Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 16, 1855 Page 3
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w" ith his lionil ntul left nnti rnllruljr eoti-rnl fr om the trunk. In mmio tnyor uthcr, liu 1 icaino entangled in the mnrliinery A Kanzih I'niljirii tioii SuclMy wan fi nncd nt Montnclici' on iVeilnf-inlrty 1at 1' Oity persona nro J'rcp irJrit; to Icive I!mi d slpli for Kanuu nt tlicopiiiiigof tlio jiritif. -Among tlio patents issued from the L S . l'atcnt Oflieo bearing "Stvx of Mnrcli Cth 1 3fi i, is one to It. W, Rilhvruof Hurlington, i t., for improved nrrnngement of tlio springs o a wagon, In XoRTiniEtD week, an lrislinnti as found drunk and ulusing his fumily. Ho as hrought licfore Justice Atcrill and teeti sd that ho obtained his liquor of John Cof 'an. Coflran tv.n fined !?m and costs. IxSoi'Tii Wallingford, lat week, tlio remises of Wilder l'ructor wcro searched, iree barrels of liiiior found, condemned, nd spilled. After tho scizuro was made, an ttaehment us issued by a pretended credi 5r of Proctor, and served upon tlio liquor t fiilo in the hands of tho officers executing t ho liquor law. Tho Maine law lien over 1 lowered the creditor lien, and off went the 1 ir.i'ar fuming and foaming down tho ditch. W.U.T hunt camo off last week in RuitHi.dd, Washington Co. 200 men and ' 3 iys surr.iun led and shot a wolf, measuring fiom the tip "f his noso to tho end of tlio tail " feet inches height 2 feet 7 inches girth baek 'f tho foro legs 2 feet 74 inches Rciglit 8H lbs. Sold for $2, and tlio money given to t ho Poor. I'lirnE is a liiion School in Drattle buru, which was established fourteen years l go The following is selected from tho late innual report . District tax, lo percent, on Grand I.i-t, $1,29,'! 2(5 Iteeeiu'd from the Town Treasury, 57o 00 Total Receipts $1,8 26 Tho expenditures for tho same period wcro as follow s : Cash paid teachers. $1,380 47 ' " for repairs. 119 50 " " " fuel and inci dentals, 318 1G Total Expenses, S1.S27 32 BaAiTLtBORO is to havo a Town Hall 105 feet by 40. It will cost HG,0U(). There is unusual activity in organiz ing the scleral County Agricultural Societies in this State. With tlio exception or Chit tenden, Essex and Grand Isle Counties, all are busily preparing lor tho coming year. Tue American Journal succeeds the Swanton Herald, defunct. It is edited by W. A. Miller and A. J. Samson. Its politi cal principles, onjr tlio cditnrt, tt ill ho such as in our judgment, lie at the foundation or civil and religious freedom in this country, and which givo vitality to our Republican In stitutions." Xot verycxplicit, but good as far as it goes. "Bristol Bill," tho famous burglar, niado a bold attempt to break out of the State Prison, at Windsor, on tho 2d inst. He had sealed tho wall when ho was captured by the guard. The Xorlhfutd Messenger learns that three young men from Barnard recently at tended a ball in Bethel, earning their liquor with them. They deposited their bottle for safo keeping in a back chamber. Becoming very thirsty, they went out for their liquor, but through mistake, drank from n bottlo of Corrosirc Sublimate. This was n worse li quor even than what they brought with them. Medical aid was speedily procured, and by tho use of vigorous means, it is believed their lives will bo saved, although they suffered serious injury. Plattsrurcti is to havo a Cuetom IIouso. Among tho bills passed at tho close of tho session was ono appropriating $50,000 for tho construction there ofa Custom House, to bo of brick, fire proof, 4 j feet by 32. The appropriation is certainly an ample ono. TnE Races at Ogdcnshtirgh, a week or more ago, attracted some ten thousand poor le. The $500 purse on tho laetday. was taken by a brown maro entered a6 " Tib Jlminan," but stated by the Ogdensbiirgh Sentinel, to havo been in reality the famous trotter " I'lora Telnplo," brought from New York, and dis guised by dying in tho wool. The second horso was a sorrel mare, Lady Litchfield, of Boston, entered as tho " Belle of Ogdens burgh," by somo sharp sporting men, who expected to whip every tiling and carry off the stakes. Instead of which they were outwit ted at their own gamo, and lost their piles Time 2.22 2.27 2.25 the fastest on record. Tue Montrealers have been somowhat excited over the opening of their local exhi bition of articles of Canadian production in tended for the great Paris Industrial exhibi tion, bv the new Gotcrnor General. The Transcript says When was Montnal so enthusiastic in its reception of a Governor boforo : and when has there been so many demonstrations of joy exhibited by all classes. In tho relic! wo havo sustained under tho sway of His Excellency, wo seem to havo cot rid of nil tho bad ioeling which hampered and kept us down when his predecessor was hero. We aro beginning onco more to feel that, in this Canada, thcro is lonicthing worth liv ing and striving for. The Post Offico Department, this year. cost the Government $1,710,739 ; tho Trca sury Department, $075,120 ; tho Mint, $541,300 ; tho Light Houses, $1,073,084 ; tho Coast Survey, $415,000 ; tlio Judiciary, $220,900. Amono the amendments to tho civil and diplomatic hill, which pissed during tho last night of the session, is ono which provides that hereafter the New York Arny Office shall be allowed to rcflnc the gold deposited in it, sending only tno million nipmln iin ago to tho mint at Philadelphia. The deposits from California can now bo assayed and melted into bars of the necessary fineness fur exportation without the further tax of tians- portation to and from Philadelphia. An ap propriation of $251,000 vtu also made, ior tho completion of tho fortifications fur the protection of New York Harbor. William Poole, tho New ork pugil ist, bhot by a gang uf ruffians in a saloon on Bjoadway, died on Thursday last, llo carried tho bullet which killed him, in tho rentro ol his heart, for twelve dajs,nnd strango to eayi for a time bid fjir to recover. His funeral took place on Sunday. One hundred nnd filly fivo carriages, and from two to six thousand persons, according to different estimates formed tlio procession, which wascscoited by several military companies and a chapter ff tho " United Americans," headed by Dod worth's Band. At least 100 (ICO peoj lo con' gregatcd in tho streets to witness tho pusmge of the cortege. So public a display, is con eidtred by tho N. Y. Trtlmnc an unscouilj thing for the funeral of ono who in lifo was n professed lighting man and gambler. It if accounted for in part by tho Nativu American feeling, stirroa up by tho murder of an "American" by a gang beadi.d liy an Irisl ruffian. Several of his assailants nrc in cus. tody. Biker, tho man who shot tho fata' bullet, is liowctcr at large, llo is an ex' policeman and lias thus far escaped by tlx aid and complicity of somo of the police. Mui Woon my, in n latter to member of tint New York l.taiUturu, that t io number of places kept open on tho Sal btth for the sale of liqiiori in New York has been rodueed by him from 2300 ut thu com incnceuicut of his administration to "twen ty-aix" last Sunday The Railroad Suspension Bridge, nt Mia gara, is nearly completed. On Friday a luciimolivo with a passenger car, filled with guests, crossed nnd rccrosscd it. Tho struo turo was found to bo very steady, sinking less man mm inches nt the middle as the train 1t:iK4ni1 nvr-r. t. ! n.l it.. 1. 1. ........ 1.1.. ol sustaining a weight of 12,000 tons Anthonv Burns has given public re cophons in NowYork nnd Boston, nt which ho told to largo audiences tho story of his rcn dition to Virginia, ids imprisonment, salo and redemption, in n simple and touching manner, nnd expressed his gratitudo to tho friends: who ptirchieed his freedom. Tho proceeds of theso receptions, at 25 cents an admission, go to refund tho sum paid for him. Indiana. Tho Legislature of Indiana, has adjourned without electing cither a U.S. Senator or tho Stato officers, whoso election is left with tho Legislature. Tho Nebraska iles were nfraid to go into joint ballot, be- causo they know ir they did they would be Dcatcn. It is, however, but a delay of a twelve-month. Illinois will need redeeming several times over tn make her decently just. Her legislature has refused to repeal tho black law, making negroes, mulattocs and Indians, incompetent to givo testimony in courts ol justice. This law not only protects tho per pctrators of any outrage, murder not except ed, upon tho proscribed classes, when not witnessed by Anglo-Saxons, but it gives to Indians nnd negroes, tho power to commit crimo with impunity upon white or black, if they nro only careful to avoid tho observation of tlio whites. In an affray with tho Indians near Kla. math bay, Oregon, causod by an attempt to take their guns from tho natives, fivo whites were killed; among them, Charles IC. Proc tor, of Proctorsvillc, Vt. Jamls Brown. Esq., of tho well known Boston Publishing IIouso of Llttlo, Brown ,fc Co., expired Saturday evening at his place of residence, at the ago of 55. A man named Gcorgo Staccy, has been arrested at Winchendon, Mass,, on suspicion of having something to do with tho horriblo murder of two aged maiden ladies nt South Gardner, Mass., reported by telegraph on I'riday last. Ho was on tho point of taking tho cars for this place, when arrested. The Albany correspondent of tho Kew Yoik Evening Post remarks that thcro never was so much animosity exhibited among poli ticians, and thcro never were such outbreaks of personal violcnco as havo occurred tho present season at tho New York Capital. Ho says : "Theco sometimes take a ludicrous form. 'or instance, Ono gentleman in Congress Hall walks nil "noincr ami says : ' -ro you the l.xecutivo L.liailll.t-r.1' YC. in till lllllll'll ty response. 'Is tho Governor iti.ii j tlio second strange query. 'Sir, I do not know what you mean,' is tho liuzjled reply of tho official. 'I mean that I want to seo the Gov ernor, and 1 suppose this brazen protuber ance is the bell-pull. I -will ring lor him.' So forthwith ho commences hauling at what he calls the hell-mill, ringing, and m.ikin; it o ting-u line ; luit no Governor comes. Tho mania for mistaking human noses for bell pulls extends on all sides " The London Morning Advertiser says : Jenny Lind has entered into an engagement to re-visit England, in her professional capa city. From religious scruples, she has de termined that all her futuro exhibitions be fore the public, shall partako more or less, of tho character of Sacred Musi';. Sho is ex pected here somo time in tho month of April, Our readers aro aware that Jenny Lind is now the mother of two children." News of the Week TO THE FREE PRESS. r:rcut fire in M. .llnrj's, fin. Columiiia, S. C. March 0th. New Orleans papers of Friday are at hand. Nearly the wholo of tho business portion of tho town of St. Mary's, G.i. was destroyed by lire on Friday last. Bishop Reynolds, R. C. of Charleston, is dead. K. N.'s in CliicnKn. Chicago, March 7th. The K. N. majority in thiscity for mayoris 344. Tho order formed a long procession, headed by a band of music, marched through the streets, nnd shouted in triumph. No dis turbance of the peaco took place. Ciilum News. New Orleans, Marcli 7th. Tho steamship Cahawb.i has arrived at this port with Havana dates to tlio -Mi Inetatit.. Matters were all quiet throughout the Island and business appeared to bo reviving. The I. b. steam frigates San Jacinto and Prince ton were at Havana. Tammany 1 1 n 1 1 . Ntw York, March 6th. A largo L'nion mass meeting, wos held at Tammany Hall lat night. Senator Stuart of Michigan, was the principal speaker, Sena tor Douglas was absent in consequence or illness. The resolutions take strong nnd open round in favor of tho acquisition of Cuba and put it forward as an article of Democra tic faith. They also denounce the Know Nothings. When Senator Stuart said no good Democrat could belong to tho Know Nothings thcro was a slight hissing. Know Nothings in New orl( mate. RoNDour, March 8th. Twelve towns havo been heard from and in cury ono of them theK now Nothings havo elected their ticket. Tho town of Kingston gives llendrick tho Know Nothing candidate ior supervisor 240 mvjority over all others. Tho Know Nothings of Kingston and vicinity aro rejoicing over their victory in tho County liy torcli llglit proces.ions ana iinngoi gun3 Itclensc l .i supposed Kidnapper, PiilLvnELmiA, March 9. The man Warwick, charged with kidnap ping a lomalo si.ivo irom Mississippi, nas boon released on a writ of habeas corpus, no ono appearing to sustain thccliargo. The nilihustcrs. Washington, March 9th. Among tho important measures in Congress was a lull to repeal tho neutrality laws, by Senator Brown, of Mississippi. He proposed to repeal such sections of tho law as rostrain od American citizens from giving aid and cumfort to tho people of Cuba. Ho says the Spaniards in Cuba havo insulted tho A men can flag, imprisoned American people, soarch 1 American ships, pillaged American mails and yet government hns net moved under theso circumstances. Ho is for letting slip the dogs of war in tho Bhnpo of fillibusters. Capt. Kinney lias resigned his commission as Captain-General of tho Central Amencan Colonization Company. W. Cost Johnson, temporary President, has also resigned, and ex-senator Cooper hasboeu apiintcd with full powers. Ilnrillilc .Mulder. m Boston, March 9th. A terrible murder occnrri-d in South Gard ner, Worcester County, Mass,, on Wednes day night. Two aged maiden ladies, tho sis. ter of tlio lato Abncr Knecland, tho noted inf.dcd, lived in a lioue by themselves. They ncro beaten to death by clus, by robbers who mistakenly supposed that they hud money. A vagrant Frenchman, with blood upon his clothes has been arrested. No English stunner vet .Me'virnii )', Wahiim.icn, March 10th Aihico Irom Mexico to I'eli. l'Jtli rcpre JSS-SXQjLJjJj PRESS, "cut Santa Anna as dally losing ground nml Alvarez as steadily gnining. It io said Santa Anna holds several steamers ready to rccclvo on the approach of tho revolutionists o nns sent out of tho country what hocould oi mo . ,11011,000 rcceited from tho U. S to gether with nil Ins Mln.iMos.and has sold In ndvanco tho $3,000,000 yet to bo paid to .iiciico oy mo united States. Kmliczzlcniciit A clerk of tho Pacific Bvnk, New York, omuezzieu twenty thousand of its funds and absconded. Incitement tn Ito.ton. Bosiov, 10th, There hns boon somo excitement in Boston to-day, in consequent of n rumor that a Southerner was hero in pursuit ol a fugitive Slavo. A fugitive who reached this city last week from the South was forthwith stirted on tho road to Canada. The rnciltc. No news from t.ho steamship Pacific, over duo at New Yor'i. It i, supposed that sho did not reach Liverpool in season to make her return trip. .Hr. Sonic. New York, March 10th. Mr, Sonlo declines tho demonstration ten dered him by tho Cuban Junta in this city. New Hampshire Klcctlnn. Concord, N. H. March 13, 1853. Mctcnlf tho Know Nothinc candidntn is undoubtedly elected Govcinor of this Stato by n handsome majority. llio Know Nothing majority in this citv overall others is 140. vhom nunoi'i:. Arrival of ths Pacific. New York, Marcli 1 1th, P. M. Thn steamer Pacific, Capt. Comstock. has just arrived, bringing London dates to tho -(111 lilt. In ParlinmiMil T!nnl, m,. ... tion of enquiry into tho war was mr. ricd. John Russell has been appoint ed Colonial Secretary. Raglan is reported to havo resigned, Lord Lucan has been . called. Gladstone,;iIcrbert nnd Graham, had resigned because .Mr. Roebuck's motion was carried, Tor a Committoo of Inquiry into tho mismanagement'of the War. The Cabinet is remodeled. Thoro is no im- portant change. Jooph lluiiio is dead. lho icnna Poaco Conference will opened in a few days. All parties profess an aiixicvy ior peaco. it is officially announced by tho Allies that on tho I7th. Gen. Linrandi with 40,000 Russians. (Dispatch inter rupted). New Hampshire Election Accident. Concord, N. 11., March 14. Eighty-seven cities and towns show Mot. calf 10,317; Baker 1 1,051 : Bell 1309:Fnw. er 372. Representatives Opposition 103; Dews. , or,,..ui... i.v, o i of Congress. Metcalf, K. N. candidato for Governor, is chosen by about 3,000 majority. Tho samo party havo elected at least three quarters of tho Senate, twe-thirds of tho House, and the entire Congressional delegation. At Meredith village while tho election was going on, tho peoplo being assembled in the Town Hall, to the number of 700, the flooring gavo way, precipitating a number into the cellar below, 3 or four wero fatally injured, one of whom has sinco died, 25 others had limbs broken and many oiho.-s wero badly ujuieu. Telegraphic Report of the nam- uriasc uattic iviar:;et. Repotted for ttie Weekly Free Prcsi. J Wednesday, March 14th. At Market 505 cattle, about 405 beeves nd 100 Storoq pnn.istln nt WnrU'l O XCI1, Cmwr, and Calves, Yearlings, two and three. 3"cars old Market Beef Extra f cr cwt. $SJ a 9. First quality, $!'. Second do $8. Third do $71- Ordinary $CJi7. Hides per cwt $5J a 0. Tallow f-JvO. Pelts $1.00 1,25. Calfskins 10 ti 11 cents psr lb. Barrelling Cattle, $7 to 7J per hundred. Veal Calves 5J, fi a 7. But few in. Woiking Oxen No sales Little or no tlemand. Cows and Calves, 25, 0. 8, 30, 40 to 75. Yearling", 11. 12 to 15. Two vears old, 28, 9, 30, 2, 1, 5 to 48. Thrco years old, 37. 8, 30, I, 2, 4 to 5S. Sheep and I.uubs, 1031 nt market. Extra, 74, 8, 9, 10. By lut, 2?, 3, J, 4 to 5i. Swine : only about 40 Shoats to peddle, G, , to 8c per lb. Remarks Cattle trains in lato over tho Fitchburgh road, excluding all remarks from papers go ng to press early 92 ears came over tho Fitchburg R. R ami 23 over the II. and L. R It. loaded with cattlo, sheep, swine, horses and fowls. iU n v r i c rj . In this town.ftn lho morning of tho lttb lnft.,by Rev. J. II, Worcester, lton.VVILI.IAM 11 A SWELL of Ucnnlngton, to .Miss LYDIA li. STACY. PAPER HANGINGS G.'A'.SMTE5t&eO. mi'oitTKits 4r FRENCH PAPERS, J.JAVE NOW ON HANI), AND ARE UECEIV. '20,000 Piece, GILT an n VELVET, VELVET, (HLT ANn COLORS, wiru Itordcru to .Vutcli. yO,00 Pitees Pino Fatins, Landscape and Par. lor Papers. imi rire.iioaiu I'lint-, ocautllul tlesigns. iiO, 00(1 Pieces Auieiican eatics, from li cents upward. S5,()()0 Pieces Auction Lot, which will bo sold at rutnoui rait. 100,000 Pieces Cheap Papers, from G etnti up ward 1,000 Pieces Paner -Window Shade, all stvles. together with a large assortment of Pai.hiei. Cloth wholesale ana ifctall, by (I. W, BAXTER A CO. Hurlington, March 15, 1833, dlwew Bounty Land. fllHE undersigned will givo their particular at. I- tcution to procuring l.vnd Warrants unJer tho Uounty Land Hill ircontly passed by Congress, All tho Volunteers at tho llaltle of Plattsburgh or tliolr widows, all widows of l.crolutlotiarv .-ol dlers, and all Soldiers of the War of 181'.', or their widows, who havo not already received ono hundred ana sisiy acres, are entitled to Land warrants uu derthis Hill. Full information on all Bounty Land or Pension Claims (an be obtained of WKSiON B1IAW Hurlington, Vt., March 11, 1855. wtf COWS JintX Yontij; 'a!tlr C'n salo by NAT!! INIEL BUTTON Siirinnxr, March 15, 1853, w373 United States Bounty Land. I JIAVK received Instructions from the Com mil. eloner of I'cniious, and am prepared to procure Bounty Land Warrant for thoso entitled under th Act of .March 3, IriU. Tboie who yen ed H days In any of tho wars In which this country has been encxt-d, and thoewho were cugned in the lUttlo of 1'Uttiburijh, aio en titled to l-'U ncrti, and aro rerpectfully solicited to cal 1 on ujc at my otTiro,fiTcr Merchants Batik, Itur liDRton. LYMAN CUMMINOri, Ag'l. Mandt 11, )85.'. dt.tAwlt NOTICE. SnCltlliCK U desirous of cstaUIhln2 rivu: 1 a t n truvtllin Acvncy in ccry two Counties i r more throughout thu Svw IJnylund and MidJIo Mates, I la ih iicnt I ictaiiadut iO per month and i-xjieiitie aii),oi if preferMt-, admitted In a ' pharu iu the areuR-pif mdscd hiianiey. None 1 but thuruiih biivluesM nun need apply, and who bate a ecuuiary rconf ihility i fat It ait $101), Thofeo wishing nurh an afiiry can bo c mfcrred with at tho Kxrbunu Hotel, Uurlinytiii, Vt , on ( the 3d and 4th of April next I j, j'Auii, rropneior - , Jtull.ud, VLdJlU March, lb55. dlwiunpt roMJIIiUCIAI,. I'ltOCTOli vt wuoiV's Vt S tl... ........ r "noma. J jr. r. Wood iitnm,nMoii Mcrchnnls lur thu salo of M're I i .... uostos, March 10, 183 I'curls APPMU-hrM.per lb. JtilWH-AX-V.ilow. HUI'ITK Very choice, per lb. Tnll roT York nnd Vermont Dalrj Common ljiry, ....Wl'!tol'n "nJ Canadian, CHEESE Prime, per lb. Common and Fair, EdllS lVr 0 50 C 30 CI 29 a 30 10 a S3 24 n 25 22 a 2 17 a U 11 a 13 0 a lui a 2'i I'LOUIt Ucnoaoo, fancy, per bl, do extra do common brands Ohio, common do tancy do extra .Mlchlgnn, common do fancy Canada, common A fancy Hvo I lour a 10 00 5 a 12 00 11 a 0 00 a 0 00 0 87 a 10 00 10 23 a 11 00 a 0 00 3 67 a 10 00 0 00 n 10 03 (JllAI.V Corn, Northern, prbuthel 1 05 a 0 50 a 7 30 1 0G 1 02 01 1 00 2 CO 1 35 03 2 37 1 50 Eminem, ycnov Southern, nhito Wettorn .Mixed Wheat, Western Hyo, per 30 lbs. Oats, Northern, Whito Hcaii!,pcrbu.,G41bs. Peas, Canada .IPr?. l'orlb., 1st sort. 1831 1 00 02 a 93 a 1 87 a a CO a 1 75 a ritu ISIO.VS Beef, Wcstorn Extra, I mos. Western good Western Common Eistcrn Mess Pork, extra clear i mos. Clear Moss, best Moss, other brand) a 25 Moss. lt 50 a 17 00 15 50 a 10 U0 H 00 a 15 00 13 00 a 15 00 li 50 a 18 00 17 00 a 17 25 00 00 a 1C 00 00 00 a 15 30 H 00 a 11 50 iTImo bird, kcg,pcr lb. Lard, bbl., per lb Hams, Huston smoked Western do Ircscd Hogs rOTATOU.- per bu. POULTRY per lb. SEKU3 Cluicr, .Vorthorn, per lb Western and Southern Timothy per bu. Rod Top, hag Flaxseed STARCH Putnfnn. It, ..!. 111 12 a 10 a 10 a 7 a 60 a Hi 101 101 8 W 12J 15 It a 11 a 12 3 25 a 3 50 3 73 a 4 00 a 1 87 Ci a i;J WOOL Domestic Saxony Pleecos, Cm. 45 a lull blood .Merino 40 a 1 do do 30 a 4 do do 32 a Western mixed 23 a Pulled Extra 39 a llo Supcrdne 33 a Do Xo. 1 ,5 Wool Skins so 43 43 33 35 30 43 36 30 1 00 , jllrj -p. . . . la I"" "J-s thero ha Von a do Clinolu pncjs.and in lrss daman I, ns still are an icip.iti.1 by tho trade. Pt, and Pearls aro ""J" at 0 50 ; tho stock is not largo. LLiri.ll There is no material chango to notice sinco our last report. Demand actiie, stock limited, prices range high, with sales for Xew York and Vermontdjiries at 2 a 2Cc i wry cW at 27a25c:! at 2ia23o. 1 Ml";I'M?ric,;s "J"0 lmPved, the best is now held at 11 1 1 12o, and wanted. FLOUR Tho market is v-ry linn for Flour, with light receipt., and prices haro ndvanced. 'Ihe dc nmnd hm been fair from tho trade an! salts of com. mon brands. eUern at $J ; fancy branl, at 0 S71 a 10, and hold at the I utor price at the close with ery littloofthis dc.cripli.ri in tho market: and citras at 0 2a a 1 1 ,,r b,,. I:rn 0c ''Tn1.1.?-' " 12 P" bb1, 05 10 bnd. .li. .. ",u firm ?n'' farther sales of good !,t.r.bu- "hue" lica's continuo' ln"gt,od do'mani at l u a 2 37J per bu, as toquility. Canada Piasaro plenty nnd market quirt nt I 30. HOI'S Tho market l dull for Hops, and pri-es aro lower and i.nly nominal. PltUVIslO.NS No change In Pork sinco our re poit of last week. Thcro is a steady demand from the trado and tho market is lira. Ilcef continues in steady but moderate demand. Lard is in dc inand. .--.lies in bbls at 1 0 J a llljc, cash anl In kegs at Hie per lb. Smoked Hams have been in good demand nt 10J a lOJc, cash and 4 mos, to tho trado; and 11 n I2cp3r lb, cish and time, for shipment to Colifornii. Dros-oJ Hogs are dull and sales at prices ranging fiom 7 a be, the latter rato for choice retailing h,ts. SEEDS Thcro is moro trade as tho season is an. proaching for rogulars lies. Clover seed will not rarigo i.s nigh as has been anticipated, tho stock being larger. Wetorn Is now held at 11a 12c. Timothy at ii n S 50, ns to quality, and at present "J " ''irgo supply ior tho dem ind. WOOL Tho stock of dimestio Wool oontinues gut, with null receipts. Prices aro sloudy and arm, an.lunnuficlurcrs tiko about all tho flooco and pulled at quoted rates. Dr. Fitch's Remcdina. BDO.MINAL Supporter', Shoulder Braces, In- V haling tubes, and all his celebrated Mcdi- cincs ; ior ule by his Agent, THEO. A. PECK, l'l.ini.lilot. rwlatii. totl.0.0 furnlrlicd at tho COUO- tcr. March 12. diwif DOWN'S Elixir ! The old and tried rem dy for coughs, culJ, I'ulmonaiy complaints, Ac Tho ftiimni for taio at THEO. A. PECK'S. .'lurch 12 diwtf NEW GOODS. HAVE RECEIVED 2 d"i. Galvanized or gilt Hrintli g Levers; 2 dor. " Virgo Watches; 1 'for. Open face gilt Watches; 2 dos. fiold Watches, nrious sixes; 1 ' doz. .-liver Hunting Watches: which with others on hand makes tho largest and molt vaiied assortment ever on hand ; amongst the variety con he found low priced iitidhigh priced, amongst them nro several of very fino hnisli nnd very accurate time keepers in silver and in la carat in ci-cs. ALo.u new lot of Reticules, silvered Fnns. Imlln Rubber Combs, long tooth shell fide Ci mbs, and very lino assortment of new and Rich Jewelry; null Boxes. Cinr Cases, nnd Fanev (!oi.d. n-ncr. ally ; Revolvers, and douldo nnd single barrel Pistols, all sold aheap at tho Old Stand, Church St. J. i;. BIllNS.MAID, Lato Brinsmaid, Bro. A Co. STOLEN. From mycounter, last Thursday, one dozen Slid I Side Comb", with long teeth. A reward for thief and Coiubtf will bo given. J. E. B. Challenge Accepted. IlcuLiNcroN, March, nth, 1655. Mn. Eniroii: Sir In vour Dailv of tho i,lh. I no. tice my challenge accented bv B. J. Mvrick. ol Orwell, saying that ho had accepted my challenge, and would givo mo ten dollars ii 1 would como down to tils pi ice, and that 1 had not ns much as answered hi'ti, which lie uon-idcred unfair in inc. and that ho will ii'iw t tko mo on my own groun-l. .,ow 1 nivo 10 say to tno gontloman that that was my Qi-st an 1 only proposition anl this is tho first aoceptvnco 1 havo Ail. I did not consider his first accept viice worthy of notice, and I wish him to un lerstand Ih it should I conclude to tako my horso from home I can piy my own expenses. And now, sir, my challenge is good for .Mr. Myrick's Black iiawa iwo year 01a ontiro coil, or any oiuor coll no may get in Amcricv. JAJISi .MCN ASSEll. P. S. Tho challengo is accepted for tlio larcost premium, the trot to come otT 21st inst. on Hurling ton my, una II llu Ice Is not goo.l, they are to go to A.J. Morrcll's track in Colchester. dlt.lwl Quriinijtoii Female Seminary. IIIIE "I'ltl.W, TERM will comuioaeo on Wed X nos lay, M irch 7th. Itev. .1. li. t'tl.N'VI.nS!, A. JI., Latin, Chemistry, Natural, Moral, and Intellectual ruilos'jpny. ltcv. II. IV. SMITH, A. 11., English I.vnguago and Literature, Rhetoric and History. Prof. T r. Molt, I'liua anl Vocal Musio 0 Prof T. E. Moi.r, Thorough Bass. Prof. J. II. II11.1.S, Drawing,, Ac. Prof. I. L. Williams i n;i MissS. E.Colvr.aSr.. Oil Painting. Tho French Lingu io is taught by 0. Lidy to whom tho language is vernacalar. Applicitionss'i mid bo uudo early. Catalogues win be sent 10 onier. J A ME W. II CK0U. Secretary. Buillnglon, Jan 27, 1855. diivlf IJy Telegraph IKOM IiYMA.VS 3TOUK, HUaiilNGTON ARRIVAL Ot TUR STEAMER! ! tiiiih; invsi i.ii-iiL nin! thi vni:it!H Ni:VS Ol GIUIAT IMI'OUTANCK! ! ! ! Reciprocity Jhlt Passed ! HI ! rilKAUL' IN 1UY CUOUS XYAVC JUUSIC. THE i receipts of lry Goods quito large, Sales quick, and at very low figures, In staple goods, vil i Sho-inct, .-hirtings,Leuiins,btiipei, Ac. , con siderable iwtlvity displayed, at prices much lower toan iasi ipring, U'OOLUNS aro heavy and firm, at prices that at tract considerable attention, FOKL'IGN (30UD3- Casaimeres, Shawls, Dc Laincs. Ac, aro very c. ojp. l'rices of all articles excej ting worthier and unprofitable kludi, exhibit greater regularity aud tirmuei., Tho Styles aro the best Itj Market, conseqrently meet "ith ready ealei. iniUKOIDKHIUB, In this llDewenoticealargo and beautiful assortment, and at low prices. The styles are choice and tho goods aro good, Much at' tention has been devoted la this lino by tho Ladles and more animation dlkplayed than uiual, IIIIIJLT.S, MKHINIM. COillTKOHS, AO. Large Importations of thefo goods this season, and prices are i torn zu io ju per com. lees man laityear, A beautiful asortmoutof tbeio goods aro now ready for exhiblth'iinnd sale. Purchaser aro Invited to givo them a look before purchasing elsewhere. UUSlKItY A (1LUV1. Asuual,a ucll selected st'ck of Uoalery anl (Hoves are in the market, but lur choice goods, K'""Ulh'it art rWi, tho COH.VLK S'lUKK u supplied with an cndlcis vuriily.and at $lfAll areic lted to call and examine for them seUi'B. COKXlill STOHi:, Wtckwnrt HmUmg, feptemher 'i', l."it llllANS lluo'-ailan lliiliani lho cil.brn. ted Ihiiilish eurittlio for seieru Cuuuhs and Pulinuiuirv diseases. Tursule bv March I. diretf TIILO. A. l'DC'K. FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH J 6 , HARE BARGAINS B JB K IT I V ifl ! ! Tho remainder of our 111 now bo toll 1' nrt-.ts tt sua p ir ,iCrtt rt sard, tti of citt to cttte thtm out ALSO, mn1 ,W - oinlH vt ill bo oirercd at prices lo Insuro their salo. Fur nulling a raio opportunity fur those In want of such goods, to secure jjnri 4 ireyiiiu, invltod to call In timo to secure somo or them., Jutt rtctwtd by l'lptm, Miiik J)io 1(,0,( ,'linm.s .Merino "rappers and Drawers for Ladles nnd Oen. tlemon, Ivnlued Polka Sacks Tor Ladles, Misses and Chi drcn. Knitted Under -lccvc, Wristlctsand Over sacks, Loggins for Men and Boys. . t n co.MroiiTiiits, MLvitrs, ci.nvr.s, Stockings, Silk Pocket lidkfs. A Cravatsj Linen do. ALM), Auotlicr Cnrton or Il.MH HOI Di; Jill's, Cambrio and Shlro Lawn lidkfs. illu" " " llcmlttitch do. ALSO, A great variety of Ts T n a 'n .. ! 1 Oirdlcs for Robes, Drc-sing downs nnd Aprons. VLSI). Another Carton of those Superior French Kid Olovcs. ALSO, Whltn A, f 1 ? .1 nTr.,.!ll r..ju . . -wwa va 111111 nuiuca svilllLS, for Irouch and single tlod-tcads. Cribs anl Cradles' HLANKEl'S nil sizoi, .... ToSc""r with a great variety of Window Sh id. ..s. Ciifiniii (.'oods, and IIouso Furnishing OooJs gcnorally. ALSO. I'ACKIXG TltUXKS, all sizes. Our Stock embraces cverj thing usunlly kept In Drv (lonil. Sloru.. n.i.1 ..111 l.n ..I.I ... ... m 1 1. , i. r - CASH. Wc do not CHALLENGE and DEFV TIIF WCiRLDtoCO.MPErr. with our PRICE-, but we DO INVITE ALL to call and examine lor them s.vo!,and nro willing to nbido tho decision of a discriminating Public, to whom tho above Is sub niltted. Very respectfully, X. 1'ECK, Jr. Jan, IC1I1, 1855. dAwtf SPRING (1355) STYLES! ' VT E aro prepared to show our SPItINO STYLES for the present season, which wo can safely say eanm t but please tlio most fa.tidious taste. But If our Styles should fill to please, wo arc pre pared to ncet your wishes by miking to your order, any st.vio Tiilch your fancy may suggest. During tho lato depression of business we havo bocn adding to our facilities for .MANiriAfTI'ltlNf:, which wo can now say, aro not excelled by any, either in City or Country, enabling us to sell a Pirn Itiilc Artlclu lit 11 Low Price ! Wonrcnlmost daily receiving direct fiom tho Manufaeturies, largo additions to our present stock of Hungarian, Wide-Awake,Young America and Know-Nothing HATS, OL0VE., TRUNK. TR VEI.LIN0-BA0S, UMBRELLAS ACANE', All of which will bo sold at 11 low figure. N. ALLEN A CO. Burlington, March, 1855. dAwir T ijt ooctaiisat l L AMERICAN BOOK: It U T II II A I, I, , A DOMESTIC TALE OF THE PRESENT TIME. By Taniiy Fern, 500 pp., 12mo. Cloth. Price, SI J5. It has been rosorved to this distinguished author ess tn achieve what may, under tho circumstances, be rognrded ns tho most brilliant success ever ob. Uined by an Auieiican writer of fiction. RL'TII HALL," her first continuous story, though deriving no intcrost or pipjlarity from c mncction with any of thoso voicd questions which agitato the public min I, h is, in tho Uu months since its first appear ance, reaclieda Lirgersalo than nnyotber American work ol fiction whatever within tho oatuo ptrlod. This extraordinary fact Is, of Itself, ubund int cvi. denco of tlio absorbing interest and graphic power of this remarkable work. We have in our po'SCs- sion several hundred reviews cf "RUTH HALL," which havo already appeared In the principal news papers and periodicals. Nearly all of tliase pro nounce it o i phatically a work of gniui, many pre- -ii .i-u r .... , , ,rnnv imuricin book, and devoting wholu columns to its eulogism whilo wo havo yet seen but very few (not twelio in all) which deny its singular "uscirmtion. RUTH HALL" is for salo by Booksellers cen. cratly. Published by mason Dnoriicr.i, dlw No. i3 Park Row. New Vork. I TAVINO Rctarned to my old stanl on Church B -trcet. I am luw nrenarel lo sumdvtlie needv with the best of Tras, t'ulli'r, iwnr. Spier., tlitc.iinui, T.iinc.i, Vi'riiiH'illii, I'.iiiiiii, Com Munli, Itiil-in-. Split l'cii", Canari and llunp Seed, all linds uf Soap, .uaa.ctit, salmon, LiKt risri. Lamp Oil, liiirning Fluid, Cidir Vinegar, Pork Lard. Flour by tho birrcl or pound, Buck Whent and .leal, nt a very nu lerato udv.i ice liom cost, and asliniko all my prrchises for cash think inv prices will b. found satisfactory li. 1.. 11 AltMiK. Jan. '5tli, 1S',5. dXwCinos. J. ED?.IO.'DS, SniTi--m t.i I. V.i;.llIT.M, NKXf r OK IO LYM IN fc, ' ' Ct't.I.lUK TRKr.T. Citizens f Iliirlliii'ttti and vichiitr. l.e hai reoehed a Uuu id r.uOiioi.ablf Hutu nnd Caps tor meu an 1 bo a, suit.iblo lur tho tirci-L-iit 1 all I ralc, A 'ua uoriincni u irunits, Valiscii. lionnct C.idc. Triivcltnir Ilax, ?-;huol Satchcle, UiubrtdlJ, Canes, -JUnce, Mitttiu, Iiu' Ilidts. Ac. Thiii' o wiIiln .my ot tlio .ibovu liameil good. Hill pU-ate call and examiius 1ir lists and Cap nude tu order. Itoralrlni; done with ncatntM4 and diiiatch. WILLIAM iJiii.u mn rcr.nin ns lurmi-ny. FURS3 1 ! FURS ! I! "B CST Ilccelv-jd.ii tr th lut of Indies and dents P i)Ki;ss rims. selected from largo st' cks in Xaw Vcrk aninostcn. Oct. 2C. loal. i Awt ROOM WANTED. tXPCRinXCIl hai doiumtratod to hundredi, J yes, thuuianJi, that STANFORD'S li the idnco to Purchuo Carnctinu. Oil-tMotli, rnncynurt Staple Dry Gootlu, CHEAP : I am now oX-rliiz a. b. Iter opportunity to the Tub- llo than ererbefoiv, to aceuro bargain?, as room Ij wanted tor I vrill close out my cntiro stoclt beforo lat Marcli next, at pi icos that will, perhaps, surpriio the pur chasur C, i SrA.VIFOItU. Durltngton, rebruary, 15a5. lUwtf DecRinbcr 30th, New Goods, IKuruuxiu) i' ho m n i :v O U K L SI evening and havo receive 1 "-iwln UutUr-FlUs, Dirds and l igs heavy Silvei Miu.l Moxe, Mlvcr Cups, ) patterns Fruits Knives, shell and linck Ciiiub, UuJaU Hack and VuS Combs, UuiT.iU anl other hair Flos, CiocliLt Hins, Heticules uud lots new goods, .T, L- liltlNSMAU. OldStand CLuicu -trcct. Dec 30th, 1851. dV.ttt Real Estate for Sale. fjMIE "Obb I'laci." so ratkd, abuut two miles South of thu villasis ot liurllngton, on tho.-licl-burn roaj, cantainlng 2i acres of land, excellent fruit, and finely watered, ALiO 55 aorcsof land ncarto it, on the West lido of Shclburn road, being tho outh pirt of tho old Home Farm of tho lato Ju-uph Hart lug ton. It li finely situated. Tboy will bo told at a low price, separately or together, ani a liberal credit girt-n, V. A. SMALLKV. Fb, 53, W. d-twtf II UU 1. 1 NUT O.N CARPET WAREHOUSE runner hy ktoui:, ciiuncti bTitiiiii. 15 A fresh lot of now aud beautiful styles of Fomnr.v am) A.Mi:mci Caupms I ! ' iuhki-v vklvht, T.Pi:sruv, TIIH1T. PLY, I.N'dllAIN, ml Common Wool, Cotton and t, ui d all Cotton, 'locking, Crumb cloth, Uu-.., Mat, sl.ilr Carpels,. te. A I in, I'UOU0II,n!.OTll.all wi ' 1 yd lodyds. Straw Matting, .lo Visa tZZ3 . FALL I Crockery, Chinu 6c Glass Ware. t A largo and cntiro new stock. I A 1 H 1 1 , 1 l'AI'KK IIAXllIMl ' i fci.ryniulily. All His ilbuto guoils hate hi cil b iurht at greatly reduced prices, an.l will bo sold uccurdinly. MCIIOU'5 k 1IOYNTO.N I Euilbflon.Oit. 1S51 dlull LIMAL NOTICES. Timothy Fotlctt's E3tute. yyt l, l 1. m; iisuiu IIBIIS, hav ing been a ppolnt. ed bv t is ll.n II...I...- n. .... r... lhoDItrlct ofChltlendcn. Unpiol-iloneri to receive, nuu iiuju-i iiiu cinitns an 1 iieinnmls or nil persons, against the elnlo of Timothy Fnllett, of Hurlington, In a .1,1 district, Insane, represented In. solvent, and alto all claims and demands exhibited In offict thereto ; nnd six months from tho day of tho dato hereof, being allow, d by saidCoutt for that purpoo wo do therefor hereby give notice that wo will attend to the business of our annoiiil. (nnn, !... ..ft. t T I' ,.,. t t, . .. '.' 7. . . . ..Hies, in iHiningion, in said District, en the second Wcdnerdnjs 1 1 Mny and August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each el said days. Dated this nd dat ofMnreh, A. 1)., 1935. CIURLES RUSSELL, ) J- V- WALE. I Commlrslcters. PI11LOD0OL1TTLE, J vt37w3 E. L. Douglass' Estate. STATE Or VnilMOXT, ) The Probito Court district or chit rF.tDrT.f , p, J for tlio Dltrict of CliitteniJcn. To nil intrrcitci n ttie estate of KJna L, Douglass of Ejscx, in said IMstrfct, flHKKTISO H hrrrai Hnnnnh A, Douglass, of rjiex, nfrc said, (Junr1ian of 1-Mna h. Dou-tlns?, nfiircalJ, n minor, hath ri-pruciitcj to fal'l Uourf tlmt her sal.l ward Is seUo 1 hi her own rt-jlit nf certiin llcil ! tato In n-xsct nHircMl I, to wit, ono equal un!ividcfl Jialf of tho hometead ofCu-'fiu-! Inugln, Into of said Ispx, decrne I, tint it wmitd lf? f,.r hf-r sihl wihl Iot'r"-t tt htvo all Ileil ntnto uht nnd praInj for llceno nnd authority to bHI the atme, eithT at prlrate aW or puhllc auction. And sild Court Inrintr as-lnfd tho 3W" riiy of March, at tho Prohiti olTle In IJurtlncton, In s.iM DiMrict, nt tn o'clocV, A, M.. for h nrini; and do. otdln- on saU npp r.1tioi nn,i ird ro1 that notice nan prsini lVrretod boclven.hy puMlhin the uhstance of said t--tition, tojother with tlii otder, three wo1c nes'-i-lvolv Im tho Hurl lotion rrcs, a nciripipor printed In Hurlington, previous to the diy set for hoirl'ix. I nwtirt you aro hcrt)v notified to nppcar nt tue J Hmc anil plieo nforp-il.1, nod how cause If nnyymi I have, why i 1 1 license should n-1 b pranf-tl. , Oiren undr mv han I nt Hurtln -ton, aforesaid, this 12th day of March, V 1 , l'.i W. II. riUl.VCII, Julgo. w3"w3 Perkins B. Allen's Estate, TATH nr VnUMVT, ) Thf Hon.thoProl.nt ttlttrlrt of Thltt'-ndfn, Ponrt for th THtrM of rhlttndn. To nil pc ren- (nt,rtd In tho Ttnto of Pertctni II. Alton, a minor iindf-r tho nqn rtf f-"rtr.ti Tr-rn, OnPFTt-rn. TriU:RT: , tt-o ninnllan of rrrVln Tl. 11rn. a minor undr tio i-f rf f.iu-n vim, hnth mi do nrtnll''tton to itl Tonr In w!t-n- fr Uf-fnp nnd atithorltr to 1HH roil Mto nf ht iid wirl, ttlni foi th thoroln tSat it rout-l ) co-id iiclr' tn the Io((rct of hi" "dd ward ro ol t'.o mil ctat of ald wnrd noonnatlicd to Mm hr th" Ht will nnd tc-Mmcnt of J I rah Tham, lot" of iKurno, do. coa-tvl Ituated In the town of IIInehurch, In sal 1 TlMrtet. VhTcnrlon the "aid Ponrt npnrlntod and nl?ncd tho jcond dar of nri1. . T), f trbPirln? nnd d"C'dtnir unon al I onollf-ittno. nt t)i Prolinto Tourt Iloom In al I dMrlr-t, m 1 or'lrcd tbat nnttc no. tlfo ttlToof ho fflr". to nM nnront ntTPt''d In aid ottit hv n-iWUMiK "ild o-dr th-oo wpcU uec-ctrcW In tbo rurllortton Vre Prp. n nt,w r.anr which clretiliitn In (bp nolffbhorhood of thotc lntcr-ted, nil which ntibMciHon to bo previous to the tlm- npnolntod fnr "niil hon-In?. You nrc thcr foro horhr not! Io I to iMiottr bofiro aid Court nt the ttoieind nl-tcc nfvrrf,id. nnd nmkc your oliof-llnn to neb otto if vmi eo c-n-. Gfvn under inv bnd at Hurlincton, this 5th day of .March, A. D. 1S53. D. riUlN'CII, neglster. - 3 Tur: 5F:LT:TMrv op jnr, town or nrn llnctm stI'1, fr t--i en!!!'!!' veir, hold a mctinj at th" C!'('tmf" TlAntn in the Town Mall, An the 1t a-i I 11 Man lir "f naoh m-nth a 10 oclftcU. A. M , fnr tio trnnai-tian nf Tnwn bui ne. rift mcotfn-r nn Mn lay the 10th lii3t., bcine the 3d xlan tav of March JOUV V POMKROY, 1- v. r, rtirr-rit, S-Stlcctmcn. diw h. O. niOKLOW LOST. f'N tho mornin? nf Sinliy, Tub. 2 th, a Bcnr ' ' Skin, between Wlno.shl Tails nnd the ntchanRo Hi.tol in Hurl! i jtjn. Tho finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it with tlio .-uh-cri-ber. L. I'. ULOPUI'Tr. .March 5. diwtf M. OSTHEIM, lUf-ORTER Or A' I N B S am) LIQUORS, lit I'roiil Stn-cl, ( Two Hatrg Jrjm CotntttM Slip,) s i: v - v o a u . March t, 16ZS. ntf Valu-xblr; Farm for Sale. ty II IS UlHUtAULn FARM, contnning Two Hundred .ind Ninety Acres, it d four milts north of Vtironnes, mi the old atago, and one and a h tit nub trom t'ic K.iHroad ta i"ii It is ptuiantly fitu.itvd, and tho soil is of t-xcellcnt quality. Uu tho prt-mUis is a Comin mIiou-i IJnck Owclliiiii. built ill ft subrtantial winner nr.d the in staprrorcd modem tj lc; togithcr with all the iHC-j'fiuy HA11XS AM) OTIIIWl 1U7IT.ICS rorlairing and other Tanning purposes. Also an Orchard of marly 700 APPLE, TREES, just coming into beating, Of Hip rhoicct Vnricticf. Altogether, this Is the most desirable Farm eu-r oirercd for sale in this region. HOW LAND T. HOMNFOX. Ferritburgh, 1655. w30w3 FARMS FOR SALE. -V r BMinUICUtUKU HAS TIII!li; KAHMS VL for sale in tho town of Milton, within a mile of Checkt-rberry (irct n 01 c cor.toiiung acicp, onu 150 actcs, and the other lit) acie, alt on thu iniin rua 1 to lturlm,;toti. 1 will cell one or all of aald farms on reasonable tcruii. l'o ncs?ion given the first day of April next, I'trsons wishing ti purchao real estate would do well to examine said farms, AMOS BltOWX. Milton, March 3d, 1S35, w3uioa H. H. BOSTWIOK, ji.iMr.tcn RiK or Tin, SIiiyi I mn nml I nnvr Vnip. KAVI TUOLCillS AND CON IHT TORS. TI.V IIIMiriMl IH r.l 11' OM1K. ALSO, DEtlFR IN Hot Air Furnaas, Cooking lianges. Hath Futire', Store Pipe, a superior article, at Wholesale and llttail, and Stove Furniture, A Great Variitv or Stovis or luriiovED I'at th:s, sve 11 AS THE "MAY.FI.OWKi:," "Ill.ACK DIAMOND," ' UNION OF b'l' ATI'S. Ac, ie. I.I'.AII IMI'i: .IM . VDAIltO.S i'i:n liox, .tt-., ac. ISAAC DOW, Achat, CHUltCII STKEUT tcnusoiox, Vt. Sept. 27, 1651, Notice. Persons wishing to purchase DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will find an extensile assoitment at 150 Church it. selling at prices which make it for their interest to eall beforo buying elsewhere. C. F. STAXiroUD. IiurllngtoD, Jan. 1855, diwtf " It A It I" It A II G A I .V S ." ItOOM WAXTIIUI" ! ' COME A .YD SEE ! " I DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, I (Ji-oi'kery, Paper 1 langiii'-s, Lotikins (Unss-os, 'nru-t i ns nml (HI Clotlii., , 4 T our spacious NKW bTUHH. ISO Church ft-. V (ono tluur Xorlh of our old stand,) which aio j now dtlcred fvr t,i,K at prices that aro without a I precedent ' hero or el,ewhcre. 'e shall ollVrour ' cnllro .lock far in days " wllhout n-card In cost," liiiiny things lor :tl cents on tho dollar Xow Is tho time tu buy Hoods. .Money is want.d aud goods liiu-t bo cai-nfiCMl A pi nny imd is twi pineo tamed " Itcc dle t tho New Store, l.VI Church St XlCllULS i ilU . J"i Ivb. 11, IS'. din jsfifi. Auction Sale. T W I L L SELL AT l'fBLIO .U'CTION on ' Salurdajr, March 51, at Shepherd's Inn, in Richmond, a good sired 5 yearold BAV HOUSE, of tlio Morgan breed. The snld horso Is well broke, hind In ercrjr respect, and Is a good traveller. N. S. TOMLIN.-ON. Richmond, March 5, 1655. w3Cwlw Notice. r jMIE COPART.VF.ItSIIIP heretofore existing In ' to name of R00U 1 HUNT, Is this day dis. sol i c I by mutual consent. orlin noon, WILLIAM llt'NT. Jerlebo, March 5tb, 1S55. w3Cn3w St. Lnwrenoe Academy, POTSD.V.II, X. V. rpiln present Term will clo.e nn tho Hth dny of ..nircii ncsi. i ne next term win oouimcnco on iiiur.'iay, .March 23th. IIeiiiv U. tin kiis v, A. II., Principal, nnd Waldo Huron , ,. II., tint. .Miss AtitnA II. i .tnni.H, n (.raduito nf tho Mount HMyuka Semi nary, Ins chirjo of the I'kmalk Ukpa htmest. Tiiillun per Term or 1 I M'cel,? : Ltngui;c, and tho higher branches of Ungllih TAix', $7 00 Elementary VigUh Ptudicf, 4 10 Musio on lho Piwi Furtc, Drawing and Palntln , nro also lau-ht In th Schnnl, by other anl eompe cut teachers, for which rxtrneharjics are made. Tlio I'lifsrEK nro hippy In infurin tho public that Messrs. Iliickhtm and llriha'n, gra luates of tho I'tiiiirsityof Venn mt, who biro now been In tho scln.iil mc.r.) Ih m half a yel-, havo fully sustiined the hili roputttlon for lo ichln.', they prev'ously enjoyed. I'ho T itstEES feel assured t'nt this Institution nT.irli ficdihos Tor nepilrln? a nn"rlnr Aoideml cnl Mucitl'.ii lho ei loiny bjlldlls nro ample nnd o i n nu lions, with l.lbnry, nnd (.'hemic il tnniritu", together with a respectable Cal.niit .,r Mineral". I'ubllc pilrouin it .ollclted. Ily order of tho Hoard nf Trustees, . It VYMO.VD, Secretary. PoTsntM. Feb. 27, 18. Nnrn. Tho cil.. nii voir is dlvl l I Intu thric term', if fuurtien WL-ks oioh. The firt frm com mences on t'i .nnoril T'rirsliy of u"lt, every .tear At tho e..,q or I'm- ar.t term, Isa vio.itlon of three week, nnd at tho close of tho socind terra, n va -ition of f r i wjiks. (Tuition formerly charged by the (tuarler, 11 weeks). w'j w3 Deafnnqs Cured. TJKI whit ceirm' AeoutieU hn Hrtnf ! " The trreflt"-'' enrp wot yet performed by any mcHotn It npP(.r fillt ' tTrom tho Alhanv Pnily Kr.trVrrbrtVf-r. V. V. Wet Tpov. Juno 1. Tht l-i tA pertltv that T, Willi-1 T-nV. nrftfrl tv nf thn Vff Trnv r?--hin7-' TIntcl, hiviT-; bi-n nni"fn with d-ifn in on ofr th" tit twntv eiri tiri'l in tho ntW fnr th" lit vir, thit r wi itnKb1e f t m! hir th tondit rilc", nnd tOt (rvinj v.irlniit rMn-df',i Tifh-Mt Itnnr'-rln r mr hrnrlns In the Iit, T wi in Im d tn frr irnt ConiDTind 'nMttc Oil. T-.r tho ire of PpiPrtf, nnd it wtf1) -rrnt TriIoitl'n I nn cnabtA, tn pfn ( tbit it h n nTfoftl v rftro I tiv hcirlnj. ind I will bo Inrnv tn ( anv mtMin who wiht tmtlon In relitlnn to my cn nv ntie" In Uct Tmr. WIT.T. UT .THN'K!. Ft'' careful nnd nurftSi-n of Mr. T. pr.rK Tliirllnjtnn, . Tl A D. S WT'3, 10T FuHnn "trrrtl pw Vork, as thcro is a counterfeit article In the raa'-Vpt. Feb. 2C. w3ma Do You nf Tlonf nn.l -hoe for Cash ! If vni At nil on T. C. WA.L5S &l CO., an Prnrl strrrt. whi win eii run nmn rtr.t ii.txn Boots, Shoo i.Tlubbcr: ?. Gaiters, of ill Hi 1, an 1 stjAt, from S i'nill".t "S'l.l's tn th. Iirje.t mi-n'., bv the P.T ,r n)T.'N. it I.OIV-'T PrttlR5 than hn-e h..n ViiTt for v.i-s Glro 23 PEA.rtL TimrT i rv. hi'n-K hujrtng. Boston, lcb. 3, 1S35. wSmos. STARTIiliN'ti. HUT TiWW. WHAT EVERY VOMAfi1 SHOULD KNOW. How often tt h ij tint the wife lirgcra from je.ti to t-ur id liable c-tml turn in not even lot ntIt it,, v to to. 1 tlm h i yy an I vxlidaruLin- Influ ni tih nt lo the ciijuj uict.t ofhtuHh Till-: ISLOOMING HIUDK, Du: a li-w je-ir-xiso in the fl.Mi of helih imd youth, ui.U luinifti,,--, of, niphllv, nnd f i-aientlv fn tl 1 1 o bei'isinca u tccbl-j, ttkly, mIJi-w, djlull- til I IV I illlv, null fill 111 V t.ui.lCIHtl'., untrtit p, tt d I, couiifrti.ince le.uiH the fiiipess ot fuTv-no-,', nnd nn utter -lo-tciit and mental j roa iriitmii, imimii fiom inorniipo ff the viini'It-pt nnd l-ioet i ii lc rjf lit'iilth n? conr fct d with lho mar rmt. rtair, tho violation t-f xtIupIi cnhiil-j dise.iet lutli'rii uinl iinei, not oidv to the wife, but r.flcn EZr.EE!TAF..' C0:,!FLf.!M3''u'F3:J THE CniLERSN i nt riih i in i i An n nt m 01- n 1 1 1 v," Tn Illl-t; 0st .tIM'l iov, ('iiorirr, ii vtit iiuMnti , i-wrn, csiiit, Ikli'H ;VII., nuit otliti lind' 1)i ii iti i, n it, DREADFUL INHEHITANCE rito ' hi; I'Alil.NTri Xnlmii-ti ri.n n n Mui iiiu Lt Ii tl.ero no reint . N.. n ,.t , d'p II'1' 14 t kn ih rnni utrl ntftMin? tl.rtn nn.l kn. n tli n-im'a.rti ana K'nt-fllii)-; lv thi-m. Il.thv are j-ihIh 1 . it in THE MARRIED WOMAN'S rKlVATK Mi:i)ICL f'OMI'AMON, nY l li. A M SULI'.ICFAL, ! Ros-sw-R of in.u--iH or oiirf. One Ifnmirtllt Ktiitwn, (.Vul.lNXI), smn , jy, 250. (itV fSt CAW, KJtTH HIMtMI, fl 00 J A tinliir 1 worK r.f ct.tjil,lilicj rpntAll'n foun't cUtl in llif iriM i.f the cri-nt tn lo mlfsi In iw Ymk, I hd nit l It 4, itn ' utlier citit. a I ol 1 by tlio pnnclftal in thf I mtcl Mat ll wan'tirst -ubli-hed In 1S4', kin's ulnr-h ttmc FIVE HUNDHED THOUSAND COPIES tiM Ueii M.I.I, ot li k I tl.rrv wrrf ( (im:iiuxiii!i:i i iidusam) ?i:ni v mail, A'lrtii. the h'ili fslinutioii u which It U hull ft a-T0 It. i bit oiulir Helical itooic ioit i:vi:hy i-m-:mai.i; I tit authi-r linvin Js?t nti.l hi ftflulT ttrntion tti lt tn iliiiont of c'i.i tsiiiit reuliirtn ft-nulft. In if.jtrct tit ytliifh ,f I, earU Cotniulu-d hjf thouMin It both m itou ill 1 ty letter Hero ererjr woman tin dinoorer, bjr comrTln; htr own rriupts-ims with tho btv), the nature, chnrAe'er, cautcA of, and the rrnjr retuedirx for, her ent hint. Tli wi'e aU'Ut t-fcom 05 a taothrr hfit rtm n-l f ir.tructmn idJ alvlc vt the utmo.t fmporUnc tn tier ft-tnro hertlth, in relict to which her nIUTenM Tor b 1 co-ultin; a gt-ntlcmun, mil ftO'i och In stroc'ioo an'l advice, anl alo annUIa roanj Rjmptoma which ntherwise wouM occaiion antiely or alarm at all tt r-cculurltin Infilled to her si tuition are described. How tnan.T are autTunn; from obitruetlom or IrresuUr it.ei -eculUr to the female (Mem, which unlermine the health, the effect" of which they ore (jnorant, anl for which their iMieacjr forbitl wekln; roe-lical aJvIee. Man (tiTtrin fntm jiralapna uteri (falling of tha woinb), cr from Jtuor albui (weaknest, debility, kt ) Mioy are la cmitlant agony for many moathj frece.linj confine ment llny hate difficult if not danseroui deliverh', nul Itw nnd uncertain recoveries Scie who litei are haui I i'd during uch time, will each (In 1 In iU poi the cans of pretention, atnvlioratiou and relief It U of courwi linrraclicable to convey fully te tariom Ailbjecta treated of, a they are of ntture ulricll In tended for the married or thoe conlemiUlin; marrlaje. P.i-ailfr, are jou a husband or a fathert a wife or a W-'Uiei! H- Juu the sincere ntt'are of lhoe joa Inre at l.rlt I'rote jour Kincenty. anl hua no time la li-arunirf wlat caaw mteifere witli their health anl hp. r-inets) not len than jour own It wtllaoi4 tn tou. and jour, a H ha to thottanlt, manv a lar of jalrt anl ani'cty. folloie4 by stlrtpW oigltU. tooai-acitutinj the m.nd for it ordlniry aoeation. and csliaubtin; thme mean tor ruidal attndunae, metlgitie anl advertised notrutni whitjh otlirwlne woull provide for dfchninj ), the Ibbrmit w i-f tjfl ad the profer ed.ic-t on of jour children In cui'i'qi.onii of the uuiiral popuUnty of tho work, at ovi.lfun I hi il. cm, niimn wile, vbhouji iniOM tioos hmi' U.11 t'rm let, Ni - on UH.t-lleii at on the i-uthv, hv iiitlUtiuu ol tttl punnu iHiitione, ami .umititiou lnfrinienent of ci'ii1''. ol-J-" itt'iici- al deceitKiw It ta4 Kin fount nw- iy, thuvfoie, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC lob-i ii-t-ooW uolctls worts IV A M tUlmrK.r, 1 y rt.i'. fctr.t N V " is mi llii tally In Hie II. t'Hi.T on tl.e b' w i'I M.i t'llo lae . i.J buy 1.1.U rl 11 .c' .111 t-o .lie -'.uli'i. tr MnJ b uu.l. ll . Ivil.rf to I 1 , M Mj . '4U a-Vron r.ctipl ef One llol'T "THl ?AR. niLD WOMAN'S PtT.'ATU MDIOAL COM. PAi.IOt." 11 ssiil , iin' J la 'y I'l of th, Umud Sla'.s, the C-1-a.l.-s St.' Efnwh Tiovmces. All 1. Hi tt 111 .st t. i..i..i.d, siid Mdtusstd to Br. A M It.tlK!.Ali. ti 1-. rtv.Yoik City 1'. t. .1 .,; t)-iv, l.u J2? L 00 ty buet, Hw V-.. Agents ill Vermont. Pmlth 4 Pierce, Mmtptlux O P lisle, Ckittt E M Urovrn, HWjtaet ItedfloU'V Ornniss,.Vjtr. si.licr CLCase i Ci. UmitJon E W lllalsdell, levrnit's Collins X rortcr, Mmtptlifr P Welch, BraiMtenW II Wallace, Irtuburf L Pratt, Jr., IIWil(-S K Collins, .'Imipilicr 5 11 Nichols, lui'mclon I'MerryfielJ, WmJur D O Tjler, M.nlpilur 1 .Molt, .'. Mbam. Jan. II). tfCmln French Glass, Sash and Pntty. .tltl'Nt'll HLASS ALWAYS OX HAND, FOIl II' hftle by (he Hox or Retail, tllasi t ut to any Slin.e anil Site, snil Set In brtt Style. fJT Or'lcrs prompllv attcmlcil In. Callan'saa, tttoiliHiri Ilastofthc i'HI'.i: I'ltlS OFFICE, Col. I lego Strt-et. twC .rr.i ;. -s TS iKi ACOUSTIC 0!L! ) (W 7 the cmi ttpt im WJ UfiUVkl uu EcanacTOK May 3.1, ) lSJi. 5 wly. NORTHERN RAILROAD, N.Y. WIN 1 UK AKKANOUMUNT, rOMMKN'CINO .TAXUAUV 11, 1855. TAS"UNn EH TRAINS lease Rouse's Point at " In.tSA.M., nn arrival of trains from the East nn.l Vorth, nrrlvlnc; nt On 'ensburnh 4.15 P.M. ennccilnir. tilth the Ilytown and Preseott Hallway for Ottawa, ami stsges for Ilrockrllle, Kingston, Uellrlllc, Toronto, Ae, I.-nre 0(itrnhure;h at ln.OO A, M., on thearrltat of tho Ilctown A Preseott train, arriving at Rouse's Point at 3.4? P. M.. einnicllnt; with Ihe Vermont Central Uallroa.l for the South ami Ea't, an ' Cham, plain A St. Lawrence for Montreal nn ' Quebec. OEO V II0VLE, Sup't. urrirs: AOBrnsnt lUILROAD, 1 Malone, January, 1855. wtf Corn Planter. 4 FTEi. MARCH 10, t shall be rea'r to furnish ' C. II. D-tnt. Patent Corn Plnntup. nn. if thnsit lahor.strlni machines which will suit the most pnv ttenlnr. Itsnpcrntlons are very simple and easy, an. Tour acres of corn cm be planter) In a day with esse bv out mm. For plantln? small seeds of any kind It ctnnot h .urnnsse I. Price t) 00 Anv ono wintins; the ahovn will direct to E. J. Ruttnlph, Essei, owner of tho right for Chittenden Co. E.set.Fch. Id, 1855. w3mol BtfCF.' r.r VORK TVPE-FOt'VDRr, eT. tsbl.hi.d In 1M3, has now nn hand, ready for unm"!.. J'hirrtt, In f.t'ts to.nM purchasers, 101.000 h. ROMAN TVPKof new cut, FVfV TYPE, in.noo SCRIPT of various style", s.noo ornvAV". .5.000 O'tv t MEVT3 In irreat variety, 5.oo " rnnnE". nnt tvi TYPE MET VI. Rt'LE3, and tl' lhrt vnvnltlns In lh biHln-s, 511 the annrn Tvn. arn eis hy steam pnwi., of the new nnnni.lln nf -n.t-,1 -.-.cnllltr tn IhU e-tim lrv. nM Wtttf'I H(nnTtN'I,V.''tPKIttOllto anv ev. nnd hnfnrn In anv nart of tho world Tho nn.qintlnil rnnldllv In the n'ocs. nf easting, ena bles nt. tn .ell lh- tno-e dur-thle types at the ptl nf nrdt-i.rt tvp-1. rlther nneredlt n. f, . cah. prnti... Wnnr Tpn, and all other Prinlinir Ma-t-rltls, pvnpt Psner nnd tard., fwhich t.arc no flt-1 nntlltv or prlni.,1 furnished at manuite'urers' prli-.s. The tttpt n.etmen Ttonl, nf the Foundrv Is free ly clvnn to all printing ofTices, on tha receipt of 50 cent tn nmniv "he pntsee. 7"Prlnier. of ne-.stian"rs who choose to publish this ndrertls.ment. Inelndln-r thi nole. three times befnrn t-e flrt dtv of Titty, 155. and forward me on of the mper, will be allowed their bills t tho timo of nurehttslnT five times the amount nf my manufactures. Address. OEOROE RRt'CE. M CnaMSCRS-Sr., .V.te Vera. Kew.5ork. Feb. 15, 1935. w35w3 HUTCHTNS sk sawyer, Co-titntinn ife-rrhnnta, AND WHOLE'ALE DE5LERSIN Butter. Cheese. Grain, AVD :.T. KtVDa nr COCS'TRT PltODCCK, No. 7fl nUY-sTRUUT, New-York. January 1C, 1855. wjml (f) (fi -J tn a 51 00 4 .--st-stt4- .4. - ii .4. . u t- rj ' O ! . K -a 4 4 ' 4 . 4. . in if tn H u V. Eh ; a w J 3 F- s i t J3 . u a .-...4'''Tt' ? -J 5 n ? Z Er2 " Z g i g Cash Music and Piano Store OF riOll cn W KTCR. Vo. 211 nroarlwaT.Keir Vork. Onnolt("n ti thn ComhJnn tfnn ! MUrc at onu tlv itnntTCKn u a i k-?. N'otwlth-tin lln; tho e'lmbinstlnn of Vii-Ic Deal r to kfep up tho nrlcs of non-eprrlght mn(o ns:iint the intcfti or N'ntWo Compiler, ntl their refusil tt extenl tr Mr. V MRUS the ciiar(t.If of tho trAle, he is miltln-- immenie nle luring aburvlint eTLIcptfe that he hft ptih'Ic cunfnmee antl UTiport in h oppfnlti.i tn t'.o Gr.-if If nnnpo lv, n I In hl efTirts to ai 1 Vntire Tnl- nt an I d(rt the Vationnl Curreney. Ill- toekf Anr-rienn ml European Mnic l i-nmenie, tn I the fit ilnur of his ntfi rtiihHcitinn I- oni of the Ure-t nl hctt iMeftel in th lTnltl tatei TTn hai alio mi le Orcat He.luetinn In thf rtricei cf Pi mo". Mflod-'oni, anl Afii'icil Iptrnmrrtu ri n Me-Jp, fMiperior ton-1 CJ Octure rnoop f r 17', $Cf0, and $?2" interior f a- cnt Tnlitf a ptl in,trvn.-t'Uantronir an.l n tlanhle a' thie whiti cost iQ0. riatu of every variety of tvle an-I ttrft. up to JlOf'O. com-priinf-those of t n riT--rent minufacteiic-i ; an-i umonc th"m the e-hr-it'i taoJern i n-.o".l IIobatk Watkms' Pianos, anl th fir-'t premium .Eolpu PfAvnn of T GiLBrnr . Co.s, mne (bwn er! oftho .K-IeanPitont). Pee(I.ban'I Pianoi at ureal harealn. Prlofn from -$10 ISQ .Mels lonns from fire lifTerent minnfietoriej, incluiing tho well.ttnown Tl. II W. m it'1 MelMeom, (tiinoI the -"qual temprament.) the best raae la the Tnite.1 tit-! Priee, 4S, f0, $71, fl00. JUS, 5121, f t3. SHO Smith'!e Hank Me '"n. -200. E.ieh Piano and Melodeon pnarafl teed The be-t term to tho trade, c-hooli, ,1c. 124 per c-nt, dicoi.rit tn Clercvroen and Churches, All orders prntnptlv attended to, nic er t to all part of the countrr. poit paid, at the reduced ratci. flencral and elct CaUlojruei Anil Pcticduli of price of A!uI-at Instruraenti forwarded to any ad. dre free of ebir. Feb. li. irSmi Kiwimis in tin- City of irw Yirk, ricxTr.EMEN' vi-mxo Tiin citv of .yew VOrtK, en find pleasant accommodation t .Vo. Ifl, Went Tenth Street. Th locmlltj II Tery airy anil heallhyand convenient foritranjreri, being near to the Cth venue Rillroad, and peveral Urei o ?tazes ; and the roomt will be found mor pt.nant than at any hotel. June 24, 154. dAwtf MEDICATED INHALATION, DR..T. f30T,ni.GniTNTING, of Northampton. Mn"., VND formerly of the Urompton Uoiptul, City Road, Lonlon : for the cure of Coniumption, Hronchitis, and atl other chronic affect ion t of tha Throat, Lnns:J and air paMaren, by the inhalation of mc Heated vapor", ai practiced in the laid I lot pi til. The rcmediei emploved by Pr. H. are brought Into immediate contact with the ulcerated urfacei of the Lunii and Throat, by Inhalation, producing their action at the very icat of the disease. A lin gte week trUl will convince tho Invalid of the efficacy of the life. restoring power of thiitreatmen.t Dr. nuntlnc will be at the American Hotel, Bar llnzton, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 14th, 15th, anl 1 6th. "lnt., for ooniulUtion with paticntxon the aboro Dieaes, So obartze for oonsultatlom, which are (Iran from S A. M to 8 P. M. Dr. H. my bo alio consulted on all dieaiei pe cullir to Fennle, free of charge, athii rooms Principal Office, Vortbampton, Mass., whr all iMtert (poitpdU) will be duly answered. Feb. Sth dAwtf Railroad Watches OF ray own importation, cased inheary 18 carat flno R-oId hunting case, from 2i to i oune eises ; alst, flno ones In heavy silver cases, with ray iwn name anl of my own Importation, of the finest movements I have ever had the pleasure of offer ing to Hallroad men. Double Time Wfttehcs for sportfmcn; Ladles floll V atihes In great variety, all at low prioes, at the Old Mand, Church Street. J. E, BRINSMAID, Feb. 3. dAwtf Economy and Good Light. iiOVTEVT SMOKE COXSTJMIXO UMTS," l to burn MCheip Oil," Lard or grease of any kind" and give a far better light than Fluid or Oil In common Lamps. Kitchen Lamps 7 cts. Sew. ing and study Lamps to burn very little Oil and give good light. Wicks, Chimmies, and Globes for most all kinds of Lamps, sold at tbe old lUni Church Street. J. Z. BRIN3MAID. Late Brtntmald, Brother A O, Jan. 25, 1655. d!tf Jan 25, 1855, New Goods, f UST OPEXIXO A XEW AND EXTENSIVE P variety of Ear Rings. Pins, Finer Ringe Pocket Hooks, Brushes, Combs, Britannia Candle sticks, Tea Pots, Oy tor Ladles, Ptattd .4poont, Hunting WaUhei, do , all of wbtoh will bo sold ai low as oan bo had at any place In town tr out of it, at the old etaod, Church Street. J. K. BRINSMAID". Late Brinsmaid, Brother k CV, Jan. 25tb, 1855. dAwtf AXKEE'S Restorative andLvcn's Kathelron. V? Supplies of these famous Hair rreparatlous just received by the Agent, Feb. 10. dJwtf ORANGES X APTLES 200 Bbl. choice graft Just rccelvd 25 Boies rf Onrp.i, 1 11ERJUCK 3t MILES. Dec. 10- dAwtf I TICKORV Nuts, Lemons, Cranberries, and I 1 one or twe ether thiags, at DKWEY'g

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