Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1855 Page 3
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Fy^NINTi STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. la* Coc?cil??ijo jra ?f Aider men.?Last evening the Bcarl of Aldermen act at the usual boor. Mr President Hill in tha chair. Mr. Dove presented petitions of Alexan ler Borland, agent of tha haira of Jame3 Moora; of John Guttinson for tha ramiasion of a fine* and of Chaa Calvert. A Hoover, aad others'; which vera appropriately referred. Mr Per par offered a joint resolution leca' ising the Board of Health, it having lost its legal existence by failing to meet acd organ ise on the .Id instant; parsed. The bill for the pavement of tbe footwavs betore squaree 878 and ?04, with tha lower Board a amendment corracting eertain arrora io tha datee of art* referred to in the body of tha bill, waa taken up; and the said amend, mint waa concurred in. yitipatriok moved to raccoeider the vote by wbioh the elaima committee had beon *rom further consideration of ? ! J0r th# TeH#f of Catherine White; which being reconsidered, the said bill waa duly re committed. Fitipatriok also reported back from the claims com mi ttaa tha bill to refund a fine of ?20 impaaad on Wm. D Aiken by Joatice Morsell, the said Aiken paying tha oosts; On motion cf Mr. Marks, the bill granting Carmiasion to James Rhodes to erect a frame uilding adjoining a brick house of his io the buth Ward, waa taken up. and was adfocated by Messrs Marks, Pepper, Houston. Dove and Johnson, and/opposed by Messrs. Reed and Pearson; bill passed?yeas 8 nays 3. Mr. Pepper introduced a j>int rasolution di recting the fire department committee to in quire into tha propriety of furnishing the sev eral fire companies of the city with hooks and ladders; passed. Mr Pepper presented a pe ition from Geo. W. Wren; referred A bill from the lowor Board, making the necessary appropriation to carry out the aot increasing the p?y of the olerks of the several market? of Washington, paged. Mr Pepper reported back from the improve ments committee a bill appropriating $209 for continuing; casual repairs" in the Seventh Ward; passed. Mr Pearson introduced a bill for tbe relief of Mary Sullivan; parsed. The Board then adjourned. Common Council ?The Board met with all the members present except Mr. Newman. Mr. Smith preenced the petition of J. Sinon and others; re.'erred. A till from the other Board to refund to B. T. A J EMicott the sum of fifty dollars taxes erroneously paid by them was passed. A bill from the other Board appropriating $100 to pay for tue repairs of tbe apparatus of the Union Fire Company was pa*?eu. Joint resolutions in regard to tha organiza tion of the Board cf Health was taken up and pessad. Mr. Barr introduced a bill appropriating for tbe increasing salaries of the clerks of tbe several markets The bill for the erection of three hay scales in tha First, TLird, aad Sixth Wards was taken np and considered l>y sections. Mr. Ruff offered an amendment. Mr. Burey opposed it, a-d thought all the scalar in the city ought to be purchased, if "7 n Mr. Donn also opposed any amendment, deprecating any opposition to this bill. Mr. Buscy opposed the bill in toto; the larrs were now concise enough upon the sutjsct; this new bill only increases the patronage of tha Corpora*, ion, without conferring any iiddi tional benefit. Any maifoasauce which bas been discovered, km net been the effect of the law, but of the weighors. He offered en amendment inserting six, in the place of three scales. Air. Duzicacscn desired the objects of the bill to be attained, bat disliked the creation of three new offices, and gavo notice of an amendment ho thould effer at some future time. Mr. Busey's amendment was not agreed to? yeas 7. navs 13. Mr Ruff s amendment wjs not agreed to? yaas 8, navs 12 Mr. J W. Davis offered an amendment in tha nature of a substitute, which provided for the erection of two hay Males. Mr Smith opposed this amendment, and moved to substitute three instead of two hay scales, which was agreed to?ye;s 16, nays 4 Mr. Clements then moved to insert coal among the articles to be weighed by these scales; agreed to. After s<.-me discussion, Mr Smoot moved to reconsider the vote, by which the word coal was inserted, wticu motion was lost?yeas 6, nay* 13. Tha question then recurred upon the adop tion of Mr. Davis's amendment as amended to the first section, and it was adontei?yeas 11, nays 9. The saotion then reau a' follows: B* it enacted, . That tha Mayor be, and ha is hereby authorised to cause to be pur chased three platform hay-scales, for the pur poea of weighing all ha^r, straw, fodder, coal, and such live stock aa 1.4 required to be so d by weight, at such locations as shall be most convenient to the growers or dealers in any of the aforesaid articles. The seoond section waa then taken up, and various amendments were offered by Messrs Clemnts, Walker, Smi'h J. W. Davis, and, pending an amendment offered by Mr! Smith, Mr Ruff meved to lay the whole subject on tha table; which was lost?joas 8, nays 12 Mr. Bamberger then moved to refer the whole matter to a select committee cf one from eaeh ward ; which was agreed to?yaas 16, nays 3?and Messrs. Smoot, Donn, Walker, Clement*, Busey, Ruff, and Bamberger, were appointed the oommitiee. Mr. Walker, from the oommittee on ways and means, reported a bill to redeem $1,600 worth ef paving stock of the First Ward, and, after a short discussion, pending the passage of this bill, the Board adjourned. MrsiCAL Coxviktio.i?1'mu.i CaoiR Asso ciation?The regulsr monthly rehearsal of tha Union Choir Association was held last evening in the Tenth street Baptist Church, tha Conductor, Mr. F. A. Tucker, presiding Sevaral choruses wero well sung, and the meet ing, thovgh not so well attended as usual was a very pleasant cue. The Conductor an nounced that the plan for tha holding of a music el convention in this city had been com plete!, and that circulars were in course of preparation, letting fvrth fully the design and ot-jecls to be attained. 1L j convention will probably number several hundred delegates, and tha association will duly provide for their antertainment during their ttay in the city. Tha convention will assemble on luasday, the 8th of May next, will hold three se.'siocs a day, and adhurn on tha succeaJtng Fiilay, to close witn a grand concert, in which all aoaoerned will participate. The anniversiry of the Choir Association takes place on Mon day, tha 7th of May, when they give a concert, thus serving as an opening of the convention. Tiekets for admission to tuo l*otaras and dis cuBton in tha convention, and to the evening concert* will be prepared, oosting probably on* or two dollars for tha co-irto, or twenty, five cents the single ticket. Thus it will be seen that a new era is beginning to dawn upon our musical community, which, it is hoped, will ere l'>ng, from this metropolitan center, cast its rays over tbe entii* I wen. Professor 1 B Woodbury at* New York, will preside ovc the c^nvetuon and deliver tha lectures. We siecerel; Lope the commit tea of arrangements teill secu.e the Smithso nian Institution, as it is tht only place in oar city that will aeuommolat* the vast number thai undoubtedly wish to attend. EgcasTRiixs at tuk Natioxai.?Wo learn thatMessiS. Madigan L Barton bav? leased the JJfctisaal Theatre, in this elty. for a short sea. son, whe-e they will give their ad mirable eques-1 trian performances, co umencing on Thursday evening next. This ecmpany h3s the be?t fe male rider in the world, in tbe iers:n of the beautiful Roae Madigan, aad the two bost American clo wns, Myers and Lothrop. Coaa*cTio* ? We have conversed with the physician referred to in ye* crdsj's items, and learn that an Irishman, and n->| a woman, as staM, called on him to sea a patient, and that hi* language was so com naudiog as to ha in. suiting, and ha refused to go. Nather country 9f relifion wm $sotionf<f Metropolitan Fax* ? Much excitement ?u crested among the dmorlton, yesterday, on perceiving a number of handbills distributed throughout the Fair, announcing il>%t they would net be admitted on Thursday next with* I out a "pay ticket," that day being set apart for the benefit of the poor, whilst numbers and Othert were requested not to oae thai r privilege on that day It waa this partial aonouaeemeot that did not please the depositors, for had tbey bsen all ptaeed on a similar footing, no objee tion whatever would have bean raised This having ooma to tba ears of soma of the man agers, a meeting was oonrened, when it wai stated that tue announcement made by the Recording Secretary was never iniended to have such a construction p?t spon it, bat merely to apply to a very large number of Krsons who bad plased articles in the Fair of tie or no utility with the object of obtaining j a season ticket. UTimately, it was resolved to exLunge the offensive sentence, which was at one* carried into effect. We hare no doubt that the Recording Secretary was prompted in his action by the best motives, as tba receipts of admission to the Fair on Thursday are for a oliaritable purpose. We regret, in oonneotion with this, to announce a rumor in eirculaion, this morning, that the indefatigable and ex cellent Superintendent, Thomas C. Connolly, Esq , intends to resign his office in oonnaotion with the Institute. Mr. Baldwin's Lecture.?Messrs Edi | tors: I hive attended manv of tha lecture* whioh have been delivered, from time to time. | at the Smithsonian Institute; but I hesitate not to say that I have nevar heard ona which, [ for vigor of thought, grapbio description, pu rity of language, justness of sentiment, or j graceful eloquence, was superiar to that de livered by Mr. Oliver 11. Baldwin this even ing. It was, indeed, an intellectual feast, and I can only regret that one of those larga au dionces. which frequently attend there, wi not in the lecture-room Can he not be in duced to repeat this lecture ? The subject is [ one whhh is very interesting, and it has been treated in a manner well calculated to take the -mote" out of the popular aye of the North and South. The subject was the North ern and Southern charuoter, the popular idea I of which was contrasted with the real. The J caricatures ^vere held up in ona hsnd. to the great amusement cf the audience, while the sterling qualities cf both were pointed out and delineated wi h graphic eloquonce. Ii. February 26, 1S55. Bastardy Cass. ? Yesterday, a colored man named Wm Jones was arrested on the oath of Mary Qr&tidison, charging bim with bastardy, "ihe parties have lived together for a number of years and have a family of sees, ral children. Jones deserted Mary, and she hsd him arrested on the above oharga for the youngast child. Jones being nnable to give the required security wa* sent to jail by Jus tice Clark. Mary's kind feelings would not allow him to remain long in prison, and this morning she has been looking for security that he may be released. The Market.?This mornirg, we had rather a slim attendance of fanners at our principal market, caused, we have no doubt, by the piercing oold of yesterday and last night. Of course, there was a general rise in the price of articles offered for sale, and in oonsequence purchases were small. We learn from one of our hotel managers thathewss obliged to pay sixty two cents per dozen for eggs by the quantity, for use jn the kitchen ; and we know a gentleman who was rejoicing that he had the good fortune to purchase a few at fifty cents. ? Philharmonic Society's Concert ?We re mind our readers that this concert will take place at Carnsi s Saloon, on Tuesday evening next, the 6th proximo. Let all attend, and we assure them of a rich musical treat, such a? is soldom cff--red. Mrs Franklin will sing is. me of her choicest selections; and a nc.v j candidate for public favor?Mrs. Burns, fn ci New York?will also lend her assistance ia giving a pUoeing variety to the entertainment. Gold Pess ?Messrs. Reed A Son, of Phila delphia. handed our reporter a fountain gold pen, with the request that be would try it tie has triod it. and found it invaluable He | can write half a column with but one dip | of the pen in the in k As a usual thing, he is willing to return borrowed articles ; but he requests us to inform Messrs Reed A Son that they can't have that pen again; and that ha won t give it up without a fight or a foot race. Smithsonian Institute ?The lecture to be delivered td-morrow evening before the United States Agricultural Society, by Oeorge Wash ington Parka Custis, Esq , will, at the request of this eminent s&gs, be enlivened by some ex i cellent pieces of mu3;c cf the National Brass Band. Selden, Withers A Co?It is announaed in the Globe that this firm have lately com pounded with some of their depositors for eighty thiee cents on tho dollar?that is, they have paid the depositor eighty-three cents for every hundred cents deposited with then.-. United States National Agricultural Society.?The annual session of this socie'y i will commence to-morrow, at the Smithsonian Institution. In the evening. G. W. P. CuUis | will deliver a lecture on the subject of tho " farmer of Mount Vernon " Petty Larceny.?John Francis, a eolored ,boy, was sent to j?il yesterday by Juai-.e Clark, for catohicg a white boy, named Pai rick Sheahy, on the street, and robbing him of a pistol which be had in his possesion. The thief hurt tbe boy ? hand by pulling the pistol from him. ?? Service During Lent?We are requested to state that there will be divine service at St. Matthew's church on Wednesiay and Fri day evening daring Lent, at 7 o'clock, p w. A lecture will be delivered te-morrow (Wed nesday) evening at 7 o'olock. Watch Returns.?There were no trill casei in this morning. There ware three youths in for lodging: one fifteen, ona eighteen, and the eldest twenty-two. Articles at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. It is our intention, under this heading, from day to day, as space will permit, to give a description of tba many useful, ingeneoua and excellent articles on exhibition. Throughout the Fair this invontive genius of American art and skill may be seen, and a short deli neation thereof cannot fail t> interest the reader. Wade's Cylindrical Valve. Lubricator ? Here is an invention of considerable nceri>, and which no establishment, wherever an en gine is employed, should be without. It com bines throe most important properties : a sav ing of oil, ia preventing any loss by leakage, the eertaiaty of its reaching tbe desired places, and one, not tho least important when applfed ?o tbe engine of a looomotive, averting all daFgor. To railroad oomponies it is invalua Lie ti it enables the engincor to supply the rt*am cylinders with oil without leaving hit > stand, either while the engine is running or standing, and that without any danger of tbe cii being blown ou' by tbe steam. This is effeeted by meant of a rod attached to the crank cf said cylinder, a?d which extends to the engineer's stand, thus placing the opera lion ul the lubricator entirely under his con irol. In the machine room there are three of tham a tachei to the engines in use there, and on asking the parties in ebarge of then , how they were {leased with them, they spoke in tbe highest praise of their utility anl profit. We have ona attached to the engine in our establishment, and find it to work to a charm StvriHP Machine*?To be jonvinoed tha* s'eel anl iron are jetting to be pretty tho roughly mixed i;p with human bram< in those davs where novelty is not now, you have only to examine Howard A Davis s Hand Sewing Machine, whioh, having nothing aire to do like rocking a crsdle or warming the ears of olden babies-u?ci a needle in each hand and threads such at every Witch, without com plaining of over strained eyes. It sews every variety of atitoh more eveoly than eun poest bly be done by hand from tha rmjniag to *hg whip or ovorstitcU- In ahori, rasu.l ?n zie^rios, whioh is a continual sermon preached to the understanding of any one who has enough already to p roaaae one. In addition, It poasesaaa a most, intelligent lady operator, whose olear and laeid explanations faoaqt fall to ooqviftoe the most obtuse. ?lOEtlTOW* OOMliPOIDMCl Elation?b\rc?Fair?Wentker. ifc. Qboebitowh, Feb. 27,1855 Up to about two c'clsok yesterday our elec tion moved on j orderly and quiet. After that boar, however, the interral Area of eeae of the hangars on about the poll* began to ex hibit itself in something like volcanic erup tion? ; aud from that time until after the re sult was announced, (about three o^oloek this morning,) oar streets resounded with shouts, hcsiat, the loud bellows of a baby-waker, wbich bad been provided for the oooasion, and a few lights of small import, Aj. We are happy to say, however, that nothiog of a ?s rious character oeeurred. One man, by the name of Offutt, was slightly cut with a knife aero s the abdomen : but the injury is trifling. From the following result, it will be per oeived that the entire Addison ticket was elected by very large majorities. Number of votes east 6C0: FOR MAYOR H. A M.son 382 , R. P. Dodge *28 COUNCIL. J Onnp *242 Richard Jon a 23-) H M. 8weney 206 David English.. .. ...230 Peter Kerry 221 D. W. Otster 1!K> VV. F. Seym mr 195 T A Newman 183 Wm. King 155 J. L. Sim me? 3S0 VV. H. Edes 3.i6 W. M. O-born* 518 A H Pick HI* 509 J. 11. Grime* 351 C Myers 345 John Biiliiiger 342 V D. Welch 347 J T Bangs 311 D McCann , .323 John Cameron .323 * On both uckets. From the remit. it will be seen that Addison, for Mayor, has 164 maj >rity, and that the low est oandidate upon his ticket beats the highest on the opposition 81 votes. While the eleotion was going on yesterd4y, the roof of a hyuse on High street, occupied by Mr. 11 uddlesion, took fire from the burning chimney of the adjoining house, which would doubtless have resulted in a serious conflagrs. tion had it not bean for the timely eff >rts of | the bystanders. The damage, however, was very trifling. The Sabbath School Fair for the benefit of tbe Briantown mission, will be opened again this evening, and continue daring the remain der of the week. We would advise all who wish to spend an hour or to very pleasaotly, and in the society of some very handsome and agreeable young ladies and to contribute to wards a vory laudable objeot, to pay them a visit. A little fellow came from yoar city jester* day, with some $55 to buy flour, and on hia way lost the whole of it. The little fellow's weeping and lamentations were truly distress inp The weather is extremely c:ld. Business is ?lack, and will probably so oontinue until, navigation is resumed Large quantities of | ice :<re floating in the ohannel, backed up by the Long Bridge. There is nothing of moment doing in the flour or grain market, and prices remain un changed. ? Spectator. |r~7?rAisr9 a so oils. 4 toot White Le*.| luoO gallon* l.lnire 1 Oil lOO do VaruNh, eoarh, furniture au.l Jn|nu 3(i00 poulid4 Putty, iu bladders and bulk !i>?0 ponnd* Litharge ami K<,.l 1000 pound* Oround Color* <?0 Ixjies Window Ulaae, all colore S barrels Glue >11 of which will be acid very low for ca?h, by fob *-Jt Z It. OILMAN. Try" the POKTBY OK PHYSIO.?aYKB'9 PII.L?, glide J 0 sugar-ilia I, over the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up, U ther*, ami tell* with g'ant force n the very fouiKtatloua of dUeaee. TMre are Uio?**n<i* of sufferers, would not wear tbe r diateinpora If they knew they could lie enred f r 25 rents. Try Ayer'e Pill* and you wi'l ki-ow It. Purify the bloid and dl>M>.ts? will be starved ont. C.etnae the lyeuiu from lmparl.iea iu 1 yoii are cored al ready. Take thia beat rfall Pnr,;*tl vei, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Weaknei*<, Ha?dache, lia< km lie, Hide A^hs, Jaundice, Rheu matism, derangement* of he Liver, Kidney, and ItoweU, all derangeme'ita and nil diva*** which a purgative remedy can i each. tly before thaiu like darkae** before the Huu. lUader, If you are autferiug from any of the nunierooii complaints they cure?auRer no tusre?the remedy baa bieu provided for you, and it I* criminal to neglect It. Th;tt Ayer'a Clierry Pectoral la the b-?t medicine for a Cough, ii known to tbe whole worl l, aud that Ayer'e Pill* are the beat of all Pills, it knowu to tlioae wh? have used then. Prepared by DB. J. C. AY KB, Lowell, Km., ?And aold by ? Z. n OILMAN. Washington. U, M. I.tNrUlCt'M, Georgetown. JAM. COOK a CO., Kre-lericksburg, and by all Druggist* everywhere. feb 17?eoim fKT* PRKMICMS AT THB FAIRS.?WHITEHI'RHTS (till In the aocendance ?The June* of each of tbe late | hire at Baltimore, Richmond, and Mew York awarded their hlgbeat pretnlumt to J. H. W for their *u|>eriority of Plio toxrapha, Stcrsoecnpee and Dagnerre.itype* exhibited. Mr. W. alio tecei ve 1 two Mrdalt at the World'* Pair, Lou- ] don, and a premium at Cryctal P*U-*>, New York. Ai?o, t'.e U.-at awards of tlie Marylan 1 lutlilute for three year* past. Whitehurst's Oa'lery in thin city i? on Pa. avenue, batw. aud <th etreeta. feb 17 IRKAUY M AUK CLOTHINO KOB OKNTLEVKN AND ' Youtlie' wear manufactured with taeteand elegance by NOAH WALXKB a CO., uuder Urown' Hotel. Their itoek embrace the Palitot or Surtout Overcoat, Overeacka, thaped and ue?Uree; Talmaa, black and bine Cloth Dree* Coate, Frock Coate of all faahlonable colore, Caaeiiuer, Boalueea Hutt? rJcb VelTot Veetf, Hllkn, i black doeekia Caajlmer, Hgared Caaelioer, aud plain Caarimer Paotaloone. For tbe youth?Jackets, Pant*, Veetr, Ovorcoate, Ac. At they are tlielr own mauulacturer.* they are enabled and will tell at | the very lowed price*. 8bli tt of tuperior lit, Oullart, tilovee, *1 le?, Ac., of law atylee always on liaod. dec 20? rp7?FORBBONCHITIi, Throat Diteaeee, Haoklng Congh, aud thn edecte of l:n;.rad?-jt u?e of Mercury, an ined ielae bee ever beeu dlecovere<l which has effected each enree ae Carter's Hpanlta Mlztare. Tliroat dleeaodii produced by eallv?tlo?. Hacking Congh, Bronchial AiTe^tlont. Llv.-r D.iMfj. Njoralgia, and Bheu matitm, have all been relieved and cared in a wonderful manner, by tbe great puriiier of Uie blood. Carter'* SpanUh Ml stare. rbe caee of Mr. T. H. Ka-rsey alone thould aatlefy any who doubt. Call on the A^eut and procure a pamphlet, containing ' urea, which will astouuJ yos. *,*.iee advertiismeut. WJw Shilubuto* reool vee all tbe new Bookt and Newt paper* aa faat ae publlaued. tie Is ageat for Harper'* and all Cue other Magaalnee, aud our roadere will alway* Bod a large and good aaaoitmeut of Blank Book* and Stationery at kle Bookstore, Oieon BulMlag, oor Pa. avenue and at. n A 14.111 fcC L>. On the 2*2*1 iiigtant, by tltc llev. Jam c R D. ne lan, S. W. HILBROX to Mrs MARY A. O'NEALE all of this city. * J Phil Lc !ger plea.e c~p. ] in.-taut, oy the Rev. Mr. WarJ, J. T. POWER to Miss A. SI. CALHOUN, both of this city. UI1CU. On tbe 06 h inatant, Sirs. MARY TANNER D\R HY, relict of the latu Win. Darby, Eaq., and daujjti ter of the late Benjamin Tanner, E*q , of Philadel phia. {' The fri<-nils of hereeif and family are respect fully l ivt'eJ to n tend her funeral from Mrs. C>are's over uie Dank of VVaahiNxtwn to-morrow morning at 12 o'clock, without furtli -r notice. * On the morning of tue 27t>> iiintanL TKOMA3, I son of Roburt and STartha Eail, in the 14ih year of1 his age. ft?-'' 'lie fnendi of the family are respectfully in vited urttttmd the hinrrul, II street, near 21?t a!., to morrow (Wednesday) at 3 o'clock. * On the 26 h in?Uut, PlCIIAUl) EDWARD, in fant sou ot Jot. E. and Mjrilia P. Raurlinga, Hg?d 57 days GENUINE GARDEN SEEDS. J OH N ? A VI* begs to announce that be has just conn leted his *upply of the above, all c^ efuily ?elected from the titacltK ? f the best ;ruwcr? in En nd and the Continent, viz : Prince Albert aud other i-arly Peas.edrly rh'irt-top Radish, Early York, Large York, London Market, ea-ly BallerMk, Sial linc*> Uu<'en,PlutDt)tch, Drumhead and other choice Cabbages, Purple Cape Hrocole, Pauliflower*, Let tuces, Ouions, Beeu* B?ans, Carrots, Parsnip*, Cole*' Crystal White Celery, Savoy's Leek, Turnip*. CucsunbiT*. Melon*, T<imat?is, Herbs, fcc., With all other vejeu-ble Feeds .n great variety, omprisirp the will ti stiti standard kinds with tbe choice new vjiieLe*, superior in quality aod economical in price, to which he respectfully calls the attention of | ihovj wLo require a really genuine article. Ilia long experience in the seed li-tde fully justices him in saying that his seeds cannot fail to give great saus I Uwil. A I I'tower seeds of the rarest and choicest kinds, *W- \ |eci?d with great can* and what we specially suited to tins clium'e, are ottered iu single packet* or col lections, at very low rate*. Slarkct (iardfJiers and others are respectfully in vited to inspect the needs aud scale of prices. Catalogue* can be had on application. Heed Store, corner Seventh aui II street*, feb TO LOVERS OF BUTTKR. ? r IIP. attention of those fond of good BU f TER is 1 called to the fact that I bav-: just received H9 kegs of priiue fresh BUTTER, which i* offered at the low?.?t possible prices, eittier wholesale or re tail. I am constantly receiving fresh Roll Butter, which c m be found at my stalls either in the Cen tre or N irth-rn Liberties Market, and my Store, at cor 9;!i and L sis, W. C. JOHNSON, feb 24?eolirt* SILVER WARS 1 VERY a^swi'nient of Silver Coffee Sets, Piiotiers, Goblets, Cup , Cream*, and all kinds of Spoon* an I Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, vit: Soap nnd Oyster Ladles, Crumb Scraper?, fish, pie and cake Knlver4 Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., it offered at low pti cee, and warranted sterling. H. SEMKEN, No. 930 Pa. avenue, bet' Ml sod 10th ?*?. )???? Want* A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a miuauon u plain Cook, or would have no objection to taka a chamber maid'* place, or to do washing and lroMng in a respectable family. Can be seen at sceond door to John Foj's Hotel, New Jersey avrnue. feb 87- S?* WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WABHER AND | irrtriT. Apply immediately at 016 M svreet between 9th and lOt*. feb 36* /? Tjr ANTED -TO HIKE A SLAVE, WHO IS A V ? good cook, washer and ironer. Address Hoi 174 Washington City Post Office. fib 36-3i* For Sale and Bent Furnished house for rent?That?cnm niodnus House, No. 490 H street; containing eleven rooms, with bath room, gas fixtures, kcM completely furnished in every particular, i< for rent. Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer, 7th street. feb M-if Furnished house for rent -The ub scriber will rent hi* house with the Fur..i tire, and the stable, to a e.ireful and punctual tenant No. 405 Thirteenth street, Letween G and H. ft may be examiaed and the term*ascertained at ihe house. For sale, a Horse and Carriage. fi b 22?tf CHAS. DUMMER. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Good* Groceries, lie-, to lie stored, wiy find ample ac oommodatlOns in the large, airy, flag stone paved, and Dry Basements under the Star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan31?If FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well-cultivated Farm in Fairfkx county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, comer of ttridgt and Congress st*., No. ?7. feb 8-tf HOMES FOR ALL.? Beautiful'y and healthily located Buiidiuz Lots 34 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, tftitil pring, be bought at the exceeding low price of payabie $3 ptr month Title indisputable. Uuion Land office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?Gu) JOHN FOX, Secretary. Boarding. MRS. HKWKTT, No. *73 Sixth Street, br tween D and E. has three or f<?ur fine rooms which she will rent with or without board, on rea son ible terms. feb 36?3t* BOARDING.? A lady having taken the hind some Dwelling, No 3, Union Row, on F street, between 6;h and 7ih, can offer fine Urge rooms tor families, either lurni>hed or unfurnished Also, ha* rooms for een leuteu much larger than are generally apprnptiated to single persons. ? Table boarders and permanent or transient p*r sons will be accommodated on the most rea-onnhle terms feb 31? Sw SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL le Cabled for .14 soon as the requisite number of Chances have b?on taken, the fol lowing splend d and articles, viz: 1st Pnie. One splendid gold Pa-er Weight, co. taining an Automaton Hinging Bird and 8 day Chronometer, mo;t I^eautifully decorated and adorned witii enamelled Paintings $1 .GJO { 3d Prize. One Ladv'a Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel .. 1.0 3d Prize. One Lady's Geld Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and PainMig on Enamel.. I Hi 4th Prtze. One Genu Full Jeweled Patent Lever (with Compensator) golJ Hunting Watch .*. iO' 5th Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, splen didly Chafed ? <?0 Total value..... ?2,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The raffie will take place at llilbus St Hitz' Mil sic Depot, Star Building*, corner Pa. avenue and lltlt -treet, where Ticket, can be procured and the articles ace on exhibition. Persons desirous of (toasessing -onie of the nio-t superb article* OT'workmanship ever exhibited, have now an opp >rtuuity offered tliem of obtaining iU' li at an extremely low price. Call and examine for yours Ive-- at tie Music De pot of HI!.BUS & HITZ, Sur Buildings, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. 111. and G p. m. feb 7?tl' PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. Mil. FREDERICK PROSPEUI leave to in. form his friends and former patrons that tins band has been fully ru-organized an? is r ow under j his direciion, and l.e is fally prepared w th a band of the most Scientific Musicians in tlf citv, to tur nisli music for Bails, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex curMons, fcc., at the shortest notice pcssiMe, by ap plying to FUEHERICK PROSPKRI, Leader,CIIA>. PROSPEUI,Conductor; IIILBL'S & HITZS Mu , sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite | the Garrison, Garrison street, Navy Yard. feb 19?3m* FOR THE MECHANICS' FAIR AT WASHINGTON. I THE THOMAS COL^YER WILL __?inake reguiar trips to the above Fair commencing on Tuesday, February 20Ui. Boats fare I3J{ cents cacli way. Coaches will take persons trom and to the boat. Fare 6 cents. Leave Alexandria at p. in. Leave Washington 10 -?. p. m. SAM'L GEDHfEY, Captain. Alexandria, Va., feb-JO?d NII.ES' REGISTER FOR AMERICAN STATE Papers.?A com pi te set of Nile** -?egi.?ter, '16 voli, or any other Books will be given in exchange for the ?* American State Tapers" and " Ann ru an Archives," or they will !>'? purchased at a liberal price. TAYLOR & MAURY'S feb 14 Bookstore, near Ninih street. DISSOLUTION. 'lMIE partnership of Barron fc. Orme is this day 1. dissolved by mutual cor.seut. All accounts due the conccru must be paid to II. B:;rrou, he being au thorised to close the business of the tinn. HENRY BARRON, February 3. 1855. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request a'J those- indebted to the coucern to come forward settle their bills by the 6lh of March, as it is very important to him to have the business closed by thw time. All accounts left over at time will i?e put into the hands of au officer for collection. All ac counts due by the cpncern will please be presented for payment as soon as po?is:ble, as I am ready a) any time to meot the same. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned would respectfully say to all the customers of the late (inn, and the public genera'ly, that there will always be kept a stock of Wo -d and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicits a share of public natron age. Believing it to b j be t for both buyer nna seller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual customers. TIIOS. ORME, Agent, feb 5?lm [No. 531] Notice of the temporary continuance of the Ltand Office at Vineetinss, Indiana. IN compliance with the act of Congress approved F< b. uary 13, lr?5, which provides "that the of fices of register and receiver shall be continue ? at Vincennes, Indiana, until after a final report shall have been made by the commissioners, pursuant to the act of Congress approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and tifiy four," entitled "Au a;( to ascertain and adjust the titles t'? ccrtnip lapil? in the State of Indiana," notice is hj^ehy gi ven that the oider (No. 52tS) datei; January 2.i, 1&5, directing the discontinuance vj' curtain land offices in Indiana, 1 is sus|H. ded in its application to the office at Vin cenntts "until ihe servioes required by the act of | 37th July, 1854, of the comwisstoner* sha 1 have bsen fully performed," of which uue notice will Ije given. Given under my hand,al the city w Washington, this 17ih day of Ft binary, IflVS. * JOHV WILSON, Commissioner General Land Office. feb 19-lawCw ' : QAS FITTING. The suhdciiber has secured th*i vices of seve- > ral superior Gas fitters, and is now preparing to ] introduce Tubing into Dwelling?, Public Halls, &>., at moderate caargea. Orders lefl with my foreman C. II. Myers, at his old shop, on 9th (treet, or at my store, will receive prompt attention. On hand a handsome a sortment of GAS FIX TERES made by Cornelit^s ^ Baker. Philadelphia. A;l: will be sol J at the manuiact'erer's retail pri W r- w. ROTSrLER, Iron Hall. feh ?eojt , . FOB *0 BATS, FOB CASH OHLT. EM4KOIDKRIES, Ribands, DreM Tr inmings and Fancy Goods at cost, less than cost, hall price, alin'-st giving away Goods. MAXWELL k. HRO. commence to d:.y to make room for sniing supplies by offering their choicest Goods at ^alf price and we have some cid and indiffet?pt stock accu mulated on ourt'ands that we almost give awav.w This will be a r^re ouporiuuity 10 secure great bar gains, as a^e Uu\ejmU*td to reduce our p esent ? t').?, if we have to dispose of every class of Goods M hair price. We cannot enumerate articles and prices, but in- . vite the ladies to coroc and see Uie quantities of | Go ds that we have placed upon our (Camier* and j marked dawn at priccs that uiii certainly sell them. MAXWELL at BRO., The original Riba d ind Trltiming Store, No. 3d f Pa. avenue, between ffth and 10th si. feb 32,-Uolt " " ?T? Auction CaIn P E By B. B. WftlQHT, AMtlMur, G??r|?Uwa CCONTINUANCE OF SALE OF GROCERIES j at the Warehouse of E. Pickrell it Co.?Wu: be continued on WEDVESOAY Mil, at 10 n'dk. The best part of stock stUI remain* unsold, com ?istiag Liquors, Coffe**, Sugars. r*h, kc. ~ E. PIcKRKLI . EDWARD B. WEIGHT, frb ST?it Amummtt . By J. C. MeOVIBE, A??tl?MW. AIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, BUGGY AMD ^ Harness at Auction -On FRIDAY aflerao-H. March 2d. at 4 o'clock, in tront ol the Auction room I shall aril a pair ol black Carriage Horses, eight years rid, and warrar ted sound and kind iu all ic ?pccti; a handsome Northern built Buggy. with the shafts and pole, nearly new, and a set o< fine mngh Harney, in geod Order, the property of a g ..atlem a leaving ihe citv and having no lurther a?e for them. Terms cash.' JAS. C. McGUIRB, feb 37?d Auction* er By J. C. NcODIRB, A?:titlMr XCELLENT FURNITURE fc HOUSEHOLD I Effect* at Public Auction.?On MONDA\ morning, March 5th, at 10 o'clock. at the building on the south side of F street, near 9.h, (occupied by anu:t.berof Senator?) 1 tha i aril alt their excel lent Furniture and Effect*, comprising Suite of handsomely carved Walnut Parlor Furni turc, consisting of pair of French Sotas, pair ol large Arm Chair* and 6 parlor Cha rs Rosewood marble top Peavfet Do do Centre Table Large French plate Mirror, TakU and Sab Six rush seat Re et>Ucii Chair.-, Easy Chair Walnut Card Tabl?-* Mnhogany Centre Table* Excellent Parlor a .d Chamber Carpets . Yenitian Stair and Hall Carpe.*, Oilcloth Mahegany Hat rack, Ball Tal?le and thai ? Five Suii^s of Walnut Chamber Furniture, compri sing marb e top Dressing Bureau, marble top Washstands, Cottage Bedsttads, Caae-rat Chairs. and Towel Kr c? Ben curled liair Mattresses, husk do. Superior Bo!s'ers and Pillow* Ma'seil'e* Uuilts, fine Blanket*, Comforts Spring neat Lounges, Writing Tables S< ivant.-' Rereads, Mattresses and Bedding Supsrtor Walcut Extension Dicing Table Walnut Sideboard, Side Tables Di> in* Chairs, Clock, Fire Irons Excellent Refrigerator, round diiuo* TaWe 8ilver plated Castor*, Spoons and Forks Superior Tab:e Cutlery, Wain r* French and Stone China Dinner, Tea aAd Coffee Service Cut glasa Decanters, Wines, Clnnipaguel, Tur.ib lers. Lemonade*, 8tc. Fine Damafk Table and Bi d Line.) Chafing Dishes, Meat Sa!e Sui>erii?r Cook Stove an.) Fixture* Together with a large assortment of excellfr.t kitch i n Utensil.* , Terrm: ?30 and under cash; over that aun. a i credit of 60 and 90 da) *, for note* satisfactorily ea dorsed, bearing in'.ere?t. JAS. C. McGCIRE. feb 27?d Auctioneer. By X. B. WKIGIIT, Auetloaeer, G?org?(awa. DRV GOODS AT AUCTION ?THE SALE of Dry Good* ai St tre No. IttO Bridge street. Gent^ town, having b?'ett |.o*tpr.| ??d en account oi the inclement weather, wili toe resumed on WON DAY next, Mi March, at 10 o'clock a m., (if fair; if no;, 'he ne*r fair 'ay) and the whale stock doted out Without rew?rve. coo?i*tin? of? Dress Good" of all kinl", Hosiery Lace?, Swi?s Eiginss and In-ertingi Cambiies, Freneji Work? d Collar* Irish Linens, Kid GIivm Boail>azine?, /.Ipata*, Dress Silks, dotted Sw:ss Muslins. Sic. Blankets, Cloths, Suinaer Wear Ri b?>n - and Gingham-, Shawl*, Hdkfs, be. The attention of the lidie* h particularly r? quest ed, a> the jooi's wil. be ro!d in lot* to suit, and every article sold without iegard to cost. Terms at sale. M. L. WILLIAMS. E. S. WRIGHT, feb 27?d Auctions r. Br K. II. JKWK'.LU * C-o.i AieU. PHA WORTH OF WATCHES AND 'VrJewe'ryat Auction, l'er- mMor\ and unr^Feivjd'ale or Watches ,-nd Jewelry.?On SAT L'RDAY nr?rn:n? and evening, F? b. 24th, instant, au 11 very oth?r day and evening until the emire st 'ck i- told, we tbn'l sell M nur Aueto i Rooon a y(.lrud ?' sel.ction ol Wa:clies u:.d Jewelry, consist i;ig of m part, viz: Gu!.l Eiij'ish Patent Lever Watches Do in Hunting Cases Do Open Dial I>o IMache.1 Lev<*r* Do Cylinder E^cspeuient* Pric; s from S*?> o $ri."?0 Gold Guard Chains of various styles Dti Fob r.nd Vest Chains Do Keys, Seals, and Kings D?? Breast pin?, Ear tfrops, fiic. Silver Watches of all kiuJs, pricea froti to 1 ?Via This sjilcndid stock wdl be open every day for ex hibit-on and any p-r*on wishing to purchase a! j ri vate ralu can dc .-o. II. II. JEWELLE a CO, AuctJoncc-r--. P. 8. The above named stock Is to be sold with out i> serve to cover advances. feb 2ti? t Bjr J. C, McGUIRB* AuetUassr. '.O BUILDERS AND OTHERS.?On WED NESDAY afitmoin, Feb. 2{<th, at 4 o'clock, on the north side of G, between 6th auJ 7.h streets, I alia'l sell all the itseti rial ?aved from ttie tire at thr VVnsliinijton City Benevolent Soctttv Building con testing of Fico ing, Joi U, Sarh, Feucing, Sued, k>t of lirick, Ti:i Roof, &c. T?-ru'S cash. JAS. C. McGUIOF, ft l? 36?2r Aucmneer. ~By~X7J7?c<njTiLic7Tmetioifc^7^ QUPER.'OR CODD AND MLVER WATCflES, O fine G<;M Vest, and Guard Chains Xc.?On MOM)\Y and TUEsDA/ atteiuoon, Feh. *K(b ami 27th, nt 4 ^ okloek, at my Auction R?k?ui.-, I slmil sell a larpe andvlioice eollec ion of tuperior Gold ami Silver Watches of the most celebrated makers. Also, a Ikautiful audttiarntof fine Gold Chains of vaiiOus stjles and pattern, Terms cash. JAMES C. McGUlKE, feb 21?3t Auction*. /. B; bhkVSI w SCOTT AncCloneera. IMi'.'.tiVED PROPERTY AT AUCTIGV.-ON WKDN'ESDAY, the 28th instant, we hall ell, ] in frent ot the premises, at 4 uTelock p ui, part Lot No. 3, in Square 4->0, with tbe iinprcvementr, whu b are a good two-story frame Huns:, containing live good rooms. The cbovc described pr perty irouts 13 feet ine.ii - on the north tide of New Yo;k avenue, bc iwn ii Sixth bud Seventh strtew w?t, House No. *03 AI'O, at 5 o'clock, same evening, we thall se.l, in front of Uie premises, Lot No. I. in Square 413, at tiie corner of G street south, and 8th ^tree. w?st, containing 3,961 fe.t. It in a desirable comer lot, well Kt with thrubbery, young fruit trees, k ith the improveniciits, winch are a gooi Frame Hou^, con aming four rooms. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third ca-h; balance in twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser to give notes f<?r the defnired payments, bea:ing imerest from the day of the sale. . A deed given and a dee I cf trust taken. GREEN k. SCOrT, ft b 23 Auctioneers. T La NOUYLLLE HELOiSti, edition iltiwtree par Jt.iiar:i?ott Baron, etc., in pamphlet?price SO J cents. Le? C< H'^rons de Rouveau, in pamphlet with many iiiustrations, 50 cents Pliysiidogie du Gout, par Rrillat Savarin, in pam phlet, with many illu*traticn?, price SO cent-*. Imported Irom Pari* by feb 17 FRANK TAYLOR. ? ? I ?H ?fc k Ml R1CAN YEAR BO^xK OF FACTS and An /\ nu tl of Scientitlf Di'Qovery for 18&\ ) volume I SWpag.?,l|l 20. FBANCK TAYLOR feb 16 SILVER PLATED WARE. CCOMPLETE Coffee SeU,Castors,Cake and Fiti J Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Table, lies sert, and Tea ?ponn< and Fork*, double and in','* plated on Albau, the best^ubrtitute tur srfver wat ranted and *old by 11. UE^IKEN. No. 330 Pa. avenue, iwivteea bib aad Mho ?* jan lit SOWHLRN CiVARTEKLY REVIEW for Janu ary, tBj^. Couvut* 5 Tl.c NwrU* ?lU'l 'be Mouth Bluu 'ets of Hallaiu Powers of the General Government The Human Family Constitution of the United States Chemistry ot Common Life Party Leaders Recent Social Critical Ni**e??. Sub-'-truism prure f5, rx i annum. feb >9 FRANCK TAYLOR. B00K9 or H0UIZ OF SXFKXmTATIYXS. Libraet Hocsk * r RirauuriTtvii, A LARGE riumoer of Bonks belonging la the Library ft t ic House of Repre?ca>?UvM have I been drawn by member* and by tbeir ocders, arid J stand charged to Uttor accounts on the books of this ( office. It U .important for the preservation of the [ file# that they should be r> turned before the clone ol the session. MATTHIAS MARTIN, Librarian of tbe House of Reprckfaiauvea feb 20- - T)OSA DE VRIfS WALT*, Composed by Hans | t\ Krujucgju'b^r. Our Pt>ika, dedicated to Mim Emma i. Browu,. by the same composer, published and tor jule at the Music Depot of HIliBUB ItHITZ, 1 feb 5 TELEGRAPHIC Eipmtl; Hr'lit Htly Iwsln int. I he Pmuylvtiu ileetiea Sainmi, Fe b. 27 ^Iho Mm fceaees of fhf L*|bltUr? m( tkit B^reiif in mt*. ? ti ?n fur aa alactioa of Urited Statai 8tmalo*, w lich resulted in balloting? C -meron S5 fiitkilew J.1 Seaitat iog .SJ No choice Oa the last prtTtoua ballot Caxeioa :e eived 69 votee Know Vothing Victory Faaotaicx, Mi . Fab. 27 ? Aa electioa was bali here yesterdsy for a<ab?n cf tba City Cotccil, wbiob resulted la eleoting tba Know Nothing tiokat by aa averege of tbraa rolti to one So sileat wara cperatioai, tbat eoma of tka members elcot first kaaw tbay bad been oandilataa when tbix morning iafcrmed that - tbay were alaatad. Naw York Stock Xarkat Naw Yoax, Vab. 27?Stocks ara lower and mono7 ii steady. Erie Ra'lroad 451; Cleveland and Tolado Railroad ?9#; Raiding Railroad 76i ; Naw York Cantral Railroad 94; Pennsylvania Coal Compoay, 1901; C'ere land, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad 102; Mii?>ari sixes, 921 Bkltimoi* Marked BaLTiaoaa, Fab. 2TFloar firm, witk tales of Howard ttreet at J8i0 ; City Milla, $8 25. Tba receipts of grain ara ligbt. Wbaat?tales of red at $1 90a$l 99; white, $1 9Sa$2.0&. Corn?yellow, HfiaSSo ; white, &5a80o. Oate? Virginia ia held at 48a50s. Naw York Market Nxw Yore, Fab. 27?Tba oottoa market is oncharged with a modaraia demand at previ ous rate*. Flour is upward and firm; saies of 3000 bblt; Southern if steady at former prioet, $3 8Ta$9.37. Wheat is upward and firac; Southern white $2 25. Cora is upward atd firm?sales of 25,000 bushels; Western mixed at 96a96} Pork is upward and Ira. Beef is unchanged, with a moderate demand at pre vious rates. Lari is dowaward an J dail. Whisky?Ohio told at SOaSOft. falo of Daniel Webster's Eomeataad. Bostow Feb. 26 ?Uaniel Webster's home steai in Franklin, New Hampshire, waa told for $10,900 on Thursday last. Rcfus L Fay, of this city, was the purchaser. Maaaachfisattf Legialative Proceedings IijgTO!*, Feb. 26 ?In tha Massachusetts Hens: of Kep recent atives, tha eommittaa on federal relations were direeted, to day, to In quire into the expediency of reparting rerolu tions denouncing the fugitive slave law. A resolution io relation to the repeal of the | M'sa^uri compromise wus iriered to be en grosieJ. From Mexiee. Naw OaLXAMe, Feb 2^?The steamer Ori tiba, with city of Mexico dates to the 17th. arrived here 0 day. The iosarreotion io the South was gaining ground Many government troops had gone over General Paleeia is be sieged at Chiipausinzo by 2.600 rebels, aad we* reduced to almost rtarvation The boundary commissioners have agreed to ~8 deg 47 mia. as the initial point. New Hampshire National Doujtracy. Boston. Feb 25 ?The Na^'tial Democracy of New Hampshire hold a tr.?ts gathering on Tuesday next. All parties in that State ara organiaing for the ooatng eleotion Tbe meet ing of the democracy will be held at Maa oheiter. The Chirje of Corruption in tko Prnnsy 1 ?ania Legialatnre. II arrisdcro, Feb. 26?In the Uoase this afternoon tbe report of the majority of tha oommittee appointed to ineeetigate the charges of bribery in relation to the aenatoaial election made a partial report, after being0ailed upon to d? so by a resolution of the boa?e. Taey sta'ei that twenty five witnesses had been ex amined and that Tour or five othara could not bo found, aad that many remained to be ex amined The testimony was imperfect and unsatisfactory, and in the present shape should not be published 1 bus far no taetimony had been elicited calcula'ed to fix on either eaa didate for Senator before the joint convention any attempt to obtain his nomination or alee, tion by corrupt or improper influences. Mr. Jordan, the chairman of the oommittee, and Mr. Urown, refused to si<n tbe report, beoause they place a different estimate on the evidence. NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MfcdSRd. hYULR k PLANT have taken the (?hi and well known coi.i'ectioncry establish Riuul, No. 400 Seventh street, oppoerte 0<ld Frl low*' Hall, where they will In? mu?i I app) to receive tlicir friends and the public generally. We*will keep conr a illy om hand a rkptct f elec tion o! all kind* of CONFECTIONERY AImj, dealer* 111 rw?i|:i and dotueatic FBl'ITB, of all kinda, V\'e hope b / a ?tntt atteauou to busineaa to win tli j aptwoiiMiiou of our t'rifiide, and merit a liberal are of patronafe generallv. N. B. Ball', Parties, nn.i i'auiJiea suppled on the uiCfi n-amxiiblt and *ati?fa<'tory trna*,ai tbe sbort e/t notice. KYDER k PLANT. feb t?? lin INSTITUTE POLKA. JU.^T published the above Polka c<wapeeed and dedicated to the Offiecrv and Members of tbr Me?roprUiian Mechanics* lii?t>tul?K by Fr'k Kley , enibt-llirhcd with tbe moat Wautitul and correct view of the Smithsonian ln>tuut>* at yet i*?oe<3 Tbsuado furnished at the very lowest northern rates. UILBUS k llfTZ, Mo?ic Pubk'hers, Sur Buildings, ftorncr Pa. avenue, Eleventh and D streets. f?b 17 Gold, silver, hteel k plateu ?PEt 'i'ACLES to *uit every age anSa eye, Riding tepees, R. R. Gla."M:?, Ejre4 Protectors, Eye Glaseea of all Uescnp tuns, Reading G:a*ac<a, Uog^lM ; ke.,' Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, L'wives, and Colored Glase^s put in frames at tke .jutv.i aotiee. persons in wa?t of gUssei uay be aure to get thoie which benefit the eye a? II. SF.MKEN'8, No. 3S0 Pa. avenue, betw. Win and 10th eta. jan 20 PREMIUM PIANOS ?Wr have on eahrbiuoa at the Metropolitan M?Thames' inatitate lour magnificent Pianos, made ?xpr*as(y to our order tor thi* lair. Tbese Pianoe we offer fur sake at tow rates and upon exceedingly reasonable term*. Also, asupera roeewood Uuu ir, Tfltoa's pateat, which we ore engaged tn f ttmg ?? a raffle for. JOHN P ELLIS, 30 % Pa. a venae, between 9th md lOtn at< feb S3 READY-MADE CLOTUINU AT REDUCED PRICES -As tbe a*e*m ia e.l vanced we have detemtt??d se aaH off I be re maining portion <4* our a ia*er 'tuck ai greatly se duced price*; ta?rr*i?? g*?i?wwei? weskiag to eaa suit eciNKMuy iu pwcaa?iag tine UveveeaSs, Talm?s Dreao, treck, w>l Uusi tee* Caaia? Black aad Fen cy Ca?)i4uere Pants ; \eivrt. 8ffli, Sana aad Menna Vert*; Understiirts aad Ikawere, aa't all other ready male garments el tine quality, will find sw present variety IA ae as well aaaurSed as in tke be ginniii? of the season, ai h the advantage nt mack lowr 1 pies*. Wall k srEPH^Ms, 3d a Ta avenue, ne?t w irea UaU feb 22 (SentiaelkNews) m waltz. /^10MP(i??0 and dedicated to MkaM. J Tabler, V Vy P.of. A. F. Ljule. last aabHab?d aad k at HlLBCa k RfRy Masic D. Price 18If ceota. ??>? UQaENKHANZ planosT" JU8T received two of the above uaequ^led i* htmmrtOs direct from tbe Manu J htmmcuU direct from tbe Mana factory io Dresden, Germany . TbeaeHE3HB Piano- having both, a^'^^^TTTuD aad laud tnae hffilfd AOOtb^C JtttfWlt# Ol iBtir MpftlOntf m keeping la tunc, lhek beauty and power M tone eiTcU> the fclgbwt enccaiasM from all the m*i musical critics of Karape. UILBUS ft HITZ, Music Dsfo^eor. fa. ae. lldtaadDsm aaM

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