Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1855 Page 7
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4BTHTBEHHTS RKHIWX9 ETUI HIT TEIt * NTS' RKGISTER. mAr Ail A -stores, bouses and low ?~rt.)e v/"v/e bought, sold ud leased, rent*. ft , collected; loaaa effected on real or personal property : tred'ts arranged and goods parcbaeed for alt/ end country, am) coi&misaiona faithfully execited by WALKER h CO., real estate. loan, fee., agency, 76 Na? tau street. UOAn -HOUSE TO LET, AND FURNITURE ? ? V\'i for Halt. ? A gent'-el three stary brick bouse, with the modern improve ments, situated la Eleventh ftrtet. K II b? l*t on a leu -e of five years at $5(0 per annum, an<l the furniture sold for * 1 . caah. Apply to M. I. SHELDON, 86 Naseau street. 1 DQ fiREi NWlCH STREET, NEXT DEY ? THE FIRST ICO Boor in this building, also tne fifth loft, with a gcod skylight, to let. Key witii Ur. Hasa, German Im porter, rn aerond ficor Alio, a country house in New Riigbtrn, on York avenue, Staten Inland. Apply at 10 Greenwich afreet. ?* a custom flace? to re.VT, furnished, un til May, 1K66. Immediate possession given. Apply between 9 and 11 o'clock, A.M XJAKERY TO I.ET? THE THREE-STORY HOUSE AND t? bakery .Hi Eighth avenue, occupied during the lart Ave yearn <m a tlrst class bakery, in a well estab liabed business locality. The bakery containa two gooi ovena. and everything convenient to carry on a good bu riiesa. For further particulara, apply at 17J Went Twenty- aixth street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET, EIGHT AND A HAI.F mile a from tlie City Hall, with atable and every other accommodation; an excellent garden, with iruit treea. Apply to J. M. HRAUHl'ST, on the piemtses Tenth avenue ?jd 146th street. ELIGIBLR FAMILY RESIDENCE IN THE BERMUDA Itlanda, for rent or lease. The Orange Grove pre miaea. situated on an eminence, and located In one of the inoet healthy anil convenient spots in thoae beautiful islacda. 1'he alone mansion house and outbuilding are new and aubstantially built, containing well ventilated and ctmmodiou* apartments, and provided with every convenience for the accommodation and comfort of a respectable family. Attached to tuese premises are 30 acieaofland, abortion of which ia occupied by fruit trees in variety, a a well as graperies, kn,| the greater pari of the remainder may be put under cultivation. To ? person with roeana and a knowledge of agriculture, who may be cesirousof removing to a genial climate, the above affords an opportunity rarely offered in the "sunny isle*." For a more particular deacrlption of the premises, as wul as Information as to terms, apply to MeCALL & FRITH, 73 Weat street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET DOWN TOWN TWO large, pleasant parloia on the second and third floor*, well furnished, without hoard. Bath in the house, with hot and colu water. Apply at 20 White atreet, west of Broadway. f I OI'SE TO LET? IN THE VICINITY OF THE NEW Jl York Hntel, with all the modern improvements; the furniture and everything in nice order, for sale, now full ol first clasa boarders; location unsurpassed, aickntaa btir.g the only reason for disposing. B. W. RICHARD-*, No. 307 Broadway. House to situated at 432 broome street, corner of Croabv, a lew doors from Broadway; no ?bjection to turn it into a store. Apply on the pre miaea. Lofts to lei? the second, third and fourth floors of buildiug No. b North William atreet, ex tending through to William atreet; has be?n occupied for the last three years as clothing ware rooms , is well adapt* ed to any light manufacturing business. Inquire at No. 3 Ferry ?treet. T AW OFFICES TO LET? ON THE FIRST AND SECOND 1 i floors, up stair*, of Chambers Hall, 05 Chatham atreet. Apply to W. S. CONKIJN, No. 8 Bowery. rpO I.ET? A PUBLIC HOUSE, WITH SITTING ROOM, JL and other apartments if required. Also, two large rooms, with four ante-rooms adjoining, suitable for societies or military purpoi-es. Apply at 126 Grand at. rrs? LET? THE SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH FLOORS I and basement, of 29 Beekmau street, all being 00 feet deep; well lighted, front, rear aud aide; also a front i(Kin cd the tit tit Moor of 31 Beek man atreet; also the filth door of 33, 100 feet deep well lights! on Four sidea; also the third floor of 24 Beekman street, 83 feat deep. Any of the above will be divided to suit tenants. Inuuire of J. CONNER k SONS. TO LET? IN GREENWICH STREET, A GOOD STORE ami Knar line loft*, with excellent light, 30 feet by 60, and ju?t th> thir.g for inauufaetiiriDg purpurea. En quire of JOHN L1.0YD, IS Naaaau M'.reet. TO U.T.? THE UPPER PART OF A MODERN BUILT two *tory bnw-e, attaated near Broadway, bel'iw Houatr D iti*?t; to let to a am.iil family without children. i?.c(C very deairahle. nod to rave trouble, the rent in tiMl per annum. payable quarterly. The moat unioubt eu itlt-reucta required. Apply at 242 front atreet, up ? 0 LET? LOWER PaKTOF BRICK I)Wn~.I ING-Hur^E 106 Eaat Broadway. Immediate poHhejidon given Apply nn the premise*. JOHN Mil I KK. TO LET? THE NEAT TWO STORY BRICK BASEMENT aod attic bouae HHj Prince at, corner of Su'Jivan Apply to POOI.E PEN IX & GOIN, 39 Burling Klip. r LET? THE TWO BTORY MOBBRN BUILT HOUSE, on Third avenue and lO^th atreet, furnished with range, bath hot and coiil water, Ac. Alao, the bouae ?dtuated on lOCth atreet, near Third avenue, with garden and (table if reqirrtd. Alto, the <l welling part of the brick bouae, on Third aveuue and 104th atreet, with ranee and t'roton water. Inquire of 8. B. McGOWN, Third avenue and lOSth atreet. TO LET? THE STOKE AND HOUSE CORNER OK BAY ard and Orange atreeta. Haa been occupied aa a drug etorefor twelve yeara paat, and will be let for one or Bore year*. For particular* inquire of Mr* A. YENS' I, 80 Canal atreet. rLET? A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN RYE, N. Y.? A two atory bouae with wing -fi by 43 feet deep, with neceaaary ootbr.llding, between one and two a> raa of land, all In good repair, location healthy ? no mistake. Inquire of Jesae l'urdy near the prrtnlaea; or to William F. Brook, No. 8 Spruce atreet, New York. Tbe furniture for tale. rLET ? POSSESSION IMMEDIAfB? TO ONE FAMILY without children, aeconi lioor, conalatlng of front and back parlor, witb room otT eaob, hall, bedroom and baaement. at a moderate rent, in a highly re*pectable bouae. Tbe floor will not l>e divided. Inquire at No. 14 Watt* atreet; near Varick, In the baaement. rpo LET? A NUMBER OF FIRST CLAS4 DWELLING 1 bouae* with all tlw modern improreuieota in tbe upper part of tbe city; alao, the modern bouae* Noa. 6b and 157 Greenwich avenue. Can be connected, and aultaLle for an extenaive boarding hnuae Apply to K BLOOMER, 'JO 8 Broadway. ITK) LET? STEAM POWER AND WHl . LIGHTED ROOMS, _1 near Broadway, in Noa. 7, 0, 11, and 13 Canal at., fronting alao on Kim aud Walker atreeta, at very low rate*. Apply to Mr Guntu, engineer, 102 Walker at. TO 1AT? THE TH&EE STORY HOUSE, PARTIALLY furniabed, with all tbe nvidern improvement*. 100 Second avenue: poaaeaaion can be had the middle of April Inquire between tbe boura of 1 and ? o'clock P. U. T> LET? THE THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS OF THE new marble front building 106 4 'anal atreet, corner of Wooater. well adapted for bu?ioe?< purpose*. Poaaea aion immediately. Inquire at 106 Canal atreet, in the ?tore. mO LET? THE BUILDING 174 WILLIAM STRCET, I bow occupied aa office* and buaineaa parpnae*. Alao. a numt-er of dwelling hou?ea in tbe upper part of tbe city, at rent" from I'iOO toSI.4U0. Apply to K. B. KINSH1MER, 311* Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'clock. r LET. ?THE DWF.LI.ING HOUSE WHITE STREET to let en tLe lat of Marrh. Rent 1700 per annum. Furniture lor aale. Apply on tbe prem aea, between the houra o< 12 and 3. fflO IET? A I AK(iK HOARDING HOI SE IN A DE 1 airable location, Inquire of T. rt. CHESTER, No. 6 Wall atreet. 10 LET? A FINE TWO TOP.Y CO IT AGE, ON HOIK ken Heigbta. about fifteen minute* walk from the ferry, katiog -ix rooma with kitchen, garret, Ac , and three lota ot ground, fenced. Addle-- Hobokeo, Herat 1 office Rent >14 per month. Tl LET? AT FORDHtM. WESICHK-TEH COUNTY, A neat two ?tory attic an I ba?inent deelliog houae with about one half acre of ground attache I. The houa* la well bailt, flniabed Id the modern atyle, and for health, proepect, Ac.. tbe aituatlon .? unaurpa??ed. It ia about ove minutea' walk from 'he depot whet* traina leave every boor for New York. For lull par; .-ulara, apply t? JOHN CROMWEIX, Fordharo. Weatcbeater county. UtT? ONE- H Al i' OF A NEW AM) COMMODIOUS bouae, located moat dean \iily to -iuth Brooklyn, fitted witb chandeliera and gaa flxtur-- complete, apt ? icua pantriea, clo?et? all tlir'uigh. ?ll!i bath room, ke. To a amall reapectable family, tbia ia in unu'ual op|<or tunity Nose but th'?e who are w.llinj to nay a fair re win Deration need apply. Ad lr*?a Talbot <le Mala hide box 1 73ft I' oat Office >ew York. Reference* exchanged rLET? POP^H'SIOJI IMMEDIATELY? THE SECOND floor. furahhed "r unfurni-he I. - of lour rooma. witb ga* and < roton, to one or two gentlemen and tbeir wivee. Apply on tbe premiaea. 772Gteeawi<-h. cor ner of Bankitreet. The dwelling part of bouae V3 Bank atreet. with alalia alao other ho-jae*. fTHJIXT -niE I, EST CI.A-8 DWELLING HOUSU, A. Nee. lli and 114 I/eooard atreet, near Broadway The Wo i] a* a have hot and cold water, furnace, bath, Ac. Will be let together, aa at rreaent. or aei*rate| y, to hrat rlaar tenantr. Apply to HKNRY HKaTH. MS Broadway. fT?0 1.KT-A TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOU?E IN J[ I nnce (treet, near Mulberry. ainU' ie for maau fartsr Eg peipoaea reot alx hundred <.?llara ID a leaae Apply to E- H l.UDl.OW. No. 11 Wall atreet and No. 2 New TO LKf? A LARGE BASEMENT. M>. 202 FULTuN rtreet a flnt rate atand for a wbr.leaaie or retail bnrinee* of any kind. It ia light ?nJ dry, having a apacietia entrance, guoda may oe abown to great ad ran <.age Offiren. aingle or in auita, in the name building. Apply at BUNTER fl pa per barging wartJto?*e, 202 Fal atreet. imjurrr reoiitkr. LIT? A LAME THREE STORY HOCS* J?HD ?tore, ft first rate it*ad for any kind of business, corner of Houston and Ridge streets; U occupied as ? w bolesaJs liquor store, the second floor is used for bil Hards and a saloon , third floor aa a Jews' synagogue or mechanics' meeting rooms. Also a house and store in Crosby street, near Broome. Alio a large (our story bouse completelv furnished. Possession immediately. Inquire at 114 Waverley place. TO LET? STORE HI NASSAU STREET, WITH BASE ment and subcellar, titled up complete Tor a restiu rant, auction, or wholesale clothing store, or any busi ness requiring room and lhflit. Immediate possession. AUo, several offices and rooms. Inquire of EUGENE EERRIS. 62 Nassau street. TO LIT? IN WILLIAMSBURG, TO A SMALL GEN. tsel family, a new and elegant brick cottage, Frencli windows, iron balcony and marble mantels; sis rooms and basement, stages puss the door every live minutes, Kent I17& per annum. Inquire of Doctor l.ORETr, 462 Grand atreet, Williamsburg. rLET? A LaKGE STORE, BACK ROOM A Nil BASE ment, 86 Maiden lane, from one to three year*. AUo, second floor of house ;>7 Fulton atreet. For sale, liouse on leased ground, 12 years to run, $700, rente for $120. Apply at 81 Fulton Street. TO I.ET? TBE WHOLE OR PART OF THE DWELLING of a liou'C in one of the beat locations lor business, perhaps, in the city; suitable, Indetd desirable, for a doctor, dentist or daguerreotvpist. Apply at 141 Atlso tic street. South Brooklyn. Possession immediately, if de ?ired. TO IAT?THE NEW FIVE STORY HOUSE AND ? tore Jo Crosby street; twenty two roons over the fore, gas, bath and water; suitable for a first ''lass )?< ardmg house. Inquire on the premises. rpo IET, in the vicinity of twenty- THIRD J street and Sixth aveoue, a large four story hou??, contaiiiing 16 rooms, with range and Croton w*ti>r throughout. Nearly full of boaniers. Yearly rent S500. Furniture for sale, price $400. with immediate possession. TO 1JJT? THE STORE NOW OCCUPIED BV R. SMITH, Esq , No 2 Green*! :b street, with or without the house No. 44 Robinson street, forming an I.. In case the first story of the house should be was ted far a store, It may be connected with the one In Greenwich street, making in depth 120 feet. Alio to let, two t'iree story brick houses, No*. 40 and 42 Robinson street;lt' required, they will be ma<le to communicate with each other, being a first rate situation for a boarding house. Ap ply at No. 75 East Fourteenth street. TO IJJT? THE SI ORE AND DWELLING PART OF houie No. 212 Fulton street. For terms apply to BRUNO, WEISS EN BORN A- CO., No. 2 Maiden lane. T) I.ET? A FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR, St'ITABI.E for a fancy goods importer, or any light business. Inquire of J. PRENTICE, 1 ('hambera street. TO DAL'GL'ERRIAN ARTISTS.? A GOOD OPPORTU nlty. The upper tioor of the house No. 419 Broad way, corner of Canal street, is now to let for a term of five years. It is a splendid situation for a dauguerrian saloon, and will be fitted up suitably for the purpose If required. For particulars apply to Peter Archdeacon, !>4 Canal street. TO LET OR LEASE? TWO LIGHT AND COMMODIOUS snites of offices, in the building Nos. 4 and 6 Boa! street, next door to the corner of Wall, on the fourth and fifth floors. Possession on the first of May next Apply to CHRISTOPHER 11EISER, 17 State street. tO LET OR LEASE- THE BUILDING NO. 176 GREEN wich street. Possession can be given of the store part immediately. Also, a number of offices to let in the buildings Nos. 2( 8 snd 304 Broadway. Apply to E. BLOOMER, -('8 Broadway. TO LEASE TO HOTF.I. OR HOARDING HOUSE keepers? The Fountain Hotel, 110 Centre street, corner ol Franklin, by tbe Harlem and New Haven rail road depots, containing 47 rooms, including the restau rant in the basement. Kent low to a good tenant. In quire of THOMAS LEWIS, 4 ft Rose street; also lofts at 106 and 108 Centre street, for workshops, size 30 feet by fiO. TO I AT AT HOBOKEN? SEVERAL BRirK DWELLING houses, all within ten or twelve minutes walk of the ferry. Immediate possession can be given if desired. Inquire at 1 and Office, opposite lerry landing, of W. W. SH1ITEN, agent. 10 LET, AND THE FURITURE FOR SALE? THE bouse :u>2 Fourth street, nearly opposite the Pa rade groun<), with a'l the modern improvements. Rent ?760, with two years lease from May next. Possession can l>* given in tbe beginning ol April. Ill* bouse will not be let without the whole or part of the lurniture, which will be ?cld cheap lor cash, as the jtartiea are about L'oinir to Europe. Can be area any time this week, fit m 11 till .> o'clock. No agent need apply. li. W. RICHARDS, .107 Broadway. TO life-NT VERY LOW? SEVERAL ROOMS ON THK (11 th floor ol Trinity building, Broadway, Apply at 24 Trinity building. TO WHOl ESAl.K GROCERS.? TO LET, THK C'AI'A clou* brick building, 279 Washington ntreet ; ii in first rat* order and rt-mly for immediate oo-upancy. Will lie k-t (or two yarn at a moderate rent, or tbe lea-e will be nolil I or a nniall boa ux. Apply on the premiee*, or at 76 William ?treet, up Ktairn. TO urr, OR FOR SA1E? THE HANDSOMELY FL'R nishtd lirKt rlanx new four atory brown xtone front jlmb banemenl houne. Nituated 21!" Weat Thirty. fourth Itreet: baa all tbe modern improvementa; ia lu perfect order, and aflordn a rare opportunity for per*eaa denring a pleanant elegant reafdenoe. The houne and furni ture are both new, and will be rented together on a (are, or fold. Addrem box 2,452 l'oat Office. The whole or a i-art of a genteel two ?tory and attic brick Itouae to let. and all or a part of tbe furniture tor aale, if f*juired. For partirularn, apply at No. rib Thompnon ntreet, between Broome and Spring. THE 1 OWER PART OF A MODERN BUILT HOUSE to let, in Weat Twenty -ninth atreet, near Sixth avenue, conflating of llr?t floor, three room* d?ep, kitch en. two room* on third door, part of itibrellar, with privilege of wanblug in tbe laundry, and privilege in both room: pan fixture- ia th?- Imuae; will t>e let only to a ?mall lamily. Apply at 24 Namau ntreet, corner of Cedar. rattTKUCTION. ? BOOKKEEPING, W KITINO, ARITHMETIC.? . Mr. DOIJiEAK, fiO'.' Broadway, corner ?f tfouaton fleet, la forming bia laat 46 rlann for practical double entry. Ticket* may be aeer.reil thin day, and the lenaoua taken at plearure. Tboee who neglect thin eller Will be charged the regular price. ? 6) ONLY ? WRITING FOR UDBV CLASSES, BOOK P14U keeping. <<i?hii<t ial arii'.metie, Ac., at reduced price*, all thla wetk, at II r I'.M.NK > academien, 2A7Giand ntrett, N?w York. aj>fl IWt Fulton ntreet, Brooklyn Per nios ueniroun ot impro<?-?n>-it or whone early education ban been iifglecte.i. ? ill (in 1 thene ltneonn peculiarly adapted to their want*. A CARD - THE SUMOBMB WILL RECEIVE NEW |>upiln on Monday and Tuenday for instructive io penmanship and bookkeeping. Terain reduoej one-half, vix : S6 for writing, and <12 60 for a thorough course ef bookkeeping. Ladies' writing claaa at ld'i o'clock, daily. 01.IVKK K. GOLDSMITH, J42 Broadway. AIjUiY, (1'ITIL OF HERTZ, ) WITH A THO rough knowledge of the French laoguag*, wiehen to give instruction 10 a few private p.ipiln en tbe piano tort* and in the above language For term* apply to Mme. J., UK Broadway. CARD.? THK SUBSCRIBER WILL ODMMCWCE NEW writing and book keeping cla?*?-? thin week at re [need pric??. Caidn n.nta.uing (till particnlarn may be bad at tbe room* OlJVfcR B. GGI I 'SMITH. WJ ifroad way. corner of Franklin atreet BV. FOSTER k HIRAM DIXON GIVE LESSONS IN m bookkeep ng. writing, kc. office .W Broadway, (Appletoo'a BuUdiag,) where gentlemen are ((iiallfled for the counting- boune, in a superior and expeditious man ner. lOOKKKEFlNG. ARITHMETIC. WRITING, Ac., THO. igb J. RENVILLE, No" 289 Broadway, oornerof Keade ntreet. B roughly taught, upon very favorable termn, by W. '.NVILAE. No. 289 Broadway, <:<irn>-r of Reade ntreet. Each student in snparately and larefully lastrui'ted, and enabled to readily apply In practice the knowledge ia parted to him. Open >iay and evening. CLOTHIIia, *c. CI .OAKS CH> Al'KR THAN E\ KR ? ML'91 BE SOLO, without reevrve. to make room for Ipring goods, just arrived per ?team?r An ia, an per advicen from Pari*. 1 he balanee of the winter etock will be noli at half tbe original price, ladien are not exported to purcliane in l??n perlectly .atinfleil tbey aregetliug the worth of their money. Tlie ?tylen of the cloak* now offered at nu:b reduced pricen are >acb an will be *orn next neanoa. MOLTNEUX HELL, r>* Canal .treet. ' C1AST OIT < l<)THIM.-?2 0- ' WORTH WANTED? j Tbe highmt price liberally given. aa<l canb paid in current money. Oentleaten winh.iig to dlnpone of lar/e or nmall lota are renpectfully re.jue?'ed to ad<lr??? or call on J AMKh MORi^N EY, 11 llaxter (formerly Oraage atreet) ?jear CI at ham. CAST OFF CIjOTHIW AND Ft'KNITt'RK WANTED - ladien or gentlemen bavlag any of the above art. claa to dlapone of, can receive a fair pri<-? for the <aaM b? ?ending fer the nubacriber. at k!? reeideace. or tbro.:gi tbe toet. L M. DvflNELDORP, 13 Urn ntraet K R? Ijdlen atu-nded by Mm. D. CLOTHJNO .?LADIES AND OEVTLXMKN BAYIKA clothea to diapoea of. can reeelva a fair raah prion av aeading to the atare 12 Laureaa atreet. aear C?aal, or ?2 Went Froedway or addteaa by letter through the pout to 8. C0HF..Y Ladiee attended by Mra. Cohen, IMMFNSF. WBrcTION IV ( . oTHINri? FRO .g 0f)M ff ha nine' a coatn $i TR <Tann ra?re pantn ?S; fan cy .ilk veata. from the bent baaaen o Broadway for half the ptlce. "ne iane freocb c.othn fl V) per ynr! GEO. liC%'IE, Nanaau atreet MILLIARD*. B II HARD TA BI.ER? NOTICE. ?WE WWIJI CALL the attention of the public to oer new ntyle of runhion, jaif invented, and now fer aale at our factory, M> Ann atreet.fTbene cuthiona, being our owa Invention cannot be por,-haa?d elnewhere. '>r<;?rn by mail for ta Idea, talla. clo*,.ie. and everything ta the trad*, prompt 1y attended to. rablee packed and nhipped at oaa day n notie*. I mrnv > k LfCKJR , 99 (tmV ?OAKPPIQ AMP LOPGCTQ. nQ~ brohdway, oorner or tenth street. ( CO piessant >od handsomely furnished roonu au l bedroom, at reduced price*, (or gentlemen ?od their wivss and s.ngle gentlemen. Entrance 130 Tenth street, j ui t below Grate Chnrch. Reference exchanged. BROADWAY ? TWO FRONT ROOM8, SUIT able for fam lies, with full t>oard. Rooms sup ith gas and well furnished. House baa all mo earn improvements. {fin PEARL STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? LOD O . fct/ glDf ? Two or three furnished hall bedrooms, and several other pleasant and comfortable apartments, (with and without fireplaces), can be had by respect able applicant!, on reasonable terms, by applying a* above. Qf)*" BROADWAY. ? FURNISHED ROOMS TO UBT ?)? I to gentlemen, without board, in a Brat class bouse down town; prices reasonable Apply as above to D. F. KAHNS WORTH. 7Q HUDSON STREET- ROOIH TO KENT, FUR nlslied or unfurnished, with board. 173 1 i " HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S 1 TT f) Park.? A room to let, with hoard for two skogle gentlemen. Reference" exchanged. 125 WEST TWENTY FIE I H STREET? DIMIRAB1.E hoard can be obtained in a house with all the in"cern improvements. and genteelly located between Seventh and Eighth nn EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, FIRST HOUSE FROM e J O Livingston place ? A suit "I rooms, elegantly fur nished, on the flrst floor also a parlor and bedroom on the second floor to let, with board, on the most reasona ble terms; alto rooms for single gentlemen. House new and elegantly furnished. ^ FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOCSK WE*T OF Broadway, neatly furnished rooms, with bedrooms attached, on the first *ud second floors, for gentlemen; breakfast served If required; also, one or two single rooms, for lodgings; cleanliness strictly observed. r / * 1JSPENARD STREET.? A LARGE FRONT PAR O* ) lor, on the first floor, for a Mingle gentleman, or a gentleman and his wife, without biiard. ff e WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? A FEW SE OO ject families or gentleman can h' accommodated with suit or single rooms, with full or partial hoard, in the eligible brown stone bnildiuif, which is new and newly furnished, and containing all the modern 1m yrovementa. A r GROVE STREET, NEAR BLEEOKKIi- A FINE 40 psiior on firnt floor, to let, faruisned or unlur nished, with hoard. House first class, containing im provements. Location most desirable and accessible to car and stage lines. 3 ASHLAND PLACE, TWO DOORS FKOM GREEN wich avenue. ? Room* in suits or single, for select families or single gentlemen, with board. House con tains all the modern improvements. Access by Amity ?trtet stages, and Sixth avenue cars. References ex changed. Apply to MK-. NOBI.E A HANI SOME PARLOR ANI> BEDROOM ATTACHED, on secoLd Hour, furnished or unfurn.thed; also, pleasant single rooms to let to gentlemen an 1 their wives, or siDgle gentlemen, with full or partial board, at 61 Bleecker street, near Broadway. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE HOUSE SIXTH uverue, two dours below Fourteenth street, having alltbe modern improvements, is now ready to receive a few boarders. Dinner at 0 o'clock. No moving in May. A LADY AND HER DAUGHTER WOULD LI f, WITH J\ board, in a bouse with all the modern improve ments. an elegant suit of furnished room- to % family, with or without a private table, aud use of a fine piano; or would let the sas* to a party of gentlemen house is pleasantly located, and ne?r stages and cars. Apply at 61 West Ihlr'y-flfth street, near Sixth avenue a FEW YOUNG MEN OF STEADY HABITS CAN BK comfortably boarded with a tainily of three per sous. Terms 93 per week. Apply of. 147 W?'it Tweuty ?econd street, between Seventh aid Eighth avenues, second floor. a YOUNG GENTLEMAN IS DKSIROU8 OK OBTAIN ing board In a private family Term- must tie moderate. Address, sta'ing termi< mi l locnti n, W. Mc('., Ii63 Brnsdwsy. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN AO OMMODATE TWOStN gle gentlemm witha front room and l*rg? pantry, at 102 West Sixteenth street, with bath snd gas, on re., eonable terms, and all the comfor's of it horn AN AMERICAN GENTUOCAW I >s.Si HES T< > OBTAIN A furnished room with the w inti of the oner mm / or p?rtiaily supplied, in a privi ? t'rts'i fai'.'lr, where there sre no boarders, ar.d wbe>ej be eou'd be con sidered a friend of the family. None but of b? higbe-t respectability need reply. Please adores Oi.isnSxbe Herald oBice. AGD.TI.KMAN AM) WIFE WANT A Ft ItNlSHKD houee, with all improvement*, -iptowi Ad'lre.>? box '2,278 1'o-t Office, wi'.h l?i m< nod iiumbe of atreet Board -a pari .or and onkok rwo bedrooms on aerond floor al-o aiog'e iwikk, lor gentlemen id a Brut cl??? tiouae; no removal co the tir?- of May. French and .v'paninh aj.okeu . uiuner at AaVI>cg. Re ferencca given and required Inquire at li! Tea lb afreet, near Broadway. Board? one or two genti em en can he ac cooimodatad with pletaantly furnlahe'l noma and partial board, in a private family. Call .at J l? '.Veal Kit teenth atreet . Board ? a handhome front parlor with bed room adjoining. AUo a room for a ?ing:e gentle man, with board and beat a -oininodal nine, may be had in the new brown atone houeee, contain ng alt Mia modern improvement*, No*. 10*2 and M4 Kaat Fim ?e.-nth afreet, near I'nioo *<|uare. Refeienoea exchanged Board ?a front parlor and bedroom ad joining, aultable for a gentleman and hi* wife, or two aingle gentl'-men. *'*n he bad by applying at 1WJ I inane utreel, two door* Weat ?f lludaon. Board ? will pkopie pay exorbitant prkim for poor board, wlien they ran obtaiu good on rea aonahle terma by to -.01 Wealey place, between Houaton and Blaecker atreata'' Modern improvement*. Every attention paid to boardera. Gentlemen and their wivt-a, aa well aa alngle gentlemen, accommodated Board? no ? sr marks place?bum of room a on the aorond floor, con*i*ting of three rootna aod bathroom, with gaa, Ac , with or without board. Board? a pleasant front atth room, scit aftk#r one or te.> t< tig gentlemen U> let, in a private b<>u?e. with iull ? r board. Apply at 114 Franklin itreet. I TJOARD ? A FEW HIV. IE GENTLEMEN WILI. FIN'li Ml good acrommodationa at Forayth etreet. near Walker, tingle or doable bade A atove no talrd floor for general comfort I>?i?rtatile rne< ban ce wialiing clean, airy r?*jm*, will find thia eligible. SOARDING ? SINGLE GENTLEMEN CA.V BE ACX">M modated with pleaaant amgle or double room*, with board, at 1'.'- Cbambera atreet. Dav boardaracan k? ( accommodated alao. Reference required. I Earding? wrrn rooms for simile gentle- ' men, or gentlemen and their wivea ran b? had ia rat claaa nouae 46 Concord atree', Brooklyn No i moving fi rat of May. SOARDIM. FI'RNISHKD ROOMS, PIXAHANTI.V j aitua'xl, for alngle gentlemen or gen'leamn an I ' r wive? with full or pa" al board; it aa aeil bath* ia the how. Apply at 11 >< Fourth atreet. Meferencea exebaoged S OARDIN'G? 876 nDOMD AVF.NI K ? FAMILIES AMI i aivgle geDtletuen ran obtain haudaome pariora ao l room*, with board, gaa, l>atbl and two anil* of rrioint <m the eerood floor, to let, on vry low terma. Meala at all bonra; private table if preferred I. Itl.ACKEI.O. K FiARD WANTED ? RY TWo YOl'NG GENTLEMEN' IN ; a looifor table Ainrricao family Reference* given, if re<juired. I'laaae addreaa b?. . 3.'iHl I'oat office. -QOARD WANTEIV- RV A LADY AND GENTLEMAN' t> toard tor the la?ly oaly. Addre.a, atatlng terma. vTs., Broadway Poet Office. I Board wanted ? wantei> a pleasantly fub , niahed rocm, for a ireatieiuaa an l lady, (hoard for lady only . j in a plain private family wlie-e there ar? do otner boarder*. Would ba deairable boaider* and for a permanency, if united in lacattan. priae, Ac Ad'lreaa Lyman. Rroaaway Poat ' >91 or atating tarm*. Ac., wbicb muit be reaaonaMa. Board down town ? two op. three oentlf men ran be acroaunodated with board in a prirate family. Apply at Wfc Greenwlrh atreet near I tiam' ?r? >OARD in bi;ooklvn ? a few GENTLEMEN I AN- ! l>e arrommodate 1 wth new'/ furnl?he.| ro*m< and part al bo*rd, in the modern built bo-i?e No "ll'> , llicka tWeet. I. or at ion very ronveaient to the ferrfea. Between Wall and Houth atreet fern-a. Board in Brooklyn -two neatly flrnbhkd i room* to let, anitabie for gentlemeo aod their wive? | or aingle geMlemen. Only a few* taken. Terma very moderate. Apply at 166 Adam atreet, near i niton ferry . I Board in bbooki.yn ?one or two hi.kqlf. I gentlemen oao be acrommodate'l with pleaaaot I room*, with or witboat partial b'.ard. in a private faml ly , coov*al?nt to the 'errtee, ia ona of the II neat lo -a I Hone in brooklya. Addreaa IJvmg*U>a atraet, Derail otboe. SOARD IN BROOKLYN - ERi?ONS WMHIVG To obtain board will lind pUaaant apart'oenta at 47 rord aMeet; the koaae'ia one of a new tdo-k, floely lo eated, and conven ?nt to ?Hrth ferrlea. Goo>l refereniea given and r?'|uire? Boarding iw wh th Bi.'XBtLYM.? two or three permanent boarder* < *?? be accommodated with ple? aant room* and boart, in aa agreeable family, where ?very afetfloo ia paid to the romfnrta ?>f tboae reaidmg wit) them hoaee wlvhin three minute* walk of Ilaiolt< n ferry and ten of *onth ferry 1?<|?lrt at 10 President (treat. rooiitn-a GEirn andwht. r an have buard wKh rr? ma on eero?d Bowr, aafara ek*4 ia B' B ? eMail rrtvata family . loeatkm eery daairable Afpy al K? 1SS Imff eld meet naaj FiNm aveaoa. bOARJMNh AMD l/MWDK). _ EIKGANTLY FVRN1SHED APARTMENT? TO I.ET. m a private bonte, kti Broadway, with or witboui board. Aij !y HI the prem re*. or to Theodora G Mar win, 11C Nafaau itw; from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. TO I'LL BOARD- IN A MUTATE PA WILY, WITH P very floe *ut'e* of roumt. fu run bed or ua furniahad, to a houae with all the m^iem improvement*, may lie oo'ati.ed by a peatieman and wife, or tingle g?D tlemen dealricg flr?t cIm> accommodation*, at 91 Ea*t Thirteenth itieet. FVRMSBFD FOOMS? A I'ARi OR AND POOR HBD rootnn to Itt. at lh4 Grand *treet, with or without partial board, on moderate terma bona** private; lie* J tion n?ar Broadway, and on the eta ge and car line. FUXNltHLD ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WIlHOtT board, auitable for aim;:* or married peraon*. N, i. ? No children taken. No. IbO Lauren* itreet, Mar 3ou*ton. Jl'RNISBED APARTMENT?.? TO LET, ONE OR TWO elegant parlor*, Id a fir*t cla?* houw, auitable for a private gentleman or phy*ician . alao on)' "r two other room*. Apply at 37 W fourth atreet. "VTO. 147 Hl'DSO.N STREET, OPPOSITE ST. JOHN'S JL^I Park. ? Furnished roomr to l**t, with board, to fin gle gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wive*. Houae newly furnished with all the modern improvement*. A | few day boarder* can be accommodate i. PRIVATE HOARDING? SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT roomi. in auit or aeparately, furniabed or unfur nialied, can be had with board, on re?aonabl<) term*, in a private family reiidmg at 2HO Fourth avenue (opposite Calvary Church.) The houae la linely located; haa faa, bath*, As., Ac. Reference* exchanged. PRIVATE HOARD IN A FRENCH FAMILY.? TWO beautiful parlor*, on the f i ret floer, nl*o a parlor on *erot>d floor, to let, very well furniabed, to a gentle man and lady, or gentlemen aloue, with partial or full board. The bona* contain* a bath room. Apply at 603 Broome ntieet. ROOMS.-TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN OB tain very <ie*trable *uite* of rooina, or aingle room*, witb partial board, if required, in a firat claaa brown atone front bou?e with all the modern improve ment*, convenient ta the car* and ?tage*. No. 71 We*t Fourteenth atrtet, firat houae we*t of Sixth avenue. ROOMS? A I.AR<;E ROOM WITH OR WITH >UT A bed room attached, can lie bad, furnished or >in luroiiheii, with or without partial board, at 104 Grand atreet, firat block went of Broadway. AI?o, a single r< ou on moderate term. "QOOM AND IIKDKOOM WANTED ? UY AN AMERICAN JL\ gentlemnn and lady ; would prefer a small hou*e, with but one Ami rirao family. Kent not to exceed $H per mcntb. Addresa I)., Herald ollice. TWO LABflK AND PLEASANT ROOMS, on THE fire, and second floor*, furnished, with pantriea attached, may beobta.nud with lull or |.aitial board, at 166 Tliompaon atreet, near Houaton. TO LET TO S1NG1J! GENTLEMEN? HANDSOME rUR nislied apartment* in the tirat rla*? houae No. b Great Jor.ea abeet, third door from llroad nay, replete with every convmem-e. Apply at No. & Great lone* at. MJTJ ANTED ? BY A SINGLE FOREIGN GEN TLEMAN, Yf cue furnished room. with partial board, in Brook lyn, near the south or Fulton lerry. To a r**pertahle kngliah or Gennan family, the preference would be given Apply, stating term" and condition*, A. '/. , He rald office. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. (ft-l /\ A| |/\ ?WANTED? AN ACTIVE MAN AS iff)X"?V/"lv/a partner, who nan furniah to aasociate witb a man of experience, and well qualified in the hotel liuiiaoia, furn ahing an equal amount, to purchase an old and e-tatiliahed l.otel on the European plan in < ne of tbe 'ie?t location* iiown town Apply t? G. A. ROBINSON, 8Ji Nawau *treet, up itair*. djl/k FAA ?ANY GENTIJCMAN IN THE OOL'N ifljOeOvva try who will inform me oi a healthy locality, wh"re (capital aufl iodua ry will be well reward ed, pie ne add ie*n Kxodu*, Broadway I'oat Office. fflj ~ AAA TO $10,000 -TO CAPITALISTS. ? ANY t?*>.\FVJvr person having *neh amount to inveai ia n staple mauulnntii jing bu*ine*? already eatabluhed, in tbi* city, without competition. Will have a cbance to realize at leaat thirty per cent, by addre-alng Mtnu fai turer, box H.filih, Poat Office. f\l lA - PERSON Willi TIIK ABO YE At' 'I'l'a amount would lie glad to Inveat it in MUoe -afe md proHtabla liuiine** that would not take ranch of 'lie time of the adver'i*er l'lea?e addre** >ox 46ti7, Herald ottice with real nauie and buainoo, ax nope other will b? attended to, fljl /? / | A TO S1,0M ?WASTED, A SM Alt T Ill'S! NESS jJjU vU man, with 'be altovo amouoi, to take e? r. naive charge of a very rem .nerative b idnea*, well e< tabli>he<l and paying Dver 1"0 per cent. HON NEK A ? ()., Brovlway. ?fTrt/V ? ANY MAN OK THK RIGHT KTAVIP OI'V/a niiiy lind ?n c pportuiitty of invcHtiott 111* money in ft grorerv and produce ?? m one 01 tbe beet location* in the ci'y, wberi* not let* than *?k. ?mm? ? )?nr ran he realized Partner <aanted In the office. i: M. MAHON178 Cb. tbam *!reet. ~ WtNlEI?-AN ACflVK YOUNO MAN, v"e "ho run ninimtnil $50" la ready caab, to uk? *n intereat in a profitable reah hu*ine*e already e* tabllahed, or a 'alary will be given, and -eeurity (or the money, with mterea?. Apply to U. A. ROBINSON, 06 Narnu atreat, up atalra. AQJCA ? WANTED, A aoan MAN, married or iUe)t)' 'e ?>ngie, to go in a* full partnar in a large hod good grocery an. I Utjiior a'ore, in the Fourth ward, near Chatham atreet. lhe proprietor ia a "ingle man, no If a aiarrle<l man brings hi* wife Hbecaa have a room free. Apply at 01 Division etreet for information. ?a ntmm WITH this audi nt can join the advertUer In a *afe and aare pay ing bualneaa, Tbere i* do rink *? go?Hl aecurlty will Ik K'??n for the money inveated. $J0 a day ran W realized, i lear profit. I'leaae chII after 9 A. M., at 40V itroadway, ?econd Boor, room one. (A 1 ?A TO MM? WANTED, A PARTNER OK (Py S fjxj Heady habit*, to take an e<|uai (hare in a pleaaant in door buaine** It will be a aate investment, ?? the money will be well necured. Apply to 0. W IJS-TKR, No 1 Bowery, corner of Diviiioo etreet, third floor. #>-(? ?WANTED, A MAN AH PAKTVER, TO t tj ? take charge of a corner liquor etore. Tbe pro pri> tor i? a young man, nod will not be ibere only every two wftk*; ?o he will give a man a full ahure io ?took, l*a*e and fluture* ami half tbe i.rollt*, for >16 each, end if he bringa hia wife *be ran have iwaa free, and be ran take full charge of tbe ?t?re Apply in tbe lli|Uot ?tore corner ol Hnueton and Qiotoo atreeta the only liquor atorr on tbe lour corner*. COPARTNERSHIP.? HKNRY GRIKKIN HAM THIS DAY taken in a* p*rtoer Thomaa lluekley, for the pur l*>?e <>f conducting tbe tailoring buaiaeae. at the old ftaml 299 Broadway, under tbe firm of New York, Keb. 19, lltt. flMfVDr * SDCKLET. DIVIIFND.? OFKICK OF THK CORN EXCHANGE Kite an4 Inland Navigation ln*urar?? Company, ,N? w York, Feb. 19, 1816 ? Tb?- Board of lhrect/ir> tavc thia day declared a ?emi annual dirfcV-ad of *ix per < "-nt, payable on and after the lat March, at tbeirof B re, rorney cf William and Reaver atreeta, until which tliiie the tranafi r Imok ia cloned. W if. WINDER. Setretarr. s pay I Hert tal of about $1G,00( , In an old e.tabh*hed bu*inea*, Ing about $10, 0<i0 profit a year. Addreta A C II, Irrald office. TO CAPITA I. IMTH. ? $12,'i00 WANTED IMMKDI A I Kl . by a young gentleman, doing an evteoaive and I rofltable manufacturing buaineae in thia city, wi'bn it < ompetition. Any gentleman baring the atove aaeo'iet of capital may be admitted a tpeciai partoer in aa d aineaa. Communication* exchanged more particularly by addreaiing Hpeelal Partner, lleraid olll<-e. WANTED- A OK.NERAI. A.iKVT, WITH A CA*H capital (9H00; , for a n> w me>liral Invention, ?!???? i? in operation, and witnoot any concurrence, witn a (*???? of from $? ,"00 to $10 000 a year. Adrtreee lir. BRKNoN 17 ,wtanton *treet. WANTKD. TO P.oaKDINO HO! -I KEKPKRi A young man wiabea a partially furniabe'l roowi *ad )>oard . for which be will keep the b<>oka and do tin- mar keting, bia morning* and evening* not being employed lie h*> bad three year* experience In Bret elaaa ? an | Iva* good reference*, [ljuble the amount ef hi* board ran be aaved by 'hi* ftrraagemen' Addre** con Rdentially, H. A P., Herald oBice IIOTRIJ. (?oij.inr' hotki., rtior of i an ai htk r.r.r. ? iu?vi j mg the river, with a full view of the harbor will let ?an.ll> and *iagle r-om*, ?n nwt reaMinable teraia, for the aeaaoo for transient or permtaeat board Hie lava t on ia mo*t bealiliy and eonren'ent. TAI.I.MAN a. m tPK" Pr | r etor?. MANCEY BOl'KK.? A KPIJOHHO .?l I f M?M4 to let la the Iwlaneoy Houae, corner of H*?ad?*y and Waverley place, oppr.aite the New York ll<#tel. To $r*t rlax pari e?, tbia would prove *n e, gl'.le l.e-atl ??, and tl ey ?re elegantly furnlahed. "L^AOI F. HOTEIs? I.OD<ilNf>ri (1KN ri.KMKN WIU. tut J J well to 1-roember that the) ran si -am >an *a I romfottahie loom* for l? p?r eight, or l<w to I'^a r**r week, at tbe hotel tuner of (raakftrt *ad Will am ate D ClTRA PAT. u a NAVY 0AII.OM AM? ??THWt-.-EXrRA PAY ? proRjptly paid, bauaty land varu'.i obtain^, boagnt *a/" *oH peaalaa* arocare.1, baiaaoo dae he r* of $*c*aeed f. r ??aav.ea eaReete-1. and all kiadaof clana* again* t tbe Caitodfftatee raroeerad '-y EitWAP.D HI? EIJ^ Agoat aad late Pareer V II Navy, $7 Wall atreat OfDUBTI AMD At'ium. On MKT AND Al ttUT? ARTIFKlAl. KY0 J1WT rweetv*4. tbe largaet and ?< *t kaaatifai ooileeUM ef arlitetal eyee ever taported tl.ey i axwbie tbe aa taral eye *vaetiy la *?1ot aad expree*4oo, aad wifl aaw y re* i eel y Nk* it, aad eaa he tae* r-xi aad re?n*rved wrlb oat tke al'gi'eat |?a or C|*rilin* Tbe (c'teeea eopaped am hbaral term* J a tit? w trmn.i M n, Otaligt aad Afr *t, Wi itrvadwa; AJTOBfcWEirr*. f} HOOK'S THEATRE, CHAMBiR.- 9TRKET"-ri>51 J* day ? Three rode pieee Tfce very le cpiiwiIj if HWEFTHF.ARHS AND WWI*. Nightly rectived with uproarioua laughter. Hilly Lackauay Vr Itartoo with the extremely uo'e'ullan.entation of "Mortal Man " Tlx I arte of THE FILIBUSTER. The Original Jacobs Mr Burton And the last new fare* of WHERE HHAI.I. ! DINE - Sp<n(fe.. Mr Jordto Wednesday? The New York play of THE UPPER TEN. ^OWhHV THEATRE.? PROPRIETOR AND MANAGER, _ 1. P. WUdlon; Stage Manager. Robert Jouea.?Pr ??? ?i A<' missalon ? Boxes, .5 cents Pit and Gallery, cents, Private Boxes, S6.? Tuesday evening, Feb. JO. Benefit of Mr. H. C Jordan. HI M K EYED ^I'HAN. IT/.ARRO. gong MiaaHiffert Panee..Joe Mil". A- .1 Tool* i \ Mil \ J ARM. 1'KRFECnoS. SPECTRE BRII'KGROOM. PADDY Ml I.EH' BOY. LAPAROE'ft METROPOLITAN THEATRE, BROADWAY opposite bond ureet. THE OPERA MADAME GRIM AND SlGKOR MARIO OX* *IUIIT .40RK OKU, ASP K?IW KLY TltXIH I Alft im?l Ann. 11 AMMU't. Id order to prevent further "peculation in ticket*, ? ml allord every one an *Uual chance to obtain seat?, choice of Proscenium and Balcony Boxe?, Parquet. Par nuet Circle and Kiret Circle Beat*, will l># aold, In the Theatre, at auction, at 0 o'clock, this Tuesday inorninh' Mr. Hackett respectlullv acknowledgee the numerous commuiicationH addressed to hlrn. urging an extension ol the farewell performance* of Madame ?iri - i and Signor Mario, which Mr llakett begs to assure the public la practicable tbia (Tuesday) evening, February JO. when,o?>ng to tba irreat disappointment ? xperlenced yesterday morning by to many hundreds of applicants lor seats ! bat evening-- all having lieeri sold on Satur day last--Ma?!ame Orlsi and Sit'nor Mario have con rented to perform in the opera of l<C('Rn/.IA ItoRGIA prior to Uelr departure lor Europe to morrow morning, ."eeond appearance In America of HIUNORINA VWTVAL', who wax received with the moat enthusiastic applause on Saturday evening. BIUNOR Sl'SlNl will als<> appear, together with a powerful Corps Lyriuue. Tl E8DAY EVENING, FEBRUARY JO, will be presmUd (last time) I>oni*etti'a ifran i opera, >n three acta, LUCRE/ 1 A UuKi.IA. Lucrena Madame (Irlai )>enarro Slguor Mai >u Orsini Hifnorln* Vestvall (Her second appearance .n America ) Alfonso ..Sttfnor Kusini Gubetta J-ignor Amati Kustighello .-Igmir Fabric ttore Gs Jells >ignur Can li I iverotto Kigrior lUratini VHalkxio Mignor Villlantl Petrucri signor li ondl Chorus of nobles, Basks, lailite. A ? Musical Director and Conductor -'ig Ardi'.l Htage Manager g Aina'i Oubreuel Prompter *ig. Sslabert ENTRANCE TICKET ONE DOLLAR ONLY. All leate not aold at the ???etloa , at 0 A M., an lie bought al the box olHce, after the sale, at 60>eot- extra. Duors ?pen at ball paat 8; ta comniep e at half paat 7 o'clock. HJRTONV.-PHOURAMME FOR ! HI WKEK ? I Tuesday ?WIIEKE SHALL I DIVE, Till; FIM BThTFJt. and HW K.F.I HEAR It) A ^D WIVEH. Wedneailay ? The celebrated New York | lay of THE UPl'kR TEN AND LOWER 1WF.NTY? Mr. Burton in bis great part of Crookpath. Thursday? l)A VlD C0PIKHHK1.D ? Vlcawber, Mr. Ilurton. t riilay ? TIIR 8ERIOU4 FAMILY and THK lOTiDIi-H. The illacK t*wan will ahortly appear. BDWl-UY THKATRE? BENKFITdFMU 3 M. 1 <?lhl> M'iishln|ton's Birthday- JJd of February ? on which oci anou Mian Julia lrviog, pup I of 1 l laike, Htage Director of the Broadway, w >1 mak< lie lirst arpesian< ? on auy ntage in the character uf fb< ? ?e in " T lie M-irder at the Chateau." Mi. <? .1. Arcold, the American tragedian. Mist itialthwaite, jllrat appearance in .Sew York;) Mr. I. Toole, Mr.C. tox, uud others of ?m.uent talent will appear in the following pieys ? THK Ml'RDfcK Ai Till. CHATEAU. 1 1 IK OATH OF VENfiKA.NCl THE Rol <iH DIAMOND. THE NATIVE A M E K I C A N OH, TUX Ij*iok Waalll.MiTOX. ETON I.JY and the I BLOOD R'D AVINHBH Ol- THE HPAN>H MAIN Kerr ember the 2Vd of Kebnsry. IIORIHI, CARR1AOKI, M.. Tj>OR SAIJi? HORSE, WAOON, 801.KY, fl>Ui.|l JL i"be? barnesi, Ac., all ia good ami completa wrdar. the owner ta about having the Mly, ami w l! <Hs|>o?a> of sll lite above at a sacrifice. Wagon, a ilky liaroeo As., are all nearly new, and made to order. Thu bore* is toutid kind, aod a fait traveller it line aa*! !.1 boran for either lady or gentleman Can l>e eeen at ? I u 0 >Utbl< J? Third street. Price lor the whole. #-i Ml. E'OK KAI.K? BORrtR AND IIF.AIO-K, T04.KTHRR OH a nolilagray bora*. ?ti<iug. ? >un?l. ft<t, Ac. ??u)il *uit h doctor; atanila wltb'Ut Irtcblng I* ??rj >n<l hamliioai*. witb I wig tail m l in m*. i <11 at J.'.j l"iaue a treat; a batter borne can't be ?eaa. Jj>Oh U1A J I1AY HOKMt. IB BAJRlM tlii.H ' ???iiii.i, and kind m nagl* MM doable Ihhn eaa trot Inaol* '1 fto Alio, a light trotting wagon, alelgh, one ?at < f barneaa. whip, atabl* and dreaa blaeketa rotoe. tor I In, kr, All to ha aoid te|tU?rt aa tba owner ia itoil leering lb* city. Appljr at M and M Mercer "treat. ?or balka hay illfiKtl n tVM BIOS, >Ktn J??r? old, long tail, aounl ami kin I. gentle in _le or don Id. l.irnMn. ami aa trot pretty fail. Alii, ? fiuj btir*e, ai>t*en baada high, a, i vara oM. loo* tall, a i?rv promising bora*. Can iia ??*ri l.y calling '> A Mtilwtnr, ital! 21, (Vntl* Market, before 12 u'fbv k, or a(t?r at atabl* l?4 Third atreet. Aim, tafin uid liar reaa .( wanted, with either borer. FOI'. ."Al JC ? A HOIWR, <;ii5 ANf) HARN1? HOK-<K Ktrtint a???n ji-*r* old. gentla, ami go<*l traveller gig baa I? mi uaexl about on* year t utable lor a tiuain. ?a man or pb?iician Will l>* ?oUl acparate or together. Apply to llf.LI. Ac CKOjkKI!, 4.16 rootb atraat, tiff Dock. Pit r maijc ? a i jvkiiy, awnim or B.*t rla?? horaea, heaiy and light ar.-iar*? wagon* ?l*lyh- karneax rokea, ball*, K - , auita'dr for city work. Apply to Wll.l.l AM K4HNTON. 140 ? ilton atr**t VERMONT HORHEH. ? SEV Kit A I . VKRY -I I'KJ'.l'iR M<Ngan horata, Juat from VimoM, of eitra Myle, ?pee?i atvl beauty, among tb? m too match (?>a< of bay* Feraon* d*alrmg >>i parlor bor>*? warranted In ut-iy re* pect by reaponi.ble parti**, all] apply at > Bowruai ?tr**t, Brooklyn. WASHINGTON.? EOR HAIJC, THE FAJ*T BJWTW bay ataliioa, Waal.ingtoa, 1A){ banda hgb. U>? year* oM: perfectly aount and klad. Waablaatwa la ? auperiec real getter. aa all bit atodh baa p?e?*i I at fal parWawlara apply at M and to Moreer at/eet WANTKH?TO rURCHAHR. A PAIR or HuHCR* aa/ from 14 to 15 banda olgh, atvliab drl??r? and faat Any on* baring tha abot* for aal* an t.ti I a *<b ruatOBiar by addraaaing A. B., bos I'o.t ' ifhe?. gta, ag daaniptioa, prlea, kr. inilCAL. UI'UMO?OHTn TO IAT, AT ?J, H M ANf) 14 a ai' nth, or I <r ?al? tha rh*ap*at In tb? < lty Pianoforte* tuni-d, aa*l in ia!c thoroughly tau<hf l>y I'KOI lit.'MUlA Y, TU> <>raa<: atraa*. n?ar -b? ll<.??ry AUOY, WHO HAtt Kit III Kit HIM.IVi. i NIRCR tha Brat ma?t?ra ta Kuropa, and who la obi t ? t?anb, in conaai|u*nr* of adr?r>a ire imataara* hi r?a to prarura a faw pup la tnr |>ri?at? tuition Hn* ala? wlahra to obtain a a.taatlou m a hoir at ?oprana ? tagar, wbara aba will to paid a Moral aaiair for her M-r?in?? Addr*aa K t. W , I'oat "0 # II r?.? ? i (far t alon aquara. a MMM QTPOR1." NirY to i yjMs m< hi< ? J\ A t#a> bar of tba plaaoforf an<l aiag.n^ r?? 'ling i Saw York, will <ak* a nun lor of poplla la tl. a -It ? ant Ibooklyn at 110 par >|uartar. f M|WMlM ?? ma >? i" loadiauly. llaat of r?)?r?n a gltan aa a 'O?(ot?at a-il ? >|orianra<l taa'bar. AdAreaa tlualr Taaebar, cara of A Traphagra 7V 1 aaal atraat. (? 111 Alt AND flNUINO-MMK O.NT1NIR f to gita leaaoaa <in guitar and ? ng.og a*, bar r^ai aa?a, 7?fl Broadway <Jul'-ar taught In eii la?. ,o? for alnglrg *m> M ? la?? fir tbaor/ of a.nglag aaary T .?at'a? and frlday norning fr< m '? t II lOo atoefc ON 'rMB HAKI', riAXO ANI' flV'.|N?< hy a yowng fcr.?i ah lad/, from tba Nwlail l^kooi laly aba ?paaka lurltlf fm h aao Italian Im. 1 1& par 'I liar Ur >.,r aala, a -triall harp a- ? la??a t.on J prie* $M ? taught n a f>-w l?a?..i, ? Addrr?a l; , la4 Tenth atr?et i,?ir loir'l, av-nua MwuaAfooN i * r?v mrmamcm i> oiv j 'Bg matroction >m p<an<> aixl ?laging will raowii. a la W Btora pupiLa at h' r r aa.d?a?w, at two 4<>lliri |'r IBKth, With (rit.lere of pra. ' ??a fujila attaMlf M I tloir taa.'laae* t?.n dollar* per qaarter. Apply at ).l|bth areana, between Twenty aeeoi.-l aa f Twaaty third atreata PIAN(J?f)RT?: TAI '.IIT IN A ?? IJBM-4 | on'pataat la/ly leather 1< liaelrouaof ba?lag afew ir.ore pupila Addreaa K tl., Ileraid i/0 ? ]>IAMrt??kTM AT ORHAf HA' Kit !? 1 -GJMXU bxiaaaa Iba entire .twk of 'Hmrg* Hewa awie bra'ed Mnaton Itaam, new and a? ondhaad, at No it : Itt' adeay, will be aold w tho it regard to fwl far eaah. a r 4 every laetru*ent fully warraa'e-1 Alan a a wall ?ale e?oa'.<af rwowi deak a ad otl.<r flttnrea Mma la tat. riANo r<i* aAIX-4CrRSKMi tovr I aad ft a lab Haa aat bee* I ong a aae t aat iJM. II h> aatd for IIU f 'aa h* ?**? tk a w?ea , at .<?. Ill ffriag (treat. II" ? ' MY A TRAdlUi rig M < *U' |f0? Tt threw (hildrea ta inetr .at, a. oauwniiat far toard Addreaa Maar, Wra 1,M I PaetOf e p.?t paid TRAVKIXRIir UllOK. 1hT?rW JKRBRY ItAIIJtfiAB.? loK rRII k\03 l"HtA 1,1 aad tha Heath aad Wawt. eta Jereey nty*! eapraaa Hn ? loae* New Tart at < aad 1? A M , a*4 4 aad?r M rare. 12 7A la A aad ?S la ? aad !? A M a*d ? Ml aaaaad 'laaa, RllhH aad 13 M at ti et?p*iag at ail way eU^lwa* Tbrcugb ? '*eta aatd fat Oaetaaati aad Ua* Wawt, aad fat RaKhaa**. WnkHitw, Marfaih, kr , aad >*#g*fi chaehad to *aa* og 'rial aad )? 4. M. aad ? fl AKllENKm. tikoaitwj _fl r#aaao ? D?rr? open ?t fl>, enmti. <??<?? 7 'elacfe, 1 uaadsy ct?bio(, Kakruarr 30, ?U1 b? wrlorn a4 onioxo. ' tballo Mr. Daaanperl lago Mr. Pcrrj Ca.aio Mr. <!r?oa Rodarifo. . . . Mr Groaranor Muntano Mr Uiei^ia Brcbantio.. Mr '.aSing wall rukr. Mr Walter* Ilaatleiuou*. . . Mm*, I'OBtal Emilia Mr*. Abbott ??? da Daux . Mi I'rlro .?o<i M?nrr A LAI)Y AND UKNTTEMAJT IV A PBTrlJARflt P? FLEX1NQ I'RICDK AM ES T Tie <i> ntlaman Mr. David Tba lady Mi?a J (Joufanhai WA1.IACKH THEATBb., BROADWAY, SKA liroi u? atrt-al.? TurMSar, >'? b. 30. THE CAPTAIN OJ' THE WAIC'I TWO TO ONE Mom Bonrat . . . . Mr lUai. [ luuti XIY Mr e;??kl T\tp loost dt Chivruffx gj. Tr?v*r 1* Ramaau . . ... .Mr. Uatar I Dora ' ". Ma. R.',?Bw,aM? V.ctorttt. Glair . Mr War t I t*nie Mia "irtfcmt OTI.ANIGAN AND THE V AIRIeT llirlim .. . . Mr. Hr?u?hiiu j Mary. . . Mi- Htcpbaoa l-anty Mc(.iif?ui Mr. Modar*. Hid sy . it.. * 4ao 5* Team l<ully ....Mr. Ollvar I North M..? T. tl?ary BAKNI M 8 AMERICAN Ml -El M t.FUND* REVN ?aJ of tlia intensely lutaraatitttf drama, played bar* Idr ovrr one liundretl and taanty utuhtn to <ucb row dad audiroraa Turmlar, Kit*. 'M ? k renin# . at 7U o'clock. CNl'I.E TOM'S t'AftlX. with all tha nrlir.naf araoary ?male, fce. Afternoon. at :i, tba HrA.NIri|l TltuUHA 1 OCRS, tba xrvataat QuitarUta m tba world; beaUJee wbirb, two lavorite piaeaa Admittance, 'Ji e<nta, children uadrr tan, 12', centa. 8IO. (HR1-TY A WOOD."1 MIN.-'IJIKI.S, NO. <7i Hroadway, (Mtcbaolck Mail l 1 ronrietora Hnir; Wood k <>e o ft rial j 1 Lib week, a varied and |>l?a? mu ETHIOI'I A N nUtk'ORM AM V, rnmniaiii'iPK errry arfnina at 7 o clo? k. T.ikete, '.'5o. All bualnaaa tranaarted by Henry Wood. I^MI'IRK HAM MM BHOADWAY. ? v. iu, oi'EN ON j Monday. Feb. IV, Jnho K. fmlth a OH AM * TOI.'K Ok KIROI-E, To wbii h la now a<!drd THE PIEOE OK -EBAXTi HMH., Iihlbited with dlatiiif uiahed aureee* la the principal clUaa i>( Europe. In l?<rid>m it waa exhibited too tian t? bait a milium |,?r-i.n? and ucknowla"l|t*d by *b? yot> l><- ).raaa aa tba lar(rat and oneof tba mm I alrgant an< iutrrratniK ?uMHMM " tba world A? ? ?? 'n ? Anariran art, Mi J. It rinitb r*a|>aetfolljr ?oMelta .. abara ol tbn |ta<runa|a i,f i|i? intrUrctual pnttioa ot t' ? |'U I'lle. OfM l< r aatiibitn.n arar; airaalBK at 7>, o'alBi Ibr muair by Mr Alyain K rM ol U-mloa, who Will > troduca, for <br tlrat tlma >n tbu country, ina '.aw ?tri.mant ol tl.? piano amico. A lmittanca, .A eat ( bildran half prlra. Hope uiAi'Et. . ? n? i . r tiik. lkcturs room llopa rbapal. 7 1 ?? It; oadway, oj.|?ait? Saw Vi>. lluttl, lioin tlia |iaarnt tuoa in tba lot ot May, 1154, t< li r a aliortar pariod AUo tbr upl ' f a| artinant, of ? liafvl proprr, for laetura* oi roncMta, an I for ral%iOu? act Tirra ou tba MbhaiU. K GOODWIN, 117 iaoth -traat Bl'CKIEY'H OERXNADItl 5.IU UltJAUWAY ? I.At'T WEEK of tba unriiuallad bbrlaxjua . tj I.KRE/.U H'lUlilA, ? ITU THt ECCENTRIC BARON. N B.? In iirrriara'ioo a n*w iiiuana! piaca, antiUad tba IHO lOMI'EY.-, (wrilt'a aiprraaly lor lb.* cata l>anyj iatriMlueiDK ??'?? ori(im>l luuair*) cowpo*^ tlona. by ralabraiad o tnpt'-T" aj?e, tba tfrtal rfcal l*D|(a duat, Iroui tin ojk r> of ' U* CbalaA," witb otbar lavorita aira. ?impart at 7)f o'cl"< k T cLata 16 nnta. rrai NEW YtiHK DRAMATIC MCWY WWa 1 tla uvular parfi rmanca tbi? atan.uK, at tha lliooklyn Muaaum. wti<n tb? dranut of THE [iRI'.NK A?tl), OR I ME KA1J.KN HAXEI' and A MoK'.'lN*^ CAtJ. will ba parforma'l II f MEI.TON, l*ra?i l? ot. How ax n Aim .N.i.i m. auMON?uDuei and Kantlt o an anifanad ft r ' hi* aat> tit a<* ra il ua it to to iti a?t iu tba *ri? n !> "Oi on Moo. lay, .flih Eab. CHARLi" Th<?. I'ARSI A)E, ^aot TAKIXAt X VIVA NTH, OR IJVINO VTATiAjtT ? lotar Maaaiin, AI I'lflal n atraat.? I'Mf . Klaur'a troupa of I rani 1. M- >1 Artiata till aibitltlaB saw atyla, thla alta: noon, al 3 o'clock, a 'j4 tb a ctaa IBI, Bt H o clock. Adm ta.ou V' casta. TIUODOUE ElfEil I - 'I AHHICAf. QWARTBTTE Holraf., tb< f'.'.r'b ".i" (lltli, ? II ia?a plara at llodworth a A. ? Ian < AOt lima .? iy, ).i Tuaa day. lab 30. PRDPtmtUi. CtORI tlRATION N 01 1 K Dtl'ARTMi NT "Y f'.K J palra and Hup| i.?? l-hriary I '? . I*6f. Tli IMd ar* ? ^aala<l propoaaU ? lj? r>talrnl Itlta ortlia of tlia i ommla?.< i.?-r >>l H.< ;?? r awl ^uppli?a. '<< t ' ity Mall, liaaamriit, until Tuaaday, 'ilth Inatart, at li o'cltKk M., at which ttma Ciay will ba i.|*t,a I o Bccaril iB<-a with th? an.- r. Ud ? I i- ar of 1H61 for tba ba lding of tba following I iff*, k . for tba corporal ? a ..( tba city of Naw Ytnk naO.air 1 btiuaa Icr tin u?r I M^?? Co V'u 13. I " Eng aa Co No. It, I " " I niiloa Co. No a 1 " " I o(Im Co. No. uH 1 ?? Hoo? .ni I ji.|. ?? r Co No M Alao for a louaa for t),> u?p of tba I >1 .nt"-t po lira station. Iba plumbing of tba \u u ward lUlia* houa*. Iba plombiiif of the 1 ah ?? ulb war. I ?IBtioa huuac Iba |ilnoil>ln( of tba I n on markat ao I tba tbada araund Jaffirx.n uiarkat Tba plana anal apar id laliOM of *11 tha a^oaa wnrh rw quirad to im iim ?? an I a ' mfi raatuic in rrir% rd itifate, ran t>a had *t tha oil a of H ipar ntai l.iit of I'nb.'lA ltulldiB|r? 71 I ml low ftfaat Alan for Mia ball nog of a biaa raniaflr lor 'ba uaa of lioaa <Iw<npaoy No. .14. Ilia pl*a? and apaclfl, ?' OBa of lb* hi *a > arri?#a . *a ba -??an at tba oflli a of Il.? < biaf Engina'r, .1 Ei.aabalh atraat lilank aatlmata. for all ol tha abort wirk tb? ba bad at altbar fiAra N E-Tkaliociaiumfr raaai r?oa tba rlfbt to rwjari ail or *ny of tba aat ma'. ? i laim*-! for tba litafWI af tba rorp. ratloa HaRTH'iI/'MI Hf H l- 'll'tY, ('amimlaaionar ol Hapstra an I rapp'la* IMNC1NO ACAOCN1K*. * MiHWOI'.THM OA-V' ; Ntt AUI'I KT ?0 M* J\ , Hroa.lwaf, Opl'.ia'* r..? raadit (trr?t ? Mff ?!???. for tba racapt oo ol p<. J.. ? ? bo rig run ruaa ? a| ?.,y tlana. I AdiM Mid thlloiaa Wt 'n?? art ao I ?'Mul daya. at 3 and 4 I' M rrnt'-aaan oa Wa lai - 1* ?t Dial* daja, and artrj othar Fr.ia< at 7 >? I M r'raft aiag aaataahlraa oa HatarOay ararjiua, tut 1*1 h toil |rntl? ?.?D Monthly m, iraaa aa aa .?] Uf .u'W ri'L'.k o>nf da/a, Uura arid lama ? ' u?'rjrllon 'an ha U4 at 1M as a litmy ?(?Of, <t *... ?* Miit I)/ i ? t flAV'fNM.- broom - a- -m?: l> 'II ."?m> >tr??l ? (>b Hi I ? Ij .! llrara a.'.l W iff I.lj, lb* l?lr t ? ' -ratar atgaf*.'. Tf.a ???I ? wrnt.i >ili |(t> a > M..*a,|a t ? > ? n.i.f , > . f. W. Tli# nbibltiot. l.atl on MnO'Ur, Man h 12, IPORTIIb, AC. 8IAHKING KXBlHITlON -I?A V I- CfAhlliNW KXHI o pUra rrcblnf, iIWdi ilaatlar ? Uri? room, rmwr of Two", y flflti itraat an I Niatlr attnua fpirrtitg to roaigaaac* ?< % o'cl Mb. A ?i'?'iwi ? anta a larja a fir lb* w ? al m Hp* A Hintii ? ?1?|m int ? fhtH lomf tir> |?< 'K* buna* atrrjr Ita tBiniitaa MKDIC Ala. f vK in VTICH, NO a MVtKlON rTKF.KT. V?W To**, J / ao 1?H( aa'l fa tor a bl)T ? I. an t-. ll.a y . ?,! e, aa ; M . . n.alta.1 at bla obi ? ? ? . ..lia.; < ?ra, aNara ha baa ^lactlaail la <>fia trar< b <?' bm '.i laalor lb* tat U;nri, and ar>a?!a surra (Iim 'bau ao* ?lbT man in "ha ? llj , la n an; lartantai >.f j-r.<ri. ronai larad la. ira'.la MM of * hi' b b? bar farm!". fl to r?!ar hi aa r?r*tofa/a 1 harffta o.odarata, aa i n ? '?"? a ' lira < .uutaMl ? aataoa Mr fiaat nw ir, il >*lai ? rad op 'aa aalf !?? ha t *? ?Ui?, I rira 11 tall aud (?t t ??ai MoatiUrr of Haal'b Dk wabkkn, mekkki* at thk <vn.\ Mir or a h f<?aa a( Iiabila ml 1/1 . i?urfli it!*?l< l<> prtdira at II' old ?a'a Wit !??>. <>(!) a 71 Kalian rtirat. aaai I athartaa, ?har? ba ? f?i' ta >r tli# iwl a 'on .h.a# <Miaa oa law 1 ? 1l>a?t rMtriMI i'l "W?t > r bua.aaaa |iaraal1i D Jt. MiRum . I <s, - :k? ITT, MAY M UK ii.linl ?itb roaRrtai ? oo frtiraU . mm Kr?*a ? a I r aal ? i par i>i a of ?( (??ri a can (narao'aa j^iai oaat r?ra? Ilia traa>a^i t ? lb* aaa>? aa tkat ^aAlu I \>j tb? fraat K?*?> id of !-?r a aad an ? .a?f? -.oWaa par fa# lit to rad H Ir ' ? iplnana aa a? i bar </ ' I a V? a i or a I a. tar ? |1 > ? < taal-aaa .ala ? I a b < ? rt.araalar mat ba aara II k ? oflra | a OMbNiN ' I ' A > ? rl <- l-Kf' J I ?d wir taraa f -l.aaaaa tbari ir(; .i'I.i i? im a la H?? Tort I'f J ? traaiaimt i. batii aa# alfatflUoaC bla ?*),< aa* ara barmSaar, aad lataa a tbt-at "ar of <tat?' ' f|j? ,a? re-'ara tba n.oaaf r?( <?rta4 ll aa* ra aaMt" a ia aoi ? T\K ("W.HWam -rxrrr i/m? b 1/ o 'ba i-Hltttr if Sat Tul aatba rranat r fwl |ra- t 'U.oar .a frtraU 4:aa?.?? th a -? .atrt W?a< w*. villi roatlaoaa la ha rv aaolbM at bla oil * r? 'a? t ba aatarlanata aad ftalog KKadMba i.-.aat aa irb.Bi baari \ H ?I*. <. i a?etaaa ant a all taaaa iMirtalta ' f a? cbatfa m?)a Y kf *AK|rr, I J?r?fttl'JKATr A IK l^lb-MWI II, I a 'b a " ? " / ? a' lb?r aaat ala bata > o?? a'ftA r?r a i? d aaatar a ? ? ? vr? at '???? aad a<rd?ltT aad am at j?a? I 'bal ?fi|? a ! xdUal ^ra faaaart U Uat tbla an ? ta'a It n.h ataaa jratly tba |*aataat ruiar A I o?a?r oaalr ? ' r. , jar art it Ha rtaa a frrr tbaaa < a anr barar at ? ' aatal atfaal yoa a ; Aad Pf War attaafaf --ya-.U r>aar.'ar ^afbata. ?\l AA*' vr. i*Ki' ixr? jf.vrHi?i ,ht hiax aria ??' ' '!?*? a.fh'/f ??< Um Ma4<?al Adtlaar aa I i.a.^a tiaala tba a ? v ta >a k.a afaa alfly, at I i Raa.> nr?'t 'taar 'rf f?rtiafaa< fratt HAM Mill, art! I ' M Tbora a' ? f afiwa ?, aad aiaaa. V H Mot tba 4ra( at*ra. X' T-ADVK* T?? TKK Am XTOi )'? f M * > 1" ratUBi MMaaftaa, tana* aad a? Kaaanata a 'II ba f. raardad far aa? of tba ahrt dkaaaaaa. ?h a hat a lata frt-rad aad ara taava U fW -alf ?4>a r?a*.a anAia TWay will h* far?rard?1 ta aaf aMraaa aa tba ra*atyt of a Wttar -alalaiiai *.'tr ?-ata, a ??- ' ara rtanyr, xaftaa yartar?lara U T" 'aatnr laaaii, hneAwaf VaM <!???, pari ptfl Utlm iaw?ad la ?r4a w j

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