Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1855 Page 1
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the new York ii eralb. WHOLE NO. 6760, MORNING EDITION -WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1355. PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON REDUCTION OF THE RATES OF POSTAGE. The Collins Stfumew Susluined in llieSiuate Alter Nine Hours' Debute. APPROPRIATION BILLS PASSED IN IDE illlt'SE. INTERESTING SPEECH OF MR, WALBRIOGE. Know Notliinglsm and the Heraid. Exciting on the Slavery (taction. ]!f TEREsTI S? C 0 (t ft Ei P 0\D L \ ( E , Jkil., 4 c,. fco. HIJIBTV-THUtD fOSfGRKSH. jkjond hfsjiov. Menu le. WA8Hi.v,ro.v, tub. 27, J THh MOOP-OI WaR auu.vt. A me^a^e wa? n ce!ved from 'he Presiuent, transmit t.rg a coini.iunication from the Navy Department, with atopy of tlm oiJers jiven to the commander of tlis "loop of war Albany, for ber last cruise to Csrthagena and Appier all. Laid on the table and ordered to be prlntr d. Ct'BOM KODW AT ALKXAVDUA, V'A. On moVon of Mr. Ma vox, (dem.) of Va., it was ? solve I tliat the ( nmailttee ou Commerce be instructed lo cou oidcr tliw . ipedlescy of erecting a building for a Custom Houm at At-:x?ndr:a, Virginia, with accommodate a for a I'ost O.ltrc. Mr. Kf.--r.v :?(:;> (wlii^) of Me , from the Couirui'.iee ou Printing ' potted adversely to printing I'rofoseor Kspy s fourth n.eteorolegieal report. lie al-o repotted a pa 1 lion from -be Bosrd of Tiade of Portland, Me., for thwe thousand dollar*, to put tha tidal alarm apparatus in vented l> Dr. He'.c'.er, into opiratlcn in the harbo of Portia 1. 1. 11 or>'|,A.VS TO ft AN MUXCISOO. I tion. I ?g'wrtu V* o/li'uiiia^aTo'^U'est'abUh: ! rnent o. a roiil roule Uitwoen New Orleans ind -m to"hCeron:i-Ht,'? of Tshuantepec Knforred to tne t i-a tuittw on Post Offloet. I Mr "ZJ"* RAT*S postaok. U ^deni.) of"Texa?, called up the Hou?e hill I the rates of postage. Oae prov after ii1' l.t' ^po.v ment of hitters always l.v aUmps r.? !.; * . ?'?nuary. lvu, anoth tr pro rides for t ie registration of vMuabl, later.'. Considered audp^.ld ,, *WASt]' IA\J>9. | elders Urn,?! ?.??' S\cx*r0]"*) ?t Mich . the con .?,? i ? " !l0r' ' f the Committee oi C inleren ?? the rehr f a.ff*n rV ' * ho""e:' 0,1 tbe ?'K for ?ne renci ? r ;>Lrt?ha*?r<4 x? nrl Loiter a nf av*?.i*. .... 1 overflow*-! laid* \ra? rosumtd Th* renoj-t of t!j? Com i '??"<-?? w.ncarrsd in. yJ7< | _ . . TMF: 00TIJK9 PTKAy?(n es. T? e bi ;n rcl tion to the Collins Hue of ?. ' in theT.r*? a(t"?oon till il o'clock | . ' * x}lf> 01a^ from the Houee tacrc&f ed the ; the ?i? ni r?' a'. T"? ri" <-ontr<?ct perminep du<itig . perod for which It wa? originally made. T-,e Com ZZ?" 1 ""'""'"red in am?ndm"nt to re erre to ' The ?T ^ 'o*^ *.POTr 1,1 tl"r>nlnate the conlrio' bv lh? ?,.Va ""ticelo the prerlouH biil. ine fli'tdCT-nlment was <o utrilte out *ftor ts? -neiN'fVom v ' n?\T r' r th* transportation ot the .nails fron New Trort )o Uvetpool ani back, '.hat n,.. da? ifji'lr 'h.e ""c,ioa o? ? act approved tile -1st ' pP"?'od, provided that th- (Jol .???^hP ^ # T.tWO y*""1""- buil,l *n l have another nni r?f/! /'? 'or th? maila: and if **id .te.mslrn bo "arrvfh^t^.T.? J?*"' n tl,# CoWnaC ompanv shall j arry tba t nited h.atc? mails between New Vork ami itMv'fW. ?? r *"rpi:at'0n of the Ba 1 two yrars, I i he new' tAi i the government, until I vice rteam*liip rban hate commenced the mail sei Mf.JosK. fwh.g) of Tenn , nhowej wbvt had been I done lor th- ( oljiai C<miT,anjri M?i what they . -.ill ,ie ' Vnrt ! ? ' t "'"l tjaVh<" '""'P""! hs ve paid' no .lin ' ' '"edace from infrrmation tiom tiie I'oi' ! fiooht. 5*r ,l"'y ),ilTe a yearly pro St ia i SSSL-1?1 "l- '->f ?' 600,000. He then read a . >U tement frc u au o&ccr of the Collins line, aho-rine i Jll rrii M re .lved from gov. rnment $y, ? | , " ?? ?; J otaer sotu-ccs aboat W,4ii0,000, mik- . W'f <?. ^-SN.OCU. 11,0 total nxyeu titures i i f? />>r ' " c,*Iui * balance of ?W7,000 in f??or . v-i f " V.* vu P."1-' De" 1, 'J jn'tice to Mr. Col 11. n ' ' " V ,tbat u" "" off'ct f> f-i? balanc* ?h-re I f tl.i ,./" " r"., C Arctic. e:".-,,"00; the depreciation - r the v?! u- of tae n-seU. Si .s.O.e, j.nd tb? ir.tere-t , upon the ip. j. aveated, at - even f er cent, $?'ji.00o * 21 fiC'O: 'eaving the com^r.v I minus I. , 4. 00 He (Joi{*. cou! 1 notseewhv 'onrreM should ;.,.v t. depreciation The Ilou-e, lev^n uonths w v,' , \ ' "0 ,.o'/c:l - t,ru 1 ' on,J (eighty-five to forty- . r , to ducoat.nue the .xli* pay, anl thor- ' tTerV^H m\n J*? in U" Senate, where | mere was < it a iiiorum Now look at bath liaus.-s an 1 tbi.' HnM?'7 10 thf? ?{l' ' "i,! ' What tbii Hui'j:; ii(?r.a!iirn?i,n up' :-h ill we - 4y V.lufT S a'tr','c,t*b!? t? outside iiillieuce Mr. Aandertalt p.opo; ;?? ,0 do t is ..rvice witriont th . exfn | col,,t-';",,,t- ,h ;:i know that there II one u'voftbe^opv" ' UV"U ''lj t0 ' l i4n W i 'u "V" w,bV) v I don't know n ?r car* ia w 1 ' " *"ow it Mr. Collin i im r?!? t. \ ? *ccoj?P?'Shed ? ?uc<Msaf4l rivalry *.tu rre.titr tni^ .ad I thlnl for the honor of thecouu trr. lie sin uid be permitted *ci i?rocoo.1 fr,^r' ' ',;m > "f " -A< 10 " nendmen*. from t.e Committ.e ?n 1 i nee, Con.fri ?? hy cmh a meaaur. lelegafa to the C.llins Company p/w^r over our wn .. W- don t give tnem almply advar.t.ges of I r?iul^rr" *"n 11 " r *'ot?of pr awgeniiur*. Tin tOUIna (ompaav comes eac i year etrong?r upon im C<i3:r ' '** ml',c wi,U remir.Abl^ i ! ? 1' *dJ "il1' thp pertinacity of a rlf i?tereat I vould giv" ihe notice immediate!) tiiai is as joon as tij?C'ongxe?sional contract a'lo sa. They talk' T,v" Th?r Miner ?a ? or*., for bnt I leopafr.i's bar/<-s, to ca*rv women an ! children Tber be<-n too much outaide influence i pon this mnt'er. ^JLli R **1 * "r Tbe Senator from jjolh Carolinatalka about out I .e inllucn-*s. l,oes he i>v*r ! .t* '?*"'* in"li,>nct 4 "n^er which wc ev-ry veir 4o Mr ti e crntr.i t 'Inanawer *oMr. Hitl.r) In tim? of w?r we ihad have to r-lv tipon our inirchant seam-n. ii.tlf'KBl.1?.'t*""TiereJw*re * "Unt "I'irits >n the war of 11., but th ?? have degeuc aUd und< r the soraU apirit oi comoif rci. 1 ! Mr. RtHK? The ^a iMut .pirita of lhaf war did not wear epai.Ietta 1 hev wer? -am-n before the inast Withdraw tueCollina' line Gre.t Britain geti the mo nopoly, and th.m ;I1 have the adv ntxp of u*. ! Mr. STrinr. of Micb. ? i 'pon t bo amendment jeeommendeil by the commute natk.n il ?dem<>nta are fovolvtd. ru.a qnee'.ion ibould riae above dollars and cent*. The ( j.hna Company never appl et for tbia ontract unCi eol.cited to do so by the rostmast*- <;?u 'rat In ???.'- taere was an in rea>e of tiio trips and the pay ?t tae import unitiee of the ooameroial mU rcst I sav , at Mr J, nes ?ai d the ether day, of the Miiai.sipp, nitil eersire, .t must be perfuimed with spool at any ?? nf' i interest saved by the spe? 1 of the 'olltae lino over the Cti. ard hre Is ten m.'hons jer anaui", and tb.i the people ultimitely par t '??*,f*b'e that the compnny should go on and tuld better steameis than ever before tloa ed IftnuTIO* IV till K-Ronu* Win. Mr. UK:. H. (Jem. of Mass., obtaint-d permisai- u to j rint tis aprech on the subject of m d.alion by this iro vernment in the Kutopr in war. "'HI VLA' ?.B\ QrasTiov III, ;i;wkii. Mr, LMCUW, i dem, of\a , wished to kaow whstber ?t was the ?*tt>Q and t>x?"1 p irpose of the Xorth to re feel the Fcgiti.eSlave law. or ?o modify It as to render HKit or protective to the .South' Was it ihe ?rettMd penc/of New Votk or the North to revive th Missouri ''or;>rom ?e ???0*t* replied t'ia'. be understoo<l the to ijonty ' the people of Srw ^ ork to be in favor of restoring the i-V*?7 IM,r'c,'?n to Nebraska and Kansas and prevent '"? ,U"rZ ,B 4,1 the Territoi i?s. 'rnm ?LlT""'l~rT,W '* f"nk " <! 1 h* "n lTStand ?Z2S2S& ? .J!f that this purr ,? is ?loT "T'n the -,n;tlty and fr-serra tl^M ulm v ,'*?r?ln tb.m W.,s the gen b?\ Uw^bo^ v ? ?*",?dwin) in faror of pa?, u! in " "tr.ct of Colombia North or^lmo ie Mate. th^ ioald t.on ton/^SvVb "I"0"' ?',!,WiUi,,, the I '** ?*? w resumed. It important that the ' J sTioui . ?*f/tnr here neat Congresa with a snlrit an l to resist any oe the paJt^of "! Vortb. be tb? co?.e-! uen:es wi,?t they mar If tha Inion caanot bt pi^rrad on terms of eooalftr in ?'.? Terri.onea open alike to .North and Xeuth, we want to uD.ler.t.o.1 It aud whenever taat tlm. c U ?? Ih2 n'?", 5? f<" "bat**"' it is worth He was regirded -one of the most eoesers stive men in Virginia ({< was -ITPVi result. H- sboubl stand ?y Ihe lsnd In l ^MM.r' ??r0 *n l ?' ' ''?!? receive bis bono, ? ai?mhu"-|M i^"'.'*?' r ll,t P"'PI* 'f the District of '1'^ *"k for t1"' abolition of slavarv her?. "W^uld tb# 4#?nttema i go fr>f that Ut. I annua? Yq,, ".ad no r gbt te msddie with that ? , nest/on at all. It is an a<sutt,pl.on of power whicli will Uad to nntuipg but misrhi?f or, by to act justly .be.: we hare tae.e afam ers eome back opon ourselvws fr.JMm. (whig) rt 1#na ? 1 had eu?^./d Wr Stuart l ad meant to eoatro en mr 'a ts se" -U -ws All that | h/>.? ,r ?i |^i jpM% ,o. j is. tha' b;< tlie record oa the CtU of MircU, 1S18 Mr. j Collin* a -?ed for the contract, ami Coo^n*"" gave it to I bite If Mr. Collius is the lowest and best bidder, let us take tlie otter. That in more than we hare beeu able to '<? cm Mis .IsilppI mails. Mr IUvaro, (dem ) of Uel ? I understand front Mr. j . who appears to e actinjr advisedly, that for ?19,. t Mr. VanderblH will carry the mails upon the j Ctl ns tinse, | Mr Jonm. I am not the Brent of any mm, au do not i rrtsc to be: but I leain Itoiu Mr Yandcrbilt that for ! tit COO per trip lie will rin the mail outbeCunard i tune, and foj JIO.LOO upon the Collins time. Ibis does away witli extra pay. By the contract Mr. Collins agretu to build tiro stiamers. IUh he doue It! Mr. fctt *KT tiled to get the tloor, when Mr. Clayton leoved to aO.joum. Ni gatived? nays lii, vni* 13. Mr MsU-MRi. 1 concur with Mr. Jone?. The qut'ation is. aoill wu pay $868,000 a year tor the ma.l service, which can !?? performed for tUUo 'TO l.'es. Mr. Jones assures u? that ilieie is this dill'xteuce in price. Mr. Van erlilt u well known io us all lil.i reputation ia second to nobody. He lis t niar.f a van t amount of money by the a ppHca - ton of ntum to our in 'trine service. He oilers to houl two BtlllMUl of dollars to hack his oHer. W]M8 the ttnativ from Texas n.o!,e oi war steamers he Lad r.ot onMdeied these vessels. Scen'llie man concur thit litie w'.jel vessels will not answer for war purposes. Ihc Coll. o a steamers aie only halt bolted ami burn < if li'.y to ( un hundred t< ns of fuel in twenty four Lout# (hi the high seas a way fror* port tliM* stfan.e: eoi:'d not CArry fusl enough to keep allout. I iiekci ledge Mr. Colllni as the pioneer, and woul 1 give a in tje preference; but we are t.ot justi t?d in ic-jsctog an ofiei of three hundred tinman! dollars a year leiH from a responsible party, Mr. 1oi< '.V. idem ) of Conn. ? This talk abmt the in capa. ity of the Collins steamers for war purp?.e< i.- not propii.ite new ivh have made the contract lu 1332 we inc:?u-? l the comprnsa'inn , but reserved tlo right to tirm n.ite ihe <?< ntract. I At us retain this reserva t.oj. to Leef the Collins Hue up to their duty. Mr Dcuci. AB. ?dem.) of lit. ? I prefer the hill as it ran e firm the Heme to the lepoit of tfco committee. l.<-: im ijive thy jotlre, or rep?. J the rli{ht to do to. Mr. Toom?s, (*hlg) of Ca ? Who com'-- here every sas sion with renewed pertennilty? This rapacious couip.iuy which never fulfilled any of their agreements with the geveinnunt, I lie facts Mibmitted by Mr. Jone-i at e cor rt o*. Tlit' power to terminate the contract should not be ?uir#ni!?r*d. Mr. U.itaRtj? gueh a power should not be ex. relied by ' Oug.e- 1 Mr Toj.i'. . ? There is not a horse mail in t'ie country winch d'fs not contain precisely such a stipulation. Mr. M. i.v, (tuu ) of Va. ? Yes, but from the l'o.t (Jtlice lift hi tmt ut not from CongreHS. Mr. Totiji:* ? Mr. itnart s?>? this re erva'ion af ' frets ie*l> litioa. I had rather give ten millions ' ol dollar:, than have anything influencing our U'gi* i lation as t!n? contract doe.i. i wnul 1 terminate t ie contract. '.*> e the vessela, and open the mail service to competition by invitation from the Tost Ulhce c< ; n rtin? ? t \vu should get letters cheaper If the <-f nni er< 1 < U? t want |i?juliar privileges or cstrt speed let thim )iay for It. My friend from North Cirolina t?lkei'. eloquently about these steamers Cglitlo^ the ! British, iui) British government get a weekly ma'.l for ?Ki 0 0*0 We psy for a semi monthly one $-.'3,0it0. All tilt* oiistakes and extr^agances of the Collins' line have hern psld lor out of the public treasury. Til ?: * troub'ojome applications will ceane ?heu joii compel the applicants to tullil their contracts. Mr. citaut ? Mr. Toombs, you nre are mistaken, when vou -a;, tiiev come here to importune us. TSoy com-* MUM* the 1'osticaster General NmpUll> Tlie i lea fhit who< v- r trots the mall f crvlce should pay fo- it is atsunl ? it would deprive some of the States of nay mail i trv cj at all. If we sl ould put the Colliu-i line into the, Ct |'0?t (il)ii e Appropriation bill, tills dlf ficullj would ceare 'lhe severance therefrom mak<>.i the troub'e. lir r?ET? Alii) heie got the floor to apo*1: until Mr. Clay ton. who df fired toaddie^s the Senate, should oome in, hut Mr. ( lr\ ton not returning, Mr. Sew:?-d, after juati lying Inm-clf for speaking against time in reference to this ce .tr a c' at a pre\ions section, gave way, when Mr Cm i. ;ot the floor, and proposed ah am?n Intent. fVhereupou the 1-uaate a 'journed. I lunar of Representative*. WA^nwoTox, Ftb. 27, 1S66. APPROPRIATION 1I1I.LS PAHHKl). 1 be lion -a panted tlie Navy ?nl Fortification Appto j ration bill*, hiid, on nr>ot.oi of Mr. Latham (d?-m ) of Cut.. the bill ?itaLliahlog au I'uiti-il State* Circuit Court for the j i?tr ct of < uiilornia, with one Judge at an an Oiial f alary of $4,500 Tins OLO aOLDRBS' BUI.. Sir. MiPin.wtWARTH, (whig) of F *., mo??'l the suspon xton or tJ e rule* to take tip the Senate OI>t Soldi -rs' bill. Sercrnl gittleineu ?iid two hundred Eaiilion i of hni of Uad will be required for thU purpose, according to tie leport of the Conrni'si"!" r of Ivn-iuna Mr Mi'Vle* warth's motion w;i*aj.'rted to by a vote o ICS . afD?' 'i 1 , 'hat the bill l>e considered Mr. Rdgditox, (dun.) ot tdilo, moved it be laid on t ! if tnile. N"';;ative.J bra rot# of 6fi iatt 102. Hie Hon e relurrd to sustain the previous ijue tiona< Bflved by Mr Wd<ile*warth. Further com 'deration of tbe ' i!! was postponed until to-injrrow Men tuk i.vrm u'pr; priatiom HZ !n Committee of th?'WboU>, the Senate's araondmeat* to 'ii<' Ki '?ii Appropriation bill wen- acted on and laid aside to be reported to the Honse. Till Mi"V ITIt-f-? c-0*. MOTOH'l HOI K ON' /IRK? (JRKAT I IM MOTJOy . M bile d<-!>atin? the Senate's amendments on tlie Amiy b!l\ Mr. Ksrr came In, sating 1 bat Col. tienton'* bona* wnendre, wHch caun- 1 > rea' C'.mmotion in th" ball, iii! moTi I tba' the Committee r.?e, but thi? w?s suspcnd td bv an a ireeraent to take k recces unt I even o'clock (or -Tienii debate. (In tbe House ret ?> rnbl . ri(f very lew mta>b"ra wer ? in attendance. HP?f> H OP XIV WAI .HI ll)<IK? ORI'ilN O' Till ECKOPKt.V WAR ?OCR IUDTIAL RIGHTS A!?ll or R aTTITt'l'K TO CUBA. M, W utHil'K, (?!?' in.) ol N. V , as <1 ? Mr. Cbairaim ? There i* ft subject, to which, at ?n early day in the fir-t >esH on of tb- present Co:;itcm, I b.i l tbe honor to csH tiie atn utinn nf ihia Hou ,<?. an i me of g'S** moment to tbe com mt Kit t Intercut* ot the country, ..n I o! Ira ined st ? concern to my con tituent* and that in tbe ne eeajity of ome distinct declaration hy the ICRl'lativs de part nent of our covernmint of whs.t, a? a nation, we uolc to tie ot?r r.cii'rsl right!; and, at the ?am? time, I deem it. imp rt,int to cli' it u d" l iration fromC'oagitM in relati'>n to tbe |.< Htical attitude it <<i our duty to in\in t?m reHpet-'inu tt e of (,' iba The iipaning of the j( ar 1*1(54 w i- maike '. by a feriea of nr?iit rreota whi'-.b tbre. tened Kurope with SonTUlaton. i be moit raaual ob ?errcr nonld not fail to perceive t*ja'. the lofty years of comjarv.ire peace io Europe, which bad only been tern por irilr Int'irupted by tho struftgling spirit of tjtoIu t'on. was on the era of beiuft broken u| , and a war be gun, which ha* since blared forth with so much fury, and ?le ions< 'inencti and end ot which humsn . i* coui'l not predict. lLe p?.l tiflftl ramn Uau been tjicnt I by tl.e Crur of r.uSM.a in 1: h fonnal complaint again<l '.be settlement which the Sultan bail amde upon tb<* conflicting clam, of tl.n i.ifets an'* UMH to tlM holy (.laces of Je ruMltm. Tne qne*t'on in regard to ib? holy nhrines bad been amicably settled by tin- S iitan, ttrougb tbe Interposition of tbe i.iitisb ulir a*. Coniiantino. pie itu' tlifl Bum so Aabaris^ot (Mtnai biaolT; at ('oisttntidnple had otbrr and d -re <uious <>bj?4ta io view, and that was the uiainten ace of a cl.ii.n on tbe pat t of tb< Ku t^ian i{OTeiPiii' n*. to an absolute prot :? torat" over ibe Ore* a cubje* t? of tho 'ullan Tb" uire.t effect <il t !i - soon attract^.: the attentien of tho Wc^tera l'ower?. It wat no'hiog m rs u .r lets a propoae-i tianx'er, by diplomatic interf' rsnce, of tte authority of tbe Hultan to t lie Casrovsr Miliioas ?f Turkish sabjoct" The ??gre>?iTe policy of Ku-i.a h*i teen tbe theme of t iacusmon not only by Bi>t ^b journalists, but in tb ? more e'aborats niscusrions oftfca Knglisb 1'arl.aincnt tbe matter bad b?" n pr?-?> iittd in a seiiou* light to tbe Kuro pean r oi 1 Ti e policy ot Ru?S i sin'e tbe days of ntet tlitilrtst bad look e ! ancoasin|ly to tsrntoiial a^grand;- merit. Tbe Kren h p'p< r /.? /*c. publish e.j, in 1 -'IK, the political will oi that monar h, wb rh, autbl ntir or not is a just outline of what the past has sbownto be the policy of tlat empire; aod tbe pr<-s- nt coir ''H?ra'?s it, as you will pereeiro by t .eeigb'.b and nintb ai tides sa follows ? Mh Kxtend ourielves a?iinlji tswsrd? the Xcrth. tb wbeia Is r, cf lb* Haiti , and 1 . wise Io tb- * >'i?U h> t s , Ulac '? S ?. "?b Te t ake ?T?ry possit I- k>iss oi ainiaz ' oas'-aatia i . ; la an 1 th> I aUi's t< r I - wb-< rates t iff will b? tba IrO* ! if ittfiti '.t tbe * i rid ; < n- ite war peniiaually I# Torksy i and r-r-m estaliliskts t ?' frames <u lb Bis k S"s ?(t , rottrfl "I Ibe sea ty ?! .r ? id alio if lbs 0 ritic, m lilt h , i< s dout-ls p'dat necet-ar^ to t n<s rnaliiauva f oer pro.snt; >ci"ttrsts i< mu. b i? i ? ei t !? tt>4eaty<,' rsr?.?; pei e trat* to tbs Persian Col: rs estat'Ufb. If it tie possible, by tbe way of ?yrta. tba sa< ieat 'eonmsrrs of th< Lettnt . si I vaaea to Iks Indies, whl^b -ra the gnat 'Issu'. of tba wgrM Obm tl. re w sa ii<i w.tboat tha fid of Kagiaa4. !a ibe r oufloentlal csnfai* r. :e nti )i took ; laeoia lMd, aod tbe ilespatc'.ea 'roui the I'ritinb anibas-a '.or, ^'ir O. I II Heymour, in that )ear, to lord .l>i!in F'.ua'cll, It i* sbown that th<- preaent C/ar admt'.ed that th? j? li-y of the l.rapre a Cataar nr looked to the ex ten lion of tbe i I'. uasian ft ?? tr V> Constantinople, and that tbe Kmperor in writing eon iMafttiaUr, is 1#22, to IjordCas tlefeadb, d?clared tiiat h? was "t'ieonly Rutslsn who i ' f list eil the riews oi his subjects up>m Turkey, and the I Ifws of impularlty which he t.a 1 ".u alnid by bS antagu n to tni ir wiabe? " The constant and rep?*ta.l aioval of a pacifc and moderate fioh :y on the part of K kolas, j liad gained the appreh<u>ions of the U'e?tcrn I'owers ? I sud ? veil this was not inlerqpt"! by the nsit of the Ckar, in lti-i4, to the conttneot sod to Knz laud, a .tho 4I1 '.bat visit was ma !? in order that lie m gbt Viora luily and with greater secrecy make koowa his purposes, and smooth down sll opposition so as to a-*o*ire a divi/ion of the "ttcmsn empire, In sa?h a manner as wouVI .note to tbe teiritorial sad cotnmeicfal intere.<ts ' ef Kui< 1, In1k4l. then, we Hod M.-boLas in Kngiand, n ec'et confereoce with tbe iiiitisb minUter 1. pro po>.ug a j?rtit!on of Turksy, an 1, altboigb be was ^larre, proposing tbe dl??olut(on of an empire to one ot tt? moet , powerful Htates of Kurope, tbe wjrl ! was in profound ignoiance ot tbe proce?Mimrs until taey wtre brought to Ilgbt by tbe dlpt-imatie proceedioge of when tbe Ciar orgs 1 that lb* Lour for diesolntion and parlitton was already at band. On tba 20tU December, 1H62, a new nunletry Was forme' .0 J agland, by which 1-ord Aber :een was created ? Hreni er, fiia4stone ChaaceUor of tbe trvehefl;.er, Tie , eouat S'kiHN-rttoa Secretary of Plate for the ilo-i.e i>. I otd .lob a Rns-ell Vicretnry of ,-ta's ??.- ?or * gn ASn#k. la tbe mtnt'e fil'owing we find the One iu afel an coaikieatai inU? talis ?ttk tM <lr'.<>ti >a 1 ?????**% V rvitpse |. UA, 9< the cloeoat tie it 7 between th? two <*>uut-iea, and in U?a court* of lin conference mailing the following a?plici declaration to Sir O. II. Seymour ? A. r I'r&nklt >-ir I tell j "U j Uinl} , that if England think ut; V.0ir.mV-?hh{'7aorm.rou & pMaltU oUnpyin* c Ana*agato',l!n docurlog ?<* in?t the racou-trueUon of ?SSre^U^V" raVfha'ta akin- ?P ?> Turk., Into <5teKr.* I &. v;.; ?? tW&rtJA* #?? *? ', V I.. " - 'm. ffif.-r.i lo tracing the ptof?.? of event*, that bv the treaty of 1774 between t hmpraM of l u. ?' a. 1. ?'? ?>tt .m.n ^'' r^iu lY ch.U. 1 in ol.ta olog a stipulation 'to ^ eouat the ( lirKtinn mli jion and itn cbuichc. Iht a M 14 * ' Dilation iu ih" ev',,-h artiOof the treaty of kiin^ t via not a ? t'l by the ltii>-*ian government, or e?en urt-'tn ' 1 t! *t 'hern hart been the alightert milage !i,t l ' o' thu t.ial v h' potation .luring the reign ' ,'r -em .- 1. its u AlJul SJt-iji.l who a.oooded the throng ,? W" V ? who> allalr < f the holy ahrimu and the anaUtv ol ?! e tin, eror ... l^aia for a treaty i.rot.c'oraic over t" the (iru-'t Chr-etlaoi, who ate the hubutt- ( f '.if Pultun liai, undoubtedly, ' ? ,lnKl Uct in view ol ta!..u? the ur-t deceive e "?}> the .art olRm ror the ab - rj t.on of Tu.k.y jje Imp. rU. (?riLindof Vti.'thiaoH wa.a icluacd by tho torto^ an tin n I ill..' e of Nearelroue. threatening, n ol pHai.oe, the occupation ol the llanubtan pro'tncei of VauicliW a.. Mo,fcfa, ? ^ ???? onr-fou-'U i ! the wlole of turkey .? HiW lo the ? i.i ni'er tli.tatmeU and th' pr.hoy of tie rV sia'n f.'*p' ?r ? *?*? *^!!n tui Kr!D!t.%VoV.^l'Vioi:n 'u.e !lr?Uh "station al Malta zxxg siiHi ?? under the a?W?c* oi the Rnglih am bailor, ui.l not in the tir?t inatanoo Heat the '"j'1*""1 i.'i h The o,t. i. iVo ?lem.n.t ol the kmpe^ ?r of RumIi wir? bv'h -rop ??! full cf imTnuniV^Tn tl.' o"' But the Kmi-. r.-r'a rill chert ?1I ver* iliffir.nt thing. He ioaiNiwI upon the actual t?ar.<f?r t ? b in, ....I control by trea'y. of over ' aeire mi ioiM ol luwiah . TUa \i?ona n,t?. win reiei 1 ???! ir.'l m: wnn declatM h> lurkey sTH'ost Ru Tiier? remained no alterna'.iv. to tho t{pi.trii l'oaere but either to let the war pro ,e.-.l and ul'.iua1* j terrniDate by an "Unalon th^. Huaaian toi.mla.v a'tnit 'he a', ore^ ..t tbeBI.eUS-a.ta, j 1 1 a i<ort on ' r the l evant end Adriatic or to "*? r?-- ' , utltbe fotroi table mean, t v could comui.nd iha avt /e I mot ve uf KngUixl an.l Kranc* to interfere Merely to lLaintvn the e.|Ullit)rium "f Ku rope todelenutl "righ of tb" weak n vua\ the ? >" ' Tee i>. iM>ori.'f i aiiojf rnun* ??! ihtcrferfii? v ou - 1< |>*? ^IllDdwa ? . ?<? f,1 v ? ? / Wu-^ia to ?'\tend to t ? Aois'o indla a .mrn'ooa and to be cmmi'rrlil p' .wh.cU the Hrtt 1'? te. eo in that . .rtc'lon The n- w Kmper , , r tl.H n oi , ??mn ' .gat been greatly un!air?toil, bo. vhota o'.w ac't no .'M/fd ?' taUsg the l-* l of t..e liitt 'mtn of Eurcpe. had hit Adrian t UHrr. oryto J.'0l? Ct. au! ha I been no il ? ci. .-.ulutor c' ? ofTt"i*rt it'iU^e (owertii'l monar' li ol tho North. He.ideh he wt i?t.ed the popul.rtty of i war ,0 e\ten one of retribution. H" kt.ew ?** J? pulMH.f the 1'iench peopta tor wsr' .V^'the wtth which it woul.' ii.Ti?thla reign. He to tlie ?xt. r.. o' t#*T i ltorv not orly near ,?t ho x*? ? i> ? |? ? * tv, 34 oo it t'\e f intiTn ?horen of theM?- \ "? ri ? ??: ?n' tut: "lU-til r.> be. to ti.e real.raf.n ol tl.? d-eam. ? \, , ; \w tilt t 1 wli'v^ rmnmn hu i th miere i .rooi dthe I vraniid- ?"i w o nhed the luatriof b.t r,.?, u. -vet . e jL-e n whi'li le lived, "ihere wer*. ei,, wcon.H which ' u*t b-u he, lei. The Tr-?' v'l"ll'0? ,,.(?iv?d hU tirs*. ch. ck bv the winUr of Uua.ia ar th (.'iw-ai'ii tu. reby oret run t h? plaint t f Ironco, and ^*r rled itav.ardn ??vi n to her capital Ih? !?..! ea.i e o tte inte-ferenco of ta*land w.i i uudotib od! ? coa,:d r ?? ler tat.-Kmen a ;.oU?i<al ne -Mlty. ^ Vim ion Indian drm'n.^D^ vrtctei ?n? ? t" f o! 'l e Arabian ??a itvl th>' toy ot Uengal. w th it ?o ? * at, i .tat on- ?tret<hing o^o l to the I ....i?- ' ? rnrtev o.:co abaorbed by R,sma and where ,? e l ba. ri. r that cm. be . reet-d to . h. W 'he^ on.., ^ * tliat tlo th?' btttl Lgof Auto r ?t 1 r TJitua.lf depfn'U'v ot Ku-aia -uiotM controlled, ?? , f' tt, hi lift of tbe 1 /ar. Iletween the e.^* UimUct U;?Kcha!/:in<ith?- B?iti-b pea-usuU of hin^ rtt?u , :.n intermediate ?oare of on If ...m? live oc ,ix huodted mil*" orcupi.d by H.vloooblaUn ? br.ncho Oe IV - an lamily. coinutin* of pottv V*'1 .agactty 4 ^o d, ccver tie u.Mior d?lsot of K..?la io th. direct <,o and that the pr? ent waa the i, oat boporun move ever n.ade to etlect her object ocwjri ? t - - '? raerreof the Kaat. It wM be bor.e ,n ?? ? < ro t ? tin re are now na'1 r?l?o.1 p-bttc-l eau-;. cb. ck 'he . .pa. ; - ?| ???? ? * J ? , t\"e /.'rctir eao out .? - ah ' ??t from ?r t.b) tU ? liner- of - Uter ft: tbe greater jor'lan f ?h ,tm- .? ,t8e r.ltfe ' tb - wrat Mil th- -?? ??>?'??.?? H? * < " ? leniub eel to , Hie oifflet.Hy. ?? . ' ' vv . V.?,V 1 1 .. trolleo i r tbe r0!titi? at?<m? cf I w . plane* 1 '!?* "??> ?f?re Mv.- re:.-.'na of K..? .? a i I ir-,1 irol'fei f?- reaint on th? part of th-t ' > l'owera '< ho ob<?iOff tl - r ? I rrea*rvat>' i. aodaho m??e.? br -be lust d?n.; .?? ? ruarte a d<-tr -nd n;.m uni .1; t.'O 1 J '' j , , t . wlth-r. a? v.o lim- and'hat hevlelwitt 4"u .W,, eoolva lent t.. a- !? -Ura'Un ot w., HH ' drtw tbe atlent .m of tbia"H?e?o at -d of to.- co n r>, Mr ,' | ?( j. . r to 'he fa"t that baforo tho eo. it". ue-M i- . ?? l oattl even tbe irrUrat, oof war. ;.h- - ?f . colllal. With tt..- n'u'ral right-, o b. at HtM. a ba.1 attracte-t tbe . ottooa aU-nti-... o er n LrH*?h cts*te?mfn. lu rartlament t.r >.jn ? called i. pi n to guaro agalnat t'" diincu ? ^ might b.- tr* >b? w th perhep i> ? ? ? ? <r .vila In the debate vfhich ook p'aoe in th- 1 Coirniona pen- log -he contemplated "tl-.n ol I ng ? agaloat Ruiia Mr Mllner f lbaon at .ted h - uewa a* fo^'ow i "? i u#? 1 1 t* a' I tli ? 1 1 I have thought it r-.nrtatapt wnb m. duty t a _ (| leatloa of th- lloaa at tlja ? at tl ... - , th< milt. "I neutral..) ab. .. my , tio in i ? ? t-Uat war. h Mh ' ? c ? ? ? t L. Ut.l tel." Plat. Th .n?J;-t ^ ; . Flmpiy t? tl.. pojitlae la *?? ' " ' . . ,ti!tt< n>:.v l*?d th? n.arl??a dnrta. t> ? <"ant.t t> J ? , V aan o terra ?t He n,?t |.?ri?i a.mK ??, \ r tba t'n.ted Malta ? An. i.c . . t -, . ' ' ? ,u< i aval and c I "?"?la ttj' ? r;J , , , ..... , aad 'hwafove y ~ 1 * 5 * , j'0r; ? J'j ir -V i 1 1. . ... ?mU in alt^fttioa of I ??teriiati"* ?i w". mi tt . , U th. twn?f lr? wl?U*? ?? <\ ?a 'J x' l,i nil ??etie for ermmertlal !"*?? aaU#w# loiiia# f } (?t? t hew fTWUi <5 1 I li i i?k tb ti i ? * > r: ?' - (l)i nt twi>r?rtr:? .?,? noftr ?' lutbe hl't F'll Uoaa < < "t Madia '?-m. ?' "t I al ?* a *k i ?u '. ..i Idee t,a , ;l . S& '? ?iSS?Sratt do?c i >t th?t /??n abenii ycrnr '*t*y , I , ,, r lr fc'-Vy .t? nlatlaa by 'a' tha. iba r'.wu al.. nbi J rr^ Iti nu iii ra w | r ,u l( polity Ot al.'* it a a ???*? ' Ml.' . brv" of '-at'."'* S.'sst.ri-.v.s'vsw ?!.? Asgtf ra in ti.e I nltad Ma- -a ?a tbia aobp- jt. ' ??? ? ". ; m.M 'it that co'intty .a will... . an 1 al? a.. a b^ t . ? . , Z % batb.r la lime -1 ??' ,lmV V te Vt/iltb ?neb a treaty If Knglaod eot-t. lata -nrh a ?r tl ?? L' >tatr<. .".It ?.tl Irani U tbe I e ' .. ^ . (be arotrai nka of the t a?t ' 1 , ,,, i?|.<t.J ?!.. n r.?fta?dUat war- aadr'i tlt , tba I' a I tad Mat-? a alaitar pil'lle i that wli a SSa.-wte v ir'. tbat wa '? are half a ? mtuiy a ? ' ? ?' ? , , f, ,m ;^:Vi m .V^sa^ui'th fufflST Hwu.-.r:.f?; V.'VUm X ni'V-D^ajM Th. ? et?i:^. | ol n.jt.r.Ut-n (on-l v II' ait l.? tai.rf-ra4 wit!. t? t ?>r ,,a< way if n - treaty, ? ?????* ?*??? J " . h , lb. I n.t.a Mataa waa Id aat t .-? iuterfaia-1 ijiir* ?f "rilaary a?r. antila proanea. Ibia llrtiah atatoamaa tbao f??d IroM Vj ? M tbat d.atlngulabed A?eiican jarlat, Chancoll foitoWR ? * ? , t, ?J,? , la. I, n ?k *> I* of ?L ?. JbTt - r.r.,,ait."ii 'I tb? iunoaa- etal pal w Waa can** ra I tr.aty >lth Pn ?la ? If' raj'tiva t" I .a par-' ; .ad r- ipreelty of. """"r'tal rirbt, b.?wa.r, ?. . | nt fwaata I n.a rail na diu- d-m >...r..j.a ha. tt !. n- > a priaitnia U at t ' a rr. parti "f aa ti'mi aliail 1>^ |f t : t? I ? tlr ?;.?.! f a friind \ . r..1l. I. I, - I, I- ' .lit. < or>t? ta 1 1 - . ?a?a and lb* a. ? r- < im - f? ? a *' l-.t t' I oral tee ta tbe u.are witho t aa r*a . ... >n4. < 'i. I,f few a tho aei aflt| ol tba n- .itr ?. I da4 ?' ?.i .n ar 'I lie ? .- 1 r.gala'ia t B.' Tiber ( Wr ?i. ton 't'lie HoaOt ol < . mn li, 11 ?n went ou to pre r-n Ut ' iloua# .t irrjurtance ol the pi ? p. tltuin atlr - ? a r a .m?afi*' gc.rla, at, ! prt rented -o ?ay ? Iba >,a?tiiea af a aaolial Ma ? e? alraadp at. ? Bntala in ar that It .a?lvr.i !?? O.l .air > a i: w.'b tl a I'cjfa.l itataa but ? .natct 4 ai' i '.t..-r |? ? t an. w.?h *ta r'eafM.rary wba ea-i^" I thama-lt*. t i c i?ar in I7^t f'.r the -apeaaa at.rf.eaal *a arm i aa-i tra;?t) lu a- faa I tba e?c r.t ? ol a a* i>ttl fla I id Jabo I'.uaa*U aa t'je organ a' tonnuni a'. ?/ t?i tb< Hou.a ilia ? aw. of tba min^try ataUM .a r Jr tba! it *aa ' tho iattauon 01 the eoetriamr ' ?h lia i ' .n a roaie tiit.e coaa, ier a^ (urea auhjeat. to ?4 i ?iae t.. i Ma eaijr t? ,n Mm- hapa or ..'iwr ? <\ut.+ merit w.i.rl, wou^d 'de?'.?'? the si ri of tho gr. ?er? tiioot on Maeaa. atihiaf i. ? -bu .1 ..tiea Mel ?"?. thra been entered at.., aai ha/'.te Uaaa vara "aaleied ata a declarat oa of the r eai an l a. J-t of |?et Ha^eetr a goeerr #ent woL.d he avade " yi thin a !*w weeka after thia deba'.a la the liwil* ..I Oaamr.aa the M aiaVer of } ' ralgn ASain uf tba > roach gofer..aeat M uro...o do I Iluye. iaa>la a rea?tt '..aat re?.? v?l %1m afprovn'.of '/aula *>ay>l?oa, >a e ataa it ia ata'.ed liaat at a aeriad * -a a lnaM.aia ta1at#oa and i?aa.<M. atwaa'.a otcapf a. la:|e a ahai? la tha ai avea ea' aa. jit tt .a '.ha Jaif tl taa pnwar ob 4't to wage war U t?,e it^naaxrj net 1 ?? tato, |4r^,a<, at ?..? ha tW (J e,X by ? k-avi ' < 'o Hi'1 ci intnerca of tieutral nation* ever/ facility j cc?jijtiMr with the state < f hostility to whi 'a they en j rffivor to remain itrRuger*. Hut it ia cot autHc cut that j the liell'serent ps rt:e? b? full/ determined to reaoect { constantly he right' of neutrala ; they Hie bound alio to ? n ? m'or to calm 'town in advance the dlaqutetu dea w hii-.h ccmtDrvcia! nn i< ?n> alwaya m prompt to c.meeive, ! by not allowing any doubt to auliaUt a a to the principle * | Which they mt)t aj>)>!ying that ' a act of r-^uUtton* ! i u th? Outlet of neutiui* might appear a ?(.irt uf Infringe I IC' Ut oc tlie hOTtreif.nty o| mirh oat ona a.4 < le? ire to ' pieietTf neutrality; v. hile, on tho contraiy. a ponta nrvsili . laratiou fit the principle* to which * lielligereu party j.r< mi irg to conlorm, appear* the moat roru.a teMnnouy that it can give of ita reaped for the right* Of other ration# '' Accordingly, the Krench klinperor, on <hi V."h Mar t.. 1H54. iaaueu bla de Ura'.iou reapect lo.;" ttnl.a' identical with that whlih emanated ftom ih? J'r.t hgovemmect na pren-ntcd In the Qtieen'a c'e?-i#riti n dat' il the lHth March, 1864, at Windior, m wlilrti if ii Muted u ?: fo'1'iwn ? "T > pr ' .-or ,? ? t In* ? Miimcrrc of noutrnU from *11 unn?m. eary Ipbafrni. ii>n, tier llaje t.y i* v. illlng, for t lie praaaut, to "aiao a | p. r ' M I hi- IpiIIIjp ri ii I rta 'in .nt In In r 1 y ili. law ' i tn. t ,im* . thai "it h iwpoaaiMa for In r M aj "*f } t" forego t lie ca'tiI.o' i.f bur lUht <?l ?"uinn article* contra bind 01 MM! I | i ? % . t i ii mtnu Irom lirarum Hi rn tu) i ! ? p , ai. | aim nn it maintain the rirlit ? a lip lli?i'ii i.t t MP-, nt bouti aU ifiii t r' ^king any Ptfi liv li|pprlnrt v !.ii h mat he eitnbllaheil with an adi'inat fotu a.Aliat t' i n. ii,} i (p,rl?, harbora or <? mntrj . imt tha ' 'n Mi ly v lit v aivo her right of avitiiig property lailci mi I rii p a in ut ral M' ?? I. ii lii* contraband ot war;' t hat "it i* i. nt her Mo;i>t ty * intention to claim tin- 1 'tilWca t ion f n .. i' t . proper!) . not being ciiutrthiiud of war, found (pti Imard rt.i'iny i nhipa; mi l hir Majaety further ilu Urit, that I ring ana, p i, t, I vbbp n a- much a* po- lido the ovlls "I ? ;i r. and to rent ri t it* opor&ti 'im to tlio regularly or<tinlm d ft re. a of tl'.o comtrj. it i- not her 'preauut' Intention I i ii p .p-tt * rn ? t mnr .U' |p r the cuminlaaiuuitig of private -r i The term* of then? ?'eclara'tona, on the part of lireat Btita:n and F'rniiC" ate not au< h an in my judgment, | ate tin (>t l? ? to the At.ii ncan people Th''y iay claim '.<? r ;{Ut an inherent un. er itiu laws of nation* whu h ?|' i| '<? ni'l -ate :? oc *n tha Ir courp-e and policy in the worths' tin* a _? 1 1 j, ????? Furtipeui conclusion* "for | the priHirit Whin tti? so declaration* reached tlio I'nlti i Mate- mi* utarly a yiar a go, I felt it du? not only to t'i ? f i bo m i III district which I hare tha honor i tO'i j riKnt hut *o our dignity th it I aliotil 1 i draw the n' ' ution of tl'l* llotiae to the ubjec t>y th* I'D'Ni'titutlbti ' riTta.n resolution* i *? the expect at oa ' ? bat the a nl .. hired limnittri' oa Fore go !<?1 itlnn? night p*amlu" * Ii luh/eet, uittnre iticli piofiijol'ioua (i r leg)i-l?ti a *? in ti p r judgment *?i duo to th* gtrut iitciost we itpieaei.t anil the blsb resp naibil.ty w? I a ve amumi il. V ? U nl fat' the hliat lni? n!Tei:ta of the JH'fln and I; i in >i r? > tn<l the llrltin i or4ar* ta coun ' r u j on our connm-ice 'lurirg the wat t iat gri'* out ol the Iv"r.rh rttolution in 1763. Our sovereignty an a t! i.t rn *.ti iu'riagnl our coiniaerce iu'>-r tu] t<J nur fiamen 'niprii,ipr,t"l atiil eri'ry In tlif n ty lr tl . i *i il tij rn ui ur.drr the munfoipal liw of Fuj i ri-l vliicli he annouuMii arid enlorcl at Inlerriul" al 'a*. 11 v 'ime is n ? r at hand, and the pp mt juncture -n th i r.ffalri ol the b?Uip r?nt* oi Ku rape ret di r it necrK . iry ott tir part for ua to derlara tLo?e priocir'i ? to :< h pi .r mar t me rlgiit ? a- a neu . tttil i '.n et Lnd a roitn' er id the family u' natlom KtiteiR.rnof the pnit, r 'o wre ? harifed nitb the dl tect on of publ c allalr*. Iiav>* !ett no uD' erta!n or am 1 'ifuo'ii f iord of their poller. From th ? mow ut w? Iir >t ratal llabi our ra "on >111 v r n I lnil*|.eu 'i nri- w u' ? otlfrr ! the unci r.J tlonal and ahiolu'e attrlbu'.ea ot po II lUoven gnty. not only within our own limit but a'ao t>pon the 1 ig'i urn In tin u t by which we err. : I 1 1 i nf . i tit" an lm!i 1 1 ni!ent K0\e- nine nl, w? claim id IS on# of ta high prrtognllvm. th" right lo "??tab 1 !i < otctr.i rcf and to ilo all otber thing* whtrU in h-pen ? .t M iii- may richt .1." Thu revolutionary or*'on tinrn* i I'or re-s, wb rli es'.t# I liefo.e th* article) of ? nti ,'t" '.t in. a.' the .j r ni- and eoutrollfs/ po ? er of . - ; ?? j p 1 ' i . ' ? uo 'ri th - i iiit> "ii ol the Aiiimk uu who I ? < . .? ? e I n 'fceir allianC" n'th Frauee on the Oth of re rt ut* 17'H 't.e * ry hrat treaty they made ?< a a' V' r> -ri |ow-r. that "the e?f?itial ar.d dinut r-ii of the p.eaent dt>feo?ire altian n U, to ' na'r'ain etfret'inlly the llbeity, aov?n'Ui!ty , and in i |? adi nc?. abaoutu at-d unlitr lted, of tn i l'olt? f,tat-a n we'l in matter^ ol govwnmest aa ef rnirn ertr lu 'hi1 treaty of amitv ?. ;i ? i eomnii r ? with that aaticti, ooi -'ud-'il on tl.e nan<e lay ,t ? 11 at prmhly " "ip- la'a t th it free ahlpj atia'l il-o rive a {riv i!ow to goat? and that rvrryth'o{ abalt li? 'e?im?d to h? i (li e an ! rvmtit whic'.i aiiatl It 'nun I on hoard tint <hip? !?p Irn ^ t g to 'he >ulp.e 'i of lithrrof the"< although the whole loading i r any part th oaif tho ild appuialnt'i th" triintii ot, rnutrahanl goo la I ring alwaya ? arept ' It an aUo agreed, i i li\? wan nir, ilia*, t' e anm lihrrty he ratrnded to p r< >n^ w'io rrtonloil'. i !tre .hip wi'.li II. i? rfTart, that a't'ioj'i ?hey le creii ?/ < to .. tl, or e' nr'v tbey are not to I ? ial.1 u cut nl that fire ?l>ip, utiles they ar< Koldntrn an ' a actual r.?rrlee of the enein ra." Irj oaothar aitl e!e I* ?? "ipu'atrd Ilia'. tLr irn-ijlunt ahipn of eltn'r nf t)i? pat I In which ?hi.d ' ? na'alng Into a port b?l .n< n Itie mti air of ?bi' other ally ami concerning wonne ^ oya^fl anil tile ?p> n:ea of go !? on board nf li>r tVra . Malt he just groum ? of uaptr'on, ahall he olill ej to e\hi' it aa a-ll apno the high pe?? an in th | iii ' < aid haven' not only hrr pa-?pjr a. out lik?wi<e C'Ttifiialat i'.ow nj tiiat her good . are u it of tie attu'ir of there prohibited a< cot tiaband ^rd it naa alao agrn I wh"t on? pu' on I j: I Hit ili'p or v" io'I of eti let i f the ' * i piati tp ' tug furl.'**, that Ibey hoi.dha- .i ? t to mi . i ier vm a n. lie lira! FtrBC. rerotuti i '.ail br. ? lorth n il iti turr and ba'l rej "a'p d'r violated th" fmti n ? hi- li ihefe treaties wera t"Brlnd?1 leaving i''n^ri <? n ? alV i : i' ire l t to 'leeiari I on th 1 1 ?r Mint. mi.. ? i 'Km tl " r provltiona. Vet aa a par' f o ir r*v ?la ? i ary i ' coral, tlier remain Vi uow tn ? ih ;'i *r > rid I i n ' - 1 r. i ri'ntir' I i n witi' roi) '? rn< Ii ? t . * Irg tli ? |.n-i ?rlty of a r ptopl" In tha early h. tory ol tb"? Ip vufcl.e, whin pipp wete fre'jla aa i nation, we ( d to yield to ?om? uteot to tb? Irou rule ? f ' nation ibatonK p id llotri' ot of Hie o an I ut thi time- line cb.r. "d, "id we l.a . e all.' a ex mi ' 'i i r own limita liom o .an to o "m. Irom tha great 'ake? of th* Ncrth to th? ' rop <. \V ? have alan i nr~ej?e<i o numbair" from ?"n.a il.r -" ot tcmr milliona t" a j cpnlatloii of twrntr million" u-arlv equal t > the af girgata |aipulat oo of tha I it Ki .gpioB o ? ?lent I rit-iin und Ireland, tpon a tontia ? of about a ni l o.a an', a halt, in 1*1'. when we de Ure I war ?",aln-' tiieat Hn'an for tojuriea upon our i.ia rii me n.hta, m r romnier< e now i eachaa ? twi rntzo r. K n .i fra<l. on o rt\. mi'..i u | .i ? e-jual to th? wi o a tonca * ol i>r< al HriUin. pa>* liaa liri u aim olatrd or ' 11" [ei wer ol ataun i anil the two < on'.inrnta hiotulwt into an ii rloae p t.a mity by tha n ere n of tia " ml omoii r *, tint w? earn ot !? main o' h'r?i<a than aenoualy allucted by tl.e war wh.-Jj tow ragn- a Kofop* 'mat *ar ha? ?l n in y aweilrai : hi- aninnl eapenie-i nf tiie empire ol it i? a to '1>* eaorri"ui anta> iat of njmi tw.i li'indrad and , i"rty inillloLl of p ott'ii ' li lug an a*t e?? mer ? aegu l?i i*v> Hoe ??: ,i h .n<lti I m i on- >1 lol. i'a, mi I I 'avin/ thia auoi a? aa aantial delii'tt Knglau l witu a .i i' ilrbt. the 'nta reat of tiiieli la one Una <re.l an 1 tb rty lira iniUi'j .? o; lol at? iianually. ia "*tga."d in a war | r hi.'h aplam tu lier i ?pen?p a ann ialljr from o i" hu aired ana i.ty to km buL'Irrd and aev. n'y tire m llion- .?f ? ollara, and Vracee, iap| ,Ud with laimen-* bur lem to iup'i ii lirr govrroir.rat ? i ten th" Held ? thaw* ?' ? t nt obligation cppienaiv ly felt by In tolling mllHoni N o loi ii- at . <pi "oun (irr od could p ver ? le. ia I I or t'i* govt inueent of tha L'nltad . tatca to ' ? laie r. > poln y ip i" in i a to our mai itirna ai..I i in. ti" il right' thin at thle .iuac ur?. Now, tba United 'it* ? alai t .e r i?bt to na vigata tbe b '? * i without nxdeaui "on "? ar 'nint , ol t' a atnla Wtdeb baa vm bioi.glit il.'.'il hy no a- 1 p>f lln ii ? , and aa an nl.ertnt an I .ual.ei a ile 'gltt tha' telonja to o .r -nvereigniy, an I not it la ?a i t? ?c by any tirat) tip .lat "n. Thr r l?w? and ablli'y I are M.n>|etiut to i .obh lliy ot our i i/' na for eriga^ ng In tbla ooarrel, i; a ll.ig or Itln^ my of tb* b-bij" riLt. II heir a t'or alioiut einhro' ii in llflitultr W'b ot! tr in' otn. n teknowleilglngtbla obli/al on and a ? iiltn n> -i to ai'f.eie to tba f r m- (il? of I ' u interiar ? i ? nee, w? .|p mam! a. id w 11 inti* upon an ab?o',p|t? immn rl'.y to oaTlgi'r tb" b ;h eeaia 'lie \* ? *ful puriait' of ci miuarre and Will autinit to no claim to '*aieb. vialta tn a or dat'ntlvn, unilei any color or j"at*vt wbatei"r II e^reat Ltlni p'ea of j.'itl c law i wi. 'u ia?t? the ? 1 1' nt ifa.Lt, hav? b- ? a ????rtad by the d'-tm^tila'iad j a nrita of 'b* Rer lUtloj and rrlt*r . t"l h . the en! gh*. ? e,i atatawn><iii who have ?Ini.c praal la l orer tha Kki- a departnxriti ; but byjtbe ini'it'i'lon ><l loa 1 nit ed Sitatea, tha power to itae.Ura war ia dale gat d to tlM I tingre?i of tha I'ni'nat -taiaa I'. i? :or tba i N|WMft 'erartmea! tk*l. of ' < nUMII NfWI rv-ent toji'e tf en de-daiat m In time at, a m >f a p h lit act 1 bay hare a rfgtt to ??man<l a hearing In the cojLetl of nation" ar d to Inaiat upon tha<r ?'?<r w to what 1- tba law of .iajon mil r 'b' Is i!n in. to eufnree that doctrine if ne>d ,f al: tb< m ini rh > h tl I n|i on em eoian ui Tb-r* ?i. . li? i# ji p t Vr. ,-fwairr 'bat nataraily a>?o tataa Itaaif wit!i III anljrot M* iii iittlj for rota ? r?. an and tba' a, tlara lat'o a we hold toward* th* l>laitdof * I ??* effcrta raa a br the W?*taen P? r 'ea wi'.h thw Fit' lire ol to t goaeronetil '? a?lu" an >? j a' '0 e?f any fi luta ?"|ul- ; on ?y tb* I ni'ad -t?t?" aia leownto th? leiin. 'I '.a pa.nev at tha b4li,ra ol tbia pr*"im(. ti.nna iHi'iiloaa tbo tail of I'r ' V' a at Kngland, and tha .rral ona.ity of Ui* r .iU> r'er?'?< e, were al ly ?? I "?? -I by a Ota' nxuiahed atat'in^in ?ho pr? ? a.l ni It a ."tat?? IN par' o at at tb* 1 1 a* of tha laat n" n ir at r avail, i h " pi b p'.ea'.m ac*?'"' by In ai in: I' Miailimi al.r.a o'el, ta. .1 t' 'e* aa ? of tb In* ' ta>? an rr?* 1 War ^ ' ae ! ho 1 1 eit"r * t b* V i>"ied< tru.a ul 'Oai?U? * . any at1- .w ?t a' r. .r ?pe ia r ulai ail In 'ka afnlra of Ik ? <??'.in?nl That ia '.b? ( ai p: a pla alikl p?i 'a'epa-. i ot al H ? iH'lititt adn. antral uaa f r'o-n llo 4a < ? o' I'raai lao >??'!? e? lo 'am tiour. 'a la a * it ml/ n ? IJ V'-a aa.fli w Uie . Ui'tal (aifiw* ?<?? >i | te I ailra alo ? ia e a e, l wrk lie auh < t ?/f i i' ?? .'ral ilghta, tba; ti ? a tnr'rtt * ah all o Uo aator ato "Of 1' fioiaiKaa . not, ' I r ? ?'? Mr. paaka/, al aia aally p-r i 1 of thai* *1 a a' w'i ' I urk| ),#4 tka honor 'o a;,f?a- t 'hia hall, I fe't . ?.? . jiy 'a naW tha attao'i n ' I 'h a ?. ?? hifaaa >ni|?r'ai.t oakjeeta by tba folbia i.' "?eolvdan* i ? ga a pit a. at th'ia, oarnaally h<apaog t Ay raajr. at no Mutant day. bo I nra ip^ra tad into the p ? 'aa *< U?ia e' un'iy, aa I krUara thay wi.l caaman a ii>* ??? a of 'ha ? t ola A w:xao people ? /ti >**** /e * ttff ?i ,, r* i /Vr lit ' at i i 'f ? e ' mm4 a/aatr f 'ary lat#/<ar?tef * ' f r' ? k. !'?? V'" "/ Oa?#fi ? " .a ? pori?? */ I 'I Itriei.JWre T > !??* Ky i he ??.,??? aal H ?t ?*?'???? la ,tatf i ? I >'ia< f taleo ?< kaa??v-a in l aoir n tn??ale4 rial 1 1.* I'aii ' 4 Flai** oo a aaariiiiwa f^p* ' i I a'U'i ai^itai tifiiii tu Inat''> n lea t pt |<r la '!?? ?l IW ?aiaiiai war ia I r??". ta 4aalara aal laoka ka ?< thaVa-ary Aanxao ?tivel iqiHoI a tha laafal fanina at nma r>i la kail ? ? 'ba a- oraaaral I ' ka fr-,t*?val y aaa ttaaa ,ar?ro t t. aaa whkik ahall k* iMotHwia ? ? bat aaa .aai if isot ? lllvt ta ? a-."'. ? a ? . a a??er ifaly, ?? m 4ar a? iLaaa na tlalhM Wilk ia?aa.ipM pipifalim t? i*?aa w fc'ok a^partt.a I' ?*rr if; 14 a I ar nfSti aa tii?.? 4aa aral raal op aaa prwaraai ar <awp raey ana* ; 11' -pa* Ita t aa ia4aaa a' aar T ? ' * ' a^? piV ' * a ? aa aa *? *4 <o a fr .a 'ka a*' f a-r ?*f *? ' W e a a' ?? ?t\ %*r ?ritl ?t\ if ?| ! - ihLuld eoi.aliier a.y "n,f'*'f#Chfi 1 ?n>i bora a* .i.'.inot (oiirnmout to any portion of thia i?l >'?" ?? "?n*?r<?w? to ".ir !..??. ? ? ..'? ?alety ; ???', trom 'i t . al and conitutr fal |?.dl|..n ?f ? i.laad uHu tM'Ui ni.i.iim nt v?? will never nonfat to li?r hovm^ M y ??c n< I ra u af*rr*'?l * * c* | >t to tb* Uait. 4 Staia*. to whioi.h. **?>. naturally to b?luo*. rin bm)W NOT?IMM Mr Ri rrm, (df(n.)ol N < . gar? bin raa.'oni. f * ?<>? tinn lor Mr Witte'a anti Know N. tiling rkaolutlo?. Hi- could **? no **11. or InW'iary, *h,rl' aupp<>-ed to e*i?t in I.U com. try to jua tifv Atneih-an fiMimu ronrnon a*er.t oath-bound i nit ?1 iwciat ??. 1 In y may ?" for tho ,,f | III, -in anil Au?lrla hut r?-r(?tn^v notforMiUc?>un<r*. ?Jbe "?.!? et i? lc K't |-,o?w*4oa i"l 'he national treasury K now Nothui gi-iu apruug up m tbr ,otth*io Ml W IKHIll km (il??i!) of HI.--W hit .Ul> Mr. I'.li i in - 1 ji. in Uliiiuth, looking to t.? la?t Mr KioHM'i. (i.'m.) of I 'a ? Tlunk tioj, in l'*OUtyl vuoia it.. hann. i ? '.< m, but "> '"K Mr. WjlFIIHt I.MS ? What p?lt ? 111- J'ti'WM > (proudly; ? Tli? Kir-t LongrMab.nal li? Mr Ri'irtv", r> uniiug m ?! Kuow Nothing)."'.'! w*< * aim iroin the rioi of le<iiT?tiiim It w.? n*"1'"1 ?' M.nal ii mi denlruetlvu party- an a bull lion disunion cl i it* aed mi I' M checked in itn (.rogroas will auud*. till! t )???. which bind them Htate, together It la an *aia ii*. ion of IIHli and i-orruption-a ?tU" ' Inn. " It could no' 1m> o*p*otad that th" H?'ith "I" be bllLileil and tod away by thla Jack 0 l.?nt?"i into Hi" n.aridua ?>< abolition. or f.,1 ow Willi bin ilaik lan-crn ln?0 bin midnight .oneU*.. I. , bi- opinion that Mr. 1'nonrtt, hi* Uu'u' > ,:o'i.- UK to to fultb.r the m of tbi? n l-r t iao ui r otliir iiinn NotwItUt andlnie the lil^b ptof?? ontol til'- p?t:i0tmm o: the Kno* Notbinj; t ber? ?ri> o|> J cudU inougb <o, It III.* In th? g t o' tb" n-t ?f n. jireni nt?tl?c? to Uk- -..t ,.iit..|...l Th. i,- an *P ' tu nt h fur |.l?cw from tbo Hp??k?r < clialr <1 ?? ?"? A I rlra u bipb pri??t, wbo iuln.?t*ri at thr Umplonf (loacltitt. (Inugbter) tiu niTDtoniK iMTrrtTioN . Mr IMIIIMI, (. im.iof In.l.. upoko about tli? Hiuitli M ninn In-utution. li^K.'l allh.?u|(li not a|,|, non-U of j all It b?? don.!, b- tliouKlr. ita |.r?i?nt eondiUon only rocoi ra^.nn but a matter ol congratulation rather t) an leti.uie to tbow wbo ha?? tUo u?ana#i?niont ol , itn Minim. .. 11.1 MAVHiY Ql ?I??N *M? Tim *TATl U* fA *Tl> < M? OW?", (Whig) Of S v., aai'l ?OW?WJP be | HM> nolle* <>? Lit d* Ire to^- a hill prol.lh t | i,a later, in Knu.a ?od Nebia.ka. an^l f''r ''I'1''1';* | iiitn iiur' ou or I'etab'.mli i ' i t in ^ny of tb? ?? , i ti e 1 D tej Stat> n . I.ut up t? tUIn be bad uot had an optoitunily ol lomg He ??< .till <-kl.-{ Mine ci.'- ion loi t'.at purpoie. 11* roudemne i In alrong term. ' be Mlnaouri .oinpiomi-e, wl.irli wa? re klemlv un 1 bur r l? 0 1% conmirniated, I lie in ipl ' in lb" iat<> b.ive' reod?tt'i i venllet ileal and eon. 1'HlTf or t '? rt> 1'iiatiOD o( lie Miaaouri rouipiomla* tl.erwtor* i ?a< duly ef ' onitr. to obey tb.ll will H.i. w^ tl j?M,e u c< i.t?.t in I not Know .\otli?ni(i?ro ?- ??? ?"? turn- Inm Not tli ' aiobua Mr. lutl.n) ?.?o*lr ?uj. po?*'i He atroimlj fotdemno.! ?Wv.ry, >nd ? .rn-.tly HiiokM f? r tl.* wl Oil ii**k*i<> Mr. 1 iowk.m k, in all'i.lon to Mr i... l i h r?tiiar < c m *ti, n? the anti-Nrbrmikii tr.umib a-ked bow it wa? tb?t ineiuVr" ? f tliat ate win ? lor H e Nebraaka iui'iulty, a- li w.i? c?IM, ***? ?,rl ' "m,0/ (<I?in ) of N V. by tie .,i..?t on, by Wiving" * ???'"?' 1 Ilia lu.ll Initele-tiou ?l?n ?; w? ? a- ? ? ' , il it tl wat Oppose! to blm. >ltU'? <b lie ?? ?d kv fiOOiM^oiily, wltila tt r- ?e ' ?' lie |{e rolcil agalmt the .Vlrwii' .th"" it.g l?? boneat ioo*i-tlon airl I""' will ol h?* on 1 .1 ratw. II<* couttl Hsu ii ,?fii,,f|* * 11 hU' ' /' , ii.rh b j II. Il an.l ?te|. b? t 'p. - very ?ffoi II l? I.' i iteod alawyover in ? fair laod .1 wm ?.?../ U t ? |,ig aucevMor i? a warm 8**?rd wb g Jlr I Va.unler.t.MilMr. ..oo .. .... Ml be nil t.'.n ' I e view, of N.rU.l'.r'P^'";* t ?f?. Ilo tb<y niato t.. i.a.a a .aw pi?v?:i*lng ?1?? i it. n.'iog to K*n*a? an.l N?ktaak?' Mr. l.'iOli* ix? ? Mtalnl/ ... Mr Cooi.r- An.l that neither K<n?a- nor ? Dr ?' rhall <n ine into tlie t'nlon an a ?la.- - ale Mr G?h owis? I w-. ibt ?otea?{'.iu?t i Mr t. I- ' i l'i "" "rt ?' <? '!l "'7. KWtit 11 o IM N b* l n .wn to t to ?? ' ??. th4t i mar Utow lb* l??u? Mr (.hi. i i (to Sir. t.o. r.O'K- Ut in? ? >y a if, I Hi. .... pU of Obio. ' 1 "" ' ,,r" Mi ii' ... (iat. .nipt' , ' 1 ..on 1.4I0 .y wl at ma VI. * it i l \ . a it >. .' Ul ? li ' "i\i, I a ? "e|. . W" J *' * * f Mr I .-.O, (pai.^ii t o.: In e,..:#.n-*t>- "o I , ?n-l ?***!> ??? t'"10 '?>* ' >0 1 ... ri Sir. . ix ? lei tin "f J J*1 ? * 1 . j > .e :.oi tb e , in thai - .? -y ????" Vr".\t *" ?>'*> 7. '??it. ' '"of I la ?l?''?l ' "j <*\' iicular rial > ie oi tl e,ai.?. ? I. -1? >? " fcut In'' ??;. .1 r'i 1 ' 1 r .r e ilopnty will. t> *m w!. le Ni.ttb*tn ? V ?'?!?? tfe '!i?t r< ''i n .nio? Mr. d?n.ed norigbl to "M n?" > . I i.y Nfi'_#rn in <a. 11" I'.in.-i au t.?W* *' ' j ? ? ftrlu<l* from I * ? 1 1 ?r < ? Maiweil, l< r f'lr dt. 'b- i... dl - ? ??" ?g oo?rm?Traneo<ia . ill. tb. e-matl'iiuon. In wieluatoa, ,U* > .. d tiljf b> div r? tl - '.?*?. m"Ot W .lar.ry ... ... ? aid I e. . i ? -? . I'- ' "?ttjr .??! 1 ? ,1. 1.41 1 etll.'t 11." g-nt'em.. -U lla, ""' ? v;;;-, r :: .(.?'."..ii. vi- ..mtm.. .j;. bn' thrown on 'board, .n't Mr mwho, * ? . <. ???t in Wa fclaef. . ,if t| 't,. a*V llrVl t ''l '.."'"ot' ? - "h 1 '^/o, U o'tb* H. 'r'"K,,|'l- ' Sw wS?*b.r Wi.ry -bail t - ,to?.b* I ?|* ??P ' I , ' . 'I I . >? a h.ll ?''ktf.{ tlie t?.?i the l.lit I'll ' ? ' ' I* 1.1. fed.fal :-o elialtii fri m ?la*?a nbr tb* P" Tfinaien*. Ti? -hf it ?f 4K??*? ?<" M,l#1 **" ItltbtM ?eb< "I gl. '* fU??kW? . Kr. In i'H it *?** h i| *?iv>:? ' ^ J ? ' v.,* m? .. . .*>?!? ? ' h . ?. m> t * ) i ' r ^ ' ? '***' r ,,,, rrt ' " , S?c if ! ? 7* #?!> i? -?? M## tb?* "?? " '-l ' 1 J,% .y?..? 'ITM ??'? ? I** ** ' t ? I ? y : M b> ibiro ??!**? ? ?? ??' *r ("J ??' *h',U" ' ' t.lfy' ge<! to til* Know (Ot1 Og' Mi On i ?!%? ? rej.l -M? ,B"W ,?r . MAW* ^-.y ulo?;r. -a*, ol it, f i 1 I nJjii ? no wi. r'? u'ZTZ. ir..n liom Maa?a nu^tt. (M;. .rrew.o .p b-. ? ' '?<?*. , \lr. ?**??? Notnalv baa aaMd tt.* 'i"'? ? l<r I ll'.l*-I" )? ' hel"?* Mr. l'1 at ?* *'? . , la .?b' Mr. Uf ,,B l*' **' "Vr t.n MM.a? I don t WW to tb- Y. " , Mr. ??" try tfc* g*n ? 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Im w**<.af ?f Iki (tmtm ?* V; ?? i ? ri tv#. i ? ?? r/ ? ft g. a.iia?e of jvoertgdfaga *o a* *0 *' it fh? v t?r* of Mr Hircy, ??*l mm |h? ex^eitm mi; t>f r^' 1 1 ae % "Jltd f?e1," if I taaj judK* ft ?ai ? oirrifK :. i no* ^ Una day 'a date between Col. K Inn#/ ao I Mr. 5 la; ?. >a wbn'i the latter #Ypr*a laliinelf a? fully aeti.ttri an ta pre rT\[ iir??K ?irpBti TU#-? ? urre pou-U n? # 1 li ?see r 4-1, ami I ran new I?4qr? you t*?at the K na*y e%y \ ha* tii? approbnt>oi? &(i?i ayu.pntbv c*f the a'iii* *'?a Won, an ) M? Man y in pert u**r. tn hie lette? ? lit Matey, tU Kiuttey eipreealy ?'? aa ? uS ill u ncctii ii with :t?f Cub -n aiov.mtrj'i Hi la *%4 * ' . i? other* Uo be might have bMo aur^e*" i uavtu^ i? - ?wn thle iiiurn n,j at the breakfaet Ub> ,n c?u i? *v with <ii t.? rut ()?.it;uao, the leading fit b *t?- ? .?! ? ?ley. Quitman '* ??iprainflr" here jml ?m'? mi m ? !?!?? to annoy Central " 0 >?* not ,.?n ral" very mac b. Hie inter* -?i n.,c ?,?n,iiMif?wn of prereiil.n r uh<m. r. ? the eword of <;*n. Andrew Jaci'in took f \ * .? w*. to 'Jiiy, if? tl <* M? "* t'h tmber of the I t i**?t 'M-a l?? irroed oi apei-tatoi 4 wk i eery groat, not noi iaa <? ?o filth ul IIiom* . Iki n anmittan ?* t? !i> ? In mm Itn ladle* w> re admitted in Ute U >? ??? o < a?? maile the pieaentat'i n 'peerh n th* pet tot the i? i?'l| of I'obert Ann r??n^, hiki a* toe oil an alluded to an*! fu ? I fiiO eic-a of hi* <1 latin hiH?n? (?nnfinti I >t in Mm (earn tiicklel down '?;? turrowel rberks The erei.o w #*, .uleid hrrp^Miiff Ihe *? In? ib* bnnol bright blade of the ber<> aea^otlaa?ea Ilia ? hart t*r <?( him ? 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I'liagnu which bid be -u t ?lr {K?aitory ??f the recui 'm oi the Homso|i!M Alexander j? * in I al H??y toot in Srri t and aluo ? nUb of tnaibla fr?u? the t?mph* **r#rti M r Mii*ia '??? on the p) i in f M ?: r. *ou, h J i ? ? bla faniou hitHlttiiti l ftot??ry oter tb?* Per * <* *? tb?? > far 41M> |i. < Tble Barcof)b%iriia wa* Un<lerr<1 'Jenerit Ji ' .??? . ?? a lejHiMirry for Vi rMnam* after "Hlh vo l the 'oil beantiful and r hat artertatie letter ara? wr1tt"i ? f?l? 1 b** ia ?.o?t ou tile ?t 1 lie Nitionil la-' t t* in lit In cit% ? (iKMKal j\rnro% nrrtr to un onie *ie r? v um .? r?< ei hivm ?uo? m ro lira hi niii i*ih? JfMiyiTA<irr llareh -7 1'.* J'kir Put ?Vonr letter of 1Mb in?t ?.m a <oj$y of Un* pr?f -<-**liagK of the National ln>' it ? I ir nl?h"d nie t?y th<*lr rorre* j-ondlntf ?r-ratarr ou * ?? 1 1 mentation by you of tt?* *areopiiagtif far tbei? a *pt ai>re rn orn<i(liun !t abr*ll be pr^af* rred, and ifc honot of my uif in* ry )uw f??? o rf ? r at??! ar ?' now b*f"i* ?nn Altln gb la'w/r ?>k ,j|- Urgfra*. -lebHlty lul ami 'i ?u, (mm i M'Vff? at' . from which I ear nut r*'?i?er, I Mi ? my jw i >(;<!< t ? r j.h Tlie * l< tduteaa "f my n^rvra n ay, icrhipe, lea \ you to c#?nelude my pr?. tratit n of ntn ri^th t? ? j(ieat h? here e*|?? ??a?e?J htringa n it may a|'!>eai niy nrrree are *? *teu1y a? *???? "t ty ) i .ir $, !>??? bv ?htHt ' rora *iA aflliVflon, I m intr lor 1 r??at)i I bave n ,i>J the ^ bole |-r??cr#-Jln^* of the pre ? nlv mf by vou, of ti t* . Gpbijai, and the re*i<ut t?ne |*?e*l b} the boirfl or I .?rU?i4, ao Uonorab'* to iry faai" ?. ?h m niiitb'Ofl and frebngs mare ea* ly to l?e r?.?? ,^tur^d tb?n by me e*j r -???! Tlie wlio'e j?r- "a-1 i.B a. I for iik ? f?ra?< < u I ? liecil* **bleb ere lo-reo* t? u< ? i? I to jou, ami tbro , b i i to tb- I'reaide t tol iHre Un o? t>.? Ka tonal Itictltnte Hot with the w ,t t ?en ? 1'- nit!. it ran ii'tij'ir ? i gr^iefdt beart ! ni'ul ?? i ,o eptiitf t'i<j h'i. ' la*en'V?i to Ha beeto* < I I (innot . n' it - ii -rUt bo<ly ? *!' b* !*i?I in h repo^.tew f I -? {?.>!' ? for ?f? e,?i|,' ror or a L ' i?pui> ? an f^l In m l |<rln? 1 1< a ! 1 ? t it tb?# ?,mpl elfy of ?>ur eya tr in cri government f t Ma II. I eery laoaoment er?<*ted to perj-?*.ni?te the memory '?f otir tienwa a?. I atat?'e;ii?*n ought to l?? er eeMenea ? f tb? *<. nomv an * rlir.|i]lfl(y <?f ?'ur irjHiblltan ina'itut'oii* tn 1 the plain lie ?? i , <ur ep ib I arj ^Itlrcn* who iri the safi-ni^ua 0 r > ? ? t Mon an 1*1 ^aiitti * ?toj*fi? i? 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I *1 ? -U a I tu ??e?it eh >?', I a a :l t ?"* ?-er tlotlei] w.ili :,'?.it ?? i y N?Jy fioniatf t ? *ll eon te'i??fri? In uar jf tr our P* #*e#-wier, efce dl* for ?haf w? mtght Tire and f h? * e atoi ? m#n* f ' pa ' >r a Ue*?ei* f nr Wr *al|f * 1 urn ?Hi fr et r? - f" * t yotir friei i ?ul ' II ANI?i* A . \f /. ? i \ T< ' ? Bt J 1 1 Ki 1 ti rr ruffe I Mtate* *y I, ?? Vn * y Ap' runrletlf n Mil ba? b?* ' under einai l#r * on to 'a* aid Mr leQfrham.of V made eome ?a I ? d ' 'i* at t J e a<*mjoi?tretion fie * -,/g t tt4 i'rw?, i'? it Ni' lofatr lt*>? r* ij ?t tntioo in la <*/?? yt'i ??? e* I * .<,it 1 la ? -m ??*ry ?* ?ere in Mi ?trt t?i e . o? (H? action of re'reiary f*?ah?o. i I'i l?(rl|lu> . A m ? i . <m ??!??? # i ?i lu? irk n? In,* k< ' I. imj0 i. Hi ,? fc i i, ,4, ft nfuir; ?, ) II W. k? I ohm I k t?4 j , V Maim Ill t* lv tm W ?? M' Iai qpll. ). J 1 I . - ??-. H ftU ....... t. J . i,. . ii??, J II i ?t.,M u I' 0 Wm. I Jr In' li.lm ?? klit <i A ' ?'!! i > J I m , r . . . ?|.i. Mi- H i P.' ? ... I . it ? Utiif. > H ii mil** n 1. Mill bill J* ? . iV* ii. C -I ? I .1 Ufl' lt* ai<? ? ? M/? Kl/i* " 'i * \ i ? i Ma... . .1.- I- i: f|ki 'i l.i' 'in i Mr. f'ltfftHl * J II J. Jl#?,..?r. .n , !! Im i ' ? l? A * .1.. i t Norn* A, ,i.u. \ J I II Kklf., VII J l\ \ I i.i . i I' II I ,.'??? I , V 1 1 1.- ? ? ... . , h ? I. . ' ? n A r,". Il .(??. I*. Iloo I'i ?rr? l?'? I tn?l hf*lf* Wis ?"*? l? i "i,| H ill; ' ?? If, r r i ? ? 1 ? ?? k? Mh I ??t . a < i '? ? 1 1 I r .nr* ?i t? Ii* i aaale ??f n'o ? ? '?'? jda < <?* ? ? .1 n I ? . i K lloai i. I.i , ? .? I ? I Ht l*ii* I, an ito- ? I t?i ?l ?'i' ? vi i * lb* ili'tu ' < ! '>"? !' 3l *??'. lit U i ??? ? )*<? Iba ? ]? *'.??? ?" 'Si ?*re>i-l ?V ? ?' ? ? i !<?'<?? ft (Ml Itt'lv >?tl' I ?/ ttk ll* I** '* ?m?i of U'l<' U'? / '.ki ?!'? n''ti tr? ?< f 'll i-*? IVtktltMiol- J H k I . H. . ?l *?-! ?lli?ti \f?i*t ? 1 ? itl? i. II l?? ? Jr >'??*. Hni ?it A i u?* via ' I' II .?i *i. ? ait ? ? i'* '? i.A' 1 I' ' I 1* r ? i ? I >? llll ?? .? i ' Km.! l.?l?l?' I'll ? m I ?!' A 4k|r 'ft -? ?? ?i *t| I'n. i ? . -i , l.? ? ? ? 1*1 i ? Ii ? -I ' A??lfA' ?. At ?.? V ?r ?? : ? II 1?l i u II ?' ? t... , ? - p- ti . i >. rj'iM i' ii ??4 . I;. ? I ?? ? * < f if I I, . ? ' ? - 1 a l! ? 'fin rki >? I II f> ??il. ? -' I -I I ? ? ?? I I . i i.. ?.? i ti ? ? Ii ? ? I. m w K?i ?? V ? i ? r*lf tC H 4i" o R?i lii |4|MI?n < ? - alt Hi ?M > i J < I i ?fi I' In1 i . * 41 i All I S**p? (I tin i .* ? ? II Ittii l.fta I ?? ??? ? I . 4 ; i 1 1 i ? i ? , ? a i . ii |i>li<?>. 4 I ?,!?.???. Mm. I i." Iim rvi ? !< I j-tl i ? A !'??? ? I * .'i II > I' ?iiivi < ?. Wf. ? a- !-. . t w -? ii ? i n. ?. ii ?*? r<? w I, If !.?, r ?!.?. M, N?.. ', I, s , ?> I M - I I , i ill . ? ?' ii*'-'. i ? ?i ?? i, w. f-fc * hi* ? ? f r* . ' I'I ? I' I til I. II ' I II I .. . II V I , iu.'? ??? I \ Ml * II li'-i ?. I" I?M . . J I, ??;. ? *1 I ? y It* * /? VMM. II ?? .ill I't Ii- i I r ? i * < i 'r'?t 1 1 fl*k lllttlll. U MtMikl* S%???lll?-- *? H t it**|i I: I It l? It' * - III 1*1/ 'tin* Hi v* I I i.4i -W I ll*afti'|i J II U*i ? m H??4I >. !*!? ?!> I M i. II i I I ii' a?i * ?? 1 **. i i ?? i *|!? Kt i,'. !'.? >. N ll S '#i*?< ft A I a*t . ? J I m tin Uiii In ii' k.'l ill mini N C4? 1 (.'l**l. ? i |i .1/ i' H A lr*?* i> (Nil ? ii llii , - * II In M 7 *>? - 11 |.i?i |? I l? *t* W M I I ? I ? I * 111 ?)m Mi 1*4 I ? . . I. 4l*> 1 |>I II , ?. 1*1 ? .1 ' II. i. ? . ill* iWDhih ? ? *l *i< ? "Ilj In \ l ? Mil fill *1'. I D I I * i lln I n.'i ' it 4 1*4? f ti **4 ?4j H i mill ?' M'.*iii ii i.i.i ri ? {?'? j r v ? ? - !? j ? i in i i ?? i ll I ?)" I i Hih H *? 1 4*i 1 1.- . , ? ? a. ii **r*? - W."A?TI I I Hit. ? I * ??(?> I'. * *<*4>*lti? ? ??' * I'i' * * i, 1 1 A ?? ii Aim III ? ?? i ? ;i . . J ' ,*???*? i ? i| . | ki*t?. t aktiAtm ul ?nvi. I %*?? J ' V ?.? .?r. M 'I ? ? ? , In ' I ? Mi*. ' |i,*ri<*i ?4???>??A,| II i DUt l iun, K i Ht)>*4 t I* ?*? ' r* > ? Waal ? ? . - 1 . > ? . i ???I | ?*f* fl ' A TI ntn J ? . i ? ? i ? '* * I l?? 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