Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y v 1 WHOLE NO. 6752. MORNING EDITION? TUESDAi , C HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS KENKWKO KTKRT Dill SPECIAL NOTICES. A MERICAN CHAPTER, NO. ?, O. U. A.? THE MEM A ben are reoueattd to me-.l at their room, corner ' ?of Broadway and Llapenard street, on Thursday morn log, the 22o, at 0 o'clock A. M. Mnubers of the crder ate invited to join with ua in recleving the order from the frtate of Nor Jersey, at the loot of Cortlandt atreet, to be escorted in line by the American Guard*, Captain j Millet. N B. ? Member* will receive their tickets at the { Chapter rooms on Wedneaday evening, the 21st instant. I By order of Committee of Arrangements, B. rt. HENnRICKSOtf, JOHN H. WELCH. A MERICAN PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION, NO. 15.? A Ihe members of this Lodge are hereby requested t? attend at tneir Lodje room >n Wednsaday evening, 21at ioat By order. J. JOHNSTON, W. M. W. bHIKMAK, R. a. 1 TT AVANA. ISLAND OF CL Ba? GENERAL AND fl eommissiou agency.? Mereauerea street, No. 0.? G> J. Q. Sutarte, for a moderate rate of com mission, will execute orcers for tbe purchase oi tae dilferent . product* of the Island of Cuba, rucli as sugar, molasses, tobacco aegara, wax, sc., as also the effecting sales ol consignment* of nierchancise entrusted te his care. In the brokerage department, Mr. punrte wjl attend ti the aurchase ol shares of the dilTeient stock companies, landed property, bouses, villas and country seat* in the delightful environ* of Havana, allotments of land, coltee and sugar eatates, larms and wittagea, he. Hia long ex perience and extensive acquaintance places him in a po sition to obtain the most favorable purchases and selec tions and Baiters himwlf that perilous entrua ing order* to him will be hatiatied. Mr Suzarte will produce tne best r?:ereoces as to standing and capability. Orders to fee directed ?i above. J. Q. SU'AARrE. INAUGURATION? NOTICE? THB PUBLIC ARE RE spectfnlly fi formed that the inauguration of the uro literary Institute will take place at the new room* 448 Broome ?tre? t (a few door-i west of Broadway), this, Tuesday evening, at 7 )? o'clocx. Toe objects of this institute are the liteaary aid social advancement of the Hebiew community. The Uev. l?r. J . M. Kaphall, M. A. D. Ph., Rev. H A. Henry, and Jonai B. Phillips, Esq., will deliver addresses. U. H. MAYERS, President. I Hymen Kxasuix, .Secretary. SEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STA TE.i Mail Steamship Company, ?0 Wall atreet. ? New k, Feb 1st, 18*16. Notice ? The annual election fur IHrectors of this Company will '?? held at this office, oa Thursday, 1st March next, bdtween the hours of 12 il end 2 P. M. WM. L. YOULE, Secretary. -\TATIQNAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. ? THE'THIRTIETH 1 tI annual exnibition of the National Academy, will be opened to the public on Monday, Marco 1- at 6M Brnad way, l?tw?u Prince and Hpr<ng streets. Artist* will ples-e aenu tlitir usual liats to tile undersigned, at the University, as anon as possible; and tbey are particular ly dec ied to have their works in readiness by or imme diately after the first day of March, ax the arran^nui'-n s Will absolutely forbid the admission of any contribution whatever later than Monday, the 6th. They must also remember that the limited cauaci'y of the present tern porary galleries will necessarily confine every exhibitor to a smaller spice on the walU than heretofore '? Var nishing day" will bo on Saturday, the 10th of March, 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., without further notice, lly order Of the Council. T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Corresponding Secretary N. A. New York, February 16, 1*55. OOF I. A. -COLUMBIA CHAPrER NO. 7.? THE s offi -rr- and members of the at>ove chapter are re quested to be puuctual in their attendance at the rooms of the chapter, cornrr Christopher and Hudson streets on Thursday, t: ?? '.2d inst , at 8 o'cltck A. M , in full regalia, <n onfer to celebrate the Birthday of the im mortal Washington. Members of the order belonging to tlie chaptera not parading on that dty, are invited to unite with Columbia chapter on the occasion. By order of tbe Committee. OU. A. CELEBRATION OF WASHINGTON'S [1IRTH ? Route of Procession. ? The line will form in F.ast Broadway, under direction o' Capt. J. C. H*lm?, Crand Marshal proceed through itrand street, Bowery, Cliatham street, ocroas the l'atlt, (where it will be re viewed by the Hon. the Mayor and Common Council,) up HroadVay to and around Union Park to the Academy of Mn?ic, in Fourteenth street. Hon. Tlioma* R. Whit ney, Past NoMe Arch Grand Sachem of the Order, will deli ver the anuual oration. W. W. OSBORN, Chairman. 278 Giand atreet. OFFlt* OF THE NEW CREEK COMPANY, 36 WALL atreet, New York ? Notice ? An election for five Dirfctori of the New Creek Company will be held on Monday, Frhruary 26th inat., at the ofHce of the Com pany, in kew Y01V between tbe hours of 10 and 12 A.M. The tranifer book a will be closed from the 19th to 27th inat. New York, Feb 14, 1856. TJAR1S WOhl.D'S FAIR? AN FN'GLISH GENTLEMAN, 1 ol cooaiderible mercantile experience, who haa tis veiled tbrcugh Europe, ia open f >r an engagement with any raitirs intending sending goods to Paris for exhibition He will personally atte id in Paris and take orders fi/r the article*, as may be agreed upon. Refer ences of tLe highest respectability can be given. Ad dre?s C. H , Herald office. SIXTH AVENUE RAILROAD.? NOTICE TO PASSkN Iter* Br City ordinance the cars are requested to ?top above the atreet crossing going up, and below it fomg down Passengers are requested to make it con venient to take and leave tbe cars on those crossing by the rear door, to leave them on the aide next to tbn side walk, and not to jump on or off while they are in motion. WM. EBBIT, Superintendent. MMCELLANEOUIt. rA riAH YARDS TAPESTRY CARPETING^, "?tJVJt UUv from 8*.; *l.o, an imrmn?e uwrtau-nt of ingrain and three pljr , junt purchaaet! at the receut auction *ale*. I.OKP A TAYI.OK, Gr*n<l itreut. corner of Chry*tie. "l?*er CA.NAI. 3TKEET, NEAH VARICK.? W. * to. J.Dt) VAN NOTE'S grate and fender, kitchen rant* ? ring* aud atove warerooin*. We have a largi aaaor tmant of the La teat pattern* of mantel ffratea, range* aud atovea, for *ale oa reaaonable term*. Orator and rang** aet and repaired, range* lined, bra** foaad ?re' ana j*weUero' furnace* built, atovee lined, bakare' oven* built anc repalied. A NNIYER8ARY OF WASHINGTON'S HfK M DAY.? ,/V. All in want of boot* for the oay or evening celebra tion, wiiloo well to call at A. BAKER'S, 15 Ann *tr<-et, where you ran get Una calf dre** hoot* rea<ly made or to or'tr for $3 75 : doable lule, ) ' ; water proof, <4 50; beat French patent leather boot*, *0. TkAILY PAPIR4 ? GRAY A CO.. 17 ANN ST REE., J / forwardar* and packer* of daily and weekly new* paper*. Ac. C'uitomera can rely upon having tbeli order* attended to with promptuo*. Order* reapnctful It lol'cited at 17 Ann *treet Hark times.? oreat proclamation.? i pay the hignmt price for all kjnd* ot old newapaper*, pamphlet*, oil writing paper, old blank book*, old tick ?t*. tiaeti, band blile, catalogur* ami wa*t* pajier o I all sort ? and aura. J. CHANCEY STOCK WEIX, US Ann atteet, ba>rmeut. T EETHfH ?20,000 SWEDISH AND GERMAN LEECrli?, I A in prime order, ju*t rec-ived per *team?r, for ?al? ' 1 >y J. F. CI B.C A CO., No. SO Maiden lana. Mirrors-one or two largi gi.asses wanted in esrbauge for gold watche*. A liberal trade will he given lor tuitable article*. A1 Ire** Exchange, Herald < (he*. a EU ADJUSTING FRENCH WOVE CORSETS ? ALSO _J lallioad ainiile linen coatiUe, children * and inia?e*'. juat received t>v Mra. GAYNOR, I i Third avenue, near Tenth atrewt. N. B ?A new lot nf embroiderie* ready tbi* day, thirty per cent under regular price*. Snow CAhES ? HOFFMAN * FRENCH, SHOW ('A-iR warercm, <o. 67 Bowiry, near Walker (treet ? Case ? marie iu every atyle, lilver plated, bra**, roue ant aat.n wood, mahogany, Ar. N. B ? Old caae* taken in ??change Order? promptly esecutad. SHOW CASES.? tCHMIDT A BROTHER, lfl NORTH Wiliam *Ueet, near ? "hat ham, and at 77 Wait Tnird street, Cincinnati, Ohio, manufactorvr* of ahow caae* ta metal, brae*, ronewood, mahogany, black walnut and ?ilver. A good a*>oitrnrnt constantly on hand. Or iera promptly exeontad. Old ebow caa?* exchanged. ??*; ANTED? A FEW CASKS OF Sf'ROEWI.A AND ff consumption in their worat form, to cor* fre? o charge, by I)r H. C. Thorp' ? rarminantla, at 17"i We* Broadway, third door below Canal atreet. "11/ ANTED TO PCRCHASC? A PKBM FOR EXTRACT If iog jnlce from frait*. H >oe new ot Improved maihlaa would be lealraMe. Addrea* J. M.. Herald of flea. -\XJ 1LX1AM tiRANDIN, AITOKNEY, COMMISSIONER ?f for tbe Mveral Ftatea, and notary publis, llVarid 121 N'aaiau atreet New lort ? Panalona, patents, Ac., pre mptly obtained from Waibiagton. Inventora, im porter* and cialmanta ata intaroatad ta ca ling aa above. Soldier*, aallor*, Ac.? 160 acre* United Stave a land, In ? nf war liaca 1790. "Tint cone, flrat aerved." \lj ON DUO Ul ? THE PROCKhS BY WHICH EM. It A ?T viaga, leave* flo war*, or even a bank nota, may be eceuraie'y copied, ao aa to form a perfect counterpart of th? oriain'al, can be obtained by addreaalng Daguerreo typiat, enclosing $1 and prepaid, to box I', o , New ark, N. J. It require* ao akill or pra:tie? to manipa late, and no appajratn* except a piece of plat* glaa*. 60 rente worth of chemical* will produce a very largo number of impreeaione. and will b* tent with the re -eeipt. Who worn) not poraesp a BKArnrvi head of hair ? The re eeipt of a medical preparation which ha* never failed to rector* tbe hair although a awl ?? thouaaada of caaaa. Tbe receipt will be eeat to *ny direction on the receipt of a latter containing U eeaU In poet* re etampe. po?t paid, to Dr KUis, Broadway I'oet OA**. Lettera aaawered iMedltklj THE OPERA IN NEW YORK. METROPOLITAN THEATRE. GRIBI AND UARIO. The flrat of Grisi and Mario's positively last perf irm ance* in America <ai given last evening at the Metro politan theatre. The house ?at over full; some two hondred gentlemen being strewed perpendicularly in the neighborhood of the aoors, and behind the lust row of benchei. In the parqaette and dress circle, a fair Sprinkling of our belt society wan to be seen, and bril liant toilette a were plentiful. In the other parts of the house hats preponderated over wreaths, curl* and so 'orth; and at leant half the men gave lull play to a uxariant fancy in the choice of their coatume. Still tfce lioiue wait decidedly showy. Tlio criera selected for the occasion ? the first of the la/st night*? was " Kavorita " More delicious music and a more dramatic story do not exist in the lyric re. pertory. A greater Fernando than Hignor Mario, a sweeter Leonor than Mlde, Grisi have never been Keen on any stage. Baciall nude an excellent Alphoaso, and rang his pait with spirit and effect. If, indeed, the decorations had been in keeping with the music; if the male members of the chorus hud looked more like Spanish courtiers, and lens like lacquey a of good family; if bignor Mario, in the scene whore be discovers his shame, and apain in the cloning acene, where I.eonor diea, had acted with a tntle more fervor and fire; the taak of the critic would be solely to praise. Even with these de fects, the performance was one of the finest ever given in New York, and win gratefully appreciated by the audience. After each act the chief performers were called before the curtain, and each soug waa applauded till tlie bouse ebcok. After the curtain fell there was a general cry for Hackatt! Alter some moments hesitation that gentle nun made his appearance, and spoke in substance as folio w? Thank you! Indies and gentlemen, you havo called lor me, aud 1 thank you. Thanks likewise for the very practical evidence ot your good will whirh I see arounl m?. I have the honor to inform you that, in con?e qttneeof many persona being disappointed this morn ing. les< fortunate than you ha?e been, Madame Grist ami Hignor Mario, at somo personal Inconvenience to themselves. aa they leave iu tie steamer ou the day following, bave agreed to perform again in this house to morrow etenug, und to devote to charity the ap |K4ntments which tbey will receive from me. (Ap |.laii-B .) 'I his, I promise you, gentlemen, will he post lively tlielr lust appearance in America. (Great laugh ter.) It will also close my inatiag. ria' career. And now, ladies and gentlemen, with your permi?s'on, 1 will sat one or two words on th subject of that career. When I clorad my contract with Madame tirlsi and bignor Mario, two jears ago, everything wits prosperous In tliia country, ami there was every reason to suppose '.hat an enterprise of the kind would be successful. Hut when 1 armed here with th-m I lound scorching heat, a ruinous drought, an epidemic cholera, a monetary revulsion, every sign of adversity. Kor a time I hesitated under aucb previous disadvantages; but in tlie end, confident that a change muat come, I perse vered. It needed u me courage When 1 left this city in December lust 1 csn best desorlbe my feelings by an anecdote. Once upon a time a Connecticut mother sent her son to sea ? that is to ?ny, in a ship sailing on the >osn<l, to New York for instance. When be came back she asked hfin how he liketl it, " Oh' mother, said be, "it :s tiwlul when I got sick. I didn't know uliat to do with mysel'; I wtrn't dead but I think I would have swapped myself sgamst a deau mm, and given boot." Ami so, ladies and gentlemen,, when I left New Yt rk, I think 1 would bave swapped myself against a dead man Mnd given boot. Mrre that tine, however, I am liappy to any, things have changed, and now I am at liberty to say that this enterprise has renumerated me f< r my labors, twelve thonsamt dollars or my enu meration h-inir due to tbo good taste of our friends in I'ovton. Philadelphia was as good: end New York. *ince 1 rime hack, has not behaved badly. On the whole, ladies and gentlemen, I have reaaon i n thank you, and 1 aball be bappy to cater for you hereafter, either at manager or ?s actor, whenever I tbink 1 can percaive what your taste requires. NIBLOS OPKKA DOU3E. I IffT AI'l-KARANCE Or OEN. SAM HOUSTON. Niblo'a beautiful Opera House km crowded 1**1 night by & brtlliAiit audience, to witness the Brut appearance of General ?am Houston, United Stats* Senator from Texas. In compliance with tli? Invitation of th* New Knglaod Young Men'* Association, be convntelto lec ture before that body, selecting for bin subject?" fh i American Indians." Aa a Urge portion of hut life waa (?pent amcng aome of tbe aboriginal tribe*. bia intluiat < knowledge of their character rendered him peculiarly qualified to apeak on the subject. It ?aa not, however ary interest which tbe audience took in it that attract rd such numbers to the Opera House; but to aee and bear one whose singular, varied and eventful life hat made him conspicuous even among the moat prominent of our legislators and statesmen. The houto was aa we bare said, crowded, but not uncomfortably so? a little less than cne half the assembly being composed of ladiea TJe stare * a* occupied by the membei a of the association and their frlenda, whom was a pretty fair spriok ling of the gentl*r sex, with whom the General, It i? said, i? and always has been a particular favorite Two large arm chairs had been placed in front of the audience ? one for the lecturer, atd tbe other, wo preaume. for the Treaident of the Society. A table, with tbe in'ii?|>cn?a ble pitcher of water, (the General Is strictly temperate, having taken the pledge some years age ) and a zlaas Mood Id front of these; while near tie footlights. in the centre of the stage, a pedestal was placed, giving i cla< aic look to tbe whole arrangement. At eight o'clock? the hour appointed for th? lecture to commence? a little excitement waa created on tbe out skirts of the asaeinbly as General Houston made lii* ap pearance in tbe lobby in company wilb tbe ueinl?ra of the committee. He pasted on towards the stage without stopping, and the next intimation which the audience had of hia piesence wa* the appearance of hie hat and gold-headed cane, which were carried on the stage by an active member of tbe New Knglaad Young Men a As sociation, and depoaitad on the tabla. The expectant crowd now rated with eager eyea towards the left en trance, and in leas than a minu'e General Houston stood before tbem. Three enthu*i**tl< cheers greeted bim, some of bia more zealoua friends rising fr<>m their seats and waring their hata. When the hurst of en thuaiasm had sabsided, Dr. Fisher, tbe l*re*ii|ent of the Society, came forward and announced that the next lecture would be delivered on > aday evening. General Houston was then Introduced to the audience. Slowly, and with mticb dignity of manner, be roae from bis eeat and paused for a few minx nt*. aa if overcome by the wartath of hi* reception. Hia perianal appearance was now displayed to tbe flaeit advantage, and hia tall, eiect and manly figure, bis venerable and benevolent feature*, produced a moat favorable impreaaion on bis audience. Tie massive gold rings which glitter on bis lingers, abow that be does not prnfeia to de*pi<e such embellishments of the person. Some -ay that be coa traded during hi* long reaideace with the Indiana, among other habits which distinguish tbem, a love (or jewelry. We have no desire, however, to enter into any discuaaion on tbe subject, and merely state It aa a fact. General Horarns began by stating that he was al meat wholly unprepared, occupied as he bad been, by his all absorbing duties at Washington. Tills, he hoped, would prove a sufficient apology for any deficiencies which might appear la hie dleoourae. Tbe aabjvet was one which the experience of many years had rea 1-red bim familiar with He had been aim agst the Indiana, and was thoroughly conversant with their manners, their customs and their character. Their history was full of interest, aad the wrongs which they had saf (ered at the banda of the white mm entitled tbem to the sympathy of all who beted op pre?*ion and lored justice. The gorernment, which shoubl hi ve protected, aeglerted tbem, and permitted tbeir agents to. .errand them with impoalty; the treaties which they bad eitered into were broken by the whites, for tl.ey have never been known to violate their ?olernn pledges flrat Yet notwithstanding all ths difficulties with which they hare had to contend, several trtbee were now in a most advanced state of rtrillaalion. and IB many r?speeta would bear a farorable comparison with our while population. They were neither ut?l ectuaily nor physically, ha contended, Inferior to the white man, and many of their iprat warriors were nasurpaaeed in generalship Ked Jacket and Termneeh he considered among the nsit Illustrious men the coantry could boast of. Tecumseh, after he waa deserted by his British allies, died at a brave chief ahoald die? tghtlaf for hia native la a d , With his back to the Held and his feet to tbe fee. The civilised Indians noeaesse.1 an et'ellent govern ment of tbeir own, awl ne trusted tbe day wonld come when they woald be allowed a representation ta bath branches s f oar national legislature The holy ialueaceof the Mble was felt aatoag them they hare tbeir newspa per*, tbeir institutions of earning, and in tbe arts aad sHeaeea 'bey had made astonishing progrese during tbe comparatively brief period that had elapeed elaoe they abaa^oaad their wild, life. Yet thie great cUaaga in tbeir coadltiaa waa eflbctad without tbe all of aay so elety, for the pbDvathreple shorts af beoeroUat aatitu t ona were a ever t, 'ought ta bear npoa them ? taey weie regarded aa incapable of eir?lit?tlon. aad aay eyvpatay that Bight he shown toward* them waa i oaai^a.-ed as eaVraiy tkrowa away. tbe H^lrr l a^lUeas yf 4*i iar* which had been voted for the parchaae of their lamia tb?-jr ta?d not receivtd more than tweuty, and this wu employee a- a means ol degrading and reducing tbem even lower than their savage ftat*. The Br? wa ter nan aold to them by government agents, and trapo ritions of tbe moat U?<r?ut character were committed with the knowledge of the authorities at Washington In Minnesota tbe lndian? realized ouly forty thousand out 01 the four hundred and eighty thousand dollar* which had been appropriated, and quite recently, in the interesting Territory of Nebraska, (laughter,) the In dian reservation of live thouaand acres, which were held in trust tor thrm by tbe government, were laid out, in violation of that irust, (era town, la it any wonder, paid the Ctnrral indignantly, tbat the soalp'ng knife should glf?ui and the tomahawk be brandished whil.i auih injustice ss this is committed!' During the admi nistrate n o! Jack-on they were protected in their tl^hta, and their just demamla were granted, l'bey bad me him, it ia true, oiten in the field, but they love I lnui for hilt strict integrity, and they felt th*t while he wait at the bead oi the government the' would not be aubject to the exactions an I fraudn el its auente. They knew that he wai i stem warrior, but that he wan aU<> ju?t and magna ni moua, and at the very mention of ti* name tbe big tea would start to tbelreye. Thia tribute to tbe memory o Jackson was received with repeated applau>e General Houston next of the lat? massai re by the Indian* at Heikna|i. and aaid tliat a groaa wrong had been com mitted upon them by the government ofllciala. and that it waa only alter they hail beeu provoked beyond endu rance and were flrtilon twice, that they fell upon the l ulled States troops. On the receipt of tbe new* at Washington. it wan proposed to send three thousand men to cbaatiae tbe Indiana; but lie refuaeil to vote in favor of the proposition lie ltatl also determiued never to give his consent to any future treaties that might t>e entered iuto with them, lor he believed they were only u.adeto l>e violate*:. Here the (itncral looked at hia watch, and mam!?i>ted a tietire to take Li* teat; hut the audien'-e wer? not quite aatiaBed yet, ami were determined to hear a little more liefer* tli*-y could consent to leave Cries ot '? Oo on"' "Go on!" aaaai ed him from all (arts of llit ho. i.e. mingled with some ajplause, aud lie continue*! for about ten miiiutea lunger to apeak on tbe wrongs ot the In diana When 1 e resumed his Heat, one of the audleuce called out ? -Three cheera for the hi at I'resident ol Texaa " which were given with a hearty good will. Some one elae imineiiately propoaed " three more for Sam Hons ten, tie next President of the I nite ' States," and the house rang again with applauae. A large crowd had hy thin time urn mbletl about him, and the uaual shaking Of hards teok place. After apendinj; about ten minutsa in interesting convene wi'li lia frienda, th<i committee took the Gent i?I in charge, and proceeded with him to liia hotel. On hia way into tiie street he reseived three |iartog cheer-. Tims terminated hia first appearance at Niblo'a beautiful opera house. ACADEMY OF MU9IC. Finrr niuiit ok the out buli. opera. 7 he second itsason of the Italian opera at the Academy of Music, Fourteenth street, wu* commenced Innt nigh>, | umler rather unfavorable aunpice*. The intention !i? 1 j been, a* the public wan Informed through the jounal*, to "popularise the opera," by placing the price* at a low figure. One dollar and fifty cent* each wh* the price of leeured Heat*, fifty cent* for the third tier, and twi nty five eent* for the amphitheatre At these price*, with a new opera, and a new company, It wa* ex pected that there would be a epontaaeou* ruth of tbe people to pet neat* for the night. Pucli, however, wan not the fart. Tbe lower part of tne houae wax about one fourth filled, and the attendance in tbe third and fourth tier* wa* very *llui. The home wa* neither gay nor cheerful. But lew of the ladle* were in full dre** and tbe gentlemen ecemed to hare abandoned the idea of dressing for the opeia a* a atupi I humbug, which It undoubtedly i*. Not much enthusi tun wa* mnuife*ted. The conductor (Mr. Max Maretr.ek) had a laitt rereptlon about ejual to that given to tbe bra** band, whieh appeared on the stage at the coin met cement of the fir*t act. The reception o[ the new artist* wan also a cold one. The opera of the night wa* Verdi'* " Hig >l?tt->," now performed for the fir*t time in the United State*. It i* one of hi* tat?*t work*, and haa all the peculiarity* of that rfcther noi-y rom jio*er The plot 11 from a atory by Victor lingo, and it i* revoking enouuh to **1i*fy the most ardent admirer o the horrible. Tbe tenor (Kolcioni) i* a duke with a strong pa-flon for other people'* wive*- (in fact h openly Mate* at the beginning of the opera that ha lies p lie* jealous hu*l>nrid*) ? an 1 for the female mi generally. 1 he baritone ( llariii ) ia the court jtnlrr, k humpback, Kigoletto by nam e, with "one fair dauiihte and no irore " Tlii* young woman la the prima donna liiida, (Madame iierlucca Muict/ek.) The Count Mont* tor.a ((Vlelli 1 come* to court to abuae the duke for having seduced Inn caugl, tei . whereupon Higoletto, who del gat in haying lever* thing* to everybody, jee-s the old in m anu ia curaed in good set term* by him in return Mon teione i* di*po*ed of by betng conalgned to a dungeon leveral feet below tbe surface of tne earth The cnur tiera have discoverer that Kigoletto vinits a woman In aecret. anil they supposing her to be hia mistress, re* jive to ateal her fiom uUD <m the aame nght Kigoletto vialta (lid tbe Duke reappear* in hlara velvet bu die* und boot*. aa a atudeut lover of Hilda. Kigoletto la not aware of tbi* important lact. and warn* her against young mm and aumlar vnnitlea. After the Duke's da partuie, higoletto return*; he I* met by the conrters nlinololded. and, with the usual operatic disregarl for probabilities, ,a o< ligeo to ?*?ist in tl>e abductiou of hi* own 'laughter. A biavo nauied Sparafucib* (ilocuo; uow let c mm an important person in tha opera. Kigolstle tiekiie* ;o revenge himsell mi the Duke, by puttiug out that respectable d'gmtary'a lamp of lile, and toe Iravo agree* to do the work for a modeu'ai* piice aad in tbe most thorough manner. Tbe liukf ia en ly enticed to tl e bravo'* house ly a pretty woman, bit in followed by (ilbla. In mrn'a clothe*. She overlieam the aiater of the bravo who entireo tne lluke to tha houae, putting in a special pl?a for hi* lile. Ihe bravo II bally aaseuts to a compromise. He li bound to kill somi'hyly. and agree* that il any one els* ronton to the ho one prnvmu* to tbe hour appo n'.sd for the Duka'a death, that tbe l**l arrival shall be the autlerer. Uilua reaolvt* to aave ber lover'* lit ? by giving hermdf up a* a aacrifice or him. Hbe doe* *0 ? is aaaaasinated by the bratn ? placed In a mek ard ceiivered to ber father, af per atrwmeol. He opena the sac* and finds bis daughter instead of tbe Duke. nhe ? livea jutt long enough to aing an alfectiuoata dns'e in wti ch (he hienaen every body, and especially her father and the duke. There is some beautiful mnaie in thia opera, but it i? tjo strong tor our taate The prima d<mna of the night waa tot eijtial to her TuU tbe haa n A the power re >|uisite for the Ringing or acting of a put like (jllda. 'the tenor in a young man with a fair, even quality ot voice, ot mraiuin compian He alway* *mgs iu t ma, and ia a fair actor an tenor* go Tie baritone ma le the best Impression, lie ling* wi'h laste and expres ?ion, and la a elever actor. Kigoletto ia the b**t part IB tha piece? ail the atroug situation* ? re his, and Ue I* tl.e only person in the opera wh > ? tiongly enlist* the *ympathies of the au lieooe. rt'gnor < Kartli has an eiceltent bar tone voire, and a good method. Hit rendering of I'ar Stamo waa capital, 'ihe choruses are very pretty, hut tb-y were not gen (rally well *ung The ch.irmng ?' Zitli, Zltti, mat > a t'ndtlla,'' in tbe *econ?t act. wa* *a<lly b itched. Tbe orcl.eatrft l? rompo^ed of fortf performer*, wh >, lo con junction with the bra** band, Succeeded in making a tremendous noise during the first act. The vocal musk was entirely crushed. It I* stated that theor^beatral ni u ?le ha* been vamped up from tbe pianoforte *cor? by some peraon nn this aide of tbe water !!? seems to have laborso under tbe idea that to imitate Verdi *orest*afnlly, it waa only nec<***ry to kick up a* great a tow a* brass ia able to accompliah Whether or not tbi* I* the fact, we -annot **v potltivaly it waa. however, too evident that something was wrong ibe scenery. <tre*?ea, kr Ac , wsrc goo>l Tha audience were nut violent m tbelr demonstration 1 of applause. H e general verdict HimM to be that th? opera waa lather a pleasant affair, aa far aa tbe music g?e*. If well treated ttat the tenor waa fair, (be i* sot baud ? ?cm* ? nough to break an immen-e number of female heart* ) that the baritone waa goo<l. and that tbe per fortnance would have been better if thing* bad not been hurried. There wa* too much Ma retrek aad wo little \ erdi. Petaonnl lnlellt||enre. Judge It ring will have a iiaanng before the bun mitlie on lederai Relations in tbe Uousa of Ke I rrsentative* of Massarhuietta to da/. The peti- I ?inner* who r*'|ue*t Judge luring * discharge will it ia rumored, be rsnreaented by A. B. Ely, John A , Andrews Wendell Hhlilipa, K. M. Wright and eeth Webb ( ia . al l Judge l/ j ng will appear snpp>rte : bf <>eorge , T. Curtis, fl jney bartlett, and K. H. f*ana, Jr. Tha com- ! ttiitter it c mpoeed of aeven gentleroan, four of wliirb ' ware formerly whifs, two (re* eotiera, and on* inde pendent. ARRfTAI.I At tbs ft Ni'belaa lletsl -H..? W i' Bo. m k Tlr/iBia , Moat Rakiaion Rb.>4e Island: Jn'i/s Lvt a lyoilsisn* t A (ira>, B"st?a; King baild ( ampMli, IMisB'l l: t'san Rial ttend. BaBslo. II . n Alfred kelly. Ohie; J \> I'Mlfli'* do; 1> l.spslsji, rbtladelphia: II V w>a*lee. ri*<-ia> sil, I ( I fhayer itnttoa |saa< II uthwlek Jameavllle; Jeba | liriawold lr?i; Tleass Aikea, MaUa Islsaa. J I'lakn, L ad' i. . A < l.u*eh?l. do. II II Uuitas. H*lll?*re. Th</ia*s I. RMiatoa Borti a II II Qaarles Kiel a>?*4; A (i Ke>4 H't* ten f. V HI! -r <le; ? I' Srrts. Ntehn-wa. T H Morse I less land. (' A Pevrsa; T R Kl".e Rslliissrs; '.en Mliss !*?riB|?sld, Walter J?y. B?f*b>: I* Meat<i<b . Alkea) : ?'?! i C tsj a?s>. Klerpeat. N H Ttitmae* Rsltsle. H-? Jska Yenag. Moalreai: II H < aiaptssll. Caallstea. 1 k I'vrtsr, k*sl'a At tb* Irviai Huiiae? Raa Jaeok Urs a I'anarrlvaaia Ale*a*d<r Coeeridae Nswtoeadlae* Cel W II >*w*?e N I'tnl'i ttlsn M. riii.r Tfr ?? r> , Ala ; W H Rbnas I way. Oseefo, ? p Masdafl I etevilte, ky S H Maiaar well, Philadelphia. K f WssVsrselt 4" liiiiisri Cna#de* ?'reside**'. It I: C*l t al'la Tnwa.lsv, ferMkl; ll'nry ? 1 Aeslis and lad), ft a Iran see, Cap* a Uenper. i;*ii-at?re. 1 Md; f C foster I'ltlsKtri I'a froa Favsaaab. ta ?'eaaablp Aagasta? A R ' sabs R * Usrrtai I FlaaMaa 0 H Treatwa f. 0 Brew** W a lUats ata*. fra A Rl*aeaiwt ( C Brlaiea. ft aa? lady. IB* Jnkae V iHtlta, 1 C Isll (?** ?' bean, M (1 I'ai'ev. t M Peskel Jr. ? fttaaaa. A Bara*?t, B U Mara. W B genre. I H Mnai* rie. J Ueery I A T'aaieea-U ia iwekgs In* fks I raae ? a i.a H>ti tnikallaauk-l Hi* ard I Meffat I Breeki;^_K. f rr?? 9?aA Hit it Vnj ') ^ |?k j??v AKBK8T OF ALLfc. op usris. Yvaterday Afternoon a John Horton, otlierwiae Fuu Ml Bameraley atreet, Anil Thou. ham K. Bogart, doing buaineea At do lor wiling lottery tickets And keeping dlfc, at the Above place*, by WiUiAm J. Robinson, 01 atreet. The complainant atatea lu hi* complaint, ha purchased the two lottery ticket* (marked A. in the complaint) at the place of Horton; the flrat on >wa. 24H gig a and two atition numbera, coating $3 UJj, rud al*o the aec >nd one at the name place, ** three atatlon number. at all cent, each, and thre gig >t at*centa tech; tliat he lioujlit the t urd ticket (m?*k. ed B* at the atoie of Kaaara Uuranee 4 logar , which waa twenty two rtraight penny glga, to.Ung 4? ceute. In the affidavit of tlie complalaant, he further .tatea tb*t tb#? ?bov?,pUce? *r? known an lottery policy ?ud aie the retort ol all ciaaaea of peraona < or the pur do**- of gambling in cbauce* ami ?tt|nJ>fr*!a A.i Laid placi'H are nuisancer, and prejudicial to the mora of tbe community. Upon thia evidence, J?tlo*|J^T'~rn lulled a warrant lor tbe arre.t of the pir ?.?h who were taken into cuatody by ' s"r*"*n* Martin and the men .quad F. ef the r^' jv corpa Ike accaaed, on being taken before lb. trale. w.r* each lield to bail in the euiu of ?%?> io an^ awi-r the charge of ktepitgdinorderly bou?c?. Kroin pa expeilence it has b*eu found rery dimoult to pro.-ure conviction., under tbe .tatutc, of peraona aelling J""?'/ lolltle* ao the police uiag ?lrate? of tbia dl.trtct h*v determined to wor. on a u?w plan in endeavoring to I, ring Mime of th^ae ..(tender.. within the pale of the law, namely? that ol taking cou.plalute for Weepini clUur df rlr hoo^e., on an in.lltraent for which it erill bo ?.atl?r perhap" to obu u A conv.ctlin thau if the Indlct ti ? ut wa? lor .elilng h>' ?ry polictea. 1HB MAKB1T BAM t ? TOHTPONKlfKN'T Of THK UaMINATION. Ye.terday Afternoon the complainant* in thl* o.aan ap peare.1 At the lower po iee court, but the council for the accuaed, William Poat Saekett, being ahaent In Another cAuae, the inve.tigatiou waa postponed until 4 o doc* tbia tfttrnton. C1IAKQK or BEEFING A DISORDERLY HOUSK. Y??teroay, officer Carpenter, of the Klghth WArd po lice, arreated William Stewart Aud hU wife Kinily, charg ed with keeping a dl.ordeily home at No. 115 Wooster ?tie?-t Two complaint* were made agaiuat tbe priion jehteri'.av, before Juatlce I'avl.on. One made by Ellen Wilaon. formerly ot llater county, New York, atatea that abe Arrived here from the country a abort tim? ago, an<l waa inluced to apply at the above premie, for a aituation ai adome.tic. that up to the time abe enteral the above houae ahe wa? of good and chaato character I that w/ He in the houae said Stewart had connec Ion with he several ttaca. and that .he haa been advlaed I hiklra Stewart to li*e the life of a pm.titu'e ? bile in tiat houae The other compla.ol-that of a ?le girl. that lh>y were going to adopt one in a ?w : dav? that upon on. occaalon a mau called "I ocior" called at the 4Aid houae, and abe being ? Ion in the room he trie<i to ta?e Improper libertlei witli her Uat ttl^nau Stewart alao got Into bed with the com 1 Iilaitant and committed an ind?c-nt aaaault upon her Hhe further add. -"That from the facta and matter, and thing- that .be ?? while at said houae, ?h? lia. 00 ^ tut. tbe wan ler tbe purpo'e of ob kett by Km.iy BtewAlt and a man whom .he call -1 Her iS;?:ln -5 Mr. KoMer the matron of the City Priao*. tob.. uaed aa a Witue?? lor tbe pro??cution AMUtiiTOi AN ALLKHK1' 8H0M.IFTKR. A (Jeim.n named Joa?ph Sinclair waa arre.ted ye?U.r day, charged with having purloined two fold WAtchea, of the value of ?1#&, from tbe .tore of Charle. OA/oebin, 61 Na.rau itreet. It appear, from the evidence that tbe accuaed enterfJ the .tore of sompUioan' an l rcpte<?nt td that he wantfd to purchaae aoine jeweky f"r -1*' (cib LftfU o! 7*2 CftMitkiAiu ?lrett; Ibat !*? wm jlok I Uun. but would call and pay the bill In ? few day *. It i? all" lied that the accuaed tb?n aelected $J->0 worth of wutcUa, which he i?.4u?aieu to be aent to th? ..tore of Mr 1'avla. Ths proprietor of the placc reru <??., how evtr, to aen?l the watcbee. to tlie plare deeif oAt-d by the accnatd until tbe money for the aame waj peM. Toe accuM-d it la al>gcd, tties .aid, "Never mini I will call a'tir dinner for the go?N;" and thi-u left the .tore, but not returning nt tbe appointed In, i % tbe of Mr (iurnebin were arouaed, and having in.titutvd an ? ,.n,ltalion Be found th.t fo watcV-. were miMtag A complaint wa. imme-iialely ma le befote Juatiece O. lorn? who rom??lted the acnaed for tr Al on a cbarge ?.f fraud larcny. It la alao Alleged the' Sim all ? <l" a lot 1 1 I reu'', in., valued at from the a ore ol M WeiheilH, 1"'? Broadway, under ?o:newlial aiml ar Cir cum.tancta. ALl.K<iH? KBLONIOt'B ABdAI'l-T ANI> BATMKfi Yeatejday < (fleer Brown, attached to the Third dl.trict nolle. ??it, arretted a German oanie l Robert Huliu. charged, on the complaint ol W.U:a?. Weaaendorl. ol I- J Mulberry aueet, with having fired a pittol loa !e<l with powdrrand rh' t at him wounding b m .llgbtly In the Sace and bornin. hi. land The aecu.^1. on b-lng brought i?lore llie in?gi>.trate, atated In i.erence at he .u^pJctedlh. complainant of f.ailng broken open hi. tr. ok mdtobl.d bim, and, therelor^, comimlt-l , a.ull in retaliation He waa committed lor e*ain ua Hon by J untie* I'etrej. ATTKMI'T AT H10HWAY ROBBUV. ??? Sunday night la.t a. William Wen, el, a Herman, rr.Mmg at No. ?<<1 Kighth avenue, wa. proceeding up t. u ntil avenue, in the oe.gbb..rbc?.d of Thirty third aireet he waa atucke-l by ?uine filioa. who .;ri- log Mm a vioUot blow ?m Ue heal, felled him -'???!?<? ?? the a. round. Tbe ayman tben proee?led to t?k hia w.tch 'rotti hli peraon but, bearing .owe |?ra?n . na ''Ling left Mr. Wenxell, and atarted oil at a rap d rtte Be ... puraued by the parties but e.cp-i, after a I ard chaae 4 orotirra' Illicit rata. ftPfW'itD IWAMiciDit.? Coromrr O'Ponnell hall an in >|ua?t yraterday, at tha Kilth wirl elation bona*. upon i t.e l.ortj of a niaU- eblld found d?a<l ia the jir rv of the liiiiu 1M ( bureb atnat. Tb* a>ilcnce die t<- 1 in thin > a>* went to >bow, that a woman named Nancy Town Had. tiring at tha abotr* houne, had been '?'!?(< an I h? t hren >e*n in the m< ming of tlia occurrence, goto* out to lb* prlry ; that tha at air* folof down to tha yard wan* coaered with nfnita of blood that tha B *tr ol tha pilry wa? alto rpottad with blood that upon a p ut mortem ? vn minat ion of tha body br l)r t'Dl, It waa louid ttat It a child wa? born all ?e and ha I ii*?n mjllo eatafl altar hirth , and that from tha appeiranca of tba ai man Ttiwnaead, ha a a* certain aha "hud r*c*Btly jiren to 1 1 h to a rhi Id L |.on thla 'tillage*, wbkh w?< stream ? tantlal in It* character, tha jury rendered the follow In* rerdlct ? " f'aatb by aufToeation in tha prlry vault of houea 141 Church atraat, and that the aald male In fart wa> placed in tba aaid privy by aoma party on known to o?." lb* mat tar ha*, nowa??r, gone to tha I??trlft At'orney'a office for Inveatigatloa. Diutii ?r Falu<?? fhiw* a HaT? iiwat ? '>iro?ar WI1 halm held an laijuatt yeaterday. up on tha body of VV it liair McKlnny, a native of Iraland, a*el V) yeart cam* to hla death from injuria* r*c*l?*d on tba ISth met , by accidentally faliiB* dowB tha hatchway of (.re)?n'? li?ary atabla. 132 I) nana atraat Vardkt ac cordially. The ( aac of titr Toan|| Caliaii-Appllr*llnii to Dlartuktga- from Hall. I'MTID KTATM lilHTBH f WITT. Kih. IV ? CkrtUoUU t'arnobrh am I /V??'u Stnmgkh/n ri / rancu klici Hrrnandtt fry tranruco i* Arma An proc/betn may ? <m the rapiaa and a'ti lant and ord?r U? hold to hall, aad oa tha affidavit of which eopio are ! Jereto annet'i), let tba plaintiff -Sow ? ?u?* b*far* rn? at tha (V/urt l|im>?, City Mall, at I'H 'I c la- n ti>a forenoon. oa tha twenty Bret 4ay of Fabmary la?'.ae' or at e?iB tl" reaftar aa conn-el aa l<a hoard, wh the d* fendant, Criatoval I araoheli, should aot t** * -'bar/al on O'aini n tail, or without even common bail or wb> the l.ail ehouM not b? r*du<ed in aav unt, or wbr tha order to nolo ''afeadanta to hall ahnnld not te- ?t< d, I ? nd let thia order and copy < f the ihw^xl affidailtah* ?aired it tha plaiatiff a ?tt> r? ?-? t?o la?? tba tin.e for ?kuaitr raaaa. MAM. K hit V'>W, lvtb f el ruarr, It**.'". Mr Clarl*. Kdwarda ha< t>aea r?tain"-l a? 'Onu-at far tie fpailab < oaaul aad for ( arao'jall. knperlor taart-Hpti tal Ttrna llwfora Hon Judga Daar. I IB 19 ?Ik* <Ve? farit mnJ Harlem R?Uri*4 Com ;?wyrt A In an* ~ KfU. Jr ? Tbla axrfioa eaa*t up to raoa?ar tba par raJaa of 1 ,#00 abarai o< pra'erra-. atoek aad upvarda of 4 'JCO aharaa of tba old itvt. ?Uefa>i to h??a teen frauduiantly taaaa4 t r tba dafeada nt who ? ?? iaerttary to th? roatpaay Tba 0? ft aa<4 taat tb# faapaay ba-i abaado*M tbatr flaiai far tha preferred rtocb, baraaaa tha aharM war* laatad waea taa ataab wn tall, aad It vaa aot aartala wbatber 'be '..mpaay ware .ahia far thaaa aharaa Bat tba oaiapaay bad aa i ???ad tba old atacb, aad tb* oa r <|n*at oa for tba { eoart to dartd* wu aa to tba rata* ?? ttMaa ahar*a Tb* ? ?art aaa af if auo that tb* tefead-a* wa< HaM* 'at tb* aar ?ala* of t t>l .ba->> tf'K iV/l '* W* Ht ibd(??a*. an Mr/t< a | y r??>r*d 'a* tbat CHjr Intelligent*. at w aii Kicrr ? The police return* ahow thmt mra mad a in the citjr on Hunday , being ise on tbe return* of former week*. From we bear expreaaion* of aatlafaction at the tnce of tbe city. Not only were the por d, but the barber*, aa a general thing, , detenu i a* 1 to have at leaat one day to >ong other*, tb? police captain* notice h* appearance of the city. Captain ?hath in thu diatriet (the Nlitauiith). No ari >t a altnilc portar huu?* rap<irt?d np?n. In Ira 'i tho diairiot, during th* day, I oliaarvi-d a party v >ung men who ?? ?mad determined " ? hawti.: a "au. oor aftrr doorwaa triad, but all their eflorta Horn ui? nix, and they Until) save It iip la deapalr, curling tba Maine law, ill* Sunday !?*?? wayer Wood, (n I *!l ?tb*r* who war* 111 any way luatruiuaatal la ? Lridnuin lb* "libartlea. " Captain bilk* *ay*:? Tbat tb* "rdinanoe relative to oloala>r |dao*t of l>u*inaaa wa? iincralh i-uiplitd with. Muat ot ih* harbor abupe wrru cloMd, and the proprtotora "f tboa* that M*r* .fen promiaed to cloi* neat Sunday, ai i.liey war* deairoua of nn lilyin* tn. I. . uatomura Ktrry thin* wa* ijuiet dnrinx the tla\ ?ly far the most orderly Sunday wu have *ver bad la tb? ward. Thk Kjiihhm.d Family.? We ha?e recently baten pained to learn that agriwing malady, in tbe youngest *un of I tbc deceaacd poet Kalrfleld, ha* terminated in aottlod In- I ?anity, and tbe afflicted mother and family *aw him yet ' terday conveyed to tbe lUuomingdale Asylum. We know of no lady wlio*e lile haa been a* cbe.,u*re I, or whole advereitlea buve been a* great a* tb'iae of til* widow ot the poet I airti'M ri led in early life, vouug, beautiful and aci'ompl!*b*d. fond of the gay world ami eoclety. where alio would have ahon? it* ornament, th< He *he resigned with a Willing heart and entered up in a life of toil au<! expoiure, making beraelf happy In tlila aarriHre for her children * aate. Wo truat that Mr< Fairfield miy aoon be able, by th" kin aani*taneu of her friend* here, to relieve her-<elf of h?r reaponaibilltle* to I her prntera, and that her daughter*' >H-nutiiul work of "Irene" may be Mireeaaful in It i(e*er*e*. the work haa been retarded owing to cln'umatance* *h? eould not control, and a lew of her patron*, bare and elaewhere, i rtniaiu ? ithi ut tiielr copies Her purpnee la t > per*e vire with her energien until alia la relieved of her re ?poBfibilitie* to her friend* Tin. 1'khkv Tkxtimoxial.? The committee appointed at a late meeting of nierchanta to rawin *ub?erlpt;on* fir tbe -erTlcenf plate to be preaente l to fommodor-' I'erry, held a meeting je?ter<iay, at half pant one o'rloci, at tho Me reliant*' liana in Wall ittreet. No buauiaa* of im port :inco wiia tranaacted, and ti e meeting a ljuurne<k Ut Ihuraday of thitweek. We understand that between tour BLii Ave thouannd dollai < Wave already been roller' ed. ami immediate atep* will bo taken to have a auitalilo ttatimouial prepared. AceionT thk 11 a hum Railioiii. ? Th* five a. m. tin u from V. bite I'laina waa detained on 111* toml for o?er two houra at Hart'* Cornor*. be n< Inlnrrupte 1 1 > j't , freight train which had run arm** tbe trael> daring the n'tth* 'I til* train ia principally fliled by meeiianii-1, wli i live along the road and do work In the city, and the de ti ntten cauael them no little annoyam*. xtveral of the frtigbt cara went much injurtd. Ftuk. ln FtoriTlt*.? Between 6 and 7 o'clock la?t ? veiling an alarm of fire waa nivrn in the Third dutrlct, cBiiaed by a defective gaa meter in the crockery atore of A. Mel'unaM, No. 171 Kigbth avenue, m ar Nineteenth atieet It aecma the clerk, Jane* Ingram, discovered an curape ot gan at th* meter, an t with a lighted m.ttcli . i udt avored to tuin it oil', hu'. In ao doing the ga* tool tire and burnt hi* lace and hand* holly. The alarm brought *a veial peraona to hia aid, an 1 ? itk a lew |,?il* ol water the lire waa extiugmal e I. I'aiiiAgt' about f 10, coreied hy hm. ranee. Wixtcb SriiHTx N'gw Vohk. ? A r.n? I nng Uland ruf fad grou e. weighing two pound (riftuMM, wai ahot yeatenlay morning < n the Battery, by Mi J<<bn Mulli gnu, ?'f the Klrat ward, which la bel. ????.! ?o Im tSe tlrat Kama killed in our pkfk* alrn-e the ?iKMlcocl. aliot in th> I'ira e< mewhatc ahoiit lfUtO, and fur many yeara di? played a* aa (tauimnt In the American iiu'.nl. Mupume Couit? ClK'Ult. Before Hon. Judge ItooMvalt. ACTION rOR LOHM OP A HI.IHil' DY COhLIBlOK. Fin. 10 -.l(um#ri it Jut# VI . kin Ktlly.?* Tbita lion I haa teeu on lor aotne day*. It waa to recover damage* for the In. a of tli* aloop lten**?l*>'r, allegi'd to ha\e he.-u aiibk, n July, lul l, on the river HtUlaon. hy the ateain r foe lb Avar lea. I he aloop, it apjiear*. wae romlng down | the livn laden with coal, and Ui* lt?am?r waa gom^ up, , and atmck the a!ot|>. nhen ah? auiii . l>*a*ago* were I laid it 04. Th* fit truce wa* that th" fault wA*on I iie p*rt of tbeBkxji Verdict 'or plaint il, #)4.''.7 .'>7, aiiiount claimed and mtereat. I or the pla'iitllT ^t??alra. I Q. Morton and ."inlth; for defenda it, Me?ar*. ( oaiar *nd ' Jone*. Marine Couil. Iltrfoie Hon. Judge M ' artli . 7IIK I. ATE ALLKOCD CO JITKlf IT Of ( 0! 1ST IK THt TIHKfl KKWM'APt I Ku, 19 ? Tie folio w I eg order wa*, dated f'*b ! 17.? I On .tad ng and filing the afll avil of Ihvll luocll I !??. .1 la or de r?l that the anld Lea appear before thi i Court on Tueaeay, tbe VOth Kebruary hk'. a*. It A. SI. | and aliow rauae. If any be baa, why b<- abould n it im ! puniabxl lor contempt fa: puhliihing in the fork l I tail I 7im r) ot February, IHtS, an id le entitle I 'r I li-*(J*il? "Mar.aa Tourt ? What Wa* Not I ? ne " By the , Court. MOrtP.H li GAIJC, Clerk Obituary. no*. CTKI H HARTOX.Of KIW JIAMIXIIIX*. (in haturdajr, F?b 17. aftar concluding * ap? f'ir* ? |olltlcal DiNtini o<< r (onrord, tba Ifoa. < yrua liar tr.n fall dead. Mr. Hartnn ill a wall known ad tor ant poiiMtiae, and waa, at ilia lima of liU daath, publiabar of tba Concord Hry , irr, lu? organ of llir nat, ma, danw, crata in New tfampatiir*, or" Barkrawn,'1 ?< tli*/ are cailtd, on account of tba fact that Ilia Hon. Mai on I llt.rkr It tli* ir racogniiad l?m!ar Mr llartuo vat for rrany jaa ra adttor an I publiabar of tba Na*r llampahlr* Patriot, the organ of tba I?aac Hill '-t.i ? rac/; but ! baring atfaadad wmr nf tba Piarca alioua (?> caliad ) at Cooeard, li* n-t r?l from tba papar. Iti common altla many other oM and triad Jackaan lam terata, Mr Barton iul;dKl>r?d Ua diaguat at tba yU<-j of tti? pr?*?nt ad tnlnl *t ration, and aatabliabad tba lirpnrirr, w,tb Mr Burl* a* c> utiiuutlag adilor It waa a wadl conduct*] Journal Jn March liat, tba lagialatur* of tba Mata>, by a'lon of t!>aal?m*nt? oppoaa i to tna adm nia tration, alactad Mr. Barton printer to tba rtata, thua training tba word*, ?' Behold tba itona *hlcli t'i? buildara r?/cl?'Hlll name la b*<;oma tba ban 1 of tba <-oin*r." Mr. Barton baa aararal t m? bald oflUaa ?f trurt an'* b?ri> r In tba counella of tba Htala and of tba r Ity 'if Concord Ha waa a man a?ta??X"i In e?arjr rela t loo of life In bla d' atb tba -tat a lo*e* a val la Ma citl nan? tbe pnMic pre?* a vlgoroua wrltar and an*ip? rian<?d job! aber ? tba forum as artactlaa or a tor tbi national 4*n>ocratt? party ona of lla "rme?t adherent a and tba country tbat wbf-b baa be '<> trie aim >at aa aoo maljr in tbaaa lattar daj ? -aa bonaat politic an. up at it or ntisi'ii * in mm ii morn. W? announ with 'laap rtfiil, >ij? lb* l.atieatoo fVrwraer oftlia 1Mb Ibataat, tba daatu of lltia reoera'ila pal ri* i and elta/io, win. eiplred at bla r*a idea>e la tbia cltjr, hi tta ng My trn nd j?a r of bla aga at oa? o -U- a ? a. tardar aftrraoea t of Hugar ??? lb* of < nl Banjami-i M<i(cr of tba r*<olat>on, ahowaa klliad bafara tba liaaanf CnariaatM, an'f ?a? lh? pupil of ts? iira'a.! I r. John lluatar aa & failo* lUtral of In Khj- | ?lck, of I itiiad'lpn a. Wb*u a joumg mao aadlulijr In apirtd *|th tiic ardor of Inrrku rapnb.i-taltru. ka jolna't In. I ric Iv.ilrran. ?f(l'blla4aipbia, in bia attampt to libarat* lalayatta from tba duagaoaa of Ulm iti an . oataipr aa vblrb !a<l to tb? loof lacarr* ration of tb? >oun? pair ota. Tba Arat Undiag af tba Ua'i" ? ta la ^ Malta on Anirncan aoil waa oa tb? plantation wf tba fatliar of ( oloaal 1 . K llufar, in 17*7 fba attempt of f tba ynmt ilur?r a ad Ftollmaa t/> raacaa I a ? ajatt waa iliarafrra a noiiia reeojn.l.on af baraditary aaa pa"mal )x?p tailt; On b a Imaration and return to hia naUaa land tba ml w' of tbia akclcb waa lapitalnl a <?plali In iba t altad ftataa aia? of llbn )|a reai(a*d aa : re tlrad arx.n af'rrwara a bot on tba b??a of awt of u>a aar of I'll waa recalled afaln frwan bia bai?r>4 ratlr* uiaat aad appana<a<i to ?(?'a aad ao'ta ra?*l?*l tba ??a u.aidofa ra( ma at of artiiiarjr atta?bad W tha N?itl.arn dn alan ? ? W ?al llafar aaraad bia aat. >a 'lata a Villi iTancl.aa of tba lagialatura aa<l waa a.wa/ai*alf ta j aarva bar In aar raparity cirtl *r BaU.tarr Mat lata AfTalra Ta> Konaois Pmwim* ?Th? ?waar.of tbial<aaof I farai ta ?taaanara bata aaad* a aa* ar raa?a*a*nt far , abipptnf V"*4* I"?tar. mff, l.rvMmfl a* I Wa-'ara \ irfiai*. Tfca ataamar i'oMMba la aa* iaadiaf for tba a bo < a pac*> aad l>rbaf|ta bar carfo at tttj I'wiat, ! *kaiw* fmta are ?a>*fM Wt railroad ta fvtarabatf. | ar. l aa far waat a* WytWatt Ua an tba Taeeaeeae railroad Ib a read b.ija fa r ta bi nma a rary apnrtaal aaa \? tba riata ol Virffta a. ? ?art ( akn4ar^TW* llap, Vtmv Vrataa Onrn-M, l?i \i. ?? M t* W mil (otlt-Omau Tata ? Ka* aaarnaratad i vot" a? aad M. KM IV,. M. 4.., 47, W, to, M, H M. 14, n y? 41. 49. 4a *4 r taaarr? l<wt im?. 1411, ta. liat. life* l#>" aa* ?> IJM 1 ?A! laAA |A*4 IM?, I Ma I MM* r?jua* fart lat -444, ?? Wt ?, Ml ! wt. m, Kit, vn. ?m, 414. tw>, im. i7? 1*4 a* Part 24? 4M, t. U 4*. M. K IM lit. 144 * *M Ml. Ml, 271, M. 414, MM. Mt, JM. ?M ?"4. M* M* fMraaim Oar aa? ?*ar Irmku >** Ml. 417 MJ IM 4M, IM, 474. M4 la. 4M, M4 MT, 4M 7M Ml 71*. T19, T|4. ?lf. *l?. 7M 7?l TM *M **T, T* TIO ??!, TMt. TW, ri, 7 if, n*. 7M, 7M. '?? *? W I 47). Mv Inter, allng ftoau llonduru. OUK Kll.lZt ClMiM.kHfOMll.M-tu Botntiui, IT*b. 4, ISM. (bttemplatrd Kr?.-*al rtf lk? War brtvm Homlutl and (Jvaltma'u^iimiia antt Trunllo in a HUUr ^ 9uge?Mako j/any Cutting Trad??K?gtuk Jnffuwx and iii Object* ? /Imuk Ib-nduriu? iHalk y (V fuMW fttaturer-Mufortune, qf Uu I'topU-CKoUr*, r~*r. /Vre ?n<< tloodi?Tht Wufci-y an, , intltyo ami (Jw.himr+1 Trade? A Jltnt to J'anitr tukrrnun Horn* tin* bu *l*p*ed aince I h*?? hut u?e opportu nitjr to writ* you, during whl*h Hum maujr Uinga ha* trauepir*d which you wculd bu glad tu litit Ui4 txifor ? your re*?lera ; sod although wmc may bo retWar oil, ?ball now procaad to (It* you ? few of lb* moat irnpor tant. lbr fir*t la, the war b?twNi IbiHItMiol Honduraa ami (iuitrmtk Hrni about to be renewed wltb vigor on Uw pert or Uuatamala, General Carrara baring already no tified the authortti*a of Otnoa and Trusilio that the* porta are In a atate of (lege, ami that be will Boon pa theui a vlalt with lila Hrni/ Thla, if ?arri*il out, w if reitult in tb*ir going into bla baad*, ai they are, defence leaa, and tba Htate of Honduraa la not a hie to dafond U>? town, or to retake tbetu if taken by the troopa of t.uat* mala. Nitite of tba merchant* in Ui* town* are uudar tba Impreaaioa that thla new dot* of (iaaerai Carrara haa thia objn t In vl*w? to prarent the building of the railroad in llocduraa. What their reaaoua (or Utia ria? are 1 1 a mot divine. Vet it may he trae, an the "dog ia the mang*r" principle Time wllldetannina. The maligany cutting eatabllahmeat at Uhm baa baon reeuaeitated. and will ba preaaoutad with renewed vigor hereafter. Ibe rutting* there and at the Patank are by ani undar the grant of tba Uoaqulto Kiag. Nearly ail tbe euttlnga which have been carried oa uadar irratita from the Mate of lioaduraa have baan. or are to be auapen'.ed, aa the pirtira who have for yeara out wood un<iar there grauta iu that htata, and aa there haa been, and will not be, any difficulty in continuing to oat there *nd aa tba wood thera la vary large, and of good quality? I am o( tba opinion that aoine a*cr*t of bidden eauta h* ? brought aixmt th ? auapooaion. I am atrvngth ened in iht* opto I' 11 by tbe fart that on all the** r vera tbe taltUi, trucka, and ti*da are all there, ready to can tinue tbe work, i h> re ? ' h**< cut tbrre, have uu I ta tli* govt lament ol Hum; Un dollar* (or eaofi tr#*, beaMea pay<ug duly on tue article* conauued or ueed by the ganga tlifie. llie reault of thie auapenaioa will, In tuy opinion, bu thla? when tiieao i jtttnga are reauumd, it will he under grant* from the Mute of Guatemala. Mho) ationg reaaona luiglit be gitrn to atrength ? n tula opinion Your reader* are well aware iliat the iuo?t amiable aud beat of feeling enata between that hlat* and tbe Kogliah guvariiuitnl, th* aauie ia !? It, an I ? very way rnaiiiieated hy the govern iik ut uf tliia aetth iu> nt to ami d* taat late May nut a ? lab to adiatu e ami atrrngllu u llritiah intereal and in flume* bare cauBad thla late movement on the part of the Plate of <>uatrmal*r And will not tbrae work* ba agaiu reaumed under grauta Irom (? uatamala" Him will di'tonilne Uualamaila l u recently aent a vio* conanl to rvatd* I. ere, and aa there la very little haalneaa for him to do, ahe paya him a aalarv. Mow, whan it la nun auieied that a large portion the llritiah oiaiaia hera lu tbe l ay ol ilun luiaa liae within t I* Mat* of OueU utala, art on b< r la virtually a r?il*'|ui*!iment ol liar claim to the t> intory, on*. If not the beat, claim Great llritalu baa. Aa reganla our little aettlement known aa lid ttab lioodnma, the llritiah gov-rnruent are gra>lu ally IcngtheiiiiiK ita corda and alrengthemng tta atakva. Mm. i-iavrn- n, bq , III* preaant au(>ar.tit?n dent, ia a very ci tar peraon, m 1 1 ?gr*eaol* in hia manuera. he ia a practical man, aud will uiiaiaa ni aad meit a i ieat Infliieno*. Iln ta a bar r later by prof*a?iaa, loriii*rl> ajadga in Jauaian, haa ha I much etpiriaao*. aud will mal <? <t gutal *up?t>utrbdaut; will foaWr aad atiengtben ilritiab iflRueui ?>, an I do rnxrp to kugllahii* the | eople h*T* than itiiy loan who haa lieretofoi e haeu In hia aituat r n. ile haa very hlx'rai ideaa on eduna tton, aud I am aatiCt t will it < otnmend and foal er many imp) rtant inipro\om?nta. ii-e haa an!' a ?lep la the tight ? ay, In hia late opening ol the l>egtaUtiv* Aaaent bly. It baa b*au uaual to n*et elect a i.halrman, aad I at ml a conmittae to tLe lioterniueit iloua* to r*' alee thal-upailnti n ? nt'a it.ea-age Ibia waa done, when Mr. i Htcveuai n iutlmat*t to tba comnittt** that it waa m ire I dlaUlOt'.' rod bt'. tuit-g lU?U high ail jatia u 10 Oall in a ' lo v ||il rtetive ti? tr.e>?ag< ( and im>. in wv^ld 'j*. rtady and lia, py to |?c*lv* them OS the following da/ el )? o'c'iork. fhia wa* doll" and *b*n thev raise to ! Umnwnt H' u>? II i y w. ia (flrad H ith all '.be i?m;> and giandent It waa p ?alb'.e to diaplay ia thia lumm , A guard of bono i li. M troopa fiom the barracka, with tlelr ofliier- ui t Item at pre i nt ami' , ?n I r* , nailiad nntd III- Ir I'eparture. and diatn -t 1 tbtoi I* tba j aame way 1M la i>* l.r^u.ning of a ut* atate o i linage. Ilia Mlaage waa vary aula, and r?n!*tued re ; i ? rr rneni'ailo' a for alt> r,. 'h ua in our oul in wa, and lor ma for ? onee, ehlrb, althotgti often reeam n 'ddt'i and t.if . befoi* bar< never auoc**)?J I n^.a ? 11. t will ma, 1 1 a! I 1* l i.ow, ao-1 ihiot w I aha 1 1 he beaelllad by t!.? aileratiou Tbeee Uw I ure) la a u eat naai HIV, mail i?-d aad r*qulra>d au' i r tbe r * e < oaalitutlon. ?birb baa b**n given to ua ? n th a atil' mtn'. by her Me'ealy'a goeernmeot rb? meeting a tow in a*aalcn an I *ie j rog-e't ,g very w*ll * th U i r?cw lr" *ltlu.ugh ?? ra? of the iu?ai'i?re tr>*kr atioo/ CMatlliag. The lion Ji fin Cough our v?r? at ie publt' tr*aaur*r, a BKBIaftf tire K?'cut, .e Couacil iu?t)b*r af th* i itive Ai ?emt ly ? * very ahla an.. ua?' .1 man di?a* laat BH ut ii Ilia deat'i aaa >ery un- tpe >1 and rathwr audden. In k li the aettb roett baa loat a ver) val jabU aud c rrect olfli-i r. ro'iety <rn*nf Ita b*at atuti*n a '1 1 hi* family a kind tiuab*n<t and fat .er Ilia family )>**? the f iKM/iMire an l >> mpnthy i.' th< < cAtmm iaity 'Aa? it not atraug* that t h* Ugl atna A.t-uibl> pn I ft Bttebt ba to hia deatli Oa their aaaemi/l Of Itru. ght <0. W'? ba?? "iat |>a-a?d tt.r'>u|'. a ?ar/ Oull C rattnaa? , tba ralaitiitiaa ol 'lia j?ar, rb< i?ia, <Jf<'i.<lit fl -ola fir* and (? t?r ara tuw brfiHiitr,/ to b? fait tarf a??*r*ljr V* til* ill ?nf*ga) in our linn a aurauita i i l a? ?ar<'?-i them off ? limy ?> nia, *04 li* t tba |.ri*? *f nu I '*!?? k?jd u|>, I li??e no doubt ira abouil It*** b*?tt ???.<? t<< ba?* t? t ?I'ir* *iU*Oat luu-b .lift ultr or aulcr lu. but tbat (our fall Vt to n frf Nil, ?bl' b bli tbroan ? tarj tblrij mi I of Jo nt Man akaa* lann.l*a )<a 1 loat a**rylbln< by tl?? Or*. '?p?a i?l limit to ?"Hdf tb? f vanta Tbla wuo4, Inatrad ol bntifinj ? fl to lr/< a tbo itan t )>*? IB f?M luitnrN )<*?>? aokj M l' ? a* . wblla a fraat man* ' >"?? ai? itlll on b?ni anl no k l?r^? ?# {Wl ? mail ?'< 't i ilaht y * I-* b?>f>.' for l?0 > aai. . aiaajar IS* to I t irtla ab? I art *>utb o tb? ?tw* ?i?|; lion. >a I to- hln?al ar* la da in* a ! at fat/ pr1*a, oaln# to tba .latn.rtlun of lb*** cr-pa U?i yaar hy tb* ImhU. I ioiUImm ar* acaraa, bl*h ?n1 ia i>nail, an I will roatlao* m?, a* w ba?* r<?t ajftrleat aain)>>r* ?>' ?*?? *!? ia tba ti?d tn aupply our ??alt (llrli ara maatail I J ti> loaaof Ut? ? at ta rroj ?( plaulataa Ml atttr'a aaa ' norlj atU at I ' , r?ala to i raa'a ^?r UtM?, wt.lto n?* tl>?7 ara ?.1 t-t nt id , aad !?atd to ><a bad at tbat. Wirt.**tr ? doray immi to k* inaikat abarf ailb |>laot*lb* t.'ia voaan aal fl??k round It ?n'i baalanlrr* '< il a/lti |W uii'll tf a laal la aoid ai ?o tbM or a t laaat a par' "f ' ?>?*? ? fu ???; ul>u^l*t I L* aan.? nar Ik tail la I'faid to Bit, -IU<a l*i M?| u?a pn?' pu, artHw Of low! (or tlia "r*r ilaaaaa? aad aitb oa? *al?ra aboaodlaf ?ltb raea.laaf dab art-) alia a awil rlalt a*d < a jal I* of bear-af a' ualaiit <-n|a >?! ilar>t? na, ?? ara I m-Ay aitb fia!< ?o ) out ol pUotaloa It la tra* tb* latter I* w a? oaaa by tba |?r i b it la ana ??r to tbai muat !>a aawl ail lb* p.mlat oo. ara oa'ba tiaaka of it a ritara, ?)> tb a" aaaually *?tyaM to o*arflo*. aal ooa* of tb*a> )-a*a fan- a., to laaytiii cattla fraatuam (< *m of ml oaarhri |ii<:>aanM U?| lalaa V? *?? a kuaaa ( f IU - ?? It -I taaka tba.r fort uwa at (ar '?aia( b?ra. lba lar>4 'an ' ? lta4 for lla 'Wartlaa U la ' ' ? a lad - a pa bi? of taarti.f 'ttiyiLtug abllb l?|airaa a froa* ml MW'if nut Vakl't ? ma'k I a tb a |<?4 ?ma, a<?rk a< im tba N'?a Yolk (<>aa "i aall 04 lab, mi Id tax a mnm0J t.?fa St, |<* r ? 1. raa mag oa tba >(aaatiUaa u( flab 1 a oar baj* tiitcifa aa< Hvata il ' awa. *?M? U>* ? Itr a !?*, aalnbara alii jui/if. oat a' Uaa a alar lata lba (raft aa fan [ a. a -.a oar traaka and nan TKAVIUJOl I?l? >? ?ting iiohi Hay II. ctuntTMxi ?<? 111 onukiar or !???< *? HOMIB* T'l i*?* J?<jt ?? r>ra?air*? rara-Tiw tik ?r*?r "Hut MCtirri or t-h nautmr. *? raeaiaa-4 Ufi of from Pot ?? him *, U lit* l Mia of Jttwr; Tin ftviiU 4a I i vmmrrf aa/? ?TV* lift J aaai tartar? < I !>>? IwliittMi of la<lap?t. Saa-? of lla.u, ?X) 11m aat> vatal bottor* to Jaaa J?' Nil ?? ?M of It* naoat (tarwMi* ??(rfwtm-tw* "?* ?< ? Itli i ?'k pov(? lb* Itt aal 'iA of t>. ? iwflMk I ? lateral Ma.aatr, li?*t a ]?(, ??? j ? ?# . ?i ia??'-? IiUM, ?Mortal \f a la<(* tuai of laacl ?aa#to? lia i ** aota of ih* ?aUo*al t raaaar/ b.t #??*! fca?? l?t (iUa?t?j ?l II t*a.?W fa?a?<? f?r? ? at ? . aM II MI.OM iU"?ai ??'"a*/ I aaa* to tha .aavaat af ?? < <*? f'tatea Wirfa^f. a*> |:,Utt,U4 M aat??aaJ flff/, ha?? W?? oj?.-4 ta aatl tfca Mf?it?*i.t ?a imim tar at l"l A 4arr?a of tfca /!U of fm?i+t prvrUb* that llaf ? U*a MMi> ??-! 'aaaaSaf ?faU lb. a ! -la| ta fa . <a caaatriaa t>?u Ua# ka ?{???? ?ba.'. mtua ta ?c? tSUl . U?f? ara *t^o?ata4 la tka?/ paam Howaa i* ?? w?ar Far HaaiM an Purrrr f.iai# ?? Mara tkat >(alta a auaaWr of ^?> ? -a ta>| toaa>a*a? >? M l**? ka? 4artof tka ?a ana aar*?*a?4 lor faat ijr raai??in. a-, ta* MM?ural ntnmf *?< that tarr*?a4a thia (tr Ma a tiua -*?? im farakabaa naar talwaanti (a* >ul . .i^mh Wa lata ia4 w Umi a*4 afearafc m of ? *t *.?*? **?< aa4 ?a ara itatf aM yar* ?at?* <a tk'-a^aat Ttm ttfmma ,4 brimg a/a aaa^ law tea ?? M U?ait Haat a*4 ua? aaa aaaa*. lo?r- thaa tW-a, oat fat kafcaa a*4 rrau? glrU ara aaa* aaia'aa- ?a? ?aa aaa fa fry mHatl fraaa ?atiaallla U all *a#1i af ? ta ?lata w. aaa | kaoa af a aaeeyer kaaJtaa- laaa ??, ?" alaaaaataa |tan to rinti to tfcaa iW eft; *f a TlfU at tfcla \ m? aat tha p-iaya'ta la ? : ri 1 pa rta imw'ai to ????? * ' 41 'm0 > a

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