Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE KiU I IK. bt jonarna* rv>c?. . j? TUm ia 8eb??tapol. i) __ ,_ . ??it ia th? nest lb at lay at Sehaatopol. wth- Turkey *11 forlorn, i : at made the neat that lay at Sebntopol. Thu ia the Mare awake at morn, * ? * Ti at kir k?*d the Tuikey all forlora, a: made the neat that lay at Sevastopol. V* i* ia the Bull with a C >bvrg bora, it gor^d the Man* awake at mom, at kicked the Turkey all forlorn. *1 it made the neat that lay at Bebastopoi. ' ? T<\f !? the Coek of Ms urele born, T ? \T crowed ft* th? Rail with a Coburf bora, t r red the Marc awake at aorn, V at kicked the Turkey ?n forlorn, "hit made tbe n?*t that lay at Sebtxopol. i? ia the Earle all Hung(a)ry torn, ?t screaTfd fortha C>>ck of bij unci* bora, v crowed for the Bull with a Cobarg bora, V ? ?t gore i th* Msre twiKt at or>rn, Tt i^kM ih Tutot an forlorn, Jt n ai? the ne t that lay at SebaaCopoL >* i f>e B-ar wlih a rmwl of srorn, t eri.wi .? at air EaJe all Hun((a)ry torn, ? t b ' th~ C.K-k of hi* uncle born, -H*-~.i it?? BhIi with ?? Cobuf horn, o tii* - a ail w ?rric*d and worn, J ? I- we * the Tark?y all (brlora, - a' ii a e ?h?- nr?l t at lay at ?> Imstopol. Farlt Risino?The famous philoso j.Vr mid -titesman, Peter the C*ar of u? ia. always rose two hours before <!iv; and when he saw the morning i emk, would express his wonder that cny man should be so stupid as not to r c on every morning to behold one of e m?st glorious sights in the universe. Men take delight, said he, **in gazing < i a picture, the trifling work of a mor t 1, and at the same time neglect one I in'ed by the D*ity himself. For my j.rt 1 am for making life as long as I in, a;id therefore sleep as little as pos si hie." Golden Rule.?Choose ever the plain er road: it always answers best. For ; e same reason, choose ever to do and \y what is tne most just and the most direct. This conduct will save a thou* and blushes and a thousand struggles, r. id will deliver you from those secret r ?rments which are the never-failing at tendants of dissimulation. CC7*The Germans are a prudent people. < 'oe of them at the west end who gets but ; to shillings and sixpencea day, supports wife, ten children, two wheel-barrows, : jur cats and three dog*; and contrives o the end cf the year to have 8200 in the bank. There are two gentleman by the ' anie of Potter, in the Rhode Island Leg attire, who look so tnuch alike that v. Ii3n one drinks a bottle of wine the oth r g< eta tipsey on it. \\ igginn informs us that a per bun :uct a t>u) iu thestieet aud said to him, i on an my son but I am not your fa i? r. Vv c iia'd to have it explained to w?it w as his mother. :_/7"fall."*aidone girl to another, ? 1 aiu so glad I have no beau now." ? ? \\ by so,' asked the other. "Oh, cause, I cr\n eat as many onions as I please.1' MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. %atrr. Lrute toy Dttyi. N? w York. ..Liverpool ..Feb. ?1 .Havre New Yuik Jsn.V. ?? ri- a Liv?T;>".>o(,. Boston.....Jan. 'JO ?' i. tir ' .vcrf-yjl. ...New York.. Jan. 37 t ?tv M^ifjiieaier. .l.r/? rj*,o?... rhiladelphia.Ffcb 14 ? Lo*ih? . ...New*York. ..Feb. 14 OC^'l iir' I'tlnniu ;??r.ui?-?r? leave New York on ' ? .r'h and of rv_h with. RRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. iVui*rd?' ?a-a j c. wiiuil. VViiutun, \? Gtn Steuarl, Mil J It L pit uu. *a? E Lancduu, NY <; ?*.' Haven. do G E Hand, Mich !?" B^ii, do J 8 Merriam ix .adv. < t Mrt C Lyon St daughter . 'r !>,xv M.iivs II Etting ? "'?arch, NY Hon J F Plienix 71 Ct! aan J A ttn-?wold, NY '? W l?o!.i*-tt, Ma?a A S Murray, do ?? W rariw l ontiinf, d ) r Walker W M AUdwon, Md atlo ital Uotel?i. a. ?iluu> rrmfirtd, NY R C Mayson, Mi \ ' si- r, Pa D 8 Uartlett, Md I li I. fvioii v, Tei G Ucugiaaa, Ct .? ? Phiitip , N Y H Mt-ir?ham, Md o>"?, M:rh T E Williams, d# ? r- l; HU. \ V K Keys, Cherokee Nation ? (.iti?i? Mr Alliaon, Tran .\ Y? oug C ^eilner, Pa ? II HU'l!, <*t J Stallm^n, do ' ?? ', Pa Mr? Chapman, Ct K Hor-nct;, dw C M ir?hall,Md ?, KHiy. <to C W Bond fc ladv, NY ?' A He y M l R C Steele, London J Saiitlun, NY E Thompson t M>. r.-, ?a J B Mi loj, NY 0 :w o.i and inaij, I) P Kly, do E 9 Townsend, do ? II R S:uitii, do 1 Lu' r ? lady, Ma?? J Snider, jr, Pa <1 vletr.Md B Elliott, Va \ A Nni?**?, do W v\ il**y, Md W !v. o\ N W Noland, do ? on*r. ve, VY W C Wait, Md ? nunn:an^O M Davi., do \ \ I vi! iintid, Irid l> WviDfl. do ? L \.v>.r ? do J gfvrniJ, Pa ' N d r?, NY W Hal te.i, NJ i' u !i^. do C l'oug,a>is, Va 1* Ro-j. a. lady, do A Day. Pa '. Kami .nan, uo H t'risman, do >?> dotal?t. r. & ?. aaowa - P tfT. n.Tnn F Wa^elle, La P L ?-d . NY M Claze, do J. i? L? w.> x, \ a G O N i'almer, Va ? i'i .j, licl lonei, do ^ .< .. a:\ d. ?i.? T Hi bus & ladv, NY K itrtB-n NY J 8 Wi haul", do Hi ? I'y. WI I) F Shall, Ark '? ? I> E ?"'maii, Pa ? t; r 8adiler. MJ . II W?. ,!o J IV Brad v, do * A S , i h, Va I'D tioui.i, NY ? M.l E Walker, dif \ ?? i ,n(2. ii,do \v Pii.'Km, vij l-atir n, ?i.? W H Mcli weU, Pa i: ;>;>i?-r. 1'a 1 Lowi*. do E S Paiktr, NY ? ? M Jo _ W llannl'on, Md ?- -'J> -r a. 'a.!>, NY J W J^ukina, do \ K l a . in, MJ G A Miller, Pa W Voci*. do J C <;raft1in, Md V- - C M rri4, do% T Walker, do ?:i*f M rr..?, ii9 t ir; tbil lloatt-j. b. & a. nataooa. A Tncfjr. M- P Riely, Pa * Ja?*.>l?*, NY ? M Cochran, do I. mr lice, Pa T Ltorman, do SHW^eraa, Md ' ??-. NY J B Stickney, Mw< ""vv. n & ia<ir. do M W DHahay, Ala FX Kelly, Md 'i ?nu ,y and family, Mr Jones, do , * r ^ T H Skinner, jr, NY ;Vi'? H "amley. do' i 2 A, Nl '* do W Menhoae, do Cait.d Stalaa Hot.l-a. a. BacnaY. Saiaaar. Va Dr N B Qav Va ? > K Mnl, N\ X Coryell k ladv NJ J >1 kit i.arJ*oa, NC P B?v?n Ci Mis* landlord, M?i M H Tlunnaa Ga l'> Laarent, En ?laad J Gay nor, Md V. \V VV < st, Pa L t i '>p|M.'r?auth, do 7'lm Chapman, ft Kamlon Haait, Alutadrla, Va. a. new Ton, rivraimi*. H F- r*u?"n. M.f . V Nally, Md I. A Tuckt#, Vj E C Marrfiall, Va la?t Tucker, ?o ' It H Carter, dot ?' II Orav.if, do Mis* E I Carter, do Min K Graven, ilo Mis- 8 Carter, do Mku M E CautnUJI, do T S Hall, do M;?s If C~inp^?l|, do J R Kirliards, do K M Martha'.!, do GC Wbartoi, do Mi^s Mirsh n, do C K Holmes, do W II I?r-Co;irr?-y, Md P C Lan*. Pa *? Forfar. L'8N Dr. DUFOJOOrseOLDOl MOKTHLY PILLA, i A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of all Painful Obstructions and Female Irregularities anaiag from whaterer cause. t>rng gteta at ft per be*. aiH wtll He *eat ???>? 4WlsUy bj m?n on enclosing 11 la "Dr. A. J. B All WOLD, W?>lHH?,P. C,"Oeaer*l agent, by whoa ail order* will be tUoa it th* proprietor's pries*. These Pills are the result of OVER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE in the treatment of the Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whan they were prescribed by Dr. Duponco with the most happy effects. they are now published to the world, s? that all Females Buffering irotn the diseases peculiar intheir sex, may have the oppor tunity of giving them a trial. These pills have only beea advertised to a limited extant for a little more lh** * ^SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, a large proportion of which has been sent by mail to ladies in different parts of the country; and letters are being received dally containing the warmest expressions of gmutads for the b-.twflts which have been derived fro u their use- The following is an extract from a letter of a lady of high standing who has aut'toriaed her name to be communicate.! confidentially to other ladies wishing to make inquiries respecting tbe modui operandi of the pills: -My dsschtsr, sow aged 17, w*? for thro* yaar* palDfnlly ?Mlrled wUk obstruction* from which, at tlm*e, sb* au(Tere<l esesrsly. W? expended a Urge lum in physicians' f ee, but with ?try trlflluf and t?Biporary rsliat Her complexion be cswe tinged with * sallow greenish tne. an J her whole ?ye Mo* so taoch 4l***s*d that ah* wa* pronounced to b* ra Vd ly (otii( Into onusnuipUon. At this stag* I saw yonr advrr ??it 1* a N*w Tork paper. My r*ltb was *ery weak. f'-r a bo*.- It t,T. -o much rehei .?? " 1 * now ha e th* gr-ai p ?!"* 'V 1 my d-?*bt?r's health Is com rMy ? 7 comp.**l?u Is replaced by the * < OOUi> ??Uoctaulr, oy th*t cheer Ind if thll^Tu k!5 li ZM U ?lrI? of ber ?ge , iirfw0"? "<??? ?? mncb. ft won II b* no p s?D W1M th* uapplnass respiting from ih?ir us*." N. B.?The ingredients ol these pule a e p< rteci ly Harmless in tii?-ir medic in I ? ?peraUon on uir most delicate female con titut>>ns, yet as prepare*; and eombined by I>r. Duponco, their specific action is such that married lame* *h<>ud use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is net at all indicated during pregnancy. For the same reason as every ph-siciati known, medicines which act in this way are the very best thai can b" used for re storing the natural, healthy tone and functions of th? system when so much impaired and iieranced as to result in barrenness. For further particulars nee di rections, lie. sent wi-h each box, and circulars to be had at the Druggis**. J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. Sold in Washing on by Kidwki.l k. Lackingx Stott kCo W. i. dm ah, P. R. SrLvimit. J. B. Moore, First Ward; O. Boswxll, Island ; J. F. s**venth ??; H H McPiierso* l f ALiH, Navy Yard. In Georgetown by O. M. Linthicum, J. L. Kidwell. I? Alexandria by < oqfc k Co., Peel & Stevens, Fountain At Co., and by Druggists generally. jRn 16-lm* PROPOSALS TOa MAIL BAGS. Post Ofiice Departmmtt, January 12, 1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Department until 9 o'clock a. m., of the 23d of April next, for furnishing for four years from the 1st day of July next, in such quantities and a' such Umes as may be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bags of the following description, to wit: * Canvas Mail Bugs. 8ixe No. 1, (43 inches in length, an < 62 inchf s in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width* the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twuted and fivc-lotd. Size No.2, (41 inchc* in length, and 19 inches in circiiuiterencc,) to be made of cotton cauvat-* weighing 15 oosrea to the >ardor27 inches width! and the cloth to lw woven in every rcspcct lite thai ut the Hist M2C ol bags. Kirc No. 3, (3-2 inches in length and 38 indies in circunitereuce,) to be made ol cotton chiiv;um weighing Hi ounces to the yaitlof 2j inches width! and th : tlotli to be. woven at uImjv^ described. The canvaas bage ol" .-i*c? Nos. 1 and 2 arc to be made with a uftn icil miiubcr of vyelct holes, an,I provided nitli stioiig cord tu sccurc their mouths. Al' are to be well and duimcllv marked'T. S. Met, '-uid to b- limnbired act.<>?^iiii: to lliv ti*> above sj?eciti? d. Lcmther >t>t<i (Jouvuss Foifhts. 8<ze No. 1. 4^ hi. in lenith. an-f ?'-0 in '-?r<'uiii?-r< n< c Size No. A 41 do 1*9 Ji ,i? Size No. 3 36 do do -|J ti?ze No. 4 Jo ?bi 3h do Size No. 5. 'A do do 'J8 do The body ol the leather pouuhe* u to be mad* ,,| good and eubatantial bag leather,wr|| tunned, wt i?h in* tor N-?. 1 and 2 not le^ than 8 and "tui the smaller sixes not less than 7 ounces to the mi fool, lite bottom and flap to be of jr<?>d ?KiUti>z leather, ? '.!! tafined, and the >-anic to"h? *viu aii?i stro igly secured with the best iron rm- XvHI Uuued. The canvass p?uchcs arc to be msd? ul densely woven ca?va?s. as to r?>i^t water, ..r a? tea^>t equal to that ot nrhicli the pouch' s now in si?? set rice are made. Leather arui L'aniajs Bag\, (in saddle bags form ) Size No. 1. Body 48 inches bug, and 4i inches in circumference .it the wideot pails ; ends or bottoms ot s ine, 14 by 2C niches Stxe No. 2. Body 14 luches long, and 3b inchc m citcuiuierence at the wide-t purt^; ends or bottom, of same, l'J by ^4 inch' s tiiac No 3. Boly 42 niches long, and 32 inches in circuniterence at ths wtucst parts , ends or bottouie of same IU by 20 niches The leather horse mail bags are to be made ol goodand subsuiiual bag leather, well taniiml, and weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square font and the sesm* to be well and strongly sewed ; or it ri vetted, to be so dons as not to chaVe the iior,e\n ndef. The canva?a horse mail bags are to be made of the same quality oi fabric as the pouches above de scribed. Canvass and LtatK'r Drop-lrtter rouches (with side pockets.) SI 11 3* t S ? in 'T^Mnd M hi circumference Hize No. 5. 26 do do ? 2tJ do Cuirass Newspaper Mail Bagt. Size No. 1, (? inches in lerqjili and G2 inches in circumference,) to b? made of chiton canvii^i, w. at |e?.?t 15 ounces to tlie yard of 22 iuch?*r wi-ith; the yarn ol the f.ibric to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and Uie l?ag to be so constructed lis to b< locked and to have a handle at e tc ei.d Hize No. 2, (41 inches long and 48 inches ;n cir cumference,) to V ol the same material and man ner of construction with size No. I. Fry aals 'or improvements in the construction of t"??l ?bor* described m .il bag-, or in the ma terials thereof, ire invite ; am the r-;auve value and adaptation to the >ervice a.- w? II as nricej.l such unprovem nt w.ll be cons.d^rej in dc!crmin lag the lowest and best bidder. No propn.als will be con-idered if not accom panied with samples of-ach article bid for, showmc the coumrucUon. quality ot materials, and workman ship proposed, anj a'so with evidence of the com petency and .biluv of the bidder to exccute the work according to coriir^ct. The sp cimens must be delivert l at Ui? Drnart meat on or be/ore the 23J day f Aprh next, am' will, in connerion with the proposals iorm the ha-i ol the contracts. Specimens d'-pn?red by bidd?i> whicb may with safetv and convenience he in the mall service ^ ill b* paid for at the rat s tro posed hy them. *" rh^?d,LC!fW"?2nJhr bifls Wi" b0 on T before tte first day of May ne-t, and the bidder or bidder eh.wen will bm r quired to enter into contract on ,1 before the 15th day of lene next with bcn<1 an?: sufficient sureties f..r a fiithi'ul performance of t|i obligations as en'ered into All the articles contrac ed for are to be delivered at the contractor's expense, *t Boston, Vfa-sachu sells; Vw York and Buffalo. N. Y ; Pmiadelpliis and! ittsburgh. Pa.; Baltimore, vid.: Wit,.hi..?joil, Ji L.; i.harleston 3.C.; Augusta.?;a.; VTl?-i g..,r1. ry, v.f'' Ten.. ; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio; ami St. L.,Ui-, Vlo . such quantities and at such times as the Deuari meni mav r. nuir>-; and they are to be rigidly in Xch sK?il r"fV"ry" and ROnP l" ,Mi received ardb 1? inferior to tbe specimens or sund To enable bidders to estim ite the numlier of thr different kinds ol mail bags whi~h will nroliablv I# ?? Kle, during the J!?' hZ! . f Jun'* l?sl 2 135 Icnther pwiches, 3 978 canvass pouches; 450 leather horse mail bags; R05 canvass horse mail bags ; and 17 110 ca> v*as in ail bai-s. f *<,110 ?,pr0p?T*1? should be endorsed " PropoiaU for Mail Bait, and be addressed to the " Formatter \ ? JAMES CAMPBELL, lawlSw Postmaster Ceneral. KXPKCrED HEW Y1AB PBESXW78. OF^l l}>* b rancher of businea 00 a duct. J in tbla oly.Qreostiaa, perhaps of all others afford the prollta, and should have the preference for eaah, and no one In that business can continue If U? customers are not prompt in settlement by rhort notes or eaah Desirous of olosicg up for the rut I ^ mh0 ?" iad?l>UKl to ^ astus wit a out delay. I will farther give notice that all future bills ocntraoted with me must be m*de ^ and with the diaUact undsraUnd 10 ha eloeed monthly, by. cash or ?atee at 30 days, which I have prepared for the pur poee, except tuch of mj old customers who have <1 "21 *? M. F. Kfta. BANK AND 81LDEN mw Notes purchased at the highest fcrtTb^St1 TSZLl*** Warrants, and Yl/ginla JDran# oa all the principal oities gold to sutt pur uouT^u!i rndlB? Tranf Alleghany S?erely upon reoelrini -ytarn.b' ? ttat !_ HAMILTON 0. VANT, Banker, 482 Penna aveaua. Units* States Patent Olci, l WarjiaKH, Jw. SI, 1&&1. f ON th? petition of Oe?uu D< vnr.EX znd AL bkkt kumm, of Bridgeport, Mas?ihuaatta praylng for the ex tension of a pttat granted to them on tbo 4th of M?y, 1841, for Improvesesut la the manMr of eooetruct'ng railroad carriages 00 as to mm the littoral motion of the bodi*> thereof, for sevsn yeart from the expiration of Mid patent, which takes place on the 4th day of May, eighteen hundred and fifty-Are (186#:) Itis ordered, that the aald petition be heard at the Patent Office en Monday, the 2Sd day of ApriL next, at 12 o'clock, end all persons are notified to appear and show cauae, if any they have, why aaid petition ought not to be granted. Person * opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twanty days before the dty ?f heart rig; all testimony filed by either party to be ased at the said hearing must be taken and trnn* mitted in aooordanoe with the rules of this Offioa, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the oase will be closed on the '3th ?pru; depositions and other papers relied up <n as testimony mn*t be filed in the offioe on or be fore the morning of that day; the arguments. if any within ten days thereafter. Ordered, aleo, that this notice be published in the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Washing tea, D. C-, PeansTlTsoiao, Philadelphia, Fa^ Scientific Vmerlean, New York: and the Po?t, Boston, Mese. ?ace .1 week for three successive weeks previous to the 214 of April next, the da? of hearing. CHARLK8 MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 9.?Editcrsof the above papers will please c py ?nd send tholrbllls to the Patent Office, with a p* per containing this notice feb 1?TS? [ 0 6 *0 ] By tlta President of the United States. IN . < ma oeofiaw I, f < ANK Ll^ PIKRCB. Free ident of .h" Un>t?d Ht?te? of America, do hereby I -c.are *a . make kno?n toa * pao:l aale will be ?e< at the 1 n offio- at A cars'A, in the State"4 I iis*ii"T>Pi om uei ingon <nday, 'he twenty-first I la j of Miy nest, f r t -.?? disposal of a I th -t p >ruon h ? ? . ons an I p rt of sevioos of laad be.rin/ I vid L>um em witbia fix m les on each sWe of th liit of h Mob ls and Ohio rivti bai road, tn t^e at-s t At\ a?a and viim B ppi subje t to tb I l u*l min mum pnc? of iwo d< liars and fifty cents I ->-r acre, s i r v drd by ibe act ot 10 b Sep ember, I Itfiu. anl -xcept-d from graduation as to price by I the?ctof4t" A nuj . 1854, which were aUtfitisei I o b- nlf'r.J f r a le in p o -l-mation No 492, bear I uk date May, 18&3, but subsequently wit ? I irewn until at her notic 1 tor tb? pr >po?cd rn 1-oad I Tom Br*>-dna to Monti mery by public no Ice No. I 191. bearing d?t? 19cli August, 1*53; and the same I not be ngsuhj ct topi iv At* entry at the date of said | withdrawal, were couse juently not r^tor^d to mar I k t by gt neral notice No 622, dated 6th September, I l?54, situated in the undermentioned townships, I o wit: 1 Xorth of the base line and east of the Chorlavo meri j dian. I ' Township Jour, of range thirteen Townships three,four Jive, and six, of range four I teen I Town-hip* three, four, fire, six and tcoen, of I rvge fifteen Townships three, fcUt,Jiv, six, and ssr?o,ofrange I six'een Townships five, tix, and teven, of rang* seven I te<n Township teem, of range eighteen. Notice i? also > oc*fev jNsP that all ths lands sit uate * cut?i le of t hedUK limits on e?:h side of I the above road withCrwwn and not stae* restored I to private entry as above stated, which will be sub Meet to entrv at one dollar and twenty-five cents I per acre, or (if for actual settlement and pre emp I -ion) at the pric?s pres ribed by the graduation act I of 4th August, 1854. in the following-named districts I aal tovnships in the States of Mies ssijpi aui Ala I ba'on, vi.l b-s ?nbj?ot to entry and location on anl I after Mondaj the nineteenth day of March next, to I wit: I In tbo district of land? subject to sale at Auiu'STi, I I V' rth of [he base line and east <f the Choctaw taen | diti*. T'>wn'hips (Vs', four,Jive, Aj and seven, of racge I twelve I T^trn^Llpu tluse, fwr, fire, ?-'x, ar?l teven, oi I tbirtefn T'^wn^hJi'^ three, four Jive, si*t and seven, of range I font teen I Toirnghip srvn, rf r*n"e fifteen j Tc wnshlr* "tree, four, anl five, of range ?i*t!*en I Townetip* three, fr"r, fire, tix, and term, of I raigf !?"'^eni- "n T vscrtip* thrr', fovr, fvc, s^t, and teven, ff I r^ng* eightten. | lu the aistii- t cl Imls subject to ?ale at Di-Mvr<> I LI" ac\m\ : I AVM oj L'te bite Ivi'.and wed of the prwipil in J rtdian. | Town-Mr" *hirt??u, fourteen, fifteen, sliteen *nd I ?sv?nt' on, of ran^e two j Towxislrp* tbirNv?n, four(e?n, fi* tfen, sixteen and I ttmiUer, of laasre three 1 'l ocr ship? th'rtecn, fcurt-ien,//^!!, tixle:n and I pe ra^teer, of ran^e lour j Townships thirteen and fourteen, of range five. Tko townships designated in reman le ters are I wholly w;'.hin the limits of six and flftetn milro re^ I srect'.vtsly on 'aoh fide of sa:d r^ad, atd those in I itali-.i are pirtty wi bin s?id limits, ss desi^natsd I on the diagram? wbKh will be furnishtjd to tbe re I Kpsctive district ofi1ce:s by the Ccmmit^ioner of the I liecera! La d < I'iim. The lancU will b? sol i, zu'ject /a the right of waj I gr .ntei by tha act of ^eptem -cr, IfciO, to tie I HforeseM for a?id railro-v). not 1 \ :tsviin2 <t*e I huidrt'l feet on each sii* ther*cf, and therefore tbe I paitiudiar .ractiof lan-I which include iheroad will I t>e s Id ?>8 c^urvutug tae quaal<titti r-ti^ciive'.y I sho-va by the cfili al plats. The section? wii! be effyrod at tbe puMic sale la Itreorier in wh en th?y ere acveviaca; tbe e.s'e I *111 be kept open f ?r a ttufilcieat time to admit of I offering all the lands, but not excelling two w*? ke; I ar d applications t-> make private entries < f tbe lo-ude fiered at publio s?le undt-r ?bis prcclamation will I -ot be received uatil afc<r the ckst of the two ] wee's. ! Given under my hanl. at the city of Washington, I (his seventh day cf P?bruarv. Anno D'mini one h u?aud ewht, hundred and fifty ftvj. F>IANKl1N PI?RCE. tbe Pref i lert: John Wji<0?, Coana saioasr General Land Cfilce. NOTICE TO PREUMKTION CLAIMANTS. Under the ac? of Congiess approved 3d of March. 8?.i, entiilel "An act o txtend preemption rights to certain sec ler? therein mentioned." the pre-emp tio U - a were extended - ver the above mentioned ?it-*rnate odd nuo.b-r?d sec'joas within S t miles ? n ach s<d* ot the route of tbe road where the settle ?.-. it end iaiprovemacit were mad> prior t' tbe da:e of all tc ?n , if proveu up and p?iJ for at the rat* 0 t* ? c?.llHr< a'd fittyC'*nt? per acre, Wore the d?v fixed for ti.e public saN; and by the act ap provel 7th March, Lb&4, entitled 'Au a t tor the r ? ief of settlars on lands reserved for railroad pur 00 es '? p 'rwo- who settled ard improved tbe abov a*^e'i e<t;on" p -or to t^e date of wit\dra?>al wjtl be eati'l- dti p eempticna atth>-ordinarymioimum r ce ( f - h" t ub ic landj, or at the r te of ? ne dollar a d twenty-five c^nts p r acre, if pru\>n ip and p i i f >r b f re the day fix d for ibe pub ie sale:? fb-re ore, <*ve'y per on euU>led to the lig tot pre mt-li n i-i any "f the shernnt^ odd numbered sen t oa- <:i.ove me .t cne , wi bin s x miles 0' the rout^ ot the ro^d, u d r the s-.ctcf Sd ?ier h, 1^63, ?b -v^ ref- red to, on sett'em nts m de prior to the 4th of F brii.ny, I8a3. (the Ja'.e of a !o ment) or under ? he ?tct of *27 in March 1854. 00 settlements made prior to tn-d?t ? 01 th?? origin* wi hirawul of the ards rn n m rk^t, l|i ewi ? ev. ry p??r-on ent t'?d to pie mpr.on ndertbewct f 2?th Marcw,% 1854, in any >t the ards otI'.tine of tin Ax mile lim'ts directed tD be restored to ? n ry on tl e 17ih day of Mn?ch ntxt, n r.'iuirel t. es ?-blis t^e same to the sati-f cti>n .f he re i?t_> an I re;e v r of the proper ;a 0 office, and uiak- pa ment the-efor at the pric-? 6x-d by law as ten as j.raci\cab\e fter se*:n?r thin n- tlce an ? b^f re the <1 y ppoint? j for the 1 nbl c rale or re t ><ation ? mirkei of th" lands embra"iu^ tbe t.a;i ci! mad; cthsrwise such lai i ?ilt b ? forftiUd. JjllN WIL80*, remmifstoaer of general Land < ffice. t-blO lawl3w i) \PER MOIf TKN ER?A New li.VeiitiOM for nioiKteniuc the leaves of a Copying B?xik. f'o?t e St!tm;?s, EuvHopen, and moieten the finger* wtien counting hank bills. Also, useful for varioun oth<-r puiftoses. It will be found an indispensible article for ? ver? derk. It is perfectly tuifiple and cheap, and muat coine into gvneial u*e. TAYLOR & MAURY, jan 18 Ao>*nts for Washington. WHO'S VVHii IN 1855, 1 pocket volume D >d's Parliamenuyy Companion for 1836, 1 pocket volume British Army LUt for lSVj Priti?h Navy List do The Planetary World*, their Topography and Telescopic Appearances, by J. Breer, Cambridge Obfervntorv, 1 vol Blackwood's Almanac for 1855 Imported by last steamer by feb 2 FRANCK TAYLOR. T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH FACTORY, 477 Kitfhth 6t, adjciulng Rain?y's Livery 8tab?ss OWING to the increased tr?d? which a generous publi- has bestowed upon m*,l have bein com pelled to erect a new and larger building for the carrying on of mv business. Here I shall be en abled to execute all orders entrusted te m* wife greater facilities and dlspatoh, and 1 would respect ful; solicit a continuance ot the publics patecnage. Carriages and Wagons, of th% most modern style, built ot tbe be^t nteUriabi, and warranted to feive ?atistaction. repairs ol etsry description punctually attended to. Vor sals, cheap, a seooud-hand Clarence Carriage, naarlv new cec'26 ?1| ROTA Dfi VUi fc?i WALfi, Composed by Hans Krummacher. Our Polka, dedicated to Miss Emma J. Brown, by the same composer, published end for sale at the Murie Depot of H1LBUS A H1TZ. feb 0 TftAVSLSK^ I'lKKO'lvKf. Latham** lixk ?>k omaibus&b will te-ve Alexandria at 4, T\?, -7^^^ and 9M an>, 1W and 3* p m. leave Washington at 6,11, aad 12 a SEES 3# and 7 pm. Seats can be secured at tlie Office, Fairfax ft., and Newton s Mansion Hoqm ; in Washington, at Hall's Segar Store and Kirk wood Hoaae. Thi* Line run regularly winter and pibhuw for the accommodation of tht Public. Passengers called tor and taken to their residences If not too tar. I !w e flr,\lriP UP and l"t trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular tripe % cents. Tninksextra. LATHAM * COOK, jan 0?tf CROIH WELL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINK BETWEEN NEW YOR* BALTIMORE *? BOSTON, X?T"ILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore Tj ?nd New York, and twice a week from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. Tbis line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive Aright and give a through bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates of freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to hy the following ?gents: A.U.HALL, Exchange PI ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and AlOany st*., N. Y. J NO. W. SCHANK, jan 14?d?m Foot of In.lia Wharf, Boston. FOR THE W EST AND SOUTH. BALTIMUKE AND OHIO KAllsKOAD. IMPROVED ARRAN KM^N^S FOR T ;AVKL1 lMP JKTANi CHANGKS OF-SCHEDWDK! I rdL UmffT late completion of tke mt Central Ohio Railroad between Whe ling and Columbus, uniting as It do?s, by ro short and direct a li?e, the Bald wore and Oh'o llailr ai with all portions of the West (an<1 North and Southwest,) giv*s this route greatly increased advantaves to through travelers in that direction. On and af'er M-jN DAY, November 27, 1S54, the trains will be run as follows: PGR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fast trains daily will run In each direction First?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m ., instead ot 8 o'clock as heretofore, (except on 8unday,) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. a 8eoond?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and runnicg through to Wheeling In about 17 hcurs, rea^blLg there at 10 25 a. m. This train will st?p at Wash ington Junction, Sykesville, Monocacy, Harper's F-ttv? Martinsburg. *lr John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg, Petterman, Farm ingtan, Cameron and Moundftvill* only, for wood and water and meals. Both tfceee trains make prompt aad regular connoction with the cars of the Cantrid Ohio Road for Cambridge, Z??n svllle, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Loaieville, Dajton, Fandusky, Toledo, Letroit, Indianapolis, Chicapo, St Louis, ate. Passengers leaving Baltimore by tha Mall Train; will reach Cincinnati f? dinner next day, while by the Express Train they there at 12 the next night, being kept but one night on the route by either train. Passengers for the Northwest via Cleveland and [all intermediate points can make a direct connec tion with :he trains upon ths C eveland and Pitts burg Ra lrord at all times when the Ohio is naviga ble for steamers between Wheeling and Wellpvi'la, by leaving Baltimore in the Mail Train at 7 a. m. Returning, the Trains leave Wheeling as follows: The EXPRESS TR aIN at 4 .'i0 p m, reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.46 p. m . reaching Baltimore at 7 p m 4?-Through tickets by b-at from Wliee'ing for Clooi .nati, Madison. Lou;aville, fct. Leuis and oth?r River Cities, * ill be sold at a 1 times when the slag* of water will admit. Through tickets between Baltimore and W&suington, and all the important cities and towns in the West, are sold at tlia Ticiet Off.oes of the Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Cam ien Ptatlo-j will tak? passec^ers fbr all ttw* u?ual stopping pi* >?a on the KoaJ Returning, this train l.tiiven Wheeling at 11.45 midnight, Cumberland at 10.15 a. iu., ana arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. in. THE KKKDKRICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick sad iet?rinedi*t?- r-la-vs, will s'art at 4 51. in .dally &iir?r'?70 ar'iv'ng in Fr^-ler i?*cat7.l0 IWurnlajr *ill le?Y? Frederick at 9 a.. iu-, arriviug at Baltimore at 12.50, *xku THE ELLIOTTS; MILLS ACCOM >1^D AT. ON will bfl run cUily, (excpt Sundavs.) as foliows: Leave Camion Maci- u at tt a. m. and 3 p. m. Leare Ellicott's Mills at 7.30 a. ci. and 0.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS; IEAVE daily, except Sunday, at C a. m. X and 3 and 6 pm. On Sun lay zt 6 a m aad 6 p ra. Leave Baltimore at 4"i j?od Sao; aai & and 8 p m. On Sunday at 4 If a m and 5 p ra. The oonuesticru with Baltimore k Ohiu Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 6 a ni and J p IH. For Pbi'ade'phia aad New Toik *.t 6, sr.! 8X and 6 pm. For Annapolif at 8J4 a m aad 6 p is. For Nonolk at 3 p in. T. H. PAR30N8, Agent Parf'on ar attenlisn S?call-d to the liu't tug > loepoiiaibie vou&h?>r tur an> peisu& of color who rn^y wi-h to pas& or r the roi.d. d?-c 13?.itf 0BANGE ARD ALZXA5DPJA RAIL20AD. s On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, I^HB Curs leave Alexandria da'ly for Oorlons _ villa and inte-ra-dihte tatious at 7if o'clock, a. m., 0*1 the arrival ot tha boat from Washington, giviug ample time for breakfast on Luard. Ccn neotioi at U?nabt<as ?!unct;?n with a tr?in lor Sira^ burg, at Warren ton Ja -"tion witfi u train for Wt.r. ronton, and at G(vrdocpv'i:<? aitii th-* trains '<n the Virginia Central Railroad for Ukhmond, Charlottes ville, and Staunton. The cars teave Gordor.STil!? dally for Alexat-dra and interme'liate Ktations, at before 12, a. is., on the arrival of the traius o> the Vi: ^Inia Central rail road froia kichino?.d, Char!otr>'RTil!<', aui Stauuton THROUGH TICKETS. from Alexandria to Warrenton f2 00 M Gordonsville 3 60 ** Cb?r'ott-?Hville 4 25 u SUuntor 6 'JO " '* Stranbnrg 3 50 M 44 L\nchburg..... 6 75 ? M Winch^ater 3 60 M - Luray 4 25 u u N?w Market............ 6 00 - ? Midileburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with tha stages at Charlottesville, on Mondajs, Wednesday', and Frl days For Luray and New Market, connecting with the s ages at Culpepor, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, utd Sat urday For Winchester dally, cecnectiag with tha stages at Piedmont For Middleburg daily, connecting w'.th the stages at the Plains. Per order: W B. BR0CKETT, Ag^nt nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ? VT?^ 0n TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. ajSgBBn^Gre round trip $1; from Alax andri- 75 c?nts?'ihe THOMAS COi.LYER 'eavca Washington at 0 and Alexandria et 9!4 o'clock. Coach** leave th- Capitol for tte boat at 9^ o'clk. '-'ouch f?re 0 cenb. hereon-" wishing the Coach-s wLll leive their reui ?e ice with Geo. ic Tbos. 1'c.rker. itefreahment- on the bc i". O -t 23 - dtf SAM'f, GEPN^Y. Capt THE SKW YORK * LIVLRPOOL UNITED STATES M AIL STEAMERS? rIK 8HIP8 COMPRISING THIS LINK ARB THE? ATLANTIC, Capt West PACIFIC. Capt. Nve, BALTIC, Capt. Corsstock, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These shlpt have been built by contract, express ly for Government service; evory ?are has be<?n taken in their eonstru;:;ion, aa in the Engiaes to insure strength and sp^ed, and the r nc<vci nota tions for passengers, are unequalled for elegance and oemfbrt. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin $1-20 Seoond Cabin 70 Exclusive nee of extra size state rooms ???????????? 300 From Liverpool to New Yotk ?.30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berth Can be secured until paid for. For freight or pa?ea? apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS * CO., 66 Wall Btreet, Ne? York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverpool. I. G. ROBERTS * OO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE k CO , 20 Rue Notre Dame des Yictoires, Paris. GEO. H. DRAPER, Havre. The owners of the?e ships will sot be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious ?tones or netals, unless bills of lading are bigne4 therefor, an4 the value thereof therein expressed, nov 16?dly SBCOBD-K1AND PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT?We have in store four Pianos, two of Chickenng and too of Andre Steins, which we Offer low for ca,li, or good notes, or will rent on moderate terms. New Murfc expected to-morrow morning. JOHN. P. ELLIS, jan t 906 Pa. ""*sns. f CARTERS - SPANISH MIXTURE Th? Omt Pmrtft?i ?r th? Blood I V?t ft PtrtieU of Ktreury Ia It! An Uxaujm.* Rkvedt tor Scrofula, Ktmr'f Brii, RblUUdM, obetlnate ODtMrwi Brupttrne, FimvlM or Pastule* on the face, Blotehee, Boile, Okronis Sor* Jly*e, Blag Worm or Totter, Sc*M Heal, XnUzfMMat and Pais of the Boaee and Joint*. Stnbocra TTleon, Syphilitic Disorder*, Lumbago. Spina! Oompia??ta, Mid all tfc# db vteicg from an injndialoM a** of M*r?nry, in prud <><* ia I4fc, or Imparity of th* Blood. ?T1HI8 valuabi* Medici no, which has become o?l? 1 1 brated for the nam bee of ?xtra ordinary com*. effictM through lta agency, b?< tedwad tho propri etor*, at tho urgent r?queat of their ftienda, to ofcc it to the public, which they do with tho utmost coo (Hence ia ita virtu -? and vondorful euratira prop art! a Tbe following errtifloatea, selected from a large number, ar*, bowercr, stronger testimony than the mare word cftb* proprietor*; a*d ere all fiom gentleman wVl known In th?4r localities, and of the hlgh*et respasubility, many of them reedlrj la tha city of Richmond* Va. F BOYDXN, R*q? cf tha Kx'-hanc* Hotel, Rtcb moid, tnown srerywhere aayi ha haa aeen ' b* Me? iclna called Cabt e's rrAXUfl Mixtcix, adm?ni*t*rad ia orer a hundred cases, in nearly all tha dieaaa* for which It 1j recommended, with tha moat astoa iahingly good r> ?u!t? Ha say* it ia the meat ex traerd.nary medicine he hat ever seen. AGUE AND FEVER?q.RKAT CUR*.?I hereby certify that for ttare- years I had Agna and Of tb* no t vinient description. I had atToral Phr slcians, took Urge quantities of Quinine, M*rcnry and 1 Sahara alt the T^atea advertised, bat all wiui oat pe.manen'. reiiet. At last I triad Carter'* Spanish Mixture, two bottlea of which effwtoally cared me, and I am happy to any I hare had neither chills or fevers since. I consider it the beet Took in this world, and tb* TOrty "Tnedieme that ever reached my oaa*. JOHN LOHQDKM. Bxatxx Ditch, near Richmond, Va. G. B. LiOCK, Esq, now in the city of Richmond and for many years in the Poet Offics, has such confidence in the astonishing efficacy of Carter'* Spanish Mixture, that be has bought upwards of M bottles, which he has given away to the afl*eted.? Mr. Luck ears he has never known it to fail whan taken according to direettons. . Pr. MINOB, a practising Physician, and formerly (f the Olty Hotel, in tha city of Richmond, eaye he he* witnessed in a number of inetanoeetne efficu ol Carer's Spanish fixture, which were most truly surprising. He says in a case of Consumption, de pendent on the Liver, th* good effac.a wars won uorful Indeed. 8AMURL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker ft Morris, Richmond, was cared cured of Liver Com plaint of three > ears standing, by tha o*e of twe bcttlee of Carter'* Spani-h Mixture. GRB\T CURB OF SCROFULA ? The Editor* ot the Richmond Republican h.d a servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com b nul with Rheumatism, which entirely Ji**bled him from work. Two bottles rf Carter a Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Ldi tor* in a public notice, say they Cheerfully r? ?<m mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease o4 the blood n STILL ANOTHER CURB OF SCROFULA.?I had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter'* Bpanish Mixture. I oonaider it truly a valuable medicine. J AMES M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the R. F. and P. R. R. Co., Richmond, Va. SALT E.IIEUM OF TTTKNTY YEAR? STANDING enr ED Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reridin* in the city ol Rich&toad. wss cured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, of Salt hfceum, which he h d for aa^tly t?*nty years reI ?which all the physicians ot tin a. 7 could uot care. Mr. Thompson is a wall k~eua *.fc?hant in tha city of Lichmondf and his is mo?t Zira.'kable. WEL <\.KATTRyW3, of Richmond had a servant cured of Byr>hi'U, in the worst form, t y Ca ter'* Ppan'hk Mixcure. He says be cheerfully reo?m oend* it, and connlers it a very invaluMble tieii cine. EDWIN BURTON, comais-ioner of the rsrvenu-, ?aje ne feu ~t*en the go d < flecU of Carter's 5p< nisb Mixture in a number of Sypbi1:tic cssee, aui ?i>s it u k T>erf? ct eure f r that horrible di? -ase. VM. G. TTARtVOOD, #f F.Wimoad, cured < f old Sor-sat J LIrnro, wh ch di.?ablodhiai fr< m w.Iking Took afyv bottle'! oi Carter's Spanish Mixture, acd was to w*ik wiUiout a u-uub, iu a short time cure-l. 1 un",i^l D?}>ota at M WARP.CLOSM A C% No. S8 Mai Jan L?n*, N> * Yorlt T. \V DYUIT A SON.**, No. 18iNcrtb Sscond St.. Phlali-lplla UK".' "HIT A BEER3, No. 1^6 Main stre-.t, Ekh, Va. AuJ for sa'e by CHARLES STOTT, Waphinrtcn. D. C; HENiiY PAELt Alexaiitlria, at.d by Dru^girU evjrywh?je. Pri^ $1 per bottle, cr six bottle* for $3; aep 84?ly FtSNKHYN AND I RUN M AN T XL??May be ge?u a beautiful sss rimect of these ch-ap and du rable article-, at thecora rof '.'?uasy!vania avenu* anWmth aireet, orer the Vaehiniiton g?ringt Bank. RALPH HASRLN?, nor 11??ot' PIANOS!?PIANOS ! W E b"? leave to cull the attention of th<j public to our ?lock ot Pianue now on baud, con^ietitig of duperh fuii^iic' 7,^ 6V{ and 6 oct ive ro.cwood i ttrament* from the world reuowiK-ili ? ? ? manufactories of II llet, Ujvh at Co., Uo^tou, ai.J Knubc, Gaeaie St <>?., Halumoie, comjTiMng in ail the largest, most reliable and btievtaxiuituii'ult'va oliVred in tiiu city. A)S^xtls. Covers, fee. Old Pianos taken iu excliau|e. We will luuko rcaijouahie fVeounis for ca?h, or sell on^tTRe. JOHN K. ELI.IK, No. 306 Pa. avtuue, near'iVinh street. jnn 31 THE ART UNION OF LONDON." PLAN l'OR THE CL'RHEST YF..111. THE list is iw.w open, and erery t-ubseribiT ol M will he ei't tl? d to? I. An impressiox ot" a Plate, bv J. T. Willmor", A R. A.,from the original picture by J. J. Ciia Ion, K. A., "A Water Party " II. A Volume contatiuug Unity Wood Engravings illu^trutir.g subjects from Lord liyrou's Poein ot'uChilde Harolde." Aud III. The chance of obtaining one of the prizes to be nllotted at the general meeting in April, which will include? Tiie r ght to select for him self a variable work ot art from one of the public exhibitions, tiiatuttes in bronze of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Tlmr nevcroft. Copies in bronze, from au or.ziual Model in relief by R. Jefferson, of ?* The Entry of the Duke of Wellington into Madrid Statuttes in porcelain or parian. Proof Impressions of a larue Litho,-raol., by T. H. Maguire, after the original picture by \V. P. Frith, R. A., "The Three B< ws," from Mo liere's " B mrgeois Gentilhonnne." I Honorary Secretarita for Washington, Me?srs. TAYLOR &. MAURY, Booksellers. jan 24 I No. 528.] - NOTICE OF THE IHSCONTINU4NCE Of the Untied State? lend ojfice at Jcjjerton etf.V, Il?i cetines aud H'iiuwuic, Indiana. UNDER the provisions of the second section of the act of Congress^ approved June 12, lt$40, which declares uth t whenever the quantity o< pub lie la< ds remaining unsold in any land district shall be reduced to a number of acres leas than one hun dred thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of tfee Ti,ea<ury to discontinue the land office for such district; an*l if any land in any such dtstrict shail remain unsold at the time ot the discontinuance of a land office, the same shall be subject to sale at s>oine one of the existing land of fices most convenient to the district in which the land office shall hare been discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;" and ii a^iuuch as the 7tli section of the act approve ! 4ih Sept ruber, <641, authorizes the Secret rv of the Tr? a~i*ry to continue any land district in which Is situated th * ?eaf of government if any one of the Stales, notwithstanding the quantity of land unsold in t-iirh district may not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in his opiuion such continuance may be required by puMic convenience or in order to close the land system in such State at a convenient point under the provicions of the act on thr.t subject approved Jiuie 12, 1840, and >na?~ tuuch os the duty citoee required hat keen drxdred upon the Secretary of the Interior by uthe art to es tablish the Home Department,'* approved 31 March, le*: Notice is accordingly hereby siven that, in view of reports from the laul officers at JEKKERSONViLtF. Vistfnxfs, and Win am at, that the vacant land in each of said districts is reduced below one hundred thousan i acres, the Secretary of the Interior, v itk the (ipjriobntion of the PrevUteiU. has directed thai the land offices at Jeffkrsonvili.e, Vingickxeb aud Winamac; in the State of Indiana, be discontinued, 1 and the lands remaining unsold at the time of the discontinuance lie made subject to sale at the land office at Indianapolis, the seat of government of said State. Lands remaining'unsold, and uappropriated by law, and subject to private entry within the limits of the distriats now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at tlioae offices, from the date of the receipt of thi* notice by the reg stera and receivers thereof, and the land officers at Indi- | asapolis will give public notice of the day on which they will be prc|>ared to receive applications for entries of any auch lands at their office. JOHN ILSON. Commissioner ot General Land Office. January 25, 1855. jan 29?2aw6w NEW STORE, NEW STORE. " Lvuinana avenue. opponU the Bank of Washington MR. THOMAS DBLBANY reap^tfuUy invite* the attention ot the public to examine hii stock of GOODS, which he has opened on Lonciaa* avenue between Sixth and Seventh etreetf, oppoeitt the Bank ot Waahiogton, consisting of all deecrie tioos of Teas, Ac., Imperial. Qunpowder, and Blast Tea; Win s pod Liquors, of all sorts, which he eat aell at the lowest pnoes for tub or approved paper. Besides all Ik* n e see arte* for Oro.ety g* rinses, via: Brooms, fiuoket*, 0ed?r Tab*. Matrhts. |Z A*. Please oaU aa4 a** for youmlv**. mqj 38?3m PHU0ELPH1A ADVERTISEMENT! WQTB8 AT PHILADELPHIA. JOB m V. IS1DBR, M?kWtaa.aia| 2JTJDMR, Jrn No. T? Wakiwt ataart, taw 4 low liimh umi, when muhmn will to < wtto JTZ2V JJ wd LlqVOkl m tk( Mft i dating tmu. JACOB IIIOKIL Jr.Amt fcr to port*too of rOREIfHT^lirEBTomm Na. * Wat ?at ftmt, pfc|fadei?Ma, ?hm to ? i ordart fcr the special ftwm " * * " ? Bngl? doms u4 uviHti end tiwii Bon, JOHN ? AC Q HAN Ml ID ML, tto ; Ml fr'.snds ud fOTBMT rw??<n. V All WlMt orteed fcr Wastoiagtoa will to ? lliwd by lipwAw if >????T n0CT0E TOt'MBLf. TOR POCKET A0OULAPIU8: OR. BYBRY ONB BIS OWN PHTBRXA*. _ Bf lOt >tf, M. D. Lit bo r Ib preeewt ? eopj H ???it tt?y anve it piw Lot no mai au or1 to the secret oMinboM of merrl reedin* the POCEBT Jfic ULA PIU A. Le? Be ewe suffering from a hecknted Oowgk, Pain 1b tto ii% reetiees ni/hts, dmtdm fceUage, sad tto whole tralB of i<yspeptic sensations, aad given Bp by their pfc/ ridu. bf a nether aoant, wlthcnt -casuTting tto B80ULAF1U8. Hm tlx mirrM. or tfeoae ikNl to be married any Impediment, read this truly a? m ft too Boob the mm o> ariag t>m fBl book, lull of uafcrtuaate ?jaw boa tto wj jam ?| death. 4^ Any person no4Ibi TWBVTT-Y1TB CVRV eneloeed Id a lottar, will rooofro one copy of tflto work by Mail, or lr? copies will to wait fcr OaoP?4> lar. AUna, (poot paid) DR. WM. fCUNO, Ho. 1U Ipna itn >t, i ap 18?ly !UT11!81 MEimilim. uoiikD a. taira. ?*oa?* s. ?< I). SMITH * CO., Msnofecturers T, Meniere id ALOOHOL, CAMPHBNB, ffl Et> L OIL. Ac. No. 84 S. CALYBBT T poeite Water street, BALX1M0BB, MA. IRD1AB DOCTOR. R ? 8PK9CBR Offers his Pro'eMdenal w flees to tho aWooao of BaB ?Amors. [I c*a care oil kinds of Cancers?Ufcittos vot without pain. or the ceo of asp knife. I aaa lire all kinds o! Fits ad I1; p-.tlo, Rheumatic Pila% Ocnromption, l)roj>y, Dyspepsia, PI Lee, I alsy, at oy other alio ex.; the hoic&u sruily are subnet to ran (top Bleedint in m the Lungs or Noeq listanoe fr^m the natient. by knowing the pat Oir?. I' ?'u bora blind, end kaa rtadiej m tinier ma Indian D^tor wba waa aac>B| Ma will Icdiait: thirteen jearr. Do.. VI'KNCiiH ha* removed from VIr. Buckley** Boating House, to H*. *4, HAN OYER FTTIBKT, %nr H?K T?.)Mtnoye. B>4. AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LET TH1 iiCK HKift tUII TUVTH. Captain BkxjaMIK.?Wherever known bu testi ur>ny will Itc conducive. Hut lest iImim; who do not know UtnJ CairtmaAoaM l?c ec^ptical. Or. Diw e??ii &. Bro., with other?> ol'ttiu belt kiHiun .ind moft liijliljr r<v|ectable citixciH ol Ka>t<>n, < mlor* his wunijrrful cure by n.VMPTON'3 VKGETABLK TlXCTrRB. Lam on, Oi l. 4,1^54. A'rwt. Mkjiti'nrr ^ iVwrfirc* : f5cuUem? ?;?| i i* my duty to yen end the pab li*-- t*? certify t?? the effects of Hamilton * Vegetable Tihctuie. I was lor uiore thkti flee yeera lkbona| under a lii^ax ot Chronic Klicuiuati.sBi. and the ^rc:tt i?art ol ti?at litnv ( wm mo hHple** that I bad U Ik: helprd Iioiu uiy bed and dreo^cd in mv clothea 1 h? c..iu< redact d to a mere ekeletoa. All the med iciuee I took done u:e no i.?K>d, ami I continued in trow wor.-c. I hcerj of H?ni|?l<tn> Tincture and thought I would e<ve it a Utah At tins ume I did not expect to live one day alter another. I did not take a (the Tincture) lor the KheumaU>ai. hut la a short time 1 wad well ?.f that disease. From the effects of your '1 incture and the help of Uod I am now pr.tting in ^<fod health. I wi h all tin- afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, a* I have <1 nr. v itb the same effect that it his ou Voui ii!?(!iiiit servant, Isaac Bkxjamix. Wl- arr acqu-HBU-d with I-aac Benjamin; i>oid him someol li?Mi|rt<uiV Vegetable Tincture, and be lieve the ?bove statement correct. Daw soa k Ban. Froui sur b mm ledge oi ( .ipuiu Benjamia we arc comideul Uiat Uie akuvc alaleioeiii is true and UQ cxageratcd. J. A. Joaisea, Chaklks Rostnsoa. Call an J rrt p.imj!lilets< grjOs, and see cures rf C'Hieh, Bronehitii*, BbdtiMtwai, Neural-na, Uf*~ {x'l^ia, Nervoumw mid General W e .kiK?*. At a iVwuile mr?hcioe or lor de.scale child:eu we believe it wmHB U. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway. N. York Cuas. Ptott k Co., J. B. Moure. P. B. ClaBEK, Cr a it* v. Sl Bowmno, VV. Elliot, and U. MePasa son, \Vashinp.?; also, by B. 8. F. Ciskkl, Georpe towa, and C. C. Btaar, Alexandria, aud by Drug eists everywhe' e. jan B?u COUGUS, coldsThoarseness, llellef In b'lvs Hlautss? 7TZFS8 COMPOCND GUM ARABIC 8YMUP. T-'lIK in'?rearnnj for this most pkaasant, 1 safe, aud eSevrious r? aiedy tor all pulmonary dl*ta*?f, has snahlai the prrx-riettr lo r?daoe the price ?? af to pia^e it withik th'* rearh of all olaasee. Its {apriority over ?a- st similar preparations Ic at tes od by ohuj euimnt physiclnnf who bar* 1 ey? wllae^es of it? ?ftc?cy when the ufual: disc hire failej; a!*o by thoamnd of oar I rpectaSl* citifeo* wh<> b?T?? or d it in their 1 both pr.-Tantive and cure with never tailing c oess f?r ihe lv-t tw^utj years, daring which perbod With v?ry little ai<l lrom adrertiwin/, Ac., It ha fraiually spread rermta-k a ever the whole Union, n oaces cf recent Culdt Loughs, Bomrttntat, Sc., it gives inmedi.ite relief, a^d k-?n- rally eures in a d*y or two, without icterfering with diet or business, or reiderinrf the system mors scsoeptible ot Colds, la euro: io cruim, Auh*a, Wkojyt'i^ Got**, Oroup, Bronch-Ut, Ajfictvm* of tkt L-ng?t amd f'mwwf et.T., it is alaaye very b-nefisial. and seldom fciit, ahrn commenoeJ in time to peifest a cure. Price ai^d to certs a bottle. 8ol4 whoiesale by Patt?r*cn A Nairn, Btott A Cs RH'-ly A Co. A lexandria by Peel A Btevaaa. 1b Oeoiystoai. by Mr. CmmL J YL&U S iJUM ARABIC CJIXDTDROPX B similar r-omr>rsiiiou to the above, but in a milder and nic e ? p^'table form; they act like a charm ob a trocbletcme Cough, and clear the threat and voice; th?y coctain no iujcriou* drug, are particu larly recommended for children, {requesters of pah Ik a^emblies, pub Ik speakers, si oxers. Ae. Price I** and 85 cenU per bo*7 For Siie at moet Drug and Oandy Btorea. oot 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. OP1WTTE THK MARKET ON P8NNFYLVA NIA AYKNUR 4 doors below Niath rtreet. is a NRW CLOTHING 8TO&E for Men and Boya, 3enu.| thU day. DKCKER,?ne of the cbeapewt Jthlrg Merchants In the North, ha* determined to effer to the citizens of Washington and vicinity, uid iic?U?nt Clothing at the kvnt Northern prices, fo.* cash only. lh?*re the POOR MAN will find jrtst ?uch a Clothing Store a* has long been wanted in Wasuingtoa. His motto u> cheap for ca'h, and crk ?atc? ojar. A t-oo.1 substantial vi-ollen coat he will aell t>f |2 75; an I he?.vj winter pants, woll lined, for $\ 'da; an J fii>e coaie, overcoats, and veets, iu proportion. Good wool aud cofton under hirts, hosiery, gloves! Ac., cheaper than the cheapest. nov 11?tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OF all sixes and quality, F,encb or German slgk Fancy or plain Portrait and Picture Peam?e.' Gilt or Fan^- Colored. "Binrs, and??* Marble top BrackeU Cornioss made to order. Alsa, all kinds of old work regilded with dlsoaU-h and on reaeoaable t ms by ? ampaaca .... J- WAGNER, dec 29__u *T*Bne' ?PP- Rlrkwood Hsuaa. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN~ CI MALL BUILDING LOTh of 10 feat or more. In -O various parts ol the City, aud OeorreuTwn 2 a?prk~,Ul bnu to rei"' lStRTw. _ ? ci ldibg itor a. ?* ^ 1Kh ^ K ^ ?d EUventk strrH*,) Wrr I ^BTasBiBBToa, a. c. every de^JTJ,?Str ^ V*'Acations oT buildings of <nry deecripooff,aad also to saperlmand thasTSec fckl-dtf

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