Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1855 Page 2
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t:\lNG STAR. WA8IIINGTON UITY: lUKfi : y aft^r^ooh H%reh #0. 0Zs~ Adv*?tismmknt8 should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may ?ot appear until the next day. Stokagb.?Storage will be taken in the tine large dry basement, corner of Eleventh street and the Avenue, "Star Buildup. The central location and easy access to this store-room makes it the most desirable placc of the kind in Washington, Terms low. Apply at the Star office. fridTT OF TH? H0KSI5Q PiiLSS. The Union this morning u devoted, for the next part, to a review of the action of the President in making his appointments to the four new regimen a. The Intelligencer thinks that the Pennsyl vania Pre?j are mistaken in insginiog that the tariff will be increased rather than re duced at the next session of Congrees The Sentinel regardj the combination that has just carried the New Hamj shire eleotion as a mere spoils party ; and urges the Demo orati of Virginia, one and all, to vote against the Know Nothings. WAS 11 LUTON SEWS All! GOSSIP. The Company Appointment! in the Four Ifew Kegiments?w ere finally determined on last evening afrer we went to jress We present them. to-d.iy, to the reaiors of the Star. There could not have been less than an aggregate of a thousand application' for these eommi.-.-dons The task of choosing from that enormous list was, therefore, a difficult and very delicate one. We presume that half those urgel upon the President were at ged on political grounds. That is. e iher the can did a. ea or those urging them, cliiued to be worthy ol the President s consideration in making his stieoti .ns, oj the ground that ihey hate political rightj to his favor To say that b4s selections reflect credit on his judgment and sincere patriotism is not speaking in suf ficiently strong terms cf his action No one can read the brief history of the services of the "gaictre I" without being satisfied that he has nobly vindicated the principle of ri,;ht and ez^ot justice in this action; ignoring the (to us) s > ? lioua doctrine that kissing goes by favor, in the Army of tbe United States Ever; in .u *h'>s? nama ii f^und in the list baj hjnor aid j and efficiently served his country on ;he tented-field, and ban. by his gall a ntrj* and food conduct, proved hiuisolf worthy o; the p-xition tj whioh he has been appointed iko preseure upon the President to induce htm to appoint porsons of another class musl have teen immense. So. he de serves the greater credit for tbe firmness with which he baa alhered to th<> rule that per ? scnai merit, alozie. sh >ald g lide his decisions. Our Army offi:er?, as a class, aj men of energy, chivalry, and character, Inferior to no otbe body of uien of the aime number in the wor'd; and the President has, indeed, nobly vindicated hi? own leputation for integrity of purpo-e, in determining that, ?o far as iu h.m li-s, tne Army ol the Unite? ?tatei shall continue to be the best in the world. TSftTB REfilMKVT OF 15FAJITRY?RIFLEMEN. Captains. Brevet Captain Henry F Clarke, of Penn sylvania. first lieutenant 8th September, 1847, second a tillery. Brevet ed for gallantry in action; distiogui-hed in battled of Monterey. Churucusco, Miino del Hey, and Caepulte fec. First commissioned. lt>43. Captain Franklin liardner. of Iowa; first lieutenant 13tL September. 1847. seventh lnf*ntr>. iwice brevetted f*r gallantry in action, &i*>ingubhed in battles ot Monterey, Cerro Qordo. and Chepultepec First commis sioned. 1-M3 Brevet Captain Jame: G. S. Scelling. of Ohio, first lieutenant 22d January, 1849. eighth infantry, i>revetied for gallantry in action, distinguished in battle* of Contreras Churut'usco. and Moiino del Bey, (where he Was wounded ) First commissioned, 1^4.1 Brevet Captain Barnard B Bee, of Socth Carolina; firat lieutenar.t 5th March 1851, third iniantry. Twice brevetted for gallantry hi ac'kn. distinguished in battled of Cerro (iordo where he was wounded; and Chepul tepec First commia^njd, 1845. iirst Lieutenant John C. Symes. of Ohio; fir*: lieu en?Uls. July, 1*53, ordinance. First eomriiissioned,*l?47. Matthew S. Pitcher, of New l'orif, captain Juth infantry; promoted mcjor 11th infantry served in war with Mexico N Seymour Webb, of Connecticut, captain xinth infantry; brevetted captain tor gallantry in battle of Chepu.tepeo Albert Tra?iy of Maine first lieutenant and captain ninth infantry; brevetted captain for gallantry in battle of Chepultepec Je*oe A <iove, of New Hampshire, first lieutenant ninth infantry, served in war with fllexico ? Jame.'P barker, of Deieware, served in Tiorida war hirst Lteutevants. Second Lieutenant Joseph T Tidball, of Ohio; 9* oiid lieutenant 31st March, 1&50. sixth infantry, active service on Indian frontier First c??mmiafioned. 184V Saeood LieuteLant Alfred Cumming, of Georgia, second lieutenant lrt:h July, 1850. seventh infantry; active service on Indian fnn tier First e< miuiaeioned. 1M9. Second Lieutenant Cuvier Ureter. of M;*ine, ?econd lieu.enant 16th September, 1650,fjurth artillery; active service and frontier explora. tions. first commissioned, 1650. Sec nd Lieutenant Louie 11. Marshall, of II '.viand, second lieutenant 5th Martb, 1851. third lalantry; acuve service on Indian fron tier First commissioned, Is4tf Second Lieutenant Henry E Maynadier, of tbe - rict ot Columbia, second lieutenant Ifrth Fetruary, 1652, first artillery, active on Indian frontier Fust commissioned 1652. Henry i> hilly, of Louisiana , second and first lieutenant J4 h infantry in war with Jfexic-< Jam** Findlay Harrison, of "bio; first lieu tenant ind quartermaster of volunteers in war with Mexico. William Clinton, of Pennsylvania, second lieuteLant volunteers in war with Mexico. John MeNab. of Vermont; sergeant major secend intantry frem 1840 to 1842; sergeant a^jor intantrj in war with Mexioo. pro Dudley, of Ma^sachusettj Second Lieutenants Second Lieutenan Pater T Swaine, of New lork; second lieutenant 31at December. 1652 irst iniantry Active service on Indian fron 4er F irst commissioned, 1852 Seoond Lieutenant John H Forney, of Ala bama ; secoixl lieutenant 24th October, 1853, seventh infantry ^ervioeon Indian frontier Fi.-?i commissioned. 1852 Lieutenant Lyman N. Kellogg, of New iork, second lieutanont 28th February, 1654, second infantry. Active service on In froniier First oommissioned. 1852 Seecnd Lieutenant Lawrence A. Williams, c: tho Lisiriet of Columbia ; sacond lieutenant 221 Jane, 1b54 fourth infantry Serrioa oq, Indian tnntier First commissioned, 1852 Second Lieutenant Jaouee Deehler, of Ala bama Mf. nd lieutenant l?t July. 1854 ttoird artilie > Service on Indian irontter. Flrft #viami-sioued 1854 W. H. Ros?ell, of New Jer?ey. Alexander Murray of Pennsylvania. Maloolm H Nioholls, of Louisiana. William Kearny, of Xiaaonri. Curtis Dunham, of Kansas. 5INTH RRGIMB>T OP IHTA9TKT.?BIfLBNBK. Captains Brevet Major Pinkcey Lugenboil, of Ohio; first lieutenant 29th June, lbifi, fifth infantry. Twice brevetted for gallantry in action; dis tinguisbed in the battles of Contreras and Churubusco. (where he was wounded,) Mo lino del Key. and Chepultepec. First com missioned, 1840. Brevet Captain Frederick T. Dent, of Mis souri; first lieutenant 11th February, 1847, fifth infantry. Twice breveted for gallantry iu aotioi^, distinguished in the battles of Con treras, Churubusco, and Molino del Key, where he was wounded. First commissioned, 1843 First Lieutenant Francis E Patterson, of Pennsylvania; firs: lieutenant 29th Octobor. 1848, first artillery. Private in McCullooh's c inpany of Texas Rangers from May 1 to July 31. 1847. Appoiuted second lieutenant first artillery 24th June. 1847. Brevet Captair George E. Pickett, of Illi nois ; first lieutenant 28th June, 1849, eighth infantry Twice breveted for gallantry in action; distinguished in the battles of Con treros, Churubusco, Molino del Bey, and Che pultepec First commissioned, 1846. First Lieutenant Charles S. Winder, of Maryland ; first lieutenant 5th April, 1854, third artillery. Soldierly conduct on the wreck of the steamer baa Francisco. Now on frontier servioe. First oommissioncd, 1850 Dickinson Woodruff of New Jersey; lieu tenant colonel of the New Jersey battalion in the war with Mexioo Francis L. Bowman, of Pennsylvania; ma jor cf Pennsylvania volunteers; distinguished in the action of La Vega in the war with Mexioo. Presley N. Guthrie, of Ohio ; captain 11th intantry; brevetted major for gallantry at Coutre-as and Churubusco, and distinguished and wouDded at Molino del Iley James J Archer, of Maryland; captain of vcltigeur?; brevetted major for gallantry in the battle of Chepultepeo. Crawford Fletcher, of Arkansas; first lieu tenant of volunteers in the battle of Monte rey; distinguished in the battle of Buena Vista. First Lieutenants. Sscond Lieutenant Henry M Black, of Penn svl/ania; second lieutenant 20th August, 1817. seventh in actry Active service on the In dua frontier. First commissioned, 1847. Second Lieutenant J*,bn M. Eraser, of Mis si.v-ippi; second lieutenant 30th Jutie. 1850, soc ind infautry. Active service on Indian fio-itier. First commissioned, 1849 Second Lieutenant Thomas E. English, of Pennsylvania, second lieutenmt 31st July, 18-0, fifth infantry. Active service on the In if?n frontier First commissioned, 1849. i-fc mi Lieutenant Alden Sargent, of Mis so ri; sec nd lieutenant 15th April, 1851, 6th in n:ry Active servioe on the Indian fron tier. FirBt commissioned. 1850 Second Lirulenant J. Van Noast, of New York; second lieutonant 22d August, 1853, thi'd aitillery. Soldierly oondnot on the wreck of the steamer San Francisco. Now ou frontier servioe Firs* commissioned, 1852, Lyman Biasell, of Connecticut, first lieuten act and captain ninth infantry in the war with Mexioo. A. T Palncer, of Maine; second lieutenant nimh infantry; brevetted first lieutenant for gal.antry atContreras and Churubuaoo, where he vas wounded Simuel K Harrison, of Texas; second lieu ten int of volunteers; distinguished at Buena Vi.ta Alexander P Ten Broeck. of New York; sergeant third infantry in the battles of Palo Al:>? and Besaea de la Palma; then second lieutenant tenth Infantry in tho war with Mexioo George W Carr, of Virginia; secend lieu tenant voltigcurs. Served in Mexioo. Second Lieutenants. -tsoond Lieutenant Charles R Woods, of Ohio; second lieu'enant 31st of July. 1852, 1st infiotry Active service on Indian frontier Fitft commissioned, 1852. S.c?nd Lieutenant Hugh B. Fleming, of Per usylvanit; s?eond lieutenant 9th June. 185.3 sixth infantry Active serrice on Indian frontier First commissioned, 1852. ?*?ond Lieutenant Henry Douglass, of New York; second lieutenant 31st December, 1853, eighth infantry. Service on ladian frontier. Fir?t commissioned, 1852 ?to^nd Lieutenant William Myers, of Penn sylvania. second lieutenant 27th March, 1854, f ur'h infantry Active service on Indian froi. ier. First commissioned. 1852 fc>5ond Lieutenant William A. Webb, of Maine, seeond lieutenant 31st December. 1854. fifth .niantry Active sorvice on Indian fron tier. First commissioned, 1853. Israel Miller, cf New York. Served in the wr.r with Mexico. Pr-ilip A Owen, of Alabama. E mund J Harvey, of Virginia. CarlesA Reynolds, of Maryland. Served in tfcs war with Mexico D?vid B. McKibbin, of Pennsylvania SBC05D RBQItfBNT OF < AVALRT Captain*. B.'?vet Major Earl Van Dorn. of Mississippi, first lieutenant 3d March, 1847, eeventh in tantry Twice brevetted for gallantry in ao tic c , distinguished in the battles of Monte rev, Corru Gordo. Contreras, Churubusco, Che puitopec, and city of Mexico, whsre he was wounded First commissioned. 1842. Brevet Captain Edmund K. Smith of Flori da; first lieutenant 9th March, 1851 seventh infantry. Twice brevetted for gallantry in action ; distinguished in battles of Palo Alto, Reraco de la Palma, Cerro Gordo, and Con treras First entnmitsioned. 1845 Brevet Captain James Oakes, of Pennsylva nia; first lieutenant 30th Jane. 1851, second dragoons Twice breveted for gallantry in acti n ; distinguished ai Medelin and battlea of Churubusco and Molino del Key ; wounded in conflict with Indians in Texas. First com mits) oned, 1846 Brevet Captain J N Palmer, of New York; first lieutenant 27th January, 1853, moun'ed rifle*. Twice breveted for gallantry in action; distinguished in battles of Controras, Churu tusco. and Chepaltepec, where ho was wound ed First commissioned 1S46. First Lieutenant George Stoneman, of New Yorx; first lieutenant 25th July, 1824, first drugoons Served in California campaigns during the war with Mexico, and since in ope rations against Indians, and in frontier explo ra'ions. First commissioned. 1846 Theodore O'Hara, of Kentuoky, captain quartermaster fur volunteers, and breveted major for gallantry in battles of Contreras and Churubusco Vim. R. Bradfute, of Tennessee; lieutenant in first Tennessee volunteers disbanded, oap tain third ienneuee volunteers, and served to the close of the war with Mexioo Charles E. Travis of Texas; captain of Texas volunteers now in tervice against In diana. Charles J Whiung. of California . lieuten ant of artillery in the Florida war. Albert G Brachett, of Indiana, first lieuten ant of volunteers in war with Mexico. First Lieutenants. ? haeond Lieutenant N. G Evans, of South Carolina; second lieutenant 30th September, 1849, second dragoons. Aotive service on In dian frontier tint commissioned 1848. Second Lieutenant Richard W.Johnson, of Kentucky; second lieutenant 10th June, 1850, first infantry. Aetive tervice on Indian fron tier. First commissioned 1849. Second Lieutenant Joseph H MeArthur, of Missouri; second lieutenant 12th August 1850, fifth inf >ntiy. Active service on Indian fron tier. First commissioned, 1849 Second Lieutenant Charles M. Field of Ken tacky; second lieutenant 30th June, 1841, se oond dragoons. Aotive service on Indian fron tier. First commissioned, 1849. Second Lieutenant Kenner Garrad. of Ohio; second lieutenant 31st October, 1853, first dragoo.,9 Aotive service on Indiau frontier. First commissioned, 1851. Alexander H Cross, of District of Columbia; nrtt lieutenant voltigeurs; distinguished at battle of Chcpnltepec William 11. Jonit'er, of Maryland; first lieu f'drigooni In war with Mexico. ''I1*? B Rojall, of Miuonri ; flr*t lieu tenant volunteers hi war with Mexico. William P Chambliss, of Tennessee; seeond lieutenant volunteers in war with Mexioo Robert NeJjoo Lagle, ?f iexa* Served ia the war with Mexioo, first in foot tad a for wards 1b mounted vol an tears Stcov/i Lieutenants. Second Lieutenant J?tm T. Shaaf, of the Duiriol.of Colombia; second lieutenant 9th June, 1853, aix'h infantry. Active service on Indian frontier First commissioned, 1851. reoond Lieutenant George B Cosby, of Ken tucky; second iiea'enant lfith September, mounted rHei Active service on Indian frontier; distinguished in combat with Indians in lexas. First com missioned. 1852 Second Lieutenant George B. Anderson, of tuV! CaroUn*; second lieutenant 21st Maroh, 1854, sccond dragoona. Active servioe on In dian frontier. 1?irst commissioned, 1852 Second Lieutenant N. B Sweitser, of Peon* sylvania; second lieutenant 25th July, 1854, first dra/oons. Servico on Indian frontier, 1863. Second Lieutenant William W. Lowe, of Iowa; seoood lieutenant 22d October, 1854, first dragoons. Service on Indian frontier. First commissioned, 1852. # Edwin R. Merrifield, of Michigan. Served in war with Mexico. George llartwell. of Wisconsin. Joseph Minter. of Washington Territory. Explorations in Texas and Oregon. Charles N. Phifer, of Mississippi. Hubert C, Wood, jr., of Louisiana. FIRST RBOIXRRT 0T CAVALRY. Captains. Brevet Major Robert 8 Garnett, of Virginia; oapt.iin 9th March, 1851, seventh infantrj. Twics brevetted for gallantry in aotion; dis tinguished in battles of Pale Alto and Eeaaca de la Palma, Monterey, and Baena Vista. First commissioned, 1841. P>revet First Lieutenant Delos B. Saokett, of New York; first lieutenant 27th December, 1848, first dragoons Brevetted for gallantry i n bat ties of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma. First commissioned, 1845. Brevet First Lieutenant Thomas J. Wood, of Kentucky; first lieutenant 30th June, 1851, second dragoons. Brevetted for gallaetry in action; distinguished in battles of Palo Alto, Kesaca d^j la Palma, and Buena Vista. First e '.minipsionod, 1845. Brevet Captain Geo B. McClelland, of Peni. sj lv;inia; first lieutenant July 1, 1853, engi neers. Twice brevetted for gallantry in ac ti n, distinguished in battles of Contreras, Ohurubusco, Molino del Rey, and Chepultepec. First commissioned, 1746. Fust Lieutenant Samuel G. 6turgia> of Pennsylvania; firat lieutenant 15th July, 18o3, first dragoona. Served in war with Mexico; distinguished in oambat with Indians in New Mexico. First commiapifaed, 1846. W. 1> l>e Saussure. of South Carolina; cap tain Falmotto regiment; wounded in battle at Churubusc >; distinguished in battle at Belen gai* William D Wilkins, of Michigan, first lieu tenant fifteenth infantry; brevetted first lieu icp.n.t for gallantry in several affairs with gu :ull.i8 in Mexico William B Reynolds, of Illinois; second lieu t nant volunteers : afterwards second lieu tenant sixteenth infantry in war with Mexico. Ccjrge T. Adderson, of Georgia; second lieu'on <nt Georgia mounted volunteers in war with Mexioo. John T. Coffee, of Maine Jr'irst Lieutenants. Second Lieutenant William N R Beall, of Arkansas , second lieutenant 30th April, 1849. fi.f .'i infantry. Active servioe on Indian fron tier. First commissioned, 1848. Second Lieutenant Goorge 11. Stewart, of Maryland; second lieutenant 11th November, t"' s*c?Qd dragoons. Active service on In iiun frontier First commisiioned, 1848. i e*ond Lieutenant James Meln'osh, of Fionas; second lieutenant 15th May, 1351, s:gath infantry. Service on Indian frontier 1 trs: commissioned, 1849. becoud Lieuten mt Eugene A. Carr, of New 1 > k; second lieutenant 30th June. 1851, .ucu..fod rifles Active servioe on Indian fron ?ler; di-tinguished in combat with Indians in iexas. First commissioned, 1851. Second Lieutenant David Bell, of Iowa f"c,ni lieutenant 9th October, 1852. second .r ig-ions. Active service on Indian frostier; in^-iiobed in combat with Indians in New Mexico. First commissioned. 1851. Jobn M. Perkins, of Alabama; in Texas rangers at battio of Bueoa Vista; afterwards ti>: lieutenant thirteenth infantry in war with Mex:co. LdwardJ. Duinmit. of Florida; first lieu tenant thirteenth infantry in the war with Me i co. Alfred J. Iverson. jr., of Georgia; second lieutenant mounted volunteers in the war with Mexico. II"rry Love, of California; service agaiust Induns. Frank Wheaton, of Rhode Island; frontier exjdorations. Second Lieutenants. Second Lieutenant David S. Stanley, of Obi.; focond lieutenant 6th September, 1853 second dragoons Served on Indian frontier' rirst commissioned, 1852. Second lieutenant Philip Stookton, of New Jer-ey; second lieutenant 11th October, 1853 e-ghth infantry Served on Indian frontier' 1 i'?t commissioned, 1852. Second Lieutenant Thomxs Ilight, of Indi an s second lieutenant May 24. 1854, second dragoons. Served on indian frontier. First commissioned, 1853. Second Lieutenant AUston of Sonth Caroli. n?; twund lieutenant 22d (October, 1854 first jfragooaa. Served on Indian frontier First commissioned, Ib53 Seond Lieutenant James E. B. Stuart ol * irgiuia, second lieutenant 31 at October, 1854 u-ottirad rifles Service on Indian frontier' ti ft commissioned. 1854. Peter Parkinson, jr., of Wisconsin. ? in. w Kirkland, of North Carolina. Lugene Crittenden, of Kentucky. ^ 81 A B. Jones, of low i. mi11;a* of^Jlod? Island, late non-oom mi ?ioned officer of dragoons. Neutral Right*.?If there is any point in the whole range of our relations with foreign Governments concerning which wo feel sensi live, it is with reference to our rights as neu trala. In the infancy of our Government, in our drat alliance with Franoe, the United States insisted on the principle that free ships should make free go< d?. The intellects of Jefferson and Madison placed this right be yond doubt Roaisting ita infringement, we declared war against Great Britain in 1812. Our, tonnage ia now erjual to that of our oo n. mercial rival. Last year, the latter, impelled by her necessities as involved in the war with Russia, asaented to the correetneas of this great principle, stipulating, however, that she gavo her assent to it but for the time being. It remains fer this Government to take due eare that she shall never fly from the positious she ha* aaacmed for her temporary oonvenienoe; and we doubt not that it (the United States Government) will succeed in incorporating in interuational law, as acknowledged by all the powers of the world, this groat Amerioan prin eiplo?for such it is beyond all question. The Bounty Land Law ?The suooess of the present heads of the different bureaus of the Executive Departments in systematiiing their respective offices and bringing up the baok work, had the effeet of ruining tha business of four fif ths of those formely finding full em ployment at this point in prosecuting claims and ssttling the aooounts of persons at a dis tance. Indeed, for a the claims agency business, in connection with the Departments In th's city, has had little more than a nomi nal existence. The law of the last session granting baunty land to somo 300,000 indi viduals has, however, suddenly revived the business, as may bo seen by the agenta' ad vertisements in the newspapers It ia thought by those who understand the matter fully, that they (the agents) will net more than half a mlU lion of dollars in fees, for their services in preparing papers, Ac., to be presented under thf? law Of this large sum at leasi half will go into the pockets of our felluw citisan* en gaged is this busioega., mo#t whom are ia all respects worthy of the good fortune to re. calt to them from the enactment of this new bounty land lit, California ..and Titles ?In issuing pateatl for land* is California, wbioh m*j have been la dispute between the Government and other parties, the role adopted bj theG-neral Land Office in this city, under the r<quiremer.ts of the law, is to refuse to issue a patrnt until tie courts shall have finally disposed of the ques tions in iesue. Thus, when A gains a dispu'ed ? tract of land before the Board for the adj uli oation of land olaims, he cannot get his patent until that deoision has been acted upen,' first by the United States District Court for Cali fornia. and then oonfirmed by the Supreme Court of the Unfted?States, in case the ousted or defeated party sees prot?er to appeal. In ease of a dispute between individuals as to conflicting or over-lapping boundary lines of tracts which have been confirmed to them, re speotively, by the eourts, the General Land Office can only be interdioted from issuing a patent by filing an injunction to restrain the Commissioner from eo doing, under the pro visions of the act of 1851. The Hon John Y- Mason.?All the friends of this gentleman will be glad to hear that his healih is so rapidly recovering as to lead him to hope that he will eventually, and not long henoe, be able to resume the full dis charge of the funotiocs of American Minister at Paris. Such is the tenor o( letters te his immediate friends in this city. He does net, at present, eontemplate returning to the United States, being inspirited by the hope to wbioh we refer above The Construction of the Extension of the Treasury Department ?We observed thii morning Government engineers and their ss sistanta engaged in the work of 1 ?.vir.? off the ground to commence the eor.a'r. ?'tinn of ibe extension of the Tretsury J) p nniet t So the work on it is soon ?o l-e c-jiui- e?c<d. Applications for Bounty Lands ?About 1,800 claims for bounty lands under the aet ol the last session, were received at the Pension Office yeskerday The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 19th March, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department ? For the redemption of stock $30,346 21 For the Customs 15 347 OC For oorering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 2,410 OC For the Navy Department 205 909 71 PKBMONAL. .... Fanny Smith Bullitt, wife of A. C. Bul litt, of the New Orleans Picayune, died on the 11th instant. .... The Lexington (Ky.) Observer sayi that the Know Nothings have made the follow ing nominations in that State : W. V. Loring Whig, for Governor; James G Hardy, Dsm for Lieut Governor, Jas. Harlan, White, foi Attorney General; Andrew McKinley, Dem , for Register; Thomas S. Page, Whig, for Au ditor; Richard Wintersmitb, Whig, for Treas urer; John D. Matthews, Democrat, for Super intendent of Public Instruction, and Dr. D. R Haggard, Whig, for President of the Board oi Internal Improvement* ....John M Patton, the Know Nothing nominee for attorney general of Virginia, ii said to be in the enjoyment of a practice worth about $25,000 per year. It is to be hoped thi people will not call on him to serve the 8tat< at a much legs compensation. '? How are yot to-day, Mr. Patton?" .... It is announced that the king of Portu gal, Don Pedro V. has determined to pay i visit to Paris this year to see the great exhi bition. .... Hon. Charles Brown, collector of th< port of Philadelphia, is stopping at Willard'i Hotel. ....Judge Blackford, of Indiana, one o newly appointed Claims Court, has arrived ii Washington. LATER F&OM AUSTRALIA The Mining Districts in a state of Revolu tion?A Pitched Battle Fought?Twelve Men Killed In the California Plaoer Times, received a New York yesterday morning by the Northen Light, we have eighteen days later news I appears that affairs in Australia were tendinj towards revolution. IMPORTANT KBWS PROM AUSTRALIA. By the arrival of the schooner Heloise, Capt Dyer, in fifty three days from Newcastle, Nen South Wales, Sydney papers are received t< the 20th of Deoember. A serious outbreak had oocurred a* Call a rat. of which we have only room to give th< leading particulars Commisiioners Rede and Johnson have be?r imprudent enough to approach the miners and demand their license* with drawn sworda and fixed bayonets, backed by a large force of po lice. This aroused the vengeaaoe of the lat ter,-who mustered in great numbers on tb< 30th of November, when a skirmish ensued and agsin on the 9th of December, when at ii regular buttle was fought. Seven hundrec sol tiers and one hundred and fifty mounted troopers proceeded to the Eureka osmp, anc fired on the insurgents; about twelve wen killed and several wounded The exaotnum ber could not be ascertained. Two soldieis were killed on the spot, severe wounded, four or five of whom subsequently died It also rumored that fifteen mount ed troupers had been shot from tbe bush. I reward of ?500 is offered for the body of on< the ringleaders, dead or alive. The minen hate resolved to pay no more licenses, anc overy thing leads to the supposition that thi mining districts arc in an absolute state o revolution. The Illustrious Goner. ? Tbe New York Evening Post says a publish ing bouse in New York is about to issue a Lif< oi the late William Poole, Esq., former!] known as Bill Poole, a pugilist and butoher The Cleveland Herald jestingly announces th< following farther honors intended for the de oeased: ' The oitizens of New York contemplate thi erection of a oolossal statue in Union sq iari in honor of Bill Poole; and in consideration o: the great pecuniary embarrassment, both o the city and citizens, it is proposed to suspeac the workings upon the statue of Washington and deter its proposed erection in the Par) till a more convenient season. 1 The design has not as yet been determined on. A distinguished artist is now employed on a painting, representing Bill Poole ss be ing transported, Psyohe-like, by the Zephyrs to tbe abodes of the blessed. The paintini will be plaoed in the City Hall, near the like! ness of De Witt Clinton " Census op Kansas.?We have received the complete offieial returns of the Territory, iron which it appears that the aggregate numbei of voters was 3,036. The Territory is divided into seventeen districts, and the largest num ber of voters in anyone district is 797; thi lowest number 24. Who ean say what the re turns for next year will be? ^"The senatorial convention of Californis has adjourned without electing a United Statei Senator, so that the choice must devolve on s a new legislature, and the seat is vacant until another year. IdF* ihe moDsstcries have been suppress* la ttsrdinis GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Sabimik School ExkibitWH?Arrival of tlit Columbia, \e. Gboksbtowx, March, 90, IMi Tha exhibition of tbe Methodist Prtfl^ tit Sabbath School me# rff j ex tenia j evening Tha audiaooa, oonii9tirg of a large number of ladies and gentlemen, were highly pleased In addition to the exercises, thete was some very fine singing bj fonr gentlemen who vol unteered for the occasion Tha report of the oondition oi the school was also read, wbieh showed it to be in a very flourishing state. Messrs T A Newman and J T Bangseapa:* intended the exhibition Tbe steamar Colambia. Capt Harper, from Baltimore, heavilj freighted with goods for 0'ir merchants, reached tha wharf of Me?rs. Hyde A Davidson this morning for the flrst time this season. Sties yesterday of soma 600 to 1,000 barrels of flonr, at $9 for standard brands, and $9 25 for extra Market this morning less firm No change in grain. Spectator. Russian Squadron ik t*x Pacific ?Ra ports from Ratavia, Deo. 28th, sUte that a Russian squadron, consisting of a steamer,^wo frigates and two smaller veeeels was cruising off that port. Two vessels from England ware overdaa, and it was fenrad they had been captured. ft is be pun before THC vi I ATTENTION, WASHINGTON BLUES ? I There will be a meeting of the corps on TO | MORROW (Wednesday) EVENING, at 7 .o'clock, at the armory of the Company. ft is earnestly requested thai every member will he punctual as business of importance trill he laid before th< meeting J. J. MULLOY. Lt. Commanding. THOS. BRIGGS, O S. mar 20-9t "WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS, ATTfcN |TION.? You are hereby requested to attend meetinf of the Company at tt^c Hall next ;THURSDAY EVENING, the 23d instant, at o'clock. It u desirable that every member of the Company should be there, as business of importance will be laid before tbem. My order of J NO. REESE, Captain. WM. FORSYTH, Secretary. inar20-3t ~ ,SOIREE DANSANTE?PROF. 11 W MUNDER respectfully announces to the lovers oftripping the light fantastic toe/' that his fnth Soiree will take place on WEDNESDAY" EVENING, Msrch91st, 1855. All those who have once attended Prof. Muuder's Soirees, will not fail to call again. A large company and bright times are anticipated. mar 20 -'it ^NOTICE.?THESUBSCRIBERS to ihe New Building Association are requested 10 meet at Temperance Mall, E street, on TUES DAY EVENING, the 20th inst., at 7^ o'clock, 'or the purpose of organizing the Association. Person** wishing to subscribe for stock, in tbe meantime, are informed that book* of subscription are still open at T. M. Hansom's Office, No. 519 Seventh street, and E C. Dyer's Store, No. 356 Pn. avenue. mar 14 eo3t ET ROPOL ITAN~ MlEC HANK'S' IN stitute.?The regular monthly meeting of tbe Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Rooms, ov?r G & T. Parker's Store, on WEDNESDAY EVE .MSG, the 21?t inst, at 7^4 o'clock. Business ot" importance re'atint to the late exhlhi tion requires the attendance of all tha members. N. B ?Depositors having goo-'* in the Exhibition room, will please call and t*ke them away immedi ately, or they will have tu lie removed to some other place, and so liable to heimslaid. By order: P. M PEARSON, Rec. Sec. mar D< -2t (Intel) /MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE. The reg ular semi-monthly nieetine will h? held at the Exchange Rooms, over the Star Buildings, cor ner of lltli street, on TUESDAY EVENING, 20th instant. Aii election will take place for an Assistant Se cretary and Bookkeeper. As this is th*: most im portant office within the gift of the Association, it is v ry important there sh<>ulpbe a punctual attend ance. S. BACON, Piesident. JNO. F. ELLIS, Sec. mar 19?2t \CARD.?The attention of the public is re spectfully called to the sale of elegant Fnrni ture and Honsehold Effects, at the residence of his Excellency J M. Tirado, Peruvian Minister, corner of Pennsylvania avenue aid 23d street, for particu lars of which reference is made to the advertisement in another column. Special attention is called to the Carnage Horpes which are believed to be superior to any over offen d for sale in this city. Th? VV lies are very choice, and con prise the fol lowing: Champagne, Bordeaux, Lagrange. Bucel las. Hheno, Chateau Laflttc,6auteri e, Chateau Mar*, Lavradio Madeira, Porto 1890, ahd Amontel ladoSherTy. J AS. C. McGUIRE. mar 20?3t Auctioneer. OLD CHAIRS MENDED. MRS. WILLS, at No. 308 G street, the second door from Thirteenth, thankfol to those thai have assisted her in tbe endeavors she is making to support herself and family, givus notice that she is ready to ra^nd all Old Chairs that may be brought to hei. She will di tbe work with promptness and fidelity. mar 20?Jt SPRING BONNETS AND RIBBONS. I have just? peneda fine and cheai Jlot of the above goods, which I wish to call the attei.tion of the ladies. A. TATE mnr 20-3t Vo. 314 Pcnna. avenue. I/XIO. * l>n. P McFARLAS, DENTIST, Office?No. 332 Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, Washington, D. C. mar 20? en2in DISSOLUTION OF CO PARTlf KR8HIP III THE FIRST WAKD. 1*IIE partnership heretofore existing t>etween the subacribers, has this day exp red by limitation All persons indebted to the late firm ars hereby re quested to call and settle with T. W. Johnso.n, who is authorized to close the business. THOMAS W.JOHNSON, george j. Johnson. TI1E SUBSCRIBER takes tlie present occas'on to return his thanks to his friends, who have heretofore dealt with him, and would say that he wi!l open up during the present month, a choice and well selected stock of regular Dry Goods in the new store, nsar corner 20:h st and Pennsylvania avenue, south side. THOMAS W. JOHNSON, mar -.20?It* ELDORADO HOUSE, Pa a venue, between Third and 1J^ itrects, Washington, d. c. CLEnEMT Kl YNOLDI. (Late of Willard*' Hotel,) RESPEl.TFULLY returns thanks 10 his friends and ihe public for their exceedingly liberal pa tronage since the opening of bis house, and he bees to a>sure them that they will alwava be equally pleased in future Since his opening his large patronage has induced hun to fit up two large rooms, in a handsome style where he is enabled to furnish DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES, for from two to fifty peisons, in an uneurpasscd style as to quality, as well as excellence. mar 20?eolui GRiHD PIREMBB'S AHD CIVIC BALL TO BB GIVEN BY THS Colombia Fire Company Ko.l AT JACKSON HALL, EASTER MONDAY NIGHT, April 9th, 1853. TVHF. members of the Company pledge themselves that nothing will be left undone to make it one or the best balls of the season. Professor Louis Weber's celebrated Cotillon band has been engaged for the occasion Firemen are requested to appear in uniform No hats or caps will be allowed in the hall excent those worn by firemen. p Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting one gentle man and ladies ; to be had at the principal hotels and at the door on the evening of the ball. ' EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Thoa. Young, Ja? Lowe, Thos. Dwyer, Jas Martin, Isaac Beera. , . Reception Committee. Jae Martin, Jas Coleman, G F Smallwood, F H fi?e"*' ! ?UrfV' R "arnson, K H Sage, AMeDermott, M Marceron, t> ? c Robinson, Joe Marceron, P J Enma, DWJarboe. mar 20,23,27,29,31,Apr2.3,4,5,6,7,k9 OLD SOLDIERS, SAILORS, AND C.Ml MARINES AN have their papers prepared, and Warranta obtained, under the late Bounty Land Act of M?rch 3, 1855, by calling at the banking house of HAMILTON G FANT, No. 432 Pennsylvania Avenue. 0&? N. B. The highest price paid for Land War rants. mar 17?4t RICilARUaOA'a L1AO.A ? ~ I have just received a full supply of Richard 's soft finish Linens, in every variety. N. York Mills and other superior Shirting. Mucins. Extra heavy T?ble and double Damask Diaper*. Foil stock i f Housekeeping and Family DRY GOODS, of the bes and moi-t desirable Fabrics, with a Inl! tock of Mourning Goods, fee. Also. HOOTS and SHOES of tlie best maker* at luueal pi ice*. J. VV UARNJ5CLO *?- JI83 Seventh, betw H and I ?t?, Mtr l^-fo6t Amusements. PEOPLE'S TH I A TBI. (LATE VARIETIES 1 I nm Mr IiW Aotiag 4 Htf* Kuafrr ?J at Vrnir r. ie>* of sduai >ioa?Orcbe>t.s riiatrs 50 ets., r?r qurttr .17 , ???it* ; Regular 1 ichct 95 cents ; Pri vite B? * and fS. TIIIKM \ u r OF Mf.c M. WALCOT. THIS (TChSJAY) EVENING, March ?h. Will be prv*em>d (by dfurr) lb* rowdy af the . aJCMIOLS FAMILY. Capt Murphy Magu rr Mr Walcot Am nadab 8l?k.. John Weaver W rttew Ddatnt Mm C To ooarlude with the laughable farce of RAISING THE WIID. J r my Diddlcr Mr. Walcoi g*m .Mr. Norton P- tZY Miss J. Traoa a.a 30?It ? GREAT SUCCESS! . ANOTHER GIFT ENTERTAINMENT AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, Marrh 90tfc, I860. TH3KAS ft 00 'I DISSOLVING VIEWS. Oa which occa-ioa every indmdual the k*U will receive a box containing of the follow int articles 1 SPLENDID GOLD WATCH, valued at #X, 3 pair beautiful Gold Ear Rings, . I magnificent Mosaic Bracelet, a handsome Gold R fW Piw, 3 Gold I.ock If, different siaes, ? 1 splendid Gold P. n and Pencil, 3 hantlMinr Gold Pencils f. Gold finger King*. ?21 Silver Thimble*, 3 Silver Shield#, I I fine Pen Knives, 24 C rnelian Finger King*, 718 Articlea of I'ertuincry, Fronch Articles, Fancy G to.1*, lie., amounting in value to ? 195 til Tbketsoaljr TWENTY FIVE cents < ommence at 8 o'clock. mar 'JO It OP D FELLO WS1 HA LL, NA VY YARD. At the solicitation of numerous friend*. Mr ROBBftT H E L LE ft, . wiM five ONE More of hta fPLUDID GIFT A WD MAGICAL ENTERTAINMINT8, On Wcrtne*d?y Kvtnlif, Marrh 91. Ticket* only FIFTY Cents. mar 19 "NATIONAL THEATRE. Increasing popularity <4 ibe Splendid Circus Company. OF H1BR8 A IADIOAV, The be-t Equestrian Company in Aaerica. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE Ex cry WKDKKSDA Y and SATURDAY* KYICRY KVRRISO. Giard change of EQUESTRIAN NOVELTIES, In which appear- M'lle Rn?a, Mr. Thoc king. Mont Lc Ruen, A. Aymer, W Odell, Master* Madi gan, and Charles Mr. II. P Madigan, William Foster. and the THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jim Myers, Carlo, and Sam Long. WANTED?FIFTY LITTLE CHILDREN lor the Fairy Pantomine of CINDERELLA. Thote accustomed to Dancing ail be preferred. RKDITTIOH or PIICII. Private Boxes, $4; l?rew Circle and rarquctte, Sntl?men with ladies. 25 cent*; Single gentlemen, S cents; Family Circle, 20 rents; Colored Gallery 95 ca*k. mar f> CAHUSrS SALOON, THURSDAY KVKNINO March 94. MB. ROBICRT HKLLKH has the pica . sure of announcing to his friend* and the ciu gen* of the District that, at the solicitation of the former, he has determined upon giving ONE MORE SOIREE here previous to carr>ing out hi* plant with a view to a permanent residence in thisci'v?the S?ir?e to be given next THURSDAY EVENING, at CARU Sl 'S SAL' H)N. and to consist of his performance on the PIANO F??RTE, and SECOND-SIGHT, ar.d MECHANICAL ILLUSION, he being assisted in the musical part oi bis entertainment by some of h-s friends. Further particulars hereafter. mar 19? 3t CHILDRKR'1 flOOI*S received and for *? LAM MONO'S, Tib st. 1 mar 19-3t TAKK ROT1CB. NKVT SPRING AND SUMMER GO( DS. PW. BROWNING, Menhant Tailor, under . the Un:ted States Hotel, has just r?ceive<? a I irge supply of Spring and Summer Go?ds. and is | noxv prepared to offer great bargains to ail in want of gi>od and fasbionnblc clothing. Hit " Ready mailt Clothing " will be sold at the following low I prices : Wli< le suits, Coat, Pantaloon*, and Vent, of thin cloth or-cassimere, f<?r $19. Fine Black Frock and Drew Coats, from flO to 415. tiood Business Coats for |7. Black and Fancy Pants. Irom to $7. Marseilles "ml Silk Vests, from $2 to $5. He keep* always on hand a large aaaortment of fancy aiticles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, Um brellas, fcc. ?'Sole Agent for the bale of Scott's Fashions." m:ir 19?tj. Black brac kleti at low P.^es, at LAMMoND'S, 7th tt. mar 19?3t |OOn BARRKLS TAR 6UU 100 barrels ROSIN Daily expected per schooner '*Providenee," and | for pale by FOWLE k CO., mar 19? lw Alexandria, Va. VMlTICE TO FLUTI8TS EISENBRANDT'S IN superior Premium Diatonic Flute* and tla i??u ettes will be on exhibition and for sale for a lew days at 11ILBUS k HITZ'S Music Depot. mar 19 VfOTE LOST.?On the 15ih inst., between XI the office of Hamilton G Fant, Esq , and the auction store of J. C. Maguire, a note drawn hx J. Johnson Smith, iu favor of and endorsed bvJ. D. Brown, dated Oct. 4, 1854, at 30 day-, for flbO. Supposed to have been dropped ?wit of the protest in which it was enveloped. The finder will oblige by leaving it with the book keeper of the Washington City Saving* Bank, mar 19?3t* L. JOHNSON. NO MORE SMOKING. DAVIS A LOWE, Bricklayers and Builders, have obtained a patent for building chimney* that will not smoke. at a saving of 30 per cent, in material, and they have h ought their plaa to that perfection that all persons troubled with imoky rhimncys can have them cured or no p*y. All kinds of brickwork contracted for upon the moat liberal termx. Residence 375 Ninth atreet, be.ween G and New York Avenue. mar 19?3l* flMIE MIND OF JESUS, by the author of the X Words of Jetus?price 40 -ents By the Muue author. The Pootttrpe of St. Paul ? 12m . , ?1 What nobler model could be s< lected lor youthful iiiiimLv-what hiatorv mere r?-(?lete with stirnng in | tcrest. and noble spiritual le**on? than the life nf ' the "Scholar of Gamaliel?" It ba< been truthftilly *atd that 4,no romance has ever been written to m | teresUag a> the Acts of the Apostles." Morning and Night Watches, 16mo, 60 cents Family Pray ere. 16mo. 75 cents Tin- Words of Jesus, 16mo, 40 ccnu The Great Jourm y?a Pilgrimage, illustrated, 50c. 1 lie Minister'# Family, by the Rev. W. M. Hether ington Nolo and Discourses on the Gospel, by Bev. A. Carroll llarpt r'a Story Book No 4, Little Louvre The Cbrmt an's Companion, to the tick and afflicted Paul and Julia, by John Claudint Pitrat. For tale by GRAY A BALLANTYNE, mar 19?3t 49 ? Seventh at ? PREMIUM BOOTS. G ENTLEMEN are requested to call at my Store, Browns' Hotel, and examine the fine case of BOOTS that was awarded the hiohi st rasaira at the Metropolitan Mechaau?' Insutute. manulae tured by Godfrey A Co., Philadelphia. Please call early, as they will be returned in a few day*. I have a fine assortment of BOOTS on hand and for ?le frum the tame establishment, also, of C. Benkrrt's ami P Conrad't make, of Philadelphia, as well a* my own manufacture, computing the largest aad best selected stock of Boots thai has ever I* en in the market. JOHN MILLS. Fashionable Bootmaker, Browas' Hotel. mar 17? 3i [Int.. Union. Sent., and Organ 3l ) THE HONEY BEE. CALVERT'S FIRST PREMIUM COMMON SENSE BEE-HIVES, OR PALACE, may be ??-en in the National Gallery, Paiint Office buildinp. for a lew days only, together with his beautiful tpe clm< ns of Virgin Honey. Siate, County, and Fam ily Ittgliu may be pur. hssed Inquirs lor th# rat euU-c UF.ORGE 1'ALVF.HT KM

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