Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1855 Page 4
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N?\n sr\?. HOPE We bad the aentanre of death within our*elve. *2? tnM* *" wwlm but in God, wbo rx **ih tt,e deaj ' ?i Cor , p ' AwillJ. riag flower WiiUii4 th?: ^.-den'- bound, Who.- ti no b^.nty rr rich fragrance fonnd. i?He*p cuiebfrpf of pf??ci u? ground, . ^ Even such uul! !i-f ;htiy dry and worthier to the wi*m. yhf Mndl? w?r.-h. d ard lomliy traded uio? ^ ? wtlai <? *?tfl far ti?f* poor dower to do Exr^pt t? die! *? A bruis*-.i worm up n a tandy plain \\ h^very^ movement gi'vea f?-h ^a,n, ? ei ?orae far diatant e?a? intent to ftuR Even ?nch am I! - ????* ?"-Uw **ak.onubeo forui allowed No re,p,te from ,h- wc , ,l,,n closely crowd - *vnat ran the poor worm o but w?a*- iu fhroutl. And calmly die i IT *?l f 'r tb*! w?<*?*r?u* flower, tho> deatl; b ight ntr petals with lii-? icy breath; Their m-tant fill! her triad -aith ? E?n?9 uiy 1! Ah, wish no. that ban: ?t n?\. >ad late repe iled * Lo glowing iru.t wb*-h U*s* .1/y leaves coceAled In npered. awful beauty stands r scaled? 1 hr flower Diu<i die ! And srieve nr* for fee we^y path of pa.n, Tbe bruised w.?ui was travelling i>V me niain or ^UiAdldst wtataten will itV object ?a; ? 3 Even so may J ? ST" Sn ' *""* Wwl P^i *> will the m?(Ma-lied w..rm to rest .n gio-wi, v>i?o. bammefl0n? hUKmiio aiytomb ' Soars to thr sky ! saviour, mat me the flawer ;nat ?!i?* to aiv< Lu*?u tor the precKKia, (Melul fruit to livY; inen hopeful, I my ?enten?.e may receive? MH<>rn but to iHf !?? And let ay btfiM lo.m a? ait its doom. ? m.. .rwm death to Lira the change ,hall come, Aud 1 b? nuted^ihe Chita, to share His home Of b:?s? f?r? high! Faithful Doo ?We were touched by a simple statement of the loss of a ooy and the fidelity wf a dog in last week's Caledonian. The boy fall into the large mrer in Barton, unseen by any one but ajpH A large dog owned near by, ward the splash ran to the spot, and" leaped into the stream. It was just dark, and boy and dog disappeared be or, any help arrived; next day the bo luVS7erc taiien ^om water together, the dog grasping the boy s coat and vest ooiar m h:so?cutfa. fcnd he arrns 0, tbe bo^ ciasp^a around the dog s body So tirady Wer they unfted in the slrutrgle ?tali; ihat they were separated with tm> little difficulty The grasp of the boy aroirnq thi body of the dog was such as to prevent him from using his legs, other wisafce would doubtless have rescued the ' Turlington Free Press. APFF.-nNG fxciDKNT.?A seaman w- It*; fleet before Scbastopol, whose lamily uve* at Polperro, in this coonty. fas ordered on short for the purpose oi i as.M-,t?ng u; burying the slain who fell in _ late attack oi the Russians on the JJntjsh batteries: aud almost the first pjrson he met with on landing was one vf is brothers, ol whose presence in the ne< t he was not beiore informed, and who had been severely woundtd in the Tate engagement. From him he learned that bis two other brothers were all serving io the navai briga ie on shore ? and witir him he remained until he saw him expire He then proceeded on the^ duty for which he landed, and soon dis covert the bodies of his two other brothers, wiu> had been killed in the bau44t. Eis feelings may be imagined, as he assisted in laying these three1 brother s ot his own side bv side in one I ^rave.? 1 nmicall Rnyal Gazette. i^' Winter s Pollers are thus improved by the Amherst (N. C.) Cabinet: "We ttav? rtoen;?y made aa improvement in the making of our roller^, which was en tirelyor.ginal with us, although it mar have been known to others before us, but Jor wnico those not acquainted with it will thank us when they have once tes ted it. It is s'mply to prtparo Lliein of glue and sugar instead of glue and mo lasses. luey are much more easily pre pared, as they need but simply to be dis solved, and are much more elastic and durable """he Esquimaux says Bayard Tay ior, are afraid to die on a windy day, lest their souis should be blown away. ^ money is spent in the United Mate.-s for cigars than for common schools. aQYSIMRNTS OF UCEAN STKAMr.R v i?-M r'yt Duus, , *1'" ^ork^Liveruool... .May'& '-JTTpoo! ...Ntrw V?:rk....May 19 a-ftuwrn* L e V% w v-May 19 A/r7, P Bremen New York...May *3 ^ t^*?P*o!....Boston May a> ? r-C.^; * '?JU'rs S~rr Vcw Vo?k on * "? AT PRINCIPAL LlOTLLfS ? i?. wiLtaki* G R *t?:N?al. Md A Hucb*-s, fa J r VVatera, do J Mow -, iiJ ?; R F? iKiO-., Fa Oliver, MV li J Beam, do X Anb n, do >1 Qu'JCltntio>. NY II O liawlry do Mj Harri?r?n, Pa '1* i Byrns, do W O 11!an. Va E Wood, MJ J A > t rd. Ni J Oi Ti r, do 0 Cor.rtover, M..-n J Martin J *1 t Jk I oy, T <;?K?diii, Mi L VY J t Mat r, Va T G France, Va Mrs i'lumcr. Pa P. PV-ntr***: Mil H i* I'.ryan, do b M i-rson. d?-> J H lirii.#ley, Te'iii H * fVjvi* VY W Mat key, NY * C rViaani, Md Bt'.?ai' it vial?1t. i a m. bto'.vn .Ma) H USA J A tlU'Xng. M u-h K J Arm-4rr>ag, V l A Wilbert, do F Lh ik< W Parker, Va T M G Se-iton, do 'A* VA hi.e. \ 1) 9 Ocden a taiail>( NY W V NY M T <?<j*uell, Md N Obeney, <io ? P W BeactLdo 1' H \ViI;<ams L'al Mr? Br<?*n, Va 1 K t'Ui i VV V NVt?on. do R ?"-* e? co Ii S W allace * lady, Ky * > ?'o Mr- Clifford, do T J W;,rd NO Mm E UIdaer, do Tioidnei, Hid,, Mrs (. ruyer, Va Wt||?r?lr, Pot., -h. a. & i. c. mii~kA3 A dnip?n.a lady, SC K S Archer, Va Mis* Elliott, do H H Davi*, La E M Beach fc lady, do H s? itlicate, Eng Mi? Vanaque" do Hon J R Lackland, Mo MMd:*, do J fiunh&wc, NY R Oe J Ca'lwal<M'er, Pa Mm De Irvllle, do Mi-? F Ca^waiader, do Mi?< Bank-, do J II Cotton, NY .M . cOtiU, N Y Hon P Kior, du W t\ ri^kl, Ct \V I Ives, ?Jo C V S one, O M P Howe 1 s? ? lark, NY WW Chapman and lady, V% IV Green, do Me A W Gr: v.oid, du Mr? liaylor a daughter Mr L>-ary do D p Montague M'l Rev P J Van Pelt, do JC Hpcnee, c.*> G W .^niith. Md H R Rob^rtxan. do J T Pickelt h lady, Mex II I'ounaay, do H Euterson, jr, U ^ Run!. NY VV ii A-d^i ^toii, Va i S W illianw, Chi E?.li kv*o?ttl llowaa?J. b. a A. Eiaswo->b J Oawaon, La ? Barn* u, Ga 4 W JOiklKM, Aia Li VVillUjdo W Leonard, NY Hon J L Orr, FC A D J*-*np, Pa L VV White, O F de Caatpotaro, France J GJ: m, M??h i 1 ula, NY W A Blown, Va W & Page, Va liD Mercer, do ?wU L??ft HUt?* c. BaCkkBT. ?, Willi*. Ma<? J 1> rthiiw*lt> r, Va ? ,~T I Martin, Ma ~ i V Ww ward, do .** W B fTarke, P.-? II B Harris, Md T Leach, Ark A P Lippin- on, do Mr (1 Harard, Va ? Mitfi I T An-kln, I t J T Cook, do' H a Morrow a lady, Va ? iKrwmfif, Pla WlKilfiGTM STOVE HSOFArriT, 8 K. corner o f Pa or and Eleventh *r*rS, Sole Agency fbr chil**on, oonLn a co '8 Warming on! Venfilatioir Apparatus, M POND * CO.'S (nt Boston) Uuion Uonble-flvcn # ooking Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INV.NC'BLE double-oven range. I Constantly on hand, and reeeivinj LATROBE JTOVESj for heating tw i -iiorien; Parlor and Chaw It GRA rr.S. Enamel ed and Japanned Cookiuz, Halt, Parlo-, Chattihar and Dining Room s OVKS; Plain, Tinned and En unfiled Iron HOLLOW W \ivE, Tin, PiiUiUlirdand Ja 'timed WARE in gn at variety. Ml of which will &?' fold at the lowest possible ra?-s that will compare wuh any EstaU !.? .men: south of New York. Au ? *ai iina'ion ofny stock i earnestly solicited ?i. t3- --3?i J Art SKIRVLNG dentistry" Dk. M UNSON respcctfui;y calls public attention to iii? rsew pat:i:t.and GREATLY, IMPROVED Method <?. Mtttag Artificial T> La, wi ti Continuous Gum the. very PEUFECTION OF THE ART. Thisstyle of Teeth has the fallowing whmttgM net all others, vir.: GKLAf STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, I'OM FORT. anJ BEAUTY, v?eing with Nature in the* i-ip^cts, aiiv! in some oUith excclliug. Public in spection ii respectfully solicited. P!?a*e call aivl see fp rimens. t." ?? CTION.?No ! thtr Dentist in the District of] Columbia hi? a riylit to r.iake this style of I'eeth N. B ?Teeth coti-titutiorially healthy, plup?eJ me! wanar.tfcd for life. Olfice and bouse at No. ^?5 C street, near tb>! ;urwer of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street, ap ?>!?tf Tor pck)r and laboring menT ^::ALL 1U t ^T"G V)TS of 10 feet er mo-", t ?J -j? 7?-*?*. n! tie City. act Georgetown,? '?-T *>r!ee~ end teme tc ssP. TiI OYT> ? CO EVtLDIVO (iT?Sr. ?" r ?: th? C?nal, "T V.'huTr ? "'Ji. i't- ' -r.-r-i- nr.-. or * Vxr.rdr!n. f.ion> 4 o > - lf-tt htrast. "ar ?rMWBrUwurlMB^ NFW POLKA. 'jfM?E CHEVY CHASE POLKA, romped f. r ? and de.iit.Uefl t* Mifs Sallv D. Bradley, by.'. D. blunder--. K^q.. ot this city, whose rotep-tMliO! j have always me' with such great public tavor The merits o the piece are r<iieh ar wilt introduc s it iMiong all lovers of music. P iee 25 cents. Just piblbii" f and for pale by BILBfTg & hi I z. The Prudent'* Mounted Guard Quickstep, com posed by i c r.t cnnipludie t Pianist, Mr. Robert llei 1?t, will apre-ar in a tew dii * ninv 12 DR. TIIFOD. HANSMAN K<. j-s i? (i:li e in>us from eight to '.^n o'clock a.t'. No 505 Seventh at., Ofp Odtl f ellovot HaLL nt sv a:i-iui 1 WILLARD'S UOTtL, Old Point Couifor'i Va? THIS SPLENDID SEASHORE HOUSE la NOW OPEN. Boar; p-rd;?.y .$G 00 Board by th?.* week, p^.-r day 1 50 Roard by the mon'h, per day 1 25 Baths fret for the {rne?t. may 10 ? Im t'. C. WILLARi' ft BRO | X LVE R W A ** K, PL A fSl) W \ H u AAOF11E f'A -OT? li'fOOg.?Silver C lee and T< a Sets, S;;?.ir Pwi', Ciram Juk-. ?Tic irt?, Cups. Spoon* a;id Forkr> Algo. a gre a vanity t f majrnific< nt Fancy S^lvr Ware, suiiavc ?~r>T prt-enb;. P'"-ted Coffee p. t ?, Castorr Ba.<4t?ta, Sp<HH.s ai.d ! Pnrks, on he -t Albaia Tii-; are warra ted as represented, a; d ! "ill be ??"Jd at .-mall advance. H. Sfl^MN, ! 330 Pp.. avetnte bet 9th 10th rtmets. in4. ;2f? -tf FISCHER'S BAND FULLf ORGAN- ^ IZl I). UAV1M: now completed all iny rrangenn iii lor <i firs: rate B ..A dS and C OTII.LON BAND, f am attain at the fnice rf the public to arer.i Lxcui-i tn Ivutr-s, Exhibitions, i'sr ^e.-, Pie Nick, B ilL-, arttl a'er? nad*-H. Ali thoHc in favor of r citizen's b.-nd are respectfully i>ivit* d to tncmra.1? ? oar i a ?pri*, her- irt Wa?lii!ii>i n L'lty. P FIHCHi.R, Leader. P S --This -t*1 in) direction.i?reeolar'y J UMtrrmed, tr:cl trotn a practice over twenty y. ar? 1 caa pive sat!?i .etion io every one. It.-?' lenc- , !':> -IVC|,U?. north side, bet. Olh ?; d ; 10 ii -ueet* fir-1 d "-r wes: ot iron Hall. Onrt?T? left with Me-sr* llnbu.'- H i? puaclua'iy atten.-l.jdlo. may 11?lm* PROPOSALS" FOR STATIONERY^ | liEPATtTM-^I Or Statk, ?> WMSfcicgtoa *.Tny 20. 1S5?>. / IN V^r -a co tf ihc ' ?c. # und citking fcpprop. ihtiors ler su.-h y object, a- ha*e j ri??n uj-u'i'ly inc vutel >?> tbe gr eml >?p^ropria i<.n b'li without aatL :ti.y .f L\?. &*>d to fix and pic vi*i* ;..r i-i ir-Oiti1 ml o^p' n e- o.' >hv depart mv'' t* md o6ice* o; tlie i?o?frum^nt, auJ tor other puifNt^V' ? prcv-d L- 2? h August. 1842 gta'-d pnp.-als ? i l he ieceiv??i at th * u^pa' m'nt uc'il 3 o'clock p in., on the 23d of June next, !or ftr 'lishicg - u L ailicitf of f>ta'i< n?ry t>t may La re <*u red by it for out y-.ur from tL* st day ct' Ju'y next.???niiukerated >v the subjoined rehnJslo au 1 efclinuit*- pf ?.uoi.atr: but it le to L? uir ersto-d by p rcoiis pre) o ing tba' the o<-pirrmeut is >o bo at liberty to Uk.j e ihe ? a lesh or greater quantity of j anv article iLau i spec hrd, acccriieg to itfc uant-? | duricg ' he ve?r. i.?cn ar icl- to 1-e "f the best quality, ssd 'o b' delivers without d-iny wf.en ordrred. sen DCLK. Pnper, hand made, of linen, laid or *we. 50 reams foolscap, sain ..r plain flni h, to b < when trimmed 13'^ by 16iiches and weigh not le?? than 10 lh?. p-r re?m. per r?am 6'ir?ime foolscap, s milar fioish, ruled Kard^c fattWD, per ream aO ree.m" 'iaa-t> ? os , similar finish, to weigh cot le?* than 9 I1)" pt r r- -m, t'lmtced, one-ba!f j ruled on thre-? sidep, per re m 40 reams tot-? pap>*r cresmlail damask, per ream Envelope paper, movth. Jh"1 r-ams ?iiip- : rova , y< llo jr, p?*r ream 10 reams medium, yllow, per ream 30 r??aui8 iae ium, white, thick, per ream 30 reams d ubl4- eat\ whi'e, per ream 100 grr?j n eta!lic p*ns. Perry's, or such ssmay be required, per grots 6 gro.-t blacs lead renci s, Brcokman k tang d? n's, or such as may be requirad. p<r gross 1 dotcn redlea't p^ac'ls/per doten 2 lo/.en ivory fel 1 rs. 0 inch par loren 10 dr.zen r d t p-*, No 21, per doien 10 dozer red ?apa, No 1?, per dt zen 10 d a?n r ?d tsp?, No 17, p?r doten 10 d"Z -a taj)? x o 15, per doien 12 d zen eilk taste, narrow, per tiozea IS dozen silk fhste. w! e, | er d<:icn 2 dozen silk crd, p?r dozen 1 d z-n cut glas^ inkstands, Draper's or Whit nay'?, par .SMen 2 dozen wafer stands, cocoa, per dozen 2 doz-n e asers. Rrdgern h f?on's ivory handles. per dozrn 1 d<zsn ivory handle wafer seals, per dosrn ? dozen lev, ?n qu*rt?, blao'z, Mnyuard k No yes, per doze 1 dcieii c*rmin? ink, per doten 3 ponnds waters, r d. per pour.d 1 prucd w*ferp?. white, per pound CiiOO wafers for United Statee te?l, per 1.000 1:000 water , tor depsrtmant seal, per 1,000 109 pounds sealing Fai, beat ?xtra superfi ne tear ;et. Covel! #? Kasy, per pound 10 pound? twit e, gill n t, per pound 20 outius twine seine, pur pounl 20 poands twin*, e-arse, tor pa-king, per fouud 2 dozen *ci*sv rs, pfr dhwn JiMTtit'pu U/i'd with Unon. iO.iO No I, per I,fc0u0 1000 No 2, per 1,000 1000 >o 3, per 1,0" 0 lOoO No 4, per 1.000 IinjO No &, per 1.000 1000 No ft, per 1,000 10U0 Nc 7, per 1,000 Each p*o- osal must be by the individual or firm maki jg it. and must epecifv a pric?- and but <me pnee kr each and erery article containea in the schedule, .-hud any arte e be requ n."d not enumerate I, they are to be ftar dshed at the Irw^st market price*, a -?.rdit.g quality, ltlank forms for prrpoeal.< will b?? furaishai al th?? depart meat to per on^ apply!ng for. h-m: snd as, with out uniforiiii y ih-rein, th? d^^artlllent wocld flod it diflicult to make a decirjen, none will b* tak-n l^to cnsideratlon unless pubstantially agreeing therewith The propoH&fs to be addrei sei to 4 the Depbrtmeot ofSuVatd^cmd "PropofKlti for 8tnt^onerr.w Notice ?i'l fiv?n to 'he per-on <o whom the con tract is awarded, a ho will ? e rrqnir?d, within five days th rea'ler, to giTe bend, *>i>h two sufficient ?uret e- for iu Tt head of tiie d -partmrat is in all oasea to de cide atixther th-J termn of ihe cont-act bare been coin pi f?l with, aid to rtj-ct any artiola* whieii may in his opiai n, of Interior qua lty, as wall as to i ? anul th? contra t ui-on noy failure to comply with the tem* within a reasonable time. may2??1a?lw land warrants wanted. | S>r,ce 'or if>cfc- txwirM aiuj eotd on tioewiseion. HAMILTON G, PANT. No.?at PV. >vann?, WmhUifton. aaydV-lm (lnt*Uolon> STATIONERY. I <? Navv D?f>rt*?wt, lfay 34,ldW. S LP A BATS SEALKD PROPOSALS trill be T9 o?iT?d at the offlae of th* Hecnetary of tfc? Navy u-.tA three o'clock p m , of Friday, the *9:bdav?f Jun* n^xt, tor famishing all the *t*t?onsry that may be required by the Navy Department and |4 "everal bureaus for th? year crai eccing the 1st k nf Jnty, 1855, and end'ng on the 30th day of Jons, 1M0 *11 th* articles furnished must b- of the be=?t qua ity, delivered without delay whea orlered and to :h? sntbtfretion of the head of the office ft>r which they are requirtd If ;t be required, each bidder for -ta'?on?ry most furnish with his prOp*al a sample of e?ch article bid for To injure uniformity in tve proposals, blank fo-ms ?.ill be furnished u- these di?pr sed to bid ; and no bid will be c n?i<ierf?i which does not fu'.ly conform t? tt.e advertisement, and in wliic^ each and every article is r.ot bid for, and in *h ch m~re than one price in iianaal for any on? arti le Bond*? iu sufficient amount, *ith two or more ?p prov i fure'ifH, for the execution cf the oju raot, it 11 be required of the person ? r persons contracting The authorized nam?s of the sureties :?at ill eleven, as also !nttFf<.-tory 'estlmonials to fulfil the contract, mus'. aewmtany the bid; otherwise, it wili no: bfe e-nsi-ii red. he <ief artrt;ent rM^rv^ t > itself he right cf cr d r ? i. a greater tr l*ss qua. tity of ea h and every ar.icle coxitracte^ for, as the public service may r? qu're. Snould Kny article ba rrquir?d not enumera edin hu coitrsct it i ? to he furnished at the lowest mar ket pice, see rdiag to its Quality. arvriON KRT. Writing paper, of linen ttock. ?3 reams foi.o po-t, blue 0j whit-* si tin finish, laint lb.el and ?rimmed,* e'gbing 17 pon -ds per r?sm p r ream 0 ri) heavy blue lai I, di spatch cap, hand male, fct<>p-rul*d, weighing 15 pounds per rea-r, per ream 15 rea s laid hand male f ols *?p, ruled, blus or uhit* weighing 13 pounis per ream, p?r ram 10 reams Owe A Uaiiburt's wove f>olsc*p, blue or white, rulnd. weighing (2 pound* per re m. or of any oihor manufacture of eqnal ,uaiit?. per ream 10 re#m first-clav, hand made quar'o p.^st wove or laid, blue or wh te, weigcing pounds per ream, per ream 40 reims ! lat er <t f-mlth' extra ?uperfi"e. blue or ^hi e laid or wove, Cockres- 4to pos?. raied, weighing pounds p. r icun, per renin i.0 retJ-,M Ciane h Cn.'s ?x>ra supeifine, thick, whi e lfitter paper, ruled, weighing pou!ii!J per ream p<;r mh 20 reams he t yesb>?? r,r buff enve'epe p*per, roy 1, Hit. weigh nn 24 prunli per ream, per '?earn -4 r->?Ei: btsi sup. roy writing paper, por ream 5 reams be#f Fr-n-h 4;o post mied, p-r r sin 6 ream-i not* paper, gilt else 1, per r^ara 23 roams copjing or tieaue paper, 4to poet, per rea-n 10 r utu." copying or tii-sue pap-r, fooJrcap, per ream 1*0 eha t best tracing piper, 40 bv 27 inches,par sheet ? <rtl tracing cioih. per qnar- yard 1 0 sheets tft (r?-partd>mt, 14 by 18 In., j-r she-'; ^ mrci bfUin^ pap?r, r<jva', p?r reim Q" quir-'f ^nteut no ting paper, milium, per qrire 150 Hh- t- drawing paper. "Whatman's Turkey M ll?," fr n mediUBt to antltjuarlan, per fh et 5'M0 cr^sun laid envelope", letter sise, per 1000 li?00 Jo do not" siic, p*r 1000 WK) do do <*ard ?is3 per 600 :o?M) ffltent clo?h !in d entolo es, 8% by 4 inchaa.' per 0<X> * 2r.O patent cloth l!nel unvebper, 5i by inches per -60 2J0 pit-nt cloth lined rave'-pes, 6^4 by 'Jl% inehes, per 260 10,00'J i??t buff nv?lop - , governmeat pattern, offl c'al ?idn, ner 1000 5000 Ikj t buff e< vrlop-s, governmeiit pattern, let t r - zfc pe 1000 i 'iOO best ht .vy *hit? eir^irp^, ha ad made, oQ ?^ia ^la*?, per 10#u ^ > i"aj ,^tat 1 pea', ou c r(]gor in bs ^es. (the de ?*rtm?nt tc Lar? tt;e liberty of selecting f vm a!l th- difirient kin manufactured, English or i.ui-ric??}, p?r groe< ICO ?nrls l crry'3 p< ns, assorted per carl ? far<!s emrine-rs' j?-n per -ard 5 cards lithp^raph; pt-ns. per enrd 4 gold :*n?. It'g^ -j'te, with 'i?v*r holders, b?et manufacture, p r pea "Uqavts B ynn V Wilc-.x's wr^ng flui?, in b 10 qu rts Mijnard it K vr:'a bhrk ink, In botr ties ?*fl qua. t be?t Lor;d-n cop-iny -uk, Arnold's or Terry's 2 dise our,** hott'es P-rrine. Guyott k Co's snperfino car^iae, per bo'tl* 20-1 qu'l bast quality. p?*r 100 10.-0 %i?ii r, vf. 80. pa }u? or c*arifl?d fer 100 10?) v v or bramt qu'll*, per 1 0 76 d zen r-d t> pe. No 16 to ?6. per dosen t) i zeu silk tan e, ter dosen 4 d* zen pe k*; :v>-3 KoUgt-r'a b-st, peaxi handles, la g<? .-lae, 4 bla*J<*s, per dos?n j 4d *-n eraie-rn, .arec .sia*. ivory handles, in cases "dgerw's be8', per d sen I 2 lotea ? ai s r-fshears anil scis 01 s, per dozen 2 doiei; 9 in ik ivory told^rf*, pe, dozen 1 ?':>x n ? airiagto-i's parallel rule's, p-r dozen 2 d z- :i s<nd h(,xe.< coca .rood, per Trj-n 2 duzeu *af i sta; d;-t c- coa wood, par dozen . *?. poun v- b- x< s, coo.a wood, p*?r d zen 1 drzun po jr&; box.-s, "vory, per di se j 2 "or *n wafer 1-Lamps, ivury h^niJIlt^i, per dftsen 10 d(-i?oti blaoklead i-e^cUs, Fabtr's bead, asserted, per dcxpn 4 best America j d'swing pencils, asuort ?d, pt* ? dczen ? lt.Zf-n C'hen'* r?d levd pencils, per doxen 2 d' Ziiu rabl" brar-his a a-rtu 1 p?r <l>>ze i ?i d- zen cnmel's t ai> brnsfcee, ucb- 1 U?i perdo^n 2d;.??*n *Hte French pump inkhtands, large -ize, 1 er d(>sen 2 iloz?n Dn-pjr's pi?ent air tight inkstand?, per ic*en 2 d-z n stick? N-st India ink, per stick 30 pound-' "Ttn surerflns scarlet sealing wix, p< r p ;i?id 21) p'u^c- -- i*os^ quabty s?aHo)Z wax, per pound 15 *? undn he t quality wafers, p?r poun<i 10 pius is he t white g'm ara >lc, p?r pound 3 poanos b**st pouwee p?r p urd 10 ptundfl b^st fcerrp twin's per pound 10 poun-"s ^>eat linen twine, per pound ' OOOldrg^ offc- walots for department seal, p?r tho sand 24 paper weights < f hra."s, competition or lead, t*r wight 50 quarts N-?t b^^ -and. per quaTt 4 p und:i bswt prepaid Icdi?. rubber, per pound 2 peundu unprepared India rubber, per pound may 2-3?law4w NOTICE. THE WHITE H0ULE PAVIL lion, &c h&a been rented for the ?e isoa, an,i is ieady (or the reception nf visitors. I.arae a d small parties can he accommodated wit!? M?*el?, he. For particular* apply to WILLIAM COKE, 011 1 , between 2lst and 32(1 rtrceu. No Excursion parlies except those already en g *'? l, can furnish their own caterer er?<>pt paying e.y ra for the tis? of the house. Hy order of ihe MANAGERS, may 9*?M VVfcFlni first Premium pianos. JUriT received, several Pianos from the celebrated fuctory of St. ir.way k Sons, New Vork; one in Lo^iis XIV 8tyle Titt's? F aru-s ar^ in ttfiy re spect the b< st now made In the United States; they received at the late Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair the first premium (a silver medal) for each of their l'iino* exhibited. Every pcrnon udmireo the volume of tone, ;.?? well as the workmanship ol their instru mints. These, in addition 10 my ?ther stock of i'lano^, f?rm; the be and hwebt collection south ol Mason's and Dixon's line. The p ibllc are respectfully Invited to eall and ex amine before they purchase elsewhere, they will find moderate price* and rei-onable terms FIAMOS to rent always on hand, and second hand 1'ianos taken in part payment for new ones, at my Fiano VVareroom, No. 498 Kleventh st, alKive Fn. avenue. FR. ?. REICHINbAoH. may 14??<>1qi* mhjtary hall. ?; HE und. r,igfcw would respe tfully inform his 3 fne.nds lhai he has aken the establishment tor meily known as the " Arlington House," which he lst^ud^- opening on Saturday nex', May l?ih, as a Rehtauraiit nf the first order, and feels assured that he will have LIQUORS and CIGARS 01 the choicest brands, OYSTERS GAME anil FISH, in season, and evt ry other article in his ime to suit all who should Uivor him with a call. F. A COOK may 18?eolm* 1)0 YOU WANT FIRST HATeIoB cream? GO at once to ARNV Bridge street, Georfetown, he was a warden a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute, for ICE CREAMS WA* ?FKH ICES, Ht.d CAKES. maySB^mt ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CIIAPEL ORGAN; and a A 6ne Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. ofNewYmk1 the ntd "factory of HENRY ERBEN For tenna, he apply to Trof. SCHEEL, on 14th ? HENRY ERBEN. It-It 96? eoU WAT RR COOLEim something new, an excellent article. DOUBLE ICE PITCH tKB, different ??!e* and m*es; Brittannia Pitchers, JV*6 ^d covared; all kinds of Britunnla and Block I-in Ware. For snle low, at the ilousekeep^s Furnishing tttort, 490 Sevsnih tt. 0. FEANCit. WS WOULD NOT QIVI A DOLLAR For all tub tinotobe Hampton ev ER MADE.?'Thu* spoke a wise and good man, but mark the change ! Let the afflicted bear him, and then decide whether to suffer on or be made whole. Ye professional men, with ruined health, hear! Rev. James W. HmniccT, the talented and Inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive ly read pap< r, the Christian Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va., in his editorial ot the 18th of; May. 1855. thus steaks of HAMPTON'S VEG& TABLE TINCTfTHE: "Sonic time ago we merely al'uded to Ilainpton'rf Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing ' more particularly the great relief we haveourstlf] derived from its use During our collegiate course owing to sedentary habits, we became qnite dyspep tic, and were very ni'ich troubled with vertigo For more than twelve years after leaving college, we were laboring unJer these two affliction* 1b the spring of 1858, our general health lc came so deifrate that it wan with preat difficulty we couhl attend to the ordinary duties of our proN-sawi Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our dige.-Aive or jan-s became wholly deranged ; losing a* it seeinwi to us, all their activity and vitality; we were con stantly depressed in spirit, our energy almost for sook us, and nothing but necesajty urged us on to action. , We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had despaired of ever lecovering our health, when a female friend of our* importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us -hat we would find great relief from its use. We briefly repli.-d, "We would not give a dollar for all Ue Tine ture H impton tier made, so far as our own individ ual health was concerned." We had no faith in it nor anv other medicine in effecting a cure on us. In the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle and urged us to accept of it, and for her sake, us it could not possibly injure us, to use it according to direc tion For the high regard we had for her and her | act of kindness, we promised to do so. And witfi oat erageration we can truly sav that before w e ha1 used the contents of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. vVe were afraid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Since then, oar digestive organs have been uni/ormly correct, our head cl*ar, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly eares will allo-v, our spirits have been buoyant, and we eat what we pleai^-, and as much as we please, and when we please? and all is well For the sake of the nfflieted we make this statement, hoping that others mav And the same relief from its use that we have. It &ho?ld be Ji*pt in every family. No family should ever b? -nou.H \ M P T O N >S VEGETABLE TiNC- | Isr.cyert, Doctors, Bat k>re, Minister*, in all the Departments of Statu, Ladies and (?enilem. n in the I highest walks oi life, hs weli as those moving in th ? most humble spheres, ^penk of the cures on them selves and friends by this wonderful article. tail .ina get pauipbleu ura'iH, and see cures ?? Cou*h, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Ncuiuhna, Dv? pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. A^ a female medicine or for delicate ehildicn we behev it unenuailei. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Bniti more street, Balti.nore; and 304 Broadv/sv, N. Yor? Cuts. Stott h. Co., J. B. Moors, n. B. Claris Clark* fc. Bowiixo, VV. Elliot, and H. McFhrk HON, U ashing,ton; also, by R. S. P. Cis?.il, Geort, town, and r. C. Lcwtr, Alexandria, and by Dim ion evar> u Uc e. ~ REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF THE EX ETCH STREET, M. E. CHURCIi'-A strong desire to benefit the afflicted induces Iuoj thus to ceriify. We challenge any other medicino j'i69'n' 8"-c'' * "f testimony from gentlemen and ladies of higi. standing of our own well-known H?18- w!l? testify of cures of COUGH, BROV CHITIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, &2. .. w , Baltimori, January 5J4th, 1?55. Mem*. Mjrtitner <V Mo'.nbray; i take pleasure in saying to vou that I have used i >ur 'Hampton's Tincturt" with very great profit, i toai n scnouguroit affection, my general health r.*d become very much impaired, when I com menced to use ?? Hampton's Tincture." I found i. effects upon my general health most salutary.? My uervous system and digestive ori/ans soon riaht ea up under its use. I have several time? recommended it to mv friends, mJ in every case, as far as I have been in termed, they have use it r.uh succees. Yours trnlv, Johw Lahahak,Pastor < Exeter bt., M. E. Church, Baltimore. ULHEDING Cf"tHE LUNGS. .. Ralriob, N. C-, Feb 8, l?i5 he..) t. Wertuncr 4* Motobray: I do here y certify that about twelve months ego I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lune und bad four attacks of it I was advised to trv In Hamptor.'s Vegetable Tincture I procured om* boa?e, and after taking which, I was wuufied that . n.",rn bett4!r; and tha,? taking the fourth bot.le, I wj; entirely well, and now I enjoy as good h'dtii <>? ewj did in my life. I can, and do, with o.,t ilie kast hesitation, recommend the Tincuir<-1 to ? l pifiaoiis afflicted in my way. STou:*, G*o. W. WsAKLiTt CURL FITS-READ! 6f jrt to Vie Sick tkar. Qolt.?Prom one ol the mon I W3p?ctat4e Druggists in 8outh Carolina. ChAltLROTOK, 8. C. Sept. 21. ie53. ''n'" i Mowerat :?The sale el <Gur Hampton s Vegetable Tincture is mere asm* ?:-fry day, and every liottle told recommeads this v-ilut.'!? medicine to the afllicttd. Several ot our P a.:ii rs have tried it in different cucs with atton lsh'nf success. ?nd nre getting it by half dozens. It haj hem found w bs the grecTfst rem^-dv for rheu mafje affections, and a wonderful cure has been c ??..t-ed oa a negro toy, suffering from Fits. I will ftiinibh you witii a number of certificates if vou wibh them 1 am, gentlemen, youn, * W. G. Trott. , ( aii and get paaphleti gratia, and see cur;* of CJUgh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia Dvs Nervon-ness and Gane/al Weakntla As a icmale medicine or for delicate children bvlhivr it unequalled. Sold l>y MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, HO Ralti more stre.-t, Baltimore, and J04 Broadway, N Yori ? has. STorr & Co., B Moor,, D.rf.'cuin 6 bowLine, W. Elliot, and II Mrrjua sum, Washington ; also, by R. S. p. Ci brl, Ge-?rBe town; and C. C. Birry, Alexandria, and by Dr>t? pata everywhere. feb21-u Private Medical Treaties cm Tin PHYSIOLOGICAL VlJtW OP MARRI KQt. M. B. LACaoiI, m. D,> ALBANY X T. fco Pa?? and 180 &*in Mowd L(th. . graphs and Plates. Prfeo only ?? f2"Sen t fi^ cf postage to all pane of tie Cnlon-?i CHEAPK8T BOOK KVKK PUBLISHED, tnd containing d uble the quantity o' f HWkttef in that of th? PIPTY CRNT8 OR DOLL AS PUBLIOwTION 8. it treats on tlie PHY8IOLO MARXIAGI. and th* i Secret ii firmi ties tnd dlecrdsr i of youth and maturity, re suiUn.j from ezoasafs, whicl, de-icroy th# physical and men 7 powers, with obssrrstiopf an aaar'.age. Its dutiti tnd di-qualifioaUons. *n<J their rnaxf^iK; with lithographs, illustrating th# anatomy and phyckMogy, and dlaaaMs of thewpr^. luctiveorguiflet both #?xes: Oieir struetv, haai ?nd fewetionjj. A popular and eoaprehtnsiva tre# Use on tts duti#w buci oasual^iatt f ainil- and n ar lie- hie? oappv and fruitiul aj?lauv?. ood? of se i tsrins tJhem?InMtatow und iafnUl* onos?fteb trriaUt u and rextovaJ?'mrortant hint* to tto? jontamplaUfig m-tr-mrny that will ovaiaoms ob Jections t? U; not , hewevsr. should take this in portent siep wirnout Grnt consulting its i>a>Ks? aaunsfttariea 02 thj uibtsuesand medial trwtn-ni 'o?a^c.y to old ajjs, eanL oasj graph loally ill!?i?trat?a by beautiful lithographic diL jm esrvcas aebillty, Its caaass aiiJ ears, by a pruoes^ ?. onee eo simple, >r,fs aad effectual, that lailure is lEtposmtis?ruls0 for daily manag#.m?nt_?n ?a Sp'.rmatorrhota with practical ohaarvatioi^ t. n ?iler, and more suewssru! oaods of tnataent~^ci * hint' ?u -suiting from sZn.ri. tni practjoe ?wii ay ..a all aiiOMss aiJdac Hb. lodisrretioii, wilu piuin and nimple ruloa hy Vl au persona can care tnemselvss without u^romv? remediwi lor thoee ?jlf lafllcted a !series and dWi pointed hopes bo unfortunately prevalent inThe fcung. It 1c a trnthftel adviser to the mani?d a~d those cr?n ."Siplating aarriage. Its paruiri Is ^ hcclarly recommended to pwaons ?nteetalt^Li^! 3r0t foubt. ef ttehr pky-cafSSiSS^JKS?^ ?muMious of bavin, V.^aarOed the health^appiS SSUST8- to * blch MerJ' l-w*nn belt J is or 1 ^ 3f^ ^ oopT?cr fire oopias for our, dol ?5'gtet^? to any put of th* Ual nr?^B?llt Dr. upon any of the diseases up^n which hiw KoiTiTiV^V SrtVSSTfflL" b7 mal1 Medicine -sa ft, ?S J f ?oocrdint{ to direokioaj packed ana earefnlly seeurtd from all?i^^-' * Address Dr. M. B. LA GR013L No SI MaMm. t !OB' Op? Bo. ??, llfflf U?" hair work. /^1N AMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Chat \9 claim;, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Pingar Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may lie seen at my store. H. 8EMKKN, No. 330 Pa. nv., between Mi and l<Kh *ts* Mar 30 LA>I) WARHANTI WASTED for \7lacti the highest i<rices will be paid by CBUBB BSOTHBRb, nay Jl?ti glutei) opp, UM TMM DOCTOR HOOFLAMM 0HL8BR4TBD (German 1$ titers n ruiPAtu bt D&i C. K. JACKBOM, PhiialV, Pi, will ?rnoTctu.T ccu y tlfM COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUHMCL Chronic or JV?r*a?tt DebiUty, 0/c2 Cufceye, and all rfiseasee arwwuj Am . a-. -wdsrerf ZW or Stomach. Fuch as Constip;iu<>n, Inrrar.J Piles, FuHne**, nr Blood to tilt Head, Acidity of the Stomach, N'au sea. Heartburn, Disgust for food, Ful'.uees or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructation*, Sink in* or Fluttering at the Pit of the Htomach, Swim mini of the Head, Hnrr ed ?nd difficult Hreatbinu, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a lyins Posture, Dimness <rt Vision, Dot* of Webs before the Sight, Fever and rhiii Pain in the Head, Deficiency of perspiration, Yeilownefl* of the Skin and Eye*, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limb*. aic.. Sudden Flu-h** ot Ileal Burning inthe Flesh, Constant Imagin nigs of Evil, and great depression of Spirit*. ' PHE proprietor, in c-dimg L.e ,-uienuon of the 1 pubiii to this prewu?Uo3,d<i?s so with a fe? l :.ig of the utmost eosfinencr in it^ virtues and adap tation to the dise-if-es f>r which it is recommended It is no new and untried article, but ??ne tliat iie> staed the test of a ten yearn' trial before the Amor; err. peo(tle, and iu lepuuniou and oale is unrivalled by any similar preparations < nunt. The te.-tim ?ty in its favor c|veu by the most pronrueut and well R'iowii Physicians and individuals, in all |*art* ot ? he country is immense. Tlie following from North Carolina is rospectfully sub : itt-d, ref-rnng any wlio may still donbt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmer? and Families, to t?e had watis, of a'l the Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Office and "Manufactory, 1*0 Arch at., Philadelphia, Pa. rESTlMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. crtificats of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine HiU, Rich rnond County, N. C. Pint Hiti., March 4th. 1854. Dr. C. M. Jscxsow, Philad< Iphia?Dear Sir: I fiave been a subject of 'Jyspepsia, in its worst f rm. for the last five year*. Such was my condition fo iwei ve months that the physicians and all who sa? me *nid I must die. While in this condition. I was uarrird to the watering places in Virginia, Tenner see and North Carolina, hut wa? net benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on ci> way home, I Hopped a week at Rutherforiiton, a -mil# I villa*?: in North Carolina, to try the effect of aoaie Chalybeate water in that place. About tin taut of the week, I went into a drug "tore to ge some medicine for my child and myseif. Then were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seenied to take ?otne interest in my case i?ud, after asking me some questions said h? had been a dyspeplic, and had been rreatly ben ? fitted by the use of " Dr. HootfandV German Bit ters," prepared by y-u, ar.d he insisted that I would try dn Bittwr? He also called the neit day at m> room, and in si.-ted so much that I would try them that I asked him to get me oae bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do .say I waf more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching JK?me one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and mcdiciut, (be a dyspep tic,) and l gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his case He has often culled on me for more of the same k nd of modi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any oilier he bad taken, but 1 have net been able to^et aay more lor nim or myself si-cc, # there fore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as nos ?jle. Respectfully yours, W. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER. R<?gers Store, Wake Co., N. C., October 24.1853. says:?4< Having experienced very great benefit lrom Uie use of " Hoofland's German Bittersin Chronic Dysentery a no functional de rangement of the Liver, and iu concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, he. fee. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Hcntsvill*, ViBiiK Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, i?53. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear 8ir: Allow me to ex pires to yr>u my sincere thanks for your dweovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I have :ak-n. have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have sured me of th? most stubborn aiei agsravated case of the rn.M that, perhaps, ever fell t* the lot of man My case is not a Strang* r in Uiis community, as I am well known in this and the urrouadin^ counties, ar.d can truij say that my re covery has a?touni,ofl all mv friends r.nd relations, 1 :iad tried ? r. commended, and nothing did me any good until I was prevailed upon to try the Bitter?. Yott are at liberty to r-ake any nee ot ?his communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly yours. WM, J. ATWOOD Th. se bitters are entirety r.e*eta'<le, t'ley invigorate ar.d strengthen the system, never prostrate it. and can be ?*>-ed for infants as w. || a.? ad Jw. For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, and bv Z D. OILMAN, Wa4?ir.gton; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PIERPONT, Aloiandria. mar 1?lv CARTERS SPANISH MIXTURE. Plit O ?si of the Blood I Fot & Psrticle of Mereory In It \n lrr*?Lunu '%tsiiroi for Scrofula, Kirk's Hvil, SKaaiki v.i, Gbetinate Cutaneoun Kiuptionj. I'itnsle3 or Purftcl-ja on tae ;aee, Blotohee, Boilsi Ctroai- Kyea, Kin<r Wcriu or ?stter, 8cali Heed, K.a'vg'treut and Pun of the Bon^e ard JoiuV, gtjboora Ulccrr, Bcphllltle Wsorilers. Lcu >9Re Sp'aK! Cfiapia'nts, ana a!i the di?M? s aiisir t, from an injoji *ious use of M?r-ury, Im nn ! tn.fl in ' it*, or Iapuritv of the H'ood I'rile, vhIui lr Mrdscsas, riiuii has b*te.-SM Cf'a? t-r?ied for tl-.e nuntbei of rd i.ary ;ure ? r-ov?-i throe^h ito ageury, ha* ind :ctd th?? prefn at the aig nt requ?*t cf lhf,ir fr5*ncts, to offer I 'o the pabl'o, -4Ciich th y do M'?h th# otmr-et ocn d?*cra iu i:? ri-tu-s avd r-tr.ierful enrative |?ro;> rrti b l*h? fbl'oving eertifl?at?e, 'elected trom 6 iarg? number, ???, however rtronfer teetim'-CF hai: the nere wont of the praprieusx- ; trnd <*!*? all Tom gent>cien weil kuvwD in th"ir localities, aci oi the highMi-. r*speotatUUy, iiiany of th*m resldirf in tb.e -llj of Richmond. Va. f. BOYTiiN, it?i? of th? ?zcbang<r flctel, Rteh mo-.d, fcar?rn everywhere esyshe has seen he Mei? Mbcte rsilM Oar.TBB's Sramaa jiixrcu.administered in orar a huuir^i c;isee, In nearly all the diteaw tor whiohit Is reoommended, witn the west aston uihingly irod rcsalte He 6sye it in tie uoet ?z traardm?t7 medicine he haa hv? seen. AQC;: 4ND KlTVaB.?QRUAT UUU* ?I h?rety ertliy that for three y*?rs I had * ine arcd l?rer i.f tbe EC!1; Ttci^r.t J>Tnptioa.. 7 had eeveral Phr iciuis, tooh Urge qnr.miti?s of Quinine, Marcnrv, tai-d I bel eve all the Tonics advertised, but all vith out j.sraar.tat relief. At lact I tried Carter'* ^paoiah Siizrui s, two bottles of irtlcu effoctoally tared sie, and I ajc. happ; to bay I have had neither "fciUr or wverf since. I c?n?rtder It thr be?t Tcnle !n tbii woild, and the uaJ; Rte>ll?iut that -?ver t?tch?lmoifi JOHN LONQDtK. PtAtnu Ditcx, near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LUCE, Jteq., &cw in the city of Uichiacni fced for uauy j >arf n th- Post Office, haa such :<;unrtence In the ?->?>.M4hlng cthcacy of Cattsr'f Spanish Mixture, that h> has bcc;ht upwards of bottles, which he h*? tdven a^ay to the bflU'cWd.? Mr Look says he hn* nerer known it to fall when taken according to direetion^. Dr. M1N0H, a practhung Pbyeldan, and former.y ef the Otty Hotel, In the nity of Riohmoikd, aaye be has w .uiebiS'? In a number w( instances the efV'ts ot Oat'er'u Bpaniu Mixture, which were mos* tmly rorprielnf. lie naye In a cage cf 0:nsvinption, de penditt on ths Liver, th? ?ood effects w:re won derful indeed 8AMU1L M. DRINKBR. of the llrm ef Drinker k Morris, Richmond, wis cured cored of liver Ocn of three veaia aUnding, by tbe nee of twr Sx-tUei of Garter's .ipani-h Mixture. GR^ATCtfRS OF HCIiOlfUl^ ?The Sdllorf of ?:he R'.chtacnd llepnblic&r. h>d a servant emplcyod la their pre?j rooa; eurM of rioient gcrcfnla. ooia WDrd with Rhenmaiifan, which entirely disabled him frtm work. Two bottle" of Oartern jl.i Mixtxue mads a psrtiot care of him, ani the Ikli lorr, !ti a public notice, ss.y they nooifi men A U l.i all Tho ar* afSieted witL orj iltevw ef the blcod" AN0TH1R -UR3 OF SUllOtf UuA-?Ih*d a fery valnab'.e boy cured of Scrofnia by Car -at1! Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable medicine. J AMJS& M. TAYl>'?R, Oontnot^r on the R. V. and P. P. R. Co.. lilchmond. Va. SALT RP^rM OF TWENTY YHAR3 3Tni^0ISTfi ODttlD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reeidlKg la Use riry ol Richmond, wts cnre-1 by thme bottlaa of Oarter'a Bpuieh Mixture, of Bait Rheum, which h<> had for near If tuewty years, and which all the phyaldana of tto tfcy acnld not cure. Mr. Thompson if a well known t&Rthant in the city of Rl^hmondf and his la mA& ?^or*rkab'e. WH. A.MATTHKW3, of Richmond had a eerrant ourej e> ^jphilis, In tbe worst form, by Otrter'a Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully reooai mends it, and oondder? it a Terr invaluable me ii cine EDWIN BURTON, commissioner oi the revenue, says he has seen the good efleet? of Carter's Fpanish Mixture in a number of Pyphilitie casn, and says M Is a yerfect eure for that horrible disease. WM. O. HABWOOD, ef Richmond, eured of old Sores and Cleers, which disabled hlx firem walking Ttok a flaw bottles of Garter's Spanish Mixture, aad was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a ahor w?d, ombi ? 0.,, M Maltten liana, New York. _ T. W. DYOnf A S0N6, No. It2 Nortu Second sL, PhUadelehla. BBUNBll' A BBBBS, No. IS* M*i? ?wst, Rich And for )ak br CHARl^ES ETOTTi Washington, D. 0; Umr iw. Alexandria, and by Druggists "pXaflMr botriN or ?4X V<?le? for fk ? sea ?1~lv IOIRB XfV THB OOIJNTESS OF BLeS. TRAVELERS' ! lKRtTOiiT. OAD ?fKBCT *o *>? H Via* between Wa*biagt?n and WfeMbav tait 171 houra! " Hmm*tig Ihm kw>H (F?iAi)i|iM mmd (lwetnn*ti 27 kour$ Through Tickets and Baggage Cbeeki to be had in Washington !!! 77TE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD AVrNO great) j improved rta Wi*frn caaaer ttona now offer* the fullawt te irave!era between Wa-hington. BaltHrore. aad all portMtrw uf U?t Wen, the Northwest and the Hoaifc. west The connection between ih? itum from Waa6 aigtoii and thf tnma hound wut trout lliluan-f ts rU wxya promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay Hon*e) 9 mile*. from Batu mutt TftiK i< the only chance of c&ra required to weec Washington and the Otifci nvee. Raaaac m checked h to Wheeling at ihe Wtukinrm ?tty?, an.i r- checked aud tme-ierred th*re, (wnh ?!>e paseen^ers) w.tbeut charge, for those bdirvg .!irou(;ti ucktts or potnu L fond- The t onti< ting train - Uavc Washing n daily a: 6 a. m. and 4'< p. ac. On Sundays at the latter hoar only. At Wartime dir*.4 momoim is with the trains of the CENTR*L OHIO UAII.KoAli, run uing from ik'laire on the Ohio. near Wh? eljn| nrua<h Cambridge, ZaacOTillc and \< r.nk, to COLUMBUS Tu<-?e train? connect at New. irk tvttli ihe cam of the Newark. Wan?fi Id andVandua ky Railroad for Sandaaky, Trtrth, TVtro.t, rhica^o St. etc. At Columbus the C. O. Ruiront tnuna connect Vith the fast train* of the IaUU Miami Kaiiroud to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenia (on Little Minimi Railroad) couir-ction ? ;mnf<1 with the train* tin ugh Dayton,to INDIAV M'OLIS, Terr. Ha'Jte, Laf.-yette, Chicago, Lock Mand, t*t. Louis, He Passen. era b< id**?e throur* ticket- tor Men? pku Vicksl.itrt. .V?t<Ae?, Sev (hicxiu etc., Which are also Mold at Washington ar? u an Her rod at l.'n ctunati to the Mmi ?tcaiuera on Uie Ohio. Tiekvu or Evanaville, Cairo, sitd St IjOuis are sold by thw route. ey-POR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Tolrvj , Detroii. Chicago, *te., ti' ke?? are told, wh? n the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling b;;d Welisville (forty miies) where a connection wj?h ?he Cleveland and Pltuburg Railroad t? made Travellers are rtquea eJ u> notice thai wkile this -'hironh route ir?J-rg through tn k t. and < ti'< ?? ? in Wnehmgton, It i> aUo ts?e atiorte-t, in?*t ani direct to nearly &J! the I ndiiijf (rnirti in tii/^ great Wei< The defence ft ?> WidiiiifflBMCn. cuinaii if bu: 6&3 miiea. beti;s about I'J" mii?? ahorv er ihar by any ??ih* r mate ! FABF. IIY THROUGH TICKET PROM WAP^g IXOTOX: T WlM-lInf, r? ^ C^luuibu. 5'.3 6S; lia)ton, f!5S0; Cia::irrati. f IP : Lntn^v tt?. by railntad .fl865. by -temi . from ?'inf-inr iiu In dianapoli*. jflT .V: rievelnad, flU 15; T^led .. Slo %; |) troit. I&I5 90: Cbioa 2*? 65 ai d $ii M?: Sl I/mim, ^28 50 aa?l 5-^- Memphi?, "fJ&; New <_?r le:.nn, R31, etc. tar rOR FtlRDFRirK u.?..', IIABrrR'Sepi:t M\RTTNHBITRG. REHKELEY r?rRI VCi?. CT M RERLAN^. PEI)?ORf?SPRr\?3, Piedmont. Oa* lamt, an.1 Fairmoant, |?a"4.nt^r?i m?v leave Wa r ingtoa at 6 a m or 4^ p. m. For th?* n.inor wa\ *uuon< between t'aiumore-and Whe? ung, take 6 a m train from Washington (9> For tr.iin* to ani from Oalumore, AimapoUa, ctc., aee special advertisements. 0ifPm further information, through tlrkets, ac.. apply to THOB. H. PAR8' \y. m, at ton Station. JOHN' H. IniNE. Master of Traesponauon Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Baltimore, may 3?tf _ WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD change op hours. OVard after Monday, the 23<l inatant. ttte tr^ma will Leave Washington at 6 and 8^ a. m., and 3 and 4)i pm < 'n Sunday at \% p m Leave Baltimore at 4j^ and a m. and S and oh p m On at 4H a m. ap 23? tf T. H. PARSONS. Agent v 4?? Mott Bedell's Line. & SBW YORK.JILEXJISDR1A, M'.ltRtXGTOM CITY, ANT) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. 'pHIS L!NE OP PACKET* SAILS WEEKLY 1 mini pier 14 East River, New York,and oftener if necessary, and are compoi,?rd of the kdlowiaf firvt class veaae's: ^cw srhr. A. V. Betitil, Bedell, matter. New achr. Mott BedeU, A. V. Tredwell. Rchr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, matter. Rchr. Volant. L. A. Smith, matter. Sohr. Commander-tn- CKxtf, Wogl jm, I Sclir. Green toy, Wilson, matter. Tbew veettla are all fa?4 sailer*, and the i men of experience in toe trade, and the only !??.r linn of Wasbtnctoa City packets. MOTT REbELL, Wall nreet, N. T. 8. S. M ASTERS a SONS, Alexandra, Vo. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?Cm Washington and D. C. VRLV.OX AND ALEXANDRIA XAILEOAD. On md after Tuesday, Sov. 7, 1854, TpUt Oar? ;?an Alexandrta daily for Gordon* I vIHe ????] interiaedlnta vtasion* at 7 a o'olock, a. rc^ on ft- arrira* ot the boat frcra V. ? hin^tcn, |!r!a|IB(U tint* for fcreakfart cc l<ocrd Co* 5octin? at Maua^iae .tnnct'an with a train fcr Sf-ai* ?serf, a: Warr.-T.ton Jc -tion vriU. s tr?3n fcr War cnlor, at QaHaimnlk with th* ts'.r* on tha Yircitda Ontral Tiaiiroal lo* SichconJ, Crarlottev ville, ani e'.iunton Xho care >eare Gordons rill* dailv fr-r Alexandria and intermedial ataticua, at ^Ufore ML a. uu, r a ttjo arrival of the trauu ct the virpair Cei.trU rail read tsoa w -bmod, OliaxiortwTlil*, and f tauntcn. SHROUGH TICKETS jfr'iu AJcxawlria to Warrantor %X 00 * 44 Gordonarille 8 IH * ? Cbari: -teFTiile 4 ? " u 9ta?ntoi< 6 60 * StTasburj..^.^..,..? ? to " " Lyo-bboig 6 76 Wu> h?t^r 3 fro fc I-^ny 4 'it * M?k?: t w H Mji>ll?barg S tf> ?t>r Lj-ixLi. f cnecttn* with ttM ttaa ?JjsrwttmvllK -4cni*ys, "V^lne* tar', and tn dajra K>i ( arij a*2'I N 5darkr^ conaeetinc; with th* t UM at Oulpefer, oa raseiay?,TbnrK!?ya, and ^at crlay Fcr Wiocbeeter (Idly, tonnoctln^ rtth th* at Piedmont Fox ItTiallabor* daily, ocnir-vlas ir"i th* fet?g> ai ILa riaix.:. Per ordfjr: If. B. BROCK BiT, A|ur aor 7?dtf FOR~MOUNT VERKOnT" On TUESDAYS and PEIDAYa Far* ro_ ji trip (1; fro^i Al?t andru ?5 aonts -Tie TUOiAAH COLLYKR Waabington at ? and AUxacdria at 9^ o'ol^yk. Co?.?h?e leave tte Caj.iccl f?-r tha Lett at 8^ & Coaoh fore ? 0 cenle Persona wishinr thi Ouaobea will l .T? tt*ir r?s ianoa with Geo. 4 Thoa. Parker ik ir?,fihmentn on th* boat. Wtas?dtf BATT. ?;RD"fT, Capt VHK SEW YORK 4 LlVaKM'-li. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMER{T. rlB 8RIPS CJ0MPRI8IKG TlUt U-Vl AB? THR 4TLA1TYI0. Gtet. West PACIFIC, (ait. Nya, l'AJ.TIO, Capt OamJtoaA, ABRIAXLO, Capt. OralUx Thfcw ahipa Lava bean built by eontrao:, expraas iy for Government sen ioe; every -jare baa been taken in their construction, aa in the Engines te in fere strength and ape ad. and their acocatmoda tlons foe paasengera are unequalItj for elegan.'* and ooialwt. Price of parage from New York to Liverpool, in fretcabir - Second Oahia^ . r? ? ' Jbdurive use of extru eiae a^at* roe^u........ ?^ 8Cf rroa L'rerpool to Jfew York ?30 and ?90. An ezporienaed aurgeon attached toaatt rhip. So berth can ta seoured until paid for. ??*wanp?Lins * oo., M Wall a tree I. New York; BROWN, SHIPLEY A 00, Li'-rpcoL E. 0. RCBEETB A 00 , 18 Ktag*a Anna Yard, JOHN II ON ROE A CO, >9 Rue Notre Dame dee tktolrae, GEO- IL DRAPER, Havaai tta owiMTc of thar? chlpa will aot be for gold, rilvi or me< rar, bullion, specie, ievelry, prectoag ctals, aniens bills of lading are rignad tharefor, and cite valae thereof theteiu aov IMlv BANTING HOUSE OF FAIE0 ft N0TTE8E Qifftriff United States 7Vnmh. . BONUS^Ptocka and other wiaii><? pan !????< and sold. lntnreat at the rate of ail wfcen Wt f

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