Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. HOFAT- OF THE 81A40V8. Tim done ' i)Rad winter b'* lateat glooms, ueneiHloo. o'er the coopered vaar; And reigns {"??"TT ii?a? I tow dead the vegetable kingdoiu lies H iw dumb the tuneftd ! harror wi<fe Htod?*? domaia! Behold, fine man, Hee Here ih> pictured life ; pa* some few years, Thy flowering Spring, thy Summer's ardent strength, Thy sober Antumn fading into age, And pale concluding Winter cornea at last, And shut* the acme. Ah! whither now are1t?d Those dreams of greatness f those unselid hopes Of happiness? those longings after fame' Those restless cares ? thoae basv bustling days i Thoee gay-spent. festive nights? those 'veering thoughts? Lost betweea good and HI, that share* thy lift, All now are vanished ! Virtue sole sarvivem immortal, never failing fr end of man. Hi* guide to happiness on high. And see! Tis come, the gtorioos morn, the second binb, Of beaven aad earth, awakening Nature hears The new crea'ing word, and starts to life, In every heightened form,/rum jxan ami dtatfi Forney frrr. The great eternal schema. Involving all, and in a perfect whole 1'niting, as the prospect wider spreads, ? To reason's eys refined clean up apace. Ye vaiiil) wue! ye blind presumptous ! now, Confounded in tiie dust, adoro that Power And Wisdom eft arranged; see now the caus?. Why unassumtag worth in secret lived, And died, negiectedi why the g?iod man's share In life was gau! and bitterness of sonl; Why the lone widow and her orphans pined In starving solitude; while luxurv, In palace-", lay straining her low thought*, To form unreal wants ; why heaven born truth And moderaii.>n iair, wore the red marks Of superstition's scourge; why licensed pain. That cruel spoiler, that eoi bosomed foe, Embittered all cur b:?*. Ye good distressed, Ye noHe lew, who h?re unhen ing stand ' F-eneaih life's pressure, yet bear up a while, And what your bounded view, which onlv saw A little part, d< t-med evil?is no more; The storms of Wintry Time will quickly paas, one unlountted Spring $t%eircU ALL. Miss Corrrs' Mask.?'4 Since the sap posed discovery, 'for certain,' that 'Miss Ceutts1 wears a mask, there has been great curiosity to see the lips that will open and shot. The fact that the appa rent lady never opened her month, had been observed, but it was supposed to be from a fear of disturbing the rouge upon her lips. A letter to Mrs. , from a lady in London who had often dined with Miss Gyles, (her real name and the one she gives at hotels and shops,) declares that, instead of being ugly and forty-five, ahe is very pretty and twenty-two. These newly invented masks are said to be very deceptive, and, with bonnet and curls, or flowers, they would pass as real faces, to all but the initiated. Still all our beaux, who went round the lobby to look at 'Miss Coutts,' declared she was a most unnatural looking creature, and the false hair, powder and rouge have all gone for their fair value. Some sympathy has been felt for her since Mario kicked away her bouquet which she threw to him oa the stage the other evening. Her defen ders say that she resents all suspicion of her caring a fig for Mario the man, but worships to the full length of Mario the artist. Two gentlemen likely to be con fused. I should fear?"?Home fonrnal. ITT* When Mr. L? - wa& discharged from the pastoral care of his church, Ac., an old lady, who was very fond of him, in attempting to offer consolation, ad dressed him as follows: "Ah! Mr. L , they may say what they will, but I think as 1 always did?I think that you are a good man?not equal to Christ, but fully equal to Antichrist." Information for Innocents.?When anybody talks much about his trials, there is some reason to believe him to be a thief. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Name. I-eare for /'xvs. City Manchester. .Philadelphia..Livrpool. Jan. 18 Glasgow ...New York..Gla*g..w.., Jan 2<? Nortn Star New York..A.-puiwaJi.. Jan. 20 Baltic New York..Liverpool... Jan. 24 Cshswca?...?...New York..Havana Jan. 25 Hermann...... New York..Bremen Jan. S7 Canada? Boston Liverpool...Jan. 31 Canada Liverpool....Boston Jan. 6 Pacific Liverpool...New York...Jan. 13 Union Havre..New York Jan. 17 Atlantic Liverpool....New York...Jan. 27 The California stcam?rs leave N?;w York on the 5th and 30th of each mouth. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Wt liar 4a' a j c. wrttiaa. I) M Ilaiiibleivrti, Pa H Holden k. laJy, NY H R Robbing x lady, Md A W Longfellow, I'SCS J R Deniu*, do DC Bacon, Mass Hev E W M Baker, Can MrsE Bacon, do Miss Bak?-r, do Hon II Hall, Vt Mis* WiI?k*i, Pa Gov U liavi*, NY A DenoteuU, Md H Bami-y, do F I>?nni*ad, do II V P?.or, co G F Miller, Miss W W 8 Walker, U8A M R Garnett, \ a Z Meason, Lrunswick D P M 'liugue, Md K N Shclton, Ct W O Hunt A Angiitis, NY C T Liveriiiore, NY J || Dickinson, ITSA y rs Liverwort-, do W L Stiles, Md 11 Samuel, Pa C A Black, do C P Deueck a, tlo Gov Bigler, do k atlonal U?t?l?a. n. wilh.ho, G r. Knuleiou, du??ru>r J T Est- p, Md II C Laughlin, l'? A B Slye, dv. A Peirr*, V* N A Pairett, Mm R J Bre .t, Md E 8 Poor, do D Auiiien, Vavy J Hun * |ajy q TT Martin, Md. W L McDowell. Pa R H Duvail. do (I Bowie, Md W T Taliaferro, Va T M Hall, do Miss I. 8 Taliaferro, do G H Pcnrti.M, NY Miss E I) Macrae, do Mis Pehfield. do DrW Taiu'i rro, do Masl Penlieid, do 8 N Garwood, do Mr* Bat--oc?. do PS Craoke lady, NY ?Ji?s Smith, do MnCrnt*. do G Mvgat', O W Price, Md 8 8 Norwood, Ml J Newton, Pa A B Hanson, d-r J Newton, jr, do Dr Grimshaw, I?el J Welsh,do TDCarneaJ, Kv W C cSSJIJp. '' "J>. h*U1-t. r. fc*. U(|WI| T Little, NY VV 8 Ri>ukin. Va ' Z l<eall. Md D 8 Thompson Md G T Cn.wn.rd, do 8 KnowUo^*Y W A H'lines, NY TJ Young, Md Miss Bachan. do W B Mar-hall, do ? M Lewis, do R W W Bowie, do J A de Course. Ky T M perm. Pa W B H "*eott, do 11 M liaise v * ladr. NY D O Cliiiune, NC I isf ad Statu HoUl-t. a. naoiaai. S htr, Va W H Nicholt, Ga P Fulion. do Miss Nicholrdti J Willums. Md A M McKee, NY W R l.t;>p?neim, NJ TM Brown, Cl W L'ppincott. do J Cunninirham. NY N 8 Roberta, do 9 T tant.y, pa J. ^ Bwl' do J B'Oker, do J Powell, \ . P ShaiolK do ???" a children, E L Mauhcc, NY m, 1 - , T B M ijer, do ln' Mui ('onverne, do D 8W-Uon p 1 * Wilhelm, Pa J T.Ita. vi) G Ja,4il,,e' "V J 8 Tw""*r, do H r Ta>lor, d?? mim Dfia_ r,=ss?>r W T Hitmson, Va H V??J L. Ky K J Yonnf Mo ***???? Houaa, A lax aw dr la. Va a. niwtoh, raorairro*. * A F Smyth, ( 'a! J 8 Wharton, pa L F Caoa, Del C carr, Va Cul A V 8cott. DC W P Cahill, NY ?? o Willis. Va R B Pose\, Md J W Slaughter, do J Mmhall, Va Mrs Keerloot. Jo //on W C lives, da J 8 Davimn, Jo C H Hunton, do W J W?ir, d<> ? C Wataon, do J Norn., do RT Dulanev,Jo . J 8ueplierd. Mil Hon J 8 Pendleton, do M Oweas. do D Hum*, do M M Pindei). Jo W Maior. do ^*"?1 ^ ? R A Bowefa, tlo O W Turner, do Dr Williamson, do *? Vol tl T Davenport, NY Mra W^ltt. Fa sa THE MAILS. P*?/o?ALS 'or carrying the maila at the U?i Ud State* from the 1* day of August, 1855, to ins lac day of Jul*-, 1*56, in Uic Stat* of OWL IFOR NIA and in the Terruory of WASHINGTON, will be received at the Contract Office of the Post Office Department in the city of Washington, until 3 p. no-, ?f the 15th day of May, 1855, to be decided ky the l*h day of May, 18.j5, on the routes ami in the time* herein fpeciAed, viz: IN CALIFORNIA. 13.CM From Auburn, by lllitMistown, to Mountain Springs. 30 miles' and back, twice a week Leave Auburn Tuesdays and Thursday# at 6 a in Arrive at Mountain Springs by 6pm mine day* Leave Mountain Springs Wednesdays and Fri days at 6 a m Arrive a' Auburn by 6 p m same days Bids for tri-weekly service wtll be considered ; also, I uls to extend to Greea Valley 13539 From Crescent Ciry to Jacksonville, Oregon Terna ry, 140 mites and back, once in two week* Leave Ci esocnt City every- other Monday at 7 a ui Arrive at 'acksouviile next Thursday by 18 m Leave Jai ksonville every other Monday at 7 at C'escent City next Thursday by 12 n. From Di imond Spring, by Vewtown and W' iaroui i Bar, lo Griatly Flat, in Bldorado county. 94 miles and back, ohcc a week Leave Diamond Spring* Tuesdays at 8 a m Airive a- Grizzly Flat bv 9 p m fame days Leave Gmzz y Flat Wednesdays at 8 a ui Arrive at Diamond Springs by 2 p m same days 12541 From Drvtown, by Fiddletown and Cedarv ille to Indian Digging, 28 miles aad back, once a week Leave Drvtown Tuesday at 6 a ru Airive at Indian Diggings by 6 p in *ame days Leave Indian Digging* Wednesdays at 6 a in Arrive at Drytown bv 6 p m name dava 12512 From Foster's Bar, by Foster City" and Mos cow, 11 Minnesota, in Sierra county, and back once a week Bidders to state distance and schedule of arri vals an 1 departures 19*43 From Jack-on, bv Butte City, Clinton, Vol cano, aud Upper Ranchena, to Fiddletown and back, once a week Bidders to stale distance and schedule of arri vals and departures 18544 From Los Angelos, by Tejon Paw, to Wood ville, in Tulare county, 830 mil.sand haca, twice a monte Leave Lot* Angelos on the lit and 15th of each month, at 8 a in Arrive at Woodville by 12 m the loth and 25th of the same month Leave Wo<dville on the 1st an J )5thof each moi tli at ? a m Arrive at Los Angelos by 13 in on the 10th and 25th of saoi* mo,.tli 12345 From Mary?ville, by Spanish I at, Chandler viile, St Louis, and Pine CroVe, to t>'ib?oii vilie 75 miies aud back, once, a we?k Leave Marvsville Mondays at 6 am Arrive at Gibsonville next Wednesdays by 12 m LeaveGibsonvilie Tbuisdays at 6 a m Arrive at Mary*ville m xt Saturdays by 12 m 12546 From MarysviHby Park's liar, Kmpire Ranch, Hough and Ready, and G-as* Valley, to Nevada, 45 miles aud back, six times a week from 1st of Apri' to 1st December, tri weekly the residue or the year. Leave Marysvill ? daily, excep: Sunday, at 6 am Arrive at Nevada by 5pm name days Leave Nevada daily, except nunrlay at 6 a m Arrive at Marysville by 4 p m same days Bid- to commence a' Rough and Ready are in vited ; also for tri weekly service; also, to take in Linda, Owslet's Bar, aud Kennebeck Bar, between Mary .-villa and Empire Ranch 12547 From Mary ?ville, by Mount Ophir,'s Bar, and Forbestown, toGibsonvdleand back once a week Biddsr* to state distance and schedule ol arri vals and departures Proposals to run only between Bidwell's Bar end Gibsonville are invit> d 12548 From Mokeluuine Hill, by Campo Seco, Win ter's Bar. and I.anha Plana, to lone Valley, 23 miles and back, once a week Leave Mokeluuine Dill Tuesdays at 8 a ui Arrive at lone Valley by 2pm same days Leave lone Valley Wednesdays at 8 a m Arrive at Mokelumne Hill same day* by 2pm 1254J From Mokelumne it ill, by McKinney's, and ilumbuc, to Murphy's, 23 nules and back, once a week Leave Mokelumne Hill Tuesdays it 6 a in Arrive at Murphy's by 2pm .-ainu days Leave Murphy's Wednesdays at 6 a in Airive at Mokeluuine Hill by 2 p m same days 12550 From Nevada, by Robeson's Ferry, Emory's Crossings, and Forest City, to Downieville, 40 miles and back, three times a week Leave Nevada Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri day s at 6 a m Arrive at Downieville by 8 p m same davs Leave Downieville Tuesdavs, Thurwlivs, and Saturdays at 6 a in Arrive at Nevada b> 8pm same days 12551 From Oakland, by San Leaodro, San Loren zo, Alvarado. and San Jose Mission, to San Jose, irl nnlcs and back, twice a week Leave Oakland Mondays and Fridays at 9 a m Arrive at San Jose by 6 p m same days Leave San Jose Tuesdays and Saturdays at 6 a m Arrive at Oakland by 4 p m same, days Bids fur three trips a week are invited 12,~>y2 From Oakland to Maiunez,28 miles and back once a week Leave Oakland Mtiai's^ ? at y a in Arrive at Martinez in i p m same days Leave Martinez Tuesdays at 9 a m Arrive at Oakland by 4 p in ?auie days Bids to end P.-ute at Alamo will bo considered 12553 From Peialuma, by Santa Rosa, to Heald's Store, oa Russian river, 33 miles and kick, once a \v. i k Leave Petalama Tuesdays at 6 a m Arme at llcald's Store by 6 p m same day s Leax i* Heald's Siore Wednesdays at 6 a ui Arrive at i'etiluma same days by 6pm 155J4 From Petaluuia, by Bodega, to Mnith's Ranch Wnub s and back, twice a week Leave Petaluuia Mondays and Wednesdays at b a ia Arrive at Smith's Ranch by 4pm siiiue d.tys Lea e Smith's Ranch Tuesday* and Thursday s at 6 a m Airi', e at Petaluuia bv 4 p m fame da\ < Proposals to ext-iid, via Fort Ross, to Big Rivrr are invited ; ai?o, to run only between Bode ga and Sn ith's Ranch 19555 Fiom Placcrville, by Logtown, Na<li\ille aud Saratoga, to Drytown, 30 miles and back, a week Lea?e Placerviile Tuesdays at 6 a in Arrive at Drytown by 4 p m same days Lew Dry toMn Wednesdays at 6 a ui Arrive at I'lacerville by 4 p ni same days 125.r? From Quartsburg, by McDermott's, MiJIerton Campbell's Ferry, on's river, and Visa lis, to Woodville, lia miles ami hack, once a week ' Leave U i&ruburg Mondays at 6 a ni Arrive at Woodville Wednesdays b, 6 p ni same dl>!i Leave Woodville Thursday* at 6 a rn AdaysW C4aarU'hurg S*turda.vs by 6 p m same Bids to end trips at Visalia, 10 miles less are in Vileu 18557 F'oui Round Tent, by Lower of iI'h ?^l!lnt L ,ce' French Corral, e-weetlauds, Cherokee, and Moore's Flat, to Minnesota, in Sierra county, 37 miles and back, once a week Leave Round Tent Tuesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Minnesota next davs by 12 m Leave Minnesota Toursdays'at 6am al llo"u<1 ?ext days by 19 m 1255!) From Sacramento city, by lone Valley. Jack sou and Mokelumne ||,||, to Sonor.i, ?J0 miles anU back, three times a week Leave Sacramento city Monday,, UVJn. ?dayv, and Pndtvs at 6 a m ' Arrive at S-.nora next day* by 4 p m Leave Sonora 1 uewlays, Thursdays and Salur auvg at 6 a m Arrive at Saciamento city next days bv 4 d m PmpoMl. to carry six tiuo, u we. < ,, dly ,-.?n* wilt be considered;also, for the seuaraie Kj",!,^ "??* Sacramento 12559 Prom a^rameumeitj, ^ and Dotan'n Bars, to haui^L'n.? V and back, three ii'me. a w^" C Bar. ^ se M,,nday-' uvduMd-> Arrive at Rattlesnake flar by 4 p m same davs Leave Rattlesnake Bar Tuesdays. Thursday* aud Saturdays at 6 a m "uaye, Arrive at Sac.amento city by 4 p m same days 1-WB0 Frum Sac i amen to city, by Deer Creek, Buck i".41 Wu(1 Springs, to Diamond Spntigs, 45 miles and back, six times a week Oom the 1st of April to 1st of December, resi dee of the year tri-weekly Leave Sacrauieuto city daily, except Sundav. at 6 a oi *' Arrive a Diamond S{>ring? by4 p in same days Leave Diamond Springs dailv, except Sunday, at 6 a m 7 cil> bv 4 P ? ??|e davs t'oru Sacramento city, by l<mc Valley, San Andreas. Fotman's Ranch, Angel's Camp ba^k ihtUI! * 10 Ho",>ra- miles and '?ac*, three times a w**ek Ainve at Sc^ora next days U* t Leave Sonora I'uesdavs ThnV.,il? . , . days at 6 a m ^nrsdaysaml Satur Arrtve at Sacramento ci \ next dm < k? a 12JW From San Diego, by Saiita Isabel, to F >rt Yu ma. m lw Rio Colorado, ?a miles and back, twice a month LeaviSan Diego on the 1st and 15th of each month at 6 a in e ?' J'?rt Yuma I y the 100i and95th at 12 m ??h Melm'* ?" ,h# Ut and 15lb 0fpat,, ia?<a rp^,4ta?"nt.Di''?0 by U,e 10,h and 25th at 18 m Pr*ecisco, hy Humboldt's Bay an. bik^h' *?, Creacent Citjr, 308 miles and be?k, three timi a mon h to *tate ?chedtiJ? of arrivals and depar 12S64 from ten Fmncisce, w Sen B%ffc?1,0O mtlee and back, once a week Leave San Francieco Moiuiiya at 8 a m Arrive at San Rafael by 2 p m win- days Leave San Rafael Tuesdays at 8 a in Ajtivb at San Franciscn by 2 p m same davi 12.j65 Froai San Francisco to Petal a tun, 60 miles and back, three time* a week Leave San Francisco Mondavi, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 a m Arrive at Petaluma by 4 p m same days Leave Petaluma Tuesdav*, Tnursdsvs mid Sat urdays at 10 a m .-.Arrive at Saa Francisco Jy 4 p m suit days 1*566 From Han Joan, by Wataonville, to Santa Crux, 34 miles and back, three times ? week from 1st of April to 1st December, once a week the residue of the year Leave 8an Juan Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1 p m Arrive at Santa Crux by 9 p m same days Leave Santa Crux Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 4 a m Arrive at San Juan by 12 m sane days 12587 From Uniontown, b? South Fork, to Bif Bar, 60 miles and back, once a week Leavd Uniontown Mondays at 8 a m Arrive at Bit Bar next days by 4 p m Leave Big Bar Wednesdays at 8 a m Arrive at Uniontown neit days by 4pm 12568 From Yankee Jim*. hy Elizibethr -wn, to Iowa Hill, 10 miles ami back, once a week Leave Yankee Jim* Wednesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Iowa Hill by 12 in *auie davs L *a- e Iowa Hill Thursday* ai 6 a hi Arrive at Yankee Jim* by 12 in same dins WASHINGTON' TERRITORY. 12725 From Astoria, hy Cnenook, Edmou-tun, Tnr 1 lit, Oyster Beach, Brigham City. ?<? intersec tion with route from Oly.npia, u> (iray'i Har bor, 120 miles and back. otiec a wrcek Leave Aston i Mondays at 7 a m Arrive at Intersection of DImuihi and Uray's Harbor route Thursdays by 12 m Leave Intersection nf Olympia and Uray's Har bor route Mondays at 7 a in Arrive at Astoiia Thursdays by 1*1 in 12726 From Catlilainetti' to S. Fords, 45 miles and back, once a w< ek Leave Catblaiuette Tuesdays at 6 a ui Arrive at S. Fords next days by 1J ru Leave S. Fords Thursdays at 6 a in _ Arrive at Cathlaniette next days by 12 in 12727 Ftoin Olympia to Riay'a liaibor, 49 miles and back, once in two week* Leave Olympia every other Monday at G a m Arrive at (iray's Harbor ne\t Wednesday }y 5 p m Leave Gray's iiarbjr eveiy ojier Thursday at 6 a in Arnve at Olympia next Saturday by 5 p m 12728 From Olymp.a, by Ford's, to t henook City, 90 miles and back, once >n two weeks Leave Olympia every other Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Chenook Litv next Tuesday by 5 p m Leave t henook Oily every other Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Olympia next Saiuid ly by 5 p m Itirig for weekly trips are invited 19729 From Olympia, to Shoalwater Bay, 75 miles an<i bick,once a week Leave Olympia Fridays at 10 a m Arnve at Shoal water Bay next Mondays by 118m Leave S.ioalwAU-r hay Tuesday at 6 n in Arrive at Olympia next Pruay by 9 a in 127JJ From Oiunp.a to Seattle, 60 miles and back, once a week Leave Olympia Fridays at 10 a m Arnve at Seattle next days by 8 p m ave Seattle Wednesdays at 6 a in Arrive at Olympia next days by 6 p m 12731 From Coi -nubia City, bv Cascade City and Fort Wallawalla, to Wai cpta, 200 miles and back, once a month Leave Columb.a City on the In day of each month Arnve at Wallepta by 6 p m ff the 9th of sains month Leave Wailepta on the 12th dav of each month Arrive at Columbia by 6 p m of the 20:h of the same month Bids to run only between Cascade City and Wal'awalia are invited 12732 From Port Town-end, by Port Discovery, to New Dungvrne?s; 45 miies and back, once a Week Leave Port Town-end Tuesdays at 6 a m At rive t New Dung- mess next days by 11am Leave New Dungerne s Wednesdays at 1 p in Anive at Port Townsend ne?t days by 6 p m Bids for two trips a week will be considered 12733 From Seattle, by Port Madison, Kelt's Mills, Peon's Cove, and Whatcoom, to Port Town* send. 45 miles and hack, once a week Leave Seattle Mondays at 6 a in Arrive at Pert Townsend by fc p m same days Leave Port Townsend Tue day at 6 a m Arrive at Seattle same days by 8 p m Bids for two trips a week w II be considered 12734 From Senile to De Warnish Mdls, 1 miles an ) back, once a week Leave Seattle Mondays at 8 a m Arrive at De Warni-h Mills by 12 in same days L'-ave De Warni-Ji Mdls \! n.tay nt 1 ji in A: rive ai Seattle by 5 p in same days 12735 From St. Helen--, by Cathlapootle, to Pekwi, ?JiJ milt-s and back, once a week Leive St. Helens Wednesdays at 8 a m A-rive at Pekin by 4pm sarne days Leave Pekin Thursdays at 8 a m Arrive at St. Helens by 4 p m tame da;. i 12738 From Steilacoom, by Alki.ti Seattle,3J miles a id back, once a week Leave Steilacoom Saturdays .it ti a nt Arrive at Seattle by 7 p m ?ame days Leave Seattle Fridays at 6 a in Arrive at Steilacoom by 7 p ni same days Bnts for two tnps n week are inv ted. 12737 From Wailepta, hy Craig's Coeur D'Aleine Mission and St. Mary's Valley, to Fort B. n lon, N'ehr. Ter.. *00 miles and back, once a month Leave Wailepta on the 1st of each month Arrive at Fort Benton in four weeks * Leave Fort Benton on the l-t of each month Arrive at Wailepta in four weuks 12738 From Wailepta, by Wallawalla, Walker's, Eel's Mission, and Brown's, to Fort Colville, 200 miles and back, once a month Leave Wailepta on l-t ot'eacli month Arrive at Fort Colville in ten days Leave Fort Colville on I6th of each month Arrive at Wailepta in ten da,s INSTRUCTIONS. Form of a proposal where no r\an;efrom aiiteriitr mrtit /? ronttmplated ly the Utter. I, , of , county of ? ?Stale of , propose to convey tite mails from Vu gus 1, le55, to July 1, ltt58. ou root*-No , trom to f agreeably to the adver tisement of the Postmaster Ueneiaf, dwted Januai? 19,1855, and by the following ui *dt? ?*i conveyance viE: * ' for the annual sum of dollars. This proposal is made with full knowledge of tliu distance of the route, tlie weight of the mail to be carried, and all other particulars in reference to the p?ute and service, and also after full examination of the instru Mions and requirements attended to the ad vertisement. Dated M (Signed.) '"rill of t Huitrantt*. The undersigned, residing at , State of ?, und? r akc that, if the foregoing bid for car mng the mail on route No * be a, eepte bv the Pwtma>tor General, th^hd.ler shall, prtor u> the 1st day of July, 1855, or as .oon tliereal'ter as may be, entered into the required oMigitinn to ntr ?uretie<r StTT1Ce Willi j<H>d and sutficient This we do with a full knowledge of the nbli/a !!d 'iabi,'ti?s a^umed by guarantors under 1836 section of the act of Congress of July 3, Dated. (Signed bv two guarantor*) _ . r^tn of a Certificate. I I he undersigned, postmaster of State of . certifies, under his i?a'h of office, that he ?s s< quaii,ted with the acove guarantors, and knows them to be men of property, and able to make good tret guarantee. Dated (Signed.) The sufficiency of guarantors on prnnosals m%y be certified by a judje of a court of rec??rd, and bv post lj?e following offices, an i no others : f, * ,,r ' alilornia?Auburn, Illinoistown, Crescent ,uVnd 8'KlnK,,? Dry town, Fiddletown, Fos c,,nton? Volcano, Marv.-ville, Gr?*? Valley. Ne MBarJ Hill, lone Valley, McKbinrjr's. Marphy^, D,,wnieVi?e| (iak|aiut> Al *?.'' Jof,e? Martina*, Peulama, Bodega, Pla Roun<1 Tent, Sacra ?- , nuumi ieni, Dicri mento City, Sono-s, Mud Spring, Angel's Camp, *an Diego, San FVancisco, Trinidad. San Rafael, San Ju >n, Smta Croz. Big Bar, and Yankee Jim's For Washington Territory - Astoria, Chenook, Tarlilt, tMympia, Cathlaniette, Seattle. Columbia City, Steilacoom, Cathlapootle and Port Townsend. Conditions to be incorporated in the contract* to the extent the Department may deem proper. 1. Seven minutes are allowed to each intermedi ate office, when not otherwise specified, for assorting the mails; but on railroad and steamboat routes there Is to be no more delay than is sufficient for an exchange of the mail bags. 2. On routes where the mode of conveyance admits ef it, the special agents of the Department, also post office blanks, mail bags, locks and keys, are to be conveyed without extra charge. 9. No pay will be made for trips not performed; and for each of such omissions not satirfactonly ex plained three times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrivals so for behind time m to break -xmnexion with depending mails, and not sufficiently excused, one-fourth of thecompeniation for the trip is subject to forfeiture . Deduction wil also be or dered for a grade of performance inferior to that specified in the contract. For repeated delinquencies at the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, pro portioned to the nature thereof and the importance Of the mail, may be made. 4. For leaving behind or throwing nil the mails or any portion of them for the admission of passengers, or for being ooooarned in setting up or running an axpreas conveying commercial intelligence ahead of the mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. t. Fine* will be Imposed, unless the delinquency fce promptly Mi satisfactorily by ct*^' eates of postmasters, or the aMdavltaof other ered lubl? p?rwni, for foiling to arrive In oontraet tin* for neglecting to taks the mail from, or deliver It into,a post office; suffering it (owing either to the unsultableness of the place or manner of carrying it) to bo injured, destroyed, robbed, or loot; and for refusing, titer demand, to convey the man a* fre quently as the contractor runs, or is concerned in running, a coach, oar, or steamboat on a route. 0. The Postmaster General may annul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract; for disobeying the post office laws, or the instruc tions of the Department; for refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the Department to do Kg for assigning the contract without the assent of the Postmaster General: for running an ezprem as afore said; or for transporting persons or packages con veying mailable matter out of the mail. 7. The Postmaster General may order an inerval cf service on a route by blowing therefor a pro rata increase on the contract pay. lie may change the schedule of arrivals and departures, without Increase of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount of running time. He may also order an Increase of speed, he allowing, within the restric tions of the law, a pro rata increase of pay for the additional stock or carriers, if any. The contractor may, however, in the case of increase of speed, re linquish the contract by giving prompt notice to the J Department that he prefers doing so to carrying th? order into effect. The Postmaster General may also curtail or discontinue the service, at pro rata de crease of pay, allowing one month's extra com pensation on the amount dispensed with, whenever ' In hifl opinion the public internets do not require the j earn", or In case he desire* to supersede it by a di ffer ent grade of transportation. ] 8 t'ay ments will be mad* for the servioe by collec tions from, or drr.fts cm postmasters, or otherwise, after I he expiration of ea<-h quarter?say in Febru- j ary, May, AuguH.and November. 9. The distances are given according to the beat I Information; but no increased pay will be allowed should thev be greater than advertised, if the points I to ha supplied be correctly stated. Bidders must in-1 form themselves on this point. 10. The I'ostnrifttor General is prohibited by law from knowingly making a contract for the trans por tation of the mails with any person who shall have entered into, or pro poet d to enter into, any oombina-1 lion to prevent the making of any bid for a mail contract by any other person or persons, or who | ihall have nvide any agreement, or shall have given or performed, or promised to give or perform, any mnsideration whatever, or to do or not to do any thing whatever, in order to induce sny other person ?r persons not to bid for a mail contract. Particular | attention is called to the 28th section of the act el 1836, prohibiting combinations to prevent bidding. 11. A bid received after time, vis: 3 p m of the lfeth j May, 1855, or without the guaranty required by law, or that combines several routes in one sum ol J 50mpens.ition, cannot be considered in competition irith a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 12. Bidders should, in all cases, first propose for I lervioe strictly according to the advertisement, anJ j then, !f they desire, separately for different service; kud if the r'gxtbir bid be the lowest offered for tbs idvertised service the other bids may be considered? ] f the alterations proposed ars recommended by th* postmasters and cititens interested, or if they shall I ippear manifestly right and proper. 13. There should be but one route bid for in a | proposal. 14. The route, the servioe, ths year'y pay, th* lam? and residence of the bidder, and those ef each member of a firm, w^icns a company offers, should Be distinctly stated, also the mode of conveyance, ii % higher mode than intended. The! irords M with do" celerity, certainty,and seeurlty,' n?erted to indicate the mode of conveyance, wlL jonstitate a " star bid." 15 IMdi-rs are request* 1 to vh *, a- fkr as practl :able, t e pnn e I f rm of p^op"*al furnif>b*d bv the iepart ui-sct, to wiitecu. in fa 1 th?i mm of .heir b:d4, a d to re'a5n c. pics of -hf m No aMer^d bids can b-tonsil, red, and no bid* | ones fu milted can te wit'idrswn. Each b.d inu-t be guaranteed by t ?vo responsible j parsons. General gua an'oe* cannot be admitted. lbs bi I should te e,a'a<3; supers ribed " Mai Proposals. Etate cf cr Territory of ,r (as th*. j*se ma? be,) addressed " Peconl Assistant Po?t master Gm ial,* Contract Office and se^tiy mail a t t~y,cr to, i-n agent, and poslma'trr* will cat in "lose propositi, (or letters cf ai>y kind) in their quarterly return.-. 17. The oontracts are to be executed and returned I to the Department by or before the 1st of Au<u->t, 1856, | but the service mu t b ? c mm-need on the mail da next afier tha*. date, wh' th r 'he c ntra;ts be *x*-1 ruted or not Nop op sition for tran ters will b con iie>d u^Ml the ?v>n'racts sre execut d in du?-1 fjrin and received at the d yartm nt; and hen no transfers will be a lowed uoI^h^ good and fundent | reasons thereio.- are given to be dTtermined by the department. 18. Section 18 of an act of Congress, approved March 3,1845. provides that contracts for the trans portation of the mai' sha'l be let, '*in every cs^e tc the lowe?t bidder tendering srfficient guaranties ] for faithful perforciaace, without other reference tc tlie mode of such tran?portation than may be necee sary to provide for the due celerity, certainty, an-! I lecurity of such transportation." Under this law j ? tew description of Uds has been received. It does I not specify a mode of conveyance, but engages tc | take the entire mail each trip with celerity, certain ty, and security, using the terms of the law. These I bids are styled, from the manner in which they ar? ieriznated on the books cf the Department, "storl !>idt," and they will be con-trued a? providing for the i sntire mail, howertr large, and whatever may I* the mud* of conveyance necessary to insure its " celerity, | certainly, and security." In all cases where tile lowest grade of servioe is I believed to be sufficient, the lowest bid will te accep ted, if duly guarantied, in preference to a " star' ci specific bid. When the lowest bid is not a star bid. and specifies I either no mode or an inadequate mode of conveyance. It will not be accepted, but set asids for a specific bid | proposing the uecessaiy service. When the bid d^es not specify a mode of con veyance, also, when it proposos to carry '-according j to the advertisement," but without such specification It will be considered as a proposal for horseback ser vice. 19. A modification of a bid, in any of its essential I terms, is tantamount to a new bid. and cannot b? { received, so as to interfere with regular competition, | after the last hour set for rer. ivin.; bids. 20. Postmasters sre to be careful not to certify | the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without knowing that they arc persons of sufficient resj>on sibility: and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties arc | dw*initly notifi' i that on a failure to enter into or j perfjrin the contracts for the service proposed for in tti?* arcepted bids their legal liabilities vrill be en p rrwl against them. 21. Present contractors and persons known at the Department, must, equally with others, procure guarantor* and certifiers of their sufficiency sub stantially in the forms above prescribed. The c*r-| tilicatepol siiffieienry must be signed by a postman ter, at oae oi the j ltc ?; bift re n?med, or a judge of a court of record. JAVE* CAMPBELL, Pos:m>(t?r General. Post Owck January 1#. 186ft. jau 25?Ihiw CiiMNWBM'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN -k NEW YORK BALTIMORE & B< ??TON, X99HS3i WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a w?ek from Boston to B tltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ne.-s men of the District of Columbia. The Agent* at either point will receive freight aad give a thiough bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates oi freight and no commiebton* charged. Application* for freight promptly attended to by the l<?llowing agents: A.C.HALL, 58 Exchange Pl^ce, lialuinore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. !ii,'HANK, jan 14?dSm Foot of India Wharf, Boston. GRATIS ! JTTPT PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with ? out Medici e, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirits, Lusaitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back. Indispo- j sition and Incapably tor Siudy and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self Distrust, Dizzinees, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain In the Side, Affection of th Eyes, Pimph* on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact thai theae alarm!ngcomplaints may easily be removed without Medicine is, ill th small tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby al I the ad vert i?ed nostrums of the day. Rent to any address, gratis, and post free In sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispenard street, New York. jan 17?3m ROSfiNKRANZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled in struinents direct from the Manu factory in Dresden, Germany. Th? Pianos having both, after a long s and land voyage, arrived in perfect" tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune. Their beauty and power ol tone elicits the highest enccniums from all the great musical critics of Europe. HILBU8 HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D sts. jan 8 - tf -|)EV. SEPTIMUS TUSTIN'S WORK--Tbe it fourth ediuoo.of The Doubting Communicant Encouraged, by Rev. S. Tustiu, D. D., late Chaplain of the United State* Senate. Further supplies received at , TAYLOR fc MAUtY'S j*? 3 Booksws^aeai unr^udiiru 111 z'J" 19 i itiTiini urnnsmiTs JSgEHB ?AHIlKli SO ALB MAKES, dfla Southeast corner < f ^ 4 BALDERSTON KUT.\ Mt-lr Bstltlmoro. Mil. i. ram. imu ?. _ D. SMITH dh CO., M>aolWtmn o4 It. PidwiiB ALOOHOL.CA IPUItMM. g8? KJAL OIL, Ac. No. 84 8. CAL'. EET TPiEI, op podto Witter atxwt. BALTTMOP.E, V 4 Mt II?Ty ojlsh ?em no bo fir! wish to purba.-* ? l?- go ?n% W berofllkeiy YOUNG NBOROK*, A* the New Orlears market, fot whkh we will FA) '*? ,*?"??! o?fih ^riow. All penocc btTin> 81**#f for ?*>*> will fad it to t*?ir adrmmtMi fcy ** *> ?* om ?tw, No. M Oamden st'eot, Baltimore, Hi, feniw ly ooqwpled by J. 8. Dcrw Liberal wiwloii taid for irflDrvatloa. AD wManlntifflu pronpt ly attend.* 1 to. jau r-ly J. M. TTIIJON A ft. H. DUK1 I*DTA V DOCTOR. ft. 9 SPKNCKE 0<1?r* his Pnve^io ?a> wrvic** tc the eit.aei t of Boi tJBiore. .1 cau fu'? *11 kinii cf Cnnoe.-a?ukctbexr out without fair. or 'be uk* tf any knife. I om "ox? &2'. kindr oi Flu *ud t>esms, Rheumatic raJna Consumption, Pretty. Pysp psia, Plies, Falsy, oi any ctbe? ml!rr?*tit the buirae amily oi* vubject to Ho can step * leedl** from the Lome "T Nose, u; di*t*aee front the pat'-aut, by knrwhw the patienri but*. I wan bora bHnd, ard haa i;odM <arar* T?ars under ao India* Doctor a bo was among tb? wild Iudiam thirteen yarn. DR. 8PENC8R baa removed from Mr. Buckley*' Boarding House, to No. 84, HANOVER STREET, *ug 11?tf H? Itinera, Md. GREAT BARGAINS. / tANFIEL*. BROTHER * 00., K ' 129 k.'lriKoai Pmrr, Laltimou, Ma. An dsdrous of c oeisg oct a great portion of ths present stock < f rl<gaot FANCY GOODS, Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, f an?, Opera Glasses, Dnabf Ohm Wri inn Desks. Ice Pitrheiw, Vaaee, Bronzes Ae_, pr* paratory to receiving their fall supply. 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There l>elo? to raontkn tppliwnU e?n f?:lerat any tiire and attend botl lay ac>l ofeaiw. *xam5nstions are held at s^atei ?erk>dr, a^d awan>ed to 'b-^ce wfco rrado ate. For uv. ? write fnd 1.#t? a circo'sr lb* wiarded b? oc'.l. frL ?1? SILVfctl W Aft K CAS'HELD, LKOTUIR A CO, ?51? Bal'r*- otr 3tr??t, bavt- cb i?n..I ani *:? itantly iiu<L.iuj no* styles of ^nvt-r CuS<w <s?'l T?? ; Slirer Pitehers; Vi'ait^ Csftors; Ouw; 8por?j?: F?.'':s; Ioe Tcrgs; O.Ttmb "crapes Pie, lee cress, and Pish KniTcs; Sait Oilar.'; B'' >r Eq'Tw, A% ef ?> arr^atM gt-rtvi? ffO^r Je22?tf E? aaioTe, M4. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMAM. BUILDING LOI^ of 10 feet er more, li Tarioup farts of tie City, aol Geo-get-jirn, a irtW prlwj, ani terni6 to suit. LLOTP A 00. BUILDING ST OAK, For aaie, deliTerable at the Canal, cr Whsrrea 1 (Fsshlngtcn. Georg' t?wp, cr Alexandria. LIO/D 1 CO 18th street opp Tre^TOry Departmant It v --*? COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, fteMefln Flea Minute*. TYLER S COMPOUND GUM ARABIC SYRV7 TIIE Idtvsmb* demand for tld? moat p easant safe, ac-: eflcaoi<^ua remedy tor all pulmonary (Ua< asee, he ; rnabled th? pro?rietor to reduce tl prioe 30 a* to pi* ?# it wirbin the reash of ali claw Ite caperioritr ov-- tn^et a'trila- preparation* is at teated by iuaiit emio-nt; bfricians wk"> hare ree> era wiir.e^fe? of il* eilic^vy when the usual rem* dies h>i?e fa:<ed: alfo by of enr moat r* spectable cititea-? "h^ U&Ye it in tl.Mr *?zDilie both a* preventive <ul ctire with rev?r tuc f r the laet iventr r??rs. during which p*rio< with eery little aid from a l*er?ipin<. 4c., it ha gradually spread reput* ion e ver the trfcoie L'ni^n In ca?es of reoejt Ct-Uls Ccvfkt. Ji" aruntu, de . it gir??? immediate re'.kf. a^d g?*n rally cures in a d*j or two, withoat l^terferins with d'rt or busiceas, o ren dering the >?ye*era more susceptible of Co'de, h ohronlc casae. Asthma, Wf.oop ng Cough, 'Ysvp Bronchitis, Affections of Ou bunts, and taon, it to always very b ne?oUl and seldom failt when commenced In time tc p?Ttsct e cure. Price Ua and 60 ce .tF a bottle. Sold vrh^leaate by Patterson k Nairn, rttott A Oo. Ridgely A Or. Alextniria by Peel A Ptevens. It Geoe.'fctown by Mr. Cissel ??- TYLKU'S GUM A KAEIC OJXDYDROP* a biiitiiar romnosi'J^n to lha above, but in a muds' and Kor* p^rtaljia f-rrc.; Ihey act li*e a charm o? a treublaroino C^ugh, srid cl *ar ths throat an< voiea; tli?y stayn injiricus drug- are partieo larly rocj-iam^ 3?*d for cLUdr^u. frsq letters ofpab .ic \S5embiie', public akt-rs. singers, Ae Pidne uad US carets per box. if or sale ai uiost Diugaud Ct.wdy Stores. oct IT?tf SOMETHING NEW. 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Parish and other Penciliinf?, 75c Ramaniani at Home, Letters to t'hief Justice Tar.?:> 75c Men and Things as I saw theui in Europe 75c Letters lo Itialiop liught--. in nuuiiu 40 crnts, paj ei 80 cents American Principles on National Prosprrit/, u thankscivirg -e mon, pnjier 10c JAY'S WORKS. Autobiography and R< niinieoencrs of the Rev. Wm Jay, with norra of distinguished contemporarief in Q vols, fri V> Peuiale Scriprnic LT?a? acters, $1 Morning and Evening Eierci^es. '2 vola, 50 Fine edition nt'thc Same in 4 vol- a5 Christian Contemplated 40c GRAY A RAI.LA WTY1TE, jan is 49 H Seventh street. New mu>io JI'ST PUBLISH 2D, "I do not n-ik t?> offer thee," a very pretty awg, inscribed to Miai Higdon, Pommouth, Va. "Tiie Elvev," being beautiful variationa on Tliou art gone from mv gase. "We iiood beneath the moon'a b-ight rays," a beautiful iwiiad. reapecU'ully dedicated to Mma Nan nie Maury, ot Waaliington. vSsnenir," a brilliant Walt*, by Prof. Foertsch, and doilicaced lo Mtos Charlotte Davis, of Washing ton city. >? Fairy Hiarami Sunbeam 8chottischea, Sparkling Walt*, Old Dateudar'a Quickstep, at the Muaic, Pi ano, and Fancy Store of JOHN F. ELLIS. 306 Ps. avenue, between 8th and 90Ui ate. j?n >??tf PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS, BlfTDEBB WIVES AT PHILADELPHIA. J OHM V.HHOKHtDNterhWlMitttkt taBtr ?M muWMm4 WIm 0m* ot Jj SNIDMM. Jr.. No T? Walaat low Fourth street, wbar* i ?ith WUiMS?A UQUORA om the dttiv toriu. JACOB IVIDIR. Jr.. Agent for he In pormOosi el rOMfTGM WUnU, 0*m No. Tf ?at street, Philadelphia, *bM kt to pwpirto ti d virion* kMM 1b Rvripat la qiuhttw of dom and ntiHi; aad atoeeolkit" far hto asiagto do ara Mid i fon. JOHN YAUG hto frVrda and fori BKIDKK, th* p?tnrM? of %? AD Wines rn?er?"d Ibr Washfagtrn wfl' to* 4?> llwaaad by hpww/?a ?f /WvW >? *--ly POCTOK VOCftSLLr. TH1 POCUT AtsCliLAPlUS: OR, EYRIiY 0X1 DI8 :i?l ITTUCU^. The flftMb MltVn. wlih Ua? bud'?l NtrTBV'rs* ihtvloi M?> mm aad ?**. I formation! tf th* tlmm'm feyatem in every Ouae ?ri I fo:m To Which 'a added a [ TreatiM co ;.b* H**aoe. t bMale*, hehtg of A* I f ^-to it te w>' - I peo??*e. or 'h. a* caUu plating a an la(By Wrf. YCliNvi, M. D. Lot ao ratU. i? uitas 'A m present a (C;r at the .COCrLAPTXJM Wo eh* 4 It oaT myo h'n> Woe ?? mrly par*. Lrt ao roasf aaaa or WMBan act*, to th* eecret ofift'.ooa of tnerrir i tU? wit^wl trading tfce P0CK.1T JERl'LAPi C?. I?i ao rui mC-rlM from a hacknled 0?egh, 1'eia ix> ih* al^*, rt ?'?*** cighta, aemsi to*'.;:**. t tj iL* wLola tiaia of feyofitto eraoatlou, and ^t?b jf by W Mr pbr eno*h*r moment, with vet w-mltrnr th* MCUtAPl'J3. Hare the ? boM %1?o..t to ho married Bay, raw) thla truly :*?? tolbock, M it ha* tota the mean* v' .^ftai Uk~b ? 0f uhftnaU creatora frua. "ho vsiy Jaw* f 1 JT-Aar per*n Heading TT. R:%"TY-nT C CRN -I meloeed fe a le:t*r, will rw*;?* i.* f> ,yol tbl* work ty wvll, or ?r? oepfc- wtiu Vr br Oaa IBEo Addimu, [post paid) DR. V*. VM M, No. iAb iff rasa i treat. i AN APPEAL T\> COMMON SENSE. irr tiii air* ni?i tut tbcth. CArTAin Hrxjiaiw.?WhfTfvor kn> wn htn trail tiony will tw- o,?noiu?.T4-. Km leat ?b?p* mho (*<i lot know Uto ('.iptatn abouM br MTftital, l>f. I?a?? t n fc Bro., with oth<T'? .??!' iho b??i knna n an?i ukh4 iifrtily r>-speciaMe ciliEcua of Ka?t .n rodiin*- hi* a ondcrful care by Hampton's vet.ktablu tinctuu. KOrt. 4, IU1 Me*irt Mortimer 4' Nsvhrtn : Gcnilwm-n-l feel it my duty lo>*u ond th? fab ic t<? certify to the effects of Hampton'* Vef taWe riaciare. I wan for m>?re ih- n Are years lahurnt* inder a disease of I'hronir Rheamauani. and the rreat part of that tiose I was mn helple?a ibat I Ita 1 :n be helped from iny bed and drem-ed in my rtotrn-* 1 b<-came reduced to a mere skeleton- All Ur rum ciaea I lork done me no good, an.: 1 continued t? rrow worse I hearJ of lUmpion's Tinrtare nnd hongln I would jive it a trial. At this time I .i J tot expect io liv? one day after anotiu-r. I did i ot :ake it (the 1 inciure) fm the Rheumaiisan. Mu ,n t < nhort time I was well ..f thai diaeaae. Knnn ilte ^ 1 ?ffecuof your I inctnre nnd tbe hep of U?*d I him I i * fettmg in food health. I wi>h all tl?e afflicted to try H*nipt?rTa VefetaM. ^ Tincture, as I have d i>e, witli ike same eflVri tt. * it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac Ri?in:i>. We ate acquainted wi?h Isaac Benjamin: mid fiim aome of llani|*t<'ii^ Vegetahte Tincture, anil !*? ?ieve the ?b<>ve ?<-n.ent correct. Dawson to Ban. From (?nr know icdjpe of Captain Benjamin we are in tliat the above alatement is true md uu ?xageraled. J. A. JouNaaa. Caaaia* Roainsoa. (-' .II and get paiufillets gratis, and see cures ?4 Jougb, llionctiitis, Riieumaiism, N?uralria, |iy? ?? psia, NTeivou*ne*s and General t\ eaknAs. A? a Vm.ile medicine or for delicate children we Mnw t unequalled 8old by MuRTIMf R a MOWBRAY, 140 Batu nore str< et, Bnlumure; and AH Brua?2wMy, N'. York L'uas. Ptott A Co., J. It. .Monas., D B. I'iarii, ut.aRKi. A Bow uv?, W. I!iuni,an4 H. >1 I'un ion, Washington; also, 1.^ li. H. f. (*t?Kii,Gmrir iiwu, and C. C. Bi.ret, Al- laadrt, and h\ t'mj f'sts everywhe e. mu ?* tr r iDTFD'K SPANISH .^ilXTntR. The Orcat Pwrlflcr of tli? Blood I Not a Particle of Xerciry In It! la liu>t.ip:ui luvtM lor ^ ?;*, Ri?? s Ki -, Rheuu;ati?ui. <H?..ti:.sW CuUa. e>s? Aruptkir.a, ^ f c.^ie ? or I'u-tuler ub tl ? l*c , M- tcha*. Boils Cbroai Pore Ky?-<, ~iof VV?.a ir Totter, IfcalJ ?i'.'al. K? .!cJ' Aj.l I'siu of th? R, r<es ai.vl Joint/". FtuitbTR IVw, y/^hl.itic Dia> rderv, Uimba?.o .^^Oki Or a^la Lts, an I all tha ^i<mp a arlai'g fx- man 'rjuJioious osi ?f Mar-mrj, Im pru<l are in Idi*. ur Ik; ur:t> cf tie B ood. rHTS Tslaa'l* il di>-iaa, uhk b ba* toeoota* oele? tr.'.t'd torth* uuinbar if .xtra rdiaary e.irea. Nfectea ihr iU spaocy. ha* iodaoed thr r'Or-cl 'toi, kt ttie urg at re^u-sat <f fbeir fn?nd?, to . ffer t to tb<^ public, whi>*b Ihfj do witii ifce uUBott coq. Yiecoa in ita virta*? ai d wonderful camtlv# proj, ?rti a The t>llowiug certlb-^t-a. ??'?-!?( from a argw number, are, hower?r. *"?oig-r bstiubar iian the iu<ra won oftna propri?l r?; aad are all ot f'D'Icmen we 1 known ;a th tr localities, and ?t tli* Ligbe*t ra.'pojtabllitT, caauy c.1 ib m ras ding a tht city cf &ca*ao d, Ya. F. hOYDsLN, K q? of th* E% UoUl. B?eL Jio-d, ki osu afMiW^Kt s?ysh- ba?t*ea he Ued dne cailwl Caaru'a Jtumu MiXTL&l.almiBlaiarad i ever a hunir-t caM, ia nearly all th* dua*M? or w? i.h it !i rax>ir.raended, with the r. oat anion (shlng'y good twuitJ He aaya It la th* lacst *x - r**.'J rary aiod-cir.* ho haa ever araa * AGUK AND F::VtH?OKKAT CUR1-I ft-r-Lv Jar atj that for ih.o* years 1 bad *gu.< aud Irver if th? is vt vial^alde.isrip' ob. I had s-veral I'hv d-i^ns, took l*r^- ^UkBtiuex cf <*uiUua, Vr cuiy, And I bel evea'.l t_is 1 ul^s adrtrti^ed, buta IwiU; jut petmaneo'. relioi. At la-t I triad Carter's ?parish Mixta e, two bottUa of which eff ctjally u-ad me, and I ain hs.;<pv to **y I have had aeitt ?r hl'lacr ferers aiuoe. I oonsider it th* b*,t Tom. .n thla world, acj the oaly n eilt ne ttiat ??rr Tat bed my case. 401i> LOAUDa^. Baivxa Ditch, n^ar lUchiuoad, Ya. C. B. LUCK, K*|., now In the c<ry of RiihaonJ ind ur maay ye^rj in tb- i'oat Offl. , has aucb xabienc^ in the a4tr>uiabia^ y of Carter's Sp- ni-.h Miliars, that h? Lai bought upward' of bo wtllrfj. which he ha? givra away to -he ?fU ptei. \lr. Lnck #*ye '.se ha? never known it t > fall wti*n aken aco' rdin^ to iiirectu>nM. Dr. MIN'IK, a pra- ?!e:nii Ph>rinan, and fo'merly jf the City ilttal, ia the iity of hj imi i -i, aa><* he i<a witnease l in a uauib r cf ibs'^oone Ui* *1! eti or tor er'a hpan.Mi \l?Aijre, wuich wer? mos' trniy ?urpiisio?. II3 p*js li a ?*aa* of Ooniuuptlun, ae jecd t.t on the L!v?r, tk.' go^d ? ffe-'* wer* won Urtul indt-cd SAMt'lCL H. DRINiil. t, ofthe firm of Drltaer A Hc.^a, Richmond, wm cured eur-4 of Liver Om liiint of 'bree vmts aUndicg, ty th* aae cl two u. tU?e of Carter*,) ?, an: h Miatute. ORKATCDRKO* fCKOFULA?Th* Editor- ct .he Richmond Itf^ubJcao h da m. vant eicploye-t c thoir press rova, cured of viobnt o roJu.v. c. ?a nad with Rhaamaiiaci, which ta'lrelt Uwmbled nm from work. Taa battles (f Carter a fp. n Ji dixture made a perf. ct cure of hltn, aul the Adj t,T? In a public uoticc, fay they 4 cheerfully raor.m n?n* it to all who ar* alBicted with any diaaaa* of the b1 ood H oTILL ANOTHER t URE OV B0R( FULA ? I ha ' a r-ry valuable boy cured of per ifula by Csrt-i's ?<;<aniidi JUIXturn I con. ider it truly a valuable nn^iclne. J AMES M. TAYL'?lt, Cuada.U.-r cb th* H F. and P. R. B. Co, Richmond, Va 8ALT IUlEL'jJ OF TWENTY YEAR? STANDING COMED Mr. JOHN THOMPtfOK, reaidiax ia the rfty of P.ichmonii. w?s cured by three bmiua of Cartel paaiah Mix urn, of Salt hheuut, wbuX b~ h^l aw ?mi)j troaiv yeara uad which ail Ui- |.hy? cian* ~>l tho tftcyoould not Mr. Th*>l&p"cii ia a weti k^ov?wamhaiit in thacity of Richmond; an! In* 1} aujt so -arkahle. WIC. ABATTQIWi', of Ki'baoft hod a aervsnf sure* m Srphiiia, ia the worat form, bv Ca terV ??paniah Mixture. He aaya h* cb^rfulty r? -u meada it, and ooosldara It a very invaluable tueii ctom. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the rtvenu-*, -ays he has seen the good eff< cU of Carter's h j. ulsb Vlixtare in a numbarof dypbil.tic caaes. aud sats it iaapwfsct ?ur* f r tbat borr.hie dtoe?*>. WM. 0 IIARW03D, *1 Richmond, cared ft oil Sore* and Uleers, wh ch disabled him f.em Walking, r^kkfcw bottlae of Carter'a Mu'ar^, and wm *aaM*l to walk without a crutch, in a ?b -t time peraaanen ly cured. PrtaMpal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A Co? No. 18 Makton I<aaa New York T. W DYOIT A Ho. IBS North Second ?*., Pi. h .f-lpt lk RRNNRTI A BRRU8, No. 1 tt Vain atroet, Rich mond, Va. And for tale by CHARLE8 8T0TT, WMhlngt .a, D.C; HENttT PERL, Alexandria, and bj -ia everywhere. I nw $1 par boctlo, or idx I ..ttlee f r AV Mp 11?ly PRNRHYN AND IKON MA'NTILMU^feT^; m be?atifU! aaaortment of ihsss ca?a; and da rabla artioUs, at the corn ?r ^f Peaaerlvauia aveau' and Tenth atreet, over tie Washington bavm^a ^ ,ntf Rabrln" 1 A 3

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