Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1855 Page 3
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F/WANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HONE T MARKET. Tuisdat, Feb. 27?6 P. M. Tta alock market opened heiv/ thia morning, eaiea ware to about the ureal extent, bat they in large lota, allowing the claaa of operator! at on the fancies. Indiana 6'a fell off 4 per cent t the fint board t > day ; Illinois Ceatral Bands, |; ^Cumberland Coal, 1; New York Central Railroad, 4; Erie Railroad, 4; Harlem, fc; Panama Railroad, 3fc. Ifissoari C* ?era freely offered to-day, and sold |do wo a .aif per cent from the opening. Reading ia active demand to-day, and waa sustained famidst tm general dec' me. Panama Railroad fllw ?boat like the moat tansy on the market. A varia tion of two or three per cent from one day to |u?tb?r ?pptan J? ba ft fm,n aff*ir; " 0I*ne* *!?. Itnorting at 103, and closed at 10? per cent. Thi (tuilavorab'.e bank a count ihw miming undoubtedly had a cort's oaa;ng effect on the market, but there I** a weakness la prices fr jm other ciuses whi;h cat not be overcome. There are no bay era in thi itieet, %od they cannot be brought in t ? porch*!) Jtoacy stocfca. Confidence in these semrities is en tirely gone. Outsiders wi'l lend me?fty on some of these stccto but they will not touch them on their a account Tbe brokers are, therefore, loaded down with them, and hence the impossibility of get ting op pri ea. After the acjoummsnt of the board, the following salei of stacks and beads were made at au tlon, by Bimeon Draper $14,000 Michigan Southern RK 7a int. added.. 72 14,000 ClrT'-Uo'l ii P:tt?burg RK. luc. do. 100 abartM fast River Bank 50 19 do. Third Avenue Railroad '-*?i 16 do. Ohio Life Insurance and truat Co.. . 82 1 86-100 <lu. M:chigaa Central Railroad 74'* Mt.-sre A irisn H Muller and Co. will haM their regular semi-wet kly suction (tale of st):ks aad bonds to morrow, Wednesday, 26th in at in c, at 124 o'clock, at the Mrichaita' Exchange. Included in the list of valuable eecurlues to ba offered will be toned $100 000 S'.ate of Pennsylvania 6 per oeut bonds, to be cold to the highest bidder. At the eeconi board some atooks were a shide better. Reading Railroad advanced 4 per cent; Mtonirgtor. 14; Panama Railroad, 4> Iltrlem fell off 4 per cent. The traasactiors at the Awistaat Treasurer's Of flee to da 7 weie aa follows:? Received..; $01,700 00 Payment* 44,588 48 Paid lor Aa?a/ office 394,437 93 fialacce 4,713,509 13 The w&riants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on tLe 24th inat., were: ? For tha resumption of stock $40, 50a 86 Dot pacing Treaaurj debts, 62,480 12 For thetuatcma 4,415 9i) For tba War Department 10,08(1 99 For repaying in tbe War Department M2 87 Foi the Interior Department 76,074 00 The Reliance Mutual Insurance Company, it will be aeen from the statement of the Finance Corn-nit tee, (Me&trs. Aithur taary, L. B. Wyman and J. II . Smith,) have stopped businers. For the last month the trustees have been actively engaged in raisiBg means to sustain the concern, and over a quarter of a million was raided contingent on the solvency of the company, bat heavy losses, not originally knorn, prevents d the success of the undertaking. The following la a comparative statement of the aainiigs of the Watertown and Rome Riilroad for Jannary, 1R54 acd 1855:? 1854. 1855. Flora paaaeagaM $10,059 28 $10,762 30 Freight 10,915 61 9,818 31 ItiaceUaaeora 1,288 97 1,845 00 $--,281 76 922,445 01 Increase jlga 95 The coupoas due on the 1ft of March on (he Mil waakie City bonds, issued to the Milwaukie, Fon |4alno O. B Railroad Company, La Crosse and Milwaukie Railroad Company, will be paid at the Broadway Bank. The baaka of New Orleans hare again lacmtid their aiccV of specie. The foiloiring is their latest ^weekly re1 am:? NltW Oili.KA.VS BlMKK. Fob. 19. Feb. 12. Loam 915,917,081 $lfl,S72.U47 Dec. . 9 7t5'.,2t)fl Specie 7 717,321 7,S-J7,75S Inn... .'17?,5?:) Circulation 6,67J,Cfi? 6,971,820 Drc.. 2'.?8,lOO 1> point* 12,124,209 11,969,237 Inc. .. 104,971 Domritir mi l fo . iei$n * 4,188,823 4,123,065 Inc.. . CS ICS Far the wtec ending Sttarday, the 17th instant, the ooai shipped fiom the different mines of the Cum berland region amounted to 2,470.19 ton*. Tfce Georges' Creek Ccal and Iron Company's Riilroad transported 1,02010 tons. Tha Cumberland Coal &nd Iron Company's Railroad shipped 830.0.1 tons; and o?er tha Cumberland and Pennsylvania R til road, 620 ton* were cairiei to market. Tbe whole amount shipped eastward, over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, commencing with tbe 1st ot January' for the year tbns far, ia 31,747.13 tons. X bill has been introduoed in the Ca'Jforaia Lt gialatme for the funding of the floating debt of the State, and recording of Btate warrants as presented, and paying then in regnlar order. Both proposi. 'ions were looked upon with much fivor. The redemption of tbe public debt, at the Treaso tj Department, for the week ending on Siturday, wen as follows:- LOM of 1812, ti >,200; lR4Q,$.jOO; 1847, 164 300; 1848, 9I>, 300; Texan Indemnity, $17,* 000. TOUJ, $00 300. The em Inge of tbe Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad Company, for the six months ending D? <?mW31, were 9179,960 9*2 Kxpenata 8140? 711 ?a-<, 09: 13 InUreet pai l 39,060 00 | J iritlen.i Fund 967,447 13 -which i* equal to 4.7 per cen*. on tha capital st ick. Tbe net eartunga, however, having been expanded in the payment of the floating debt, a dividend has been decried ia the 7 per cent bonds of tbe compa ny having ten years to run. Tbe eighth annual report of the Newark Stria;* Institution presents the annexed statement ol de poaita received and paid doting tbe year 18.54.? I ia liner of liepoalti on liaad at Itatreporl. . . 94*1,172 46 Amount re 'aired from depoaitors aince Uxt report 327,183 12 Amount of inter-at to rredit of ilepoiiltor* aince Utt rej.ort 24, *58 97 Ualnnee of premium account 12.41V If 8 Halanra of pr >9*. aad ltna aarount 'JS.Rfll US 9S?4.9i.. 81 Amount paid depaaitor* ainoe l?at report.. . Silj.l'W 02 Honda aad mortgagee 471,451 14 [Temporary >a* rm collateral ne urlt'e* 2.), 10) 00 Real eatate? Hanking lioaae 9,7*5 81 -f'aahaaheai 47.389 *jj 9800,9^6*81 Halanra Joe depositors this dtp, ?51S.412 13; ex uaea for the laat year, 93,184 93; whole nnrnber of a~coonW opened, 6,918; whole number r.f ac ccnnta cloaed, 3,686; whole number of aooo U now 0|-en, 3 33 '2. TTie nc?lpta of t'e l'ennsyl /uila Railroad C?cnpv n j 'in the month o( Jan , niu'ted to MLTfl If yam* moath m 1SK4 393,199 0** lnmi? a.l?iu?rf 1S,Vi 914. <t'24 >M Tbe earning.' of 'he Clevelan I and PtUibarg It til (?adCompauy for tha j?u*r en.' n* Dec?mW 31 19:4 wf 9480,000 9Vr the jre?r 1S59., 412,000 Iaer*??? U I9'.4 ? I u,ooo *|be receipt! for January tbia ysar, were 931 ,000, againat 121,000 for the same inon'h last year. Tbe Boston Jut not of tbe 21st inat., says: ? Ihere wm a ronaiderable flurrt ia Vermont Central ?rt<vk. wlich opoa?<l at t an.) run rapidl? down to 2fc .t 6r*t hoard, at whlcii ra> it eloped; b it affrwarla th ? atack '?< offered for *ale at lower ratea 1 bare are tbree attachment* apoa the corporation, and tha road, ?a tha third attachment, (by a contractor,) ia aarar ?tiaed to he aoil in Vermont to-morrow, tbe claim being ?air about 9M huadrad aad flfty dollar* ? > '? > Tha 4irar?ara bare takea meaanre* to aware the property of the etockhoUler*. br hayiaf la 1ba at?ck at anctioa, tbe Trvaaarar af tha (Vmpaay having r>na to Vermoot for that purpoae Tha part? who ihonbt bay the rot 1 roald aot held it, a* by tha qnaar lawe af Vermoat, it eaa be ytached aaJ sold aay namher of tlatee by aay ?to-k iaUar er aay peraoa who may have a claim, no mattar haw trlftag. Tha attachment aad aala la a mere farce. Ia rshtinn to tha experlaenU of tha New Jaraay FianlOlafta Company, tha tasaax Htrmid aayi - Wa km baaa eaahlad, th-ough Robert Hawaii, Kna , tha a?Ml ?< tha New .(aeeay rraakltaite (lamp? y, to In apw>< a apart ?a ?' fraak'iv'.a irwa recently ma4s at t h? Fraaklla faruw U <? var y hallil ud otoaaiy twtnblN steeL Tbia iron is the belt ia tha world, par ticularly for *taeL Tha chief obitarla to ita production hitherto, baa been tha diOculty of aaparatiof tha aloe, wbleh la ona of ita conitltuenta. from the iron Tha re cent trial ia the flrat aver raid# on a large scale. The conpany baa expended over $190,000 ia preparing tha worki at Franklin Furnace for the manufacture of thi? iron. Thar bare not prograaaed aufflcienttj far to furaUh adequate ground* for a decided opinion, but the ecpandl ture the/ hare incurred exhibit* strong confidence in tha ancceui of the undertaking. It ia calculate! that tbe line producad will par theeipea*e of manufacturing the iron. Should thi* anticipation be ret'ij.eJ, the Oon pan? baa a splendid future before It. Thia county i? dteeply interested, for the franklinlte minei are luei haustible, and the entablialimi'nt of a line home market would be the natural reault of a permanent and ex en ?lye sy?t*m of Iron and zinc manufacture The flo vera of zinc, ita jet produced, hare a yellow tinge camel, it it thougiit by tout, by tbe copious u?c of yallow clay in fc malting. Tfce ircn ia of the most splendid quality, excalliog in tcctcity and strength tha farfar^ei Duiaetiore ?'?? of z'i the Sheffield cutlers. Thia Bpecira of L'OO can ba said m 'as*. m mtda into pigs. Tbe mint*, we uudcrataud. are inaxhaua tible ; and when the necessary appliances of ciplta are put in motion, a large and profl able buttae's will be tlone. The produce of the zinc iUeif, we are told, ia nearly sufficient to pay the expense of mis iug and casliug the iron into pigs. T ae.e ia iarge in tereat in Button in thia enterprise ; aid the iroc men in thia city who have sftn the specimeni n-snufactutd under Mr. Belleck's proems, deem tie iron unsurpassed in axce.lence. Last fall, tiro or tbree meetings of th-) stockiold ere of the limn Rallioal Comj-acy were hold in thia ci'y, for the purpose of taking into consider- j ation the dispcsal of the over lamed atock. Af'-er several sceres of jerable violence, ai adjoum meut waa made to Ne?r Havtn, where, in N'ovem ber, a mceMng was held. For some time psvioas 1 : to the day fixed for tha meeting, a cliqua of old i stockholders, at the head of w-ich was an la il i viuual named Samuel I). BiadforJ, of Boston- a | retired capitalist, a trustee in the Harvard Ualver . eity, and who voted against the elec i n of Com. ; missiccer Loiing to the law professorship of that institution on account of his having rjuieirJ a j decision in favor of the Fugitive S'ava lawiit.e ' esse of Buriis? met almost daily at tbe office of John E. Thajer & Brother, baukers, of Boston, ani made np a :1st of directors to take the plaoo of t!io , old, or Schuyler board. At thiae fraquont sftti it waa determined by thi* clique to ousUhe oil management and put in su;h m:n ai they cou'd j control, so as to commence action at on :e against ? holders of the new atojk. At the adjourned zaeet ng of stockholders the new director* were proposal by Mr. Bradford , and the old bo?rd wa<t requested | to res'gn. About seven thousand shares voted on ' the qneations, when they were declared carried, and the meeting adjourned. Boon after tUe old directors reaigned and the repudiating board oame into power. We annex the names of the new board, with tbe amount of stock htld by each: ? Hharti. Share*. Harrion Gray Dyar, W. I,, l.yon US J'reiident, . . 140 N'. A Huron 50 Moncrrif Robinson.,.. 42 J K. Hulk ley 100 Iiennin Kimberly 40 (Jeorgo N. Miller 200 | I'tter J. Homer 40 ? , Total htld by present director* ti47 Although thia b ard was eltcted at an informal meeting cf the stockholders, where only about eight I thousand shares of stock were represented, and was nominated by a clique of r pudiatoru, tbree or four ot the directors are in favor of an amicable | ' adjustment of all claims, and decide l y op j posed to repudiation or the plea of usury. I; i is the prevailing opinion In this community that a representation of even one-half of the old atock at tke meeting referred to would have prevented the election of a single repndia*or. The friends cf ' repudiation mastered at tbe meeting in full force, < and the amount of s'ock they represented shows tbeir entire strength. We doubt if they could cia ; trol as much stock agalb to rot* an that qiertion. We have great faith In tha aocsad aober thong .t it 1 the people, and believe that in this muter it wil prove triumphant on the side of honor aod just c 3 For tbe purpose of showing tke influenca that wll. aid such a course, we give the names of some o ' our moat prominent ciUaens, with tbe amount o stock held by ea?'h : ? Share*. | Joaiah liar j 84) R. I.. Maitland 1(0 D. C KinKRland 1CK) Oorire k .lolin laurie .'it ' .Jobn I. Johnnon 100 j I.. M. Hollmnn 10 G.O IlowUn<l,(e?Ut?> 1^0 W . P. Uorriui.iD Ill John Baffir?rty tiO i GeorRi> tJrirtin BO ! Rlcliard I'elaUeM 70 i Inaar C.'ll 148 Japhrt Bishop 124 1 AWp & Cbaun:ev 19 Brown, iirothern k Co. 10 i Jolia fllnrccti 41 i C. VinrWbUt 3tHJ I Ja* L. Aaptnwail 15 I .fa* Bofwt, Jr 24 | E. <?. 1'mle i Cenin 1 J.oc! wood. . .. 100 ! Cbas. H. Ilairhall t!U I lieorg* T. Trimble 50 ! J. I*. l'b<rmi 000 1 8. Whitney 1.0 : W. B. Alitor a 00 Here we have a direct Intel e?t amounting to akmt five theutand shares, ami an indire t interes'. amounting to more than doable that q The ' sbove lUt comprises i<>rae of our m'*t soiid men, and we do cot belie re there la one who wonld countenance lepudiation of the overis-raed stock in any eliape. Tbere are scores of others btsides tb hi? we have named, who would join In any p an tSat might be dt vised to place ti.e t#o classes of on the Nine footing. The regultr annual election for a new Boatd of Directors takes place in May, when some deciced step will be taken to bring about a satisfactory compromise. In the me*n- j time.srmetbin; should be done to place this matter right befoie the public. The'e are parties mixed up with the proceedln/is, which have already been commenced in our courts, whose duty It is to adopt, such measures aa tbe occa?t>n requires to removj the odicm now attached to all connected with the New Haven Railroad Company as old stockholders If any ol the gr ntlemen named above are implicated in tbe matter, and confeat that the plea of usury sball be put in by their representatives, fjr j tbe pur>?oee of deitroytng what U conildered a juat claim, then it should be known, and the oLly way open for t'^em to repod'ate j such a policy ia to publicly dtiioe tbeix post , tion. It won!d be some saislhctlon, donb'Jesv, to the patties aggrieved to know that there Is a dis position on the part of the most Influential holders of the o'd v.ock to do them justice, and also te know that bt tbe proper time they will use all fair acd honorable mean* to secure the election of a board of directors who will adjust all dtffi ulties open ptinriples of cqiity and justice. This matter will not be permitted to sleep. Of all theembar- , rassments produced In onr large incorporated com pantos, by tbe acts of officials, thii alone remains unsettled. Htui khoi 'er* in other concerns adopted tbeetly true <.?t??m !n arraying opposite interest#, aid in every lu tun.* rucoean has been the result. It i< irore tban two yr*m mow the stockholder! ! in the New Haven Railroad i>mpaay received a dividend, and J ttlgaHoa p?ta vni r *nll htviway between holdem of tlie two classes of stock, i. w.ll ptrbab'y be tifire two year more fcefhva au/thin i? in tbe shape of *<ltvJeod is paid. Thi net earning of the road would be partially u*d n ? in law n ptnres, and whatever might bj the cou! J not be touched until all queatuNH at Ism were Anally disposed of. At the pr s?nt market va'te of the old rtoak of the New II tven Ceapaay, the capital stands at about one million of d :iv?, showing a depreciation of two mlUirtu. Tbs whole of the aew lsau> could be romuro miatd for a sum csasiderably leas than vom it represent*, so thai te the event of aew stock beteg issued at, aaj sixty par cent, so ai to leave the capttal according to the charter, twj- thirds of the present depreciatioa would disappear aa soon as tbe al?.k reached the aew par value, laavtag a da fldency of only abort half a million ef dollars. By each a eeaprMtee iha old ateak woald, te leaa thaa 4 twtfn Mthsf nore thaa doabte It faiw. It shoaid Shar't O. It* relay lift A II. Ward 100 W. W. Boardman 10.2 W. 8 Wet more 1*0 l? nni?toun, Woo l * (to. 110 (?riDerll, Mint am k Co. '10 Tltarjr < 7't SL (Iroiri'oor 100 E. J. WooUey 100 ^sauel Wlllnt* 100 A K Van Sent 120 M. Viiur Js?. M Waterbury.... >iO Itsviil S"tr?, IV ? ton... 100 Kraocis Peaboiljr, do... l.'O Psirr I'arker, do... 1'ZO Ja-i Itanwiok. Jr 44 11 W. C. 01 pliant .in U Ha villi 40 N. It (k>bb fc Ca 71 I Uirp?nt*r k Vn ui lrra. KjO Phillip Hater 1?K> Ja?. U. Kln({ j Son?.. . . 18 Ja^ob littla ti Co :i'? N. V. ExchanfeOo . . . ljj to tot* ta micd that tto old atocktoldm tow ilrtid} lost considerably more ttoa one-half of the total par value of tbs mi iaaae, and sofsr m reallx log oa tto stock la concerned, tto whole li m bid Hlost. Aim Investment under existing cl'cnm stances, Mum much desd capita1. thrse million of doltars an now locked op, and, to tnldrrs of old stock, useleai; while, b y a fair compromise -one that would wipe oat all dishonorable pleis.sll th. Mfgraca of repudlaiioa, one that would do mo ? to ralne the linking oredit and character of railroad compa niea than ten time* the amoant of money lnvolvei in anj other way? the entire capital would be one active and productive, and thwe desirous oi realising could do so. We vjatute to aa y tlMrt tb?re In not a bolder of old ?t>ck in the New Harcfo IlVJroad Company who wjild rtfon* sixty per oen: for every ahare he held. They wouM all be glad to gut that price, and look about for something else to put the pro-eeda in. Th ? only nay by which that figure c?n be rea'ized U through a cumpromiw with the holders of ne n stock. Erary piincii Is of honor and honenty, every latereit, pab and private, points to snch a pjlioy.'aud if the right conntels prevail, tbatunl none other will bs pur* Mud. All the technicalities of tto lair we throw to tbc wi/d. ail the opinions of lawyer* we caie nothia< a'jout, all the legal poinU botnng la favjr of or igaiidt, we dincarJ, and place the wh le matter upon the brjud bi is of justioe and equity. We have too much law in the a>-bitia ion of quetiini which arire in the admiuiiitra'.iou of ln:orp irttod < < mpanirn, or In individual affairs, and we with to pte it hvoidf^l In the case ot the New Haven Kill read Company, for the bennlitofsll pa tic*, tie legal profemion excepted. Stork Kxelinnge. TcfeDAV, Feb. 27, 1H3S. ?00 nb? Erie RaiUo id 45 V tfOO Yirginin A'*,.. 1000 ltd Slut' FiTfit 'J' Id Mid'ouri 60< 0 do 7000 do bl5 T.0U0 do 2000 1 oui?iana ?>'?. 1?000 111 lilt utork... 3f00 Krio Co bit '71 c 100" Hud K Sd m b?. .'l&OO 111 On UK b'li 19600 do G0?K) do b3 1000 Dl CKRFrbhbS 00* 6??S YCenKKb* 8<* 6000 do 88 20 (hi Del k II C'a Co 114* lO.MerrbnuU'ixHk 100* 60 Uk State N York. 104 UO Canton Co " 3(0 Nic Transit Co.. 100 do biO 100 do KO do blO 250 l'enn Coal (V) ?00 Cumb Co?l Co MO do boO 460 do r.( 0 do 660 do ON"* teu KK . . . . o&* 80* Oil' 0 1\ Ki MX Wi 03 7i?V 74 73 'i 73* 73 ^ 16* 10* i?X loo* 34 Sf 34jj ;n* 34* 34', M 500 2:>o 1(.0 200 200 i:.o do. do b'l do blO do <10 do. blO .S3 6 CUI k Kit Ixd KK. 100 IUil- in KK 200 do 400 to 60 do bio 700 Reading Kit. ..bit 1<>0 65 ICO f:0 200 100 HO ICO 15 do. do. do do . ? ?3 . ..kOO blO do IiRO do bW do b 0 do 10 l'anamii KK 31 do 37 do ?.'00 do 75 Clev .* Tol Kit. It ( Icr C A- ( In KK. 98 <;#1 .v Chi BR..a3 10 do 45 V 46 <i 45* IV, 40 45 80* 83 31,'i 3 i <; Tl? 75 1 j nx 75 'j v X T>X 70 70 * 70 78 X lou 10* 1-.7X 107 09* 101 US* 85 S56C0 Lotiiniana fi'n. hO 2800 Ind State Kiren 80* SOOO Virginia 6's. . . U?* liiOOO fan* IkIh 2d lit* 1<>7 10OO 111 Cen RK bda 73* fcCOO N Y On 1<H tin 1500 N V On V*. .. 2000 N J Cen bdn. . . fOOO it Blv 3<1 in b('i SKOOND BOARD. 4"0 shiCum ciCe.b'i 34*4 KO do .11* 2K -'toninjfton KK. . 61* 17 lCri* Killroad... 45* 60 do hIO 4a* 50 I'nnitma Kil..bM 107 U 100 111 Cen KK....b;l " 60 Clev k Tol Kit b l 100 liarlein l<K..?00 88)4 99* 91* 60 Clev k Tol RR.b'l 09* 74 100 liarleui KK..?00 81 * 2t nh* Merch K* Kk. 100* 400 IVa linx Rl! . . b60 7ii* (i!> Ohio I. If* & Tr Co KC* 300 <lo 76 Tj 60 io b()0 88 OOO do bJO 16 40 Canton Co 23* 100 do 70 15C Kit- Traa Co. . . *3 1A* C11Y TKtDK IlKPOHT. Tvmuut, Knb 27 ? 6 !' M. Aj-HM. ? Hi.' nurhot w?? ijtilet, m l price* 11 aching) ? The market wan l--a? aotive, th mgli price* were About tbe Tlio trtnMCtjugii embrirol about 6,<x.o ti 0 000 Mil* , Including common to rbob* Stat?\ at $8 V> % IS 76; it K4 a $9 ,'il for coin 'am lu goo-l We?tern l'< 62 a $1C 74 for extra St. Lorn* an I til a 112 for extra Ganewe Canadian na in moderate de mand. with saler of MW bbl*. at $9 :17 a 110 26, duty paiJ. Common brand* in bond were hold at IS 7 5. r'outhern tlnor ??< <jaiet an<l c nrnnon grade* dull, at |H lb aiid IB !>o (or ction.c. Tbe aal?* e nbraee.t about 400 M>1*. ar.l ?!t r.rt a HI" :?7 for extra . 4oo e ?U Pnall Wb'f ?old ni ?11 Wheal coutinaad *carce and flrm, a ? mall lot of prim* white (>w>i *? wan reported it 12 BO; V60 do. common wlilte Southern, at 82 26 and fidO do fair Canadian, at 1240, di.ty paid. Cora, th* *al*a rm Iraod about 10,000 bu<oiel* at price* ringing from P t c . a 9flc. for mix* I Southern 9"a. for foutlina white to arrive, and ('He. for Souihi rn yellow. In ?lud?l in the jalea were IS, ^00 buahel* for I'ort'iiral. Hurley with limited aupphex continued at about tl 26. Aye con linued firm, wit'u >aV? of 40U bu?hel?, at II 36 Cntrrr ?The aato* embraced about 1,300 be;* ll-o a #i,c ? If ?,r : HO mat# Java at l.( ,c. U/miy ? Tbe *?le? for the i eodayi, Inci ting lo'? not prtvlouely reported, have rea sh"l about 6,000 hale*, the market ? lo?uij( f'rni About one thirl to one half were ia transitu. W? >l<iote ? Vpiam) * Fin. Mobile TrutXO Ordinary 7 a 7 ri 7 J? 7 Middling tiood middling. . . #>, a 9J{ t)<4' a ID 10', Middling fair !"j a 10 10';alOJ{ II lair to good fair. 10 all II all1; lljjali^ Kwni.HTK.- hate* were steady to Uterpool, and a>w it TOO a 400 Inlet of "ott'm were engaged at l-ldd., and 6 12d for rcmpre??ed 760 boxen baronet 17*. 1d. ; 2<W bid* Hour at 1*. *'d. To l.ondon. 3,0imi libl*. roeln w?r? engaged at 1*. lOJjd . and S60 t-oxea bacon at 2 1* *Vi. 1c 1'ri'ui** 4i>0 Mil* ahoe tx'g' were engaged at 2a. fid , ? nd 1"> balei drug* at If To Mi ire, rate* *ere unrbang. ed. Provision* were at 76c p?r bbl. ; cotton '^c , an i a*be* at f ; a 17, ami rice at $7. To (^allforaia, rate* were unchanged Fnnr. ? Abou* X0 a 400 hoi*? !ry raliln? war* no!'! at 12 46. ar 1 ::C0 a 4"0 do wot dry w*r? *old at ti 12. Hay. ? The >i!c< embraoed abeut l,.oo bale*, at !Me. a 98c. I*o??._f-ai(.? of 40 a M ton* ."'co'ch l*lg ware made, at I'O 60 a $8! M, bIt rnont).*. I rati ? Fair* ol 26<t U>o? Spanl*h wre maile, to arr ?e, a'. 16 b.V Mohawibi. ? Tbe ?a!ef ?tnbrtrij about J00 a 'HQ bbl* New Orl" ac?. at 9* ? a 27<\ hat jlStohk* ? Werrijulet. *od* tiarhiinged PlotlMOl".? Hurt jet'eida;- andlto day baa b??n qu'te artive, inal id ng on? der?ble aale* to arriee. Tin ealea to ''tr. though not ? ?? larva at the day Wore atUl in< lU' 'd aiinut et 0 a toO hble . in ?e|>arnte lot*, erahrt ciag ol' me.t* at 11 1 40 . IK) HI, *n I new at tl& on tbo latter figure wai ofejel for a i oailJerable lot, with out ?ell"r?, nml 200 bbl*. old ?oi.r xold at $13 26 B?ef waa nteady with 'ale* ol 10U bbl* country pr tr.<- at $rt h7 and 100 country b?-ef liainn at lit 00. C it \f??t* ware Heady but not* a< tiye Hiron -"ide* r a aged from 8 c a adie'l and iib?i"t 20,000 lb*, ahotil.lern w?r? *otd Try aalted a! fl'.'r. I.rrd waa Kteady, with *ate* ef 100 a 200 bb'n an<! tierce* ia lota, at about 9%4. a lw for pr me r^nnlitj . Kin wae Jul!, an 1 'he market unchanged. Sale* of 10 e**e* of nutmeg* w*ra B>a>l? at ?3){e. ?rmr.n.? Tbe *ale* embra?*il about 40") a 600 bh I* N#w f rleaii?, w'*h n the ranee of yeati-rday'* i,uotA tion* and CI box#? white Havana told at 7r Tttiow. ? A'xiut 6 'J00 Ib? ware aold, at 12c Toanfo.? Th? tale* for tba iMt few lay* bare em braced 160 bbd*. y?ry f ill prire* Cocaaaa a*ad laaf, at 6UC. a 12)^c. ; 34 ca*e? Florida, at lie a 33c. II bag* Havana *crap?, private tarma. Tba mar ket cloa??l "juite firm. Wapiai t ? faUe of 3M> a 100 bbl* were mada. Prlaoa, at 30c a M^e. ; and aoaaa lot* vera reported at Sle. ADFEHTISEMKXTS REHRWRD EVERT DAY. THK H\U. IKAWV. CI 1 BBOAnWAT.? MUX PAfUWl AND M0VB. n | I Porachio have the koaor to inforra thalr patraa* that tbev give a grand ball cm We<ineaday evening, Feb. 21. TU-kat* W, tdaolttiog a gentleman and ladiea; cap per tocludad. DRY uoom, AC. ~~ AT A RT k CO HAVE OPBSEU A PI'IJOfnTD ?fKk of *| ring acd (umwir dre** good*. inporV 1 rx pr??elj for their retail trail* Broadway. Cbaoefeer* an 1 Read# rtraato. CiHlA! livnv- ? FIFTT CASSB BotTND THIUCAO / roft f.n'?b?d Iriab Lnaa*. commencing at 3^ nenle perjaed A. T KTEWaP.T Ar 0f? , Rroa<!way, Cliambera ami Raade (treetf. IMP'JKTKD WOfa ( Ok^KTS ? MRr. f.'AVNOR t OS liBue* to racaiva, by almost every ateamar, fr*?n ?j,j;.|.- of b?r celebrated T ronck wore (or?et?, which ;< r ee*r and e'rganre In It'iag are unijrpaaeed Mo. 46 Third avat-r.e i?ear Tenth atreet. H. B. ? Ale* ehildraa e ao ' r ..t>?? cntaet* S'KW HTY 1-K43 srRn**: M.\.vnt I.AH ? HOI.rMiCCX I. 11, k* (anal *tr?wt, would sail the at' of n rcbarte to bi* !>*autifal atoeh of V renoh maat Qa*, . uitrecei'l from Pan* TV-?e of hie own manufac ture ar* well worth examining, hwingtmm the late t da *i?n?. and warranted (uperlor to anything In market, aitoer n pvi e, quality ar atyla. Bl.Vi til KM ? OH MoVOAY. PBBS'.'AltY ?, ?' ea'ied t>y tbe l'*l*t r ?everal ca*ee af the lau?t Pan* etylea Alno ah ? I ' -aal let of the heap *ila? ?t la. per yard A T 'WWaRT *00., Broadway, Cnaab*r< and Read* itraata it ct i iNDfs, wyr damask* wrr vapkc** *vt> If tawolling. wH qailta and eoqnterpaaaa wet aaa4 kerehiefa, *e ? Aa Immenae aale of wet goo4e will t??e 50* t hi a day, roffiiaearlog at lo'rlKliA M.,r"">?e' of Imon go.^'* mt all kind* Aleo, a large l"t ?' ekaatlrg and ahirt'ag, of all wtgtba an I Make Alae W>4 p?aoe* af pea V ftm M. npwarde The above aaaiM g?<t* ar* warranted perfaot. wrt emit.) aad a*wt fraa to all parti af the ctty aad KMly It R - Hal* yaattu*. a* a*eta aamaat aa aemwiH af Uaa weetAer AKMtnT O llOUT, *T TbVH at^itf, M. 1(4 Twk itrWi ?W6cut inmoii. j CARD.?' THK UWDKR8IONKD WOULD RKSMBCT (Oily Inform thou* who, from the Mmbltaw of | MM, number of etreet. Ac., bar* b?M ltd to IdwUfj I ua with the transaction! of John Deri* A Sod, in the ' 1 *hlrt bnd?u, that ?? bin bo ln*?rMt in tha ptrtiN or \ their buainaa*. To thoae who liara known iu during ' i the I Mi thirty year*, and the price* we par In that ; branch of oar bueineai In Naw York, *uoh information it unnec?**ary. JOHN M. DAVIKS, JONK8 A CO. , 22 Warm at met. BUXI ARI M ? COM I'M MKN TAR Y BENMIT TO JO- ' aepb N. Whit*, by bin friend* and well wUher*. l'rerloue to bil departure from thi* city, a of oun tboimaixl point* will be played "round th? table" by 1 Joe, aaaiktad by three of the uioet celebrated plaven in New York, William Lake, Kalph Benjamin, and Itarney Cryital. The above match will take plana at the Kureka Dill lard Saloon, corner ol Mercer and Grant atreti, on We dneaday evening Feb. '28, 1865. Playing to ooraracace at half paat 7 In tho evening. Tickets II <<a*b, to be l<ad at the principal billiard *aloon*, and at the door. C0MMIrt-lON?R OF DKFJH AND NOTARY PUBLIC ! foi New York, (?lway* 'n,) Attarar* an4 Couna'l lor at Law, aud Ai^nt for cla'iu- a??1nat the Unite I 1 fctate*. KDWAltD BlrtSKLL, 67 Wall etreel. Havana, island ok cvba? gknkual and comniinaion agency. ? Mircadere* at re I, No <).? Mr J. Q Ku/arte, for a moderate rate of commUaion, w 11 execute orler* for tlie puroha.e of the ililferent pro. net* of the Inland of Cuba, tucli a* atigir, innlaaetM, tobacco, negara, wax, Air., an ale. thr effecting atlea of coneignmenui ot merchandise eolru it?<l to bu care. In the broktiaRe departin?ut Mr Su/.irUt will a'tend to the , i, 'i n huM' of aliaree of the differeu'. k coinp mi **, ( laDite l j>r< petty, hou.-n, villi-.* and couiitiv aeata in 'ha <1?-1Ik htf ul Htvlrun* of Uauma alloini nti ol Iwid.colTe' 1 ! and augar eatate*, farnn aud sotta^ea, .Ve Ilia long el ; jwri>'Oce and exten?ive acquaintance pU -ea hiin la ? po aitlon to obtain tbe mint favorable purohaaea ml aetee tli oa, and flatter* himaelf that pereua* entru ltu( ordara to liim will be aatihtled Mr. Suiatte will produce the beet reference* aa to atandiutf and capability Orierx to be ilir< cted aa above J. y WiiABTft Masonic notice. ?thi whw <>f anuM 20H, iro uot (l*?l to l>?? at tlio ? ro?m, j 1 cotter of Twenty-third Htr???t an 1 Eighth firfuuft, ',?n J . Ihur-'Jaj, M*lvU L 1* M , fe ftlWUU the IHIiCimI of Our fUtUbA oro liter, Wi.iiaiu Auford Tiie fra'.eruity are iurlted . Hy order ..f Q. I) AP.ESON, W. M. A. BROOKnn.ll, (secretary. X! KW YOKK AMI I I VKI'.POOI. I N'lTKD STATKS 131 Mail bteamthip < Wtm p%ny , 6?1 Wall atreet ?New lork, leb lat, lfSfc ? Notice ? The annual (lection for !>'' rector* of tbla Company will be held at thia office on March next. b?t*rten the hoar* of 1'J M aud '1 1'. M. ViM. L YOI'I.K, He ret?ry. | TyOTHT..? THK ANNUAL F-LKCTIOV OF DlfUXTORS of the New York and Virj uia Sta mi-hip Cora itany will be held at the oflire, '.'.1 Kroalway, onTuraday, March 0, betw eu the lioura uf 1 2 M and 'I I'. M KRKU. W. I'LhA -ANl Secretary. VOriCE- AIL I'RTWONS IIAVINU f LAIM4 AOAlfHT Itol ert N ugent .V Co., merchant*, iat?iy Jelns butl in in at 214 Greenwich atreet an<! 2111 Third avenue are r?nue?tedto prenent the rurni, aud tlioee indsht^l to the *aid tlrni are heteby required to lual.e iinqiediatn paynirnt to me at my atore, 2LI Kulton atret. Dated Feb 24, lH5t? 111(111 G. C'ltO/.lhK, A?hi?nea T^ OTICK ? ALL PFRS0N8 ARE IIKRBBY C'AUTIONF.D J. x * a i. i trui~tmg or ?ellu tf any |>eracn any guod* on in v acco int, without my aper.Ul authority in writing by me V II. C, Sl'KVKN HON, dealer In line ^nod-, cor ner ol Fourth avenue and Thirtieth atreat. 0 1'. A.? IMC MKMULKS OF LIBH.tTY CliAI'IKii a No. 16. are reijurited to bo |iuuctual in ullend aure at tbe chapter room, on uett Frbl ty nvouln|(. tho 2d March, fur the pur|>0*<' ol reurt(aui/iuK and electiUK oCtfra. Ily order of JAMh> MrVl* AR, Sacheai. PAlHtWJN GAS LK1HT COMPANY? SOTIOC 18 her< by Kiren, that the .mnual election for tl?e di rector* of the I'aterx.a Ga* I/yht Company will be held at the ?f)i' e of the company in .fer*?y atr. et. in the city of I'ateraon, ou Monday, the <lay of Mirt:h n??*. lb* polla will be oj>en at 10 o'clock, and clu-e at 11 o clock A. M. Ily oriler of tli? director*. JOHN iiHKW. SecroUry. I'lterson, N. J., F*h. 'it, 1SJ5. HKW.\HUS> (?/\A REWARD? I'ROCLA M A iTON ? MAYORS j/t)vv OflM, Kit Yor'.? 1VU 1W, lS.ij. Whorea*, John Ibtte, * l?d *({ed thirteen y?*i*. w?* ran ovr by ? liorae aud ; .<? In WllMfi n.-?r ev >r.v at reel, onHuniay. tin 11th nut , aud aherea* lit* *aid Jji.u HolU j hit* ainc* uic.l la con*e.juenc? of the iujuueethcn re ceive!. nu J wh^ruAn the p?r*on who drove **' d alei^li it unknown to tliii * ithortuai, I do, b y the authority *' M#a in me, olfer a reward of live hundred dolfcir* (or the appreheniion and convlotion of tlie peraon wbo com mltted ??id vioU-oce, to be paid on ?junction of th* of f*nd*r, on the <?rtili ate of th# IUsoid.:r or Metric! At tors*; that auch conviction wax bad u pon tU* teatnu> nv of the peraon or paraou* cUwu (aid r *W*i d. Uut all claim* not prevented to tBa WAyor w'thln tfln!; daya alter a.icb conviction, wi 1 be dieregar t?d. Klflt If AN DO WOOD, M%ynr Ail paper* in th* city of Saw Vork will pleaae putil'ah tl:0 above until the lit of Marsh next, nod ?*od thai/ bill* to tli? Mayor'* office for pay meat. A r rvrk rkwahp ? sifi.rv, on tuk mointvo o? Jebruery A'i, 1H. from M. Arnold, No. 1 1'iii# ?ti*<t ? Twvnty pla.e* SI Inch all *ilk oolore-1 atofk n?tiua, bl'ia, brown green, violet and threw abide* of undo, thirteen piece* if inch cottuu bai l dit'.o, blue, brown, (jie?o. violet and thr?-e aliadei of mid* *l? place* i .n 1, blai k .i' n ditto iMHj au fie ?* -1 S*k black >ilk xrgt, ei|(lit pin ?a .4 and 'J>i la oh bUrk lute *'? Ir.g aiil ; mx end* tuvall *trlp<-d and chockej tlp jr-d black e ilk veatinK", J- innbri wid? , four end< *inatl (lotted flgurvd colored ratios, i" inch** wide. A raw.ird of five hundred dollar* will tio paid l>y the *ub*i-rll>er Inr tb* r?eov*ry of the abor* Rood*, and in proportion for any part tl ereof, or for Information which rn?r '**1 to the recovery of th* tame. MORKH ARNULO. AQA UKWARD. ? MWT, ON THF. ttflH IVHT, filJF V' p' ??d ia a ilroadwaj a tag*. b*twa*a t anal an 1 luurteeBtli street*, a lady'a (tol 1 watch, ' hain and ti inW eta, i-onaiatiny o( a flab, Ian, key m ,4 *?*al, with the nam* "Rebecca," et.^raved on lb* ?*?l. 'ilia aUwV* reward will ba pa d by retnrnlng It to 141 Rant Kourt#*nlh *t. <JC1 A RK*AKI). ? INFORMATION WANTED OK JO lj)l' ' aeph T M'lUon. or hi* heir*, who ?nrve4 lu tba war of lll'i and rendaa la or o**r New Vorn in 1811 Apply to or a<Klr? i Mattiaon, No 3 N'aaaau atreet, (bint Amir, front ro< m KllfWAi'l)? l/IHT ON MONDAY l.TKMNVJ, TIIE 2Mb n?t , In tM laherDarl*. or K'iir( to or from ruer oi J' hiiwu and JiuOUld *treata, Rrjok'yo, over tb* t niton ferry, a gold Teat eba'n, with a l??r in tb* rentre, la a paper box with th* nam* of eb*pp*r l written on *ha .nude The above reward will bo paid by leaving it a' Mr Mill 9NHH) 1 1 ^pru ?? *? r*et !f T. ??? IBCWAW-UMi o.n Tin: jrin DOT., a ?<mau. ?J men orai.Ji.m tjuok Tba auove reward will b* paid on leaving it at 270 Oraenwich *tra< t UNIT %MD WOV1IU. I0^T? AT WOOD'S MINHTRKW, O.N SATI RDAV j evenitf, K*b 24 a porteiconna e >onta mn< I *up|>o*aJ to liave b>en < roppad at tba ticket offioa. Tb* jimm who found it will b? handaomely rawarlrd by returning it to tha owner, at 4*>4 ".bar ry atr**t I' OCT? ON MONDAY, THK MTH I.VHT., A GOLD j watch key, repreaenting * hor-e a, a ainail gi Id l<b and a ,old anchor Th* An lvr will |e aultaoif rewarded on returnlcg th*n toll H. lliUlIp* Nallari * theatre. 1M--A <?' !.D WATTH ON MONDAY, '.'.Til , j beteeen liour* of I *cd 6 P. M la '"hamper* (greet, l>etw- - 1 rt aabiogton and 0 teen ?lcb, or in <>r<-en wicn?'i'?:, netw*en < hamber* and Warren, or n or.? of a itagea? Caaal *traet lme, The tinker will be literally rewnrdad on returning it to Mr* HI! M, I'e. bowery T OCT? ??N MONi)AY, ? ril IN.-f , A BAY S0U4K, 1 a b j*'.. I fourteen hac** h gh, in irmd condit'on from the al.ip timber yard of Hltchno^k* A Karoo, wnar of axaie t' and Mi Uenth Hreet The finder will he *ult ably rewardid by returning hitn to tba *ho<* pktce. Lmn? IV GOING 1 KOM MAM STMS0 fllRol 'JH Court to Llvinga'po and 'lOnV n io Fb :on *t -*e', a ?ob lnctwt <-ontnItiing a uaguerrvutyt ? lu* flndar will t>* '.tie-ally reward"! by leaving I' at 79 I<ean a treat, fri k <} s or M and #7 Ve?ey atreet, N Y. Takfn, "trro^KD by m-rtKK, fro* th?. lUiiwr '.eorg* lae. a eanvaia eov*r* I 'ram, BliVel Ctpt. A. V. II. Le Roy Aay Information re ape 'Jng ?aid trunk will be tlianfefully received and re ward*l by the oviar Addr*** l. R , H*raH oAco " Nl'KU Ma? " ADB-IHaBI K OlTOR-ri Nmr to Lf'tR* W'VC.?A la ly >*<-h?r "f theplaro rta and t*(M rea*d Ing In N*w York, will take a n umber of ponUi nt II" per oiiarVr, if apj I.entU<? i? made ! ?!e,y beat <jf re feren e t v*i. * - a -ompetent and ?t,*ri'iv-?d tea *r Ai! ;re** W < r ita b*r, Bro* ?ay l'o*t '((!, ? IJIOM BAIX ?HJUI', Til. OWNgM LKAVINS FOB F-jiope tNIN nciave rnaiwwl p anoiutt*. Ucbtn '(ntoc mlMII !!*< been arar.ftly uaed 'an be ?e*a at ai.;-T welfih a'reet, u?ar Haonad avenue B~ JDtONI' HAND riAN'M ? ORKAT BAR4AINH. ?J/SM T. Ollb*rt k f'o '? make, o*tavea pr <"? I J* will on a ti.e for giM. one 4o wtth ? ilenn. (.r * I -l tut f/St*, i-c0f.?C octave Harrleon piano pn *,* I ?*' for fiW) one u*? Hew *, 7 CK-tar* all roqwt rornera I fer9U>, "M41, ortnve p ano for 917'< owe 6 ^ ^la" wane a*arly nww, f r.r IIAt one one |M W'KACIh WATKKH HI Br. adw.y I D % NCI NO AC ADK WIM. a LODWORTH B DANONO ATAiiCMY, WO M A a H*ea".e*t oppoette neventh aW~ la now v? F~e Ike iwMptlon of pn ntin, who ana nnm?? at a*y Una .'aAiea and ehUAma en Widnaa^ny* and War day*, nt i n?l 4 F. H, ; |nmlew*n ta.Vailiaalan T^ern ?ay* and every ??*? Irt4ay a* 7% F M Fraetfta* HiinUm en MntoHny i i *?<**?, tee ln?iee and gewu* mm MonOJy eetiae* a* nnwJ Urcainrw, MaU ?*? day* kMr* h4 tana* M iaitiwUM eat be bad at Ike aandewy nt nay Dm, ev wtll be anal bf pant. ?jV*nvu ACApmr, ?a mhwakd mart m ijj MJ CAlfcUW WMMi bag* laav* ?a >ni*m Ik* pwb He tkat aba ba* npinai ber 4a?mng academy, (?i u* Ik i *trwdb** a # la Una a ad fawUewian tn It# n*it rtyttak 1 dnwana af kkn 4n*. Mwl fw >riKki rrwty n'Oi, BOARDING AND IX)IM>(>lii. 25(5 7Qt BROADWAY, CORNER Of TKMTTl 3TRKKT - i Ot) A gentleman and hi* ?M?, or a angle ratla ?BAD. oca b* genteelly aeroouuodatad with a rery de*ir* bla ftoat room and bedroom. at reduced prirei trance IM Tenth atrcet, jmt below lira.-* chmeh, w?*i aida of Bcoaiflt;. f?6) A BROADWAY-TWO mm Ml AM) Til UK r fainiiiea can be Mcommixtaled with leauabl* room* and board; parlor* with bedroom*, ir Mumt, like wtM two gentleman, with liable room* oo?T broadwat rumumm pabuhm and | b?"?;* to l?t, to geut'.-mt>o, ei'her *>p* rately or in auita without board. Appi / a* ?lx>vo, <l conl block above the Irving liuu**. ?i nmiwuvm num, '?mk nm from J H Itroadway ? To a grntleuntn and wife, with board, a an-ond atory front room, furmahel eoaUioln/ hot and cold water. lhe hou?e It ban iv m Ir farniihxd an.: rontain* oll.t be modern iinprontoant*, aluo, a roiin auilaUe Tor a aiDgle gentleman. 1 A *7 111 ONON bTIUCKT, OHHJHI IF. HT. JOHN'!* Pitt J.'-i | ? i nUb?*i IMH to let, wuh board to alagk genth mrn or gentlemen and tbolr wive*. Iloune niwljr furtimhed, with ail the modem improvement*. A few ?lay boardera ran b** accomtnodatcl M FRANKLIN BTKKKI, FIK8T I10IJHR WBtfT ?J? Hroodway, n?a'!j 'urairtied rooina, with i?.ir.x?in* attached. ou tba Mr t and ?>"-.ind fl.vir*, for gentleman; breaking! p?rved if re>|uire<i. al*o, one or two xingl* room*, for lodging* , ele? ilinem <?U ?11/ iba?r?ed. /* A (UNION PL ACS?PUR N I8HKD ROOMS TO IJST V)t! 'o K?ntlrm?u, without board. SS% UBPBMARD HTRKKT, KKAR BROADWAY .? r Purnlabrd rootu*, for n? nlWineu, hr?.ikta?t and tea il deaired I'lcaa* in<|ii're f >r a w?ek ffl MSM.vaUI) STKKhr, POUR HOUSM PROM ?)1 Broadway. ? A Ituniihcl front room .to let, to a Nlngle glat'.omau. A LADY AND 1IKR HAI tiliTKK WOULD LUC, WITH board, in a hon*e with all tha modern iiupro*? aiebt*, an ? auit of fiirmahcd rooma t ? a family, Villi or without a private labia, ?n.1 uae of a fine p ?u.i >t would l*t tbe aa ne to a party of gentiemeu, houa* I* pli-**antly located, and ne.?r and rare Apply at M Weal I liiriy-Mflh a treat, near -nth avanua. ALARUK ami PI .I '.AS ANT FRONT ROOM, in thk ffron.l atory, with paotry , furu:?br<l or uulurui?h ed. may te obtainwl, with board nt M4 llouaton *ti.wt, kreond ldo< k froui iiroadway wit'iont lx>ing *ulij<vt t<> a removal tlielatoi May. AI*o room* for aiogl* Kcatle Dien. AHBAI.1. 1'RIVATK FAMILY WllJ. RKNT OSK OR two furni*'ie<! room*, ou tin aecond lloor, ti ^en tlriin n or vi utienou and tlioir wire.*, partial boar III de filed. The limine ha* iuoJ. ro unpr ir?m"nt<. II lUilna <lagea p^M by tlie door. Apply at It lie If. r I m AUIft WANTS lVHTU; JN A PRIVA1K I AM ? litrn a piano would uo( lit* Afl 6b)?vf'uu A lilx-ral prlc? will b<> glvan for a pleawant bonin 0 -?t of rrfi r"nre j^iren an I required. Addro** M. L L , ftro*<) w..y, l o*t OflSce. AHl tT Or' KOOM.-i ON HP.C.?ND KIX>')lt TO I.K1 ? Pnrulobed or unlurnlihad. with bo?rd, in * tint cla?? neighborhood, up towa I neiceptiontbl* reter ?n?e rtquirt'd. Apply at ^:'.l Wrat Tw? ut? til rd atrix t AYOCNC JAIiY WIHUKS PoR HOARD IN A KAMI ly ulieto inatmeUon in I-jikImIi. in.ialr, a u^ m , iliewn h, or f 'i i.rli would be taVvn In pnyne*nt L'ula i Mlkll nfeNMNi Adilr?'?* L. M , Btlul ofll It AOKNTIJCMAN AND W1FR, AND TWO Oil TilKKP. aingie i;i'nll' m*-ii ran lie a' conitu idati-d with plea ??nt toonia and botid, in a houna with all the in ?d.-ru inipiovrmeut*. ami wher?th'.\ mn i-ajoy the *.K.ial coiu foi t* of a home. I'liiaae rail at '7 Vandaiu atrwit iln' of ri'fen uce givcu nod raquirvd. ALAIiY Wllo Ha* KKI'l A Ft RUT CLAfW IIOI'MC. Wiabf* to meet with a iientlciii^n who ha* .i la-<? Loi;?? that h" would rat, an I board with the oecupaut; or a party of gcLtlemt'ii re<)iiiring a poraon to Utke obargn of a lioi.w, wonid llud ona in every way cipabl". by ad drenaing a note to L. M. M , l.'niin aipare I'oat OiBre. A 1.4 1) V AND CEWTIJOUN, WlffllNU A RETIRED XjL bumf, em ba ic omiiHnlitol with * liandaoniely lurtiialrd no III no ?n oad floor, with board for the lady. ItowlllM watlt. l.u idiu uiwir tlm eornar ol Hro?i|??y and -piing utreol. AdUr.-ea Aepaaia, !lr?i.\J way I 'oat Kfliw, lor two day> AI'AI'.tmkst.- WASiy.ii? * i.kshjwan an:> hi wile, ? llh on* otlmr In Um faui'ly, are lu waal of tin ???? ph-eaant imfnrtiUhail rnini in a grateel hou *e n>ar Ilioadway and (itand atraet I'rlrita fnuuly pre bmd. Addrtaa a R , Broadway Fiat with Unri. OARD ? WITH VKItV < ON VKNHLVI AI'AKTMKMU for laouli>? ur alngla aaaliuBMn. Imatlun my ill luc iaoiin?? ar alngla n. l<oealUio racy ar?J^al*|tee pSwtfyTo tStpar^a^>?"tf^cV^^*^^jr at Ho. 4 Abing'foa ai|uarr, eetood door from I tank atrewt. POUMMWH KAMH.V ? THK Bors* W NKW, JT> with all tln> modern improvi'uieota, K.tnatmJ n ar Fifth avenue. Refeieiicee exchanged. A'ldreaa I. M . D , I'aion ?i uara I'uat Ofliee BOAKD? TO I KT, TO ONK OR TWO HIM.I.K IJKN tliioea, with cr without partial board, a parlor and be. 1 room lo a private family The houae (a fut n .-it. I with K?? and bath. Apply at t'l K?at KJf lit<?oh atreet, betwrau llrnadway and fourth areaue Itofo ience? "ir.bang' d. Board- centum rw and thkjr wivei, or aingla |<-tit,.nien, ran be acoiamodatad plraaant rooma, with f ill or partial board, at ill Bleeekrr atreet, rifar Kroadway. Board may be had at the firm ok may by t?o fentlaman and thetr witw? In a prirate lain !r, wh"t< all the romforta ol a hour.' may b I. tl by e?fl in* at INK We?t Nineteenth ?treet fl?e loora ?'?*t of Hightn a?-uo? Board wamimd -a boom for a i.adt and gertleuiau, boar I lor tb* lady. In a prit ale family, or wh) re thrie ar? no other b'.ar'leia Ix. *11 >o ea?t of I'owery. Iloard paid in a'lraii''*. Ad'lrf ? i, C , ("hat ham Fquara Feat OBce. Board cr town f private kahu.y CAM ac commodate a |f)Uenil> a id wife * I' n a pleaaaot well furaitlied hack r"om on the ?econ I atory aiao. tw# ainyia if-ntitni'n. Bauaa liaa all tl>* nioieru iupi ??w i.ienta (Jentcel neighborhood 4pply at ?10 Waet Thirty #ra*. i-treet. < ara, ai?. . poot?ii enL Board, with skwi y hhnhhkd room, on hk rotifl Moor ran be obta>ni-t by a gen' leman ani wife. at. A4 Kaat I winly Hc?<l atr?M, a?ar Koirth aye nua. Dinner at Ao'clwk. fo rb.ldren >o noting la May Houae coiiUil* the m?! rn tmproeeriKi t? fte '<r?n<<e Mchll|H Thoae wlm u?e tobacn'. n? I not apply IJOAKO AT 1AA RA0T TWENTY KWOWD ntltKKr MJ near I bird at- our or foar r^-a, taaU /*u iT meg ran l>a ar"imoii>dated witli full ar partial b.?r: at the above pla< <? Ti.oaa wlaUl,r the comfort* of a home would d< weli 'to apply immediately to J* uva A J oh ai too. B- OABD is A 1111 VATI FRKNCII KAMII.T ? a OSS' tleman tin t bin wife or tw<i alatlw Kentlem?n caa be atl ommod.ited * I 'h I leaaant Iwnit ani bo*rd n a pr ra'a French fam If of re-p? '.ability Apply a* IWi r wrlfi aireet between I airaralty pla' a arid I it th ar*nq* BOaUD IS BROOKLYN ?A '.K TI.KM AS AMD HI wifa, or a r* n'le'i.aa, can lin l a l>r^ | aft baa'. Matalf famlabed r?.m at :h Wiliuw atraet, Uiraa aai ?itttaa' walk from Pulton an ! Wall atreet ferr.-a 1 be houaa ia lurniah'-'l with (aa, hot ao<l old wa.< r, '? OARJ< IS R"t'lH BROOKLYN? A Vt W I'KKM ANKV I Ix ardera ran be arconawlaM with B prtTaUfam.l/ abere 'tny at'en' "n pai I t,y the '? Billy to tba aoalvrtl of tboea reei iio( with IUa to iea wifbla three minu'ea walk of ll?m Hob ferrr a?-l ten of Hotith f? rry. In',ulreat #0 l're?i<1?n^ a'.raeL A l*r?e fionl ro?<ai a ad hall r>?m to let, w th f ?? B"ARD WAnTRJi fN RROOR1 YN ?A 'iKNTTJtMAN an. I wife re'] ?i re a front roo^a furniebad la a cheerful ailoaliun, wilii a frapa lab!* fatt,.iy |j.' or |er*ial lx?rd for the |>-atl>m>a Ad ir?*? > T < b>ii 17", ol* e of iba Trtburie |>OARDIN*. -T<> I KT A NKATI.Y fl ML-IIKilC'i Jfj MftaWa 'or a (eatlamaa an', itta, av In fntlemea Alan, *a nj p-r r-o in , a (table for tbe ? aloe wilh ptotry aa.1 l.r?ila-ee at the piaa^r.'.y ?It'.ateu ho?>a, N'.rtk M</?ro llrwt bat .a .a '.lea ixuae. 1J0ARDINU A ?HfAT RO"* H'TTABU: IQI A > geatlrtnaa and w I fa, or two <ea ti-m-n a'ao |e ataale mu, to let at ir Hr ?ne #*, *?t a- t. . t if Ik .atwij Ho iM Eret ctaa> with hatha ja?, k TJOARMSf. - A III. Y<>'- UKMOtO nil. ? ??t JP Mo aaa aatl at ?<". 1 lv?o-aa aueet lit' an 1 1 rtx.w a on the a>- ob-l ?> t lot 1?m> '. r?. an I ai?'i atn |la lonu, f'?r aiarle (?atlen?'a Tia4n?a'. bva 1#r? a -ol? Bi'date.) Referratre* ei'banfe-t ?pt 1 1 UMAfU' w ;n \srtMAWTn mjn JP with larr* (aa'tea alla'W ?<? le nvl 9oor > al eferarnUewjiaiivl lady ? fatally Alao a live ror in >.a third Boor w 'b pan'ry) aar* email w? a' ?a ae4. foe a ?eaU??*a an-! lad f "f a a*.- !?a?- a ??? nf Orel tlaaa ac'om?.o4a?i- aa ia a rtaall ' r ay he hart at *1 laat TVi.r ?eatb ??. r?e? bo a* baa all U e in- era taiprote?en-e. Ft NlrtfTI' W'ltlii A I' X.MMIKD IVxm abie for ? na o? two (ora^na. an te fa- , with r w tfcoat trea. 'aet a ad lea at l'4 Utal atroat ? rf ilocb wet of Hr wad way . T?naa ?da'ik IJOU AND HOARD WANTKD-njR A I tf(Y IN 4 ? kl r? t. red plate Aidreoa H?k.r !?*?*.) ear a# re, ?tai e* kf?tioa aa4 *ar?a. ebltk rw .?t '<* K AT ll?? ORAND BTT-ltrT THIJO wawt af Rmadwaj. ana large fare. abed leaa with or <*.tlio?t Wja rC a ea oava Awe la'f* r??a?. ?af inatalk*! a.vd areerai aaaal! raa^, evltabka foe a^fta r aW* "a*a toanaaa Hgbt*t ?NA (aa irr ?a r ju '.mimj no on to urt at <1 I aayeaard alroat T o ijrr, rflRswimk? a ia*** ntowr nhum aa 4 bodrwoa aa aar?a4 laar af all IHMair, '?vt a# fvaMU atrao* w -.b >*ruai ba?4, M ^aarad flv th* wltaka o*">a4 tear aaftraUbel l .aaaaat.a *ff7 ta ?rt A , f ? ?? ? MiUU>ffl? AMD 1,0001*0 TJ IJCT TO MNQIJl GKNTLKMK*? HANOIttl* F'fW niabad ap*r'm*nU. la tba ft r*t rl*"a ho<in Nn > (irrtt Juqm itrMt. third door fru? Vttl r?rry roaTno tttrm WAHTHt? BOARO IN A KK*PKCrAW.K PRIVA1K fin y, by ? Udy, and ciiiM ' ??> u l * h%if ><>?<? old i u tb* npprr of tJi* cltf, or 10 II)* Vtf'Mf *d Harlem ra*y uf km to tit* city. Trnn? nit traie dullara par nri. Aii lrn* not* to M?r ? I I ofhr# MrAM? Dot hi ? BOOM. I'll two WOMRW alngir mm farnUhad, with 4 *a L and ft r? in tbw rvrnioga ?n on Suuday*, and l.r??tl??t and lata dinner Trim* inuat l>? mo )? rata iliiiu KrMiaui, ItariM oOlrr, atatmf partlrulara "lirANTKH- IIOAIU" IN A PRIVATE PAMll.Y, KP.IMI Tf the lat May neat, I |?rmu> nllr ) for a jmlWaM l>m wifa, rb Id am) turae. Location Wltara ioartb ami Tweoty tli rd atreeta ml fnurtb awl Vtentli ?rrau?a I urn eptlnnabl* laferwnrrajtaan ant rr.,*lra4 Addraaaa br.i 4,ol 7 J oarr Tout Ofllea, atitiug terina, loratioa, Va fiNtscua. UK (*r A AAA ' UIA.- lis MamdnHH ?O'H ?' " ? watcliaa. jaaelrr kt , w bo?|ki for caan (lowd eitr aloraa, nntea. l>un<ia*o>t um hi la of richanpr \i betotiafed lluiloaaa r oad'laa t'al, au'l promptly at li'J Naaatn atraet, roaaa No "l TIIOMIHON K t O., brokara and cuaimUala* aaoa t bant a. ?(\ r./|A TO 1 AA N ? ON KIAI. KHrATK IN ? "?l)'"' til I a city, III any in fr in II.KN upward*. Apply to W. II WOOD, "6 Wall atreet ? f?/\A -ANY fKRSON IN TIIR 8TA1IM or )i?)uU, IVi.niylvanla.Sr* York, iliu, la (' ana. Vf'rli /ae. Illinois. Iowa, or Wlaronaln, will (Ira III" In'' rtnatiiin ol a b?4ltkf loca'iou where capital >a< induatry will aril rrwar !i*l, I'lea .a addreia Kiadaa Poat Ulrica, N#w York. WAA/t wash. ii a man OAPABLB <*r ? ' *1 ' . M MtftM tint' tin- financial a laira af a mm ei n rmiilm I'K aeveral himdrad hartda tonne wilk tlir nbovr inn. unt, an lnUr?*t brail** aalary would ba gn u Addrta* boi I Herald olhra, witb naoia tai traldanra. CIAS II AI'VaNI M> IN ANY AMOI NT, OIU1IXHU-?i J at tight d amooia, wat> ura, rub ;>'wrlr*. - rji valuable |?i tonal property generally It. WOOD, M I ulton atrx't, aecao : Boor, iiont room from i i M ta 4 1' II (1A-H ADVANCED ON KICBT-ON DIAMONDS, JltW J airy, planofortaa, liquor* In bond, taal mUi?, hoi MM, carrUftf, or othi-r property, at tin I.iaptra Agmry sod 1 ? anOBica, U'Jl Urnadwajr C1A?JI 1 J IIHtAl.l.V *I?\ ANCKbON UOI'HKHOIJ) rOK J nitura, ilamnnda, Jawalry, go I I watcliaa. Ilraafaaa baullcal InalruiuanU, maebaalca' toola, ant prraooai property or any daairlptlmi i-ft to lid an d at am tina or l.onjrlil out for ra>b, and liigl.aat iirica pai l for at M I alli.r na i.trrrt, bjr HoCAPnUY At WaI.TKHH. (tot punh nut >yr maiuh on ihr mij.wauk?b . / city bof.da, Uauad to tli? Milvaiikla, tun lu I ar aud <>'rrat Itmil lUiiruad ( umpany, 1j? Croaaa and Milwauka* I ai'road Oin>|iauy, will lx- |>ald atlba llroalway llaak Wil. IMWm, t'rvaaurar. 1RVIM. HAVIMiH INHTm T1'?N, Ufl W.tKKKK XIKOV, oua door Irmn lirwnalch. ? 0|>rii daily from M A ?. to 1 I' M , an. I 4 to ' P. Li iuVrraal at t*>a rata o t ala |iar > aol allnard on all aumafroio II to Tur'aaAa of tbia iualitutlbo ara arruraiy invaata 1 la boa da aad morlira^i'a lu U? . r^ty of Naa Y>ak, aur'.b Jouota tba an, nun'. ioaa*A, and lo lunda In lliia city CA'.KH 1 WlKMillUC-. f. -Idaat U IK VaaV"?Lt,)VlM <?"?"?* VAM OiHif I. Br rio*. MONKY - ('ASH UBKRAlLr iOViVCB OK MA mciida aatc bar, luro.tuia. dl j gooia, plaaa? foitaa, or any olliai pmi^rty. at tl>* at amy ml lu?a oflira. olid llroadway cornrr of |itian? atraai, til cr, room No U. I <mfld?n<-? an 1 honor may Ih r4l?l upuu. Ilraoeb oilier, M Waat Siatrrnth atra^l. Ml I." 'Ol I IN It O'NKtt.I.. Momrr to loan- rnaoM not i?ini; tkm porary adtan -?a on lr?l r?ial? dlamon la, wal-haa^ jawalry, furnitura, pianoforUa, wiua, aplr <a, and pw tuiial propcity of rvrry d?>a< rlptioa, ran ba > um 'li/ 4.|f a ore m mod* tad, on librial Urina and tlia atrirUai -mf, da at* bliaartad, at tba F.uiplra l^iaa and /gruey "9 ? ?, i'.'JI llroadway IIOI HKN, HINIMH, ,U WAMTKO. a OUTLMAN wrm A WIAIX FAICLT QT O?W A. p'iroDa, wuiira lo birr a (riilaal Iihiim brtwwaa KniirUrntb and thirty I'Mirtl. a'.irrta, an 1 Ki^Mb aa4 la-nth IIIIIUX, the ownrr to t*l. ? boar t in part pay ?mt, IWat uf r?I?rrataa (Iran. Adtraaa H Kutpp, I nlin f<(ii*r? I'oat Oflnr. f-XktfiLlf MMCBK.? VAWTV) ?D rUMMMB, a TW? v ' M uiw <{"'(? Iiouan, bataraa ftroa'.way ml l?a tim itiwt, ?>? tba rortli *UU A<l>lr*aa t latk, ll>r*iJ o Wr?, atatiotf tarma Uwation tD-1 alra of lot C>liW. WAMKIi fMMf ! > I A T h I.Y A Mt'Mt I KtHU y ml!. >i eo? nuiat to- par fact ly kinl ?*ll bruka m4 (??ll; milka.l Applr at tba wood bouaa Mil a? <W?a 1 "a 1 J I'xsific ilrwl, llrooklya, (Hadfonl) JMIDMNDOORMI wa.stkd? TBOH TU W will 11 a* until lk? fa'1, la tba oouutry. or tinM to tat' a 1a tut ???>.l Ba-i/bburb?rv1 n>o?g??t far Ima* aaaa la Ntw York, from no* until lit M ?y. IN A, If I in | >roport>on furaiturr to b# rrmtplat* far a ??ry an tniniiy, rant not to nrmol |MH> par annum Kafara una iraplioaabl* I'b aa? a?*1r?aa bo? HO I'oii l> with fnllaat | *a lift! lata ? I ' I IX WANTrn A 1 ?' ' ' 1 1 '1 . , til >1 -tK ?? J 1 laaati lann^ton ?n>l <nth araauaa, aortk 17, #00; a lour at tiff h'Mioa t?t ???? Ma ! aon an>l Mttb Iraaaaa, a< rth fmiu batwaan $1S U??i to tin "*/ tal 'Mi Maaaa tboaa ? irtb $ IO.OOii or ? 1 J ,< a <1 Apply ta Oil A lit AMI I KK. No 1 Naw atraat flOlfK WANTKIi ? ONK llUlM !'??) t<J ?*<0 - J I M i-t conta.n (aa batb an' all la^'ara lmp*oa? 11 i-nta. with ?n ma family Alapoaa.t to mjnjr tba rnaforta o'h'm", alliioiit 'ba troubia of luiuiil'^Uif a>4 ra nlti b?ar"1 lo paytnant <or rant IUfara?>?a jiraq A4 diaiaU. If at, or paMaaat Intamaa 47 lat t^taaa Hoi j-k WANin> in kok owk <>n Ihraa j?a rm. bf a r'apoaaihia part/ a ataall ra( tafa or two it or J bri'k hnaia aitb n (Iftaaa intauUai' walk of a*tk?r I niton Hall or foutb farrlaa nmt ha la |r?y| ardrr aolina ? nt'?l n?>if hborboari Kaait laa A lilraaa, (King full |<art Ic ula 1 ? lo ?U .u, raat At, Aa , Itxlaood, liarat l nSsra H 01 I'K WAN1I.I. W AS, HT'f IU HAM * WKIJ. built bra* ?t?.ry dvaUiag |j?aaa n a * #ol M( n barho^d, baiow Tbiriy Bfth ilNH aaar u?a Itiiib ? > lylith ar? u??a prl?a Ml ll'lwMI U/J tal Uita* Ui ka raaaooab'a aay I. (a <1 in rath, ar. I baUa'a >a a- I .a pariad of tina Pari la ? ha ? ng m<k ta 4l>ptaa of mky a'Mraaa, poat pa ?!, or appl/ at tf ? fui atlura (Car*, l.'l Mltli It'lua lir amth> mv a okMijcMA* asu wi?r. m<<>m * V tb- I at of May, o?? bal.' of a naw Iwuaa, 1 ra Ika up|?r part i.f tba r,<f all# My b?'at?4 Haat ??t taa ti aa<l lil/l A'ldraa* lat l?*if 1 .7 |l?nl4 'ilia lU'taf ai'ualion ht h??M aal ?( '? It taa ba aaaa Aa >*uar ptafarrad Ilafaiaaiaa ai< l.anca'l ?ii'isrv.i. iiy riiv i ik -r oh miihh > <? Arwi^ If a boaaa a tb all tha mr ra laproiata-nta raa talj.itf fr< ?u '.aalaa t. ariWMaa iwina, daa rab<f laiat ?4 b?'. a??0 ltu?' War) T aant; tb.r atraata. Mltk aaa 0?a an I tba IbiW- f kaa* Ixit l"ai a>-' ??? -? $K0, ualaaa tba partlaa auuU laka '-^r ?: aa part payiaaal Am n.a lii nj( ? ? 11 a hoiaa to >1. n<a/ l??i vf a I taaaat by ??loraaaiaf P a A'larrUaar 1,'auxi H'i?r? V/ak " for "aa a?n WAJKTKI' "S Till 1 1 M I ?T M \Y I St 1 IISWIIW apaitmant" '<na -"lac of' ><Mit parw>r tan kMiaaM ar.d ? m*' m> at, lor a fan.iljr of foar ap Vava k?\ ia? a'-, a TMtttaik ?f*\ ? 11 1 7 of I ai <a a , <j ara prat arta4 Ait^raa* alat mg t'tma at, 'ti aa t? rnodara'a I aa4 f 1 13 pan o.iara ll?nr> t fr t*a, kit I,k7* PaatOV-a. \JL? AMI K.I tt'i* TSS ftJl-T ?,r MAT, PDR T*UI W asnatar w?Mi -a UK laiaral, by a ktfbly l'<y?' labia faaailr of |i aa para^/Oa four or iaa'a* nMtuaa, vlu ktart Aay aaaa l ?? rata 'aailf ai.o aa oflar a'-'l. a" aaalat ita aiil Mo4 ' Un a faal ' t l^iftkBltf K>'?ai, a< (? 1 I ?l aal (l<aa A4lraa< ? l> ' IAar*Ul fir a?tM> tii ij t^i. ion * tkiim ?r? iriAin. a W 4?aliiag fcoaaa, a> a ? ?a f r a anaLI faaally, f ?a abl<k tba taW lbar HI pay a raaaaaakli raat a?l M?v tba HtKioi m rapat/ Waa Maaatar a* raat p?? ??ra>l A44raaa .ta a? ?m? aiak ar aal la at '? af haaaa, I' Ha?t?a, 71 Ti arty plara _ w mil frlM AH' ?> NN -IICD fj? in? far?.i'k? la I|*a4 latkl a or a i. >aaa that *<? ?aaafala -.aa k .MrW ?afiara A14ra?a ar 'al<? rffcT** <#r? aa ataaat f AMtlUr 10 riju lU-o. * ft t A .JJ i?T -?< a a or kn u u . a 1 Tu; Pi'ia aavt< - at* A^4r> aa Tk r4 aiaataa lbr?K i<?aa ?a |N lit I I \ la, M . 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