Cnrprtlim nml Oil t'loth". i T our "piclou, NEW STOHE, 150 Church St., I . (ono door North of our old stand,) which aro now olfered fir caih at prices that aro without a precedent " here or elsewhere." Wo shall olTcronr cntlro stock far 2D days " without regard to cost," many things for 50 cents on tho dollar Now Is the timo to buy Goods. Money is wanted nnd goods must bo sacrificed "A penny saved is twn penco earned." liccoticct tho Now Store, 150 Church St. NICHOLS St BOYNTOX. Feb. 14. 1S55. dAw AI.M OF THOUSAND FLOWERS ! for beau-J- tlfvlng tho complexion, removing tan, pim ples nnd freckles from tho faco. Just received and for salo by THEO. A. I'ECK. Feb. 5. d.twtr Jan 25, 1B55, New GooIs EST Ol'ENIXO A NEW ANI) EXTENSIVE variety of Evr Kings. Pins, Finier Illnjs I'ockct Hook', Brushes, Combs, Britannia Candle stick', Tea Pots, Oy tcr Ladles, Plated Spoons, Hunting Watches, Ac., alt of which will bo sold ns low as can bo had at any place in town or out of it, at tho old stand, Church Street. J. E. BHINSMAID. Lato Brinsmald, Brother & Co. Jan. 25th, 1855. dlwtf Railroad Watches OF my own importation, caed inheavy 18 carat fino gold hunting eases, from 2( to 3) ounce cases i also, fino ones in heavy silver cases, with my own namo and of my own Importation, of the finest movements I havo ever had tho pleasure of offer ing to Railroad men. Double Time Watches for sport'tnen; Ladios Ool 1 Watches in great variety, all at low prices, at the Old Stand, Church Street. J. E, BRINSMAID. Feb. 3. dlwtf Notice. Persons wishing to purchase DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will find an extensive assoitment at I5G Church st. selling al prices which make it for their Interest to call before buying clsowhcre. C. r. STANIFOBD. Burlington, Jan. 1855. d.twtr SANKEE'S Bestoratlvo and Lyon's Kntheiron. Supplies of these famousllair preparation, just ,ired by the Agent, THEO. A. PTCK. Feb.l'.l. dtwtf Economy and Good Lipht. rATENT SMOKE CONSUMING LAMPS," A tnburn "Cheap Oil," ' Lard or grea"o of any kind" and givo a far better light than Fluid or Oil in common Lamps. Kitchen Lamps 75 cts. Sow. Ing and study Lamps to burn very little Oil and givo good light. Wick", Chlmmlcs, and (ilobes for most all kinds of Lamps, sold at the old stand Church Street. J. E. BRINSMAID. Lato Brinsmald, Brother A Co, Jan. 25, 1855. dAwtf PRESENTS. 4 NICE Gold Watch, a handsomo Necklace and -i- Locket, or Cross, a rich fine go'd Breccia, gold Slceo Buttons orstuds ; silver Fruit Knives, Napkin Kings, Snuff and Tobacco Iloics, rich silver Port Monnaies and Card Cases, Soup Ladles, Sugar Sillers, Tea Strainers, a handsome L'rn or a Tea Mt, Fruit Stands, Cako Baskets or Castors, Crumb, I'm or Cake Knives, siller Forks. Reticules. Dressing Cases, Writing Iicsks, tluitars or Flutes, these, and a very great variety of other articles, we aro now receiving a beautiful variety of, and hao already sold many articles fur presents, and expect to sell uh ro. Just recelvedlho nicest assortment offered this season, of Indies Watches, Reticules, and other u!. ' io old stand, Church Street, Burlington, Spoon-, mugs, Lockets, comn Plates, Ac, neatly engraved, J. K. BRINSMAID, Late of and successor tu the firms of Pangboru A Briusuiaid, and Brinsmald, Brother & Co. Dec. 20. dAwtf Sv LECTRO-0 A LVA N IC BATTER IE'1 so" bene - ficiil in Rheutnnti-ro, Neuralgia, Nervousness, Ac complete In cases. For salo by THEO. A. PECK, Dealer in Surgical Instruments. Fib. 12. .lAwtf Piano Fortes & Melodions. IS it policy to buy a poor article which lasts only a short time nnd is then worthless, or would ytu have a thing of the best quality. Remember that tho PIANO FORTES and MKLUDEO.Ns for sole by L, S. RUST, aro wuranttd ol the first quality, and ore manufactured by the beet makers in the coun try. Just call at tho MUSIC srollE and compare tin in with other Instruments of tbe kind. Feb. 7. dAwtf 1 RAS1VE HIAP, for removing soil, oil, paint, Ac , troin garments ; also, the genuine salt of Lemon, fur rewoung ink, iron.muuld, stains, Ac, from linen, silk, Ac. Fur salo at Feb. 2C. diwtf THEO. A. PECK'S. December 30th, New Goods, IKEI'UKNED FROM NEW YOKK LAST cioning and havo received 2cwing Butter-Flies, Birds uud Dugs heavy Silvel Snuti Buxc, Mlver Cup, 5 patterns Fruits Knives, shell iccWt nnd Back Cumb, Bu'Jalo Back and Puff Combs, Buffalo und other hair Pins, Crocbit Kings, Reticules und lots new goods. J. E. BRINSMAID, Old Stand Church Street. Dec 30th, 1651. dAwtf OK ANDES A APTLES 200 Bbls. choice grafts Jutt received 25 Bui 1 1 Oim m. I IIERRICK A MILES. Dec. 19. dAwtf IiUKLINCJTON CARPET WAREHOUSE and CIlOrKKKV STOItK, 150 CHURCH STREET. 15 Afresh lot of now and beautiful styles of Foheion ani) American Oahplts ! ! ! turkey velvet, tapestry, brussels, three ply, INGRAIN, and Common Wool, Cotton and Wool, and all Cotton, Bockiag, Crumb cloth, Rugs, Mats, Stair Carpets, Ac. l. so, FLOOR OILCLOTHS, all widths from 1 yd to C yds. Straw Matting, Ao. Also Crockery, China At Glass Ware. A large and entire now stock. ALSO, PAPER HANOINOS of .very quality. Allth. above goods havo been bought at greatly reduced prices, and will be sold accordingly. NICHOLS Jc UOYNTO.N. Burlington, Oct. 1851. dAwtf medTcated inhalation, on, j. coLOi.vcinr.VTiNo, of Northampton, Miu, VXD formerly uf tb Urouipton Huipital, City KoaJ, Iinton i for tbo cure of Consumption, Ilronchitlf, and all pther cbronia aUectioni of the Throat. Lnnj ami air pauaKci, by tho inhalation of MO'Iicttcj vapori, as practice! in tbo calJ Hospi tal. Tho rorao-liei employed by lr. It, are brought hita Immediate contact with tbo ulcerated (urfacei of tho Lung and Throat, by inhalation, producing their action at the very seat of tho disease. A In gle week trial wilt convince tbo lnalid of the elficacy of tbe life-restoring power of this treatment Dr. Bunting will be at tbe American Hotel, Bur lington, on Wednesday, Thursday, aud Friday, tbo Utb, 15th, and Htb, inat., for comultatiou with patients on tho aboto Diieasei, No chargei for consultations, which are given fromS A. M. to 8 P. M. Dr. B. may be also consulted on all diseases pe. culiar to rcunles, free of charge, at his rooms, Y2T Principal Office, Northampton, Mass., where all letters (postpaid) will bo duly answered, reb, 8th. diwtf 1)H, I UIM.1A.MS' ir.MVFRBAL PAIN EXTRACTOR; FOR THK CUMK OF NERVOUS HEADACHE, Chronio Rheumatism, CWiZLLINO and Pain In the LImb,SI(3o,or Bow. O oli, Cramps, Norroui Iteadacbo, Tlo Dolorous, Neuralgia, (Sprains, Urulsei, Flesh Wounds, Spasms, Poro Throat, Burns and Scalds, Lock-Jaw, Croup, Whito Swelling, Hjdrophobla, Frosted Feet, Tooth Achc, Bilious Collo, Dyspepsia, Poisonous Bites, Btlngt, le., do., .ic. This RcitEDr has been sold In 10 States, and In some 3,000 Cities and Towns, and bai glren great filUfaiMlnn tn nil whn ham iiismI ik Tt tt tu.r.n. teed In all Nervous and Chronio oomplalnts, to be I superior to on otuer preparations eitant, Mr. 1. I with lho"l'Ais Extractor." bavins both sold and i usca it. ritiuts and on cents per bottle 1 WILLIAMS, M. II. . 1 Proprietor, .Veu, York, fiSold, Wholesale and Kctall, by HEKHICK j MILES, Wholesale Oroccry, Water Mreet, llur . 1 ton, VI , New York, Al.KXANHEll A SI ilng- Diuggist. 7U Barclay Street, New York, .ATEIl, IlutIiug,too,Ot:t. IU, 1C5I. j dlwly Another Glorious Viotory! rpiIE STRt'OOLE IN EUROPE IS KtVETI.VO J theattentl. n of tho civilised world, and while all arc speculating as to the probable victor, here In Burlington, where we nre mutually acquainted, no ono for a moment doubts the result. TUItlf will Courtlier ! For where else In the Stato ot Verraon', can Cloth Ing for the present Winter ho obtaired so cheap I CLOTHING ron nn: Mn i.,n,; Comfort, Deauty an l Economy Combined' Tho Public aro cordially invitod to compare our Stock of Ooods, ItfinilrOInitc nnd Mntlc to Order, with any, or all, similar stores In Burlington, either ns to quality, quantity or price. The bct tock of UVKItCOATS, COATS, PANTS ,t VESTS, EXI'ltEiSlA' FOR T1IEJEVSON, AND ALL THE ET CETERVS of a flcntlcman's Wardrobe, can be purchased there cheaper than at anv other Stnro in the Pi ite. And as for variety, stvlo, and excellence of workman ship, one trial will sccuro the pntronage of the mos' fastidious. PARENT-, this is tho place to bring your sons. Tho stock of goods which wo aro ronklog up into Boys' Youths' V Children's Ci.OTfHNO, IS INDEED BEAUTIFUL! Como, Farmer., Merohints, Tradesmen, florae, Mechanics leavo your work Oo, lawyer, send that client hom. And buy a suit of TURK ! It ilia elar a dv. "n ,,, That no ether rule wilt work. So Ion people have their wit They'll buy their clothes of TfTIK TURK'S Wholeiilec R'tail Clofhinc Emporium NO. 2 n VNIf m,OCK. nURMVOTON. Nov. 17. dtwtf FORT F.T)VART INSTITUTE, p-r .TOKPITT lTlVft. A M Pnrvripu.. If -wMnrn hM-V Sill Ut-, tn t o.HrnMn f " I tntct1ont rUttftr-. nnii,tt' 1 hv nnv m. Inrv .11fic fn tT,tH The Vtor'Un-i 1nrt mnt hi rrn full f"- th fftn-T. 11", fur. n1hrd f"rn, nrnnirM fimt. tiMnp, tuition In fAmmftn TnytNi. nn-1 !nM-"'al. to Inn'", for whM t'Tm of 14 w.V, i,fiO, rT"irUn tritn ti rrftncBf! fir. Ktwppn TrrtT n CitMAn, rrn thp flrt nr.' rr of n"h trni. rM-tn" frm bft-!n 21fh. Too t-no -Iclr1 nr."rtor fn. HtMi" fr thonnrrh 'ffiftiflnp, C'.nTnrrtIl1 ctn. ttt. or orrnTntftl. nr nr 'mitt f Jrm,n irhhiTt rnU, nrfi torttM to ipply for CltlloffllC-, or fr Kr,rd, tn fS Trln'pit. Fort niward, N. T., 27, 155. wll wl., To Aou Tiny Tlnnt nml "liori for VnU I Tf voit d i m nn t. c. wales &. CO., 2!) Prnrl strrrt. TTho will sell von finofl RKTAIT.TVO Boots, Shoes, Rubbers Ac Gaiters, ofatl Mnl. nn .1.., From lVi smill.t M,l.l'. to tli lir-i-.t mn'. hr iho rr. or rM7.r t LOWrrt prttrr? thsn V-vU vn,n fAf.,M -"Giro 11 rr. RL PTRr.F.T trr. ncfo- hnjlng." Hostnn, Tob. 1, 1'3. wlni. STARTLING, JiL'T Til HE.'" WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. How orten it harpon, that the wife Impcri from yiir to car in tlmt pitiaUe con-lition an mt ren loroncd.iy to feol thu liarp and exhilarating influ ence invidtfnt to the etjojunctit oflu-alth TIIK HLOO.MIXG niMPK, Cut n few yenrB ojtn in the flu-h of lienlth nnd youth, m.d l.ui.iimc) of nint-, rnpidly, nnd nppiirently in tspliciihlv, a feebk-, citkly, fallow, dcl.ili tated wife, with frame unarmled, nerc nntrurp, (pint- depressed, cuuntpnanco benrinz tlie impress ot suffering, nnd an utter an. inentnl i rns trntion, arising from ignorance of the simplest and rules of henlth a connvct-d with the mar rmge Hate, the violation of which cntniU disete, suflcrinK nnd misery, not only to the wife, tot often HEREDITARY COMPLAINTS UPOfi THE CHILDREN " I'.Md THE TIIIHO AND TOl KTl GENHtArtoV Tiitnimlllliiv ONt'.tllTION. MltDh'n.t, II 1'K MIIM)Il., smtv, CiOlT, KIMi'M i:VIIM niHl ullit r nnit I)lrnwi, nt a DREADFUL INHERITANCE FKOM Till: l'AKCXTS " Vn1 mn. t tin. ronl ou. Mu.tlhl.Uf I. thcro no rem. Wt S,irrl..fS Nolioi Tl. rfmi..!jr i, bl Ltumliu th,. .nH srnM nx Uiem nj kn..inz Hi ,i,mj,c, anj Uoefllioj br tl..m. Tlif.p sr. .i.intM out in ' THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, nY Mt A M MUTJCEAl', rKor.iK in,nit of uui.v One Hunditdth Edition, (.V-I.fn-)), im9 t pp. -j0. OM TWt fmt, FXTKA niMUNO. $t oo J A iljifilanl work nf fUblnl.M rf putntlcn. fouml In th Mt,tIiJ;itr i.f tli errt tni.l nalM in Nr Ynrk. niiUtVIplnd, n.l .tlr t it.r n 1 sol I br b pnnriruil hobkM-Heri In Hit. fnitM tutci. It uu Brit publi.hJ in 154., in it Inch time FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES tiKM Lcrn MilJ, fif wbiet. thr wcr n!V4r! of OXi: HLXIHiCI) TIIOL'SAXI) SEN I' HV .MAIL, fttttitinR t l.ltth txuation ta wblcli It U LrU d t lubU lobular Medical hook van i;vi:hv ki:maij: th autlirr hainj JeroteJ hi ic1qU attention to th trt-atmentof coLitjUu-iji rulir to f-nilf. In rict to uLirh ii jearly cosaalled brthokivaDld both in i tttaa tni bj lt-tter. llre every woman can dUeortr, by eomparlnj her L-n syuiptomi with tbu ! icrlbed, I lit oatort, chflrar'er, cautft of, and b pn-ff r rmdiea for, Utr ermpl.itnta. Tbe wf about beecmiD( a mother has eftcn ctej of lottruetiOD and alrlc nf tb utmn4t Imrortanea tt her future health. In rtipect to which htr saitlfenia fur" biJa cemoltlnx ft medical ctotlemaD, will find audi in struction and aJrife, and aUo aiplaln many njmptoma wlneh otbenri would occasion antiety or aUrm as all th rtulUritii Incident to her situation are described. How miDT are aulTerliij from obitructlom or Irregular Ittei peculiar to tbs female ayttem, which undermine th Lealtb, th tffeeta of which tbsy r Ijnoraot, aal for which tbtfr dthcary forbiIs reealng medical adriee Many aLtferloj trtni prolapsus utr (falling of tbe. womb), cr from Jtucr aZia (weakneia, debility, 4e ) kfany are (q conatant agony for many months preceding (pbGho went, Many hare difficult If not dangeroui delitertea, nnd tlow and nocertaln rrcorerles Pcn wboie 1iti an banrded during ouch time, will each find In Its pages tta means of pretention, amelioration and relief It Is of court.- Imp met if able to contey fully thft Tartans (Mbjvcta treated of, aa they are of a nature atrietly fo unded for tbe married or thot contemplating marriaee. Reader, are you a husband or a father! a wlfa or a mother r JI jva ttie aincer welfare of thou jou lor at bwartf Trove your ainetnty, anl le ni time fa Irarntng wbat caua Interfere with their health anl hap jloeit not 1 than ycur on It will avoid to jou and jrur, a It has to thouan U, many a dty of iiUn and am.ety, followed hy lcfjilei cihtt, lucnpacitnUng the nund for ita ordinary atocation, anl eil.auitinjf tboM turana for medical attendance, me-Ueinra anl adTfrtM.e-1 nttruc.i which otberwif woutl frovUIe for declining yearn, the tf age and the j-rcj-cr laet!p of our children In Cf n"irene- rvf th nnUernal rpuUrity if the work, at eiLlenctd b) ttn i-tra.'rJinarT lo, arnni iiiijiom lion hue been atteinrted, wll ou U tUr ai on the uUie, br liuititu-ua of title Hire, j iin-i.a t hti. no, and aurni'til.oua inft u.ftenwati tt cijnjht anl device unl dvcrjtl"tiK ft Lu ttt n fuiiud npocAary, then U-T9, la CAUTION THE PUBLIC to buy noWxl iinl.athi worda lr A M Vai kit-iur, 1.0 1 ittrty t-trei-t. X V i n (and the rnm in the tint (lnre in tbe b-uW ! i t' u iiilc jni'. nnd buy onlv of rfiifc'nl l p'l t 1 1 tn i lie 'ii .litis, or tenl by mail, aud avd.ti e to It 9i Man p d" Upon receipt of One L'ollar THE MAR. I P.1ED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MUSICAL COM PANION" is sent 1( I ni in any jirl of Ui, Unkltd aiair. in. L JliaJJ. sna imiM.u rioviace,. AU lelt'-i. must t oai.jii, anil addrt..rd tj I3r, A M N'AUUI -AL . tor Lm-V-'a C.rv Tib' si uit Olo., o IJIi 1.:J Hy Sm ,i u,w. Vol.. Agents In Vermo,it, Smith A Pierce, MntpihtrQ p n,i, CarJt.i E M Brown, Woodtock Hedfield A Orannlss, Mint, prim OLUase A Co. iironilaoi E v Illaisdell, 'rfnnts Collins 4 Porter, .If. ntpihn P Welch, Brandon II Wallace, Irasi,,t L pjatt, Jr., Woodstock S K Collins, Mm ,n,lr 3 B Nichols, Briatim PMerryjold. I fUdsorls O Tyler, MmtptlitrD ilott, it. Alii ,ns. !" wmin Hooiii-v iii the rtv f York. rE.xJ.SME-s' YISI'ING TIl jS CITY OF NEW ,u'!h! " "nJ pleasant accommodations at .No, IS, Vest Tenth itrect. Tho locality is very 17.1i,. Ah5A.. nvenientfor.trangers,belng near to me tin av n.ii,..4 .rver.l lines of Magei t and the rooms will be found mor. rfllUW ....--,--- plaasant man dAwtf V .nf vnu- llPlllV TO SETTLE WITH , every porson, and not only ready but A'TEND to do o ooi" and all who are in. . debtod to us are respectfully Invited to call before I .i- ,n,i. ,i.. r I' All account, not ' ..... i .. ,v.i ..ill i,e l. fi with an attorney for collection, as we ar determined to havo our books I 'J ll,,CCt NiaiOLslllfoYNTON I llurllngton, Jan.37tU 1S5S dif Come find Sec B 21 Y GOODS, i:i:ih ( ikici:s. ii n st-iisntiiiKiis Aim all descriptions of Mu h hwr thin nny oilier liouso In IlurllnirUn ContPinplatlnit iv clinnio In mir l,usinuss armiigo. mcnts tro nro iloslruu ut elo-in out our st ick ns eiirljr possllih. Tn thoso In want of Dry llo Js citlitrnt Wholr.ilc r Kctall, wo would lay C me and $te, and string, ym ivdt enm' agnn.. , HIOlJIjE .1 WEBB Fob. 3, 1 8 5 . WW Copnrliicrxliiii. trviiRiismvun mv. t T i ii r. u.NOE tsin.NEh have this ti a v formpil ii Crinirtnpr.hln nnd.r th n.m stylo of D.WKV.t DOOMTTI.H, for th. trnn.ic. Hon of the Ihrdwarr, A frirtdtural ind Commisnon Utkimj, nt tho ni l tnnd of Dnvcy A Allen, sign of tho Suit, College Street. c. jr. DAvr.v, ., n. ii. DOOMTri.r. Durlington, Feb. 21,1851. wtf HUTCHINS &. SAWYER," Commlinn .Vlrrrlinnl, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Butter, Cheeso, Grain, AND ALL KIND Or COTNTRV rRODCCI, No. 78 i)i:v-stki:i:t, New-York. 1 Jnnuary 1C, 1S55. w3tns BLODGETT &. SWEET'S Patent U.ilraiiizcil Portable Oicnl SCVRN" SIZES. SUITABLE for tho smallest prlrate family or Hotels &nl Steamers of the largest class. ctl Every Osen warranted to rlv o ,1 m 1,1 faction. 1 Manufactured by r.T.SWEKT, College St. Hurlingtoii, Vt. wtf CI CO CSL ax s 2 I L iHflM.I-llltlslHII Z. a o t2 o J v. it . 3 it mm -3 x. tf -j -I pa j ...MHIt!I4M''I' . i r I 2 - z a. Zi - f r - 3 a u a Z I tr. M DAVE Y DOOMTTLE. 8CCCES10R8 TO DAVEY &. ALLEN, wnoLrsvLr. jn retail nrittn it Heavy nnd fcheir Hnrihrnrc, Compnimt; an est'nvte assortment of House riirni'n?s Mj'lnnics' Tools, Hiiil.llcrj , 'l'nbtr nml I'ocl.rl Cullrr .Ac. A., nEALr.n 11 .Njii; .If, rVo.j.Cnf nnd (Vilir Snc ; Still Springs l Pmp Chun ; Hunt's Tn't't and Broths' .tiv, ; Ams, .Vm. ; Paints ; Otis; U'iiih., (Ham, -e. And Dealers in AGmci'LTi'iMi, Impi.imi-.t fc 11 SCHI.VES, Field, (Iraik, Oardi i aid Flower Peecs. Aanit of Itiirlmsliiii unil Vicniili for Proutv .t Mear's Celebrated Centre Drauchtn- ws ; It, Tab ir A C. 's Plows i lllanchnrd'r, Perkici, .Meer A Colby's and Tift's Serines , The Genuine Ilroohteld Forks ; VVheelcr, .Mclick A Co's Horse Powers and Thresher Ac.. Ac, Ac. Our Mock r running Toiil i very lnrite, Such as Corn .-hellers. Straw Cutters, Hon. Hake. Hand liakes, Fanning .Mills, drain Cvlles, Snath, Manure and Hay Fork", Hay Knives, Cattle Ties, Halter, Traco and Binding Chains. Grind Stones, Scythe Stones Ac, Ao. All of which we are pr.. pared to sell at the Manufacturers' Wholesal. Prices. And, also. Dealers in BurlinjrloB Wasron Ixlcy, UArrACTrnrn bt n.VVEV, KINGSI.A.N'D k CO. These Aales are made of Ihe best English Refined Iron, and are superior in quality, style and flnlih to thoe ued In the celebrated Concord WagoB Combining lichtnes. strength and ease of nn. nlng, ther commend tbemelres to all makers and users of Wagons, and secure for themsehes a repu tation and preference in every market where tbey are introduoed. We avail ourselves of tho present onnortnnlfv a returning our thanks for the patronace we bav. heretofore received, and respectfully solicit, eontln uanceof like favors. Sign of Ihe Saw, College St., llurlington, . CI IIIUIII C M. DAVEY, II. 11. DO0LITTI E. February 51, lS5t wtf University Medical College, Al Iturlingloii, Vt. IMIE NEXT ANNUAL COfltSE OF LECTURES 1 in tbe Melicil Department of tha V.rtnnnt University win commence on Thursday, Marchtth, 1S5S, and e.ntinue Sixteen Weeks. SAMUEL W. THAYER., Jr., M. D., AuMniy ani Piiiilo;i. IIOIIACE NELSON, M. D., 'rinetples ani Prartue of Surgery and SurgiiaJ Jurisprudence. WALTER CUtPENTEB, M. D., Mstern .Vr.ica ani Therapeutics OUBEN SMITH. M. D.. Obstetrics, Untssrs of U'imra ani Children ana Obstetrical Jurtspru Itncs. HENRY EIINI, a d Tnstcntsgy, EDVII XII KANE. M. D.. Principles and Pratlice of Medicine and Paththgy, The foe for a full Comso is Matriculation 51. Third course, students $10; graduation feo 313. During the Lecture Term, liberal opnortuultlel will be provided for gentlemen wlshiug to pursue Practical Anatomy. Dr. Thayer will pay particu. lar attention to those who wish to 'iusirr during autumn and winter For further particulars apply to S. W. THATER, Jr., Pia of Ihe Faculty, Burlington, VI., Nov. 1st, ISM. wtilmhl French Glass, Sash and Pntty. I.IKESCH ULAfS ALVV.WS U. HAM), lUtt 1 Sale bv tho Box or Kctall. Ulass Cut to any Shape and Site, and Set in best Styls, fjr Orders promptly attenaea to. v.ananas.0, two doors East of tbe FREE PRESS OFFICE, Col lege street. lifitvvr.i uuh.vlui BuilixaTOK May 25, IUI. J wly. GRATIS! JUST PUBLISHED, A New Discovery in Medicine t VFEW WORDS on the rational treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local Wcakncsj.Norvous Debility, LowSpirite, lassitude. Weakness of tbo Limb, and Back, Indisposition and Incapacity for study ana L.anor, iruuncsioi Appro honsion, Loss of Memory, Aversion to Society, Love of Solitude, Timidity, self. Distrust, Dullness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pains in tho Side, Affection of tbo Lyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual aud other Infirmities In Man. rroin the trench of Dr. DeLaney. The important fact that these alarming complaint, may easily be removed uithsut medicine, is, in tbil email Tract, clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the Author, fully explained, by the means of which .very one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all the adv ertised nostrums of the day Sent to any address, gratis and post free. In a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two Post nre Stamps t imps to llr 11, Dr. LA.NkY, .No. 17, Lilpen ard Street, New York City. 1H0 si, is dAwtf J , ' i " t

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