Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THIS OAT AFTiWO?? March 6 ?ro*A<i*.?Storage will be taken in the fine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the AYcnue, "Star Buildings." The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable place of the kind in Washington. Terms low. Apply at the Star office. SPIRIT OF IHK MOftSWG PJUSS. The Union, of this morning, notices tbo ap polntment of field ofloin for tbo now regi mont, saying: u lro garo that wo bot ocbo tbo genera, sentiment of the army when we congratulate 'Jjo ooantrj npon the judi ion* selections that bore boon made to fill tbo field appointments of tbo foar new regiments With out one ox caption, they bare beaa taken from tbo army it Ml f?a well-merited ocmpliment to its es tablished g tllantry and efficiency, in addition to its seeming for the important offioes them, selves the services of persona of trUd capacity and experience 'lhe exceptional ease alluded to is Becjamin MeCnllough. of Texas, ap pointed a nipj >r of cavalry, and of whom it is unnecessary 10 speak mo:o particularly, ns bis reputation and prowess as a partis , n cfiher are familiarly known. We are confident that tbo propriety of this appointment will bo as heartily acquiesced in by tbo army as by tbe oommnnlty at large." In noticing tbo gentlemen who hare! boon appointed Judges of tbe new Board of Claim* tbe Union remark}: "Tbe positions now held by tbo several judges in their respective States will at once inspire confidence in thtir integrity, purity, and legal abilities They aro gentlemen of established reputations, and wilt carry with them into the new court tbe aational*cetifi donee. '1 wo ot the judges aro democrats and one a whig, bnt n aimer of them have been so engaged in pditual life ss to identify thein in any way with tbe class if ques Ions to whicb their jurisdiction extends Before sach acourt tbo investigations will bo made with am im partiality and ability which cannot fail to give to their reporta a moral weight whieb will ma terially diminish the labors of Congres^" Tbo broad columns of tbe Intelligenctr are filled with interesting lot*era from its distant correspondents and news items. The Sentinel di.ousses "the contest in Vir ginia'' with all tbe earnestness peculiar to the editor of thst j>arnal. It says: " Toe Democrats f i Virginia understand end appreciate tbe efforts to sow distrust in their ranks, and they cannot bo influenced by the bint*, inn indues, and whispers of the secret order. All minor matters are now laid aside, and the secret t< eiety question has *b aorbed all chers This has united the L>em ocratU party of tha* state and made all petty discord and d":ssaf.i-fao:iou disappear m the face of a great object whk-h must be a?com {dished at all basurds l>e Whigs of Yirg.n a do n*>t mat'i.est any intention of running a ticket against the ticket n< mina'ed by the Democracy; bat toe fusion which such a course iiidicates !?? offensive to the better Ertioo of thff Virginia Whigs themselves establishing .heir lodges the uew order bar made use ?.f m^n in desperate circump an cos; and the manliness ef toe Waig party io Virginia will not oocsent to t?ksoa;hs admin istered by such men and submit them >elves to the guidance and control of men of damaged character, whom they would i.ot invite to their houses, cr permit to associate with their families." So Tidisgs or tus III-rated Albabt.? Advices have been received at Pensacola. fr?m St. Thomas, daed 2oi January, that tbe U. S. Steamer Pulton, which sailed from Norfolk on the 30th Decernbor, had arrived at that If. land after touohing at Nassau, N P , parsing over the Basks into Exomi Sound, round Cat Island thence to Cape Hajtl, Porto Plata, Samana Bay, Msysguex and St. John to St. Thomas, but nothing was heard of the Albany. ? l QTA preject is on foot in London to convey act students from London te the Paris exhibi tkn and back, inclosing refreshments and lodgings, at a mere nominal eharge I^Tbe unclaimed dividends with tbe Bank of England amount to ?l,06f> 018.17s. lid. fKksoM.? a.. .... Among the appropriations inserted in tbe Civil and Diplomatic bill by the Senate and agreed to by the House wa are very glad to learn that there is one of $25,000 to enable tha President to give a commission to our dia tingui.?hed countryman, lliram Powers, for the execution ot some initable work of statuary for the Capitol. .... Robert N Wickliffe, a prominent Ken tucky politician, died at Lexing on, Ky , on 25th cf Uut month. .... Tbe Alexandria Sentinal says: '?Virginia is being covertly flsoded with documents. A gentleman frotu a neighboring county jesterday ii formed us that tha spec.-b of Wm K Smith cf Alabama, in lavor of know Notbingi-m?is sent iu great numbers to his neighborhood." .... We are credibly informed that when Mr. Sidney Webiter, the Pies.dent's Secret try, bad delivered the veto of the Collins steamer bill, Mr. Banton grasped him by tbe hard, and delivered *he following sentiment: ??Sir, tell the President i thank him for this act. Ha deserves the thanks of tha country. If I ware President, I'll be d d to b?1 if I would not keep blank vetoes by me to defeat tbe bills of this Cong ess " The correspondent of tha N V. Courier and Enquirer uses similar language to tbe above. .... Mayor Wood, of New York, has written a latter to Lieut. Governor Raymond, in re ferecca to the passage of tha new Police Bill, which prcpoee* to make a Beard of 5 Police Commasioneis, at $3000 each per annum, to ait each day lor tbe trial and appoin'ment of Policemen, making him an ox-effioio mem ber. shiaBill wi:l take away all control over the Police from the Mayor. lie gives notice be will resign if it ia passed. .... A new Reman Catholic journal has been started in St Lcuis. Its editor is tbs Rev. Mr Hantingto'i ? a convert from tbe Protestant Jtpiscopal Church .... It ia said on the Avenne that Major Ben McCnllob, of Texas will not accept the appoinment under tbe new Army bill tendered him by tbe President. .... Lieut. Col. H. Boyd, of tbe Massachu setts Militia, resigned bis commission, assign ing as a reason his long service and his ' foreign extraction." Gor Gardner declines receiving resignation.- on that ground. .... Oen'l. Canrobert is said to be engaged to an Eng'isb beauty wbese fa'her was a high office in the English army, tm was slain at Bebaatopol. The same me senger wbo brought tbe sad news to the afflicted family al<o bore a message to hia lady love from tbu gallant Can. jobert. ....TheU 8 Senate, on Saturday night, la executive session, unanimously adopted a j resolution expressive of the deep regret ot the body as the retirement of Senator Badger, ?h<NM term has expired ....Dr. Buaey, last night, in the City Council, proposed to strike oQt the nsme of the President of the United States from the resolution returning thanks to Congress and tbe President of tbe United States for tbej liberal appropriations made for improvements ia tbe Distriet of Columbia. ....We have reoeived a printed circular from Robert Boiling, of Annapoliajid , ia reference to bis dimoulrj with Dr ward, ia which be shoes how h? challenged the Doctor. Wa think tbe maa who refuses a challenge a braver and better man tbaa be ahi sends it. v , . i ! ? ? w WAfHDT?TOV VXW8 AHD eOSOT. Important and Interesting frcm Hew Mex ico?Herewith we present to the Star s road ?ri to exceedingly interesting end important letter from New Mexico. It developes * po litical squabble there between the Gonersor, (Col. Merriwether,) and his friends?Ameri cans end Mexicans?end the local opposition, composed principally of Americans*. Tomor row we shall pubiuh the proeeedings of a meeting of the anties, held at Santa Fe, and duly dispatched to the Star on the next day. We lived long in an extensive frontier oountry, and know Irom an experience with saoh a community that it is onr duty to caution the public against concluding that the Complaints therein stated are well g'ounded because they are expressed in indignant and earnest lan guage. Wait, we have to say until you hear the other side. We, however, know many of the parties whose names will be found figuring In the proceedings referred to, to be men of character, sagacity and energy. Our only wonder is that Governor Merri we'.her should have been in cffise for more than a year without fiadiag a powerful and riolent popular organisation against him? squabbling being the life and soul of ? public affairs in all new (Amerioan) countries. T. , ,,8a"ta Fb- n- M . Jan. 30, 1S55. -lha Indians are threatening to eat this country up; but the Legislature having an thorsed the raising of a legiinent tf volun teers, Gen Garland has accepted and caused to be mustered into service five companies which, in the course of a lew days, will be in active service io the held. It is the purposs of (?en. GnrlaBd to carry the war into the con-try of the enemy, lbey have been long enough preying upon our people and their propertv, and ic is now time that they should be taught that we are ia earnest. The Apaches, a few days since, came down on a settlement about twenty.five miles from this city, mur dered several men, compelled the women to dance in a state of nudity before them, pe pe trated other outrages, and then drove off a large heid ot mules to the mourrains 1h*y we.e pursued with unexampled fleetneet and success by Lieut. Samuel 1>. Sturgis, in com mandflf a small detachment of dragoons, over, taken, and. after a severe fight, several oi their number were killed, several wounded aud cne or two escaped unhurt The com macd of Lieut. Sturgis lost one man, and sev eral received slight xrrow wounds, lhe poii. cy heretofore pursued toward the hostile rribe* ihat surround and infest onr country has tended 10 embolden them and make them fee! a^ if they were invincible. The President s message has been received great favor here. 'lha Amo-ioan portion of the population of this city regird it as an able, sound, and truly nat onal and republican Mate paper. The administration ot Genera! Fierce has the confidence of the people here in an eminent degree, and I believe that it is the wish tf every Democrat that he should be renominated and re-elected to the Chief Ma gistracy of the nation. We are particularly delighted wiih the patriotic manner in whioh the President di". recti the attention of Congress 10 the inade quately protected condition cf the frontier country, and his recommendation that lour uddiuoaal regiments be raited. We hope that a considerable portion cf that foree, if raised, wil: ba sent to this Territory. A peblio meeting w*s held a few evening* this city, to take into corsideration toe affairs of the Territory, and the cour8e of <iov Merriwether as executive head of the Territory and supeiinteident cf Indian effairs. was sev rely cej.-ui od, .u>d resolutions passed, asking for his removal from office lhe meeting was attended by nearly everv American in the city, and ? few of the most respectable Mexioans. Pres'on L?ck Esa one of the first merchants of the place and one of the most highly esteemed citiiens of ihe lerntory. presided on the occasion He made a speech on taking the chair, explana tory cf the objeot of tho meeting, in wtiah he set forth that toe object was to look alter the interests of the ieiritory. and to take some step toward calling the attention of the author ittes at Washington, to the ral*n>e or abuse ot pub ic authority here lhe meeting was conducted in a most temperate and unimpas sioned manner nd evinced that the Governor had but h tie popularity there amorg^t his owd countrymen Ilia administration of In dian affairs h?? certainly not come up to the pubho expectation. If thia country could be adequately pro tected againa. Indian depredatiJna. it would he a nne theat-e for the acquisition of weal.b, trom ita mineral and pHBtoral resou ces It ie to be hoped that the General Government will come promptly to our aid. by furnishin* us troops sufficient to enable the military de partment to subjugate and control the aavage foes by which we are barras^ed, or make am pie appropriation to keep volunteers in the v ,7? ,uoh Proteetion soon be given, we shall have to aband on the coun'ry. The Snpreme Court of the United State* for this Territory is row in session, acd has been for the last month, Judges Deavenport, Broo cous and lleneuict presiding. Some very del icate and important queationa have been ar gued before that tribunal, and all the strength of the bar has been brought into requisition The question of the validity of grafts made by the political chiei of this provluoe, utder the Supreme National Government of Mexioo are now beginning to be mooted ar d litigated' One of the causes which have been argued before the Supreme Court, during the present term, is of that eharacter-the question tog in an acuon of ejectment in the cour be low, wherein the pre.iding Judge Deavenport excluded a grant of that character from the jury as evidence in support of the astion of the plaintiffs A ya/>t portion of the real eat ate possesion of this Territory ia held by that tenure The court have the question under deliberate, and it is supposed tha- the decision will be ad ferse to the verdict ot the gram, even lor the purpose of recovering possession, until the right of the parties shall have been finally de termined by Congress. The oonsequence will be that par ies who have be:d posseesion un dor such authori y, for a quarter of a century will be intruded upon and over run bv tres passers The Surveyor General, Pelham, his arrived here, opene^ his < ffice, and announced his readiness to attend to his official duties The law creating his office, impotes upon him the duty of inquiring into land titles, and makin" a report tnereon to Corgres-. I., jt not the duty of the courts, in the meantime, to pro tect the rights of those who occupy in good faith, end whom our Government found in possession, when it acquired the domain as against mere tree;jas.?er? ? To day another publio meeting was held at the court house, attended by a few Americans say six or isrcn, and quite a number of Mexi' oans,at wbi;h a resolution was passed aDDrov fh fi 1 tor this territory ?the Governor and others. The purpose of the meeting seems to have been to counteract the force of the proceedings cf that in which the publio oourse of the Governor was con. denned, a few days sincc. Auioo Dbl Pais. The Merchant * ixehango Asaoaiation.? We understand that the Merchant s Exchange Association, recently formod ia this city, has for its object the correction ar.d proper regu lation of the or edit system end the advance ment of the business interests of tha city in every way ^ which that desirable end can be promoted by general consultation and united action on their part. Having no channel through which the intercata of the business men of tho District cm be heard, (exeept through an occasional s'roling petition,) they unite to make a medium through which the Interests of seventy thousand people (city and county) may hereafter pats. It has become neoeseary that some such organisation should be adopted. Regard will be manifested for the expressed wishes cf so respectable a body, ineir inUreste are truly the interest, and 7^ wut| t*?ly the wests of the people of the District In most matters before Con* gross; ud their organisation will doubtless so regulate the credit ?y?tem as to effect prioes for the benefit of the consamer It is unques tionably true that the unnsal credit given hare has brought about, in a great measure, the existing extravagances of living in Wash lag to?* Tbii state of affairs ia unnecessary with ni. The regular liberal disbursements of the Crovernment in the District of Colnmbia, reiv der it unnecessary Its cffecta have told, and are now tolling, with fearful force upon our merchants. We often see that jearr of labor avail them nothing ; for not one merchant in ten succeeds We think we risk nothing when we assert that a majority of our business es tablithmenta have not existed ten years as originally founded. This is a painful picture to look upon, when we take in view the care and toil which the dealer has to undergo often causing, if unsuccessful, the loe* of nap utation. It is said that the temptations of our oity are greater than any other. They are not, however, greater than those of all metro* politan cities. If persons here will o?ntent themselves to live as they do in other cities, on similar means?with living as they live in rural district#?we would bear less complaint of expenses. The pomp and circumstances of State should not be attempted by tho?e who ennnot sustain its necessary expenses. The association to whioh we refer above, has already attracted 1bo attention of the Northern merchants. and will doubtless have doe weight with them; tending te establish a better feeling, if not more confidence, when they see the merchants of Washington movicg so energetically in so oommendable a came This association is already composed of ell the leading dealers, of. all business, and is designed to embrace all in good standing. Its list may be consulted by those merchants interested. It cannot be expected that such an organi zation can at once be perfected to meet the views of all; but with perseverance much good may be accomplished. It will be the object of the association, we understand, to encourage among its members high and hon orable principles. No correct or honorable person laboring under temporary embarrass ment, or those who cannot immediately meet the demandj upon them, need have any fear from its consultations. But that class who make it a practice not to pay, and to live on the means of others, will undoubtedly find their career stopped through the means of this association. The Last Veto. -He to-day present the Star's readers with a synopsis of the Collins line veto message. We (the senior editor of the Star.) were opposed to the proposition to ? give tho notice" to the Collins line, for rei30ti3 stated at length in our column*. En. tertr.ining the contrary views of tho subject which the President does, we do not see how he sould act otherwise than he has done in tho matter; for we believe the veto power to have been given to arrest the enactment of any and all measures whioh the Exeoutive .dgardJ likely to prejudice the public intereit Wo have simply to adl that while we admit the ability of the President's reasoning and admire the empha?is of character which he displays in staLding firmly by what be regards to be his duty, we are yet unable to bring our mind to appreciate the case as he sees it. Not fo.?On the avenue and at the hotels, Ust evening, it was reported that the Presi dent had concluded to make no appointment uaier the new army bill from among civilians, but that all his selections would be from the army and West Point, and that all the ap pointments had been made. We aro Ufjrmtd that this is not so. Trie President has until the first of Jane to make the appointments fcr (be new regiments. Tne only appointments jet made are those whtse names have been published. We have not yet learned who aro to be appointed, and in all probability tho President himself does not yet knew; at any rate vte think our civilians stand a good chanoe. The Last of Congress !-^The last of the ses sion we saw jesterday morning shortly after sun-rise, when we met our esteemed friend Thomas D. Fulier, the chairman of the House Committee of Commerce, trudging acrsss Penn sylvania avenue, packing a pair of old boots to the cobbler, to be beel tapped ! The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 6th of March there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department ? For the redemption of sto<? $5,439 25 For paying Treasury debts 12,759 99 Kor the Customs 67,:>33 82 For funding by the act of January 28, 1847 * 150 00 For the War Department......... 47,723 62 For repaying in the War Depart* ment 4 207 3G For the Navy Department 345.747 70 For the Intei lor Department 30,403 24 For repaying in the Interior De partment 378 17 OEOiiQETOWH CCiiEESPONDExICJ O E0B6KT0WH, March 6,1855. Installation of Mayor and Council?Sen nade?Trial of new Suction. At half past seven yesterday evening the Mayor and Common Counoil elect, and the Hoard of Aldermen, assembled in theohamber of the Common Counoil, Recorder Ould ia the ehair. A message was received from the Clerk covering the judges certificate of election Mayor Addison then proceeded and qualified the members in due form, after which Justice Heaver administered the usual oath of office to the Major. The Mayor then remarked that it was not to be expected that he stiould make a regular inaugural address upon the occasion,but would, with the consent of the Convention, set him self right before the people in relation tooer tain erroneous charges whioh he stated had been brought against him. Unanimous consent being given, he went oh at some length defining his course in /elation to the Metropolitan Railroad, and several other matters, lie manifested considerable feeling, and made some pretty severe thrusts at some of the members of the Board cf Alder men and ax members of tne Board of Common Counoil. At the conclusion of tho Mayor's remarks, the Keoordsr adjourned the joint mesting, and the Council proceeded to organise. On motion of Mr. Bangs, Mr. O. Myers was called to the chair. Mossrs Edes and Bang9 were appointed tellers, and the meeting pro ceeded to the election Mr. Edis nominated Mr. Oiborn, who de clined, and nominated Mr A H. Pickrell. A ballot was then had, and the tellers reported that Mr. Pickrell had reoelved ten out of the e!e.-en vote3 east; he was therefore declared elected. Mr P. was then conducted to the cha:r, end returned th nks for the honor eonferrcot upon him in a very neat and appropriate speech. Thomas Lovewell was then unanimously elected Clerk. A ballot wae then had Ut Messenger. Caleb Sebis'ian received 7 votes, Henry Thomas 3, and Paul Stephen* 1. Mr. Sebastian was therefore elected. Mr. Bangs then proposed a message to the upper Board inform!ox tb?m that they had Xnized by the ilMtfon of tKe above ua?d itt, and proposing that the joint rulea and oonmitteoa of the last year bo adopted for the present. ???? little delay, a msaaare wu re ] V*P,y the upper Board had adopted tba proposition of (he lower Boiid, and had apptinted John Adam* as meaaaeger instead of G Sebastian t ? !?* of th? Board of Aldermen waa ?Lon.l.h? uWe, and the Board adimrned. Tb? ft lands of the Mayor and new Board of Common Council gave his honor and each of ttSmi11' *'? 1"t ?>?ht ? ?rand serenade Until one o elook :b;s morning the strains of sweet musl; fluted uFon the night winds as -wkrTt? trom * flBa b*Dd (*?apeire,) witch bad boon engaged for the occasion Wo underet** thai seao ef the fathers done the thing that was olever. The Vigilant Fire Company gave their now .notion . trW J?t.,d.j.ThX w? satisfactory, owing to the broakingof tha ends of the lever. Wo regrat to say that the execu tion of to me port oris of tha worh is very un satisfactory to the company. The company paraded in full uniform, and presented quite a handsome appaaranoe Our wharves begin again to present a buay and lirolj appearance. Seven largo Teasels aro now engaged receiving and discharging cargoci. SpxctAtoR. George Law a ad the Presidency The Herald of yesterday publishes the let. ter of George Law, in reply to his Know No thing admirers in the State of Pennsylvania who addresaed him propounding inquiries in reference to the present state of public affairs and the future aotioa of the American ]>?ople. Mr. Law, it will be soon, stands square upon tho radical K. N. platform. He closes his letter thus: <,nJre?/?ars began to be made to correct the errors and purify the corruptions of tho two eld parties, and to give a high tone American and national feeling to the action of a bow and energetio organisation of the popular masses The effort, originating in New York and Pennsylvania and radiating to various ^tates within the circlo of their infla. ence and example, was, after a brief struggle overwhelmed by the corrupt politicians and tho oonoen'rated exertions of thetwoopnoeine parties But tho evils of that^ time and the necessity of reform have grown with our gTowth and strengthened with our strength, until the American heart can stand no longer in siloroa and see their country disorganized and disgraced by the eorrupt and demoralising spoils system, enforced by a degenerate race of men. During the last year the American people have been waking frem a deep sleep. They are burning, on all bands and in every quarter, tho manacles with whioh noble intel lect* and free minds were bound, and no doubt seems to exist, from the progress with which the new revolution has advanced, that It will end m as glorious a triumph as that aat in 'notion by the Declaration of Independence 1 3Clf. This great movement has done my heart good, and it will spread the same sentiment throughout the oountry, to see the noble old Mate of Pennsylvania taking one of the A ret great steps towards a consummation of that revolution to whioh American sentiment and American patriotism points so clearly. In the old revolution, your noble State, matching under :fce command of the immortal Washing ton, rallied under the motto of " Virtue, Lib erty nni Independence " Tbe same senti ment, I have no doubt, will animate youi1 pres ent struggle, until victory is proclaimed from th? S?squebanna to the shores of tbe Atlantic and Pacific. I am. gentlemen, your obedient servant, .. lf ? Gborok Law. To the Honorable Henry K. Strong, Speaker Pen* US Representatives, Harrisburg -ha America! Bible Society. Tbii body held a meeting at Astor Place, New York city, on the 1st inst. They retog nisa l two new societies in Tennessee, ono in New York, one in Arkansas, one in Iowa, and ono in Oregon. "V arious interesting communication! were ro celved; among them cne from Rev. C. Righter, the society's agent in the East, written from the camp before Sebastopol, stating his kind reception by Lard Raglan, and his distribu tion of the Scriptures in tho army and among tho Russian prisoners; from Rev Ramon Mont sslvatgo, agent to New Granada, with an ac count cf successful labors in Laguayra ; from Rev. Sherman Hall, cf Sauk Rapids, stating bis progress in tbe preparation of the Ojibwa Testament; from Rc7. S. Cummings, of Fuh Chau, China, stating that tho blocks for print ing the Book cf Genesis and tbe Four Gospels ia the Fuh Chau colloquial have been com pleted. A letter was also presented from Rev. L R. Teet, of Fuh Chau, proposing a compro mise for settling tbe difficult question of a term to express the name of tbe Divine Being in Chiue-e. Tho Rev. J. C Fletcher, who delivered that eloquent ar.d interesting lecture upon Brazil, in the Smithsonian during^he past winter, wap appointed agent for Brazil. Grant* of books were made to Rev. Mr. Leach, a Baptist clergyman, for distribution in V eruiont; to tbe American Tract Society for a Sabbath School in Virginia; to the Mariner's Methodist Church in Cherry street; for a Colo'ed Sabbath achool in Staten Island Spanish Bibles to the Methodist Missionary Society f)r Buenoj Ay res; to ho S. 8 Cnion of Protes ant Reformed Dutch ohurch; to the Children's Aid Sooiety; to the Clothiers' Evangelical Association; to tho Rev. J C Fletcher for Brazil, and $200 were appropria* ted to Am B. C. F. M for printing the Get pels of Luke and John in the Seneca language with several volumes for the blind. Singular Coincidence or Longevity in Fkmilks?We learn from a source entitled to full cocfidence, that there are now living in the eastern part of Baltimore, and all near neighbors, five old ladies (sisters,) all widows, wjose united ages number three hundred and years. The oldest i? over efghty and the youngest between sixty-four and six ty five years We are pieced also in being able to reoord tho fsct that they enjoy good health and happiness, ouch of them being comfortable in oircumstanses, and surrounded by f unities of prosperous, highly raspoctable children, grandchild:en, and great-grandchil dren. It is altogether doubtful if such ano ther remarkable coiucidence of hnman life could be found in the world's history. All sisters?all widows?nil enjoying good health ?all happy?all comfortable?the oldest over eighty and the youngest over sixty four years of age, making an ignited average of three hundred aud sixty-five years! They and their families are well known to our citizens, and we believe all are natives of Baltimore. Some of them parsed through the Revolution, and others verged upon those stirring times. May they yet live long to enj >y each others' society and tbe associations of kind ftiends and rela tives ?Bait. Pat. t3TThe Gazette de Lyon states that when news arrived by the famous Tartar of the fall of Sevastopol, orders wtre instantly sent to Lyons by firms of Paris, to manufacture at onoe a large quantity of pocket handkerchief* giving a "View of the capture of Sebastopol." Although the looms were worked night and day, the handkerchiefs could not be completed before the news turned out to be false. Since then they luve remained on hand. LfTIho North British mail mentions that an ath tree proved to be 300 yeara old has just been cut down in the formation of the Selkirk railway It was an especial fhverite with Sir Walter Scott, who sometimes along with his friends, used to dine beneath its shads on a ke'.tle of fish taken from the Tweed be low, by his coachman Purdie, who then lived at a neighboring cottage. _ THX OOUST or BIAXH King Death held a court auto which did rcsnst. AH dimiM that ravage below, la order that be acquainted might Why bufiness of itft bad been "alow.** Theia wu Govt wtib bit crutch aaJ bis ternWaj touch, Sick headache tad Jaundice the yellow, With Djrspepcia wbo'd laid many folks ?neatb the | <pade Of Um MZtN, that grata digging fellow. But 'twere vain to describe each one of the tnb? That before Old Death made their appcarauc*-, Said be, '-how it this ! there is something amiss, You're not made of lata, much of ? clearance ; Just tell me, I pray, the rlaaae of daiay, You diseases are getting quiteJoxy, Do speak up friend Gout and tell me what you're about, Or slack business will drive uie quite crazy ! 8aid Gout, "the tact's tbi<<?do not take it aiai?s. For myself and my friends no ooe earet, For onr business below has received a sad blow, From a cursed PUi Cathartic called Jtyer't! That Fill when folks try, irakes each one of o? fly. ' For it drires us clean out of the >)ttwn, Thus it saves p.opleV breath, so you see my frt^nd | Deah, ThatU the way that of late y<>u hare iuix?*d *?su" | (MERCI1 ANTS' EXCHANGE R(K)MS. There will be a meeting of ihe members at their rooms THIS EVENING, at 7jg o'clock. By order of the President: mar 3 J. F. ELLIS, Sec. H MONTGOMERY GUAR!>S ?YOU .VRE re quested to atfnd the regular monthly mretinr of the Company at the armory of the Wasb ington Li^ht Infantry on FRIDAY, the Vtli In stant. By order of rapt. Kev: mar 6?TukTti WM. Q*SL'LL1 VAN, S-e. | 1 UNION GUARD.?THE MEMBERS OF TIU ? ftpftrl>e are request e ? u? attend at their armor) WW WEDNESDAY EVENING, at L. I. II 11.-, at 4 Ik? o'clock. ' Young men wishing to join are respectfully invi ted. By order Lieut. J. J. Mulloy, commanding ^ mar 6 - 2t J. SHESee. fl^--225>A CARD?THE NOKTIIERN LIBEIi-l TIES' FIRE COMPANY take thi- mett.. (it retarnirg their sincere th.nki to the COLUM BIA FIRE COMPANY for th< ir kimlW/s* in loan mg them hone nt the fire la*t (Monday) night, for which they will remain ever grateful. K. G EVENS, President. JOHN T. 8UTER, Secretary. mar 6 It .LECTURE?REV MILTON HENRY ill deliver a lecture at C Hall Capitol Hill, on THCRSDAY EVENING, the 8'b n siant, at 7U o'clock. SuMect: "The responsibility of American joung men." The public are invited to attend. Lecture free, mar 6 - ,THE MEMBERS OF GEORGE WASH intfon Tent, No. 2, Junior Order of Rech a bites will give an entertainment in the hasnne'ii of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, corner nf .Mary land avenue and Sixth street, 1-daud.on WEDNES DAY' EVENING, March 7th, on which occasion | tliey will presciit an otiginil moral Ttmperanc? Drama, written expressly lor them, entitled, JONA DAB, SON OP RECHAB; or Washington City in 1855. Tickets 25 cents?ChiHrr-n under ten vear half price. THE COMMiTTEE. mar 3?3t v. | PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at flSL teution.? You are hereby ordered to meet. I /hUI with sabres, for drill, at the armory at 4 ' TE o'clock, THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON March 1st. You are also ordered to attend the regular month ly meetinp on TUESDAY, March 6th, at 7 o'clock, ] in full uniform. By order of Capt. Per k: J NO. II. McCUrCHEX. Secretary, mar 1?ThSTu* WE ARE YOUNG, LET YOUTH then plead our cause.'*?A Lecture orUi? benefit of the Scott Guards will be delivered by Prof. Alexander l)iMiTRT,at Odd Fellows' Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVEN!NG.March 7ih,at 7^o"clk. The proceeds of the above Lectuie will be appro priated towards aiding the corps in purchasing their arm*. Subject?"The arts of Statuary and Architecture, in Athens-" Tickets 25 cents. nisr 2?5t* LOST-ON FRIDAY, MARCH *2d, going trom 9ih meet and New York avenue, to Browns' Hotel, tlience to the ladie*' G.illerv of the Senate, (by the northern entrance) a HAIR BRACELET, in the locket of which was a Daguerreotype Lk? ness of an infant. The fiuder will he rewarded by leavinc it at the Fancy Store of Messrs. Hutch nson j and Munro, Pa. avtnue, betw. y.h and 10th sts. mar 6?It Y71R.AlfCKS PAGAN, a white sen-ant girl, 1; ab ^ut t?n or eleven years ol age, left the house [ of the subscriber veMerdaj (Monday) morning She wore a pink silk bonnet and a dark colored dress ? On the 1st of December she came to the city from Columbia, Pa Any informaiion teading to her dis covery will be thankfully received. mar 6-it* CHARLES STOTT. IROK IMLLi SALE AT AUCTION. ^I'EE undersigned having reamed the Auction I Busiuess, bejs leave to offer his services to at | tend to sales of Household forfeiture, Real E>tate, Stocks, ko. Parncu'ar attention given to the ar rangement and disposal of Household Fiimitart. ami the entire sr le (if derired) will be settled up ai d ( cashed in twenty-four hours' after the delivi ry oi the goods. Cash advances on evtry desrri|Hion of Merchandise condfened for unlimited *-*Je. Every effort will be mad" ro rj^dcr satisfactorily all tales entrusted to his care. C. W. BOTTLER, mar 6?eo3w Iron Hall. LOOK HIRE!!! MORE BOUNTY V.AND TO .ILL who served in any way since 1790, whetln.r as Olficers, Soldiers. S lilors. Marines, Clerk*, Indians, Chap lains, Wag in Misters, TeaniaUrs, Landsui-n, (oi their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and have been in service 14 days, will do well te. write to us. fo*tf aid, and thrir Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charge if they do not grt it. LLOYD k CO., . Claim Aijent'f Office, oppnatie U. S. Treasufy, Washington City, D. C mar 6 - 3ui BOUNTY LAND-ADDITIONAL. ALL my old friends for whnm I obtained Bounty L ind, in less quantity than 160 acres, are here by informed that taeir names and a record of the evidence, with the date* of their certificates, are on my book, so that 1 can, with facility, make out their declaiations for additional land. Tno*e who failed to obtain any laud for want of sufficient service, many of whom are now entitled to 16'J acres, e n find the time allowecL/ecordel by me. Others will find it to their interest to call or urite, ar.d I will send form*- and instructions for reasonable and fair compensation. JOHN D. CL4KK. mar 6 ?lm Agent, Washington, D. C. Treasury Dkpartmicnt, March 5,1655. \TOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of stock of >he Tinted State* descri!?ed in the fn| town g notice of 3d Janaary last, that for the pur pose of completing the rurchase of the auicunt therein named, this depart sent will continue to purchase, upon the terms of sa>d notice, to Uie ex tent of the residue of the sum p.-opoced not yet ob tained? say 31.158,585 05, if said stocks are offered and received here prior to the first day of June next: Treasury Department, January 3,1S55. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, it any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of Mar-h next, portions of those stoekt, amounting in the ag "regate to .$1,930,000, in the manner and on the te- ins hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within t*ie amount stated, preference will be g ven in the order of time in which said stock* may be offered. The certificates, du y assigned to the United Slates bv the parties who are to recuive the anionnt tnereof, must be transn iued to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a pr ce will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or at k>ui?i specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan auiboriz d by Uie set of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, 1856 ot 2* percent.; <>n the stock of the loan au thoiized by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Dec? m ber, 1662, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the leans authorised by the acts of 1M7 and 1648. a d iedeem able, the former on Ui 31st December, 1867, and the latter on the 90th June. 1863, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorixed by the act of 1850, aud redeemable on the 31st of December. 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemni y,) 6 per c nt. , 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st cf January, 1856, to the date of lereipt and set Uenient at the Treasury, with the allow ance (lor the money to reach the ownei) of ou? day 's interest iu addition. Payment for said stock* will be made in draft* ai the Treasurer of the Uai ed St am*, on the assistant treasurer at Kostoa, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties iray di?ect. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit o< this notice which shall not be act?.tUy received at die Treasury on or before the said 1st day March ?ext. JAMES GUTHRIE, mar 0?diiunel Secre ory of the Treasun. NAT10HAL THXATXX - iKKuln ?<*?? "* ? ? filial. MYKHI * MiD.ttAI i Splendid Cirou? Company Tht biSt E?owirlaa Coi^ay *? A?cnc> AFTERNOON PERFoRMANPF. Bvwy wbdrkidat >?d IATPKDAT. Till J BVVIII0< *ar?fc o. 0 iard ?haage ?f equestrian mjxelties. I* which appear* M'He I.? Rum, A. Aymer, W tun, an ' < baric, Mf. U> F- ???ft William iWr. ft* TtlRKR FAMOUS ClOffW ini Carlo, end Sam L?mg WAR I'LL).?nrTY UTTL1 CfTII.DREN f?* lb* Fairy Piotoaiinr of C I \ l> E R E L I. A. IVir arttMrani'd In lhnrin| will h?pr?frfffd mrn <??? ? pmihioi , Pri* ale Boges, #4; Dfi ** Circle a?4 Parqoette, St con s; Orchestra ?? at*, 75 r^nt; ; < co?d tt4 Tw0 fjfr .ind Colored Rallery ff> <w ts. war 3 grand vocal concert * riiiiiiii'iii sitiiTT. ATCAftOkl'f lALOOli v Om IUS3PAT IVMIIO, Mw?h 6A, -.. i A.J at U"T 'tv'mch'JvSw.' | mrnn, B1W ? s? Vort, 4 harr I ndtT ofl'T'd ih?*if writtT'i Tickets FIPTY CENTS, to be had at aH the Be?k | and Stationery Stores, and at the door ?a the *ve? mg ot the Concert. _ *>?**? (Orgia insert feh S7, mh 3,3^?41) KM) CORDS OF PINE AND OAK DELIY crrd in any jw.t of the citjr. Pine "5? Oriien left ?iib Mr. Mil'IIEflXEV. Feed Store, Seventh Mrm, oppoeite Mr. Summers', Saddler. mar 5? 6t ??> TO UAHUFACTUKI&** ?ACHI11ST4. t HE MATTE WVAV MACHINE AND MAN I UFAC rCJRIMO CO., have on eihibiuon and lor sale, at the Metropolitan Mecbaauc*s Instltu e, _ ihe following machinery: One 30 horke, horizontal, high preesure Steam En - fine ron pinner*, one planing 7 ft,, and the other '&% ft. in length. One Slide l.atbe, that seings 2S inches over shears, of a very neat *t *le, and ?rproved pattern. Shears 10 ft. long One Woodwo-th's patent Wood Piantrg Machine. One 36 inch Co ton Card. ?ne 2 double headed Draw ng Frame. One FiUing (ring an 4 traveler) Spinning Frame, of | 7spindles. I One % wide Loom (guthic pntrwi) wiih improved ? pick m?uon, without using picker-rods. Th>* |>ublic are respectfully invited to the machine ?lepartnient of the Institute, ?bere interred par ties will receive information and prices concerning such machinery nt they may require, for almost every branch of manufacture. The Work*, which are of over 40 yearn standing 1 and well known to a majority of Southern manutne , lurers, are situated at Matteiwaw, Dot bes* eo?int>, ^ New YotW. ene inilr from the Fishkill D?ji>ot, Hud^^^ <on River Railroad, two b<>u->'fr<-m Vew York ci'^r SAMUEL B. SCHENt'K. * mar 5->* Agent. 1 FOR HlllE?TWO SERVANT WOMEN AM" ^ a Girl 10 y~ar* the* have bee* accustomed I to housework, E iq'ure at No. 59? Seventh street , I opposite the Market. mar 5?2f _ RBHENBF.R THB CHILDREN ? At LAM dOXtVS, 8tli street, caa be found Grace Hoop-, R itiledo en. Building Block*. Crying D< Ha, Toy Tea Sera, India RulilK'r Ball, kc.. and lor ale low for ca*h. ?r 5 - >* NEW CONFEtTlONERV. FRUIT AND SEUAR STORE. 'I'lII'. *ut*cnHer re?pertf?i!ly invrte* an examina I lion of tiifl ? Iceant a-?ortment of CONFEi' TIONE'.iV, which, in quality and price will be Sound ? qual to any house in the city. ? He ha- likewise a choice article in SEGARS of varioua brand#, to ruite the palate of every gentle man. JOHN R. M.A fHIOT, mar 5-3i* oth at ^ comer of D. PHILADELPHIA LAGfcR BKFR DEPOT, 361 P*. avrti+t. Mireen 4>4 and 6Ik ttrrri. WE have at all timer the bent Philadelphia La g*r Ue*-r on hand, and offer it now lor rale for $.1 per keg, and in quart bottles for f 1 50 per xen. We send the Beer Iree of co?ts to ail part* of the city. ?> MS" Many phyncians have recommended tbi? Brer a? one of the best remedies for weak ftomsch'. mar 5?lin F. C. A W. GERgi KE. CHAPPKD HAS US-At LAMMON[>'S,# 7th street, can be had Trai^pa rem Toiie S^<ep in t an>. the best article in UM: lor chkf>p?d hand-. mar 6?3t , IOST.?YESTERP\ Y AFTERNOON, th? j Mechanic's Fair, h su.all Gold Chein, witli Cross attached. The Under, on leaving the same ai 37 9 Thirteenth street, between G and H. will r?^ reive the thank* of the owner, and a suitable re ward if desir ed. nirrS-Si' IBSTLKHHCN IK COMGRKN* about OT ton tuin to then homes, are re?p#ctful y t> formed by the undersigned that the MEDICATL1 VAPOR APPARATUS, invented by hini. ha? br?n ri ndeted H?il more e?mvenient by his studies con-e M H quent up n protracted ilia mar 3?3t BOYD REILLV. * AP OF THE ISLAN i OF CUBA, compi ed frjm the moat reliable Spanish authorities. with Geographical, Chronological, and Statistical Note?, mounted on rollers. mar 3 FR ANCE TAYLOR. 4^0 f\ RRWARD^-Tke undersigned will pay *4??25 for the apprehension of Negro Woman M NROARFT CHAPE, purchased by the late Owen Norfolk, at sale of 1 to mas and Uiclutrd Harvey, executors ct Thomas Harvey. For the last eigliteru month-i ?a:d soiuan was i;i Geoigetown, >he is now believed lo be in Alexandria. She is about siity y? arc of age; u Mack, and about five feet lour inches ? high. The above reward will b? paid on deliver)- to the subscriber, at I'pper Marlboro', Prince George's co., MJ. JNO. C. MULL1KIN. mar 3?3w Administrator of Owen NorftJh. "fashionable MILLINERY, rn MRS. M. L. DAVISON, h^jwNo. 303 I'a. avenue, between 9th^^^3 9MPand loth ?ts . respecUuily announcesH^C to her customers and the ladies of Washing*on that she has received her ftrst Spring Fashions with a large and splendid as-ortmri t of French Floaters, Ribbons, Headdrcasuc, Straw R> n neu and Frame*. M. L. 0. mar 3?3t* KOTICE OF OOPARTNERS11IP. I^HE undersigned have this day formed a copart> nership under the name an<t style of Hyde h Davidson, and will continue at the old stand of E. . Pickrcll & Co., No*. 5 7 and AO Water at. G<orge town, D. C. WM. SMITH HVDE. JOHN B DAVIDSON. Georgetown, March 1, 1855. HA VINO succeeded Messrs E Pckrell k Co. iu their late busineas, au1 as Packet Ageuls, we will keep constantly on hand a good sup|ily of Flour, Ship Stores, Ship Chaaxllery, kc. mar 3-3C HYDE " ery, I h DAVlPSr N. ^ D. NEW MUSIC. WE are this day in receipt of a large assertmei of NEW MUSIC from the principal publish ing houses in the country, con-isiiug of (long*, Dueets, Tri<is, Marches,Rondos,Gallops,Quadrilles, Polkas, Mazourkat, Scbotti?cbes, Gens from the Operas, he. Also, Musio Bimb. Portfolios, Music Paper. In struction Books, Music foi Brands, arranged in cheap style; Rows, Pega. Rosin, and every article* ifriaining to the music trailc always oa haad at th/' Puio and Music Esublishinent of JOHN F. ELLIS, m mar 3 30? Pa. kvenoe, near Tenth st. { NILIM* REOISTER FOI AMERICAN STA1 If Papers.?A com pi te set of N lies' Register. 7C voli. or any other Books will be given in eichange for the ?* American State Papers" and 44 American ArcWvcs,'* or ihey will be purchased at a liberal pri-e. TAYLOR fc MAURY'H feb 14 Bookstore, near Ninth street. BOYS1 CLOTHING. X order to sell off our present stock of Boys' and Youths' Winter Cloitalu^ we have 4 i* ? Youths' Winter Clotblug we have dcterudned to er our large and fine assortment, consisting of e* < ry desirable style and quality of fashionable Ready inmle Garments, suitable for dress and school wear, at greatly reuueed price*. WALL k STEPHENS, 335 Pa. ave., next to Iron Hall g fab 84 (ienUnclANeWM I WATCHES AMD JBWELRY.-l have ea hand a good sup;ly o: fine WATCHE8 and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to suit the times. Gold La v r Watchea as low as fSTi, warranted to keep good time. Call aad aae lor yourwlw More of J. ROBINSON, >40 Pa. ave.. oppo. Browns' r fab W-dlm

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