Newspaper of Evening Star, March 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 2, 1855 Page 3
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KV kNINO STAR. LOCAL IM E L LIGENC E. nh replanted by S:^f? J *>?*'?? are iMtitutiom, elected yeeterdiv th* Sf,,th*>ti*a T'S'7 V oa" ekvitti Wilder, of Miuii ?'r??T~JatUrUT,: Andrew, Coan^?u\ Sit John T 1 ork; Isaac Cornel, \W?*er? New ">n, No.,lTWkc 'jf* W HQ S Key, M.r,I JJ Dp9lV"? Mrginie; Henry K Burjw? v VC<Mti^ line; Jam*, HopkineonSSw ??nh Caro A. Km. ChSS, "^%8iS,fct Carolina; b A-G Brown, Mississippi- j Tr tuST' Louisiana; General w mkI.m DeBow. Worthington, Ohin- r a ,d? J J. P. QentS, Te?a J?, ^-Kwtnck,; M. Kinnieutt, Illinois Thot 4i'i is"*' J* A> B Journey, ArkanaMj V 5 f1""** * gan; Jaekson Morr?' i. ? flo,aa?i Miohl Wisconsin* j vi n ? ? C. Eastman j*35/L i"?'cub. M' Gid c^:?37^^Vi,0,E,2" l?*c B nia; J Went worth Illinois R p ?enn37lT? sbst* *? After the elationTd?sc^!!i Drton' D C a resolution offered by Mr ii f froae npon ?ware, denoiS tL reCf" '??b!' of D#I" injurious t, the tn"7 " Meefr?. n^combe I>ck <rfvhk* r#publie V , Jones of 1>el *!'*"? of * the diieudiioQ PMtwipjijj jn T~-?? ?*?"-?? ?nm.Kj ""J pay a ^hlVdeliffhted a "<?? 7n*ATK* ~A large and iSdi/an'. f V,!?af ? lTe gr##tfd MJ?'g and ??aigan s Equestrian Troupe last evenin?? .? Jsya^as.'Xs fisvws' rH2 S?* this oifT Thm (.huf .it .. P?'f>rai(d in i? ker (JtaSbl. ?,L;l'rSCi,<'0 *' "?""I ? a ? 8r?ce, all her motions beinr Th??L " Prit,l? >? 8 rue poetuncg act of M Carlo Is r?fw3 gajtew; &?*? w. ^i4"?."lM"r.'KVwu2 ,he all wl^iS?iL *pplB* *Dd 'touting of ssssasi brilliant and profitable cue indeed. Havds qs roca Pocnar aor.r? ur deraund that, within the laat few week, s??srbts; l,*d!b*ir,rk*u SHS;if-f?Sps J"? "*? ?ha tamed to remonatrate hut tk? t. ' '?like all Doaje^n " ^ !? 1 . bo^ ran ?< bT ?0,b? i, ii ,;?va, ??coapiic.. Ib.r.*,r.. ?f ..T ''b?V.7. , r "' "flUj II . crowd and s.% ' s^-r u?:^ "r.v .??? i? tbflr ^.^"'"-.b"i?,g ?'t*Td ""m who attend a rich treat ' Th? ?ftprorn,8# a11 t art unmeet ? ? ' afternoon en ?J!STSi j? dc.U bat tb., ?b.,B"i|i b. crewdJJ" The PbilbAfcmofic's Comckrt?The pre cram me for this concert, which ukes place on Tueeday evening next a' Carusi's Saloon, is made up of a seleetion which must attract all tha lovers of clacsic murie. Kosnini, Bellini, Verdi. Zingarilla, Bishop, Ac , Ao . will be heard in some of their finest compositions Mra Franklin will eing the Mocking Bird ?oag by Bishop, with obiigato 9-jte aocompa ainent by Mr Scbutter; and Mra. Barn* will ?ing " Non tn Sogno," From I Lombardy. Other membera of the Society will also give aome of the cost admired mosic of the day. MiTaoDiaT Protbstamt SaaBarn Scbool.? This Sabbath School has lately taken a new ?tart. At its last elee ion of cl!i:era, young men wera elected, from the Superintendent to tha Librarian They have infused new life into the school As the library was rather antiqaated, they raised and expended $i0 in the purchase of new bovks, papers, Ac., and the school haa riace been ioereaiiag rapidly. Saoceas to them. A Pickpocket ?Last evening, one of theee light finsered g?ntzj was anejted at the en trance cf the National Theatre, on suapicion of having taking a port monnaie from the pocket oi lir J Anderson. Though it was not found ~n his jerscn, Mr. A. is positive as to hii haviug abstracted it. It is supposed he had an a^couipwce in the crowd to whom it was p44. ed. A beautg will be had before Justice Clark, at four o'clock Ibis afternoon. The supposed thief is a you'.h about ninctesn years of age. lie hails 1ml Baltimore, and aays bis name is Adaxs. Up to this morning be had failed to giva aLy 2V,ulac:ory acoount of himself ArrinrraT Amos ?Last evening, between the boars of a and 9 o'clock, an attempt was made to set fire to the dwelling of Misa Young, naar the corner of Tenth and C streets. A large quantity cf lumber was piled ap near the fence f the building, whnh baring been fired, the ftamee aro?e to a considerable height, grevtoaa to Ita being discovered. By the as sietance of tha neighbors it was shortly sub dued Cobbkctio*. ?Mttsrs Editors: In your notice yesterday of Laughridge's car brake, you call a taggle Joint a tratel joint. Your oompositor might more appropriately have called it an Irish ball, for in its operation yoa pall the ears together to push them apart, or brake the can to keep them from breaking Ebbata. Waahiagton, March 2, ISi*. Mbtbopoutax Faib ?Yesterday, tha pro ceeds were set apart for the poor, and oaroiti. sena generally responded to the noble eall The band, on this occasion gave their services gratuitously. We !ea-n this morning that |27i it wee handed over to the Ladies' Be nevaleat Society to be distributed among the poor. Last Lkvbb.?We would ad viae all who wiah to be present at the last levee of the sea ?oa. which cornea off to night, to be there as ?arij as poseible for there is oertain to be a large ax.d brilliant company Tan Actomitob Bird has retarned from lt? northern flight, aod ean now be seen at liilbas A flits'!, Star Buildings. " How sweetly It aag^" exclaimed a lady yesterday, while at the same time her name went dowa for three chancer All who have examined It lay that ft exceUt everything they ever *aw Akothi StaiMiDf ?Lut 'sight the Na tional Braaa Band again oat and viaitod the reeideocce of Mum C. F. Wood and Lawrenoe Qobright, in froat of whoce dwell lng the/ played aome ehoiee piaoes of moaie. Tu At t chtiow of sob bore of Congroee and othere leaTing thia city, i< diroetad to the ad vertiaement headed "Special TraTeling No tice" ? ^ Watcb Hovti Earvrnva ?We kave none to make thia Morning Thia apoaka favorably for the morale of oar people, at wall aa tha efficiency of ovr police department. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. WiliarUa' He?el??- * Iijc. wiiuaa. W W Strom', NY J D Willard, NY J H Halbweck, do Mr Mclnstry, do N T Shente, Vt A C Ayer, Ma? S Rogest, NY J Tamer, do VV S? itb, do J H Kimball, do J Simmons, do 1> Moaeley, do >1 R Hamilton, NJ Mr Arnold, NY S R Anaberman It party, Mr* Arnold, tfo KI C Knap, Pa J Lane, Me C T Carroll, Md R Brown, Ma*- C J Pox, NY G M Tu.i >on, NY J W Girard, do II Yolk, d" VV R Langdon, Scotland K G Harti. Id, do Capt Levy, USN ?rowae' Bmm-.. r. k a. aaowa. II F Niemann, Pa W McGovin, NY l)r M J Baily, NY J A 11 Hasbrook, do A 3 Dean, O \V J Antwerp and lady, J R Daniel, NC Ky F 3 Greenleaf, Mam T 8 Mitchell k lady, Md VV Ilendrick, Va Miss Mitchell. Md T Garland, do E A Shand, Va A Pernn, 8C y VVcb^r It lady, NY 8 Anderson, Tenn If M Weat, Md O M McCormick, Ala T M Bolin, do S Swan, do W Kilgour, do E Dor an k lady, USN J lobn-on, Va M H Dalton, Mas* J Lincoln, do Miw Dalton, do U D Pouter, Pa Mi** Hopping, NY II C Fahnstock, do VV J Kane, Pa II A Reiser, do Mi#* Kane, do F Howard, Ct E G Miller k lady, Md Dr J Higgin*, Md A G Ege, do Dr C A Leas, do L D Jone? k family, do F Fortune, do Dr J Water*, do Col L Pcrrine k lady, NY It Gray, NC T A Wilson, SC E A Vofler, do H M Lash, do J R Crist. do E C Lehman, do A A Sullivan, do Cadt I Kyndcr:, NY Klrkwoi'I IIoai<-i h. k a. aiaxwouft. C S Buckley, Cal G T Crawford, Md l? I' Win/ate4 Mn P Dunbar and daughter, C D Wingate, NY Mass Dr C X Jordan, Me E Rice, Min VV S Bartlett and latly, U Thompson, Uo Ma-i VV Manu, Pa T D Lock wood, NY J II Curti s, Mara O Front, do C F Curtis*, do N I* Gordon, Pa G F William*, do C II Miller, do VV H Spooner, do W Fiink k lady, Md J Butter field, do G C Brooks, d> J T Fitch, do VV O Tall butt, do D Sione, Pa M Bu-ke, I'a B B Gonder, do C Mclntier, M?m H W Clare, Va k: VV Wleid, Ga R Grt y, NC I VV Floyd, Tenn P Wil*on, do II Weaver, NY J K Criat, do C M Uarker and family, E A Vofle, do SJ A V Sul'ivan, do D Simmons, Mas# II M La*h, do J K Comstock, do 1#C Lehman, do G Andrews, NJ L B Wafbington, do A Dutclier, do l> L Sothoron, Inlia A II Dickir*ou Md H Frankfort, NO A Rosa. Va !1 Rosenheim, Va W G Morgan, do J C Green way k lady, do C Uigrowea, NY Mr* A E Can.pb.ll, do* W ?ill, do II Coggill, NY J Daffy, Pa C Richardson, do Wants. WANTED?TO HIRE FOR ONE YEAR, A Ik use, in good repair, containing not less than 8 room*, including a kitchen, to be located be tween the (Capitol and Navy Yard, lor which a lib eral r?-nt will be paid. Enquire of II. HUNT, at the Navy Yard. mar 1 3.* A MIDDLE AGED LADY, HIGHLY RF.SPECT able. wishes to engage with a family going out to California. She would take care of an invalid Lady, or lake charge of chilcren on the parage, would remain with tha family on their arrival, if re quired. The beat of recommendationa can be given Please address "California," Evening Star effice. mar I- 3t WANTED-AT THE MANSION HOUSE in Alexandria, Va , a Head Waiier. To one well qualified good wage* wilt be given. leb3K?4t* A G. NEWTON. WANTED?TWO YOUNG MEN TO ASSIST iu a dairy. Tboae who understand milking, and are capable of taking charge of a Horse and Wagon. Good references required aa regard* hon e*ty and sobriety Address "O P," City Po? Office, post paid. fdb 28?3r Boarding. BOARDISO.?MRS. CARTER, Capitol H.ll will he prepared to accommodate boarders? permanent or transient?immediately after the ad journment of Congress and ibe Supreme Court. Remdeuce No. *, near North Oate of Capitol, inar 2?ec2w* BOARDING.?A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No 3, Union Row, on F street, between 6ih and 7ih, can offer fine large rooma for families, t-itier turnulied or unfurniohed Also, ha* roomfor gen Jemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarder* and permanent or transient per son* will be accommodated on the most reasonable term* frbSl?2w Auction ealaa. By R. II. JKWELLK 4k. CO., Aucta COMPLETE 8ET OF CARPENTER'S TOOLS at Auction.?On SATURDAY morning, March 3d, at 10 o'clock, we shall tell, in frout of our Auc tion Rooms, a valueb e set of Carpenter'a Toil-, which will be ?old, without re*erve for cash. R. H. JEWELLS k CO., " mar *2?It Auctioneera. By J. C. JSeGUIRftU, Aaetleaaar. SUPERIOR GOLD AND SILVER WATCHED, tin- Gold Vest, Fob, and Guard Chains, Ac On this (Friday) afternoon, March 2d, at 4X o'cl'k, at my Auctir n Rooms, 1 shall *eil a large and choice collection of superior Gold and Silver Watches oi the most celebrated makers. Also, a beauutul assortment of fine Gold Chains, of various styles and patterns. Terms ca>h JAMES C. McGUIHE, max 2?It Auctioneer. By J. C. HeQVIUK, Aucilonici HANDSOME OIL PAINTINGS at rub.ic Auc tion.? On TUESDAY afternoon, March 6, at 4 o'clock, at my Auction Room*, I .-lull ?'ell, with out reserve, tweutyfuur handsome Oil Paintings, in fi. e gilt Irainca. Term* cadi. J AS. C. McGUIRE, mar 2?d Aucuoneer. By J. C. 31cCI U IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF STOTK k FIXTURES of a Merchant Tailor.?Oil MONDAY, March 12lli, at 10 o'clock, at the store on the ea-t side of 4^?>lret>t, two doors nuih of Pa. avenue, I shall *ei|, by virtue of a deed of trust dated February 7, ldia, and duly recordtd among the land record.-ol Washington county, all the stock in trade and Ax lure*, comprising ? Blue, black, olive, gri < n, and brown Cloth* Double .uid tingle milled plain and fancy Caasi merea Silk, satin, cloth, Marseille* and Casaimere Vest ing* Sewing Sdk, Thread, Buttons, Cord, Binding* Satiu aeed lining Silk, Browu Hoi and Paddina Canton Flannel, I'auva**, Cotton Silesia, Alpaca, Wadding, ate. ALSO? One larfv French plate Minor, sire of |late 72 by 50 inches ? Two French p'ate Pier Glaaaea Tutting and Show Counters, Side Counter* Slfrlvc* and Drawers, Show Racks flock, stove. Chairs, Table*, kc. Terms. $30 and under caeh; over that sum a crtdu of 30,60, and W0 days, for note* satisfactorily endorsed, b?anug intereat. JNO. C. KENNEDY,Trnatee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, mar 2?d Aucuoneer. Br C. MeOUIREi Auctioneer. A PORTION OF LAW LIBRARY At Auction - Will be so d by J. C. McGuire, corner of 10 ih and D street*, on March 5Ji, at 4U o'clock, a valu able and rare collection of old English Law Books. For catalogue* apply at the Auction Rooms. mar 1?"<t By J. V. MeGUIRK, Aaetlenaar. PAIR OF CARRI VGE HORSES, BUGGY AND Harnea* at Auction ?On FRIDAY afternoon, March 21. at 4 o'clock, in tront of the Auction room I shall m Ii a pair ol black Carnaae Horses, eight year* old, and warranted sound ana kind in all re ?pert*; a handsome Northern built Buggy, with the shatts and pole, nearly new, and a ret of fine singb Harnett, ui good order, the property of a gentleman leaving tha city and having no nirther use for them. fab 97-4 Aactioneer. [Concluded from fourth page.] 13811 Prom Richlanl City bj v'extonville, Rich laad Outre, Hock bridge, F<noy Crack an! Klckapo to Tlncqia C Li, 48 alia* and bajfc, ODNI TMt Leave Mehimd OftT rwri?T itfiim Arrive at VlnoqaaC H imi day Wtin Leave Vinoqu iCUWi mm 'ay at ? a!a i w ** in4 cay by 8 ?a 13833 Prom P.k'gway tj Pnajrire, 28 mile* and b wk. onee a we^k L*av? RMfeway Thursday at 8 a a AitIt ?at Prixroee f ame Jay by 0 a m Le* ve Primrose Friday a4. ? a a 13823 Jrom Shawdau, VvSSjna^ bj^tha Month of the Oat>aafon river, M ehl*an, P?ks of Oa tonagon, M'naeeota, Adventure. Attee, Doug Hss, HouiLtan, an I Al.onqntn Minee.u< u.h ton oa Por age Lake. Kagie River, and Kagie Harbor, to Cupper lia.bor, ? a'lciaad back, ?oooe a week Bidd?r:i will state the diataice and earns a sch dole of departure* aad arrival \ ITjpoaal' by ib? trip for set vice from No v aber 15 to Miy is, |o eajh year, are In vited. 1SIU From Pithltrd City by Read's Mill* Dad axe tad West Pr-iri* to Newport on the M.e sissippl river, 67 m:le* anl baet, oaee a T<ak Leave Richlan J City Tneeday at 0 a in Arrive at Newport cnt d y hy 6 p m L>av? Newport Thursday attfam Arrive at hichlanl City next day b/ 6 p m. INDIANA (From Ju'y 1,1855, to Junt 3 >, 1&58.) 14718 Prtm Alexaniria br Pr stville, Indepea deiee and Jones's M 111 to Jerome, 23 mil's and back, on* a week Lea^e Alexandria Friday at 9 a a Arrive at Jeroite aame day by 4pm Leave Jerome 8< urday at 8 a m Arrive at Alexandria rame d y by 3 p m 14<49 from Attica by itaiueiVill^ Andrew Hlxot'i and Fine Oruve, ^or Perriah Q.Ofej to M!l fjrd, 111., 13 mi ei and back, once a week Lajve Attica Friiay at 7 a m Arrive a' Mili'ord aame day ty 6 p m Leave Mill ori 8a:urday at 7 a m A) rive at Attl a tain- day by 0 p m 11750 F:om Ba .atl> -roug'a (auppo e i Pittsb r >ogh? by Fayeitj, aad Ihorul^yav IIj, t; Lebanon 17 miles and beck cnce a week Leave bo<.JHjo:ojgb F.kl y at 7 a iu Arrive at l^'Aiioa same d?y l?y 11 m Le*v? L bun n Pri ley ?t I p in Arrive at . t ons -orough lain day by by 6 p m. 11761 1 rota .'.'ruio'n X R<(tds, by Hstnau* anl ltue* so i's Mil>, to i>, 2S milei and back, oooe a \v s' k. , Leave Btun'a X Roada Friday at 7 a m * Arn?e utC.Yington someday by 4 p m Leave i) viijrton Saturdny at 7 a m Arrive *t bruin's X hoed > same day by 4 p m. U75i From Carlisle, by L nton, t? Worth ng.on, 26 m les aaa ba -k, orej a week.' L?v? Carlisle Pr day at 7 a a Arrive at WortLi<ig..on time day by 4 p a Leave Worthing on r aturJitv at 7 a m Arrive at Carlisle same day by4pm. Tli t portion cf this ronte between Liittn ft"*1 VV.-thing oa ?ppea-? to be eoV#rel by exist* i-ig eervi.e; ii eo, it may n>t bo let. ?r.po aai- are invi.ed lor se.vhe betweea CariL-le aod Lint .n. 14733 l'roa Clinton Leek, by Clinton. Indian Per nice, a d Baldwin vll e, to Paris, 111 ,22 m les and bn:k, oncea wesk Leave Clinton Lock Friday at 0 a a Arrive at Paris seme day ty4 p tn Leave Pari' Bu^nrdty at 0 a m Arrive at Clintcn Lack Same day by 2 p m. 14751 Prim K1 ant-etown, Obij, by Ha-rison, Ind, Drewer.'burg, aod Pti anthropy, Ohio, Mexer vi la, Ind? Contreris, aod Collegi Corner, Ohio, and Oxdwin's ^to^e, Inl, to Bee hy Mutt, m.Ls anl back, oncea we-k. Leave Klizabetlitown F.idiy at 5 a m Arrive at Bei civ Mire sam ? day by 7 p m Leave B?echy MIim .vati:rd .y a'. 5 a m Arrive at Klixabethtown uuit d-y by 7 p m 14755 Fr^m Fa riaiant t > Jerona, (t?>Cil) 20 miles and ha k. occe a we?k. L*ave Fairmonnt Friday at 9 a m Atriv at Jerome tame d> y by 3 p m Loave Jt^rme Saturday itgiu Arrive at Pairinu int earn ? d*y by 2 p m. 1471') Fliot to O.Utd, 8 in.les *nl Lack, oace a wee*. Le?vw Flint Saturday st 1 t? m Arrire at Oi land sam t day by :j p m Le-ve Crimed Satnr Jay ai "i p ui Ariiv^ at Hi it rttme C&j by p m. 14757 Frcrn For . W ya*, Jy WariUg and Tr?y Fet tl?me.t4 to Liberty M Ua, 35 milej and back, onee a week. Leave Fort Wayne Friday ?t 6 a m ?rtive st Liberty Mills aame day bj 5 da, i.??v? Liberty Mills Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at F. r; Wayn? sanu Jay by 6 p m. 14754 From O^nhen, by Mevr Pkr.s and Locke, to Plymou h, 40 miles aad bar c, on. * a week. Le >ve Qosh?>n Friday at 6 a in Arrive at P ymouth tain; day by 7 p a Leave Hym >utb Saturday at C a m Arrive r.t Ooahen taite day by 7 p a. (I his rvute appears to be m oit'y covered hy No 14706; if to, it vtiU. nat be let.) 14760 From Oreencastle, by Ruidellvilla, Wave land, and Jackaonvii e, to Cov.ngton, 10 ailes and back once a week. Leave Qreeucastle Thuinlay, at 7 a m Arrive at Covington i titdav by 12m Leave Covington Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Qreentasiie next Cmy bj 6 p a 14*60 From OreenfielJ, by Harrington. Ciloabu, Pendlatcn, and Meodon, to f.den, 33| mile* and back, one- a week Leave Greenfield, It 4-J ay at 9 a m Arrive at Kdeu Rams day by 7 p m Leave Aden raturday at 7 a a A rrive at OreenSeld aame day by 3 p a (Pro/ ota t are xnvxUd for u.e service between Writ" field, by Harrirgton arul Columbut, to Fe+dU4on, 2d milet) 14761 Fr^m Green burg to UcahviUe, miles and back, once a war k Leave tirsen^bu g Friday st8 a m Arrive at Kutbvi le tame day by 5 p a L??Te P.uahviile Saturday at 7 a in Ariivo at Oreecrbu'g ?auie day by 4 p m 14702 Frum I'a/er t>*u, by I alton, Loaaatv.lle, II wi.t'e, Winjtor, Parker, Fairview, and Qoinry, to Camder, 48 mile i and back, ocre a week Leave llajerstown Tbui.vlay at 7 a m Arrive at Camden ntxt day by It a a Leavit C>mden iy at 2 p m Arrive a: linger*town next day by 8 p m 14763 From Hamilton, ly ^khiand, York, Clear Leke, and Camden! Mei. to Beading, 30 miles and baek, once a we, k Leave Hamilton Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Beading same day br 6 p a Leave Reading tfa urday at 7 am Arrive at Hamilton same day by 6 p a 14761 From Uun:iagton to Liber y Mills, by Plank Road, 29 ailes an t beck, occe a week Leive Huntings n Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Liberty Mill < Bame day by 12 m Leave Liberty Mills Friday at 1 p a Arrive at Huntington aame day by 7 p a 1476i From Jerome, by Wejt Liberty, BaiL>, and Nibloe'e, to Alexandria, 23 miles anl back, one* a week L?ave Jerome Frdjy a 0 am Arrive at Alexan lria aamn day by 5 p a L%aVe Alexanl la Saturday at 8 am Arrive at Jerome s-:> e day by 4 p m 11763 From Lexing'on by New Fi-aokfort and ilphn, to Parii>, ' 0 mi ee and back, once a w. ek Leave L?xi(>gloa Saturday at 6a m Arrive at IVm aaiLe day by 12 m Leave Pd> U Saturday at 1pm Arrive at Lsxlngtou e^me d?v by 7 p m 11767 Fr .on Lebanon, by fclixdvillj, to Ktrk's X r<ca-f?, 14 adV and h?.:k, once a week Leave L Uv onraturd?y at 6a m Arrive at Klrk'-< X Kca In suae djy by llam L ave KlrkV X Rcad^ Saturday at 12 m Arrive at lebanon fame day by 5 pm 147o# From Loiku Stuioo, by Bosrdiabe'a M lip, and Br'ghton, to Mojgi<4Jiuonc,ll miles and back, o^oe a wiek Leave Locke S'at.on 8 .tur ay at 7 am Arrive at Moagc<iu nocg same day by 10 a m L>ave Mr ng' qu<D')ug Saluiday at 11 a m Arrive at Locke btatioa rameaay by 2 p m 1476J Froih Marlon to Montpclier, 24 milej and Ifck.ouc.a week Le~ve Marion Friday at 8 a m Ar.ivo at Monttelier stuieday by 4 a a l. uve M mtp?l er Saturday at 7 a m Ar?ne at Marion same day by 3 p a 147TC Fiom Martincvi.le by Centeeton to Mooraa ville, 15 m lea and back, once a week Le Vts Martinsville 8-iturda at 7 a in Arrive at Mo.>resV.llisam<? by 12a I eave Mo reavil e Sitcrday at 1 p m Arrive at Mart n*v He day by 6 p m 14771 From Mount Vernon by Thomas's M lis, Maraball'e Lauding, (on VVeH Bank of Or, at Wabash,) ard New IJtv *n, III., to Kaltigh, 40 miles and ba -k once a -eek Leave Mount Vernon Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Ral^ieh same d-y by 7 p m Leave Raleigh Saturday at 6 a m Arr ve at Mount Ve;nen ttme day by 7 p m 14772 From MUdlebary to Vistula, 10 milea and ba.k, once a week l^iveMiddlebury Saturday at 10 am Arrive at Vistula Fame-lay by 1 p m Leave Vlatula Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at MidJla'snjiy >ame djv b/ipm 14773 From Muxri town by Granville, Blackford, Montpeli.r, Bluffoi and Orienti tj Fort Wayne, 73 mil s and back, cn.eav<?k L a'a MuccLi own Wednesday a' 7 a a Arriveat for Wayne next day by 4 p m Letve fort Wayne FriJav at 7 a m Ar.ive at Muncietown next day by 6 p m (TAtr route it tap ovi to be nwtJf cowed by emit ma ttracr; </ to, it wiL net be let) 14771 FnmPaoMby Pr.epect to Natcbat, 16 aika and baok, once a weak Liave Fnoll taUrday at 7 a m Arrive at Va cluz rame duy by 12 m Leave Na cbei Sat itday at 1 pm Arriveat Pecll same day by o p m 14778 Prom Portland M.lls by Bustellvllle to Wava laad, 12 aUec aad back, aaee a week I*avs Portias J Mills Saturday at 8 a m Arm's at W?v?1ibJ same day by 12 b Wiwl ad Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Portland Mil ? name d?v by 5 p in {Tkitrcult apf cars to be ccrersabp No. 14701; frf *>? * **ll net U leL) *rorn Terra Haute to Lewii1.20 sailtaaad bask, ohm a weak. Laave 1 acre Hruta 'aitrday at 6tn Arrive at L via sama day by 12 m Li *t? Lewi? Saturday at 1 p m Ajrrit e at Trrrt Haute use day b7 7 p m. u***i4WBi ^w 14T77 From Uiten City, by Fort Recovery, Mci do ?, ?nd Celina, Oh o. to St. Mary's, 66 milea j and back, ooca a vaak. Leave Union C ty Thonday at 6 a an Arrive at St. Mary's naxt daytby U at Larre It Mary's F.iuay atlpa Arrive?. t Union C ty aext day by 7 p at. Prrpoaal? for two and tl ria tia?i a week tec vie* ar# Invitel. 14778 From Wabash, by lakefon, to Warsaw, 86 mi'ts a-d back, once a week Leave Wabash Friday atfiao Arrive at V a aav * me day by 6 p m Leave War?aw Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Wabash earns Jar by 6 p m 14779 From Uptja, by Windlail, Jer;ma, Xenia, ank Summerset. to Wabaeh, 40 ml'ea ml b ck, oncea weak. / ' tare fip:on Friday at 6am Arrive at Wabash amt day by 7 a m Ltave Wabaeh Saturdas at 6 a m Arrive at Tipton si kh day ty 7 p m. 14790 from Wincejaac to Aledaiyjfliie, 20 m'le* and back, onoe a ae*.k. Laave Winnemio Friday at 2p m ? Arrire at Mrdarysvil'e ?uit d*y by 'J p m Leave Medarysviile Fxiday at 6 a aa Arrive at W nnemas aame day by 12 m 1J781 From Hsrtfcri City, tn the ? o?t direct roate, to W-rwn, 18 allu and back, once a week Leave Bartfbra Oily Saturday at 6 a m A:rive at Warr n earn-day by 12 at Leave Warren Sett r ay at I p u Ariiveat Hartfrl Ci'y saxe day by 7 p m. 147)2 lfr:in Knox, by Plqia an i 01-n Mannord, to Bi?er Stark ccun'v. 21 ml-sand a we*k. Leave Knox Welnmday and .JaturJay at 6a m Ar tv* ar Riv?r same day* ty 12 m L-ave River Weln*si*y anl triay at lr ui Arrive at Kaoxataedaya by 7 p m. Fro^*a'a for three times a week ?er?i:? are ii MINNESOTA TERRITORY. (from Jn'jf 1, 1855, to June 30, 1&8.) 1A0-4 From Fali?< f St. Anthony, by Stephen's Mil s, at Lake Minne oaka, aiid Walker's Landing, t> flt'tilerson 3t mil a and beck, cnc? a week. 1 l-wve Falls cf St. Anthony Wednesday at 6 a a Arrire at Henderscn fame lay by 6 p m L'ave Henderson Thursday at 6 a m Arrivj at F?l!* cf St Anthony cam* hti pm 14026 Fr m Far.ibault, MlnQes-tu, te Fort Atkin s >n, <a Iowa, 1*3 Kites, t nee a Wm-k Le*ve Far<ibatlt Mot d?y at 6 a m A?rive at Fort Atkinson nexi IhUridiy by 6 pm L ave Fort Atkinson Friday at 6 a m Ariive at farribault next Sunday by 6 p m Bidden will name the intermediate offices to bo ' supplied 14026 Fr. m Henderson, by Fort Rid? .ly, to tbe 1 S o >x Agency, 46 mile.] end tack, once a week Leave llenlerson Tuesday at u a m Arrita'. Hioux Agency nest day by 1? m Leave Sioux Agency Wedn-'vKy n't I p m Arrive at Bend* s :n n?xt day by 6 p m 14027 From lied Wing, on M.fs virpl river, via FarriVaa t, to llenderson, 80 mil s and ba-.k, 1 once a we-k I tare Red Wing Mondar at 6 a m ' Arrive at Fort Kidgety n>-x. Wednesday by 6 ' p m Leave Fort Ridgely Thnr (fay at C a m Arc ve at kei Wing next uria' by 6 p m 14.'28 From 8t Pa il t> fart Atkinion, Iowa, 2d) ml es aod back, one* a ?e?*k ' B.dleri will specify a (cbtd'J^e of departnrea and airivaia Pr?popa!p to f?d at Farribacttare invitel 14029 Frcm St. Paul, on ?he emigrant route, by Fj t R dgely, to the Missoxir, river, SOOml'es and bick, odc* a mtnth B dd?rs ?lll nauiit a febo ul? of dt j artur. e an 1 arrivals Fro^maU to commence at Fort RiJiraly are in vited 1403J From St. Anthony to Taylor's ^alls, 3imi'es and back, on e a week Ii?ave Rt. Anthony Weln?sdfv at G a m Arr \e at Tairlor'g Falls same Jay by 6 K m l#ave Tay'ort Falls Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at St. Anthony same Cay by 6 pa. 14031 Fr. m Tr^vene De>? Sioux to Ar.adie, 56 miles and back, twice a month Leave Traverse Des Sioux on the 1st and 16th cf?a'h month at 6 a m Arrive at stadia by th? 2d and loth of same m"?nth I y 6 p m Leave Areuliaon the 3d and 17th of each month at G a m Arrive at Traverse des Sio x by tbe 4th and 18th of the fame month by t> p m 14032 From Wa'^a^hawby Minnesota City, Monte soma and Brownsville to l>-*oerrah, low*, GO miles and back, oaee a week Lrave Wabasha v Tuesday at ?> a m Arrive at Pee rrah nut day by 6 pm Leave Dteotnh Tburalay a 6 a m Arrire a*. Waba'haw next day by 6 p ia Froposas to start frcm Br aLs?!lle are In v. ed. NEBRASKA TURBITORY. (From July 1,1865. to June 30,186S.) 14000 From N<-biaflka CVy by Pelleview and Omaha OUy to Fort (.alhoun, ? miles and back, once a a e-k Bidder* wilt atafe dibtance anl fropese schedule of departures and arrivals. K \NSA8 TERRITORY. (From Ju'y 1.1S55, to Jau- W, li&8 ) 15201 From Fort Leavtnworth to tbe P#c and Fox Ateocy, ? mil?s sni back, occ.>a wtek LiOders will statedittai ce atd p.opose schedule cf depvtutes and arrivals. 16202 Frooi F.^rt Scott to Fort Atkln?o% ~ mi'ej anl baek. oeo a w? ek. Bidleri will ptat* diftance anl prop^aa schedule <f departures and arrivals. 163C3 From Fort Leavenworth to F, rt Riley, ? mil** and back,onoe a we-k. Bilderj will state distance and propose schedule of departure and arriv>!s 15204 From Fort Pott to Crawford Seminary, ? miles and lack, osce a wrek. Bid l< rs will staU distance and propoje sobedule <>f departures and arrivals. 16303 From Wejtport, Mc., to Fcrt ScDti, ? milre and tack, occe a week Bi Iders will state dist \ c * and propose sehedula of depa- tares and >.rriva's. INSTRUCTIONS. Form of a proposal ichce no change from aJvcrU-e menl it contemplated by the Udder. I, ???, of , county ol" ., 8tate of , propose to convey the mails on route No. , t'roiu ??? to , aureeab.y to the adveilineinent of the Postmaster General, dated February 10, 1S55, and by t!it following mode of conveyance, viz: lor tbe annual tutu of dol'ars. Tlu^ proposal is made \vi li lull knouiedge of tl o dibtance ol the route, the weight of the mail to be carried, and ull other particulars in reference to the route and service, and ;U>o alter full examination of the instructions and n q'tiroiw ot-t aitachcd to the ad vertisement. Dated (Signed.) Fbrin of i GuurunUe. The undersigned, residing at , State of , und? r ake that, if the f iregomg bid for car rying ths mail on route No. be accepted by the Po'tinaster General, the b.dder shall, prior to the 1st day of July, 1855, or as toon thereafter as may l? , enter into the required obligation to per form the service proposed, with good and sufficient sureties. This we do with a full knowledge of the obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors under the 27th section of the act of Congress of July 2, 1636. Dated. (Signed b\ two guarantors) Farm of a Certificate. Tbe undersigned, postmaster of , State of , cert.fies, under bis oath of office, that he is acquainted with the aoove guarantor-, and know* them to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. * Dated (Signed.) The sufficiency of guarantor) on proposals may be certified by a judge of a court of record, and by poatmaiters. Conditions to be inarrpvraUJ in the contracts to U* extent the Department may drem proper. 1. Seven minutes ara allowed to each inUrm?*d> ata office, when not otherwise specified, for assorting the mails; but on railroad and steamboat route* there is to be no more delay than is sufficient for an exehange of the mail bags. 2. On route* where the inodeof conveyance admits ef it, the special agents of tbe Department, also post office blanks, mail bags, locks and keys, are to be conveyed without extra charge. 3. No pay will be made tor trips net performed; and for each of auch omissions not satisfactorily ex plained three times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrivals so far behind time at to break oonaexion withdependiug mails,and not sufficiently excused, ane-fourth of the compensation for th?* trip is subject forfeiture Deduction may al*o be or dered for a grade of performance inferior to that ?peclfi ed in the contract. For repeated delinquencies of the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, pro portioned to tbe nature thereof and the importance of the mail, may be made. 4. For leaving behind or throwiug off the mails or any portion cf than Dm the admission of pameagers, or for being eoneerttad Its totting cp ct running its slpreas conveying commercial intelligence ahead cl the mail, a quarter1* pay may be deducted. ft. Finns will be tnpoMd, aatw the iti Hannnj be promptly and satisfactorily explained by uerttt caUs (X postmaster*. o^fthe aftdavlts of othet ered i table persons, for tilling to arrive in contract Use. for nagketiac to uk? the mail fro*, or i?Hvw h into, a poet otto* sutVrin* it (owing either to the ueraltaMenem of the place or manner of envrrln* it) to >>? injured, destroyed. robbed. or lost: an* for refu?iug,??? t:ndemand, to c.*?u v?y the mil] as ft* qujntly a' the contractor runs. or 1? c^n^rn^ is running, a conch, car. or neambeet on a route. - # The Poataaater general may annul theoontract for repeated failure# to run afftaably to centred, for disobeying the poat ottae law*, or the Inatruo ti.naof the Department; for retiring to dlaehaig* a carrier when required by the Department to do aa tor aariffning the contract without the aeeent of the Postmaster general: for running an expresses afore said; or for transporting persons or packages coo ?eying mailable matter out of the mail. 7. The Postmaster General ra*y order an lucreas* cf s-rvi * on a route by allowing therefor a pro rata increase on the contract pay. He may chance the schedule of arrivals and departures, without increase of pay, provided he does not curtail th* amount of running time. He mar also order sl increase of spe*d, he allowing, within the restrio tiona of the law. a pro rata increase of pay for th* additional stock or carriers, if any. The contractor may, however, in the case of in>-mase of speed, re HuQuish the oontr&ct by giving prompt notice to the Department that be prefers doing so to earning th* order into effect. The Postmaster General mar also Curtail or discontinue the service, at pre rata da crease of pay, allowing one month's extra cota (sensation on the amount dispensed with, whenever I u his opinion the public interests do not reqvlre the 1 ?me, or In case he desires to supersede it by a differ ent crude of transportation. 8. Payments will be made for the service by eolleo-1 Hons from, or drafts on postmasters, or otherwise. I after the expiration of each quarter?ssy in Yebru- I ary. May, August, and November. 9. The distances are given according to the he?t I Information; but no increased pay will be allowed ?houM they he greater than advertised, if the point/ to be supplied be oorroetiy ?tated. Bidders must in form themselves on this point. 10. The Postmaster General i? prohibited by lav from knowingly making a contract for the traru?>or thtu-n of the mails with any p< rson who shall havf I snUred into, or propos?d to eoterinUi.any crtnbina tfon to prevent the making of any bid for a mail xntr*r-t by any other person or person', or whr I thai! har< rnude any agreement, or shall h?ve givit >r ferfrrnn-d, or promise-! to give or perform, nuj x>!Lsiderat ion whatever, or to do m uot t? do any I thins whatever, in order Co induce any other i>er-' d I >r perooiu-^ot to b'd for a mail contract, 1'anlcular I attention us rellid fr> the *J8tli *ccti< u at tutol I L83?, prohibiting combination;- to prevent bidding. I 11. A bid received nfter tiute, viz; 3pm of the luth I April, 1855. or without the gu?runty mjuirrd by I law, or that combines several route.* in onu sum ol I *.ompeu.*ati<".n. cannot be considered iii comiK'tition I if ith a regular proposal reasonable hi amount. li. Bidders should, in all ca?t:s, tir.t propose for I ?ervice strictly aorording to the edvertiMUieut, ati.i I then, if they desire, teparat'fy for different se.rvue; I ind if the regular bid be the lowest offered for the I idvcrtised service, the other bids may be considered; j f the alterations proposed are recomuii r,<W by th? >??taia.?ters and dtiaea* interested, ot 1/ they shah I ippear manifestly ri^ht anil proper. 13 There should be but oue route bid for in a I jpotal. i 14. The route, the server*, the jew'y par, th? ^auie and residence of the bidder, and those of each I He ruber of a firm, where a company offers, sl?ouid I >e distinctly stated, also the mode of conveyauoe, it I i higher mode than horscbm k be intended. The I irords - with due celerity, c?rtaiuty,and security," I melted to indi-ate the mode el conveyance, will I or.?t!t;itp a u ttiir bul." 15 bidd rs are ?queftei to us ?, as far a? nraeti- I table, tVe priu'ed f >rm of prcp-Mwl fura^?J?l Iy the I Ivpirtriont, <o wji'e ou- in lu 1 the tuuicfthtirl dkIs, a d to re ain cr jj?s of tbem. i No a'ter^d bi<i:eai b? conaii-ied, ani i?o lilsj jn^e m'tui ted rao t e w>tiidr*wn. Bach b d mmt be guar.vnt-*d by two retponslUe I ^?^S 'ni General gca aiitee< cannot ha admitted 10. Ihebil should b< sea'ed; euperstiibed " M? i' I E*r3pofala, 8tate f.f cr T?rritory of (aa 'b* | ?a m v b*,) allr'83ed "8*oond -Vssistant Po t 1 master ti<njral/' Contract OHice, aud k tiy mcJ I a t y, or to, tn a^cnt, and p-stwas'trs Will tot I enrlo'e p-opoj>ls, (or lett ra of any kind) in their I juar erly r^tv.ins. 17. Th-* eon tract? irt to be executed and returned totlieLvpartOK-ntbyorbefe re tlie lsi ofJuly, lUi I bot the service rcn t b ? c lumeLced on th?- mail da. J nex at *r tha. -lute, vhetb r he c ntractf Ix ex- I :u ? d or not No p cp sition for transfers w 1* i? I ?in I'e ?d u^til the ??* n'rux;t? are ? xecub-d in dii?- I r.rui * i received at the d laituient; and hen r o I ra .sfe;s *iil be allowiid U'.lces ftcod ani ?u(Lcirut| ree.-on? 'b?rofor are glveu to be determined ty the J ieparisient. 11. Section IS of an a^t of Congress, apprevvd I March a, 1*46, provides th?t contracts for thejrai s I fruition of the Ail shall be let, "in every cafe to th<- loa.-st bidder tendering fufficient guaranties I [or faithtul performance, v ithout other reference U J th<* mode of such tranHi^rtation than may be n?c?a j sary to provide for the due celerity, c* rtainty, and 1 lecurity of such transportation." Under this .>?.* | a new description of Wi?b? has been received. It doe# I uot s|>ecify a laode of conveyance, hut engages to taku the entire mail each trip with celerity, certain ty. and security, u*iQg the terms of the law. These j bids are styled, from the manner in which they ?r? lt?i)rnatod on the books of the Department, "r?<?rl 1/vrfr," and they will be construed a* providing-for the entire mail, howtvrr larg*, and xotuitcocr may be 'he .nnir ?} conrf tfianc-' nf&uary U> insure iU " o-hu-iLy, xrtaintc, and security " In all" fiases where the lowes-t grade of service :? I bolieved to be sutBcient, the lowest bid will ^e acoe^ ted. if dv-ly guarantied, in preference to a " iUr" or 'pecific Li i. When the lowest bid is uot > star bid, and specifies I cither no mod? or an inadequate ni<>de of convt) anoe. it will not be accepted, but eet a=id? for a sp^tilk bid proposing tl.e nccessaiy Fervice. \\ nf n the bid d<x>s not specify a mode of oon reyance. also, wh-n it pr ipose-; to carry "accordin/ t > th ? advertisement," but withouteuch ?pcc\tcatk>n i will be comiuered as a proposal lor hi r^ back aer ,9 A modification of a bid, in any of its essential brms k tantamount to a new bid. and cannot tc rm eived, so ss to interfere ^ ith regular competition, after the la't hour set for rec? iving t>ids. SO. Postmaster? are to be careful not to certitj the sufficiency of jfuarantors or su.eties without knowing that they are person* of sufficient re,?pon aibility; and all bidders, iiuarautor?, and fur?.tie^ are listinetly notified that on a failure to enter into or perfot m the contracts for the service propo^-d lor in the accepted bids their ltval liabilities will be en forced azainst tbem. 21. The contracts will be substantially in the form heretofore used in this Deparlmout, except in the rospecls parti-ularly incutioned in these inctruc Lion#; and oil all railroad and steamboat routes At eontractors will be rei^uired to deliver the m iils into the post offices at the ends of the routes and inh> all the initn-di?te post offices, not more than eighty rods from the railroad or landing. r2. I'rescut contractors and persons known at the Department, must, equally with others, prozuxx jju irautjrs aud certificates of their sufficiency fub dtantially i:i the form? above pretribed. The cor tificateeofBuffiiieney muetberigued by a pwtuia* tcr, wt one of trw? i lees* b.-fire n?med, or a judge ol a court ot record. JAMC$ C \ MPBELL, ?eh 16?F4? P>s'ma ter Gensr. 1. For Bale and Pent. For sale a pakm in montgosikkv eonrty, Md. This land adioias the proper(> which David I'cu^h lntely bougiit of the heirs o; IV ii. Caither, ai>d the lauds ol" Mrs. bcab: ai d Dr lit an c It is ab.iut tour miles frum tin- Sovcntli at. j | hink road, and bctw en nine aud it-ii miles fown \V.i*lnii;toi|. This land is uioetly cover, d with wi od, the soil is very kind and auscep .b e ol iiupriivement. It is well watered wuh severa. ?trea!:i ? of n-ver-failing water, and contain* a larie atuounl ot land capable of being conver t J int? nieaduv.s. The tract coniains one hundrtd au i seventy-two acres. Tnerc is ou the place, in ti e procesE of completion, a viry ueat Cottage, coutaiu ij.g four rooms : an l four thou-and new Chestnut Kails re.tdv for ftocicj I will sell the wiiole iraci or eighty acres ot it with the house. The it rit.s or' sale arc one fourth ca.-li ; the bal auce in one, two aud thiee year*, secured by a deed I i f trurt. LOITI8 M ACK ALL, Jr. GjitrgL'towii, .March 2?iawtf rjMlKRtfNT- TIIE DWELLING AND STOKt! X? *>n lltli street west, oue door froui Pa. aveuue. not lit aiie, adjoining Parnhaurs Bookstore. Appl) to GEOR0E A. W. RANDALL, mar i?eotf corner 12ih and it sts. Furnished rooms for ri:nt. Enquire at MRS. LAM3^, No. 303 Pa. avenue, next to cor. 15lli st. feb 28?3t* Furnished house for rent? inodiou* House, Nj. 450 11 sneet; containing eleven rooms, with b ith rortm, gas fixture*, fcc., I completely f urnished in evary particular, is for rent. Apply to N. M. MeGREOOR, Furniture IV.Ier, 7U. street. feb 23?tf Furnished house for rent.-The sub soriber will rent his hcu^e with the Fur .unre and tlie s able, to a careful aud punctual tenant No. 403 Thirteenth street, between G and II. It ma> beexami led ai d the tt rm< ascertained at ihe bouse. For sale, a Horse aud Carriage. feb 22?if ClIAS. DUMMER. FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE? For Oeorretowu or Cby Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax cour.ty, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of bridge and Congress ets., No. ?T. feb 6-tf OWES FOR ALL.?Beamiftilty and healthily lo ated Buildiug Lou, 24 fen front bjr 130 feet deep, on graded street*, can, until "pnaf, he bought ai tlie exceeding low price ol $7&, payable ft per month Title indisputable. Ubmm Laud t >tfice, 7th at., \ above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jm ??1JOHN fOX, Secretary, H' TELEGRAPHIC. tiywwffkai Ntt?Hn>iM rot Antral kt the Ksjftrt CMy Hew Yoag. Mv?h 2 ?The etea.abip F.o plre City arrired here 1** with flireana la'es *o the 24tb. So newa of ia>parU?>ee 3he bt>nf? tbe Califorata mailt, trawfe**H '"ma the El r*>r*?lo at Havana She ela ? brings uoMitiof tue epeeing of lb* PasfB* railroad oa tbo 20th, aad the fttrtir; and in eideuta of tba uNuioi. Deatrnciee Fire la Springfield, Maes SraiKoriKbD, March 2?Aftrethia mcraioc destroyed a brick bloeb near the railroad Jo pot, owned by C. W. Cbapia, aod oeecpted by (Jmaaleef aod Taylor, paper hangers; Brown A Grata#, hardware dealer*. aad Keleon k Elmer, boet and ?boe dealen. Tbe lota la ea tlmated at $10,0W, covered by iaaaraace. Baltimore Baltimorb, March 2 ?Floor ia kald irm at yeaterday'a ratea; $8 624 for Howard street, aid City Milla $8.J5a$8.37i, bat do tales are noted. Receipts of (raia are eaeatdlngiy light. Wheat aad oorn are firm aad on changed, bat no treaaoetieaa. lew York Market New Yoaa, Mareb 1.?Cottoa if anehsagtd with a limited baaineea at previoea ratea ? asles of 6,000 bales. Flour ia tending up ward, aad piieej are atiffer, bat aot qnetabl v higher; good Ohio at $9 371; 8oalbera it ateady; aalta of 1,300 bbla. at yeaterdaj'a rates. Wheel ia upweid and firm ; Southern White, eemmon, $2 10; Southern red oom icon, $2 0*. Corn la upward and firm??? lei of 2j OCv baabela; W eaters mixed at 97 oeit ; Southern mixed at V5a96. Pork it unchanged. Beef is upward and firm; oountry mym $11.00. Whitby ia qua!?Ohio at 33 cents per gallon. lew York ttock Market Naw Yorc, March 2.?Stock* are firm and money it plasty; Erie Railroad 45fc Cleveland aod Toledo Railroad 72; Miebigan and Sjuth - am '?!; Reading Railroed 77; Michigan Cen tral 04; Peantylvania Coal Company 1001, Cleveland and Pittsburg 40: Delaware and Lackawana Weat. Railroad 80; Iediaaa 6'a 80. Anction Bales. By R. II. JEW K ILK dt Ca* Awe to. & i w |f| WORTH Or WATCHES ANH SP*J#V'UUjewclry at Auction ?Pwf? plon- and niiresetvtd ^e of Watches aud Jearrlry ?(.in SAT (JIt DAY morning and evening, Feb 94U?. instant, tind every otlirr day and evening until tb? entire ??took ia sold, we shall sell at our AecU' n Itootn* a splendid selection of Watches and Jewalrv, consist ing of iu part, viz: Cold Engli'h Patent Lever Watches I>o in Hunting < as*? Do ((pen Dial Do Detached Lever* IX) Cylinder Kscapemen.s l'nct? from to Gold Cuard i*hain.- ol various styles llo Koto and Vest I ham% Do Keys, Seal*, and Kings Do Ur? ast puis, Ear-drop*, fco. Silver Wati Ue- ol ali kind ., pricc* Ircro <6 u e.19 Tlas spl . n lid stork will be open everyday tor ex IiiI.iIkmi, and any person wishing to purchase at pet vate ?ele caa d-? hi. K. II. JEWELLE A CO., Auctioneers. P. S. The above named stork is to be sold with ( ut re-erv r to cover advances. feb vr - M By J. C. NtOUIKK) Auetlanaer I EXCELLENT Fl.'RNlTL'RE k. HOt'8EM<H.I) j KlTect- at Public Auction.?On MOND41 inormiif, March Sili, at 10 o'clock, at Ute buildmir on the south mde ol P street, near 9th. ^occupied by a i.uu.ber of denatorv) I ?iia^l sell ail Ibeir excel lent Furniture and F.tle u, cooi|irisicg Suite of haiidMWiely carved Malnut Pari* Paiki lure, consisting of pair of Preneb Antes, pair ol Urge Arm Chair* and 6 parlor Cba r? Hoe e woo J inarUe top Umuftt Do do Centre Table Large French plate Mirror, Tabi* and t$*ab Si\ ru?ti real Re e^t oa Chairs, Easy Cbair Walnut Card Tabl-s Mahogany Centra Tables Excellent Pailor and Chamber Carpe*? Vttoiuaii Stair and Ha I Carpe s, OiMoeb Maliogany Hat rack, Ball TatJe and Cbai ? Five Suites of Walnut t'hamber Furwtare, com pi. - ?ing niarb e top bre^sinc bureau, m rlilt top Waths'.andt, Cottage Bedsit ads, Cane-seat Chair*, and Towel Rick Bert curled hair Matlre*?ef,husk do. Sup -rlor Bolsters and Pillows Marseil'es Uuilts, fine Blauket*, CoaaJorts Spring seat Lounges, Writing Tablea Servant^' Bedsteads, Mattresses and Bedding Superior Walnut Extension Dining Table Walnut Sideboard, Si?le Tables Dinin* Chairs, Clock, Fire Irons Excellent Refrigerator, rouad dnong Table Silver plated Castor', Spoon* and Forks Superior Table Cutlery, Wai.? rs French and Stone China Dinner, Tea and Coffee Seivice Cut glass Decanters, Wims, < bampagi<es, Tumi> lers, Lemonades, fc.c. Fine I>aioa>k Table and Bed Linen Oliuiing Dishes, Meat Sale Kupeirw Cook Stove and Fixture* Togetlier with a large assortment ofexcclleukMcb tn Utenalls Term- : 990 and under caab; over tbat sun. a credit ol 00 and 93 days, Ior ikxu sa.utactonly en dorted, bearing iBleresl. JAS. C. McGVlBJi fi-bST?d Aucuosteer. By J. C. HeOViaK, Awctlasaeer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? Ou THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1SS6, at 4 o'clock, on tbe p etuiser, by vir*?e of a deed ol trust to tbi subs uber, b artng dais the 14ih May, l&i2, and duly recorded m Ltber J. A. S., No. 40, folio* 4^B, 431), and 4W, one ol the land records tor Was2iu.(ton county, 1 shall sell the north ball ot Lot Xo 19, in Pquare *293, fionung 23 fnei 4 loche* on 1-th street west. ltetwi?u nortu C and D (erects, runmag back HO feel to a wide alley, with improve iu? lite, cou-i?tmg ol a substaiitial brick dwelling house. Terms: One thud cash ; the residue ia six aod twelve mouths, wuli interest, secured by a deed of trjsl ou I lie premises. NICHOLAS C \LLAW, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, f?b 1J? eokds Auctioneer. Tk? sbov* sale te panponed until WEDNESDAY, Mareb ?tb, same hour. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustes. feb -2S J \S. C. McOUIRE, Auct'r. By J. C. UeUVlRF, Auctioneer. rpRUS TEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE HOUSE 1 and Lot?By virtue of a deed of tru:t from VVm F. Aus i i and wife, beaiinx date on tlte 6th day of January, 1&34, and recorded in Liber J. A. S., Nw. 70, folios 3J6, 337, 338, 339, and 343, tbe sub?ciiber will so 1, at nublie sals, on MONDAY, tbe Sib day of March, 1835, at 4/4 o'clock, p. in., on tbe premi ? sea, i.n First street east, between N and O alree-n soutli, pan of Lot 5, iu square m uth of >quare 745, fronting 69 feet 11 inches on said Flr-t street, by 7.r? feet deep, ou a 60 feel allev, togetlier with tbe build uigs aud improvement*, winch consist of a weTl and substantially built two-story frame dwelling house. The terms of sale will be: One half cadi, and Un balance iu equal payments at a<x and twelve monUM for notes bearing interest from day of Male, secured by deed in trust upon tbe property. If the terms of -ale are not complied with in si* days after the sale the property will be resold, at tbe risk aud ex pen e of tbe purcba*sr, upon one week a notice. All conveyancing at expense of purchi CHAS. S. WALUCH, ..? JAS. C. McOUIRE, feb 10-roads Auctioneer. By K. S. WMIGHT, Awetlameer, Qeargetewa. BRY GOODS AT AUCTION.?THE 8ALE of D y Goods at Store No. 190 Bridge street, tieoig. town, having been postpor ed on aecoont ol the inclement weather, will be resumed on BON ? DAY next, 5th March, at 10 oVIoek a m.,*(lfb?'j if not, the next fair ray) and tbe wfcole stock elwi out w.thout re*rve, consisting of? Dress Uoodi of all kinds, Hosiery Laces, Swiss Edging* and la?ertiags Cambrics, French Worked Collar* I rish Linens, Kid Gloves . , Bonabacine', Alpacas, Dress Sillra, dotted varies Muslins, fce. Blankets, Cloths, Sumtaer Wear Ribbon* and Gingbams, saawls, Hdkfs, be. Tbe a (trill ion of th? ladies is particularly request ed, a* the goods w?li be fold in lots to suit, and every article sold without iegaid to cesu Teresa at sale. M. L. WILLIAMS. K ft. WEIGHT, fcb?7-d Auctioneer,

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