Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW T ORK HESxVLD. ~ MORNING FDITION? MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1855. PUICE TW0 CENTS WHOLE NO. 6751 nnppMit. aw LivfRiwu-cjriTta) states mail steam C iklp ATLANTIC, Capt. Jaa. Wait, oommtBltr. ThU tMUUbif will depart with tit* I'nited States mails for ?nfe, positively on Y'edneaday, Fab. 21. at 12 o'clock L, from tier berth, at the foot of Canal etreet. For r*iffct or piiup, having unequalled aooommodation 3i alegsnoe and comfort, apply to EDWAKI) K. COLLINS, 66 Wall street. PuMinr* are raqueated to be on board at 11 % o'clock I. M. Too steamship Baltic will aunceed tha Atlantis, tad Mil Match 7th. Shippers pleaae take notice that ?he ships ?( tliia line cannot carry any gooJa ? ontra >and of war. rrm British and north amkrican X ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, FROM NEW YORK TO IJVIRPdOL. Chief cabin passage $1$$ ieeoad cabianasnsre T? FfoM BOSTON' TO LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin passage $11# fileoond csbic dmmm M The ablpa from Boa tot call at Hiuifax. ARABIA, Capt. Judkins, AMERICA, Capt. Lang, T IBSIA, Capt. Bjrrie, EUROPA, Capt. Shannon, ABU, Capt. B. 0. Lott, CANADA, Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Capt. Harrison, NIAGARA, Capt. Leitoh. These vessels carry a clear white light at maat heal, SReewe* atar board bow; red oa port bow. CANADA, Stone, learea Boston, Wedneadajr, Jan. 31. AFPICA, Harr ,oi, " Boston. Wednesday, Feb. 14. ABtA, Lott. " Bee Ion, Wednesday, Feb 28, TAKADA gtous, " Boston, Wednesday, March li Bertha oot eecured nntil paid for. An experienced surgeon oa board The owners of theee ships will not be aooouatable far (oil, silver, bullioa, lyecfe, jewelry, precious atonea of wvtali, utltM b.lU ot lading are aigned therefor* aad tha value (hereof therein expressed. For freighter passage i apply to E. CUKAJbP, 4 Bowling Green, liter* will be no ateamahip* ef thia Uaa from New Tork aatii further notice. CITTO LIVERPOOL AND PHILADEI.PHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend sailing their favorite steamships? OF MANt HESTER 2,128 tons. . Capt. Wylie. an 01 BALTIMORE, (new). 2, 6u8 tona. .Capt CI 1Y OF WASHINOTON. do.2,7C0 tons. .Capt. R. Lelteh. Saloon 100, $f 6 and $65, according to state room. A limited number ot third class passengers will ha taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, ana found la nroTisiona. J'rom Philadelphia $30 | From Liverpool $4t Parties wishing to bring out their friends can obtain certificates of passage, and drafta on Liverpool, in soma 6f ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEI. SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Broad way, Haw York. OCEAN t-TEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY? FOR Bzemeo, via Southampton.?' The United 8tatea mall Meamahlp WASHINGTON, E. Caveudy, commander, will anil for Bnmen, touching at Southampton to land the Stalls and pasatngera for England and Franse, on Satar ??Sey, Feb. M, at 12o'cloek, M., from pier No. 37, North River. Mies or raaaaoa from mew toik to sopnwiirroN oa BHKMEX. In Brat cabin, main aaloon $130 In first cabin, lower aaloon 110 In second cabin 60 An experienced surgeon la attached to each ateamer. Specie delivered la Havre or London. All letters must ?ass through the Port Office. For paaaage or freight ap ply to C. H. SAND, Agent, 11 South William at. The steamer Hermann will succeed tha Washington, and sail March 24. Steamships between havrk and mew tors direct. ? lbs staamship ALPS will sail from Hmvra di taet for New York, (without calling at inr sort hi Eng land.) on Saturday. 26th of November. Th* rate* of frelgkt and puura in firat ud a*oond cabins will b? ?"/ nodmlt. l'he sailing of tbo succeeding at** mass will be shortly ail? naced. The rite of lnsuraaoa. ? Fraaoe J* leas by ships from Havre direct for New York, than i? iUm calling at aa English port. Apply ia Ham Ml Paris, 17 Bou.evardj- das Itallens, to Donald Currla, er la K?w York, to E. CCNABD, 4 Bowling Green. US. HAIL UNE FOR CAIJFORNIA, VIA ASI'IN e wa'l and Panama? Oaliloraians are Informed (by authority fiomtha Panama Railroad Company ) that the trai sit of the Iathmui will bemad* by railroad, from Ocean to Oct an. No more mule travel ? no rirer boating, fin Tuesday, February 20, at two o'clock P. M., from pier *t foot of Warren street, North river, will be dispatched the fleet ateamahip ILLINOIS, Captain H. J. Ilartaten*, C . b. K., to connect at Panama with the new and anpe licr ateamahip JOHN L. STEPHENS. A spare boat alarava kept at Panama to prevent detention, In case of accident. No freight received after Oue o'clock on th* sailing day. For passage apply at the Oompaay'a office, 177 Weet atrtat, to J. W. RAYMOND. KEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA STEAMSHIP I .INK, via Nicaragua. The Accessory Traaait Company Of Nicaragua. l'roprietors. 700 miles shorter than any ?ther routs. Th* splendid double engine stasnahtp NORTHERN LIGHT, 2,000 tons bnrtben, Capt. IinkU j.fti'gh, will leave from uter No. 8 North river, at w 3 clock P. M tor ''unta aa Tuesday, February 27, conaectiug with the Wcle 8am, 2,000 ton* burthen, aver the Nicaragua Transit route, having bat twelve 3>ll?a of land trsusportat.on by firat class earriagea. r:.l cew and swirt Iron steamboats have lately b*m put on tho river and lake, which shortens the time on tie transit from ov**an to ocean. These steamers are :naarpa*sed in thsir ventlUation and accommodations, for information or passage, apply only to C1IA3. MORl-AN. Ajeur No. b Bowling Green Letter bags ma J* up a*, the office. Letters 26 cent/* par half ounce A 1>TI'. a LLA.? PIONEER LINK.? CARRYING THE Ublled SUtes mail ?The new aud elegant clipper abip CLOr.CK-, 1,200 tons. for .Sydney a ad Melbourne, cow IcadiLit at pi*r No 7, East river, will poaltively aaii on th* lat ol March. This ship offers a rare opportunity Tor me Janice, laborers, and Jomeatc servants, desiring tu emigrate to Sydney. where immediata employment Is sMaioed at enormoualy high rates of wages. Only 170 required to be paid here, and $50 after arrival, to be paid jut of earning*. Ilia (iecrges will be followed by thecela bated clipper abips'Ocean SUed aad Nightingale The for n.. r to sail about March 1G, and the latter April 16. Both lies* veaaele, oa tbair second voyages, having made the aheitrat passages on reccrd; the Ocean Stead la eigbty n'ne da j a, aad th* Nightingale ia aaveaty-flv* daya. For freight or passage apply on board, or to R. W. CAME RON, 110 Wall stieet. {"TmTyOKK" ANDNKwT)RLKAN8 STEAMSHIP OOM J pany.? For New Orleans, stopping at Havana ? arrylcg tba United States Ma*l.? The ateamahip CA HAWBA, K. W. Shufeldt, Commander, will commence r? -etviug freight on Wednesday, Feb. 21, and sail for the above porta on Moniay. Feb. id, at 12 o clock, from pier it foot if Beach atreet, North rivet. Freight for the in terior acd for MnMIe, consigned to onr agent* ia New Means, Jams* Connoly A Co , will b* forwarded free of ^mmlisicna. Paaaengers for Havana mast procure jaesporti before leaving port For freight or paaiag*, i rply to LIVINGSTON, CRO( HERON k CO , Agents, 81 Broadway. N. B ?Tli? BLACK WARRIOR, J. D. Bullock Com uender. will succeed the Cahawba, and sail Friday, March 14 Bills of lading must be sent la for signing itie evening previous to the ship sailing. IpOR MOBILE, TOUCHING AT HAVANA TO LAND [ passengers. Iba faat aailing steamship UNITED sTai'M ? ill Uvn has berth foot of B?ach atreat. North River, .a Thurtday. Merck 1, at 'i P. M., for Mobile aad Ha tana. I'aasageto Mobile and Havana? first cabin, M5 , for vard cabin. $4<l. steerage, %"? ?r? riaight or pasaaga i pply to I'/JiAOA TEL VALI E k CO. 28 Broadaray, or no. 8TANNARD, Jr.. 10* Kroat mr?? riR NOitFOiX, i'ETERSBURO AND RICHMOND - lbe United States mail ataamohip ROANOKE, Thoa. k Inner commander, will laava pier 13 North rirer, oa vr<tnsailay, Feb. 21, at 3 o'clock P. M.; will arriv* ia vorfola tba aett aUeraooa, and Petersburg aad Rich uoad th* following saorning From Norfolk, paisangeve or the !*outh proceed by railroad direot, with through ieketa from Weldaa to Wilmington Augusta, * e . Paa ag* an i tare to Norfolk, $8, 'to Petersburg and Riok mad, S10. steer ag* half prica. Apply to U 1'LAM k Pl.KASAXIB, 32 Brr>adway. . H>K fcAVANNAH AND IXORIDA-CNITED STATE d [ Mail I .in* ? 1 The new and elsgaat steeauhip t.ORIDA ( apt W S Wood hull, will leave New York lor avennahoa Wednesday, February 21, from pier So. 1 ?ortk river, at 3 o cloca i . M. BiUa of lading sigael oa oerd. For fra gbt aoaiy on b?>ard , ar for paaaage, to AMCEL I- MITCH1LL, 13 Broadway. For Florida, trough t'eaeta from New York to Jackaoaville, ? <1, to ilatka, 8<^. lbe Augusta, Capt. Tboa. l<oon' wlU sac ?ed, and laava oa Saturday, Feb. U. r.^OR SAVANNAH- FARF REDCCED? THE UNITED V Mate. Mail bUamebta KEYSTONK STATE. Captaia . flard e, will leav* Pbilalelphia for ."avannah nn Wad e<day, Feb 21 atlOo'clock A. M. Fare, $3P; ateer. tf?e K rstoae Bt at* will leav* agtta aa abov* a Wednesday, March 7. Agents in New Vork, ACR4N UN k TALLMaN. 19 Old allp, where atatern ims may a sacared. PR CHA*l4>TON AND FUiltlDA ? tiEMI- WEEKLY U. 8 aaail line- Tbe splendid, favorite steamship AMION. W. Foster commaixlrr, will leave pier No. 4, . R., on Wednesday. Februaiy 21, at 3 aVloek P. M , -eetaely For freight apply oa te.ard, whae- all bills lading will be signed, and for piasag* at th* office of OFVOTM). 1II.KSTON" * CO , M) Broadway. Through ek*t? to Florida as lollawa? To Jacksonville, $11 to latka, M l. Tha stsamer Southerner will sncoad, an I sve on Haturday . February 24. C*OR KE\ WE-T, TAMPA BAY, O DAR'KEYS. PENS A ? 2 cola. Newport and Apalacbicola. Th* st*aaa<bip ST. AWRDft K will r*t*iv* freight for th* abov* port* at ?r berth, foot of B*ech street N R.. sol sail "a 28th at at 8 P. M. Far freight or pes eg*, luviag superior womndatma apply to OR). STANDARD, jr., No. 184 -oat street. iMOCXIke BIRDS FOR SALE.? TEN SI'IJCVOID ft markiag birds, sot to be eicelled la ta* e ty. ?ey awekcat, dog, has, rooster, aad sing aigkt aad ,j. Aar patsan t* procure a An* b rd w*? at*4, aa? apply at ?TlVoirrl straet BOARDING AMD LOOODTO. Q?Q BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE. ? HANDSOME OUO *utt of rooms on the flrst floor, conafeting of four room*, with bath room, gaa, 4c. ; with or wtthoat board. Private table if required. BROHDWAY, CORNER OK TENTH STREET, pleasant and handkomely furnished roomi and bedroom*, at reduced price*, for gentlemen and their wives and tingle gentlemen. Entrance 136 Tenth etreet, juat below Grace Church. Reference exchanged. ft AQ BROADWAY ? TWO FRO N'T ROOMS, SUIT U O able for famlies. with fall board. Room* *up plied with gaa and well furnished. House has all mo dern Improvement*. r yj O PEARL STREET. NEAR BROADWAY ? LOD tl~re/ glnvK ? Two or three furaUhsd liall bedrootnj, and aerenil other pleasant and comfortable apartment*, (with and without Are place* f, cau be had by rtxpect able applicant*, on reasonable term*, by applying ai a bora 7/-V FRANKLIN BTREBT, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF | V Broadway, neatly furnmlied roomi, with bedroomi attached, on the first and cecond floor*, for gentlemen; breakfaat served if repaired; also, one or two ilngla roomi, for lodging*; etoanllae** strictly obierred. r r WEST 1WENTY THIRD STREET ?A FEW 8E t)t) ject families or gentlemen can be accommodated wiih salt or single room*, with full or partial board, In l he eligible brown stone building, which i* new lid Lcwly furnished, and containing all the modern im provement*. A r. GROVE STREET, NEAR BL8XCKER? A FINE 4rtJ parlor on Brat floor, to tot, furntobed or unfur niibed, with board. Hoa*a first *laas, saatat^iy Im provements. Location moat desirable and accessible to car and stage llna*. n UNIVERSITY PLACE? BOARDING IN ONE OF the moHt eligible location* In this city, in the im meoiate vicinity offBroadway Fith avenues, large.hetels, Saces of amuiement, library, uc Front rooms for milie*;al*o room* for single gentlemen on advanta geous term*. AI.ADY AND HER DAUGHTER WOULD LKT, WITH board, in a house with all the modern improve ment*, an elegant *uit' of furnished roomi to a family, with or without a private table, and use of a fine piano; or would tot tie lame to a party of gentlemen; house is pleasantly locate.!, and near stage* and oar*. Apply %t It Wast Thirty-fifth itreet, near Sixth avenue. A FEW YOUNG MEN OF STEADY HABITS CAN BE ccmfortably boanle<l with a family of three per sona. Terms $3 per week. Apply at 147 We?t Twenty tecond street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*, f.econd floor. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND TWO OR THREE f\ single gentlemen can l>e accommodated with plea sant rooms and beard, in a house with all the modern Improvement*, and where they ean enjoy the comforts of a home. Please call at 57 Vandam street. a SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WILL I?T A FEW J\. neatly furnished rooms, with or without partial board, in suit* or separately, where the comfort* of home can be enjoyed. Baths in the house. Apply at OA Macdougsl street, three door* above Houston. A LADY, OR LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN OB tain a large, neatly furnished room in a small pri vato family, at ten dollar* per week, or a small room at seven dollars per week. House bas gas and bath, and is near Broadway. Address, for two day*, Mrs. How land, Proadway Post Office. A SMALL BOOM, WELL FURN13HED, 8UI TABLE for a Mingle gentleman, to let, in a private boune, with all the inodtrn Improvement*. Apply at 94 I*rlnce ?treat, a few door* west of Broadway. Board ? rooms and suits of room* for gen tlem?n and their wivea, and dingle gentlemen, can in a respectable family at No. 0 Ashland place, lata Perry street. The house contains all the modern improvement". Rooms furnishml or unfuraisbad. Accessible by cars and stages to all parts of the city. Board? a pari .or and one or two bedrooms, on second floor; also single rooms, for gentlemen In a first class house; no removal on the first of May; French and Spanish spoken: dinner at 0 o'clock. Rie Terences given and retjnkea. Inquire at lul Tenth street, near Broadway. SOARlv-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN IS DESIROUS OF obtaining a comfortably furnished room, with ikfast and tea, in a small private family who have no other boatders, either in this city, Brooklyn, or Wil'.lams burg ; beat reference given. Address K rf. G , Hersll office. "DOARD.? A FEW SINOLE GENTLEMEN WILL FIND JD good aceommendationa at a;i Foreytli street, near walker; single or double beds; a stove on third floor for KeneraJ comfort. Respectable mechanics will find this | eligible. Board.- one op. two gentlemen can be ac rrmmodated with pleasantly furnished rooms and partial board, In a private family. Gall .at 40 West Fif teenth street. Board lp town ? a gentleman and wife can tiave n well furnished room *nd good board, in a i private family up town; the bouse has all tbe modern conveniences, gas baths, fcr. Convenient to staje* and cars. Apply at 210 West Thirty-first street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Board wanied? by a .single gentleman, a native of Spaio. Full board and lodging in a re spectable American or English family where notning but Fngllili is ?poken; improvement in that language leing tbe principal object of tte advertiser, who will pay liberally If suited. Situation, between l*rloce and Fouitrenth streets, not fsr from Broadway. Please ad drras, J. 0., Box 4,202, Post Offioa. Q0AKD1NG? ROOMS AND SUITS FF ROOMS TO LET, D with or without partial board. Tim house has all bemodern improvements. Apply at 2.1 Weat Tweuty aoend street. SOARWNG ? SINGLE GENTLEMEN ClN Bh ACCOM - ?novated with pleasant single or double rooms, with board, at 122 Chambers street. Dsv board'rs can be accommodate j also. Refereace required. BOARtING AT <24 BROADWAY. -TWO GENTf.KMKV and tbelr families can be ar.comm'Mla'nd with de airable rooms, Iront and bark, and board. Likewise two gentlemen with single roo da and board . BOAPDING ? A FURNHIIED PARLOR. FOR A GEN tleroen and lady, or two single gentlemen ; al-o. two otber rooms, with grates, for gentlemen or ladies, la a email family. Apply at 17H Canal street, near Vartck. BOARDING? FURNISHED ROOMS, PLEAS ANTLV situated, for single gentlemen or gaotlem?n and r wives, with full or partial board; gas ard baths in the bouse. Apply at 1H Fourth street Referenoes exchanged. Boarding? a lady wans a room firms hud or nnfurnlshel, with board for herrelf, with a widow lady oi where there are no other boarders taken Location must be up town. Toruis, if an unfurnished room, not to exceed five dollars a week. Address Imme diately T. Morton, Hudaon street Poet Office. BR3GKLYN HEIGHTS? 120 COLUMBIA STItKKT, two minutes' walk from Kulton and Wall street fer ries. the most de.'ightful location In Brooklyn er vicinity. Three rooms vacant, appropriate for gentlemen and their wivee or single gentlemen. permanent arrangements can be made for the summer. Call soon, reterances required. Elegantly fi -rnisiikd aimrtmevts to let, in a private bouse, 645 Broadway, with or without board. Apply sn the premises, or to Theodore (}. Uar win, US Nassau street, from :: to 4 o'clock P. M. FUBNItHED BOOMS TO LIT? WITH OK WITHOI T board, suitable for single or married persona. N. 1? No children taken. No. 1M Laurens street, noar ion I too. Fl PNIMIKD Rt?OMS FOR GKNTUHMKM WITH OR without breakfast and t*a. also one lady ran bars M ard who wiahea to room with another lady. Reference required. Inquire at t'i Llspenard e'reet, near Broad I W'y~ ; "V'O. 147 HUDSON STREET, OPPOSITE ST JOlftTs ! 1. v Psrk? Famished rooms to let. with boar 1. to sin gle ssntiemen. or gentlemen aad their wives. House i.ewlv furnished with all the modern Improvements . A . few day hoarder* ran be accommodate ONE MffGLE GENTLEMAN, OR TWO WISHING TO occupy the earn* room, ran he arrommodafd with partial toar I furnishod o? -inform-hed rooms, la a art rate 'amily. by spplvlng at 230 Wtet Twenty aeeond street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Terms rsa { aoaable. R' COMS-A LARGE ROOM WITH OR WITHOUT A bed room attached, eaa lie had. furnished of un I furulebed, with or withont partial board, at 104 Graod [ strict, Brat blors west of Broadway. Also, a aingle | rcom on moderate term. r) LET- A FCRFWHED ROOK, WITHOUT BOARD, in a private family, at && Weat Twenty first street WANTED? TUE SECOND STORY Of A MODERN built bnuee, with board for geatlemaa, wife three ! children aad nura^ situated between Tenth an I I Twentieth streets. ITrst awl Fourth aveoaes Terme , not to ?iceed ll.OnCfernaun Addiaie M. S. Cornell, I Port Office, postpaid. References exchaaged. iiwiOMCTr ! IB r ADA ME A I WIN, FBOM PARIS, TENDERS HER iU servicee to the ladiee aad geatiemea. la par* ao logy, by books aaa eeieaee She eaa ba eoaaalud about lava, marriage, buaiaeea aptritaa' fatal. Ua* aa4 will tell tbe aaase sf tbe lady or gwatlemaa they win marry, alee the same of her vieitan. Madam* A: via [ loasetme U KngLsh. Preach aad Garam Istilseee I V<9 Bowery, tear firwi s?re*t THE KHOW NOTHINGS. New *??*, U *nd Vermont S*?t? Council*. ft'Ew roJlK OLB IYRACC8K COKKEPl .0!,1*NCC. Sykaits*, Friday morning, ?*''*> H !*'><!? lb* Grand State Coun<- 1 of the Know Nk things hwve adjourned. Tli* ?ea?ion. comment ed on _Trtk lny an* closed at twelve o'clock last night. The proceeding*, ?< far ai I can ascertain them, were interesting, orderly, batmonious, anil a unit ? harmonious and a unit even in the recommendation to an obnoxiona delegate from Albany to take the first train out of the eity. The ' council opened on Taeitday morning, the 13th Instant. Nearly the whole time wan occupied In the ex amlnatlon of the credential* of delegates. There were nine bundled and ten council* represented, and the delegate* present numbered a beat two thousand. The number of "letted'' membtr* of the council* represent ed at thii convention wa* aacertain*4 to be <mi hundred and forty-tvo thousand ? quite ? respectable Tote in a cloeely contested eljctien. * One iccideat marked the proceeding* of the first day. Moiei Kamea appeared a* a delegate, lir. K. i* a member of tfc* State Auemblr, and Toted for William B. Seward. Before hi* arrival It wa* atated that he was sent to hyracuM by Speaker Littlejohn. Hi* reception, there fore, wa* not a very gratifying one HI* appearanoo, Indeed, produced a commotion; but, by the advice of Mr. Barker, the Albany delegate took the drat train back to the State capital, fie wa* recommenced to take the first train, no matter whither it carried him. By follow ing this advice Mr. Kamea' feelings were aavaJ from be ing licerated. On Wcuneaday, the 14th, Mr. Kbling wa* txamined in regard to *ome charge* made againat him. He wa* unanimously acquitted. Mr. Kbling 1* your efficient Commissioner of Streets and Lamps. In the afternoon there was a debate on the constitution, and the election of officers for the enauing year. I give you ihe names of those chosen:-' Jumes W. Barker President. Ambrose Stevens Vice l'remdent. II. Partington Secretary. ? Skeels Assistant Secretary. Joseph Taylor Treasurer. After the election Mr. Barker dcMvered the annual ad dress. which is said to be a very able document. On Thursday, the 16th, the debate on the eon*tituti>n was reaumed, when it was decided that the old .State conatitution, modified, to conform to the national plat lorm, should remain in force till May, in order to give time to the committee on the conatitution to perfect their labor*. In tie afternoon del, gate* to the Nation*' Council to be held in Philadelphia were chneen. I al*o give you their naraea Ditt. Dtlepatei. Alienates. 1? James W. Barker Daniel I'llraan. 2 ? T. J. I.jons R. Graves. J ? I.. S. Parsons A. 8. Waygant. 4 ? P. Haminons W. A. Russell. f? (Prew out.) 6?0. Squires J. M. Corti-y. 7? S. V. R Mallory J. T. Morse. 8 ? Horatio Seymour, Jr M. Burn?ll These delegates are elected from tbe State judicial dis tricts, but as only seven delegate* can be lent to tbe National Counc'l one district had to withdraw. Ya'iou* comrr ittees were appointed, one to harmoaiie and settle all local difficulties. This closed the i,roce*diuga. The Council met in Corinthian Hall? a splendid place for large assemblage* of people. All tbe expenses wete paid by the members of tbe order reaiding In Syracuse, who urged upon It* State Council to meet annually In this city. 1 believe tbe next meeting will be held her* There is one fact I must ment'on. There are Hires thousand snd five hundred voters in Syracuse, and tbe book* cf tte councils of the town shew that the Know Notb'ngs have two thoutac i and two hundred "teste 1" niemter*. V hat do jou think of thi* ? Syracuse, you ktow, has become celebrated In blnek history as tbe city of the Jerry reacuer*. Tbe old political partiei, reduced now to fiee (oilers. abolitionist*. and a few whig*, are to hold a meeting to-moirow night, to attempt a fusion to set in future against the Know Nothings. But salt wont WW them. SALINE. CON'KEC riCCT. ORAM) IKOW N0TH1>0 COt'KCII. IS NKW IUVIX, A ctrtr*pond>ntof the Hartford nini-i mjrt, that a'?ut | four hitbured Know Nothing .iclcga'e* aMomblcd la New 1 Harm <11 Iht IRtb oil , in attcnuarjce upon the Grand . OcMincil ard hold nu:tr I'ngthy ?enlor*. Thai reported 1' 9 ci-umcilt ?n Itif Stale, anbmriua 22,000 membert Some of the iDfmben aera n favor of poatponiag the Htate Convention for the nomination of State officers till the iirat week In March, l>ut it waa not dote. It will be held at \ Hartford, on the 2Vd inat. N?U?miah D. Hperrr, of New Havta, |>fe*ided He li a atone raaaoo. and a very ac tive man .n the oi<l< r. There weie about thirty whig > lawyer* n the Council, but the democrat ? were g*n?raf Ijr retire ented by "lavmen." BUI, of l.vmt; Putnam of MiddMowa: Carter, of Portland, ami Home other* i whoaie pretty imart, of the democratic faith, were atout. rrniij ' lor work." Bat the demoeiata are not j repri aenlrU a* the whig* are. eithrr in nunl creor apeak icg mi inhere. Chapman, of Hartford, and do?. Dutfon, of Nen Haven, were about the only men e#riou*ly tallte 1 of for Covenmr, and they appeared to run aboat even In ktiengtb. Ihe n>nlwM appeared to In- ?..!??' at th? array ot elreugth which they preaent, eapet.allv the w- ?? mrmbei x, ?ho are imbued with new life, and Lave a o w toral affinity to the princlplee of Hie American part* or United Ameiicana, vulgarly called Kanw No Uiag*. I hay call the old partlca the " dry b?oe*." VERMONT. KNOW NCTIJINQ -TATE COTKCIL AT NORTIIHM.D. Lart week a Mate Council of Know Notbln|a wa? hel<l at Kortlifield, Vt. ? that town appearing to be the bet I- I quaitr re of the Order. It la naid about MM) were preaent, j Nothing tranapired la tegard to their p'oceedlng* Dramatic and Mnilral Matfrn, At thk BroadwaT Tii?aT*f the Pyne and Harriaon [ Fagliah opera troupe have completed a long and aue reaafulengagernent. "Cinderella ' had a run of twenty flee night*. Thi* company will appear >a Philadelphia thia evening, at the Walnut rtreet theatre It la atated that there will be another Kngllah opera aeaaoa at the Broadway theatre, onmmencing about th? middle of April. Tbie evening Mr. K. L Davenport will commence a two week'* engagement, a* "Hamlet," aupported by Mr Haichatt aa the ghoet, Mr. Grace aa I**rt*a, Mr. Whiting aa Polonlua, Mr I^ffingwell aa Claudia* Mr. Lacergtn aa Horatio, Mr*. Abbott a* the Queen, and Mme. Poai*l a* Ophelia. Mr Davenport ia a finiahed artist. At Bc*To?'a TitiATM. the only novelty dur ng the ' week haa been a new farce "Where Hhall 1 Din*' ' It la an importation, and waa aucceaaful. To tight, at thi* boute, Mr. Charlee Flaher, a capital actor and a great favorite with the Chamber* etreM andienoea, take* a benefit. The bill include* "Aa Yon Like It," Jaquee by Mr. Fleber, Touchatona by Mr. Barton, and Roaaliud by MlaaPaynond. The afterpiece la "ISaC. *y?d Jtu?n, ' | with Mr. Piaher aa WilUam. At Waila<w'? T iff atkk, the only novelty ha* bean tb? revival of Ferj lover'* effective ttinperan-e aheteh, "O Flaaaigaa and the Fairien," which wai done f?>r Mr. litongham'* benefit, tnd afterward* played through the wtrk, to the gratification of large uambera of people "Tbe Came of Ufa" haa alao baaa played, with eome change* in the ceat Mra. Phillip* looked and aetod the (ait of Miaa trailer vary well. Thia evening 'be bill ia cladee "The Laet Man," "A Bacbe'or of Art*,' aod "Th Artful Dodger." At tb<- Bowiar Tbcatkk, Mr* M. Jo net ha? 'reea tU* ma n attract on during tbe we>-k. fba 1* one of the ?ery beet of Amertran actraaaea. Ao o.faneeof tbe aitra ordinary raeaae u?ed there hard time* to get a fal liouee waa giv?n by a bill of the Btwery theatre ree*at ly, on the oceaeloo of a ''complimentary benefit ' ligh ptatea were aaaoaaced, aad tt err were fourteen daacet, >onga, Ac., eo that the yoaag g'atlemea who laveaMka ?hilling ia a pit ticket, paid about half a seat f >r -a ch performance The entertainmei.1* at the Bowery to light are for the benefit of Mra. M. Joaee The bfl ia a well ael?rt*d one, aad iatladae 'The Apwfit*," The loitat of Beady," "Tha Death ofPeor Jee aa-V Jacket* of Haa. *' There U to be a "firat appeante.* tm a ay ?tege " aad Mr. J. E. Darfvage wi l appear aa P??r Joa ,n the afceteb fr> m M?ak Houaa, draaat'^t bf ?aiiaaelf. Tbete attraetloaa, roaibiaed with the -amU of the bea< ficiary, ehoull drew a great crowd the ft.w?ry th.i evtaiag At the A?t?ica? Mi m. " C Tom a CaMa" hat beea revived, and it wiU be pit Jt,\ tboegU thi* weak At Manuaua' Bau, A i Mlaatral* aaa.. ;n-a a ?ah 04 ,ur ** .a fret).af a?J th* ?e* bar le^ae fir be r-pe?t*?J. it *?u. MO BcstJwtf, 0u<-Uey'? llioftrelj gitr their pieft *al raterU.cuieatn. ReC'l *?'" 'or thU evaaiag. MrSlC AM) TBI DRAMA M.BEWRME. Paii-apaLrma ?A roacert for til* poor fU (fireo b/ the M.vonercbor Vocal Kociety aod Beck 'a Philadelphia Bind, at the Mtuical Food Il&tl, oo Saturday. Tha Black B??ri her lairt concert on tbe hum night. IauU XI. ha* be u brought oat at tUe Chaataat, priact pal part* by Mr CouHock, Mr. Prior aad Mrs. BraUford. Mr. Wt'liain Whaatlay wan recently married. The lady '? aot ? member of the draoiatir profaaaica. Signer BliU 1a at?(ulumbia Hall. BiiLTiaoKi. ?Mr*. A K. Baker had a benaflt at tha I'roat atreet th **?'? h??t Monday. Kaceatly. Mr. W. H I rlgga, the lra.ll '< actor at tha Muiteum, wa< pienentad by ea*eral eltliaca with a raluabla edition of the work* f Sbakipf are, and ^ gold watch and chain Boston.? Mr. Bucht'uau had a beueBt at tha Natloual theatre on 1 rid ity. and appeaud in nalectlooa from Bra Shakapi artio play*. Ml aa-l Mr?. Florence eomtsence aa tn|agem< nt at the NaU"">al to night>. M*.? 1 The Mufe'um at thin plac? w*a burol , on Wadneiiday. It wax uooccvpied. Ciu?u>nis.? Mr aod Mr*. P. B Conway are playing here. Ibey will he auccteded by Mil* fcliu Ugan. Paul Julira and M'm? Hone Te VrW h?*a gWeo Mice??a- > ful concert* "7 HtHLn*?rn'' Kire D*'>*itnient ?>*? h?d ? I ,b"U*' C. Pope road *? m ? ??? 1 "zrr;rM:, Kt,r#,t in pu-T,n* ? SI,0' W "UCCeWVd h' Mr?- >?'?? I mk IbJn, " WriU *0ua?* ,0 W?. Th? ?ak family g,? , rooc#rt on the 14(h s 4 | g*r? circis bad left Mobil.- en route for the North u!TZ""?,' rU.1'" AD"#lU rn?* ^ ha<1* ?on,plimen. ??d*r*d by one hundred adm rain or^Z'.7Uir f T'b*"' *nnounc*d .. the " Star the W,,t> u ?l>ortly to apnea r here. BriFALO ? -Mr. Harry Seymour 1Dd Mr. and Mr-. W H Ward, are tl.e atari here at pr.?ent. U rfU'~Th',,ATriC" U'"t r'' un,i" "r.fleand Seller U well, though there La. been *>,?* trouble with the pre., in re^ar.l to free .d?ia.l?n,. ..achamyP' wa. a failure, but Ue old Don Oloranni .burlo.que, re ramped and lccalized by Ja. Mmmond., la ? ,nc. Ct'*,.7~Tb' '''?* Witch" draw, wall at the Metropolitan, the i !?r,'C " TUm* th? "Wept of ! ul j? yb "U8"??>W' tor her benefit, 1 to? good audiecce Hamoel OeWUle ? l0 op,n tlJ j Sacramento theatre on the 22d Mr Daria, of th. ' Metropolitan, will shortly the Ar.nt.e State to i procure noT.ltie. for Mm. Sinclair Dr. V Gate. ;. I ptincantertalnmentH at II, e ualnea, accomp.. tied by Ka'e Douglaaa, a daateuaa Mea.ra. Wilder and Edwin Plllett have returned from Honolulu The 1 Maryarille theatre clo.ed on' the I&th The Stockton theatre . p,n?d on the 14th with ?N.ra! Engagement., ' he R<jugh Diamond," and the "Good for Noihln* ' Pnoa. have been reduced, and the corp. number. I belp., Chapman. Glo?er, I.oyd, Thayer, Kew, llrowa Tbonipeon, Moulton vt*. . * tZ&rZ!*- ",?Ln Kalreh'ld. ar'i.t of tbe*Me" to JS b" ^ Loation. Thackeray ha. written a ?.?edr, bU dramati, e.a.y, Mr Wlgan will bring oat at th Olympic Mi.. Charlotte Cuabm.n ha. reappear M ^m??. at the Haym.rk.t, and ha. with her a new pot ?W ..?w.nbotoegh, who, un'er Charlotte'. au.pi,*. appeared a> Juliet, and ia pronounced "pretty, but feeble "Oimmatu,*." Mi.. wa. warmly g^., ?^u,tiy applauded. The *?,0 PoorTrar.ller." ha, b?en flieroati*?d and brought out at the Burrey Ml. Ulm I. reading at th. PolyUcl.n.c In.t.tute, ClurU. 1 b" '? !'?*<> the Pri.ce..' for a term of year.. A I rury Une, Doug la. Jerrold'. two act drama, ?Th, Heddlaf Gown. ' ha. been produced mach ineoMj ra. jjropri.tor.0 1 ll.i. the.tre recently held . m^tiM and the report n>ade wa. more farorable than inr ther Mr r^u"' lWntT ? Tb' '*? tU I Mr hmitb, the prewnt lee,*e, hld enteral into a lewe ! for reven year., c< mmenelng th> l.t of January ltm j ?t a rent of U.uoo per ,Dt,um ,n,j th,T e(mfl(ltr(d ,?..tV! t*atl"aiD 10 "knowledge the pnuc'aality i rk.?,~ i'. paiJ ki. rent ainc. h. had held th? theatre It wa. upon th. full ctnriction that 1m w.hiI i continue to fulai hi. nUifaUon. thu. hon'raWr thlt the r??ted their ei|?cUll?n? of harlnc the 1 mean, to diac barge the claim, . on,e.(?,Bt on D^Latin^ ! ,^th a nearly tew theatre, b*thtal rnffi and ext. rnally, at an eaptuse of about CJ 0 TO. ' IntrnMIng fro m ( nlta. otil llAVa.VA 10KKMP0NDK<4CK. UjiTaaa, Jeb. U, 1HS5. j 7V XuiprU<i h\hbuit*r Movement , The pa.t week baring been one of more than ordinary ?nter. .t In regart to the political and MXal .tale of the Henpre fet i.Unl o' Cuba, I have tho.ght ? ,Imrt r.imljlcng acco.nt of affair., a. .e.n th.ou,h a pair of Aner can .peettcl.*, mi,;ht prove (ntere.tliig to yo it rearer.. Knmor. of certain ruovementi of tb* Aiibn. tero. were rife during the early part of the week but It ?ae act until Friday that any- derlalre morement t-K,k pace, Blowing the firm determination of the f'aptaln General not only to nip any incen'Ury attempt. ?t rcTolutiou m tbe hud, but aUo to g.rrote it, in the per .?n*of the rngli ader. ? if they could catch then, ? On Thuraday afternoon the Captain Genial . o.cha ????? a dinner party at th. PaUre, to which lr.rit?l ' ''r,,'d?nt of the I.lreo, and reeeral other.. At 9 o'elork on Friday morning * nor Plate wa. arou^.1 from what we may .uppoee ?er? hi. al ter dlnnrr dream, and told -hat hla pretence wa, needed at the Tela.-. Manned at the reque.t, h. conr.yed to tte in a few word., hi. belief that tb.f mart I* u>or,..g under ? ?i??ake. a, be had Ja.t dln^t at tbe Palao. and that if they intended h m to breakfa.t there tlte inritation wa. too abort The ofl.rer., ho.erer, would take no denial, and in a few moment. r<enor Plot, we. on bi. way to rhe Palace and the pn^n of th. Moro ? Oat rid.y afternoon, th* rnmir. of revolution reach I ing the ear. of the prionpal merchant, of II. ran., anrt a- the f>idrin aaya, thalreye., (through th. 'lareJn ) th?y in a b,Hly wa.ted on hia -'?.mo yr r.piUri u.a.ral Concha. lint let a. not mutilate tb* loud .ounlin/ ..count of the Ou,r,o. W. ,Ul ?? K7 cellency tha Captain (.eneral at once recei,?| roti. aa*r mblage. tha can.- of whoee wa. . .alaloei to b.m by IMo lUmon Jurt. TU1. irntUman, In a ahort but etaquent dlatourw, ..U that net only the a.a*.bUf preaent, tut aUo their fHend. and eon.tiin?nt?, r.l>.a/r ? ith full confidence on tbe atrengtb and re.o or-., of he goTeioment, could do no l*.? under drMa.tasr^. Bre'ine 'i *l (h* ?'?? '? r D, n.1 . u,aU,arnX ^ l?dt??*?">n at the ? r ? ;r ???'?? ?? authority ,o loted, ?. an^al^M" "I"' ?,0'' '? 'hou Li??.?k^ * k. tho"*4,,'1? of loyal ?ubje-?. would defent r. n t Sn.'jTV V""1 ^eliency The f eV 'a,n Cen.eel, In ,n elo?|.. ir.t and energetic' ?, ,tZ hea gaT* thanka to the reunion for the pat,. >aatt m? 3ta e> pre..ed by them af who., .ineeriti W- h.d .1 ? n'rlae*1*^. *0,1 th*? >' at tim ? unriag hi. go*> umta*, the'ikU*. of lix. able to (.nd >uf)lei<nt a'd to malnt. -i i? >n -e.''t? an 1 'jNakV-l10^^' X* ^ '?t'u uaium ) |fm *|?|| ixp4H#<! ?>#? ?, q c? th# b?i * iMl in tf t } !*/* >1# Ar.&oM whu , ?*) j t..r yri.en, aoi her cben.b.d '.ea. -a; til wr.'?r,.Jf>* "4 'J- 'hb..u-a U . *** ?#ow? to lap tain General r?% .irotte' hi .VT* "V / f1*1 ,%k ">? f <*?, h.a ' i- '??rw.i R?x ha qaletly >eetAt ia Immr.Jl. rvlil '' "?0*T?niaD?. ai laalua ,. Ibean Cuban rerdaliaai are to u. ?? ? ci- JS-JTSnLrai and are afaoo* aa aaaful. I .W.n.lad tb* Vaile da Ual^oa en r?n ley ato. o.i vr aa.1 a pretty food e?k tekt I aeeer i'aew what <?? Uwa.a *a, bef.?a JT hotter.. Wm r?.* mataaar toe I *r** *ko,,l> th*^ lun ?>*? leag - Herrotly from AagW dale*. ? Jt" *r?%d reriaw at the ?ampo del Ma rta, oa leader nf era">a. wa. worth Thee a<te?e-?i --- - W a' ZStm*'. t"f,,trr TV rUdm^.aaamale t to Mae of & Ane, deltTr^^"***' *<>W *l T?"-? tbeatte U W j *k s^jsnnj^s^js: . ?ISLtSS! m *1 " ?** >4w Vuil *T ? m 'mam^lku . ** *ba C^hawha aaO. ia ae h? ? ru'e? -ta? roe to ac/e?^r ..g i4- u 4e*m fWM l?4 IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. Rumors of A Treaty belwetn Ihe United Sltile* and Mexico for the Sale of Yuealan. Our Mfikan (orrMpomlrnrf. City or Mmco. K?b I, 1 it I Affairt in the (Mfi'al?Orral KtcUtm*n'?H. S. If. in a Tifkt J'larf and Tbkm Itkort nf Cath?Ck ihk ef th' Vrtturt?VKiintopkic Br0rct\?nr Therein ? H?U nf K raping tkr (Vt'Wj ? A 'nr Trt+ty on FM?Hurcka,f nf Yuc?tmn?(/m*ral Newl?Qcn. (Jartend?d'n. La VtQa?Cm. Woll I No I umpean capital can preaent a greater Intrigue thaB we now have la thl? ell / of B?reoe High ni|litynta*. All the cabelH and factlim* are at work. Cabinet ofluera, fentraU, banker*, palace brohera. pimp*, *1111 foreign mlniatera, are trio# around, tblch aa |MTn in tha.'v hollow, or like c% it under the rit a t"Ve of tnrpentlne. In ? wor<1, it bea'f Waahinftoa during an "ntr? MMioa." Tlw fact i?, *oir?t>nng or other U going on. Rut a hat ? lt? Aye, the nib. Rumor many cli'W" lor lb* ui/wonted a.-tivtty virible in all dlatinguiahatf rt/elee. You bur the won* AW m re/, Yacatan, the alltwr, defalcation, ?40,000,000, fifty per c??t, the empire, *??> tny.terloutly whi*p*rt<l in fury quart# r. A* U t\ic f of * Ukbalu cerraepondent to p?7 for information, I will 1 jaat make a few .fhrewd gue-eea Now, aa a merer looker on in Vienna. It prompt* ra* to opine tbat tha giit of tlia whole thing 1?, that II. H II' hla#celfl? at length convinced he bee to do one rf two tfctaga, ?i?- ? "lope ?r mate a ralw fall or flnan' at, | trade or travel? I. e .-epleniah bla e?lmti?tedtreaaury. <n ab.n<mto incontinently. All the world know* that a atat. of bankruptcy and eivil war may be *aid to be tbe normal i condition of thl* ble?a-d republic of "Cod and Ub*rty," but aeldom lia. any government been ao much liarra.a ed, b? drilled and emharraaeed, aa that of tha angu*t lervooage who now pmldca over it* inacnidoent de*tt , Die*. Hrat, I he fed?ratlon being abollahed, anl tha ona m*n central de.potic ?j*teoi rcatort d in II. B. II '? peraon, | Ton John Alvare* muat need* kick up a row In tha moil Icipoilant part cf tbe I'acillc coaat. iind aald 1)<?B .lobn, like the venerable color* <1 Individual, ("old Joe, I think,) commemorated In aoog, at'U keepe "kicking up behind and before;" and a* aaltatory exerclae i? coots gloiiK we And them Joining in the danca all over tbe country ? tha ball once In motion, all are aniiou* lor a rat to with the old gentleman, whore dancing the 1 reneh i tbe dancing *?t people In Chrlateadotn,) ?pollt forever Aa the Hpaniah dance, grafted en an Indian war dance, may well be anppoaed to be laUrmlnable, there * of cotir?e co conjecturing whan thl* fandango will ba brought to a cloae. Who * to pay Ibe piper la tbe end, l? a matter about which they don't trouble thrm?*l?e?. ' Kn'.ugh for tbe day la the evil tbereif," la a very Meal can ?entlmenl. \ Ne*t H. 8. II. "banked," and made hi* calculation tor a long time upon the ?I6,000,000 net ca?h in hand which tbe (ladrden treaty promiaed him. Finding bim.ulf cut down, in tbe end, to a paltry ?7,000,000 ca.b, mini.. dincouot* enormou* to th* Shylock* and Halamaoew bere, for advances, and alao le?* *undry plundering" ( o f which more anon), he naturally eaough dlecovamd h? had reckoned without bia boat, and I not meet atl the heavy engagement* for military -tore*, foreign le (lora, be., or even pay the greatly angmented elvlllUt M?*a**ry to maintain proper dignity in tha HU'e. Bot. wcrae than all, he created aa army which, If unp.ll ia aa dangerou* to hlmrelf a* to bla foe*, To feed and keep thl* brave army 1b a *tata of obedience *nd loyally, *" Otlur Wakage* th^ public eheet have bien atopp-"'. | or nearly eo. Contract* are reeeinded , good* lelivere.1, | thrown tack up?.n the owner'* hand* for pretended bad quabty , the civil li*t loigottaa, he., kc? all that tba gal'aot defender* may be kept in gw^l r.oodltion lo eruak, j aa they have *o far doae, aBy symptom, ol dl?aaii*lae tlon at the populoua and ImporUnt .trooghold* Thua II H. II. beina aomewhat in the poaltlon of * dy i iug lion, and having ntteily abandoned and Igaored the party whi. b rcatored him U. power, Dad* himaelf in tha awkward attitude of l-elog deserted by hi* old frl?ud?, and without tbe mean* to conciliate the pre.ent one*, or ( the ra*h with which to buy a new *et. In tbla at rait, he naturally look* about him f ?r a freuli aupply oflhe ueedful. He look* to tbe I'nitr 1 State*, of courie, a* the iinly_*ourre when. * ?prlig* the p*n* "? of bla (mi, To thin end, tha Premier, l?r Hcailla, and ol t Uad:.den, are barklnx and tilling, billing and coo,../, i booty fu(gllng, robbing no^*, loteiehangln/ onipll m-nt* an i courtf.laa, and "aleeplog In th- *ame b~l at a n>< ?t alarming rate . wUauee alt lb* eacltemeut of wh'.tb 1 lave endeavowd to giv* )ou ??' idea Tlila date of thing* baa naturally produced tha n?'.*l rumor* Uipl.^natlc rivalry run. high. Tl.e .lllea? wttbPpeiB a* a tea*er -are movlon hcarro .o l catth to [(?*.? at the roo.umtnatloa of our t arolina nul liBrr'a (of tl.e Jackaon f'alboun ?ch-H>l) de.ign., which ( ?re .aid to point to w-thin* m >re or le.* th.n Yii, atao T tWib.n an1 the Le aa included lo tbe p*rcha*e The aaaouol ot ?n KSSfiS1! Era?2rt5P~? ? i? i"""-01 ik' w"r,n &rnmsssm '? lil :nJ"- sSs -r: for t?-n v.ara? and >y ml |nft ??. :^?ban aKent' Th?* ^ \ ^ ?bol.'hiBg tbe Interior and cen. in.ptio- at.-" and \ am foeltlva all , rohlbltioa. an-l a r^to b ! *o ') 'on'^uu ?d? * '"Jj * I agTh* * t "r m?diaUly made, a ad all tUa. aot i w?h ^n* ,b* - rr^r\r: aft*" ' * r.pitaJ lot Wa-btegton ta U?* ^^'.bouU Wavetb^a-J-tai (> fc , , forth. |.le. ofVa-ch ?un ,a .11 , *' ""A^.'. ^irLic^r^by c-pari. .. With tb. \ and th. .tape ado a r-a?lt- of 'whU. if carriedont ?'? ?.t y a* a "'""''f'lf I ? u. ?dly < t 'I* 4 |.k*wb?. b4???f Uk?a (?umI p*? *-?**% >4 'Jm? Il ?j?utuj< of to.? t*aital ar* mtnimg At i?(?l l- <lu ilncl ??>* nut t*?, )"Ur?ef It U? b- ? vt*t*> v* of Ubt lata tr?at J >? U h?i? 1am Man th? a?* ?-.??* lirf ?h?u'd !<??? t*?a ? !??> tl.r-.ijho it aa ?*? .ig tb? 1 lU?IDtol*i f fm> ?.*?* Ik* ?!; i**i (M> >j ait .flavt li? mm* of ?! "hU? ' (r'?Mi I na?? r?j m>' ?% ?(i **M. j wi ' imUHi lb*( ? ? >.*?? tatia th* uaiavfaltf ?b j fin < ju u ? I'h ?? k; t*kt*? Ik* OOfi i*A Iff ohm il??f ? to. b '1 ? Kr.Uf, *IMl MMlll*r?t wartluM Ilk* ?*'*/?? whirl). mx 14, lk*v(k ? ?fa .11 ; k th* na?ot)l of *1! *i.?n ?b J?'> Mxl ??! liu lil? lata f?n Knclub, ( ib<M|h lk*t *<>*14 b? 4tS**ll 11 ? ?**!, an* '?oki*??4) Im. Iktl Ik* *a?<r* I (Mil *1 I tii/> it! WniMbMc 1m* pn*? f^l l?r< ??III la (**? ? '?( A tnf fa4*ratlra tU I r?k*b ? t* <*??ly ?i (?rl?4 k k> *t*(- <h* mif *f Mv | mUt" a (l*?t ;??* TW, ?til Uk* l( an irxUV, ' fit lk* fo>*fa?*at |aul; U>*** 'm* a*M k?f Ir ml*, -a* r>?jr la lfa*p* opo* abuai ta **y*a< *!?*a I nonar- t* kbn. Kfttklsi ?f T?baiBt*p*? ftalu'll a? I I*'l mt 44 fn?a-t I*.* J*a* <l?r*/ k*ra, :k* *IW> II* v*M at* ?>? H <ka*<< b*4 tkraaa 1.1** la ?????? ft | f*?ll j, fat iiImi ?'il?4, hi <uiu V* ttwtM ?1 * Ctlbf* *< ????k Tk* varlkt *14 tarn ? at I >U v?< ? *??* aat w t?rj M kat I rtlU' IkM la pr?f?r* It.*** *| tk* *?? V?rt lloial, M*traf?4iUa, >1 Ik* Irrlaa ? b*?*. /*? at; maaMaet, k*. /? ?ra*tf *?l mf* k*4 tMl<|MU rt*M a frv iiaawn *f*> <h*. I* Tm Wft kit* ? ft* 4 art *f '? ?**"' ?***? * ?.H. *t ??<*?or?. W* S??f IHtl '"*rr?>l *a4 ??* ailk- ?'ff? ka*? i|? a ?fa**? i lk? Hi* Ur*mA? ba?l><? I Mll*aml?fN. KMOW K<*W*o liKr?nui Bm Tum~TI( lxan*UH ha. ? MlMMl of Um natn af n?i .i*afbi*r*? 'b**? 4ariag Ik* 1*1* tr*m akbA M ?*** Ilk* yalkt a?^?*? ****** ?? !*..????? Ik* IMMt. M?kt W MfMl 3i lVtT7 k^r*Vs '? l*f ?? IW.TS fHal*. THfc JTALIA* OPERA OF 1840. Alleged Ub?l ^ Mw Manage ?netffr f*u|Milor (MH.U?n*rd '/ertt. I'rsfs!? Cblaf Juitir# (Hkli> ?ort lion '? Hrit fhj*. CsaipMl, Boswvrlh, Itonauut %a\ BIosSMl i Till jmH>* PLACB OiBBA A LIBB1. -*?? COURT BKBltmOC* IN SBANTINB 4 NSW TBIM> Ft b. 17 Edwut d P. fry vi.Jmmn U. BmmMt.? Tbla WII sifaeCioa for B sstJes of twelre aliaged libels oa the platatiT In hfs capacity of manager ?f tb? 1b te Astor Fl*ea Opera How*, pablishsd la Ml* Kt* Yobk IImimb. The plalatM, la thi foil of IK4H wbb Ua Irf ?bb add manager of ths Astor Piaoa (>l?cra IIoum in Nov York, and the Ghestaot street th< at re in PMladslptila. sad tha allofBd libelB bwb In f*ct critic lama on tfto performances end ulrtw dinar/ areata which bappentd in the obohb of Mb ptatLttiTs manageiiil ertsteaeo. Tha adkOBBM of the alleged libels wbb a charge af the plnialM'a gaas ral lnccmpetency (or hhntosWon, tynaiMoH. duct towards the artist* inMemaploy, and i of undrommenta upon the dto?MUmeeleUB| the plBictir aad bis aitiats, aadidkfcllyhl 1 ? m luch (HbolIobs bsfnre the paWle pirtiaaiarty m cm occasion, when, a light hsriuy oeuuried behled the i certs between the plaintiff amf ooe 9t ths slag eia, dating tie pciformanaaa, thw plaintiff went ha. fore the enrtaia end made on a?M*?OflflBMt of Ua Intention to challenge the singer. TP via alao pse dictad that the Opera, tinier tha plaiatMTa mioage. mcnl, must baa failure, and that, ufiteas from the patrona?(e oftbeaporttng BMa and ooartsaaaa, tfco plBiLtiir could r ot t islam himself a week. Ona of tha lll>elB? the eighth In order- ccnalated saly of these words: "The Opera In Pblladalphla burst up," and endcl. "Whan will tha O^era la 19a* Turk follow suit?" The Opera In NewfYotk ltd ahortiy alter follow suit, and the tlaint'ff bronchi his astloa a gal oat the defendant for Ureas alleged libels, and. laid hts d images at |1?,000. Beli re tha siose waa tried, the pit! at! IT procured tho si sit meat of a iterman, aimed Miurloe Htra. koecb, to be taken and redmed to writing, tinier a statutoiy provision fbr what la nailed taking lastl n>f i.j de be ne fr. In due time thecaaae same on te be tried. The plaintiff ct mmenoed by abandoning ona of his alleged (Buses of action. He then proved lbs daily ctroe latU n ol the lluun to bare baen. In Cmsi. ISIf 71. M I Ml ' S3 Mm I860 .14, 1M 18.51 iO./WSd -atd that the aci.ual receipts of the IIkbai.o offlae were ISOO ,000. T te plainlllf next offered laertdeaoe the written stslrmmt tr depoaltloo of Btrakeaoh, alleging that Haafamoh was not In this Hlats . atd to prore that, be called a wltnsrswbo t stifled that ha ? aw Htrskurcb six- wee ka prevlae*ly,aBd that o? tha day of lite trial ht I tad inquired fjr him of lbs wifh cf Htrakcsrh, aed was Informed ha wss a I Ciaoia iistl. The drlendsnt ctyected lo the plait tiff reed. Inr strskrseb's iU>in*?iUrn <i*> >t?? #rnBi?d that tha abtence of Htrakcsoh wa? not Is* ally proven. Tha Joe' #B trrrrukd the otytotioa, eed tha drpoettiea iris inad. Tie Jilii dent the* nave ee.<Wt*ca to pnnUi* Ueth tf the alleged libela. tbc UaHcroay tMlng throagfc ?DdocuDkH baring i .nit. ed up the ouw, tbe Julge (f'bltt Ju? tire < >akw > ) charged tbe jury , aad a? Mf c,ib?r tbinga cbaip?<i tf?t il?? ??? *ii aa proof* aitual Injury or orn, and i o proof of maHoe, eieapt firm tte It alimony t I Htiaku?rh, aad ih a, if the jury brlltrrd U \V:iy ny, the defefcdant ataaj bfft ro fbeui aa aw who I'elllwflWaJy aoderteak to do an l> jury, ard ooald not f*M|X wit Si njaiaa b'imagta. But the jury iui?l>t ?!?? euca demagee ?? if e cr<-e?li n reqalri d. IhecSfei dtnt teofeexeeptl ?n to tbe Ju.lge'aobanw. aid uniorg other ibbga r<<|Ut?t<d iba fridge ta i barge that fie j?u y ciuld onJjr gle ? euefc dawiffw " aa would the ptalMilT lor the tajary wblrb bo bad *u?Uwed t IttiJioa, and wot* wit aft llbetty to ?i?< ai y further aura by w?y oi puaiah mint tf tbe dt 'enseal, or by way of vlndietlre 4a inagie, or a* eiiieet ta<?i>ey." 1 bo Jadge r'foead m U) churn*, and tie dtfenuant pi epted. The j try Mined, and breach* in a for tSepalaUM, c' a imp fit |10,0<*I. TLe id eut*<'|<i< n?y n > red, beta? Judge l>u?r at S;rrlal rum, lor a taw t. Sal. ?xtd bta ap pll?atl<n waa tki.icd lie tbea appealed to ttea <;? neral Ttrrn, ar.a ha motion wee argued befora JnMiree f'amjLe I, Ifr ?w..ith aad lioffbwuj oa Um 1Mb. 17th ?cd ~w. igga of Jaauary, InM, bp Meaare. I). I* Ftelri, J. Townanmd aad Bee). OalhraiUi, for tl.a d< l> Mil..'., an J by the piatatifTa oaaa?L Tha Court ttmtt d the raae for ctv tl deration. and thia Jay d'tinrtc. tlalr opinkta. a* fo.lowa :? The U f? at' eat .ippeal* fro? aa order deaf Lag a bo'.Iok taada by him fcr a new ? ? kal a* a cm* 09a taiatoff the r odeeoe, aad e. ae fro? Iba .udgrurat inttiedat aperJel tena, oa tAe verdict; tne latter api rai bi It M up for review (MMM tabea at tbe ti tel. Mr. I?. D. Field, with who? were aeeeclaUd Mr. John Tcwn?b#Ld and Mr. H. (lelhfaub, ? ft do IfDdUl. By the f'cujt, !(..?. oat a, J The pwtnle taoel MMi u?'y ln^at?a upon la eapport of Um mot.oa for a new mat, are Klr?t That nMther'be metier ataUd ta fthe eighth, otr that tfeted In the eleventh reoeeiof aaMee, a? 1 in bate be> n r?iMiehed by Uke 4tfea4aat, ia llba losa. Abd thai 1a?agre ,l\*iag beaa aaiaml Keteeally 00 ali the at a<- i<>a eet fbrtb la tha " raplamf Ur jm;gii>nat nuut be rnraraad. Hxoad. T' at the dep<?ltl<>o of MraoMafob waalaa I rprrW ? :r <u i )a f?idea^e. 1blr?. it. at It wee eetone at la a3a? the plafaa tlfl *> fife evUW ik ? of the tn<v*ae raaltaei by tha r4?n<)aat ff n tbe pub<taatl<i? of tha Kaw Y?ea l!*e*i i?. Imiith Tl-at Hi I M a tV> a for ft III? I, a j?ry baee ao 1 Kbtto aiee p'ltl iee lireaaaa, m ttmimm ??y aaetf poi lat.aa a -?1tedaat, for a aelibe.aie r ir? uatlfT. tl i l hafMiitg* >LU eatject iu rhar*' tar to reproach aad that Ik* C<iart ? M . la r. ; , to <bar?e Uaa .wry that la ??t?a cold aot be r^rea fur aecl a caaae. V fth. 7 bat tie dawe?aa are a*i a?iei, ?a4 tb? tha def< i.rfaot ?bo?l 1 haea a aaw UW aa t <at at ? ?ant, W aa otb*r. < .a ??!>???. 1 the (Vmu?Io !???dettrWd. whaa tbtarare aaa formerly f??>?:a Iba <?0Mral Tee*, thai v e matte/ ??? forth it, the elicbMi aad '!?????? rnutH. aa-l in aerit of toa?. aial a-'la*. a t > kaee heaa pab lahed by the iefesdeot, la Ilhr!l?'je fry fa. Heaartt, li f*atd. H. C. ft AI, 3H, 7'. i of eHber ? < At we da* m It iMMMl u> ?ay thai, ae?'.mi'H the exMwW fe^l* whath are af? aad u? ' fce tiaa, Ui word* pi Ml ? bed u? ?uwpt*n Ml Ml ? CMHtiact t? and a^aalar in|?tH ta tbet^hy the pUi(*ir. T>i jary l?rfag thaaa tvi* to aa !.t, aad U?%t ttfe wrtia w??a eaad la the WW? !?? pnt*4 to thrm, tta >l?m?Bt raawM be haturhad Btra'y ?a the idra t-?t 'ttHet of thaw ceaala.ka bad ie ??,beti3?e. t*'iaV ?<h eee < xanuiei V# '/m* ?+ aa a wita*M . la aal tba atatahf oMW?t^adaiii?Mtoa la ?f J# ate, eft rr harfcf i-rcewj bi i^ildaa Cee "f a d *a4 m*Um\? ' it te < Itr ale -1 ? 1 wiebi prerx -ti y That oa tha mMftecef ibet 4ey be rafted all? feaaee ef Htr? k'Hb ?ad tbe wife el Ibe ai?er \aU bin U?? M*a ?. . bid fcae U flaetaoatl. Tba 4adea4iiat oh ? rtid to ire rra4*g of the dr.acaMM* M,4irakaarb . , t e thai bteibaen ehadHihaaa laul I in f'wrt ad?Wed the ef air v, mA tha ialefci .it 1 i-rpt*^ Tie ?ekeie oa the v?bjact dae'u? tha: apt a a J<l?eMya ?ay be it^A. after K ahaU ha? f?e-> ?atlefaiitetly prwmd that aoth wltaa? waa eaalia to aurad each tela; m tmtrnmmA al <a?aj?, r*r ?r jelly, by naara <A bU death. b?aaity li?*. v ??Oed ii.OriaHy, or IMA he tew uuatwail abeif* oat tJ tbte Hlaw, ?o that bia aMaa4aa a al e*sh Wb. ar 1 lliwi HI. ^f ? - | 0M^d Ml W ^ J 'Zfv, YUtftaTSttwrb bad i^aaMjhe?t

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