Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED RYERY AFTERNOON, (.EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At tht ?U*r Budding, corner PenutglvaHta cceune and E'tveKik street, By WALL AC tl 4 HOP1, \VU1 be served to suba< nter< ui the citir* ol? Wash infton, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agenla. To mail sub*cnbera the Nbacnption phce is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in aif ranee, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTH?, and ONE DOLLAR for TITBEE MONTHS. {JcT-Sixolk rortaa ost cm. -- ? VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1855. NO. 671. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thia sxcaliant futly aad txaing a graa tc r var ?e<y of can be foand in an Single copy, pot a ??????? to etraa. ... #1 ? .... iM .. ec* ..15 CV Pl?e Ten * do Tweaqr do (&- Caaa, wniuiiT im afiioa 0&~ 8?n#ie copies (uj wrappora) can b? procured at lite counter, immediate! y aft or the t?<u? of it* Price?'rnair e em-si PoaTXAfTKM who act as amenta wtll tie allowed a coomiwHHi of twenty per cent. nwt/it a ? WIIlVUVIi * Tbeasgry I>ir.iRT.?s>r, Jan. 3,1845. Notice is hereby given lo tbe bolder* of the fol lowing described stocks of ihe United Siatee, that this department in prepared to purcliase, at any time between the date hereof and tbo 1st March next, portion* of those atorks, amounting in tbe aggre gate to $1,900.000, H the manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: la case of any contingent competition, within the amount atated, preference will be given in the order of iui?e lb which aajd atock* may be offered. The certificate, dniy wi^scd to the United State* by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, mu*t be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will b*^oid compounded of the following particular*: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of Jnly, 1816, redeemable November 12, le.16 of 2% P*r cunt.; on the stnok of the loan au tbohaed bv the art < f 1S4J, redeemable 31st Decem hw, lf?2, of 10 per cent.; 00 the stock of the loans authored by the acts of 1S47 and 1849, and redeem able, the former on the 31st December, 1867, and tbe latter on tXhh June, 1?6S, of 16 per cent.; and vn the stock of tho loan authorized by the act of 1?S0, and redeemable on the 31st December, 1864. (commonly called the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Interest on the par of each eertificate from the l>t of January, 18X5, to the date of receipt and set Cement at the Treasury, wall the allowance (lor the money to reach the owne.) of one day's inieiest ia rddiuon. Payment lor said stocks will be made in d aft* of the Treasurer of the United Status, on the assistant UtMQrrr at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties roty direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be acltrtUy received at the Treasury on or bef He the said 1st day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4?dl.Mu 1 Secretary of Treasury. CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tha Great Partner of tha Blood I Hot ft Particle of Kercary In It! An IVI4UTBU Kex id? for i-ofula, King's Evil, BbeamrU* n, oomoate Cutaneous Eruptions Pun?le6 or Pustules on tbe fac% Blotches, Boil* Ckrooio Sore Kyee, Hing Wcrm or Tetter, 8-td-' Head. Ei>la?<eoient and Pain of the Booea and Join'-s, StaVorn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Luabaeo Spiml Ccmp!* tsts, aijl all the disees^s arisieg from an injurious u** of Mer-ury, lm prud we in 1 ife, or Imparity of the Blood. THIS valuable M, J oins, which has b*com*oel?* br*t<-d fcr to* number of ?zt^a-rdinary curea etf-ct-d through its ag?acy, ba< indeced the propri eto-s. at the ur< nt r*qu?et cf their frknds, to offer it to ths pabPc, which th-y do with tbe utm:* t con fidence In its *irtu??aad wonderful curative prop ?rti a The flowing cert ideates, selected trom 8 large number, are, howevtr, stronger tes'imocy than the m*r9 wj?1 oft! e p>~oprlrtor*; and are all ftu-n gan'leinen wVI known in th-fr localities, and of the higher re-*pe -t-'jilitv, many of th m res ding ia the <-?y of &>ehmer d, Va. F. BOYDEN, Ks'i,, cf the Exchange Hotel, Rich no- d, known evtrywLere ray a he huu?D' he Mot Vice ealled CiETtz's Mixtxbs, administered in over a h&ndred -am, in nearly all the disea9ec I for wticiiit id racomiiieaued, with the u-osc aston ingty <oe-i results He says it is tbe most ex i*rd<na?y medk-ine he Las ever sees. AGUB AND FZVI3?GREAT CUBE.?I hereby certify that for thie?* yean 1 had * ?'u- and Fever of the ao?t violent do*crlpt:on. I had several Phv sicitna, too* Urge quantities of Quinine, i*ercurv. and I bel eve all the Tnic^ advertised, but a) I with out permanent relief. At la>t I trie-1 Gerter'? Spanish Mixture, tiro bottl*a of which *ll?ct'i?!ly cured aae, and I am happy tc wy I have kad neither rhiils or fsvars since. 1 consider it the beet Tonic in world, and the only csdi -'oe that ? ver reached my caie. JC'tlN LONQOXK. Baavna Lircu, near Ricbmsnd? Va. C. U. LOCK, tel., now in the city cf Rlchaord and for many years in the Post Off.r% has such confidence in the astonishing eflleay of Carter*? .8p?ai*h Mix fare, that he has bought upward* of ft? V bottles, which he has giv^n away to rh* cIH eted.? f Mr. Lock say3 he h*s n<-?? kn >wn It to fail when taken aeerrding to directicna. Dr. MING K, a praeUata.? l'hj-cklan, ai l formerly (f the City Hotel, in the cUy of Kkhmnod, says he . - has witnessed in a number of '.a^vicrx lit* eff?et3 oi Car'er'a SpaaL'h fixture, ariilsU vor-t moat truly rurprieing. He says hi a caae cf Ocii >uo:ptioB, de pendant on the Liver, tU < geed aM j vors won uerfal tcdeeL SAMU1L M. DHCrRi!!l, < f the L.ji of Drinker A liorria, Richmond, was eured cured of Liver Ccm aiaiot of tnree 1 ears standing, ty tha use of twe t> ttlee of Carter's Spanith Mixture. QRB IT CURB OP dCBOFCI. V-The Editors ol tha Richmio-l K-'pablican h d a se~vant employed in their press roost, euowl of violent Scrofula, rom b ned with Kheume?irn, which entirely diaebled him from vork. Two bjttlM of Carter's fpaalsh - Miztnre made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tor* ia a public uotioe, aay the7 * cheertnllv reof m meni it to ali who are alllietsd with any disease oi blooi " STILL ANOTIIBR CCRS Of SCROFULA.?I had ? vary valuable hoy cored of i crofula by Carter's 0-p*ai?h Mixture. I cjnailer it truly a valuable ?Hhta- JAMB3 M. TAYL>~*iL Conductor cn the ft. V. anl P. R. K. Co-, Baclimoad, Va BALI ftHBUM Of TWENTY YBARS STANDING C'J ?? KD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reaidln* in the city ol Binhm rn?' was curel by thr^ bottlee of Carter1)! Spanish Miztnre, of Sal: Kheum, iehlch he hid for 1?-?t tveaty years, and whtch all the phy^idanr of tha eould not cura. Mr. Thompson is a well fta?w? ?a:?imn. in tha city of Klchaiondf and Lis M saaal HCBarkabla. WM. A-M VTTSK .Vfl, of Ri^hmo d had a servant eared ef typhilis, in the worst form, by Carter*a \ Cor i' Ppaaiafc Uu ture. He ."wyd ha ch-arf i J ret m \ eeads It, and cunddard it a very invaluable meii das. EDWIN BUTTON*, comml^loner ol the revenue, paya he has seea the go -d ?'tTec^i of Carter'a c'^anL.b Miztare In a number of Syphilitic rases, aud says it to a perfect eure f rthat hoerib'e disease. ffK. G (IARA'OJD, ef Bictimoad. cured cf old Bora* aad Cioer*, wh ch di*abl *d tl a fr*m w?lking ^ Took atl* bottlea of Carter's S^aaiah Mixture, and t was eaoMel to walk wittiout a crutch, in a short Hoe psmansn'ly cared. ^*Wrindpal DepoU at WAUD, CL03E A Con Na 4r Maiien Lane, New York W T. w DYOtr A BONS, No. 18J N jrtb Saeond tin Philadelphia BBNNKTT A B2E33, No. 125 !iain street, Rich ?ood, Va. Aoi fcr sale by CHAHLE3 S lOTT. Washington, D. C; HENRY PEE', A*ezaod!Lr aad by Druggirts rfrryaWe. Price $1 p*r bottle, or tiz hot .lee fur $5; f ? ft?1J UNION ACADEMY. Cerasr ?f RmrU**lk and Sir 10 l'urk avtnitA. FEW m re poplls caa be rr^e'ved to male up the llmivi number. A.p'.ica?ijn must be nia?e soun Th-i >Ja.'plice. l^stxa-tion anl mesne of Illustration ?r# su<^i as to injure rattsfac'. pro ?res ia tno>e pupils wh aia paactasl, regular ac< sbadlsnt GUvalars at lha Bookstores. Z. ^ICV "*?? ^ WATCHES! WATCHES! IF YtlU wi?h a warranted unieiteepcr, at a reasonable pnc7V>u w lad e?nune my selected stock* <.r^irLiuU h and Gtutva Waiclies f??r Udies and ZMm H. SEMKBN, * No. 330 Pa. av., between Shli and 10th sts. j an 18?eotMart -? \ipru HOISTENER-A New Inveiitioa for P^fJienmrthJleav^ of a fopylu, Uo.,k 1'o.t Humps, Envelopes, and m<?isten the fingera b.n? bilU ALso. u^rul ?r 0tl|TwiIl'b^(oand ?n ?ntd? fiw .v.r. d?i I.S .m. ??' ? ?^?""TAYLOR ? MA11T. lB |g Arf^nts '"r VVa*<iinrtnn TTaTVf^oVS flACll E?The Practice in Ceeru of Justice in England and ihi IJnMd Jir'? by Conway Robinson, of Richmond, Va.; loM-pnce f?, just pabli.b^cK TAyLORf UNDERTAKERS, &c. CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER. ZHH an4ertlgn?d would resp#ctfnl]y inform hU Mend.*, acquaintances, and the pnblic g?n*rallv t he ftill continue to execute ell order* In his ttaa of imrtaeas la the best manner and it the short M( dp tJoe. RBPAIRIRO neatlyandpromptlyexecuted runic HALS attended te at -?a , eke shortest notice, and in the be?t **??????? nanner. Bodies preserved in tkt must perfect mm* rar, even to tke warmest oeatier. ..aankfulfor pact favors, he would respectfully aoiidt, and will endeavor to merit a eontinuanoe of thasam*. ANTHONY BUOHLY, Pa. are^ a. aid*, between Oth and 10th ita. Reatdanoa: Mr. Martin's, No. SA6, D street, tblrd oonae aaat oi Tth afcraafc mar IT?ly undertaker! I WOULD reapectfolly return my thaw** to tba oitlaena of Washington and lta vicinity for their past patronage, and my that owing to the frequent mils in the Undertaking branch of my business, I nave been induoed to discontinue the manufteture ?A Furniture, and turn ay attention fully to the JNDHRTAKINQ. I have spared no pains to bar* rt*r v thing that is requisite to my business, and 1 am therefore fully prepared to meet any order after a faw momenta notice, and I assure those who may dreme a call that I will spar* no pains te carry out heir orders ta their satire aat'sfactfcn. J A HR2 t. HARY1T, No. 410, Tth st, between 0 and H. S. B.?Call I attended to at all hours of the night mar 2?ly k C. W A, ? WATCHMAKER, NO. S30 PA. AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth Htrrets, WAainwriTOX, D. c. feb 14?dtXo\4* Ghkat iwdi ckmkntm. TANFIELP. BROTHER A TO . r.a Baltimore street, Baltimore 'Aid., Offer ? buyers, previa** to ukuig their annual ac count of Mock, a lR'2f? *tnek of recently imported WATriIE8, JEWELRY, SfLVER ,YARb, and I'litted Good*, Clock*. Bronte*, ? "tei, Musical Bore*, Dresden China, ctc , AT PR I T,ME3' M-f COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New York, Texas, California, Mew Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, / Ubama, Kentucky, jfarybnd, Georgia. Michigan, . Wisoon<Jin, Ohio, and Vftnaeaova, Florida, other States. GEORGE C. THOJIAS. ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND ROTARY PUBLIC, Washington Plate., near OM-Fellows' Halt BMfKSTH *TRKKT. Washc?. D.v0. ' 9*w 19 r. H. DAVIDGE, Attoraejr and Csani?, ? tits COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS /OR Till STAT A3 Of Flrgiala N?v York . AHIne J?rM7 Illinois Connecticut Has*achBsct.s Marylaad Pennsylvania Florida J ;c teases Alabama J?*? Georgia * Oalifcrnia Arkansas 8 Carolina tu fit Conveyancing in all its breaches promptly ac -atelyexe^utsd. Ofiae. Louisiana avenue, opp. rifth street, net Id?dly R. H. QILLET, __ Cou satllor at Law, rasidantt ia Frankiio Kow. com<r ci K and Thirteenth *trw?t nn, .* 4|T WM. W. MKKKICK, at ?o. 3 8 louuiama AvaxLs. practice in the Hnprenae Court nf the United states and the Oourts of the Diatrict of Oolumbla. dec 5W?eot f Private Medical Treaties SN TUB ? PHYSIOLOGICAL YIU'.Y OF MARRIAGE, BT M. B. LA CtlOJI, M. D? ALBANT, N Y. *50 Pages and ISO Fioe Plain and Colore 1 Lith? graph? anl Plated. *?- Prlea only 95 Cents. f? CW-Seat free of portage to all par a cf the Union"?* CHKAPK^T BOOK KVKR PUBLIdilKb, ?nd containiiig nearly d ub-e the quantity ot reaiing matter in that of the FIFTY CBNT3 OR l>OLLAh PUBLICATION'S. Tt treason 'he PIIYS10LO OY OP MARR1 AQfc, and the 8f-ret i> firmitirteeod JUorJ^r cf )cuth> and maturity, re fult'ag fcoia excefs-g, which destroy the phj6ical and ra*n tal powers, with cbserr^tioi:# Jtrmarr.age, its dutie< aad disqualiflcatioo.", and w?ir remedies; with lithograph*, iiiustr&ung the anatomy aad ptysiolcgy, and dieea?es of the reprw. luctive organs of both sexes, their structure, usee and Junctions. A popular and comprehensive traa bse on the duties and ensu*'*! ^ f *iu?l? and mar ri?d life?happy and Lm?Unl aJ';ai.>es, mode tf ee ruring th?m-infai'jitc^s j-m 'njV til- onea? theii >bvi?uoB and ren^ovt:?? JiwrUnt hints to tho-? contemplating instsr.c.ruy, th*t wUi overvx-me ob lection* to it; nonj, b*.wev,jr. nhould taka this im portant sap w^ liout 5r?t consulting its pages? XBua?t tarl?oi tb^ aiseasesand madioal treatment ^ trocz L"?anry to eld a?e, each oase irr?r,h tcally il!ustr?Ua by beautiful lithographic plates aervone dtbll ty, it* cauvs and ears, hy a preoe*, at once mi eiinple, afo an l eCErtctnal. t tail ore b tapcsiiblo?rulee for daily mnuag--ment an ess*v 5n bp^rmatorrhtea with practical observations on a Mfor, and mire successful mode of tr-atm?nt pre rautiocarr hlnu on ths evils resulting from snpiri sal practice?e*?av on all aisesses arising Horn iudi*?re ion, with plain and simple rules by which all per^ns can card tbemeelves without mercury remedies for tLoee self inflicted laiocrins and dieap pointel hopes so unforiunately prevalent In tli? roung It i# a truthful adviser to the married and :bos* eontamplating marriage. Its perusal Li par titulary racomBisuird to persons entertaining se :r*t douots of their pkysiritl condition, and who are -onoclcu-- cf having h uard-d the health, happiness ir.d privi:ege? to which erary human kUna is en titled L). P>loe .Scents per copy, or five eopiej for one dol ar. Mailed frve ct posUge to any part of the Uni 'ed Statfj. N. B.?*ho piefer auy ccuaultCr LaCbsix apon auy of tL? ^Ucases up in which LU book trwaU eith- r ersonally or by mail. Mwlioine sent !o any part of the according to airect.or.e, saf?l> pa:k?d aad csrefallf secur-d from all obtervation AUmi Dr. M. B LA CKOIX, No 81 Ualdt-n Lan* i?r Kcst C?m Box C70, Alhany. N. Y. Of?:e open daily from 9 a m to 0 p m, acd on Sunday frou 2 uatil & p m. oacs Raaovsd from No 68 Beaver ct., to 31 Staldaa Laat, Albany, N. Y. dec 7 HiTHEKATICAL INSTRUMENT*. Af 1^- O. ANDKRiOM has re-^ived a large and IfX comple:e asjortme at of il ith^maJc-U lnstru menu and Drawing Ma'.iHt s of superior quality The Math-mati-^al ln<iram ?nt? are.Jiiefly of 8wles Oitauf .-ct>ry in 'V-a, as well as la s>par?U pieces; ^Vater ooion and o.i colors Drawing paaars of ev ?ry quality. Al?o, Studies In Drawing an 1 Painting. ?tf 970 l^enn. avenue. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. NKW end mo d hand PIANi^B, of my own an<! several oth?T fiacoil^s, are always toj l? had at isv iiaoo Warerxm, cn Klev-n J^Tft enth st, between Pa. avenue and K St. '?1J llanos tak< n in exch*n??. Tuniug also attsuded to. F. C. RHTC*?KNBACFI P. S ? A few very l^w pr'oed s?M?nd-hand Plan* r~>an f2& fir sal*. dee 1? DENTISTRY. ,R. HUNBON' raspactfjlly eel s public aitsntloE to bis new, patent, and QRRATLY i|PRoV*D net%? 1 of netting Artificial/ Teeth, with CV>ntinuous Gum?the very PKKFKCnONOFT IK ART. Tblastyls nt Teetii has the follcw advanUges ore" all cthsra ria: GR3AT 8TRKNQT3, CLKANLINFSi", COM FORT, and BRAUTY. viaing with Nature in the* respecU, and *oni- otters excelMvg. Public inspeo tioo is respectfully ?oii.:taX PUasa call ana sje tpedmets. IUUT20N ?No other Dentist In tis Dfrtrlct of Soiusbia bsa right to maka this style of Teeth. N. B ? Teeth & nstltudoaaliy healthy, plugged fi4 warranted for Ofloa and kouaa At No. M I itraat, near the oor> m; ef Poaasylvaala avenue and 14th atreat. not IB?tf P' RPl GRATIS ! JTJ8T PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirit*, Latitude, Weak ness of tlie Limbs and Back, Indispo-i sition tnd Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sejf Distrust, Dimness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection of th * Eyes, Pimples on the Pace, Sexual and other infirmities in man. PROM THE FRENCH OF DK. B. DE LAtfEY. The important fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed without Metficine is, in this small tract, el< arly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at .the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting ipoat paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DELANEY, No 17 Lisp?nard street, New York. jan 17?3m IMPORTANT TO TI1K SICK. 1TO1 great experience and well known skill of . Prof McCuhtoci is a sufficient guaranty to th* public that tke following list of Medicines, such as tiave been constantly a?*d in his practice tor the last thirty yeara, will folly sustain by their effects ?-he valuable qualities attributed to them, and pr ir* to be the beat Medicines ever offered to the pablie. 1. Dr. McClintock's Peel oral Syrup. An Invalusble remedy for Bronchitis, Consump tion, and all chronic d'seases of the throat and '.ungB. In all deep seated c naplaluts of the l'ulo" naty organs it has proved th? n: -st safe, ecrtoin, indraoil r'Ci?dy ever employed in the extensive practice of Dr. MeClintock Por any of theee jorms of disease, shovlug themselves as Cough, Tickling if the Throat. 8enRe of Tifrhtneae in the Throat, Spiting ci blood, UifBcuity of, Hosrse ie? or Loss of Voice, and fieotie f?-v?r, Its n*? will je attenf ?d with the happiest results, while it la ^le&paat to the palate end strengthening to the *hol*?j9t*<n. It contains no Hudenum or opium in any rhape. Price $i perpint k>:tK II. Dr. McC Unlock'e CM oad Cough bfixturc. An tofell'bleears tcr reoent Oewgbs, Tickling of the Throat, Tightness of Breathing, Group in Chil li en, A?. It oostains no prepvatten of opium. Price 16 ooinli per bottle. III. Dr. MtCHntocVi Asthma and Hoof ing Cough Remedy. An almost '.nAants.eous relief for theee distress ing complaint* Th'.e I' tne fruit of an Immense txperienoe, and In astonishing In its effects. No per son ne?d suffer a day from Asthma or Hooping Jos^h who will use It. Pric? 60 cents per bottle. IV. Dr. MeCliniock's Diarrhea Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A prooptand certain core for Ewrrhoca. Dysen tery, and Cliohra Morbus in ah stipes. A sure pre ren^vs of Asiatic Chole. a, which no t/avtler or Sami.y ahaild be without. Fr.ce J5 and 60 cents p?r bcttla. V. Dr. MiCiinloci's T*nu Alterative Syrup, for purify Id? the blood. The most tcwerful pu? rifter ever discorored. Per all Bcrcfalouj dlseaaes, Akin ivieaie*. L?uptlow. Boils. PinipUw, Erysipelas, Uloei?, Sore Ws. and all Rhenmatic an 1 Pyphilitfs ?aplaints, Ac. It is a most excellent earing medi cine, p-rfectl/ palatable, and :*fe for children or fe n-tie*. Prke(pint Bottles) $1. VI. Dr. MiClintock's Dyipeptic Elixir. Dypapsla, or dlsordared uig-s:ion, may be culled the National Disease of America. Its symptom* are heaWh*; g idinear, uei?ou?ueaa; low gpirita; daa nees of rialou, with metes or specks before the eyee; !tchi2~ cf the nostrils; dullness of hearing and ring ing in the ears; dlsag. ee?bl* taste in the mou'ji; oonftrirtion or weight about the oh est; difficulty of braatnmg; e-nse of suffocation in lying down, or in *?eeo<tiag stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings iboat the heart; Irregular or deficient appetite; sense of aink'Pg at thy stomach; acidlry; heartburt.; pain or fullness of the aUlmnen, and oostiveccw. acme of these symptoms always appear in Dyspep* do; anl sometlm-ts the same patient has miny of them at the same time, or at different times. For attacking these Protean symptoms in their siat and source, vlt: derang?icoaditi-.?n of th9d*g*itive func tions, the Dyspeptic Kii'ir combines all the valuable ingre-iients which the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Takfc.i In (v .uaact'.on with the Veg- table Purgative Piils, in cases whore there isma.;h costireness, cr with tLc Aatt-Bilious Pills, wLera the functions of the liver are Irregularly dis^V'tgei, it will be found a mo6t effectual remedy. Price (in pint bottles.) $1. VII. Dr. McClintc:k's Rheuiiiatic Mix lure. for in'.srna! use; a purelj r?a*'.atle comblnat on ?or Uie cure of hheumatifm, Gout, and all Nenral <ic and UheumaUc Uijeases. TLi^ irm?Jy is effertd with ihs o*j3w>t oonQience. It bw o^en used mojt xteniiirely, and Is as ne&r a SpoclSo for RhetimaUc L>ueases ad the world h^eve: ae-n. Pilce per b >U tie 60 cants. Vlil. Dr. MtClintock's Rheumalie Lini men/, An ir fallible oatwaid application for the relief cf ill rheumatic or neuralgic pain-5 sprains, uwelllngr, itifl neck, sUffneaj of thejolnti, pains in the sboul lefs, back, cr llmW. It affarJJ inmedlate r-lhf 'jom eholis and pains la the siamaah and is a eannter irritant, it is Inraluab e In all cam shore an external stimulant is needed. Price (per dottle) 60 cents. IX. Dr. McClinloeh's Anodyne Mixture, Or Pain-Extractor, naed internaily and externally, 'or the Instant relief of a'.l pains, Toothache, Head vche, Ubollc, Agua in the Pace. Chlltlains, N iurai {la, ^tone or Uravel, Ac., Ao. No nain need be en loied a moment by aay person wno will nee IhL nraluable Anodyne. Prioe 60 cents per botttle. X. Dr. McClintock's Fever and Ague Specific. ThU has been fouad an Infallible spacifio for this ?oourg? o2 new count-lee, and ft?r intermittent ?evers. No traveller or resident in anv aiue die Tic t should &il to provide themselvM with tnlsiure preventive. Priee$1 par bottle. 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Butler, of South Carolina, giving os a reason for not lecturing iu Boston, that he would have to lecture to an audience of foregone conclusions, and entering into a brief argument in defence of Southern Slavery. After telling his hearers thaf though far away from Texas, he felt he was not ?ar away from "home," inasmuch as h? was in the midst of Americans, the Gen eral proceeded to say that though born in the South, he had learned to know a North, He came among them unsolicit ed?indeed "1 might say, undesircd, because it de volves upon me a degree of responsibili ty to vindicate an institution with which I am concerned ?one in which [ had no election, one that fortune or destiny cast me into connection with, aud one that must exist, or the two races cannot exist together." It was not his purpose to discuss the abstract principle of slavery. "To discuss the abstract principles of slavery or freedom, is not my task here I take it ui I find it, and as I have found it in past life. It was not the contrivanct of myseli or ol my immediate, ancestors, that the institution exists in the country in which I live. Wc find that the adap tation of climate, of soil, and of produc tion have demanded and commanded the labor of a class of laborers that have been expelled from this section of the country. The institutions have changed in this section. In the achievement of American liberty, there was not one of the Colonies but held to slavery, and recognized it a* a right, as an institution. 1 he achieve meut was made by slaveholders, and il they have dispossessed themselves ol slaves, they have new enured to another scetion of the country and there exist to day. They are not objects of pity, or of wretchedness, or reduced to a state ol heatheuism: they are possessed of the light of civilization and of morality. [1 is the care of the masters there who have the fellowship of the community, to set that on the Sabbath day, the day of rest and adoration, their slaves attend the worship of the Supreme Being. The Word is thcie given by men of their own color, or by white preachers, and the) are instructed in religion and virtue. Masters rightly constituted there feel anxious that their slaves should become acquainted with the mysteries, the truths, and the advantages cf revelation. They do not desire to havetliein shut out from tju'sc advantages. Men who would re strain them from their liberty on that day?and I say with all sincerity that 1 1 have known but two masters of this kind in the whole State who are charged with compelling them to labor on the Sabbath day?are not consorted with by thtir neighbors. Their houses arc l?Cked upon as infected places. No one will consort with them, and no one -con siders them fit for any office of trust cr distinction. These statements, I know, are not con formable to the state of excited feeling which exists in various portions of the country. But they are nevertheless true, and I feel called upon by the respect shown to me to state truth in return for that respect. [Applause]. So far as the t'outh has heretofore ex pressed itself?I say the South, as I have come to vindicate the South against the responsibility sought to be cast upon it for that for which it is not responsible? the Souih has said, "let us alone, let u& regulate our domestic institutions for ourselves ; ycu governors, you states men, go on aud regulate your domestic institutions, but give us the same privi leges within our reserved rights of sov ereignty, and it is all we ask. Let us alone." llow long has that spirit of ac quiescence been i IIow perfect was it at the comaiencement of the last session of Congress! Not a voice of discoid, not a jarring sound was heard. Throughout the bro^d land j '.'ace, concord, harmony, and unanimity of feeling prevailed. The compromises of '50 had created for the country a state of peace and joyous tran quility not Wefare heard of. lo be sure, some exceptions were taken to them, but I speak of men and measures generally. No jarring sound was heard until a voice proclaimed within the hearing of the American community?"Nebraska! Nt iuiasea!" [Loud applause.] That was the note of discord?from whence did it emanate? Prom the South ? I deny it. [Cheers.] I will prove from history that the South never demanded il, uor did all the fouth acquiesce in it, either. [Renewed cheers.] 1 know it requires some iron nerve to stand up against clamor and abuse, but I would not give a tig for a man who could not stand up against the world when his breast p. ate is ^honor, and his helmet truth. [Applause.] Not one Legisla ture of the whole South?not one execu tive?exhibited any uneasiness under the Missouri Compromise. Not one single community?not one editor?not one ora tor?not one voice was heard claiming the repeal of the Missouri Compromise. Nor yet has one come from the North. I repudiate it as an effort of the slave power to encroach upon the North. [Loud cheers ] The North was not in jured by it: the injury was done to the South, as I insisted upon it the time, declaring that it was putting * knife at the throat of the South, whilst it was an abstraction at most, for not one slave would ever be recognised north of 38? 30'. For on the score of policy slavery never could react north of 36? 30', while south of that line it would be productive of benefit. Thus it was an abstraction at best. But it was that kind of mis chievous abstraction that dUruptarrd the bonds that connected the two sections, and created Apprehensions in the minds of the people of the North, that the South were struggling lor dominion, al though it was a barren sceptre for it at at last. SOUTHERN SLAVERY. As to the institution of southern sla very, he continued, we found slsves in the country, and we use them. We use them, but do not abuse them. We must use them, or where would your cotton mills be?in what condition would they he placed ? It may be said that this is mere cupidity?a very sordid view ef the question?but he would appeal to all common sense if it was not the real and just view? Slaves were there, and were not iitted for any other situation : the work could not be done br other labor. :*rd emancipation would not benefit the .si are. The speaker said that he had spoken plainly. His anxiety to place the sub ject in its proper light had induced him so to speak. All could not thiuk alike. The South did not wish to obtrude upon ih-j North, and so could not be expected to look kindly on interference with her peculiar province. Let us alone in the possession of our rights, and only our rights, is all we ask. As the Union cannot be severed, so let us live in har mony. The adaptation of slave labor to the southern climate and productions was again alluded to. It would be impossi ble, said the lecturer, to supply one quarter of the demand throughout the country for southern production with white labor. The white man could not supply the place of the slave : the negro is alone adapted to the situation. White laborers there fail and die, while the negro grows and thrives. The negroes cannot prosper at the North; at tb?* - South they live the happiest people of the world. Who said he had ever heard of a negro suicide ? If they are unhappy as a race, why should not some of them at least give way to their teelings ? Yet lie had never heard of an instance of self, destruction in all his life among these people. lie, as he had journeyed to the North, had seen amazing evidences of prosperity and progress, lie saw Slates looking like gridirons, and in every thing show ing evidences of splendid prosperity. He saw all this, and it delighted him ; but he would ask, could all these railroads and these improven^nts have been con structed without the nelp of foreign labor? Would all the native labor of the coun try have built them ? [Much laughter, applause, and no little amazement.] It - could never have done it. The work was well done and he was glad of it; but, said he, suppose all the improvements at the North were to have been achieved and we had no foreign labor to do the work. Then, he would say, had such been the case, you of the North would invs held slaves to this lay. iSensation ) There would have been no help for it. It was cheaper bere to hire labor than keep slaves, and when this is so in the South, they will >end the slaves to Africa rather than teep them among them. '1 he speaker, after stating that he had ectur.d under much difficulty, and that le had no opportunity for preparation, closed by an earnest appeal to his audi ence to retaiu ever in their hearts the ove of the Union, snd to practice for bearance toward circumstances that :ould not be avoided. VISIT TO WARREN STREET CHAPEL. Subsequent to his lecture at the Tem ple, Gen. Houston, accompanied by Gov. iardner, paid a visit to the Music Hall, vhere there was a concert taking place n aid of the Warren street Chapel. The ihiliren of the cbapel, several hundred n number occupied the seats on the plat orm, and the hall was crowded with a jayly appearing audience. Upon as cending the platform, the General was ntroduced to the audience by Rev. Mr. Jarnard He responded in a few words, complimenting the audience before whom le had just lectured as one of the most )i illiant before which he had ever ap *ared?and also, neatly introducing a cntiment in favor of the perpetuity of he Union. Gov. Gardner was also called ipon to make a few remarks, which he lid briefly and modestly. The choir of children then sang Hail Columbia, after vhich Mr. Houston retired amid the cheering of the assemblage. The Gov rnor and Senator then went to the raneuil Hall ball. The Vrrdaxt Groomsm an.?On no oc casion (says the Springfield Republican) lo people seem more prone to commit >1 under* than at a wedding.* The follow ng actually occurred in a neighboring own: In the midst of a crowd of witnesses, .he clergyman had just completed that nteresting ceremony which binds in the diver bonds of wedlock two willing hearts ind stretched forth his hands to implore .he blessing of Heaven on the union. At .his point the groomsman seeing the open lands reached out suppobed it was the signal for him to surrgnder the wedding fee, which was burning in his pocket. Accordingly just as the clergyman closed bis eyes in prayer, he felt the pressure ot two sweatv half dollars in his open palms. man herttated a mSmeEt, ap palled at the hkberoosness of his situatwo but coolly deposited the money in his _ pockets and proceeded with his devotion.

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