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Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1855 Page 2
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kvemng star. WASHINGTON CITY: ? ? MOIfDAT AfTERFOOIf March 12 Adyrrtisbmkkts should be handed in bj 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SPIRIT OT TH1 MO it .MI HO PRESS The Union of Sunday morning contains an able and carefully written article abont "ear present and future relations with Cuba," ia "which our difficulties about Spain's "brightest jewel," is calmly discussed. Tha Union ap peara in this matter to speak by the boo*. It closes as follow-: "To propose by negotiation to purchase Cu be belong* legitimately to the Executive; bat upon the refusal of Sp?in to sell, it belongs to Congress to determine whether the forcible cession of the island is necessary to our inter nal peace and the existenco of our cherished Union In the emphatic language of the Os tend oonferees: "Our past history forbids that we should acquire the island of Cuba without the consent oi Spain, unless justified by the great law ef self preservation We muat in anv event, preserve our own oonscious recti tude and our own aelf rcspeot. These are el evated and pat.iotic sentiments, and will find % ready response in every Amerioan heart. ?hey are the sentiments which will animate , and control Congress whenever it ia called upon to decide whether Cub*, in the position ef Spain.?eri us!y endangersour internal peace a#J the existence of our cherished Union Until diplomacy shall have been exhausted in fru;*.icea efforts to obtaiu redrew* tor past injuries and security against future wrongs, these grave questions addressing themselves ?specially to Congress, may very well be post-' poned by the Executive Wbea the pr -per time com**, the rcet u.ocendatio** of the f rts ident will indicate distinctly the measures which, in hi? judgemnt, shall be determined by tbe natiouil benor." In not'eing tbe P-s'mastcr General, the Uaioa 3ays: ??This indefatigable \ ubiie oQcor cannot hope to e.-cape the criticism of his opponents. But in eve:y ease in which censure has been visited upon him he has exbibi'ed * rcoord full ot evidences of devo<ion te the- public in terests Ilia fault has been (if lhat be a fault) a resolute and vigilant datfcrraina'ion to see that the depirtTBrnt r.ver whioh be presides shall bo economically and impartially oon ducted. In a former administration *j uUie officers wera as?\iled because of their teadi nesa t? yield to tbe importunities of seltish combinations ; but, in esse of Judge Campbell he has o-ly b*en complained of because he has resolved to do the bejt he can to secure an honest and a frugal administration of the Post Office Department; and in taking this course he hao a~-tod in oonccrf with nis diatirguished colleague? in the cabinet Ibe Sentinel oi yesterday mi ming is prin cipally made ut) of articles against Know Notuisgi m. It proves from the record that the article^ in the Richmond Penny Poet, try ing to shew that *4 Foreigners rule America," ?teer* wide of the truth. This journal stows that Mayor Corrad of Philadelphia has bo'.red the knee to abolitionism in threatening to dis charge ;ia cffiier who it was thought was about to aid ia the ?r:?-st of an adroit kidnapper, and to this end publishes the following letter : Mayor's Cfficb, TaiLA . March 6. 1836 Mr Samuel Joknccn?Dear Sir: With the kinde t feelings for you personally, and with great resj ect fcr jour 'b?racter a? *a tfflcer it is proj^r that i sb nld inform ycuthatif you act as tbe a get* of Louisiana to return Warwick, raa*ge?> with cr.ceurngirig the rs cape of a furVuve slave to that Slate. I will consider i? my <tuty to discbarge you imineii ately from the police foree of this city. reure. respectfully, R. T. C05RAD, Mayor. In noticing the comments of the Organ on Mr Carrigan s letter to the editor the S?nti w4 says: " It terms tc us to be as mild gentlemanly, and incfiebrive e'ter as we ever read. But mild, gemlercanly, and inoffensive as it in, the editor of the Organ pours out tpon the writer the Mais cf his wrath. Ihe Organ? w? iweared that Mr. Cairigan. wVi it charges wuh t eing what, in its tyes. is the most monstrous of all inonetro?itie??>an tatnolic ?should dare to address tha peorle of Alexandria. But the Or gin grows fay more indignant and irefui when it learn, that Mr. Carngan is an American and a Protest ant It looks upon bi* ,tn as a!toeether un pardonable. It wc*!d seem from this that there is ?Be tiiiiig jn the estimation of the anfl cT,fcC?J* FrWOISetb'n an Ashman I fi?t ? L u an A?erlcan and a rroteetant whe, m the exe cise of his rights as a tree man. oppeses the Secret Order ' The lntuhgtnerr. though barren of eiitn naJ, is quite an interesting paper. It con tains Major Ben MeCullooh's 1 attar reeigting the position tenderel him by <iea 1'ierce ai Major ia the aray. eni giving his reasons therefor, frcm which it ffpoarshe tenders his resignation because he is the only civilian appointed to a field cfE.e He concludes his I letter by saj ing: ,J'fiami"OUd 10 say thai the moet friendly relation have ever existed be-ween the office, s of the regular aimy and myee'f, wherever we have met, whether in r>ugb conflict with the ?emy or in tbe j?euceful walks of quiet life Un no avtc.unt auaid I fcee it disturbed. War may again c<me upon cur country, and I ague have the j leisure of teeing them :n the fleld^ If so. 1 wiih to meet them not or.Iy as brothers in aiiaa but al?. in feeding Kuier taitiing tbe<e uewa, it would ke inconsis ent m, j v accePt tbe ai ointment. To do so would be a ccntr?diction of a!l the opinions I have utiformly held and I thir.k that if torgrr.s sball sgain at any time iucieave the army by creating additiontl rcgiajrQt?, they will provide for tbe protection cf the equal rights of eitisens in civil life to fill the new military offices of whatever grade " Tne Uulligtnetr also contains a letter from the llev. Andrew B. Cross, a somewhat uote^ controvertiali?t, c| Baltimore, in reply to the llev Mr. Stoceatreet, Provincial of the Jesuits for Maryland, in which he attempts to disprove Mr. Stocestreet's atatement. The ?dilor thus notices a portion of Mr. Cross > Communication wh ich he does not puidiah : |Hare follows, in Mr. Cross's manusc*ii>t etcu|>yiog nearly two ysges of it, a copy'of Pr fcl >p a disgostu g anaiUt v*?, in Sterne's ?? In? tram thandy, but every body who has ever read that mass of abturdity and obscen i<y will excuse us for declining to insert it in our eolumns f lhia journal, in noticing the appointment of Judge Gilchrist to set on the bench of the Board uf Claims, says: #J5itloa 10 ?he above, we have been Safthi. Pr*JL^0<l tak* P,ea*of? stating, in li k ^dent t selection ba* been equally furiu?ate in ??her members T?a Bsltimobb Aaccs-We le.rn froai this journal of Saturday last, that A G Allen Esq , late of this oity, is about to become as sociate! in its future management. Mr Allen is highly esteemed by all who knew him in this city, for his goodness of heart and gentlemanly deportment. He is a man of fine parta, and will no doubt prove a valuable acquisition to the eiitorial department of the Argus B^The Post office Department this year co*t the Government *1,716 739; the Treasury Department, $S75,130; the Mint. $541,300; the Light iijusea, #1.973 084. the Copst ^er/%y, *44i the Judiciary yuo. WASHING! OH N SWS A FID GOSSIP. Ben McCnUoch'i lftter.?The contradiction in our Saturday's issue of the allegation of the New York Herald that Ben MeCulloeh had rerguedths commission in tbe new reg imonts tendere i him by the President, haa reference to the date of the letter from th's city to New York which contained it. At the date of ftie letter of the Herald's correspond, ?nt, McCulloch had not resigned, and at the time wa wrote the President had not received bis letter of resignation The letter in the InttUi%enc?rt published at the especial request ef the author, aecms to put a new aspect upon the relation it was supplied in Washington Major McCalloch expected to bear to the new regiments when raised. It conveys to many the idea that Major M. would not and did not intend to accept any position in the new forces raised by Congress We have no disposition now to comment upon the *? reasons" assigned by Major McCuIiooh for declining " the appointment of Major of Cavalry." Some of them are hardly consistent with others, and all difficult of re conciliation with the ssntiments of perioral friendship and good-will it has been supposed the M?jjr bore towards the Chief Magistrate The intimation that the Presidont supposes the army was increased by Congiess solely ' to benefit those o?cer3 already in the sar vice,' and not for the protection of emi grants and others moving toward and living near our Pacific frontier, is to unjust, and absurd, that we cannot think it either originated with the author of the letter, or that, when away from Washington, he will admit that it expresses his own sentiments. The Constitution makes the President atone r-?:pon.-ible for all appointments of the class embraced in the bill providing for the increase ef the army. He cannot, if he would, share fiat responsibility. Congress alone creates t ie offices the President alore designates the men lo ?11 them. In the present case, wc djubt tot that the Exc?utive has discharged what he feels to be hia duty to the country and t? the claw of our citiaens whom the proseni b II ii designed to benefit, not conferring ot ofticfs, but by promotion to life and proportj f.-om Indian depredation All the complain) we have heard, exccpt in the case of Major McCuiioch, about these new officers, spring; freni disappointed applicants for place, noi Tr m fears that the tfficers selected will not dsjbarge acceptably the duties Imposed. Would it not be better for all to suspend citic'rc, and particularly censure, till the n -w regiments are set in tbe held ? Can wt not then be able to judge better ol the char ao er of the men selected by the President tc c< miuand the new levies ? 4 ??? The Monumental War ?The battle about tte management of the National Monument, it w tx'.cg warmer. both the boards still claiming to bo the simon puro's We noticid, on Sat urday last, the appointment of a new Super iot?""l3Lt by the ? eto board, whose appoint maat was not recognized as legal by Mr Dmgherty, the Superintendent. We learn this morning, that cn Saturday evening, after Mr. Dougherty had left for the day having ta&en his books and papers with bim and looked and bolted the doors and windows, Mr S. S. Brlggs, who is the Superintendent of the m w board, accompanied by five or six other persons, reached tbe Monument and made a Itucible entrance by breaking open the door? ar . windows. We are somewhat surprised at ?!u:h conduct as this, as we atold that Mr B:'eg? is a professor of religion, and, we th .ught, a law abiding citizen. We regret to se" bie personal violence resorted to, and fear t>. ?i something serioui caay grow out of it W; are sure tha: the laws of the land are uf fi'.nnt to protect all our citizsns in their rights, I think tea' aM gentivm'ja, and lovers ol 5e;ency and order, when they 3ssume a posi tion, rather tnan cause a breach of the peace *i'l submit their claim* to a ccurt of jestice that the wholo matter might be legally ad jured. It will result in tbis in the end; whj nrf submit to such a course now ? It is a burning shame that such a contest should go on in a community like that ol ours 1 hose who have provoked it may yet repent tboir conduct, it they do not regre: it now while in the quiet hour their better judgment ru'es. Could the pure spirit of the immortal Wash ir^ton look down from his blest abode, aiid witness tte contest that is now going on over the pile which is being erected as a sacred edifice to hia memory, and it were possible for gtief to entor heaven, he would grieve aDd incurn over the bad feelings that govern those who profess to revere his memory and love America. We are sure that wnen tbe merits ef this monument controversy are known in other parts of the country, that tho.c who originated the trouble will bo rebuked^ns in truth they should be. In test from California?Tho Illinoig at Hor.'olk?Ho Annexation of the Sandwich Isla-ds-Safdty of the Decatur?No aenator Xlccted in Place of Dr Gwin.?II. II. Field, Esq., has just arrived here as bearer of des patches from the Sandwioh Islands. He ttales taat there are no hopes of annexation, the king and his advisers are opposed to it. While at Panama, Mr. F. learcod from the officers of a Bri iih steamer that the Decatur had ar rived in safety at Valparaiso. Mr. F. left I'anama in the s;cttm<hip Illinois. On her voyage she experienced very heavy weather, and was compiled to put into Norfolk on Saturday, short of coal. Mr. F. reports that there is yet no Senator elected in place of Dr. Uwin, who still holds his 33 votes. The opponents of the Doctor re fuse to adjourn the legislature. Land Warranto under the Hew Bill ?We are told that numbers of persons are under the impression that the Land and Pension offioes are prepared to issue land warrants at cnce to those who are entitled to them under the new bounty land bill J|This is a mistake and the sooner this erroneous notion is cor. reeled the better it will be. We understan 1 ttsat tbe Commissioner of Pensions will not be prepared to issue these warrants for at least three months to come. The plates are yet to be engraved, the blank warrants printed, ihe clerical foree increased, and other necessary preparations to be made. The act giving land to those who served in the Mexican war, passed ept 23, 1850, the first land warrant under tbis act was not issued until January 11, 1851, more than three months after the law was : a?sed. We presume it will take at leau as loag to the new warrants ready. The Way the Monty Go?s ? Congre?* pre sented each of the reporters of tbe Globr for the last section, with $800, amcunling in the ^?g'ega'e lo 910.400. This is in addition to their regular oviupensatioo. At the previous ! ?egl}on $500 was given to each of the Globe ' reporters in addition to their regular pay from the publisher of the Glob*. At this rate, a reporter's pay is at least equal to that of a 1 member of Congree?, whilf, if the reporter doee work hurt! fo- a Tew months, he has no j Constituents to c11 him to an account fcr his stewardship. We anticipate, that in fatare. the position of reporter for the Globe will be sought after with a? much eagerness as snoordinate offices under government are now looked for. What we here~Mt down is not Written in a spirit of unkindness to the gentlemen who form the Globs's reportorial corps; while the publio money is thrown away by Congress they may as well get it as others who are not entitled to it. We merely giro oar readers i the fact as an item of news. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 10th of Marob, ; thore were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock*. ? ?. ? $58 07 For paying Treasury debts ...... 733.199 09 (Note?Of this amount the sum of $607.3Tt9 75 was for adver tising on aocount of the servioe for Mie Fost Offioe Depart I meat j i for the Interior JlVpartment 2,175 31 1 ffortfc" Customs. 31.377 2ft f For the War Department...*'...,. 292,061 72 For the Navy Department........ 82.399 00 I fr>r covering into the Treasury ; from miscellaneous sources and I from lands - 10 12 ? I The Foele Affair?Funeral, &c. | It seems that this affair hat taken a more I ??rioai turn than was at first expected. The 1 matter wis bad enough in the first place. An 'I unarmed man was assassinated in the most I cruel, cold-blooded and cowardly manner, by I the adherents of one of the prise fighters of II New York ; but now the friends of Poole have I given it another aspect, which cannot be too | m tch deprecated. They have taken hold of I his dying words??' If I die, I die a true Amer. I io in ; and what grieves me most is the thought jtirtl am mardered by a set of Irish,''and I from that have made it a party cause. His I f. tends annouLced an organisation styled the I *' Pool* Association," and immediately nearly I two hundred persons joined. A meeting was ' I be! 1 and resolution? adopted expressive of I great regret, and fall of condolence to the " I family of the deceased, styling him their mar I ty r*'l brother. Two meetings have been held 'lat tho City Hotel, in which the order of prc Icersion hp? been designated, from whiah it * I ippaari that many military and fire oompa I nies and associations of United Americans were I expected to j ?in the procession, among them I the Poole Guard, (lately formed,) and the I Poole Association. It was expected that three > 1 thousand " Americans,'' of an unknown order, 11 were also join the procession, as will the police !I of both New York and Brooklyn It was ex I pec ted to be the largest procession ever soen I Ui ;te streets of New York I J he origin of the ill feeling whioh resulted I in this murder, is well known to have origin la'! among the prise fighters. It seems that IP^'e had whipped several of them single |h?v'ed when he had been assaulted by them, I a .-J uf;erwards had refused their challenge I to meet them in the ring, saying that he was I a ^ a price-fighter, but that he would whip I viy of them if they inr.ultcd him, if he oould I ha-e fair play, and this threat bo carried out I i? toveral instances. One month before his I 1< 'h he was a?atiled by a party of Morrissey I adherents, drunken Irishm-L, but put them to I d ght with his revolver, and a short time after I *b v had an encounter with Morrissey himself. I r .us, it is seen, that the feeling was oeo of Iprrf) rivalry between the fxnsy men. Poole 1 belonged to the order of United Americans, it 1 is true, but that was by no means the cause of ItLsitsue between Poole and his assailants. We have no doubt but that the K. N. press I will strive to make out that the deceased is a Im.rtyrto American principle?. If they do, I it * ill give that excuse to the rival fancy men I Jf <"? 'i large cities which they are waiting for, I a: -1 will renew the scenes which caused so I much terror, and which wr.s productive of so I ui uh destruction of life and property in I I'l Ha-ielphia several years ago We wara the I public against giving credit to any such ? repj.t. U.K1A3DKIA COERESPONDE2TCI. M mslaugkter?Councils ? Smith, and his Platform?Business, \e. Albxanhria, March 12, 1855. On Saturday night, about 11 o'clock, an ?>f ny took place at the inteieection of King *r-1 Washington streets, between two young rj: George W Crump and Joseph Bloxem, w tcb pioved fatal to the latter Somo dir. piite had occurred between the parties at an es *ibiticn. and meeting afterward at the placo abovo mentionci, argry words, and perhaps s >'i e blows, pissed between them, when Crurup st bbed his antagonist under his shoulder, penetrating tho lungs, ;md causing death in a i'c r minutes Crump was arrested, and will be ex imined tlii* morning. t>n Saturday morning our new Councils met ari organized Mr. W D.Ma^sey was chosen Pt(silent of the Board of Aldermen, and Mr. Jas. II. McVeigh President of the Common Council Hon. W m. Smith took the stump here on ih a evening of Saturday. He denied that he had any connection with the Know Nothing organisation. llo commented upon th.-ir principle?, and announced hi* agreement with all the prominent articles of their platform. 11c is now fully oommitted to the new hereby? a Know Nothing in all but t.e grip. At the conc usion of his speech. D. Funaten, Esq , 1). o. >cratic elector, wada an able appeal to tn< people on behalf of Wise and Democracy. \\?terday evening Ktv. J. P D nelaa de In-red tho 10th lecture of the oourse now in progress a'. St. Mary'a tbur:h. Weather cloudy and mild. Bastness dull. _ _ Ami tyilon Mark W. In aril, Governor of Ne a Territory, arrived at Omaha City on tac 20-h ult. lie wa<s very cordially receiver*, and would immediately enter upon his official j du'ies I iyil>n Charles J. Faulkner has received the nomination of a Democratic Convention for re-eleetion to Congress from the Berkely dis triot in Virginia. It is understood that the unnsnation of an opponent will be made at Winchester tomorrow. Ci'Riot s Contrasts.?Virginia negroes, Massachusetts' lions. Barnum wanted Barns for hu museum in New Y.?rk; the Charoh ap propriates him in Botton. Admission to each 25 cents.?N. Y Express. l"^'l he Territorial Governments, vis: Ore goa, i'.iai oa.ila, New Mexico, Washington, Utah, !??bra*ka, and, cost the United States, hi tho yetr. $235,125 latter from Vermont, in tbe N 11 Pjtiiot, rej resents that "Sam" has l-e#n bad ly beaten in the town etatie&i in that Mate. A Column of Interesting Personal Items. .... Calhoun Benham, Eiq , of California; J grader. Esq , of Maryland; and R II Weigntman E?q., of New Mexico, wore a 4muted attorneys and counsellors of the Supreme Court of the United State* on Saturday last .... TheNaw York Tribiine says : u r.* P01* mortem ?lamination of the body of Poole, m ule by Dr. Fmnell, the sin gular fact came to light that the bullet, which waa supposed to have dropfj'sd cut of the Wound st the tide, waa imbedded in the heart. It is wonderful that imincdiuto death did not eDSue Cases of life lor bj many days after a wound In the heart are very rare.'* ...? Extra Billy Smith ia now on hie politi cal electioneering walk, working with bis sC cuaicmed industry to seoure his re-eleetion to Corgreas. lie made a apeech the other day at Fredericksburg in which he declared his j hostility to Henry A. Wise, and deprecated Democratic opposition to Know Notningiam It is said if Edgar A. Snowden is not a cand;* d*te for Congress Mr Smith will receive the Know Nothing vote. .... Duff Green, a new big on the political tfiurse, in a letter to Senator Hunter, declares nts preterences for Know Notbirgism Mr (?reen has been a Democrat Nullifier, Whip, Democrat C^uiO, Sod is now a Know Nothing. %... A difficulty, it appears, has taken S1ao? between It >ger A. Pryor, editor of the Richmond Enquirer, and Dr. Easly, editor of the Riohmomi Penny Post, growiog out of personalities indulged in in their respective papers The authorities, fearing a personal rencontre between these gentlemen held them both, on Friday last, to bail in the sum of 12 000 each to keen the peaoe. Mr Pryor, in ?18 pSper on Saturday, noticing a grossly per eon ~ in the Post, closes by saying : " "They are content to meet this gross insult by words. Be it so. if they are satisfied I am Ut thepublio say where the poltroonry lies both of us are under bonds ; and, as a matter of course, controversy ends. So far as I was concerned, the preeaution was unnecessary. Retort cannot wash out the stain of insult it will not' out.' " ???. It is said that Mr. Andrews, our Con sular General to Canada, whose salary ia $4,000 per annum under the new diplomatic and consular bill, is a good Whig. Who wi'.l now charge the Administration with proserin tion ? .... The New York papers are full of the death of Poole, a notorious pugilist, wbo waa killed in an affray with tome other ruffiaoa of the same stamp. One respectable paper gives biography, with aa much laudation aa is usual when seme inlividual dies whose life was made illustrious by public service ani private virtue The next thing will probably be an eulogium upon the life and public ser vico3 of Jack Sheppard. .... It ia reported on the Avenue that Sen ator Brodhead, of Pennsylvania, since th) publication of Simon Cameron's letter to Mr Kirkpatriok, repudiates Mr. Cameron, and will no longer recognize him as s member of the Democratic party. .... 1 he editor of the Richmond Enquirer having written a letter to ihe Rev Charges A Davis, asking him if Mr. Wise in a speech de livered in the presence of the Reverend gentle man, made an attack upon tbe Methodist Charch, replied ia the foliowiog note: Richmond, Va , March 7th, 1855. Dkar Sir ; In reply to your note of this date, I have no hesitation in aaying. that I was present and beard the recont speech of Mr. Wise, delivered in the African Church in this oity. There wa? nothing in that speech which could, with any justice or propricy, be considered as an assault upon the Methodist Church, its government, doctrine*, ministers, or usages I should b.ive been quick to dt te t, and prompt to repel any such a'tack, whether made openly or otherwise. directly or indirectly. Justice to Mr. Wi<e, as well as courtesy to you, requires this brief note. Very reepeottully, Your obedient servant, t> ? C. A. Davis. iiOOER A. Prtor, Esq , Present The Penny Pest seizes upon this note aa a pretext for a^oarse personal assault on the Reverend gentleman .... Mr. Vanderbilt has written to the New York-Tribune a long letter about the Collins line of steamers, defending the President from any cbirge cf bribery in .vetoing the Collin appropriation bill, and declaring his willing neaa to carry the Atlantio mails in better steamers, for a much lower remuneration, and in twenty four hours les3 average time for each trip, than Mr. Collins. .... Some genius ia dramatizing " tbe life of Greeley " Queer idea that! We should as soon think of dramatizing a yard of sausage meat or a peck of pop-corn. We wonder what next wrinkle will be? One of our St>Up houses, probably, set to musij. ? ??? Mr. Heidley, the historian, and repre sontativo in tbe New York Assembly from Orange county. was arraigned on Thursday by I his associates tor refusing to vote on the amend i ment added by the Senate to the oensus bill, giving to the Secretary of State the appoint ment of tbe marshals A motion to put him under arrest was pending when the House ad journed. Mr Headley was permitted to make a delenco, in which hi manifested a degree of exci >emeut which was unfavorable to a display of his oratorical powers. .... Tho Rev Dr. Pennington, " a gemmae ob color," it appears waa not allowed to hear (Jen. Houston 's lecture on the Indians in New lork. He paid 50 cents for a ticket, but was told by the door-koeper that he could tot pasa Buys the Dootor : ? At this moment General Houston and a number of gentlemen passed in, and the tioket man exclaimed, ?Gentlemen, will any of you pass this mm?' Several looked at me full in the laoe, but there ?vaa no response After the party had passed in the man said to me : ' My orders are not to pass colored persons.' " .... The following about Harriet Martineau. the English authoress, is an extraet from a letter front Parker Pillabury, dated Feb loth : t t M*rtioeaa " ?n the last stages of life The affection of the heart from which she has long suffered, acer a almost to have reached its crisis?a cri.-ia always fatal. Last week, she seemed almost -one sent fare wells to her friends, and ?.?< .v>i for her burial; Tbia week efce revive f; little, and may live, possibly, a few months yet, though her physicians a?ure her she holds her life now ouly 4 from minute to minute.' " nrThe number of the principal religious dencminaticns in the United States is twenty. The whole number of edifioes of worship ia ia about thirty aix thousand, capable of ac commodaing fourteen millions of people. The total value of church property is $86,416,639. The average value of each chureh and its appurtenances is twenty-four hundred dollara. Tbe mast numerous denomination is the Meth odist. The Baptist cornea seoond, the Presby terian third, the Congregationnliet fourth fcpisoepaliau fifth, Roman Catholio sixth' The property of the Methodists is estimated at $14,636,671; that of ths Presbyterians at $14 . 369 880; Episcopalian*, $11,261 970; Baptist* $10,931,383; Roman Catholica, $8,973,838; and Congregationalista, $7 973,962. 13PIhe Galveston Civilian, in noticing the recent decision of the fupreme Court of Tex as, in the oase of Trevino and Ferdinandei, says that it is one of the largest lsnd suits ev er tried In the State. It involves the title to twelve leagues, or 58,136 acres of land, lying ^,V? Gr.and immediately below Browns ville. The titlea date baok some fifty years und-sr the Government of Spain, but are now <*! ' ?^in ,Part' b7 Americana on either aide. In the Court below the decision waa ia favor of Fernandez, but the Supreme Ceurt has reversed it in favor of Trevino' XH The election of members of the Legiala ture of*aa will take ^lace ab^ut the 15th ?r 20:h of March Tbe Free State Squatter fc?.r* ?hat ?he first Legislstuie will l>e pro fir. fery. iTTE*TIO\, WASHINGTON LIGHT ? INFANTRY!?Your are hereby ordered to in eel at jrwr Arinory on to morrow (fuesday) af ternoon ,a< half pa1 o'clock, to attend the itinera! of our late brother member, Ebncjd V. Rick H Rlf'HEY.O. 8. A specia! meetni^ if ihe corps will be n?ld thi? (Mond y) evening, dt 7 oVi.-Kk. mar 13?It BCNJ. F. BEERS', gee?y. \Tj| PRESIDENT'S? MOUNTED Q U A R |7, ?L A tennoa.? An adjourned meeting will be /mfmi h> Id at the armory on TUESDA Y, March ?Im2Li3Ui, at 7 o'clock Every member is reque-tcd to attend, prepared to settle hu dues, or abide by t he actiw taken against delinquents. By order of Capt. Peck : J NO. H McCUTCHEN, Svcretarv. mar 10? at >the Annual commencement of the Medical Department ol Georgetown Culiege will be bold at the Smithsonian Institution on THURSDAY, the 15?h instant, at 7)f o'clock, p. m. Tiie degree of VI D will be conlerrcd by Rev. Barnard A Maguire, President, and the annua, ad dr. M to the graduates will b? pronounced by J. M. dn)der, M. D., Professor of Surgery. Members of the Medical profession and the public generally are invito to attend. FLODOARDO HOWARD, ciar i2?3t Dean, fcc ^E ASTER BALL?THE WASHINGTON ? GERMAN YAGERS announce to their friends, that tiiey intend giving a BILL cn Ea?ter M .n.lay, at Carusi's Salo ?n. Particulars In a futurr ?iverti.-ermnt. mar 13?. o3t ,VOM.E?THE FIRST (.kAM) AN nual Ball of t!ie Ea^le Club will be given ?t Forrest Ha I, Georgetown, cn THURSDAY, the I9ih April. See future advertisement. mar 10? lw* [THESE WILL BE A MEETING OF tile Board of Directors of the Merchants' Exchange on MONDAY next, at f p. m. Also, a general meeting of the member* on TUEB ? MY, at 7 p m By order of the President: mar 10?2t J NO. F. ELLIS, Sec. 'SOIREE DANSANTE CARUSI'S SALOON.?MONS. COCIIEU begs leave to inform the ladies and gentlemen of this citv thai his S^nree will lake place next MONDAY NIGHT, the 12th instant. ma- 10?2t* ,PHILODEMlC SOCIETY.-There will ? ? be .? meeting of the Philodemic 8ociety n| (J orgetown College, on THURSDAY. March I5th, at 3 p m, at which the non resident members are re spectfully invited to be present. HAKRY BAUKEE, It C COM US, SCOTT H. SMITH, mar 9?Iw* Committee of Correspondence. -^METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN IV^SsTlTUTE EXHIBITION?NOTICE ? Tne Managers of the Exhibition regret to under stand that many persons visit the Exhibition with depositors' and other Tickets borrowed from thOi friends. The Committee are determined to expose such person> when found with tickets not their own. The doorkeepers have been instructed to ciitically examin- all icket* hereafter pre-ented at the door. The E(hibi>ion will close on Wednesday evening nrit. the 14th instant, when the closing address wi-l be delivered, and the Awards announced The various committees of judges are requested to hand in their tinat r port on Saturday morning next. CHARLES F. WOOD, Sup't. mar 8?ThSMTu4t (IntelfcNews) ?-^^METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN S> >-tiiuie Exhibition?In order to afford the eelored population an opportunity to visit the Exhi bition. the Board of Management have set apart TUESDAY next, the 13th instant, from 10 a. in to 4 p iu, for thai purpose. All iloirom therefore of enjoying the privilege, will do well to attend accordingly. By order: P. M PEARSON, Rcc. Sec. mar 7,10,12 MkTRorouTAg Mir ranks' Institute Fair, Wasbisotor, D. C., March 12, 1855. To the Editor $ of the JStemnf Star: Gkkti eme*: Notices having appeared in several pap:rs of this eity that the late Mr. Whitely was the inventor of the Perfumed Crystals?without any de sir.* to do injustice to his memory?I would state that the inventor was Mr. W. K. Asbard, of New York, from whose eon, (.ointly with mv partners,) I purchasfd the process, and the right to use his name. Should the correctness of my statement be doubted, I am prepared to prove its truth. I do not w i-h to wrong any one, but rnnply, in justice to tha rial Inventor, and the firm of which I am a member, lay the truth before the public. F. WIDDOVVS, Per Mitchell, Widdows fc Slater, mar 12?If No. 2, Liberty street, N. V. Lost?in Georgetown, or its vicin ity, : chased Gold Bracelet. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the residence ofC. W Pairo, on Prospect street, Georgetown, or ai the office of Pairo fc Nourse, Washington citv. mar 12?3t* I> B PIN ED S17GAR8 t 50 barrels powdered, crushed and clarified 8U GARS Just received and for sale low by BARBOUR fc SEMMES, mar 12?eo3t No 67 Louisiana avenue. NO. *l'OAK * MOLAS8KS? ? 20 hhds N O. Sugar 251 bis do Moiassea Ju*t received and f??r rale by BA?"OUR fc SEMMES, mar 12 co3t No. 67 Louisiana avenue. WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WAKE AT REDUCED PRICES \1 E oflVr our entire stock ??f -leg ant GOLD WA ? CHE S, RICH EWELRY, PURE SUA ERW.ARE, ?> c , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well 'o examine our assortment, which is by far the largest, m >*t fashionable, and best selecterhever offered to our eustomers. M. W GALT & BRO.. 3#4 Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th sts mar 12?tf PIANO FORTES! PERSONS wishing to buy an excellent Piano Forte, in everv re-peel. are invi.ed to examine the Tiano Fo tes made by Messrs STEIN WAY fc SONS, W;tlker street, ' ew York, now on exlii binoii at the Smithsonian Institution. Any inform al! >n respecting prices, guarantee, lie , will be given irar 12 -3t? nLMrn-T r 75 bids sUf rfine and family FLOUR In store and for >-ale low by BA HOUR fc SEMMES. inar 10?? o3t No. 67 Louisiana avenue. MACKk KKL *. CODFISH? 50 bbls No 3 Mackerel 3,030 lb* Codtish Just ru :c;ved and for rale low by BARBOUR fc SEMMES, mar 10 eo3t N'o. 67 Louisiana avenue. TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS AND SPOONS, *c JUST received a large assortment of superior Ta ble i utlery of every variety. Also, tveyrt leotthe finest quality ALBATA OKKS. SPOON'S, TEi SEfS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, fcc. * M W. GAI T & BRO.. 324 Pa ave., betw. 9ih and 10tb sts. mar 12-3t C LOUDON WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to the oung ladies of Lsssbttrg, Va., y Prof. J A. Young. A very pleasing composition, published at the Music Depot ?f HILBUS fc H1TZ. mar 12? tf CYCLOPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rev. Harvey j Newc mb. * GRAY fc ?ALLANTYNE,4?8 Seventh street are the only agents for the sale of this work in the Ihstnct of Columbia and Alexandria. Subscription price $3. ^ Several of the City Pastors having carefully ex amined it, unite in pronouncing it a complete His tory of Christian Missi. ns throughout the world and recommend every Christian layman, who wish ea to keep himself informed of the movement and triumphs of Christ's Kingdom in this Earth, to pro vide himself with a copy. Circulars containing a synopsis of the con'ents can be had on application at the Bookstore of GRAY fc B?LLANTYNE, mar 12-3t 498 Seventh street. TWENTY FIVE CENTS REWARD?KAN I away, from the subscribers, their regnlarly in dentured apprentice, NI wROD R. TAYLOR. All persons are hereby cautioned against employing or hat boring, tru ting or in any way encouraging his absence, under the regular penalties mar 10-3t L. H. fc Q. C. SCHNEIDER. For sale?a pair of fine carriage Hones for sale low, by a gentleman ^ leaving the cit\?)oung, go well in Knde^Pj^T or double harness, and anld for no fault.F* f 'l Can be reen at the Metropolis Stables, D street, be tween I3jj and 14th streets, near Pa. avenue, mar 10?2t* GREAT RECONCILIATION. THE undersigned will open a Kiln o! fre.h wood burnt LIME (containing 610 barrels) on Mon dav morning next, for which the cash will bT re kil?!,0V? delivery. He must adopt Ons method or cl ? butmess, ** a great poriion !?i Iim sales the p??t year are unsettled and lying over. ^1 st the Kiln?hauling additional A E SMOOT National Lime Kiln, corner New Vork avenue and rw?MUeUl street, iy Amusements. NATIONAL THEATRE. Increasing mkcw and popularity of ? ??S&9. ITEK8 * SADlOAft'l Splendid Oireus Company The beat Equestrian Company In Annii. AFTEINOON PERFORMANCE Every WBDIKIDlT and IATCRD4T. TOII ITKIIIC, lUlk IS, Grand rhange of ? - EQIE8TR1AN NOVELTIES. In which appear* W'llc loa, Mr Thoa King, Mm< Le Ruen, A. Avmtr, W Ode11. Masters Mm!i fan, and (Varies. Mr. H. P Madigaa, William l-oeter. an<f the THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jin Mysra, Carlo, and WANTED?F1FTV LITTLE CHILDREN for the Fairy Pautouune of CINDEREM A. Those accustomed 10 Dancing wiU he pr? fared. PUCKS or ADMISSION PriMlc Boxen, $4; Dress Circle and Parquette. SO cen *; Or-h??tia seat*. 75 cents; ?cond and 1 bird Tier and Colored 0allery 25 cetU. mar 5 VOCAL MUSIC. SIGNOR SEVERO 8 I'RINI Itucn^d logive instruction* in Vocal Music to thw* in the cMy or Wa*h;urton who desire bio terrier. Hf romen highly recr.mnif-tided bv |?et*oos of the highest re f pectability who have av tiled themMlve* nt his in stnKhon*. Amor.g those wIk? ritnnitwi htm be i< allowed to nanu John M. Macauley, of M. York, E'mira L'ncoln rlie'ps. Principal of Patapseo In -tnut'>, Maryland,and a number of mo*t respectable I dies, who** recommendation* can be seen at the office of the Ewni?t Ptar. All ord*r? left at the Vustice Store of Richard Davis.308 I'rnn*)Ivania avmtK, and at the 8tnre of Hilbus A Hits. J*tar Budding*. will be attended to. mar 1??3t OFFICIAL. AHMV AND lAVf RK GlriTKR lor 1855 I he Navy Register Sw the Unit* d States for the year 1855 ofh ial Army Register for loJ>5 Just published and f??r sale at TAYLOR k MAI RY'H mar 10 Bookstore, near 9th st. SHIRTS! SinRTS! XTEW AKRANUEMEN T?W ALL k PTE i.1 PHENS, 34!) Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. Iinviig completed lb< ir arrangements. are now pre pared M make to order Gentlemen's SHIRTS ot *u perior quality in tbe hp t approved stylos, at short not ce, and warrant a fit in all cases. Also, on I and a large assortment of ReaA-made S -irt-ot fine quality, var ing in prices from $1 to $1 50. Biar 9?3t A CARD. '?'HE l>u?ines* relation* exist rg between HUNT ' k DONALDSON, Dentist-, have beeh dissolved by mutual consent. The former will continue the practice of Dentis try in all itr brancbct at be *am?- place. The latter has opened his office at the comet of S. ventb and D sfree:s, over the Patnrtic Bank, and has provided himself with every far Hit\ for operat ing in anv department of tbe dents? p?ofe-*ton. R. FINLHY HI'NT. R. B. DOVALPSON. Having been associated for more then five yeara past with R. B Donaldson, both professionally and socially, I take pleasure in bearing testimony to bis integrity as a genth man aid hi* sfc:H as a demist, at>d cbeertuliy recoiuuiend him as one deserving tin- confidence of the public. R. FINLEY I1UNT. mar9-3i* [Organ fc Intel. 3iJ HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, ANE?V SONG, words written and dedicated to Mr?. Fiankiin Tierce, by She* I ah ; music com posed by Fr??lerick Klej, Esq. Itt t published and for sale at HILBUS k H1TZ'8 Music Depot, Star Building*. mar 10 IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAKING UP IN ? keeping ? Persons rumoring from tl>e city and wishtnztoditp seof their Furniture and House k< epinfg P(*n<<il? without the tr. uhle of sending thotn to Auction, can do so by ca! ing upoo us at i ttr s."*e, N<?. 317 Pa., rs we are prepared to Miy all such p?ods a? mav b>' offered. R. H. JEWE1.LE k CO , innr 2 No. 319 Pa. avenue. SUttAR ASP TEA. 35 haif chests Impetial. Gunpowder,Young Hy son. and ?olong Tea, vtrr superior 25 baes Java Coffee 1 000 pounds roDFLSf! 100 drums FIGS 20 boxes LEMON'S and ORANGES 85 bids erut ed Sl'G4R 6 hhds N- (> do 200 sugar cured HAMS 10 bbls LARD. Just te eived and fur sale l? tnar? 3t U llXtAM ORMF. FANCY MILLINERY. AMELIA PRIBRAM undi ? Swu-r I^\ve ot-ened a FANCY' MM. L! N CKY SI'i iKK on P? avt nue.l between Tenth and Elev? nth st-eers, w ti!b side, No. 7? and would re-pettfuily all tiie attention of the ladies of Washington and vici nity to their handsome and varied as?onment of im ported and manufactured Millery, latm style*. NVw York. Paris, and London fashions of Straw, Silk, < 'rape, Lace, Velvet and other Bonnets. A Iso, drees and other Cap*. All orders in the Miltinery line thankfu|<y received an1 faithfully attended to. mar 9-lw* "pianos FOR RENT. superior 7 Octav Boudoir PIANoFf ?RTr S rent or sale. Apply at IIILBUS k IUTZ'8 Mtisie Ifepot, where they may be seen. mar ? TWOi 1 for i IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. PAY Rolls of Militia entitled to Land Rount* un der the act of Congress f*ep?ember ltt-iO, compiled from rolls in the Auditor's t tt'icc at Rich m-'nd. Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War ol 181-2, being a supplement to tbe pay roils. A few copies for sale at C. FAR Nil AM'8, Comer Pa. avenue and 11th H?. Alao. at FRENCH'S, Alexandria, Va. mar ft OLD CHAIRS TO MEND. MRS. WILLS, onG Street, the second do r from trom 13th street e^-t, puts new cane seats in old c.iairs, in a good st.l** J^he would be thankful fnv the patronage of th<^ citizens. mar V?3t 1 HRIfB.PI,Y 8HIICT COLL A119.? Warranted to fit well, for sa'e at mar 3?3t LAMMOND S, 7:h st. ^THWART'S SKYLIGHT D A G U E R R E A N ? ^ Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. hV'iiue, is where ibe public can have splendid pictures taken at more reasonable prices than at any other room in the city. Call early. Satisfaction always g iven. mar 7?lm BOUNTY LAND?ADDITlbNALT \LL my old fnends for whom I obtained Bounty Land, in leas quantify than 160 acres, are btre bv informed that tbeir names and a record of the evidence, with the dates of their certificates, are on my book, so that I can, with facility, make out their declarations for additional land. Tho?e who failed to obtain any land for want of sufficient service, many of whom are now entitled to 160 aer?s, can find the ume allowed reeordel hy me. Others will find it to their interest to call or write, and 1 will send forms and instruction* for reasonable and fair compensation. Any old Soldiers, or tbeir Widows, unahle to pay for preparing their papers wfl be instructed gratis bv calling at the office JOHN D. CLARK, mar 6?lm Agent, Washington, D fl PHILAliKI.PniA LAGfeR BEFR DEPOT, 381 Pj. avenue, between and 6Ik *ree". \1, E have at all time* the best Philadelphia La V v ger Beer on I and, and i ffcr it now for sale for $3 per k?-g, and in quart bottles for $1 50 per dozen. We send the Beer Irec of costs to all part? of tb* city. Many physicians have recommended this Beer as one of the best remedies for weak stomachs. mar 5?lm* ^ F. C. k W. GERECKE COME LEARN YOUR FATE. "\ rRfc OkliROB, late of Englaud, w??h?*? to i.VL iniariu the ladies and genth in en of Warhing tou uud Georgetown that she can be seen and con sulted on the past, present and futuie events, at tbe Ute residence. No 84 F street, between 31st and 2id streets, Fir?t Ward, opposite the Obaervatory. Her name is on the door. Hours fr< m 9 a m to 8 o'clock p m. Ladies 25?Gentlemen 50 cents febS8?lm^_ All stb a novels visi ing the City Should see Hunter's Cat also. His Description of Powell's treat Picture alosue of the curiosities of the Patent ofice. feb 83?3ni* EXCELSIOR 18 OUR MOTTO. WE have iui* received a fresh lot of PRUNES, FIG*. 0RAKGE8, LEMONS, kc. Al a rase Of SARDINES, put up in superior nyie. Give n* a call an?< jurlee for yourselves Dutih forget the N??, 499 Seventh street, oppo. Oi?i Fellows' Ha*l. N. B Balls, Parf? s. srd F?mflies ft'ptlied on the m ft n-ti *nnahU* and sj?jl?iacto*y ierm?, at the short e i Uotu-e. R^ fif.B k fl.ANf, mat l?lm

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