Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1855 Page 2
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evening stab. ^WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY AFTERNOON Mlkfi 5 fc>TORA(tt.-?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, comer of ** ? *" ? I Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Siar Buildings." The central location and easy access to this store-rocm makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. SPIRIT cr THK MORNING PRISS Tha LiteiUzeueer rejoiced oyer the defeat of the District judiciary reform bill, and eon* gratulatcs tha people of Washington oo tbe adoption by Congress of a plan fcr codifying tha Diatriot lavi. Tha Union id gratified with the increase of the army, and publishea an elaborate account of the opening of the Panaira^ailroad. New Mcsic.?Mr. John F. Ellis, Pennsyl vania avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets, has laid on onr table the following new mafic: ?? I think of thee," a pretty little aong by R James Keeling " Keep one hind thought for me," by Nannie. " He wept to leave her aide,'* by Coltnan. ,l The shadow on the wall," by J. II. Nones, Lsq. " Masonic Tolka, by Ilenry Pailby. ?? Muller'a Bijou of the Ope ra,' being twenty-four operatic airs arranged separately, in easy style, for beginners. Pbuduck Sxkkixo a market ?The leading merchants of New Orleans, in a memorial to the legislature of Louisiana, requesting that meat urea La taken to improve the navigation of rivers in that State, say that "from 25,000 to 30 000 bales of cotton, and 50,000 to 75,000 hogshoaia of sugar, worth $900,000 to $1,2?O,0C>O, are now du? kert by the ?treams of our S.ate alone, and are kept from our market by the want of navigation *' * EP"The enormou3 quantity of forty-seven million gallona of whiskey, rum and brandy, and thirty.five million gallons of strong beer, were made in the United States during the laa year, being more than three gallon? apiece tj every man, women, child Bucking baby, black and white, in the country. The Texas State Gazette learna that tho cultivation of the grape is extended in several partj of the State. A dry climate like Weotern Texas ia admirably adapted to the vine. ry An expensive horticulturist at the. West, thinks peaches are safe, and should, wo have no ice atorm, i: L to be hoped that the cold thus far has merely thioneJ out ths crop, not destroyed it. A French paper published at San Fran cisco gives the names of some dozen and a half French cC eri vrho have been promoted for distinguished service at Petropaulowski CP*Although the Pwussian commerce with foreign countries is by no means extensive, aad exposure to the cruisers ot* the allied flaet daring the present war has been particularly avoided, jet tha British have captured no les? than 92 Kuasian prias vessels. tyCouldu't we send out tobacco to the Crimea? It ia worth from $1 25 to $1 50 rer pound at BaUkiava, and the poor soldier* crv for it ' I'KI'SOSA 1,. .... Col. Longhead, of Pennsylvania, U. F. aSLiW'-Irf!at J in that city on the .th of February, aged 71 years J*mes Cassy, *n Ifiah laborer on the HiHsborongh Ohio, Railroad, bein* ioalous ot thi k ' ? y ?kot biiaaelf throogL S , According to some newspaper X' ' ?oblicviono this suicide will cause other jealous husbands to do the same .... We have not heard anything during Ib,!i^7seW/dmy8 Bennett's libel suits against the FrUu//? an 1 hxpres$ newspapers i^urry up .a. rakes. We want to see ??Jtins" OorJon Bennett prove a character. .... It is t,iiJ that if the foaionists of New Hampshire are successful at the coming elc. ,lBr!" *nd John P Hale will r. t"h K N , B"rk' U,!e .... Lord Raglaa stated before the militarv committee which aat last year, that, with the i'lcun'w.?h !frd LyMdoch Thomas in i.T to general effi jera in command in the lata war above 40 y_ara of aze " Tht I?s? th * ?.j'r genera! Iiifh C J?*4? of Angleeey at 34, Lord Hui t J Lord 11111 at Lord Bere?furd at 39, Sir Georgf at 31, Lor J .... J amea Montgomery, the poet, who died *ear. left *n estate, which baa iast been Bine.0 J?hV, *""! ? T,-e" kav.oh.Die4 since Johnston exclaimed on hearing that Goldsmith d:ed ?3,001 in debt "wai ever r>o#f rM?l?r,r' %"u>*Mw,rthl,h'?1 .... Count Abel Hugo expired the 8th ult, it^idenoa ia 5 M \iV M,?1uJ,cs the elder bio,her " M- Hugo, the poet. .... Misa Martineau is *, dangeroualy UI as to leave no hope for her recovery. Her dis ease ia enlargemf nt of the heart. .... Mr Thackeray ha, declined th'e oS?e EdinlSli*!'^ tt?? Assoc'&'? 8-cietiea cf the Ldinbu-g L mveruty. a. Je expeete to be in Ameiiea the next winter and ?p;ing. The Madrid papera in:orma us that "M. LreeKembridge, a number of CoBgras, mSh^' ' ' " Auiwi^n minister at .... C. Ldwards Les ar ia taid to be the Ilalen Dhu who wrote "Staahope Burleigh," the Know Nothiag novel. He is getting np the new life of bam llotuton .... Gen W. S llarney, it is reported, haa been selected to command the military exre tSZfSisi "**8i*" d,"'?s th0 ???? B. C. Croas, a well known ctiiien of Baltimore, died yesterday .... The life of Gordon Bennett is wi!l **>n bs ready fw E ?reeley? CheVui^VJk rirB"D|Urh .... RobertOuli, of Georgetown, and Wm. B Croaa, of tkiacity, h*ve been .ma... i l. COJi,/ ^ .... Judge Upham haa been appointed 5th Auditor Of "the Treasury and confirmed by the Senate, aid David 11 Burr, Surveyor General ?.r T of Utah. i-i? The Austin, 1 ex as liinea, saya, MThe Southern Caaanches are leaving for tbe up country. They design joining the Northern bands. Sbanco tore up all of his paper* and sai 1 there was no longer peaee. lie took his band and left fur the head of the Canadian. Tbe general impreaaion is that a war !a inevi table." 8banco if a n>jted character, and eon of the ehief who was killed ia baa Antonio, in 1?4<J. Me baa committed many deprelations and murders. - 1 -J? ** 0* *EW8 A1D W)88I?, * igbt of the Setiioa was, as usual, ? CGDUDUft^ of excitement and oonfoaion Vouni both balls of Congresj, with a ^?T^aneral manifestation of drowsiness over lobbies daring the f mill hours of the Honing. The throng in the rotundo wee .?try great until a late hour, nearly half found there beiDg deeply interested in mora or lees measures that were pending, the rest being gaping obWrvers; strangers for the most part. XothiDg of an anpleasant nature occurred in either hall among the members, though all thonghto(iheu?ua) deoorum exhibited there? -not alwajs remarkable bj the by?was laid asiie for the njnee, according to the custom prevailing in the Capitol in the expiring day of each Cotgress. Among the most note woithy eveute transpir* icg, was the unanimous adoption of a resolution by the Sonate (in a quasi exccutivc sion) ex pressivo of the deep regret of the body at tbe retirement of Senator Badger. Such legisla tion is without a precedent on their jjurna', and speaks volumes for the ceteem in which that gentleman is held by all bis late fellow Senators, and for their doep respect for Lis character and their admiration of his re markable talents and attainments. On the whole, we never saw a Congress die ad gracefully and quietly,?eo decently; not a symptom of rowdyism was manifested with in the bar of either hall, nor did we see a single honorable member even slightly intoxi. cated, which tells well for the personal char acter of the Congress. One very tired gentle man, wbo had reclined on a settee in the House lobby for a nap, rofled tff on to the floor, where he snooted cozily enough for an hour. Until he was roused by a friend, it was thought by the bystanders that ha might hare been intoxicated; but on awaking, it be came evident that real fatigue only had been tbe cause of the extraordinary soundness of his sleeping, it was with great d.fluulty that the leading (appropriation) bills were saved, owing to the faot that the Senate loaded them down moro than u.-Qal with amendments, into all of which seme member of the Houte would insist on ioquiriug. The opposition to the resolution of thanks to the Sjeaker which wa.? duly passed, was rot as great as usual, though some fjur or five members voted agaisst them. It is impossible for a presidirg tffhor of the House to satisfy every man on the floor. So, in the course of onr experience with the House, we have never failed to find more or le>e political friends and foes of the Speakor anxious fo testify against him on such an occasion. On this occasion, as befo?) remarked, they were fewer than usual. ? Ihe Washington WaUr Works.?Our fol low citizens of tbe District of Columbia art> to day rejoicing over the action of Congress iu ap prcpnating >200,000 to continue tae work on the Washington Water Works. The measure was engineered through both Houses unlj through skilful ar,d delicate management. Thus it was necessary that those*laboring to procure the appropriation, should move at quietly as p^sible. in order to prevent the speculators who wore bepiug to procuro th?* aioptlon of water work* schemes design*d rather to put money in their own packets than t) furnish the District cf Columbia with the needed supply of water on the advantageous terms to our fellow citizens at large, embraced in the so satisfactory plan of Captain Meigs, from defeating them We may cot justly forgot to mention that the whclo District is under deep obligation indeed to Captain Meigs, who has defendeu himself and his plans against combinations oi demagogues oiUho one hand, and speculators ou th? other, which would have ground almost any other man to powder. He, has nothing whatever to make in concoction with the wa ter works, except reputation?professional reputation. Their continued prosecution in volves intense labor in his part, without a dol lar more of pay or emoluments than he would receive for doing one-tenth as much actual work if assigned to otter duty Ho struggled in ail conceivable wajs from the beginning to the end of the se?-ion to compass tho cn aetmpnt cf the successful appropriation; now replying to the chargo of somo demagogue whiskered into tho lug of this member; now explaining away a misrepresentation or ilLj appsehension of some portion ef his plans or - jL3-initration cf the work originating with 9^mebody or ether, who. claiming to lo ?d ? expert, had failed to get his paw into the Treasury in connection with the affair. Thus, he has so soon lived down tho tremen dous opposition of disappointment, malice, demagogueiam, and timidity, the lattor aris ing from the misrepresentations of the disap pointed, the malicious and the demagogues. We feel ttat we have a perfect right to call the attention of the citizon- of the District in .his way to the debt of gratitude they owe to this talented, energctic. and so accomplished eugineer; inasmuch a3 we early eullsted for ^ar, for the water works cn the very Lest picaible sjale for tho permanent interest cf the Government and the paoplo cf the didtrict. Wc dedicated the columns of the Star to the tri umph of the groat plan on which the improve ment is to he constructed; and wc have struggled for it icoh by inch, speaking outfer it when that policy was best, and working under cover when ttat plan became neoossary. Wc have therefore bad occasion almost daily to witness tho unexampled labors cf Captain Meigs in behalf of thi* great enterprise, and to realize that the District is indebted to that gentleman, of all men, for this second appropri ation, which our experience in suoh matters assures u?, must put the future of the greut enterprise wholly beyond question. Ihe Business before Congress.?Little else was consummated on Saturday afternoon and night and jesterday, except the amendment and enac'meut of the general appropriation bills, and it will bo two or three days jet be fore it will be in the power of the newspapers to search rut and group together the notewor thy features of the legislation, amid all tbe confusion that existed in both halls on the days and night we mention. Mnch was done that must indirectly benefit our city and Georgetown, while not a little to tho same eLd was accomplished directly wi.b that intent Ths recommencement of the work oa the Wa ter Works, and the construction of the addi tions to tho different departmental buildings, whioh are tobe enlarged, as well as ths prose cation of tho work on the extension of tbe C^ol and Patent Office, with the money ap Fropriated for various other and less important improvements upon and around the Govern, ment's property ln W?hi?gton, will oause vlr> nearly, if ?0t quite, a million and a half of doWars to bo paid In the Dirtriet within tbo next year for mechanies and laborers' wages aod materials. This heavy additional expen dituremost tell wonderfully upon the prosperi ty of the business men of All classes in the District. So we go! Military Appointments?We learn that the following appointments were make yester day by the President and SeDate of officers for the four new Tegimentg? two of cavalry and two of iufantry?that are te be added to the army in pursuance of the late act of Con gress : For the two C-ivaUf Hoguments Colon*l?.?Brevet Col."hi. V. Staines, Lieu tenant Colonel First Dragoons. Major Albert S. Johnson, Msjir of Pay Department. 1'ieutrnant Co/vnet's.?Brevet Col. R E. Lee, Captain of Engineers. Brevet Lieut. Col. J. K. Johnston, Captain Topographical Engineers. Majors.?Brevet Lieut. Cel. W. J. Hardee. Captain Second Dragoons. Brovet Lieut. Col. Braxton Bragg, Captain Third Artillery. Brevet Major W. II. Emory, Captain Topo graphical Eogineers. EcBjamin McCulloh, of Texas. For tU* Infantry Regiwnts. Colonels.?Brovet Col Ueo. Wright, Lieu tenant Colonel Fourth Infantry. Brevet Lieut. Ed. B. Alexander, Major Eighth Icfantry. Lieutenant Cofone/<?Brevet Col. Chas. F. Smi b, Msjor Fitst Artillery Brevet Lisut. Col. Silas Casey, Captain Second Infan'ry. Mijors ?Brevet Lieut. Col W. II. T.? Walker. Captain Sixth Infantry. Brevet Lieut. Col Edw. J. Steptoe, Captain Third Artillery. Brevet Lieut. Col. E. K. S Canby, Captain Adjjtant General's Department. Capt. II. W. Benham, Captain Eoginesrs. The President made no nomination for the new Brijadiersoip created by the army bill. ? An Ex Xeinbdr?Yesterday morning, du ring the taking of the yeas and nays, tho clerk called Mr. Benton's name, when that gentle man appearing at .he door of the main aisle, protested with violent gesticulations against calling his name, llo eaid he was an ex member, and that the session to-day was a libel on the Sabbath. (Confusion ) The speaker pro. tern. (Mr. Ot-r) said, the gonllcihin is out of order. Mr. Benton.?I'm not a member, sir. The Speaker ?Then if the gentleman is not a member, the door keeper will put him out [Laughter and exclamations of "pretty good," '?that's tha talk.' ] Clerical Chatg-s ?Messrs. Q. P. William ? >n, of Ohio, and J C. Cautee, of Pa., were on Saturday removed from their respective (2d cla;s. $ 1,400 per annum) clerkships in the Third Auditor's Office, and Messrs. Clarke, the removed (Washington Corporation) clerk of the lato Mayor Maury, and Page, of Ky., (transferred from the Office of the b'ecre tary of the Troasur.) were appointed in their ?tead, tbe first to a $1,200 (1st claps) clerkship in place cf A. II. Plunders, of Va., promoted to a $1,400 place; and Mr. Page to the vacant $1,400 place. "I tm so Euagry "?Tbe account!of the proceeding* of tho llou3e cf yesterday morning contains the foilowicg : "At half-past eight on Sunday morning thcro wrs no quo*um and another call of the flouse was oid<ircd. It was suggested that the Sergcant-at-Arni^ be sent out to hunt up and compel the attendance of mernhen. Mr. I'ratt wanted to know whether it would be in order to direct tho servant to bring io breakfast, and Mr. Walsh asked if wLiekcy punches could be ictroluced ' A voice. Send a biscuit to Pratt; ha ! ha ! Mr. Pratt. I'm hungry. Many vuices in succession, so am 1. Important Appointment* Confirmed yes terd?y by the Eonato ? Court of Claim*.? Judge Gilchrist, of New Hampshire, Judge Isaao Blackford, of Indiana, and Jos. II. Lumpkin, of Georgia. Montgomery Blair, of Washington, Solicitor. Israel D. Andrews, of Maine, Qonsul Gen eral for the British North American Provinces (an office recently created.) John llomejn Broiboad, of New York, Consular Agent (or Commissioner) for Japan, to roide at Sam< di. Beiiton on the Veto Pcwer.?lion. Thomas H. Benton, in conversation with a friend of ours on Saturday 1 a.-1, in a very excited man ner said, "If I were President of the United states, sir, I would keep beside me a pile of blank vetoco, and a* fast as the plundering bills passed Congress I would send in a veto! veto!! veto '!! sir, asnd in a veto " Tho Current Operations of tha Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 31 of March, there vere of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $13,658 35 For paying Treasury debts 10,774 9l> For the Customs. 13,664 36 For covoiing into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 145 For the War Department 33,991 98 For tho Interior Department 10,591 62 In tha Senate on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night and j cstorday morning, in con summating the pa-saga of the goneral appro priation bill, Mr. Gwin's proposition, appropriating $5o,000 f r the repairs of the branch mint at New Orleans, was adopted. Mr. Mallory's proposition for tho settlement of 'he Florida claims under the treaty of 1819, was njocied?yea3 10, nays 31. Mr. Jonas' proportion to give Cornelius Yauderbilt a icmi-uonthly muil contract be tween Now York and Liverpool, at $15 uiJO per round trip, tt..s rejected?yeas 8, nays 33. Mr. Seward's proposition to put the occan mail steamer appropriation bill into the nava> appropriation bill, without the clause taking fram Congress ail power to give the notice hereafter, was uuanimously agreed to A proposition made by Mr. Douglas for the adtn'snon of Oregon as a State, and one re establishing the Memphis navy yard, were re jected. Tbe proposition to make the salary of tbe ohief justioe of the Supreme Court $6,500 and that of tbe associate justices thereof $6,000, was agreed to. A vote of thanks was addrested to Mr. Bright, the President of the Senate, for tho dignified, able, and impartial manner in which he had administered the re?pon ible duties of his office during an arduou session. Mr. Brigut, the l'resident, replied in a very no it and appropriate address, thanking the Senato for the honor it had conferred upon upon him. Precisely at 12 o'clock noon of Sunday, after an exhausting and wearisome session of twen ty-six hourB, the Presidem cf the Senate ad journed tha body sine die.. In tha House, in eddi'ion to disposing of the proposition mentioned above as tbe Senate die-posed of tbem, they pajurd Mr. Bailey's bill for the improvement of the Savannah river below the city of Savannah?yeas 85, nays 50 The President's message transmitting the Ostcnd Conference documents was receivel and laid on the table. Mr. Appleton moved a resolution granting tbe usual eftra compensation to the pages, messengers, 4e., of Ue Douse who were not incluied in the former act i nor easing their compensation ; agreed to. Tbe Senate's proposition for appropriating $30,000 for the purchase of camels and drom edaries for army transportation, ?u pa?sei. Mr. Chandler offered the following resola tion: . 'liewlrcti, That the thanks of this House are eminentij due, and are hereby presented, to the lion. Linn Boyd, for th* ?Me, imp"?rti and dignified manner in which he has dis charged the duties cf Speaker daring the present Congress.** /ifter deba* bj Messrs Chandler, Wal.'ey, Caskie, Kerr, an i Waibridge for it, and Mr. Hunt against it, it was agreed to. The Senate's proposition for appropriating I $250 000 for the Washington water workfWaa 1 agreed to-^yeas SS, naia 77. The Sana e s proportion u> strike oat the Letcher tariff amendment from the civil and diplomatio appropriation bill was agreed tc? yea? 86, nays SO. 1 The Senator amendment granting half pay I to the officers of the late Texas nary was re jected. All the privu'e bills on the Calendar were referred to the new Court of Claims by resola tion And then, after the transaction of other business, Mr. Of r moved that the House ad journ. I The Speaker (>he Hon. Linn Bojd) then I rose and addressed the House as follows : j " Gen lemen of the Uou^e of Representa tives : Beyond expressing the hope that our labors may o?ntribute to the common welfare, it may be regarded cut of place for me to re I fer to our ac!S of lcgiilatipn " Defore anncuLcing the fieal adjournment of this body, however. I de.-dre, in an espeoial manner. ?o muke 3 ou my sincere and heartfelt acknowledgments for the liberal support, marked respect, and positive personal kind ness which, at all times and under all circum stances. 1 hnre received at your hands. And I aj;ain, I feel that I an under scarcely less obligation to you Tor the very cordial and im pressive terms in which you have been pleaded to manifest your approbation of my conduct as your presiding officer. In all sinceri y I miy say i have never witnessed, and I doubt I whether in the whole history of legislative I proceedings it csn le shown that a grea'er I share of forbear?inoe and respectful considera tion litis ever been exercised toward any pre I s ding officer than that which you have gencr I 0 lsly accorded to me. "Beiug about to exchange the toils and cares J of official station for the more quiet and peace ful pursuits of private Jife, bearing with me the onEclousnes3 that, in may official conduct. II hare at least aimed well, these testimonials! in connexion with the oft-repeated exprersion of unfaltering confidence and esteem on the part of my fillow citizens at home, will ba forever cherished by me as the most gratifying recollec ions of my past life. I 4 Ia this connexion it is n pleasing task to I boar testimony to the general courtesy and personal hindiess which hai prevailed one to war 1 another thr u;hout this hall. If. spring ing fiom the exciting causes to whiih we have b<?eu suVj.-cted. occasional ebullitions of on friendly have arisen, they have, I trust passed away, and will be remembered no more ''Cordially sharing tho pleasuro this must j afford to all, and with feelings of unmixed I personal kindness toward each of you I bid I you adieu. ? "ThisH-u^e standsadjourned without day." ! INTERESTING FOREIGlf ITEMS ?The winter in Palestine is cf unusual seve rity; snow covers the mountains to a denth I of neaily four feet. ?Odilon Bar.-othu bean chosen to fill a chair in the acadcmy of (Moral and Political Science?, cade vacant by the death of M. I Polodeau Tbe choice is anything but pleas ant to the Emperor. F ?The well known antiquarian and linguist, I Professor Lepdus. at the instigation of the j Chevalier Iiuns?n, has completed un alphabet I cjntainiug tbe sound and lettor of all thelan I gcages in the world. ?Several ablo divers from London and Paris J h?:vej 1.". p i'scd through Lyons ou their way to the Crimea. Th"y wore joined by one of I tt j most oxpericnced divers cf that city. j! ?The Spanish Minister of Grace and jm I'ice has announced that the newspaper, the j Cotolico, should be prosecuted for having put li?hed the Pope's Bull on the immalculatecon ccption before it had received the sanotion of I the government. ?From the official tableMust published of I the state of the Prussian uffroantile navy, it appears th*t the total number of their ships J amounts to only H2'J, of an aggregate tonnage of 133,500 lasts, equal to 207.000 tons The greatest sbip own:eg port is Stettin, with 157 vessels; Stralsnnd owns 108; Dantsic, 103* I Larth, 81; and M>:inol 70. The rest are dis I tributed among2l porU. The average site of I tho vessels is abaut 320 tons. ! -Jn carscquence of the liberal sentiment* contained in the leading article of the third I number of tho West Prussian News a new pa I per just started at Dantzic, on tbe question. I "is Hussia to be considered as a state of Eu I rope< ' in which the question is answered in I the negativo, and proofs brought forward to I show that in its nature and institutions, it is I mcro Asia'ic than European, the Russian con sul denounced it by the telegraph to the Czar's j envoy at Berlin, who complainad to the mia iateT of the interior, and effected the total sup. I pros-ion of tho paper. The London Morning Advertiser says: I *'Jennj Lind ha? entered into an ongagem;nt to I revisit England, in her professional capacity. From religious scruples, she has determined I cover more to appear before the public under any ciroums ances which could be construed into giving her sanction to theatrical or opera tic performances. Siie baa further resolved 'hat all her future exhibitions before the public shall partake, more or less, of the charaoler of Saored Music; and with this view she ha*, we are itf rme i. stipulated that she thall sing only in Exeter-hall. She is expec ted here some time in tbe month of April. Our renders aro awaro that Jenny Lind is now the mother of two children." | ?Ear pe will seon be governed by sover eigns, all of whom may reckon their birth from tliii, the nineteenth century. Thus, the Em peror of the French is 40 years of age* the Ejiperor of Austria 24; the Sultan 31; thtKine ot Barvaria 43; the King of Naples 44; the Qaten ot Spain 21; the King ltegent ef Portu gal 40; the King of Denmark 46; the King of Greece 40 '1 ho Qneen of England is etly 33 Only the Emperor Nicholas, toe King of Prus sia, the King of Sweden, the King of the Bel gians and the pope were born in the eighteenth contury. 0 AB&IVAL OF THE tl\V. OF THE WEST. IXIorlcndt' ox* titb.n The fctc.imer Stir of tho West arrived at New York yesterday evening, with 230 passen gers, and $650,000 in gold from California. She iandod at Kay Wes.t on the 27th. The Spanish Consul there had issued a proclama tion by order of the Captain General of Cuba, declaring tho whole coast of the Island in a state of blookade?also that all vessels bound to any port in the Island, or found cruising along the coast, will be searched by the Spanish wrnr vessels. The United Stated steamer San J&cintD was to leave for Havana on the 23th. Tha Star of the West brings California dates to the 9th ult., which have been antiei patci- via New Orleans Mining prospects wore improving under the effects of recent rains. Trade was slightly better. Meat and provisions generally were looking up. Meet Pork selling at $17; Clear do. $20a$21; Hams in brine $19; do. dry salt $15; Lard, Flour and Oraia were dull. Crushed Sugar 20 cts , and firm. Sixty-five dead bodies had been recovered from the wreck of the steamer Pearl, at Sac. } ramento, and twenty were still missing. The boat bad been raised, and was repairing. A severe gale vidted Salt Lake city on the 1st of Januarv, doing much damage. The Legislature of Utah 00nvened on the 11th of December. Adams A Co's first messenger from Califor nia bad arrived at Salt'Lake. The latest dates from the Sandwieh Islands are to the 13ch of January, and from Oregon Jan 28; Sidney, Australia, Oot. 14 The steamer Uncle Sam arrived at San Francisco on the 3d ult, with New York dates to Jan. 13ih. On the forty-third ballot for Senator in California Legislature, Senator Gwin had 38; Edwards 36; Broderiek'12; McCorkle 8; aW 14 vole* scattering. ' if ALIXAWDRIA CORRXSPOHDIIC* Nominations ?/ the Democracy?T robablt Know Hoiking Candidates?Lrclurts ? Amusements?Busi/mss, 6rc. Alexandria, ?1xkl 5, l-s55. To-morrow ia the elect*'oa day for mcii'ipal officii. Both parti?? ere asdg preparing for theeon'est The Dim^eratio and anti.Kn..w Nothing Association agreed in meeting on Friday evening last, to the following, w licft, they ohriatened the anti Know Nothing ticket: For Mayor, David Funatein, Esq.; Auditor. Douglas K Rewmea; City Attorney, C. W. Wattles, Chief Engineer of tbe Fire Depart ment, Isaac Kell; Collectors, J. W.Ilollina berrv and R. J Sheehy; Assesvir?, S. Bartld. end R. A. Itudd; Measurer of Wood, William Morgan; Measurers <i Lumber, J. T. Hill, ard W. K. Campbell; Sope in'.endent of Polics, Joseph C. Moore; Q auger, James McLean; Superintendant of Gas Works, Thomas Kell; City Purveyor, R. J Smith; Clerk of Market, Levi Hurdle. For City Council?Fir?t Ward, Alderman, Dr Klopstien; Council, J. W Burke. J osiah II. Davis, Nathaniel Boesh, acd Lewis Kifizer Second Ward?Alderman, H Latham; Council, II. Clay Ward. C. C Buck no*, J L Smith, and Francis A?hford. Third Ward?Alderman, R. Brockett; CcuncU. Q W. Brent, George Washington, P. G. Ubler, and R S. Douglas. Fourth Ward?Alder man, Iseao Buckingham; Couccil. W I! Irwin, J. H. Brent. E. Green, Enoch Grimes A grand Democratic ratification mce ing will beheld this evening, when several address will be delivered. C. W. Carrigaa, the elo quc-nt Democratic orator, ia expected to speak The Know Nothings have nominated most of our present executive municipal officers fo. re-elecMon. Mr. Cbristrpher Neale eppaw) Mr. C W. Wattles as Know Nothing candidate for city attorney, and W. L Penn ii said to have received their nomination for superic tendent of poliee. Rev. Edw. Sourin, vicar general of the d;o cese of Philadelphia, has lectured for feu evening* paat to the congregation of St M: - rj's church, and last night, his theme being '? The Church and tbe People," he attracted a large andienee. To-night he discourses ei "The life and times of St Angaitin." The fair at Sarepta llall continue3 to be lib erally patronised. Heller is still at Liberty Hall, and Weaver and bis excellent theatrical corps aic at Wash i-'gto# Hall. The ice is fast melting in the Potciaac, anil navigation will ro?n be uttrammeled The weather is clear and springlike, and buMnea 1? slowly improving. ~ Avi. jPOTOMAC BUILDING.? A REGl LAI: meeting of thf flufkli'tlitfru ?f the abov Association will bp h-ld THIS EVENING, ill - 5 ? instant, at Potomac Hall, at winch time an am* ml ment to tin; Constitution will be pmpo#ed. Stock holders are requested to attend. By order of Board of Directors. H C. ASHFORD. Sec. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, AT tention.?The r?'c?i'ar monthly meeting of* the corp? will he h'-Id THIS (M onday) EVEN . ING, at 7# o'clock. A fell attendance i.? expected as the election of Captain will take place. marS-Il* R. F. BEERS, Sec. ,TIIE MEMBERS OF GEORGE WAtoil ington T^ut, No. 2. Junior Order of Recl? atiiics, will give an ent?-rtaiiiniejit in tli? basi me i of the Sixth Pre?hyt>rian Church, corner nt Mnry land avenue and Sixth Mr.-ot, l4aud,on WEDNLS OA\ EVENING, March Till, on which occasion they wiil present an oiitnuul moral Temperance Drama, written expressly f?w them. entitled, JON A DA3, SON OF RECHAR; or Wa hingum City in 1855. Tickets 2.> cents?CiHliren under |en year half price. THE COMM.TTEE. mar 3?3t ATTENTION HIGHLANDERS.?The reg? lar monthly meeting of the Corns wilt be l>? .'d on MONDAY EVENING, March 5th, at 7 / o'clock. A full attendance is cxprrtcd r.s business ?.f the utmost importance will be laid before the coinpeay. By order of the Captain : mar 3 -8t WM. J. FORSYTH. Sec. *-r2^>rUBLIC SCHOOLS.?A > EXAMINA iis-OSi uon of spptiearr* f.-rthe ufiee orTeach? r in the Public Schools vill be held in the A Mermen Y Room, City Hall, on SATURDAY next, nt 'A\>C o'clk P- m. G J. ABBOT, Secretary, mar 2 -3t Eg-^?^' WE ARE YOUNG, LET VOL* MI fieOSi then plead our cau?e.'!?A Lecture fortl:? benefit of the Scott Guirdt will be delivered b> Prof. Ale vaxdkr Odd F?-llow.-?' Halt, on WEDNESDAY EVENING,March7th,at T^o'clk The proceeds of the al>ove Lcctuic *mI1 be appm prilled toward* aiding the corps iu purchasing thei. aims. Subject?"Tbe ails of Statuary and Architecture, in Athens-" lockets 25 cent?. mar 3?5:* ,THE >1H' M\NPC'S EXCHANGE At a meeting of thu members of tn? Median ic's Exchange, held at the rooms on C street. near Bank tf Washington, on la?t ereninf, the follow ing named e?ntlemcn wer>- elected officers : M G. EMORY, Preside t. WM. M.-LKAN, Fir.-t Vice Fre. i.Jent. JOB ANGERS, Se. ond do do WM.CTNNELL.Third do rfi TID?S. LPWlS, 1'iHirth do ALEX. KUTilKRFORD. Trea>urcr. WM. i. McCOLLAM, Secretaty. The Rooms will be c-peu daily, from 8^' o'clock a. m. to 4 p. Thurs.-lay of eacli week is ?!et apart as a day ol general meetiiif, at which, it is uiidtmroJ, a'l the iu*4iibe'S of the Exchange will be ur>>ei.t between ilm hours of 11^ ,?\-lock a. m. a ?<! 2 p in. By order: WM. J. McCOLLAM, mar 2?eu3t Seontary. CH A PPK U l > A <? 1) S?At LAMMOND S, 7th ^treet. can l>e hid Transparent Toi'.e S<a| in t ars, the best article in use tor chappy handis. mar 6?3t 17Vn t^ORDS OK PINE AND OAK DELIV I\IVJ ered in an;' part of the city. Pice $4 <5? Oak fj5 75. Orders 'eft with Mr. McCHESNEY, Feed Store, Seventh street, opposite Mr. Sun-nurs', Saldler. mir 5 - 3t F OR HIRE?TWO SERVANT WOMEN AND a Girl 10 years o'd; the? have be*'i accu?lon:e? to housework, Enqnuc at No. 55 8 Seventh t-tre. t opposite the Marko. mar 5-2t? REDIUMBKR 'VliiC CtilkBU^a. At LAM VONi?*P, 8Ui street, can be found Grace Hoop*, B. ttledoies,-Building Blocks, Cryirc Dolls, T?y 'I? a Sets, India Rubber Ball, kc . aim for sale low for cash. taar 5 3t* NEW CONFECTIONERY. FRUIT AND SEGAR STORE. rpHB BUbscriher rtMpectfully invite* ai eTamina I tion of lis ?le.-ant a-?>run nt ot COMFEC TIONESLV, which, in quality an l price will be found equal to any hou^e io the ciiy. lie has Lkewiae a choice aiUcle in SEGAR3 oi vaii'jus brands, to *uite tin* palate of every gentle man. JOHN B. MAi'llIOT, mar 5?3i* 8th st . corner of D. SUMNER'S PROTEGE. A DUPLICATE picture ol the Wuite Siave, now exhibiting in tlie Massachusetts Legislature, and to which reference ha' recently been ma<le hy the pre c of this city, may bn seen at VANNEii-l SON'S G tll?ry, near 4 4 itr^dt. Tbe oii-in d ??! the picture is now ?n tbi< city, whe.e >he bps at tract-d considerable a tention, from the fact of her | being unusually white and handsome. mar 5 ?It* PHILADELPHIA LAGfcR BEtR DEPOT, 381 P<a. avrnje, let-veen 4 J,' n? d fitfc ttreet. WE havi at all times tlie best Philadelphia Ima ger Beer on I and, nrd < ffer it now tor sale for S3 per k' g, and in quirt bottles for $1 50 p?w dczen. We?end the Beer tree of co?t? to all psrts of th> city. 49* Many physicians have recommended thin Beer as one of the best remedies for weak stomachf. mar 5?1 in* F. C. fc VV. GERECKE TO mNUTACTURERS * MACHIWIST? '| HE MATTE\WAN MACHINE AND MAN X UFACTURING CO., have on exhibition ami fi r sale, at the Mitropolitun A'echaric's Institute, the following machinery: One 30 horse, hoiixontal, high prc?,ure Suam En sine " I Two Iron planers, one pinning 7 ft, and the other! 3ft. in lengih. One Slide Lathe, that swings 28 inches over shear*, of a very neat st.le, and improved pattern. Shears 10 ft. Ion? One Woodwo-ih's patent Wood Planing Machine. One 38 inch Cotton Card. ?ne 2 double headed Draw ng Frame. i One Fitllng (ring and traveler) Spiuuing Fia:ue,o< I 7 * wpii.dles. One wide Loom (gotliic pntt- rn) with improved pick motion, without using picker-rod*. Th ? public are respectfully invited to the aiachine department ol the Inautute, v.litre iutere?ted par ties will receive information and ptices concerning mch machinery as thay may require, lor alm< st every branch of manufacture. The Works, which are of over 40 years standing and well known to a ma jority of Southern manufac turers, are situated at Mntteawm, Dm hem county. New Yrrk. fine mile from the Fisbkili Depot, Hud son River Railroad, two hour*'ftrr.m New York city. > SAMUEL B. 8CHENCK, mar5-3l* Agt?|. Amusement* NATIONAL THEATRE. liicrcfeiuj ?ucce*? aad popularity ol kiKSSUS. I* Y KB 8 * MADIGAI'S Splendid Circus Company. The b st Eiu?sttiaa Company in America. AFTEBNOON PREFORM AN'~E Every WKDIKkOAY and SATl'UDAT. MOW DAY KVKNINO. Marcli 5, Onnd change rf . EQUESTRIAN NOVELTIES. In wh'ch appears M'lle Ro*a. Mr. Titos Kinf. Mon? Le Rum, A. Ayiner, W. 0<fell. Master* Mali gun and Charles, Mr. H. P. Madtgan, William F<*ter an?t the THREE FAMOUS CLOWN'S. Jim Myer^, Carlo, and Ram Lorf. rajcu of irmuioK. Privat* Bute* 94 ; l)re?* Circle and Parfeette 59 cei's; Or?bs* ra seits 75ceiits; PeeonJ and TOtrd Ti-r an1 C'jlorrd Gallery 25ci?t?. mir 5 GRAND VOCAL CONCERT riuiiiiafc sicim. AT CARV4PI 8ALOOI, On TUESDAY EVIHIFO, Match 6 b, WlMi they will p*rs?-i>t a splendid iroframmc at CHOICE MUSIC. MRS. FRANKLIN, ar-d MRS BURNS, of New York, have k ndlv offered their srnriee*. Tickets FIFTY CENTS ; to be bad at all the Rcok and Station*ry Stores, and at the door o?i the * eea up ot the Concert. feb 27?4t | Orjm inaert feb 27, mh 3.5,6?4t ] Lost?ymtekdw afternoon, at the Mechanic's Fair, a mnail Gold Cbaia, with Crocs attache.!. Tit- limlei, oa leaving the unr at 379 Thiitreuib street, between G and II, wi'l re- ? eeive tlie tl.anks of the owner, and a *u table re ward if desired. mar 3 St* GESTIik.nKSI IN COIORB^I al>oat t<? retti ii to thfir borne-, are re?peetful y ie l?y tin- un.b r tgned that the MEDICATED VAI'OB APPARATUS, invented t>y him. haa knn rend-red rti'l uiore cm.veni?.t by hi* studies conse quent up-n protracted illms*. mar 3?3t BOYD EEILLY. MAP OF THE ISLAN.i OF CUBA, compiled frutn the moat reliable Spani*h authorities, anm fJiHf-apl.ical, flirt*: digital, and Statistical Note?. mounted on roller*. mar 3 FRANCE TAYLOR HKW Atil).?The undersigned will pay %P<?kJ $25 lor the npprehension cf Negro Woman M 4RQAKET CHASE, purchased by the late Owen Norfolk, at nlf <?f Thuinm and Richard Harvey, executors of Thoaaa* Harvey. For the last eighteen inonMis -ad woman nw in Ge<Mgetowa, ? h<- it now believed to be in Alexandria. She ia about sixty year.; of axe; is black, and about live feet lour inches hixh. The a!>ove reward will bv paid in delivery to the subscribe^, at Cpper Mar b->ro', Pnnce Uro-fe'a to., Md. J NO C. MCLLIKIN, mar 3?3w Administrator of Owen Norfolk. A. ? m FASHIONABLE MILLINERY. - MRS. M. L. DAVISON, 303 Pa. aveune, between 9i)-l 'and ;".!i *ts , respectfully announce*! 'to ber customers and the ladies of Washington that she has received her brM Spring Fasbit in- with a law ami *plen<lid assoruuel t of Fiench Flowers, Ribbon*, Headdresses, Straw Brn neta and Frames. M. I.. D. mar i NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. 1MIE undersigne.1 hav.; this day formed a copart nership iin ler the naius and style of Hyde fe Davidson, ai d will continue at the old a'and of E. Picnell fc Co., No?. 5 7 and 50 Water st. George, town, It. C. WM. SMITH If VDE. JOHN B DAVIDSON. Ctxrgetuwn, March 1. 1B55. HA VINO succeeded Messrs C Pckrell k Co. in their late business, aui aw Pxrket Afenta, we wiil keep con?t<nUy "n hand a c?od sup|Uy of Flour, Ship Stores, Si.ip Cbandlery, kc. uiar 3?3t* HYDE fc IHVIDSON. NEW MUSIC. WE are th's day in receipt of a large assertment of NEW MUSIC from tbe principal publirh ing in the c?!untry, lon-isuiig of Sonp, Du< e'a, Trio#, March'*, Rondo*. Gallop*. Quadrille*, Polkas,, S< liottlsclie*, Gem* from the Opera*, kc. Ato, Mu?ic Book?. Portfolio*, Mo*1c Paper, In struction Rooks, .Music lot Brand*, arranged in cheap *tyl* ; Rows, Pep* Room, and ev^rv anicle peri air. in; to the mu?ic trade always on hand at the Piaao and Music Entablement of JOHN P. ELLIS, mar 3 306 Pa. ? vetioe, near Tenth ?t. A CARD TO PAM 1 LII?S. Brown, Loaf, and Pulverised Sugars from 6^ to 10 cent*. Rio, Laguyrs, Maraca bj and Java Coffee 12jtf to 16 cent.^ IIy*on, Imperial, Gunpowder aad B!ack Tees 37^ to 51. An1 ail other ar'iclea usually kept in a family gro eery, at coirc?ponding low rateu A. N. MOUNTZ, Masonic Uf II, conur lOih and E am. mar 3?3;* "Y^OTICE?A THROUGHOUT B I. O O D E D ii l.r?K-d Nlare, nf a very line luim, dark x.rrel, lor salf a' thi Livery SinMe ol Uiti Franklin Hotel, 8ih street, bv ^ mar 2-3i* J NO. R. PI'iTonT TAlfCT 00 >I8, Pi-KFUMLBY, 4c. HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, are n< w o|kening at th?'r >tore, No. 310 l a. avenue, a splendid a.--a nin nt of GOODS, in the above Itne. inume rating in part as follows, viz: fine Cabas, Drersinf Cases, 1 o te Mounaies,? ar l Cafes, Jewell Boxes, Shells, SIm-11 Boxes, Jet Oriianicnts, Lnluiis', 1'.vet's and ot In r c hoice l'.x:racts, Pomades, t>up?TM r Bay \\ ater. Co.. b< and Brushes in gr? at variety, i nd tn *hoit everything to be usually tound in a first class Fancy Store, and they cordifllv invite their friends and tbe public to jive them a call. Thtir Store i* the first door wet-i of Menre, Har per &. ? o.V, between Ninth and Tenth ets. mar 2?tf SIEAMER GEO. PAGFI OR~l\'CE 4 .1LEX.1XDH.IA RAILROAD. 'I*HK unJer*irued having become f.ropiietors of i. tlie large and commodious Steamer GEORGE f AGE, iutei.d, by tkc:reffoiu, to accommr date the oommniiity tuvtllug between Wa?hin ton and Alexandria, Mid the t c lities vihich they offer for the tran.-pcr auoii oi fnijht and fie em ploy Meat of none Lui court cus an t g- titlruanl ke officers end obiigjig servants, to merit a *hare of the public pa iroiiiig,.', and w. uld re>pect!nl y call the attenti >n of merchants :ind other cit-si ns of both places to tbe following ?cbedulc of pritei at which their Boat will liere-iftor be run: Passengers 5 cents; B ip-n- wagon and one h r?e, Buggy mu^oii and 2 liorses. 25 ; Horw and ri der, ; Market wagru ar.d I horse, 25 ; Market wast n r jund trip 37^; Market wapen and 2 hamet, i?; Market waron rout:1 trip 37^; Drays 25; Dravs roaiul t-.p 373^; Hacks Hacks round tr pSTk ? Flour f er barrel 5 cents. And ?U1 other freight id ptopoitb n. la connection with this U>a. are Latham A Cook litie ol Qnii.ilrisre. JOHN VAN BIS WICK,) m _ RICH'D WALLACN. / Prop'rs. 2w E. A. RVTHEB, C?p??t? I Ual RRCE1\FD, p-^r Ann Elixabet'i, a ?f pnme lot ol Blue aud While Mercer POTA 10J barrels pr uie BalJwin Applet AU wili be ?old low to close consignment by M. ELDRIDUE. mir 2 -Iw Union Wharf, Alexandria. POI ATOt-.S AT ACCT10N.-V00baskeus.ipe ri? r Gernmn Potatoes will be'ottered for an!e on THESDAY, March 6th, at 12 o'clock, in front uf the stenmer George Page, Alexandria, Va. mar 2 - 3t SIGN OR SEVERO STRINI HAS th? plensare of aitnouncini to the citia*fT>? ot Washington that he can take one mote pu pil on the Vo-'ttl Instruction for the spring season. Terms ftO per quarter, twenty-ionr les ons. Two lessons p* r \v<ek. A> ply nt Mr. DAVIS'S Muaic 3tt>re- mar S~lw Ik^Lli's LADlUb'UAZKrTE OF J Fa-lnon for March, contatninc all tbe latest Paris, Loudon ami New York sprinit fashions, at SHILLINGTON'S Bt.OKi-TOEE. 11 irper's M marine for March l.lackwo d's do., for February Household MTor?U for March Graham's Magnzme for March Godey's Lady's Book do North and Sou*b, bv the author of Maiy Barton My Novel, or Va letiea ol E.igi??h Life, ly Bui edition The Prairie Bird, new editioo Chamber's Journal for March The Heiress of Bellefont bv Emerson Bent ett Everyth'ng in the Suuonery hue All the new books published received immediate - ly ansrwarda and for sale at SHILLINGTO^DS Bookstore, Odeon Bwlding, corner st. and Pa. a*e. mar 2?3t A LL bTuAAOKIlM 4V vtHJng the City Stmnld see Huotw's Cnt also. His Dedcrlption of Powell's great Pi tore a ** **Pmte*1 oAo * ^

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