Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1855 Page 4
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T KV ENING "STAR. WHY DID H? DIE * uu *? ** ****> Ap t*%r? bpd?w J bef cb#?fc? A* ri- tiut Mthi nlmoat frwbade . - ? Um bUt^'ng touaue to ?pe?k J3he and kw.l her iou'k pa!c rorp'c? ?uTc' ir**V > hi* hand so cold-* <-i?aSI I dumber by bis aide, yr Vor 1 ain gran mg old.*' Id-. ??Why did he (iter' wi ask tbe ros? *ia* That bloom* in fragrance sweet; |f Why 4o-tt it wiUier and, And crumble at jour fed? % T?!p seent w'rone which oneeMalcif Fr.nn 'midst tb ? crimson l?*i Ant where the bloom mg flower once Uunj llis web th*> spider weavta. ?? W..v did h? die ?"? why nvHt.? the mow L< ioit- me fUHimei'i Min? ?? ?? Wit) ar?- tiie dew drop* quaffed awny When morn Hi 3 n I egiin ? Way tur.u the Uybfcle which so bn^liU S -.1- iliroujli iIk vaporv air? VVhv do the flowers tbu? fade ami die, However bugbt and lair? "Wily did lie die?"?I be Miming tote. The mHting suow flake tells; The dewdmp hn;;!ir, the bill.ble frail, Tbe reason eat a reveal#. I'vr all on ear h- iuai , woman, clnld, R.,^ \ de^vdrop. ?wiwll ike?all Wer*? Iranied for t n??e ; as II* tiecite-, j it eaeh must droop a id tail. Crpio.?A love sick lassie writes to her adored in the following strain of deep feeling lore: " ? My dear sweet Ichabod. IIow I want to see your big gray eyes. O, how hor ror stricken aiu I at your loug absence. I want to see you and feel your heart bump. Oh sweet Ichabod, now do comc out, and let u* get married if you love me. Cod bless you, if you are not suf ficiently blest in being sweet. Oh, you mary gold, you holly hock, you tulip, you cabbage. Oh, you sweet owl, do come and comfort your dying, smitten Caroline. Oh, Ichabod, but how I do love your big red lips. Oh, you trim, tali fellow, lull of manna of sweet love, Low 1 do want to see you, model of per fection. Ycu have been gone this two months, and to me it does seem like a hundred years. Your dear presence would to ins be more than the cooling springs to the parched traveller of the desert; more than the pebbled pool to the wanton duck?yes, more than a lump of sugar to a spoilt child. Why. then, will ym not come; yes, 11 y as swift as the lightning to kiss the tears from the dimpled cheeks of your mad love. Ob, b.cak and wild is the house, the woods, a:iJ the world, without thee. Oh, ves, bless t'lte, my duriplin, my jewsharp, my rooster, my gentleman. Fickle Proplk.?About two years ago, a youn? Frenchman, *hcn on a bu siness tour to this country, was much annoyed by the charge .ie frequently saw in American papers, and which to him was of .en made face to face, "that the French people were too fickle to b*j good republicans." Hi returned a f w days ago and visited a French restaurant, wiiere he real the papv-r. A. present were much surprised to see him, quite excited, rush up, paper in baud, to a friend of his, exclaiming. '?Fickle peuplis! eh! Oui; fickle peo ple ! VTLen 1 wa.- here before z ?y adored Kossuth, now z y deaounce Mitchel: then for Hungary, now ior Russia: then all democrat g pernors, now all whigs; then ca-1 New Hampshire bigoted, now N-W ILunpsIiire praise all over 12 Union: eu Vcme, ^eup>'?2 miuI uc^lui. ZJ" At a camp meeting, last summer not more than fifteen hundred miles firoir Boston, the tnir .pet had called the con gregaticn together, but a crowd of idlen and rowdies stood outside the range o teats and would not come in. The pre siding cider invited them twice wuh nc effect. Liien, after rirging a hymn, ht turned to the crowd aiid .>aid?"As ma ny of you a3 haven't got the itch, or aav other cutaneous disease, we shall be glad to have icuie forward. All others wil remain outside. 1 No oae was left. JIOTOltlXTS OF OCEAN Si jjAjlERS AV??e. _ Leace V-tr Dnyi. 1 a^.ao "?,? Liv? y ic^t Bo-ton Liverpool... Mar- i?i 1 ac.ri ? L.Vt . ^ > I,, % \ ork?. .1 fb Me?:aann P'emeu Ve v York.. Feb. H* ?A?n-a I.iverp .?I...Boitoo V?af. j Atiauuc Liverpool...New York..Mar ll ? 'r.ii?a llrtore New Y'wrk...Mar. 1 A^:a Liverpool Ho.-ton....Mar. IV Amtri'-a>?tuu .. Mar. CI 1 {iU~ l'.:e ?>nii.. st>^ar:'n Ica7e New Yr?rk on the 5th and sBUil f f e *.ch mmtUi. AKi'il'?ALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS AVIllaras* II icl~o a 4c j. c. will.%ri>. A !'? nd< rjra-t, L'.-.V \V R T^rnil, USA W II v\ i'k'-r, USA \V >! Shep^trd, Pa ? i \V, \ V (? F MiU'llullal'l, Lr;? l>r W 1 C'Uauncey, M^ss U Jones x, NY W P ?*l ml -ch, NY W C l> d?. k. lady, do II Wiasor, Pa J!r< Phelps an.l da'ighivr, J Irtiet, do N * A Mann.jr, NY A J Swimm, IHJ K () Bo>le, do A T Baxter, NY 1. iiarOtorit, Ma-s A F Whrelcr,uo J P. Palai* r, d?< XRtlnnal Hotel e n. w illari> A A W.liiou, Va t'apt Marsh, Navy it W K?>o*h. ilo p p Ke!l?*r} Pa J Himnto s,NY (? S Kin? T C Caliill, Pa II New-haai, Md A Kirtisall, N Y J XV bun.,, Tex B II Puby, i!o t* K smuti, O J P Woo,:f ury, Panama J F Harrison, do T ITioaas, Md A Oiuibrilt, M | K J B'fl.?, I'it J Til l:ll|k^N, d ? J I. Wateriiou-e &. lady, II n XV Preston x lamdy. Ya Ky yin* A Sm :!i dj W l.ou'hr;d^',1 ^1 I J W Cn?!er, Mi L' II >.o ?? w i.o.d,t:.. l"a?tc< rtatu IJotil ?? .. I> B We-t. M l K J Snyder fc?r?c ladies, N L Oreei.away, do Ky C C Kib2. d<> Us lluat. Ya J J V\ )Bue, Mi J II \\ eaver,do J A Citcpiaia, la II K l.'ii^p. <jo J Snap. Va J Uiv* n?, It 1. E Luioii, Mi J J .Mi Itr 3l I.idy, do C Wi?aml, Vt J M L itch &. tauuly, SC S J Love, do - F L'anioita, NY Klikwjd lioukc -1. u. a. kiakwooa. \ M Phillip-1, Mis W K L'nr.itnim jk laly, <; W Letnorl, MY fa A Vin IMD.S'J J H H.-ck, Va W 1 batcher. I#el T II Lteler, I'SN t. i Kickiii-une, Pa I. ? luiJ. ier, !\ V Li?o Hotel -r r .V m.bkown. M ui'.re. NY N B l)i>. Pa J M \ I ?r il*?v?, N V wv hinp^Hi. M?l K M B^fth ?low, M l 1; p'.iepti-.r,', jr> |j^ j |J yi c, ^aii?toii Buui?, A !ri ?mlrla, V?. a. aawfoa, raneairroa. K MrKer. I?s: K Mavo. jr. Va T B B.?l?er, Va \V e ll.lle.rv. Cat ? U l> F.-0-1 V r 11 LaMh . M r WhuiM, | a I? c <?rave?, la r M .?< n, Va K Marsha I, Va S <; bbon?, do 1. Powell, do W ::i< mi:r,?lo K Randolph, j?, do J L?n?: ?'t s T Hatter. XV F Lotge, pa Mis- KsiibM*,4> M'M K1.-1 ' ??ry, NY C'u B C TI:?:npsoi?t Va I* H K n^Lnry , do Mrs likfd, Pa B F li?'p?ias, Va Mr* A12u>'ti , iiu J il Mi 1 iicrsuti, i.< K A P."ice, Va J M Tat \ do C B< vsm, do J R llui^c, do 11 >1 l'u.k.iaid, do R J White,&> M I'oNy. do A D Lrix^s, Mv- . J Ruper U m.ij, d^ FT TajUx, Va V B iisii?>?.?! ? 1) H Lncat, do I?r J r* i\ alu 11, Pa J H Whente, <J<? M P ll ic.-te, >!J li II SiuiLb. do J ti Lliuiger, Va A Carter, ir. XJ f it U JI, >ist TO LOVERS OF BUTTER. r| VHE attention of those fond of. good BU TTliK i? I. called to the fsot thv. I L&ye iuit received 14J I f of prima fres'i BUXTER, wUich 1* orf. red at the lowett poesitle pricw, *hols*a]e or re tail. I am ^onsianUy receiving fresh Boll Butter, which ear i>? found at bit staUa eitaer in the Cen J tre or Northern l.ittertie* Market, and niv Store, M cor 9tli and L *t?. W. C. Jt>tlNSON. lt b'21?eiilm* ?' .. VERY SUPERIOR HAMS, be. JUST received a lot of thoiw very superior Mary land Hams (or family Uic. AI-?o, a lot of fine sugar cured Shoulder.*, prime Leaf Lard at 12 cenu per pound; 90 Mijieri ir Old Government and Java Coffee ; Cucumber Pick le* at T5 cents per hundred, ready lor use. Pure Olive OP, T^iia!" Sauce, Cat?u;?* of all kinds. AI*o, a crea varietv o! Sauce* for fish, tame. kc. Z. M. P. KING, 263 Vermont ave., north Jackson Maine, mar 9 ?eo3t OPH-IFCO STYLE OV OBS13 Urtu O Hats for 1855 will this day be introluced, n. which for beauty, style, and finish are u:isur-J$f pa- SCd. Ai?o, the pnten:?d corrugatcd brim Hit, at the Temple of Fashion. Bl'TT fc HOPKINS'S, Corner Sixth at. and Pa avenue, Iktv. e-ii Drowns' and Nat onal Hotel*, mar 1 ?to w ' ITIOIt - ALE, bv A. JAilDIN, Florid mid Nur M'vmin, l*?rh meet, corner of M ? 25,000 Fruit Tree* Ever blooming R vs Vo?i R?;?e?, monthly Mo?s Standard Perpetual Blooming Rose, 4 to fi feet in height, Cliaibinf U?< ? Ornamental Snruh-t for parlors and gardens Several thousand Dwarf Pear?, A pp es, Cherries, kc. 1 invito the attention cf the public to this collec tion, a* it h probably 'he h st collection of fruit trees and choice roees m America. All p'aat-4 or trees warranted true to name and of first quality. mar 9?eo2w SPEC'AL NOTICE. \XT E earnestly reqii??t ail persons indebted to us ft ?>ti account* rendered 1st January, to come forward ard c!o.?e the sam" without further delay, as it is a I important that rhe business of ihe late lirm should be skilled up. Tr?js we reasonably ex peel, and m?;st in?ijt upon without further notice. COLLKV i* SEARS, 533 S? venth st..:i door* above pa. ave. feb 27?eoflt V ?? wl 3\i< A MOLASSES xN ? 20 hlids V O. S>iear 25 tibls do Molamt Just received and for >n'e bv BA'I Mil'i: x SE.MMES, mar 12 ?eoJt No. *i 7 Louisiana avenue. J ii % . ?? y y 8 & ' a m VIGO R K? \ NG CO RDIAl A i'ilZXO MKNOX JiV MEDICINE JJB/.wTM PS-TIOHSU f.Vi'O LIFT I j ' ?_? }"jxic*Trr v.c ? iCioittK'rt r.<Yi?ouArp;s lUZin OB. OQilOIAH?At nr.-; tbe rwy? \: s ":.ZZVZ iST hjillli* ?u'.l.V' * 'f wi. L v.'rr a ? jMiV.Io v".33 as:*.7*1. : i-J ik.: <t;.* sSnpi in! sol'ia l '. .'.1 .j:: ' uesj jy tk* finorutfj* ?h* t' n'**!* b7 vftk . a* o Um ?r? "loir fr.-jruL o * ?' 4 ?? :. i:^;*J>VLITT IB OTSC C*l?0%VN by e i?f ? " l-tliJi'zy ilali U rr- '. ;tlt ;z -.a.'. s,ls :V. MKjtbs ii-;? ?fit-r ?' " x h ? s ->1 " - ? j'.- of Ik* Tttiotu OfMM * c? tUi .? ,.>* . A tui&ta - e*Sli tmi\ _ . 5rf. w. t&.il >\yj: *:iry I Dntr iu; l:*a maKUl viSi :?.*? i r-'""' j <- *?'?'**' ?v.'uoj o? Di.. r : 1 j s. v- u. :t- ;-r - *. 1C -Ik*. ' . m . C J . -? j iMfto^lrwUsst ? >! r??sz, I". . :--ii a;:(?.>-! a.1 tb- CR f Uffil w- ? WlKf vkkhli'i ? . -r mbJMit '?J \li t!*s b 'turil ?: *? ili n% lis ki^V' awtalAttilbulM. Iti .- j. 7 tiaintiau t*?HLeri -xi: '3/inv Cm fctiJr ^ir tb* ?'lh; '? , llii Ittffe ?. nmt< ! j ^th. tl ranmd .I b. ri.tiu ?|w 9" - ii, i-ii'.'i -U'-.! .s " ' rl.>r j'rcti ^jfal * U iif,e?ftws tin rn^aM ?f a -.Ircle u ?*-"! ?nftaJlanuileU kJ rgont r : ircxa ? ?y :? teir :i"T ? .?????-.?!?: T. v. ? r . i to : ??'.n'l !t profm * ? ' * j ' 'i ? ' - * * *: ? -* 15; .31 i7efl3jv^^ i*t 5''' mz:- - r. 1 . llird .L^w.i^ 'oil . it sJ U ? Ithoi tnfsia: to nii#i c-i -1.1 ?? t xir r'Li-T* t.ic wi'BiULj i'. o si ? i . ... V ft. la*, I'.tr. x.'i 1. G~i Jmum, i&1 (kt its* 3 ?: i , ' . L'? Z-. *?'u i - - ^ tu . J*' ? CC " tor.' ' -r>t* : 'S R3'.' I i !> ;? ?II};}' *' i. J :a';jQ A' '. u ? ht -, a-??-!.'' ra'.e t, *1-* : JJolert/* a. Le JaoLa. !rci * i a* f -. - * v. Vyatrila. ^ i'.' art, 0^ aali- x ioVi i . 'uliiillj. Hi man tafals i * t j ..I o >u ??.c r t-.S.ce. \ t ty oi *i ? ? *;iTy . ??. ? -ct. 3 f t ? ri.I, '< C ? ? ?? t ? -a' L^lfitj* e i ' *o eT*f..-L" ?, ? '.".T-'i.i-z iitctas -.y *3 - TIi.3.-. r _ ,>< 'it ' C- Lif V7~* r^-.t . ta. tim ?t . aacL,: ? a. 'a ?rrv;-ji;i.!;?.*, "* ? ?T?i:.acy tf? mv . ??, cn. sr. 1 nU ^ci-i-'tiitc In-j ??'?t ? atraaic\iu ri-.????? > h~ p?b -or a. tnd -:'1 :.'.u c>art* ? '.b? rrv^'n or i :ftllrir.?.. "WhdC-'rT tt>? orvj^a u> ::i*j if* i'i.' ftCtUk l ? flrirt ifl^r^^ft* !- .?a7:rr' that ' ? 3 ) ?????? ?.?. ? |V i ? *i i.r?? w ? ?? ? ?' ? -? ? . * i ? A i- ' .a a .? iriil ?? iiii ?pui:I*j ?It! -vi.u aiiucra ratcrai r lv;ty, ; u ;:...? u- r ??;l -knout 1: sard of rn?c:t-<., bui vi^u s. oiT'py *ji;*.-ct on tlia .f .ntjra! or^ .?ii.-'" ?? i5?-*S-...r iii ?? ? i a^i ni^'edi-s. rvrii *ewiCl, A ^ ; 1 .1 * C ; ii utt' tfi,. , r :i.l (L^t t parilizat-"'! .!. ;? ? r? ^otiru ? TiA:."! - j>hysi-*al J - i'ei.-j zuloJ il ?, that f-.i v kini cf ner'?--? ? :h? HL:- ' c ?clyraliaV- . J-1! ?" 1 VXi.r,j I'? >: S ??.?' . i, ' - ... . 1.. . >* Ia fjv'jrr,. ?! (J * ., aclum Cuiolai vlil ha a t> pi t a - .v- ft?.'? fc*?* ! ..rf-r ..' i of ui katilanlOMftllo ?"&*: w^r. htovilithi (Ian' Dr.j iona'4 l aylKoratUg Canilat, C. ft I'ropr?star, *.V jf" ? ^ X .. - , . t. ^ r I Cullv uta'ltwC, < .;*. ? - ? ? - . - . _ 4 - 1 I 1. I 1 L ? J. . , Ui4 -? O. Xi* '*? - s '-'rcaJra/, ..'?..r *. j. r iiXd -/ Ir.. on-; .D2'. tL* T'iJ;r-5 PUter-, Ottti'li - - *. I- :.c a iLKrr. a'li i.c^or - T. J OlCVli". ;r :rA?.f I'.i-L:,. *: nr - i.i' M PECP0SAL3 FOli ruaSISHISO I'APEK roii r: e public proximo .. / <?r/|C i Surt HlNTrND? !?T Pl BLIC PBINTINU, \Va?l insrtcn, Ja.iM'iry V5. 1855. IN pur.-uanoe t-l tiie i>ion; of the act ent tie !, '?Aii act l? provide lor executuu tiie pu lie priittins." ate., approval An:'ii?t ;2H, IrtVJ, sealed prt;;???-:i' ? wi l i?e receive i a> thin otflc. in the Cap- , il<d, until VV'e?l"e#lay, the iftiii day ?;f March next, | at 12 o'clock iu-, lor furnishing the lollowiog quan title* and description:) ?l wntiog paper, to wit: bfauh itaniK, w^it,hinjt 2e poundu per ream, and mea Furin? 19 by 2f> in:ties 3,100 ream;, v..mimi^ 'Jti pounds per ream, and mea ?iirn>u 11 i<_ 25 inches 100 ream*, Wei-bin1? 21 poun>!.ipcr ream, aadnica auring 1H by u.chea 3i0 n amwi-yluiii 2i pouiida p..r ream, an 1 mea suring 18 by 18 utohe 40<) reain->, wci^iim" I2i><iundsperream,andmea Miring 12 by 18 inches All there papers to be mrule <(r the l>? -t materia!-, and rfni*bed in the beat ur'i.ntr and tree from a lul teration A contract wi<l tu* entered into for ?ii|? pljin<> the aja.inti'te* <i t<>d. r t mu-Ii limes as the public service may mquire. but the privilege i? re * rv >1??' ordering a preulrr <|U intily of ?-r.!ior kin liioold a g."e;i". r qDAiitity be required, at su.'h tirn. * aad ?u. h quaniitiea a* may lie deemed tie eri->ary. Simple* ??i" each kind of paj?er mu-t accninpa'.y ei< ii In i, and all proooial* and samples mu.t be tran-mitte.i to thi* office, free of jxi -tag? or otlur exixn-^; L.uh proposal niu*t be vigned bv the indivi dual or rt*m uiakinr it, and nu-l specify the price per pound, auJ Hit consequent price p.-r reain ^aiid hut <n?- price) of each description of (taper. AM tiie |ki[>er mu-t b?; delivered at such (dace < r places as may be de-i^n ited in VVa.*hin 'ton city; in e <od nr.,' r, tree of all ami every extra charge or e\ pen. e, and ^uhject M the ius|>?ctioH, count, weight ami measuremei.t of the Sujieiinfndeut, and b<- i i all reapectd Kiiufaciory. I'lliUik iuiHi- t?>r prop ?*aU will be furnished at tin* odic<- to p rMNia app \ ii-c for hviii ; and none will be taken lato cousuleiatiou uiilf-s aubstaatially ;? ?r*.euu? therewith. II.wiili ap,n v> i aritiM will be r'-quirt .'; a ii the -ai{?j?i\iii4 inferior article,or a iaduie tn supply t^ -quantity r? quired a' any tim . wid be coi*2*i iere<i a vuituinn oi me contract. Li< h Udtleris required to funush witli ius prop:v aatulactory endeoc? of hii a ulity to execute it, a id any prop >-n unaccompaiiiul Willi i>uch evi dence will be rejected. Pruj?o>?iU w ill be Mdrr ted to the "Superinteiu? eut ot tlie^ I'uuiic Priiitii n, C.ipitol of tne Unit d ^t;it*i?, WilihiuftUB, n.jd ii>do" .d '?Pi?ipo*ala lor Supplying Paper. ' A. C. HE \MAN, >U(MTiiitend'-ut of tti> Pu'ilic Puutiiig. J?| 21 MM PROPOSALS TOti MAIL B?QS. ? ? POii Oir?C? LifARIiiiM, Jsouary 12,16oo. SEALED PROPOSALS wiJi l* received at tbu Department until 9 o'clock a m., of th* 83 j of Apnl next, for furn thing for four y?*nrs fro'n the 1st day of July next, in such quantities and at *ueh Uines a# may he required and ordered l??r the mntl service, mail bags of the fo'low.rt? description, to wit: Canvas Mail Bugs. Size No. 1, (4.5 inches in length, an J f.2 inchrs in circumtercnce,) to be made of cotton canvn**, weighing 15 uunrM to the yard of 27 inchcs width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five-fo'V. Size No. 2, (41 inches in length, and 48 inches hi ' circumference,) to be made of cotton canvas, ' weighing 15 ounces u> tlic yard of27 inches width, and the cloth to he woven in every respec: like that of the fitst size of baps. Siae No. 3, (32 inchcs in length and 38 inched in circumference.) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces t<? th.> yard of 22 inches width, and th cloth to be woven a? above described. The canvass bags of sizes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficie. t number 01' eyelet In les. and provided with strong cord to secure their month-. All arc to be well ami itistinctly marked "U S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. I* at her and Canvass Pouchss. Size No. 1. 18 in. in length, and til) in.circumference Size No. 2. 41 do il? 4S do Size No. 3. 36 do do 4*2 do Srze No. 4.3t> ?!o do 3G do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The l*>Jy of the leather pouches is to be made of (food and substantial bag-leather, well tanne I, weigh ing for Nos. I and 2 n?#t less than 8 mine s, and tor the smaller hzbs not less than 7 ounces "to tlie sq. fmt; the bottom and llap t<> be o{ good sKlrting leather, well tanned, and tiie same to be well and stro i?ly secured with the Im it iron rive s, well tinned. The canvas< pouches nr.- to be made of densely woven canvas*, s as to re?is,t water, or ei least equal to that of which the pouches now in tin service are made. Leather an i Canvass Horse-mail Bags, (in sadd'e bags form.) Size No. 1. Body 48 inches long, and 42 inches in circumference at the widest parts ; ends or IsHtonis of s me, 14 by 26 inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inches Ions, nnd 36 inches in circumference at the w idest paiLs ; . 11,Is or bottoms of same, 12 by 24 inches Size No It. Ko ly 42 inches long, and incites in circumference ;it th-; widest parts; ends or Is it ton is of same 10 by JO incites Tiie leatli'-r horse mail brigs are to be made of good and substantial bag leather, well tannvd, nod weighing lint less than 7 ounces to the square foot, .'.?id t:te seams to be well and strongly sewed ; or, it rivetted, to be *0 done as not ?o chafe the hor-e or rider. Trie canvass horse bag? are to be made of the same quality ot fahric as the pouches aliove de scrilied. Canvan a;; l ls ilh r Drop-litter Pouches, (with side pockets.) Size No. 1. 30 in. in length, anil 3fi in circumference Size No. 5. 2t> do do 28 do Can reus Ncrtpajtcr Hail Hug*. Size No. I, (48 incites in length and 62 inches hi circumference,) to he made of coiton canvass, w. idling at least 15 ounce - fo t'ie yard of 22 inches width; the yarn of the fabric to |M; doubled s>nd twi-t?'d and five fold, and the bag to lm constructed ;?> to bi lock? d and to have a handle at cacti end. Size No. 2, (41 iNClies lonj and 48 inches iii_eir cuuilerence,) to 'je u! the .same material and maa n?:r of construction with >ize No. 1. Proposals tor improvements in the construction of ot the above-itescn!i -t| mail-bags, or in the ma t-rials thereof, are invite 1; and the relative value and adaptation to tiie service as well as price of such improvement wdl be consider.*! in de.oriuin iiii Ui lowest and be>t bidder. No proposals will tie c n-i.fer< .1 if r>ot accom i>auied with samplrs r.fcac.'i Article bid showm* tne construction, quat ty ot materials, and work man ship^iroposed, and al?-'? wt h cvider. :e cf tlie coin pete, icy andvibility ot'Uxu L udt.r Ijuu-. ? the work accwdiitg to contract. The specimens mu ?L?c ?!:Lver?. ! zi the Depsrt 111. nt on or before the C-'. ?Liy f /pril next, and will, in connexion v/i.o ;*f . roj"a thr basts ot t'-.e contracts. SptcLc.- ^ d^posi e.1 by bidders which tr..:y with safet ; t J ^^?v^ii-iiee b?- used in the m 01 se rvice %v i.I U r.-jii iW mi tie rat?v pro ;s^?-d t,y thttn. A d cI.-ion on the hi r-'U b<j itusle cu ?.-r before 1 tl.e fir 1 dav >1 .May u t. gi- ' LidJe.- or b:d?ieri j ch-."M n 'v id h ? r qui.'. t4 t-?e :nt.? c-', -tract pi j t .r.! tho 15th da7 w." ;' ? ? text, rs ?r-, an I ; sniikicat wmiMlM n e? u tke i 0I1 lirftion; .it ?:a < . , : r-t. AH tiie articles c-ji.t-; -r v? <.r ?-;? :?5 p delivered at the contractor'.! ei^er>'. ?t >!i?achu ?e"<; New Vork and !5?r-':o. V-i Y ; Pnlladelj-liia nnd Pittsburgh, Pa.; f:altiBn-re, .Vd.: V/a.-hint'tJi, 0. U.; Cnarh-ston S.C.; \ngivta.NKmtvmnery, Ala.; \>w <>r. n\ In; \;i hvf'le. Ter.n.; I.oris vole, Ky.; ?:iii"ii 1 all,' ; a kl St. Lntif, **0., m su- h quantities and'if such times as the liep irt m -nt mav r? rj'iir- ; an I tl:; yaref? I. ? riL'idiy m 9peeled before deiiveiy, i,ori<- . be r"i >1 wna-h -hall be infer! .r 1 . the t-pe?imens or sv.nC. erd b gs. Vo ? nali'e In.lJers to e-tini it ? the number of il.e diflerent kind; oi iii.i.! >.,;?< wui' .'i wt!| proi*?.'.!;.' be r -quired, lie >? are i.itoruifd .iuai there were fir nisSie t tor IM u-j td i!ie 1>cj artment. 4wing ibe year which eed.-d .i*? .1 Ju,i?: 2 IX* leaiii?: pr.aelies; li canvass poneli^; -i;n |. nther hor^e mail bags; fyi5 c.-?u\",.s l,o: ? u, ul bar> ; and 11 110 ca ma.l ba.>. , The pro;*,-als should I. ? end-rs^d '' Propotuh /or .?hat l!n*\, ' and be addressed to ibe " I'.i'.'init./tT General." JAMKS CAMPHKM.. jan l.>? la ?1 j-.y Postmiisier <;? neral. 1)EV. JOHN I.A\ \lhN, PASIOR up THE W EXETEK SI Ki;t:r, >| K. Ci?l-K? ll ? \ S f..n? desire to be; , til t?ic a.hicted inJnces h:ia ihus to cer if>. We ciisl enge nnv other medicine to pr? sent s'teh a 10a- > ?>! te^'iinony from gentlemen . and ladic-i} of high .-t-indni!* of our own w>-|.known . cu zens. who te.-iiiy ?.f e ires of COUGH. I5K(I\ j CIUT1S, i:ilEi:.MATISM DYSPEPSIA, &c ,, .. _ Hai.tihore, January 24th, iK^i. Mcityi. Mortimer \ Mo rtrruu: I tri??.? pie . ure I t - n nig to you that I I'ave ? ;.-d your ??llanipton's Tinet'jrc" with very gri ui i!r?flt. From a serioust .mat affection, my general health find become very urn. h impaired, when [ rom menced to use < II niiptin's Pin ture." 1 fOUnd it eifcets npo my g? ii. r I lu-alth most salutary. My iicrvotii ?y: tem and digestive organs mhi rii!bt ed up under it s use. I have several timet recommended it fo my iri.-n .-, uii 1 ;n .-v.a-, tat ?? I have been in formed, tlt. y have use it wi;h -ucce, Yours truly, Joau Lanahan,Pastor Of Exeter st., M. K. Charch, Balumore. BLEEDING OP TIIE DUNGS. w .. . Ra!*ioh, N. C., Feb.8, Ibfdi. Alt-srrt. Mortnurr ?V MouArray. I do here y certify tliat ai?out twelve months aj'o I v\as taken with a sev.-re hen.orrbag t#? tr.e Lute's and four attacks of it ] was advi?TO to try lh Hampton'- y.-unble Tincture 1 procured one bo,th1, and atu.-r taking which, I was satisfied th it was much better; un.i that, taking the f urth bott.p, I was entirely w? II, and now I enjoy as good ^ 1 *" 1 rtirl in my life. I can, nnd do. with on. tnc It a-t hesitation, recomtuend the Tincture til all pertKoii kifl.cted in my way. Gko. W. Wkaklkv. CURE FITS?"RE \D j More to the Sick thur. Gol<! ?Viaui one oi the most respectable Druggists in South Carolina. (.'HAaLKSTON, S.Sept. 21,18M. Mes.-rs. M khmkh is Mowbray :?'The sale *f your Hampton's Vegetable Tinctore is increasing every nay, and every bottle xold recommends valua le medicine to the >>dlictcd. Several of our planters have tried it in different cases with a ton iniiiag success, and ar>- getting it by half dozens. It has bucn found to be the greatest ?em<dy for iheu uiatic affections, and a wonderful cuie Ita' been performed on a negro bov, suffering f rom Fits. 1 wdi fu insh you wiui a number of certificates if you wi-h them 1 am. gentlemen yours, W. G. Thott. Call and get p.iinpideLs gratis, and see cures of Cough, ilr.'iicliit.s, Rncumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pup?;a, Nervousness and General VVcakne?s. As a female moiiciiie or for delicate children we believe it un. qiialled. Sold ny MORTIMER U MOWBSAV, 140 P.V.Ii more street, Haiti more, and iW4 Broadway, N. York Char. Stott St Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. ClarKk, Ci.arke at llowt.uo, VV. Elliot, and H M< Piier sok, VVa?l!iiit;io'i; also, by K. S. F Cl srt,, Ge<ree town; and t*. 'Jkkrv, Alexandria, and bv ftati ? m rywlM r. t< b 21- *.r THK AKT UNION OF LONDON. J'LAS Foil THE CURRENT YEAR. HE list is now open, and entry subscriber of ^> will he ent tied to? I. An impresHio* ot' a Plate, by J. T. Witlnior-, A. it. A.,trom tb?ori7i'ial picture by J. J. Cha lou, K. A., "A Water ^alty?,' II. A Volucie containing thnty Wood Engravings iHiis'mtti-.g subjects from l.ord Byron's Poem of ?'Chd le Ha.olde." And III. Tiie chance of obtaining one of the ptizes to be ; Hotted at the general meeting 111 April, which will include? The r;**tit to select for liimeelf a va'uable work o! art from one ot the pu'dic eiliibitioris. Statuttes in brouze of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Thor iieycrort. Cop es in bro .ze, from an or gin\1 Model in rrlief by U Jefferson, of " The E".try of the Duke of We,tington into Madrid Stuuttea In porcelain >tr parian- Prof Impress,ons of a large l ithograph, bvT. H Maguire, after the on^inal picture by W. P. Pri?1"., C. A., '?'fins '''bree K< ws," fiom Mu liere's ?? !5 Hirj?eois G-ntilimmme." Honorary Seer tnries for Washing too, ^T<s4rs. TAYLOR it -MAURY, Booksellers. Jan 24 A R N^Y~ Ito. 84 DiiJ*e *',r*rty Veorgeljuyti. Ta prepared to furni?-b>B.*Lt.s. Dinners, VVfu jikos, flic., wito everything in the Conftc tioaary line, in any part of the District, at the short est notice, ami 011 the most reasonable terms. jan IV?u T TRA Vf ISfef ? iKKOTOKV. J, t Of ? j v. ;ll io^vi; Albumin* at 4, 7H, and 'JH iii, l^and p m. vvnii Iwvf *. .'*?uitiutou at 6, 11, au.i 13 a ui.. '4% 7 p ui. FU ats can be secured at llie Oi&ce. Fairfax at., ami Newton'* Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hull's S*-car Store an' Kirkwood House. This Line run* regularly winter and summer for the accommodation of the Public. Pa<s?ctu>er3 called tor and taken to their residences if not too far. FA UK?For the firat trip up and Ia*t trip down, 50 cent- ; all other regular trips 25 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM & COOK. jan H?tf CUOllWfiLL'ii BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN ?*rra. NEW YORK BALTIMORE * BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, md twice a week from Boston to B ilumore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi n.'.?s men of the District of Columbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight n:id fcive a through bill ofiiulincto Washington nt the lowet-t rate* ol freight and no commission* charred. Ap:?lica.ions for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: * A. (J. HALL, fid Exchange Fl ce, Baltimore. II. B CROMWELL, Corner vvasbiiieton mid Albany sis.. N. Y. JNO. W. 8CH *N'K, j:in 14?(|;jin Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE A Hit OHIO RAIkKOAD. IMPROVED ARRANlKMKNTg FOR TRWBLI IMPORTANT CHANGES OP9CHEDL'DE!! lbs l&t.? completion of the (Central Ohio Railroad between Wh*-lin;? aud Co.'um^ni, uniting. as it do?s, by ?o short and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Kailr ad with all p?rtions of the *V?st (and North and Southwest,) gives this route greatly increased alvanta^es to through travelers in that direction Oo and after MuNDAY, Ncrember 47, 1864, the t'ains will !*? run ts follows: FOR THROUGH PASiFNO ERS. Two fan: tiain* daily will ran in each d'rectlou First?The MAIL TRAIN, 1ea*iog Camden Station at 7 a. m , instead ot S o'clock as heretofore, /except 00 Sunday.) ami n-rivina *t Whselinfr at 2 40 a. m Second?The EXPRESS TP.AIN, leaving at 5 p m , i"i>t?;d of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and runnlog through to VFfcee'ing in about 17 Lcure, reachitg th*re et 10 25 a. m. This train will rtrp at Wa*h in^on Junction, 8yk?sville, Monocucy, Unrfe-'s P-rrr, Mar*inebnrg, Hr John's Run. Cumberland, 1 i?dmont, Kowlesburg, Nerrbury. Tettenaan,Farm iagt^o, Cameron aud MouadsvVle enly, for woo* ao t water and meals. Brth ttere trail* mak? prompt and regular connection wi'h th? curs ot the Cjntral Ohio Road 'or Csuibride -, Zan-sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, iLouisville, ftaytoa, ?-.andr'Skj, Toledo, Letroit, Indiana*^:* Chic*wo. ?t Louie, etc. Pa^*nger? leaving Baltimore by the MailTr.'n; will re?.C' Cincinnati frr dinner nest <!ay, vhi> l>y th? Express Train they arr ve there at 12 tt?* next night, b-ing kept but one cigbt on the route \>j ?itb r train Pass-ng-r.. fo-^he N'rthwest via Cler#iacJ and ai! iuterueiitle join's can m*ke a direct .onnec t oa wr.b he trains upon thi Cevelasd aa#Pitts b'irg Ua lrord at ali times wLii the Ohio ie navi/a ule ?j: steamers between Vi'beelintt ard WeLerjlle, by leaving Baltioeru iu .h^ Ma*l Train at 7 e. n>. Petn?drg. th? Trains Iwave Wheeling a? fci'.e-.Ts: The i X?Ki>8.;. i'li ?IN at 4o0 p tn., reaching T al t: . - e .ta. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. u . r achu g Ua timor^ at m 7 p. /*<^Th*r.u2h tloirels by b .at ftom WbeeMng for < i ici r.ati, 11 digon L.^u'.cville, 8t. Lcnis and other P.iver r.i- s, i 1 be sold at a . times wneu the stag* cf ~ -V r -s-;!! ndffi* iir 'iur.>u.-ii lick-ts ^et*?een Baltimore i.nd Wa^.i. jj*:on. aid ail the intx-rtant cit:?s and t"wn la tb'j VV. Bt, re sold at the Ticke: CSlces of the COoipary r^a T AY P ?.3SEN"'litlS T.I_ 'AIL "RAIN, >a*inr Camden ?tatlot will take T>-?- >/?r3 f. r bll five n?ual eti.pplng places on the Ito i Le'urnin^, ;his '.rala leaves Wheeling ?t ll.4."> milkiest. Cuo.ber!ni"d at 19.15 a. ro., r*jj arrirei! at BaHimoi-e at 7 p. tn. TH1C K!trDi: .ICK .'CCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick a .! i'.t-rinedi^e pl:we, will s*ej"t at 4 p. in., daily f ^^ept i'.un 'ajr) Lriiv^ng in Freder ick t* 7 4"- fli'ar .ir? ?i!i leive FroJorisk at 9 a. a . Arrivinr *? I nltiRure at 12 CO. roon T'ili C .:TM Mi] '> /COOaiMODATION Ti l b* r'jc dtily, (-re p: S,) ? follows: T C?(r. J-n i:.'" S a ra. aud 3 p. m. ? I- L:i eo;.'a Mills a'. 7.30 a. iu. aud p. m. vv*A5i!i>tgton Branch railroad. yt:\iNa i;u:i follows: f V d.l'y, ex? ?i '. lev, 0 sr. ' 8X a c. ? ^ &' k" Mu i ii p m? . v-- uc v at C a rj tad 5 t cj. i ? v.e Jfc.; at 4;i ac.: ii is; c.z-1 w and 3 r 0*i fc-^.iav f [ 4X & hi pud 5 p ra. 1 j* 1 ai'h Bale'mere A Ohio Ra'lro*! fvr tL; V<>*i tio i :j '.aim Utv.c? vt ti u xa a "id '1 i ><#. r.-r a.i Nrw Ycrk il 5, tr I an ard u p ra. For Ar.m;v,iie tt >>, toaJopa I i jt Kono.istop a.. T. II. PARSON8, igfcnt I P.trtlcu :r }j called to the Ruls reqii> ? Innare' !<i. ibla vou :h?r foi any p*iJon bi trAo? y*ho id t wl-!i U> pe.-.s ot r lb? road. fL A ' ?* iff U* V ? C? IX OHArOE ASD ALliXASLKIA RAIL LIU AI>. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, mnii 0<irs leafe Alexandria daily f? r Oordot.c A tills and ier^-ia^ili-te tationa at 7# o'clock, j a. ra.. c.c t!.e u;. ;ii tf the l><?at from Waehlngtce, i girl^T ti'n? ?? t i i >r treiiJifl ou t>oard. Ov i nec'iaj; *^t M-?ca :s3 Junct.?n with a trsis for f-'.'-io i fi ir t- at \;'eir^r.*ou J a <*ion wif< a train for War . r>c'. 'ii.?ij:l at OordocBviiie aith th< tf.ins on the i Vir-ir-i eatrai Kaitro:xi for I tichmoud, Char lotto 1 til..', M il ^iaua on. T. Oordorai*.ii:e <'ailv for Alexjiilria ana iiivtri.^ (int* f-uuour, at \ ' before 12, a. nt., on the arr.'ft.! the urans o th<- Virginia Central ra'.l roal ?ro;a i^chmoM.i, ChariotediUir.aad Etauntca TMftOCOtI riuSfclS. FiO. : Ali itndrlfc U> v> :vs*?ritJr] *'2 00 u 44 GorvonoTiile 3 00 " " Char otte?i ill? 4 25 u " Ht?.naU'r' - 5 *J0 " ?' Htraabnrg 3 50 " Lynchburg ? 6 75 " ~ 'Vlnchniter 8 5?> ?* " Laray 4 25 " 41 New Mark 6 CO " u !T!dlieburg 2 25 For , yaol ocig, ocno. -ting with -be stage' e.t Ch rlr'.t^.ivlile, on Mbc.r?ye, TVedacfiday^, ted Fri (Jav? J .* 1 -r.y s,-. J I,'-w 'larket, connecting with the a al Culp^per, ou 'i'ce?lajr,Tharadays,ar.d 2^t urday F^r Wlno'.tttar daily, connecting with tha cUgeo ot Pie.1 uont F r idlfeburg daliy, coareotiug with the stages at t.. ? . Per order: W. B. I5R0CKETT, Agent n.)v 7?dtf ro* MOUNT VERNON. . 4 On TU ESDAYS and FRICAY8. i.L.1.Faro round trip $1; from Alex and/5. 76 ceuts ?Ihe TH0UA3 COLLYER leav?? vVisMr.jftan at 0 aad Alisaadria at 0>j o'clock. Cuach?? leave the C?pitol for tLeboat at o>? c'clk. Ccr.i.h f- re '0 coatH. :>rrona n-iatiinf '.Us C.*.?3 vriii I rave th?lr resi dfc ice wilh Geo. k Thoe. I'ariter. r.a:.-< .ihiaeat-. c u tl:e Loa'. 0 t 2S-dtf^ 8AMU, Cm:? VY. Capt VUlfi NICW VORIS. 4l LIVtUPUOL UNITED STATES 1 MAIL STEAMERS. MIS HUM COM PRISING THIS LINK ARE Hit? ATLANTIC. C*pt. West PACIFIC, Cant. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Covsl'^k, ADRIATIC, Capt. Oratton. T'^e-e ? have be^a hu;lt by cont;a<)t, expreef !y fc.t Cove'nnieiit s-rvi-e; every r>ire has t^cn take a ia th.?r conatrucion, a? in the Engines to la- -:r? 6*.r? and *p*ed, tnd thmr aoc^mm'-da tior.c ;u<?engeri? a:e unequalled far e!egm<* iui! c m.or. t*r i of fro? New York to Lt rp^ol, in !;rstea*jia ?....; 1^ f<*c r.d Cab:n 70 Ei". itf-lv* u?e of extra s:se nwte rooms 300 From Liverpool t j New York ?3?) a*id ?20. A a ??p?jrieac??l eur'^on attached to aach 'hip. No f erLh can secured until paid for. Foe freight or pr.**we apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., ttf Wall street, Ne^ Yirk. LR0WN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverp-:-cL E. O. ROBERTS 1 CO., , 13 Iliad's Krc h Vf,rJ, Loudon. JOHN HUHR0K & CO, jrf Rue Notre D?>iae d>.s Victoires, Paris. GEO. II. l-'RAPSR, Havre. Tbe ownert of the-e sMpn will wet b* aooouutable for gold, silver, bullioo, pp^cie, jewelry, precious siones or metsl3. unles; bills c.f lading are feigned therefor, ani the valu^ thereof th.tein espiess. d. nov 16?dly H. SEMKEN, JEWELER" No. 330 Pa. avenue, be>ieen1art 1(K^ ttretit.^ (Wl'ers for snle a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JLWELRY. Gold Br;:c?*!ct?, Breaatpina, Earr^nft Seal Ringa Wedding liings, Fo'j an I Vest ChaifT*, Seale, Lock ?ts, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc i AU articles are warranted as represented and raid ' mutually low, jan IV A PROPOSALS FOR STAMPS. Poet Cfhc* I cambist. ItbnuijH, Sti. PHOPOUL1 *1)1 ha f> :rad at tta t d-partnaal oat 1 ;h I Mti day Li M J** ?a*t, lor fam at ln^ i>A}-pi for tlis w< o' tbi p^st ^Pon n tht Ui1' trd *t? t ?? ?cr f u* y.? rs from ihe l?t d * of Ap'II n*xt, ?h'D rrdtred tv e drptrUAcat, of the f 1 lovicc d-wrl'tKM, Ht: _ The name of the office a-d State In circular ft-tm eat from a Id b ccfc o' h*rd?aed at**!, ani mad* fa aurh manner as t > t mil of I'ttera ud t?urw to d?<:?a*t^ the month aa?t <Jay, with a thus fa acrew to i?) Fucb !??; *r? and fi*urra In pare ? Bach ?t*mp, atd th3 l*t>rs c mocsl-g tb* s.m-s to b- of the ramasi?s?s tho^enow manufxrtcrtd and in us?. A forced Br?n*iofa-?y handle, of tb? sam* lika ei?\ t> ha recure^y ta**etied to ?h? ?tamp. Th? moatha of ?ha yaar aV\ireviaiad so aa to eontala but thras letters ea-sh. of?ha name aime now ia uae, and to b) cut I rem atlid blccfca cf hardioed ateal. r i# a??e for the daya r f the month, from 1 to 31. loclu five, to he mat* of like batdi.ed metal, aud cf th? " "l5T'U?^rJSth the word. "pdl" a-d o th? f'TO of tfcoj? now in b?, aith turned bac tll?6. * Aleo, stamps with fi/urea den tins tie rate* rl p*sUg4. *Dd aimtiar to these now la u?f, wi h turn*d handles. . Also, stain s for frr-ign mails usel by the fr* York and Benton office*. A1 of the above sina??s to be mtdj of harJectc ?tee!. ?i h?* p*opo?als must a'*o ronta'n separate I iJ? f. r the riiru'ar ram-, with ;he months and figuie* Alsa, for each 'separata pWea, c-n aitiug th? meuth, ?onsisttng of three Utters A w\ for each separate pi co tcr th* Ctj? of th? month. Also, for e mp^ate set* of montla an! figures. A!?o, ft>r each a?p.rats pia.;e, aith the word "paid" and 1 ftee." Also, for each separate pUee, with the P/ar S'i> noting :h> r-tes ot f o?t gs. Tbemakirgof the dif f r ut seti will not, lowever, be g Ten to diffTen. contractors, b*t ti e propial for the abo'e whlc^ if deeund n>oat favorable to thed-partment wi'l b?ac oeptrd. Tt>?%p?rtnijnt r?**er vt-s to it*?lf th* to rject til p- po?a's if the price is deenmd extiev agant, and ths right to **cjpt pro{ps?I* frcu: tL? same inlieiJt-al oi firm for tbecirc j'ar ?tamp with nam-s of n.ont?s and figures ol hard-n? et' e!. a-.d all the othe: stamp <?: o:hrr m iterial. ii deemad advisable. Propt>s?> v ill be r*<Hve! ?nl con? dered i'r a the ntamps alK??e nun d to be ccmpo.**! of <tii mtterial thaD har1en? d ^t?el; aoil tbe <erar'r.?*T!t r? s? rres the rght t-> a<c?pt hU-b p*r.p sals if it 1 b^ detmed for th>i int?rtst of tbs dej'artui t ? d 3J. ... fp^e'raens o* the various kind* of s am 8 reju r. d (or. sV?l can b* s?ea at the App intm-vt ? t?t~e o tbi* dcpittm-nt. JAMtiCA^1^B1,Lu, mar i_l .W4?r Po?t- a1 tar Oer>e-V OFFICE \*o 512 Seventh str?^< t, tim e il.nir? trow Odd Pillow*' Hall. SPECTACLE J an? (ILAS3ES suitid to every >ight, on a true anl soi entific princi[Je See circular.*, to be had at the office. iVb 28?1 m* WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT^ Office Washinoto* Aq tnt'CT, 1 VVa-htnitun, March 7, 185o. J I)ROI'OSA!?S are invi'ed for Kt i-iu ttioii, Ftonc an 1 brick masonry, ilania, tu.-inels, and other work* of tlie Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received up t<? tue 8Ji of May will br ope ned a' nnon of tliat day. Map^-, profiles, an<t specifications of the woik will bit ready lor examiuati. n on ::nd alter the '_Oih day of April next. Prop ?->al^ will received t< r the woik cf partku lar culverts, tTid^eii, 4?e., ns described in the plana and specifications. Portions only ?.f some of il>? works can be com plete;! under the pr*-K?'i>i appropriation, but all tbe contracts for unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriations by Conjrreja. The EtipnM r re serves the right to prc^ribc tbe aiiM.unt ot work t<> l?e done and rate cf progress under tuch contriet for each apprripriation, and, in case of the appro priation no: holding out eulfic>euMy, to decide when and what work* eh II b ? K pp<d until fun J.- bocr nie available. Inca eof the entire stoppage of any par'jcular work f 't want of funds, the reserved ten per cent will b.' pud, if, in the juJgiaentof theEazi>:eer, the work h;s b-en properly executed so lar m it Iu.s gone. Paymen.s will ho nnde in specie check.- up-: n the (Jutted States Trea>tify. upon ?be monthly i^tiniutc of tne Engineer, resetvme 10 ptr cent.; and it will l>e a coikIiiioh <?fall contract*th it the workmen ?bn 1 be pari their full was ." nioiithly and in ^p;-cie. All bid* sli uiii be . al?-4 and endcr^'d " I'rojm sals for work <?n the Wellington Aquetlu?rt." 'I he L'niied States reserves t .e rij'it to r^> < t any or all the bids !-huuld tuey not be decnted advan tageou , aud to make <uch arrangements a. u ay le* considered most conducive to the progrers ot the work. Every offer mu=t b" accompanied by a written guaraisti-e, signed by one or iiiore iifpundliic per son^-, to the effect that he cr ih? unde take that the ; bii'der or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within t?n days, with coo.? ami sufficient sureties, lor the completion t tthew.Mk undertaken; ?aid guarantee to be accompanied by the certificate of the I uited States disuict ju lg-, I'nited States district attorney, navy agent, or some i.fficer of tlte G? nei?.l Gov< rniueut or ini'ivi-laal known to tnc En^iueer or Department of War, tl at the guarantors are able to make go. d Uc ir guarantee. Form ot (ruarar.tee. To Capt. MtC Meigs, IT. S. Engineers; We, the undersigned, residents ol , in the State of . hereby, jointly and severally, cove iir??t with tin lTiuteil Slates aud ftuaranty, in ca<* lac foregoing b.d et be accepted, that he- t they will, witlini ten da s after the acceptance oi ^-aid bid. ?? t -cute a contract for the same, ui.h go<>.i and sufficient >ureties, to perform the work oi I furnish the articles proposed, in coofounity to the ' terms of tht; advertisement under which it wv* made ; and, in case tli^ >aid elriuld fail l?> enter into contrac* as aforc^id, we guaranty to make go ?d the difference between the offer by the and the next lowest uiuder. A. B. ' C. D. I hereby cerufy that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above named guarantors are toex! and sufficient. E K. M C MEIG^, Captain of Engineeit in Cha'ge. mar 7?<?rtMayfStwif HOWARD LIFE INSURANCS COM PA NY OP NEW YORK. II C SPAb t>lMOf of Washington, Agent. 'I'ilE Howard Life Insurance Company. I. ing an saiplK capital, and every facility Tor ex tending its operations upon the most secure basis, makes ever.- insurance ugninu Life Risks upon the mon fivorabie terms. Parties insuring upon the mutual plan a-e enti tled to a piojiortiooaie share of the profits ; or upon the joint stock plan by which tliey pay a lower rate of premium, but do not share profits. Policies are grautad either for life, or for a limited period. The Howard commends itself to persons in :.ll stations, but especially to every head of a family Military or Naval Officers off cr on du:y in ?y in insured in time o. peace. Persons insured in this Company have 'lie privi lege of crossing the Atlantic, to ports in Europe, at all seasons of the year without extra cretniuni.? Special permit* for Call ornia, Australia, or the SandwicV Islands, at a reduced rate of premium. Office No. 338 North i>street, one iiurta^ of Tenth mar 3 eolm (1LOT!!I*Q MADBTO ORDER CHE\PER J Uia ? ever.?In ojder to run off .he remainder of our large stock of Cloths, Ca.??imeres, aed Nest ings, we will at this seasou take measure and make to order Gentlemen's Garment* of first quality 20 per cent, cheap* r than our usually low prices. WALL & STEPl!K\H, 339 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall, feb 19 (SehtinelitNews) BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are desirous of obtaining these bene fits, s culd use ZERM AN'S CELEBRATED TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines so many meritorious qualities, that it his now be come a standard favorite with the citizcns of New Y- rk. P.ii'adelphia and Baitiiuora. IMitiiti pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, auu from every source the most flattering laudations are awardcit it. Inflamed aud bleeding gums are immediately hen efitted by its use; its action upon them is mi;J, wvjthiii*; atm ifT-ctive. It cleanses tlie teeth so thoroughly, that they are Tha te to rival pearl i? whitene s, and diffuses uirotigh ihe mcuth t-ueh a ielightlu! frcshneea, thai the br 'ath is rendered ex jui-itely sweet. It disinfects nM tiiore uapuritio svhich tend to produce decay, and as a consequence, when thes?} are removed, the teeth niuft always re nain sound. It is used and recommended by all the emitxrr. Dentists ui New York, Philadelphia, IWitiw ?.re, and Jther cities where it has be.u introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS 7.F.UMAN, Dri'g-i I ind Chemist, Ninth an l Catharine ?? tree is, Ph.ia lelplua, a.jd sold by all Dru?sists ev-rvwh?re, ui 20 :cnts per bottle. W. If. Gli.LM\N, jan 17?3m Aeentfor Washington City. "SILVER PLATED WARE^ COMPLETE Coffee 8eU, Castors,Cak? and Fl?fc Baskets, Waiters on white metal, Tab!e, l)e> lert, and Tea Spoons aud Forks, double ar.d ?ii> t >lated on Albata, the best -ub-utate tor Mlver wa. anted a id soid by H. SEMKEN ' No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and IOij *? jan 19 A MERICAN YEAR BOOK OF FACTS a7d \T l\, uual of t<cieniiflc Disvov?-ry for 185o. 1 volumt "fcCT'91 ao' franck Taylor! PHI AOflFHlA ADVERTISEMENTS. SlflDKRB WUTBB .17 PHllAbEU&Hl 4. J"H* V *Nli>KK, la Kirsjuattb* former rid ?rtab Jibed Wmt Start ot JJCOJB HJfJDKJL Jr., No. 78 Vitait ?treat, tov kin k? tow Pturtfc atrwi. where mmumert will be subbed with WIS ?8 in4 LI QUO MS oa tks aoft MMU? dating Urmi. J ACOB BNlDKR Jr., A??ct for bi I? portion of rOREIGS niJfTJt, Omm No. T? Wat ?at rtreet. Philadelphia, ?b?r? ke tspnatr^ ?? ?wceiTp criers for the *p?cUl Insportetkm of Wlaee, *c? from verloas houses Is Barope, to qeaatltt ?? ot a mvgle do bob ?o4 cp wards; sad also wltaits for h?s doa, JODN V A14} Li AN -~T~TtT 111 I ||>||B||| . bit friend* ind former carton or*. %? All WIom ordered for Vuhmftoi ?Q1 k? if ttvered by Expraee/n* if frafkt. > t?ly 0:>C7 0& VOVKIBLP. TH* POCKET jBSOULAPIUS: OR, IVfBT 0K> HIS OWN PHYHOUU. The fiftieth Bdlttoa, Wtk Cae hundred kagrsT?Bf ? aL^wlng EUwowe and Mai formations ef the Huui ; vstem la M?ry shape u4 firm. To whieh Is added a Tr-fttiM oa the Dteeee^f of F^nalM, WiirtfthiliifS est Importar "?*tr but^J paople, or 'hoM rostra plating carriag*. By WM. TtUN*, M. D. Lot B3 f?thc_r bo ubuivj to preveat a xfj et tt? MSCL L APIUS to hie o^ll It mvr r%ve htm from u early grave. Lot to yrtiag mu or woman aatar la to tin secret obligation? of married lite atthcat rood! >! Lie POGKKT jEBCCLAPIL'K. Lot ao eoo raftering from a ha.ktl^d Couch, Pale la the *??% rratlnsa nirfb'a, nerroa* feelings, an.' the whels trtia o{ Bynpeptlc senaawcr", nl Rireii cp by t^Kui pb7? sidaa, be anothe: rcoment, e .tbeat rcaaaiticj the ??CULAPIC8. L'avs the nurttd, or tbw c-tcol to bo marrioJ any ia ipadtaasat, r*ad this tiKjr c*? fal book, m It Im beea th? nx-an? oi aarlar tttm ?<tia of unfot iurat* emt i^rj from tks vary jaws ?. loath. *V"Aav pocaoD me dir. a rv*KTY-PIYI Ct!w1 ? .cloeed in a letter, wLi receive oao copy of th-i work by mall, ci five oepl?- aui ca Matter Oao Doi ??. * iirfW, (post jiid) DR. WM. YOUNG. No. It3 Cyrz* a tree t, Philadelphia. *.p 13?ly resmii1 it. ?xm. giikcs 5. ta<ra. n D. SMITH .?? CO., Mann fa.-! a* *s a/4 ' T- TVtt;.-= in AlCOTtGL. rAMPIUf.NP, f?% 3IAL OIL. Ar. No. 24 ?. C4LVBBT P.rHii Z. ..f y>?}ta WatT BALTiM^lIvP, Mi mar 21? ly fVDIAV OUCIOS. 1 &. e. SFEI>CBi " ts ;?!* Fr- trr?"?c?-? to tbo alt'.wM?? of E?.? ci<; c<- '::? tl kmifr ofOanoora? uke tb*o ?jt ki^&ct pv.Ti. or the of ar? kuifo. I r*a ur? tl: cf HO *rd F; mdf, Hh?ac.-*ir Fair-.*, iiarucpttof.. itM"?, Tr p-J?la? Plloj. or -?if -tier tcu ?l :amiiy ?-? 1 -a uar tU p 1 !eel n- fr^TVJ the Lnaga or Kt^e, o-*** tion ii.+ ? ,t* nt * y knowing th? r* J tiff oatie. I ttm bora b artbai <twhj rer?r?d "vrt. as Ic5I*a Do or who w*? ?ir< a/ tUd Ii-.dUn ?b'.i*?ea fir'., lI'KI.'Ci i? >iv r-moT^d from Mr. Fackl-y'a Jtoar'l cg l;oufo, to No. 84, ttlNOVBR STRKSr, ao? 11- tf ..^ilimoro, *!d. AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSfc. LET THI fir K REAR THI 1 RH H. Cai-taiw Hkkjamim.? VVb??i*vef kt>own hia te?(t n.ODV Will t??" COtlClUfiT'-. But Iwt lilOrO who V not know tbc Captaia ?!? >uid b?* Kepuc;il, Dr. L?*w fiin Sl Hro., wait otlu-ra of the best known nud ir?m< nimbly r??Kpe? :iUe ciuzfix of Easton, fndwr>^ .m woi.dt-.-ful cure by Hampton's tkoktablb tinctl ek. Labtom Oil. 4,18S4. Mean. Mortimer 4* Moid* y : Gcnl'.enirt!? I fee! i: my duty to yon and tbe pub lie t.) certify to tbe eflV-etn ot Hamilton'? Vcfetable Tincitre. I wai" for m???rr ib~n five yeara lalionii} under ?? iii.-es?e ot Cbmnie Htieawetis*. and the great j-art of tl:ai I v.a ao htl(>let? that I liad to be iielpc-d Iroru my Led and ?-d in my f?LV4 1 became reduced to a acre skeleton. All '.ho m?tl icines I took d*me i?'> tood, and I e? i,*d t? crow wors? 1 liearl of Hin?[?ton'* Tmcmre ar?i thou^tit I VTould yive it a trfctl. At thia ume I did not eT??^"t t? liv?? one rtav afier aaotker. 1 I'd i ?n take a (tbe Tincture) fur the Kheumatvni, bulla a ^ho^t tiaie I wan w. ll ?.f that diaeaae. From ?^e eSTect.'of your'1 iocture and tin iieipoi l?o4 I am ii w K -.ung in c<?od hvaltli. I wwh utl the -Tflicitd to tr>" ll!jnpton*s VVjKrl e Tmcf.ire, as I l::?v-- d ?re, w-ih :ike ?ame i*Jwt UijC it has on Your Dbedi> at M?v*r:t, Isaac Rkmjamir. We are acquainted with f<aa? lU-niam. i, voiu Uiin -onieoi Ilavipt^n'a Vt?e(^ble Tincture,anat*. ileve the above statement? .-^;t. liAwaoM a Pao. Fronj ?;ar knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident rial ti:e above statement ia true and 'iit exag?-r-.:< d. J. A. Job*??n, CHiRLat: R >a:as??a. (.' :ll 3& i ?.-!'? pamphlets yaUa. nnd aee e ?re?: ? Coorh, Rrouciiiti?, nh*>ttmati!<ui, NVui;..fia, Dn |M;p ia, JJ?V(iunti? ami General Weaker.*. A? a fer.r.lo mr-diciae cr lot delicate childiea we i> lieve ;t une<jiudJt-d. ly MOKTUILB ii MOWBRAY, ItO BmU more e're? t, iialiimore; and -*>4 Broad w-v. N. Vo?k Ckas. Jtott k Co., J. B. Mooaa, D. B. Cuur Cuei c Jk Itoa'uao. W. Elliot, and H. M^Pirta roK, Waohinxton; al>o, by R. S. F. t'lMii, C*?*orre town, and C. C. linanr, Alexandria, and by Dru< ?j'st- < imfksia jan (J?tr COUUUS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, f'ti'ef lu ? iv? niuutit. .V CO Si PC USD CUM AHA All. ETZCP Ik. \-Aila-. f^r t k I - z. ,, i easeLt, : ? 1 eut^. iou-i if dw<- it?r, er.iLI'J tb?? r rWn -.* ?ha price n? Hf lo flw* it tbe ve*.- b o: ?J e??. fe*. lts^<r Itlitftnrwrtiia - . - . :on? i* teat^i by laax:) en?icent. L . ?Lo LaTe um fy? >ruDe&te3 of't'. elhoarr t'us iisn?l k;jI dlaa hare fa".~y. t?."> bv tbca ana ot car caort rw> ^pec'ab:; tii'nu* -.ii" ka*< it lu tke!r ajalllai bc-th -\3rj- vi*u;i?a fc^.1 cur? rrith ners/ f^i!xr? fuc (M f-r tbe >it tw^atr yc.\r*. ilarit ? wVich pailcl With r-r/ !:*t]e all trom a.v^rtijtn^. , :t b* fradaally (; repata<loa ov?r th? wh?M> bti ? In ^.a&eo '".f recent (\-ldt Covj\t, tJi<*t givd?j iinn. iht* rcl?er, ard i?-*a-ra !y cures iat ui; or t*70, iriw- ui ir'.?rfsriE5 with di*t or bo-dis , cc realsrifc-* tU. ?y*?;;a mors MMipliU* >1 <Xia ! a chro. !?: cr^--, .tnAsta, W.uvf-nj Ccyuffh. Croip, ,-/ tk* L>.r;z, ami (^n.iMp Hon, it is ilvay* *?ry i> ut^atl aad a*l .om lsii\ alisu o-umea-aj iu tine t ?? pi rCact a ?are. Pr. ?? Z*> atd 60 cj. a a i* ills. Bo1.! v?iiol-jia e ' y Pattsr^cu A Na'rc, SioU 1 .*e, Rll^sly L Co. Aioxani-'i fc? u Ete^cas. la Q?ont5f>r?n by a?r.Cirv>l. ?* TTLXE'S CiJJ AS A LIC CJllsD T DUO} 4 a siul' ir coap&ii'Jon to tha tbave, but in a ial'i^r aad ii-r? icrtibls. tone; tbiy act LSe a chana on a troul-larcsae Ccu^t, Li.i char tJia ihtcat ?.lJ rcb'.j; "L / cci'it-.da ao irjurioua drcjr. are*l u* larly tacr.riimeniled t'cr tb;idrra. freqaei!t';a ^b lie aac*z Miec, public s^oak rs aicjtrr, ij Prl* 'S>^ aud 5io cents per box. Per ->a1e at ao<<t Pica au' Oaady Stores, oct SOMETHING NEW. OVIWITE TilK MARKET ON PSNSFYLYA NTA AVENDK 4 doors be lew Ninth tfai, iaaNEW CLOTIIING STOttfi tor M< n tnl Uoya, oreaM thi-; day. Dtx KL d,?n? ot th? ctMpee. Civlliiapr M^rehaaiS la the N< r>h L^1 d Terminal to <{Ut to the dtizeaj of Wti&l'jjtoa and violnlty. bL< eioellent Cl"?thini? at the lowest Xcrthar. prl^s, for cash only. Ih rf the i'OOK MAN wlli flad joat pue'a a Clc.'hls^ Sto'u asbu IiaB been wan'ed in Waskiaft-^a. liis motto is dteap iw ea-h, and cat raica oslt. A ijood Rubetatiti^l wo./.lea coat he will M>*i fv J2 Ti; cnl bcary 'alofr pa-itu, well lined, lor |1 v^c and C.e eoaia, overcoats, and vefta. In pre portion. Oood wccl* and crujn union Lirts, h>iery, gloves, 4a., cheater th.ui be cheapest. nov 11?tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OFa'l riies an 1 qual .y, F.enn?< or German plate, f i ncy or plain Portrait ani I' clure fcremia, tillt or Taiicy Colored. Al<o,Oilt Rosa Id^uldlng, Marble top Braci?*J and'! ables. Ccrulce; miJa ti order. AJsa, all k'uda of old *rrk rsgllled with uiapctch and oa rtaaccabla t rcu by J. WAQNKR, 9 S 5 Pa. areuue, opp. Klrkvouc 11< u ?? _deo 2C?tf FOR POOR AND I^BORING MKN. SMALL BUILD1N3 LOW of 10 feet *r mf-rc, la vari'm* j arta of the City, end ?j?o*Cvu>?n. a( lew prices, aai terau to suit. LL0Yi> A CO. UOILDI MO* 8 T C X K, Per sale, deliverable al lh? Canal, cr Mbaitf ** Washington, Se^r^ctown, or Alsaanina. U-OYD A Ci. litb ?f*?b ppp. Treasu-j DepartfaftC _l? ffl -lv OUARLSli KIAAK'NS, Architect. ',i*o. orciMC; between Tnitk and EUr?l:1k tiirH*,) Washington, a. c. ILI. continue to<?irnub Plans, ?*rtaM wotkini v? Uiawiacs, and o? buildings ut every deecrmtfon, and also U> supeMiitend their?it* iwu. feb IlM

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