Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASH1WGTON U1T Y: ?ATVmOAT 5555 .Jut f. XT" Adv tansajtaxTs should be handed ? by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may s'* appear until the next day. AGBKTft FOB THK UTAH. 1 be following persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmbr, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. Al. Pmttiwoiu. & Oo. Nassau street. Buaum - V. B. Palmsk, ScoIUt'8 DtaWiM. IBS WE1XLY STAB The number for this week will be found in the highest degree interesting; containing. as it does, the latest intelligenoe from all pert* of this country and the world, bj mail end telegraph, including local as well m Govern meLt departments items These, and brief tales, anecdotes, etc., eombire to render this foarto bheet valuable not only for present in. stmotion, but for fu ure reference?a vclume, in itself, of ourrent events and literary enter tainment. The subscription price is one dollar and a quarter a year, or three centa for a ain*'t number SPTBiT of ,-nr Mo^i/e'pBKSf The Intnlligenc r comments cn a sort of c^nfes ion of the faux pas of the famous Cu ban jante. wherein it ia alleged that they hare been most shamefully swindled by ehip-own era, American offl ;ers, Ao, and adds that tbeir commander-in chief (Gea Quitman, we presume,) was to have received a million of dollars on tohieving the independence of the inland ? that is, for hia share of the result of the en erprise. The ImtHUgfnmr takes oc casion to praise tue administration for its forethought, energy, patriotism, Ac , in sup proofing the filibustering echemes of the junta, and to rap the Union for denjlag their existence seme time aicoe. The Union attributea the alleged irritation of the InttlUgencm in their controversy upon tho Cuban question, to the fact that it (the tutor) b*s exposed its adversary's iccon an it, and hints that Mr. Perry owes his removal, at leas: in part, to the Int^Uigen etr , evident eagerness toose him and to ad. ranee hia interests A lfb7 Pook Wo have, tbroogh h? kind attention of Mr Frank Taylor, brokreiler, 44 A Manual of Ancient iihtory." from the remotest times to the overthrow of the Western Empire, A D 47?J; by Dr. Leonard Schmiia, F K 8 K with copious chrcn-.logical tables Philadel phia: puhli-hed by BUnchard A Lea. 1355 Ttij b^ok is c:ncise and comprehensive in it* ?tyie and seope, and is erideutly the work of a f bil'.acfhical c amenta tor of fine historical acq iiremen.a The aim cf the author has been to shed a> much light as possible on the hia oryof o-her aacitnt nationa besides the Greece, Bomsita, and Jewa; cot cerning whom so mu?L hr.s been written, while the biatoriea of o'fcer ancient people, are almost a sealed book to the mana of the modern reading world. Hia wcrk is wtll written, conveying much o?e* fal and entertaining nformation in a pithy and sgrteaV.'e manner, and can hardly fail to beocme a standard book, for we htre rarely aeen so u.och of value and raiity embraoed in a volume of its rise Aw Ebkou Corbbctbp?A Maine man writes as correcting a telegraphic error in the Star, yesterday s=yitg that ?be recent dec tion to which the Maine Liquor Law ia so over whelmingly deteated took place in Maine. It should ha. e been Michigan. Abotbbb Know N .THia? Victort ?At the recant municipal election in Buffalo, Mew York, where the Know Nothings last yearoar ried every thing by storm they have been de fea'ed by a clear majority of 2 500 votes ! HairSaas Ovbb "-P-r.n.era erasing frcm \l icdior, C. W , to Detroit, Mich , ?an b: <uPP?'*d with liquor al the bar of the steam boat, until sbe reaches the centre of the river, where the Mlohigan prohibitory law comes in ?foroe, and the bar mast be oI<>sed The .pi?dncont(Va ) Independent speaka Of a train of carsorer half a mile in length that passed through that place on Thuriday last, which, it ?a^a, will giro aome idea of the eoal tra -e in that region /^"li '? ??oeuooed that some five hundred cf the monster terrapins recently brought from the Qallapsgees Islands, are to be placed on a California ranch for beeding purposes Dbsci "t ?* A Daa or CocftTsarstTBas .a Ii.Liaois ? The tit. Louis Kef ublioan has in telli encc of the discovery by the polioe, of an extensive counterfeiting establishment in county, ^ Illinois All the implements llVh 1 f on * Ur** ic*1? wer* found * b,.U' aBd Ee4r ,h? M'? f r, dea plates for $5s and $20'n Si.'i9 v*'v wDk 0f 0bio BtDk of Ed Farmers' and Marohants' Bauk cf Illinois. Also, foard a lot of metal evi detuy prepared lor being made into Uexieaa pieces being hammered out readv 'o rectite the impreeaion from the dies a ,h# Dfcm* 0f Caldwel'. four or Ive other persons, were arrested as bein* concerned in the business, some of them old c*tisens oi the oounty. A* Allbcbd British Bbcbcitibo Officbb Abbbstbd IB Bostob?The Boston papers of Thursday, notice the arrest in that city on Wednesday of a German, who had induced ten men to accompany him from Hew York under promise that they were to be employed as labo'er*. bur who, on their arrival in Boa. 19 them tfcat they were wanted for the British army, and that if they would ship for Halifax they would receive $15 ai boua ty money on their arrival at thaieity, and $10 i'r"",r Bi* or ike men are Ue ugo-'?^' ? v'0".3**" ?"?>"<?? a Th* >*?terwhen arrested offered u. - ?_?"!? ported >h?> 'b. Coa,^,. 1.,r,.,'Vf' A,1?V'P^' sense s manifested a desire to, a . * (.uirg lb. nan .1 ^ ?'?' ? I boo. iDd m.o "?liiiM.u.SbiJ? w* Cbopb ib Eastxrb Txxaa ?Our oo tempo wry of toe tier?Id says that sinoe the rain of MB?ay lath iaat., the pros* eet of a heavy yi?lu of ooTton aai aa abuodaat eorn crop are rery fla taring Ibm trope vera never mere yiffo ous or kealihy. We are <err clad tj "'H" >11 oar iltMf 5sJ*# ^ more vari WAE?T1*I6T<H1 AHD GOSSIP. The Court's D eSiion ?Oar Uliotod, amia ble, eater;aining courteous, truthful, {vide itf story nbout the Secretary of the Navy and Commod re Paulding) and knowing neighbor, (vid< the winnings of i s cote is on the Vir ginia election) in ita usual so oemmendable, modest way, yesterday undertook to ?? brssen out" its previous statement that the Circuit Court had given no decision in the Gruen case, insisting that its reporter's aocount in the Court's action amounted to no'hing what"" over in law Now we have procured from, Mr. Ftndall a cop; of the decision as takey dowa by bia as it was delivered and as u J provid by ike Court, to whom it was referred for verifeation It is in these words: 7 decided btf the C,rruit Court of Jit District of Columbia, June 4, 1855, It, the petit on of Tho tas J. G uefo\ a *tanrtam?s commanding th? KegiueJ of ??< Corporation to inscribe ths pttitio Lr i name on the tax halt ami returns : 1 *i,4,1r?ThM * f,,rei*D?'' naturalised since'tbe jut Ueoember last, who polessee the other qualification* required by tbe charter, is en 11,V TOte ai pr?>?nt election. th. Pit. ?!ien wio WM ? '?"d?nt of toe uty of W aahington previous to the 31st uecember. 1854, wrus entitled to be em oiled on the school tax list. ?? ^J1*1 *^e tHJI li*tf having pas*e-l out of k the *le8l8,?r> 116 bas no du'y in rega d to them to peiform ; that tbe tax lists ire now m the hs*ia< of the (Jommiss'onois o! alejtion, who?e rigut and duty it ia to receive . ?otes of persons within the foregoing de witption, and having tae other qualifications j required by tbe charter. ' " The mandamus is refused " ; The mandamus was re: used, as explained by the Court in our report published on the Nay the case was Qscided, beoau*e#at that I a.ago of the business the list had passed out I of the hands of the register, against whom I the mandamus was prayed As we remarked above, the judges examined and verified this paper, and it went immedi I ately to the clerk, with the understanding that copies to be sent to the different commis Isicners of the election were to be made oat I and certified to. We hear that they wert I so made out and certifie I, but that the I clerk failed to send tbein as the c urt intended. I through tba interference of an active leader ia the Know Nothing lodges of the city, the Iolerk himself hciug a warm sympathiser with Know Nothing politics It is said that he eventually oaused them to bedsstrojed A copy was subsequently oertified to by one of I the coansel in the case, and was sent to one of J the boards of election commissioners. Such, we believe to be the true history of I the aff*ir, differing not essentially, as it will be I perceived, from the statement of it in yester I day's Star Ihe decision as quoted above covers all the I points in issue It affirms the rfghts of these J naturalised citisens whoee bal'ots were re I jecied in the recent election. Ths defense for tbe fraud perpetrated in the rr.'sual of I taeir votes, is the allegation, that the oomsais sione s, nolthe Circuit Court for tho Diotric of Columbia, were fhetiibunal todeoidewhar I the rig ts of the rejected persons were. These I Know Nothing Commistdoners were none ? ihem men learned in the law. They wore ali members of tho esme oath-bound. isecret, pro I scriptive, poli ical society, with the nerer t" J be fo'gottan Lowell witnewos S .me of tbem as judges of the election lart year had received I withoot question, auoh votes as these rej:cte'l I ones On the Saturday before this election I hey mrt, by arrangement, at the Cly JUall, I "So receive our (their) instructionsai one Infthem expressed bircse'f in eiqrxiring for I the room in which the conclave were to have I met. These infctructiona doubtleu o&mefren I the same secret, miJn gh -j lo-'ting authority | that planned the rascality, frauds and forcible means through which the 1 dges obtained il legal possession of the Waehiogtdft Monument which were explained in full in the Sur net long since, over the aigna ure? of the highly I rcspe?ted citisens who comprise the real board of management of tbe Monument's affairs | Now, a man with half an eye in his bead I "ho reads the above decision of our highes* Isrartof law, and then reflects on the micj I subterfuge*, outrages, violations of rights, dis I ripu ab.e 'ricks, Ao , by whioh some seven j bundrad citisens of Washington were, on Mon day last, defrauded of their leg-.l privilogo of voting, will perecive that they were all the result of a deep laid scheme to transfer the legal government of this city from tbe I courts, on whom the constitution and laws de I vol?e it, to the Know Nothing lodges I In Franco, in the iiayj of her ficat revolu |ti)B, the nominal authorities of the land did in the day only what they were bid to do in I the night by their Know Nothing lodges iu midnight oonolave. Those biddings, as car rie<l out, drenched the kingdom in blood, and robbed every man with anything to lose,' who I failed to be an active partisan of the Know I Nothirg lodges of that kingdom and era Already in this city they have, by rangement, essayed to deprive ion* seven hundred citisens of their legal r ghts, under I the pretenee that not the judges of our law I courts, bat persons seleoted from amonget I themselves, all of them bitter partisans, un. I learned ia the law and comparatively igno rant, ara of right the final arbiters of the rights of the citisen here The manner (f their appointment?all tn one side?wss la grots outrage oa eoxmon honesty and common deeenoy, and. convinced those who I have, ia this community, any thing to lose by the destruction of our institutions, that it was purposed by the lodges to carry the election by frauds Fellow oitisens has not the end completely justified the impression growing out of th? means employed ? j A somewhat similar game was played re ceutly by the Know Nothiug lodges of Louis ville, Ky., when tiair candidate for Mayor was fraudulently returned as having been elected The Court of law promptly inter I posed, and deolaring bis anti Know Nothing oppoaeat legally entitled to the office, taught the ledges the lesson that the United States in 1855, is not France at the end of the last century. * Following up these Washington examples, sbove referred to, Neal Dow. of Portland, the Know-Nothing Maine-law king, notoriomly seeking a monopoly of and speculation in rum himself, has caused the murder of unof fending citisens, in their streets, by the mili tary. The Hon. William Free ton, of Kentucky ? This gentleman declined the anti Know Noth lag uominatioa for Congress iu bis distriet re f*ntiy, on the ground that the mass of the Democratic party there havisg refused to go - o :he oath-bwsad saoret prescriptive politi. oal organ la ad oa it was due to them to permft them to aelect ona of their own nambar as tha candidate of 'he anti-Know Nothings, promts lag at the same ttase to lahor eaneeUy for his ?lection, whoever he might be. The remit <*111 be that the Demooratio anti-Enow Noth ings will take Mr. Preeton up by acclamation, ??d he will rarely be elected He Is one of the ablest legislative statesmen of <he age, and was in the late Congress universally acknowledged to be witbont a superior In that branch of the public service. He is a high toned Whig and gentleman, and always com manded the confldanqe and deep respect of his opponents. he Tally.?Captain John H Goddard, aoted throughout Monday last as the oballenger on the anti Know Nothing ride at the Third Ward polls, avers that but 0(18 votes were re ceived at the window, as shown by his register, and that perhaps two more were possibly taken there. He, at the time, marked down 314 peTWtrf who voted the anti-Know Nothing ticket. The commissioners acknowledge the re oeipt of 316 anti Know Nothing votes, and some 41 more on the Know Nothing side than were re ceived at the window, according to the reoord kept by Capt. G. The rest came in at the convenient other place, referred to in our ar tble of Wednesday last, for hurrying up the Know Nothing votes, while the window was to be shut on a large number of anti Know Nothing voters. Two anti Know Nothing votes were reoeived at that other place, by the by? one, the vote of a connection of one of the Conveniently slow receivers of the votes, and the other that of one of that gentle ^.an's near neighbors, who happened to go to vote in com pany with him. Fellow-citizens, such is the manner in which your most sacred rights are treated by eleotion board?, deliberately con stitated to be all one-sided in obedience to the rseolves of the Know Nothirg lodges in your midst, whose instruments the late Kbow Noth ing Councils were, rather than your legal offi cers, aa they woyld have boen but for their obligations to the sooiety of the Lowell wit ness. The Know Nothing Rational Convention ? A tew facts h*ve already become prominent in the doings of this body now in session in Philadelphia. First. That Genoral Wilson, of Massachu setts. instead of being kioked out of the con elave, neck and heels, as promised before the Virginia election by our talented, courte eus, amUble, entertaining, ingenuous, truth ful and knowing neighbor, is actually its ruling spirit, its lion, and the supreme director of its action, chief among its :hief, and most beloved of all its treasured ones. He, it is, who is dictating its policy. Seoond. That Mr. Kenneth Itayner. of North Carolina, seems to be Gen. Wilson's bottle holder, seconder of his motions, and their chief southern advocate. Mr R. emphatically en dorses Gen. Wilson's proposition that Know Notningism shall inscribe cn its banner a re peal of the Nebraska bill, which is the Ultimatum of Northern Know Nothicgism Third. That the Catholio delegates from Louisiana, though of course disavowing any temporal allegiance to the Pope on their oaths, have been unceremoniously kicked out of rho convention because they are Catholics; and Fourth That there are on hand any quan tity of Know Nothing quarter nags for the I'tebideiicy?broken-down politicians, pecu niary speculators in the legislation of Con. res*, State Legislatures &c. ????? California Land DistrioU ?To those who a?e seeking settlements is California it may be interesting to know that the S ate has been divided about equally into three land dis tricts?the Northern, with the offije at Marys ville, on Feather river, convenient to the eet tled portions of the district, and in the midst of the first discovered gold region; the Mid die diet iot, which embraces the oity an J bay of San Frar cisco and the valley of the San Joaquin river, the office for which is situated at lienicia, between the bays of Susan and San Pablo; ai d the Southern, extending from nnar the outlet of Tulares lake to the southern boundary cf the State, with the office located a* Los Angelos, a shrrt distanct from the pea | coast of bay of San Pedro. It is scarcely ne cessary to mention, that, from the acoounts which have reached us gold nnd other valu able minerals have been discovered in each of the above-mentioned districts. Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia?is on the stump against Know Nothingism, and is out for Cong ess cn that issue He grapples wi;h it after the fashion of Henry A Wise having, through his never-to-be.forgotten let ter and a single speech demolished it in his district, so t^t tha Know Nothings decline running any one against him, though they felt as certain of electing their man before he broke ground against them, as our talented, modest, courteous, entertaining, Ingenuous, truthful, and knowing neighbor felt of the election or Flournoy?as certain of it as of bis owu existenoe. A New Cattsr.?The Treasury Department has reoently purchased a fine elipper-bullt Baltimore pilot boat, of 90 tons, to be used as a guard ihip to enferee the quarantine regula. tions In the port of Charleston, South Caro lina. She is to be called the William Aiken, and will promptly be put in commission. The Connecticut Flection ? Municipal elec tions are being held in Connecticut. In Hart, ford, New Haven and Norwich, where the Know Nothings carried everything last year, as though with a whirlwind, they are as sig nally overwhelmed with defoat. The Current Operations of th? Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 8th of June, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $2,031 00 For the Interior Department 15 031 82 For the Customs 05,047 00 War warrants reoeived and en t0**1 17,970 95 War repay warrants reoeived and entered.. 10,508 05 Covered into the Treasury frem Customs 200,375 05 The Aboecum Light House.?The Attorney General having approved the title# of the site purchased for the first class light-house to be built at Absecum, on the Jersey coast, orders have gone frcm the Light Houso Board for the immediate commencement of the construction of the work. The Third Ward ?The convenient judges of the election in the Third Ward took 712 votes on Monday las', leaving fr m one hundred to one hundred and fifty Anti Know Nothings outside of the window?when they oleeed it anxious to deposit their ballots?against 824 reo ived at the poll of that ward last year; while the Commissioners of the Bleotion for ths Fourth Ward received on this occasion 1044 votes! A man with half an eye in his head will understand how It happened that these oonvsnient commissioners failed to. reoeire more than 711 votes up to T p m , there being from 109 to 160 of their opponent! waiting oat j aid* of the window U rote, against 834 votes reoeired at the tuie polla leg* year, before 7 p. m.; end elao against 1044 votes received al the Fourth Ward polla on thifl occasion. ?? pkbn?naL .... We deeplj regret to learn of the death of the referable wife o f the Hon. Elisha Whit tlesey, First Comptroller of tbe Treasury, wh'eh took plaoe on Monday last at her resi See in Ohio Her partner through a long has the si no ere sympathy of a very large le of attaohed friends, who knew the de ceased bu' to venerate bet for bar many ex?< oellent qualities as a christian, wife, parent, and member of society. .... Hon. J. L Orr, of South Carolina, is at the Kirkwood Haose. and lion. J R Lack land and Hon Preston King, cf New York, at Willardi' Hotel. .... James tsher dan Know^es has written a pamphlet with thoobj;ctof proving that the Gospel attributed to Matthew " was oomposet by all tbe apostles together, who employee Matthew as a penman : ....Dr Morgan, of Vanderburg, Indiana. got drunk a sbort time sinoe, went home anc tonnd bis family absent, when by s me act of hip, the home tock fire, and he was burned ti doath in the ruins .... Capt. G E Mier, one of the eelebratcd Mier prisoners, who saved bis life by draw ing a white bean, was lately killed in Texts | by a man named Yarrington .... Matthew Gilfry, who fought bravely [ in the Mexican war, earrying the flag of the first Pennsylvania regiment at Vera Crna Cerra (iordo, and Puebla, died yesterday morning at his residence in Philadelphia This fl*g, which was perforated wi b bullets, be planted upon the height of Cerro Gordo in the mlist of tbe smoke of battle, and be was tbe first man of the regiment who got within the enemy's works ....When the Rev. Rowland Hill had reached his eighty-third year, and had been in tbe ministry sixty-four years, as a general thing he preaohedseven times a we-k. besides hiiviDg much of his time occupied by public engagements. ....The New York Evening Post has been requested to say there is no truth in tbe repott that "Tom Thumb" was recently married to a Mi>s Vinton of Bridgeport, Connecticut Tbe ladv referred to is merely hired to tskeeharge oi Tom Thumb, attend to his wardrobe, Ao. Tcm is no w on a professional tour in that State, with Mr Seth Howe's memgerie and circus ...?In the C(immune of St. llilaire do la Noaile. France, a man, named Jean Lapierrt, 107 years of n^e, was recently married to e woman named Petron Neuville, of the teoder age of 80. ....A New York paper states that a "sport ing gentleman," who "has 'paid great atteu Lion to rats," make* a bet to harness a hun Jred rats and drive tbemin a light wagon up the Broadway. 1 he gentleman is, in fact, a retired whipper-in of the British Houbo of Commons ....Rev. John Sawyer, of Garland, Me. who is now within a few months of one hun dred years of age, is at the Marlboro Hotel, in Boston. He is on his w.iy so revisit the ?cenes of his cbildbood, in Hebron, Connect! I cut, from whence he removed come eighty. [ eight years ago " Father Sawyer." as be is c illed. is a graduate of Dar'mruth College, of I tbe clafs of 1783 and has been in the minis try, as pastor and missionary, nearly seventy | years. .... The New York Evening Post, of yec'or day. says: " C? 1 Kinney has not yet turned op. Ths United States Marshal and bis men uHre aroutd " but they ?ay ?he Colonel is Dot. Tbe dntrct attorney decline to try Fabsus wi h on- KiLney, and there the matter han^s. The report that the Colonel is gone to the Crime* our reporter says, is not generally oredited." .... Mt. Oeorgs H. Randall, formerly of this city, has become the editor and publisher of the Carro.l County (Md.) Democrat .... One of tbe oldest conductors m the United States, is at present in tbe empl .y of the Philadelphia and Geruiantown Railroad Company. Mtjor Krickbaum oommsnced bis career in August, 1830, and sinee then has been o?ns*ant;y in service?traveling on an average about 73 miles per diem This would make the entire distance passed in the sixteen years over 425 OuO miles, or equal to about eeventeen times nround tbe globe .... James Means, Esq , of Steubenville, Ohio, la'e President of the S'eubenville atd Indiana Railroad Company, died suddouly at Philadelphia on Saturday last ? Barnum'a B*by Show is still drawing | thousands and thousands of men, women and children to his Vuseum. As many as 32 000 people have yisited the exhibition sinco Tuea day, and the proflra to the showman must be enormous A mock beroio add i ess on bab'es and baby oultivation was delivered yesterday afternoon, by Mrs. Fowler, one of tbe strong est of the strong minded jYOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND 80CI _ eiy?'1 he members ot the ahove So i< tv ate respe itully requited to attend the funeral of our late fellow member, William Dam, from Lis late residence on 1) aireet, between Second aid h rd, (Mechanic's Hew,) at 4 o'clock p m.,to morrow, euiuj^y. je y THR MEMBERS OF THE COLUMBIA - rire Company No. 1, return their a ncere thanks to Merars J Hepburn and B. E. Green, for refreshments furnished at the fire la-t night, en i ap JeO-lte JAMES McDERMOTT, Sec. ^MR. EDITOR :?It having been curret?t'y ? reported that my vote was challenged and | rejected by ihe Judges of the Second Wa.d, at our I recent municipal Hection, I deem it proper to sav that there is not the foundation far ike r*J 1?ii TOtM Wjs deP?-'ted Without ohj'ction or challenge from any quarter. If any had been m?e I wa* prepared, with my certificate, to shew that my naturalization papers were granted m me by the years ago?Urt ?',h'" Dl',ric, mon ZZEjltl n?!J!e ^Iteint t0 wh,ch r find the rumor has spread, muht plead my excuse iu intruiwg a matter ner aonjl to myself, into Uie c ,lumns of your je 8-1?""' kC'' ORBGORY ENNI8. ftWH, THE UNDERSIGNED SHOE M"r ?? chants of Wiubington do hereby mutually ajjr. e to close o?r respective places of bu>ir.esj at llthiiaL??. iP'm'' Pr,8rui *,Jr?fro,n on after the L',';?y 01 ,J"ne unt" lhe l?t day of September, 1855, Hbiorday nights alone excepted. D. R. WALL, SAMUEL W. TAYLOR h CO BURNS a COCHRAN, ' ?. P. HOOVER, A. A. SLOAN, A. HOOVKR It 80V. HENRY JANNEY, Je 9?It JOHN MILLS. ,S I RAW BLRRY FESTIVAL FOR THE ?' - mm mm Of 8t VinCCDt'? Omhln Aaerln will be held in Franklin Hall, corner^??D ?treeiNon TUESDAY EVENING nexi. i?7- 4t orphans ue invited to attend. F"'JRC"FESTI VAL~THE ra.n Hotu.^RectSr^SrS!!.' onew7DS?MD5?EiEN^ continued throu^?he S^Vhe p^S'are ^ Je'CT"^ l? the of thechurchdebL fcTheA|N,L?IC#?Wi? AND EXCURSION l ? U>bertv OI4I most respectfully make known to their friends and tbe public cenerailv tliai 7"' *ve their first Pic Nicon mSSdaY Ut l*avilionV Je 5 eo3t* ID r" advcrtieement. *fnRiA|?DvM0^IjIGf,T EXCURSION l7a^^ (.rli N,c~The Go<xl Will dob beg leav? to uif rm their friends and tbe public in m*ti S m!he \VtT,U lh?U ?,r,t Excur i<"' ^nrt P.c July%, ItoT " Pavilion on THURSDAY u?7 weluture advertisement )e 7?eoat OOMM OF A?? moralnf' between Mrs. Carter's, jor.h A street, Capitol Bill, along the north SoLD f vnd^# *?,0?al a larpe jjlS hJb"'"' " Ml*' Hw?..C?y.| LINT OF LITTIBI !ir*nai$d*t ?a tk* PrtH Offlrc, ?FailingUm, D. C., Jmu e, [ Ortferrrfto l>e rii nMnrf fn U* M ?vanwe Utah.'' | ?gretvM* to U? fi>lh 0*t serffe* 0f the P** OfU Tm**?Wfe; tk* nc tmpapet kartng IKt Inrffti ctrc*> .'iffen e/ any tntty paf*r pMisJud ?n Waskington: ?BC. 5. Jt*d ie it further enact e-i, Th?t the list o letters r? insininp uncalled for In any p??i office in any city, town, or filiate, where newspaper* shall I be printed,aba)I, hereafter, be published oace onlv in the newspaper which, belnc issued weekly, ??i oftener, tkall have the lor gent circulation within the ranee of the delivery of said office, to be decided bt the postmaster at such office.1 SWPeraooeapplylsx tor iettee la Us toUsvlu UsL wll 4?*s* say Umj irt utsstmss. ?? LIST. Jonea, Inn J ad 4, Mrs Lm. Mrs ;<IUn Lowper, Miss Jennie Karris, Ann Maura*, Mrs J t Martin. Mrs Ann Mitchell, Mrs Isaac W Mnaldsn, Mi s Itrtk J Mabftreey, F&aar Martin. Mlas Barrlett M*:.lac. Mrs Nancy Muaku, Miss CaUtaHes Mai wad. MIm L?<7 B McCerty, Miss 8uean M?Laae, Mrs Ofctbarias Martha, M**re?ar Ktviwd, Mrs ABB Newton, Mr* Sttsa ? Nawcona, Brtdflt riant, Mr* M A Peterson. P?rb*ry P<wer. Mtss Loafs* Blvera, Mrs Blsa Scott, Mrs Sllaabetli A Sdiuaar, MIm Sarah Ann Btewart, Mr* Mary B ???erwood, M>* Diss B Slmpeoa, Harriet Shorter, Ml** Catharia* t'lir.KD, Mlaa Jane wn:?u, miss j h Y'-anf, Miss Barak S ? LADII Adastt, Miss Ansa D Adania, Mr* Bets Brook*, J'ill* Brown. Mrs A J Brook, Mrs Jans B Bt1..oaer, Miss Loalaa Beneon. Mrs BiK-hao?o, Mrs Abba Clirlst, Base Oaton. Mrs John ClMfhan, Ooraallo* Calwell, Mis* Sarah A Darts, MlsS Anna A Davis, Mr* H?nn&h Da* Is, Miss Eliubatk Darts, Mtss Maria Durea!, Mrs 0 B Doneran, Mlas Marfan* Davis. Mr* Mary F D?r?ey, Miss Ana trans, Mr* Blisa L Fd Tarda, Mary Jans Etc hereon, Mis* Marab E tslsn, UlilLS Kv*r*tl? Mrs Belinda Mdwards, Mrs Bllzabsth Fray, Mr* Mary Virginia Klemlwr, Mr* Susan Farss, Miss Jan* Porrest, Mr* Susaa Ann tirubb, Mrs HeW?* Miss Mary Jans Harcvsr, Ml** M..r^ar*t Joae, Mr* Rebecca C Anderson, W H Andlnaon. Chas AI sop. B P Breclike, Wm 1 Brown, Wni C Htahop. Or WbS Bayley. Win T Bruwti, Warren 8 Burrldfe. Wm ? Brown. Wsi T Bell. Wm B Banks, W 0 Browu, Bicbard BRTt-BMEHT LIST. Rramell. Matthew Grant. J W Fits Bndolph. B Flow, Job FoeW, J no Farley, Jno Fniwjck. Kdward Pi titer, Doacias OlltBore, O A fllbson, Talltr M Grant, W H 0ny*1nc*r. Sam'l Glddlii**, S S Oriiwold, B W D D Keaman, Jao Gaaklue, Madlsoe Nelson, J' Mini."re*. A McGlaucklin, J H MrOSrtr. Jaiaa* Mrt'nwtlJin, Jno J MeCarres, Jno McGaffey, J W M'Kwt, Hon Mr McAleer, Philip ?rCoriBlck. W F McOormtefc, B N'yer, Jao Boy I*. Mr Barclay, Jarne* Rar. lay. Janie* T Brown, Hon. J H Be*tor, Jno Borlieane, H Bod in*. G M Bowl*, Q W Beale, Geo N Barrett, Geo B Galliot* Julie* ?rt*t. F Gard'nar. F.dward Barsl, D W R*rallt'n, Wm Henry, W A Harney, Gen W 8 Hard. N A Hawley, Jno W a H .rbark, Jas F Buchanan, Cnpuln Hoyt, Ja- R Franklin i Buweii. r-aE'ls L Boat, Ellhu Bye. E Mortlaisr Baieman. Edw Houell, K Beck, Dorscy B'jreiow. C A Kornstein, A S Bayle* Dr A H Boi?r, A J Cloyd, John Cowman. Tbos J Oorb^tt, San I Chomnont, Carlo Crop**r, Robert C-nolly, Bobert Carter, Robert Clark, Gov M H Campbell, J W J Coleman. Jame* Caton, Jno Cummluga.Capt Jo* Rally. N*?i Carter, Harrl?on F Kelly, Jaaie* Oummlnf* A Hutch- Knight, J llefleriiau, Jno Henderson, Jno Hall, Mr and Mrs Hasiprts*. Jos Hobby, J*me* M Hall, Ho?*ton Heard. F H Huut, F S Hove, Tranci* H Horner Edward Haw, Dr Heller, Chas Hamilton. CO I Ho(hne1?ter. A Howard, Isaiah Johnson, W C Jackson, James 1 Jouea Jeflers Jones, Franklin Jacob*. B F Kennedy, Tbo* Kean*. Steph*n in son Crook. 0*o Ootinsr, Davy Ootiborn, Caleb Onlllna, Andrew Clements, A N Chamber*, A 8 Cos, Wm Doraioti, Wm Dolen, Wm Davla. Richard H Donaldson, Mr Dol, V?* mllion Drrth, Jauie* Doughty, Jno J Darla, J W Dean, M?J H J Dswltt, A Dorsnd AS * E'ieon, Wm K<~kel, Sam'l Eaton. Isaac Kby. J R KuUht. Geo H Lenoir, Win Lee. Wm L Logan. Wbi l attamrr 8, A Co Lm. Maj R B Lea, John Lindtley, Capt Jos Lumpkin, Judgs J Larner, G W Lord, Francis B Lo' K. Dav d Le<loax, Amarcn I Mellir, Wm Mlu"r, Wm Niobolson, J ? Wlchols, Bao M*l*on. Carlo* Fhllllpa, W 6 Flper, T Fepper, S D Fo k. 8 A Fere, Jno Peter*. Jno B Peters. H F Philips, e w t Psnnork, Lt A M Qulmby, Tho* ? t Roblitaou. Tbos S Rabbi U. Tho* R.?et?to?dt. Mr Rom. Henry Robartsos, 9 W Rohr, Chaa Bead, A B Shaw. W W S Bunt, Wm Hhalirroaa, T F Bhaukland, Tho* Silvery. R W Sbaw Nicholas M Shelan, Jacob 0 S ha field, J do Bimpaoa. Janaa A Smyth, Jno Smith, Geo Smith. P L Steven a. B R. A Oo Stevens, E S Kt?- sns, I M Slrksls. Daaiel Band, C H Sh*ehan, Dan 1*1 BUwart, Cha* A , Thompson, W J A Turner, Kami B Tsfoer. Santiago Tompkins, R*v R R Tully, Kyle* M Taylor, Dr Jno A Tucker. Jame* E Titus, Henry Tu<-kerman, E G Taylor. B F Van Dyke. Tho* Whit*, Dr W J M 'tils, Hatnnel Montgomery. Rlchd Walker. Samuel Me?han, Mlchaal Meenlrn, I^onis Martini Loals Major, Jno Monro*, J Mcller, Jacob Miner, Jaipe* K<lmondstoii,D*c1us Mitchell, Imv 1 Wjr Ealin, Oulnmbn* Kmerson, Andraw Fuller, Wm Ford, Thoe McC Freiah, Richard Mhl'lletoa, J A, Mitchell, Henry Wood, 8 A Wllleon, Jno ? Wl lett, Jno WtlleoB, J bo ? Word, Jno Wo<4, Jao Whi*ler, J B Whit*. J L Wynne, J T Williamson, Ja* B I I Morrison. Enoch B Wright, Jos A Mallord. Chas Witterson, B M Merrick, AD Weyl, Aug initials. Chief Washington Capitol Clrcl*; Chief Washington Pofc^ I mac Cirel*; N. O. Delaware Lodge, I. O. O. F.; A M th* mau who want* a wlf*, M***rs A. A B.; A. B L. JuQ?* JAMES 0. BEBBBT. P. M. omciAi. Drpabtmuit of Ptatr, I Washington, June 8, 1096 f The fol'owing notice haa been offl?ia ly commu nicated to this department for the information of | the ciuzer:s ot the United States. NOTIFICATION. Foa-toaOrricB. May 16,1855. It i* hereby notiflei that the Hight Honorable the Earl of Clarendon, KG, Her Majesty's Principal Secret iry of Htile f.,r Foreij-i Affair*, baa received front the Lords Commissioner* of the aimiralty an official . oii.auiiiratloa from R ?r Admiral the Hon oratde R. 8 Dundna, commanding her MBjeeiy>a ?hipt< ?n idk Baltic, ?nd acting in th?- name anil r n J the beltali o lirr Majesty t nd of her Ally, his Impe lial Maje ty the Ciii|*eror of the Fr* in h, aniiMan Ping the ei?tal liahmeni, on and from the 28<b April la?t, of a ttr ci blockade of the Bussian porta and Vlacra therein mentioned by an ?*ir*cuve torce which communication la to ibe following effect: 41 By the Honorable Ri bird Saunders Danrfas, C. I B. R Hr-Admira. of the B u?, and Commaader-in chief of her Mnjeaty'a ship? and pearls eaaptoved ; and t? b-; employ d on a p rucuUr service. "It is liereb) notified that on the 28th day of April last the entrance to the gulf of Finland, from Haneo He^d. in latitude 59 dee. 46 min. N , longitude 93 dec- ?8 min E to th" Daf< n>rt ligli; house, in lath ud- 5o d f. 55 N.,b>ngitu<le 29 tieg >9 min. E. i a:id that all Hu-smn ports, r ads, hav-ns and creek, ?r m ths fiagemrt to the Finland light house, in lat itude ;8 deg 55 mm. N , loogiiud 9i dec 68 min- E were placed in a slat.- of strict blockade b / a com peteiit lurce of her Majesty's ships. And it is here Ly further r.otified that all meaMtirea auih mzed by j the la*>s of nati >na, aiH th" reap- ciive treaties be twe?;n her Majeetv and tlie diffr-rmt nruuil powers I will be adoptt-d and executed on behalf of her Ma testy and her Ally, his Majesty the Emperar of Uie French, with respect to all vessels whicb may at tempt to violate said blockade "Given on b? ard her Majesty's ship Duke of Wei lingtonj' at aea, io the Fermern Belt, Una Sd day cf I May, 1853 . 7 1 UR. 8. DUN DAS." And it ia hereby further notified that all m- a urra | authoriE- d by the 1 ws of nationa, and the respect ive treaties betwern her Majesty and her Allie*, and I the different neutral powera, will be ndopted and ex ecuted on behalf of her Maieaty and her Ally, his Majesty the Emperor of ha French, with reenect to all veatela which may attempt to violate the aaid blockade LIME, WOOD AND COAL. ?U*HELB LIME, now landing freah I ? v a? V from ihe kilna, (w>.od burnt and of aupe- i nor quality,) the best of the season, suitable lor plasterers, buoklayers, stona ma^on*, fce. All those ' in want of the article wi.I pleaae call on Monday I next, and examine for theoiselvea, as the price at the house will tie lowered t? Brut th- times I Alan, Hickory, Oak and Pine WOOD, COAL, he.. oi. hand. All of which will be aold low. ? ^ ?'*. WABDER, Cor 92th and C ats . near the CbmaI, No. 548, je 0 St [Organ] 1 000 ^B8- Imob. J. t/e" Fv/v 30 boxes new Cheeaa 10 balea Hopa, low price Ju?t received and for sale by }e9-903l MURRAY k StMMBB. Fob sale-a good family iokbk and! Carnaae Enquire at the Stablea of Mr. ROB KET EAfcL, In the First ard. Je fl?8t* IF YOU WANT TFJE verv fine?t silk e moleskin HAT go to AN THONY'S, on 7;b street, second door north of , Pa. avenue, where yoa can get the very beat for f 1 5 0. f He aells for cash only. He coea lor a small profit and qmck returns A dollar saved is a dollar irade. _ je 9?3t PEKKONg NAttlBn PHB1KBTI will find at LAMMOND'S, 484 Seventh n , i ? f1* At variety of Fancy Notion*, suitable for all ages und tastea, and at prices that cannot fail to pleaae. . jeT - 1 E8CA PRC I) in F stree', between 13ih and '4th street*, a spotted CANARY BIRD, for the re <Uin of whicb, if found, a suitable reward will be I given. Apply at this office. J? *?** STRAYED on the9?tb of May, from Sarah ! K 'Ugh, on L street, between 13th and dBMtaf 14th, a large black milch Cow, large born* turned up, about 8 yeaw old. A rewardMfeygi ] will be riven to any person oo her return, Je 9 -3t STHAYKD AWAY from the boose of i** subscriber about a week slate, a small siae brindle COW, bavia? dark spots aboutlE^R ibe eyes, the rest cf the f ce being M hite.Mdka and It b be lived B small white atreak un bt r back. Any person wba will be kind enough to rive inf;>; tnetion of BBkt Cow shall be suitably rewarded BTEPHE.1 P HILL, B?T H m , ? doors aast LaAtyetH fqoare. je9?!!? r - EXCURSION TO THI LS2AT FAXi AND fVATEK WOKK8 It being ImpoMfble far tbt rw Packet Bo*t ro*G(I>j| **1 C iri'i MerriN. to loavr k<r r? nMar other day, she witl makr an ri-u WtnV.*2 Jane lOib, at 8 o'rkk a m , in affr d p?rri|**T oppnri unity ol v'.nhnr Ui? Ur at I'oih c. u? ai..c a .J examine tbe Wa hingt< n Av)?f4^a^^ Pare for the round trip, 50 cvr>?gtBUew^isj ladv 75 cents ^ Rrfrekhments can be l*M ??* board. The Baat will le.ive ih Wharf nf W 8. 4 a ? Rir?-r, ?ear the Market Hou*e, 5*<"|?t<,?iiM i o'clock a n A boat will b* ia waiting at ;h? F.JW tn aixtate dxwe whi* mhy wi?h to oon the r vet SHotJM the weather prove on? it *gj poMpoard lu iI the following ou' lay. >*7?at PIC Hir h>!?kFT^ ?'u"? *t*rre? a~nr^Tv Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Off a, Wort, and Toy Ba^w, ' AI'O. a lot of Preeh Perftrmir, fr*m ^pr>n ? a. |!am**n and j?te, Hanef, PbrtarfetplMn. (W, Itruxhea, Pan*. Playing and \ istttnc Car(?. <\J Cases. Port* Mnthtirt, Jr| O^o .a, Por-k't (t larv Cafes, Music, Vusica ln?irumenf*, S ?i?> pttj a,' JO .N P ELI.N, ??? Pa. trn bet ?th and Itnk m J*8-tf PANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, lc AT HUTCHINSON k Mt NRO'Sean WJaaarfJ a r eat variety of Paaey ??<-*) M CahJ0 Work Bnasa, Travel mg <*,.??. Pu . rw,, M naiea, Card Canes, Witting b^k- Goe prR, ^ Pencil#. Packet Kniv?#, t^twwom. Banaa, Sfaavm. Canes. Shaving Cnsa, Comb* *nd Slra-he* ta ' variet*, PnflHM*, Labia's, Plain, Ha.naaat 1,4 oth?r choice extract.*, all wa;rar>t??i ri gil> ' r<j ma dee, LvonV Ksihairon, llarryV 1 nc< at Ahs, Gloves, H< wery, HaMk*rch>ef-, L? f? Embroideries, b.bbons, Prench Pl< w?m Roan^n' and Milliner*' Goods generally, to r hicb tat tioo 0? the ladie* is pnrtirnlariy i?vit>-d. HUTCHINSON k Ml \K0, J* B-8*. 310 l a. iiv?nue, bet 9ih and ikk na. TWO PJARO* tha* have been ia Mr%t few months for aal*: uion very cheat* and rea aonable term* JOHN r. ELI.18, SO0 Pa. avenue, bet 9 t and lOtk ?? Je S?if SCHUTTIR k KAHLERT, ARTISTS, Fresco, D cor alt**, and every u'? ctiftim of ORNAMKHTAL PA1 ITUo. Order* Wt with Baldwin and Nenniag, tect*; will b* prooaptlr aiv nried to. }e8 dle?* IMPORTANT TO PKBSONS BR^AK |M<5 UP HOUSEKEEPING. r^ERPONS removing fr< in the city, and wabi^ I t<? di-p"w of tb? i' Purniiare and Huatrt^p in*Uteasil? Sic , without the trouble of mcing th?iu ti aoltlic aoctioa. cxa do ao by caCiagaa u? at our Pure. 317 Pa avenue, eoraer of Hiatfc ?, a? w ? arc pre|?n d to bay all such |or d# at my be offeted you-ekrepcrs and oth* rs wtll do well by calling on u?, as we wilt pav the highest caah pnc?* far uich c cds. WALL, BARNARD k CO. 7?2m SI7 Pa as Dtatrlct (fColambia,* iorm, )<s?tf: THEREBY canity that Peirce 8ho maker, or (aid county, brought before me. a* eatray. (r*? ia'> on hi? cnrl'iaure. a dun MARE MCLE. twentv-five years old Given umJ'r hand of me. one of (he just ices of the pe^ce in and for taid county, t^if Srh day of Jocr i l?55 JO0HUA PEIRCE i The owdt of the ab'ive deaenbed jropem will f please come fr>rward, proee property, pay charge. ' and lake her away. PKFRCB SHOEMAKER. je 7?Jt* Ar P*ir*eH? Mill, -a Roca Creak For sale?a fixe lot op private?7? Drav Horary, ju?t ajrired from Wanhi^uia cn, Pa , and will he -old at a fair mice. Caa kc *e>n at WM. SPRMG'd STABLE, on Br^lte itrm, Ciinttilown, D. C jc7_3t> BARMY'S THiroPIIEROCS fnr pre serving the hair, removinf <curf, dandrn#, kc. lor -ale at I AMMQND'S, Tib s . je 7?St Laud w*bra!?t? parted. I will pay the hirhcat cash pr1?-f for Liad War rama. AUdrr>. ire, at the Astor II .^e. New York, or at York, Pennsylvania. je 7?3t? ALEXANDER HAY. LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Af*nt lur claims, N? 5>T Twelfth street, will j?ive tfie higlieat raark't ptice in cold fo- Land Warrart* )* 7?Inr PATWT ICE CIIEA1 VHkkl ERS Ice Cream Mni'ds, Jelly kfaald-, Meioa IHoulde. Bice Mould*. I uoduig Mow'le, Padding Pans, Cake Paas. Pat y Pan?, Cake ruuen, ar t< Houxekeeper'a Store, #90 7th ?u~ 1. A je 6 G. PIANt IS. \ IADIVir* WORK BAPKRTP.-Card j HasKftf, Travflms Basket, Ky PMketn, Knife Basket-, Cigar Baskets, Marie t 3a-kets CJotlie6 Bx-keta, a large variety, very low v the Honstk-eper'a ParnUhlug Store. 4 90 fVvntii direct. G. PSANCIS. je 8? FURNITURE SALE?THE /.RTIC:.*^ EE maii.iiu ui.aold at the r? cent falf o. Fwacase and llousekerpirg Goodr at the cUn- of J. R Mc Gr?for, 395 Peimaylvania ave?*ti- t^arem 4^ and 6ih ftr?? ta. snuth ?i4ef wir b? snU olT at erta-iy reduced price# duni>( th? next ten days a* tbc *ut> M>riber will pos'lively cleee up his b^inr-tr ?: in that ume Tenas: $15 tad unJ?r, cath; over that suoia credit ofdOandMriaya, for approved en4"i>ed onir*, Ix anng intareat. Dealers are requested to aa|i and e**ai;B* tbe stock. ?K McGkEGOR Je 4?lw OLD P0INT~00MP0RT. THE HOTEL at this favorite watering alae* ? now op^n for the reception <?f guest* 1b? 'ti tire eetabiir-hinent lias been put in fine ord?r. and gr? aier facilities have been n:*de for labdiag pas aengera. A small steamer has been chartered tn act as fa der upon the larrer mail boaiSj&nd a's-* ??> wake a<! ditional inps to Norlolk and Porisviourh. incluc ne two trifiaoa Sunday to and from tho^1 cities iher< br affordirg an oitporiunity of a pleeaant eieu'sinr sai enjoy the rea bathing The brat will make fobiug czcuraioria three dav, in each week. Communications ahould be addieaeed to C C. WILLARD k HRO., Propn^tms. je ?- 8w Ol Point Pmfrrt. Va. PROSPECTUS For publishing1 n mo*tkJy Mutieal W*rkf tks eitf of Washington 'PHB under<igned, at the eoliettatioB ofamny*' 1 their esteemed customers, propose puWakinf1 monthly Musical Work,eautied Th? Kation&l Ktathly Hnaieal Migois* The Mugaaine will contain from 'our to sii pages of MukIc, selected from the best Eu-opeaa and Na tive I'saasKH In addition to the Music aa eitra *heet will be added, coataininc tbe laieet ???eai News, Musical No'icea, kc. The Magaxiae ?ri be printed on thf b' -t quality Music paper,and ??' be priuttsd from engraved plates, in the neatest nar. . . The first number of the Magaalae will be ready nbou. the l?t ot Julv, lk&5. _ . _ Mr- 8 V. N' Tks, the Agent for tha Work, w aolioit kUb?erlption from the ciasen' of ths Uistn-. of Ci-lumbia nod alu.w a specimen number. Jaiiks H. Beans, No. ISO Bridge street, is u* agent for Georgetown. BILBUS k HIT/. Muaic Depot, cor. Pa. av.. l.tb and D Star Buildings, Washington, D. C. June 4?tf LEILIBU LADIES' OAIET*? Of Pa/ia, London ?nd New York Paahloos for Jai' la received and for sale at SLffLLINGTON*8 Bookstore , a companion to the popular ?? ry of the Lamplicbter Talea for the Maruiaa, by the author of Los Gl? Tbe Watchman Harper's Magazine for Joae commences a new volume The Miasing Bride, by Mrs. Soathworth Tbe Two Guardiana, by the aathor of Heartsess* All Urn Magasine* for June All tbe New Books and every thing In the 9? lion cry Nnv, for ?*!* at U ^ BHILLINOTON'S Bookmere, Odeen Building, car. at, and Pa. av. je 4?tr . NOTIO*.?Our customers are rrwperpully ? formed that on nnd after thta date, until tember. we ahall clone our store every rveningst 7% o'clock. HILHCS k HITZ. je5 Mn?ie Depot READY MADE SUMMER*CLOTHING (EAVING wi.hin ihe last few days madeg"*1 I 1 addiuoaa to oar former stock of Ready-**^ Clothing, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen every indncement ia priv? and quairty to exteiibive ultaroias before making tbe tr aelectx* Our ai?crtment ot White and col Ted Shirts Gnuse, meri o, silk and cotton Un4e.< ihuts Linen and t'otton Dnwe-n Summer Mockn, < ravau>, Scarf? Ties CVdlars, Gloven, Hoaiery, 4c., Ia vary large and complete ma? ng oar aiock one ot tha most dwdrable ro select trow tan l?s and quality to bn found this aide of New Istf WALL k BTEPBENE M9 Pa. tve., next door 10 Jro? l )? ??1* ' pNWrt

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