Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1855 Page 6
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IDTKMI&EMEOTS 1BKEWED BTEBT DAT. ooMTiMcap nwX ran I " wjiorw.^ "eZTASTKD ? BY A RBpTBCrABLE PROTEjrANX W young ??mu, a ?lotion ii wet nurse in * re family; belt of e?*y referenc gt?en. l?*ulr? ?Tm Forsyth street, third ioor, tront room, far two ?*??? WANTFIV-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, \0 do general hoisework (or a small family ; it willing" and obliging; would take cut of children or do chMBtK-i*r?Tk Can be Men for o?t week at 141 Twenty fourth street, near Second avenue. WANTS?? BY A PROTECTANT GIRL, A SITUA tioo as chambermaid, or to do general housework. lie?M oaU la the rear of 11 IJjuwer pUoe, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Y01TN0 WOMAN, A ai'uation a* chambermaid and waiter, anil to assist in washing and ironing' can giro the best city reference for integrity and capability. Can be seen for two days at 14T Twenty-seventh street, near Kighth aveaue. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A RK*I'KCTAB1,E girl, to do genet al housework in a small respeotable family, or as cbHmbermaid and laundress; city reference. Call at 124 Mutt street, first floor. WANTKIV-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT 1 OUNO woman, as chambermaid ana waiter or to take care of children. Apply, for two days, at 890 Eighth avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty -first street, second tioor, front room. WANT? D? A SITUATION. BY A PROTE 5TAXT GIRI., ttt do general housework, or would go as child ren's maid and do plain sewing. Please call at 1 20 Laurens atreet. Can be seen till engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KKSPECTABLK young woman, as professed cook: would prefer a plaoe as 'aundress. 1'leaee call nt 170 (Cast Twenty se c juJ street, betweea >'irst and Second avenues. Best of city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days. wrr A^nrED? a _ situati on^ _b y_a respec r a ble family Best of city reference given. Can be seen for two Jays at 86 Attorney street, third floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BE3PECTABI.E young woman, as chambermaid or waiter; Is a good washer and ironer; has good city reference. Apply at 645 Hudson street, for two days. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL, AS CHAMBER maid and waiter; good eity reference required. Apply at 61 East Twenty-ninth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. WANTED? A MIDDLE AGED COLORED WOMAN, who understands plain cooking, washing and ironing, one who can come well rocojimended, may ap. ply at 26G Atlantic street, Brooklyn. TTTANTED? BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A SITUATION WW to attend in a store; is not particular as to the bu siness; beat of reference given. Apply or address M D., 198 Hester street, for one week. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO R2SPECTABI.E young women; one as good cook, and to assist in the waahiagand*ironinff ; understands baking perfectly. The other as chambermaid and waiter, or to to plain aewiag. has no objection to take care of ohildren; best ?f city reference given. Apply at 1U2 .Sixteenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, third floor, front room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation in a small private ftmlly to do gene ral housework; is a good plain oook, washer and ironer; the host of olty reference given. Call at 98 Green street, tor this week. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN ELDERLY SCOTCH woman, as chambermaid or nurse, or to do plain aewlng. Please to call at 135 Weet Thirteenth street, a few doers trom Seventh avenue. CIT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S1TU v T ation as cook, washer and ironer, or to do the housework of a ? mail private family. Can produce good city references. Can be seen for two days by applying at 680 Houston street, room 15, fourth floor. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN NINETEEN j ears of age, a situation in a private family; has b?en tc this country but six months; would like a little instruction is very kind and not afraid of work. Please califor two days at So. 7 Harrison street, room No. 4, a ?few doors from Ilndrog. a ANTED? BY A TOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to do general housework la a private family; is a 'ttewaiher and Ironer. Haa the bent of city refe rence. Can be seen for two days at 113^ West Twelfth Btreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. WANTED? AN ACTIVE MUDDLE AGED AMERICAN lady, to attend a flrnt class railroad refreshment pa'.ooa out of the city. To one having experience In bu tt'nesa and can make change readily, may near of a litu at on by addreaaing, post paid, box 266 1'oughkeepaie Post Office. WANTED? 3Y A RESPECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework ; is a good plain cook, excellent washer and ironer, and makes good bread; no objection to go a short distance in the coun try; good reference given. Apply at 291 Ninth street, be tween First a venae and avonue A, drat door, front room, for two i aye. WANTED? BY A RB3PBOTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a situation as first rate washer and ironer, or U> ds general housework) or ohatnberwork; can bake and ts! e charge of mile and butter. Can be seen for two days, at 8C Greenwich street, third Boor, back room. {XT ANTED? BY A RKSPKOTARLK WOMAN, A SITU Vf at.'on ae cook; unJerstands uer bnsiness perfectly, also baking aad pastry of all kind*: is willing to assist in the waaaiog and ironing; no objection to the country; reference given. Please apply for two days, at -V -T'l aveaue, between Twentieth aud Twenty Drat street, in the fancy store. Wanted? a situation, by a respectable English girl, as nurso and seamstress, or cham bermaid and seamstress; It capable of taking either Blare. Can be seen for two days, at 003 Fourth street, stweea avenue D nnd I-ewis atrest. ?f f ANTED? BY A RKSPECTABI EGIRL, A SITUATION v T a* cook, washer ant! I roner, or to do general house work for a small family; the bent of city reference can be given. Please call at 179 Klghth avenue, beteeen Nine teenth and Twentieth streets. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO CNDER stands tier business, a situation a.i cook, washer and ironer, in a private family; best of city ana coin try reference given; no objection to any part of the country. Please inquire at 377JEightn avenue, near Thirtieth street, tor three days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT WO man as excellent laundress and good cook ; a short distance in the country preferred. Please ctll nt 203 Varick street, corner of ilammersley. Respectable refer ence can be given. WANTED? A SITUATION UY A VERY RE3PETTA ble Protectant young girl, as chambermaid and waiter. Apply at 300 Greenwich street. Can be seen tor two dajs Good city reference. ? TAN! ED ? A SITUATION BY A RESPKcITAHLK vrting woman to do the housework of a small pri rate family, is a good plain cook and a first rate waiher and ironer, has no objection to go a short distance in the coantry. Can comn well recommended from her laat place. Please call at 317 First avenue. Can be seen for two day*. \tr A NTKD ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION jfj as waiter In a private family; haa no objection to assist ia eewing ot rhamberwork. Ha- the best of city reference. Call for two days at ISM Sixth avenue, be tween Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. ANTED ? A NICE, SMART PROTESTANT OIRL, TO W do general housework; she must come well "rocom mended. Apply In the furniture store, 4S Norfolk street, oear Graad. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant gl I, to do general housework in a ?m ill family? understands her business perfectly? or as mine and eeaontress. City reference from her Hat place. App'.y at 137 Sullivan street, in the rear. Can be seen lor two dare. WANTKD-BY A RKSPBCrABU. YOl N(i (iiRL, A a'.tus'ion to do cbambcrwork and assist in wash ing aad in omg. or to take care of chiKren. Good references piven if required. Apply at 180 West Twen tieth street front basement. -II-ANTID-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Y? young woman as chambermaid and nurse or te djp ain a?> and fine washing nad ironinr; has no otyectioa to rook, wash and iron for a small pri rate family. No objection to go to Staten Island Best of city re'erenc given "len?e eall at No. 8 Howard street, m the rear sec ond I'ovii for two davs. Wanted- \ vm u uis nv a neat young girl Of mllre?s ?ud t'fvbsMta, as general boui'ma.ii in * -0>sM I ;? t>iil* , or -is ihiMrena onrae and chambermaid , i ? miabU- I with children . .-*n wash and iron . end d ? ; V ii , oek nsr II.. ? g:.?1 ?y r*''ereor? Will take five d< li.?n a month. CiU at Fust sveuue, 8ra" floor, back room, or send a not". WANTED? A NICl. flDY (i I III A?" N URSF. AND seamstresf Iwd < I'y nf^-curri required. Ap p'y a*. U Hammc.ud ftr^et. from (? till o'clock, P. M I WANTED? A SITUATION, l(i A RES'WTTABI.E woman, as tirU rate cook; un lent a 'ids French kal American etylei. C.;a be aesu for two days, at 10<i Vast Fourteenth etreet. b*r present employer's. WANTED? BY; A RES! ECTAFIJE YOUNG WOMVJ I, a situation as professed cook, washer and ironer Tjo beat of e.ty refereee? can be given. Pleaae e all at IZH At la a', r street, cornet of Henry, room 11, Brooklyn, for two day* ?? a>ted-a situation . by a MSFCCTABi.r wo ? v man. as nurse and 'amatreea, or ae rhamSer ?a'd , haa twe and a half years city refer* ace Can be mm from 1* A. M. until IV. M., at 10 Amity place, for two *e/a WTANTED-A situation. BY A YOUNG woman, to de general housework, or cook I a* ?aeh ng and it ? private family, (ioed city r*r<r>? . An?' r i t Wf* r>'i;'rtc:n^ ?!m*. f?r two ?'?/i. W ANTS. WANT ED? A PROTEST ANT Q1R1. CAPABLE OK taking charge of aa infant, with food city refar ence; bob* other bn<1 apply. Call atldi Bicu stmt, Brooklyn. . - t WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, b situation bb chambermaid aad miutrau, or wowld go aa gtatral hoaseworker in B (mall family; 11 b? obLi,;ing, truitworthy person. Call at 88 North Slith street, Ht*Mi Second aad Third, Williamsburg, third Boor, front room; or a note will be attend*! to. WAITER WANTED.? A PROTESTANT GIRL, WHD oan bring good recommendations, may apply at 78 East Twenty-first street, Gramercy park. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TIDY YOUNO woman, to take can of a baby, assist in washing and iron ng and chamberwork. Please call at 92 Variek street, third doer, front room. Best of city refereuce given. fTTAMED? A SMART, INDUSTRIOUS PROTECTANT ff Scotch or German wom\n, to do general houss work. Must be a good plain rook, washer aud ironer. Good city reference required. Wages, $? per mmth Apply to' James Jaek., Third street, betwejn Bloom field and Garden, Hobolien. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A 8ITUAT10N as seamstresx; can cut and fit dresses, and it a good shirt maker, l'lense call at 199 Thirteenth street, between First and Second avenues, for two days. "*1^ ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAR X \ rifd woman, a situation as wet nurse; has her first baby, one month old ; has a gold fre/ih breast of milk. Can be se<<n at the Herald office from 11 to 3 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN, latoly arrived from England, in a respectable fam ily. as chambermaid and plain sower, or waiter. Can be xeen for two days at ItH Nintb street, between Third and Fcuith avenue*, first floor. Good reference given. WANTED? A GIRL TO DO THE HOUSEWORK OF A small private family. Reference required. Ap ply at No. lo2 Pearl street, Brooklyn. U|/ ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Apply at No. 101 West Nineteenth street. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? BY A RFSPECTABIJ2 PROTESTANT GIRL, a situation as chambermaid or washer and ironer; has no objection to go a short distance in the country ; none but a respectable family need apply. Can bo seen fur two days at 216 Twenty sixth street, between E ghth and Ninth avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION , BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housework or chamberwork; his no objection to go a short distance in the country; has good city reference. Apply at 124 Broome street, frost base ment WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl to take care of children and do plain sewing. Can be seen for two days at JOT Mott street, rear building, third door. TTf A> TED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A W situation as nurse and seamstress; is to make herself useful: excellent reference given. Please apply to, or address by note, M. W., 129 avenue B, oppo site Tompkins square. "117" ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A PERMA lt nent situation as seamstress. Inquire at 24 East Thirteenth street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A Sit uation to do general housework in a -.mail private family; is a good plain cook, a good washer ami Ironer, and ha? the best of city reference. Apply at 400 Green wich street, wheie she can be seen for two days. ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WASH ing in her own honse; has no objection tu out by the day. Please call at No. 2 Hammond street, corner of Greenwich avenue. WANTEDu-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG KREVCH lady who understands clear starching and doing upline muslin in all its branches. Would al>o be wil ling to assist as seamstress. Apply at 1!>M Third avenne, between Sixteenth and 1'eventeenth streets. WANTED? BY A PROTiSTANT GIRL, A SITUA tion in some small family, to do general house work. Apply at 106 Greenwich avenue, first flyor, back room. Good references gven. WANTED? BY A RESPECTAPLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation to cook, wash and irun ; if a good cook, and it an excellent washer and ironer, is a good baker of bread and pastry, and can cook all kinds of poultry; or to do general housework ; is willing to make herself gene rally ussful, and is not afraid to work. Can give the besi of city references from her last place. Please call at 43 Hammond street, in the rear. WANTED? BY A LADY OK EXPERIENCE AND ability, a situation to superintend a millinery establishment. Any merchant wishing to add it ai a branch to hU businesa, or any lady or gentleman da sirous of oj>eniag a (tore, either In New York or else where, would find the advertiser fully capable. Pleat* add rem A. M. M., 61 Bond street. W AM ED? A KIFST RATE NORSE, ENGLISH OR Scotch; none need apply who do not perfectly understand tbeir business Apply at No. 8 West Twenty - focond ftrrtit. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A GOOD WASHER AND ironer and plain cook. Please call at 372 Grand street. WANTED? BY TWO STEADY, INDU5TK10C3 GIRLS, situations, one to cook, wash and iron; the other as nurse and seamstress: cin embroider: no objection to go a short distance in the country, would prefer to go to one house. Please call at 283 West Nineteenth itrtet, betweeo Teuth and Eleventh streets, in the rear. Good reference. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, wasb and inn for a small family. Good reference can be given from her last place, where she has lived three years. Inquire at 63 East Sixteenth street, second floor. Can be seen for two ot three days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as cook; is capable of doiag all kind" of pastry. Has the best of city reference. Can be keen untilengaget. I'lease call at 68 Seventh avenue. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as chambermaid or laundress; she will make herself genetnlly useful. Beat of city referen:e csn bs given. Please call at 210 Sullivan street, room No. 9. Can be aeen for two days. ITTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WO'.fAN, YV as good plain oook, an excellent washer and iron er, understands baking and making up fine muslins; or ns nurse and seamstress. She can produce the best of city reference as to character. Can be seen for two days at 316 Seventh avenue, between Twenty fo.irth and Twenty fifth streets. WANTED? AN AMERICAN LADY AS SEAM-TRE-W; must understand all kinds of sewing, cutting and titling children's drosses, and all kinds of emtiro.dery Apply at 46 BleecLer street. Good reference required WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESI'ECTA ble young girl, as chambermaid anl waiter, or chambermaid and to do line washing aud ironing, or plain sewing, (lood city reference from n?-r last place Please call at 027 Broadway, between Twenty first and Twenty second street*. Can be seen for two days. WASTED? A SITUATION, BY A |Y0UNG WO* AN. an cook . she is a good washer and Ironer, and bread baker. Good city inference. Can be seen lor two days st 46 Hamersley stroet, lirst floor. No. 2. IfTANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION; ff she understand* Spanish and American cojkinj, she ? an eusllent washer and ironer, the beat of city reference can be given. Can be reen for two days at 14 .S I Sixth avenue, betweeo Teiith and Eleventh stre-t-j, in I the fancy store. fTTANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITl'A i YT fion as cook, wa?her and ironer. Can i?o it i 22 Hester atreet. In d 0 to J. The best of city reference from her laat place. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A Srn'A tion to do cooking, washing and ironing, or to do general housework in a small private family. Tlis best of city reference given I'lease call at Ii8 Seventh ave nue, between Thirty second and Thirty-tbird str*?t?, in the rear, for two days. Wanted? a situation, by a ioung woman, t* .!o the housework ot a small laaily. Tbe best of city reference given. Can be seen at 133 seventh are nue, between Nineteenth and Twtn lcth street*, third floor, front room, lor two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Mil DIE- AGED woman, a situation a? cook in a private fsm ly. who perfectly understands her business, wit'i good city re feren co; belongs to the English church lUisecsll at No. 4 Morris f.tieet, second floor, back rootc. -IITANIED-A SITUATION", rtY A f'E-"E TAHL? ff young woman, tod > general housework In small Lrivate ismiiy, or to Uke care of children, no ob. ???tion ?< go a short disiance In the country. G?>d ci ? y refer, ?in'" giv*n, 1'leaso call at <'06 Mott street, between Hon ton an Rleerker street* II AMh>? A P.Ebl'ECTABLE YOUNG ENGLHH WO VV man. a widow, de.ire* a situation a* nur-e or < hambcrma'd; is a good plain sewer an l willing to make lieuell generally useful. Can be seen until engaged at 41 Geld street, Brooklyn. flood city reference. I*tan.vp-a situation, by a wwpgmn ff j ill' - w oman, a* cook, or t>i do neral house work of a small family ; no objection to travel witb a lady, good city reference. Can be >?tn for twj days at No. 6 flestoi street, trout basement. WAN . ED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as a flrst rate cook . Is a g-s>d baker and an excellent pastry rook, will have no objection to asaHt ia th? washing an 1 ironing, should It be require), the be?t of city refenece given. Apply at No. 36 West Thirteenth street, second floor, front room. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* a first rata cook : haa no objee tioa to aaalst l? the waahlng and Ironing, or will take a elism>ermaid's place to do the b?st of flne washing and ironing Can be geen for thre* day* at No. RS} W?iit Twenty atith afreet bat ween tSe T?nth and Fl*v -n'h trr?tie? 8r ? B-or bjsl x<ym, WANTS, WOT NVBSW, WHO BRING OOCKD RRCOMMENDA Uons, can be racaivad dally *t ths Muntr;, 1M St. Mwk'i place. Wat nurse's infanta boardad it $5 a ; ?oath. UTANTBV-A smTATfOH , <T A YOUNG WOMAN, W U seamstress; understands shirt and diessmaklng. and all kinds of family sewing ? no objabtion to io lif hi chamberwork or wait ou (trowing children , w?uld go by the week or month. Can give city reference. Apply for two days ai MO Rait fourteenth atreet, corner of ave nue A, third floor, front room. |*T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE W young woman in a hotel or dining saloon, a? pantry rook ; understands the business in aU Ita branches. Can be seen at 88 East Broadway, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION; BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tcataat woman, aa cook. Good city reference given. Apply at 203 West Thirty seventh street, be tween Ninth and Tenth avenues. Can be seen for three days. WANTE1>? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN who has lived four years in her last place, a situ ation aa plain cook, washer and ironer, or to do clum ber work. No objection to go to the country. Apply for three days at 08*2 Houston street, room No. 9, third floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA tion to do housework, chamberwork or plain sew ing. Can give good city reforence. Apply at No. 6 .Sixth atreet, third floor, back room. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS, sisters, tltuatioos, one as first rata cook, washar and Ironer: the other as chambermaid and waiter, and would assist fa washing and ironing. Best of city refer ence. Can be seen for thrte days, if not suited. Please call at 21 Bridge street. . ?trr ANTED? A GOOD GERMAN COOK, WASHER AND YY iioner. Also a French girl, who speaks and re wis her language well, and is a good plain seamstress. City reference requited. Inquire at 100 West Twenty-first street between Sixth &cd Seventh avenues. 117 ANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW. .ffArfifcily, ..W_<c gin iweive yeirs old, who will be with her. A good home more of an abject than high wages: has ood city reference from her last place. Call, or address 26 Smith street, between Butler and Douglas, Brooklyn. WANTED? A PERSON EUIAY COMPETENT AS A forewoman in a Broadway millinery establish ment; alio several milliners and apprentices to luarn the millinery and lace making. None need apply but such as are first rate. Carter's millinery store, 693 Broad way. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TWO PER sons, a good cook: must be a flrtt rate washer and ironer, and willing to do general housework; to such an one a permanent situation will be given ; none need apply without undoubted reference. Apply at 245 Dean street, sixth house above Kevins, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN*, a situation in a respectable private family, to do general housework, cooking, washing and irouing. and i is willing to make herself generally useful. Apply at 263 Elizabeth atreet, over the bakery, on the curn"r of | Houston street. ANTED? A NL'BSE, TO TAKE CARE OF TWO children and do light chamberwork; must have good city reference. 2T Lupenard street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOXAN, a situation as chambermaid and waiter, or would have no objection to assist with the washing and iron iog, the advertiser has long experience; can give the most respectable city reference from her last ]>l?oe. Can be seen for two days at 120 Eighth street, St. Mark's place, third floor, back room. WANiED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT* BLE AME ricsn girl, as lady's maid and seamstress; under stands doing up muslins and French fluting. Woull have no objection to take care of children, or aot as waiter in a private family; or would travel with a family. Can get the best of city reference from her last place. I'lease call at 122 Twelfth ftreet, for two days. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, . a situation as chambermaid, or to take care of childrrn, and cut and fit chlldrens' dresses. Call at No. 10 Fifth street, in the rear, fourth door, betwees Bowery and Second avenue. Can be seen for two days ; if sot engaged. ? WANTED? BY A STEADY, ACTIVE YOUNG WO man, d situation as Laundress or chambsrmaid, and do fine washing or plain sewing. The best of city reference given. Address 113 Seventh avenue, near Eigh teenth street, third floor, back room. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. WANTED? I1Y A RESPECTABLE A MEXICAN GIRL, a situation as nurse and seamiitress; can :ut and fit ladles' and chlldrens' dresses, and all the branches of family sewing. Address E. S., Broadway Post Office, for three days. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man a* nurse and seamstress; can take charge of a baby from ita birth, understand* ladies' hairdiessing. Pirate call at her la*t employer'*, 830 Broadway, netr Twelfth street. Can give good city reference. WANTED? BV A SMART YOUNG OIKI., A SITUA tion an waiter and chambermaid, chambcrinald and leamati ess, or to do general bouiework for a email family ; can come well recommended from lier laat place. Please call at No. 44 Schermerhorn street, Brooklyn : can be seen for three day a if not engaged. WANTED? BY A PROTECTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation by the day, week or month, as Kiln ?tress; understands cutting and miking boy's pants and jackcts, and all kinds of embroidery. Good reference if required. Can be seen for two daya at 101 Perry atreet, WANTED? BY A RB3PKCTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a widow, a situation as dry nurse and seamstress, >* a Protestant and bar no objection to the country, hav ing no charge. Can give good city reference. Can be seen at 70 King street, in the rear, fir A Boor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPE STABLE middle-aged man, as waiter in a private family ; the advertiser understands his business thoroughly, and can give good city references as to character and capa bility. Apply during this week at No. 8 Brevoort place, Tenth atreet, between 10 and 11 o'clock, A. M. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION as coachman ; he understands gardening, and is willing to make himself generally useful. Can give gold reference, i'leaie address J. G. , Herald office, or at 228 West Twenty eiith street, for two days. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, TO TAKE CHARGE OF a horse and cow, and male himself generally use ful, on a place on the Hudson river, near the city, where a gardener is also kept. A Protestant preferred. Wage* $7. Best reference for sobriety and morale required. Address W. S., Herald office. Wr ANTED? A SKXTON FOll AN UP TOWN CHURCH, at a salary of 1300 per year. None b it persons having good reference* need apply. Applv to Mr Lieber, at the Kree Academy, corner of Twenty third street ami Islington avenue, after 3 o'clock P. M. ?IITANIED? A PORTER; A YOUNG MAN WHO UN, TT dcrstanda packing iancy goads, a Protectant; mui-t ho willing to make himself generally useful; also understand the care of horses. References be of the very beat. Address, by note only, A. G. S., poit paid, 2fiS Hicks street, Brooklyn, with references. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN ABOUT SIXTEEN OR seventeen years of age. one wuocan write a good hsnd and understands taking care of horsea; reference* requited. Apply at 117 Maiden lune, Tuesday, February 27, trom 12 to 1 o'cloek P. M. WANTED? A CARVER FOR A SALOON, ONE WHO understands his business; ho others need apply. 227 South street. WAN1FD-AN ACTIVE YOUNG M1N TO ACr AS porter. Apply to John Anderson & Co., No. 101 Broadway. WANTED? A SITUATION, RY A YOUNG MAN WHO has been seven years in a wholesale stationery warehouse in Scotand. Character from last employers. Addrsss A. F. b?x 171. Herald office. "1ITANTED? A YOUNG GERMAN WHO CAN SPEiK Vi good English, and who is practically acquainted with the wheelwright busine- s, to keep goods in order and assist in railing. Apply to Charles Ronton, 87 Bowery. \WT ANTKD ? A YOl'NG MAN OF IVTELLIORNCK AND ff geod addresa, with from $50 to lion, to trivel, . oil* ct, canvass, anl write tor a weekly newspaper. To a competent nersoo a fair remuneration tor services will be paid. Aadresa N., bsi 88 proa lway Post Office. U|r ANtKD ? A sm AnoNj?BY A RESPEOrAHLE Vv young man. to work on a farui or in a dairy: ean work in ? garden; is not afraid of any kind of work. Has good recommendations from where he baa lived thr?e year*. Please call ut 12 Amity place, for one week HO WANTS A NICK RF.SPKCTAQi.E BOY*? IIE L-* fifteen years old. has hail a good common achool education, and can write well Business more an ob ject than compensation first year. Apply to hii father, .lame* Moloney, dealer in gentlemen's floe left off cloth log, 11 Baiter street, (formerly Orange,) near Chatham. ANTED? A SMART ACTIVE I.AI?, WHO KMoW? sometliirg of the stove and hardware bu<ine-s, and can come well rseomm 'nded for honesty and industry; no other n>ed spply at No. OCarmne street. AKiro? A RESPU TABLE Y OU 1H TO ACT AS clerk In an establishment mtnti fa 'taring an J selling cutlery and fancy siticles. To a smart ysung gentleman, who has application and would feel in 'line! to exert himself for the astfar* of his employer sod hi? own lutuie advancement, this opportunity is oiTered. One residing with his parents preferred. Address, in j own handwriting. S. 11 F i>. II tbI I office. 1 tifaQftA "-WAMH' A OF.NFi: tl. AGENT- Ttf ffloUvf every county in the Union, for a newarti- i eft commanding Immense sales. Prices ranging from SI ,00 to > 00. A salary of ?W0 will be paid the first year, *1*0 a small^commlaiion on sale* On receipt of 2ft cent*, to cover sipense* a ?ampl* of th* article and f?U particular* sent. Addre.s Dr Charle* I.ippard, #31 Broadway, Now York. TIIK BAU. IKAHOI. Q1 1 BROADWAY -MTJ.K. PAUUKI WD WINS. OJ 1 Pwaciio hare the hour- - to inform tbeir Mtren* that tbev five a grand bail oo Wednesday evening, Feb ?'* T*Vef? ??, a<l n'H'm ? f*Vlemai ?? I <a.l>* , n ,i itttectasn FOH SALE. tflQA AAA ? BC8INE88 PROPERTY FOR |5joU?UUv ? ?l?? A Bat business prof?rt/ dvwn town, pay tag 98,000 ptr aunaiu, trill be soil at a bargain, or exchanged la part for personal property. Alio, a new brick house and lot on Court (treat, Brook lyn, to exchange for goods. M. L. SHELDON, 86 Na*>au street. <JS r\f\f\ ? .VALUABLE FARM AT II AME3TE AD, ifiOi V V"? eighteen mils? from tUU city, sixty Area and a half mowing ground, and retpainder In bast cultivation; home two ttory. barn, hovel. granerr. and othar amt buildlngt in good repair, abundance of fruit; half a mile from depot. 8. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room 3. jjhe QRA ? BEAUUFUL RESIDENCE, ONE AND (H a quarter arret, eight mi lea from thii city ; cari and ttagee all hour* daily (?40 commutation) ; two story bouse, wing attached, barn, aUble*, alluew; modern improved etvlo; ground handtomely laid out; well itocked with fruit and ornamental trees. S. L. JORNtON, '212 Broadway, room No. 3, corner of Fulton street. (fit ff) RAA ?FOR SAI.F ? A HOUSE AND LOT IN lS)^??}\/vrt Fait Brooklyn, near the ferry. The house ia new aud well finished; ban gas, anil marble mantela ? 92,500. Possession immediately; terms easy. Wanted to borrow for out year, 91,000. on mortgage. Apply to S. C. SMITH 60. Rote street. (Jiff) AAA ? F0R SALE> LUMBER AND FEED (JJiitvUv. business, located on the corner of one ?f the bast avenuea up town; thii includes two frame buil^ipes. Worses wagons. kc. Alao, an excellent two story fratr* count, built Ioit SprinB" 'or 91.009 reasons for aelling, going Wtst. Apply at lid Alld 121 Nai.UU street. KICilARI) L. PURDY k 00. (ftOKA ?FOR SALE. THE STOCK, FIXTURES. iI5Ut)U? Ac., of a millinery establishment, losatea tin one of tht best avenues ; has been established three yeara, and doing an excellent buainsss. Lease of three years of house, at a low tent. A aplendid chance. Ap ply at 110 and 121 Nassau street, room No 3. RICHARD L. PURDY & CO. rt>or? .-jeoji_fALE.jraji mr. eel axp.MR duth avenue. Splentid place for making money. Sold only on account of sickness of the proprietor. Call tin mediately. Also, a partner wanted, with 92,000, iu the shoe business, Fulton street. A aplendid chance. Ap ply at the United States Agency, 212 Broadway, room 13. 1 ff)QTH STREET LOTS FOR SALE.-SIX LOT3 IN A.4J 1 7 120th street, near Sixth avenue. The street i* paved and lighted, and the above lots are beautifully lo cated for Improvement. Apply to JACOB PECARK, 143 Heater street. TO STREET LOTS FOR SALE? TWO I.0T3 IN I'OR ty-flfth street, 100 feet eaat of Tenth avenue. Terms easy. Apply to JACOB l'EGARE, No. 163 Heater strset. 7TH AVFN ITO HOUSES FOR BALE ?THE FOUR STORY brick housuL 210 and 222 Seventh avenue. A good investment, wfu be sold cheap and on easy termi. Also the four story double tenement brick house. 491 Hut Twelfth ttreet. Apply to JACOB PECARE, 183 Hester street. A CHANCE FOR A POOR MAN ?ONLY THREE OK J\_ those beautifully located lots in the Ninth ward of Brooklyn, left. Three minutes' walk from the Fulton Avenue Railroad. Will be sold in monthly Instalments of 910, if applied for before Maroh 1st, next. Apply to JACOB I'KC ARE, 163 Hoster street. A HOUSE FOR SALE IN A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION J\. in Jersey city. ? The handsome, small three story house, 61 Susrex street, modern built, furnished with gas, Passaic water, bath room, and many other very de sirable conveniences. Apply on the premises, or to S. 8. WYCXOFF k CO , 104 Murray street. Anew and profitable busines*.-95o a day net profit ? Having diacovered a new and valuable process for manufacturing one of the great staple articles in tho gro cry business, and having filed the same in the Patent Office, I am prepared to dispve of the rights to manufacture ia the States or large towns. Persons de sirous of entering into a business that cannot fail of suc cess will do well to give this their attention. Partleaabout going to California can have no business that will nay to well. For further information address Chemist, Herald office, for three days. A WORTH INO TOY 8TSAM PUMPING ENGINE FOR sale. ? Can be used either as a vacuum pump or for pumping water; has never been used. Will be sold cheap. Apply to L. J. LGECHER, United States Engi neer's office, 74 Broadway. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SAI?? ON THE BANK OF THE Hudaon, on thla islind, of easy accost by railroad, rhe house it oonveniently arranged and tht grounds beautifully laid out. For terms, fee.. apply to WM. E. LEWIS, 80 Cedar street, eerier of Broadway. Confectionery and bakkry tor sale, well establfahed, with a good run of custom, and in tht most compltte condition An excellent chance to make money. Apply at HOWHS' agoncy, 67 Nassau street, room No. 6. Drug stork for sale, in a thiskly sectlko neighborhood, in the vicinity of two medical col lege! and the Belvue Hospital; on on* of th? principal thoroughfares for basla?ea ; a good situation for a physl clan or druggist ; rent reasonable , fixture* in voad con dition; quite a practice connected with it. Address, for four days, M. D., box 200, Herald office. Engine and boiler tor hale-six horse power; will be sold cbeap; has been used bat a short time. Tbe owner having made ? change in bis business ha* do further use for them. Osn be Men at 41 Hester street. JOHN H. MEAD. For sale? house and lot 202 west thirty secnnd street, four story and cellar, brown stone front, with all modern improvements. Inquire on the premises, or of D. H. SMITH, 19# West Thirtieth street. ?Y<OR SALE? IN IJiXINGTON AVENUE, BETWEEN ? Kifty -second and Fifty-third streets, two lota, each 20 feet front and rear by 70 feet deep, and also a good dwelling house, two stery . basement and attic, lot 20 feet front and rear by 70 feet aeep. Inquire of If. E CRUSTO. 2* and 27 Washington Market. FR SALE-THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD will of an old established wholesale grocery and commission house, with the lease of the store; the own era are abont retiring from the trade. The location fa second to none on the weet side of the city for either city or country trade. Will be disposed of on reasonable terms to responsible parties. Address box 3,918 Pest Office. F' R SALE-THE NEW MARB1E BUILDING CORNER ef Broadway and Chambers street. Application to be made at the Central Bank, No, 88 Chambers street. WALTER OAKLEY, Cashier. TJHjR SALE ? A VERY GENTEEL FOUR STORY, ENG V< luh basement house on Fourteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, built in tbe very best man ner, and has every modern improvement, plumbing work very (operifr. Will be sold with or without the furniture, at a low price, and but little money?requtred for tlie purchase of both. Apply to HOMXR MORGAN, No. 3 Vine street. FOR ?ALE AT A BARGAIN.? THE STOCK, FIXTURES and four years' lease of tl e old established boot an<l shoe store. 62 avenue I>, near a large market. The stock is in gtod order, and tbe store fitted up in the neatest manner, with irlans sashes throughout, and fixtures painted and gilded in the beiit manner. There Is a good run ol customers, wi:h a trade of $300 a week, and can be increased to $500 In ordinary times. The reaion (or helling is the death of tha former proprietor, who lias done business in the neighborhood for the Ust twelve years. Rent low snd term* easy. There it a dwelling attached to tho store. This is an opportunity rarely to be met with for any person going into tho business, l'or psrtlrulnr* inquire ou the premises, or ef R. WHITE, 1?S9 Water street. FOR 8AI.E?1 THE GENTEEL THRFE STORY HOUSE No. 223 West Twenty-seventh street, near Ninth avenue; contains twelve rooms, U in good order, with modern improvements; court ysrd in front, yard in rear, price reaFonable; terms accommodating. Kor additional particulars aed permission to view the house, apply to JAMES PRICE, '.'00 Hudson street. For sale? the first cl ass English basement house on tbe north side of Thirty eighth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenuee; house 17.1 >, b* M feet, lot 17.1 it by 98 9 feet. Apply to R H Oadllpp, 110 Willie m street, or Adrian Graff, Real Estate Agent, 688 Eighth avenue, by Forty-eighth street. ?pOR SALE? TWO F1R8T CLAS FOUR STORY AND _T basement brown stone front lioues, 20 by >W), lots ?8 feet 0 inches deep, with alt the modern improvements, situated at (18 and t9 East Thirtieth street, between i>'?urtli and liexinyion avenues. Inquire of JOH.V W. KIEIJ'ER, No. 80, next door. For pair? 1 three story and basement '.'Jx.'iS brick house, with all the modem improve n.ents, la one of tl e most fashionable and aristocratic localities up tovn, between I'itth avenue ?nd Bros Iway, and ia the vicinity of Tbirty-se^onl street Price $12, iK)0. Apply to D. V. VAN f.IEW, 110 Broadway. F~~ OR SALE ? A IlKAinElir SITE FOR A CO UN PRY seat, at Newburg. It contains about sevoitj acres, and Is fitustej about one quarter of a mile north of the 1 l'oweltoe House on tbe ?ame r ed. The location is one of the fi.iext in Newburg bay, commanding a hue view of the riser and Highlands, as well es an inland view, snd baring s gradual ascent or rather succession of beautiful sites (rom the road to the woods on the high lu! ? In the rear ot the place. In point of hea th, b?au ty of scenery, rich and handsome country se.its, *c , .*>'? etuirg is unrivalled, aed situations like the above are now scarcely to be had there 1 or particulars, apply to MOSES KJ.Y, 46 William street. 3~V)l; ,-AIE-Al' A GREAT DARGAIH, IK APPLIED for helvre the 1st of March, a very desirable farm oi twenty three acres, with a large number of uhol.-e fruit irees, a nnrsery. a good bouse, farming imple m?nts all complete, in New Jersey. Apply to R. D. t.O< 'I 'WIN, 1 Union Hall, Eighth street, netr Broadway. FOR SAL*? THE LEASE OF A STORK AND DWELL in* bouse, in one of the best locations in Broad* ? ay, near a large theatre, on the buelnees side. The base roti for tin y?ar*. Acdress I- M House, Broad w ay l'ost Office. Ft llfsA I Jv-Th E EOCR YEARS' LEASE STtX K, El'R niture sad fixing* of a small hotel, up towa, rooms of which pay all eipenaee of bouse restaurant first tloor, titled splendidly; business goo I, twe fiousand men employed on eame black. Good chance for board <ng. Rent $4MV A man and wife nndsretan Km tbe lmstne-.e ran make money end be at hem*. All for $1 .itui, part eash Apply at th? Utfjed States Af*w, ?1S t3?$l $t. M? F? FOR gAUC. EK BALE? THE STOCK AND OTXT0RE5 OF A ooofoctiouery and iMorMnulow, a r?r? chance. re at 280 K Bowry. >R BALL? SEVERAL HANDSOME NEW ENGLISH basement houses, in genteel locations, at moderate pricM. AL o a number of good house*, at pileei from $ 7,000 to $10,000. Alio a number of house* to let. Ap jpl^ to E. B. KDiSHIMER, 319 Fourth ithu, from 3 to ER SALE? FOUR NEW ENGLISH HIOH BA9KMENT bouse*, situated on the north lid* of Thirty-fifth t, between two railroad*, the Eighth and Ninth avenue*, complete with all the modern improvements, ?uch a* (an, bath*, (peeking tube*, bell* and dumb waiter*. If aold, 96,000 can remain on each, or they will be rented to a suitable tenant. Apply to Bantul Snaika, on the premises, house No, 215, ortoW. ... h W. SPaRKS, ho Lexington avenue, oornei of Tweuty aerenth street. TT'OR SALE? AT RYE, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, A T splendid cottage, contaiiing ten room*, with all the <inprcvem?nt?, outbuilding*, &c., with one acre of land tastefully laid out with shrub* and bordering. On the ?ound; a flrft rate place for gunning, fishing, and sail ing. A desirable place for a party doing buiiaes* in the city, the car* running several time* a day. Kor particulars apply to JOHN LLOYD, 18 Nassau street. PR E ALE? AN ESTABLISHED BRINES--;, BKIN8 an opportunity seldom offered. There are on the premises a good two story frame dwelling and Urge three story building on rear of let, together with a capi tal engine, new, and all necessary machinery for carry ing on the sash and blind and putty making business Tli? whole win ur >?? M4W eas; terns. HUGHES & (JRKEN, 168 (Iran i street, Williamsburg. For sale?a valuable MSA* and provision market, situated in a first rate atffhborhood. A fortune can be realized in a short time. As ?? JJ^prie tor ii in th* act of starting for California, the piaJ* be sold at a bargain Address Butcher, Herald office. T7I0R SALE ? THE I.EAPE, STOCK, AND FIXTURES, J of the established and convenient hall, known as onlWVremises. FOR SALE? 17,000 ?HARDWARE, HOUSE FURNISH ing and tool store, long established, in one of the bent business locations in the city, and now doing a good, profitable and increasing business. Satisfactory reasons givtn for selling. Address Hardware and Tools, Herald office. 1">OR SAI.E? A THRU: STORY AND ATTIC BRICK house, situated in the Seventh ward, handsomely furnished witli all the modern improvements, such as Sas, hot and cold water from top to bottom, baths, Sir.., :c. The lot is a full one, and location very fine. Apply to F. A. ABBOT, 66 Wall street. T7H)R SALE- ON EASY TERMS? A NEAT, DESIRABLE A: brick house, with all modern improvements, built by the owner for his own use, with garden in front, in a good neighborhood. Apply, or address, J. MULLAN, 498 Third avenue. FCR SALE?' THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 276 Fast Broadway, with all modern improvements. Two thirds of purchase money can rem tin on mortgage. Houte can be seen by applying on the premises. For further particulars apply to A. C. MORRILL, No. 9 Chambers street. BOR SALE? A FARM OF TrtENTY-FOUR ACRES, with good improvements, an excellent orchard, and in a high state of cultivation, situated in the town of Greenwich, on a thoroughfare, about thirty minutes' drive from the railroad station at Port Chester. Apply to W. H. BTOGDILL, 167 Broadway. XpOR SALE? FIVE LOTS ON 102D STREET AN!) FIVE JS on lOlld street, east of Fifth avenue, full lots and good grade ; price $4,.r>00 for the while; $4,200 can re main on bona and mortgage for three to live years. Ap ply to J. II. WELLS, No 11 Merchants' Excuunge, Wall street. For sale- a three story English basement house, 16x66, lot 16x100, with all the modern im provements, situated in West Twenty-fifth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenues. Price $9,500, of which $7,000 can remain on bond and mortgage for three to five years. Address box 1,244 Post Office. For sale? a chance seldom offered? a meat, fish, poultry and vegetable market, on one of the best avenues in the city, now doing a good cash busi ness, fitted up in the neatest style, with a lease of the piemisos at a very low ront. Will be sold low for cash if applied for immediately, as the present owner is un able to attend to it. Apply to CRA9TO & TAYLOR, commissiod dealers, Nos. 26 and 27 Washington market, corner of Fulton and West streets. FOR SAI.E ? 302 DEAN STREET, BROOKLYN? House, three stories, basement and under ctllar; lot 20x100 feet; also, lot 176 Schermerhorn street, 33 feet front by 17 feet rear, 96 feet deep. Inquire at the office of T. REEVE, builder, 177 Schermerhorn street, Brooklyn. For sale? a wine and segar store, in broad way, doing a good cash business; wiU be sold cheap for caa?h. Apply at 688 Broadway, between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock. F?r sale.? to tailors.? a good chance to pure bane tbe fixture* only of a caitoui shop for one- half the coat price, at 147 Grand street, near Broad way. Poueaaion given on the 1st of March, in time for spring traie. For sale? an oyster saloon? a rare chance for a man with a small capital; only two hundred and flfry dollars for the well known foyster laloon, 141 Eighth avenue, corner of Seventeenth atreet, well light ed with gas and fixtures all complete, and la the Sent staiW in the city for business. Will be *oU at a sacrifice as the present owner U about going to Australia; it must be sold immediately. ??? v ffTORR month; 3 rooms go with it mn rent? *10 Per between ? and 5 i'clock. ^ i0^ ^ Ap?? T710R SALE? A CORNER PRINKING SALOON, r suitable for a grocery or a butcher's shop, as there is none in that vicinity. Rent very low, and will be sold for half price If called for to day. Reasons for selling made known on application. Apply at the corner of Howard and Mercer streets. For sale? the best liquor store in the Fourth ward, near the East river. The lease, stock, und tixtuies will be sold low. as the owner is going West. l icense paid, low rent, neat rooms for family. It was never in the paper before tliii day. Apply at 01 Division street. FOR SALE IN ELIZA BETHTOWN, N. J ?A I.AR'iE double house, newly repaired and painted, with carriage home ami stabling. The grounds are taste fully laid out with shrubbery, shade and frnit trees, containing over half an acre, and but five minutes' walk from the depot. It is well adapted for a genteel family. Will be told low or exchange'! for Improved city property. Aj ply to .1. D Ol'YER, on the premises, or at 110 Broad way, bailment. Farm in new jersey for sale, containing fourteen free of Ian 1 in a good state of cult va tlon, five of which ig an apple orchard of young trees in full bearing, und some of the finest in that action; situated in Somerset county, in the village of Flagg town, acd near SomervlUe, on the line of the New Jer sey Central Railroad, two and a half hourj from New York. The improvements are a two story wooden build ing and outbuilding, and there Is a never failing spring of excellent water ne?r the house. Location ouo of the most healthy in the State. Price $l,3i)0, one third cash, and balance on easy terms. For further particulars apply at No. 84 Front street. Fancy goods and mu.unery store tor sai.b cheap. ? Long established, good location, good set of customers, stock Tn excellett order. Inquire at 26 Myr tie avenue, Brooklyn. Fir sale or to i icr? in the village of ny sck, Rockland county, the hotel known as the York House. The above house contains forty rooms, and ia considered tbe best stand In tbe county. Also, one feur story brick store. It is well adapted for mercantile or manufacturing purposes. For particulars apply to THF.Ol ORE K06S, 0? Pearl street, New York, or to AZAH1A11 ROS-J, on the premises. For sai e or to let. from first of may? the two brown stone houses Nos. l:j and 1ft East Tbirty flrit street, between Madison and Fifth avmtuea. Also, in Williamsburg, two brown stone houses, in South Fleventh atreet, eorner of Second Inquire of M. H. Keith fc Co., foot of North Third street, Williams burg. FOR SALE OR 10 LET.?' TOE FOUR STORY HOfSK, with all the modern improvements, lm> Kait Thir ty third street, between Lexington and Third avenues. Apply on the premise*. For sai.e or exchange? a three htoky hopsk, with More and rear house, 41ft Ninth avenue, and Western lands, for a good farm near, wa*r preferred. Apply to A. J. RERRIAN, 37 Chambers street. I ."OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? THE FINE BLOCK ' containing about sixty four Ijta, with the large Mansion house and nut build'lags thereon, bstweea 14 JtU and 16<Kh streets and Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Iocs tlon besutifuljlilenty of frnit trees, flower garden, A-. Apply to J. A1TKKN 118 Nassau street, ?p stairs. PR SALE OR EXCH4N0F ? A LIGHT MAN UK AC turing bu-inet*, netting from $2,500 to $.1,000, will be sold, Inclu ling tooli. kc., for $1,200, or a h?ns* and lot will be taken, and tbe balance paid in cash, or a mortgage will be taken in exchange. Address Country, box 860 Herald office. HU AT STORE FOR SALK-OF FOUR YEAR* *TAND iDg, in one of the best streets In the city, and rea sonable rent ; to a person about to commenoe the busi oess, this is a chance seldom to be met with Appply *t ' atherine atreet, or at 240 Pearl street, flret lott. H01SES FOR BALE? NOH 144 AND 141 i HERRY street, between Catharine and Market. To those who want a money making investment, thla is a chance that rarely offers, and will pay 25 per cant on amount Invested. For terms, particulars, he., inquire of MARK HVY, 27 City Hall place. HOUSia FOR SAIE AT A BAROAIN.? TBE FOUB three etory and baeoment mastic front brick houses, situate at the corner of lee a venae and Ross street, (and adjoining) Brooklyn ; ten minutes' wall from Peck slip ferry. "Tie aSovs houses have marble maatal*, cor ?I see, under r ellars, Ac., and two thirds of tbe poiehaee irooer m?r rvmaln on mortgage Apply to JACOB PE cats; us a**t? FOR IALE. . House AND LOT VoiT SALE? THE MODERN* BOHJT three story brick haute, with lot, No. 68 Moarie | street. For oarticuUrs inlf to SAMC ?1' TRY ON, H Market street, corner of Monroe. House for sale or to ift, in south brook lyn ?A in three story dwelling, No. 189 Dmo street, twelfth house from Bond, containing thirteen rooms, gas fitting bath, range, Ac , in complete rep%ir, for 16,600 $3,000 may remain at A per cent Pee ?session immediately. Apply at 132 Canal street N T. MORRIS-RANlA.? A OCOD TWO STORY IIOUA aod two loti, WK200 feet, fcr sale or exchange, i a pleasaut and improving neighborhood. Term* very easy ? $2,2C0. Inquire of B. ElJ)RlIXiE A CO., 66 Veeojr street. PROPF.U1 Y IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR property in Bergen. West HoboLen, or Newtown.? A first claw four storv house and lot to exchsnge for a email farm, or a Urje cottage. about three mUee from the ferry. at 476 Fourth street. TEAM ENGINE FOR 8AIJC? A SUPERIOR STEAM engine, of thirty-five horse power, made and finish e,l in a beautiful ityle, aod known as the Southern Belle, the prize engine at the New York World' a [W. For Hale low by G ROVER, BAKfc.fl A CO., 405 Broadway STEAMBOAT SWllTSl'RE FOR SALE? U3KD FOR towing purposes; has a superior cross-head low pressure engine, 43 inch cv 1 qI'T, 10 feet stroke . fcoc hale low. Inquire of D. BURIl'P, South Broiklyu States island.?1 to be sou> op. leased for one or more years, the large furnished mansion of Mrs. S Grymes, situated cn the highlit hill ot the island, 4f tex-n minutes' walk from the second lauding, and oojn mandlng the most extensive view. Also, to be ?o!d, three cottages and several beautiful bull I'.ng lots, cov ? ered with fc rest tree* all situated c a the same hill For particulars address Mrs. S. CRY VIES, on the pre tn ' k( s . ^ECAR STORE FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY, DOWN b-?n. FholeKale and retail, with a manufactory oo WU1 be sold ?t * sacrifice, the owner ? ^T^Ufcrnia. APl,l7 to THOMPSON A STREET, ? Aaisau street, rcom 7. TO MANUFACTURERS.? FOR SALE OS EXCHANGE * for city property, or to lease, a large and comma dious brick shop, 60 feet by 36, with engine room 18 fret by 20, well lighted on all sliai, four stories aod basement, suitable for heavy inanu'acturing business, located on Eleventh avenue, near Twenty ninth street, with 2'< horse engine boiler and shafting, in good ruaning order. Possession given on nr before the lit of May. J. F. WILLIAMS, 36'1 Eighth avenue, and from 2 to 3 daily at 116 Chambers street. TO BUTrHERS ?FOR SALE, TW? SPLENDID MARBLE top rtalls, complete, and marble corned beef stand. Will l>e sold cheap. Also, stove to let. Apply at 20.'! Court street, Brooklyn. TO PRINTFR? ? FOR SALE, CHEAP, A SINGLE CY linder press, Hoe's manufacture; bed 31 by 50; in food runuing order. Turns cash. Apply to J. P. WIL JAMS, No. 60 Ann street, in tbe rear. mo DAGl'ERREOl YriST8 ? FOR SALE, CHEAP. A J_ whole size camera, wl*h which some of the beat pictures in this city have been taken; fourtnen whole line gilt frames, with or without specimens; also a beau tiful little glass case, suitable for displaying jewelry or any fancy articles. Apply at 421 Broadway, third floor. TO MILLINERS? A RARE OPPORTUNITY.? FOR 8AIJ5 the stock, fixtures and good will of a long estab lished millinery business. Will be sold at a bargain to a cash customer, in consequenco of removal. Apply to Mrs. HARRISON, 49>? Division street. VALUABLE TIMBERED AND FARMING LANDS, near James river, Virginia, for sale. ? The sub scriber offers for sale. In quantities to suit purchasers, 8,600 acres of land, near tidewater, in Surrey county, V a., heavily timbered, principally with pine, bnt con taining considerable oak, poplar, cypress, As., and aa almost inexhaustible qui ntity of pine and oak wood. There is, probably, no tract of land in market embrac ing so large an area, ai.d affording so many advantages for the wood, charcoal and lumber trade, as the above. The undersigned having just built, on their own private account, an excellent plank road, six miles in leng^, intersecting the tract and connecting it thereby w!G tidewater. The Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad passes within 2 >{ miles; another railroad, built on private ac count, passes within 3K miles* to James river. The village of Cabin Point, with telegraph and 'post office, hotels and stores, is but three m'les distant by plaak road. In addition to the above, the subscribers offer for sale three excellent farms, nearly evorv acre well marled, building improvement* extensive, and generally in good repair. Address by letter, or In person, PACE, PITT KAN & PERKINS, Petersburg, Ya. mSCEUiAHEOVtl, {TA AAA YARDS TAPESTRY CARPETING8, l/v?v/UU from 8s. ; alto, an immrnis assortment of ingrain and three-ply, juat purchased at the reeeat auction sales. LOUD A TAYLOR, Grand street, corner of Chrystie. IfiK CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK. ? W. A M. ? lUW VAN NOTE'S grate and fender, kitchen range, ? summer range and stove warerooms. We have a lane assortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, 1 ranges and stoves, for sale on reasonable terms. Grate* a and ranges set and repaired, ranges Loed, brass foeaA- , ere' and jewellers' furnaces built, stoves lined, baken* . ??ens built and repaired. B BEAD TOK AIX ! LARGEST AND BEST IN TflB city.? Compare it with others in weight, color, ?weetneea ond nutritious qualities. Treadwell's Bakery, CO Carmine street, between Bedford and lUeecksr. CHEAP BITTKR FOR HALE. ? INQUIRE AT i*3 Washington street. DR. GIDDfNGB' vegktabij: COUOH STROP, FOB coaghs, colds. inilneDia, and all diseases tendlag to contumpUoo ; the best remedy in use. Also his Pana cea, the great blood purifier and health restorative. Now it tbt. seaaon to uae this great health invigorator. To be obtained at 86 Murray street. DLRNO'8 CKLFBRATED CATARRH SNUFF. ? ONE OT the most remarkable usedicinee in the world; ac tually worth tea times its weight in gold to all those af flicted with catarrh or eold in thi head. ?ore eyes, deaf ness or headache. A sample bov, with directions, sent free of postage, by mail, from the depot of J, Durno, Albany, N. Y., on receipt of .11 eents in sismpt or spe cie. N. B. ? Not sold on commission anywhere. English, French and amkrkjan letter, note and foolscap paper; also an assortment at port folios; pocket cutlery, superior Rogers' knives, very low: gold pens, an entirely new article, warranted oar own manufacture ; mourning, note and letter papers aad envelopes, new styles, at KAUAUNO'd, No. i Astor House. TJ ORNS. ? THE BCTCHKRS' HIDE AND MELTING XX Association are now prepared to make contrast lor all cattle horns that may be received by the Aasocia tion for tlte present year. Apply corner of Fifth street end First avenue. Military men, sportsman am) caijfornians are invited to call and examine a new invention, called the battery gun. Apply to W. R HARRISON k CO., 314 Broadway. OHOW CASES.? 8CI1MU|1 A BROTHERS MAMTAC O tory and warerooms; No Id North William street, near Chatham street. New York, and at 77 West Third street, Cincinnati, Ohio.* A large assortment constant ly on hand. Old show cases takeu in exchange. Order* promptly executed. SHOW CASES.? HOFFMAN 4 FERC3H, SHOW CASE warerooru, 67 Bowery, between Walker and Dayard streets. Ca. 's made in every ntyle, silver plated, bra**, rose and satin wood, mahogany, ic. N. B ?Oil eaeen taVi n In exchange. Orders promptly executed. TFJl ?THE GREAT TEA MaRKLT, 'ZS1 EIGHTH a veuoe.? Wanted, a counterman. THK AM BOY CLAY COMPANY, HAVING JUST COM pleted the necessary improvements on their pro perty on Cbeeaeqnaket Creek, near South Am boy. N.J, ate aow prepared to receive orders for their superior quality ot potter's clay, at the pricn of 92 per ton, and for reiuse clay, at $1 per ton. Full weight always guaranteed. Or den may be sddreeaed te the un dersigned, who will al?o forward samples or give My in formation required, on application at hit place of bust cere, r;e ? ' Chatham street, roraer of Tryon row, New York. Also, have a veiu ot' superior Paper Clay, which they will sell at a low pries. 01 TO ERNST, Sec'/ and Trees. A. C. Co. Till'. NEW YORK FOUNDRY AND IKON RAILIN* Company ? ."ole n.anufa< turers of Crowell'a celebrate cast iron railing without rlreta, (saving at least twenty Bve rents per foot.) also of Crowell's new style of wir railin?, decidedly the cheapest in the United Htstrs A klmlt of easting', tueb as columns, tru set. sills ae lintels, girder*, verandas, bracket*, vault overt, win<l? anC door guardt, &c. Every klni ol wroti^ht Iron wor for buildings, such as doors; shutters, sneli, re, grat ,ng, Ac., oone at lowest price* an 1 witn despatch 3 peril attention given to contracts lor all the Iron tOrk Ik buildings ?,t every class. Foun try foot of Forty- 'tft strrct, North river. Sample* in section* of all work. t the wsrernotus, Nov 7U and 81 Duane street, a few iera east of Broadway. "II 'ATT P. OK ATR STONP -JUaf ARRI .T P I >tf ?? the relebrated quarry ol Mr. Roy, at .swlr, * ir Ayr, Scotland, conelsllag of marble pollsters',', engiaters' and curriers' hones, and jew-llvr*' - lps K.?i l? to 1 inch. Will l>e told lo? far ca?h Apptv atll* 1 niton street, up stair*. cuffuua, ac. C1AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANIYV? / lAdiea or x'-ntlemen bnring any of the ?a**e lo'is pose of, ran (Main a fair and cash price, by *saltngf<w the tubacnUr at his residence, or through the post, fa la Elm street. I. M. DlJSiKLDOKl ; N. B.? Indies attended by Mrs. f) CvAHT OJF CU>THINt;? ti.too" V()rTh WANTED ? J Ibehiglieat price liberally given, ani eash paid in current money. Gentb men wishing to dispose of large or small lota are respectfully requeeted to addree^ or call on| JAMFS MARON'Y, U Baiter (formerly Orange) street, near Chatham. Um OBN. A.< . . . tic ale aad porter for use. 'syripe end cor Laie for eale, by V m. H ?) Urooat r.rwC CHOICK ?riJXTTON OF RRANDIR*, 8CPKP.JOK claiet aad other wines, rumi, Scotch and IrMr ikeyt, toadoa aad Dublin portsr, fccotrb alee, *

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