Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 0759. MORNING EDITION? TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1855. I'll II' E TWO CENTS. ADTERTISEMEMS BENilWl'D ETB1T DAY. il'KLiAl XOTICKS. A CARD? THE UNDERSIGNED WWTI.D KKHPECt flUly inform those k1??. frnui the . ?nntiUn'V of 1 nme, cumber of itiett, jc . have been le?l to identify ua with the transaction* o" J' hn Dnris fcfSon, inthe <l'Ut hu icesii, that we hate no U teie^t in ths ju:t e.i or their buaiotH*. To tkoie w have Inuwr. u ? <1 ;t 'ng the last thirty jrrari, aod the rrtces we pay in that branch of our harness in New Vork, Hiitli information ?-? unnecflts.jy. JOHN M. .ION'S & CO, 'SI War reti ?' -ee' jf 1ALT10N. ? V>dEREAS, A CERTAIN t'ER^ON, A ,-U niing my mm?. fcas been obtaining mow ou my ;<i'ii>uiDtil leeporslbility, this i? t?> ?ive octice tint 1 will ? tot be aBMvorubie for acy ? ts contract"! by h jcU ;-arty. JOHN H. CHAM DEI'?3, No H City Hali place. J,^MPJRfe, iXIDUK NO ?W 1 O. 0 E ? BU M lERS, !i yoo ?ie hereby notified *0 irirt .it t',n lo'l?' ream tv-mcirow, ^tHtb instant, it I 'rljrk I' M. prieiseiy, to attend tee lunnal of our la t brother, ? op'i \?'ri/ it N. J. MoCl.l'Kl!, N Hxm'l Bohhkei-I., Fcrreiarr pro t< m. Havana, island ok ctba? oknisrai, and con?nr.< sion agency ? i'-rendere* ?tr<?ft No fi.? Mr J. y. Huiarte, ter aincce:i.'.e rata of rorjmi*?'o?. will execute orders for "lie pure huso ol lao diHereut pro aati of the Island of r?uba. snch an mi? .r, raolav... ; tobacco, negv-a, wax, Sc., n< asso the elleclir)!? s&iea of -coiirigninente ct merchandise c-itrmtcl to h>-> cava. In tlit' bruksrajjo department Mr humu te will atti nil to *.he : uictia-e ol slia-es of the different Mock coiapmieK, mr<?ed property, lieu***, villas aod country seats in tha ?hlightful enrirons of Ha mi a allotw i ts of Uii'i. cofTae and rngar entatei, farm- nod ->tt *1 ?, At. JIm long ex pcrientu aad extensive acquaintance plicea hirii in a po Mttou to obtain the most 'avnr.tblo purchases tu l p iiuc tii ta, and flatlers himself t'>at [ umouh onT'istio/ o-dem to lii m will be satisfied Mr s-ueatte will produce the be-t ief? tence.i aa to staaditj.' aud 1 stability. Or i?n to hi directed aa above. J. <{ SO/AKTK T^TEW YORK AND UVEIU'OOI. ffNIBCD STATK3 Mad ht' ;?nifliip Cooipauv ;& t^nll :nr<.et ? Now ) ork, Keb. lal, 1K66. ? Notice ? Lb annuU nl?c;ioa lor Uuectorbot thi??oapa&; niil ! brld at tuia ollce ou Thuraday, lhl Match neit he ? wren the honriiof l iM and 2 P. M. \VM . VOUlil., SO'-.rBtmiy. ?VTOTICE.? TBE ANNTAT TJ K? TlOV OK ni!UCTTOK3 J^l of the New York ati't" \ ir(jiuii M')i?ui*hip Coin pai.y will be held at the clhce, I'.ro* >u..i, ou't'u' <d?y, March 0. butwteu thu hour* 0' I'! M. and i I' J!. FKF.D. W. PLKASANTt, Secretary. O- FKICE OF THE RELIANC:- MUTCAf. iXSC itvNCK Con'panr, (> > Wall itree* Niw VorV, K. b Uf. ?si5. ? uucerai^r.od, in their nt-U an n . to Uiu public under date of 16th Junukry^repre'eotiO^ tlie c.^iltal to 8^ ouly iiojatred to th> extent of 8J per "ent, h.i(n'.l a.-. d repre eciitation upon loaaes tbtn W110 ? n l<> tlifl Truntef*, ??y ? 110,000; aince that date &ddi*io ? al Ikh.-i a, auiouniing to nearly one quarter of a tailln 11 h" c I on reporteil ? tiuH more tLan abaoibing tr.e . n'.iru oap'tal ot the Com pany. Under thece circui.. tan :? ? lue tiu^isei have Jem mined that the CompKny > into lh|iii iatiou, ?ot there'ore request all peraoi h h vi'ig clnlin" i. i uit thn Company to present the sau'.c, ;iu:l policy holder* to canst- 1 their policies. Fiori nee Committer. ? Artlini I^ear* I . ft. Wym*n J. H. Muith. KIC11A1.D I.AlllKit^. I'reaident J. H. IInkney, Sccietary i>ATT.OSON OAS UGHT COMI'ANlT NONCfi IS hereby R.ven, that the annual election tor Hie di netora of the 1'ateracn (Jaa I.'uht t'omp.iny will be held at the ofhee of the company in Je raey ntrret id the city of J'a'"rnoD, on Monday, the lath day of March next. Tn< polls will he open at 10 o'clock, and ctuce at 1 1 o'cloc k A. M. By order of the director*. JOHN DKfcW, Secretary. I'atetfon, N. J., F?b. 26, 18'5 RR WARDS* CltAA REWARD.-l'ROClJVMAtlON ? MAYOR'S OlB St, New York I'eb 1U, I8.V1. Wliereaa, joliu Iktta, a I ui aged thlr'.leu yeaia, wat run oror by a Jione aur fcliigh in Droadway, ti ir fereuty Htreet on Minify, the 11th inst. ;auil whereaa the Fai I John Hutt* hna ainre diod in ocnuei{uence of tlie iDjurica then r? cejvcl , and Trhereai* the ptraoo '*Do dr, ve 1 aid nl 'igh ia unknown to the authorities 1 d > by the authority re?Uc in me, oirpr a renard ot five aua.lied dollara t u the upprihens on and C'.uvii;tii :i of ths person who coin Bulte.i naid violence, to be paid on rOnririion of ta? ot fttider, oa the rertificate of the He .-order or l?i?tri t At turney, Ihatir.cU conTic.ion was hail ui>ou the W-tiiao *>> < f tt ? peean-i or person ctain'ir *a'l r-.wn'l. t it all ^faini ?ot prelected to ta- Vayor within tweuty <lays alter auch conviction, wt'l h? dUrejtarded. FERNANDO VfOOT*. Mtyor. All papciH lr the city of New YorV * '11 p'e i-e publ.ah the at?.ve until the 1st of jtar li neit, and aeud ther bill, to the Mayor'! of5t? for p j in?nt. gii i RJ.VARD.? INFORMATION tVANTfcD OK JO iJJ) 1 vr Sfcpll T. Wilaon, or his h ir^, who ?tr/e l in tbe ?nr of 1S12, and resided in or u*?r New York .a Ull Apply to or addreas Mattisou, No. i Naa?*u ?tr?tt, taird Hoor, fro?it room 4JNO KKWARD? LOST ON THE 2?/TH INST . \ SMAU jJJ^e) m> mi.rai dum book. The aVvre r>?iri will be pnid ;?!! Itaiing it at 270 Oreenwch streit I'KWARD? IjOST. ON SATI RDAV A ('AIR ? flP'J of gold spectacles, marl ed No. la. I henase h*i ou it t'ce iiotne of Benedict, jeweller, iu tb? llowerv. Ai y person booing the nuie will recive vue ibive le ward hy ca'liofc npon J. M. BaScer, w.tli I. <? Morse At Co , iW.tohn atieet. i,ost am> found. ?|\(K. iJOSt? IHKfcK DOLl.AitS KKWAttO I K A Yrit) ._l_/ how Hi* i ubccribei 'a broiniw, on Satur lay U?t, 57th Inat., n black Newfoundland ?'<>,$; tie h*<i a "stripe ?a! white bair around the nerk forming it collar, notn* u aite on ti<- breaat. and ? lute paw*. Xh# re ? ant will ~br paid to whoever biint's birn to 77 Leirard atrei't JN M IHKI.. -f \i.<- i,oht~ asmai.i rkr.HiEKitoo whiik, wirn I / ili.rk jellow eara. Whoever will retiirn the ?? trne, or I've iviottok ion to O il. Peri ) man Vj > tiran I atreet, w.!l be suitably rewarded. r lOC 1X).->X? A LIBERAL i.MYAIlD.MILL UK (ilVKN ?J for tiie rfcturn of n terrt-t >'or i<t?< on lriday, the 1Mb. Horn No 16 Ilroa 1 l whito color li?ad an 1 jtboi.l em a tdl hind part uuti > tl wiili oro* n, "in ltd tall, )???! os a cuaio co!itr; iiui*n> to tm u.ini* of Mritn. ICbT? ON till. EVEN IN*. OK i'UK . i'i A i toruelkm atone real ri.iy. (Icl.?r L ) The tind' r wi'lbe liberally rewarded by leaving tbv ?ame at the office ol Cotniag A Co., 63 Wall ?tree1. IOsT? ON UIL'IWDAY I. VST, IN CATffEP.lJlK OP. a Henry ftreeta, a pnMeu cro*v with *iu*ll c'iaa at tached Tbe finder will b? auita'.Iy rewarjed on return ing it to tl.e owner, at 47 Htcry itr> et IOcT ? AT WOOD'B MINXfRKIfl, ON SMTKllAV i ?vt>LlQg, Feb. 24, a pot temonnaie containing t30, aut>| ored to have been droppul at the ticket office Hie peiaoa who fouid it will he bnudeoi leiy regarded by it to tho owner, at 4t 4 Cherry street RKSTACliAWTi. S1ANWIX I1ALI., 679 1 iROAl'WAY. M 0VE OK IB be?t aalocna our city can noaat ol. 1 rem the tim e of In Irm ope ting up to lant -aturday ni<ht, it baa mmutaif.ed thriugliout a ebaract?r for t.rder, ijai'tni-*, and re.ip'etabiUt.'i not cxcell*: kb/wbete elaa 'fuat tbe recent ecrurreuce aboal.t have led kiuc Ui imagine tbia tfta'.oou to be the reaort of improper periotia ia not to be wondrred at Out aucb a nupjoaiviou 1a far from tieiu< coimt, and iB unjust to the worthy proprietor* Tho/ have tat'tbli'hed for thtiuaelvea nnl tl??ir i-lonn a repu tat i n tliat deaervenly m teta the appij'iition of tbe neighborhood in wbich they have losated, m l alt who koow the polite and re?| wtahle proprietor . an<t have frean?nt*d their hall, will be*ir the writer on: in hi* etitement, tbat tor quetnc?? and orderly conduct a < saleo fcraatit'actory ac:omm >d?.:i ma. A.- . there ir? few ?a'oona that eq'ial ? aooe that eicel it. It i? elr><e>t ?very SfthKaUi aceor linjt to tbe re |uir?in?nt of th? law. iipd at all other timea it U a place t'ie orderly ridzen ? may visit, acd etjoy bit. ' If while partaUinj of tne el oil rut h<j'iom ojatera. A o , Ac , wthout f?ar of ao aoyance. Ve be?i>?ak for >lea?re I'eau A l>ra(l? the p>tronajeof a diaterninK j.ul l c IfTMHIIIlUllll mWlTHtflTTT. TTft I iihou?waY ? V? I ne L?nu:he? an i 9 l -Jen af l.o,li"li rcatton, ?iB'1 all ktnda of ir gp id<! y r> ? in ?ea on. with every other olleaey, thia day, from 111 to 4 o eloek, -ervwl up U> nupeitor atyle* iiinm. N'KW /EK8KT R A1I.KOA1) .? KOit PHII.Al'Ki I HI A and tbe Wo?th and Wear, via .'eraey city mill and ?\pr?ra I nei ? leava Ne? ^<rk at ft and lu A M an I 4 and < P. M Kare. $1 76 in t, an-1 ?i in * an- 1 It AM and A I'. M. ; ?.cood c!a?? 2.*. in 10. >n 1 I : Vf at f 1, adopting at a 1 way rtationa. TbroUffb tick t? aold for ?C ?rtnnail and tbe W?at, iirwl for nnltimore. Wt<iiin(t<>n, Norfolk, kc and tbroujNi va.- ?n^o eU>e>?d to *a?bin{ mu in ft aad 10 A. M. and ft I'. M Ml '?It \ . . PTASO WANTKP? A OK VI i IIM v.V WILL U)\S t\~h) to c??h on a itipernr pia io'ort?. lor ait or twelve mocrha, wl'bout inter ?>'. Addreaa J. M . 'iltf ?4ir?fnwleli afreet. Pkof?.-w)R ran ,ti' rvssr woi'Ln like to itr chatw a frw jrno! reeond b in ! H i'i o flutea, for which *)? wiuld pay a liberal pr'ee Apply at hi? rnu?ic rooiaa, ??.' 1 Rioa iwar. corner of Twellth a?reot. 1"C0M> HANfl riANfM -n/TFvr BAIMJAINM. ? f?VK I.O llMrt k Vo 'a tnaWe, OCtavra price ? -aid t# aolf for |U4; erf ( o . With u lean, I > ~-i , for $226: oae r-, octav? Harrboa | ano. ,>r- e $ -i>i. fin one 0?o. Ilew'a, 7 i-ttave atl rour.d cirner*, CM, for li-i'i. oae octave i *ua fur on- oh i clare f?ia no. oe-tHy ??, f? r> one t rvi, eue l; ? II Oil i? WAii-lX. ;?*& Itroa lw?? s AFFAIRS IN THk' METROPOLIS. letter of Mayor Wood Rolativo to Pau per Emigrants. THE ALLEGED SLAVE CASE. CASE OF THE 81IRT 8EWE&S, The I.ate Fraras la Broadway, Ac., Ac.. ic. Profrtii of (he Municipal Erform. THK SUNDAY LIQl'OK TaiKJ'll). This city preacnted an unusually quiet ami orlrriy appearance on Sunday last. The Uijuor dealer* bare new, almost en mane, concluded that the moat advisa ble court e to pursue in to close tb'ir establishments on ?Sunday. Indeed, they begin to discover that our new Mayor is in earnest, aud does not intend to recede from bis determination to put an effectual f top to the Kale of intoxicating drinks on the Fabbtttb. They therefore look upon it as n matter of the most stringent necessity that their dram (-hops, both large and small, should diecon tinue to vend ardent cpirits, 4e , on Sunday. Iu the Sixth ward not a single place is reported, and this may be raid to be an extraordinary fact, as this ward has not heretofore enjoyed the most exalted reputation, either (or the strict observance of the Sabbath or the morality of a portion of its inhabitants. Hie Fourth ward also shows a decrease in the number of p'aces reported as selling. 1'robably the good exam ple displayed by h?r sister wards has had the most de sirable effect; at any rato, she is gradually getting into the traces, and wo may scon expect an euMre reform on her part. The following is a statement taken from the Mayor's office of the number of places reported in each ward : ? -d ward, 'i 11th ward 4 ad " l i"tu ? * i ?Ith " 15 lH'h " 3 7th " 1 l?tU? 1 Uth '? 3 ? ICtli " 1 To'aI U'J In the 1st, 6th. t,Mi, 8th, 12th, lcth, Uth 1Mb, 16th, aotli, 21st and ?'id, not u tingle report appear*. LET'iKil OP MAYOK WOOD TO HON. JOHN WIIKKLKK IhGINU COffOki::J8 TO PAPS LAWS TO PltKVENT 1 UL IMPORTATION OF PAlTKitS AND OttllUNALS. Mavob'h Omen, New York, i'ub. 26, 185S. ITON. JoilS \\ JfKFLKR LtAK Ml!? In repli to jour ln.|uifjsi respecting the IX. giant, lately in confinement in thin city, 1 have the lienor to advise that they are no* at liberty, an1 beyon l the control of the authority*, except ao far ai tbey mijr lecomo aim uab'e to our laws hereafter. Judge UooMivelt, of the Supremo Court, relsa.ed th?m on the 24th Inst., and they are now at large, whether for weal or woe, rr mums to be wen. I reflated thin proceeding, and hence am conno'o.iH of baying discharged my duty. However much crlrce or f"h In *u "Crt'4'e'1 "m0n< UH in con,*,iaence I fhall fetl no aelf-.eproach. I cannot, ns rerthelo.* but exprf hi regret that tbey should have been ?o summarily at thi. time. I neTer CounielM thofr detention id pii*. n, but ndvued that they aboold bo re turned to Antwerp, and but for thU .pplication to the CourtH, they would have been now on their way thlt'ier. Their discharge In this manner wiU, I fear nuTli-y mv to prevent the immigration of crimin?N and pau tlmt the ^urt?!uf.rni n U the fact "i' *U0 voortu neiena their lotro'lurtinti ? ?? ..n a "tb?r tlc" Ur?ft"' to eour.toracUhU An n^I ? . i'p0n V "n'1 wMI be entirely futile u*y Dot ,4nd Will be met by enjiie gling tLem on shore, when, if arrested and Imprlaoied * wr.t ol babea* C'.rpui s-ts ttem ut lil>ert v to rionn.' date upon our 1 tm aod property. It ro*y nut be known to jou U at verrj extern*,? Dr*. paratlonaare now beinj mad* in (>*r?.any. in Ii<lrium and otter nat'm* ot h,nro|.u, for further exportation tbeaameclaa. ?f p^,,. trry movement. have been ?o extensive, that the can tonlal government* are n;iw Ii al.latine h? to the rl,I?n est and bent mode of eettlnr them a^uy "P A sipjju'sr feet in eonnectiou v.- th fin r.nhiu _ of the town, and village, of ttriand^"? ^Zlll nal inducement to tho baniflhment of t ie;r oat'im I, n r ? Unds "U'1 'or"kt- >eloui< to the com MO or' to 7tioVr*j?D' n,*4nc.eVW0u'1' ?,ool,,'t n value to ooor to 7ihj fiancs per individual The l.?cal ...thori. i .'nr itT l>"ve a double object in ge'tir,.- r:-l of tue poor Ibo txpouf# ot their Rapport, and ol th? ?- r tin < f ??teir crime, are rot enly remove 0 ever , r f r' * ory i Ijitwct of those r maium, " uacn-H. I by getting nd of so large a p..rti, a ol the pemj|?Tion niti c ?1 statement, .how that in some of the "strict, I. Th.?I *ubfis< bv publK ^ua n,i, - I P "If- pre (rvalion fr'om the evil* .,f "f1 *nd I'aupcr immigration, revominende i br me are fully untWood in Sw.Uerlan'd Z "muJS ani c< nimunts are far more iealoua of th.-lr own loc2 fu??. , even against ?-ach oth< r, than we have nbown our avlve* against foreign natlona. n.>trd*U^r ?'<**?"? I " ?r,e canton i. not p,r En V b*??# ? resl^tnt ?f another can Wn. Kve.y one visiting into another canton eVen uo \';i ,"f lr;,k,"K f"r '? cl?"ly wVbed M ?'?"portu ?nd pa^r, wju, ?h<cl> tbev must alViv. ? . i 4'r,ent> '* 'b# rate in Germany A'une .|?r.> ven other s,0 i boring Mate without a anl other Rqulaite p^p. rs; and if he l? fojnl U> bo d. .ti??M? ifoi on tho Wdsr. of a rouutry cvrv o,.? * ?'ndal|" "lH1 "f 'U"n'7) ,ie in "Cdiftt^ly t rde ej l,a"k 7"r ' J ,,ecr?fy. transferred forclhlr l.ack-bv the ebi'rge'. " b> ">Ur,n* wi" t"'?w>e a p iiiiie Ti is appears to te 'he domestic poliry of trie* t jwarrti ,u, h ?thsr, but whoP h^ever n , ccimpunctiortA ot oobBc er*e ? or r*??arfl for n ir'ri .hi. trsnsferrin, ,he,e ont. a.;,' to our c?re Ho VJf.r"/ " ^1' V " from the of dan^rou?^ '? X'ra,kal(!?, rr?\tb' -sfflifflft end*1 ;estr, r,fi' this aviiy ii .it. v , . I roifct ourtelvA* from Willi evllr ike< this deoUion protect us from , tv not the efloit? of Hie cltv . - Are ?opjrfirt from tbecoartN in a matter of ^n'l ,"B" in.p. M.nce to the ?(,p "" " '"???? i. ?r.f " .^r - 'TJ of th"* cU' '*7, i" tne(r pre.,.n, Jury would ealfthe pSb "c '?ttenUon"' to*themir?i?3 ,37 js-s-a orrv; mate^ were of foreitn blith tvi.iu gfe Jsar. ? ?3S be o mpuratirtly l,ght H hiie ws , ^.^/ we ^po.^ Tlie number of alieu psaaen er. wh-i arrived *? <hi. port U?t year was yiO/.ZJ. ol which ??(. were rl! m t ermany and .Switzerland. frnn> ?,?nV-b2erT*#U"? *?"' e*|jeri?nee within the past thr-e . rrr. rcwU ro* to tb* ?h.t u Jii . rtion f the emigration from tbe?e eountri?. that o ir L.t.tnt.on. are to rweive greatest shock, our , Ki?A,sr' ??' "x" s Hazujasi'r"' ""v"'" "? f"p? eon??y but' It ia'*t T/ . C*i1"1 ? W*"iD* '? like I he Hsl.tlJ. i to that portion that I alluce, who, " *?* in ISftrVia'rfw- T1 ,h.0U-aa'1 f"untl their way her. u> tb.- Zwofw? rr:i.dl.r#;tl-v1f:,0'1' ?hi" whether our authorities hill ubt!o1 ia*t.on iniprlvon the? Wrw Jr."!. DO, Ul* *?m*r ^ *?P*I or la known i bro?'.l it,.# ra,*' w* 00t loo* for wu?n It ;>?]i ??"V< . -r.tof municipal regulntloua' **? '' ??' ?" Th? pro*.* of onrprisoas an I almnho h. now bwome simplide<l. T&- (? rei.? *'n,,f">u?"* h?" dr. .r -? to rid ltMlfoltbi.Ljr.i7n'? ?b? I', or ..ulT,, eo^X '^V ^V" torner at tb* p.,rt in tbi* .ountry where U L . ?Od Arit i. taken out, ar. 1 ? tb* ZZV^V. In view of th? fact.. I ne- i not a '.| thit u i .< is den anded without <i.lav. to pat a st- ? 1 1 ,f'iV < ' rgre.. w II do S. ,: etl lrg ,or u. VTL If-.L ' h"r sene.1 la no better or m .le en.-. 'uai mincer w e*n r< .pect. the wrlfsre ol Oie pwjils * Vtfy reipectfo'lr vonrs, VOUtASLO vrrxil) M.yor. w .. . , , T?* COMPJ.aiM W,OK. Mr. sl.ebehbai.aer eoruoirt'r 4 t!.-.' Mr ii,lh. ?he (table KOOMeond cv?auet niiowod tbe to run wn te over the sl<1?".i! r ?!.io? th? ' "ster mo>t impoe.ible m adnelgbb ' t ,, , V * '' w **"""*? "f ,h? *?>$>????' ntli a ?n). l*' Ir iiai'I eompla ns that t1 e va . ? L r? ... ,1 .? I.'tth 'Ublli s-reet. I tw". n '.,0,^...* ^ I .(tb a\snue, fencing, a. tb. ? are a . .-dcs ... 1! the n,fn rr tilth ,nd TutW.1,. K. <Vr-r i t rir-i?'' ?"* Hit tb# Ittrfft (OmiMllIt L t mm mm 1" ? ? Bitby .no nnMk! hy e^Slt'w. g,,^ ^ ^ kind* beipg iepoalM tberdk'n by the nr-?npmti of the neighbo?b< o1. Refarred to laxpectur. Tnnt the Croton pipea rrnnecting NojL A anl 10 Bnar y fitiwt ir? iu a b?il condition, the cjiik-at* continually overflowing tho eljewallri not) the baaemeata of the riiphbora. Referred to Captain Ditchett, of tbc KourtU ward That ? Dutrhra?a, at 120 Eigbtlr *v,-nue, throws ^ ei and garbage on th* tidetralk anil In the gutter. M r. Hetty c nplataa that tbe Cr<?<on Hue cf a>?gvi, rtinnirg from the Cioton Heaarv oir through Ilro.adwivy to >ult<>n fury, have their atepa behind ant 1 ataire* too high, aud tl.ut tbe aame mo very leronrenient fvr the pu'l c, and Lope* they will be requested to alter tic .wane. Bkliaid Conway complain* that Are engine Op. No IS > rew tl eir engine on tbe walk of tae rmnpltinmt, an t danaped the atoop und railing to the amount of $fl. liene Co. Mo. 14 wan alxo in cottpany. Referred to Chief Fag Deer. .Ii ?*pb Ogden, r,n Pitt street, made a aimilur com plaint of the nam'.' companies. Same ref>? >nce Huwh Magiire, of 14 I'.tt street, ronvj*4 * n ? that tho I'rotou water la allowed to run want* ?t 1? Bilge atreot rnutinuully, everllow'ng the nidwill; an-1 insling t'n walking exceedingly I'anjjerotiH. t he oc'irpaat* of ?<H bouse throw filth nod garh?a? In tlie jura, making the **?>? a pt'ileet nuleance. Referred to thel'olice Captain of tl?t ward. K. Jiventlial, of 47t(Sraad Ktrett, complain* that the WIllMt ?treat, both front and rear liuilditgit, are ia the habit cf throwing anew bulU, atone*. Ac , in through tbe * hxlowa of 474, thereby breaking tbe panes or glnea, furniture, hie , and aubject i ii c the oeuupHnta of said bouee to e?|H>nan ami inaon veuience.l'apt. Ruaaell, of the 1'ou? teen th ward, ootiUed. The (m? of the SUIrt Sewer*. AK0TI1KU COHI'LAINT AOAINHT TUK MM IIIWdK - IXAM1NATION BEKOKU JI'STICK OHBOKN. Hie parti** made their appearance in th* Mayor'* office about half-past ten o'cloek yeiterday morning. Mr. Davis, Jr., and Ml** Davis were accompanied by their lawyer aril fire or *ix of the icamitresse* from their shirt manufactory, in the second atory of Ho. '2H Warrea streit. I!< fore their arrival, another poor woman nult her appeal ance at the office, ami coinplain?*l that the ?aire honi>e owed her three dollars for shirt* which she liad made, and two dollar* shnhad deposited with them aa security for the material. Hie following ia the affida vit made by thia woman: ? Mayor't re, City anil Ccunty of AVu> York, u. ? Maij (iilroy, of 244 Mott atreet, bein^ duly sworn de piers and ssj*. that she hat hoe a working for the store if John Da via S. Son, mikit g ihlrtn; that on commencing to woik for fa;d store, she wan required to loave a liepoi'.t of two dollars; that on returning her work, at various time*, ?be wen told by Parah Davi*, now here, on depon ent demanding money for the work, that they had no money ; that during the time she ha 4 worked for aatd g', she );is onlj been able to set money on two occa sion*, when she got $2 at each time, anil deponent ha* frequently demanded of said Sarah Davis a settlement and a return of the deposit, but the saui? was at each time refused; deponent further says that, finding it im possible to get a settlement, ?he took out Rome work, a (*07.1 n eh rts, and has I cpt the tame for a week in order to enforce a ?ettleroent from the part es, and for t!?at purpose has been to the stoic twice during the said week, but Mittlement at each time wu denied; and there Is dim to deponent, as the bel.< res, from said parties, about (5. MAKY Gli.KOV. Sworn before me, Feb. 20, 1856 . B. iisshkmi, i'olice Justice After tbe foregoing iiffllavU was made out and sworn to. Jui-tsce U*borne called tbo parties before him. The lawyer here came forward and addressed the Juitice in nlatun to the churge preferred against Mis* Sarah 1 'u via, of the shlrl manufactory of A; Hon, No. 28 Warren etre#t, second story. Thia matter, said he, has reached that stage now that It must be met by thia house. Here 1* a case if another woman, I understand, who obtained uorl. from the parties before your Honor. When she ha'' the work finish* 1 she eime and demanded her pay, and said unless her money wai given to her rhe would go and pawn the articles. Now thaae gentle men (retiring to the repot t?rs) may have their sympi thies excited but I say that in the pre** of Saturday they have given an un'a r account of the matter. We muff meet tlie-e clia:gc\ and <!esire to have a fair op jK.rtt uity of rimoviig the unjust imputation* which have boo ca t upon this house. Justice Osboru*? We I, sir, goon, and a fair opportu nity will be given ycu. We ha mi notuing to do with thu numbers of the press? that u another matter. What do you v.ant to prove t lawyer ? I want to prove that this hou^earouo'Wr the nccvShity of d< mantling a de|<u*it aa security for the work given out. T will olTer evidence ou that po'nt. Justice Osborne ? Well, proceed, air, but I will bo obligid to ru'e it out at tbe c.line of the ease. 1 awver? i Wish to give as evidence the tuaUuiny of Mrr. Malener. Justice Oxbornr ? Well, let us hare it I awyir ? 1 will prove thu gem-rat practice of requiring diHSila Justice Osborne ? I don't want the general practice. THs is % specific charge, and there Is no evidence you have as j?t produced to shake the facit in the cas?. Any going to w 'iliadi-l tbo gtat< moot made by this Wi man I will receive. D*vl?, Jr ? I would like to prove that the custom w? have pursueu for a number of years has betn carried out in this case. lawyer ? I certainly tfciuk your Honor. In view of thy charge being i n-? or lalse pretences, will receive t?sti irony to show that other boutcf in town demand depi sits from their work girls. Justice Osborne? well, I have only to say that, if you have bo fur'her testimony to olTcr, I will close the cat", and I w II requite the part es to give t-KW bail lawyer ? Well, then, your Honor, I have got a youn^ w< man here to cxamin*. The yojrg women came forward with great reluctance, having at Cist refused. " Hut jou tnu *t come up to he i worn " said tbe lawyer, " no matter If you hava com punctions against It." Sbe was tb?n sworn, and test! hed as follows;? My name is Ann Brady: I live at .'i5 \ andewater street I bare worked at Mr. DaviV three years next June; they employ a g"otl maoy operatives romt times they give six, and sometimes a do/.?*n shirt*, where they are well acquainted with the person: to en sure the safe return of the woi!<, they <Vmaod two dol lartdepisit; I don't recolh-ct when this young woman cmne to demand work ; I was th< re on Krlday, wh*n she i rouffht tadi tre *orl I cannot >ay what transpired the niach'nes mid" such a noise F hear I Miss Mavis ceu plain that th>- fhirts did not alt right I dj<t not >ce the work ; 1 heard M!-s Oavla say th:?t wh< n the work was returned properly done |4e would give her bee* the two dorter* 1 did not hear the younj woman aay any thing about ? lie work; I don't l.n iw that she refused to a>t> r the work. The next witress callej was Marrsret Bjrne. who testifle-1 a* foil .w* --f went firit to l av s' on Monday eMnlng for work, whtn Miss Us v in der andi a deposit Of ?'-';1had only one, hut -lie rea aired tJ ] w?nt the next morning with $2 and re ieiv?d Wink which I brought back on Thursday; they then united it the was given to MMel'avis: I w?nt with the sort on Thur*d?y and they were dl*aati*fl*d , Miis l<*% i mid the box m wa* texi fall, the collar was not teeed en well, and ?he seemed to Una a great many fault* it. I took the shirts homo and dil tbem at I thou/i t would please heir; I brought tb?m back on Krlitay '< rcuoe n; one of the bottom hand* of tbe boaom was a small b t abort, and she gave m* a new one to put on cemplalning that she could not hare any patch**, 1 don t k n <w bat it was my own laall; I eut it, and it wa* a bl? mish < n tfce ehirt, bat 1 altered it afterward* she gave me ti.e ' and and I put it on ; she didn't M*m pWssed that I shonll put it on in the a'ort, at east I thought lo; to I wept to a plica ia Kaat Broadway, an 1 put it on th*(e, I krooght It bac' , and she found fault with ? again, and said she wouldn't pay me the tJ till I got it right. Jo the Ju<i;e ? I offered to Mis* l%vi? to give up my cla ni for pi) if th> y would give mo back tny two dol lax* tl't ea'6 they would not give it. and then offered to seil mi the ehiito for (i'ty six oents e piece; hat I 1*1-10 t want to a < ti fy Wouldn t At my Uusbaml tbey d.<l not ? ay ? nj:.;ln/ aU.ut pay og no for the ?hlrt that wss well i'ot?e; Viist ila vis said she wonld not pay me the t - ui til at.< li t ir.e aa I fialfhed the work. Ileie tbt lawyer restotl the case, snd Justice Oab^rn ssid thot b* would not give hi* decision till to m?rrow (this) morting. 71- I*w jer? 1 t e!'ev* there i* another ease a/ainat the ssiri" t.< use before yoor Honor, and If ?o, we wish > sa? tbi. t w^ an- r? *?ly to meot it. Just or " litro? I am not ready for tbat caae yet, and n the eater, 1 will render my dee isioo to norro# mora iny. Ti e jsrin ? left the effies, and no tbe matter re-ts till ten o'clee k thi* mom ng Ktre* In few York. II RltOADWAT. Ytsterdoy morn ng, between 2 and 3 o'eloek, a ftre ws distovsrs 1 in tbe second sU.ry of the bulldiag So tM Rr^adwsy .ppoelte the Metropeilitm Hotel. The alarm wa* nrit given by a female, one of tbe lomatea of the i fi?i>n ( ftwvee. of tbe Kunrtaeutb w ? rd, beard toe alarm and horrted to tbo house. <H> going to th s?. end story be forced open a door lea ling to a middl res m, wh'B bedlsiorared the flaio??, apparently In a closet tbe smoke, however, rashed oat too thick to aPow him t' ? nter th* roemi. The fire alarm w?> given, wbi h ace o bre-'.ght the aid '.f the- firemen and In 'be covrs-' .1 an houi : :. ? hi* was eat.i gu. -lied, bet. re it ext*od?d bevond the footed atory Tl:e preml-' a waero tiie Sr? orlginnted Were oe- up ? 1 by Ma lame l? Voso a Krwnch milliner, whov pr (erty was a total lost She Ual aa intui*ri<* of !? JAIco i.i t stewk, Ac , iu th K> : > re Ic rai s Company. Th* flrst flo jr wa' 'ia : apiod by Mr De?r< n t'ii p anof.nte establishment liis lu ? It pf n ciyally by wai'r, ! * the . mount s n< t y.t e-t mated He f i? ai< is- ? u . of bi.WKi oo h i ? -k id tbe ."it, Nitl.o'n ImuiM - e - in.,**/ Thu bo i ? was fori ?? rl r the rea' 'efics o' .ti ' n ' ?? A*t-)r. Afur hi* dea'h a was en 1 1 'led fir eereial jtar" bf '... late Thos - f it. i ly tiriMlCTH hhtiflly alter X o' io-'* e>n Hunday morn n*. a Rre hre?ko Wnt in > OtObls Wsn.'Xj to Jo i i >r, sltiia* ?nTwi l' . ,li Arret, n er 'li U't o il iu safity, t-sl toe f bu' '.r.g til coneoia X. ? ??t 4fea;t Ti-* Uurse* ?er? cn'ent '. t^?e*.t.?; with th ' ?*e?l na'.t J at a'Krat t '*) THE LITE PtGILltfTIC EYfOtTtER. ? ? Poolr Oat of OaiigeiwKsrHliiK CUmh< after Ltukri? Mori I *<?->- Under Airt'il-%'iuNlk >("> In (he Clljr, <k, V??t?n,?7 lh? gresteft excitement prevailed '.brw??W oat tli* city od t'.n aubjaet ef th? Ut? f arful ?oc<rj>ut?r among the pugilists iu )lroa4way. Inject, it was ?t BC*t the ?Dl? topic o( couier-ation, and every icenrf j of The alfrny wu* rea 1 witli grvnt aridity. 'Iho *cene ??f the faacas, Mnnw 1 Hall, wax visited during the day t>y crow !h of people anxious to tee the evidence* of the light in the holes im le by the piatul shots in the par tltioa ?a>x. in tlii* counter. Tbe iwesit ontral c*?iy re port* weps ia ctr;ultfion ax to th? condition of l'oolo and the whereabouts of linker. At ?se tints it be tiered that i'oole was diod, ? ruuior lotliat effect lteing current in the lower part of the city. is nijfht, hawever, it wan ascertained that hi* pliyaic'ao, l>r. l'ctnam. proueunced him >ut of danger. It appear* that the pinto! wa* net held directly againe* bio breast, but inclined to a alight aiiijle, and tbo ball, instead of entering bit b<?ty directly, struck against a rib; and. a* it ha* not been to and, the presumption ia, it' bounded back, uml wee lout in hia clot hen. 'I he wound bait l>oen probed by tlu) |>llyalci ill*, and tbey are satisfied no ball I* in his body. The wound m hia leg ia found to be a most serious 1 one, and will, should he reoover, render him a orlppla for lite, ax the ball pns*ed through the socket of the knee joint, In lurh a manner a* to reuder it i np >s*lb)t> that It could cvtr be wholly healed. The police are now actively in pursuit of likkar, the ex policeman, who fired the piatol ?ho* into I'oole '? body. It was Mid that in th< nv>rning he bad been I *e?n in Harlem; ar.d a numlier of rumnn were alloa*. aa to hia whereabouts, none of which, aait afteiwarda ap- I peared, turned out to I* correct. We learn, from facta in the poa*e?*ion of the authorities, that Ilaker haa j betn traced, or '?piped," as the police term it, from the tirco the aflray occurred up to last night. It appears that immediately aftir the occurrence, llaker w.ia taken to Johnny I.yng'* saloon, curui r of (.' ntreet and Droadway, where it was ascertains 1 he was severely wounded In two rdaees. lie was eut iu the h*ad by a 1 piatol shot, which was not, however, very severe. An other hall took eilrct iu the thigh, snd glancing upwards, ' entered hi? alxl< men, iudlc'.iDg a severe an I dangerous i wound. Were It net that tue fold of bis ahirt In tome mei Mire prote.-ted his person, the ' abot might have terminated latally. It is understood : i that 1 i Clark ollii latea as his phjshian, but will not 1 . Inlorm the authoritlea where Hker can he fouod A ! careful watch haa been ke|<t on all hi* frlenda, and the ; place* they frequent are noted down. Krom informa tion received yesterday afternoon, these is no doub'. but ! that Ilakir ia aecicteii soinewh' re In Canal street, be tween l>r< enn and Sullivan street*, but the pre -Ian house i* not yet known To day willd jabtl?ss see him arrest ! ed if he does not give liiuiself up to the authorities aa I be i* likely to do, since Poole ha been declared out of i tfsnger Turner, who ahot himself in the arm, ia repotted t> be in A dangi rou* condition. 1 he shot took ellnct in Uu elbow J'dut, tcaiing it In riven, and causing a <-oin|>oi;ol cotrnjunited frfictuie of th? arm, the bones holii* aid t in every direction. Hia condition, in the oi 'nion of tlii pbyiirian* attached to the police office. I* auch as to for bid hia being removed from Ljag't, to whi'h place he was taken on the night of the encounter, Infteiul of t i the Tombs, aa Inten led. A large posse -?f tli-? Hlxth ward police are iu attendance, to guard ajaioat any ut teapt on hit part to escape John Motrisaey aurrenderv I hiin elfywtercuy to pili ? [ man Kue, the officer who had let him gotSatuvd ir ni?h* lie saa taken beforu Justice l'eareey, charged witu ooin nutting au aaaaull on the person o( Mr I ? i. ' in of th> proprit tora of ritanwU Hall, auu was held to hail for ih atim of II (K)0. It I* UD'l*rstood tliat t;ie >'?ileU'.e taken In this ca<e before Ju-tiC" hrenuan. on Hal. iff last, ha* leu a< nt to the Mettict Attorney, to await th? 1 action of the neit <!r*n I .lury, which will *it the flr-t Monday in March, There will, therefore, he u > furllnr exam i. at, on of the witnesses until lndlc'menta are , ; found again ,t the offending parttea. TO T1IE KUIIOH Of THE IWUI.D. Nkw York, I ill. 2d, 1IU. Aa I have been oil le th* lub^c t of a tlio i-.*n t itit* inrnte, lit rather inleatatenn'nta. In the public print* In ; re<nr.l to th* r*c 'Bt (raui* In lJro* lway, ami 1. m b#en , Dm'* to tl^uie an the principal ami initigatoc of th>> i bl'"0'ly m? ' e, Iclalin** an act of juatico trial you ad | m t u> joo* *: liimoa my liriaf explaualiaa of ttia cirruui Htm, h. Almo' n|n* o'al.i.'Ji mi Hatur liy eventn* I wm at ?tanwlx Mali taking lupnt-r. While t li <* r ?? Mr. I'txilo ami tutw'lf bad a violin'. n'lercatl'in, which, boworer, did rut result In blown. To pro n nt ? ccllieion *t **r? arroteil 'lfc* officer having cbarif of me took m* an far an tbe corner of Broadway anil Canal *i r??t, whore h> reliatal Ma, taking the M*pon*lbllif v of my appear in? noil amerrlng, on condition thut I ehoul 1 mini* uiaUlj fro I nine, ami apfM'ar in court at eight o'clo-k ..n Monday morning to answer my cbarif that m.^'it b? brought agnn't in*. Mr. IIj I'*r, who lire< in tli?* whete thi- dl I'urhance occurred, iei|ii*it*d in* to accon I p*rj lilm 'o bin room* 1 ri piled tliat f couMnot do M. that I w*? under arr-at, had pr'.miaed to go bom* in I w*i fearful of a renewal of the iMllctiH/ ahould I re turn their. I tt rn nt on"-" won? home and retir-1 to bej, While I wn* in hnl th!* bloody en'-oiin'-T t.ik pl?ce Ihcllrat intimation i h *i1 of tho a(T?.r wa? com munlcated to lec by an Individual ?ho -ailed upon me the M-'.t morning, and relnt"d all that happen- ! after , my ?m?t Ail the acc< nnta tint fcnte hitherto appear'' 1 bold me n aponi.Me foi all the blood sb*d an I ilang?r In'iurt d, wh'rra* I wa? In be ' n?le-p M the time, t nd am a^ In nocont of all bHine in th ? initter a< if I h* I n?t been u olatrr'*. JOHN* MoRRH-iKV I'. .u ? 1 ?ee It ateted In thi* *v-n!ng'? Ksprru t " rat one off 1 ?t 1 ? ed arreted m* tblj morning at the I?y <<r**n. I'bjVv ?i*.rtlon la falaa. I ? i tared myn-ff ' up at e'gbt o'clock tbla moro'nir, uceordlng to promla*, to olEo r Hue, to anaeer any chaign that might l?e btoaglit aptei w> J M. TO TUB KtlTOIl Of TIIK IlKIUI.n. In iiotlcibg my aBi lavit In yiur | ap"r of t > day, yon n.entii n ttat ' Johnny l.yng ' ?* cama Into tin* ; uuwi < Ckloon " with ISaker, Turner, and o.liera. aa I ill 1 not mentlnu Mr. I.yng'a naina, 1 ili aire you nhoul I correct tbe >Ut< im nt n )Otir paper. Tu? man a nmne i? ? )[ mMm I j un " C. W. CAHTBSLL Thr Allrgrd filava Caw. ff IT) D ?rATKr*C0MMlK?l01IKB'S COt KT. rt?r 'mr tf mi rum wnioiwwiri larwiin tni m T?P rTATt ? lilKTKH r AT?i.|lN?r? ift TH* VDKT1 01 ? I>fi.r? lieorge W Moiton. F.?q. f~rn. 21. ? TKt L'nittd .*?'?/? i? /larfholwv) /llano. ? 1 Ibia 'aee ? a? raaumad thia mortiing Mr Jobn AriUwn ami Mr. V . 11. Antlion a(paar?<l for tha defemlan' Mr. t liarle* Kdwarda appeara<l for Mr. Kigtniero, t b ?? 1'i.itugueie Conaul, aad explained that Mr K. bad not I tefured U? appear aa a wltneae, but that he bad iceraly i laimed, a? looanl, the right ettttdfd to the moat fa tored nationa, that he bad tha privlltga of not being i iin ined eicept < n hi* own romH-ut, but that to carr/ out the <-???! a of juatiea, t e wai alwaya willing to appear, wbi-n | n jerly re^uea'cl, which being the care on thia occam' n, be came forward in ac?or lance with the re<lu''at ? f Mr. McKeoa the Mutilcl Attorn*/ of tlr Lolte'l hUtea. Ibe folitwirg correspondent* w%a then read ? Con-i i.atvi I* rami a i or I'oKr mL i Nrw Y'ihk, Kei 7, 18.'/.. ( Jottx M< Kl?W, Fmi, I oitail htatea Attorney for ihe futbtm IHitrlrt < f New Yoik ? ^lr? A Iiiwiodi, p ir |i>rti>( b< la Uawd by tm* e/?urt and mgm-d hj you, dated yent'ri'ay, baa >???? pre.<-n?e<l to m* thl' 4*j, liy wh'th I am eotnatandad to ap^K-er to morrow, th- 4th o>tant hefi re the 1'tlM .""ati-a CooiiniMloner, a? a | Wtlneaa in tt.e ra?eof the ( nl'.e I St a tea of Ameri' aa<alnat II Hlaoeo I beg Nay* t^i aay that ? having th* honor to hold t? e situation I do? I cannot, nor am I permitted to. *b*?nt my??lf frt m my ollica, wy.i-re coatlnued con . ular i uti?? retain me. Heaidea tha tenth article of j the maty between I'trtugal and the I'nited Statea pr . Tide* tHat con?ula, *?ce omaula, ae*nt* and tornmU- | ear ea (dul* appi>'nt*d and re;?i?*'l) a .all enjoy tb> i* me |ri?ilege, ao4 powira a* tho*? of ibe mo?t farare<l nation. 1 1 ? ronventlcn between the l'nit?4 fta*-* an! hal' e (reepec'iBrf ? aaula; a'lpnlatee In It* tbml (*r foil ' '? aiUele aeci nd in et pre*' t- rb", that "io*nl< an I ci naular pupils iha'l be eiemptel from be nt eompe lied u> appear aa w.toeaaee. It folio w* that aooaul* ef for ?.u^al ara likewlae eiemo'eo Horfftheleoa, 1 1 it o* a* 1 c?fea*? te the ? nde of juat'ee tha', I *houi I he i<it*rro ^at*( in the matter In lueetion, ii ]? ? will autfi"- r- a | ror. m aeiooer to cell at my o(T.i? I ahall be h?; pf thna ton*?t your rlew*. Verj recMctfnily, ytr < ?? eat .-riant C II h 1/K I.A ?!<< AMIEiUi, <.i,i, Mil Oeoeral of I ortvgal in th* ' n '? ?! -I ?t#a CoHMLaTX bnraai I or for.T ?<: ? Si V. Yoiil V- 1/ Jl 1 ' ) Jot' a M'Kuni. ^e<? , tnM*d t*i i l> tne| Att K#w Y' rk ? Kir?T>.e fttfi j Kttra'.r lir.irj in i M n ? t I1eni(0 ml a.-y r.f furUgal, fcaa fad to is- > * "? ? i in a', en reoal red from the f>epirtm?i.t .1 ?' I Hull lll'e. 'a tod * >J l>th kBet. ,li- " r of ' ( whi'ii appear* tke lopar'm n' iu>U "?en In <?*. ? ttat I !.??', aa f'< r *ul <;??n*r*l of I'ot' i(a' ??' ? ' ?? die* nia'?r al -ti.letce !or the pi<rt?** te c^ntnirt the ? ?'in n.?"*t ? m of )<i?U e aod to ahli '. : 1 1>I r y - nt 'rem l aialia*nt A* the afnw**l4 In'xoi' ?? ?? I | eljr r- it I# pra#oBM?l dertrd frori you In eonae i , aroceof the t tpllnitqiy ItUor I ??" Iraeaed t/ ? .<? I the *lh t t ,| mutt jrotea' afiJait th? ?rr n' i* ?i ii . ?t n'.rai rdu-ary InUrpreta-: o 'if ti; ? Ur?'.<r 1 Mich ha* called ortb th* atiim^lrerti' fi ?>' tba I u . ?f ri 'try > ' Mate iBder Ike ? u ppoei ' n tl '? - L. | la t u tie el'a'.raLW t ?. ry.M f-n n?; ref'j at Ti i ? I ",?ai* re pi r< e ?r.f ??i'! letter an ' ; on will r t ? ' fiat ' la t.i't.' of th* < it" I l ata the ? uixir t, o> > i *u I In coaf?.ni t J to rtltilB| ' .-eu'loa, ll*> .?4 Vi te I n . . r I.. I iB.peiatltete ** ? wNoeea hut m, t *t tbe I tM'HM mli'l ? * -all M Una I, a ill.' ill *lli!t| ?r;y . r.' !?,' * an* " > ewd . w!'h ?*'d ?t pila'.'U* V< ? ' *???* U.J ??'? iolhle ','.*eti- ?,*, tad g:r. all ' ? f . -n*j I U I (***?? ib retfoct i > ? j tvje i*tate* va II. I Uaaco. I have the li'Lor t'? hp, ?i "i **rJl j . '.CpvUluilt . JUUI l?U > lent l#I vxot C. H H. I ?K I.A FHiANIKKO, Conaul (.enerai of Portugal. Pcitiiikji Di-tiikt o? New York I ( " fiit ict Attorney * Office, Feb. M, ltoS. / t-n ? . ?. A i va ii'ef I b? i tli? honor to reoeiv* jour l*t I ter, beai.n.'ltai* 'lie '.'lot it at. whett a tubpona wart ifMitil ill u< & ct' tie 1'iillr ! hlatu agaii -i Itiauco. directed to joi to npjw ?r an a witoea- uB th?? Nth day of lebrtiarjr lu-t , yiu did ant cor ply with the requisition {?ul ?< <ir?. i lnti.'r lavliicli ;<>u kok !!?? ?r . unl (til i< (Vinkul UAi'ii! jtilli *>r? not Imiii't In ?i 1 * kKiii ?* You * <?o it * I that if I woulJ appt'tr at | yonr i/Hi r> and |n</?unJ Infrrrogat'irl'a you woul.l ?s ] ?vcr lack quaetlou* a* might kepinperlj' put to you : 1L# qt eaticn flerfDM oy yvui Boo nttentaoceaa a i witn*? i we*. rim d jo ? or not !?# en led Into a court ot j and a? I il< < me ' !ho ni*tt*r of grare Importnnc J li rrpi rtiil to tbi State I'jpwticHt it Wnahington ;?>?! i mfufcal to ettend a. it iiintK, an 1 a'eo ene lined a ci |>y ' of w>ur litter to mr vetting forth the rn I h ? of eucb bon-nttendtrfee. It tow appetra tlnvt the Sioitw] of h"nw lia? cal>d the attention <1 the Envoy fcxtnurdii ?y und !tlni?t-r I'Mnlpo > t?ctiany of rcrtngal to tlio inbjtct. aod w!tli mh a ' linppv reeult, as to mdnci 101 to ?ltt.dl ' ?r jour ohj c (? I tiona t. attend betore the propnr tribunal ta aliifh t; e inveatiga'.1f>:' <? had according ittbe Ian ? *f tbn t'nifed | h'tate*. A'tf b thla not* j oa ?i!t Kcdrr t aabjxi m to 1 attend a* a wttnea* on Monday unit 2Ath lint , at II". M , when 1 !i ,,e to ban the i a .urn of meeting you. ' I Have the bf arv to be, ?ir, very ;?sj<ei tfiilly , four ob? dleit tcrvuu*), JOHN' llcKEO.V, United .'?'UtialH?tfii:t Attfcrnnj. Co: i l_4TI. U?"ii:r.4| ot foKTI o*i , 1 Sow Y.'irk, Keb 24, 1K.5. J .lolls M< K ki>k, ff.Hij . i u. ? .1 ; la'M Attorney forthii din I Kir? I bar* rtctivcd the letter j:m old iu - the 1 to write to me, tbue day, %od regret exceeding Jjr tii per* j ceiY? that 1 have the inMortuu* of n'^'expreneiug mj^idf | in a inann< r to h? In mj letUr of tbi 7th uut. , I did not t?Jie the gn.uud Jrnu otata, tual, ' a* Coimul lienerul of t'oi t ugft], I *?? in t hound U> ippek r an a wit ue**:" nor did I nt*'? that "if jou woulil cad at my ol Hoc I would aokwertuch ijuotionn you might pri paily put to me," nor i'ld I. In my Htibae.juent Intter o| tlie 'Jl?t i nut . "withdraw my object ion* to attend lie'nre tin proper triliUbal," In tbc a?noe you art pltvnl tncotney. ; Tbla perveraiou of tli>< meaulug of My romniunleatlona compel* me to twleai or tn be more eipli^it lt< i'i^ au 'i pirnaed, a* Conaul Goueial of Portugnl, to app.'ir m witneiH, I atat?d to you t b?t my nUictal dut e* retained my pr> nence at my office; moreover, that in my couaalar rapacity I w?? txeiupti*d Irom be ug cam|>ellal tjap- I pear, tuo <| not ?<1 the aril de. ol the treatlei micrem that , fkiriuptiou la ktipula'o<l: but olfcred to anawer, iu a for innl waj ? that N. a n w tuNa uuitcr oatti of enure"? j any i|iieaMoa put tome In rrapeet to the cmp of the I i.itid Statin v. II. Idnn' n In coimeijuenca <>f a d ? epatch receive'! from Waahuigton by thn I'ortuguiM. I,' Ration 1 aiire-ied ywu my letter ot Ike 'il?t lint , and referred you to my termer *fore?ald communication, reiteratl j ibut, im > Ir iu* of my office and treaty ati p i latioiih I dcel ai il to b? aummoned imperativi'iy? tnat ie, rulipx card n? a wttixai; but that, lu accordance with the** atipulatloni, I wan readVi willing, and even h> uml, to anawar any a 'uiiitMld* nu?f tii n, and give ail thn intni uiation you may thioli I poaeaaa in tlie livnti|ltiiia in qnaation, I tiuit I ahnll not, thla time, be mtiunderatooil and in ri'KHid to t tie Htibpona encloaed in tour let'or, I beg leave to Inform >ou Ibat It b* it.g eoiietird in Ihe euioe terian a- tlia former, and that having la d it before the Kovoy Kxtra ordinary and Umiatei l'|rni|Mit(niiury id Portugal, I have beeu uirect< d l?y him not to waive ha prlviii ?* I atcuied by treallca to coimula of I ortuval. unt I the i|ii<at ou lie iteiidid betae n t r. ? l'ortu*ii?ite legation and the United Htatva gi vernirent. I have thn honor to be, fir, m ry re pectluily. your ebeillen' aervant V. H. H. Id: I.A KIOANiKKB, | Comul (leueral of l'ortu>,al. K?i TiiifR? IiiwraiiT or Nrw York. I 1'. B ItieriiK-i Arroavir'M Om< K, I *b. 2i, Hft!t / fin ? Tlie con.irnmiratloii received by nut tint moruuig from jou pota your refueal to a' tend a* a wi'Lcai on a matter of n.ere etluuetUi aa to the manner of obta ola/ your atfeniiaiice I lie olijert of the 'aw will he anvwonxl lij your voluntary appe.nancn. Aa far a* I aw c>nn-t ne/ , I liave no per'Onal dellre to cotn|wl y ur atteBdaiiCr , I cannot under tan 1 that l>y your voluntary a^tcndalKe ' ..nd letfifj iv you W.U w?tve your ri;liia You un doubUilly wlaii to aaalet and not impede the action o( the gov> rtment of llii* ciuntry in the etc .' on ol tbeii lawe a/aiuat tbe a'ave tr:ide, a traflic.wh cb <!t noud'o t liy the iawn of Pt rtugal aa wall i> tlioi" of tli- I'nitwl \ Sttht IV run t n.e to a urc jou ol tic renewal >d iny fco(M' that ?e ? hull m?et on Vonday , at 1 1 o clo i. Met" ' t omniiaiinner Mi (ton, at bit nSca, at College pl?< a I he ve tbe honor to be Mr, >try N'pKl'ulif, yuir olw dlent arivant, JUIIN Mi KlCOS, I nited F'atea Itialr; tA'torn-v. , COM't l AT* OlMllUt <i? I'OHTI IUl I Niw Y"*K, Kab 2fl, j John Mi Kka* Yhi\ jt'nilH>-< IHatilct AH<jiu<( New York Wr ? ! huee tha honor to i-inKlfiM tu r?c?'|it <f jour tettav ol ? lie 24 th init , aou. ?bu? i U> < nevar pit*, n>y refuml to attand *? a (ItiMlog lb* ' mere'rr of etiquette," but In the form pre w Ik" 1 bylrtn:!**, I bet; to ray tlfat, n? your letter auSelrnt ly anions tf to a written iiiTitatlna for to* to a|i|i"i he 'on- tir CommUnloner Motion, .?t 12 o to ?!?/, I ?bull hare the to mart vou tliero, I hint lb* horn r lo bo, air, rrry re fully . u n' ?bdlen^ t-r vunt, If H !?(?; I. A JT'UMKRC, Connul Oi neral of I'ortii,'*! I X AM l*>'AT'i>s 01 Til) li III I'd! KHI CONSUL* V> ith < iplm *tion?, lb* !*? rlB ? ie"* (!un< I (i?u<v ml, C\ Unrjr Hteuait I'o Flpilm, wa? then i i to, anl depone I am in tli? MitruiMion huaine,? in '<ew Vork, pri%< ipalljr In the Importation of wiata of I' i,-?l nr. I I mnc: w* r?<eiv* ration prod art a fn i tb< *?' ro'ia tnra , at art agrnt* f' r < na hou'einlj wahaN.Q'tra raited any monayrf From parti- ? ahioa." I have b ) ma cry i'epo i|?(] with gi to aliip cm -oa* and furm-li -up |,l.ea fir ?? ?' I*, 1 lo not kn ?* that *r have e?*r , r chaaed tre**al?, we bat)' bought ?**a?'U lo 'ran<<*nl paracna I bate only pur ) ?? I one m ?.-l tha hri?< Nan cy , lor ui< ouut of I on i aim-tor da ra? 'to, l?nt f> jrtiary ci Marcli , I ti tar bail ?oy iatereal with nim in a ??? ?! h?f<re, the only t.rne I .teollaet aaalnK kllua ??< li au I i d Salvador la a ruilial of Cut, a 1 purcbaaad >i*i tbcoaji li thr nbip broker I retman ii < o I >il i not ?u;, pl/ hw, tL? mon if ?ai> i il . b;, i i? aiiil alUrwarla pa. I I ark by I 'oa ralVSdor ; I km Vil la ??* bm in Ki bt aijr lai-t Ullm he went to tl. ? -oaat of Afrit* in lb* Julia Muulton be waa in tb? balilt of turn lOf to R.J tlart; 4I " n . alia-ior al?> iik ! to ecu* Ui' r< I know |atno< ha c|><iaita4 mooM wltb ma lu Janiin/ la-t I aa>!tr?t*o>l ht waa lot#ra ! i d to : lii- Julia lii ultoi, 1| -d oo l<: n :? r for m*hia< ' l.? Jula Voi, lion Iba ?ltn*aa conUoua-l to enutnarai" c4brr buldaaial u.^kin/ uu ) aipatnliluraa or U<m I I rat heard of II a Miilati Ion batae"ii ttia 1 lb and '.I't of I ?? I'njOar, 1' I tbanbaarl Innn Mr I'aba <? - to that be bar! charter* I I. ? r I ka l I aball* ro a m Ittif to ll. e an.oiint of I. .CM n my naada I did not pajr a I. iLili ? for th? Te>?i-l I I I ? u lie ho bal U1' uejr ?r lb t?lli ir jUioi- i >io not know (lli/aer oer?r ?aw him lroa? ruarriiiie i by tha T I'trlet Atlomajr ? I pai l 'Im (tip^lDK, niaaler, tl a atrMiii.ra, of 'li? MiilanAui, but d i < t paj at/ mirb billa f< r the J ilia Mo illon i?r tha Hepatite. I <*.. r.ot know atlh?r OltcU; cr in ' irectly that the MUlandao eri^arai In tb? alara tra t, nil bafi.ri tha/ lef*. htra I dd notkn.a al>/tl..n( of an/ of the oth> r itxala radar r* 1 to be.r.^ in the ?la?? trade There ara t?o I oa al?a 'or? f? I ? tr?>. tb? d an in Cuba > bo r>e*l?ad tb? ?la?a? In not lie man I 'eat fled to kno?iait; ha ia aailker wrior I kte? tha ^aprtin Of 'ho fium >r,(ao , tha two lion Hal adera ara fathar and >oa I do nut kaoa who want out .n Ibe (> latnorjaii a< ? im r irfo, I wu\ t> to* Ilia k In bt r when ah* ?a? U> .n ! lo the total of Afr ca 'ba1 waa tha Br?t Im ah? oigtmi! there ?ar? many (renlUmni < n Kard "he ean.a back in dittreia thaoait ti? e ?he wet.t I di . not fo in htr. To Mr >dwari'? ? 1 bad at fan!* from Mr -"alrad/r <!n aa'jo r.or 'rrta (ba ? w nera of ll a N uef, iMit, Ai.vinra. or ai. *r??n ,i or ?n? of U? e ?? aeia, ha ern|toyeii in the tlai'tra a I aarrr .' ad fun ll of aor |.nrt/ to I . ?n pWjje'' 'or that purpo-e ? ilia l,ro.i<ht a latter to in/ of'.ee la d?Iiier to lam ? net!li?r dir?< \lj tor laoirt 'iy I a?a I had an/lb o* to :? ?.th 'ha eiar* btt.iiat' nii Mttr had >a/ 'onraraatir n with an/ of tt:r?? | ?r< ?? n r? la' n l? tbe ? are 'rada, ite tr.l.n. ty lor lb* lorerr.ineat i? now rltwl anl the raaa I ad,ouraa*t t" Wada**4a/ *b*-i Mr Au thro alii Mlt '? di?lo ?? 'b* r ? uipia a' Ptillrr lntetll|(rnre. C l> AI.'. I ft? OKAKP l AWl r. A et h i aint for |?ar A laroan/ waa aa>.? /*?'. r '?/ for* Jurti'e ! earcy, of tb* h*?oa4 dutr.ct poU>-* aoir'. hy th* r at of tfliliae t, V'aren* k Will am, of .' 1>*?*j a/tiMa' Wl I an htawart. Um ?.aa who waa arr**t?d a f?? da/^ a/ ' iarc4 w.'.h ka*pta/ 'a <>??r I'.nlt l.?.e?* at lib W?? "tf a'rew4 It M a >f?l lat tH? |M?,i rf *!< e/rroji't nante wko *?? ol p?lal pieura e'a'trt, ti ii * at $11', war* fonad at th* h'e.a* of At Mfconrr at *||i'?ri p'are Tm a-'aaat. ???? I* aow ia |r aoa at 'h* ? erti a Marku f 'le* e. jrt.waar* CMSli'ej in Aa tku,< of fraad Jare*wy g. $j i fakjj i<? ri(Acr to PhMA' b. Tit" aara- ?>?, r ? > ibart ' ?>>?* Jarob Ha-iar, a ad iaaM 'A ? ' m. ' e tiitli i in it ' ua'? lota^ haa*n??a at .N 1'; Mtil'a U ' i ! tl * la Ur at it? I'aarl t'raat, war* a:.-' t* < ? * ?, **" r<*ani ? '.b, >f t;.a k. war p, cm ,, ? ? -hari'el w ih? ear,t-:\ at of Wa.W R t ?? m, of II ' < a i ?' *', ? b?? r^r f'/aapirat ? m r ? r? ? " ? lit r ? T<lual at It' lit ?, n : ! - ' t er a. to j ?.*',% .a lafaait of ?, by Jut' e for.t.?Dy w'nlS* W'erth < n waa ba Ual oat a< J. 'aia'l ? In f l.'/.l, t?. a) awe. ( I IMI I r || Mil AM) . 1 air ' ' '?>? I a aa4 ' ai< Nit Mil * r* arrawlad n *? y ? ! * *, * !''a-a and Mayntor of IM Tb ? euro y i?e * ; ar(> 1 w'.Ui ha la( kUliriMil) ? at* d'ba < a'aatwf floi*?.o i "fa *2 Warrwa rtrtal ai;d ?WaMee Ikti'fM*) a kilo! Ha>aaaa lfcay were taktn t? 'ia* lUtka boaaa, aad l</tM ap ' ? at at. laailaa AW tUWI ? UIMMMtKLV HOI -r A ar*B aa?ae<? fbniaa I-raka waa arreaM at II Vrfc?-h <?- Mc t.; I, ' ijB4<ed a ' ^ lo( n| a 4 aar -er.y ho* *a, at No S l< aabalt areti, tb- f^<rt ?> imft" ?alf. lurtr'm Ikeua ??' wii ?? *?t 1 ' ? ff.oa r .'t edaa ' a tfi* c* * a; f<* ^ f all * * ' -- laa l?i an pt: {if ?"? ?at t , J ./t? ? Udn*"^ I.'ooiri of Ald*rif?rn> I rb o. Birtor, !?<)., rmlilMt, It tki tkilf ? '? * I ' : ?.f tl r !? ? t ??!? IMd Hill Bpprorrd ' ritmoiit* ?*??.* **i>. 01 t! ?? iu?ii l ? i M nf ('( t-i nny No. t a^alnat <li? t li^i ?' '!?*. I ' rtrint i . mpanlaa i I lunar ||?||, to b? f, oit> ? ju>-!|{??ut ?f ? |i ii m?io?t lilm for rioUtiB# ? c*r fO*. ,, "B on m?n . c>r Jna 1 Wrnlmta, foreman of 1 foa ' J 11 I ? 'K 1 olli?r lnruiiD, r\??lant uUi>| in; > t 1 ' '' " ?*! 'i* s runt co up iom tinw la *i I 5*M ?" * ????> "tin- m, to i.*v. * Cit/ IUU b;i It in k *" '"''6 '.I A I. niilh, to U???> Im ?>r linitrrl ri'Uling t? Ij?i I n#jr cotchai trunal*! . of ti>? I r?..i'i>?t * 1 r*l>n**n\at of II.. ?,?? York Mi# !>? par'-un-m aft ?io?t th? Common OouMll Ukiug any aMiao 1od#a*a? ** i cwnuiu now id ?iKUnn. J > t i t ;ca foi 1** 'I" ?oulh ?f Warian atraat, ntar(nlli<? p'V ?' " nrroKTK Aixtrrtn. la Infer of Tl* on .~atuui>l Oafool atvt irvra) ctfcfr p.wtfc S '?*orof eon. "run* wit>i tb? I mi pi of I'diinci'in % I'*? ^OJitli ??'' ollioi ?. a comniU?ic?*r . i.f k-* ?' ? '??<? of mneurri'iir to affirm a want o: ? rotlBCt I , ??uiMidk rn^ln# (or i ompauj No. ?;n III favrrol nui'iil "* 10 for building n borne foi ll< ? Cii V- V " ">.l Hook an<1 I*d<<<-r Nft h, ,a f??or of r. TalrlBf | v r?o 34 North rl??r; l* f?roro/ par leg mriHc. I trill* of i* '? Klmbnrk, l ollolt, m4 Ko won ull. r. f..r fi rtl.m "% ,","1 "f lh* V.r* l>rpiirtiii?ri' in faror A eoncurnng with th* ri'nirii to bttlM ? :i>h wfr* \or fc?f-oo 1 *' N'? of f*n ?, is Bnirrlo r to print 'I** I aw. * nil Or dinnaeoa, .. rrr.Mil, r-^C eoueii i ring to plar. im h imp it ..Ion < Vurt h in s?* ???"", ?*u **?* '.ti ih itn < t ji *r inflk,*|* AWrmta I ox p.?MatMt >?o.i?lj rirnod potl ttM n.liiiiir tin tin- t ?,! II Krr-? % 'op?u> lx? r.?oip?llo4 ti rim thru i t? m Ilia (Vttxfl "" l"rrjra,?rr U? tntuiflM, (ri in I* o r'o*k to 14 o' 1**^ nildBlfli1., aa4 rvrrj hour li< Di Hint Vbj* unti;'l<4 " IUl?rr?J W C'ofn?? on l**rr # a. A !?f r i n^ri fti.n.i. pu- ?i tH n ?lf fH? 1 1 1 i ?n (or inrt'^M d n? i uiQBMi'i.#!')!! on tht f?rrX? wtimb wa? hUo r*'ft (i|U M|fM*r l-4N?0f'M h* ? r???n)n4 lei ? ^4 'hi ? hi i? at tli? f?w t of IV.* ft "**ti *Uo U# ?i?l ?f p'fi ? N<??. 4(i kil l 41 >*?*! rlt^f '?# w wi fk ly mariv? >M?ut ? ?n I to ?>?? kj atuMi or?Himt?c0 a* tl ?? !>?'!, hu 1 Hilton market ji*/p4 !U(?rr?d in < ommlltf.* no Mnrk? ( Tlii* ^u?khmam of lh?* Klghth want <p419ti 4 ih 9 follow ' iofr rt?nlutM*ti ? ItrvolTH1, 1 Utet it t#?' rtfrrr^?l t^i t!i?* *>? Ort1iti?i)r#?* to f* n" r no<t rr ]r rt *n o-.l nAm * f?n pviling nil owt?r* or !#??? of builtin^R V> cm '"I ft* ?ti?<*t*(>n v. Iiicli m v, ?r? at? i n tnutf I to ouMf^ with tlio fBUn* t'jjr * lit ?f?l? n.? c -i.ntr<irt<' i? t4 t* y aU tfci? 1 1 ?| u i 1 ? mfttt T from tti? |irrmim to the * AiioptiK). Alii?rmia V001 ? h I ?r? ?uit<*?l n roinuiuni ltiOM Tl om H iu. 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