Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1855 Page 1
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THE FVFMNG STAR PUBLISHED EVKBY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) At uu Siar Moulding, eonur i\f>wajyiva**a nveumt ami E>ev$ntk strut, By W4LLACU 4 HOPE, Will be sem-tl to ?ut)6cnbera 10 tb? cit??* ot \V.i?h iitfton, C?eorgrtown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A aUAKTER CENTS, payable weekly to thr Afenia To mail *ub?criben lb*- <HibMriptio?i price in THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in adcaru*, TWO DOJ? LARS (ui SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR f>a THREE MONTHS. {k/-Si*Git rnrils oti rut. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1855. NO. 677. THE WEEKLY STAR. Hit J but tirclleul Fataiiy aad Mew* Jot una a trialex raritl# at iatamiing rMdn on Hatuniav ? . ?*???. "W- P? aonam TO CLTBB. Fi?f c*?Im 5 Tm do m j ?? V ft?"' ??*, irtikiaiit m ttTivct. OTT-H.nel- copn, (,c wrapper*) can I* pr.^urri at tlie counter, tM?d.atH> after uie 'turn- ol U.i paper. Price?mart cum. rotT?4*TKKa who act a> afrntt wi.l be allowv f a coiuiui?stv*a of twenty prr on. n A PTPD 'Q SPANISH MIXTURE. Tti. Urtat PariA?r or th. nioodl Wot ft Perticla of Mercury In It! An In?u?u Rutxnr lor Scrofula, King* Evil, Kheumatje.a, Obetioate Cutanea Jcrepdon? PbllLi" 1? Pit'tulea 0n tb* **% Blotchy Boil*. C&nmic tore hy??, Ring Worm or Tetter, 8caM Heal. Enlargement and Pain of th# lloMui Jomu, St jbborn Uioera, Syphilitic Diardera, T? 9Pinfcl ????pl? nta, aii i all tha di*e*e-a ****co from ai> injuMciou* m cf Mtutv, In pro J n--e in t if-, or Impurity of the Blood. - THIS *?!a?5 le M?dicine, which hu tncrif cele? for the number of ,*tmordiL?ry rare*. ane?t<d through ita ?freney, t?. induced the propri T V- ** tb* ?* ?l rwjuort pf their friendj. U , ff-r It to tb- puMic, which they do with the uunxt con. 8 i#nc? in its virtn?e and wonderful curative prop *?rtl ? *** following orrtL1'-*t-s, selected !"on a ?arge nana-.-, are, however, etiong^r t-?!i.aooy than the insre wo?i of the proprietor'; ?.nd ar" all trom ^nMeaa?n wVl known id tu->ir loca ii^ac, an] of th* b ghejt rmp^tahiUty, many cf th m riding in the.itjofa-chnt d. Va! F- l$OYDfcN, Esq,, cf the Ex:hanga Hotrl, Rich moca, known everywhere sayahehwae^a'be Mei idn-* ea lei C\rtk?s <?x:fian Mixture. a imaistered in over a htndred a.i-3, in nearly all the disa?see for'which it i< re-_-omiaea led, with the r:cei n?tcn ?aluogfy g^>oJ rwu'ta He says it is the most ex traerdinary tiedicine hs hu) everee?o. AOCK AND i a?JCiV?433.BAT CU2K.-I kereby eartify tint for three years I had *^u< <rod Kever Of th* Bo t ?iv.i?-ct d-v:rip'.on. I hvl Khv ai aana, took l*rg* quun ities of Quinine. V?r<"j,-y, aad I bsl ere ail tiaa T<.*uai adverti-ied, bdtal with out p?m*aen: relict. At last I tr.-J CVrtetV Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which <t<7-ot-i?;iy eurad me, and I *in happ. to say I havo ktd neither chill* or .'ever* ginse. I consider it tn* UHT^nk in thia world, *nd Uia oaly rcsiieine tn ,t ?ver I reached my ca-e. JOHN L0XG33N. Bxavxa L'ITijh, r.?*r Richmond, Va. 0. B. LTTCU, Zf<\., now la the city of Rbluond and for many yeira in the Port 0?oe. hM e ich aonfij-ne? in tfc-? aitoniahiag effl;a?y of Carter'* ! Spinish iliitar) that h* hu bou^fc- apvnrda ol bt botllM, which L?- hw jrtT.-n away ta tni alfl ctel.? Mr. Lack wye h*? never ka.^wn it t.^ fail ?h?n takan aocrrdin^ to direetiona. Dr. MINOK, a pnetiair^ Phyddaa, an J (brawl j jf th? Ci;y Llotel, in the -4ty of Kifhmord, mj? he !lm ;q a nuail^r of invoice* t:a? ej-cts ol' UjianMh Mixt.iN, which wcv n?i' truly ?urprlob?. lie ??ysta n s?ka.? of <3ou<uiap:iouf do pendvnt rn the I.irer, th? go.i ?2a-:a war# wou iwrful indeed. SiVUIL M. DRINKEtt, of th?" firm of Drinker A Moma, Ricbciond, waa ~J-"d rurM of Uvtr Com plaint of tifw ' md atanding, fcy the us;' af twr bcttlea of Carter's flpam h Mixture. aRSlTl-JKii^ 30H0PirLA.?The Editors e? the Biohu^ni Hepttb'ican h-d ? M-rant employed in their pre.n rirtm, cur^l of violent icrofu'.a. com h ned w'-th Rbeama'iam, which eutirely dkiabled him fr -a worx. T?o B>ttl?w of Carter n >p?n>i"^ " Mixture made a perfect curi of him, *nl the Ldi tor* In a public notice, rar th^7 ' cheerfully rer m men i it to all who are aULc:ei with ?uy disease ol the bU*>J " k:ill A'ijTiisa<_ua^usc?07ula ?ihtj a*?ry taluabie boy cur-1 of itorofuU by CarW'e ep?ui?h Mixture. I a5ni.J^r it trulr a Talu-able tae^i^iu"*. J iMB3 M. TiYLO;t, Ooaduricr ? a th# K. ft. anJ P. K. K. Co, Uichiu ni, Va. SALT KUaic'M Of TWENTY TEARS STANUIJIO C:;?.KD Mr. JOHN TVfOMl ^.'N, m?:dioc ia tb# city ol R^lumad. wis cure! by thr-e bcttlea ..f Carter's Kparsi^h Mil'.sre. of talt Hk*UEX. which b- h u lor neatly t?aa?v/ yci:? *.ti i wfi?ch ail the phvs dan? | of tha ar? ?aald n : ? ^re. Mr. Th>upH*n i'a a well k i&va V9*L>niat in ih? c-ty of Richmond? a-jd UL L ut*ti ?a*arkab ?. W4 4.SIATT:!!?'?, "f Ri?*bmor.d had a ftrtint cored a# ^/^'"i't >n tha worst form," by Ca-ter's Ppaa efc Mix ur>. lie says h? chWfully re~om m?n-ia it, aal ooajideiu it a very inrnluabla me U cine. KDWl.i EUiT^N, eocai-finaer ol the r?Tcaa?, aaya aa has seen the jof>d "(T -?? of Carter's rpaniah M:xt?-e in ?? number of iyphiiitic cisea, an l says It | b a ?erf-ct <ure f rth*r bjrrtble die -aa?. WM- O. >1 ARWi> H>. ft Rich mood, cured <f old i>T?aaJ Uleern, wh . liaaole-ihi a fr*in vr-lkia^. Tjok a bett er of-Jarter'a dpanish Mixture, and wea ewnUed to wa'.x w'tcout a cratrh, ia * au^rt ba? p*tmaa?n"iy nrtd. Pr?t??*pai iMpoU at M ?VAIID, CLOSE A Co,, No. *?*? ViiJan ii*n% N?n York T. W DYOiT A bONa, So. 18i Noria JaconJ at., PhlUdrlpLin BSX'- ETT A EiC23, No. 12i Uaia street, Locd, V a. | Anl for ea!.' by ?",IH?ILKS S70FT, Wajhinjrton, D. C; HEN;;Y P21I', Alsxa*: iria, *ud by ilt ?very when. k not $' per bottle, cr aix botda* f.r $0; tap at?ly | T. H. rniLLXPS' COACH FAClOiY, *7* Eighth ?t, *>]j inir? "ain-y'a Livery Stab'.ea OW INti to iae increa vd tr-id ? wbicti a geoeroue pobli haa be?-UjWvi upon : have be n com- j pej^i to erect a n-:w anl l?r/-r LaiMiog tor the c ^r/ing on of my batlwis. ll?re I saail be en aUad to x^ute all oris " enuiibtei t- m^ wi?i gre?t?r tac:litiee as 1 dispat^i, and I would ree^vct luky solic.: a cont;uu^noe o. th-? pubii 'a patx>n.^?. C^rrug'n xn I aa, ol th.- meet mod rn efy>, ba^lt ct ihe beet m?ier;aU, >ci warr&ste4 to ^ive utahftion, Mpaira ol every 1 scrlp'.lcu paaotuaily aUendaJ t). I-: ??'.e, cheip, z eacond-Lac ! Cle-enca Carriage, nearly u?w e5'za ?tt UNION aCADEMY. f\rr^r of Fl>urU' tt. aid Acto York avmu*. I ia-re pnpila c*?j bj rr^alrcJ to makeup iV the United tmniUer. ApplKitl>a zsd?t be m<n<? ,?-i. r>. The discipline, in?tru Uoc, en 1 cieans of :.???-'re*: n are each aa U> ia?ure -atiafactory pri* gr?e la tho^e : b.mU who ai9 pua.tual( regular tnJ ' I cvdi-nt. (lie jiars a: tha BroiJtorr?. d*. .k,~am 1 MCl/*ona tw--? - SOL'IIIERV Ul'ABTERLY REVIEW for JaiiU .iry, i?s^o. t t?nt?:nt* : Z'lie North and the tiavib tuu oi llttiiaai V twt-T* of the Gt-neral Governii;elit Th* Human Family C<wj'uu>ion ot th" United States Cliemi-t. y ol Common Life ?arijf Leaders Recent Mo.-ial T'heoiica Cnucai Notices. Subr-cri:>iioii unci- Jo ,>or annum." feb 1<J FKANCK TAYLOR. O EXPEC ED HEW YSAi; FBESEK73. V at! ill. (.ranches of Lu?ic.t?* conducted ia this v^v city, Q: eerie \ of all others uS^rd the amaileat pro ita, and ?a^uti h?.?s toe pr^fr ecee for CMth, kud u~> oai la thu^ can coutinueif hu cuatomeii are n l prompt io?*ttiement by chcrt notr . or ctaL. Heei.-o.ij of si >?iug up tor the naft, I ?amenly r*;ue<: all >ho are ini?bt?l to otil aud Kttle wl ho it J?Uy. J will farther give n>Ucs that all fa ara Ull< wkiah may be c?atr.cte<i *i{h ms must mado with r? tc, -a-i with the duaact understand ing t&at thty are to be cUiaed monthly, by caah or ?otsa at A> days ?hich ! have prepare! fur tba pur poaa, except - u -h c f my old ca-t >mers who hav? al ways be?n prompt. Z. M .P RI>0. dac -a?v rpRANS-ALLEO UN* BANK AND !?BU>KN a. ????? ?e v v-w-^ ^^1^ cl lie i.!gbeet I** . <????,, nt Kvu*y, L*ni Warfants, and Virgia'a ftc.lp bought aa J aoii. Drafts on all the principal ciJ??a a^M (o P^ *^SZr*oua a' a iietass sen ling ia* Trans Alleghany notaa or Lai.d Warrant*, u.ay rely upon recelrlcg tha bert rat*?, anl r<nultaaca? m*d? by draft ou any a>ty ia tae Li>i->a UAMlLPOM 0 PANT, Bauaer, dec 0?Ha No 4112 Penna avenat. SILVER PLATED WAKE. (COMPLETE ?v>tf?e Setf,Caatore,Take ami t'l"!: J Baskets Waiters on white m -ta!, Table, lies ?eft, and Tea Spoons and Fork.', double, and Ui;>'e plait J on Albaia, the fcrd>aMtutf tor ?ilver, wai ranb d and -old by H- SfUKEN, N?iw 330 Pa. aveiue, be tween 9ih and lOio sU |an 1? PIANOS FOR SALE AND KENT. fF?|IE subscriber hie alarays on hanj a ua^oil | merit ot Germ ji and Amenran PI- . frum the Very i>.-st in.inulactarers WHJ fPhk*b be nfrnfortale at lower prices' than can be pareh tsed in the District of fVtumbia, aud - a the m >-t icoowiu *daiing Itsih. All Piaaoe purrha-ed from ate aie ^a. ranted to give *ati<dhc noa. md Pianos takm i.i ? vchan^e. B. KtllS^, Proiesaor ol .Muait', G, betw. Fourtc uth and Fitiet uth streets, icb t? dip* GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on th? Rational Treatment, with out Mediciir, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak n'f.' of the I.iiUTjs and Back. Indispo sition and Incapacity for Study and Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self Distrust. Dixzmess, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, Affection oi'th > Eyes, Pimples on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities in ? FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The import.*Kit fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed without Mudicine is, in thia ?mall tract, dearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by mean* of which ev ery one is enabled to cure hunself perfectly, and at the least f OK<ihle cost, avoiding thereby al I the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (postpaid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lispvtrird street, New York. jan 17?3iu DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBHATED (German Bitters, fkspared by DB. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'a., Pa., WILL KrKKCTUALI.r CTRE LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chronic or Aereons Debility, Diteatet of th* Kidney, and all diaeatct ariting from a dis ordered Liver or Stomach. Sach as Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullue s, or Blood to the Head, Aridity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering nt the Pii of the Stomach, Swim mm* of the Head, Hurr ed and difficult Breathing, Plintenng at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations * lien in a lying Posture, Diuiiict* ol Vision. Dots of \Whs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head. Deficiency of Perspiraun, Yellowness ot the Skiu and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Sic., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in t he Flesh, Constant Imagin ings of Evil, and great degression of Spirits. HE proprietor, in calling tHe attention nf the public to this preparation, does so with a fe>-l ing o! the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended it is no new and untried article, but one that has sto?J the test of a teu years' trial before the Amen can people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The te>titn>ny in its favor given by the most pronrnent and well known Physicians and individuals, in a'l parts of the country ia immense. The following I'roin North Cat'lina is respectfully sub i itt.'d, refi-rring any who may sti!: doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Families to be had gratis, of a'l the Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 140 Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. H". Smith, of Pine llill, HiJi inonJ County, iY C. Pisa Hill, March 4th, 1854. Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Di ar S r: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f. rin, for the la-t five years. Such was my condition for twelve months that the physicians and all who saw ine said I must die. While in this condition, I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, l.ut wa* n*?t benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at RutheiforHon, it small village in North Carolina, t*? try the r fleet of some Chnlylieate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and myseif. TIitc were several of the village physicians in the slor", and one of them seemed to take some interest in my case, and, af;er asking me some questions, sttsd h? had been a dyspepuc, and had been gr**a:ly bene fitted by the use of " llr. II >ort .n-1's G?rrnati Bit ters,'r prepared by y u, and he iu*i.-ted that I would try the but-rs He also called the next day at my room, and insi-ted so much that I would try them tnat I asked h:nt to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbor* came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i rive him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much goo I in his case. He has often called on me for more of the same k nd of rnedi eme, saying lie was more b-nefiited by it than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get any more for him or myself *:nce; will you, there fore, please ship me a d< z.en or more as tcon a< \*u sible. Respectfully yours, W. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N C., October 24.13o3, says:?1 (laving experienced very great benefit from the use of ?' II toll in,| ? Germm Bitters, 'in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement ol the Liver^nd its coiicoiu-.lant evils, 1 am desirou.- of obtaining a quantity i.f it for the benefit of my community. Yoa will, therefore, please send a lot, iic. &c. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. llriTs.tills, Yaiikix Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, ISSJ. Dr. C. M. Jacksou?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for jour di-covery of r. medicine which, to say the least oi it, lia? ef fected a cure that all other med:cmes, Hu t I have taken, have entirtly failed to do. "Hoi.fluid's Ger man Hitlers''have cured mc of tlw most stubborn and aggravated case of the that, perl.aps, ever fell to the lot of man My case is 11A a tranger in t' is community, as I am well known in this and the urrounding counties, and can truly sav that my re covery has a*touud<*d all my friends and relations, as I had trier? everything reoommended, and nothing did me any go >d until I was prevailed up?n to try the Bitters. You are at liberty to cake any use ol this comniunication, for the benefit ot the altlictedj ycu may tluuk proper. Trulv yours, WM. J. AT WOOD. These bitters are entirely pegetaLle, they invigorate and strengthen the ty?tein, never prostrate it, and can b: u?ed for infants as well a.j adul F?r s le l.y respectable dealers every a here, and by Z. D. GlLMAN, Wellington; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown, and J. R. f I EM PONT, Alexandria, mar 1? ly BKAUTIFUL WHITE TEJL1II. Healthy gcms, and a sweep bkeatu. All who are desirous of obtaining tin se bene fits, *.M>uld use ZER MAN'S CELKUR VTED TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines ?o many rMcril?.riou* qualities, that U has now be come a standard favorite with the citizens of New York, Iptua and Baltimore. DeiiUets pre senbe it in their practice most successfully, and from every suurcc the m<*>t ftaOcnug laudations are awarded it. Inllanitid and bltcdiug gutqs arc immediately b> u totted by iu use; its action upon tlicui is utile, soothing and effective. It cleanses lite iceth s> tlicrougnly, that they are made to nv.l jicari ti whiteness, and diffuses ihrougn the mouth such a dcitghtlul freshness, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely sweet. It disinleju ah those unpurines which tend to produce decay, and as a consequence, when these are removed, the teeth iuu<4 al*ay>? re main sdU?d. It is used aud recommended by ail the eminen Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Baitnno"^ ir-.d other cities where u h"i 1;^ ,. ,u,lMuc?d. * All ?b<*i'ld i,.\e i, u aiat. Prepared < nly by FRANCIS ZERMAN, Drusgi't and C!ien:i-t, Ninth and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, aud sold by all Droggists ef -rywiiwi, at ?t oenu per bottle. W. |L UL1.MAN, ;a,. tt?a sen?rot VVMshington City. C1LOTII1XO MADE TO ORDER CLE\PER / tha ; ever.?In ojder to run off ihe remainder at our large stock i?f CMNiUi, Cassiuieres, and Vest ings, we will at this season take measure and make l?i order* (lanuenU of first quality 140 ivr cuit. cheaper than our usuu'ly law price*. WALL It "STEPuKNS, 34*4 Pa. av> fiue, next door to Iron llad. f,b 1'J (Selu inelk News) ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. J ('ST received two of l|?e atioys (.M'^ualled in strt4mcr.U threat train tUe .M.init factory in Dresden, Germany. Tiiese Pianos having both, alter a lo; g sea and land voyage, arrived in perfect tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in kMtpiii" ia tune. 1 heir l>eaHty r.'vl - a. r <>t tone elicits the hijbert eacoviums front all thn great muwal critics of Europe. HILBl'S h. HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D ?U an 8-u 1*I|E NEW t\TY DIRECTORY.?Washirgton ami Georgenmn II.rectory just puhlislied, con ttkinmg the t 'ongressional Directory for the Socond Session of Ihe Thirty third Congress. TAYLOR a MAURY'S fob Bookstore, near st. igniter 73 lOU UNDERTAKERS, fcc. CABINET MAKER A UNDENTAKER. THE undersigned roulJ respectfully inform hU fr1enl?, vnmlatinva, and the public generally chat he still ocntlruea to execute *11 orders In his line of businasr id the l*ft mincer and it the abort ??? nociee. HCP A till XO neatly and promptly eresutsd VVHSHAI.g attended t? at ?"U?? ??> Ji? ?hcrte't netl.-e, and l,i the beet canaer. frdizi prunreal in iM nvitt ftr/i* nan <r, even in ths %"nrtnest \cettf\er. ?.a*&kful fcr jut fa tow, he woolJ rrepsctfully ?licit, and will eudearor tc m?rit a ccntmuarce Ol ?he not. ANTHONY BUGHLY, Pa., s. Mde, between Gth and 10th 3ta. Re?Hf,n;<*: Mr. Martin's, No. ?W, D street, tk4rd cum fMt ol 7th strict m?r IT?If C. WA^RINKR, WATCHMAKER, NO. S30 PA. AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth streets, WASHINGTON, I), c. fub 14?dt\ov4* C1UKAT Bm CKMKjTTS. J" CANFIELH, BROTHER A CO , Uti 9 Baltimore it reel, Baltimore, JILL, Off?-r to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count ol stock, a larjre stock ol r'tcnt y imported foods,such as WATCHES, JE AELKV, SlI.VEIt VV ARK, .iiWa and Pt-Jc.1 Good*, ClocJ.\t B<~on:rtf P?ses, Musical B-nw, Drc^rr. Vhinn, dr. , AT PR I i CES TO SUIT TIIE TIMES, WITHOUT RE GARD TO COST. |in 31?tr COMMISSI ONER OF DEEDS FOR N-w York, T-xm, Cali&mia, Now Jerwr, lx>ut*:sna, Mispoari, P?unpylv?nia, Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, ? G-o rgle. Michigan, Mains, V/ixcvn^in, Ohio, and Minnesota, Flori It, rtht r Stn'tp. GEORGE 0 THOMAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, A NO (IOTARY PI'BLIC, Washington rUes, haar Odd tallow*' Hull, 8HVENTTI fTRFKT, W*8nw?roi?. D.VG. mnw V4-W "iTn. DATIDGE, AUoraty n*i Co?HMllor-at*Li7Ti Ajra C0MM1S8WP/XX OF DEEDS FOR T1T1I 8T 4.153 OF Virginia We* York Maine I en tacky, New J*reey Illlne's tomlsiana, Oounecti:ut Vtas'arhr.a-.ttl Varyla^J Pennsylvania .lorldi I ssq(m<^ Alabama Iowa <? eorgla California Arkar.cs* 8 Caroilu* ie., te Conveyancing ia ail it* Iratcbss pr. uptly anl ao^i- r^telr ej?eut?1. Ofiicr Louisiana or p. Fifth street. | oct lft? dly R. II. GILLET, Counsellor at Lev, Offloe as J residence In Frauklin Row, corner o.' & tod Yhlr+^rith strnet. n#? WM. M. MBltHfCK, Attorney at Lawt HO. J 8 LjC 3UNA AVCXUB. V?':ll pra-1ice in the Supreme Goart of th<? United M\tee kn<l '.b?- CjurU or th? Dieirlct of Columbia or, - M<?t f Privato Medical Treaties or* TH? PHYSTOLOGIOAL VfKW Of r.IARRI/.GE, BT w. u. r?a jcr?oix, m. i>? ALBANY, N V. iW) Pftgrs and IdO fcir.e Plain and Colored Lltho-! frrfiphs and Plates. Prlc* only 35 Cents, fi tinSent (res of postage to ail par;* rf th?? CnioD-^* CUEAPK-T boOK KTKRi PUKHbHKI>, ?nd con'aining n early d uble tLe quantity of rea ling mstter in that of the FIFTY CKNT3 Gli DOLLAR i PUBLIC4TIONH. It treason tfce I'lIYSrOLO-! (OYOF MARIlIAQ k\ ?nd the' | s?Tet l? droitic and disorder I rf youth and matnrr.y, re >-altinK fr^m exc?fe?B, which destroy the physical acd aen : tai powers, with observations I ?a a*rr?(^, il* outic! and aisqualificationa, and' their rewiiee; With ii ho^.aph", illustrating the j inalomy a?)d phyeiol.igr, and 'JiiwafM of the repr. ioctWe or^ ica of lx.*b F-i^a, the t structnr*, us^a and runctifiiS. A popular anl com; rehtusiv* traa-1 iie* on the duti'^ and ca.?u?'** *. t ciogle u^d laar ri-d life?happy s>nd *.u?* it! J''a. v?, mode ( f P9. uring th^m- infut'oilc. * *\<3 Tuf.?.lilj? ones? Ib^ir 3 jviuticn rtj o1*,. *'Ji^rt*Tit ii.jjU to tho^e ?pt?mplatiug metilur..7 that will ov^r^uo rb factious to it; to a j ht-wii <-r. should take thia im portant s>j> %'? iiout Irjt consulting its rmr.cnL,riii f- aiseis*? and medical trfrtLi<rnt of feji?: s f-oc. ir.anoy to oil ave, eacl. eve i{r?'h ?sally il!ustrat. ?: by b<'?utiful lithagraj.llic plate? ? aervoas deLil tw, iii cauHes and care, 1 ;? a prt^jf. at oroe so fias: *??. tU anl effectual thnt failure is j impo*<aUe?irul^-s f.'ir dally ma?ag>-m?;ci?an esa?y I I in 3p-rmatori-bfea with practical cbs^rvations on a I itfer, and rjrrn succe^sfai mole of tr-?tm*rit?pre :anticcarr hinu Oi. the eviin resulting from tmpiri I lal prtciice?a i e^-ay on ail ciaeapes arltfra liom indiscretion, with plain and simoif] rules bv abichf j all perrons ccu curc themsclvea withcut Sicrcnrv? remi>li;? fur tho.^e -elf inflicts miseries ar.d dl^ar, xiJted hope.^ so unfcr un?U!y ^rfvilent in the ft ung. It ii a trcfift-l advi.t-;- the o-.trriad and :bu??ooAU&ipiaUn^ m-.rrieg?. la perusal In p?r ticu'arly reccmaendrd to pert'otjs ? ut^i tr uing ?? rr?t diuoU of liidir i.fe.v ,c; UouiiJ-. a. tXkl whi? ure ^Jt'oioufl of haricK hi?itrd?o the fcsaltn, happiness I ani privilege! to which ?7.ry hum^u Itiug u hm titled to. Prio? 2fi efclb rer copy, or Cre cc; iei frr one dol ?at. Mailrd free u: postage to anj part of the L'ni-1 ed States. N. B.?'ih -?8 who prefer m.*y consult Dr LaCkoii apon any o! tl edi??s/ra w;.;tiilij book tret.: other personally or fcy mnil. Med:f?..rt ttnl lo ary I part of tue Union according to dirt*acre, skf>!, ^acaed and carHnlly secored frcra eil obu>r*ati,>u Addr?.i l>r. M. M H ORQII, No. ai M^d?u Laur rt Poet Otl'ii Box b.u, AiHunv. N. Y. 44* Oulce uj:en dasiy from SlcUJua u: * ?u Sundaj from 2 u~tii 6 pm. ?#- Offl:e Uauiovad froxa No 66 Petver bL to 31 ntaldau I.iuc, Alowny, N. Y. dec 7 MATiiiSMAXlCAL INSrKUHENiaT M1UJ. G. AXUtUfON' has r-tceiecd a larga and compIjUiaaJortiaeit of MathBma'.icU Inetru tnent3 and Drawing MaterU's of superior qualify The Math matkal InsiramentB are chiefly manuf,ct>ry in M w^ll as la separaw pi?o.d; w at*r cjIo r ? aud o.l colors Drawing papers of ut ery qunity. Ai o, Studies ia Drawing and Paiutlng. dec 22?tf 4 7 6 P?,un. arenas. DENTISTRY. DR. MUI.SON rc?pectfully cal s pnblio attentjoa to his tew, patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED c-et!iOd of eotilng Artiflcia!,^* Teetb, with Ct 'ittnuoua (lum?the very PKttirJOTlCWGFT <K ART. if Teeth l.ais th? ?itvantJijtjii overall otbs^s ris: C?aaT STItKNGTH, CLEaNUnEW, Ct-M FGhT, and BEAUfY, *ieing with Nature 4,n ttm respects, and K.itie othure ezceilluii. tuspeo Uon U respecUu:)y ?c.U?i?d. iittae ojl and see ipecim#"?. CADTt^w ?wo other DentLt In tba DIstriot of * rl8^t to make this style of Teeth. N. B ? Tretb constitutionally healthy, >logged warraotml for life. OOoi ani h^use at No. 20S 8 street, ne ar the cor of Penny Irani. aTena? and 1^? Ose^. no? Is?tr HARPER'S MAGAZINE F??R MARCH; cents 1 he Sons oiilif Stre?, a liirtory of tlie rt^e, ut ogress and destiny of the American Party Life and R?auues of Fanny Fero ; $1 Wolert's Riiost, by Irvjiy, .>l.iiu 1 luril Gallery of Literary Portraits Putnam* Magazine for March ; 25 cent; i ride and Prejudice; SO cts Gmley and Gr. kam's Mjnazinrs fer March. r or sale by E. K. LUNDY> feh-JH tf No. 1*8 Brirtfe Street, *-}[ georgeiown. lyEBSTER'fl LARGE QUARTO DICTION . .ar.y' *"dit???n of ld55, tin-* day received from the puWuhers-price, ia mil leather bindina, Ieb-7 FRANCK TAYLOR. IVY WALTZ. (COMPOSED and dedicated to Miss M. J. Tabler, j by PtuL A. F. IdiUe, jurt puUished and lor sale ai 1IILBUS fii HITZ'S Music D.poi. Pricc cents. leb C OCKE1' and Quarto Diaries lor 1&&5 lor sale hy Jan 0 -U tKANCK TAYLOB* SPLENDID RAFFLE. WILL l;e Raffled for as soon a? the requisite ? y number of dinners hare been taken, the fol lowing spiend d and coetly article*, viz: Isit Prize. One splendid gold Paper Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and 8 day Chronometer, most beautifully dccoratcd and adorned with enameled Paintings c| coo ?d Priz*. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel .. ivO 3d Prize. One Lady's Gr id Watch, richly si I with Diamonds. and Puitithi* on K-.ain? I . ] o 4tli Prize. One Gents Full Jeothd Lever (wiUi Compensator) c, 11 Huutinx Watch * j0/ 5th Pritc. Lady V Gold Hunting Watch, snleri didly chased ,i0 Total value...- .. .^Toott n.crc will he iwo Hundred UliaucCi, at Ten Dollars each. The raflle will take place at Ililhus it Hits' Mu sic Depot, Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and Ith street, where Tickets can be procured and the aiticles are ? .11 exhibition. Posons desirous of possessing some of the mo,| sup# rb articles of workmanship ever exhibited, bare now an opportunity offered them of obtaining ,uch at an eztroaiely low priec. Call and cramine fur vnttro-lvrx it t'x Mi ii lie pot oflllLRUH ?c HITZ, Star linii b.tneco the hour- ot y o'clock a. ui. and 6 p. m. feb 7?If 1 EA.KKL? ?> HOUSE OF l'AIEO & BOURSE B V''? United States Trcusury . OND8, Stocks uud o'Iht securities purchased and sold. Interest at uk1 rate of /fx t rem per alumni al lowed oil deposits when tell fur .ttdiy; ?r loiu,.-r. jau 21 ?6111 TIIE LATiiMR. MEADE'S PICTUKKS. iou in 1400 t,,AvjEs PBI/.t NO. 1 Thomas of Villiiiueva, giving A Iris iu the oTV j\t0I!y Mun?o, by one cl his pupils and touched by tint great artist?said to he en'ial to the original, cost $1,000. prize 2. ' The adoration of the Wise M: ? of (he East," a genu ne Munllo ; oat ?3,0Ufl. pki/.k 3. Ilea.I of our Saviour," by Corrcggio; cod .f! ,0*J0. prizc 4. ofl,,e Virgin," by Carreyio; coat for. S. A. MATI.ACK is authorized to receive subscriptions in this city, of w lioni tick' ?s tu iv obtained, or of >1 ssrs. TAYLOR & .MAURY. All money received on account of the Katie wilt be deposited ,n Bank until the drawing takes place, which will be duly announced. From the XutiOn it Ihte!li?en< rr. Article.* similar to the annexed we haw observed in several di>tMit papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad t . s. e that n member ol the family is Willing to dispose ol a t?art of the rare collection of ibe Uf? Richard W. MeaJ who, during his long residence in Spain, had opp -r tUnities, which hisopub tH e enabled him to indulge or selecting many of tin- tinest paintings in Spain t"Ht treasure bouse ot pictorial riches. The dix turned state of the country ?t the time, moreover. m;ule it favorable for obtaining many geaui ot art wincn would otherwise never have be.? purehtu-a from the Ho, ton Chronicle. .Jjl r., D'y,'rVR,?K of Art.?Several cAc/dWcrri Ot Jlunllo, Correggio, and other mast rs, which were bi ought from Spain duimg revolutionary times b\ the late R. \\ Meade, have elicited the a.lmir ion Of connoisseurs during the paf-t we, kin th? Uotun.lo ol the Capitol. They are to be dir^iosed of fur the benefit of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing :n New York, alter an opj.oruin.ty has been given to the public lor an examination feb fr- tf A R N Y , - ji No. 8# brittle street, Georgetown, H prepared to furnish R*lu, Dinners, Sot* fh ?vk.DiJi.sos, kc., xv;tli every thing in tlie Coulee I tionary line, in any part of the Di*triet. at the rlioit I ^no,':e' a"J ll,e n4,,,it reasonable terms, jan 19?tf _<?&? Mott Bedell's Line. ' NK,lXJ{PRJt;?LEXJlxr)RlJt> n'-*snrxQTo\ CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMHI I PACK FITS. rpilia LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY JL from pier M East Kiv.-r, .Vew York.and ofiener 11 necissary, m,J are composed of tue lollowin- lir-t class vessels: e Jew ?chr. Jt. r. J}e<U'l, DedelL master. New schr. Mott b'deU, A. V. Tredwell. Sehr. Jinn D., W|h. f?iver, master. Sch'. I olantff L. Smith, master. Sehr. Commantter-in- Chief, Wogl -m, master. hebr. Gi cen. -uy, \ViIm>:i, master. These vessels are all f:ut sailer?, and the masters menot experience in Cn; trade, nmi the oaly regu lar <inc ol V\ fijjton ijy MOTT BE ELL, ' Wall ctreel Y. H. S. MASTERS & SON'S, Alexandria, Va. r k 1 r THOMAS RILEY, *' " 1 ~Cl" WaslniigtoR aae D. C. ? OWEN. K. OWKM SO*. * V* OU'EN, M11 A TAlt Y A ND IV A VA I. MERCHANT T&IL.ORS PKNNSTI.VASI.S A VENUE, Between thirteenth and Fifteenth stivct-' WASHINGTON CITY, D C 9ST Naval and Military I'nifortus executed in the neales,. s:\lc. ?>?eoIm ?0028Oy HOUSE OF EEPiiESERTAl IVFF. A 1 ?i...'l?BRARY "OC8i: ' K Representative*. liAKuh uuintier of Books ln'loagiu<( to the Library < I t ic llousc ot K*'prei?eii,utiveK Irive been drawn by members and by ilicir ih.Ick, and staad charged to their accounts ou Ho book* of Uns rttice. It is important tor the preseivatj..;, ofti.e files that tliey should be returned before the clo^e ol ll;e session. MATTHIAS MARTIN', ' / U J^lbfriilu 01 t,lc House of Reprc^iitaiives. leb 20? d2?v FOB 30 DAYS, FOE CASH ONLY Embroideries, Riiumis, Drcx ti mntium anil Fancy Goods at eo&i, less than c?>-t, hall price, aim' st giving awny G-irsls. MAXWELL & BRO. commence to duy t.? m ike roetn ior spiii.g synpliefc by ollering tin irciioiccslGoods at? ??<t, sea sellable Gore's at h *sihan cost, uns> a- liable G.-oiN at half price, and we have some old ;tad inditliticnt stock accumulated on our bands that we a.most give away. This will be a tareop|Mirtunity to si curegie*I burguiiiH, us u t uru (ti'icnuiiu d to rciiu''c our nreM nt stock, it we have to dispose of cvciy class 01 Coo ls at hall pricc. We cannot enumerate srticles and prices, but in Vite the ladies to come and ten the quantities ol Go ds ihat we have placed upon our counte rs and marked down at that w ill certainly II them. MAXWELL & bRO., The original Riha -d and l'riiumiiig Siorc, No. 3*4 8 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOtli st. feb 22??o3t 1?0 LNVENTOitS offica of l*Th? Xnv-atow' Protsotfon Katlotu^ , Daii^;" m on 7iL uree^ oppo?il0 the fc>oi. tiej c{tiis ffcte^ Oice, tud La uo;r to the ba/Sne^ of ita lacmht.r?, : !a aakloa ixniiinatioa.-- ani sr'.iaikJug patent*, it. IbT*ntus U9 to cal] and gst a c;p* of tbf (JopaUtudca wul By-tewa, and whfre any iaforiaa don will b? given respecting the Union. Ail letters on fctidiness nust Ve directed to thl? ol *.ce, wiere alteation *iil be given lcuaeduUly. A model ihop is in e^anection With the offl a, ?rher# modala can bs made ttforis? tt tie ehortein ?0tice. T. tf. CLAYTON, It Pr?MdsntI. P. W. Q. DKAUGirr ALE. THE undersigned reepectfully announce that tliej have obtained the sole Agency at t?t" District lor the sale of Kurtz & Ne*'* * o^it Drau-lu Ale, and have made arrai^piuents so as to have it con stantly op hand, so that all who inay favor tlicm with theu'custom will be punctually served. As usual, a supply of Porter, Ale, Cider and Min eral Water constantly on hand. Order* by mail, or given to our drivers will meet with strict attention. Term* sa?h. ARNY h. SHINW. A first rate Wagon, but little used, for sale Apply as above, to ArtNY At SHINV, Union Bottling Dep.t, feb 8?eolm Geortretown NOT ICK.?Those persons having open ac counts on our books which were r?.idered in December and duaua 1st o| January last, al.-o those indebted to the late firm of Clageit fit Dnl*on, are again respectfully reminded of their deliaquency. and are urged to make arraugement* at once f?r settlement. It will be to their aJvantage to do so. feb 97?eo3t OLAGETT, DODSON k CO. NOXACm* ? it. OWtiN h du.? have itiis day opened their firit invoice of Spring Goods, and solicit acall from their friends and customers, feb 27?col w EVENING STAR. THE VETO Or THE COLLINS STEWED BILL On Saturday evening the President re turned to Congress the bill making ap propriation for the Collins line of tUam ers. with a message coutaimnghis reasons for doing so. According to the terms of the conti act (says tho President,) the parties were to receive from the United Stales, for twen ty round trips each year, the sum of nineteen thousand two hundred and lifty dollars the trip, or three hnndrcd and eighty five thousand dollars per annum ; and they were to construct and provide five ships, of a stipulated size and qual ity, for the per formance of this or other service of the Government. Of the ships contacted for. only four have been furnished,the Atlantic, Pacific Arctic, and Bailie, and th? present bill proposes to dispense entirely with the original condition of a fifth shij, l?y only requiring the construction of one. which would but supply the place of the Arctic recently lost by peril of the sea. By act of Congress of July 21, 1852, the amount of compensation to the con tractor was increased from nineteen thou sand two hundred and fifty do'lars, to thiity-three thousand dollars a trip, and the number of trips from twenty to twenty-six each year?making the whole compensation eight hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars per annum. Dor-; irg the period of time from the com mencement of the service of these con tractors, on the 27th of April, 18.50, to the end of the last fiscal year, June 30, 1854, the sum paid to them by the United States, amounted two millions six hun dred and twenty thousand nine hundred and six dollars, without reckoning pub lie money advanced on loan to .iid them in the construction of the ships: while the whole amount of postages derived to the Department has been only ? even hundred and thirty-four thousand and fifty six dollars: showing an (xcess of expenditures above receipts of one nal-j lion eight hundred and eighty six thou sand four hundred and forty d( liars to the charge of the government. Thcactof July 21, lb52,provides 4that it shall be ia the power of Congress at any time after the 31st day of December, 1854, to terminate the arrangement for the additional allowance herein provided for upon giving six months' notice. This last provision, certainly a pri mary consideration for the more generous action of the government, the present bill proposes to repeal, so as to leave Congress no power to terminate the ar rangement. To this repeal, adds the President, the objections are, in my mind, insuperable, I because, in terms, it deprives the United j States of all future discretion as to the i increased service and compensation ; whatever changes may occur in the art of navigation, its expenses, or the policy and political condition of the country. While the contractors are tote paid a compensation nearly double the rate of the original contract, they are exempted from several of its conditions, which has the ett'ect of adding still more to that rate : while the lurther advantage is con ceded to them, of placing their new privi leges beyond the cc ntrol even of Con gress. The privileges bestowed upon the con tractors ate without correspondent ad vantages to the government, which le ceives no sufficient pecuniary, or ether return for the immense outlay involved ; which could obtain the same service of other parties at less cost: and which, if the bill becomes a law, will pay them a large amount of public money, without adequate considerations?that is, will in (fleet confer a gratuity, whilst nominal ly making provision for the transporta tion of the mails of the United States. To provide for making a donation of such magnitude, and to give to the ar rangement the character of permanence which this bill proposes, would Le to de prive commercial enterprise of the bene fits of free competition, and to establish a monopoly, in violation of the soundest principles of public policy, and of doubt ful compatibility with the constitution. OLD SOLDIERS' BOUNTY LiND BILL. AN ACT ia aiditiou to certain act* granting bounty land to certain office s ud t soldiers v,lio have been engaged in the military cer vico cf the United Stated. Be-it enacted, ifc., That each of the surviving commissioned and non-commis sioned officers, musicians, and privates, whether of regulars, volunteers, rangers, ur militia, wiio were regularly mustered into the service of the United States, and every officer, commissioned and non commissioned, seaman, ordinary seaman, marine, clerk, and landsman in the navy, in any of the wars in which this country has been engaged since seventeen hun dred and ninety, and each of the surviv ors of the militia, or volunteers, or State troops of any State or Territory, called into military service, and regularly mus tered therein, and whose services have been paid by the United State* subse quent to the eighteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and twelve, shall be entitled to receive a certificate or warrant from the Department of ^e Interior for one hundred and sixty teres of land; and where any of those who have been so mustered into service and paid shall have received a certificate or warrant, he shall be entitled to a certificate or war rant for such qumtity of land as will make, in the whole, with what he may have heretofore received, one hundred and sixty acres to each such person having served as aforesaid: Provided, The per son so having been in service shall not receive said land warrant if it shall ap pear by the muster rolls of his regiment or corps that he deserted or was honora bly discharged from service. Sec. 2. And be it fa ther enacted, TLai in case of the death of any person wlo, if living, would be entitled to a certifi cate or warrant as aforesaid under thi i act, leaving a widow, or, it no widow, a minor child or children, such widow, ot. if no widow, snch minor child or chil dren, shall be entitled to receive a ccrti ? ficate or warrant (or the same quantity of land that such deceased person would be entitled to receivc under the provi sions of tlii< actifnow living: I'tuiiu .V That a sulw?equent marriage t-hall not 1:: - pair the right of any such widow to sac'; warrant )f she ba a widow at th? time of making ber application : And piov*lal further. That those shall be considered minors who are so at the i:tuc this aci shall take effect. Sec And be it further enacted, Thrl in no case shall any such certificate or warrant be issued f>r any service less than fourteen days, except where the per son shall actually have been engaged i:i battle and unless the party claiming such certificate or warrant shall establish his Or her right thereto by record evidence (if said service. Sri;. 4. And Ih. it further cnacttd, That said certificates or warrants may be as signed, transferred, and looted by th ; wairfcuU??, or their heirs-at-law, accord ing to the provisions of existing laws regulating the assignment, transfer, ani location of bounty-land warrants. Sec 5. And be it further c netted, That no warrant issued under the provisions of this act shall be located on any public lands except such as shall at the time be subject to .-ale at either the minimum or lower graduated prices. Sue. C. And be it further enacted, That the registers and receivers of the sev eral land offices shall be severally au thorized to charge and receive fjr their services in locating all warrants under the provisions of this act the same com pensation or per centage to which they are entitled by law for the sales of the public lands, for cash, at the rate oi onj dollar and twenty-five cents per acre. The said compensation to be paid by the assignees or holders of such warrants. Sec. 7. And be it further cnaetcd. That, the p.-ovisions of this act, and all tb? bounty land laws heretofore parsed L' Congress, shall be extended to Indian ; in the same manner and to the same ex - tent as if the said Indians had heen wLito men. Sac. 8. And be it further enacted, Th:;. the widows of officers and soldiers of th s revolutionary war be entitled to the ben efits ot this act. Sec. 9. And be it further cruicfed, Tlui the benefits of this act shall be applii l to and embrace those who served as vol ? unteers at the invasion of Plattsbur^r, in September, eighteen hundred and four teen. Sec. 10. Anubeit further cnaetcd, Th ?.; the provisions of this act shall apply tu the chaplains who served with the army in the several wars of the country. Sec. 11. And be it further cuacted, That the provisions of this act be applied t? those who served as volunteers at th i attack on Lew is town, in Delaware, L/ the British fleet, in the war of eighteen hundred and twelve-fitteen. Swallowing a Bar of Leah.?Stom ach Cpexed.?The Wopello, Iowa, In telligencer says a Mr. T. W. Bates, whih* doing the exploit of sticking a bar./ lead down his throat, let go his hold, and it descended into his stomach. Th ? physicians of this place, not knowing but Bates was trying to hoax them, maue a slight examination at the time, inas much as he had made but little ado aboi it, and at times denied having swallowc t it at all. A few days after, tho victim having swallowed some acid substance, the lead began to corrode, and he began to be very sick. The physicians wera then called in, and it was soon foun 1 that every other attempt to extract ti. > lead would be unavailing, save opening the stomach. This being resolved upon some five or six physicians were calk I in, when Dr. Bell, of this place, pcrfurn: I the ojjeration, pmbably the first on n ? ord, of opening the stomach and extia - ing the lead. The bar was about elevt i inches in length, and about one halt t! t length showed the action of the ac. I upon it. The pitient, at the last a - counts, was getting along finely, with ? prospect of a speedy recovery?the i - iiamation caused from the lead, while i i the stomach, being the greatest dif&cult y to contend with, at present appearanc . The Intelligencer of the 9th tells xxa tha ; Bates was rapidly recovering. Why tiie Focetd op Ma&ch was Sr.? lectei).?The Portland Advertiser, coi recting the blundering statement whit i every year or two goes the rounds of tlj papers, to the effect that the fourth < I March was selected as the beginning e f the Presidential term because it will no; fall on Sunday for 300 years to come, says: 44 The selection of the fourth of March as the day for the beginning of the Prcs ? idential terms, seems to have been result of accident. The old Continental Con gress when the ratification of the new Constitution by the necessary number of States had been ascertained passed a res olution Sept. 18. 17S8, appointing thj first Wedneselay in the next January for the choice of the Presidential electors, th i first Wednesday in February for the elec tion of the President and Vice President, and the first Wednesday of March ft'* the organization of the new govermcm. The first Wednesday of March happened to be in the year 1789, the 4th of March, and as the administration which begun on that day was limited to four years* by the Constitution the next and all succeed ing administrations have begun ou thi * day of the month." A Base Calcmxt ? In a rccent article Dtvticks says:?"City girls art suc!? touch-me-not creatures, that no one, ur derstanding the nature of the aniuia!. would venture on a kiss unless he w.u - ed to get his month full of magnesia aui carmine.

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