Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY ATIEKNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At tke Star Building, corner Pennsylvania nvnme and Kh r*/ th sirm. By W ALL AC ? > * H O P K , \VU be servd to (mb*criter* in the cities of Wash Inftnn, Georgetown, Aiexirdria. Baltimore and Pliilatelphia, *1 SIX AXD A QUARTER 0?ENTS. p-tyaMe weeHj io the Apen:i To mail ?u!j?enber? the tubscriptMwi price inTIIJEE DOLLARS ANT FIFTY CENTS a year i;i uW ranee, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and 0\E bOLLAB fsm THREF. MONTHS. Q^Si*nif corns oni r?WT. VOL. V. <ftc u ' f K-. a If & ?' U ,Z s r A f ? By l;, . $ ? $ ft j j l| rj| H ti , rjj| i$P || !? t*rr'X ~ - * - m ?!? ? ' a / j WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1855. NO. 666. . -?1 cr.1 ? ? ?"? V ? t0 to cira.. THE WEEKLY STAR. Ihia a&celient Fuu>| aa4 Newt Joaraa)?com ta<n'*r * r-?*???? r?rte*r *4 im?rMrtm i - . .r. i ?* ?i'\ -j-. ? ?* ? i Tt*X?. r i-.r i uai. cop^v. ._ ? ... "> l'.CO ' ?-!!,.:? ?RHELT Ik o4/- wrapper? i raaU prxut.'J .1 ?lt?* com.'.u r, unnkMisirt^ *uer tue mai ut ujc pape'. Price?tuiu ? ?jrr?. PorrMA?Tcaa who act u ?cmu will be allowed a comaiianoa of tweatf per i GRATIS ! JlJdT PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A PEW words on the Rational Treatment, with ? out M?*diciie, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous IVMIi tjr, Low Spirit*, Laseitude, Weak n^?s? of the l.imh* and B.ick. In?!ispo-| sinon and Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, avt?rwi"ii to t3o?:iety, Love of Solitude. Timidity, S -ll Distrust. Dizziness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharjp-s, Pain in Ui?" t*ide, Affection ot th ? Eyes, Punples on the Pac, Sexual and other infirmities in iu h n? _ _ PROM TfIB FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. I*he important fart that these alarming complaints m iy raMly be removed without Mericine is, in this xiiall trait,chnrly demonstrated; and the entirely nrw aad highly succeesfbl treatment, as adopted by the author, lully explained, by means' of which ev ery one is enabled to care himself perfectly, and at the least j,o-?ible co*t. avoiding thereby all the ad vertised MUHUot the day. Sent to :;nv addre?e, gratis, and pot free in a scaled envelope, by remitting (postpaid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispaoard street. New York. j*n 17?3m IMPORTANT TO THE SICK. rpni *re*t ?iperiene* aril well-to iwwn ?V*I1 of X Pro? MoGuatoci Is a snilldent guaranty tc th? public that tke following list of Medicines, such as have been constantly u.=ed in his practice lor the last thirty years, will fully sustain by their effceta the valuable <ioalitl*s attributed to tb>>m. and prove to he the belt Meiicices ever offers to tie public I. Dr. 3LClint<xk's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable t*m<-Jy for Bronchitis, Con-uisj tlon, and all chronic diseases of th# threat and lun<g. Ia all deep seated ssmplaints of the PuIbhv naty organs it ha? proved the f "*st safe, certain, and rapid reniedv ever enployed in th" practice of Dr. aioGUntoek For any of theep forms of disease, shoeing themselves a* Coujrh, Tickling of tha Throat, geaae of lightness iu the Throat, BplttJa* ot Blood, ti&cnity of Breatcln*, Hoarse nees or Live of Voice, acd Uectio Fev?-r, its u*? will be atteniii with ti>e hapri-st r-??alt?, wLile it is pleaaant to Ue pa!at? and atraagOenlng to the whole jystea. It contains co I udevuta or opium Ia asT ibtp*. Price $? per pint fettte. If. Dr. Midi)Jock's C^ii c*i Cougk A a iotJHMeGare for reeeat Csa^-s, TlckMn* of the Throat, Tightuwa of Br-sthla*, Oicua In Chil dren, As. It ccatalu* ni prtyaratba cf cpUm. Price 23 esata p*r i.ottla. III. Dr. MiCliiUock's Aukma and Hooy ing Cough ilevudy. An *im v?t taatcr. tan tons rai'.ef tbi thssa dL*rta? lag oo? pi-iints. Tliia 1? ths ftuifc of aa i.ajianae experience, and la fcstouii>h:ng in its effect J. No prr iuq n.y*t auher * day f^Otn Asthma or Uc^opioj! Ooufb *uo wtll use It. Prtte 60 cent* per Uttie. IV. Dr. MeClirJock's Dic>rrk*a Czrdiol undUkvhra Puvtniivt. A proTnpt ^r-1 certain care f:r DixrrL'iv Dys-x taty. *ad Oho:-ra M rbi? in a'i rta cs. A rur? fr* ?active of AalaSe 'Jbciera, vhbh t/avtler or fami y ehouiJ k? wiiboot. Price Si 50 crnt? p?r botUe. f. Dr. MiCUalc-Vi T<jr.i% jLUtratim Sfrup, lor p*i!V-2g tha Lkud. Tha moat powerful pt ritor e?ar iteccvered. P- r all ?cr?fairi? c^eaexa, gltln 41s*aa:'?. fcruptioaa, Boil*, Pimpia*, Krytlpalaa, Clean, Sore l?j?. anial! llhaucirtlc and Eypbl!'.ije oomplainL*, *5. It ia a moat ?xc^l-ent anrlig ns*dl dne, perf-?tly pvatahl?, an3 ^ale forchllJ:*n or fo Daiaa. Pri?e(pint B-ttiea) |1. VI. Dr. fiUClintock1 s DvspcpUt F.lixir. Dnptynb, or di?ori?<n?d dig"*?k?n, nay be called the National ih^nee of ira-r'.???. Its syaploos*re haalache; gidlintrisr. low cp.rltf; dita of visk>a, witii not-* or e*?*c)t? fcef-Ae the eyes; hehia^ of the nMtrila; d il'.ntj j? f h --no *u 1 rin^ iu^ in the earn; disagre*<V.e te.<'s ia the raontli: couj^rictioa or weight ab>st the ch#?'t; iii3';ult> vl breuthisr; ?????? ot lai^ntiou ia lying 'lown, or uc*^Jin< stairs; palpitations, or un?*a?v -? abaut the heart; iit<?<iil*r or d<4iieiit aorteU'e; aeoae of sialt.n g at tn"? at^mi^-h; aokilty; t>> a-'?n.r*i; pain cr talin^-s ?! the a^ioma, p*d casi:Teu-'r. borne of thaae symptom* always ?pi^*r iu L?y??>r} ai< aad aoa?U3ie? the a?ci? pitieat has n at of them at the ?*3- time, or at di??r-nt tiase>?. For allotting these Prctesu MaiVkOtu! .n their *?*t and aoaroe, vti: leranged coa-i:tl > of tae J:-Kitive f^ae tions, the D/speptic ll-t-rxxbiositll Ui* v?iaable Ingredient* wtu**n the Vfpti'u'i Klngicm atferds. Taken in aounojtlon with th* V-^. uble Par^ativa Pills. In cues wlir-re there ia cauoU co?l>vecetS, cr with the Anti-Billoas PU!a? wh^ra the faafltitBJ of the livar ara irregularly disci?*<??!, it will be found a most effectu i! r*m?ly. Price (in pint bottles.) )1. VII. Dr. MiCliTiiodt't Rheumatic Mix ture. foe Internal ase; a purely vegetable oo^Mnatkn fcr the cure of Rheumati^ta, 0 *>ut, ted nil Neural gic and Rheumatic Disrated. ThLi reut^ly ii efft-red with the ntmoftt oonQion^. It has ^ea uwl Lioat extensively, and is as near a Blende for Rheumatic DUeaans as the world hu ever seen, i rioa per bat tle 60 oents. VIII. Dr. McClintock's RkcuxiatU Lint mcnt, Aa Infal'lble oat war J application for the relief of all rhauoaatic uearal.'ij pa?i?s; sprains, swellingt, stiff nael, ttlffneos of the joints, paius in the shoul ders, ba?k, or Hubs. It affords imaadlats r-liel from oholkc and pains in the stomach and abdomen. Aa a soaater lrrr.vct, It la inraluab-e ia all cases where an external stimulant is Beaded. Piles (per bottle) 60 cent:. IX. Dr. McClintc&s Aiiody\t Mixture, Or Pain-Kxtractor,used Internally an 1 externally, for the lo4tant relief of allpal^, 'Tc^thache. (lead aebe, Utollc, igna in ths Face, UhUI-Ialnx, Neural gia, Stone or viravel, Ac^ Ac. No r>ain need be ?u dured a moment by a it per ion wno will n ?? this int aluabie Anodyne. PiLe 60 eenu per botltle. J. Dr. McClintock's Fever and Agui Specific. This has bwu foua 1 an lnfallii>Ie apacifio for this se^ntrg* of n?w coua'.rUand fbr intermltUnt fevers. No traveller or rediient in any azue di> tnct skonli tall to provide themselves with tulsiore preventive- Prioe$l par bottle. II. Dr. McCHillock's Vegetcble I'uiga tive Pills, for tlii relief of 0&:iattpaU>n and Its painful re smlts, aueh sj Uaad^he, Dii*in_-as, Sick Ltomach. Pains, all the symptom* ?>aumeraUi under tLs "Dyspeptla llixir." Price -j cauU per box. HI. Dr. Mediator's Puis, Per Liver Complaints, acd a!S f;n: s *?f diaaases arising from derangement uf tae liv^r, with rrmp toassnohae Dissiness, Ueata3h?s Ringing in the fcirs, yellow faired tongue, p*.u In tha right shou lier, sen^ ot fullneas or pain in the rigr.ts'?i?, lisordored stomach or bowels, deAcient a .iJO of tue kidneys, el ay-colored atoola, Ac. Tnsse P..U, If taken In the io-'ipiant stages of Bilioas and Tallow cr other Fevers, wil generally ward off the attack. Price 16 oents ) ar box. The sb< re Medicines may be procared of all the priacipal Druiri?t? and Ap.thecaries in this Dis trust, and of J.U Haadaaw, Ajant, Wsahing^on. Sop 1" BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a s^VEEr breath. All wh > are d^iron* of obtain;n/ these 1?mi?> tiu, s .uld u?- ZER M AN'S CELEBRATED TOOTH-WASH. Tltis dclicioue article eomWnes eo many n??*riiorioua quaiitir-a, that it lias now b?* ? <?me a stnndir.1 favorite with tlie cit?x? n> of New Yirk, PnradeipUia and Ba'tnuore. Dentists pre ?enbe it iu Ujesr practice m vst >>ucee?Hiiuily, and lru?n every source the m?i llalt^nug laudations are award*-1 it. Influmrd and bleeding sums are immediately l?en efitt?*fl by its use; it* action upon Uieiu is mild, southmf aad efferlive. It eleaoses the teeth so thoroughly, that they ar* made to nvhi ptarl ih wlut**ne<s, aa 1 <;iUu? s inruuzh the mouth such a d?ii^httui Irrshness, that the (mm-IKi u rendered ex quiKitely It disinfe ts all tii<>se inipuritirs wimo tend to produi-i- drr.ty and as a cous*-quence, when these ar?* rem.?v?-J, the lerji must always re main sou ml. It is us*-1 and recommended by ail the eminent Dentists in New Y-wii, I'luladeiphia, lialtiir ore, and other cities wh re it has be n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by PRANCISI ZERMAN, DmH t and demist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and ?ol i by ail Drnrxt*t-> rv. rywherc, ?r as oents p**r bottle. W. ll. GILLMAN, Jan 17?3?a Agent 6?r WajJiiuitim City. IWA F Y^p ?L-h a warranted urn* l^pr, at a rca^onaUe ATCHRS! WATCHES! WL-h a warranted p*-r, at a rea^ouable pnee, are invited to call an<le^Hm>'' m> circled ?t<e' k ; -ii and Geneva Wau he-i for l-tdies and u. PEMKEN, No. 33(| Pa. av., botween ihh aad i<kh sts. jan H-tfOtMsi-l OFFICIAL T*??sr*r DiPAKtwiirr, Jan. 3,1855. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United Slates, that this department Li prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March neit, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to ?1,900,000, in the manner and on the term* hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the order of time in which said stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the folio win? particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, li&6 of 1% per cent.; on the stook of the loan au thorized by the act?f 1842, redeemable 3Ut Decem b?, 1862, of 10 per cant.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the former on the 3lst December, 1867, and the latter on 30ih June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and ?? the stook of the loan authorized by the act of 1350, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864. (commonly called the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in rddition. Payment for said stocks will be madu in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parlies may direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bef jre the said 1st day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. PROPOSALS FOB FUBKISHING PAPEB FOB ThE PUBLIC PBIBUHO. Office Sopkrimtkkoent Public Printing, Washington, January 25,1855. IN pursuance of ihe provisions of the act entitled, "An a^t to provide for executing the pu lie printing.'' fcc., approved August 28, 185J, scaled mjT'ikwill be received n? this office, in the Tap. itiV , until Wednesday, the *j8th day of March next, at 12 o'clock in., for lurnishing the* following quan Mini and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: *><0 ttam?, weighing 28 pounds per ream, and mea miring 19 by 26 inches 3,1*30 ruirsis, weighing 26 pounds per ream, and tnea Miring 18 by 25 inches 1U0 reams, weighing 21 pounds per ream, and mea sunns 18 by 22 inches U40 reams, weighing 22 pounds perream,and mea suring 18 by 18 inche 400 reams, weighing 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18inchus A!l these papers to l?e made of the be-it material.', anu tinuhed in the be?t manner and tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into for suj> pl> :i.; th? qualities stated, at such times as the liuMii* service may require, hut the privileje is re served of ordering a greater quantity of either kin !, siio'il-1 a greater quantity lw requned, at such times ar.J :n such qnanuties as may l>e defined ne, e?.?ary. S itiij-iejt of each kind nf paper mu.-t accompany ??ach Li?, and all proposal* and s :imp!cs mu.t be transmitted to tlii* office, In e 11 |K>i<rage or otiier cxiien*1'' KacL proposal must be signed by the individual , or li in making it, and must specify the price pi r pound, and the consequent price per roam (and but one prce) of each description of paper. AII tne paper must be delivered at such place or places as may be designated in Wahinston city; in S'tad or.or, free or all and every extra clia-ge or ex pen^, and subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement of the Supei inttndeut, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for prop >?als will be furnished at this j offlee to persons applying for them ; and none wiM he taken into consideration unless substantially ajrrt ein? therewith. Bonds with approved securities will bo required;' and the supplying of an inferior article, or a fadute to supply t&e quantity required at any tim ? wiil be considered a violauon of the contract. Each bidder is requirnd to furnish with his piopo sals satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with suchtvi dci?ce will be rejecte-4. P.ropr<sals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent of th- Public Printing, Cipitol of the United Suites, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals i#r Supplying Paper. ' A G SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing, jan 20?eoul SPLENDID RAFFLE. "1ITILL be lUfth-d f.^r as noon as the requisite T! number of Chances have Uen laken, the fol lowing splend d and cosily articles, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold Paper Weight, co.,tar ing an Automaton Hinging Bird and eda) Chronometer, most beautifully deeoraied and adorned with enamelled Panning* $] ,000 2d Prize. Oae Lady's Gold Watch, richly set w ith Diamonds an 1 Painting on Enamel... i'.Ml rid Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Fainting on Enamel.. J-JO 4lli Pr ze. One Gents Full Jeseled Patent L?-ver (with Compensator) poll lluniiug Watch jo > 5tli Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly chased 00 Total value $2,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The raffle will take place at Ililbus fc Hill' Mu sic Depot, Star Building-*, corner Pa. avenue and Uth >treet, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Persons desirous of possessing ?ome of the moM eupcib articles of workmaiiship ever exhibited, have now an opportunity offered them of obtaining such ai aii extremely low price. Call and examine for yourselves at the Muse De pot i t IIII.BCS 8t IIITZ, Star Buildings, b< tw> en the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 6 p. m. fe* 7-tf HKTROPOLITAH FAIR. none* to ciriZKHs avd stbaugbbs. f pil K entire stock ot Dry Goods of the late firm of 1. M;.gruder fc Calvert will be close.d out ut very r-du?.ad pnaes, We name in part? llich striped and plaid Silks Brocade Silks, eost 51, for 62% cents Changeable Silk*, 87^4, for 50c. White Crape Shaw Is ai half price Colored do do I.inen Sheeting, wort ?1 for 75c. Pillow Linen, worth 75c for jO Pd ow case Cotton, woitli 15c, for 11 ^ 124 cotton Sheeting, worth 50c, fer 35 Fine French Ginghams, worth 25, for 18^ While and colored Brilliants, veiy cheap AI*o, a large lot of Donieelies of the beet class, w'uoh will he ?old very low. Call early and see are great bargains, at No. 16, opp Centre Market, between ?ih and 9th sis." ft?l? 9? eo2w NEW POLKA. JUST published and for sale ai IIII, BUS k II IT'/.' Music Depot, tile TUNER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jacob Ililbus, E-q., by J. F.sputa, eml?elli?hed with a beauulul and cor n*ct likt nes? of the vetoran tuner. Price 25 cents. Tne trade supplied on very liberal terms. feb ft tf R(?BIV*OVS PRACTICE?The Practice in Courts nf Justice in England and the United States, by Conway Kobmson, of Richmond, Va.; vol 1?price $6, ju*t published, feb * FKANCK TAYLOR. A' UNION ACADEMY. Cjnvr of fburUenth st. and Aino Vork artnut. f KW acre pupils oaa be retired to make up the limited number. Ai-plleation oust be made eooo. The discipline, Instruction, anl means of I lias trail on are each as to Insure (atfe&ctory pro gTee la those t uplls who ue p actual, regular and obedient. Ct real an at tho Bookstores. <UeW?3m 1. ij(jy * ana. ?* y -J- ? UNDERTAKERS, Ac. CABINET MAKER * UNDERTAKER. fT\HB undersigned would re3pe<rtftilly Inform Ms 1 Mends, acqaalntan-M, and tb? public senerally mat he still continues to execute *11 orders la bu Has of business in the best manner and at the abort Mt notion. RKPASRIHO neatly and promptly executed. VDIIKRALB attended to et ? the shortest notice, and in the beet1 _ manner. Boditt preserved vi the mati per/cat, even in th: wirmeit reatKer. ..iiankfulfor pact favors, be would respectfully solicit, and will endeavor to merit a continuanee (4 the same. ANTHONY BUOIILY, Pa. eve., a. aide, between 9th and 10th ate. Sesll&oee: Vr. Mtrtln's, No. SM, D street, ttlrd eaet of 7th street mar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. 1 WOULD respectfully retain my thanks to the oitiaens of Wesb'ngton and it# vicinity for tbeir P*ft patronage, and say that owing to the frequent jails in the Undertaking branch of my bcsi'iws, I hire been indole 1 to dlsocntinue '.he manufacture of Farnitare, and turn my attention fully to the UNDERTAKING. I tia-e spared no paina to hate ?very thing thut La requisite to my business, and I am therefore f??<ly prepared to meet any order after a few memento notice, and I assure tboae who may dram* e rail thet I will spare no pain* te carry cnt 41 sir ordc;* to t^eir en'Jre satisfaction. JAM 153 P. HARY1CY, No. 410,7th fct_ betw.?o d and H. N. B.?Oil! s attended to at all hours of the night H*r i??y CO MMI S31 ONER OF DEEDS FOR New York, Texas California, N?w Jnree?, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania,, K-ntanky, Maryland, fl-orgia, Michigan, Maine, Wiaconhin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other States. OEOBOS C THOMAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND WOT Alt Y PlIBLIO, Washington Viae*, ntar Odd-Fr.Uot?sy Hall. SBVEN Til tfTKKBT, WasHTNOTON, D.Nl ??? td-'r F. O. DAYTDGE^ Attor??7 and Cow*s*iior-at-Ij&w, A.-VD COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS POR THE 8TA713 07 Virginia New York Males Kentucky, New Jsrse? Illinois LoaL-iaut, Mlfl"'il>yl Connecticut fclas>?ctiUL3'Jtt0 ^aryiaod Pennsylvania Florida 7 ?nneseee Alnv<ama Iowa C eorgia OaiitVraia Arka-:n U Carolina ijM Oouveyanclng in all ltd branches promptly an] Mnrately executed. Office, Lo'ij^iana avenue, c-y-p. Fifth street, octl??-<lly PR OF. 8CUONHN3EKQ, THiCHRR AND TRANSLATOR OP ? odern T.atiguages nnd l<ltcreturc( NO. *io7 VKSSbn.-7a.SIA AV?MUS. Oflt 23?tf R. II. GILLET. Counsellor at l<? w, Offl *e a^j resilience in Franklin Kow, ??o-ner Of K and Thirteenth str^t ne* yg 41^ Mm. SCnONENBEUQ, TeatUer of Piano aud ringing, no. H57 p*a?eji.v*jHi a*-??j?. oct 23?if WM. M. MfcKUlCK, Attorney * t L aw? HO. 3S LOUjSIAXA A7k"CS. W?*T pra.tic* in the ^onrt of the United 8t*U< fcnd the O-urU of :\t* District cf ooluinbia. dec S'5 ?eol f W^CVINU ULiAKM?c? IN l.ANGL'A'iKH?PttOJ. i SfJ HON L*.< 11 K 1.G will cemmcai-f reviewing ils* -lis in on Mon?Myf October, at bis 'i&7 F?*na?ylvaoia av?uue r.-t 2.1?tf Private Medical Treaties on ?na PIIYSIOLOOI3AL VIB^f OF MARRIAOK, m 51. O. LAfTvOIZ, M. D,? ALBANY. N Y. ?iiO Pagts and 1J4 Hue Plain and Colored Litho graphs and Piute*. Price only 35 Cants. ?%% t3^8m; fri" of ponta^eto ill par h of tb? Uaioti'^H CEISAI'K-T FO0K KVSS PUiililsll KL, ?o'l containing n *ar!y d uble the quantity ut r? n lng rjatter in that of the Fim Cii.NTd OR bOLLAH PUBLIC \T10N8. Tttre?t-m <he PHYSTOLO OY OF MAKKIAGK, and the 6e ret i fi-ai:iesaud disorder of v<>utb ?T?d maturity, ru .-uitingfr m i-xce<8*9, which dMtr.iy tfi" phveicai and men tal powers, with obeerrations 03 m&rr-ug?, its duties aul disqualifications, and their reuadi's; with H-kograph*, illastr^ing the anatomy and physiology, *nd GLrea:?B of the iepr'< dactive organs of b"?th sez?>8, tbe^ 6tructarf, u??b and functions. A popular and oompreh?nmre tisa t se on the duties and cascaJlvt t single and mar ried life?happy and troi'.n.l al'iai.??*?, mode tf m earing them - infel'citove uin. Ula cno??tbeir obviation and reo onri??-jow-rULt hit,ta to thn?? eoctemplating mstain.'" ny, tb#t will ov**reoaie ob Jectlons to It; no^. however, should take thla im> portant s ep w*~'uout Cr?t ocnsulting ita pages? sommentariea o.i the aiseisesand medwal treatment of fomMee t: ol: L" Juicy to o|.l a?e, oaoh case grsph ie*lly illustrate.: by beautiful lithographic plate*? nsrrciui debility, its cauats and cure, hy a process at once eo simple, raft) and effect ui.1, that tall ore is iiaprsstb'e?rubs for ditlly management?an esa?y sn Spermatorrhea with practical o^rrations on a Itfer, aud more succeeefal mode of treatment?pre uutiok.^ry hinta on the evlij resulting from amniri 3il praatite* sn er^ay on all '.i -eaaes arltlug fiom Udieererlon, with plain and simplo tulea by whtoh all pctaona can cure themselves althout mercury? remedies for these self inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthfal advi er to the married and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is par ticularly recommended to perHona rutertai&ing ae urst doubts of their pkysieal condition, and who are aonscions ol huviog naaarded the health, h&ppineaa and pririlegai to chish erery human Leing is en* titled to. Prloe 26 sent* per copy, or five copies fri one dol lar. Mailed free of postage to any port of the Uni ted States. N. 0.?These who prefer may consult Dr Li Caorx ap<>n any oftbedineae,* upon which hLi book treats either .ersonally or by mall. Mnllcine sent to any part of the Uuion according to directions, safel} picked and carefully eocur.d from all obrervttion. Address Dr. M. R (<\ CK01X, No SI Maiden Lane or Pest Ofcl*e Box ?.78, Aloany. 'I. Y. 4QP Office op jn daiiy from a a m to 0 p m, end on Bnnday from 2 uutil 6 p m. O-'Hce ttanaowed from No. 60 Beaver it, to 31 Maidau Laus, Albany, N. Y. dec 7 MATHEMATICAL IffSIBUMENTS. MRS. (1. AN'JKR-? J 1 has retired a larae and complete assortmjat of M>?th<?aiadcU fnatru* m?nt3 a'ii Drawing Matsria n of superior quality The .Vlath ma'd^al ins ruments ara chiefly of Swiss manufactory la r-aa-s, ?s well as ii separate pieces; Water colors and oil oilers Drawing papers of ev ery quaiity. A1 o, Studies iu Drawiug and Painting. dec 'iu?tf Si 1 to Pvnn. avenua. PIANOS FOR SAUE OR RENT. NKW and a?eo d baod PIANoS, of my own and s?rera! oth r factories, are always to^? ii t? bai at iar Piano Warero-^m. on euth St., bet Wt^n Pa. aTcane and It at. ??Id Planes ink-n In exchange. Tuning also attended to. K. 0. RE7CHPNBA0H. P. 8.?A few vary low pr oed second hand Pianoe r>m for aale. dee 1?.In DENTISTRY. PVR. MUN90N rropoctfully crd a public ettentioB \_J to his new, patent, and UKKATLY IMPROYKD method of setting Artificial/ Teeth, with Couttnuoas Gam?the very PERFECTION OFT'^JI ART. Thlastyla sf Teeth has the follow adranta sea oret all others ria: GR14T BTRKNUTU, 0LKANL1NS8H, 0OM I PORT, and BBAUTY. *ielng with Nature in tbeee I rsspecta, and seme oiL< rs excelling. Public ins pec 1 Uon is reapacifully aolicited. Pieaae call and aee ipeafmeBO. CAUTION ?No other Dentist hi the District of Colombia his a right to make this style of T?e<h. N. B.? T*?th coaetitational j healthy, plugged and warranted for lib. Oftee and bouse at No. 3M ? street, near the oor aer ef PeansyiTania areoue and 14th street. BALLS, Stc. GRAND BIRTHNIGI1T BALL. THF. MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully Inform llie citixens of Alexandria and the vieiu ity that they will give a XILITABT, FI&EMEK'S ABO CIVIC BALL nnTUUR'DAT KVKNISfG, February 5tt, 1*55, at 8AREPTA HALL. The company pledge to use every exertion tr? give the utmom satisfaction to those who may honor the corps with thwir presence. Refreshments will be furnished for ladie;and gen tlemen. The military and lircmen are requested to appear in uniform. Hacks will be in attendance to convey ladies to and from the bull. Tickets .fi, to be had of the Committe and at the door on the night o! llie ball. Committee of Invitation and Reception. Capt J W Ashhy, Henry Blonlnem, Lt VV H Huiiili, A F Skidmore, Lt C D Rutid, J no L Smith, jr Lt C Javens, J no Rrecn , Sgt W W Allen, Jam II Simpson, Pet C VV Neale, Geo Lyles. feb 9?eohdh TIIE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURE. TO BE RAFFLED FOR IV 300 CHAN'JES AT t?S EACH. PRIZK *0.1 "St. Thomas of Vill <nueva, giving Alms to die Poor,' a copy of Murillo, by one of his pupils and touched by that great artist?said to be equal to the, cost $4,000. prize 2. " The adr,ration of thp Wise Men of the East," a genuine Murillo ; cost $3,000. prize 3. " Head of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost $1 ,000. prizz 4. " Herd of the Blessed Virgin," by Carreggio; cost ?"51 ,ooo. Mr. 8. A. MATLACK ia authorized to receive subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR fc MAURY. All money received on account of the Rafflo will badeposited in Rank until the drawing takes place, which will be duly announced. From the National Intelligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several di.-t\nt papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We ate glad to see that* mr.mber of tli?? family is willing to dispose of a part cf the rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade, who, during his long residence in Spain, had oppnr Utilities, which his opulence enabled hint to indulge, for selecting many of the finest paintings m Spain? that treas-ure-house of pictonal riches. The dis turbed st*te of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. From tke Boston Chronicle. Cnrr D'cavnu or Art ?Several chef d'tuttrct ot Murillo, Correggio, and other mast-rs, which were brought from Spain during revolutionary time* hv the late It. W Meade, hav? elicited the adi:iinr.ioii of connoisseurs during the pas! week in the Kotundo of the Capital. They are to be <irs|>osed ef for the benefit of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing in New York, after an opportunity has been given to the public for an examination. feb fr- if A BOOK OF GBEAT VALUE & INTEREST. (CYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rev. Harvey _ j Newcoinb, 1 voi.,larg? octavo, double columns, 7S4 pa^es ; price ?3. Embracing a comprehensive view of all th ? Missionary operations in the World, with geographical descriptions, condition of the uu tvsngelized, Sc , together with the reli^iouj move ments of the age, under an alphabetical arrange meht. illustrated wi-.h ihirty-two Missionary Maps. 1 he Cyclopedia of Missions, by Rev. Harvey Newcoinb, I regard as a wo.k of great permanent value. It contains wiihin a moderate compiss, and ina convenient form, a large amount ofju?t the kind of information, historical, statistical, : nd iilus trative on th?* subject of Missions, which every Min ister, and every christian lav man needs to |s>-se?s, and which could be pained only by laborious re search in books and documents, many ol which are not easily accessible. Gio. \V. Wood, Sec. A. 1). C. F. M." Agents for the District: GRAY & BALL ANTVNE, feb 14 408 Sevrnth St. FROM PARIS.?Oeuvres completes de Vol taire, 75 vols, octavo, in fine binding, :}55 De Thofl; Histoire Universelle, 11 volumes, quarto, bound, ,?-y Rcgnard. oeuvres compreies. 4 vols, octavo, bound, so Oeuvres de D'Alembert, 5 vols, octavo, bound ?8 Condiliac; oi-uvres competes, 1C vol-, octavo, line call, ?30 ' Bibliotheque llisioriquc, 13 vol.-, oc'avo, h: I: bound M) Duual ; oeuvres completes, D vols, cctavo, half bound, $4 53 Memoircs du Due de Rovigo, 8 voli, octavo, half bound, ??> ^0 Oginski; Nemoires Snr la Poloene, 4 vols, octavo, half calf. $3 Boust-u< t; Histoire des Variations des E^lis'g Prot estant, 4 vols, octavo, half morocco #4 Lavater; Physlonnmie, 10 vols, full calf, numerous illustrations, ?23 Anniles du Parltmeni Frnncaia, 8 folio, vols, hall c*!f,.fl4 ' Rtiuipressio.i de i'Ancien Moniteur. 17^*9 to 1799, IfS vols, folio, in tine binding, And many others at the same range of prices, ini poited direct from Paris, by feb 10 FRANCE TAYLOR. A R N Y , Aro. 84 bridge i'.rrct, Georgetown, IS prepared to furnish Balks, Dinners, Sotrets Weddings, tc., with evervtiiing in ihe Confec tionary line, in any part of the District, at the shoit *wt notice, and on the most reasonable'terms. jan 11*?tt" <&? Mott Bedells Line. NEIY YORK, ALEXANDRIA, WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. This line of packets .sails weekly from pier 14 East River, New Yoi k, and oftener it necessary, and are composed of the following first class vessels: new schr. A. Y. BedeU, Bedell, master. New schr. Mott BtdeU, A. V. Tredwell. Schr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, master. Sch'". Volant, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Commander-in-Chieft Wogl itn, master. Schr. Greenway, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fiist sailers, and the masters men of experience in the trade, tnd the only regu lar line ol Washington City packets. MOTT BEuELL, Wall street, N. Y. S. S. MASTERS & SONS, Alexaudtia, Va. THOMAS RILEY, ft*b 1?6m Washington and D. C. TO INVXNTORS. Till office of "The lev enters' Protection National Union" is on 7th ttreet, opposite the East Por? rieo of th? Patent Office, and ie now ready to attend to the bnainesa of its meabors, namely : In making ?xaminatlons and ccliciUsg ratsnts, Jc. Inventoie are Invited to call and get a copy cf the OoaititutioE and By-lava, tsd where acj iaioraaa Son will be ^iTtn respeettng the Union. AU letters on bniineu mup* Ve directed U> this ol See, where attention will be given immfiV.elj. A model shop is in oosneouou with the ofljt where model* oaa be made to'order at the shortset ?otk*. T. Q. CLAYTON, M 10^-lT PrewlOentT. P. K. P. EXPECTED HEW TEAR PBE8EE78. OF all the bfanches of busine-a conducted in thia city, Orecede-, perhaps, of all others afford the smallest profits, and should have the preference for eafh, and no one in tint bus ness can continue if hia customers are not prompt in settlement by thort notes or easb. Desirous of elosing up for the past, I earnestly request all who are indebted to call and settle wi hout delay. I will farther give notice that all future bills wbich msy be ccntraeted with me most be msde with refer*coe to, and with the dis.inct nnderetan^ ins that they are to be closed m^nth'y, by cash oj n<Hee at 30 days, which I have prepared for th? pur. pose, except ? uch of my old customers who have il ways be?n prompt. X. M. P. KING. dee 27?tf TR\NS-ALLKGH\NY BANK AND 8KLDSN Wither* A Oo.'s Notes purchased at the highest Uncarrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virginia Scrip bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal cities told to emit par tLaaer*. Persoas at a distane1 sending me Trans Alleghany n^tee or Land Warvanta, may rely 'upon nceiving the best rates, and remittances made by draft on any city in the Union. HAMILTON 0. f ANT, Banker, dec 9?8m No 48) Penna ave. ??. EVENING STAR. A BRII? DltCOUBSf. ?JFBXT"~"Th*r*'i a wij th?t riiht unto uid, bat the end thoraof," io We hope it will not be deemed sacrc ligious to quote here this sublime pre caution from the oracles of Divine Truth as a text to discourse from in the man ner that follows, although in aid of sub jects of a somewhat secular nature, ap pertaining, however, to morality. - It may seem right to a man to neglect paying his debts for the sake of lending or speculating upon his money ; but the end thereof is a bad paymaster. It may seem right to a man to attempt to live upon the fashions of the times, bat the end thereof is disgusting to ali sensible folks, and ruinous to health, rep utation, and property. It may seem right to a man to attempt to obtain a livelihood without industry and economy; but the end thereof is hunger and rags. It may seem right to a man to keep constantly borrowing of his neighbors, bors eDd thcreof is ver^ cross neigh It may seem right to a man to trouble himselt about his neighbor's business ; but the end thereof is the neglect of his ntrn own. It may seem right to a man to be al ways trumpeting his own fame; but the end thereof is his fame don't extend very far. ' It may seem right to a man to be con stantly slandering his neighbors; but the end thereof is nobody believes any-| thing he says. 1 It may stem right to a man to indulge his children in everything; but the end thereof is?his children will indulge themselves in dishonoring him. It may seem right to a man to attempt to please everybody ; but the end there of is?he pleases nobody. It may seem right to a man to excel his neighbor's in extravagance and luxu ry; but the end thereof is?h* only ex cels them in folly. It may seem right to a man not to i take a newspaper; but the end thereof is that man and his family are totally ignorant of the ordinary occurrences of the day. I It may seem right to a man to obtain hisi news by borrowing of his neighbors. but the end thereof is?fraud upon thel printer. i t may seem right to a man to worship a creature more than the Creator, but the end thereof is?an idolator. It may seem right to a man to be in cessantly occupied in hoarding up treas ures of this worid ; but the end thereof] is?he has none in the world to come. It may seem right to us to further ex-1 tend this discourse at the expense of the reader ; but the end thereof is?here. PARIOX'S LIj>E of HORACE GREELEY The January number of the Southern Quarterly Review contains a spicy, criti cal notice of Greeley's life. It is evident ly from the pen of an accomplisheu writer. We extract from it the conclu ding portions : "The world is always anxious to read the acts of remarkable men, whether good or bad. (. arew, the Gipsey; Dan cer, the miser; Lambert, the ton of man; Luckington, the man without arms or legs, have all hail their lires written, literature, like zoology and entomology, has its descriptive history, and not onl> should the peculiarities of the nobler an imals be chronicled, but the moie in famous reptiles should be marked that they may be aFoidcd. But it is not usu al to i>ee the chronicler of any except the more virtuous and distinguished men lake so deep and enthusiastic an interest m the events of their lives. Mr. foswell has created great mirth by his obsequi ous admiration of Dr. Johnson, and Bofc well was to be pardoned an exalted ad miration of this leviathan of literature. But when we look upon the sordid, un generous, unsocial, and repulsive charac ter of Mr. Greeley, how can we account for the ent usiasm of Mr. Parton ? Only by supposing that those qualities are pre Bented under such an exaggerated aspect as to command his admiration. The au thor and his subject are then coneenial in their natures, and concurrent in~their purposes, and the chief amongst these purposes is to create a slanderous preju dice against the Southern States. We have felt the best weapons from their armory; they are 'slings and arrows' only. The South despises them. They are thrown by cowards against a tower of proof. They are the petty missiles which the Lilliputians hurled against liulliver, who picked them out of his hands, as the stings of insects, but who, raising himself above their assaults, and covering his face with his handkerchief, was indifferent to their warfare. "Which, then, of these standard works is entitled to the highest commendation? Barnum, of whom it may be said: ?Fer dinando Mendez Pinto was but a type of thee ! thou liar of the first magnitude !' Wickoff, who exaggerates 4n foreign countries the humiliating meanness of his own; Canot, an outlaw from the outraged laws of all nations, now consummating the shame of his crimes by the infamy of their publication; or Greeley, who, born under the American Union, protected by i its arms and laws, profiting by the in- { tercourse with all its sections, seeks to 11 turn his sectional enmity to profit, and connects his hopes of future honor with the prostration of the rights, the destruc tion of the interests, and tiie sacrifice of the lives of his fellow citizens ? This question we cannot decide. But we shall await the sequel and appendix of the four biographies. Wre shall then see in what estimation men are held who vaunt their shameful practices, as the inoentive of patronage, and compete among themselves for the honorable meed of having com mitted more shocking enormities, more mercenary meannesses, or a more un grateful appreciation of tbai country whose power hM protected tad whose wealth has rewarded them." urt or rur E7*14 Soon?, where'* jour lkLher?" 44 Father's dead, sir." 44 Hare you any mother?" 44 Yes. J had one, bat she's cot married to Jojin Danklin, and don't be my mo* ther any more, 'cause she says sbs's got enough to do to tend to his own young 'us8." 44 Smart boy ; here's a dime for you.'1 44 Thank you, sit; its the war 1 get) my living-" 44 How F* 44 Why, telling big yarns to green 'una like you st s dime a pop!" [?/"' A husband residing in a small Tillage in the interior of one of the States, thus announces the departure of his dearly beloTed from his 44 bed and board." 4> My wife, Anne Maria, has been strayed or stolen. Whoever returns her will get his head broke As fer trusting her, any body csn do as they see fit? for as I never pay my debts, it is not at all likely I will lsy awake nights think ing about other people's." A newsboy was heard to say that he had giveh up selline papers, and gons into the mesmerizing business. 441 get five dollars a week, said he 44 for play* 4 . ?? log* 44Playing what?" asked one of his comrades. 44 Possom!" replied the boy. O" Barnum has just engaged a Ger man giant of such sixa that bis barber shsves him with a scythe. H.s nose is so commodious that if a lantern were placcd therein it might be used as alight house. [?7" Two candidates, Adam and Lowt preached probation sermons for a lecture* ship, which was the gift of the congrega* tion. Mr. Low preached in the morning, taking for his text, 4* Adam, where art thouf" Mr. Adam preached in the evening from these words: 4' Lo, here am I!" EUSilAH MORAL). The civilizution of the Russian capi* tal is not more than skin deep. One may see this any day in the streets.? The pavements are abominable. Only two or three streets are lighted with gss; in the rest oil glimmers The oil lamps are the dimmer for being subject to pec ulation of officials. Three wicks are charged for and only two are burnt; the JLflerenee is pocketed by the police. All the best shops are kept by foreigners, the native Russian shops being mostly col* lectrd in a central bazaar, Gostinio Dwor. The shop-keepers appeal to the ignorance of a halt-barbarous nation by putting pictures of trade over their doors; and in his shop a Russian strives to cheat with oriental recklessness. Every shop in St. Petersburg contains a mirror for the use of the customers. 4,Mtrrors," says the Englishwoman, "holds the same position in Russia as clocks do in England. W ith us time is valuable; with them appear ance. ' They even paint their iaoes. The lower class of of women use a great aeal of white paint, and, as it contains mercury, it injures alike health and skin. A young man. paying his court to a girl, generally presents her with a box of red and white paints to improve her looks; and in the upper classes ladies are often to be seen by one another as they arrive at a house, openly rouging their faces before entering the drawing rcom. One day the English woman saw an officer boldly pocket some of his neigh bor's money while playing at cards. An* other tipped up his sleeve some concert tickets belonging to a friend. She and her friend both saw him do it. One day % young officer called while ther were at dinner; was shown into one of tLe draw ing rooms, and departed with a lady's watch. Nothing was said to the police, out of respect to his uncle; who was of rank. J adies going to a party will sometimes steal the papers of kid gloves and the hair pins left on the toilet tables, to sup ply those who happen to come unprovid - ed. Our country-woman went to visit an old lady; and, as all the drawing rooms were thrown open for the reception of vis itors, thought it no sin to walk from oae room to another for the purpose of exam* ining some pictures. The old lady arose and followed her, watching her move ments so closely that she returned to her seat greatly amazed. 44You must Lot be surprised at it, my dear," said a friend, after she got home again, 44for re ally you do not know how many things are lost in such parties from the too greet admiration of visitors."?Ruma K o? Engliihicoman. XT* Ephraim Brown, who died in So dus, N. Y., about three years ago, weighed 275 pounds, and was six feet two and a half inches in height. His wife weighed 200 pounds, and was five feet ten inches in height. These parents had fifteen children, nine boys and six girls. The average height of the nine was six feet one inch and a half; average weight 205 pounds. The average height of the girls was five feet and eight inches, ind the average weight 1*0 pounds. Six of the boys couil turn somersets on the ground equal to the best circus perform* ers. O* A bill it seems, has been intro duced in the Senate of Indiana, to break up the Know Nothing Lodges in that State. It declares it a conspiracy for persons to band themselves under eoletnn oaths ibr the purpoee of depriving any citizen of the State of political rights under the Constitution. Two new Irish weakly uswspapsrs are about to be started?one in Bostoa, to be under the editorial charve of Mr. John Savage; and another in New York, to be edited by Michael Dobeoy.

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