Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1855 Page 3
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AT THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. 0*r ff-fctegtw Corrapondtnct. Wahbuoton, Fab. 16, 1866. Latt and Interring from QreyUnvn. 1 h mr* had access to recent totter* from Greytown to ? gewtlaman from that quarter of the world, now In this ?lty, from which P*m permitted to copy *aeh facts u ta*T h* intereitiog to the reader* of the Hkk\u>. From tb??e letters, It appears that the people at Grey town, especisll; the Americana, arc firm beUerera in the Kianey eipedition, and aie anxious to hear of the pro grtai of the scheme. They anticipate from the arrival of Cel. Kiuney'a coloniata a great impolie to busine**, ?nd a pacific adjustment of all territorial diaputea. They eonfesa, however, that th* Rovenneont's aupport of the expedition la very important Mara; 'a letter, therefore, will probably fall among them like one of Hollfna' bomb ahelia. With regard to the " bombardment " of Greytown, the writer oi cue of theae letter*, formerly a United ftate* Coa?ul in (eutrai America, aava that he r?comm?nde<l in ?I2 that the Americana in Grey town ahould acli uowiedge the tie facto local gorernm* nt ; that he wrote t<> Mr. a?- i creta: ? Webater on the subject, anil that he candidly ap proved tUe plan. Thia diuer* widely from Mr. 1'ierce'a ! re.-aaje, In which the community at flreyto*n is de nounced ?i ' a camp <>f ia**tje>." Mr. Webster anyi, j recagri ?? *h.- local govetnmimt ? It ll lawful and regular. | Mr. Pierce eaya bomb, rd them ; they are " a uest of pi- { ratee," " s camp of aarnges " Coagrea* muxt ohooaa j between Webater and I'Urc* 1 Thsclaiuiaon account of property destroyed in tU? bembardmect will come fnm come thirty American*, ; some tea ?r ?l?ren Frenchmen, at many Eogliahwen, and eight or ten Spaniard*, amounting in all to a million , mad a naif of dollar*, or thereabout*. One American \ merchan', a good, honorable and honest old ftent'ernan ?a ever lired. had a chioken coop, amonf other thin?*, destroy 'd, with some two hundred chicken*, iucludiag tnsny choice var.eties froui dillerent part* of the world. Whether Captain Holliiia' marine* appropriated these fowls, or whether th?y were burnt up with the coop, j <loe* not appear but If tbey were eaten by hia marines, ; Secretary bobbin auroly ought to foot the hill ConsulFa- | ben*, it seems, after actio* as the pioneer of Hollins, I t now a c' afent In behalf o' the people whose property was destroyed? fees, including a lawyer nt Washing- i ton, twraty per cent Not bad. , ? , Business Oat at Grey'.own, watting for Col. Kmuey. 1 Flour twenty -Are dollars a barrel; pork, thirty dollar*; other thing* in proportion. The following Is a copy of the scrip of the Kmn?y Cen tral American Company. It is now for sale. Apply to Cost Johnson ? ooeoeeeeeeooooeoo ? *????????? * Shares $26 each. ? <?00000090000000 oooooooooooo* . 0 * o Cut? Ooileaa Cei?? , o cornucopia? fruits - , ? sickle ? sheaf. , ? o o o ? o o e o oa* ? ? O O 9 O 9 0 9. ?|n?noBon * .,je???a (W[*a? Is * 0 JWia,,? eeiiusnaJ4ui * ? ? *JO[je* oat? 1"3 * ? MJ* om'mo'oc ?mM0,in ? ? rUttnnw Atndmoo 10 ?q; Jtfiii.nwliy * ? -ooo'ooo'9? 'ws mi*r) On the bick of tie certlflcat* i* tbU endoreenwnt.? Jbr lahe Received, hereby atrign and fram/fcr unto I. the vithin described itnck, and ? ? do hereto* mppomt " true and lmv>f ?1 Attorney far , and in ? nam* to transfer th' icm*?. (Signed* H L. KINNEY. 188~. Wltae**. W. a Phiuji*. I ?in inform* that Mr. Johneon repudiate* iadignontly th ? report that the Kinney expedition hu been *old oat totta tlibu*t*?. But we *hall lee. UREVfOWS'. WiHinxoTON, Feb. 16, 1M6. Ventral Wallftidge and Hit Defense of the Army and Navy ? The Florid* Claim Bill? Great Credit Dvc Mr. Ore? Another Richmond in the Field? Mr. Atthitom't Opinion of Hi* Chemoei for the Preri dency? Spicy Debate on the Collint Steamer Bill ? Order qf United American i in Wathinglon. la my letter af yoaterday I neglected noticing the gal lant aunaer n which General WalbrMge, of New York, rial ta the defe ace ?f the army and nary of onr conn try, whan aeeallad by certain member* in debate, (tea. W. contended that the army and nary had on all oeea aioaa defended the honor of the American flax, when committed to thoir keeping, and had never failed to do their duty to tbe whole country. The General, while he la one of the fia**t looking men in the Houie of Repre aeotatire*, throwa inch force, point and beaaty of *x piaaatan tnti m? remark n, that he never fail* to rivet th* attention ?f hie auditory, and carry with him the judg ment of ait I m*atl*ne.i y*rterd*y tbe awfol exposure ma Je of tbe eneim.ti of the hill providing for tbe payment of ia tercet on certain Florida claims, by Mr Oir, of rt. C. ; and f can now ear that thia etpoeuro roaulte* la miub mg up th* Mil and with it tbe proepect of extracting from tbe Unite! State* Ueaiury upward* of a million of dollar# by tbaae engage.: in th ? "peculation. After t'j* vote wa* taken reject in * tbe Mil, many member* crowd e- t around Mr Orr at.* congratulated li.m u(on the emi nent arrric* he had rendered hie country by killing olT thli bill, which all acknowledged m effected through hi* ipeeca. On tlue grand for political reve'ation* it ia nothing ctreag* Or remarkable that new **p<rant* for the Pre?!d< acr ?bouM be cvnitantly turn og up; lint tbe la?t Richmond who ha* entered tbe Held, r >?** In with *ucit flying color* that I am tempted to natice hia debut, ind tr? give him the ben*Ht <tf hie own introduction. I refer to tho B n Mr. Atelii>on of Mi*ao?ri. who, during th* laat fall, ma>la a ?p?eeh at the oaleaf toen lota ia Atohieon City, M j . an<l nai-i, "The Norttara democrat* cam* np nobly to the work. IS* brack* bill,) but th* Northern ebigc bad proved re;re aat to tbe came of juitict aad right. Southern men acted a* tbe/ al.oi.ld with, be wa* *orry to ?ay, t*j ex ception*. fa vaifl* in the crowd called out Boil and Hi a* ton.) yoe. ' laid Mr. Atchii'ia, "ttey were the m*n? one n whig, a** on* a democrat? both t-piranU for tbe Prt ?idtacv? bet, poor, miM-rable devil?, they bad m? I* a falae atop, tad he might aay now the* he (At-bl*on> b?' a fairer chance for that birh honor than either of them " Thia aiay be the hone*t opini n of Mr. 4tohi?on bimjeif, but I uadei ?> ,:>.t that Cot. U*nWn doe* not think hi* ahaaoe* *o flattering. Ik* debet* in the H?u*e of ilepe??*nti?T*? to ?lay *a th* "CoUln* 8te?m*hl|i bill. ' wao ri-h an* epicy 'n tie extrewe Hon. * B OH*. < I, e Chair ?an of Hi* Commit' te nn Po*t Oftice* and l'net itoadt, railed ap tbe bill an. I delivered * very p>iw*r.r*l aad c m elaaivo ay tab in favor of it, but thi f*^t of hi* bavipjr btea opp> *e<l to tbe MU during thi Un M**i*n <>f Oo*gra?* waa made the oscaae for hocm- aevere teaia'k* by lion. W m F*i tli, rf V* , batter kco?n a* fcx'.'i IWlljr ?a nanf given him ia tcaac'iien.'* of hi* liM( re ceive* extra i*rn>ent< fnnn the i'o*t Oilice D-i 1'tra mt. Tbi* deb*te wiu be real wtth much lnt*re?t thciiigl oat tbe country, ard no pt of It mor- tbaa tb<- a'.le ?,ie c i af Mr. Maib. l lge, in o?fe->c* of the bill. A n*w **. ret poUtlwl aetocUlun it ab- at bt ngfntm ?d In R * cily uader a ckarUr fr m tbe n ar .| 1/wlg- o the lirtir '.f I ntted Awinr<?en*, and It !???!?! that tbe ecder *e*if a itnrtiag an or^an at an e<ulr d? ?, wlib a capital of ally thou tar' Joliart. Wttmrmm, F? u. II, lti*. The Itiee flill end the Commit;* i of Ornfrmce? MtmilTT if the remmf!fe?-> K'Aal ' I* the Fat (/ the Bill?Bar^ aiatnf it Centres'? Th* Ditto fotfeti r t Ike CnXnet?Vercjl Oeinj to England? Why mn*lmrW<M VtHnei- The .*,lonj? cf War DvMnr, 4c Oa tb* Text* bill, a* I ?ii?ge?t?.' In on* of my formnr let term, a ar*altt*a of * rference baa been appointed bet ir ten tbe baoMt of Coagr***, wb* will report * > a* to 4a irt; with tbe di3or*nc*a b*twt*n tb* .J?iate an* Maat* *f Riprmatativte, If they are able. Tb* SeeaU, la a prevtoti* till, ac?*pte* of th* comprnni*e betatea tb* Mate of T*xaa aad b?-r craditert, aad agre^l to pay ber eight aa* a half miTllnne. The Ho-i?e cat thi* amouat dewa t* *ix end a half million*, an aanunt al ready rated IWsaa In ISM, aad not aattifactory to her, aad *addit<i thi* old pmpmtl*a with ae * provi*oa, mi* object to tar tbaa tfeoa* *t??a.tiag the pro vt*a**Mr. ft* Stoat* of eourte (MM t?4t* en? ptmdm M and o%M aad a half aiUloa*, aad r*Nt* the indmH of the Houa* *?? oommitte** of cam fiitnoc bttmra Ik* tw? hoo?'** Rusk, of Thai; 3*a*rt, of MieU*??. nndroot, of Vsr moat; the flnt in favor of the l*rge*v appropriation poi libit, tod tho other two open to c?nvi?vOQ The Hon** commit too, Breckenrldge. of Kentucky; of Iowa, ?nd Howe, of reni;lrMl>; the flr?t for w1* '"lM' appropriation, tho Moond for tho l*a*t, and tW letter read y to liatsn to argument. Of this'counaitteel, Poly two are Southern men, and four Morthera, laelisied, u not already resolved, to par no more thaa eix aal a ball millions Thia look* rather unfavorable for Tesai, ant ia almoit an good aa a distinct avowal of Coogreee to bave nothing more to do thi* subject thia sea ?ion. Thia committee, If it report* at all, will moat likely, from it* complexion, report in tavor of the House appiopriation, or at beat oaljr split the dtfl?r ence between the appropriation! of the Houu and Se nate which will aot be conc rni in, tb? Senate beiuj j firm frr eight and a half million', th* loweit amount that Texas will be willing to receive, and c*ll herself ! "nulta" with Uncle Sam? moreover, even if tli?*? com inlttees idiould report In favor of the Senate bill ia full, | there u no possibility tuat the Houae will conaur, no ex asperuted ate man; memVers against the T?xa< bill, who ] previou'ljr vote 1 for it, bscause of the I're tent's in- j tended veto o! tho French Spoliation bill. Congressional constituent*, in their Innocence, might be paraled to find any connection between these t.vobilW, or gueia "ven, how o"e oo lid affect the other in their passage by Can- ' greaa These rouatituentx nave yet to learn that buying ai d veiling :n Co?nre?s ia aa common a? in a meat mar ket, and bills as opposite in merit and int?r*its ai toe I antipodes, are traded off one for the other, according to the lulea which govern podisrs and hor<e jockiea. M'-o* - ber* of Cungrtss or lobby member* ? (and between tbe 1 two there in only a diatiaction in nam*, without a diJer ence in influence,) who are interested in the Frenoh Spoliation Mil, agree with those wh i are interest* 1 i? the Texas bill, to vote for tha latter if the friend* of the latter will in turn vote for the form*r oill A bar;ata la ' struck and the Trench bill iapassmt, it in not tecuied, how ever, till ithaatbe signature of the President. i'h? I'reai dent keep* back hs derision and tbe supporters of tho bill fiwear vecgeance against the Texas bill if tha support ar- of th? latter do not urge the ''Brigadier," with all tbeir m'ght, to give them bin sis nature The President meanwhile thinks a little capital may be made out of a veto, and plnrap'tatoCongree*, llkea bombxhtll i'*uch are the prevent prospects ) gee* his object Ion* to tbe mature. The contract between tho huckster* of Congr*** ii theu broken and for revenge, the friends of th? Spoliation bill come down with an ov? rwlielmlng swoop upon the Texan measure, and it ia bnried forever, or broken down with amendments or provisos, which is about the same thing Thus ar* strings pulled, and thus may two Mi's, like tbe French and Texas measurer, be linked together; and although one may be black and the other white, yet they stand or fall together. It is pretty well understood here that the Cabinet will go to pieces aa soon as Ct-ngr*** adjourn*. It ii arrange 1 that Marry rha'lgo to Fxgland In place o( Buchanan, and Cuahtng take the post of Secretary oi State. AH thia baa be* n predicted in the Hcba i.o before, and the prophecy is near its fulfilment. It is suggested here tbat tbe reason Breckenridge did not accent the mission to Spain, was that the programme beta; changed imme < lately after bis appointment, his nam* was put down on tho i late for a place in th* Cabinet as *oon aa it is re modeled. "Augustus Cesar," moreover, ha I been de feated between tho tine of the appointment of Mr. HreckenridK* and his declension, and needed to b* pro vided for. It was presto change, and Breckemidg* de cline*, and Mr. Oodg* 1* appointed almost within the sam* hour. Some people thought this was doing busi ness in a hurry, but (he c>urs* to bo pursued wa* ao plain, between Breckenrldge and Augusta* Dolgs for the Cabln*t, that no tlm* wa* no needed for conside ration. Fears ar* now be ing f*lt here in th* Navy Department for the sloop of war Decatur. Nothing ha* been heard I of her for a very long tlm*. Th* dr*ad begins to fasten Itself upon the public mind that sh* has probably gone 1 th* way of the Albany. Nfl.L.F. WAsmsaro*, Feb 16, 1*M. The PretidmVt Levee? Preteniation of Tiro of Ms Back woods Constituency ?? Amuting Dialogue ? Dudley Mann' i R'tignatum ? The French Minion, <fe <#c. etc. The PweiJent'a levee to-night ?u not ?o crowds las usual. It (? getting to be an oil story, and better aight* than 0?n. Pi free and hi* household are afforded to the viaitors of Waahing to* elsewhere. A hall ?ai given to night by Col. Freeman, of thia place, which drew ofl from the Preiident'a levee a majority of the beauty of Washington. ai well aa ita diatiaguiihed men. Oue in cideut, however, that wan the main point uf the even j tag, waa the reception by the President of two tall, I Riant-like Ktntuekiane, who called to pay their respeots, i in a democratic way, to the com son aervant of the peo i pie In the crowd that pawed ilari'ial Hoover, who took I the uau ei of each, and Introduced them to the Prudent, 1 wai our two friends, just from the backwoota, a* their | ledependint awngfer and homeapun yarb suggested, j Their camp blankets were wrapped around their ahi-il : dare, taeir cowhide boo<a weie the tallest of their kind. a t.d the Urge brawny hands about the ei?? of a small I sir?d bear siia, indicated that thaee men had aeon aone , tlimg ot the world. On th?y came, "taring tlrnt at , the ehaadeUera. then at the mirrors, now at the pretty women, and at laal they broke tha silence with 1 "Where is Frank Pie tee J" Our friends had been s* > m'trh occupied In looking at tb? sights that they had not ob->-r?e.l the way of introducing tiio e who ha 1 pre ceded them, aad that the Marshal took t be nam* of each a? ha came along and preaentod him to the President. Thia familUrcalT for Frank itattlel the people a lltt'e, and the Marshal, stepping up to our tetnjcrale of tbe Weat, mad* his mo>t polite bow, w>th ?' Please give me youi card, sir J" The pioneer* eye I the Mirth i! from b?ad to rc-ot, and evidently eat' sle-1 that his wa* not the phi/ they Lad urea in the picture books, with a voice that indicated a good pair of lungs replied, '-Whar I b> Frank Ptorce* Ilon t he Uvs here*" l Makhui. ? " Yes, gentlemen; but I should tike *o have your cards ' (The n*me Is Hornet mes given on earde.) 1 Ihrwor<inu--"Our wkatf" Kav-iUI ? " Your caids, air." ST*A."ms?? " What do yon mean by that* f want to eee the Pi eeiiieat of three era Lait*d Stales I don't . know aothiog about your card. You mi ?t b- mistaken me for eotnr "the, man, or something." Map- ii.ii ? ?' No, no, gentlemen; 1 want your name*. What are your names f" Very polite a ud nlfab ?. Si.' am. mi* ? (fcu*p*< ting that the earls w?re some stolen property , an. l they were ?uspectedj ? " None of your darted budne-s what our names ar? Old 'eller, If 1 you are tiying to fool ua any, you'd better jest hold ap rite of." (The audience now groaned with laughter, the Mar ; I alial looked c?nlu*ed, an 1 the viaitera from the Un l or | Boon daeled lire from their eye#, taking it for grtnte.i I that tbe wbol - company were trying to have a little fun . at their expense.) i Ma***ai? Wore than nsually pollti and ti 1 j calm the troubled water* if poaibte? "Gentlemen 1 want , ' to know TOcri -imes to present you *o the President." f-'ta a*?MW? Savage and Be roe ? "What do yen mean by a' out preaenting ua to the Preeidvnt ? we i ; ai* no in i ni come to ({in our?elve? away? we only want , to see iilm. He can be looked at, can t lie fc'itat ia he i a Oat d on V" Roars oflauglterin the company. Makmhu? Ooufuscd and polito? '? I want your names to intioduce you rcntlemea. ' f-t 11 Inpreesed with the Idea that tha ! Maishal was noting tua at tiem? l an'i wn introduce ou: elves, I Kbould l<?e to know ? who a -ike I you to m t rod ore u? ? what's your name, ol-l feller* * (Growing ; tenibie./ i-oe here, we' came here to see frank Pi?rre. 1 have been a down right democrat the?e twenty four years, ( giving empbasia, bar room fashion, with a'smack'of his heavy H.t u hie left hand.) My name is Isaac ^mith, 1 snd fhalnt a-hamed il It anywhere. MAR.-ast? Ibis was a Iiapny mom?nt for the Ma'<hal. who had no mi etv to bear Mr. Hmitb giro hia pol ti<~a) biography? "Yes Mr Hmitb, allow m? to present you to tbe Prescient. Mr Pierce Mr .Hrait i.! ' Mt > OK ? "So rou sre coarng to yotw seaeea are von* Why this was all I wan'ed all tbe'time Why dun't you say th's was Frank Pierce We never soe ated to *eflier Was'nt to be expected I aboutd know him '' [Walking up to l be President as familiarlv aa if he hs 1 abinned near with him in Western forr.tsj "H*llo! Mr. j P-e ?-r s, m? and my friend war nere in this town for a day or two, *nd ? ? thought we o ?tep up aud aee yon, aid m.nbe you'd be glad we ca'lrd. Mr. I'ri?ii>k.vt, very affable and sinil ng? "Olal to see jou.getiilrm n ? very ([lad ?o see you " Mr. -ai ii, ree?aiir"i by the Presl tent's slab llty, aid s'apping bim upon tbe snoukier. with a blow that m* le the rri !det twritbe n(,ain ? 'Well now, that's right, old boy I to!< lie you'd be i, lad to see ns. 1 know d toil wcnl.: lhis la John Jackson? lives naa- at-, out u I Ul iKeiil -k Ifr's a go' 1 democrat, though he halnt no rrlatlc 1. 1<> t'.e (tintrui " luntuT, ex Uncling hie baud t>Mr Jtekisa How j are yon, Mr. Jaci ?oe% I hof>e you * e well ifr ' Mi J/t aeoa? "Hearty, sir, binrty." ; Jowia^ vwy i pro'ouc'.iy.] I Mr M?i'H-"Yr i- nuiatn t atand mi eerir -?ey with n*. Mr. Ireald n*. We are reji genuine, down i ight, out and out 1 'imiM's I hate I hear putten on aira? > " Inr hart I at Marshal 'fooT"r ) V .u gt>l ? Mr* ?nog p a-'r hW(e to live It Mu. t coat a li?ap tc fit up th. ? piice (lo ' irg at tbe r'. t chairs aiMl s< rnping t ? ve<??t car^ieta) Mr. i MriMM-->'CoBto[UMa ear> jgb, sir. Rather ; costly furn Ure." | imrm ? "1 guess that'a ?o." (The crowd eow ' <?<?< s paahing forwaH, ?ad fie p iini O take I tie tint that tb'j ad bettor move o,?. Bo bound to >>ave a piMiog rrip, Mr. Prottb, etretebir.g out hta | ii bu s j bin that w?4 aim -st a blaoket tu In * Pre ?i ent, ,rWeH Pre>Men", g ie us soor hand i,oi.d byo, 1 (yiv!nr a e';i >-err tuat bringa the *.?*' og to th? I'rasl iVnt'ati's / Taket-reoi ymrsrlf I've alter* [>?? i % , '1fnlo?ra? j'ni' my fa?>?rr a'ore i .e ; bat I nrvrr se*n a ('resident afme fe n got set nonl to reed W soybody ' out in Kent' eky, 1' snv f enos or relation*. Wr r go a nut non and would tea* sey leetle m??aage or enriy a j buocje f?r you la onr chlst. '' Mr. I Hri-iDi vr? "f am obliged to you r?n(l* nen I ' baventtblag ti conwi .nicnle. Oood tvining, si; ; gmd et ru n,; ' ' | l*e rr*. *tvir and Jir??ow? ." food night !f we stay ' hare larger !.aa we eap. et we will rail in e ;a.o, hat we ' on't wsi t . u u> I it yourst If oot of you; waj on oar aerotiut, Trod ni ht Mr Pier'e " Tbe Pa*, urt thwil ed lile *ls ter?, anl tbey pnelied nu :or tiii I a. t rc"m t' ? obs'rred of all obser-eta. raring the r ttit?rvlew with the Preetdeot ?id Mirrhal Hoover, a roer ot laoghter wet', up fri.m all who w:t , t>"?ed It. Ko ,<o-iht tli>y w II !on/ retn'm'*' ttietf visit I to the ffblte lleaie. aal their getting a sight of a liv lag FV*ideat Th* adnlnts' ration paper* aee still harping upon Manas re signet on of the post o( 4?e>*taut tVcr?-Ury of State, snd perslet ia denying that be haa r? signed The faet remain" the same, in oetianeeof thaee roisora Mr, Maua has written te the Proaident, aa I formally tea , deisd bla resignation. Thi> U ao That he lias '??en In (?ueed to this step hr a qnarrel en aeoonat of Bachaaan cr Mercy m any one else ia yetef eonrae a m?tter that i* oper. (or srgnaaent. The aappoait 'm th.tthiswaa tbe ea nae of tbe t sneering the feeigaat oa u etrengthea ed by the facta and aaylogs which hav# e?ed oot trom j time to tins*, and Bo donbt the latere wt't shew tat* e?ppn?Oi?n to he correal. Bat the asaerime that Mr Me oo las forwiailr lengned, cannot be -?n?er. -erfed 'il>m i* ?e?M de tht hare whether Uf. M^aon *41 r# tire frwn thia atasioa to Franoa. [aprond health u4 importuning* on tho part of the admiaiat ration, that ho should romain where be la, may have the effect of alter ing Mr. Mnvon'a intention to rwturn home. Tho poeitlon ha* been tendered to Mr Cobb, of Georgia, ia ana* Mr. Maaon inalata on coming borne. ThU, at leaat, la a ru nior at pvi Mnty and I think springing from a souro# worth/ of conattotation. NE1.L.E corrbspon'dinl'i of orHBR pir>KR?. [Coi.eapondence o! the Courier and Enquirer 1 n, nf th* i# ?eb. 13, 1M?. The (hf+0? Mexxcan Govern mmt Amimsi Gen Cdftiden ? Ihe Indian Larul Xp-.ulaHont. I Irani that the Mexican Mnisler, be orler of Kent* ?0U?J*<1 *"* government in respect to the recall of Gon Gadsden. No uemind or reuwit tntlni effect ta. been absolutely made, but taS.l! bsyo bern Bkl le by the Moiicaa government. with an intimation that they do not eapcot any improvement of the relation* between th?m. Among Ue charges against th' Mm-ater, tue moat promineut ia a.ld t0 be that be t P*r internal diaaedriooa of the country Mainat the government. Thi. is the udh allegation wUch was made sgainat Mr Soul- in Spain It ia pioUbi. that Mr Gadnden l.aa bee. too peremptory .ad ti*nl* 'r for ?or* coneossiooa of t.-r rttory to the United Statin, aod per hi pa a I,ttie too pre- mag with hia otter. of mooer (? the s?m?. lite repiv of the .secretary of the lnt?rior to the reso lutions of both tiouM'a, t u the allegation* igaiUHt gov ,ri> roent offW-rs. is a formidable document. ft eliows tfia 1 the land* nl the Dataware Indiana ,er* re.urv?yHrS * ?"' U'ot- ?od ???* t?" surplus ar*. take?V?e? h, the 3 1 tnb< ra o( IhsTsrri toilal guvwiimant, and by certain arm/ rrtir .ra laid ou 1?" 1 l">'1 *oM "P011 w,ltrh wadothe "^? 7t,0,n ? '?[?M'roatable one to the pertiea ei.gagel 1? J ? "" ?'r h?1 be-n uuder dia.-ua*inn to- ar ia J0,,1Mr- l^ettit lias mate a crushing *pe-cb OB out* ?. le or the othei, to which tieu Houston iau.w replying. Wasbi>utov, K?b. 14, 1S.?5. Nrt" yeo<XUHiont ?H'h N**ia>~Th> l>ennt\.lv,tnia Srnatorjhip Mearutliat ttere ia much (ouu lation for the ?tate mcot t^at reifnt'at oa? are pro^reaa tor tb^ purchaae ?"} *" p #( territory Th? aorn da manded or eape.-ted on cat Md?, and offered on ihe 811*1^1!,,.^. *!? Ur?* M wa. anpiehemle 1. Vt e , all Probably be able to acquire another province or ?;.:?a'r"r 'I" dWrt of the PU^S-e, for l! Ju th'rty milHona of dollar*. To .or aur pnae. Mr Marey ia underatood to be favorable to thla arrangement, and ia confident that he aball be able to get the rcooey from Congraia. It ia the policy of .Santa Anna, jf he doe a aell. to treat with aaotW i?en ?. thai iLn'of* ,TPUT*1 b/. th" *0 "?cure poaae, awn of the MeaJta territory. Thia ia ose qJ tieoa for deairing the recall of Oenvral Oadadao Au 1 for the aame reaaon li will not be complied witn. Harr'.t*>,irge*citea much attea ?i ? ???'??ent here. Although Cameron f ailed 01 1 JfSi rtr't trial, by eight rotee, liia oroaoeota are atill preferable to that of any other candidate Th? election 1* put off two week*; bat Mr. Cameron, with hia 1 in men ae patronage a* preaident of a bank, and preeldeat ar dlieetor in most af tha raUroada of the State, will probably dud tha m ana ef keeping hia friends in itatu 7i'0; and bring'ng some of his opponent* to the aame poanlon The best informed politicians of the Ftate be t-re the only alternative to General Cam< ron s alection is the postponement of a choice to next ye*r. (Correspondence of the Ereniag Poat. ] j j . . Wahiiuigtok, Feb. irt. 196', in'p^nfZr, ' 'w'TlCaZ ImUan Fraidt , IV Tallrer and /k? A'eto Tork Cotlec torihtf ? Aaiai Intelligent*? (Jm. Wool, dc. The news from Mexico gives rather diacourag nc ac ccmnts rt ax : Minister Gadsden. napHia tio J fa? .^o?. bv P*J?*nt of the six million claim. n{ -^tll iL i ,U??Q ,be *'???-n?n?nt of tanta An , ?aich. in lus opialoa, cannot 'last long enough to warrant the aucce?s cf such arrangement.. of,^d.t.??ihr practicable method of wcurng an equivalent in by the a.-quisition of more fr ?V?V rr? '; ,be United states aasumiog the debt. If tha dominion ?f Santa Anna should terminate how ever, It is not unlikely a resort to aim* mav ha nsoetsarv lf r-f --pancy, wifch would re suit probably, In tbe further extea-ion southward of r nI >,*. v>r\AV l"0"tJ, nin''' degree of latitude? the - . . tlM! "P'^'oo* of our Southrtn reaiota are 1 fk PM '*>B'l('e'l' tliouH thus have a ttack for the Southren i'acine Kal'.roa l to ?an Dte*o, iBaiu,iinK, fbatr,Jri.DAn "r" G">-no,r/n**?"1 in "" ??"ey >f i re<ion? th? rich minea of .Vreaoaia and the oth?r countrif* thereabout. The entire amount of land thu? aouulit t? I hi acq 11 'red embrace* ?0.(H.'0 0? of a-rea 1 wUh. tbi" r*",r4-T hasbesn pnhed by theagenta ofour goeernmeat was shown by tha complaints oTone of the Hex!-*,, Boundary Commia ?i 1 '' ,0 '?? goearrmrut st Wa?hington thai l?iiu?ocatf| were so bust- Uying out lots at San I?Mlm w1", ,,onif th' lt:i" ?r iU" pr- posel route, that they had not ma to attend to their o.he>al m' V'f1 a,,tU* r,t* wtr" working, |bey would not fln:*h tue labor of e ght mt ntbs iu tela than I tivo yetri. 1 'a Appropriation bill, ps-eed ve?terlirbv lbs , enute. 1 ibaerve an amendment ofTere.| hv Senator 1 Jobn-oti of Ari ansae ahkh, like (he horae, 1 I'..Ui! ? * mUchlevon* ontaide, la fulf of arm*! raen. It ?loip.^ propoaea to ena>d* tnr I'losulaat tocirrr out the provi.iona of ilanypeun/'a treat* of laat lurn mer w.t.i the Delaware Tn ltsn< by aend'tif out sppraia 1 era to ?( t mate the vaiue of Unit unlaw full e souatted np .u by white setUers in the r%lavrare re ei vatioua, and to teqii. re rtill payment fmtn tliem I it also (ana ta re la the mischief) empowers the Pro.i 1 ?*n' to naae auch further treaties with t!ie rv.awaies at may heoeenc'i e\pedi>at Thia U j ast . oough to excite | 11 a army t Oosr. and iheircaafi de.stee to continue tUeir I sggres.ions, w th the hope of indue >1 the ? reranent to sb-Qgate the present treaty, by which tlio iaal< are re.erved to be sold at auction for the Iwneflt ul the In Oian owners, and to throw th< m open for entry under the peremption Is w. Petition* with thia object are al rraov circulated which have be?n num-ron-lv *i?n?d by tli'M* whose inter >?t it is to .lefrau l the l<elatrares m1* T*1"* ?f ,Ur'r Pr"P*r^f- They conld. un ilouMsdly, be some uggltng procure troni the ch ef* (who are not tnJi?p.,e. .i to anr r: flee the intervals of ?cbetnea' * consideration) an aaaent to their Ha ring provide J for Meiata. Iio-l^e ml Green, flhetat t / ?o the clerk. hip of t'.e new judl cial 0 strict 10 northern Ohio) victim* to the Nebrraka pr.hcy of the almiuis' ration, it i* eipo.-fd, in aonit quarters, that Ihe Trteiitent will furniih s pla<a fo- Til *w * tT? ?' "" ^*w York delegation. The f. '^K.t* ?t v?*r ?" ix*,t ?" foundation, is. that tie New Wk collertorat ip la reserre-i for lina. i? tho contingency cf KodflsM a resignation Bedfl.ld pre era feeCmg his Teneae* flock* to bis preaejt lew lucrative oct upation, and that Fernando Wood was intended S" hia *u< < es. or, but tl xt Wood , snreo., |? the ma t oral ity has disinclined him to accept a federal ?ace. Mr. Walker a en{ag?m<uts at W:.?hia^ion t-:mi f"iu iU I, th* occaaionel hv (<dle?tcr lltdAebi'a letirement. Another rumor, of p. rhap* e.|u?l anthent'cltv states lliat General John E Wool of tbe Harltle department of lie si my, has been or will be drpoeed from his ii'>at it Benit ia, and that 0< nets! IVrslfer F. ftnrth of th. Tciaa department, ha. teen solicited to accept the duties now peiloimed by h m. l"' 5WnJr*C'!!<hJ V <he Nare Ispsituj.nt I torn Boston, ano. r date of Feb. id, .tating that ia ten day* the lotted Mate* rtoreehip the Young Turk will leave that po.t with provisioua'f. r the Mel.terr.oMi a us roo Spesrla is its destination, aod Hiose wbo de sue to forward letUra to tbeir fr.end. abr-,4 hy this conveyance have only U. ,<??.( th -m po-t paid (o ii,e foe'tl* a e" A 0"0n whence t nee w 11 be car eo 1 UL.. ?kL !? i.j g^tnitonalp fan also Infoim e^l that tltet nlted nu tea b g Perry aa : the ,laine-to?1i r?'i r!!.?tV. .? A'ritan siua^.u SuorUi to reliere iu ^ which will retntn *0 me I lute in t->r! lh? i'erry ia new neatly officered [Kotreapoiideuceof the PUilil 'phi* ledger I . ? Warmxt r i.t. ?eb lo. Mi",. .VanarutiM <tt /U/arii in Railroad Iron and Ik' 7 aril - It', J "^7" :Z. "P [,t ' ar?<l, ' V Va/fr rwel ?<e Tariff rith Ikf / ott UJhee Drfiartm'nt, dc It i. not that tl.e I'teaSlnt will her* s Ihd'. ir:"" bLU 't isextffmely .'oubtTut .?. a J", "0 I'nblii: Unit, w 11 again have telt^n C "????, ?? that of ,om5 a" t,nn ,? ,#r ??"??* to it, nothing in the ?hape of a srsnt of land ,a aid of the construction of rai rrad. snlT paa* the Hmise ae! tb*t P" of the tariff amendment are bei'mmg vsr> strocg from the oomb.nst on of tha 7oi . T*"/ ,0 Uk* n" ,h? '1,'*r railroad ron) and the manufsctniers of woollens (who i.i.i.t 00 taking off the du'y on cruio qnalit es of w<k>I Mr >r**1 r*?*la???o? may be called up every oay in the .Senate, sod a b 11 aa< ?De other lav Kfois tne CVrnmittee on Public lean la, to grin^U 'ra'Tr^d enrpanios alternate secUota of lend, and a credit for a . A'."!. ?f r*'lr lr"n suthonrlng at th* "Vo l'o.t ??st?r ( eosr.i to nMke rontrnrta v ? A lowtpnm*. tor MM tfMHfartation of tj- I ,i.Ttl!' *'ia "'*ct ,h" ?'"ount ol competut on to be fT. ?"'y *' "< tb* ^ " msil from t, * 1- ^'". 5 ?? 4 t""l'*"le? on their Mrtlde to hll.Ve. tV!*""'- " ?'T ? ' O^a-a . e. ' . " r,nC"" ? '",Va?road o? !?' ?. ia t" I r, - ?.t , ? .Hr. ..!? b,,B *,n.te., ?'??"?'r:-' ?? '? v.;."...;.,; tf>*t MttBilllat, !{?? If'.B I ?f-rl r. IH?n? r .? tot r Jr I rr|'' ? wii to tb# H^, ? i?i w* iiaelaot'i " v"' - e th* a>. tfMl ?a? p*>*ipnw I I 1 V,K)fn.'v l?#ll uh ?? prf <\ III ft I' ; ," ' " ?? "" ena<erta? ... I " "" ' *?'? y"aO'a e 1 ? , %4 r,-i >ad?g par?e let . , U.n . and agai'. t m. ? Jit at * ' ? ? etin.yl??ftia .tapW. So Pre. Ide .t 1. Ut bo MKinatrd in the aprtag or a*wn of 1*^, knd t- ere 1. ft ??e<]?tf t Ijr ro j ai ite -'af 1 %*>u for rwnti l'a ' t'ma eaily, fotihwtn , . ; > a li ? aril* canotatat* rom .rn,lva,l. J .,0. , ,hr, e ,?r M.. j . lh# lijtfr*' Uot b Hi t? tli# ? ?? g # Hia . tltt 104 jr vho be m%f. Tte( r ?t. sm/r* lisi- t- 11 na 'alldtv ep^ches ' for and j.* gietag le n or the e^tra Laid '.3 the ha* Vaflois rtber Jrrjert. i-e aba tarlot h ? tha hot is, It e* l? no Uas wVeh can b'-sst ol the am- elaas ml ablaa? t.?e reenlar ^er' n .en-e, *f. I ? C( 1,. araed rd^t,h?. whet ?r any of the Una* pY;j-?-t?i sod vaanted for Ibe.r ttieapufts sr. 1 tit>! a* yet ^ alie, a ?ca'?fali/ to to nr-te w 'h ho lttnar<.,., ?d ,, ,t? rrA 1|M u v.tbdrawn. -Si.1 ""I**" p> ?tog* on no wa paperi and latter* between thta ?. .tint rj and (Taropo, sni ma rH/i*-""."*'* "" h h 'r "'?? way. Now' that the til f. "toinfl/ with the CnaaH*r*. !.it ? . T * f" ?'?"?"d ?? eqnal die "W** S* tho po.tagr. bettre.* th* foantfoa, SBf * " go ??' i?.*r 1 .( not hoenad, Uo m<u r*tten sow paid by tho gc? eminent to tM Collin* com 1 *<*rr] the aaa'l X> Rambnn or Bteaan f?at. t by < oy c?n*ee be sub titt tad fee the UeowoJ ' IT" x frT" "?* Vovt and IkMten ean ? rn o? We ted fit IJeerpiwl, frn-n which pt*?e the naatl U ti:M b f At tM Mi la fxr k*vi M UatM, sad thance in torn* foartaea hour* to Parte. It U ao la pienaeat is >t?ia navigation a ad (a awll transport* t.on, togo to a mora dutant port. The moat weeterly point of Baropo that cm be reached. provided ft U oon aected by railroad and at-*m navigation with all Import est eitiaa ia Pngland aad en the Continent, mo ft bum taiUjr to that which moat to aalcetad far toe Ewepein terminu* for tmr transatlantic ateaoubipe Ametlean CHlsrna B*m Abraad. As Act to ceoura the right ?f citizenship to children of the cHitfo* of (ha I'n teJ State# bora oat of the Umlt* theieof. Be it ? narted by the F-nate aad Home of Repreeeata t!re* of the United Btate* of America, in Cearroa* a? ?embJed ? The per oaa heretofore born, or heretfler to born, out of the* and jurisdiction of the United ritatea wboae fathtra were, or alall l>* at the time of tbeir b.rtb, (Itlt'Oi of th? 1'oit* d 8tate?, ahall be deemed id4 considered. aad are hereby declared, to ba citlr.en* of the I nited frtatea provided, however, that tbe rl/Hw of eiti/rnaliip whitli not deacnid to persona whoaa fatttrra never rea.dej in tiie I ni >4 State* 8?c 2. And be it further enacted, That any worrao who might lawfully be rsti.valitei under eliding law*, aiarried. or who eliall be narrird. to a citizen of the ( sited Ptate*, stall be dr?n*d and taUea to be a oitireo. Ajproved February 10, 161} The Material or * Kaiiaae Cttjr. .ST ATlJfll'H OP LAWKCKCB Hie following table exh.bit* the population of tbe city of 1-aw rente, !n Kaa>aa territory, the occupation of tbe inhabitant# the place* ot tbeir birtli. and from whence they emigrated ? Male* 270 Female*. 105 Total foou'.aU' u "TS Number of votera IJ4 NAT1VIT1KH. t aitei State* M3l Nova&atla 2 top lam1 27 l'ruaaia I Ireland 'i Caaaia I Cerwaay 4 B? rrauda 1 Wale* 3 OCCtTPATlON. Mechanic* 47 Ship Carpenter*. 3 Clergymen 7 Carpenter* IS Phyatciaa* 8 Cauine'. make. a 2 lawyer* T Maaon* 6 Kd.tors 4 Surveyor* and civil engl Author* and publ.aLera, 1 ncera 3 Merchant*..... 7 Seamen 2 Printer* 10 lUackimith* 2 Machinist- T Farmer* 83 KMIURATKD I'KOM. Maa?achu*etla WJ WUconaio 9 New York 60 fSeorgfa 1 reunaylvaaia 3tt Maine 0 Uhio 26 Minnesota 2 fowa 10 New lUmpahirv 10 Missouri Id Indiana 10 Illlno * ,...18 Michigan 1 Rhode laland 3 Connecticut 0 Verar ont 6 Kentucky 0 riatiietcf Columbia.... 2 Native* of Kanaaa 2 New Jerney 4 Political Intelligence. KNOW ROTHIKO CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR OP CINCIK KATI. The grand council of th? order of Know Nothing* held in Cincinnati on the lO'.h Inat., nominated David Fisher as their candidate for Mayor at the April eloetiou. The selection waa made from tlfty four can li<lata*. KNOW KOTHINU TICTORIM. [ We copy the following from tte Albany S'a.'e Rt giitn Chtmttfip County, ? We hear that in Klmir* the Ameri cana iirept all before tbem. by majorities varying from I three to tire thousand, against the combined opposition of the toco foco.Peward all party fuaioalata. la the town of Southport, adjoining jLimira, the American ticket waa elected by a very large majority. So far aa heard from every town in the oounty bad' been unrrisd by the Americana, and Pain's majority thua far wii oaer sixteen hundred, and Increasing aa the return# came in The lion. Orrin Ho bin too will please Uk. no notice that the people of Chemung county have con dmin?(l him for voting for Mr. Seward on the tttli. ?Veiitca C'oawfy.? ' cam iiaa been tiiere t<>o. Ti>e towna of Corning. Hath, Painted Port, and Addison. wire rarried high and drv by the* Several other , towna wrre heard from, in which the fua'oni?l* w?re overthrown. There will undoubtedly h? a large Aoi*ri ran majority in Hleubcn cO'.n'v. which tlie lion. K B. j Cole i* at liberty to regard a* a verdict on hit misrepre sentation of hi* ronmituenti in voting fcr Mr. toward. Ruhmnrni CuwfWy ?We hear that every to en in tli'a conntv baa gone for "flan. Hun. John V It aj mini will pleas* take aot'ce tmt the people 0f thii county do not approve hi* couiae. Mtmtgbmrry Cvtinff r ?Fonda, Feb la, lt.'iV ? The town meetings were neM thia dae In thia r-maty. ham could not keep at'il, ao he unite ! round the eouuty. an t I aa for aa hear-t irnin, he ha* been entirely victorious in aeven of the ten towna. In Mohawk the . uperviaor* w?s lost by three majoritv , ? the balaaet of the ttr'.et elected. 1he lion Messrs. Hi, I and ileker cxn very eaa'ly da term. us what tbtir constituent a think of their pro (actings (n the I rgtalatrre. THStlt COvORii'4*toKAi. DirmitT op co-krcth r;r Ihe H< a Nathan Heieber, of New I oadon, the present Representative of tie TUir t Ciagreaaioaal <iiatrict ef Cc nre< tu ut, hk' given notice that h- will no* again be a candidate frr Congress The Norwtrh Aurora etatea tbat hia etasona for t-ecJn in,g are entirtly of a pr.tste batuie, relating to hie busiaeaa aftaiia. VOttnUTfOW VtCUttfD AND PRtKCfl"f.H OKI tVRD. C'crge W ft one. who was prominent aa a candidate fcrCongrtia in the Pecond i.isfiUt of Alabama, has de clined to run, and thus ptccUima hi* principles ? ?n withdrawing from t ie contest. I do not, in the lea it, , a' it? in tlie e? iu??t eolic 'ode with which 1 regard the (IIVM-Ot political crisis. Ibe rvcent repeal o^ a measure ecu ceded to be un'onititntionai? alwsj * degrading to Moathero freeman ? and which, for more than thirty y. sr?, had disgrsced our national statutes, was made a , :i prsttlt throughout the North for % ? umhlaatiun of all the heterogeneous elem*atn of opftosit on to Montbern Ictitut) n? Ihe apparent reault is an overthiow, for the t iroe, of the doctrines of Mate righta and strict con struction. If we are true to ounn-lves, thia reault ig more apiarebt than real. The Ncr'h nai ted against ua. the Hath must unite 'n d- fence of her-clf. Thus united, >i rtliern fanaticism w II he lorever *ilen< ed? for tbo?e abitwd eendars of ?j ret and rotiona are too Vienly alive t<> the benefits the I'n'on confers on fiem, to iuutrd them ,n a conflict with tV united South. I believe the <!emo< rat i? doctrine of State rights ant atntt construction 'allhfully acheied to, is inseparably rnited with '.he parity aud perpetuity of our inatltu ticn? but if the 'ice soil laai.e la farced upon na, f bury and f< rjet s'l arcient dint.nctions, aad plant rnj elf ou that higher Voi.tliern platform. I. No more >f ?snort restrict! mi. Vo Wi'mo*. pror ao 3. No frtate refu<nt admW ioa into the I ulon, because a1 ? erat'a slavery 4. No aVil tiuo of alavery by Congie<v any where .a this hroad lan<l. i No repeal or material mo fixation of the < (Be tacy of tt e aUre law rt Vo fnterferesie with the In'er 'tate sl?ve trad? 7. No disci mmt ng tag agsinat our slav>- property, by t ugri ta. (.hO. W. 8TON K. - O f ART T IN OIOilOIA- CHARI.K* J. JRIIglKf RRi <)H Vt. I/f.D POK O .VI RNOR. A n^etleg waa held in Se wtoa ecunty, (<a , oa tlw i. b ina' , a', which tl?e ioUoeiog preamble aad resolu t ons war* aJ"ptgd ? Wl. ?rea? i !d party isauea bare so e? "tenc athe pn'> lie mlO'l the laestinns lieing ?ttb?r ob> >lete. or tispt sltve br 'lei?8,oiue? for the saks aiuae of the ?poils v| party tr''in-[ ' id eh'iess it s of the utinoet impor that ?'!- , pie proper of '.be l*ouiii tlto'iM. .n 'hs fat 1 ' >ae man to ma.ntaln and <lef> iid the cm ?t!ti ' <? it i?, tfce Colon aa It stsada. aad 'be righta ol t lie ? a t ? a without diminutioe, as guaraatee'l by the roaatltnik n ami whereaa by ti.? ol>l ine'ho-l <?f s-cer tain tg publ'e *< nliment, ai to whom ofbefal honors tho !d be committed, the aeemigg public will ia oft?n eontiol'e 1 t'V tr!*k and tricksters, wherebv the people are i heated out of their tire!er*n-.e ami it i? tag ieetr able tha' tl.'1 p' pie. fa 'he.i primary ase?ml>liae ?onsi !t together a ti'l art for tnemae!ves ; ail It b?l?g la'l# that a ria')i4lle for Govern' r aboiiM be -**l#-cte 1 for ahimaltoi tooat of old party men can freely east their si te ? It la therefora Keioleod, That we recoaimen 1 es b -oiro'v ia the tate to hold meetings for the purpose of d*terai>aiag v bo they ^raf?r should rate over them l'eeol?e i, That we re<|iiest eac'u c jaaty that agre?s with as, to forward aa notice of their edlon and that wbea oao-t irdo^ the- eoontlea of the l*tate have'r* sM-o'led favrrably aid no te I > a some maa to be rue, that the cl.atrmao of the aaeeflog appoint a e?en ttee < t < ?e fiom each t! ?ogreasu nal diotrt' t to inform th* reattem dssigaated, ofhla aom nat oa ead r?>taeet h^s m -eytiare |'e..,i? t. Tint ami'tig the maay ebo WO'H I fli the ne? i tlve chair of theMate with n'sofalaees aad toner, there Is ? ee ?l,nai we pre'sr.cae waa ia aest likely to lagawci e ^artr nea We b*l<*ve that U?e uanse of Cba'ies.f Jenilai, af KlcliRK'Sit. will he reloaded to B"t ow'y by thi* but every esr'ioa Jf the .'ta e, as the insa lt?. ? ?li "th'ra to naeet the ertala rnvniRiTiois iw wm< m r?a ta, At H.e ' esi'er sleetiaa la wiai.hester Va beld >hi the llth last the wa^Mat'e were ran ei ?i ?./ ea t # I ?(> ' r ooe?. ,n lbs Mayor, Reeor ler aadsrrsjoei ty tt'.tb br teN> af ttanaana Oral* , m fator of , /nhi'. tloa, e ete eieeted by large majortlse. FN mtt.i A ? ? ? ir -Fi' en a r tlvate Je ter daV4 Pv ? (!?l e t.irardesu e?i?nty Mi-soon eaja th* t latin JfijiWi'i* ?f tU Jlk mat , ee are f eimiturt ta a i Ve the fall' wltg ettrae*. ? An a roeu.oa m ? Pit I aad hoase berniag too* pie - a on Vf#< fc? dey a rht aat wlth'n eight Mitaa of this pla e Ayoneemai t y the i aw.e af Ro't Me aoene ttaa atn^o nar"e4a wi'ow woo had a daogbter Marly growa K< t toag after th'y were marrte t llaowr e?dfeet tSe <o?r/ fi'ty, ee aa eoate eny, ravlehed oev a Mae wbi-h ttms l>o<4aar, the oM lady aad the girt have b?a y ar rel'ngatd Aghtiaf ' a Wednsa^ay atffht las* Me< ao?e rotnraed hone, after aa abeenre <?f s> me two own'. ? atea hie wife eaaght Mm aad hel/ h'm wh. ' l or ds'>gh*erb Ites) h'm wtth aa aia. To tilde all Ivatae of their work, they the* ee* fire u, the heuee, e</aaaraiag the body of !:a< ka?r la the What led to a t are , r. ry of tie meriev waa Maa Hrtsa>tt*? of H? -k aoe be ag aheeat ro U/ag.aad eoate of the neighbors is* 4 ? bin. e?we h??e 0% W sdoM.'ay eeeala? They eaw oo m'-re of him an ??>** w*B'. ta rak aa aad seer'iloa amoag the "*ls an - ?a of the hire' boss* aad foea 1 eraae boaoe. which ei?tt '-s'l oaeptrteaa Aa ia fteet waa bald ye* *sy, isd thav **f* tclstel ta ba haasaa hoaoa All* parties ? ?e?enaad hs e? beea ?rvaeted eteaf* the ywwa^ wjenea H'i t.ttM; hae ?aia 1 fa 'I caft'a oa. AFFAIR8 AT THE STATE CAPITAL HEW YORK. LMtHUITRC. JlMTMblf. Auia?t, Keb 17, ins. bai.sinu no* it is hmm eocrnr. Mr Raot>m introduced ? bill authorising tli* raieing, b / the TtfXirw of King'* count/, on hi* official bond, the lum of ySi.OOO, to bo expanded (a tha completion of tha Fintbu ?ti I.aoatir Aaylim. Tho Board of Superrt rare to hare power to (?i*o bj tax an annual iuu for the p?j mfut of tho mti mt Mil ao much of tho princi pal aa the boar* *baf) determine to pa/ /? ar!.s uutil the dtbt ao contracted be Q(|uidato4. At riiOaiHM ur<A PAI TO POUOK 1VT1CXS. U r bn'vtMUM introduced a bill providing tb^l t)?e remit tion p**?ed OtccmLor 27, lit*, by the Iloar i of 8c per r Sot a of tbe citjr and county ?>( New %'orfc, in the followUj word* ? " IVaolred, That the police juatlooa be pal I fur extra eervire*, In alifltioa to their pretest ?tli i /, at lb* (ate ol ene Jixth of rh?> roni|?'ii.tatio? the/ now receive, ami tbat thie ie*?lu<.?n take eH?ct on ami frc m the i-th ?iar of Ma 7, ISM," b?det larel to be lawful, aa i of bUdinj lorco h: x?rtvk to Tn* WW oh four* axd hi Ma TO*. Mi Wati*ui itr introduced a bin to provide for the election of the Chfel of I'c4ir? in New York ctr ft* pro ri* ten* are, tbat a pemen to Oil that ol&ce ?u?ll be voteJ for at the next gi ueral election, and the oar re ceiving tbe *rr*te*t number of rote* *!iall be de?tar- l elect'' !, u nil ?Iih1I Itolo ln? office for an yea ra; an.t the office i-hall be Oiled n th? *an? m?un?r at ibeetpl.'a tion of each aucceedinv aim* Tint the Chief *haU be executive officer und head ol the I'onoe itopartinint. and ana.l poa-e*s and eiero** all powera o?w pu?e<.? 1 and e??rc ?ed by the Mayor ol tlie city, a* rUmf execu tive officer of the 1'oUc* department and ahall, in all cr mioal CBfrt, po**e?* all the poeer* now po?t****d >>j the polire Juitire* of the city. That aucli port on* of all pravioue acta, a* gut to ilia Ma/or power to ei?reu* tlie chief executive dutlea in the Police Department, be repealed hw oimm ik me ( oi' ntt cu.'iu'a omci. Mr. A U. Wilua** lot reduced a bill provtdlog that 1 the !HK>l?a,*, trauanript* aod paper* in the otte? of the Clerk of the city and count/ of New Vork *hall, at all time* during office lioura, be open to tha inapec tion and examinat.on of arery per>..n, without fee or t ha lie theiefor. ktmoimm ciufrnrar. Mr ^KARMifl introduce I tha following bill:-? It iball bo Uaful for the Cemetery ?f the Krergreon* to a*U, iliapoae of and convey by coed, fcr other than c< j purpoM ?, idjf UqJ now held, or litrfAlUf quired by them, In the countle* of King* and Qwaaaa, troviOeJ iueh Unit lia* not beeo dedicated to HMUrj nurpotaa, by BUng a map or map* thereof. * Bil l THAT HCHT IXTKHr" AOMtloOT. Mr BuATi aruHD Introduced a bill to Incorporate th* 1W..M.U Oily Company It 1. ? Ion* blll but U. ?? n fe at it w* are a. follow. -U eraate* Cliarl*. A. Davl* Hear? Barclay, Ikferljr Kobmfem, Jr., i#4|othiW tliU may Walter W added, abody corporate, with power* to hold the real e*tate, *?!?, now owned bftbiitW w ?nclatr* In ptMurt of their article* of ataorUtlon. 1 he capital etock to be Bre million*, in fifty thouaand .hare. of one hundred dollar* each, to be do. "^ P ^ ' tonal proiierty. The ?hare? to be dleiributed by e'Hoerd of Tru.teea, aroonn the ahafcholdere of the *ald l*eaae cola City Colli pes y Aa.ociation, in proportion to their tmoectiv* ?hare? ?nd Interest* In the property or the aaaoctatkn. 'I be Truateee are empowered, at anv time when tbey mar deem it aeceeaary, to Blki IB UMMntot npon th* owoatof twh ?har# of ktock in nald company. not airaadtnjc at owcwlof a# n#ti#m?ot tha ftutn of t*n canta par nbara, and not mof thin four aMtaMMnU "hall l* mad* in ona y**r, ?????? autbouied by a majority of .torhhoid.r*, aud the troa tee* shall have power to enforce payment of a??ea*m?nt*, under penalty of the forfeiture of the atork by default ere. The Bret Truateee to be Chaite. A. Jordon and Henry K. I>evla, who are to hold office for thneyeara. The Tnnteee to liare power to ?aake by law* under the u?ti*l regulation* and re.triitlooa, and the corporat:on ?o po***>* the cuatumary feneral power* and privilege* ol *ueh aaaocla'loa*. tui miirr *m?u m mtmifv The general and Bald aBieer. of th* Hill IMrl.loa of >ew York Male Militia preeente.; a r?nM>"?liaocea?init th< ptn*ag?of tbe act recently Introduced by Mr Onck., anil the progrn* of which wa* eoddenly checked yeetor iar. for th?Kll"win? reaaon*.? Vlietly ? The nalil art promote, numerou* an mporUnt cb*D(< * in the eon rument aod diacipllne o the Plvi.iou * bicn tie bighljr in* J |>e<! i*ot, iuipropei, and uonece*. "Goodly? It la calculated la pridue* .J>*?ah*i4?u* and teii'rCT?r>ie?, and to acrttlo* coi.rt* mart *1 aud **p?n ki?e l.tuatioo. for no iiaelul ?un?o*ea , Thirdly ? lb* la* ha? been de.igued and pre pare 4by ? ?|,Mt Indiv'.m al to promote hi. own new., .a opaoe tioa to t: e viewa and opoiona of aU of the oowiuandanU ot b' I'l'urTbly? - It "pi "poee* radical cbange. in the pce?eat la?? aovatking the l>i?U??, ?bich were Uau?e4 by a clut .on.mlUee ? f tl'.- ,?r.*ral. BeM . *nd Une ^ 1 the IheUtOB. and era 4ee?ed well ealeu ated to '"nftble? 'it^trofoie* to dUturb, >iy fre*h l?ft?lart*?? the l?? ps*wd la*t kr.aioa open the rMomarWaUM ?< , a rtaimbaion o' u..l '?.r oflicer. ,i.po,0>d I ?? CbUf, be'ore tlioea law* Laee been full* trie J ' *od wttbont any ton* ilta ion aith"r with the uBccr* of the 1 ieWiouoT of the Stale. I Siv'hly? It i* the de*ire of the nntlt*r* tenerally I t?mi.,bo.,t tk? .-Ute npt to dututb Ue p-r ? law* i utll f'lly fr!?d la pr*rt . *, and till* letlree** I itrur te?tlBe?l at a re??et meeting of tbe ?iiUlar? a*e'> rial on of the .- t?te, teprffenllog trrry bi^ademti* '"rvtnthle? Tlie ro:i.t*nt' on of the mijitla la* ? ? r?gii'l?fl *' oiipre** re ,nJ Injnrlotia. for tbeee and O'l ?r ie?.0o* th-- BK mortal at. a*w that the pr ?fo- ? "aw may be r'ie. te-l The iwmon.l :* ? (,Mi-r?l^?ndf?Td, ltiig*?l?r Oeterai. Splcer, fJ*t^? Hill and l.weo, an t Ibe Colonel* of twelre ie4iment* AS tarOHTANT LWIiL WLI? Mr. BI%trbfor'l intiodtirad a bill to ani*-n i th? Ufl or tliia Mate in rela'ton to lien* on leal e*ta'e hec 1. No attacbiueDt or warrant of alfchwat aaalnat th* property, real or per.on.l of any perwn or i*. ton* or body ot bo>li** corporate. i?*u*d by ?<! un lar !he diieft en of *nT Coutt, Judge, or oth.r ofBoer -n tM. Mate nor any ..aigr.ment m.<1e by any debtor or other per^oo purauant to or n conformity w^ ^^th the or .er, .Judg ir.nt or .I'fiee of any roort Judge or "tliai oin< e r in thi.Htate, ahall aife<.t or be deeme I t? alto t, the real ??ate, or iht-ttel* real, ol the |*t*?n or pei.on. *o I y or kodle* (orf'orate ***<n.t whom .acli attaebweni or war i tot of atUihment n-ay i**ue, of of the .tebtor or .Ubt oi - m.k tig ?uch alignment, whlek may be ?r ina? ' b t? ? Uen. on*, red to aey p?-eh*^r, to goo I faith, .iihae cuent to the* of ?ucli atachwMt or ? .tiaibirnt. or lb* execution of .och ??*lgnm-ot aod before th* recording thenof a. herelnalter meotiooed htr i TUt or roort Ittutiag aoy ?acn ar*i rn.rt or w*rrant o' attwhm.nt ?ball at the r^iue.t ol the pirty or par e, on eh.** aoplicatiou the eaiue i. Kianted, inn* duplicate .lUrfi.nent* or ??"*?<' of attachment, whirl, .hail on Hie fate thereof he d *i*mte<l d. plicate* tnd the *b?riM or othai ./ffl'tr re etl'lnT "t.ih duplicate or w.rraat of altai bnient! .ball fy ?? ?.'? ???? "f fcf tb? a?i4 gttachnrt ot. ci ?arra?U * that he received an .tl.ehn^ot ot w*n.-.t .... i t, ?* the c.w m.y be, of eb < h tl-, o?? o*?t fc*d ? e?-V, to bane- ntfo, .p-r fy ngln ?"rJi c.t lftr.ta t da.Tf the month aod the ye.r .... ? .tea he rereltrl th* r .n.e *b l *b . il e ,t!. a t e.otj hour. afl?? the | r* 'tb.t.of e,, .it th. jama wl'h ffca *** of the to. nly . or o hei oil .cer m hi* ^onty. wh ,*e dot / it M l.w to tif r.l u?e and mart(?gei. Ver. :t The ? leik- of the tire . otin'iet or other officer wb jf doty it in by law to r? ord deed* and a?'*l ? ?**? ?U*11 recct l .Mh atUibmeut or war: ait ol at t.el fi'^n* in tb* '.'?V in ehl'h m .r'?age* are a? iaHf molded: of ?''h *n ln?let #hall be io*.e by tU' ??"? (*, te? or 1 og the ?tm*. with t .e .a-'ei of mo.t ?,r.* or .*p^.?tel?, t. th. recflflM th* , m? m.y flol u.o*t trmmeat in ? ha name of the attirli If rre!l|..r ?n?II ,oh* V*1*! |,.r the ww.t?>r' ?"d th* Oeine of Ihe p*,.** or o-r-n*. I?.1t ?t br^ir. 'orporat*. ag^oet iU.'hment or w.mnt of atta/bm-at la Uonod f?K the neme ol ll.e m?.rt?*go* aod which .od. ** *hall U open ..1 at til t n.'. for met*. t,..n, .0 the name m.oaer a. to* o?ln r lorf'e** .n "I* "dfl'e .* 4 111* re.l *?tate* end ?hatU.' r*al ??. any per atore.a.4, -hati ?e Uoond thereby aivi .? h aUaeOmtet .....lit of at'.rbmeat 'hail he. urn* to<l be a l>.n ut, a >e<h real eetate. .nd rl.atUl* feel ffo? tlje t xnm ol recurs. og . eh atu?'.a-tat of w^ot of .tWhat. -il, ,t,l before, a. *ga a*t^r. !? ga?l 'aitb JIM The TO- Of J of ?*f ??*? attaeh?ent or *afr**' of atuel o..nt .ball he d a. Wge . open ' ho r*'*d ttef ejef b* tbe . (B'er b.? tif the ebarga of *oeti r*c?rt oo the n oaf M lag -ad le.?t?g Wlih Mat 'he m* *ed ?rr e< the r, e, Ol.aycomr rt ?ka.tiag the ..?e to b* OfMie the eerr<fl *l? "f fh? Jn^ge oe e?l"Or obi. ia?u . I *a?i. attaehoeat or w.naat of et*e' .o -a' of *a ,f oiler Jo.'te ar o*eer? a?.r? power for at. I 04 Ik** ??? b at ?r\m* ot o* ? an ant of at?a^?eo? ha* teea ?a*> h.fged, ol.ieb ofdot of e?r' ??J* ?h*H ?* ,d~l la 'ha ' tr. eh.eb *f* r. or ted the d ?har jee of swif'tagee, .e*t ke*K by the ea 4 reward ? -1t.e J.d?- ?? rt or >??'?"? ?* * " ? te p?.w*r ?? ?athor'te to le.oo *a att? 'h.oeat o? w.r i .at o* atU.bat- at, mat ?a ap i '*t *? f->* aarh pur ...e to h . dlretiet oo at e..*?e t ?.* "? fr<-? !? t.aa* laeee warra*'. r*.p<ae<i*el* to ea^ti ? *ay of tbe ab*Ml. <? toe .*.p?t ae ?i*M of tba* rVaV ttr - _ A(1, ? a^r T. t ber-ta hef-^e meat One t na * b? reeoade.l a* e?-ed* ?jf c?aeeya? e <?+ '""'M pr raed'* ,ri *a-1 eoi ftet la tb* a**no-r re-, ???*?! bf ,to la -a 'O .art W? at1 watil 'be aeoaa la r* ?m e>'. it .1 all oot aSert, e* be daewaa t in |1*.l, *o f r?.ie*<?t*o? ' hetieU re%| e^eeyed to any p. t ?*?' ,,, ee. a a I'ol ?a *h by Mae per tea of pet**** -te rut og *a*h awira**' _ .... .... . . ... eer * The roror1<iag fti'lf ahall he eotlllel t . the ?erne rate of love for amee* po? '*??? 4 aodff thia act, ta or -U rerord ogof daetaor p., , _ TV. a' tat, all take e??. t Ia.0ta4ta.el7, an til r.tber p?e. ooa a'te roa'rary U?o^a Of ia-'?aa. .'.eat the re a 'a, ar* bete by repeated ||aaa<r ota weta paa*?ted li'* att.reo* aad gr*ad/a f.,ra at ? raoa4*l* aak?* Irrt 'be ewa.ta.-at a law re! at >ag V> 'be writ 1/ haboa. e?rpi*, to por*?aa tlahaed oe I a/ <la*e* of uke efcot te ?aa ootoa.'ted a h the meat el .a I, wlw h ptOfbt^e that tfco Jfcalt ?icae. aba. I %?*? 'bo uaa power a* la g1**o V> tlae *o jrame Maori Mr tbe proeialoM of the ?tfl.taa XiH.Wea. fe.rpoa Ibat it aball ha the <aty Mateo AIMraoya wtibta tbev teopoH ao oaao?#? eoea a taawleat af U . -ta'* ta arrootad ao a fag ttfo ??* ' V*" ... all lawfal aaeaa. ta protect, ta'eod ^ad pro r?fa h>* 4*orhargo That U- lagal ?PP '?* *? of aar P*aU Attara./ to a Ja dgo ? Oreoft Judge, a, all L * of a wrWofhaheaa aarpaa, that rt <*? al po*. ' o?oee. la tkaMate who ?k*1 jj*'* , te .r haVaot iiabeet to bo arree'ag a* ? f eka, ? g ee ? t<i tbo eoi (? tbo ?a?o Attwaoj. that (r,trl b aWt^r wi?l ? haha?? ffr * turnabla ?baU, on appucaUoa af aitliar party, IumI ? trial by jaw/ on *11 aaaatioaa of faat la lim. A aarood ma mo rial from tha itnuqurtir awhawU m4 uki tha p|iu(t of a law for tit* dafanoa of liberty, Ml for the pumahmant of kidaaaplaff, which Impaaaa ? torn of $3, Out) tad mpruonmaat for not Uu th*a Bra yam, oo ao? paraon who (ball falaaly arrant or aUiai ? fraa r*r?on ua tb? pratanra that ha or aha U a alava, aad a aimilar panlatiaant on ?ay paraon who <hall fibaly on tl? trial of a parton arraatad or olaltaad M & fugitive alata Thf Uaharaaa. 811 X COTTON CHOP ? EVKOKVAN AID TO CW U-fA 1'ATHIOTIC rt'SI)- - AMKIUCAN MB ll'M AffTKfld U CC^U) 01 KIPS AfTINd lahKMKN. We have rrcr ??d oir filaa af Naaaaa (N P.) papart* dated to the 'i'lh o( January. Tha ua*a la not of nath laipo tanra. Tlia irabama Herald ol tha 271k ult , aaye -Thaeflfc rat'on trtea in tha ran j? loralitlaa of aur town at* bow in full IiIumm, an.l ara fia<|uaotad daMy by aay ria?*a of hanav baea A.l the fortt at Urn i*laad of Cuba have recently n Cflrml heavy eimam< nta from lurojie A eettann ha* biwn pirarlinl in Haint Audrew'aflturah in aid of tl.eHr tiah patriotic (uud. Itiaaan journal, of tha 21th ultimo, any*'? It la ra jacrtr.l tint iim<<tiij I oi, a jounf man belonging ta tbu |Jirr and ?ho left Nia.j i *>iw tlm? a*o In an Aaai ran brif, U In ? un'cvty m K'obmoad, Virginia, aad thaA It* it ?b>.ut to lw aol.i a- a aU ra W? believe that hta frleadt, wtio iir w; iwp?ft?bl? people, ban apfM for, an<l liar* attained trom tha aiitboritiee here, eartaaa Document* to ilinw that b? la a itbjff! af Graat UrttaM Three aill ha ?*nt on aa toon aa poaaihta. hon.* people aJa?' entertain teare raapacWag Ute aaa wl.o ami >? win>n *ubC<|ittia Hunt, as America^ who bouiibt ? atnall veeeel a'.ma tlma ago, aad want ? Tnaa Ilia t aa IiiM by bttn for hia return Uaa W*g ainra evpir ad, and aothiag. wa believe, Uaa baa a haara ol hint or tlo- ntanba took with htm. Wa would rautlon our a?? ?oing rolorwd peonla agataA ahipp n? in Anieiirait vsaeela tha eaptalaa of which arw tc ' wall known K ulna pping ta by na waMMMUMa la aotu* paita cf tha t'ulvad !*t?te? Disarming the UUbuidtit HUiImj la Mm* ?arhaMrlfAi (I rom tfcf ? UwMl Uotiritr, l>b. !? J Ye?'?ri%y, in U? 'irybt of Um atom, AJjulaot <>*??? f?l Moo* p:orr*lH to th? irnmiltl of Um tbr*a 4u l>aiu>d frtab rofiipaniaa In Hoatoa and Uy>k m; thaar ?im> which oaia ?ant to tha HUM Arnnil at Cm bridj.. lb' compaoca J to ?urrcudar tkaU traaa, but ofl?r?-l no raiUtaura t<> th? taking away Thaw Orgrral 8t..iia r.?;n* to tbia city oa a almltar .rraa.l, a* tbaordar d j.'iaoillo| tt>* Muakirtaara mhimI Mi to bar* b*vik tiaoaailttod ia dua ootirta to Captain l'r*c tor, tba Conritr, oa lUnlir, irg| to him, a a ?? u? offle ?!!>' told, an or<l?r to raturn bit compaay 'a armt to tba Mm aulhantiaa; tbta not barto* Iimii u* Adjutant <.?naral wao a. at to tak* tham wbararar h* could Bad tb.m lla At at notified Mayor Lawroaso af bU trrao.l, and tUat o(Br*r *u oa tba ground with a Cillra forts* to btap tb? paaaa; ao om b*iaf proaaab unlock tba Moak*toara' armory, tba door waa foronl as.) tba Mat* a pro port y ap**dily nuaorod with out oppoaitioa lli* Loo.ll Ad-*r1urr ehrnnlrka tba nlrc-imi'awo* with a Aamtof lioad, aa foliowa ? DjDumj (wmui I? Annum Bantu Irftl l?Moacwto Finni !? Tba armory orcuptod by tb? Jaekaoa H<u k.tarra waa aatrwd tbla aftaroooa, by fottiai th* laar, ?ud ail tiair auab.ta witbln tba armory war* aafftoi off. W* in a !? room aqulry la rolatiou to tba affair, aad uadaratan'l that no danaand had boon lagally mad* apaa rant I' i or* or to dal'W tham up. tlila ia a moat dating ^aod li |b baedad otilnil, ati.tbar it waa doaa on<V r tlir aanction and autborltf of tba con>aaaa<t?r.ia cblaf anl bin ininloaa, or otbar via*. Tbia wa ra?r<l aa a aao>t t ontaaipU >U> aad duty lianaactiou. an-1 tba In'.Ulg.nt portion of tb? ooanao < aity will ao r*<i?r.t it Tvary man aa(*f*.| la It ab*?l4 bid* hi* la> ? wtth *bani*. mail Maaa ?? Widdlrtown, ??r lk' lltftti n* r.lhrr Hrndy'a Homl. ( tl.a Hartford ^ of tba ?oul of th* TroarabU *atli?r Bra y bJ^u3l ,',ai n.ot <?f tb? 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