Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1855 Page 6
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imtranDm mrm iuit hi v^OACUMAM. -JIW MMMV, *"? ***' I. MUUM, i au u4 wtfa ?*? ? i lit li ill. liivifiM ItO'iaiM *4 ?*?.** ? ffrtt glMi wmmu Imm Bwoi l" eaaw ?* W|WH famihes ia the ot4 ooumtry, u4 hao IM ? oit??U* la (M. eoaatry, which to u4Wi ?* have jaat to* *o giMntuli e?itia? oat w4 ??>!?? twnw, al m hair 1 milt tMiwi will Mt Hf ?ith ?aj hat a Iinlw pdvate fhmily Cm |t?ltaWl arty wftrnii from laet ptooe Pbaao m4mm baa M? Herald aOea, for thre<^Jaye _ _ C" tONTBACTMW WANTE&-PO COSOUCT FOB TBI ! rr*.lia<( and BtMsri ?# eawesraJ aitaa a( railroad, la luaaUtiea to amit the b?d<tor Affly to Morrto * Coh aert, 102 Green wtak fUWt EMPIOTMKNT WANTFD? BY AN ATT1VK, gene > ouo( man, of <?*>?] >ua??aa hatota. aha wiU work hart lor a moderate ramna?rauoa , U a eampotoat i lerh or porter Caqjr?tlonabk? city refneacae rivea Ueaao addreaa. ti. L., boa 1*1 Herald oMeo HOUSEKEEPER ? BY A HIGHLY KJC-i pectable woman a al' uatioa in a Brat elaaa houl bouMkeeper; or would tab* tbo maaa?eaeeat of a pri >ate maoaioa or iarge boarding houae, ah* haa hai au; yearn experience, m thoroughly aequaiatad with all tha <tutie< required, and can produce the moat aatia'wtory testimonial aa to character anl capability. Ploaao a I .Jreni Mrs. M. W , 110 ? "an Van utreet, Kruoaly n ILLINIBY.? TWO OR TUKAK good MKXINEM wantea. Apply at oS Clinton place. M MILl iNhH WANT D? A FIRST CI B >VNET tr mniar, for a good permanent situation, ia oaa ot the >>e?t rtatabt'nb ments to Baltimore Apply at room No. 17, Western Hotel, Cortland* street, at K P. M. or ?P M Music teacher wa.vtkd.-a lady teacher is wanted to go South, who thoroughly understands music on the U?rP> guitar and piano, and who aiaga well and c peaks the English language perfectly . h1i? inua' alao uuden-iji oil painting. Apply to J. M. bdney, M John a tree t. PORTER WANTED ? IN A RET All. GROCKKY STORK, one that Is thoroughly acquainted with the busi ness , and aocustomed to take and deliver order*. City lefereacea required. Apply, alter 2 o'clock, at 404 I1 north avenue, corner of Twenty ninth atraet. STRAW 1IAT PRESSER WANTED-ONE WHO HAS had experience in pressing children's fancy atraw hats. None other need apply, to A. Iceland & Co , 171 ('earl street. SITUATION WANTED ? BY'A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, (a Proteetant,) ai cook, washer and iroaer, in a amaii private family; good city reference given. Apply at No. 91 Greenwich avenne, up stairs, thiid lloor, for two day a. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN girl aa cook, wabher, and ironer. Apply at 53 Oak street, on the second floor. Can be seen for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A NEAT YOUNG GIRL, aa chambermaid and waiter, and to assist in plain sewieg For reference apply to her present employer, No 11*6 W9at Thirtieth street. SITUATIONS WAN TEL ? BY TWO HIGHLY RESPECT O able young women: one as chambermaid and waiter, the o'.her aa cook, washer and ironer; each can give the very best of city reference. Apply at 187 Forsyth street, for two ^ays. SnUITCOK WANTED ? #Y A GERMAN GIRL, OOOK icg, washing or ironing, in a Protestant family. She can speak English. Reference given. Apply at No. 13# avenue A, room No. 3. SITUATION WANTED? BY x RESPECTABLE YOUNG O woman as cook, washer and ironer, or to do gener al housework in city or country; is a good baker; will bo found willing and obliging; wages not so much an object aa a good place. Appiy at 'Jdl Bowery, for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO wcm&n, to do cooking, washing and ironing. The bent of city reference can be given. Pleuse call at 3d Essex street, in the rear. Can be seen for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A STEADY, INDUSTRIOUS girl, (prefers the country,) to do general housework; ia a n- o.i pialn cook, excellent waaher and ironer, and makes gocd bread; is not afraid to work; understands milk and butter; wage* five dollars per month. Can be ?een for two day h at lOTIllary street, Brooklyn. Situation want td ? by a respectable young woman as chambermaid, and in willing to assist in Hie washing and ironing, and do plain sewing. Good eitjr rer?r?nosn can l>? given. Apply at la2 West Sir l?euth street, near the Seventh avenu's. Can be mod foe two da/a . TO I.AWYITRH ? 4 vni-?ja Ml? fw ? orr-iru. Hi bit*, wishes a neat in a lawyer's ofllce, to writ* Aal learn the profession; write* a quiet and plain band. No compensation expected it' the office In if a first class character. Please address William, lierald oSloe. fjH) railroads, steamboat owners, ac.? want A. 3d, a situation as agent or clerk, by a gentleman who has had a long experience in passenger and freight transportation companies, both on the ocean and on our rivers. Understands bookkeeping by double entry, and brings th? strongeat recommendations for ability and integrity. Can leave for any part of the world within 44 Ujuis. Adlreaa 1-ex, care of V. B. Palmer, north west corner of Third and Chesnut streets. Philadelphia . /TK> COAL AM) LUMBER Mr RCHANTS ? WANTED, BY I a respectable man, who has 30 yearn' experience, a ? tuatiec as bookkeeper cr foreman. Address Q. I., He rald office. TO MINING COMPANIES. ? AN EXPERIENCED MIN ing agent wishes employment in the management on tbo upot of a mining establishment, or as the secre tary of ? mining company. Address Mine, Herald office. TjNION SQUARE SERVANTS' OFFICE, NO. 60 EAST Fourteenth ctreet. eUaolished 1850, under ths pa tronage of the Rev. Itoctors Tyng, Cheever, Hawks, Raird, Falrchild, Rowling, Ac , for providing cooks, Burner, we' tecs, chambermaids, A*., Ac., having good recommeuiations, for respectable families. JOHN O. GALLAGHER, Agent. "EIT ANTED? BY A REBPICTABI.E YOUNG MARRIED Tf woman, a situation as wet nurse. Good city re fennctti caa be given. Please call at W. Bormam's, 145 Bowery. ~1 1 T ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED PROTESTAN T NURSK v v who can new, to take charge of a young infant. None otaer ne~d apply. Apply at 48 Went Washington place, between 10 and 12 o clock. "\IT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTAHLE PERSON, A v T situation in a private family ai seamstress; un <l?rstandn cutting and fitting children's dre.sses; can do all kimlaof ladle*' Que; would have no objection to take care of children, or do light chamberwork. Good references given. Can be seeu lor two dsyn at TO# Broadway, between Eighth and Nintn streets. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a lituation t<> do i;"neral housework in a private Best of city references. Apply at 1,04 Mott at, tirst floor, '.between Houston and Bleecker, for two days. ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE w girl, to do general housework, or chamberwork fht and light waiting in a small private family; is a gooi plain cook, and flrst rate washer and ironer. Good city re'ereaoe. Please call at 488 Sixth avenue, between Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets, in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as seamstress; ie a good shirt maker, nnd understate* dressmaking; would have no objection to see to children. Good reference given. Please call for twe days, at 488 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-ninth nnd Thitlietb streets, in the EI r ANTH) ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION W a- seamstress; in a tirst rate dressmaker, has worked for the most fashionable ladies in this city; also, buys and girls clothes, neat One sewing of every kind; wouU be. willing to go by the day or week. Best city raferenoe given. Can be seeu for two days, at 247 Kiisa beth street, corner of Houston. \rr ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Jfy >uag woman, an coak, washer, .tnd ironer, in a private faai'ly , she understands baking and making pas Iry Cki give good city refereutt. Apply at 75 Concord street, Brooklyn, between Pearl and .lay." Can be seen (or two daye of the week. WANTEB-BY A YOI-NG WOMAN, A SITUATION a M cook, and to assist in w sailing and ironing. She understand* her business perfectly will lias Kocd city cetereneee. Please call at 221 First aveuue, betv<en Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, first Boor, trout rooui * an be seen fat two days. WANTED? nY A RESl'ECTABl.K PROTESTANT OIF'.I. a situation as chambermaid and waiter, or to aseiat i^he wishing and ironing of a small family. No objection te <!o general homework, is a regular waiter and excellent washer and Ironer. Hie beet of city an 1 country reference. Apply at 171 First avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth xt reels top door, front room Can be seem for two days. Hr nNTED? A SllI'ATION TO WET NU88E A YOU NO . baby, by a young woman with a fre?h brea.t o ni.ik, as she baa lost her own. Call At 6 6 Cannon street Ire I leer, fw?t room Wanted- a UJUAtion, by a rkspkctabijc ?""?g girl, td do general housework, in a ? "??J faotily, or do kite bed ?rork in hotel. Brit of city rvleevaea can he girra. Please call at 60 4 Houston ?tree* (r*t Isw front room, for Jwo daye. Wanted? by a -mart young ^o*an, who m j ? good washer and ironer, washing to do at bar own rsekleaee, en re* finable terms; or would go out to , wee* ee work, fee filty cents a day. Please apply at 1i [ fc/w* etwwt. floor, bick room . WAMTHt? BY TWO VERY RESPECTABLE GIRLS, iltailnse j one as cook, waaher and ironer, nnu ' tbe other ns nhaaabermatd nnd nurss nest of cit# refer j g<?w?. ?? e??ectk>a to go In the c>?ntry. Can be ' sms si lt? Mulberry street, front reom, second floor, for I tsre daye. WAATtS? A KttVAT ON, BY A RF.^PWTTaRI.R I / ?ung girl, ne chambermaid and plain se?<.r \0 ?b,ei-4l?a *e do tbe hones work ef a ataeU family, ( ,u Be ?w<* fer thieedaye. at 271 Tweity fvirtlt slrset, >.? 1*|. d - diyt *fc4 !?**?? Whs**? wajtts. -II' AXTiav- A PROTEHTAifT GIRL CAPABUC OE Tf tafclag charge of aa iafaat, wfth food city refer ?o-- MM ' art u**d %VV\j Call ItlM U>*lLJ Rreoklya ' M'Ajrrmn? by a Protestant o irl, a per ma ' neat situation u iMmitnM. In q air* at 34 Gut nirtiwtk itiM W ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG FRENCH ff ltd; who understands oiear starching ud doing up Am Bimtlln la all Its braaeh*a. Would also to wU to assist aa seamstress. Apply at 168 Third ITMII, brUMo Plato* a th and Seventeenth street*. ^W'ANITD-BY A R>SI'ECTAPLE YOUNG GIRL, A ff sitcattea to cook, wash and iron; U a good cook, aad i? aa etcelleat waahor and Ironer; is a good baker or br?al aa J pa?try aad caa cook all kind* of poultry; or t" do general homework ; la williug to maka herteir gene ral!? useful, aad ia not afraid to work. Caa (Its the U*t of city <*?m her Ust placa. Pleai? ?aU at d;? Ham-uonl street. in th* rear. W ANT ED-BY TWO STEADY, INDUSTRIOUS GIRLS, ?ttuatioas, ooa to cook, wash and iroa; the other aa aaraa an 1 seaaatre**, cia embroider; no ohjsction to gi> a abort distance ia the country; would prefer to go to on* haute Plea** call at 2K3 Weat Seventeenth street, between Ninth an J Tenth avenues, in the rear. Good refer* are. ?EE' ANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW WOMAN. A TT hituati'n to do tbe housework of a small fatally; In. a 1 ' t e girl twelve yetrs old, who will be with her. A goo<] boa. more o' au abject than high wages- has food H?? reference from her Last placa. Call, or addreas 26 Smith street, between Butler and Douglas, Brooklyn. ACTED? BY A PBOTE*TANT WOMAN, A 81TUA tioa aa chambermaid and waiter, or as waite ? or aurea. He' en-ace ? caa be obtained from har last place. Apply at l.ST Vest Twenty third street. EEfAN i EI" ? A MTVATION, BY A RESPECT A BI.K A ME TT riraa g'rl aa lady's maid and seamstress; undsr stand* datag up aufdiaa sad French fluting. Wonld have no objection to take ear* of uhillren, or act as waiter la a private family; or would travel with a family, t an get beat of city referoace from her last place, ('lease call at 1*2 Twelfth ?treet, for two day*. \t? ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TV as n aasstress. understands shirt and diesstnaklng, sad ail kind* of family aewiag no obiebtlon to do light cbamberwork or wait on growing children; wjuld go by the week or month Caa give city reference. Apply for two days aa *240 Fa*t Fourteenth street, corner of atre nue A, third fleot , front room. WANTED? A MIDDLE AGED COLORED WOMAN, who aa< erstand* plain oooklng, washing and ironing, one wbo caa come well recojamended, may ap ply at ??It*! Atlan'.ir ntieet, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situation as cook ; would assist in washing sad ironing. The best of city reference given. Can be *e?n for two day* at 131 West HiiUenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE young woman, as chambermaid and to take care of children, can do good plain sewing; no objection to go a short aistance In the country. The best of city reference given from her last employer, with whom sie lived five years. Please call at ?G Boerum street, be tween D*sn and Bergen. Brooklyn. WANTED? A YOUNG LADY, WHO MAY BE DE sirous of obtaining a home a gentleman and bis wife, and who will consider her board and comforts an equivalent for her companionship, may hear ol such by addressing C T , Herald office, with reference. WANTED- A MIDDLE- AG F.D WOMAN, TO COOK and wash for a email family. None need apply wbo cannot bring good city reference. Apply at 419 Fourth ktreet, near Second avenue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A a situation, to do general housework, In a private fnmlly . is a good cook, washer and ironer. lias good city refeience from her last place. Can be seen for three days at 09 avenue B. , in the store. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug gill, to do general housework; is a good washer and ironer, and'a good plain cook. Good reference will be given. 1'lrane call at 77 Crosby street, in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework. Good city reference from her last place Can be seen for two days at 89 West Nineteenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE8PECTAB1E PRO testant girl, as chambermaid or waiter, or to take care of children. The best reference given. I'leaieoall at 108 Thirtieth street, between lhird and Fourth ave nues, second floor, back room. w "ITrANTVD? A F1TUATI0N, BY A NEAT YOUNG GlRI., V? of tidy habits, as chambermaid and waiter; is a | competent parlor maid; can take the entire charge of the silver, in a lespec table private family or a goad boarding Mae r"? *'*r Wi? ? fc a month in thii city. Call or address a note to 323 First avenue, first Uoor, back room. WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN, A initiation in a private family to do homework; la a good rook, walker and ironer; or to do chamberwork; ? food of children Itaw call at 02 Ea?t Twenty- fifth treet. near Third avenue. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a situation to do general housework, ii a good cook, washer and ironer. apply at 114 Prtnoe street, Brooklyn, the residence of her present employer. Iff ANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG TV gu-l, a situation to do general housework in a am ill private family^ is a good washer and ironer, and a gooJ plain cook. City reference of the highest respectability. Can be seen for two days, at 166 Ninth street, bet reen Third and Fourth avenues, in the rear, first floor. Wr ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SIITA tien to do general housework; Is a good plain ecok, washer and ironer; the best of city reference given from her last place. Please call at No. 222 West Twenty first street, third floor, back room, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION to cook, wash or iron, or to do general house work or chamberwork; no objection to the country; beet of city reference, if required. Pleaae apply at 100 East Twenty-seventh street. 'ANTED? A PROTESTANT COOK; ALSO, A CHifl bermaid and laundress, to go a short distance in the country. Apply on Wednesday and Thursday after 10 A.M , at 136 Henry street. WANTET? BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG WOMAN, a situation in a small private family, to do gen eral housework ; is a first rate washer and ironer, and a good plain cook, can come well recommended. Can be Keen at 43 Spring street, between Mott and Mulberry streets, first lioor, back room, (over the store,) for two days. ~AN TED-BY A "rESPEJTA UI.E YOL'NG GIRL, \ l*roteetant, a situation to take care of children, or to do chamberwork and waiting; site will be found wlUing and obliging. Apply at No. 4 First street, se:oud floor, near the Bowery. WANTED? A YOUNG, CLEAN AND GIXTUL colored soman, to take care of a small child. One ! who is kind and attentive, and understands her business, | may apply at 116 Hamersley street. W 'AS Till? BY A lODira AND MOTCTAM1 WO* man, a situation to do general ho ne work, or cook" ! ioK. washing and ironing. The best of city re'orence can be given Has been two years in Iter last situation. Can be seen for two days, at 223 East Nineteenth street, near First avenue, third floor, back room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT Wo man, a situation to do general Uou-ework. Has mi objectiou to go to the country. Can be seen for two da}?, at 116 Hitminon.l street. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPK-TAB! K woman ss plain cook, washer and ironer. Good 1 city ref?r< oc? can be given from her last place. Apply ; at No. 1 University place, Union court, between Eleventh and Twelith street, in the rear, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH city retrrenee, a sitnation to do the general heuae | work of a plain private family. Apply at 82 Christopher street, between Bleecker and Fourth. W WAMED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as seamstress. Understands cutting and tlttinp ladiei' dresses k Good city reference given. .Pieaee fall at 144 Sixth avenue, for two days. WANTED? TWO SERVANT GIRU), ENGLISH OR Dutch preferred, to go shout two miles from the city, on l ong Island,? one to took and do housework, the other to wash and iron and do rhkmberwors. and mu tuali) s.-sist each other. Apply this day (Wednesday) inly, between * an-l 4 o'clock in tne afternoon, at No 4i i niton street. WAR TED? BY A FIRST CI, AH COOK. A STTCA tlou. Best of city reference gtven. I'leaae call at tib Fourth av?nue. Can be seen lor two days. WANT>D? A SITUATION, BY A RRsPEC TABI.K voung wonisn, ss cook, is wi'ling to make Imrself gem rally useful Hss the best of city reference. Can be seen for two days at 09 Concord street, Brooklyn W' 'ANTED? BY A RE8PBCTABI.K YOUNG GIRL, A situation to do chamberwork, or general bouse work with a private family. She is a first rate washer snd roner. tlood eity reference from her last plaoe. l'!ease rail at 16 limner -ley street, in the rear, sec ml Hi or. 117 ANTED? A GIRL TO A( r AS CHILD'S NUrtSE AND YY chambermaid; must bj of good disposition anl competent to do line washing and ironing; will be re quired to iuto ths country daring the sainmer OK'ntlis English, Scotch or German preferred. Apply at 134 Allen street. ? WANTED? BY A RkSPECTABi.E WOM 4N, A PRO testant,a situation as nurse, or coulj make her self generally useful Can be seen for a few days at 266 Grand street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RfcXPECTABLK married woman, who has lost her baby and hus band, as wet auree. Has no objection to the city or country. Good city reference given. Pleese call for three da/s at 126 Clinton place, (Mghlh street,) near filth avenue, third floor, front room. \I'AMM)-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V> lady, te wvrfc on pants and veste, has worked at tlie Vie<o-ee before. O?od nt? refsrea ?? given Pieaee ??- a. v* .v4 wjurrs. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE yeuug wean. ?? chambermaid 111 w titer, or u cook la ? muU (imlly. Bu bo objection to go a abort iiituN la tki oouatrf Cm bt mm for two daya it No. 7 beoond ??onus, between Thirty Brat and Thirty ?ocoil street*, top floor, baok room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8 ITU A tlon u children's mold tad to do plain sewing or chamberwork; 1* willing to make heranlf useful; Uai tooJ city referencea. Please o?U at 4d Kanei atreet, aecond floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A GERMAN GIRI. -who speaks French, to ssw ia a at?? or family ; understand! making corsets or workiag with a dies', maker. Address Nanette, 130 Gieeavich ateeet. WANTED? A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE loung woman, at wait?r in a private family ; ia very klid to children. The best of city reference will be ^ivee a* to character anil capability. Hleaie apply at 72 West Tweuty-fourth street, corner of Slith ave nue. Can be oecn for two days, If no'. engagad. lirANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE V> young woman, an nurse and M>?m?'.re?n, or oham heraiald and waiter. Good city reference, ( au be saen for two days at Ne. 109 Pearl atreet, corner of Front, Brooklyn. "IT^ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V? young woman, aa dressiuater an>l seamstress in a private family, who understands cutting and fitting ladies' ami children's dresaes in tho best jnauner, sad understands all kinds of plain aewing; has no objection to go a short distance in the country, The best of city rfference can be give n. Can be ^eeu for two days, at 73 West Thirteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avan<i?s WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa chambermaid and to assist in the washing and ironing in a private family. Can b? seen for two days. I".e:we call at 73 West Thirteenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, DY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa cook; understands cooking in all its branches ? meats and pastry, game, kc. Good city re ference. Can be seen for two days, If not auited, at It* City Hall place, second floor, front room, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABIJC PROTEST ANT girl, lately arrived from Cauada, a situation a-i protested cook. Please inquite at 380 East Twelfth street. WANTt'D? AT 621 BROADWAY, TWO YOUNG LA dies to attend a confectionery store; must be well accomplished and apeak French and English. Ns others need apply. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN", A SITU alien as cook; ia careful and steady, and a first claas baker of all kioda of bread and ptatry. Also a young girl as ohambermaid and seamstress. No ob jection to take care of chllo tea. The be.u of re i-rua. es given. I'lease call at 331 Sixth avenue. Can be seen for two days. WAN 1 ED? A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL TO DO H0USE work. Must be a good washer and ironer; one with good city reference. Apply at 37 Vestry street. WANTED? A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS, OR CriAM bermaid and fine washer; ia an excellent seam stress; ia capable in her business, reference given. Can be seen at 26 Nineteenth atreet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN; is a good cook, iirst rate washer and irouor; city reference given. Apply at 60 Concord atreet, Brooklyn. Can be seen for two daya. WANIKO? SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTABLE young girls: one aa chamtermaid and waiter, or to take care of children; the other to do chamber work, take care of children and do plain sewing. 3ood city re ferences from their lastplares. Please call at llr. Wa ters, 840 Broadway, corner of Thirteenth street. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as nurse and seamstress. Can he seen at ill 4 Mott street, near Bleecker. No objection to go in the country. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, WASHER AND ironer, in a private family, 9* respectable young firl Good city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 0? West Twenty-fifth a'reet, fourth floor, back room. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY A MARRIED MAN AND his wife ; the one to act aa gardener or farmer, th? other aa laundresa or dairy maid. Best of city refer ence given. Apply at 86 Wall atreet, for two daya. WANTED? BY AN ACiIVE, INTELLIGENT YOUNii man, (American), a situation as bookkeeper, v ? ll-?r ? , MAllarttf ' VnA'l * ? If required. PIMM IWINI T., 310 Madison atroet. WANTED? A SITUATION A3 CLERK, ASSISTANT bookkeeper or light porter, by a young man lately arrived from the old country. Address J. D., box 132 H?rtU<l office. WANTED? A SMART YOl'NG MAN, TO SELr< M )CK and otlier jewelry on com mi anion; malt be well acqnaintcJ with the ??> and fnruish un<ine4tion?bls references r*.I frtm 10 to 11 o'clock ou J. Raynal, 85 Nassau street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESl'ECTABLR young man, an waiter in a private family; has city references ; lias no objection to the city or country. Can be seen for one week at 120 Clinton place, first floor up stain, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITER IN A PRIVATE family, by a respectable man, who perfectly un derstands bis business in every particular, ami can pro duce the best of city reference; has no objection to the country. Can be seen until engaged, at 768 Broadway. Advertiser is a Protestant and a single nan. Adlrcsf 0. H. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION A3 gToom or coachman, who understand* his busi ness perfectly and has good city reference; has no ob jection to town or country. Please address P. G., 69 Third avenue, corner of Eleventh street. W ANTED? A DRY GOODS SAIJ5SMAN. Apply at 'i&W Greenwich street. G. B. Williams k Co. w 'ANTED? A DRY GOODS SALESMAN, TO (iO t-'outli. To save troubln, none ueed apply but an Irish Catholic, who understanJs his business and can produce satisfactory refcrtneee. Address, with real Dime and reference, J. McD. Herald oflice. WANTKD? KY A RESPECTABLE VOUNO MAN, A situation sj waiter in a private family. Tan give the be st of city reference. Cnn be been at No. 8 Fourth avenue, In tie toy store, for two days. ?*17 ANTED? A SALESMAN IN A CLOTHING STORE, Tf wl.o thnronghly under! t.?n 1* his business; one who is a cutter preferred. Addr??s, giving referunces acd statiDg salary ixpectel, L. A. Htr.ild oflice. WANTED? AT 341 BROADWAY, BASEMENT, FOUR American girls to learn cotton weaving; wages 12 per week. Places procured for clerks, porters, bar l?4W|ers. coachmen men on steamers and railroads, housekeepers, chambermaids, tic. CUtrge* moderate. TII0<. flfm, Agent. WANTED? AT HENDERSON'S OtflVK* N'0>. :r? Quid 7? Nassau street a smart I'ngli?h or Ameri can young woman, to superintend a bath ertaUiihraeat. Liberal wage* given. Also, an English private waiter. This establishment has no connection with any other. rfi ?.ENTLEMEN WANTED, WITH ?10, TO ENGAGE e ) U in a business from whkh 95 per day iaay be re alised. Addreee a letter, containing twelve oent*, or stamps, or call on BROWN k flORlJAM. 47 Dey street, l ull particulars, with a specimen of ih* article, will be sent i>y return mail. "OM " WIU *" elVKN *OR * SITUATION OmU a* bookkeeper or asslittat, by a yomg mm s '.out JO years of age. who lias no oi.jeel.oo to leave the city. Address, during this niek, Ibok*<eper lie i aid uBw TH1C TMADP*, M, ~~ e? ardknei; s .-in' Alios wamij-a mr-t^ate I gardener, who baa nil* 1 s>.me of tke best place* in ' urope and America he has bad n'eosn practice ia the management el gteenhouaes, hottioues* and gra/?rl*s under glass, be has I'Maiaal a rreat number of pi *ee, in seta of silver, from the Royal Horticultural Soebtie* of lion.ioa, Dahlia and New York, foi the Uae?l fruits, Bowers, vegetables and null ? plants. His testl mom is aad rrlereneee will be found most satisfactory. All letters addressed P. R., garden 'r, at Meesrs Thar burn ? seed store, Ne. 11 Join street aiU meet reape.t j lul a' !?atien. 0 TAli AND CUHMhI FiMf CLAM 1 ciitte* i ' e ? perfene* and ability, and a thorough rractkal m. ? ?' business. is open fir sn enpfeafM. 'ncen s le ? . ? .esse fmwi one of the beet houses in the city A UifwsN V . b"t I ll-rnU ?..*?*. ANT1 1*- A Y?? St. a <n, k HNMftK, W Work fn a ry? n er. s ?. i . -wj uaa.t .*W/ * u ? ill be by ? ppl * i ng to J?'IIS MOKniWID ? *r, It- I aaal strvl AN I > D? A lil \ W?N a i.AIU'l SIR rteed> ip >rr # I m . , ?ho 'enta-di gav y ploy W ?u>" *i,o . Vrsta?4? gar je n?? in nil its ??riou? branrl. ?, gf al.. use graperi** an I plants; al?o laying out of new gr>< ,nl, fruit trcei an! vegetables, Has no eBviatbtsnct Uu' a wi'e Can give satisfactory re'e en e. Nor.* ai'.iy but thoet wanting a ye**1/ 1 "? h>" W ? Wn !g*a?'l seed store. *11 l<io*.|w?y cerner of I tg:.* < n'.h ?tr et, ov apply by letter, en re of Mr hrtog* i.aa for T b. Car uerer, which will b? respectfuliy a't? a<'e.l te. WATCMK*, JKW Kf.HI . ,wl . vkr n\t HUMDrxo riopti dau ? vigiTi. * J. JACOHb' salen.1 d e* tabU ? Mace t . MT Bruadway, to see their celeerated California diMt.i?de, equal in billllenry to the resl diamond The best judjpe cannot tell them, and the ptices are with: a Ue reack of every one Cell aad eee ihria. r^AlJ?t*N1A DUMOMn BQCAL TO THK HEAL \j d'aaond; gents elustel piai. U ?lagie staae, t ?10, eluat#r eatrlag", ?? !? Ill r age. 9* *o lit stede, aleeve b .ttooa. la^?' pine, kt gent b; ma ; to an/ t.? t of toe V ait* J State*. u W. W. liniiy. rOR BALI. ffllAA AAA ? HR8T CLASS HOUSES FOt iuJlv v?vv/v? Ml* or tiebu|?; no? Has tenement houMi. Boom* to rant) torn* furnished. Several |m manalon* at Clifton, Staten Island, also on the Hound and Hudson, for sale and rent. Firm* trier where. City property to exchang*. Splendid itoreii for ?ale in Bread, Pearl, and other atreeta. Pardee hiving city or country property for aale or to rent are requested to call. BONNER Broadway. AAA *ith a good KPO?V/_v"_, man, to purchase a quarter Interest In J,f?**u,*.c'urir( and mercantile business in this city. jOO capital, clear from debt. Busimsa proipect* aecond to none. Part of the above amiunt in cash will anawer. Addreaa, R.kD., with real name, for one week, at thia office, atating the amount of cash on hand. AT ff AA ?A BARGAIN.? FOR S.YI.E, A i ,?)Uv? three atory and buement brick bouse, ? fuirt/-?t*tE street, between Fifth and Sixth aren. ee: hour* 26 ftet f'OOS by to *?? on I lrat rfl~r. 'ot ??>? aire, with modern tniprovrme*. A? locmla, 1128 Broadway; near Thirty ft"111 4tlft AAA ? VALUABLE EARM AT HAKBHUAlr, WjJlJe v/V/V/e eighteen milee from thia city, sixty acres and a half mowing ground, and remainder In best cultivation ; houne two a tor v, barn, hnrel, granerf, and other out buildings in good repair, abundance of fruit: half a mile from dei>ot. S. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room 3. flh fT rtPA ? BEAU nFUL RESU'KNCK, ONK AND a quarter acre*, mi lea from thia city ; cars and atages all houra daily ($ iOooratmuU'ion) ; two ntory houao, wing attached, barn, atatilea, all oew; modern improved atvl*; ground handabtnely laid out; well stocked with fruit and ornamental tree*. S. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room No. 3, corner of Kultoa street. CJtQ CAA ? RESTAURANT ON BllOADWAY, TOR iFlO OvU. aale. in one of the rooat proiuimnt lo cat'ooa, (twenty yearn e*tabli*l>ftd,)|wlthlu Are in nute*' wnlk of the City Hall, now doing a thriving business, very neatly flMed up with l>ar and private ro"in< re. spectably patromxed. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. (filOAAA (,Nnr WILL BIT ns half iNTKKEsr ?wUv'U >n a business found) d by a gentleman. in tending to leave this country. The bu*m?*s I* iu highly respectable hands, is light and pleaiaut, aud will return Un tiroes the amount Inveated. Addren Op;>orluoity, Herald office. <?7AA ?TOR 8A1E. A OOOD, CERTAIN AND j? I VV? profitable busier**, unequalled in the city, and which pay* a largo profit. Koeaoiial mifcll, .and U capable of being greatly extended by au a:*.iva person. Apply to, or addreat <i. A RoHlN<?N, room* Nos. 4 and 5, No. 86 Naaaau atroet. dtj/^rA ?tor paij!. stone, fixture <. ipUOU* &?., of a millinery establish meat lotted ou one of tne best avenuee; ha* been established tlire* years, and doing an excellent buainea*. Iveoss of throe years of house, at slow rent. A splendid rhanc*. Ap ply at 119 and 121 Nassau street, room No 3. | RI<1I4K|> L. PURDT k CO. ! fllirnA ?TO* SALE, RESTAUR A NT, OYSTER 1 |J)OUU? and dining axloon, located on a (real the I roughfare, down town, nicely fitted up anl in erory war i a very desirable place. Excellent chan-? for two "n\rt I men. Apply at 119 and 121 Naa-au street, room No. 3 RICHARD L PURDT * CO. (j> frrvrv only.? a grkat bargain.? 412 acre* 9 of good land, situated Id i'ik* counly, I'e. about seventy-five mile* west of thik city, nine m la* : from the Scranton Railroad, nin* mil** from the Dela ware river, and one mile from I'orter villa. Soil good, well watered; containing good meadow and Umtor. Ti tle perfect, &c. For particular* inquire of V. Coolbaugli, Merchant's Hole], Cortland! street, between th* hour* of 7 and OP. M. V. COOLBAUOH. -| ?)/\iH strekt i/yrs for sale.? six ix>r-? in ; J ?J 129tli street, near Sixth avenue. The *tre*t is ! paved and lighted, and the above lots are beautif illy lo cated for improvement. Apply to JACOB PECARK, ltd | Hester street. TH STREET LOTS FOR SAIK.? TWO I,OT4 IN KOR ty-fcfth street, 100 feet **at of Tenth avenue Terms easy. Apply to JACOB PECARE, No. 1(13 H*st*r street. 8 LOTS FOR SALE? ON THE EAST SIDE OF EIGHTH avenue, between Flfty-sccond and Fifty-third streets, compri-.log the Front of said block, or will * for a hous", near Broadway, worth from ?10.0iK) to 112,000 remainder on mortgage. Apply to MATHSON, No. 3 Nassau street, third floor, front room. 7TH AVENUE HOUSES FOR SALIC. ? THE FOUR 8TORY brick homes, 216 and 222 Seventh avenue. A gooi investment, will be sold cheap and on eaay term*. Alao the four story double tenement brick house, 491 Kaat Twelfth itreet. Apply to JACOB PECARE, 183 HesUr street. 4 CHANCE FOR A POOR MAN ?ONLY THREE OF J\ thoie beautifully located lota in the Ninfh ward of BrtJonyn, leci. minutes' w>U from the Fulton Avenue Railroad. Will be ww m instalment! of $10, If applied for before March lit, nest. Apuly to JACOB PEt'ARE, 158 Heller etreet. A 1101 SK FOR SALp IN A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION A in Jersey city. ? The handsome, email three atorr house, 01 Suites street, modern built, furuiehed with KM, Passaic water, bath room, and many other wrv da { airfble conveniences Apply on the premise, or to j S. a WYCXOFF A CO , 104 Murray street AWORTHINGTOIf ST/CAM PUMKIWO ENGINE FOR aale. ? Can be used either aa a vacuum pump or for pumping water; hag nerer been used. Will be Hold cheap. Apply to L. J. LGECHKR, United Statea Kofi - ncer'* office, 74 Broadway. A BARGAIN? FOR fATJS, STOCK, FIXTURE-! AND good will of a millinery and dressmaking eatabl ih ment; loeated at 237 Greenwich street, one of the boet locations !n the street, and no better in this eity for re tail and wholesale; also the bualnesa haa been carried on by one of the oldest practical milliners in this neigh, bvrhood for itvcral years, which ha* a large circle o? city and country custom. For particulars spply on the premises. BILUARD5? FOR SALE, THE EUREKA BILLIARD saloon, containing eight tables, with room for twelve. Satisfactory reasons given for aelliaj, by call ing on the proprietors, comer Grand and Mercer at rests. ROSS ft SIANBURY. i COUNTRY SEAT FOR SAI?? ON THE BANK OK THE \j Hudson, on tbia isliod, of easy access by railroad. The horse is conveniently arranged and the ground* beautlfnllj laid out. For terms. Ac., apply to WM. E LEWIS, 89 Cedar street, earner of Broadway. COUNTRY RESIDES TE FOR SALE. ? THE PLACE belonging to the estats of Martin J.Kyerson, situated about three milee routhwest of 1'atersnn, N. J., con taining forty acres of excellent smooth level land, an ex cellent mansion in the cottage style, containing fight rooms, exclusive of servants' roouis, a cemented cellar under the whole, a superior ice house, Ailed ; all the requisite outhouses, in good order. The grounds are tastily laid out, anil have a varlnty of fruit trees and shrubbery. The place is in etery respect a gf>nt<>el, con venient, and salubrious residence; is accessible from the eity several times a Jay in forty or flfty minutes. Will be sold cheap action easy terms. Inquire of Mrs Ryer son, on the premises; to James Speer, Congress Hall, JTiterwin, N.J, or W. H. Falls, Tnidosinsn's Ban's, New York. COUNTRY SEAT AT PEEKiELL FOR SALE, ONE mile back from the Tillage. Is 30X36, two stories, attic, tin roof, observatory, French windows, hard walls, arched parlor. Ac, Sl.OdO leas th.ia cost. Also, several coiporntion leases or lots on th*s island at one fourth price of fee. A. H. GOl'OH, 49 Wall street. T\RUG RTORF. FOR SALE, IN A THI'TKLT SETTLED 1 / neighborhood, in the vicinity of two medical col leges and the Reims Hospital; on one of the principal thoroughfares for busineas; a good situation for a physi cian or druggist rent reasonable; fixtures in goal con dition, quite a practice connected witli it. Address, for four days, M. D., b.?x 200, Herald odlce. SRUG STORE FOR SALE? ONE OF THE BHNT CJR ners in the city. Any phyaician or apothecary wishes to se-ure * freat bargain, may address T. S. ft. Union square Fort Office . Agents need not apply. f \Rl O STORi: FOR 9AIJ?? SITUATED IN A TiiO I / rough!*, e on one of the avenues west of Broadway. 1 be store is neatiy tilted up, in a goo- 1 ne.ghborhond, and low rent, doing a good business; suitable for either ? physician or druggist. B. W. RTCUARDS, 307 Broadway. Fit SAIX-THK STOCK, FIXTl'RES AND GOOD will of an old established wholesale grooory and eooaanUsien house, with tha lease of the store; the own era are abont retiring from the trade. The location la seconl to noce on the wast ake of the city for either city or i?untry trade. Will be dlspose-1 of on reasonable terms to res)oniibl? partise. Address box 3,9 IS Post Oflro. fAl.F AT A Ba!'.(;A1N.? THi. STOCK, FIXTURES and four years' lease of tl e old established boot and shte store V2 avsnue D, near a larg* market. Ilia stock ia Is feed order, and tha e'ore 6tte?l up in the neateat manner, wi'.h gla?? sashes throughout, and daturas I ? nie<' SB*} jjldrd in the best piaoper The.-e is a good I9h ctsti.niri, wi h a trade of $.100 a we.k, and can fro iu>rea*< d to $600 in or linary times lite reason (or ?el. g 1* 1h< death of theformar proprietor, who haa 0. re iiiassrinthe neighborhood for the last twelve ??ata R? at 1"W and terms easy There is a dwelling Mia 1 e.i to the store. Thia la an opportunity rarely to me ? lb for nny person going into the businesa. For 1, tlcuVj* mjuire oo the premises, or ef R. WHTTE, 1' . ft'atw stmt. E'OR VAI.E? THE FTRflT CI.A"# ENC1J-H BASEMENT" > houae on t te north si4e of Thirty eighth street, be twren Seventh and lighth avenuaa; bouse 17.1 v. by M fret, 'ot 17.1', by VS 9 faat. Apply tuR H Cadlipp, 11# V in street or Adrian Crelf. Raal Estate Agent, AM kijl ' a??nu*, by Forty eighth street. ?OR SALS? TWO jrnioT CLASS FOUR STORtTaND bssenseat brown stoo* frout hoaaa, ?0 by M Uta - -X " 9 Inrhes deep, wtt>< all the mo tern improvements si- as led at $* and t? East Tb.rtieth street between dearth and Ualn?loa avsnuaa. I no aire of H>MN W. riKTDD, No W, nest door. I^flR ?AI.E-AT RYE, WKvTOClRTER COUNTY A spten? id cottage, coeUlaiog ten itsni, with all tha w?'f>*einenta, eat ball 4 1 age, te., with one acre af Im4 ta-iafally Is id out with sbraba aad ho- lertw. On th?, a t *st rate piaoe for gaaotag, fi ?b ng, aad SfcU tr A desirable pinos tm a party dotng hostaaes i? the r rt?, the ears ruMting several tiaeee ? 4ay for j?i .u-ji ?nJ; v i-jws . _ TjV>R BAI.E ? A BEAUTIFUL BITE FOB A OOUNTRT X seat, at Newburg. It contains about sevaaty acrea, ?ad is Hiutod about one quarter of a mil# north of the Powelton Houm on the same road. Toe lo sat ion U on* of the finest In Newbuig bay, commanding a 1m view of the river and Highlands, aa well an an inland view, and having a gradual ascent or rather succession of boantiful lite* from tho road to the woods on the high landi in the rear of the place. In paint of hea tb, beau ty of scensry, rich and handsome country seats, 4c., Newburg is unrivalled, aad situations lilM the above are now scarcely to be bad there For particulars, apply to MOSES ELY, 46 William street. FOR SALE ? THK LEASE OF A STORk. AND DWKLL ing bouse, in one of the best locatioiis in Broad* way, near a large theatre, on the business side. Tbo lta-<* ruiis for (en years. Ac'dres. L. M llouse, Broad way Post Office. FR SALE? THK 8TOCK AND FIXTURES OF A confectionery and ic* cream saloon; a rars chance. Inquire at 280 )? Bowery. -rjiOR PALE? AN ESTABLISHED BlMSgUl, l1 an opportunity seldom oft?W<L !*??" Itory ff Sitae dwelling an I u?e tbrre .'W/ building OH ro*r of U t, together with a capi tal engine, Uf?, and all necessary micliiaory for carry ing on the sash end blind aid putty making business. The wkole will be sold law and on easy turrus. HUGHES & GREEN', 163 Grand street, Williamsburg. "l/OR SAI.E? > THREE 8TJRY AND AT1IC BRICK J. home, situate.,! 'n the Seventh ward, handsomely furnished with all the jnodern impruvomen s, such us Has, bot ami cold water from i!>p to botto-n, tiatln, he. , Ac lb? lot is a full one, and location very fine. Apply to F. A. ABBOT, M Wall street. r)R P A I .K ? ON EASV TERMS ? A NEAT, DESIRABLE brick house, with all modern improvements, built by the owner for his own use, with Harden in front, in a good neighborhood. Apply, or address, J. MULL AN, 438 Tnird avenue. |?CR SALE? THK THREE STORY IJItICK HOUSE NO. P 270 Fast Broadway, with all modern improvement*. Two thirds of purchase money cm remain on mortgige Hou?e can be ne^n by applying on th? premises. For ' further particulars apply to A. C. MORRILL, No. 9 Chambers street. IX)R 8AIJC? FIVE I<OTS OV 102D STREET AN 3 FIVE on 103d street, east of Fifth avenue, full lots ani ! good grade; price $4,f.00 for the while: 94,200 can re man un bond and mortgage for three to Ave years. Ap ply to J. 11. WELI?. No 11 Merchants' Exchange, Wall I stioet. TjV>K BAT E- A THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT i ? house, 10x65, lot 10x100, with all the moJern Im provements, situated in Wist Twenty-fifth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenues. Price $9,500, of which $7,000 can remain on bond and mortgage fo. three I to five years. Address box 1,244 Post Office. FOR BALK ? MS DEAN STREET, BROOKLYN? Hons*, throe stories, basement and unlerctllar; j lot Stuloo feet; also, lot l70Schermerhora street, 33 feet . fn'ol by 17 feet rear, lit) feet deep. Inquire at tike office j ol T RlJvVE, builder, 177 Schermerhorn street, Brooklyn. PJR SALE.? TO TAILORS. ? A GOOD CHANCE TO purchase the fixtures only of n custom shop for oue half the cost price, at 147 Granl street, near Broad way. Possession given on the 1st of March, in time for i spring traie. FR SALE ? AN OYSTER SALOON? A RARE CHANCE for a man with a small capital; only two hundred ?l<1 fllry dollars for the well Known 'oyster saloon, 142 Eighth avenue, corner of Seventeenth street, well light ed with gas and fixtures all complete, ami is the best stsn< in th* city for business. Will be sold at a sacrifice as the piesent Atner is about going to Australia; it must be sold in mediately. ? POR SALE? THE GENTEEL THREE STORY HOUSE Ne. 223 Wi st Twenty-seventh street, near Ninth avenue; contains twclre rooms, is in good order, with ' mr.dern improvements; courtyard in front, yard in rear; price reasonable; terms accommodating. For additional ' particulars and permission to view the houie, apply to I JAMES 1'IIICE, 200 Hudson street. PR SALE? A KEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOUSE IN THE villag* of Madison, N. J., situated near sehools, churches snd railroad depot; contains nine rooms and cellar, with barn, carriage house, stable, ice house, large and rplendid garden, fruit trees. 10>? acres of superior Cund, spring of water, and two large ponds. Price 0C0; half the purchase monoy may lay on a mort gage. Apply to V. DE LA GRACEXUE, on the pre mises I TT'Olt SALE? UPWARDS OF TWO HUNDRED HOUSES | f In doiralle locations in Brooklyn and vicinity, va . ryingtn price from $1,600 to $20,000. 'Persons desirous ol purchasing or selling real estate, are invited to call j ana examine our register. COWLEY t HASKELL, No. | ? Ham Iton avonse, Brooklyn. SiOR KALE ? AN 01 J) ESTABLISHED MANl'FAOTl'R ing builntti, with a large city and country eastom; jether with * valuable patent nglit. Any on* deslr I uu? of entering into a good. steady businuaa, a fine op ' portiiDitT now presents itself. Address Archioald, | but 132 lie I aid otli. e, with real oamr and addrsas, a* acne otli era will b? antwered. FR HAIR? THE THRICE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE No. 2v9 WmI l'wentieth street, between Eighth anl Ninth avenues. The hou?* contain* gas, Crotoa water throughout, belU, speaking tube*, dumb waiter* and stationary tuba. Fir particular*, apply on th* pre T7>0R SALE? A 1 ARM OK SIXTY-TWO ACRK3, ON X KIl? strael, 4 nitle* ?rom railroad stations at FortclM-ater and Whit* Plain*. Farm houte and barn* suitable Tor a practical farmer, and the land of good quality: two apple or 'haul* ana other fruit. If deairad, toe (arm can he divided. The location la very healthy, and the aituation to ereet ? country *ent cannot be ax cfUed. Apply to W. H. STOOD iI.L, 167 Uroadway. FOR SAI.E-A r-TP.AlCHT LINE ENGINE TURNING machine, *uitable for Urge and *mall work. Apply to WM. S. RAYMOLD, No. 2 Icy street. FOR HALF ? A BUILDER'S TRICE, MADE IN THR be^t ?tyle, cost will be *o!d at n bargain; alio, sevenu>en yean' lea** lot 20 by 100, improvement* on, luitable for a coal yard, carpenter, manufacturer, Ac. Apply at 'M Broadway, third floor. FR PAIR? FOR ABOUT 1150. THK GOOD WILL nnd fixture* of a long established real estate and general agency office. Any man ean learn the business in a few day*, and m>k* daily from $( t > (H. Will be soil cheap for cwb. Ad<'re** E D , Herald office, or 49 CiMberry street, ilrookljn. T^OR SALE? ONE BOUSE AND LOT, ON WF.-T WASH X ington pla:e, $9,000. do St.fClement'* place, 910, OuO; do. Warren place, 910,000, do. West Twenty-s*ren'h street, 911, 000, do. *eit Thirty seventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, 916, &00. A. J. RAJv'ET, No. 4 Attor place. FiR SALB-A CRN i EEL FOI R sroRY ENGLISH baoenieut bouse, .situated on We*t Fourteenth *tre?t; h splendid location, built In the vaiy tieat manner for the present owner, ha* every modern improv*ia*nt, and will be reld at a low price and vary Lttie money repaired for the purchase kl' 'MI K MORGAN, No 3 fine *tr*et. TT'Or. SALE-THE FURNITURE AND FOUR YEARS' J? !?a>e from May next. of one of the b?*t atanda for a boarding house in the Fourth ward. Would make a KCod stand lor a potter bouse or grocery "tore. For term* apply on the premises. tt-I Cherry street. F^HOR SAI.E? ORNTEKL COUNTRY RR?IDKNV'., AT I Fluthing, 1. 1., witb about nine acres of ground, well stocked with tin* trait and ornamantal trees a beautiful lawn and garden, house, atabl**, and out building* in goxl condition, *ituat*d on White tone avenue, adjoining tha former country residence of the late t.ardner G.Howland, Ea<| , about one mil*, and a^ual ?). ?*!. ? from Fluthing village, tha ralroad depot, anl Wliiteatcne, from which place* omnibus** ptaa con ?tantly. It ia a healthy location. In tha lonuedtat* vi cinity of valuable me<llcal spring*, and a very country reNidence. Oniilions will be aod po?s*Mil m to suit the purchaser. Apply to M. < 9URDAM. 99 Mai den Jan*'. ITH'1! SAIJV-A THREE SIORY AND BA^iMKXT, ' 2'>xlu brick house, with all the modern iap.-et* ruent*. in one of the moat fashionabl* *nd aristocrat c locnlitie.s up town between Fifth avenue and llruadway. and in the vicinity of Tblrty-Meond atrert. Prce 112,000. Apply t?i D. F. VAN IJKW, 1,110 Broadway, For sale? tub last chancr. -the lease and Uxturea of a neat aegar stove, on on* of the load ing thoroughfares down town. A good chanc* for a ynunp man with a few hundred dollar* ready ca*h. Ap ply immediately, ta THOMPSON A STREET, 191 Nassau street, room 7. 17?OR SAI K CHEAP. ? THAT MODERN TH<tEE iMRY . brick house 149 South K'ghth ntroei. Williaraaburg, with la-ement, counter c?llar, and extention marbT* mantles, gas. rang*, Ac., finished in the beat manner. She of lot 20 feet 4 inchea by 89 fe*t t inches Inijuir* of MAl'JER & HAMMOND, 101 1 irat street, foot ot South Third street, Williamsburg. ]^OR PALL ( HUl'-Tffn TWO STORY ATTIC AVD . basement brirk liouaea, in i;ood order, 8J and 94 Stsntm street: must be sold to close an estate. Price, 94,iC0 each Apply to J. M ORENRLL'S Real Estate Office. 1,099 Hro?dwiv. J i ? - IrUNCY OtiOM AND MILLINERY STORE FOR riAI.t j . clienp ? Im: i est.iM.sLed, nood location, good set of | curtomer*, (toc? Tn ?xccU*Bt ordtr. Inquire at 23 Myr- i tie avrnue, Rrorklyn. / f^OR SAIK OR TO LPT. FROM FIRST OF MAY? THE 1 JC two bmwn *tone houses No*. 13 and 16 Ka*t ! TiTiity first street, '^etveen Madison and Fifth nv*nu*a. | Also, in WiU.aBisburg, two brown stone houses, in 1 South Fle*onth atroet, corner of Heeond. Inumre of 1 M. H K' itli J* Co., root of North Third street, William*- j burg. Tj>C'R HALF OR 10 LET ? TTTE FOUR STORY HOI^F, JC ?!th nil tl.e modern Improvement* 109 Knit Tblc ty third street, between Islington and Third avenues. Apply on tb* premise*. J7?OP. KAIA OR RXCHAN0E-A THRRF. STORY HOUSR, * with store and rear benae, 416 Ninth nvenue, and eatern lands, for a good farm near, water preferred. Apply te A. i. BKRRIAN, 31 Cbaaber* (treat. For sair or exchange? the vtnr biock coataiaiag abeut sixty four lets, with the large Maa*l. n houae and o?t building* than in, Mwm U09b and 160th st reefs and Seventh and bghth a venae*, lee* tlon been'ifuljBlenty of frnit bees, lewev garden, *?. t, i aAex*, u? >m'?h ?; ma* fOB SALE. TTWR PAIS OK EXCHANQE ? LAND IN ILLINOIS. r w'thiu tic miles of Misalatppl river and 16 mllei at ? city of 1 200 inhabitants, with railroad and river MB tnunlcation, located is one of ttebtrtui ant p >pu lou* counties. Any on* wishing U close oat old at over stock* of irj goods, druf, boots, carriages, piano*, fu'niture, carpeting, print'ng sad ty?e, or % urge job of printing, I wi'l trerie for Uis above TIMm a!i per'ect. To be found at 11 Merchant*' Hotel, Oort lanfit street. I*av? aVre'-s if I am not in. Apply im mediately. E0RSA1E, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR A HOUSE in Brooklyn ? A new liou't, and eight lots, oo ;en Islsnl, three minutes mrffc from VaaderbUt's landing. Apply to ISttJfrRT SARGKANT, No. 7 Juuueoy fault, 41 Wall atreet FOR S AI.E AT A BAR0A1 1 ? THE HOUSE AND LOT, with stable ou rear, on Tweutv seveath atreit, if application ia made immediately. Will ba ?ill for $3 6')^ Appl / ?o IINlWiKY K HADSEI.L, 78 Eighth co> ner of Fourteenth street. t*1 ROCERY FOB SALE ? STOCK AND FIXTURES OK Jf the grocery corner of Couit and Harrison street*, South Brooklyn; store can be lease J. Will be sold far cash only. Apply in tlie store. HAT STORE FOR SALE? Of FOUR YEARS STAND ing. in one of tbe bent streets in the :lty, aai res sonable rent; to a person about to commeuce the buii reus, this is a chance seldom to be met with Appp'f at 48 Catheiine atreet, or at 240 Pearl street, Qrst lift. TJ OU8H8 FOR SAIE AT A BARGAIN. -THE *00K XX three storv and basement mastic front brick bonnes, situate at the' corror of I*** av?ru? aad Ross street, (?nd adjoining) Brooklyn ; ten minutes' waU from Peck slip ferry. Tlie above houses have marble mantels, cor nloci, under <eUar?, Ac. and two-thirds of the puichaae money tray rtmain ou mortgage. Apply to JACOB PE CAHFf, 1<j3 Hrster street. HOl>E AND LOT FOR SALE? THE MODERN BUM* three story brick house, w?tb lot, No. 58 Moore* street. F'or particulars apply to SAMUEL TRYOH, ?T Market street. corner of Mom-oe. House for sale o? to iet, in soi th brook - lyn ? A new tluee story dwelling, No. 181 Oeau street, twelfth house from Bond, containing thirteen renins, pus Siting, bath, range, tie , ia complete repair, for $6,600. $3,000 may remain at ? par cent Pos session immediately. Apply at 182 Cina! street, N. Y. HOUSE AN"D LOT FOR S&LE? 1HE LARGE AND commuilious tbree story, attic and basement brie* house No. 7 Cberry ttreet, now occupied as a residence by the owner; lot 26 by 97 feet; house has marble mis lies throughout, Croton water, with baths for hot or cold water, and large si/ed cooking r?.uje in kiioheo; a tea room and wasn house attacbel in the rear: the house is in pood order, and ran be seen at any time. For part'rularH and terms, apply on the premisai. GEO. RA1.L, No. 7 Cherry street, opposite Franklin sqiare. MORRISSAN1A? A (.COD TWO STORY HOUR and two lots, 60x200 feet, for sale or exchange, in a pleasant and improving neighborhood Terms very eai-y? $2,200. Inquire of b. EIJJRIDGE Si CO., 60 Veeef street. XTOTICE? TO CARPENTEB4, CABINET, AND SASH JA and blind makers, turners, piano forte makers, Ac., Ac. Any one wishing to erlarge, or commence a business, where a large and commodious shop is requir ed. in this city, below Tenth street, west of Droadwar, and on a ftage route, will hear of an opportunity rarely met witb, by calling on WILLIAM JOHNSON, No. 21 Downing street. The Bhop is 7 6 feet deep. 26 feet front and rear, and three stories high, built of brick, and con tains an eight horse power steam englue, nearly new, and in complete running order. Also, circular sawa, pla ning, mortising and tenoning machines, and all other machinery nesrssary for carrying on an extensive busi ness. Has been occupied as a sasb, blind and door factory for fifteen years, and has as g<od a run of cus tom as any in the city . The buildiug is on leased ground at 9100 per year, and has two years to run from next May, with the privilege of renewal for twenty one years, at a fair ground rent. The building, machinery, good will, &c , will be (old for two thousand five hundred dol lars, (S2,fiC0) cash, or, part cash and good paper, and possession given at such time as will suit the purchaser, If applied for sot n, as above. STEAM ENGINE FOR SA1.E ? A SUPERIOR STEAM engine, of thirty-five horse power, made and finish ed in a beautiful style, aod known as the Southern Belle, the prize engine at the New York World's Fair. F'or sale low by GR0VER, BARER A CO., 405 Broadway. TO MAN! FACTUBEBS. ? FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE foT city property, or to lease, a large and commo dious brick Khop; 60 feet by 116, with engine room 18 tret by 20, well lighted on all aiL?s, four storiei and basement, suitable for heavy manufacturing business, located on Eleventh avenue, near Twenty-ninth etreot, with 2.'. liorae engine boiler and shafting, in good running order. 1'oHaeasion given on or before the 1st of Mar. J. F. W1LUAMS, 300 Eighth avenue, aod from 2 to 3 daily at 116 Chambers atreet. TO CAPITALIST*.? FOR SALE? HOUSES ON HOW ?r<l and Fourteenth street". Two neat three story brick houses and full lot* on Howard street, a three story and basement brick houta on Fourteetth street, near Fifth avenue. A neat three story brick bonne, with modem improvements, in West Teenty -sixth ctraet? price $5,r.OO. Apply to A. SERGEANT, 16 WaU street. TO BDTdnS.? FOR SALE, TWO SPLENDID MARBIJ? top ?tall*, complete, and marble corned beef stand. Will be told cheap. Also, store to let. Apply at 201 Court street, Brooklyn. rfH> PRINTERS.? FOR SALE, CHEAP, A SINGLE CT 1 Under press, Hoe's manufacture; bed 31 by 50; in food runulng order. 'IVrms cash Apply to 1. P. WIL JAMS, No. 00 Ann street, in the rasr. TO PAGUKRREOl Yl'IBTS ? FOR SALE, CHEAP. A whole sire camera, with which Home of the beat pictures in this city have been taken; fourteen whato life gilt frames, with or without specimens; also a beau tiful little glass case, suitable for displaying jewetry or any fancy article!. Apply at 42 i Broadway, third floor. TO MILLINERS? A RARE OPPORTUNfTY.-FOR 8AIE the stock, fixtures snd rood will of a long estab lished millinery business. Will be sold at a bargain te a cssh custom* r, in consequence of removal. Apply to Mrs. HARRISON, 49>* Division street. MISCKI-LANKOL'S. r A AAA YARDS TAI'KSTRY C.vRPETINGa, OUtUv v from Rs. ; also, an immense assortment of ingrain and three ply, just purchased at th? reeent auction sales. I.OUD ft TA YI/>R, Grand street, corner of Chrjetin dhl A AAA AGAINST $2,000, IF YOU WILL ffilU.UUU call at 762 Broadway. H. T. LOVBi' will give relerence to ladies and gentlemen in this city, that aie from fifty to seventy years of age, that havw been gray atd bald, have now as perfect heads of hair as when young by the use of Lovet's wshpene Who will take up the gauntlet f 1 /e c? CANAL RTRFKT, NF.AK VAR1CK ? W. * B. lOO VA N NOTE'S grate and fen dor, kitchea rut**, summer ratine and stove wardrooms. We have a large assort meat of the latest patterns of mantel grates, ranges and stoves, for sale on reasonable terms. 'iratee and rany<s set and repair*', ranges lined, brass found ers' ana jewellers' furnace* built, atoves lined, baker*1 ovens built and rspaied. Bread for all i largest and best in tite city.? Compere it with other* in weight, color, sweetness ond nutritious iji.alltiee. Tri-adwnli s Dakery, MH' street, between Bedford and Bleecksr. CHEAP BCTTER FOR SALE? INQIIRI AT 2*3 Wash ngtou street. BOHNS ? THE BUTCH FRH' HIDE A VI) MKLT1N6 Association are now prepared to make contraot 1! cattle boras that nisy be received by the Associa tion for the present year. Apply corner of Fifth street and Flint avenue. "V Kw ^ ORK PATENT < tFFlCE, NO. ?12 BROADWAY, ?i. ' 6- DON N El J. k CO ? I'sti-nt rights bought and suld, us foments made, and *11 paper snd drawings for applications for letters patsnt executed on the met reasonable terms. N. B.? Stack inventor* assisted. OHOW CAJ-C ? rtCHMIf-r A BROTHERS MANUFAC O tory and wareroums, No I# Ncrtk William street, nearCLatbam street. New Vork, and at 77 West Third ?tr>et, Cincinnati. Ohio A large a. -ortuisnt constant ly on hand. Old -how cases taken ia exchange. Orders promptly executed SHOW CASES- -HOFFMAN ft I'KRKSH, IHOW CAlE ware room, f?7 Bowery, between Walker and Bayard streets. Oa es made in every styl- stiver plated, brass, rose and istia wood. mahogany fte, N. H-OU cssse taken In exchange. Orders promptly executed. rpBE PFOI LL'S BAKERY TRIUMPH ANT.? HAVING X satisfled the people of the Ninth ward and vicinity that the bread from tlia bakery is tbe largest and beet in the city, and grateful for tbe unprecedented patron age of the public, the proprietor U detarai ned to in crease the size of bis !>rea l m proportion to the decline in the price of floor, which it is anticipated will be very great. Mease call early in tbe t?y, a* the crowded state of tbe store at some hours prevsnts the serving of cus toners satisfactorily. No 251 Ulee.ker street. I1THO WOl'LD NOT POStiKSS A BkACITFUL HEAD TT. . , ot a meJical preparation which has never failed to restore tha hair although used In thousands of case*. The receipt will be sent to any direction on tha receipt of a letter conla-ning 24 oenta Ktage stamps, poai psld, to Dr. lQlis. Broadway Past letters answered immediately. COAL, <kC. Doal, coal -a caw.o ofooal-furnack, r/m and steve ? wll be discharging frcm to -lav, Feb ruary 27, and two days a'ter, for sale cheap Osalers supplied. Apply to LEEDS ft l"OTI f R, 4;,'.Hi\th avenue, between Twenty sixth and Twenty seventh etraeta. MA TBI M OWIA I.T UfATRIMONlAI? THE UNDEMICHED. A YOVNO jtl man of twenty six veare of an, of a good dispo sition, and toierably good Uoklng, is deauons of for stag an acquaintance with a roung lady not over twanty fear years of age. with tha view ?if aaarriage. Hi* ooe that applies most ha lorng a ad kind, roeseeslag tha charms of a virtuosos as lad. She must also delight ia home duties Sad, And not much to gadding muat ahe ha mrtlsw* Aav yonag lady wishing to treat tha pf pa* Una aa rtously may addr*>s, W'.tft res. e^pe |?4 rW'eaoa, Q r. 1; Arsul

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