Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1855 Page 5
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rinrn "rrn1 Reduction In Pilnn. PUnoi , km <lifferent manufactories, among than the molt Mtehrated makers in Dm world. T. Gilbert k Co.'s pre lalwm .inlUn pianos, awl Horace Waters' molern im proved piano*; secondhand pianos at great bargains? prices fiern $40 to tl&0. Pis nua to rent. Pianos for sale ?a monthly payment*. Uelodeon* of every varisty of ?tyle, anil of the moit improved maker*, at prioes which <Ufy oompetitlon. No better bargain* can b? had in ?u*i< 1 1 'natraratnt*, of all k'.nd*, cf any other dealer in a the Cmted State*. Music at the reduced rate*. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. New Manic? Tltomna Hakcr'a now nng "Oar Boy?,"ju*t published, with beautiful \iguetW. Word* ?by C D. Muart Price 40c. Tliia ia one ot the bippiaat e'lusionii of thi* popular composer, and pioinlsea to ex ceed in it? popularity even hi* former choicest produc tion*. "Sparkling Polka," by the composer. i* having an ImuienMi rale ; aeveutU e litiou is now out The KUa ia aiao arranged for four hands and fur orohen ' ras. ice 40e. HORACE WATERS, Publisher, 3:;:i ilioaa*ay. Kelty iV Fergnaon, No. an'J l-'i Broailwny, keep a coaiplt te aasurtment of window shades, mtnuftc tereu by themselves and warranted. Persons purch?H tag at th eir establishment can rave all commission* an l ?eoend proUta of any kind. N. B ? A l::r;e assortment ?f lare and muklin eurtans, from auction, for sale at ?bout hall' the co*t of importation. Hyatt's Life Balaam? Rheumatism In lt? ?test painful form*; alao actofula, old ulcrs, and tho worst caaes of disease* of the blood, grout debility, liver complaint, kidney a, incipient consumption, A<:., are Host certainly cured by thi* great pur, tier. Principal depot, 246 Urand street; 76 cents per bottle. 800,000 Koules Cod Uver Oil? 77,414 gal lons exported from Newfoundland iu one year. The eases in which thia remedy baa proved so idllcacioua in retarding the progrets of consumption, and prolonging the liven of patient*, ate innumerable. Relief i* o!> tained immediately, a* in a lew day* after using the oil the cough if mitigated, expectoration iliuuni-he^ in quantitv and opacity, night sweat* rente, the pulse be come* glower and better volume, anl the appetite, Mesh and strength gradually improv? There Is no doubt that the pure cod liver June and im the benefit of pulmonary disease than any otber remedy yet discovered. Rualiton's pure cod liver oil I* prepared w?ly by myself, and, to be insured genuine, mu*t have By signature over the cork of eacn bottle. In pur chasing, be *ure to ask for Rushton'*, and see that my name i* in full on each label. FREDERICK V. RUSHTON, At the old establishment, No. 10 Aator House, corner ef Barclay street, and No. 417 Broadway, corner of Canal street. Hallovroy'x Pills.? The surprising power possessed by this fine medicine in the cure of all disease* ?f the liver and stomach, is truly wonderful. Any cane of dyspepsia will readily yield to a few doses of this geldtD remedy. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all druggists, at 25c , 62>?c., and 91 per box. VoHtrvoni Sufferer*.? A. Itetlred Clergyman, restored to health in a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxlou* to make known the mean* of cure. Will send (free) anywhere the prescription used, on receiving a litter (postpaid). Direct to Rev. JOHN M. DAONALL, 57 Kulton street, Brooklyn. Who will Suffer, wlien Dr. Tobloa' Venetian Liniment will immediately cure cholera, colic, dysen Ury, vomiting, rheumatism, * veiling, cut*, hurna, Ac ? Depot 60 Coiuaridt street, New York. Sold by all drug gi*ta and storekeepers Dr. John Bull1* Surttaparllla? I* the moat effectual puritter of the blocd and all the accretion* of the hnman syatem. Our moat eminent phyaiciaus (to whom its composition ha* been made known,) pro nounce it to be an unequalled tonic medicine for indi gestion. dyRpepala and liver complaint*. Sold, whole sale ana retail, at Dr. JOHN BULL S principal oillce. No. 2 Certlandt street, two door* from Broadway. Price, ia quart bottle*, II each, or six bottles for $5. Birth. At Qungup, l ong Island, ou Tuesday morning, Februa ry 10, Jim. wife ul' Captain Henry OudiMt, of a Hon. Hju-rtea, On Monday uvening, February 19, at the residence of til* bride'* father, by the llov. J. H. t'?arlei. Abkauam 8. Bintimi, of Dubuque, Iowa, to Mint Hakah Jaym, youngest daughttr ot Timothy S. *V*he?Ier, Kacj., of thin eity. On Sunday, Ftbrunry 23, by the Kev. Ira R Steward, Mr. W. 1-amc, ot California, to Mi** II.vky Vihuixia Ejuskink, of Mew York. la Newberry , boutu Carolina, on TUurmlay, February 8, by tbd Itev. Mr. M&wair, Nunman IJuownsjn, of Ver mont, to Ali>is -Ukau Jank I'ner, of Oonaectta-'t At Pine Valley, Chemung county, N. ?., on Thursday, Ftbrunry 22, Wm. J. Yoi'mi, Etq , merchant of New York eity, to ? 109 Mahy Burch, of the former place. William Young and tfary Hurch, Are m* ie in oi.e by Doctor Cburcb; And should the Burch begin to ?t>ro it, Then Billy Young must look about. Chemung papers please copy. Died, Oa Sunday morning, February 26, Ja.vr, widow of the late John Matthew, in the 07 tb year of her age. The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeraL from her lata reeidenoe, No. 1U8 King street, 'hi* ?f^eraoony at two o'clooc. Qa 8fttw4*y> l'?y u;ry 5-i, Mrs. CahAumk K. IloyO, wk* oil T. C. iJoyd. The relatives and friend* of the family, and of her father, Charles Nicholson, are roapcctfuliy invited to at tend the funeral, from the residence of tier brother-. o law. Mr. l.yons, Mo. lv?0 Uowory, today, at twelve o'clock. Her remains will be taken to tireeowo*! Ceme tery for interment. Un Saturday, February 24, John Vkrxok Tarok?, ag 1 42 year*, only son t>f the lute John Targe*, t- j. Hi* friend*, and those of hi* la' her, are resputfully invited to attend the : uneral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, fiom Li* late residence, Mo. 157 Hudson et*e?t, without luither invitation. In Brooklyn, after a long nine**. Huxhikit*, wife of FMorHtalneek, aged 26 yeari, a native nf Denmirt. H*r relative* and friend* are respectfully invito 1 to nttend the funeral, thi* afternoon, at two o'clock, from Do Kalb avenue, corner of liouiton street, List Brooklyn, without further invitation Un "uDday, Feoruaiy 26, Mrs. Frahcw M. Lew. The frienfl* and acquaintances of the family, and thine of her sons, uenrge Lull and Baldwin N. tox, are re opeetfklly invited to attend the funeral, this a t<rnoon, At two o'clock, from her late residence, Mo. 290 East Broadway, witnout further invitation. On .-umlay, Febrary 2 i, Jookph Tutrix, aged ,36 year* mod 8 m< ntt*. The friend* and acquaintances of tb* family, anl the Morocco dreisers in general, are respectfully invito. I to attend the funeral, this aflenocn, at three o clock, treat bis late residence, No. 171 Mllierry street, without fill trier invitation. On Monday, February 26, of dropsy, Rarah, widow of Jaaeg Elliott, deceased, aged 68 year* 1 month aud 2d day*. The friends and acqua rtan *'1* Of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funertl, thi* afternoon, at half-past three o'clock, from the residence of h-r "<10, oorn>r of Thirty-third street and iiecon'i avenae, with out further invitation. Albany aul laniuta p**j?r* pl?a-eeopy. On ^uuday c ght, February 26, alter a short i'Iii-ms, Makla IIukm-a, w 1>; of %eher H. Morgan, in the 2J-.h year of her aue. Her Iriends, and tlioeeof her father, Joseph V. Flames, and of her brothers in law, A. Oaitey Hall, are iavited to attend tlie funeral, ftoiu her late reeldence, No. 37 West Thirtj third street, to inurrov afternoon, at OB* o'clock. On .-unday moru 1 g leoruary 26, of ltflatrraatioa of the Lings, Mr. UUkLW Lrakk, iu the cist year of hi* age. His friimls and acquaintance* are respectfully Invited te atteud the I'uli r.11, this afternoon at half ps*t one e'ck):k, from his late remdenoe, No 212 West -uteenlh otreet. On Saturday, February 24, of teething, Thudor* I.iikii 1 a itra.M 1 h, infant son of Charles and Ann E ita Carpenter. ius rema ns were Interred at Greenwood yster lay. On Monday morning, February 20, of .ntlammitiiu <f the Drain, MicMaiu. Dxvnu, ag-i 2'J years. The Ir.end* of tie lam ly, and their acqua ntance*, are ies)>e<.tfuliy inviteil to attend the funeral, from lis late rvM'teLre, No )>6 H.dgv atr?*t, thi* afternoon, at two o'ckcli, without further notice. His remains will tie taken t-{('*lv?ry C? netery for interment. Wm L. Rodmas, 01 tot umptlon, .aged 40 year* an l 4 nxin hs. Ihe members cl Manhattan l/>!g" No 20 I. 0. of 0 f., and lb* f-hipwrigbt*' and ?au:k*rs it>'o> ect. nt Asaooia thin, and tl.e n ? uiber? of Tutn^in Chapter V>. it O. of U. A , are reque-te<l to attend tne funeral, froai b 1 late iwntaeni e, No. 071 Water street, at two o'clock U. mor row att? noon. Bait more |*p*rs please copy. On MoaiUy, 1-bruary it, a.ter a long aid severe ill nc**, liaokol Wa. juxriov, only MM of Us^^e an 1 Mary leiry, aged H nifutlis and 17 da^s. The relatives and friends or the lam ly are respectfully iavited to al'aml the funeral, thi* altera on, at two o'clock, from tb* r**ld*n*.e of las parent*, No. l?; Krank ilSl street. Mae^aobusetta papers pleaee c>tpy On Mon iay, iehruary :rt, of tjphus fev. r, William HvMnr, M. v., la the -Mb jreav of nis ?<? Notl'* of the funeral will' appear >0 the papers of to m> rro? icoruitg. On Mi>a<lay. February 2ft, Mr* Axs Fn.a, wi low of the late Anthony FUk, sge t !,9 years. 2 months and 18 day*. He 1 fun'ial will tskf pla-v at oa* o'ckca to marrow at?er?".n, from her lah' rssldenre. corner of third are sue aod fil'J first >treet II r Iriend* and relatives are reep* ?'*! ully invited to attend. i?? M? ni ay eveKin.r, ? >-krimry 26, Mrs r'i.rr.Aiirni W. Ml ham, wile oi Wm. ! 4iiyd*in, aged 'id year*. Ilie rtlanves sod irieoda of tb* tainlif, ani '.h- family ?I b< r brother to la w, Mr liawlhy lornsrail are apeetiull) re,i?ested to st'end iti? funeral lomir sw ait< ri?< or. , at one o'clock, fr> m b< r Uts re*ii>nce No. 117 Hott street On 1! .rii-ay, Kel rnsry at bslt psst twlee |?. JJ,, Fas**, wi e of I htie !-ui>tl>, ?*e-l ./.< je .rs. Thsfiien sof 'he lam 'y are re pectiul/ lovr.el to at tea <1 1 he funeral, tu-aorrosr 10 mmg, at ewven o'clock, fton> late reeidMoe, No. 10 l^tiii*r'.ine p; i..*e. Her rem* oa will le :ak< o to .^oiithjo't lor nteriu 1. 1. Neraalk and llr"<gep<.rt paj<ei* piea<>e copy. On Monday, Hlriar/ 20, i'miu r >frx, son of !'? W Fritz. *geo 1 ye*r, I month and I day* The 'r no of t e lain. ly are r <1 '"el to attonl tt?? gonerhl t>is alteu.xD at tso 0 oo.k, fro n the real drnee of nis te'ter, No 4'S Whitehall rtreet. On t;oiiiia>. February Join lUnrtiu, in the 61th yt*r ol hie ege fheliOLrcl the funeral will b* gisei in to--nerrow ?*crnit.a'? paper". (i> Mr r. i*i, Fekliia'y S4, Jo-io-iii v? !".?? ;.v, aged 4 nsoi ths at/ lit ?aj*, if ? csfO't on 1 1 the brain. Thoir ,??)??? l?d frleno* . f -he hialty art refpectfally Invited to attend the faneral, from No. 234 Mott atrcet, at tir? o'clock ibis afternoon. Dearest babe, thou haat left ua, And thy losa we deeply feci; But it'* God that ban b*r*'t ua, And He can all ojr sorrow* heal. In Brooklyn, cn Monday, February 26, Gaoao-; Kk-.ok- . mca, aged 2 years an l II mouth*, sou of MTiUUin *u t Mary Ann IJfcH. The relatives and friend* of the familv are respectfully Invittd to attend the fuuet ?J, thin afternoon, at tnr o o'oloc.4. from bis la to rem ence, No. 220 Jay streo', llriji Llyn. Hi* remains will fce taken <o Greenwood. At Gravsend, L. I., on Monday morn'ng, Fe'iruarv 2), at the r'fltience of hu grisdfather, Jauifa Colo, Ea>( , J/mj* HKMIT, oldest ho a of llenry B. and Mary L. Conk. ,'ln, aged 4 years, 3 K.outl and 11 days. Th? lela tires and friend* of the tamlly are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the ubove named pla :n. In IirooMjn, on Saturday, Febfuary 24, Entv**o Thacv, joongest eon of William aud Anna K. l-agg^r, ' aged 2 yearn aud 10 month*. Alt in y papers please ony. At l'crt Monmouth, on Monday morning, Feb. mry 2d, I.KWIH 8. Fosthh. Funeral will take place to-inonrow. Steamboat F i?l? leaves tin* at t< moon at half-past two s'clock, from foot of Murray street. In N?w OrWao*, on Sunday, February IS, aftar a rain ful illness. Mr J. Hidxky IlAii UN, of the Hrin of Miller Harris & Waldo, of tins city, Hg?d 34 year*. Vermont and New llanip-hiio paper* please copy. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAV. SALES AT AUCriO.V. a uctmw lAik-oran movSm and vjbmbL J\. rais;ri, attention ? I'osltive sale at auction of a Urge lot of yellow pine and if ruce timber, tie., aud also eight nets of the best raising strews, ou Wednesday, tae 28th Inst., at 1 o'clock 1* M at 11 Forsyth street. J. W. KO Mi. KIN DYKE, Auctioneer. AUCTION SAI.K OF READY MaDE CLOTIIIVO.? SAMl EI< OSGOOD, Auctioneer, will mil at his sale rooms, 6H Nassau street, to-morrow, Wednesday, a? comprising coata, vesta ami pabtalocns, all' in 'season. Will be sold for cash only. Auction sai-e of :H0t}8EH0i.D furniture, to close accounta. ? (JAM JEI, OSGOOD, Auctioneer, wiU sell at his salerooms, #0 Nassau street, to morrow, Wednesday, at 10}, o'clock A. M., a collection of household furniture, comprising fofas, bureaus, wash stands, several mahogany and other bookcases, chairs, loungea, extension tables, marble top centre tables, tables, wardrobes, oil paintings, engravings, Ac., with other articles, which will be sold to close accounts, with out reserve. Auction notice.? wm. b. jones auctioneer' by virtue of an execution, will sell, this day, at 10 A. M., at 148 Canal street, one white horse. MICHAEL DOOUY, Constable. Auction notice.? mortgage and cunstaiii.k'3 sale ? I FT hit 1'AKKH will sell on Thursday, Mar. It I 10 o'clock A. M., at the salesroom No. 70 Nasaau street, tbe fixtures, glassware, stock, Ac., of a public bcuse. Also, an assortment of household furniture re moved for sale. Terms cash, and deposit required. A UCTION NOTICE.? TO PCDLKR-4, FANCY GOODS /% dealers, Ac. ? SAMUEL OSGOOD, Auctioneer, will sell at his salerooms, Gtl Nassau street, to-morrow, Wednesday, at 10>J o'clock A M, by order of tae manufacturers, about TOO dozen portmonnaies. Now on view. Hale for cash only. Auction notice ? j. hogart. auctioneer.? by f. Began t .in day, at 10>j o'clock, at the auction 100ms, cornet of Fr.;nkfcrt and William streets mort Ssgu sale. Two large mirrois, solas, dressing an l plain ureaus, couch beisteaJs. mahogany rocUers, ctatira, toilet tables, wash> It oils, clocks, bedsteads, nrittreases, fancy goods, two watches, thirty dozen wbito and color-si sbirts, Ac. Auction notice.? thomas beix, auctioneer? By Bell & llunh, thin day, at 10)^ o'clock, in the salesrooms 27 Outre street, an extensive Male of all descriptions. The connters, oyster bin tlx tares, ami nu merous articles of a hotel restaurant. Tbi furniture from No. 7 Leonard street, comprising an excellent hh norlmcnt of carpet h, &c. Alsoat 11)? o'clock, a va'mble private library, splendid paintings, and the following beautiful books lelt to be bound with K. P. Sfphennoo; 4 rchly bound coplei of the Life of Christ; 4 do. Douay UMm, bishop Hughes' edition; 4 do. L:ve.i of the Apos ilen, quarto editions. Also jewelry, fcn. W''Jn?sday, It Ji o'clock as above, will be sold thn entire furniture of a gi-nteel family removed from Greenwich avenue. Par ticulate day af sale. A UCTION NOTICE ? CROCK EKY, GLASS AND CHINA. A J. S. H. BARTLETT, auctioned, will Mill on W.d nesday, February 28 at 10 o'clock, at 2*1 Pearl street, in lots to suit purchasers, Haddock's Paxtou shape VV grsnite ware, English yellow, Ironstone, Rockland and gip'ev ware, glassware, porcelain, he. The attention of retailers is directed to the above sale, aa the goods are ul' a superior quality. Auction notice ? m. doughty, auctioneer. ? 1 arge and positive sale of liouaenoM furniture, ibis day, at 10>, o'clock, at ?4 Sixth avenue, consisting cf librsry and secietary, kookca cm, sofas, sofa be Is'ead, tete a tetes in bair cloth and brocateilc, centre tables, extension dialog and tea do., earl and work tables' mar ble top, dress nnd plaiu bureaus; mahogany chairs, rockers, and easy ctairs; sideboard, French bedstealu of tvery si re and description, hair mattresses, palliate*. JO room sod stair carjet* cilclptfcs, Oil pllntlflgs aa! engravings, elglit day clocks, one elegant cooking stove, mirrors, \c , together with a numerous assortment of common furniture, worthy the attention of housekeep ers aud the trade. Salt positive, A S?I?NF.E'8 CLOSING HALE CONTINUED.? EUGENE H Frarklln, Auctioneer.? Franl.lln At Nichols will lei), this (TufxJay) morning, Fe > 27, at 10 o'cl ck, wl'hout regard to weather, trie stock of laces, embroi deries, and white goods, remaining in the store 710 Broadway ; al.-o the liitures, to c<csy the business. ily erdtr of the assignee. W. A. l OifKK By c. a. waierbuhy, auctioneer? w* sell, Monday, February Ubth, anil Tuesday 27t'j, in cou tlnuallon, an immense m rtgag-e's stock of jeaelry, linn gold watches and stiver wart*, bring tbe Ute stock in trade of an importer in Maiden Uu?, reinned to tbe store No 38 street, for conveui n:eof sale; c ni prltii'g diamond, ruby jewelry, au imin>-nito variety, set in clusters ai<d singly in br -astp ns, linger rin^s, ear rings, bracelets, chains, crosses, ,v.\ The costly ?oM watches sre of the bes makers, and In double casus, some of are self-n inding and set'. n<; *1 o, gold rha ns, in almost every p*t ern of fisliiouable sty l?S. No better goods can be found in tais city than are con tamed in these two sales, nor can the patrons of line goods tin' I another opportunity 1 k? this to obtain such rplrLdul goods at their own prices. Th*se s ties are positive, and commence cach day at 10>? o'clock, by catalogue, lor cash on delivery. BY JOSEPH BE JEWAN, AUCTIONEER.- THURSDAY, March 1, at 7 (evening) at the g aliery of fie Irooklyn fchooi of lwign, No 9 Court dp t t, op; . >?ite City Hal!, loom No. Id, will be sold w tliiut rss rvs, a few choice mo- cm oil paintings an 1 orig mi [U>t I dr sw ings in rich frames; alto, s See o'd oil paint eg o' the Martyrdom of ht. Sebastian. Ibe pistil drasnngs are cinsidendby connoisseurs to be superior to any ever e.xecut-d >D this country. Gal.ery o,.en "ir free exhiOi huD on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 27 and 2", from 10 o'clock, A. M. until 10 1*. M. *uJ al-o on llto Is , of sale. No lurtber adverlisemtnt. BYC. A IVATERUURY, AI CrioNEF.R.? TIIH DAY, fuendav, Feb. 27, we i-ell the whole reini aing sto.k of jewelry, as advertised by order of tbe mortgagees. The gold natches are very tiue aud c <stly, an I will he sold without anj reservation. A great opportunity to obtain perfect tlmeki epers lor priva'n weir. Toe sale Cinjseencos by catakgue at our store, Broad street, and will continue till evtry article is sold. ClONSTABl F.SAI.E-A. M. CRIST AL it, AOCTIOKBCR, ; will sell at*0?< IViwery, on Mondty. Mth instint, at tsn o'clock, saloon and bar room fliturei. JAUICti NKMBITT, Conttabl?. T\AMA01S OOCORT Al AUCTtoN.? w CRAm I * * Lite ^ran te C. C. ilip' and c l^s.l ? |40) ,^...| by water at the late fire in l'<arls reet. will 1>- -nil frcsn tte sbehes en rhur.dsy Mir h I, at 10 o'clock, at 210 I'tarlatr-it, by order of the un'lerwr.ters. J>0. E. Van AMWK'iP, Auctiooee--. DD. ^A-H, AUCTION OH- KTOKK, 110 BMOaD t AY. ? Household furniture, ?ia Wednesday, letiruary i at 10 o'clock A. M . at No. U Ki'Sl aveii nv i consisting of cbalrs. I ? rrors, oil* lot H, carp?ts( p c I torts, solas, bsd and bedding, wasbstands, rro-:s<*ry, klt< hen furniture and utensilt, comprising a ?rai?ral soitmenl contained naliove pr* ui are. DH. H'fUtH, Al CtiONE?K.? tl CTION rt?Mi OF a s'?gsi bc.sliold lurn ture ? lo rnorroe, nrsday . u.oi nitg at 1 v1, o'^/ocs, tbe eoot?n<< ?f tne laige four story No. 78 >\ arr. n str et (not a boarding bouse i, consisting of tbe loll??io< articles, vu. ? l?asment ? lirussele ? a-j/et, < ilclofbs, mahogany siter>sl.n tea an l dining tab es, ois' ok?oy ?n I c itta^e chairs, sofss, n.irrors, cWca, nl paint og. china oiiin- < an4 tea sets, cut giasswsrs1, sllverwsre. ivory cutlery, Ac. larkrs- l icl ly ctrved roa> wu<el suits iu bro^wls, arm and recept on cbalrs to matcn, csntre, si<te an 1 SO 'a tab;-s, superior rosewool ettk?r?, with piate ?U-< and tack, very eoetly ro-e?ix<i pi >u >'or.?. of Sflsndii tone sod Omsh; roscwooii SNtCMS, s ip-rbly carvsd, ladies' r:s*?oo>i e?. ritoire, wito plate <ia-s dors superb tape. try carpels, large oval mirror , Ise ? sinij w curtains, It rboice oil pa i. in/S in rich f'a ass, 1 reucb cBgravings, neh chins vases, n.s. |ite an! p rta i I j/uies, 21 <iay inMla clock, eh as ?pitto io?, i , l IsrawiBg icon.? Mahogany sa l in crim- .u p usb vsl mirror, lace <uitau? and rb li shades rich (ital ?.s, ni ate I ?kc , I id* Tom labia vaaes, e'van' nil ? sri ! bsMeti)*, b'littl, wsstis an , on suite git toils*. Also the choice fjrfitcre of losen bodrcoots, ? ?(.< .ng loeewMrfl mail van} and 'ilavk wain it, b' - lm -I d.lf. hair roat'r'sst ?, fal -ale positive. ].t H Lti LOW tflLLtUX ON TIE^.-aY, Fs.'l CI, v, at iio ci '? at t>ie Mi tchar.i. > , , ,, . na'-eUteoa re >est si-1? el I Us sen . ,?<??? i (ts> and 4.' th ?tr?ete. Tem-s ii-veral. ?,l Uh < 0>ili- , Al floNl.s :, w;i. i ?, ) *, i All- n si rwt, on i '?s ay , ) - o 'l\ , 1 1 o o - , tb? l<ikiwa|.g srUcI*' ? I -re- stoVee sa uitares, iabl>s, bureaus, i I sirs eork table, carpol rig 'O >.ery, kot aj |bss, elscli, liteh<^ uteoesle Ac. Si . ? vi tinner. .44 israat stfee* lj! Oj F.hlU, 4X! I'r < WaOOK, HICK, I. Q"0 'B, k 0. VT <h su ay, at 1?;j o'esoce, a** bran ly , m a, gin, mnss, chaanpai ae, .t ? -obs-, s >g?ra, i ft, ?s.- ? ton1, ) i en - h ca? ? a'.** lu keLeat, >uiiVoi r.err inge. shelle4 aimeisds. pi ?s, hardware kS.rsi lufas, epr ng Islacces, wMpa, rt! re sao lea haro??s A' * A. CANmt A.CticneT, '7 IV y stre*f. SALE8 AT ACCTIOW. AUCTION NOTICE ?EDWARD 8CBKNCK WUX SELF. at auction, at bit sales room. 10 Wall ?treet, on ?Jay, 2ith nut., at 10)^ o'clock, a laiy?> invoice of superb mosaic jewelry, watchee in hoary etght?eu carat I?" Id hunting cases, .Vc , viz : Knelt!, patent and de tached lever, lepine, duplex, chronometer, independent i?>;cnil, fifteen day, ke.: ladies' w*t ho?, enamelled and set withniamcnd*; the jeee'ry consists in part if eo g* at mosaic gold stone bracelet*, do. pins, earring", brooches, goloaiti of p n an<l earring". brooches, oar riiif*, ?l*eve buttona, ke. J-ale positive. Terms cash. k DRIAN H. MUIXKR, AI/CTIONEFJI LAMB AND /A prernptory ?ale of real and leeseh dd property to the h.gbot $ ih'.er, through Adrian II Muller, Aus ti' Mer.? Tbe subscriber will nil at publis a .etiou, at It* Merchants' Exchange, on the 27tl? d?y of February, 1865. at 12 o'clock, M., to tho highest bidder, the follow ing ae>cribed real and leasehold property, to wit: ? I '??? booaii and l->t known aa No. -Jit Bank street, on ths northerly tide, ICO feet westerly from Fourth street, lot 26il0fi 4. On tee front la a three story Inc. bou o. 26x42, ?ith basement .tart counter cellar, ?a the r? ?r ih a ti ree atory trick muse, with collar, 2 x22. 96.600 <21 no v on mortgage. No*, (ill, 71, 73 fcett Fifteenth stre t, on the n rth I ilde, ad oining nu'l t'otniti<-ucin< 12fc feet weat of the Six'.Uawnue Upon the front of ea >i of tins* Kite ia a three atory brick house, 25lW, with bailment ao 1 1 counter cellar, ur.d upoa the rear is a three at >ry Srlek bouse, 26x2;>. ?ith cellar. The loti ar* each 24x103 |3. I pon No* ( 59 aud 71, each, ih a mortfoge of tl,0OJ; upoo No. 73 Ik a mortgage of t i,1 00. .Mi 90 We*t .Sixteenth *ti et. on the aouth ti le, oom mtncu.g lt.'i (ret \font from thn Sixth avenae. Up?o tho iron! oi II ?' lot In a thrve ttory bnck liou**, wltb basement and counter cellitr, 2?>i38; and on the rear a three atory brick bouse, '25x23, with cellar. SI, 000 bow on mortgage. Three lease* ot a plot ot ground commencing on the weat liile o! tbe Sixth avenue, 92 fe<t aoutti of Hie southwesterly corner of tbe dixth avenue sad E gnte -nili street, and rur,nii? o Haul corner, tlieoce westerly along tbe southerly side of Eighteenth atreet 100 feet, thenos aouth parallel with nixlti avenue 92 feet, ttien -e 1 0 lent to tee plac? of txriiMng. Upon the front of thia plot are five three atory brick houses, with oellar* 18 met 5 in< be? by 30 feet L'pun Kight'entn iitreet ?f? tmo three rear of tbexe laat hou-ea are two three atory brick hnnaei lttx'23, making nice houaea ia all. The above will b? ?old in one parcel. Tfce leaaea are from John Tonnelle, and for 16 yeara from November 1, kH4'2, with a covenant to pay for tue building*, or renew 1& yeart more at a rent of & per cent upon the valuation, tue renewal to contain iti? i name covenant aa to* further renewal nud payment (or tbe building*. Ihe prerent ground rent for the whole U #3('0 per annum. The prerent rent now received from tbe premise* 1* .'>0. $H,000 can remain upon mortgage for one year, fhepe prenmea are known aa | No*. '2"U, ihl, 'itiy, ?Sft, -?7 tenth avenue, and 01 and i (0 Weat Eighteenth atieet. The three lota cominencing on tie northwest corner ol flxth avenue an I Twentieth atr>wt, runuirg njr h e rlj along tbe weat tide ol Sixtn avenue 'U leet fine lien, theoce westerly 75 feet to a point til feet uortU of Twentieth street, thence #1 feet to Twentieth atreet. tb -pee eastetlv along the north ai'ie of Twentieth street 76 feet; each lot beli.g 21 feet l'i inches front, and 'JO feet 4 inches in the rear. I.' pun the corner lot ia a four ttoty brick building, 21 feet 1 inches by *2. and a two Ktory brick *Ublv in ibe rear. I' pen the lot neat north is a fojrth Ktory brick build ing, 21 fe* 1 1 ,'j inches by 4n, .and on the one n jrth of t >? last lot is one of the rime dimer.sieno. Th?a? three lota ? re known aa N'os. 321, 323, 32fi, Sixth avenue. 91 000 I can remain en mortgage upon No*. 321, and $2,j00 upon 1 each of the others. 'Ibe IeaM* of tbe sis lots on the same *M? of t'.e Sixth : avenue, and commencing 63 feet 4 incliea nert'i o. t'.e northwest corner of teixtQ arenae and Twentieth et c?t and extending to and including tbe corner of ~ixtn ?venue and Twenty-flirst street. I.ach o' the lot* are 2<) by 76. except tne corner, which i* 20 feet b in .v* wide. I'pou each of the lot* is a four story brick h.til l ing, the fame froutag the lot, and 40 feet deep, la, leaai a of each lot an- irom the trustee* of the r<>n,""i: i tlon of Shearlth Israel, for the teim of 21 yea ra .iod 4 months from Janti iryl, 1S46. Ground rent 100 pev in- ! dub, with covenant* to pay for building at tbe expiration of the term, or ren-w tor 21 jears more, >tt a rent ol live , per ceut; upon tlie apprui.-.ed value of tbe lut, and to pay the value of tin building! on the lot* at the expin 1 tion of the Mconu term. These houses are kuowu Nor. 327, 329, 331. S.'I3, 335, M7 Sixth avenue I'pon No , 7';>3 (2,000; and up n No*. 3.'l5Jand 33d, Sl,500eaet), and i upon No. 331, t'2.0i '0; an1 up'in No. 329, ti 600; and upou No. 327, $2,?m 0 can remaiu U|o a mortgage. Also, the lease* of the four lot* aorth side I'wnQ'ntb utreet, commencog'76 feet wea'/iriy frioithe o itn westcorner of fixth avenue and Twautirth s'.reet. Each lot ii 20 by about 00 feet, tint upon eicli of tue lot* ih a four story brick building, 20 by 40, with cellar*. T..? lots are known a* No*. 67, CO, 71, i3 West l ?m ieth | atreet. open No* 07 and Mt, $2,0o0, upon Noa. 71 an 1 , 73. fl.uOO each can remain on mortgage, me l<sa-e of , tlieie lots are from the ?ame trustee*, 21 y*ars fru-n Novemtcr 1, 1H61; ground rent S70 per anonm for na-U lot, and witL the same covenants ax to reneaal an 1 pay m? ui for the huilding* a* tlu *?? lart n?ined. llouse and lot No. Ud Weat Tweutieta street, sou'b side, cominencing J03 leet 8 lc<^iei went (ruin the aou'.a westerly corner of Hlxth -veuu i sod rw?nU-tth street. . Ixt is 2?a92. Ui>eu tbe fror. t of the lit laateoat r. ta*em< nt ai d attic bo>:i>e, 2^i <0; oo the rur two *tury frame house, 3oxl7, with cellar. 93,010 cau lemaia on mortgage No. 221 Weat Twenty-*lith ntreet, north sl<le, 30 i feet ea?t of Ninth avenue. Lot 2. '>*92; on th* front of t'.iij , lot is a three story brick bou>e with cellar, 2oxi2; on the r(ftr tbiee rtory brick hou e i?itb cellar, 25x^3; 1 Bbrtgafe 14,600. , 1 ue ? tory brown stone front hoone, aoatb Sole of Fourfectith ntreet, 32ft feet ea*t ol E gh'h areoue, no**n ss No. 148 lourteen'.h street; lot 2' xlO.J fe?t 3inck?s. mortgage |'.y>00. ^^}utbw^, ; cerctr of avenue A and F.I' rentb str et, ' lot 23 feet 3 In Lea by 94 three story brick h.ju*eJ mo. t gage 43,il'0; :ol<; subject to the iniLoale r.gUt ol diarer of tb- wit* of Edward J. Wei'b, now ali?e. Une hall interest on tt.e iea*e of lot No. 10S Hh-riff street; lot .5 by a out 100. Pailieutars of le*s? giv- ?i at the tale. Tbe owner of the otter half will an to w.ih the unuerMgiied in eikking a conveyance *o aa the mr rharer ran have the. whole premi??i i>u the trwnt ef the lot 1* a three atory tirich hou*e, 26 1 Mi, and oo the ! tear, a three story brick heuiw 24x2o; mortgage 91,0)0. | Ibe meitgogea above ment on?>l, whetlier upin the pto erty or to tie executed by tb* puicha*ers, w I! b? sllow'1 a * ko much of, aud neducto*) from too pure ss? n imtj. Teim* of ?ale -Ten per cent upon the ?mount bid, aid the auction) er'? fee* of 910 f>rea<-n lot, to be v>*.l sr. the t me ol the ial*.and 'ho dnlerence between the amount of the purehaae , less the ten |ier cent, aud ? '?? amount of Uio mortiagen abovx named, to be pa . <> tbe undere gnet at tbe office ol C. C. Uarsh k?'|., No 41 Wsll *treri, on tb* Ibth day of April next, when t\e tonveyaece* wi*l be ready for delivery. Ihe j*iil trustee's deed will be given, t.tle perfect ?ubject'to t n> incumbrance by way of mortgage above spe ibe I and tbe outstenoiog right of dower upou the lot coiu <x avenue A and Eleventh strwet. The fubecriber ?lil receive the ren's of th* above pro perty to tbe 1*'. of Mty next. I pay tbe latere* u . o tli* itortgages now on f.e pr'.^rty, and thegro.oi | rent till ttat time. Uortgage* to be executed oy the purchaser will draw interest from tha sim?time Ibe possession ol the house In Fourteenth street ?!?.? livered at any t me s! er the fate, the house no" b >ng rer t?d at?d eot liavliig b*en occnpled. Ko-t ol tbe abo* ? pr -perty is a *apenor eUs- of l n in', ^ropeity that is well located, and c imrasudsa <??> I c'a < o' pati'.g tensn's, and pay* a Urge per centage u > n th> < apital inve?'.*<l. The au.ount o' r?nis vi.u.ij r ceived in January Ust will he ?tat?d at tt.e salee. New York. Feb 21, 1865. C. MINOK, Trustee G1 KOBUE COOK. M CtlONEElt-OTORK 114 (j KEr ? I w.eli ?.trrtt, IE alow Iiry ? (>?-orgu Coo? wnl hy auct" n at hi* *tor*, on rb.? dar, l- i> 27,?t 10), o'elo ?, a ?? u<t*1 *?-or'a.?nt of boa**bol 1 furniture, cro^-rj, |U?(, \c . roD-i(itn>K in pait of III ?ofa*, id lil.f Wilt; (j <lo/* u parlor clia.ra, in 4o. ?<?; anl rock inf. do , 'to. mab"f*ny b? mattfe-***, hbliter* piliowa 'I n ; U*T?, tea. coir**, an 1 chamber *et*; <;**k?, Ublee, ek/?.k?, pUtloriu noil counter iitalea, *?(** no 1 cn*?t?. 1 Hal* poriliTf, tin (tor* to lot. H1NKY H. UKIiM, AUCTIONEER ? BY M. H. LEEM , K CO , nu WwlntiJtjf, K b. dl, at 10)? o'cU- k, at ! dlii)^ liiokd*ijr, t|ipoilt<: HI. ThoMt' Chuich? mil auu balr 4r***t?g eatabimhownt, confuting of cb***l ? oil >lr?-* ? i> K tablri ao-l glaa*?a, loai We t>p? '? ea<b ?Ufcdt, mirrors, glut* ahow uwi, umbraliea, ao *l*g*ii'. HMiiiwit "I (old, ?iiv*r, p*a/l ant Irorj wi?.'int?l ? lb**, ba t ant I. at bru?he<. port* uionaai**, ixrlmitOry, i">ap ra."m, cirta.r.*. chair a, ito***, Ac .-*!? wit vat | rnn-rv*. HOlfi HOLD FrRNlTCRE? A M. CRIfTAlUK a 0 tioB<*r, 1 How*rjr, w II ?? ll, tbi* <!ajr, at 16 , i. clot I ?(Ihj. lit ro>?vo-.'l awl uiabog an/ wfti, tit* ? RU?, park,r ibar*, an t u-irlle tup cefctro ami :l > nf ooucbe?, Im Oit?adl, dioiog aoi Mr rmtn '.?? i?<, i, l painting*1, picKm, g' ??*<??. fcalr MttrOf< (.III.- tool-, ke., A' , al?0 to paj g'ltao :**, uu? i.-on >? ? ifcd en, our. OI1H W. fOMKKIMiYKE, At CTIO EJLK--HKJUirr# ??lr of large Iroich Mirror*, *<? , ofi looo'taj, iitb nt'ant. at Uie an -ioii toon, uO Oa(r? ?tre**, , drpr of I'raabiio, at 10>j o'clock , two ltr<? ft- i>. b i plate utifMM aed on* medium *l*e, kr , he. J OBS W. HJWKRiM.YKE, AD TIOVEEK -ECHM tor* Mil, 01 iMilt;, BTtk na'ant, at tbn ator* Of I- Mil T. I >iii, 6 1 Ai ii ?tr?et, at o elbk, lb* if r* nt biog ?loot, rot.a a;n* oi a gnat variety of < ?cl boiix I i.M furiotur*. purler larmtur* m M? > ? ill, i' & 1 1 i? t< p, <-?t.trw ???. ?"lo tab!?? mantol omonrn ? ?* * ? "irlamo. j^lat iik', nurror* llra**?l>aa<i io^ra n u> p?'U, | l*tg> ??*! <?" BR UbI**. arm rbair*. ?r*(kirj <n<i gl> ????!? m?-iil>* !? p 'lr?'.??mg an'i pi tin l'iir*a ? ?a rklTt ??*h atari*, toikit *?!*, elutir?, tabln. ?!???#*, t. 1 1 #?r with a Tot of rimmon sba .? t?b'>? w ? ? r . ? . . n.nb iran) 1 r*ncb U>liva4>, tn?(<.? ??.?! f? .1 ?1f,M ?, A"' , 1 . | f I.HN hll. i: ALXTkiNKKR-bY LYWAN H . t) *u- ? ' * or* 'O JaMtt C l'o*lrj ?a l 1 niUj h '.????, ? >1 ,1* Hio??!wty, "/rn?r ol * blW ??r?*i <>a I ,. ?? ./ n>tir? ') ?!?'! >?'*' UfllJ ?*???. nj?. I'a I t'l, )i? ; r), ? 1 1 ??'i r'" , at " u'r .i > , i; mm an) at' | Attrjf-rl'r it'r. ll*' lor ?a<h ,v?b?i* ;? I , it *r ?tt?i.ii u gl<'i< t-j ? i- 1 f p- *i ? ?l , r<n <i k ? <>f art,*:. ?l?n?o* ?. > n Ihr rimi!' ?>??t of ?h - h IkfJ f*g I* :?n !*r tlMMT nrn *?'... ?n lie* ? ? nt- mpUt 04 r<nwtal. l?, y ??? 1 r t? ?*h* Iolt? for obib ? g furn tuto ?? l ?*?ri *cilpt *?? ?.l I~ * A. MlIJi*, A' CTWIKItR? BT 1. ruXi.Y . j. Tin* ? 'J -t lb -V n?k 'or >'? 1 1. of i w I. or. 'I Ki) n>lc>ru *1/ p? J 't-rtgo mi! A||gtf><, a j '(<.*?? t| ?4 I ?rn tuM, U|tN*, ?aKb*?, A*., ft*. I lAUi-sfocK Ajtn mrciUH or a , ill gio ?r* b?u?r *t?r? <m nt4i*?l?;, foi . a .t -t I /I, at MO FirtT ???nu a. *teoi 'A<<< a. I 'or.i?fcU, i*f?, <*rao'?r? a?l c nt**ta Nar co-i>ra at> b> >.a*r p?*p*, t*a? ciff***, */rup?, ?* a, it i >? '*?? * . It A CATTCT. A'jct ??*?*, '.7 D*jr *tr*?t MALES AT VfCTlOW. T> C. KEMP, AUCTION FLK. - HOUSEHOLD FDRNl ? ?.. ture, 4c.?' To-mono*, (Wednwedar,; at 10,^ | o'clock, at No. 8?> iiaaaau Mr ret two ilooni from K ilton . H. C. KEMP will Nil at auction ai above, a very large ' aA<l landaome assortment of now anil eocoud liaui par lor, dimig room, chamber and kitchen furoit in, air rota, carpete hi.'I house furnishing articles, wit ch am will wuitby tlie attention of housekeepers so 1 dealer*, u? tie *al>* i?. pea tiv* aud witbeut reserve. Catalogues en tb? uicri mj; of tala. Ooode purchased to go out of the city p.cktci for shipping, or can remain on storage ui. til H?j , at a .-fa.oiaMe charge. QIJEMH i CALE- mis 27TU DAY OF Ki.iiitUAHY, at II A II No 43 Cold ?Ueut, of tae routenta of a e'alr io?< I ? u ry, coiiniitt ioir of plj'.ed an I bria-i rods of | all ) attrtdn .till site*, alio of block ami oni iron safe, | unci the c* ft ?' furniture. J ^UFTlllVK A I K? ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY ! i O -Mi "? '? o1'"'' <-k A. Sa., will be sold, in froot of kr. j I ting's Hi. ft, in 're v.lli^eof I'laintteld, Now Jersey, a . | very valuable 'a m of u?'y ac in a line state of iuj pravemeut,. ? III .i lieaulilul rc?iJeu ?? comiiiaudiug ail j exttnshe view of CMttouuding oouutry, with outhouses, i A'c , Ao. ; liiie rolling land, three llourishlog young ! or Uanla, centirnini every variety of Iru't, fin* kitcboa yard o, gi i>d veil ol water anl never failing spr ng< on tbc place This ia a rare opportunity to invest. .Sale positive Farm itua'ed ten minutes' walk from the d'> pot ol the ('? ntral Mailroai o' No* .I.-raey Oara will iea?e Jet*-y City ferry on Wcinc -day uiirniugat half pal ' 7 A. If. SliUiliiS SAI.K (IK A (illOl >.KY AND I IQ Oil start . ?On Wednesday, Feb '2M, 1805, at 10 o'clock A. M., at. ?. Weal street, ihr contents of a grocry aid liquor ator. , consisting of groceriea, li'juors, sun 1 .mis, j bar fixture^ wines "''gars, A*. SIlKHIKf " 8AI.E ' OK llorsKIIQfJ) K' llNiri'HK, pianoforte, Ac., Ac., on 1'iteailiiy, Keb. 18.V?, at lOo'clocI A M., at 310 Kroadway, coasistiog of clock*, table*, cricKry, ingrain Brussels, and Wilton car|wt<, atalr rodn ? ishstands. pictures and pointings, Ice box, meat safe, parlor gas natures, oil cloths, As., 4c , anil our p ran ' lui touel rosewood pianoforte, alio, on a'V rouutt.f whom it may concern, ain^lc and do'iblo epring 'aldoi nnrrora, c bairn, roaiwood bouki'aae; \I'M. Wim.ll-, AirriOM'.KR, Will. "KM. <>N W Wodneaday, at I0}i o'fflock, at luO Wcat llroad way, all the g< nte?-l hcueehold furniture In tho above bonae ? Hofaa, nofa bedateod, bookraaea, ro:king anl otber cbiira, French plate rnlrrora, window cur'.alna, marble top tablcx, t?p<*i<try, tlirec ply and other v?rp?ta. ball ollclotba, a1*ir rod* and carpete, mahogany an l cottage bedBtii*'!*, inperior hair iiiattr?n?es,, f'jtbnr b?da. dremlng bur^'ana, wa'oetauda, toilet aeta, kitchen lurniture, together wtlh cliina, gl:>aa, ar l p'ate<t ware Tbureday, a". 1ST < anal ? ie#-t a large ijutnllly of houa? hould furniture, rcccived from Htat>n laiand. 1'articu lari hereafter. \%j m~ wiiT uuFion kkK, wTij . ^KLI. OS fV Wennet'lay, at 10.^ o'oloca, at I0J Weet llroad way. t?u canary tiirda and eaaea. aplendid alngera, to geili?r wi'-h tl.i ho?"-ho) l lurniture. aa lh? ownera are lining to California. A rare chanca for Hoe birda In f all aong SKXV 1't IIM( ATZO\?i. NOW Kl.iDY? l'l TN AM'S MONTIH.Y? MARCH. ? MO.tH THK CKNTHXTJi AHK Portrait* nf (kntrlLutot* ? 'Iho Au'lnr of " Japan 1 iltcv l)r. \lnton llrooklyn, N. Y ) Tb* Horn. on*. 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Imui>I by th* publisher, and at I uMinbi r a very lovtat pi ic<". We ?r? packer* ar.d forwarder* of alj the leidiu.( dally and ?m' ly new-paper*, magazkaarf, Jkc. , dojn^ Di"r? In that Hue than ai.j other boat* In th* ctt'. We take on' elg' tb of tbe entire edition* nf the dally Tr i hure, Time*, H?rald ami fun ilookacller*, newarn-n and other*, mey depend on bating orderi promptly at (faded to, a* In* eat pri:m I'ooka, 4" ,ir.alle<1, fnn of clmr/e, on re elpt of a '??r tl?*d retail pri' * Ordira ao'leltal for any and every thing In tbe above Use. W) H, JO.Nhri L TUl'SfcY, 10J N'aiaan atreet New York. PEUStONAL. ANSWER rt? T. C. B.? YOU WILI- FIND DR. A D It., rea b?. Np. T Woontar *trtet. It KitUM not, i Or rheumatism, Iu* cure you* KaPI'A. Don ION? ANY IKIUON WISHING TO AOOI'i A f? m-iie infant, elova month* old, may hear of on* by addrenlng W. F,. tf., I ox 111 li?r<al<l j3I' ?*. CTONMMINOI; WILL FIND A NOTE A r HIE HERil.O / i'Aci*, frcm K C. M I^I OV. Tot RNt)TK WAWNHWICRI!? 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Poor* ojc-n at T o'cloc*. ticket* VO lent* ? ?n be procured at tbe I. hrary, A?t?r I'.* ' , No. '1 N'aixiu lit: >*1, Merit* Win Hall .k ?'ona I) Aptlo'on h f'i Ktan* fc Dickering, (01 Drotdftf, ail il. 1 N??lllt/ fit lorn'rof Wailanl Water ?'rnt*. !U?mb',!?? *re e? 'ne?*|y re<|Ueat*d ti procur< their t .:k*ta ? ally. In or< > r '?> at o J rouf ii on at the low, un e?*n In 2 of li ? ? re. '0< C. MORTON, | P II TIMP OS, \ Lm. Com JOH CRERAR I ^?1 I' O Wrt Ilah h<"tort? lY. A|f??o<1?r Jonei will deliter a I- retire on Wetrh hlatfiry, neit We<ln??Uy ettalnf, a". < >, o rlwt, lit the Welch l OD^rrfat onal ( hureh, n?-?r Ihiid atenue Aomltlaace fre? liy o?d*r of tl.e a< e'y, U. N M'JROAN, Srcrrtary. N P ? Tlie aeciett will >l :n^ at the Florence Hotel, on 1hi,r-il?y, March 1, (hi. Ii??l)'? I'ay), at ? * oVl< ?*. 1 1 ,*t> rny had at the lect ir* on W<-do?? lat *?*nln*, ' jIko at th' Flo cue* Hotel roriier of lirnadeat and ! Waller ttreet, ami at Ht. I 'arid a Hal!, .12 Walker I ftre??. I'll K TI11P. >| ilk. IKlltl-i., Wll.ll 1 l-IIMA.N, 1 II A T NOW HIa>iH 1 itaily to natch any l.orae, mire, nr geMmg n tti< woi'd, one, two, aid tbrt* m lea and repeat la tu In ' >een at In* owner'* *1.i ble*, at tli* IUd Itouae ll-riem v her* al?o Blen lutt an 1 l ittle ll>a are <tab n/ i i,<ler Ibe attention id Wm. A. II- own, aole oen*i ol iaTl ? tlieck. KPIBITCAMSM. S- I'Htni AM."* ?MI*# HUtCHi**. THF Wl!.', Inoan ta t, only th rteen year* nf *<e, i u ntitiv a Ui bold circlet *t*ry a!t-rno<in and *?.'nliif, at Pr<?4lway. SPIP.m'Af. nAPPIVli AND WllJTfN<; MH 'O IN will ricelr* tlaltrn th!?. and *tery '!*r tn i w -k, i at 7"0 I'r'.adway. Hope < i)ap?l Maitd'.ng Hoar* 1 ' "o 12 I A M to b ai d 7 to 'J P. M., Thai a lay an I wa' t'.*1 It'll I -ga ??re|r1?d. N H. ? P.rtie* at * u ie I *1 lnai. re | ih'ikm, alaw pi it ate urciaa at bar i awwaa ? %xi R A FA V. " NaVYHAIJOH* AND ?fT'i? V ? 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' ? t '< ' .< ug the (.rtprte tier / *#?<>.. rtfc?f at II* i Mil N ?? > 1 1 ? a. nr. rem * j ? want*. A 8IN0LE LADY, WBO UAH HAD SKVKKAL YKAIW ? J\- la e?i? am) mauatfeiueiit .if chll dren. da aire* a altuat>on where t h.- c mldrrii are ant in der ion? JMT( of H1*- C*u teach the Brit rudioeol* of | lijllih. Out' cut ml inn k n their dtiuw, .ii*?ke Pleach flaantly. Or a* rnmpuoioa to a lady ml hou? keeper in ? it mall family. Au Interview may !,<> had at I 77 Third avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth utraot^ ! fwm 2 to 6 o'clock, or addreaa M. H. fur on.' weak. ' AVMI.'i'CS CO JK WANTH a place in A HOTKJ. reetAnrint, or private tiuun. an cook, putrjreook cr WBl?tiOMr Wood ail pyraini In aud omuim-iit*. II)1 ip?uLr Ktellfh aud Qfratu. Apply at Ut Chryntie treat, in to* rear. ABIfilLY RMPECVAHLI 01RL, MON WITH T8E Panama Meaner, on lb* .ith of March. to Callfor ua, offer* ber H'tvicoa to a finally during tlia paaaafe. f no i? net iu t >? lira aitskMaa. Otod tlty rehnvii ir ten. lor COtolr ona peaae addtcaa F. U., Herald tlPce. 4 N AMkftlVAN OlltL WANT3 A SITUATION AS /l ckambarai aid. i]m i? a tool plain ?iiw. r, and tin ?ler-tacu* K' octal lit-una wroik an bo f.'VH ut 1 IV fourth mil* AYOIM1 P80TWIAN T WOMAN WIsiiKH A SIVA* lion an plain cook or chambermaid , In anui l waal ?r aud irouer . m. n.i uu objection to malt* hataelf generally uttt-ful. lh? i-ea. o' reference can t a given. A( ply at 7? -?ut ? n'.rvet, lirooklyn. AREhPKCTABLE kUL'MU WOMAN, WITH 0000 lelerenca, wuut* a ctuatlun ;m wt?i uur ? in a re ?pectabrf I mm) j. Inquire at WJ Cillf ?tr?et, Ural tloor, for three day*. AHL.^1 K' l AHI.K YOU NO GIRL, WHO DNNft aland* cutting and l.tting ladtaa' drt">aef, nililinary ano plain ram ug.perlvc'ly, would lik* to I*- employe I by 1 Ilia nay, ne?k ur iiioti'li. Il?a ku 1 city ruference. Can be m in for three daya, at 331 l .ifth alraet. AKLfcl'CtTABLU 'COH II (HIM. WI-HKS A SITUA "lun a* clili.'reu M nurae, or to do cltamborwork ; would have n<i Cbjcc iota to do gent'r:kl llouae work for a (mall family. *be ti a good cml and an excellent b**tof Cl'T ?"?' countn i afar ? RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A BIT uation im ^am' ei inaid or waiter aha will tnako bcrn-lf gent-rally uiaf .1. l'li'ana call at i ftl -uth ave nue, up ittalrn, lor t ?o day ?, k BWIOTABIi YOt'NO WOMAN WANTS A fin' atlun M ebuoberoiaidor waltar. in a private fami ly; understand* ha? Iiunmena perfectly, an t can git* uuJoubted ref< raacva. * <tn Im* aean for two dayn. at tha corner c* Moot ?K le Clinton atraata, Brooklyn. AN DfTUtUOBfT XOUMO LADY WISHES TO PBO cure a iitu*t!on In * bakery, confectlt'nary, or farcy 'tor* *h? ia qit rk at Ifarnin^ waif'^ t?o object tha llrat mni>tb <.!' . ty referati-? can be Kltren a? to . hira. tfr. < a I or n M|.'? a note to U. 11 , 2fil Wvat T?fi.ty ninth atreat, near Ninth arenua. AI I'.OrK*TANr OiHt WANTS a BlTl/ATION AH rook or cbatubetnuiM ; noolclty reference I'laaae tall a*. 41.1 tigU'li ateuua, htlw.tu Tlnity^rat aaJ Th i') necund atreat*. AlllBPtC TAB1JC (.IHL WtSdEB A 81 rt AVION TO do (tent ral lititi'' >ork, in a 1'iall prlrate family g'l id -It y rt-fi-r. ti ii ( nit. I'l-anr .-all at 4 ' I'erry atioat, ; the rear, I < r two day a. A CAPABLE WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION AS MUBSI ?.c M"?m>'rn i- ut Lain chug^n' a l>a!>y from itn fclr I , n a very f .1 w> it atrna?; ur wtuiltl t<i out 1 1 raw *. v it* ouy i r ?<? '. uo objection to ;? in the coun try. I'leat? a iiir. * . . m ttiw, in the ('.or*, No H Car - r?JI illtlt, Urov-k )0. Aiai/YWMh. ."on ain a .-riCATiON rou a Ook, ? I ii MO I ' rj-twortliy p t *? n uid tho rou|biy un 'erittitiw ' 'T hue.n"-*; *>u- ran ni4i?a eacal l*-n". jaatiy mi pir-i ?>?/, n .tie hut a prirute la oily ated apply I'U i ? < ill at 116 Fourth, h* ri .i Aui -a and C!l?r.?n Hlfrts AAfSI'FlTAI.' . >>' -TANt YOVSC. iMtV I ?( dMirona of ii'tin eg a aituallo'i it- Ufa.) an I aeanatr it ^ nn ' r*' U all lcln<la of ? ? 'i* , rv >?.i I 1 hftVI DO oty*t'tltii. . . t).i - 'i intry for tha ?'tmni*r. ^h? can La "h-l for !>?? yi it WOHixth atrao", tulrd U o>if a WllJ'W i A III Oi . OI? AI>Dllt -< AVDUtsTW; J\ ii Li ? it,, n aiil l.itnilf, a'.' ytu'i -II, wao r | ? k k t i rein i , t.. r?B?l -?!. 1 l i.|tlt?h, ta il? hlrcua of a >i jaliob ? l.i iiiur. r. p. i fe. ? a k" "l imiUi t> lii.;h wngea. < i ?<? Hi- b*a'. city raf.-reacm C Ml tur tl iae dayf i n '-In 1'. 1 ^ ?< ot. 5Ur?. ? pla a. KiglilU ittte*, L'?r li uipln i aic, i)r>t lloor. loom No 1 A YOUNO AMXIQCaN ? I I.I. WOI I.I) I.IK); TO KK.W an J <o tli lit wi-rt tot n time, in a prtval' family, fir whtrii a aii it: t on p*-ii - 1 uou wuuld be ..atiefactory. A0.lri?al. b , llaralii Ml a. VMHIWTAhlj; r Jitfl K.-TA ?T URI. Wl !IK< A iiloaiUn aa cham'niiuaid ?ii l waiter, or to >1 o ;{? Dnral 1 i , m * n > I |>i ivata fimilf. < >?? . t r> l*t enra yinm frori I ? li,' y ?c? Can t )i r 11 fur two day 1 .1 1 14 l'i Mt (irai.: Hriniklyii. k FiTIaII' a young woman, r<> j{^ lo < ( tn.l f ? ?' f? nil' waahioR and lroi"Pir nn ?7*ri1tn<'* I ran I. i *ii ' c !u 1lir uia uutr I n4 baft of c > f . n ?. 1 i ? all or ail'lra** A H , 1 1 1 I waif lit ?ti?a;, ' ?ifc ?B ) .! I !i ?D'I rtlith aw nua<, I" i.-lh U for i wo '?>?. A>OI S(1 <?> ! H < '? <? IH( l< OUtlliOlh Ol OH taiii'i K at' 'it It a |nnt? faiai'/, lu tiln rara f>* ci Mr' ? ?) ? 4 . an nicil. nl ?*?> r lu ( of h. K.i.' V >. " ; ' ?< j tli ?trr*t r.'ir nuil : nr. ?A KOMI .'.I 01 li KJ A BITUAMON A M II -?? U r? ? " i. t I: ? m . . Ia?t I U. r A| fily ..' I". rdbtruiia ?>-i ? ? rtu n'l.i -v > i ?' ? \rtH AM0V ?a: Hi - flY A lll>' WTAHI.K ? t . ?!< fhnrabarwoik or jjar *at h maa a..ra lor a m all ftuii) Apply at l'.J itu V <a atrrtt, M?an<l II x r AMII'PtJ A ? I.I ? nOM t , A ntoTK-TV'l WI?||K' anituat i... ?>0Btb'j n ;raa, r r ? iltn?'..nn In any fnbllrinat v. >? le nt of rat. r?nra < ??n <ir v < ur ty il r?-<j..i " ]. I1 ?? at No. .'i Morrla ?tra*t AfiTEAIlf W'iMfi KVlIK* A^IT aTIOM A-i conk ir< a | 'an il j und?r*taod? b< r l"nln*?? tl:or..uifl ly in ail l? > rierb?? < *n l?o n an for t ?o day*, at Ur at. a 71" rinodway. IImI ?f MtirtHI tan hit vac Afflll AlllIN 1 WASTKII BY A YhK / CoMPIC 'ir i ?< ii an a* - m i ii i tlrat rata cook, an I i.n oantan l- bar>B'?a i?i> thoroughly . ani l? ? llr-l rata b ra.l ai bi ' ?.ri ba< no 'iS.'act 'm to . .?l?t with Ik* aa?L.O(,i.' rt . ?.-??: lias Iba baat tfdlf rafar aura Nona a* ? ?' ?( ni.l>? a mi-at r* j- ??!.> j.ri ?a'a fainil > tan If 1 till ? ..U'J, at II. I turt . ? >'.h atrrft, b? w??n 'i '? ntli a*anii*a. Allr^^'l?'? m ' v<n ? <?. a ias- hum - \ . Itlrt iaikimli>ra*l<l of lu take ilMlil ill <irni, 1 1 tii ? j ) ?< . < ? n '.t >a- ii at ITI ft > ?iuu ?tin t f-.r ?. ? ? ) ? jii a ro* wishm to urjf.r wiiii a yn'i >r < Ii >? wciW patroolr. bur lo ? Ih aHinR b' ? Ir ?? i> an.) In kia<1 *D<i%fti to b.aii b?r|i>' '>? a! f?a >1 luarl a ul a awry a! u till* to r. titr I ? '.itl.ilr otnlurt rnuli oa'aiisa-t Aildriaafoi two<). ja I Ii ' r n a|ain Pm'. U:1 -n \RK-| I r: ?T 1 I vnvm OKKMAN ?I-U. WOO util'ii'm !f . t(l 'ii aUb*p a >i 'tatli n ;a a |.rt ?at? fairil/ ?? ??ai..?'r?>? ' an i(iTa th- l??t if ? ? nhiHi i w . ? ' two l>yi at U Howxr'". rt'aat, or ?>U!r?ii? I I , I ? i r ? il i ft ' Ban, who n a hint haic mhm?. ? an f <t|in*nt by tba day in w- < m hi- i !-rn' In ruttlnf .0-1 f.'.'in^ t :aa? ' I' Mith a?'Bu?, in Um AY'U ??!? v ?!(,> Wl HM A WtrAt.'i Ai (ilala m ? , ar n ?' r.ioar ?r W"-i il d ? |?r,?f al fcttiiwtri fc a . j nt . v la* i ly '. ?. ? ty h!>? a?ra?i??r. I' la.. I for I a .i :a j > at i.'T t* ? . t t '. rt/ nli.ll. ?ti#at fa' a'. -, 11^ 'h a?'t S nth a?? ? "ii# I fli or. \ii.-iuiAi > i' ' in wi'iir.- a \ ?i?*w liffin'! I* cbambwraort ?.r | ?i? I'wlBf, or lb' a. ? I t .1 faiuil r l? >?lr la ?,f r!iUiir?n Hat <oo ' ' t, ?na. I'l. ?-a ?. ? '* al Kk^ii'.n I r,' I r. It u' t * in, (u I #? '.<r two da)a. A.NKAl, 111 l AVI 1 1,1111. i- y. tKrti I'l M**t b (MM (aft *r ? I ?? .1 r*al<t r.( In ji *,.i' n.. t h??? I r '?rn I amlly ?( tbraa 1 1 c'y. A Min b> . K.ili r ? *<a. umihai i v v. Mm. w*mi a miu _ _ tn ii aa ?< ' i - ' ?* ?'b? ? an-l ? - ? n-i ? I,' UunUiitorb. ? 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Altfaa. 1 1. i.alaly I' ' , I i a 4 i f a ?i f / ,t/ii,? aa*. aUtiat. rot MAN V f- I Mfi A TIOV A ' .?ajar, ar > t ai ? t f-fitfm ' la an ?l t? r, a?4 faw " a * ? a . mu i aa a o ? ? aw; )?r: Wf *aan a- rid A . t 11 , .1<. ill *i r ? tl?at Ai'Ui, man wiio . -it st- f i*?. ? ? l a' '..rfctw ab ul J. a aM ? f Af.r ? J al <wd l'i Ha aa?IMb*f ina.tb in. al im a ?!a, b ra lati. al W |f'H? ; mm IVlailaf ilt| f,'i a-a | *aw ;^lyia ( U > 4 ?>??;, > T A A l; A v; WAST*. Boy WANTED? ONE WHO IH ABOUT I KfEIlN j?ri of aa?, am^rt, miim and Induatriuua am) ; wfo rraidaa with hi. parrota in tbla city, may maka ai, filiation St *12 1'aarl atreat, batwrea 9 and 11 o'clock A M Krfcranrea rai|tilrad. ^ ( 1AMKOHNU.? A YOlMi A MtlU AN tiUU. WOI I [> yj I l.? to |0 aa inryant, in a riiapaetabln family Mould b* will UK lo pa y half hrr (>ai airr whan thorn, aui! would >top with the family Apply, duria* thli w??k, to 1', (<iul.,n, (lli kai n?a al'?jr, between Handi ao l rioapaet ilrettn, I'rooklyn (tU/K WANTKll- lO liO A HtOKT UIHTANCE IN THE J rountrj I rou -uni |h>ii<i| Apply at No. if Bt'^W ?tn, | Laa?B.rut door. fOAt'HMAN WASfKIl- A KiMMTANT ; v aiuu, whu |>r rlrUy m, ' I i, ,a the m.iua*?tii?ot of Urica, t? ,t, tb. , 4 , twrlye i.Ulwa tb? t*it <?( rrl< rn? ? ri<,ii'iiHl . , . *1 l0i?#r?ili ( plan brtoia 10 A M or >1 , ^ ^ ^ / tOA< HMAN v. Mil. v H'ATtQN, KT ? Ml I v> M?ctabl?, tr>i?tw? r I. . , man, a I'ratuWtat wbo yi'ltirataud. h>? bu.iti. ? a *ood pra?tlc*i kno* rr.ljj.. Of iraril< mui. lit i> objacilon to etfy i t country. Can f* u rn at. .1 a- una. to, Ull Kaat T^atli ? tirrt, to H. Hroa n. I'Xl H<US< Kl> l'B(7n>T .NT Artl> CATUOUO KKtt t tatlc, ? 111 hi .m! h in i , rt ,?< nuraaa. wa | |Ul?, lantdnaaaa nnd arm.ial c prorldad for flr>.t | ol?tM fumlUfa in nty hd<1 < i i lit. ?t .? aNMNC < a?au?.y 10 lillary Mritt, nmr Kulum, Hf iiiklyn k>t: biiati* I for tha la? t iix ^ i' < i<, uu >r tin n >?t diatlnf uiaUtd p? troaa|r. FN INK Hi I ??l-T ! |{ W.N.M', \ MAN TO H.tH 1 out blUa, n atk b XI . nil'". .M. uil to th? In itoui buamrra o( Ibf tma. A<l<li?.?ll O \\ . Hrrald cflKr MIMJNErtH WANTEO 1H MEM A I EJ.V, HUKTCI tK-t Milllnara ((Mr oilier lu*! apply;, at No. M> llghth avenue. tall Ul i?i tli? hour a of 4 ami t o clork, P. V. MITHIO TKACOKR HAN ilJ" A I.AHV TIACIIKH Irt wantril to K<|' mi til, wlm thoroughly on.l?f jlaniln uwtKf.Uii'd'AiVVa'i.r.rk'-' Aji^y'w a. v.'icjfciy/w stmt. \| APAMK < i.M'KHClIM IT IUC 1 I It 4CITR CQ* * R JjX fruiix,# ?i? ch*Dittr* . a-i' +? ? r No. Hi Crotby ?trtct. -V I'R^K WASH 1? ^ V |N i. 1 OH THR ran* ol ? ? fi *? ho in m ? i*\\ do noiu* llfHt rl iinln murk, in* ?? in a favniljf baviuK ???%? ral ct .? r ? Ptrtuni wiUlan tu tlrvotn their tiino lo tli** ol .fir ?trtploy?r, in%y aj jilj imniMtalt'ly ?1 N' >. 1'* M ? -t 1 v?* Ji'lh an-l n?fna" $?. Kit,; *h* U'tncDl door b**U. Nun# n?*'t who i???t bien acrualfmrd lo the tare o i jou ug chil lr?n, #?a*t cub come ?*?*!! r? oiuuien?i? SEAMS . HI A K HI D UCT ? winbv* a nilnati mi Hit? can In- tugoljr rtromm* oil I fur her rapatU Ijr ? I ? i? all k??1? of family aea: (. wouM b" wiltioK to 1 1 k ? can1 ? chilUren. * ??? b? hrrii for t?'l ?)?)?, at 4 ' ? - f-.< u au oa#, coroir of 'Iwcutj vin) , th lit ?rt, first Moor, f: ? 4*. cuotth SIIUATION WANTKil BY I I SOI hOWft HMU K, aa lirtt ?ui ?? < .1/ *tU;ru# ran b?tftveu A| p'> at No ? V Hut lntecttlh ?ti -el Cau be e#?a for tirre *laje. SHUATIOK W A N IT t - IlV A il) FCTABtJC VOf'NW (?rrinarj jtirl, mhb )?i- be?u a I * ;?*ari? In Kuglau') v, 'h %ery re?f?tta' # I mlli*** a* la?l?'e roai'!. ^Te", a refp^ctabU' ?ter?raii *1.1, *H> H a goo?l co#k, want* ? mill 9 Uoci ae nan**, or to ?'o rham1" ? *?>ra Iii juiie at Wert heven'renth ?trfret, in lU*-- t>a ??meat. I onVATlONH WAttrro? HY TWO H <n? II i ^ i r?? 1'rwtfitai''* U?* one can W?*?v A rhU?l or ?i ? g??<* I.. i houi?!Aork tl.? oilier an char.j ^riu*. ! an I gei?? r\l i)0U"*e? rk. So obiectlo#* to u > lu tne country. A| ? r at i Ib'rty ali'.li alraat, b*trrc n N -ith aul r>utu arrnufa. , ^.ITL'ATION WiNl>ii- U\ A f'.l. r i TAbl.t i 'M m. i V ' woman, to 'u tlir H'ti^ral h< i???ork or ' iliiiti-r wnrk of a mn til prtrt't famllr lh- b* 't of r?far?u"-? 1 uirrn if r'i|Uir?c,n ol^ t') ! ? coanlry Pl??*t rail tr two day* at M lUr'ogioa atiaat, In tba r?#r V?|irATION WAVIH IlV A l'.K<l*KTAIi: K 1 1. >.M O t'l'it j..r I t i n. i '..I . ? .i ?t. i l. |.|. ii " ii' / . r ttaltlnif. < ikhi t> l?r-ni? Apjiij at No. KiS u'-tt Th li t) n nth tir< >. b' 1 ? t n r> I. . 4 aol Kl^b'Ji a?? rm'?, lop fltir, lor two Uj? Sill ATlliN^ WAMIO? TWO 'IIRI.S W1?U TO ( 11, a 1'io'v.tai.l at <iha . 'nmnl au'l waltwi, or aa plaio ???? ?r . ' ka otli?r at a ? - 1 plain *3001 and | 1 icallrut *anli< r and lr< if r, or t il l go aa laun lraa* | 'lhi> l>*?t '.f fl'y if?r?nM j r? lT?aa? rvll for 1 wo i?aj? at 1* Twmtlatli a'n ct, uraf Ml-.t!? arrn-j^, J tl?? [ b?. uncut SflUW SAT BANPKR W NTKH OVBWB00A 11 . __ aar^ral j??r.' ?i|^'i' ii- lull t b ancl< <-?n Ami a |ri.o-l plarc and I.'k'i * I,j kpp'; u{ to A l.iltnl h | t'o., l'l IVarl atf? ? TfUW 11 -.r i k. . - ?m: VSO ii .j _ liad aipaiicen Ii|r ? ??!{ ?! Irvii ? f?n:y it* h?'?. htN>' iittiir ti 'I ap;l t ? A ilandk'v 1)1 r.ail . t. > at. 8 SirrjTt'W w*vm * -ff' vui'iyi "i (.rnitn, m rtv li, cl'am'<*r?*l *, or vaitar, |o>4 *i j ! i?farii.<* ran I pi n *|f'/ ?1 BM I'rarl Alfl', ! llri4kljD, IffM) * j S- rn'ATiov iiv \ p.- ?"wtahmc woj ?..v, (? I'rotattaat > . V b?? >ot inwf ?> ? ' imiU^rl**!* li* ? ? > <1 ? l<? t- f ? ? rtiliro k , .if a* Sf> I <>>?? n ? rl, i t?j,l (0- r I t oo EtlH .?!?? S ? t N ' ? ? T AJII KOI . M ) (III ?? ? < , ? ? I A, p! . ?t ?' ? lUff tf m UiM I' ' at. t ? i**a for tfl'i ?.*jr9 SI I fATIOfo WASTt ' O * I!K I MIAMI V YW <. flrl ?? ? ? at <M rr ? I ' as 1 ?? f or a* rhaoii.?r Klb lair |lll. ?"l )[ a- ??*? ant ? ? llUtf to r.. il? liti ? If t l . -*? f 1. 1 ibi b?a'. o* ! rllr r-'?r?riri a rat i * , n ? i' . * ail, (or l?i. I >) , I ?t\'. li ll*?t?i , ata.r S' ITI'ATIOS wtNr?J>, AH r fjrtK, Br A to: .w intl, la ? iifdi " ' > oDr* tr iu.i? b? ? it i t? j lit skvla tiow W' Hi" It >i ' t o' < t io| ijifi < i'i not ? . mafia mi o1 - t .it . . .. ,.i . i. , ,'t 1 city r?f?r?ri'?? gstr A 1 ? ? II lltr^ll SllfATH'M" I'Hli V <?>:". ri> I 1 'K II . _ ??!,. h'iii I fi, ? ???ri f* buk- ;? ? i. u j Oil llliiwil ?'! I <f i#? ' r?li (??1 f*I 'Ft h' ? J CM- I lM?l | I r'usi' '-rs ai< < <t?i,t? ? Aj>! \f ?? . It 1 Broadway, '???? -? ?' I '* H'iS'K1' ?/ ?,t 'I ?!!? tr?. H Tl*l A ' it'lTt ! ?SI IH I ?< I ' J t? ii ) nit lit ? ? '??!' < ?? f? it lit mtial l?? ! if * t > irn r u ail it No i o H ? r a ' . i ? ? ' I H i ' ?i* ? r t rxirn, for t?o or < ? rj'O hll | I ?? A M ? ?? t I" ? . II ? ? I! , J up t ? ti ?> ' . ' ? >114 ?, ? .it; in llii li IU> ki ' <t >t r. ? i;. r ??t of M<ii.r ii ll? lu . ? r i n i ? juIpj *a I thnronffclf Ift4?'? 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U\ H'.vn ?AW inb ; 'i>.B? , '.-1 4 iiaiuoa, aikaati ferv as aatfac?*>t at < ?? ? ' Ut -oaraa if ic ft u ? ?,ntft 1 1# i t ? t a, , vaa* >.?? I ? i a . ?a1 '.b* i ?? t'.' o' I'aiiaa Tba a.:??n an ??i|PM tk* k<l?t ii? ft. t i ' ? ? lory rifiiti ? ? ?? to rapab. 11/ ?ad r?i|<iti't.:'j , * ? a4ifl>ai ICi?? II ?l I, f i ? ? a^aart I' ? t * . I II A A fr. !f . H ? yy h*lMfiM|)rl to M | MMlhll ?at? fiaiil/ la ? ?o-? t ???! ? i a . ?r, a ft*' ? ik. ??. t ia4mu*4i '??? -f ? ?? Ui nan b?r ? ?if - >af ,1 ia <b? fan. r firram f ??* A||'/ a'. fco ? < Bill it ?' ? "til !ar/ ut M at Iib lr-?.kljo i*r*i bv a i H'/ri"! ? ? ? uba* a-.' ttW ?a rlaaaharaaafl a -? of a' ra '? ) ?'?rta??t 'an ? ?> t? a- b?' Ui | ? / 1 1.1/ at KI ?nl 1 at 117 A Will * f'tMoU* I *t> T? taataat ?*ak, at f? ffiiw Nm k?* tbaaa rtnlli.ti, ,|l,'/ t.?ti.i,t,ri , B| naa4 a^f / ii ' a ** ii f' iiVAV ? ? tntiffh .it Yf 1/ n/?r?n?l * a fv ly i??| in ?'I'h 'ii I ?B'AMt a ? 'i a ? a ; r. '*mIn4 i.?r >kaalM.aa|r'a!afat '? * ?? 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