Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1855 Page 3
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cwut ?ra*Mni >? i? ? Mora Hon. Judge Stuart. ATTMPT AT Bl'KGL ABY. I'm 16.? Th* fint ca?* brought on for trial thlx mirn g pu that *f Daniel Km*, alias Martin Plannigan, a gg?d look iii j urchin, charged with attempting to cotn it a burglary on the premises of William More, 21 Elm rret. The only evidence ag?in*t tl?? prisoner wa? that i waa found on the evening of the 8th of February, by loer Donatiue, in a yard adjoining Mr. More * house, at geutleiuan having previously disc >vere-i that at mpU bad been urn le to pic i the lock of hit hall door, (idict, not guilty, ? BURG LARY IS THE FIMT DKORKK. John Bro?a wan churned with breaking into the dwell | house of Anc rew fi. Pienon, of 179 West Twenty ?t street on the ni,{M of the 17th of January, with an ?ent to commit Home rime therein. The complainant M awakravd about uu# o'clock in Vtm morning the noise of ?on.i- |.crnon opening the hall door, awaited thinking po-?ioly that it might be some of e inmates, but beano/ a continued noise in the room joining that in which i n slept, h- started up. opened ucocr, an<l raw two uixi, wlio immediately attempt* 1 escape t onipla n'ant pursued them to the atrevt, lling "stop tnief," an >ue of tbe men, while running ray, was arrested by Oflioer Houstun, within 200 fuel Mr. Pierion's di>or. Mr. Phillips, for the defence, cou nted that there was no rvideuce of the outer door tug broken oo*>u The J udg* charged that the jury, tbey found that the prim n> r had entered the dwellu^ use through an ujwn doui, but had broken open au ler door, c>ull t": a 1 a. verdict of guilty of burglary in c second degree, which tbey aurordingly did. .Sen ile to el^ht y?arn and two months in the Stat-i Jion " ANOTUKR BIBULAKY. lull u Cunningham was inilictad, with one Patrick Lar I (who pleaded guilty), for burglariously entering tin >rr of Petoard Riley, corurr of Second street and Kirst enue, on the night of the 1st of January laat, and taling tlifnce a watch snl a ? |iiintitv of Hiiver coin, of e aggitgate value of tw.'. The burglary waa proved to ve been committed by l-arkln and another, whose per a waa not recognized. The lacts tending to connect e priaontr with the oifence were that, when arrested tii? 2d of January, he aomitted having been with Lar I ou the evening previous. A quantity of silver coin tbe d**cription ?f that atolen was also found in his tseaou n. particularly an Kngliah shilling, identified by ? complainant. Verdict of "guilty," with a recom ndation to metcy. Sentenced t ? two years and two intha in the state prison, latrain was aenteuced to r** years and two months CHAHUE or GRAND LARCENY. Louis Hoffman indictej for atraling a watch from show window of Jacob Lewis, J58 Pearl street. ou tbe of Keliruary inst. Catherine Roouev, a girl la the ftploy of th? complainant, teatiUed that she it* <1? ? lidaat -coming from the window with the watch, which Iputiniiiti pocket; but from various circumstance* |>iiuced in -e licence by the defendant? hii demeanor in store of Mr. Lewis being the very oppoalte of a crl al, and hi* previous good chiracter proved by nu reus witnesses? the testimony of the witneM for the |>Mcution wan completely rebutted. Verdict of ae 'n the natter of the People. vt. Herman K''t.? i defendant Is before the Court upon two indictments false pretence* Counsel for the acsused mores to >ah both indictments, upon the ground that they were ad witheut any proofs of the commission of the of ops preferred. Ou the argument of the case for the Iscntr and for the people, it was concede] and agreed the oue side and on the other, that the prelimina affidavits of the complaining witnesses, which ac icnt, contain h.rnVl* " contain all the testimony _ Derore the Grand Jury and nn wi,i.l 4. ' ordering these hUM T'l ^w. re*T the com7 lining papers with care, and it is apparent that fc '? ?*?' Proof .ffil," Itoiation Jl whatever of violation of the statute against false nret?nr?? Is being manifest, and havfnir iwifj t,?h! |siou l.j the learne.J attorney tor the people? that dpjiosi'.ion* contain .U . '?cts. matters and thini;s testified to hv dej onents when before tbe (fraud Jury, and thst Grand Inquest had no other evidence knowlel?? information in the nremlses than wlitto ?? ? i ? "> qnestion? it Is clearly cer that the de.endant lus been indicted for two crinr ?(fences, tach a telor.y, without Wal nmof store, without any proof of their perpetration ' And ????*? lLy. ?**??" (given p re liml narU y for . "f, i- ?w 0,.the Court is moved to go behind fin ul * * judicial notice of this want of lot the purpose of setting them aside; thus raisin? quett.ou, both ntw and important whether * rrim i ?nv'. c" P1'* behiud the record to 1 earn if there Wr before the < J rand Inquest going to estab the offence alleged. with a view to qSashVn indict ?"'ul 'n tu composition, in accordanoe with the I "face T^'"r' !"J, !ulp^rti2? absolute verity upon the eiIrr1? ,^ K rd ,ln""t no authority m..V?.\*9rciM of '"ch a (xjwer, and 1 cannot 11 nd a ^cedent among adjudicated criminal cases either in h?r"t!>V ?r ^?jl4nd, f"r *? '?old an entrenchment of >?r t0,r dispute! right of a grand iurv *5^ I'-***"1, When they plf^d, how iy p.eased, and for what they pleas* d, with uroof n? nn ilia' tbaL,apl'*'*J' (Mjin* th* court of which they lets tbau a cooruinats bram-h against all review ? ?2Ud2d lor mds' ^mr,"\dri bV ri?l,U of th? citizen |fr*eded lor ends of public justice; nor yet i< ther * * Pr'nc'<>1* ?' or rule o ?Ml procedure going to Interdict such innovation |en prudently resorted to (or tbe attainment of the^?roiertv"of,fl'l,tr*ti0n ?/ thlt Ja""M which 1.1 i- S >y ? ," n"n An indictment, as de Ic ed i.'k "'I?0 *er,r4' authori LJ ? . b,IIor declaration of complaint drawn I n form of law. and exhibited for some criminal ^ ,Tr i <? . i Justice Ilolt, "a plain nS?.rr.nrt n*rr"t,on of *n <>1<"?ce committed by persou. and of the tecessary circurastancM that eur t-? ascertain the (act aui its nature" An in aa'a! rtiljt'n lln*u,*e o{ itr- ^"slns. P. C., aa aicusjt.o;1 mad* in a pr?scnbed legal form upon dwce by a number ot authorized persons of ,om? inal oiftnce against tbe peace or the rieople and '"i* T ln court' becomes a record for purposes cniBlnai prosecution '? The ,jUestlon recurs, may a P *'Dt< dr*In UP 10 form" be im i imt i^1*^ " m?y. ,kr some reasons, uot be dfsputetl; and If for some, why not in al - where it (s m.niiest that tbe body .idlctlng baa jurisdiction over the subjeot matttr of which the usat.i n la predicated. If , court may look upon the eof an luolctment to see if it contains all the ele fets necessary to its validity, why may it not 1 T to the persons who preierred it, to see if thev |l duly authorized to do so? to learn if thev *.? 1 1 It u teil of the ?B,?beri re<1uired by th. sLtuK '?i^' i^*r? - qualified according to law I WhZ th J!1 **"1' U 1,01 Very I. Why, then, has not ths court power to inouire ^Tr,:aJuct or mor" uninj -'"o'". ?nd J L proceedings, or of othsrs going to the ? of 'heir acts, or to discover whether, although prtms has been proved, it did not aUo appear that it commuted in a foreign 8t?t? or < ountry, or if ner ?ted within the |?le of their jurisdiction, whether ?a not so ancicLt as to he without the cognizance of cr.mina1 law, or If wiUito, it had not^eTshown . o * w"oe?s infamous ef crime and un e ^Vl i" , '?r fflon' : further, of ? matters. All this, I take it ? certainly all excent Utter inatance ? will not b? .lenled br sny one who ?uhJ*ct their att-ntioD. The grounds, as ItuT^at u? ? th!? ?St**< ?CT bjr th" eourt in ?JkT** ? ^ Jury ia wholly without 'iuri2tl V>?m' ? UP?? tbe W#U MUle<1 P""ciple that ?r tta iiuh,n.c/ n can obtain ? "Ubjfct matter of a criminal offonr* mmmn* ?on (worn legal testimony i^iore a duly constituted au ? i i *n U0 Jur'^ct'on can be had if th" bSdy of a ? "Hir" 'i*r *xc*l't n*son of his personal pre. 'hH^^?d ui?*!fsh,n ????'??? of the crime lua M good law, with ail tn? force of truth and tbe Bgth of Justice, how may ? Grand Jury Indict anyone fci?t*^itt?r'Sf thl Vnt ?f pre?r ?0 Jurisdiction of the M;ect matter ol the odeace or If they do. why may not Bourt go behind the recjrd and relieve the accusal of Feeding imprisown^t, w,th tbe care, expense and d? r datiou o( a public trial' Tne answer ia not that ?2 ? Ti. 7 ^ <^urt, would be sufficient, if ins require, but when r,wbf' ,r* ,a m/ judgment tbe legal righ-s f? i* 110 a,uw#r. and shall not atsy this *??rc4s? of it' own !* n I^it julgmeot, quite enough ?JLMLm 7 llc#nMHl ?ct in secret upon ex ?SJ"Ct. * *!! m?tu" and persons, ?ft permitting then to in<llct Individuals contrary the miss of law, and where no crime has been r.t .T?"' ? "Itnesa tertlfles before th. Uf:LJUTl' * "P'c'Ator hears a bystander say that ey|J?oce Is corruptly fals*. I pon this the soer. or goes before the brand Jury now In session ? "X" *1" wilaM to ?"m? H which be believes to b? utterly false, as a ,rd b7 11 w*" so And *> thU an indictment is ordered for perjury Is ?iVl't?'!!' '? "oeh 1 c*,e. asvea public trial" Can I, ? r ? facts appearing, , iash the indiet l( no:' ?o?' The there is no authorativ* precedent for??*:'"r, If controlle.1 by nothing ^ .1* be boun.l by tbe r ilrs of evl 3l ?n ? 7>?rr th*n ?'?*, 4mm Is L i#4 Ch!?.L-i"r "** or"r "o4'1 1 l'w,<:h *V_| ^f'00 *? t ,M calle?i upon to iud"t hat t ws.'f. n!^ ?r lo',,ctmMlt "poo the m!**r . T,' ??" ur ,n the testimony ofincom Tne cvari ^ntertaineil tlis ribisriina |e matter wa. argued b, of the ^o 1 2^2^! at tte rngiish bar. b-fat- the t^lCJSdg^^H r.?ij SwLSsr^sS! ,th*' th* 5&TJ i ?B" w wi o^'yi roiBpe,"at, that th? nhi?i-*> d. It said I know, that tto ^trini e?^^ Pa case never obtained as sd s itbority, and ^Ze J,i > prevail as tbe law upon hla subject Th- coo llfll "u,f! '? tCc^ofHoT ^ ^ iCW"#.!, Rfttf I)# had f>|s*td?d 7 g?'* to trial, soeght t. rve erli.^ ^ W" *? "?e character aal am mt of proof before firaod Jvy, when tbe indicttu ot was round with a r to shontbst but one among s number of counts aa many mlsdemsanots had been prov?d before the fly tadtetinf him wblrh was deniei. as that would be 1 J?fora before a traverse Jury, pamseleji to try the accmaed. In the declmoo V took ooeaaion to aav that __s by saow ag that it was aot found upon sufficl*at laaed by tbe qmwtion ander tW eoBeJarwVof the ? graaled. Uueqaaliv tha apintmmMommU thl I Jadgas that ever bald a place la tbe Tiisumi Irf&Tfcato. im UmTo.X^ comUat or criticiae it for tba purpoea of granting thia motion; but aa there if *o lawful evidence whatever be fore the Grand Jury to negative tbc truth of the pre teacea alleged, I aai witnout doubt of tlia paver of tho Court to flfct thea aaide, and am convinced of my duty in tbo matter The motion to quaah ia granted. Tbo Diatrist Attorney aaid that he wuuld talc* the liberty of reviewing tlie caae upon a writ, of error. Al though hlit view* coincided with tlio** of the Court, vat, aaitwaaan important ca?e, it ought to b? settled by the highest Court ia the State. Theatre* and Exhibition*. Broadway TilKATan.? The Araerieau tragedian, Mr. K. L. Davenport, ia announced to appear this evening in "Othello.'* The lait time be appeared in thia city in the aam? character he wa? greatly admired. Mr. Parry appear* aa lego; Mm'e Ponisi aa Deademnua, and Mr ! Abbott aa fcuielia. The comedy of a " l.ady and (>en tleman la a l'eculiarly I'erplexing Predicament" ex cludes the amusement*. Bowkkt Tiieatrk ?The benefit of Mr. H. C. Jordan cornea off to night, when a number of talented artiat* have volunteered their aervlcea. The piere* selected are 1 "Black Eyed .^ujtan," " Pi/.zaro," "Family Jars," I "Perfection," "Spectre Bridegroom," " Paddy Miles'* Hoy," aud a negro entertainment, witii mich a bill, , there can be Uttle doubt of the house being dllod. Burton's Tiikatxe. ? Three favorite pieces are selected for thia evening. The new production, '? V\ here shall I Ihne," lathe first in order. ? Mr. Jordan an sponge, and Miss A. Lee aa Dorothea. The farceof the " Filibuster,' with Burton aa John Jacob*, will follow, and tlia comedy of " Sweetheart* and Wives" will conclude the euter i taininenta. Wau.ack'h Tiikatkk .? A verf attractive bill i* an nouueed for thi* evening The eomedi'-tta of tne "Captain of the Watch" will commence the anin?cnent*. alter which the comedy of " Two to One" will be played, ! introducing Blake. Lester. Mia* Rosa Bennett, and Mra. Steven*. " O'Flannigau and the Fairiea" terminate* the entertalnmenta. Ambxica* Mrsim? The afternoon performance of thla day aoaalata of ''Heada or Taila," "Ooltar Perform nncen and Comic Singing," also " U>nd Me Five.Hbii lingi," &c. The moral drama of " Unci* Tom 'a Cabin " i will he the feature of the evening? Clark, Htdaway, 1 Mlaa Meatayer, Miss Jackaon, and Mr. Monroe in leading character*. Wood'* Minhtsils.? ' The burlesque of - The Hotel I d'Afrlque," ami a variety of melodies, instrumental plecea and dancing, for thia evening. BocsLrr'a SncaNADiRg. ? Thia company continue* still to draw very goo.l houses. Their burleaquea are capital, 1 particularly "Lucrexia Bargia." Camforma Ami-skmvnts. ? We understand that Mr. and Mrc. Auatin and Mr. Wyatt, celebrated perlormera from ' Aatley'a Ampkltheatre, I-onooo, together with Mr Cor dona, French clown from Pari*, a* alao Monsieur Amue reau, with the celebrated troupe of performing dog* and monkey* from London aud numerous and Interesting view* of the preaent war in Europe and Alia, will leave thia city to-day in the steamer Illinois, for San Francisco, under the care and in charge of R. J. Tiffany, Esq., agent j for Lee k Marshall's National Clrcua, California. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOETKY MARKET. Monday, Feb. 19? C P. M. The stock market ?u depressed at the opening this morning. Erie and Harlem Ratlrjad stocks were In active demand. The former sold at lower, end the la*.ter at higher prices, than those current at the close on Saturday. They are at present the most active fancies on the list. The transactions are principally on time, pretty equally divided be tween teller's and buyer's option. The other fancies are comparatively quiet, without much change in prices. Virginia sizes continue to be offered friely, and speculative tianaactkras are made to some ex tent Rsilroad bonds have not been so active with in the pant day or two. Prices are not so lira. The supply of this class of se:urities appears to be un limited. A (treat effort has lately been made to Inflate their market value, and the daily tranaations for a time were qnite large; but the brokers had most ot this business among themselves, and /ailed to attract much outside aid. The stock markst, on the whole, has about reached its maximum point. Quotations must either fall off, or the operations become very much reduced. Stagnation or depre ciation must so)n take place. After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of bonds asd sto:ks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay:? $12,000 Hu Uon River Railroad, 3d mort .int. added. 731{ 6,000 N Y. and Harlem R. R., lit mort. do. ShJ* 6,0?J0 CoL, l'iq. & Ind. R. R., lit mort. do. i;;,( 00 do do. 1'onvprtiblen. do.7l}{a?lW ti.000 Central N. Jersey R. R , let inort. do. <1 , 8,000 Cleveland. l'aine* le k Aah'a R do. do. Vij; 10,000 Krie sod Pennsylvania Canal ti* -0 7A abares Northern Indiana Railroad 02,'V 75 do. Michigan Southern Railroad Wl 20 do. Mechanic* Banking Aasocation 101 20 do. Lorillard Fire Insurance Oo 102 11 <lo. North Amt-ricau Fir?- !n?urance Co 11! 70 do. Knickerbocker Rank 10 40 do. Kxrelaior Fire insurance C> 74', I'iO do. Manhattan Fire Iunurance Co 72 30 do. American Express Co.. $?>}? a 9 At the second b >ard the market was weak and inactive. Illinois Central bonds fell of j per cent; | Erie bonds, 1875, i; Cumberland Company, 4; Erie Railroad, |; Hailem, 4> Reading Rtflroad, i 1 Nicaragua Tranait opened and closed firm at our i quotations. Erie Railroad appears to be very shaky. It is sustained with great difflsulty. Specu lation in it has about died out. Tbe transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to day wet* as follows j Received $191,110 00 ' Payment! 479 041 21 ! Paid lor Aaaay oflice 114.108 53 1 Balance $4,201,804 33 It is estimated that the total shipment of specie from this pott, this week, will be upwards of one million ol dollars. There will be a steamer lor Liverpool oo Wednesday, and one for Southampton on Saturday. 1 The Legislative Joint Committee on the accounts ! of tbe State Treasurer of New Jersey, report the I following as the circulation and deposited securities of the free banks cf the State: ? Nsw Jkk?kt Fkkk Bays*. | Hani r Locatvm. SeturiUn. Uircul'n. i II ud. on Co Jersey Clty....$l?,$J2 $117. 961 l Bordentown Hk. Co.. Bordt-ntown.. . . 72,000 18, 000 Newark Citv Newark 160,000 140,000 , Central Hightatiwn .. . . 146, . >99 180,000 | Parnate Co Patereon 14,026 12,406 Punk America Trenton 11,. it* 2", lis Mechanise ATradernJeraay City .... 131 ,000 129,000 Rank Cape May Cape leland,... 34.0CO :il Cxi Hunterdon Co Flemlngtoa.. . . 6$, 000 03,400 Rank of New Jersey ..New Brnnawick 69,000 61,400 Princeton Rank Princeton. ... . 30,000 27,900 ToUl $871,144 $012,06! The securities deposited by the benks are as fol lows:? Virginia sites $222,900 Kentncky nixe* 112 600 Pennsylvania Uvea., 89,678 Pennsylvania aites 26,601 Ohio aixea 20,000 Newark City slsee 140.000 JerwyClty *iir* 137,000 Bond, and mortgagee 09, AM Total $871,144 The following banks are being wound up by in ! joncUcn:? BeeurUta. Circulation. Merchant*', Bridgeton $76 060 $74,817 | Wheat (.rowers', Newton 10 IW 10 919 | Am Klcbange, Cape May C. H ? 384 3H4 The ssi urltlea of ths $rat named bank are $21,000 bond land mortgages $'(3,2-0 Pennaylrama five* $6,000 ditto alxea: 96.960 Ohio do $2 <)00 Kentuckr $ t.000 Vir giaia do., and $890 cash. Of ths second. $9*0 Pennayl taut* Uvea, asd $16 000 Vtminia sixes Of tha third, $384 ...h Tbe following bank* have resolve.! to relinquish the buatnea* of bankisf, and have advertieed according to law ? AstrMs. C'ircutalinn ilsnk of America, Capo May, C. H. . . $9,000 $*,71s i'ank of North America. Ffetntogion 8.600 VSOl Tra.isri Baak, Cape May, C. 1 10,780 9,164 Total $28,2*0 $26,873 The securities of the first two are Virgin * stxss , of tbe third. I'?nn<rlvsnia fire*. Tbe following bsnks bare resolved to wind up. and bavins redeemed over eighty per rent of their circulation, end isturned it to the Treaaursr. bars taken up their (tacks sod deposited tha money Is bank, to the> credit of tbe Treasurer to redeem tbe remainder of circulation ? 0<etn lisnk. I'etgeo Ironworks $1,371 I.'slaware BSd Hudson Itaak. Totn'a River. 1 643 MerrV.asti Pank. May s landing 4 rm Karaser* Bask, Freehold 429 Atlantic Rank. Cape May 1,614 Tradesmen '? flank, Fkmiagton 498 Atlantic Rank. May a landing 1,4'ii City Bank. Cap* Island 2,472 Pabilc ??nck Rank. Itelvi 800 Total $IO,Oao ths warrants entered at tbe Treasury Itopeit ?eat, Washington, on the 1 >th aad lOh instant, wtro:? For the redemption of at oik $2 33* 91 For | ay lag Trenauiy debt* 1.1,370 93 For ths Cu?toss* $|,607 84 tor tha War Pepartaseat 87.682 $4 For re paytwg is Us War Oepartassst 383 ol Far tha fcavy begwrtaseat. . . $.774 73 Far rs paying Is tbe Navy Depart aerat 1,794 JO Co?? into Trasaary fraan miaa. eaarre< . 677 66 For theMtariar Dafartasat 28.180 K For re paying in tha Interior Departaaent ... 1,810 44 fr entering as appropriation for the Interior rWyai*.sasat 444 $8 The paymeat* at tie Trearary Dipartannt, la*t week, f .r the redemption of the public debt, were:? Loan of 1842, $3,200; loan or 1847, 13,500; 1MB of 1848, 19.150 ? Total, $15,950. The annexed state meat exhibit* the average daily condition of tne leading department* of the innkj o( this city, for the week preceding Saturday morn ing, Ftb. 17,1865: Nkw Yoh* Citt Bank*. Ranks. Loan. ; Aptet' Circl'n. Depotiti._ America 4,157,700 1,711,442 130,114 4,801,378 1'lK-ois 2, '207, 641 620,990 12.1,444 2,044.436 City 1,675,321 249,116 71 .301 1,227,394 North River . ...1,030,629 118,801 172,776 040,013 Tradeamen'* 1,290,920 111,811 18.;,056 724,29ft | Fulton 1,426,939 198,847 121,612 1,181,213 Chfmical 1,338,744 386,796 263.408 1,273,304 ! Merchant* Ex. ..2,457,293 353,629 129,000 1,87:". 450 National 1,650,627 143,1ft.'] 184,899 9 .1,14:1 i Butcher* 1,238,298 169,339 33,790 819,422 Mech'a A: Trail'*. 640,692 02,4*4 97,974 480,854 Greenwich 075,1)17 .12,764 164,930 374,918 | Leather 1,780,018 236 807 182,472 1,361,314 i Seventh Ward,. 1,116, 067 206,321 138 191 762.93V ! State 3,070,901 629,740 471.847 2,60:1,4X4 \ Am. Exchange. .0,146,483 980.874 268,439 6,496 279 Asaociation l,llt),001 117,993 170.843 841,129 Commerce 8,466,399 1,441.9: .9 2,270 6,903,072 ; Bowery 832,174 189,579 162,402 097,668 i road way ....1.249.061 181.682 201,037 1,047,369 Ocean 1,202, .182 149 647 32.909 627.491 | Mercantile 2,242,234 272,085 85,835 1,024 81.' faciOc 762,003 611,563 10*. 456 47H,:141 I Republic 2,870.621 746,720 70,280 3,006,801 Chatham 511,411 61,296 77,178 264,101 l'topla'a 701 , 684 64,300 96,822 447,4211 North America.. 1,630, 976 168. 6*1 83.443 1,173,272 Hancvrr 1,293,754 92,146 92,877 094,261 Irving 471,749 66,929 09, .191 .'191,477 Metropolitan . . .4,228 342 964,248 96,629 4.818,629 ' Citizen*' 059,002 84,701 147, 71H 489.100 tirocer*' 610,942 09.691 08,344 5)1,830 Nai-xau 800,544 122,577 118,617 702,100 taut River 482,026 58,822 Ui.Or.i 220,434 Market 1,079 90;; 102,873 112,330 792,052 | 8t. NieboJa* 034. m 06,847 72,732 379,451 1 .uh?e & leather. 786,734 43,441 107 208 374,160 Corn Exchange. 1,404, 060 146,010 94,691 1,102,621 Continental $.696,397 4'ia,987 78,009 1,988,001 Commonwealth .1148,499 138, 499 87,643 960,064 Oriental 493,023 41,928 89,944 302, 20) Marine 636,746 78.8J3 89,778 429,041 Atlantic 422,498 68,198 84 976 100,529 Ii lanil City 332,404 30,754 88,809 121,911 I try Cock 402.665 21,448 49.218 161.913 N. Y. Exchange. 185,404 11,428 30,723 111,188' Uu II 'a Head 193.393 24, 248 84,444 110,441 Total* . . . . 90,8(0,031 17,339,085 0, 941, 0Od 75,193,630 4 'i.ka kino Housk Transactions. Exchange for in k ending Feb 1- $94,019,582 " " lit 98,040,490 Balance* (or week ending Feb. 1 2. .. . . 4 ,07'i.*?11 ?' " 1# 6,450,112 The above aggregates, compared with those tor previous weeks, preaent the annexed statement : ? Bank* or N*w Yokk. Sprci' Cireul'n. /I'poiit*. I)?e. 30, '54. $81, 853. 837 12,078,147 7,076,830 02.828,020 Jan. 6, '66.. 82,244,706 13.590,983 7,049,98- <54 982,103 Jan. 13, '55.. 83,970,081 15,488,626 0,080,481 07,308,390 Jan. 20, '55.. 86,447,998 10,372,127 8,881,36* 09 847.018 Jan 27, '66.. 88,154.857 1M>7, 200 0,839,823 70,130,018 Ftb. 3, '66.. 88,145, 097 17,439,190 7,(00, 7.16 72 923,317 Feb. 10, '66.. 89,862,177 17,124,394 8,989,111 73.794,342 Feb. 17, '56.. #0,864,031 17,339,08.. 8 941 800 75,193,838 Tt e las', returns , compared with those tor the wrek previous, show an increase of ia disc junta, 1214, C91 in specie, and tl,399,2'J4 in deposit*. In circulation there has been a decrease or $27,605 in the same time* The lice of dla :ounts has nearly reached tie aggregate of the corresponding date last year, aid it is now within about thre? and a half million of the highest point roaoiied in 1354. The amount of specie on hand now is upwards of five mUlons greater than at this time last year, while the deposits are more than thirteen millions in ex ess of those for the same da'.e in 1 R54. The con dition of the banks has been much improved within tae paet lour or live months. The large deposits snd amount of specie on band sl>ow great strength and great inactivity of capital. The banks are loadel with too raucn dead weight, and they must soon obtain same ielief. The specie oi baud is several millions larger than required, and a distribu tion Is much to be desired. $900*) la Mate 5>..?3 HI 2000 Ky 8'a s3 103U 304K) Virginia 8'a.?3 9.1 4000 do >3 95>4 6000 b30 96 >J 6COO do b3 9i'^ MO do Mm 4000 l'enn 6's 8?.'^ 3' 00 Loulaisna 8's.. 87 1000 Mia.ouri fl u. c COOONYOo 7'a. S3 1M0 Hail let M tin. .000 Hud R 3d M B* 500 111 On UK It*.. 3000 do $000 do e 40 sba Mecb lUok HI oak BuliaiiKe. Mom hay. Feb 19, 1855. ion -b? 111 Ceo HI'... '.Hi 100 do ?; 0j 28 Clave and Tol lift 22 do 100 Reading Railroad 10 do 200 do bOO 200 do 160 hrie Railroad b3D i,l\ 78 7o', 94 90 If 90 "4h :sh Wjj 73)* 112 v, 100 Itel K H tol .bOO 114k 20 M*: Furli Hank. 100 34 Kank of lom.... 105 10 Market Hank . . 101 6 Contiaental Hk . . 101 loo Nlc Traoa Co MO In , ICO do *30 18', 60 do alO 10J% li'O ilo . ?3 16', 450 do 17 92 I'rnnCoal Co..a$ lul 1 60 Cu to b Coal Co . *3 34 X I'O do aOO 34 X 2<>0 do 24i, 100 do a3 .".4', ICO N York Ceo RR s80 93 ), 128 do 04 60 do . a3 *4 to do MO '4 '4 36 I'aaama RR 100 HEC01TD ?SOWIadSt 6's.boO 81%' 1W 00 111 ( RR B?..e3 73 KsiOO do nx 6000 NT On 7 *. . b3 90 X 2000 do Huh Ms . . 83 10"0 Erie Bda of '76. 83 X WOO do 83* 6000 do 8: 10000 do bio 8.1'., 1000 Albany li Ctfa 34^ 176 ?b s Cum Osil . . s3 34 > , 6" do b3" 34?, 10" do S3 34.*? 450 Nfe Irani. Co.... 17 400 .to S3 17 678 100 22 > 400 lOo 60 5o 100 .'Xi 750 60 100 do . do do. do . do. do do. do do. do. do. do. 45 46 ... .r 45 . . .3 44', ht?0 45 ', , b30 45 '? bl 1 45. 14 a30 4 1 . b 30 4J>. blO 45', 240 Marlon RK. s3 ..alD ?30 100 100 20U 300 100 2$0 100 450 do. do. do. do. . b3 . . S3 b80 do M 3.3', a3 33 4SU 45 46 1, s3 XI \ ?3 32', 33 H S3* dO. do. 00 Hud R RR. 60 do .... . 100 do 155 l'W do 20 Mi : J Hon HK 10 ?10 b.M ?30 bao . a3 . M 10O 10O do b30 17 1.10 17 ftfUHii 250 aha RR a3 200 ilo...,.,b; 200 do '.00 100 do a3 100 do ?.;o 100 do S'l 600 Harlem RR 900 do brtU 200 do 100 do b3 50 Cle? k Tol RK... 5 fial*na At'hlc KR ICO Reading RK b30 luO do al HO N t C.-n RK boo 15 Northern lnd RR. 33 ?? 3.1', 38 37 V 37 X 37 * 37 \ 93 4'>>; 45', 45', 46 4. 46 , 33 '? >a 33 33 70 78 '? CITY TRtDK It K. PORT. Mom. at, Ke'.ruar/ 19 ? 8 P. M. Amiss. ? Pots wrr# |Uie*. at $8 60. BssAiarrrrn. ? Flour. ? Th? aale* enibra'ed aUout 6,'M)0 a 8,000 btls., iDrludlsg n mrr.' O Mta'.a. at $8 12 a |S 37 (or foramon and atrsl/ht bran Is; cbolna an l (a YOfite do , 88 60 a (8 82. and Wettern, pnmmon to etiole*, al 0s 50 a 89 12 sal 010 Mli $12 for astre Iii-obw Tlierv was a good >a*'.*rn Jeman 1, wilb ailes of about 3.0CO bbl? to go in tbat direction C-4na<'% a*M at $s 76 in bond and wa> at 89 26 a $9 "7 In bond In fouthrrs nale* *rre mr?'.*-ra> at laat ??ek '? p.icea. A ?al* of ??? S00 a 900 bMa. Rirbnmnd cltj mill* at |9 76 a 89 87. t oBimon to eboir# Hrlttmorr and U?orf* tonn vera unrbangrd Maal waa uuiet, at $4 37 for Saw J#r?ey and 04 75 for Brandvoine. R^^ lloni a?IU at 88 26 a 87. Wheat ?A ?al" of a lot of aupartor white !.???>? ?a? madr at 82 6'j Coro eontiouea aetlre bat at lower rate* ? th? aappl oS baring a?rumulatMl. The aalan etiibrarad ab<'Ut 60,000 buabrla. at pri'.r? ranging fr. m t?4r. a i?5c for i tnniori .feraey m'tai*, to 97r a ft. for pood yallna ,?outb?in with a ?n.all lot prim* white St 81. lb* maraet rioted at V,r s 98*. Kye ? Sal*i of bo?li*l? New ,l?rt*> war* made at 81 28. Barl*y 1 and cat* were umber, |*d C'0)rs? ?Cat*" of MO bag? of Rio w*re mad* at 't\c. a | 10',c and 200 do. Mt Itonnngo at V*.,and it era. 10 Dioiml tbat two cargo.'i war* alao mil on urlrat* ' ItlDH. Cirtros ? 7h* ?alee ?ss'traoed abou* 3.000*? in eluding a portion in trana to Tb* market wa< a a'tala j Hrr'er, and snid.lllac quslit>e? w *re aol>l ia aoma < a?a? at ; ',*. advaae* Tue bigh*r grad?> wara .nebaag*3. I KtMiHTa -Hat*? w*r* firmer wttb mor* f>0*rlng Atoot 22 OtO tiu*h*l* of ">m w*r? engaged for liter p?l at 6d. a 6 igd., la bulk and hag> I 'Ml bal?? of com prrsMfl cottto at 16a 8 <<00 a S.'OO hole* of baron at ' 17a *d. To lAiadon, .40 boie< b t'on at 22a 8d , an t 150 tl*r*?e of ladle b?af at 4?. 8d There wa? no ' haag to Botte* ia rat** for Harre To Br*tn*a 100 bb|. lard war* ?ngag'd at ',e . and 16 ton? m- ??uri m*n' a* 2ta ToCal'fernla. reu? w*r? ?teedr at :f?r. a ?V , eat to Australia at 36c. for in*a-ur*m?nt gooda, and %-.'i p? 1 l,'i00 feet for lumber. Fst it.? f*rlr*? w?re ?'?ad/, but aal*? w?rw ro'*t*rst* Hat ?Ha lea werr making is a mod*rat* way for ?hip m*ot, at 95* Mi>la-*w ? ."ele. of aboat 100 Harrela New <?r!*an? w*r* n.ade at 27 ', r*nt?. >a?ai Sto??i ? Tb* ??;?? rniirace-l about S.O'iO bar rale .Notth Conaty raeln at 186 p?r '10 Ike., dsHeerOd, and 300 a 400 barr*U spifite turpantia* at 41 Ue. a 43*. I'amieio**. ? l-ork waa a trl0* b*tt?r for eld me?< Tb* ?ai?? *mbra*ed about 500 banela inclu l ng ?I4 ateae. at 012 82 a $12 76, aod n*w pro* at $11 12 for ba napected. and $13 18 a $13 $6 for laapert*! He*r waa ?t*wdy, with aaiee of 400 U*r **? Chicago beef bams at $18. and 240 ttor*#e Weet*ra at 818, and 20 tlere?? do India b*?f at $23. 1* Ut* meee and prisae ?*re with oat rbaage Cut fn*ate were ?t**dy 868 bot*? U.ig middle* w?r* eold at ? . aad ISO bet" abort m tl!?< at 8e RbotiMere were a?cbaag*d H'oaa ? The market wae ?teadjr, vitb ao-eaa natKa the anion eabraeed aboat MM t? I '? khde V*w Or l*aae at 4 i^c. a 8e ? the latter Ognre far prtase aod lto hh<? Cuba at 4*is. a Iks. TaII?w ? #al*e of 16 000 the Weetem were asl* at Wa?err ?The aalee lac' tiled aV>s* $80 harr*le i'riNO waa reported at tk UffBIIffW IE.1EVTED ItSRf DAT. FOR SM.K. A1Q AAA-WR A VERY VALl'A** FARM, ?I i.Uv/U adjoining the north ?li art at Long Inland, forty ire mile* trum New York, one huu'lrf* and Mty *crea, aevemy woodland, locust timber, three liar orchaid*. of all kind* cf fruit, *ptlng* and broika, Uwg? and coatly hou.e, burn, cow and carriage h9U/-<*e. Term* mh/. K. A. Rl'N'CK, 21t Uioaiway, room No. 3. I MAAA- FARM ACRES, ADJOIN I N(> THK ?v"V/ vf gre-?* aoulli hay. 1/mg la land ? Build ( iog>, Iioui-?, barn, cow li iu tt, Ac., goo. I orchtrd , tb? bay allord* the line*' flailing and fowling, with targe [ Juautitiei of drift for manure; one unl.- water frout , 4,000 on mortgage E. A Bt'NCE, 'il'i Bro*dway, corner of Fulton ?treet, room 3. AAA ? BROOKLYN HOUSE AND LOT KtIK t Jav'vfvfe A throe atory briek liou?e, with *tore underneath, Hituated on Court utreet, near Church. Will be told foj $4,000 part rath M. L. SHELDOV, 8;> Na?aau atreet. dhl I VVIU. HI V ONK OF T1IK BEST FlTrfc.1. ?l.?Ov/v/ up aaloon* in the city , any man of ttt> iT^ht atamp will get encouragement, u.< money l? nut to much required an the man. $10,iK>d ayeiir san Ix ma le with jut truu U'. I'artniM wanted in the olllce. K. McMAHON, 171) Chatham ittrnet. dh| 1 /\/l -FOR MI.K THK OM.V CHANCE jo 1 ill/Vi ererotTered? the be?t located ?lining ta loon in thin city ha. Inh-ii eatabhahed over 30 year*; mini' need apply without mo :t*y, who a ill get natiitac tlon from E McMaIIoN, 170Chatl>am street Paitoer wanted in the oflk? ?AAA ? KOR HAl.t A MONEY MAKING III, |J)Ov/v/e else**, by which a man can raalne a for tune in a Abort time. No humbug. ANo, epUuJul chance* for pviaotiA wuhiug to eu<a{e in bualue**. al kind* of atorea, houae*, lota, ke., lor *?le or exobangt- I at 312 Broadway, room No. 10. HUBTED ti BROWN (ftyj AA ?FOR BALE, ONK HALF INTEREST IN ?TuUt ? Hip?< table c??li paying buaiueaa, well eatahlUhi-d and l.irge prutita, I'om t 1,000 to f 5,000 a year. Apply toC & BOWKS, 67 Niawt * t rae t . (JtC) "' A ? FOR SALE A SMALL BUSINESS. WHICH a ?u,?rt man can make 12, M)0 per year over all tupi-une* , alao. a ? plena id nalwo mi Sixth ave nue, calk''! American Star price $.175. Alio, two liquor Htoiea, on Thirteenth <lreel aud itanilm atreet. ANo, $1,000 wanted on four lota iu <>r?*iipoint, fifty lota for aale in Williamaburg. Apply at t ae t nlted Stati-i Agency, 212 Hroadway, room 13 ONLY.? FOR SAIK, THE STOCK A>* I? HD^IOU fixture* of on" of the b??t colle* *nl al? ?aio<>n? la the lower pert of the city, now doing ? aplemlid buainea*, aud uiuit po*itivt>ly be aold till* ?f?k. IKplV iMIdMV at 119 *od 1SI Nmmu itrwt, ro i'ii No. 8. K'C'HARIt I. PURDY * CO. a BUBINEHS FOR 8 A I. E? THE ADVERTISER WI*H A ea t? dl*po*e of hie iut.reat in a profitable manu factoring liualnr**, aa be in <te?irou? or removing froui the city. To a young man of enterpria?, having a ready cauli txpital of Irom *4,000 to $0,000, with (fool reborn on*, an opportunity will he g'ven to engage in a peimmiimt and re*p*ctable buaineh*. Partie* anaweHng tlila advertietioent uuit give their real name, iige aud reaideiira, or it will not lie noticed. Addre** .1. M , Herald office Full particular* on an Interview, and all communication* will be xtrictly confidential. AOOl'N TRY IIOBIWUl^MinP, HKI<;K, two atoriea high, with hi{b and dry cellar, lot 'lb x feat, all in good condition, aituated in a piei-aru Tillage in tlie Mat*. The owner haying retired from the bu'ineea, will nail the property low. and upon em" term* of payment. For particular*, Innura at :il? Wil liam atieat, of W.J CU ITlNii . A COUNTRY RESIDES' 01 IN THE BEAUTIFIL ANI> healthy v'llage of Yunker* ftr ante Tba bouae ia a flrat rlaae, m the Itallau atyle, with tower, aiit, 4- by :u feat; C'JiitainH 14 rooraa, h:i< double reran tali I'M) feet in length, hot and cold water, furnace. range Ac. The groumt* ( 114 f?et a<|Uara) are ornamented with tree* and ?hrubbery. Ihere ia a large ittahle on tbe premlae*. The view (a < elightful extending upward* of 24 mile*. More land can he bad if required Apply to 8ARONY ft CX)., 117 Fulton itieet, New York. A STORK TO BE BOM), WITH STOCK AND FIXniU.M, alao a leaae will he aold cheap for naah lupiir* at 21 I'till atreet CHEAP AND YERr UIMtMKB PROPERTY EUR rale? One liaudaome three atory houae la Twenty eeveoth rtraet, near Ninth avenue, with all modern im Krovt menta, $?i,"..0, alao a model three mot y Eu<li*h auuieal Louie in the beat part ol Thirtieth etinet, ?ear Ninth avaouv, aeveralBret elaa* brown atone front kouaea, located on Twenty *ocond atreet, <?1ialt?a aquau>, flniaheil in the heat poaaible riiiuimr, with every modem iaproveinent . alio a number of Iiouaea in difler ent ;>arta ol the city, for aaie on ti a* term*. )>r J. I' WIIJ.IAMi* K HON, tM Eighth avenue, and dally from '1 to il at lift Chambera atreet. COUNTRY SEAT FOR HAIX? OK TIIE RAN K Of THK HuiImmj, ou Mil* lalao 1, of eaay asceat bv railroad Tue hoiue .* conveniently arrange | aid the ground* evautif ili/ 'aid out. For term*. Ac , apply to WM. K I.KH W S'.? 'Jf<:ar utreet, aaraer of Urua lw?/ t-^OlNinvr RB9I0KN JK FOR SALE? THE I 'LACE J belong : '? i to the eat 1 1 r <>l Martin J.Hyerano. ai*.uate<l about thrre w lee toutbweat of I'ateraoti, N. J , c in taininc forty aciee of eTcelh-nt imooth level laad. an ex relleut mai.aion in the cottage atyle. containing eUlit rooma. excloatTe of eervanta' r mua, a r?m. Dtea cellar under th bole, a m jierlor ice hou?". fllle<l , all the re>|iiiatte niittisWn, iu lfoo-1 or ler. Tin ground* are taatily laid out, and hate a var.ety of fruit tree a a*d #hrubt>?r?. Th- plate I* in every reaj^-ct a awnteel, c in Tenlect, an<i aalubrioua rea lence ia i.? e.i,lbl? from tn> city aareral tinea a day In forty or fifty mmute* Will be ?old <!i -ap and on eaay term*. In ,n re of Mr * llv-r eon, on the premiaea to .lamea Speer, Coayreia Hall, Patereon, N. J , or W. H. Kalle, Traleameu'a Baok, New Yort Tytn mnfi BITil WTTfiTWr tTtl TTIt fffll I 9 ue' ' fourth arid Kouth MUth atre-t, Hroo'alrn, (late Willianntiurit;. Thlaltoneof th" vMeat ind beat oca ted <lr n atorea In the cltjr. and will be *<>! 1 low, t applied for ; mn.ediately, to cloae an estate. Apply to JAMKh 1 KENNY, A Iminiatrator, 24'i Krint (traft, or HAYKM K KVANS At 00. , dra?fl?t?, JlSPearl -t?-t *OR SAi.r ?FIVE KIlt-T C'i.AHi KuCI'. HTOKY HKnWN' atone bouaea, with Englla'i baaeiuenta, tit four on tba eouth eile of Sarenteentb atreet, near R 'lierforl pla< e, aad '.nr oppoaite Stuyveaant MUn. The?e booaea coatain all the modern iatprnrament* Inquire at l.'l'i lait ."etratrentb atreet, fiom 9 to A. M., or from 1 to 7 >i P. M and at '^12 Pearl atreet. from 12 to t IV M. TTH'It BAI.f ? THE THRPE BTORT AN1> ATTK IlRIf'K r l.oi -e 1*0 Kaa' Hreadway, between Kut^er* and J?f feraon atreet* Tlie propo-e<i extenaion of WalWee atreet wl'l laake it the corner. Part of nurrha*e ni< !i>y caa rema o i( dtalred. Apply to H. f. BROAU, 13! at. I MR SALS ? THE THREE HTORY BBMi AND !/>r ' actuated No "0 We*t Twenty *eTeutli *tree?, one bin. k Iroi Hruadway. Tba houae ha* all the modern improvement* and ia in perfect order, the owner ncru p? .tit;ibe -ame. W ill l*e aoltl low, aad the payneat* aiirb t at cannot fall to an It aa a very amail <miot i< re?(iiired i %?:> down. I'or farther particular* tu jn Ire of .1 Hr*?.n. Mercer Houae, corner of Broome ana Ver-er aireeta, from 12 to 1 o'cluck, or any time during the evening. IJtOR SAl.E OR TO liM| FOR A TERM <>V yeara, three iota, front, ng linwlway Forty ?*ven,!? atr?et aad .-'eveo'.h avenue a <ond altoa'loa 'or a Ilvvty ataMe, coel yard or maiufactcry: or wouil m liav for improve.! property. Apply to MEtl) A (CNKiHf, 1'lun l.Olt Kroaaway. FOR li I E? A SMALL THREE "ItlRY PHILADELI'tffA brick fron' bna>a, witb rouater cellar g** .ath*. Ac , ?KCUp?e<l by the owner lui|*i"-*t H WeatTh r-.y -erond *':eet, !<et ween Sixth aad .Seventh aveanei. Pricaf4.7l#. ]M BALE? TWO FIRST ( I..V4H pol'R STORY AMD ' baaerneiit hrowa ?toi.e froat booe* 'M hy V) pafeet # lO'-hea deap, witH all the modern improtemeata, altuated at J a au'1 V a at Thlrt-tti itreet teteeen >ourtl a><! lea ugtoa aveanea. in ,aire of JOilM W F lELDf R, No. AO, aex'. door. FtOR CAIi? A PORTER HOf -E, f- T< h K AND l'(X turea, ' no of tl?e oldeet and b?*it etan la in the alty Inipure of A. MeDEKMOTT. 27 White Hali ?tre?t. >?e York. r<;R HAI I', CHEAP? THE MODERN E.N..1I -II ment t?rlck houae balcnav an! court, J TO Wat' Tbntj third atreat. with lirt aad aekl water -a eg*, hath aii'i'elier*. Priea, I* TOO Apply oa the premn < W H MKHAEI-H ]T*0R SAI.E? AT A BAROAfN A TWO STORY AID haaement aad nwetern l? ?, ? ,u 1 " ?? ? ?* a two It'll) '<ou*e n Hpting etreot, near r.n > way a neat three etory hrlck boo** a Thotup-oi, att"' a'- i niioiter ' f Sr*t cla*e boaee* between Vr.t i aal I ?rt etb atreeta, many near Fifth avenae Appl> to A.MMMAMF, lb Wall a<->et ISOR SAM? A THREE Wfr>RY BR UK R(?CS?:. CO* 1 taialag all the aodora . ? p- ? r. ? late r i*?' ed tbroogbo it, nearly new eituated ia u? of tl- met dea.raW' part* of Brooklyn, a mu' ten t . n itaa'e elk ff ?* Wall a'.re. t lerry . will be -old at a fair pri'e an ! a< o ?rrae . Apply to i* POlVr r.f? Wail atreet I tOR -AU? HOrPK AND LOT Ml W?-T IIIITV ae- ? o4 ?treet, four lt<*y aad ralliir bf.eo ? ? oe fr<D' with all m'fdera Iw.prnveateate Iqoeire ? n tt?e |r>? ?i of of D H. SMITH ItH Weet Hiirt etS *t ?* 1 1*op. * a i > ? th i WW k, FlxTt rtra and m.a?? <s 1 a lember yard, ailaatad tat Btooklya, will he *? I tegathar or aeparaiely harga n* oMra-i to th"*a wt,.. will app'y 'mmedteta ! v 'at K>r.l>t v Wis ?? it Haailaa avenae, Saatb Hveahlya 1."H>R PAI.E? A I ARM 'WTADHNfl TWENTY WS S J aarea n> ea>?llaot lea-' la the town uf Or -nw* toaaeet it. 'btrty oae a!lea fmm Vew Yor%. lor part ralara apt lv to w H fflidillU. Ill Bmadwa; ap atalra SAI?"0ME OF THE MErT CH%.N<>* IT AM JJ aSerad by a wafbaaaker and )?weler. I'nr eat* uTe *?"k aad fataraa of a )ae?ef a a tare karat*! la *??? ?f tba baet aaeaoee tf tbe tity, a< the owaer lateaia >a? eg f?t Oallforala. lar|air* at 414 Pe*r! atraet, ar 214 S thi * aeaaaa Imib saie? a nRm RATI UV i**r<*r A apper'ar <ty for ? parar>a of aaai ha aald r nnaaaiy fae eaah a* tse ?U aaaaa aa I had b#*i'b, aal ai?e? retera to Far ae Apply at IV. aeeaee a b^ahatoea FR SAI.K? A BEAUTIFUL SITE FOR A OKJNTRY Mat, at Newburg. It conttina abou*. ?rr?4 ? a ' la tilutMd about ooa quarter if i mile n irtri of th* I'oweltoa H>>uaa on tua aauie roal The location 1a oaa of tlw liofnt iu New tiuig l>*/, commanding a Sua via* of the rirar an- 1 Highlaoda, a* wall a* ai> inlaud riew, and baring a gradual aacent or ratUer euecxauon <yf beautiful *i tea from tha roa l to the wooda ou tlta high lanoa in tba rear ol tbe place la pulnt of baa t)i, beau t jr of aoenary, ricb and handaome country ee?U, Ac , hewhurg la unrivalled. aad aituationa like tba a bora ar? ?oir acareely to be liad there For particulnra, apply to HOsKS F.l.Y, 46 Will, im itreet. I^Tiryr rirrrpfi* law priced mp? ; osk ?in King atreet. $6,.'?00, two ou Twenty Brat atreet, a' ti.ilOU ao<l 5, W)0; I wo <iii Flrat atreat, M,1 DO; one oo Hfitv brat atrret, an I on Fifty-third an ! Fifty nuitb atrreta, at t4,UOO. Apply to K. B. KINMIIIMKK, 310 fourth avenue, 3 to 7. FOK RAI.F? Tll? STOCK AND FIXTURE* OF AN <-?t*bliahed c o'hicg atore. Htock worth alxiu' $5, COO. No one nerd aiply uuleaa they have at l.-aai *':,i < 0 ca*h The halm may be arranged aatialar tonly. Apply to HAMILTON DUX 1*1 Fulton atreet, up ataira For halk?fivk lot*. p by 100 fekt EACH we'l aituateil. in Fifty-eixtb etreet. will Im a ll aeparately oi together, cl'eap. Apple to Bl'lUiKIT, I>A V IS K. MAIN, IT William atreet. fOK ?AU'.? A HANMOME AMORTEp HOOK OF comb*, fancy gooii. lewelry, thread, nee ilea, A< Th,- bnuae irid fltora tu let or leao- Apply in the atore l'V., Nintli avi-nue, near Twenty aecond -treei, or oi JOHN FENN, 16 Ann atreet N. 8.? Wiabea to aeil on account of mcl una. FOK 8AI.K? A VERY HKAUUHU KNOLUH BA.-K raent houae on Waat Fourteenth afreet, with al tbe modern improvemeuta. and moat thoroughly built for the present o?u?r will lie aold, with or wlihoi.t tba furniture, a* a low pi Ire, an I vary llttla ninuey requir*-! Apply to HOMKR itOKOAN, No. 3 1'ine atraat. FOR SALE? THK Hfot K, FIXTURKH AND GOOD Wll.1. of tha groci-rv atore, M4 Atlantic atreet. n?ar 1 5?>? Atlantic Market I'om-eauuu immediately. Term* caab Inquire of the aubatriber on ttie preiui?? II. HOWE. SAI> ? A KKSTAI KANT AMI SALOON OV Rrtadway iu good buaineaa Location th" be<t ami will he fold at a nieat aacrllire if application u made inimadiately, an the partiea are l?a*u>^ town. Keceipta at prencnt are Irani ?1'J to SI- |>er d.t> . Apply to M II tltANtLS, 2...'? Br?a<lway, coru-r of Murray atreet E^OR HALE, AT A HAlUJ AIM THK HTiK'K, FIX tu re ?. and four yeara lea?? ot the old M?tabliahal boot and atioe atore, No 62 Avenue 1>, near a Un;e mar ket Ttie atock ia in Kood order, and the atore lltted up in tbe n>-?taat Banner, witb <'aaa aaahei throaifiiout, and IUtur?? pamled and gillnd In tba beit manner. There n a good run of cuatumera, with a trala of (i>)0 a week, and ran be inrreaaad to tft'K) in ordinary time*. The rea'on (or aelling ia tbe dvath of the former propria tor, who lia? done buaineaa tlmra, and in tba neighbor hood, fur the la>t 12 yeara. Kent low and terma naay. There ia a daethug attached to tbe atore. ThU ia au opportunity rarely ta be met with for any peraon going In thU buaineaa For particular*, inquire ou tbe pre miiea, of of R. WIIITF.. 10W Water atreet fOR RAt.K OK KX< HAN<;K ? OWINtl TO DFJ'ARI uie ? An uneucuiubried property, on a principal atrei'tof huainna, very de?irahl < fwr ahopkeepera, build rri, or inreatment. Mntll houaea, a atore buaineaa, gi.od leaaea, or ni'rchaiidiae for flu South, (If aooa oiler ?d,) mav l>e taken in mcliauge for tlna property. Call ou. or a.dreaa Ownev, S itu avenue third floor FOK 8AIJC OB TO LET? THK FINE TWO HTORV AN1> attic hi i< a houar, No. 1 1.1 Hammond atreet, lot 34 feet front hy bfi feet deep houae 3'i by 44 deap iia< ? very turdrrn inipp vrment Ou I lie tear of lot la a two atory brick building. -i'J. feet hy IN deep, auitahU for a atable, cn'rance fiuin atreet by an alley w*y.| Houae baa tilt. en room*, marble mantela, mahogany doora, ke. Inquire at No. 9 Ferry atreet. FOIt HALF OR TO l.KT-IN THK VTU-AUK OF N Y ack. Itockland county, the hot?l known aa tbe York Houae Tbe above houae containa forty r<-'>m?, and ia conaidered tbe beat atarid lu tbe county. Alao, one four atnry brick atore. It ia well adapted for mercantile or manufacturing jmrpoai i. For particular* apply to THEOLORK hOo."1, tfK 1'eaii atreet, New York, or to A'/.AI.IAH R' IS i on thi' premiaea For ha ti i oh ?mil i mm ma mi or brook lyn property, a very auperior tarn, two auilna from N<>w K'i l rl!e and One mil* from the Marnar >n?ck depot ?rone of the liu^at locatioua In Vtaatnhrater county, i4>ntaiDiiig forty three acrea. divided In tillaltle. m?e4'>w an.1. woo<llaod Tbe hi uae ia a nea*. amali cottage, of ewbt rooma. The outbouaea are all new, and put up la the mott aubataniiai manner. For terma, plaaae apply to ANHRl.W KADIF., 117 Fultjn atreet, N Y. I10R 8AI.F. CHEAP THK tTTOCK AND FIXH'RES OF the bird cage factory, 112 Bleecker atreet. To lie ?old on account of theo?u-r leaving tba country. The pioprletor will ;ii)(,'rt th? art of oi n?m?atlug cafea. in an enllitly new atyle, to l!i~ punha^er. Apply on the pri mieei, FOR HAI.K, AT I-F.-H THAN C<MT -TWO UnMOII houaea. three atory. baaement an 1 counter cellar, bnfh atoopa and talr niea etualieot n, igbborbwel , No li* and 'I I For y lirat atreet, adioin<ng brown atooe Louaea, Utweeu llroadwat an I Math aveaue, witb all modern improTtmcnta. Iri'iufresn premi-fi Fl'RNAtT. FOR HALK AT HAIJ-' I'KtCE? (Uft Of Key-er a larfe t site |?irtal> ? Inrntca, In good order, < aa he aern iu baaemeul of a'ore 327 Oreeneic'i atreet, or apply to J. M T ( YI.OK, 144 I ilt m atree' . lo.t VM; will he a.dl (M 14'' H OI SF ANI) UlT FOR HALF -NO. 17 TOMPEINM . place, South Brooklyn lira', rata neighborhood, i - one ol a flue roe of modern bunt hou ea three atory an ! basement with cellar aire of liou?", 20 feet by 41 lot 20 by 112 h feet court yard in front, and Mr at rate water. For partieulara. apply ou the premier* Term* eaty. Poawaioa ran be liad at an early day, an ! w.ll be told at a low pr e Km ?AlX? FINll'HKD IN TIIK IiH- r atjlu. with a T?rf ta.*t]r ?'jr I- of (root, an I ml* ' nor futulalmt with all niolam ,uipror?m?n> hrn I tbouaand ? "iiara aiajr nam 1 1 at I no , "JW W?a* Twenty aifhlh itrart, our Kaa pU<-? Alao. a thru ?tor y a'ore an 1 haavmoat bouaa, No 874 Viatu a?mia lot* lor aair? Kita lou a-iu'li aide of Twrntj ? *blh at , w*?t of moth avail*, w 11 li? *oH rh??p K?-rm far uk or rirhaaga ? Una !>in. HA acraa. 2 rolUa from tba H Ullablil. N J. Ooa of ? a?-r*a, with lion-*, pi* lit r ol iru t of all kloda, fin- ?? I "f ntar. a Ana atrraiu la float of Ihum, aituatiM a ml* an! a lia'.f from HlMiinfiW I. (at mil* from LittW JalN. an ; an in !?* I miii, Nraark ai.l I'ataraoe. N J ' all >>? A. P 'iin Wrat Iwrot } aifUUi atiaat, itrar > .alii a fan- i.afori J A M ot .ift?r 6 1' M HOUHE AND IX/T t<iH HAUE Til It TRRIU roKV ami i.aa?u.-at brick buuu>, No 'II Wooatar l atrrait, ?a itt> Ciotcn watar, talk room, kr au> iu #*A order fnra |A.!00. part tan remain "B iiu-rtfa,? In fall* on the premUat, or of 1 A lAafwaeo, l4'i Wa*t wail} aveoiHl * treat SUM' Y<>il hAl E-'-ll.ivi? VEB i >A-7 -AII.IMi. an ?ejl ' ta 1 to lumbar, brink or o?l trata I'ii '? o?, draw* Ik iral water a hen !?*?> ami wall f .uu l. Adcreaa imnie<lia>ljr A. II , HeraM oiv. > o't.OKs" I- AM' T'l HK. -nil' ok h vi . j..:: ? ne or ro<,re raara t large fun-lie' maaatoo of Mre. H < rj n* > ? tuat?,| on tba li,<!i?at h ll . ?f tba lalan'1. I! f trail Bilnotaa walk (Bin the **<<>? 1 '.aaiinr ' aB't ? ornni . ti<lln< the in <>a elteaalr* ?l?w Alau, to be aold three cotugea ami iarara. baa>.tlli,l bwUJ ag lot*, ro?er*<t wllb 'orrat tr?aa, all aitua<*'l on ;h? b 1 Jor partu ulara aldraaa 'o Mra. H. I.I1VKI.- >m tUe pimi TAT FA I - ! AND PitOPKRTY ?"H RAt.R XI i Ml tin? feeeral liao>!anru? frut'anrr a ro.i.lra"*- on tha bar of Nan Yuri an i alaaiwbrrr In ttaV mo.' ?l g h'a Ivcatloaa Applr tfl A. II .I tVIS No iK'.iltij !9,itbiwa' oorarr of Raavrr atraat rp<? haik iiMBmitf ami wio r?n( J ?ala ? Tb* o!4 MtMUala*) ua'r Irwaatu abai n| ao-l aiiampoo n( **lw ?? 17* Fall n at a?i llio- I Ijn t?'i? 4*,ag a (M?l boMaaaa. A|,pl? :i?a?alla'aif ? r, "I'll I kK1>. 7 ANJi FAHMIN'. I.?bl*?. f w ar JaOM? r'?ar Virfia'a, for aala -lit anS Krlbrf of'na far aa.a. ta | aout.ra lo aait yqrcbMBra, %ef> '?> laol. n?af ' luatar la ?array ? 'Iblf, \ a >>?a> If tiaibarr't pnaeipally with frtaa bat aon tam nf aaw ?i?ta?>ala aah, tfprma *# aa4 an a'ax.*' B?rf>a>!?- 'ilr '(Uiatiif ? ! ( ,?? a*4 '?+* w ??t 7li?r? la prabab. t if> tra^t af .an i la nn?' ? i?i W+* ln( ao lari* >g a ea a T?r : a< a>i a?/ a ' ra ' for fha wiyxl ' . ?"-oa'. *a<! law> -?r t/a ta >a iw >u, ? ffcf ub<iarai(*a,| bari*f )Ml buiit aa lb* r < wa MM arai unt aa ?i rtlrat a ! r>*4 all wllaa ? wwftb, ntararrUBf tba 'rart an l t'rott-'ng >t t ? ir. t ,!a?at#r Tna '? ?!< Ik . t. ' l atwraix't Xai(?al ,,uaaa wttl o . , in Jaa aawti ar railram!, b a.' a pilvaii aa r ii* |*>aaa wit ? a, n'i, J?aaa Hrar TV? u !a?a ' I'atla Potal, aitb laia<ra t>-i aal >.ai botaU aa4 a'o-aa, la bat thrwa ra ??a lutaat bfi>*Bk la a<l'!i>., a to th? abota, tba a w ib ?? ?%r '? . t,raa ? irnt fataa a- i? i a?w?; aaia aali ?,>rt*>t. r niMio< ,?)pr?"a??tit < aitaaa.ra aa-l faaraa t lamM r?r*ir AiMrm br lrtt?? or >a j?ia?#a, Fa' K 'W ?A\k IIRKINl*. Patrrabuff ?a f TAM ABMTi FAFF fj? WaTMR FM?>>T F??K rtlJl. > hat a* ? ??ara t /. raa f ra to tba lat n> Mar r ?t ? t a t n0 I' l-'ta ill fro a ', ?n 1 9N 1 ItftOrr with tb* t.aiM aya attaatwl batwaaa T1? ??? ! ??>! Fortieth rtraata A^yl; aw tha ^raaa a?? (?at ol iart.aUi a?ra?* ?ATMHOaiiU \pHy-'n*jr. Aon'THiwrv. wi-iim to mmt 1\? ia<*/ lawl be a4aawt*4. a- ? nMp'.iaija ' aat ta o?< aa<t | ??aar-l n# <<iaa* p?- t?rif, ?bi<b wai?M b* artt y?a '^wrarlf, aa tb* a4??n,ar? ta ata*af* a vl vartbi i'tiaata ar* ar trl to rariaa^ at A. 0 r Mrwiwey Poat "t*.? MA7*f*0>'A TMr AtrintTltni W * N pa'MaMa 21;aaiaa( t<? af ap tra/aa'a,, ami a fmxl a a '?oat a (b ai.^a In.m Nra V"ta rttf ?? b a ?*? acaaaat ba w ?b*a to .a va b aa? If u. a ftar j ta4/, wwt arar XI ;aan </ a<? of r?*pactabri <7. f ?t Mnb,*(. ami alara' aa, h>h aa iaa a>*7 M a r"t baabww! bjr a44rwaaia? a mv to L ICWN* Iliatbaaa a>, .ar? Paat aAaa. th taaaaaaa ? at '?a frttU; r/<at'.?atl?'. MA7*ririNTAi^"'.lbm?i4M or' HmmhfimT. itf . tb trj r?r* af afa baairaa ta aaafea tba aMiaaiwtama* ?f ? ?aaa-S?a ?K rl r witft a la* ta aat | r a tar af aaai f*Ww a'i< ?ba>wr**r b<mt b^n tlaa awt aaaa? la '??b^aM a -fc aaa> a"raaa. wrtb raai 1 aaaar, b? ? D , Hw?M a*aa ?Htprara. E)R Livva:tx)| ? UNITftD MAllCd MAIL IfTTAM ?bip ATLANTIC, Gap t Jm. WmI, coauaau.ler Tka msUi p will depart artth the UoiMd dt*u? nulla far *ur">* 1-^'tiT.i, oo W?lM?i?r r?b tl, at 1J aotoafc "l th* hot "f <'anal atrML Mr L?frl " h?^?f un?itulM accommodattaa for aleganc* an I r.iaUort, epplt to ? ttWARU k c^i unh, m Will .treat A u " U b. ua board Illlk o'aloek * I^IIM ^Vfu ^ Jul^r Will turn AUaaIK ?h^ tL S ? pp-r* pU%** Uk* n"1*" Uw 5!?od of war t*?nol carry en; coam Z,U* N.K* YQfUt A:^' UT*KPOOL CNlTKIt rfTAflM llu I .itwiniffl - 1 be <hiM guaumu i , i*^^ M following - ^ ^ ATI-ANT* . Capt. W*?". HAI.T1C, Out nometMfc PACIFIC, Dipt Nye ADRIATIC, (?pi _ Tlif Hbipa bave b**"i built by contract, tag fOTeriiBieu' Mrrii'*. Krer y our* baa b*ea Won in Lkiw ci'iin'rii.'l ur m 1U0 in tbrtx vn{ io*?, to eiuur* iirwifih ami ?uJ 'he.r af-ommodatioiu fur pturnpnm tuoqnitlled lor ?l?l;?or<. and comfort >*rio? ui i ? aj? (fim Now York to Liverpool, La Brut elm Mint, UM, In iwq.1 <W< $ 7i, ?icIuaiTit u%4 of eitr* else *Ut* rooma ? 'lb, from Liverpool U New York, 30 en I *1 fuiiuM Aa ?ipcrwR< r l *ur?*<>u *tt*cUoil to eaob chip No kMft HCuIn' until paid lor fHot'tJtv uAtm or iujijro. m<'? ?? tom 4. mom u*wa.rcn. ire-lu?e?U) t*o?. 2T..IM4 rtatuntay, l*xJ IT . ..IM4 We1in-~Ujr Jan. m.,IUi heturilay, l?ec. 3# ...IMA W clue-'la; , Jm i!4. 1 *.'?&. SituMt/, J*o 13.. ..IMA H'edu*?'l*y, l>b 7. .ISM Saturday, Jen ST. ...IMA. Hedneadey, Feb. 2! .. I ""<5 Saturday, Keb 10. ...IMA trilu>?iUt, Mar. 7..1MI !^luriU;, Feb. 'M ...MM 1 or freight or ptaaa^e apply to KinvnK COlLlKM, No 60 \V?U atraat, New Y?ck BROWN. -Iliru Y A 1 CO.. I. ?erpoot MIJ'MhS KKSNAKIt ?<?>., V!7 AimUb Fnara. I oodaa h o. w MNWiin.ii; & ua, i?rw UKOItCV II DKaI'MV ll*?r? Tli* o*u<i? of Ui ?** ?i>ip> will not ho Moonatkbto fa* ?ol.l, ?ilvoi bullio ?p?<-i? jrwol ry, pr*<-ioua atuMt o> nirtali, uni-M bill o L?lia< ?r? ?.<urJ thoroloc, mmi Uir taluv tbri<wf t Wrtil oprraaod. Khlp|?r? plnMO tat* notioo, that tha alllpa of tlUa UflO canoot can; aojr gnola ? n.i'raSaui of war. XtlK UVMRPOOL AM) i'lllLADKI J*HIA KTKAIIUMF ComptuT iut*n<'. aaiiiiif tbvit farortt* n'.?*iivbi#o~ YOf WASi HK.-.njt !,mio? f'apt WjrAo. CI1\ <IK IIALTIMOKA.Iu>-?) ti.ft ll ton. (Japt ? . Cll Y OK Wa*H1NMTUN, do J.T-.O ton*. .Copt R IAMA (iaiona |tfu, $i,lt on I |t:>, * cor l.u< to *iai? iooa A lini'lrd Dumber '>1 third cla<? paaaeiyr* ?IH ko talrn Iroia I'faliodalphla anil li<ai|>iwl an 1 found la OrOTUIxB* V .ocn rtiila'lrlplna . .. #30 | From Ijterpool M* Haiti** wtablof to brlui( out their frleud* caa obtaie o? i lirat** af paaaafi*. aci 'lrafta on (.1 nrpoot, in anaa Of t\ iterUri/ aoi) upward*. Applr to HamUKI. MMI1W, A('Ot, I? vs aluut *t>i'?t, I'htla'WlpUka, aatl No T BroaA ?ti, New \ urk. 1MB unwpot 4?u rUBUAar tl.THB !ACK 1 ?t ?hipU>NHnT? ni?N.< *pt. J Itrittou For Ural or ?*road cabin paaaaK" "PP'T to THUS. 0. Krt UK, M houth itrret 0(MN bTKAM NAVIGATION IXJMI'ANY ? KM llieai*n. vU N>utliamptoa ? 1h* I'aitvl MalM aii Bteauiahip V* A'-HlNOrt'N, K. Car?u<l;, r inmm t?r, vi aai! lor Uremao, touchiuff at Houtb*m;itoa to laa<l tAo maila an l paa??ni{*r* for Knglaml *ml on itatar ?lay, fab. 'i4, at i'i o'clock, M., from pl*r No. 3T, North Kiver. rim or ri.vii,> tana nbw roaa tu *oi~ruiMrr<>a as aana. In brat caliio, maia aa'.ooo ......... MM In Urit rabiu, lower aafooo 110 la wk'OO'I rtlnu M An eiperlantril aurfeou U atUi hatl to aa?u ataaiaat Hpecie i!?li??ra?l In lla?ie or Uialou. All lattora in oak pa-a tbrough the l'o?t l)(B. a For paaaaje or fr?nht a# pi r to C II. 8ANI1, Atient, U !<nu'.h Wiillaia at Ibe aUaaier Hermann w ill *u<'c<? 1 th* W aabia^toa, am! aail MarcU 34. BXr.AM.iII II* HKTWITOl IIAVRK ANf> NfW YORK ?llrrct.? Tlia atoanaliif A I .I'M will Mil tivm MaaradT ract for Now York, (Without ralliog ??. *0/ port ia Bag ItD'l,) >ib IviuriU;, ZAtli of Nor*a^?*r Tha ril? of frwg Lit owl pa<aago id Brt? m I aaounil cabin a will bo rrr > maoJormto lb* tailing of tUa au'< a~. !.ng ataataow will t>? aiiortlr ar.notmcod Tho rat* of iBauraaaa ? Iraarala too* by altlpa fr?oi llarra 4lmt for No* lot, than to ablpa railing ?? aa KogLab port. Applj to llarro ? u1 i'arla 1" Hou!?* ?r<J? !a? ItoU'iia. to Iamall Oarrka, or to N?w York. t?> K. CI NAKIi, 4 Howling Umt. Al -TKAlJA ? I'lONKKH I INK.? f'ARKYIN'i IS l'oit?Kl htaU- mail - Ttia o*w aod *lr*tut -tippa* abi|' Uh>iRi>Kh, l,StUtoua, f^r r/'loair anil MolU-iuroo. BO* toaitiBf at pier No 7. 1 aat rtr*r, Will poaltirolf aafl on tb?Alatof Match Tli ? ?ui|> ng??a a rmra opportualkp for, la\x t?ri, an ' <I'<maatic Mrtaau, <laainag to roilgiata to Hjrili-ay. wliar.- ImmMiata tatpioamant to ?Maiowl at aninr'iialy fctgti ratoa ol *H'i Onljr nqotrwt to )?? paUl lata aod $4" aftar arinal, to ba paid out of earning* lb* tiaorgaa will W foli>.wa<l I ty tbannlo bit*') clipper uhlpa'Oeoau M< a>t an 1 Niglitlngal* TSa fot ?i?r to aail about Martb li ao4 tba taitar Aprti tj ll>kb tb?a* raatala, on thair norou 1 ?o;ag> a. baring inaU Ua aboiti-at pa^aagraon r??il t;.rii-MH Utaao .a o'?b*f ii'B* ?laja. ao<l tlaa NigM .n j ala iu aa?*Bt? dafa. far frrifbt or paaaag* a(i|iljr no IrniM, or to K W CAMR RON, 110 ?!! ifim. Cr *. M All. UNE I " I < AlXrOKMA, VIA A-'i'lii m ?a I and I'auama- Califoru iu> at* lufortnad < bp air. :.?./-?? y from tM I'anama Kallroa I i> ui| aor) that wo traxltuf tMbUmW will f>a ma>Ia I.; ral/irt>a4, I* <? to Orian. No mora uiuU Irani BO rirof bu?Ua| Oli Tuaalar hlirnai; 30, at twoo'cluab I". M.. I i->m ptor at foot of warrru at 'rat, North Mm, wtil 0* <1 tpatcftod tba Moot at*a(u bt; IIJ.IN"!.", I apta u H. J. ilaftataao, I H. N., to f'ljn.rt at Kaaama w t fa tba it?m ao4 ? ipo rtor #toam?i.i(< Nil ' "Itl'lUN- a mm Mi boot alwara kapt ai I'aeauia to prarout Jotoodai, ic < aaa of ace "to* t. So fr? <bi rocolra i aft** oiia o'elook oo tfao aalllBfO; For pa.' aro appir at Iba Cotn; an/'a afloo, 17? Mxtatrtrt, U> J W. I'.a VMu.M' ? *W TORK ANI? l AI IKIRMA .-T?.A?WU!' UNI, r i Nicaragua ?!.? A< ?tmry liaoa.t 1 'impauf ol > raragua, I *ro j.: iat- ? 7 ?t m -i ib'nUr ibta aof attar routo lh? apiaolll 'louiila ?o/n* atoiaak p Ni'ItlMKl'N torn buii'-m Uapt . t?aw? pai gb aitl i?a?a Im ui plot Nu 3 Mo tb i.rar, at i a'c!i?k I' M . tor I'uuta Arana* on TiimIi/ it rf roooM'mg Witu Ilia I M.aMn. ?S*h 1 ,o? burtltoa, awr tb? Nicaragua Traiiait r?ut? baring bat taidto ?ail*-* ol lau l tr u.apurtat <>n by flrat ?taaa <sar?ia<?a r??ir?l oaw an laaifl Iroo ataamboata bara U(?l y baaa put ou tba r??r a?l la?- oblcb ikitaaatlu tiav aai tba tiauilt trvin <x-oao to nfaan. Th-*? aUinan aro unaarpaaoaii In tbolr fontlllat'oo aa I ?< <vau<?Ia(iuaa. tur iiiriiiu,a: oa or paaa^ga. applr uttir V' *IlA-i MOIU- aN. A??ul Mo ? B .?'??ig i?ra?? l*f'i 'aga u.? a up at tba uiia. If Mr* 1* ? ?o< i par l alf DUB a S. ?:w YORK AN" ft Ml w URI. IAMB l-TI AM-IIII'??M fay? kor N?o <>rtaaBa, Itautag at Haraoa. -? ?? ng til* I oila-i IHitaa Mall, fb- a ?auiah.p '.A IIAWRA. K M' Hi 'll IT fltir? I ri 1 1 r will 1 >a- a>ao it f" ring fral/bt ? a W> laaa-ta/ > ?!> II, ai?.l ai , far tho atM'Va porta oa Moa'iay, lob at 12 o 'toob I rv<a p*m at foot 0 1 Hurt ?tro*t, Woftt, riaat lr? ;>it fur 'Ua <a In or aO'1 lor Mobila ew raail to w agaa'a la Now OrU-aea, Jaiaaa I B00I7 ft < , '..iw?r4?t frao ot ?uBmliali na 1'aaaan r?(a lot llaraoa amat prtxuro paaapaTta bofnra .? ??!?., fw ?r? /ti* or paaaaga, applf U UVMUMKiM, aUKHXIIOM A'U.AgaaU, Jl !lrwalw?y * R? Tb. RIJirK WAR!<I"R, J l> IMtof k I 11A will aafaj tl.a lakaa' a. aat aall ff lag. I'al b I ' IB ia of It Bg m I>t bo aaat iu lor a gatug tl . raaolag praa <,? a to t?a ah p aa < IjHMl HuMU, HKCHINli at iiavawa to lamb Iba faa* aa ' ag a!?.mati f 1 sn?n vTa n ? ?. . laOta U*i t"?r*b foot of lt?a'li atfaa", Nof^i Rlrar, aa W."I. I, at .. r H for M? U tag lla tana. I aaaag" t'< Mi'l l!a av! Maraaa I at 'akfn I for ? aid 'at II ?4' a'?.raga ??? lr- g!?> ? ;-?-aaga apply to I/NA??A lifi ' AI K 4l C? .il??laa;,ar CHI fTA\>Ahl> Jt IA? ? '"Ot a?- a; T.MM*. M'HlOi K, n.f*RHlM.*Kli AMI) K' I K<is |? ? J; lla* I a 'ad IHataa inal' a!?, ?ablp H'iAS'/A! Tlao-. Wliwr, WMMMti4or, all! laava p?ar IIKwtkr mm Vi nailir, I a* .1 at o'lock ?' M WUI arrta la N'trfo.a tl?a a*tt a!tara<?B aot fataraborg aat Ha-ft fi.1.1. tl,. a ,( 1 .1 r> 1 ig I 1 m s-.t- . ; a- aaa for tba Naiit? awaal b? fa .".a'i (tlrw, wit. la.ig% t.'i'ta Ir'.aa W . 1.1 to Vila igVa <ag>.a|a, ftr /'ao aaga in 'ara to N<r*'. a it t- l"a'.?ra if| ait Hub ?oi-^ ?I0. ata?rafa baM | f 'a Apt r t< Li ' ai ft CM AP IK Hroo/!wap. 1H?H r A t A *?' "* til AM? ? l/'H ?ft..t tnno PT AT* M Hall Uaa -Tbo a?w aM aagaa' rt^aaaaOip 1 1 ' IULa , f apt * * W?- ?'bii ., will iaaara Mow ^ ?ra la* caaa'raal ??> *? " ?*?'*/, la' 'i?jf .1 fr? >n plar Ma t Nortb r<>wr 1'lo ilwil1 * H>Ua< Uftag ??(?*! ?? #?,? f'a'rbt a, a 1 a W?ar4 or for j.aa?aga, ta ("AMI I! I M 'H IT M Nr al.a. ??? Florida, i vugh ' aaaia Irowi Mo? Y ' ? V* Jaoftaaartl*. II b* fl la tba, I "> >?* Aag? -ta, (apt 7 . -a law a..i tat aao<!. aa l*a?t oa -at arda j tak 3d 1.-VM4 ?-AV ANVAH -IAKI. Rtf* 0:1 CU'*a Mall I'taamihip RKTIT"MR ftAtf ta, a a It I'ai' a Witt laara IV tV t>. . lor "t'taaa > 00 1*4 ao' -ia j, fa ?. . I a1 I ?< o < ? A V I ara I# atoar ara t* ? ??.aU wii! ?a?? aga mabMI ?,t. aa'ata^ij Mara', ? tmlt a Vifi ? It* 1?'f ft TaI I MAN I j wbora atatwr #?a aa; b* aawagat _______________ 1:*m CHAUim-vat anu fi/iiui?A? ?*mi wi^ml* . I f Mail ..aa? I ?J? ap<oa4kd. 'a?a- t? ? -awakip AKMH ?. fwtlar * .a? a?- 'a-r ? .??/?' * > 4. X K ?a Vi ia?t4if lakri ary .1 1' la I' M , proar aa.j P<rf f|a gkt apt If "a kowrd ww*-? ail Mlta of lo<?IBW w i k* ? #????' aa . t"f l-aa"ag? at tia* i^loa ad MKlti'ltl Tl: Mt??N ft OD , ?* N-alwai T . - ?? >gft t ' ?*t. ta rbrvta aa f- ^?altwa^T-* Ja- aoa-irilla (;i u lilalfca I'. Tlw a laaaior F e'.l #' aor will eaeeawd, aed Mica latttiM) I* ? *tf \t I a. ft Ml ? I T ' VI . "A-( < I !'??HO -m a v?tp. ' A pa a ? a 4 .? # 'aaot* ? froaa ? i IF 01H rata a ft* gat fgp tbt aba , . V* 'tk ? ?* K? * >*roat f I 'a' tl If M N 'lagbtM ptOtr ax<awt>v?a applf to talii *tA* I roat ? raot. Tbjcw AR>tAN?ilMFjrr!tIr aod f*A?r?b'irg rorwt M RF, aaory Taaara* aa R'*?V l*aaaaga to ? aa wa aa U0f**ofqr Ik* torworftod par t fkota to'k' trwH r*-ow af M ? -1V MM, 0? I

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