Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1855 Page 3
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KV KNING STAR L DC AL ISTELUGESC E. Public Sciools?The Board of Trustees met at tho City Hall on Wednesday last Present. Dr. Chas W. Davi*, Chairman ; He^rs. B*nn?U. Polk, ?>ick!nscn, liacon. LorJ, Magruier, Hanson. Bates At Lee. and Pearson. The mi nates of the previous meeting were read and approued. Report* ware teeeived from a'l he teachers ?? Shurtluff ? Governmental Instrnctor," waa ordered to be placed on the list of school books, and also " Adams s Primary Arithmetic." A aommittee was appointed to rent the basement of the Church of the Aaoenaion, if, on investigation, they should deem it expedi ent. A report of their proceedings was presjnied by the committee appointed to appear before the District Committees of Congress ia refer ence to an appropriation io aid of the pnblie schools, which was ordered to be entered on th? Journal. The Secretary was directed to return the acknowledgments of the Board to Oen. Cass Gen Dawson, Messrs Hamilton and Brainen*, for tke assistance wh ch they had given this committee and the interest they had mani fested to obtain from Congress an appropria tion for the support ef the public rchools and the extenaien ef the system of popular edu tion in tbo District. He was also instructed to return the acknowledgements of the Board to the Superintendent and Managers of the Fair for their liberality in admitt ng tho pu pils of the public schools, an 1 for the instruc tion and entertainment thereby aff >rded A copy of the memorial presented by Oen. Cass to the Senate, in reference to the public schools, was ordered to be sent to the Mayor and members of the City Councils. A proposition to change the hour? of open ing srhcol trom 8 o'clock to 8i, a m., and ef closing from 4 o'clock to 3}, p m , was re jected; and one to introtfuoe needle work for a part of one daj in the week in tke week into school, after debate, was postponed till the ne^t meeting. An application was ordered to be made to the Councils to sell such old furniture as may not be wanted, in consequence ef the intro dustion of new furniture For the purpose of making a correct lilt of appicants for teaching, ani ascertaining the address of such applicants, the secretary wss directed t invite all, both ladies and gentle men, who desire their name? to be continued on the list, to meet a committee of the Board on the last Saturday of the month, at 3 o'clock p m , at the office of the truatees in the City Hall. The election to fill the vacancy existing in the second district, was postponed till the next meeting. Odd Fellow's Fckeral?There wa? a large turn-out yesterday afternoon of Colum bia Lodge. No 10, I. 0 O F , to pay the last sad tribute of respect to the memory of a de ceased brother, Donald Stewart. The proces sion (headed by Jas. Prosperi's fine band) wss formed at the hall about two o'clock. under the direction of the Marshal, P. G. John P. Headley, the banner and insignia of the Lodge being shrouded with crape, and wearing the habiliments of mourning, and proceeded from thecce to the late residence of the de cease 1, corner of U aid Eleventh street.*, where the funeral discourse was preached by the Rev. Dr. P. D. Gurley, of the F street Presbyterian Church, v??-), in a most touching manner admonished hi* nearers of the cor tainty of death, urged .ham to make prepar atioa for the final hour and concluded with a anegjric upon the virtues of the deceased, he services being ended, the body was con veyed to the hearse by the brothers ?f the order, and the precession, to the slow, solemn, and sympathetic strains of music from the band, wended its way to the "bouse of the dead. Having arrived at the grave, in Hoi mead's burial grrunl, the funeral services of the order were real by P O Thomas K Gray, who officiated as chaplain; and the solemn scene was clcsed by the u.emhcrs of the order showering upon the coffin the mystic evergreen. The procession returned to the hall, where we left them, much imprc.ved with the bent ficial results accruing from this band of brothers, who neglect not to vi?i* the sick, bury the dead, comfort the affiicted, and eduea'e the orphan. Mr. Anthony Buchly was the un dertaker. to whom much credit is due for the admirable manner in which his solemn duties were performed. A Bcmnric Depot?A few days since we examined the valuable collection of specimens at the scientific depot of Mr 0. 11 Bestor, on Pennsylvania avenue, near Eleventh street. This is said to be one of the largest collections of the sort in the country, containing over ten thousand tpeoimensof conchologj icbthology, mineralogy, Ac , of the rarest and most beau tiful kinds He has alto a collection of rare eoins. and scientific work*, of mueh interest to the scholar, which he wi'l dispose of on the most reasonable terms This collection is worthy the attention of those interested in sooh matters. Mr B is one of the best math ematical and philosophical instrument makers we have, ana his skill has made him popular with tho.^e who require such wer* He is pre pared to manufacture any instrument in his line and we cheerfully recomm cd h'tr *o our friends. Specimens of his manufacture may be seen at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. Thi Scpeeke CorRT ?The Supreme Court of the United States adj^arccd l 'St Saturday to me?t on the first Monday of December next in this city. During the session of 97 days. 78 ca*es have been disposed of Two very im portant cares have been beard?one, thu' of the railroad bridge at Reck Island, ia which the case was conducted by Attorney General Cashing and District Attorney Hayne, of 11. , on the part of the United Sta es and Messrs N B Judd, of Chicago, J. 0 Sargent and Reverdy Johnson on part of Railroad Compa ny Mr Justice Mclean stated that it would not be in bis pt>w?r to give a decision on the application before his return to the We*t The other, the Fremont ease, was dec.ded in favor of the Colonel. The opinion of the Court was delivered by the Chief Justioe, but dissenting opinion* were also given by J usticee Catron and Campbell Methodist Protestant Cbcrcu ?Yester day dissolved the official connection between Rev D Evans Reese and the Ninth street MethwLat Protestant church of which he has been pastor for the lact two year*, but in obe dience to the laws of the church, he now must leave When Mr Ree^e took charge of this church he found it torn by internal diuenslbca, its members but few, the church deeply in debt and in need of repair. He leaves it without discoid, with many more members than when he took charge of It, a debt of $L.5uO discharged the church refitted and lighted with <as, aad in every way in a prosperous condition Frotn the testimonials of good feeling that he has received from the members he understands with what regret they part With him. Scicide ? Laat night, Mrs Black, a relative of Mr Isaac H Wailra, committed suicide by catting her throat from ear to ear. She waa found in the kiteben of Mrs. Wm Brent early thia morning qaite dead and cold. It is sup posed that she was d<trang*d as she had bren sick for some time She was missed f om home late in the night aad every means was taken to find her lier friend* e.en went to the police <ffice about midnight in u>der to obtain the assistance of the watch ir. their search, but all to no purpose. The tnqueet had not been held when we obtained the oircumatanoes of the cue. Wot there is no dmbt of the verdict being aaicide from insanity. Mi litset Fi'5ERAL?To-morrow afternoon, the Washington Light Infantry will parade to attend the funeral of Mr. Eimund V. Rice, who had been a member ef the company nearly twelve years Lxvcc ?The automaton Singing Bird, the wonder of the age. heid a grand reception thi? morning, at the music depot of Hilbus & Hitt, Star Bailding' But a fow chances are now to be taken Where are the lucky ones ? SrDDEi* death ?W? learn th^tTV'ji Tucker, i^n cf Silas l'urk.r fell dead vester lay in the icvcnth waid. have rt->iTt<1 i.?> rep. it ttom Um u?e?t T" Paeabjiiid Flag Frismtatiow?The Marion Rifle* made thair first appearance ia our streets this morning, ecoortad ky tha Na tional Gray*, Capt. Towars. and nooompanied *>7 F. Proflperi'i band AfUr tearing tbair armory in Temperance Hall, they manbad to the reaidence of Mr B 0. Sberkell, where thfy received a beautiful American flag from the hands of Walter Lenox, Esq , who pre* aented it in. a neat apeeoh on behalf of the donor, Mr B 0 Sheekell. It waa reoeived by the commanding officer, Capt B. T Sheck ell, with auitable remark* in reply Thfl 6ol? "diet like terseness aad brevity whioh charac terised them was by no meane their best charm At 3 o'clock. they returned to Mr. Sbeckeirs residence and partook of the refresh menu which he had provided, and passed an hour or two very pleasantly. Brbakaob or thb Cane.?The train of ears due here at six o'clock this morning, did not arrive until after eight o'clock. * It waa caused by the breakage of the engine at the Annapo lis junction. This train waa in charge ot Captain Collins who did all that eouul be done for the comfort of his passengers, and susoeeded very well If it had not been for a tonnage engine, the oars would not have been here until eleven o'clock. Captain Col lins is entitled to the thanks of the passengers for his untiring exertions to make the proper t me i Rowdyism.?Last night, about the time the congregations were leaving the ohurchee for home, a party of drunken fellows were pass ing through the streets howling, screaming, and making all the fuis they were able. We have not heard that any of them had been ar? rested; but all such rowdies should be con fined where they oan do no harm. Alexandria Railroad.?It is supposed that the railroad between this city and Alexandria will be finished by July. The distance sur veyed and laid out for the route is but seven miles As it has to pass the river, and rails cannot be laid on the Long Bridge, it is con templated to oonvey the passengers and bag gage across by omnibusses and wagons. AkothirFuhsral ?The Boone Rifle Corps, Iltrmony Lodge, I. OOF, and one of the Benevolent Associations ot the eastern section of the city, yes'erday afternoon attended the funeral of Mr Whi?e?nan, late a member of ] each of these assc:iation.;. The procession was accompanied by K Prosperi'a Brass Band, whose fine music excited the admiration of all who heard it ErracT or a Bad Cocoa ?Mr. D'vid Croea, **ho is well known to most of ur citisens, re cently ruptured a blood veasel while Buffering with a bad cough. He was thought to be in a very dangerous condition, but is now reeov. ering. ?? Charity to Old Soldiers.?J. D. Clark, Esq.. advertises that all old soldiers or their wiaows who are unable to pay for preparing their papers will be instructed gratia by ap plying to him The Squire haa a feeling of] kindness for his old comrades wbich is highly commendable PuLriTS.?Several of the Methodist pulpits of this oity v ere filled yesterday by miniatera trum the Conference now in session at Balti more. Watch Keturxs ?There were eight lodgers in the guard-bouse, and but one case for trial this morning; Patrick Clary, drunk and disor derly. He had not obtained bail when we left. GXOR&ETOWM CORRFSFONDKITCJE. Business Prospects?Accident on the River? Markets. OB0R8ET0W.V, March 12 1855. We learn that the water will be let upon the upper portions of the canal on 'he 16th. Navigation will then be resumed the entire length of the line, which will soon give a fresh impetus to business of almost every de scription in our city. Some months sinee we were fearful that1 there woold be but llt'.le building going on in oar city during 'he prasent spring and coming summer, but, from present indications, the number will be quite large, and of a cla.-a of bouses most generally in demand with us. We learn from Windmill Point, on the Po tomac, that during the heavy gale on Friday last, a boat belonging to Mr. Ford, of Va., with a cargo of wood on board, manned by three of his alaves, dragged her anchrs out of | Aquia Creek, and in trying to get bar into Potomac creek she filled off Sandy Valley All her crrgo was washed out, and her crew 1 were reecued by Capt. Johnson, of Philadel phia, Capt. Mankins. Alexandria, and a col ored man named John Purpose. The boat j afterwardaaunk The offerings of beef cattle for the last week at Drovera' Rest, amounted to 176 head, most of which were sold at $4 50a$ri.25 per 100 pounds on the hoof, equal to $9a$12 50. net. Sheep?full sunply, selling at $4.?5a#4 75 per ! 100 pounds. Ilogs. $7a$7 75 No oaange in markets since our last; prices remain firm Spectator. n?7?DK HOOKLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT TER* There are few thing* which afford n? greater pleasure I Uiu down to write a notice of tiie celebrated Hoof land German Bitter*, becanas we are fully con*<-toQ9 we are confcrrit.g a public benefit, and our heart tells u> that by onr notices man; have been liduced to talcs these Bitter*, and been r*s> ned from daaih bjr <1v*wep?!a, liver complaint, he , U>r the enre of which It Is certain It is prepare"! and anil! only by Or. C. M JACKSON, at the German Medicine, No. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar 2?3m fV^^Nhr BALU IA.?This formidable disease, which seems ?"-iu? to bafie the skill of physicians, yields like mafic to CARTER'S SPANISH MlXTt'RK. Mr. P. Boy den, formerly of the Astor Hwnee, New York, and late proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Va., Is one of the hundreds who have been cured of aevere Neu ralgia, by C A RTKK'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Since his cure he baa recommended It to numbers of oth ers, who wen- suffering with nearly every form of dlieaa*, with the roost wonderful success. He says it is the moet extraordinary medicine be baa ever ?een t.sed, aLd the baat portlier known. *.*Se?advertis?iuent lu another oolnrnn. the POETRY OP PHYSIO.?A VERS PILLS, glide siigar-ibad, aver the palate, but their energy, although wrapped up. is there, and tells with giaut force cn the very foundation* of disease. There are thousands of suffersrs, who would not wear their distempeis if they knew they could he cured f ir SI cents. Try Ayer's Pill* aud you will know it. Pnrtfy the blood and disease will be starred oat. Cleanse tbe system from impuriti** and you are cured al ready. Take this best cf all Purgative*, and Scrofula, Indigestion, Weakness, Headache, Backache, Side A'ha, Jaundice, Rheu matics, deraugemeuts of khe Liver, Kidneys, aud Bowels, ail derangement* and all dtsea.??a which a purgative remedy can reach. fly before the:n like darkness before the Sun. Header, if you ara suffering from any of the Bumeroas ' complaints they cure?suffer no more?tbe remedy has been provided for yon, and It Is criminal to neglect It. That Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Is 'he bast medicine for a 1 Cough, is known to the whole world, aud that Ayer's Pilla are Wis best of all Pills, Is knosrn to those alia have nse?l them. Prepared by OR J. C. AYER, I.owell, Mats., ?And *o>d by Z. D OILMAN, Washington. G. M. LINTHICCM. Geergetown. JAM COO* a CO., Kiedeiickshurc. sad by all Druggist* everywhere. fab 17?sain UIIlU. On Sunday, the 11th inst , ELIZABETH MARY, tldnt dauiliti'i of VV G. and Sophia Ridgely. The fhmds ot the i.iniilv are invited to attend her funeral to morrow (Tuesday) afternoon, at half past 3 o'ch ck, Iroui the residence ??f her lather, Cox's I'nw, No 76 Kirft street, Georgetown. ' >n the 12th insutnt.at6 o'clock. SARAH MARIA, | youngest daughter of Rul^rt A and Theresa E. Mil sti>a4, aged 11 months and 11 day* Her funeral will take place to morrow at 6 o'clk, a m.. from I Ih? residence of her father. * | OT8I TOYS!?At LAMMOND'S, No 484 ! Seventh street, can be found a great variety of Toy-* and Fancy kotioru at prices that cannot fail to please tiie clonest buyer* mar 9?31 ? JERRY'S AND GILLOITS STEEL PENS, 1 vanous kinds and sixes, bought ui person from the linkers and warranted genuine, mar 6 TRANCK TAYLOR. I ti MEMBERS OF CONGRESS fc OTHBKS. SILVER SPOONS, FORKS, fcc.-M. VV. f"ALT k BRO. invi e special attention to their sto< k of pure Silver Table, Desert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, Ladles, Bu-ter Knives, and all other ar ticles of pure Stiver Ware, which is larger and more varied than ever offered to their customers. M. W. GALT b. BRO., 394 Pa. av :nue betw. &Hli and 10th st< feb 23?tf NEW MUSIC. \\T E are this day in receipt of a large asaertnierit ?> of NEW MUSIC from the principal_publish ing houses in the country, con-isting ol Son^s, Hueets, Tri?w, Marchcs, Rondos, G jllop-*, tAuailnlles, Polkas, .Mazourkas, S? ho:ti.-ches, Gens from the Op?-ra*, lie. Alio, Mu ie Book* Portfolios, Music Psner. In stni?-liou ttoaslu, M i>u: lot Brand", dirvs-fl '?? eheap ??lt; Row-;, Pegs. Rowin, and every article Peraininr io the anisic tradu itlwavs on hand at the i.iRn ih.' M'i?ic E-i.?liM?hment ot JOHN t'. LI.LI:', irtai 3 iUO Pa. aveuuf, near Teitlii ?? For Bala and Hut TlOUre tdR RENT AWD FURNITURE rot -M- A (etitlcniin declining boas :ietpiii( r^7? hi.r urmture for f?|.. it i* pf,?n h\ic new, feriaf been i? use but about ?.ght momis. Term. !???i nM 1 ^ for rent- Address UT /L? at ihlsoffice. mar 12-eo3t UOR RENT?A SMALL COTTAGE, CON i]*. !iUr r00,D?' *'t0*ted on * ??? beiwen loih and 16th street*. Enquire at the Family Gro efryrflft Z M. P. KING; i "'** t0 Vermont avenue * ? ? ? - -- -, I Ij^URMSHfcD HOUSE OR ROO.VfS FOR RENT Two or three gentlemen can each be rfeconr modated with parlors and bedrooms communfcaifng, lurmabed, and lighted with gas, or the enure house may be obtained on the most moderate terms by the In of Apr I. Apply at 510 Twelfth street. 3d door Iroiu the Kirkwood House. mar 10?3t* I?OR SALE-VALUABLE REAL ESTATE in F Washington. A two-story Brick House and Lot No. 8T6 H at. west. Part of Lot No. 16, in Square 538, on T iird st. Lot ?n Sixth street, between Louisiana avenue and C st. ,*lso, a three-story Brick House on High st., near Bmige street, Georgetown. Will be sold low and on a long credit. Apply to . E K LlfNtiY, No. 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 10?tf " IjMRST CLASS DWELLING FOR RENT.?The .T mbsenber offers for rent, on moderate terms to n ^(v>d tenant, the fine brick Dwelling House on F street, second door west from the corner of Ninth. It has baths, gas fixture*, chandeliers and all mod em improvements. Also, for sale, a BRICKYARD, with horses, carts machinery, an everything necessary for carrying on the busim ss. Clay du^ sufficient for the coming seaon. Terms liberal. C. LYONS, mar 10?4t* ' 409 Tenth street. F^OR REftT-pN MODERATE TERMS a email furnished House on FT street, between 0th and ''h streets. Apply to J C. G. K0N!*EDY, 10th sr. and Pa avenue. mar ^ tf FURNI8HED HOUSE FOR RENT?That com modious Howe, No. 490 H street; containing i leven rooms, with bath room, gas fixtures, he completely furnished in every particular, is for rent! Apply to N. M. McGREGOR, Furniture Dealer. 7th feb 23?^tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goods Groceries, kc., to be stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag stone paved, und Dry Basement* under the star office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh at. Apply at the Star offiee. jan 31?tf ffOR SALE OR KENT-A SMALL BRICK L House, w?h Furniture and Piano 305 f st. itear^Thirteeiith mar 8?TuFM* Market farm for pale.^the~8Ub scriber wishes to sell his Farm, situated in rruice Oeor^e's county, Maryland, and on the stage ioad from V\ ashingt n to U, per Marlboro'. It iTin a healthy location, and contains forty one acre*, and would make a capital market farm for a competent person, being tut ten miles from Washington. The improvements on it consist of a now two story ?'weiiirg house, a good barn, and all the necessary out buildings. Not being acquainted with the work ing of a farm is the reason for offering if^|f Ml'1, snd it will be disposed of to any one fur much leito t ian its real value, for cash. ? n,ar 9 _lw* JAS. H. CRANDELL. FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or (.ify Property, a small and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Rridge and Congress sts., No. 87. feb 6?tf aOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots. 24 fett front by 130 feet feep, on graded streets, can, irntil spring, bo bought at the exceeding low price of $7:>, payable *3 per month Title indisputable. Union I-and < office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. jan 9?<Sm JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. WANTED-BOARD WHERE THERE ARE few or no boarders; or, a small furnished noise, for a gentleman and his wife, child, and nunc. Address?>Inquirer," at this office, mar 12? It* COOK WANTED?A WHITE WOMAN who understands caking, washing and ironing, and who h is gootl references as to capacity and char a^wr, m wanted at No. 1 Franklin Place, I st, bet. 13 h and 14th. V\ anted also, a white female house servant mar 12? 3t? House w a n t e d?the advertiser wishes to purebase, for cash, a good two story bnc* Dwelling, suitable for a rfnill lautily, situated north of F street. Address ?'S F A," throuah the P<*t Office, stat ng location, price, frc. msr 12 -1 w* W ANTED ~A FRENCH LADY WOULD v |r lifce to find a?iiuati<>n as French Teacher in a private family, where she will be able of learning n-usic, or to travel with a family i;oirg to France Address "M P E,' at the Star office. mar 10?2i* "V"URSK WANTED?A COMPETENT COL **?I.-0'*'1 Nur* ft" a child 20 months old. Apply at MRS. PAURIS'S, 400 Thirteenth street, mar 10?'it* W ANTED-A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, and iron in a private tamily. Good reference required. Apply at No 338 North I street, corner ?f 15th. mar 9?3t WANTED?TWENTY-FIVE GOOD VESTand put Makers. None need apply except those who are competent hands. Couetant work given. WALL & STEPHENS, Pa. avenue, between 9ih and 10th st#. mar 6?6t Boarding. |M*A.RI>IlSiU.? Six or eight genteel boarders, 13 by Hie month, week or day, can be accomino dated at Mrs. DEMENT'S, No. 5171 B st., opposite __ ropo'itan offi re. mar 9?3w* MOAUD1NU.-MRS. DUVALL, No. 331 1} Pa. avenue opposite Browns' Hotel, has several v? ry desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, which she would rent with board, on reasonable terms. She can also accommodate 0 or ? gentlemen with tueals, without lodging. Wanted, a good dining room servant, hat can come well recommended. mar 8 tf OAHDIXG.-MRH. CARTER, Capitol Hill wi l be prepared to accommodate boarders permanent or transient?immediately after the ad journment of Congress and ihe Supreme Court. Residence No. *, near North Gale of Capitol, mar 2?eo2w* B THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURES. T?A?i5iR5FEFALJ? FOR lS a0? CHAN'JE8 PRIZ-t" MO. 1 "St. Thomas of VUI mueva, giving Alms to die Poor," a copy of Murillo, by one of his pupils and touched by that great artist?said to be equal to the original, cost $4,000. FIIZI 2. ? The adoration of the Wise Men of the East ? a gen.ime Murillo ; cost $3,000. prize 3. " of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost SI,000. PRIZC 4. f "ooo "4 ?f lhe 8leMed Virgin?" b* Carreggio; cost Mr. S. A. MATLACK i3 authorized to receive subscriptions in this city, of whom tickets may oe obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR fc MAURY. All liionev received on account of the Rafflr will be deposited in Bank until the drawing takes niuce wlucb will be duly announced. ' t\oin the National Intelligencer. Articles Mmilar to the annexed we have observed in several diMtnt papers, contained in their Wash ington corr. spondence. V\> are glad to see that it member of the family is willing to dispose of a part of the rar?- collection of lhe late Ric hard W. Meade who, during his long residence in Spain, lial oppor tunities, which his opulcnce enabled him to indulge for selecting many of the finest paintings in Spam?^ that treaHure-hotigc of pictorial richer. The din turbed stste of ilie coutitry at tbe time, moreover made it favorable for obtaining many gems of a-t which would otherwise n?-ver have been purchasa ble. From the Boston Chronicle. Chir n'oavRet or Art?Several chef ihuevrei o. Murillo, Correggio, and other masters, which were brought from Spain during revolutionary timej i.v th?- late R. W Meade, hava elicited the admira ioii of connoisseurs during the oast week in the Rotunrto ol the Capitol. They are to be disposed of for the b?"nfflt of a daughter of Mr Meade, residing in New ^ an ?P' ""unity has been given to the public for an exaininauon. feb 6-- tf VERY SUPERIOR HAMS, Ac. JU*T received a lot ol tliose very superior Mary Imd Hams for family use. Also, a lot of fine sugar cured Shoulders, prime L?-af Lard at 12^ cents per pound; 20 bags superior Old Government and Java Coffee ; Cucumber Pick !T ^:i,u P*' 1,u"d'ed, ready for use. Pure Olive Oil, Tomato Sauce, Catsups of all kinda. Also, a great variety of Sauces for fish, game, he. *?? v Z- M P- K,NG? o Vermont ave., north Jackson Statue, mar 5# ? eoot QP&IMO BTYL.H or OCtVTS Orsss k Hats for 1855 will this day be intro luced ^ whieh for beautv, Myle, and finish are unsur na<?ed Aims We patented oorrug^ied-briui Hat, at fb? Temple of Fashion. BUTT * HOPKINS'S. Corner SixifMt and Pa avenue, C. iw. rji lirowns' and .Vacionai Hotels, mar 1 ? Adetton Sal?. By 0UII * IOOTT. A?toti?iMri. EXTENSIVE SALE OF EXCELLENT!* *1#P nrrtrljr ffcw Household &nd Kitchon Furniture ? Action -On TBimSDAY, Ih, 15th insist,? shaH aeff, at 10 o'clodt.a. m , ai the house No 450 lately occu{*ed by the Won. MrJPeaaiMaa, on the north aide of H aueet, between <h and Hkh, a very superior assortment of Furniture, vl* r Mahoshuy silk and velvet covered Sofas Do f thic, parlor, and other Chairs, velvet covered Do Ottomans and Chairs, velvet carpet cov ered Do marble top centre, aid- and other Tables.I Do Sideboard, dressing and other Bureaus Pine damask and white Window Curtains and Or naments Girandoles, Mantel Vases and Ornaments Pier and other Glasses, Sire Engravings, gilt frames China. Glass and Crockeryware, among which are TWO Due French and English China g< Id band Tea and Coffee Sets 1 large white dinner Set gjver plated Coffee and Tea Set and Castors Du 8poons and Forks and jvory handle Knives Mahogany Bedstead* Do Wardrobes j Marble top Washstartdf ! locking n id hair seat Chain Hair and -lofcK Mattressses ? Feather Pfllows and BofHerf Bedding of every description, house and table Linen Fine Velvet, Brussels, and other Carpel* Hearth Ruys, Mats, and Stair Rods Shovel, Torgs, and Fenders Audirons and Spittoons, Refrigerators Cooking, Radiator and air-Ughl Stoves Extension dining, kitchen and other Tables With a large and general assortment ef Kitchen Re quisites The attention of the public is respectfully invi ed to the sale, as the Furniture is of a fine quality, and tho sale well worthy thjir attention. Terms: Under $25 cash ; over that rum a credit of riity and ninety days, for notes satisfactorily en dorced bearing interest. GREEN k SCOTT, mar 12?d Auctioneers. By j, C. JVcOt/IKK, Anetlonssr. Furniture and household effects. On THURSDAY morning, MarcTr lath, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J. VV. Reed, Esq, cor ner of 11th and L streets, I shall sell his Furniture and Effects, comprising? a Mahogany hair spring seat Sofa Six no Parlor Chairs Do Rockers Do Centre Tabte< Curtains and Carpets 0 randoles, Clock Leoking Glasses Mahogany Sideboard, Dining Table Cane and wood seat Chairs, Oilcloth lledsteadr, Bureaus, Washstands Hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Cooking Stove, Tin Safe Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms: .'520 and under cash ; over that sun a credit of 2, 4, and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar N?d Auctioneer. By J. C. JHeOUlRK, AttiUtfMttr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER ty:?On MONDAY afternoon, April id, at 5 o'clock, on the promises, by virtue of two deeds of trust to the subscriber, one dite<l May 10. 1847, and recorded in liber W B , No. 13-1, folio 163, &c , the othc dated Ju >e 10, 1847, and recorded in libei W. B,, No. 135, folio 470, &c.. two o'" the land records for Washington county, in the District ?#f Columbia. 1 f hall pel ,on the premises, lots numbered 10,11, 13,14,15, and IB, in square No 355, Irontingon 11th street west, between F and G streets south, with the improvements, ci ns; sting of an excellent two story brick dwelling house. Terms : One third cash; the residue in six, twplve and eighteen month*, with interest, to be secured to the satisfaction of the trustee. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?eo Auctioneer. By J. C. !X< OUlRlb, Auctioneer. SALE OF TWO 8UPERIOR WORK HORSES On TUESDAY morning, March 13th, at .0 o'clk in front of the Auction Rooms, I shall sell two fine large work Horses, about seven years old; sn?d by order of the Board of Managers of the Washington National Monument Society, beousc they have no further use for them. Special attention is called to tin: sale of these horses, as they are decidedly the finest work horses ever offered for sale in the District. Terms : A credit ofsiity and ninety days will he given for notes satisfactorily endorsed, hearing in terest. JAS. C. McOVIRE, mar 10?d Auctioneer. By 3. G. McGVlRlC. Auctioneer* VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON PE.VNSYL vrtnia avenue.?On PRI DAY afefnoon, the 9th instant, at 5 o'- lock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 5, in Square Jfo. 166, fronting 29^ feet on Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 18th streets west, running back one hundred and twenty fitet. Terms: One third cash ; balance in six and nine months, wiih interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 7?d Auctioneer. Q&- The above sale la psilponed un til I HURSDAY afternoon, March !5th, at 5 o'el'k, on the premises. JAMES C. McGUIRE, inar 10?d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. TTRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT.? On THURSDAY afternoon, March 1st, 1855, at 4 o'clock, on the peinises, by virtue of a deed of| trust to the tubecubrr, bearing date the 14th May, 1852, an.l duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 40, folios 438, 439, and 440, one of the land records for Washington county, I shall sell the north half ol Lot No 19, in Square 293, fronting 23 feel 4 inches on 12th street west, between north C ami D streets, running back 100 feel to a wide alley, with improve ments, consisting of a substantial brick dwelling house. Terms: One third cash ; the residue in six and twelvemonths, with interest, secured by a deed of | trust on the premises. NICHOLAS C \LLAN. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, feb 12?eofcds Auctioneer. ?*Ths above sale ts postponed until WEDNESDAY, March 7th, same hour. ? NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee, feb 28 JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct r. 09- The above sale Is further post* poned until TUESDAY, the 13th March, same hour and placd. NICHOLAS CALLAN, Trustee, mar 7 JAS. C. McGUIRE; Auctioneer. LAND WARRANT AND FUSION CLAIMS I & ^HE subscriber has in his possession a copy of | Mu?ter Roll of the Company commanded by Major George Peter, in the War of 1812, and is pre Eared to obtain Bounty Lanu for all Soldiers who uve been engaged in the service of their country 1790; and all other claims against the United States. RICHARD P. JACKSON, Office 155 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. mar 7?lw WATCHES AND JEWKLKY. have on hand a good supply of fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be sold very cheap to suit the times. Gold Le v r Watcbes as low as .$-25, warranted to* keep good time. Call and see tor yourselves at the store of J. ROBINSON, 34ft Pa. ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel. feb 28?dim LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL Who served in any war since 1790. whether as Officers, Soldiers, Srilors. Marines, C'erk*, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, Teamsters, Landsimn, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and have been in service 14 days, will do well to write to us. postpaid, and their Land Worrants will be forwarded to them for the above quantity, and no charpe if they do not get it. LLOYD &. CO., Claim Agent'# Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, Washington City, D. C mar 6?3ni FOR fc ALB, by A. JARIHN, Florist and Nur seryman, 18th street, corner of M ? i'5,000 Fruit Trees Ever blooming R>ses. Moss Roses, monthly Moss Standard Perpetual Blooming Rose, 4 to 6 feet in height, Climbing Roses Ornamental Shrubs for parlors and gardens Several thousand Dwarf Pears, Apples, Cherries, fcc. I invite the attention of the public to this collec lion, as it is probably the b at collection of fruit trees and choice roses in America. All plants or trees warranted true to name and of first quality. mar 9? eo2w SPECIAL NOTICE. WE earnestly request *11 persons indebted to us on account* rendered 1st January, to come forward a-ul close ihe saui: Without further delay, as it is a I important that the business of the luie firm should be settled up. This we reasonably ex pect, and must insist upon without further notice. COLLSV ftt SEARS, 598 Seventh si.. 3 doors above Pa. ave. feh 27?eo6t , TO LOVERS OF BUTTER. THE attention ofihoee fon* of good BUPTER i* called to the fact that I hav? just received 149 kegs of t>riiue iresh BUTTER, which is offered at the lowest possible prices, em?? r wholesale or re tail. I am constantly receiving fresh Roll Bntter, which c?n he found at my sts'ls either in the ? eu tit or Northern Liberties Market, and n>v Storr, at ccr 9tli *u I L si?. VY. C. JOHNSON, I let) 24?eoliu* By C MrGUlEE, AHlWIII SUPERB ROSEWOOD GRAND PIANO, ELE Mm Cabinet FurnHmw, Splendid Prenrh plate M'rTOtf Curtains, Cmpels, Pn^ch China ami /n iriuiisu.ii niiprnooTi, napcn i^m, hi >*elocft. on the premises, I thall sell, wit-???t re vive, 1/ots 3, 4, 5. and 6, in square 16. frontins ?aoli 28V$ teet <m north I meet, between 17th and Cuuglaae Wart, C<Mtfy Super** Cairiage Horses, fcc.?On WEDNESDAY ? mint. March 2hit, ?t 10 o'clock, at the reeidene# of hfca Excel len cy J. M. Tira4o, the Peruvian Minister, on Pennsyl vania avenue, between 83d and 94th Mr?cv< I "hall sell all bis elegant Household Effecta, cooswting of Snperfr Rosewood Grand Piano, by Bu tikofrr Magnificent on he of solid Roc Wood Parlor Furni ture, nphrtstertd in green and gold satin dam ask, comprising thrr" large medallion back Sofa*, one siesta Soft, m larpe MlafeOi Arm Chain, two Voltaire, and sit Parlor Chain Splendid Green and Gold Satin damask Cartuna to matrh, Cornice, I.ace Curtains, fcc. Elegant French plate Mantel Mirrors Costly mantel Clocks, gilt and bronze, with ode pieces to match, Vases Rich Gilt Gas Chandeliers. Candelabra*, and Brack ets Fine Tapestry, Brume's, and Venetian Carpets Suite of Rosewood Reception room Furniture, up holstered In caua>y colored satin damask, consisting of a pair of French Sofas, 4 Arm and 6 "mall Chairs Handsome Curtains, Cornice, fcc to match Rosewood Oval marhle tip Tsbles Walnut Extension Dining Tablet l>o Plush seat Dining Chairs Damask covered spring seat Couches Mahogany hair rpring seat Lounges, Chain Cane teat Arm and Cottage Chairs Marble-top Heaufet, Butler's Tnv Elegant crimson and Gold Band Dinner Bet Richly decorated China Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Service Heavy Sheffield plated Waiten, Cake Baskets, Tea | and Coflee Service Rich Crystal Cat glass Decanten, Tumblen, C lam-' paghes, Wines, Cordia's, Finger Bows, Wa ter Bottles, Claret Pitchen, fcc. Mahogany Writing Desks, Book Shelves Moiocco and damask covered extension Chain Mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobes FrehO: end Italian Bedsteads Marble top Withstands, Corner Stands French China and Granite Toilet Sets Best hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Bed Clotbint Single Iron Bedsteads, Sofa Bedsteads Red and Table Linen Screens, Fire Irons, Lamps Handsome Damask Curtains, Window Shades Furniture in servchta' rooms Oilc'oth, Cooking and other Stoves Coppen, Cookii.g Utensils, fcc. At 4 o'clock* In front of the residence, a splendid pair of dark gray Carriage Horses, between six and seven \ ears ofd, perfect v sound, and kind in single or double harness, an a said to be the finest carriage liorscs in the District Also, Imns?dl*tcl9af(*r In the dining roc in, a choice lot of the highest quality Wines, in bottles, comprint Champagne*, j Port, Sherry, Madeira, fcc , imported expressly for | private use. Terms if sale: $50 and under ca*h ; over that sum a credit of sixty aid ninety days, for notes satis* ai torily endorsed, boaring interest P. 8.?The beusc will he open to visiters "n the day previous to the sale. J AS. C. McGUIRE, tnnr 10?U Auctioneer. By J* C. ncOl'lRC. Auctioneer. New House: and lot o* fourteenth street at Public Sale.?On WEDNESDAY af ternoon, March 14. at 4'-^ o'clock, on th?* premises, I shall, sell part of Lot \o. 8, in square 23e, Ironung ( 20 feel on 14th street, with a three feet alley at the | side, rnnning back 100 feet, with the improvements, consisting a two story and attic frame dwelling, | containing ten r*joms. The hou e is newly buHt. in the most substantial manner, and *?< II finished ii every re-pect. Theie is a pump of excellent water before the door. Terms: One-t!iird cash; the rrsinie in six ami twelve months, with interest, secured hv a deed of I trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 9 ?d Auctioneer. By J* C. ncOCIRV. Anetloaaar. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FOUR OF THE most desirable Rutldmg Lot?inthe First Ward. On THURSDAY afternoon, March 15th, at 4% O'l ' SCI I each 28V? I , 18th streets, running back 147j^ feet to a twenty | feet alley. These" lots arc delightfully situated, with a south ern front, ahout the centre of the hlock, on ehhar side of winch have been erected first class h?-o*es, and offer greater inducement to persons d"?trou3 of se-itrint unobjectionable huiMmc *ites than any property that has been offered for sale at auction for years. Title perfect and sale positiv^. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in two equal payments at six and twelve mo-.ths, with inte-est, secured by a deed of tru.-t on the premises, to the satisfaction of the vendor. If the terms of the sale are not complied with in f-nr days frcm the day of the sale, the property will be rrsold at the risk and experwe of the first purcha ser Alt conveyancing at co?t of purchaser. JAS. C- MCGUIRE. mar 9?d Auctldfteer. Liverpool salt at auction.?on Wed nesday next, the 14th inMant, lit 11 o'ciock a ni., \*ll? be sold on board of Sliio Jos. Tarratt, ly ing at our wharf, her cargo, consisting of 10,000 sacks G. A. Sail Also, 1,500 sacks fine Salt Of Marshall's & Jeffries, and Darcy's brands, fac tory filled, in full bleached sacks, and warranted 10 to the ton. Terms at the sale. FOWLE k CO., mar 9?d Alexandria, Va. PUBLIC SALE. BY virtue of a writ of distrain from George E. Kirk, and to me directed, against the roods ami chattels of J. W. Jordan, I have levied on the fol lowing goods which I shall offer at public bale, to the highest bidder tor cash, on ihc 17th of March, I85S, at 10 o'clock a. m., to satis'y house rent due in arrean to George E Kirk. Sale to take place in Iront of the Bank of Wash ington. to wit: Four pairs Shutters Fifty-two unfinished Doore Twelve Boxed Window Frames 560 feet of 2^4 inch Mouldings Two Window Frames One Hot Bed Sa*h Lot of Lumber Lot of Nails. mar9-3t JAMES ENN19, Bailiff. By ORREN 4 SCOTT, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE and Lot at Auction.? On MONDAY, the 12ih instant, at 5 o'clock p. in., we shall sell, in front of the premises, hits No 51 and 52: in the subdivision ol Square 465, improved by a two story fiame house with back building, woodhouse, fcc attached. The above de-cribed property is ?iiuated on the Island, between 6tli and 7th street* west, and D and E streets south, on a wide street thiough the said square. ? Title indisputable. Terms : One third cash ; the balance in 6 and 12 months, on notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 6?d Auctioneers By GREEK dfc SCOTT. Auctioneer!. Household and kitc'en furniture at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 14th in stant, at 10 o'c.ock, we shall sell, at the re-idvnee of a gentleman declining housekeeping, on the south side of North H s'reet, between 6Ui *nd 7th street* west, Davis's Row, an excellent assortment of n<ar. ly new Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofas, parlor and rocking Chairs Do dining, sofa, card and other Tables i)o dressing and other Bureaus One tine walnut Parlor Set in Plush Featner Beds, B-ddmg, Mattresses and liediteads Fine painted Costaie Chamber Set Maple, cane and wood seat Chairs Wa?.islands, Matting Parlor, passage an J chamber Carpel* China, glass, crockery and plated Ware Looking Glasses, Waiters, and ivory handle Knives and Fi.rks Stoves of various description* A good assortment of Kitchen requisites With many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate.' Terms : $25 and under cash ; ever that turn a crcdit of 60 and 90 days, lor satlsQ torily endorsed notes, bearing interest. ' * GREEN fc SCOTT, mar 8 - d Auctioneers^ fly J C. DIcOVIRK, Auctioneer Choice old wines, liquors, stock fc Fixtures of a ConfectionervdLstablishment, fcc. On FRIDAY morning, March 9th, at 10 o'clock, ? t the Confectionary siore of J. H. Ebeiliach, on Penn sylvania avenue, between 21st and 22d sts , I shah sell? Gtass Casea, Counters, Drawer* Shelving, Bar Counter#, Oyfter B?\es Candy Jars, Bottles, Scales and Weijrhts, fcc. ALSO, A QUANTITY OF Madeira, Sherry and Rhine Wines, of very superior quality, which has been in buttle* some ten years. ALSO? A small lot of Candi-s, Prune#, Rat ins, Olive Otl pickles, Preserves. Nuts, kc. Terms: 820 and under cash; over that turn a credit of 60 and 90 daya, lor aatiafactorily endorsed notes, bearing interact. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mar 6?d Auctioneer JJ-Ths ahova Sala la peatpeaad until WEDNESDAY MORNING, March 14, tauie ho ir and pLee. O KEPPI.F.R, 1 Tr \\M. HUPP. J11 mar d-d JAS. V. McGUIRE, AWl? TELEGRAPHIC. B*rO?TEP FOB TBI DAILY EVEN IK a BTAP Be Tiding* of tk faciflc Haupa*. Mmk U-ll A ? ?The Pacific baa c?t beoa heard of at tbla port up to thia time. The Afrioa is nine dart oat, ud to aoorlv doe bore *t?r? oo Capo Cod Boafofi, March It.?A heavy n*? f?u M tbo Capo on Friday Bight The ear* koaoo for Bars stable on Saturday aflemeua eeuld prooood do fnrthur thaa Middle boro' oa aeeoua* of tbo doop Thsf Weather?Woa-Arrival of tbo Pacific Naw York, Marob 11?Tbo woa her ia tLiak. witb a alight raia. Nothing baa vet boon board of tbo PaeiSe. Tbo Sandy Hook lino la worklag Marian Diaaators aad Loaa of Uk Boat ok, Mart h 12.?Tbo abip, W? A. Cooper, of Saraaaah. for Boaton, ia nahoro at Scitaate.?(Not the Oriental aa wai supposed ) She went aahore on Saturday Moraine upon a ?andy brttom, witb ber bead seaward Capt Soara, Mr. Gore, tbo third mate aad one sea man wore drowned while at tempting to foaoh ?boro in a boat Tbo remainder of the erow were tahon eff in a life boat. Tbo abip etill holda together, hot ber maia aad missen nuta bare gone by the board. Tbo schooner Anita Dawson, from Norfolk for Boston, went aahore at Scitaato aad ia a total loss. Tho erow and oargo ware-saved. A dispatch from Plymouth reports tho gale (f Saturday unusually severe, and tbo loads impsasable from snow drifts. Several small vessels went aahore there. Arrival of tbo IUi&oia at Worfoik New Yobr, March 12 ?Tbo Pureer of tbo Steamer Roanoke from Richmond, reports that tho steamer Illinois was spoken on Saturday, going into Norfolk. Sha baa one woek later nsws from California. I'.liaoia fund* secured Naw York, March 12 ? Qov Matteson of Illinois. now bore, bas received full aoeurity for the smeunt in the bands of Wadsworth k Sheldon at the time of their failure. This will enable the Treasurer of Illinois, with oiber provision* made by tbe late legislature, to pay the January interest, at tbo time tbe next Joly interest is paid " a Another Marine liaaator Boston, March 12?A ship is a.'horo off Plymouth, with masts gone She is supposed to bo the Hudson of New York, lrom Savanr ah to Boaton. A steamer bas boon sent to roc dsr her whatever assistance she may need. Affray on Shipboaid. Bostor, March 12.?An affray took place y sterd&y morning among the erow of tbe La dy Suffolk, bound for Mobile One seamen ?;s killed. Four men were nrrestod, and b-ought back to this city. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Mareh 11? Flour is firm but n't nctive Sales of Howard street atfV; no rSeriogsof city mills were made Wheat? Sales of 14.000 bushels, red at $2 a $2 99; white. $2 06 a $2 15. an advanee of three to f or cents Corn?Sales of 17,000 bushels of white at 87 a 88 cents; yellow at the same and firm Rye?No sales; Pennsylvania is quoted at fl.18 Maw York Markets. New YoRK,Msrch 12 ?Cotton is unchanged. F!oar is upward, and tbe market firm S?les of 3 000 bbls of good Ohio at $9 31 a $9 81. Southern is firm; sales of 1 000 bbls. Whoat il upward and firm; sales of Pennsylvania white at S2 55; Soa.hern, (good 1 $2 35 Corn i? upward and firm ; sales of 5.500 bushels of Western mixed; Southern, 94.95c.; yellow, 9Sc. Pork is upward and firm. Beef is un changed, with a moderate demand at previous rater. Lard is unchanged Whisky is ftrm. Maw York Stock Market Kew Yobe, March 12.?Stocks sre bette*. Money is easy Bales at tho morning biard o" Cleveland. Columbus and Ciacioaatti Rail* road, 105; Missouri fi's, 941; Virginia ( a 96J; Indiana 5 s 87{; New York Central Rail road. 94!; Cumberland Coal Company, S3f; Reading Railroad, S3; Canton Co., 25; Erie Railroad, 46). Effects of he Recent Gale Boston, March 10 ?A large ship with main mast gone, went ashore this morning at 8 o'clock, at Scituate One boat was swamped in trying to reaoh the ahore. and the crew drowbed. It is thought she is tbe Oriaotal, from Liverpool. No ether particulars. Norfolk. March 20 ?There was a heavy gale yesterday below Old Point She brig Avon, frcm Norfolk for Marseilles, lost her foremast und maln'opmast leaving her hull a'moit unmanageable Had recently boon re fi'.ted Tbe brig Julia Payson, with a cargo of tim ber, for Bath, Me , is ashore at Cape Heary. A NOVELTY IN PIANOS. IX addition to the excellent stock in no e. the subscriber is in receipt of eevrn more PIANOS, making the most excellent and complete are ?i rnenl uth of New York. Among those just receibed ia a PARLOR GRAND PIANO, an instrument of en tir ly new st)le, to the invention < f which the late JtM.aa Chtekermg, Esq , devoted yearn of hi* c??a suMUMte genius and experience. It ia now periect ed bv his s< nc, who inherit their lather's l*l'iitt, and have been carefully trained to hia art. Th s in strument supplies the great desideratum of a piano, rlecant in form, occupying only the spare of a >.e piano, yet poMMBftlie ac ion and all the oua'iU'S of tone of a grand piano It ha* met Uie highest ap pr. ba ion <>f Professors Scharfenborf. H?iT inar, and many of the best judge* in tioa eosauj', 11 is destined to be the most popular in.-truinent ev e? offc cd to the American punlic ; already the dfc mind far exc-e 'a the ability of the manf^ctureis to supply Also, niagnifice t Louis XIV central and square P>auos, t?y Chickerinc k Sons. During the thirty three years' exist* ice of their factory, now the lar gest in the world, their inatrumenu never had so w>de a r? putatioo, u * were so eagerly Fought as at ftie present time. _ An excellent assortment of 64', 6)4, f \ ?nd - oc tave Pianos ot cor,J touch, tone and finish, by other approved manufacturer* of Boston and New ? 01 k The subscriber congratulates purchasers on so fa vorable an opportunity of pe rsonally selecunga pi ano trom such a superu >tock. As all the subscn tier s purchases are mads exclusively fir cash, he can and will sell pianos and all articles in h's line as low as they can be bought in the Cntted State", ei her for cash or approved paper. Second-hand pianos takeu in part payment. A eoo.1 assortment of Guitar*, Flutes, \ iotins, wc New Music constantly receive I RICHARD DAMS, mnrR-3t No. 308 Pa. ave. ?AHCV CH)">D8, PEBFBMEBY, fee Hutchinson k. munro, are now opening ?t the r'tore, No. 310 Pa avenue, a splendid assotunent of GOODS, in the above line, enume rating iu pirt as follnws, viz: fine f'abaa. Dr< ssing r^ses, Pole M'?nna:es, i-ar.t Ca?es, Jewell Boxes, S'lells, Shell Box?s. J?.( Ortiamenu, Lubms',^iv? r's H id other choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Hay Water. C0.1 lis and brushes 111 gr? at vari tv, and in short everjthing to be u-ually tound in a first class Fnncy 8too*, and they cordially invite their fri< nds a;i t the public to cive them a call. Their Store is the first denr west of Messrs. lUr pct k. t'o.'s, between Ninth aud Tenth sta. mnr 2?tf PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PRf^PERl begs leave ti in form his friends and fosnaer pnuons that this has Im cn fully rr-orgaeued and 1. now unde h.? direction, and be is fully prepared w th a band ol the most Scieniiftc in th?citv,to fur Dish music foe Balls, Pann-s, Parades, P*c Nvc., Ex cursions kc , at the shortest norif^neevlNs, by nUh!e"o FREIiERU'l1 PROSPER Leeder.CHA?'. PUOSPERJ CaiOwar; HILRU8A HITZ'S Mu si. Depot, ?* at PETER tai.TAVUI.*. opportte ihc (jarn.-JKi, UarriMin ?4n?ei, Navy Yard feb A LARGE LOT OF FLAX SEED Just reecivd a?.1 J*>r ?aje by ? SAM'L BACON k CO., feblfr- in Oonw iNvoaih st |ud Pi off

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