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Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Cncrrr Court?Importawt to Voters ? On Saturday. we gave, at son* length, a re gon of the Cbwh Court, on the petition of Gruen. prayiag that a rule might be issaed on William J. McCormick, the City Kefi?er, to show cause why a mandamus thJ'SiSSto inscrib* .re!ftor on the u* ,5Bt? certify the same te the commissioners of elec tions, that he may be entitled to Tote Mr Umen was naturalise* durirg last ZSfkA!?"*"9 -c,altn#d th* to kth t V UWM r*8L3t?d on the ground, in Unhidsuui" f a " clli"n of tie /.w , term r?*nired by the ' (X? 380 from which was in miffs? Tep?rt ?f Mr" Bradl?J'? n. *- A1.?* tim? ?nr PaP?rwas put to press os aiurday, (J 0 oloek,) the Com was in sae f?^ th? ?nbj<ct is of muoh interest, we mSEl JET* laft off> and conclude tho report, as follows: mnd Carlisle J 8 *<<ir???d tho Court? JTC*. reP'J to Mr. Carlisle, ?aid the gentleman had asked to be pointed to SUSS^St* V th? ,r?Rme?t of the Con ?tituUon, which drew a distinction between the native-born citizen and the natural]ied ?f .k*nfr Carlisle: "Kxcept the President of the nited States "] lie nfght point him wobintance* in constitutions ef vs bul * not k?r? for that put tbTtJJL. qU#v ?n waj 10 wbat manner, by the terms oi the compaot, contained in he written charter, the right of voting is rejju ??? k ? man ?f forHKn birth ie an alien until he is natura'ized. the subject of a nreign potentate, and owes allegiance to the Prince country he comer Would the li^KiY? ?l ia^ntion to b??*m? ? citixec, liable to bo abandoned at any moment. rende iSLlS?* J?1? the 1Ut cf voters, and T,i??rV h?e.rglil of?otIn? mt?]y on condi tion that, at the momen; of election, he shall put ithrough tke oeremony of naturalisation ? bach is not the meaning of the charter. There is no r a;ht to argue the question of citisen ship outside of the ohaner, and interpret an other, of a different signification, in its place. * w*f. intent of the act to confer the ris?ht of suffrage only on 'citiiens of the United btates , restricted to such persons as are pamed in the charier; and we, he siid. have M Cght by any rule of construction, to erase the wo.-Jl ' citiien," and substitute for it an other. of aiiT?rent signification He contended that the naturalized foreigner must have re elded in the city one year preceding the elec tion ; and be grammatically analysed tho con struction of the sentence ia iuv charter, rela tive to voting i&j quoted in the remarks ol Mr Bradley.) tajing that the word 44 who" referred to -'citizens cf the United States," and c.t to mere lesideats In conclusion, ?mong other things, ho s tid that the court had n* power to dircot the register to inser* th* name of this relator on the lister the assessors Under the charter and law this duty was con fided to others The right ol suffrage must be restricted to such citizens nf tU* Lfnit'U Statet as were returned on the books of the corporation during the year ending the 31st of .j*: ember, next preceding the day of election This is imperative There is no p->wer con ferred on this court to determine, either be fore or after election day. who shall or who shall not Tote. This is an authority conferred on the commissioners of elections, appointed in the manner prescribed by the charter, un der ruch penalties as that instrument impose? Mr. Carlisle wished to be heard on two points. He had not argued the first, because the officer of the corpora'Joa (Mr Lradley] representing the regi-ter, b? i eoncMed thai to be with the counsel for the relator; and. as to the other, the coujt had decide I that ca a former occasion The case was brought here to obtain an auihoriu.ive interpretation ol the charter. As we live in a law r.bidinfj community, when tho court ehail deoide the question, the people will be fof<rs?d by it There will be no resistance We should like to eee the judge of election, when the right ol this man to vole has bean decided, to tak* apen himself to deny it If tho ci;urt shall d* - ie the law, he was free to say, and in thij he believed he exprocsed the c\ is ion of al! our cititens, that t'.ey would take care th? law shall be faithfully exeeuted All m-;n an of one mind on that subject. No juJge o election wonld refscs to reccive tne vote phould the court decide the right to give it If the jedge should rsfu=e, he wou'd bo an swerah e to a jury of his country, and to th< iMt farthing of his property, lie wj>s mucl mistaken if a jury, in suoh a ca?e, would no lay it on unsparingly He thould desln nothing better than to expend his last breatl ? obtain a jast retribution. We have, h< laid, a right ta the expression of your honor'] opinion, if you cannot act directly. The counsel on the other side (Mr. Scott, said that ths idea ol oitiscn of Washingtoc abuse of terms, which he did not un derstand He (Mr Carlisle) suppose 1 thai everybody know, and nobody better than th? rtleman, the pri'juary meaning of citiien. taeans (ted here Mr Carlisle save tfce Latin. French, and Spanish derivation.) th? inhabitant of a city; and whenever it is in tended In tha char'er to extend to the politi cal distinction ef citisen of the U&i'ed otutej, it sajg so in as many words There seemed to t* some confasion of ideal on the part of the gentleman (Mr. fcjrott.) when he thought that while the eoart is irquiria^ into the ausstion of residence, which io a legal idea, it is to Le mixed up with an intention whethe; something else did not exist. Mr Bradley again aidre^*d tho Court, in ^"I-Wtafttai What he r^*torrl? lh,? ???? (vJruen) is not en o, *hJ? Tk** } thero is no power to alter the list, the jadgea or election will have a plain duty to perform. In tne discharge of that duty, he knew that they will bo fsir>is though they may be threaten d with law suit If suit shall be brought against any judge, he should wilangly and vulautarily cff?r himself as an advcceta to defetd Mm. [Applause somewhat timidly expressed, but which was immediately eilenced by the court ] , *r*n?nents kavijg been concluded, Judge Morsel! said: There is tome difficulty about immediately miking up our minds The subject will require some rcflrction. acd we should like to look into authorities, perta- s especially withrespaot to one point; therefore' we shall deliver *uropinion on Monday morn' ing, at ton o clock the usual hour of the meet ing ef the Coart I The Court then adjo jrtfcd. Monday MjrmimS ?As on Saturday, a verv large cumber of persons were in attendance at tb? court room Messrs. Bradley aod Car luie, (ine former of counsel on tue part of the regutor or Corporation cf Washington, and latter of ooun?el for the relator) w< re not pre MM, but, according to report, sunditg in the liM.?( 4'*>*ortign?" at tno Fourin Ward poll, awaiting their timo to vote JSP DanlwP'ia prenouuoirg the opinion Wet^T' regretted that, a? the que,tier, more m?Z ,Dten8t th?y ba l noth^d ""yhJi Sk^ d"th?e iabjeo: iJow^w" were now lai? 11 ,ver^ ca efully and tkoagk not i?wriun? "r lbo ?I?nioD. right JtTSSSr.10 ^'^idod i^, as to the day of December l^' ^d eitce the S 1st tS.r LaTir* &11 tbe ter It is in3i?> i " 'Cr* 7 th* city char requires a reaidaMa '* e;'!# ltxmt oharter claiming to vo> inaii'if JrtAr after l^? person raliaation pape^?atu fair ccns-ric* or nf ?i SI1,4* 0B l?? ,,r'cl charter of ikt-< ?^e fifth t-aciea oi the white male eit,,en #Ch,Wy!: <,J?,?rJ lawful age who I LoutHi SlAte?- oi city-fwLhin/r>n r l * raria<i *D ,he the Jay 0f eleoS^ De*t Pr?cedirK tbe Wirtin^'^'V" ^ r? i l?nt of ?l*e shall have bean ^ i' to TcU> the Corpora'ion fr, 8 oa ,be books of 31?dayofiSL?rJy ***** on the of elect.on. and wh<i 'X,*.pr#eeJlQX lh? legally aaeeasad aaJ # piiJ *!| Us<s" ?ken legally r-uafr^ .*0 property i? other'pW^?1!^ ^ 1^. *be and *ny election for kiamiL r?n"u?J to vote at It Is sopped to n ? tb* two " tho ecarier not oeU th't1*? ooa4lfo?-'?n of DaUr?l,wjS,e '1 S* "t* h?n reaid^l ? ? r.itora.V^^3' h*l,ha11 h^c for a year betoro the a lb? c'^ U ?o. U>. o?i .* ttmatt"?! " rd7IJr.^q?j? 1 to l"itT0l?t? after th. M A. ci' 7 of Wwhingt.-n for one year ceit preceding r&? d*T 0r -leatinn -* wbicTw^ hn? * eiM"w ?f the United wbich we have no authority to do Tke party frM Mr? T?? muet by th? obwt'r, be a the iKEf'sT^ ' a maJe- Md a citiaen of fta w- *?d ??* have attained the vfl* 7 ??f year,> and resided here one P^cofling the day of election, and ?Ljg "2/5 n?*lifl?d. There is no necessity for this restriction; it woald, in effect, be asking the court to add another year of probation. The law of the land requires a residence of five years. By affirming the construction sought u would require a residence of six yean in w^Iif0 ?rj?7 ,the fo11 PriTi,?e?? of a citiien Whether this is expedient or not it is for the legislature to determine. It Mens to me therefore, that the term ?? resident" does not relate to bis political chariote- as a eitiien of the United States, but his residence as a per r . *.* COvn8'ruction ?r th? charter is, that if tho pereon bo rubject to the school tax and u a resident, he has a right to vote. In F["iou,tr'Grnen' U for hini [hi J7S a '., a legal voUr- u appears that he has resided in the city of Washington one yew previous to the filing of his petition ?Vi\pi?"at C,a.88J and WM' M h* 9tate.?, en t.Ued to be enrolled on the school tax register, out that his name was not enrolled. The question is. first, whether the petitioner if entitled to enrollment. Although concedod by Mr. Bradley that the alien who was a res ident wts subject to be enrolled, yet, his col .e*5gue (.dr. Soott) arguod earnestly, and with much ingenuity, that that concewion ought not to hare been made That depends on the secoDd section of the oharter, which says: The said i/orporation shall have power to lay and collect a school tax on every free white m* e citiien of the age of twenty one yc.'?ig and upwards " it will be obsorred, in the first p4ace, that the terms in the 8<cond and nfih sections are different. in the fifth, to qualify a man to voto ho must be a i/ee white male citiien of th? United States, but, in tha scoond section, (which gives the Corporation power to lay and collect a sohocl tax ) he must be a free white male citi ien. omitting ? of the United States." It is supposed that the Legislature intended the language to be different, if not, it would have said ee A foreigner may be a citizen, an in Habitant, or a resident c-f a town. While so he has a duty to perform; he i? bound to obey the laws, and is entitled to protection. He any, without being n citixen of tho United states, be a citiaen of Washington, a dweller, ard an inhabitant?all these terras moaning tho same thing. Dryden so defines thorn. If a foreigner has a right to come to the city, and had resided hero, is there any reason why he should not bo subject to the burdens of the city. and contribute id its support ? It is ad mitted thai as to real and personal property, bo is subject to taxation. Hero, foreigners are to some extent qu??i eitixocs, without being ?iti?fns of the Unired States. In relation to the school tax: every cfci!d between fivo ard elite* s ycais of age, has a right cf admission into the publio schools, wnether a child of au alien or naturaiixed citizen He erpys the benefits of the schorl system, and for this reason he contributes a sohocl tax Wj are wairsutcd in this opinion not only by the laws of the corporation, but tho charter. I think it eiear, therefore, that the foreigner who resides in the City of *> ashiDg'cn is subject to the school tax; and as 'co petitioner pays ho was subject to the school tax on the Cl^t of December last, it was the duty of the as-efson to register his name. This they have failed to do. When tho case of C. S. WalUeh was last year be.ore the Court, it W9J hojj tfaal where the party was entitled to be registerd. but the assessors had omitted his name by neglect or lnadvertance or careles-nes#, the person thus enat.ed should not be deptived of his right to vote, on producing the proper proof to the commissioners of elections. But the question to coerce the city re tester, by mandamus to enter the nutre^.f the peti tioner coithewhool-tax lL't, involves matters cf c-naidarable importance. The law how ever is familiar to this court The Supreme Court, at ihe last term, decided it in two . Laman and Judge Minnesota ihe uoaot here is as to what effi-er if an v. can be operated upon, and controlled. The mandamus applied for i? to compol the ragister cf this city to enter tbe name of tbo applicant on the list Ia the^e of fVallach there was r.o mandamus issued; the opinion of the court was sought at the instance of hll partial the judges of election included. We tnmk now as we thought then, that the regis ter. Laving passed out of the hands of the as sessors. hy whom it was made, ij now in the hands of ibe commisEinners of elections. Those were the only parties who could he oontrolled; but this court could not operate upon them by a mandamus, the list now being in poiaegiioa of the commissioners of election. These matter are qua*i judges, and are sworn to de3iue the qualification of voters, according to their judgment and the law. Their dutie are not ministerial, thernfore the oourteannot control tnem by a mandamus; and the Su preme Court of the United States has laid down the prirciple tie the above we have merely givtn an ab stract or outline of the decision j Judge Morsell did not deem it nccetsary to cccupy much nmj; but if desired or wished for on this occasion, he ehoald certainly con cur in the views of nis brother jud.?e He felt ?atisced that the construction of the statute was suoh as he (Judge Dunlop) had thought proper to give it; and on those viats he^e ,ed The court has no jurisdiction to awaid the mandamus a manda uus undcr tho cir cumsunoes may irue. if it ?4n it \slald to en officer wuuse dudes aid ministerial and pas/ed w of the hLPds""ft^g^.Vr'(Sbl LlaCXS'1 ^ th,ref0" tbe ? wsiiits with the C-'mtoiscionera rf t.ons, io view of the above d?iS" to de ?' i f ;l deolic? to be their ? . u / Aw 'Qlt'for denying their rights to them after thu dee.dcu, with a surety that the revisory power mot,t count a I votes re jiOted under such oircumaiaioes ] ?kS,~A?Tf'' P#1L? -1Up <? th. time .1 which we go to preta, erery thing had been f?. ' 't> ?h"?0ni0?lJ ?t ?H th. poll! i? lb, r ? 'a U I n? 1 had bcon mani the t-l ^Wail6. tvV? undem"d ?hat in ,, 5 ?rd 8cm* tb?tJ five votes had been admitted of persons introduced to sleep a ular Ward* ^Oa T^V1^0" ia Par,!? Ihiniiii f"?n-i# uemanded that they should be sworn, which was not accorded by the know othirs judges. The nam ?. of all oi tnem aro k&owa. aail u? thev are whnllv wi'hout the least right to vote there, their volZ will undoubted^ be entirely lost to their aide, for toe return eiil be purged of their ALLMJil op TUB VVASHtSCTON SciltNARV The former pupil, ot the Washington Semi nary should not forget That, at 6 p. m. to-mor row, t~oy ere requested to meet within irs 6ooi old wal.s to organs* cn association of its studesti, all of wuoas, we are porsuaded, re mcin-sr the happy and so mefuily employed days uwy have ps? ed within it* portals Among i.a alumni are ma. y of our most dis , ?d public spi ited fellow citisens of the day, and wo trust that they and all others will bo tbaro to memoir inaugurate an occasion of annual ie uaion tj revive tho sjraiefal essvciatLons of thtir bojhood s days. FniLir BaaroH Kir, t'fq , Captain of Ihe Montgomery Guards, requests (18 appear* hy the Orga^ cf Saturday aftoinoon) that papsr to sta^ tht-ro is no truth In the lata ru mor tha. Uie company had rccoived orders to turn coi. on oleotion day." We havo al ready oontradicied this " woak invention of the enemy,' but not on tbe authority of the gallant o-ammander of the corps itself, as we now do. i Jfrteiftccy.?We noticed, this morning, the la oreia on tbe Qtneri' P st Office pcemises quickly, earr.esUv at f-ork with a suction? fn?rW,ew ly mann,J,<? brakes. The recsoi it tttu waa, the recent rains ha?e oveffLo^cd hriSnt*"? ,;!f U' ,h? *?#?" to that . , ^'tiil'y, the suction IS employod '?v foralA-r! hiVti. A r:"s-??event7-tix p.raoB# of -jsu?: AT>mttt*d to PuACTir* ?In the Circuit Court, this morning, on motion of Cha*. S. Wallacb. E-q , (J. W, bbielda. Esq., of Vir ginia, was admitted to practice as attorney and counsellor in the courts of the District. Tuk Kixhky Casu ?A summons was served upon Captain Joseph P Shillen on Saturday morning, which requires him to attend the trial of tbe Kinney case m a witness. Captain Shillen will hare to leave immediately, in order to ba in New York on Tuesday, In time for the court. GEORGETOWN COKltESPONDENCB. Gbobobtowv, June 4,1866 The oongregationa in attendance at the ded ioation of the basement of West Georgetown Methodist ohuroh yesterday was vary large. In the morning tbe Rev K L Dashiel preached an eloquent and impressive sermon from Luke iz, 28?30; subjeot, the transfiguration of Christ The afternoon sermon was by the Rev. Geo. Hildt, from Exodus, iii, 3, and Mosac said, &o. Id the evening the congregation was entertained by the Rev. French S. Evans The collections during the day amounted to the handsome sum of $355. Tbe Rev. Mr. Speak, the pastor in oharge of this chureb, is very popular among his people, and is rap. idly building up a congregation. The ohurcb membership already numbers some seventy. 5ve or mere The building win orcctci by W H Semmes builder and architect?is 56 feet long. 35 deep, has a basement 8} feet high, and principal story 18} fcjt high, with end gallery for tbe accommodation of colored persons The main story will be completed, and dedicated some time during the summer. The concourse of persons in attendance t> witness tbe imposing ceremonies at Trinity (Catholic) church, yesterday morning, was im mense, every part of the spacious edifice bting crowded to overflowing The discourse of tbe ilev. B Maguire was highly interesting and impressivo, and was listened to with a.most breathless silence by the entire auditiry: Subjeot??' the Trinity." Tne following business was hp i under con sideration by the Board of Common Council at the meeting on F.iday night: Message from the Mayor in relation to re pairs done on Paper Mill and Market llouee bridgns, and a portion of High street; referred. Menage from the Mayor, calling the atten tion of tbe councils to the oondition of a por tion of Payette street, and recommending the appointment of a committee to inquire into the expediency of obtaining from Congress nower to sell tbe samo for building lots; re ferred. Another, covering a courteor.s and polite invitation from the ladies of the M E Church, to attend the fair now beir.g holden at Forrest 11*11; informally referred to commits of the whole. Mr. Osborn, from tbe committee of w.iys and means, made quite an elaborate and concise report of the financial condition of the town, ?xnibiting the amount of assessable property within the corporation, as returned by the late asspssment, the indebtednen of the "corpora tion, (floating and funded,) together witn the estimated receipts and expenditures for toe year Tho expenditures are estimated at $37,431 88, and the net revenue from o'l sources at f32 385 05?leaving a defioit of $5,049 83. It is popsr to say. that a large amount of the estimated expenditures is for other ibuu tue ordinary wuirout e?nen?** ot tbe corporation, and each as may never occur again. The report was acoonpanied by an ordi nance levying a direct tax upon ail real and personal property of 75 cents on the $100, to meet tho current expenses of the corporation, and 37$ cents to be applied to the corpora tion's subscription to the Metropolitan rail read This ordinance was disuus-'od at some length by Messrs Dangs and Osbor**, and laid over, the third reaJing being obiectel to; and. on motion of Mr McCan, it, together with tbe report and accompanying documents, was ordered to bo printed by A. G. Settle. The bill providing for the condemnation ar.d opening of a portion of Seventh r.ireet which had beea returned by tbe dayor with out his signature, was ihen taken up and passed by a two-third vo'e, ?a follows : Tbose voting in tbe aflirmativr were?Messrs Bangs Tottingcr, Orimrs, Semmea, McCan, Oiborn, Piekrell and Myers. Negative?Messrs. Edes and We ch. Bills.from the B~ard of AldcTmen providing for opening and laying out of public alleys from Waaiiogton street, running west parallel with West streot. and from High to Congress streets parallel with Bridge street, together *ith one appropriating $250 for the repair of grave, s'reets, wore severally referred to com mittee on streets; and then, on motion, the board adjourned. Tho Aidermon were net in cerslon. It will be seen bv an advertisement in an other column that the ladies of the Methodist Episcopal church hare concluded to continue their festival at fair, at Forrcjt Ball, two evenings moro, (this and to-morrow.) when all the goods loft unsold will be disposed of at public auotion. During the Ir't week about 4,500 tins of coil reached our city from Cumberland by the canal. Fiouris held this morning at $10 87i; no I sales of moment since our last. Spectator El AUK I CD. On the 31st Mayo, at Trinity Church, Richmond, Virginia,THADbRUS S.STlfttCld, E*q to* ANY AX * STOCK ETT, daughter of Rev. C. A. L'avi?, pasur of :iie Church UtK'i. On tho 4ih instant, PUA\KL1N PlEuCE,young e*-ti<cn of Ww. sn<l Ann M. Oiuic, tged 9 nicnuu-' and 4 days. Farewell, sweet one, . In Heaven thou ait Bhining now. (Intel&Unioo) VV. O. Want*. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, wa>h ?r and ircmr Cood recomait nJatioas giveu Enquire of JOHN O'MEAUA, Pa. avenie, near the Capitol. je 8 - It* BAKER WANTED?ONE WHO understands Pastry and Confcctiouerv Apply at WILLALD'3 UOTEL. Biay 28?l\v WANTE D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stoee Quarry and contract for nale ot Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for *tone. Th * Uuarry it immediately oppo site Gcorgct wn. Large ahaaty, blacksmith shop, j and every anpieuieut on the tpot. Ti n quarry lur nisbes tUO beat and laige?t truck Stone, Sic. A is now offered. Call or writi to LLOYD & CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet from t>y 130 feet deep, for tlic iow price of j|75?payable $3 u month without interest. Apply at th.; Uuiuu Land Office,, 7th st.,abov? Odi Fellows' Hail. api8-3m JOHN FOX, See. r*U AUDI KO.- Pleasant room* 1< r Summer, ) w:i!i boarding lor a gentleman and his wife, and lor several single gentlemen can t*e nad by ear 1 I) application at KING'S. 80 3 North C, between id and 4,'^ ? treets. The bouse i-? delightfully can j at- d, fnd has just been thoroujhly renovated .tad rofcrni?hed. / 4-lw* Mum. 01. t. URKKR'S Boarding House, ou Pennsylvania avenue, first lious" west cf \ tlin Capitol i;ate. Pine rob ins at v.iriou^ prices, and | every po*?ible attention and comfort l>? ntowed on ladles Bad t;entlenieri Rues'*. may 96? \OTIC ??.?FOR RENT?PAItLORS AND i\ Clumbers, with hoard. Also, tabie and Iran i su nt board, with a bathing room aai .-hower b.iths j and every attention to render it mopt agreeable to her boardein. Mr*. P. C MURRAY, Curses Pemuyivauia avenue and 4^ st. ap SJ?3m BOAltli, A.C.-MR3. BATES, on the south wrst corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accoiQiuoJat* g?-n*Jeaien wiili rooms or without board. Every eflurt will he made to ren* d?-r those ctHuioruhle who way favor her with their pa;ronagc. ap 6?if I^AN?, CD*!". IIftUSIlK?. kc. LAMVIuND, 484 Seventh street has received aiiotlief i.t cf th^KH veiv cheap Fana. AUo, India It'iMier, Tuck, Puff, Sice, Neck, Dreeing and Chil dien'a Long Ccaab*, hair andTaoth Uru^nes, Porte Monnaiei>, he , and for salo an "cheap as the cheap est," 2?ill Boardiag, F T For Sale and Rent. F??.??T?iT~A NB*V THREE 8TOHY FRAME HOUSE,on New York avenue (No 166) nrar llie intersection of New Jersey avenue and 3d . ?ireet, containing eight good room*, with a ccllar under the kitchen. To a good tenant the rent will be put very low. Enquire at No. 169. je 4?eo6t OR SA LE?THAT VALUABLE HOUSE and , ^ lii1 ^ eorner of Fif>h ai,d Washington n? , No. 378, in Square No. 518, being a central and healthy location. Title perfect. Apply to the un dersigned, on the premise*, without delay. A man is wanted to work on a small farm in Fair fax county, Virginia. A married man would be rre leiTed. B. MILBURN. je 4?3t STORE FOR RENT?ONE OF THE MOST 1 desirable business stands in the city, Willi mod-1 ern front, plate glass windows, fcc., located on Pennsylvania avenue, nort'i side, between 9ili and 10th sireets, and now in possession of .Mrs. Morley, as Millinery and Fancy Store. Possession given in July. Enqnire in the store je 4?3t 17?0R RENT?TWO NEATLY FURNISHED room* on II, between !Ah and 10th street-, No. 4 74. The neighborhood is respectable, and the location healthy and pleasant. WO ROOMS ON THE SECOND OR THIRD _ flo >r in a new three story bri-k building, will be rented, furnished or unfurnished, and with or without board, or breakfast and tea only. It is very eligibly situated near the elevated part of Massachu setts avenue, and will be found in every rupect ac ceptable. Apply at u.e Star office. je 2?i't* IjlOR SALE OR RENT?THAT LARGE three story House on Missouri avenue, three door* east ol 4* street. This house is large and has just been thoroughly repaired, and gas introduced, and is one of the liest locations ia the city for a private residence or boarding house, or school. Possession given about the 7th June. For terms, which will be liberal, apply to T. PURSELL, 341 Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. je 1?6f AT PRIVATE SALE?St-veral two-story frame Houses, with Lots from 80 to 105 feet deep. The above property ia located on the north side of Massachusetts avenue and the south aide of I street, being the same square, between 4th and 5th street*. Beisg a he iltby and very thriving part of the city. Ale-) a three-story Frame, fronting on the same avenue, containing ten rooms, all private, the house nearly new, and has a flower garden attached to it. Any of ihe above property will be sold say, one third cash, and the balance on a credit of 6, 12,18. and 24 months , Persons des rous of obtaining a pleasant residence | on easy terms will do well to call at No. 804 Mas sachusetts avenue. Title to the above indisputable. One small house for rent. je I 3t* FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT, large three story Brick House, well known as I the beat Hand in the city for a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opp^ite the Market House. and now occupied by Mr. M?_Gonegal. Possesion giv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD fc CO Claim Agent, 15th st., opp. the Treasury, W.-uhmc ?'"> n- <? mnv 30?tf I^OR REXT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVEX! cnt Rrick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convrnient to Pa. awnue Mid the Departments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, comer of Sixth street and Eoutsiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Drue Store, Eleventh street, Island. mar 6?wtf FOR RENT.?THE DWELLING PART of the three story bnck House on the corner of H and 13th streets. To a good tenant the rent will be mod erate. Apply at the Grocery in the same house, je 1?eolw T>KAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE.?ONE _LV Frame Dwelling House and Lot on O 5;., be tween fith and 7th street- wui, containing Fix good rooms, nearly new. One two. and one tliree-nory frame Dwelling House on Massachusetts avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, i wo two-ftory Frame Houses on Washington st. Al-o. a very comfortable Dwelling House on Bcall street, Georgetown. Al! the above properly is near!v new, and wi'I be sol,I on acconinioi!aiias iltdis. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEaTLEV, Lumber Dealer, No. 37 Water street, Georgetown. may 23?eodlm YJLLA IX)It SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER ol fers at privit* sale t'na villa in which she at present resides, with ?igtit acres of land, situated at Ellaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Road. The h<.u?e is new, with al! the modern improvements, and the situation has many advant agwfor persons engaged in business in Washinfon hs it is within live minutes' wijl'i of the Bladensleirg Depot on the KailrcMtl, a!i;i th^re is also an otnnihiic running twice a day between Washington and F.lla ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. nrir 27?2awtf I^OR SALE?A LARGE NUMBER OF BU1LD iug Lots, located in aii parts of the ciiy. WILLIAM II. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Office, 4544 Pa. av., betwr. 4# and 6th streets, may 30?eo3w "TTALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the f City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very do sirable and eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain ing about fittv acres each, partly iu Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, DC. op(K)ite the farm of Joseph II. Bradley, Esq., about 4X miles from Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now u"*V.r con_ structien. The soil is excellent, ami well adapted to corn and wheat. 1l>? situation is prominent nad heal thy f and tbe land well watered. Til ere axe ^>n tlie premises. 7 his property is peculiarly suited to gentlemen paving business ui the city for beautiful country res lUCRvifi A plat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. SWANN. No. 1H0 Loulsiaua avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 -eo2m SUMMER BOARnlNG.?A few persons can be accommodated with board from the 1st June, in tne country, at Ne-o sha, near Bladensburg. The location is a healthy and pleasant o..e, with in a short distance f f the Spa Spring and Bladens bufg Dej?ot. References requirea. Apply to MISS ROSS, Bladcmburg. je 1 co2t* I)L'ILDIXG LOTS AND DWELLINGS?For > sale, Lots on Third street, near lhe City Hall; on P, between Third and Fourth; on E, between Fir>t and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; oa M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Seventh, lift ween Land M; on K, between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Frunklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward, G near Twenty first; Virginia avenue, nearTwemy first; N. Hampshire avenue, between H and I; also, two frame dwellings on Fourth between F and G, will be sold low for cash. Island property?Two small fiame tenements on I, between Four and-a half and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia avenue, and a variety in other parts of the Island and Oily, all of which will be sold on terms accommodating to suit pnrclutiers Enquire at No. 337, Pennsylvania av , opposite to B:owiis: Hotel. ma y 2S -lineo DAVID MYERLE. IjtGU SALE OK RENT.?The owno* of a hotel, ' now engaged in another bjsiness, would like to sell his entire stock aiid Futures, and if demand ed, tbe house situated on Pennsylvania avenue wnh a good run of custom, on liberni terms. Particular* at CHARLES WALTER'S Agency and Intelligence Office, 5 5? Seventh si., opp. Centre Market may 30? lw* FOR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO STORY and aUic Brick House, with a two story back builJii g, conning a large Ila'l and ten good i?K>ms. To a careful tenant the rr*ut will b?* very moderate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKF.Y, coruv'r Fourtli aud I stieeu. may 3^>?lw? For sale?a lot of ground in the most thriving part of the city, improved in part and is under rent at two huadre>j dollars a year It h situated 011 Ninth near N ?treat, an l haa a front of 78 feet on Ninth street, by "3 feet II inches dtep. The above prupeity will be sold at a bargain for cash or on liui", as the purchaser may desir>;, by Slaying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire of AMES O. WHITNEY, on C, betw. 12th and 13th streets. may 21?2w Rents reduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water are near the door, and coinmunicat 011 is had with Georgetown by way of H and Scvonlh streets and Pern. Avenue, morning and ^ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To eecurs the advantage of this great reduction of rent imm&Hate ajrjilicution must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendail Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had aud tbe houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. STICK NET, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Ri nts paid quarterly in aJvanct. apr 9,1?55?tf HOMES FOR ALL.? BrautHUlly and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feetfVont hy 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the r.iceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows* Hall. Jan 'J?em JOHN FOX, Seci-.tary, Auction Bales. MfjrFor ?Auction Sain we firwt pafe By JAS. C. McUI'IHK, Anclloniiri< VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 7ih street at public sale ? Oa FRIDAY afternoon June 8th, at 6 o'clock, on tbe premises, I shall ?hi the south part of Lot Nn. 11, in Square 426, front ing 28 tVet 7 inches on Seventh strittwew, between north K and L streeu, ru nine back 100 feet. The Lot is handsomely situated in one of tbe best business streets in tbe city, bat a short distance from the Northern Market, and affords an excellent op portunity for a safe investment. Title perfect. Term*: One sixth cash; the residue in 6,19, 18, 84, and 30 months, with interest, secured by a deed of t;u?t on tbe premises. JAS. C. McOUIRE, 1- j?d Auctioneer. By JT. C. HcGCIRB. Acctlonstr. First class residence near trinity Church, at Pablio Sale.?On MONDAY after noon, June lltb, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I sbal sell that new nnd des-rable dwelling beuse, with the lot attached, numbered 445, sittufd on the south side ol north C street, between First and Sec ond streets we?t. The bourn is of brick, lour stories hiih, with good dry cellar b??ncath; size of buildtn* 24 by 40, and contains la.-^e saloon parlor 16 by 38, handsomely fim-herf, with walnut trimmings, lie., six large and airy dumber*, dining room and kitchen. TLis house is tuUt of choice materials, and in the most substantia' manner, with all the modern im provements, cooking rang*, furnace, pure water throughout the house from a well in the cellar, hot, cold, and shower bath fixtures, bells in all the rooms, Jkc. Each of tbe three first have and handsome porches at the hack. To per sons desirirg a flne residence this sale offers a fine opportunity to secure one. Terms: One-foarth cash , the residue in 6, 12, 18 , aid -24 months, with intere?t, secured by a deed of trust on the premises JAS. C. McGUIRE, ie 4 ?<1 Auctioneer. By GKKKN dt ftCOTT, Au?tto??*rs. Valuable building lot on ninth st. between I street aad New York nveQU*> &t Aurtion.?On WEDNESDAY, the $U? i'-ti t w shall sell, in front of tbe premi^* at ?k o'clock n \n 4ft^aiu,'ful Bui,dinf 'nt' ?>??"(? Lot 6 in Square No 403, ha\ins ? .,ont of20 feet on the east side of Ninth street west, between north I street and New xork avenue, riie above described property is handsomely and eligibly situated, and prsseuU rare inducements to l>er.ons wishing to make a fsxl investment, having a pump of excellent water but a few steps from the premises, and a public sewer 12 feet deep iinmcdi ately in front. Title indisputable Terms: One third cash: the balance in 6 and 12 , months, for n<tes bearing interest from the day of the sale. 1 A deed given and a dee J of trust taken. . ^ GREEN it SCOTT, Auctioneers. #y UUKK.A A SCOTT, Auctioneers, IAKCE AND COMMOBIOUS BRICK IIOU^F. J ar.d Lot on Capitol Hill at Auction.?Oa FRl day, the. 1st day of June, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. tn., on the premises, the large and w-II-bui.t three-siory brick House, lately occupied by the Hon Judge Craneh, situated on Delaware avenue, next to the corner of north B street, near the north Capitol gate. The house contains thirteen cenve l.iently arranged room*, and wide passage through the house, and bu:lt with thick walls, and a cellar under the whole building, and the lot being half of Lot No. 6, in square No. ft4*, having a front of thirty feet six inches, running 1S5 feet seven inches 4? a tl'ixiy ieet alley. The above-described prop erty is certainly one of the handsomest locations and most beautiful sites in Washington, presenting the most commanding view. There is also a puain of excellent water near the door. Term#: One-tourth cash; lasaiwe in one, two, three, and lour je^rs, the purchaser to give nstes for ths deferred payments, beiriug interest from day of sale. 3 A ueed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. GREEN &. SCOTT, may 25?d A uctionecrs. ?*" The above sale Is postponed In consequence of the rain, until FRIDAY, the 8th instant, at 5 o*clock p. m GREEN St SCOTT, i,: -?d Auctioneer. Ky J. C. McUUllifts, Auctioneer. YALU. RLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Public Sale?On FRIDAY afte?wuu, Jnne 1, at 5j? o'clock, on the premises, I shail sell, by or der of the Orphans' Court, that valuable piece of property sirc.ted at the corner of 10th and E street, and generally known as tne Medical College. The lot fronts f.l feet 1 inch on E street by 58 feet on 10th stie^t, containing 3,543 square Ieet. The builiting consists of a ?uhstr.H!i&! and well built tiiree :-tory brick Kuiitimg, which ?s admirably adapted for a warehouse, for manufacturing or seh<w?l purpo- es Portions of this building ars now u^ner very satisfactory rent. Title perfect Terms: ? ?ne-third cash; the residue in 6, 12, ip. and 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed : f uust on the pr< mi>es. S. II- NOt'RSE, Administratrix, By WM. NOURSE, Attorney, JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 8? Auctioneer. !?? The above tale li postponed In ' consenunnce of the rain until WEDNESDAY af^r noon, June Oth, same hour and place. . . . JAS, 0, MCGUIRE, Auctioneer. 5v GRU?X 4 SCOTT. Anct.oneeri. riMlUSTEE'S SALE OF FRAME HOC SB AND t Lot at Auction.?Oa FRIDAY, the 1st day of June, I shall sell, at o'clock p. m., in front of the nrcnuses, by virtue ot a deed of trust, duly re corued in ore of the land records lor Washington county, in the DisUict of Columbia, Lot No 49, in Cabott's subdivision of Square No. 677. The lot has a f ront on north II street of 25 f? et, between Noith Capitol aud 1st streets ea?t, running back 87 feet 9 inches, with the improvements, which is a good and nearly nrw frame house. 1 his property is near the iron brirtge. Terms: One-half cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest 'rum tbe day cf the sale. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. A deed given ami n deed of trust taken J. V. N. THROOP, Trustee. CREEN &. SCOTT, may 29?d Auctioneers. iSQ- The above tale Is postponed In consequence of the rain until TUESDAY, the 5tli instant, at the Kaine hour CREEN b. SCOTT, je 2-d Auctioneers. By ULIEUX U, SCOTT* Auetlonesrs. Handsome cottage building lots at Auction.?On THURSDAY, ?he Cist instant, we shall sell, <yi the premises, a: b o'clock p. u., several lianatome building iots, having an entire front on Massachusetts avenue of 72 feet 11 inches, aiid a front en 3.1 street east of 165 feet, forming the corner oi Massachusetts avenue and 3d street feast, on an elevated and healthy posiuooon Capitol Hill, near the t upitol, and e pump of excellent water at tbe corner. Also, two y?u on E tfreel tiorfh, in same square, it bemg square No. 755. The lots will be sold in tizes to suit purchasers. Title perfect. Terms: On&^ourth cash; balance in 6,12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and adeed of trurt taken. GREEN & SCOTT, may 26?d Auctioneer. 0(7- The above sale Is postponed un til FRIDAY, thetth instant, ?-aue hour. GREEN k SCOTT, je 2?d Aucuonncni. RESTAURANT. HAVING bought out the establishment of Horace Ritter, on Penns.-lvan a avenue. between 11th and I'.'th streets, wti cb I( have completely lenovatei, I can a; coinmoUate uiy friends with real Tl'K TLE KOUP, OYSTERS In every style, and the best ot LIQUORS. CIGARH, fee. All luxuries and delicacies in season. may 31?lw RICH AKP ADAMS. PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. rpiIIS Band is suitable for r.ny and all purposes, J aad is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be fjeascd to enga|e th?m, either as a Hrass, Reed, or Cot:Ilon Rand. Any number of musicians to be baJ at the short est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSFERI, Leader, at Taltavuli's Store, npf ome the Marine Barracks. N. B.?Orders ieff at Hilbas It Iliu'a Music De pot, will be promptly attended to, may 25?4tn T HE MISSING BRIDE, by E. D. E.N. South worth, 2 vols, price fl 00 Harper's Magazine for June 25 Harj?er's Story B*ok No. 7, Virginia 25 Put nam's Magazine for June 25 Godey's Lady's ilook do S5 Crahaiu's Magazine do 25 All the New Books, Magaz'nrr, Cheap Publica tions and Weekly Papers received as soon ra pub lished and for sale by E. K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown, may 31?tr LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE anderrigaed will pay tbe highest ptlce fcr Land Warrants. 1 Stocks booght and sold on Commission. HAMILTON G. KANT/ No. 43? Pa. avenue, Woshie^tM. nsay2?-lnj (Intlk Union) TELEGRAPHIC. uromo fob tub DAILY EVBCTUTO BTAR Watiooal Know HotAtog CoBTentinn PlIILADSLPnia, Jono Uh ?The Know Nothing Convention asooaablea here to morrow. Two hundred and tea rtywwaU tires are reported M being pWMt It It thought th?t iTirj SUU ud Tor rllory la the Union will bo reproeooted. Tho first daja of tho ee?alon will be private if poeaible, but aubeeqeeatly tho doon will b? thrown open. Missisaippi Steamer burnt?Im cf Life 6t Long, Juno 3 ?Tho Homer Keystone State, henoe for Peoria, 111., hoi been burnt to the water1! edge; fire persons perished and a number of others were serieualy injured. The steamer and her cargo, are a toial Iom. A nti Liquor Law Xeetiuf K?AT>ncG, June 4 ?A large aad enthaaiea tio meeting was held this noon In Market square, in cppoiition to tbe liquor law Stroaf denunciatory reoolulions wore adopted. Baltimore Markets, Ac. Baltimou, J one 4 ?Flour is easier; sales of 1'200 bbla iio#ard street at $10 87*. Re ceipts of Grain aiulijbi Balea of W heat aad Corn at Saturday's rates. How Tor* Stock Market Nbw Yo?k, June 4 ?dtooke are better. Money eoDtinuM abundant At tho firat board 'ale* of Erie Kailroad at 4R|; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 80i; Cumberland Coal Com pany, 38]; Reading Railroad. 89|; Canton Company, 26}; Pennsylvania Coal Company, 109]; Now York Central Railroad. 93*. ?*0d; Missouri 6'a, 931; Ohiofi'a, 1061; Virg\nia6's, 9y 2; North Carolina 6's, 98]. How York Markets. New York, Juno 4?Cotton is Arm and un changed with a moderate demand at prerioat rate* Flonr ia easier bnt not qaotably lower. Oood Ohio $10 06ia$10,37i. Southern ia firm. Wheat ia doll, with a deolining tendency. Corn ia a trifle lower; mixed 91 lOaSl 124. Provisions are doll and nnohanged. Whisky ia dull and lower; Ohio 36e. NAVY BEEF AND POBK FOR 1856. D . NAVT i>*partmsnt, Rareau of Provision* end Clotoing, June 1, OKALE* PROPOSALS, endonwd ?? Proposals f?r ? T, V *nJ "^TnF 'Sml'' for Po k," a.? the ru, n? be, will be roortvM at this ???. uotil 15 o'clock a . on SaturJay, th? 14th day of July nut, fcrfurniab r K U** 01 ?11 to tha L iiiUJ Ptutes. at the following ntrj jardi: ?4 pu.j . .. BarrtUbttf. Barrrlt pork. At Charl-gtjwn, Mafg 1,400 1.200 a* T ? 1,600 2.400 At Gespcrt, Ta .. .......1,400 1,*jO ?,4O0 4,800 Cn half rf eaitl be f and pork must b? delivered at each cf the abarf-nam'd yards, r?spectiv-'w kt tb?1it dayof April, 1863; aad 1be rema^M 'ha& by tbe 1st day of Juno, 1H56; an<w terlier driver p7v^?idAr"<,Ulr"d eh'-f of **? bur**" P^ym?nt to bs ma.e wltfcj? thuty day* .fter dehv ?5X!5l ,mU?' Prt^a eeparataVy aad di'tinetly ?r operate < for tbe I aef ?od for tha "*r;h1?f!b* pUoes?f delivery, oo*?.h>t hU expense* and all charges The be will f*:t Ml rattla, lUugh terei bet*^?tfc? lit day o? November. 1*63. an J the law day of January, i8'6, and waning not leaa thai. tlx h>.ndrt^ ^.cunia, n?t waiaht, the lap and >g rands of the hind quarters, and tje sbio? and ^boulder clods, th* aboulders cf ont tonind?.n!eof staking p>-?a, and at Wataighl jr.u"d? fr. m tb?- n<?rk ecd of ^#cb fuvquart^r. er th" part* marked Nea. 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5. on d-awiug or dMin?*1i<<n f>f ?b* lor- and hind quart*** of an ox. will be attached to aod firn* part ?f the c^ntrart. rjuM ba wholly ade-i f om ?acb barral, (Ttvt ihr r, nuun-i'f r>f th> ra-catt, imrtrad of bdmq cut h*>! ' a rir >tvr, *,< ixt bf rr/f thrmtjh tnih a gate and kmfa t> piW th, nwi/ a tquarc, mat, (vnrt *mnUK ,tp pfurfiiK*, ?u of nnt Ifst thru tight rot/ndi ftof more than twJrc founds, emch. ^ ' The j-ork nt??t be packed from portt-fej, tetod hf jrs, nlaufht?r?d be'ww-n the l?t da- i'*? Tfinbor, 1?5? and the let day of Jatn- , (J? wei^hltig cot lens than two hundr , tL. !. ^ exclulins the be?d?,jolea, necV h leg*, feet, butta, rnmna, ar' ?hoiU(irra, hama. and mo-t be cut . " &cd ?*'. we; 'fciDC not lea? th * a *aw an>l ***'?? 'n pWs-ee ?w ?Te p-undeer-J^ P?nnda, nor more than H th .b? o^efandprt,^ mtiat b? with at f-'?. one ?t?tute bu?hel of Turk'a IaUnd, Me of -?nay, or t>t Ub-'a sa t; and the beef mnat b?Te flra oune's of fine puirariaed ealtpe^v to each barrel. ax< iu?ivtt of a pic? le, to be made from f,?ah vatar aa rrong a? salt will make it, and muat be perfeeUr bright and clear. Each barrel rnunt eonta'n fnll 900 pennda, nek weight of K ?f or pork, and no txoeee of weight in eithrr article will be pa'd frr ?b* barrrtle rtiiiat be entirely n>w, and be made of th* 1* t reasoaai Iiewt of white rak flares and het iiugf: th Pinves bn not iIam flfe si^htb# of an inch tbick; and the baa-iiug* not Iras than three-fonrtbs of aa inr.h ih'ek ; t-ry moat be tbr?r? fourths h.."ped orer. lne'iud<ng Uie iroa hoopn. with the bent whl'e oak or hlexory hoopf, and each bar rel meat Lave on it tour Iron boot a. ria : ona of one ana a Lali inch in width oa ?a?h hilge, and oae of OLe and aa e^htb inch ia width on each chimo, and each to bo of one-tufeaath of an inab tkick. Maeh tarrel mtut be of the lnUrcal capacity of thirty tw> pallona Kach tarrel mcst ba 1 rand, d byburtin* on Ita l^id "N ivy Baef," or "Navy Pore," a< the case mar ba, with he contractor's name and the year t b?r p&cked, aad weight; aad i-bali al? b* branded oa. tb?. bang (Uto with the lt-tur U ot P ai the m.i7 be. Theb?afard p^rk will, ual? otharata- direetal by the chi?f th!? bureau, ba ioapacted by tbe in sp c'Jng offceri at the rv*p?ct.T? tevv yards aforw sud, anu by -?im?'' worn iaspe tor ofaalted prav;? iotiB," aho w 11 b* selrcted by the raMpaeriTe oca^ tracers, who miut likawi'e have tba barrala put ka go?l hb:bp?.ng order, to the aatiafsction of 1 h? ooia DiMi dniits of tbe r_?p'dive ua*y yards a'oruaid, af t?r iogpcc .on, at.d at the r cwa expense. Two cr more approved aureties in a sum equal to oua-hal( the Mst'mated atuouat of the eontrvrt will be r* qu r?d, and t-n jwr centum in addition will b* witUhald from tba rmouat of ?ach paymmit to W aiad', as collateral aacunty fur tba due and fal;hfui perfoTm^ocj cf 'he ra*p?ctive eontr eW, whit h will on no amount b- paid until tba coatracbi ar? ? run plied wi^h in all rtepec:*; and ia to be ferf4hsd to the I'aitul 6taWt in the event of fci'ure to complato th" deliverwithin tba ptYacribad parwd. In eaee of failarc on %he p art of ui? oon sac tor to del.var a'l era' y cf the b?*f t-r pork ab taantioo^d, of tba qua!it' a?d at fie tiuu- and plaa^e above provide*, the extractor will fcrfirtt and pay to tbe United Pta'e8,a iiuid.Hej damages, a smn of au>aey equal to nrvo too am cunt rf th? contract price to be ;>atd !n ~aw? of tbe ai tual dalivan, tbar?jt which liqui dated daiaaces atay ba re?o\>rad from time to ttme a? they oca\is. Payateat wil be made by the Uni uvl at tbe periods above specified, (eacept'i^ tbe iMi j..*r una:aw to be wi-hbalJ until tbe compte tion ot the coutraet. aa W/ore stated,) aftar tbe ?td beef and pork shall hava b*aa ia*pacu?i and rw. oe>vai, and bills for tba same aha 1 hava been pre heated to tLe navy a^ata, raspec Jva-y, duly ap pr->Ted by tl e commandant i of tba reap clive navy. )aMl>, u o niimr to tlia tnrws cf ojntract Th' f-arti ?f ike. be*/to b* eaduurd will bs parUau larly at^gtu. ft in tkr Hffraving to be greeted la Urn xni*a<t tnlertjied can "bUnm them. wuA ? draw r,g rf Ju barrel, om appltcat*on at Uu ojkac. ' 1! d lers wb">fe pr> posala are aoceprad (aad aeea otbera) *ill ba forthwith crtlflf 1, and aa asr*y m practic;.bla a oontraat will be 'raMtnltlad to tbao for exei-u.ion. which c^atraot muat be returned to tbe t>ure?u within t?a days, ezaioatra of tbe t'oa repair -d for tbe ra?wlar tr^uamiaeion ot tba mail. \ record or dapiK-a'.e of tba lettar ine>rmlns a bidder of the aoceptan<*? of bis pmpoesl willha derraed a notification ibeceof within tba meaeiaf of tbe act of 1M6, and bis b'd aili be made and aa cepted in ?nf -nni?y with tah untWmardiag Kiory off^r mata must ba eeooiapenied (aa dirweU ed in i be 0 h aeetkn of the art of Coaprtu* makln< ?pprcphat ons frtha naval aer\ice tor 184#-'4T, approved 10th / ugu.t, 1841) by a written g*ara?. t*e, siirred by cnier more r-ap nal 1c i*er*oca, to the effect that he or they undertake that tbe bidder or bidder* will, if bu or t!irtr bid ba aooepted, enter into aa obligation within tea days, with rood amA s .ftireat fcui?ti?s, to furnish the artida propoaaA This guarantee most be accompanied by the ca*> tifl.ate of the Uaite-i StaUa d brie: Judge. United sta>a district at orney, or navv agant, that tba guarantors are a'de to make good thair guarantee. No prop*al wiil ha con.idered aul?ae aaoompa* ni- d by such guara&toe. The tid ier', aaste aa J residence, and the name of each member of the firm, * her* a company ofllra, with the Christian mn? written in full, meat ba di tiactly staged Ualrr tbe Joint re?oli lion of Congreet, approved 27th M.\->:h, 1864, "all bids for sapplias ot pro vi no as, clothing, and small ator?i tor tba nse of tba navy, ma- be rejected at tba option of tbe d?part u oat, if made by one not k town aa a aaanafaetarer of, or rtgu'ar dealer in, tba article proposed to ba furaishe I, wbtab fact, or the ravarre, must be dW? t nofy st 04 la tae bids ciUr?L" jane 4? le?4v

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