Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Ptcmts ?The a 'm?rers of the prodaotiens Cf the painter's pencil have new the opporta nitj of examiaing, without charge, one of the largest and most beautiful collections of oil pictures ever brooght to this city fi?r public ?alo?Mr. McQnire is the auctioneer. The exhibits them in the saloon over l*arnham s b">ok?tore, corner of Pennsylvania averne and hleventh street. Many ladies and gentlemen were there this morning to witness the ele gant display; the catalogue explaining the different subjects on the canvass, and the names of the various artists The forest, the sea. lomestic life, and event* recorded in the Scriptures and in profane history, are skil fully and imposingly delineated; and upon these representations the eve loves to linger. Bifida#, there are head* cf diatinguinhed men. such as Bonararfe. the Duke of Marlborough, of Admiral I'enn (the father of Wm l'eun,) and others of eminence. Jacob and Rachel at the Well, the Death of Dido. Shylock and Jessioa, Roadside Inn Sam Vteller, the Birth of Cupid, View in Swr isrland, and the expul sion of S&:an, are among the many truly ad mirablo paintirg?. A Cowmvtio* ?A horse at the Centre Mar ket, this mornirg, forgetting the propriety due to his condition, and oblivion) of a decent respect for the human bei igs .vrtmbled at the great mart, was guilty of the cflance cf mak ing in unceremonious departure; and. on ap proaeh'ng a lamp-post?whe'ber accidentally or by design wa3 not satisfactorily determined ?linked the wheel cf the b< ggy to which he was attached to the aforesaid iron oprigh'" smashing the g'ass ia the lamp by the violent concussion. It is almost needless to say there was a sudden. aUrmiog uioven.cnt of market baskets an J tin k-tiles; the carriers of those articles ol domostic ncres.-ity; eub fur him self and herself, hurrying out of the way of danger H.j horse by bis extraordinary per .'jrmance? broke loose fom hi' gearing, but was secured before he completed a series of feats which mi?ht have re^ul'ed in incurs re rious coneequencss To *h?.w the iffejt of the bad example, we state that other horses, be coming restive began to cbafe in their straps, and had to be firmly heSa to prevent them combining for a stampede Tib Jrx* Term of tbe Criminal Coori will be commenced on Monday nex- Among the cases wfa^h will probably be tried, is that of a gentleman of Buffalo, who, sevcr-il years charged p!tia obta?xucg ui ?doj under false pretences fn-w -i banking hcuso of this city; and of George Raglan, fc ncs;ro, who, a short time since murdered a man Fits patrick. Judging from tba pa3t, the usual comber of care* of petty larceny, assaults. aDd assaults and batteries, will, at the ensu ing term, engage the a'tenti u 0? the court It M to be regretted that tharc is no trii>;;nal ia Washington which admit*ot the lnrtnajaed class of offsbcos being summarily adjudicated but we trust that thi* defect will I o remedied by the improvement ut the la*s; provision for which was made by the last Congress, and eo which work the codifiers ars no* sncaged. A 10C3G Wo* as. on 1 ueiday evening mys teriously left the re.-iderco of her parents since wcich time no inteiligecco has beer, re ceived concerning her Intense, solioitudo is of oovrse. manifested by them. What renders th? ease peculiarly distressing is she is subject to ccea_i- nal Lights of dersn^emen ; and was thus affected at the time f Ler abrupt depar ture. ?he wore a wiuto frock tci black siik apron, but no bonnet W* stjU, fLu fact, in theb .pe that ir may tendtj^frd icovery and return to her friends. Informa ioa reiatue to the young w m m. should an? one know of her whereabou's. may be left st'the Starofficc; and we rball. with pleasure communicate the hro* t0 ? direetI' ict?re:ted in ter wel Fir* -The ringing cf be 11a and tbe deep, hoarse cry of " fire !" yesterdav evening. si* in motion hundreds of leg* at railroad speed Thei male portion cf tbe ru-iag generation were frobably more prom ft jo recording to the alarm than if they had heard ?ht vo'?o of tbe schoolmaster and the tinkling of tie bail, 8Bai ?omug them U scholastic pursuits. The ma chines were hauled out ar.jtheu3ual vofifer stions and clattering <?f machinery were heard mour stree's: the firemen a# ever, being wift to respond to the 03]i of du y. volnn * -7 assumed But ihero wig )u, <jre Tthich ZiZlit* eJp?adUUfe ?f th8Ir at HE?I> T01r<?ra W ?We have heard LlnJ uA C?Ep.,a:nt9J 01 materials being leit un tue sidewalks, ana of persons tteeting with trivial accidestjiacousequeno^. Lsst night several rect.'cmen camo ncir ! ein? tripped up, while on tholr wav home- an im of ,uuher- ?itht?h?oce brLk Mderit, beng aerocs thei' pstb. P< rtuoa-alr they? duejvered their dagger in time to avoid ^ull length measurement of their persons on the pavement. A mcaioct later, snd we might now have to record a broken limi, or a diflo to kliJli; ^ 01 tterel>' Caliinb' attention w miaing nuiearcej. nju^IUT ^P ~Tjia Puaip on the south east oower ?f Twe ftb street and Pennsylvania avenue besides runuin; a rivulet a: a!l times TrjfZ*?* k aCuUaIlT = ? to Pieces. rin! \hd' occurred m tuat vi nuy late there bae t.oeu * great want of wat?. which who,^ ffom th(> corj(iitijD of the pumpp and fire plogs ?.rvU . i ten neigh w* ' bf'tis6 *re L0" constantly Tn J -Tho corditl'oc of the-e pumps ?nd a re-pings ij a dug.aoo to tLu.j whose th!Di kept ,D ? a ft. .e. oua it jury to our city ,T" Fi.m-PLnc. -Thn (Jovernmants fire Jhlgs along lennVlvania Avenue kr? jn shocking o Ld.ticn, indeed. rompt,r put in order. li*d tLcsa between li.h and 10th streets teen ia proper repair on the night of the Apolio li*ji fire, very little property would have been destroyed bv it. It to to be hoped thut the Commia.^ of Public "?ildings *i 1 give lis iicms.iiatc attention to 'bu matter, at:d tlins sav^ hii feilow citiieos rrtm impeuJ?Eg los.-es of thousands cn thous ands to result frc-ia tho condition of ?c=e fire plugs Cmraa Mibsst?It is not aecsssary to qiote tbe pricei of e.Jibies?they tre tuffi nently weil and painfully known to hocse to. ers; nor do we care to revive unpleasant ??Collections as to Low \e*y u.m'h thev h-d to pay thu morning for their -ut plies necessary ? Ule tuitenance o. hf?. InsUad of a reJuj oonof rates, there w 43 in s?.me cu-es ^n in "Mse-amouxnfa1 fact regarding the pre.-'ont, cflaring no bopo fjr lha future Wnh ?any of our population, espo*:?ally the poorer 45s, tbe sgir^uig poiut i, uoaxly reachcd. *>Vo?rn llaviKc ?We are indebted to Mr. -sevens. Bi?wn s Hotel, fur a - Vankee Match "?tol." It eonibinos sniety, convenience, ***'.ulnes?, aid cheafuess. oeticg but twenty *? cents; and, to.?, may l.e r^ntidered oroa. ??^tal. It is an article wn.cii t.ory one who ?am tue of matehe6? ind the i.asccsr is | to?ntl#4a_WiU mos: surely appreciate. Our ^i"?lar and estimable frier.d ?s p'epar<?d to *PPlj the publio in any q^auuty ?^CIr>I5T ~Xr' ?te wife of the lift WaB tbrv?u tr. n. i or carryall, this lk-4 ?1^*' !)*? borne attached to the vebiole Airw ri8ht *n i csusing that occurence. ??!bough no bone, w^re brokou, ebe was St Jto?ly j*rr?d and comp1 ao,j rauch of infu 2 S, lb?k St" . tbe hou-e ^ei,K 3a' ?? avenue, j nTx DtCe"J 4 Umtkm be* Bl*ht brought fc'?; aoJ th j m ?ri Img . nfto S.WliMmg Asylum, as a vagrant, f?.r irty days. No homo cor friends, a pour ^ cast on society, a^d sublet at tiu.?a t0 antat aliens ion, she pr f> nteJ a pitiable ?P*etaole?on<s among the many similar exhi 10 e >nsianily occurring ia this me k^nr ? the Mar.HKT.? Ibis morning. s J' nog men got into a quarrel in a 0# t/a r'e-ir A* ?Srkst; which ended by two 'C*rTu ko'0? Wired ia the guard bouse till to K* ^ arrived when all three were held (9 y of Jjl,jrdi^:y c;n iact, and made '"iay a fine and c jju. J Orpbass' Festival ?The ladies conduct log the fw'ival at Franklin Hall, eorner of D and tflnth street*, are to encouraged by the Immense patronage bestowed upon it that they ere induced to continue it tonight. Straw berries. ?nd ether good thing* in abundance; end inwsio to add to the pleasure o( the promenade* ? G*r*roc* Posatios ?We learn that the proprietors of 0! en wood Cemetery have gen erously presentei a lot to th* Young Men1* Christian Association of this city, where it* members and strangers who may be taken charge of by the association, may find a last resting place Tna Coscbrt by the Marine Band, at the Capitol, yesterday afternoon, was largely at tended. In fact, we never before saw so many persons preseat as on that occasion. The grounds are in a lovely condition, and the mutie, as usual, was of a charming character. Corrictiox ?Chubb Brothers were paying 109 cents per a?ro yesterday for land warrants, and not 110a11- cent* a* erroneously quote 1 in the Star. [COMMCWICATKn. Mhsd voca Wavr ?The improveaient of the moral and social condition of cur race is an end eagerly sought by those who entertain tae old fashioned idea, that man needs such improvement; that it is to be attained through the helping aid of contrivances for that pur pose, an 1 that through the application of those aids in detail, the amelioration of the mas* is to be accomplished Thii notion ap pears to be so general that it manifests itself in almo't every relation of lifs, and has per vaded our legislative halls so that our ser vants do not scruple to avail themselves of the beneQr of this popular dootrine, and impose en each of us owning property a sacrifice of a portion of it for what they are pleased to term ??the public good " Our city fathers have taken np the notion and require of every mm to m*ke M the pathways smooth and straight'' before his door merely for the convenience/^ others It is useiess. probably, to eonten wl'h a prejudice so deeply rooted, and which mili ta'es jo strongly, in the latter particular, with that perfect freedom of action, in relation to a manV ow ?, which, to some extent, is one of the cardinal doctrines of " Young America but as a law-abiding man, the necessity is felt forari^idsni exact enforcemen' of there quifitiofs of every existing statute and hence wr hone that aiitil moro perfect freedom is allowed in this particular to all, you will cail the attention o: the proper authorities to the condition of the fntway in front of the fir>t two story bricfc on the east side of Fourteenth ?treet, nortb of F, whose shocking condition is such *s not to oftend the eye, but to seriously incommode those Mho are compelled to pass that way, par ical.arly the aged or infirm all of whom are entitled to the benefit of the la whilst it remain- unrepealed It would be a dfeided improvement, if all the broken bats were removed ai.d pedestrians allowed to walk on the eu?o& a izud. instead of wending their nay of a dark night over bol?* and ruts, to tho manifest rick of life or limb Q IN A CORNER. GEOKGETOV/iJ CORRESPONDENCE QaoaoaTowif. June 14. 13c5 Ryther, of the Goorge Fage.lrrmor taiised himseif, yesterday, in tho estimation cf the taanagwrj of tne Methodist Sabbath School ani scholar*, and the friends who accompa nied them on their excursion to hort Wash ington. Ibe d >y throughout was a lovely one fcr su?h a trip A clear iky, ab'ight warm tun. with brecies as balmy as May, to gether with a hue steady spaciocs boat, ac a^re^nMc company, and a oaptein ana ere* ^bo p'ii forth every effort to please and render safe auu ??outforrable all on board which ren dered the trip to tho fort and bick again pecu liarly del:^btful While at the fort all hands aesmed nispvted to give loose rein to their childish propen.-itH:-, aui engaged heartily in such innocent aicu-ements a* plea&od tnetr peculiar fancies The boat returned with her delighted cargo about seven o'clock. Not ?he slightest, ccou'rcce tran'rned during the day to nterrupt the genoral ;oy. The H-ott Guards, a^dar the command of Capt. Janrcsoa. accompanied b> Fisher's Band, marched through our stree's yesterday rn route to the Georgetown College, where they were receive l nnd entertained by ths C -llsgt Cade's 1 heir appearance wis quite handsome. :;r;d attracted much attention, es. peeiaiiy from tne fair tax. from tae faet that they are, one and all. yet in the tine lo mr.trik menial promoti in as well as military distinc tioa. From present indications, the ensuing 4th of July will bs celebre;ed by our people with unusual lit* aii apirjt. Preparations for the occasion are airead? banning to b? made by some of the schools, clubs, &o At Tenaly town we learn there is to be a grand celebra tion by the We-t Ge ??g^town Sabbath school, and that of Tenelytown The Friendship Club, composed cf a large number of gentle men are making arrangemeuts to give a pic Bic upon a grand scale in the college wood* Wb votjld inform those persons who have recently givoii themselves so much uneasiness aboil' the s:lar system, and who bare labored and fibbed so cealously toinduce the dear peo ple to belreie that a grea' many bright S'arj <t?id disappeared, that thor-j is not the alight tn ciuio fur all their alarm If they would only look though sotee other glasas3 than those miserable, porverted ones, which have been manufactured on!/ for the benefit of woolly hea's, boobies, and ninnyhammer?, that, co fir from th?re being any diminution, the cumber is still increasing Oning to the \ery flittering prospect for a heavy crop ot grain our Q*ur mark*' appears inclined to droop Tuo stock on hand how ever is so very small that no decline of mo ment is likely to occur befo-? the incoming of the now crop?held ai $10 75. No grain ar riving. Spectator '?Th* Trial op tan Sxrpent."?Among I' me twenty inebriate* who were arraigned in the police court in Boston on Wednesday morning, was * young girl of fifteen years. who?a rare beauty seemed strangely out of placo ic a criminal court. A year ago she was the pilde and hoptt of her friends in Ca-u bridge, and euj iyeJ the e?tecm of a large oir cle of acquaintances. An intimacy with a studet t at Harvard, a rich man s son, even tuated in her ruin h'te was driven in disgrace from the paternal roof?an outcast. Where coul 1 she go? The haunts of vice and the rave were opin to her. She hesitated At f ecu the gravo looks dark and forbidding? she entered a fashionable brothel, where ahe has since cmsorted with the lost and aban doned cf her ?ex. i his was h<>r first appear ance in the |>olic?M>ouri; tLere is a strong and painful presumption that it will not be her last. the evidently felt her degradation keenly. A light tine imposed upon her was kindly paid by a friend and fche was permitted to depart in peacd Who shall say that the outcast was le-s tinned agate*: man sinning ? Sjt {Mm** ) It jHffMBis, Juul 8. Robseit ahd KtsTiTtTioN.?S me time la?'. January, a Mr Boyle was robhed of a valuable gold watoo, in Richmond. Vs., and, In spiie of tho sa r*s of the police, nothing oould be hea d ?fit A few weeks ago, a triend of Mr. Boyle r*cognii-d tbe -*ateh in the hands of a person in New Orleans. La , and advised him to return it to the owner, which ne agreed to do. List weak a yourg man herded the watun to &!r Boyle, together with |35. to say co more of the affair The watch was gl&dly accepted, bat the money was declined, whereupon the repentant rob ber dre* from h s pocket one of Colt's five shooters, and in ide him a present of it, telling him at the same time that if he bad awol:e whan bis wateh wis being taken, he would bavo keen killed v'ith that identioal pistol, as there were two other men with him, one of whom swore he woa'.d enmmit murder rather than be detected in rotbery A TnEAK or Gbsbuositt ?On* of the most penurious of bachelors, a day or two since, alter attending the opera, was guilty of making a g'.ft nndcr chcum-tance* somewhat original, lie entered a mil inery store and accented a very pretty attendant, inquired the price of a hat whieh be saw in the window. She took it cut, and in order to shew it* beautie*, placed it on her own head with just pitch enough to make it taking. Tbe old bachelor admired it, and pulling ten dollars from hi* pocket-book, concluded ?o buy it. The attendant took the money, and with pencil in hand, inquired where she should send it ''Wear it youraelf, my dear." was hi* blunt reply a* he left the ?tor* ?Bvston$. rr->(,000 MltlCIWIS.?It It Mtlmaied tiiat AfKR'f 'CHBBBY PKCT0BAL tad CATHARTIC FILLS ktti i(?M '-acre to froauM tka p*bUc health tben any other unel rTn iter* eaa he bo q??*Uoa the* the Cherry Pec lor a. liie by tu thousand oatbovMBdaarMOf Oolds. Oou^hs, Asth ma. Croup. lalnMBk, Brood>!tts, very muoh r*t?eed tli* rr portioaafdeeilisfretteoasompttve diseases In this country. Ths rills ere u coo* ?? "*? '??"????. wtl cur* mors complaints. .. . Kveryl?od> need* wore or lass purging rare" the Wood from It* Impurities. Purge the Bowels, Liver, and the tIh.'.i \ ucersl cyMetn from ohrtructions. Purge omt the dlse?*e? which featen on the body, to work It* decay, Nut for diseases we should die only of-Jd ef?. Take antidotes early and thrust it from the system, before it It yet too itroof! to yield. Ayer'" PHI* <t? thrust out tiiseaaa, not only while It I* VfU. but when It In* taken a strong bold. Read the aa t..rinding statement* of tlioee who have been cnrel by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, fleers, ?kin dif-oasea, Bhen mii'.in, Neuralgia, Hy?pej?|?. nSMl Pain?, MtoMOMt plaint", n"adache, Hrartburn. 0"n?. and many lea? dtinre roas hut still threatening ailment*, each a* pitnp'es on the fae*, Worms, KerTixa Irritability, la-es of apretit*. Irretcn^ larltles, Dtanness In the hea l. Cold*. Fevers, Dysentery, and Indeed every variety of complaint* for whli-h a Pnrgattve Beme-ly la ro^nlred Th*?? are no random statement*. but are authenticated by your own neighbors s?id your ow n pliyslrlans. Try them once and yon will never be without them. Prire ? centa p?r bo*?? bojes fbr ft Prepared hy DR. J. 0. ATKB, Lowell, Mas* , ?And kiM by X. D. 01LMAK, Washington. ! O. M. LINTHICCM, Oeergetown. JA#. COOS' A CO., Fredericksburg, and by *11 Drngglets everywhere. may S?eoZm 1^7?STRKNOTHFN THK STOMACH ?'The grand desider .turn of promoting health attlila kwwii of the year ia to relieve the stomach of all Imparities, to invigorate, to I itrouwi the liver from torpidity. an.I to exrel from the bowels all unhealthy aecretlons. This should be don* by aotne gnntle to<*i|oliie that, In It* action, will n<4 debll'tate the syaleiu, Impair the nerve* or becloud the natural Hpirlt?, for which pur|K>ee we know of no remedy ever yet invented that evil begin to approach 111 fftlraty the celebrated PRKM II M BITrKRS, manufacture"! from t nrely vegetable substances, by Elijah linker, of Richmond city, and sold throughout the country by a|*ofhecaries eanorally. These Bitter* are pecu liar t<? 0>e summer and fall disease* of a ?<>uthern climate, and. when taken according to direction*, are a sure cure for Dyspepsia, Diarrloea, Dysentery, Cramp Cliollc, Cholera Mori.11*. Ague ?nd Fever, Sour Stomach. Xerroc* Headache, an ! ilmost every otlie afTe< tlon arlaingfron: impurity of the bl ? I or disordered stomach. To those who have not yet fated the superiority of Baker's Premium Bitters, as a fam ily medicine, over all other* known to th? civilued world, we say lo*e no time in doing ho, a* they will wflord almost ln?lnnt relief. Try them by all tueati*. Price SC cents per bottle T<> be had of CHARI.KS 9TOTT A CO.. Washington, D. C., CANBY A HATCH, and 8BTH 8. UANCB, Baltimore, aud by Dmssists everywhere. eo3t <y7?DB. HOOFLAND'S CBI.KBBATKD OKRMAN BIT TKBS ?Weak, nervons, depressed in spirit*, and a pray to Innumerable mcutal, as ?ell as physical evil*, the ?1, tim to dyspepsia. Is indeed an object of oomn; iteration. Yet it is alunrd f<?r him to despair. We care not h?>w weak low nervon*, and Irritable he ma? b'', the cordial proper ti.-s'ot 1IOOFLASD 8 QEBMAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr C. M. Jark-on, Philadelphia, are stronger tliau tbe many Uealfd moli tor which Is preying upon hi* body and mind; aud If lie rhooses to try tliem, we will Insure a epeedy cure, j^e eilvert'.Rement, _ Je7?Sui A PFCBET FOR THK LAD1KS? HOW TO PKK.SKRVE ' Uoacty.?Don't use Chalk, Lily White, or any of the ? eo-ca'!?d co-.-raeflcs, to conceal a faded or sallow complexion, j If yon wo&id haire the ru*e* urought U*?-k to your cheek, a cl??r, hoaltliy aud tran?par*nt akin, and HJe and vigor la-j fnw? thrtx'.gli the tystem, get a bottle of Corter's Spanish Mixture, and take It accorllng to dire. tion*. It doe* not i t?ite ijulte aa well as swoetmbuU ; but, if ait?r a few doses yim do not llnd your haa'th and beauty reviving, your "tep #*'.a*tic and vigorous, and the whole ayatein refrecUed and Invigorated 'ike a Spring morning, then your ca?e i^Hiope le^*, aad all the valuable certificates we possess, go for t.*nv,ht. It t? the greatest purlfler of the blood known. Is p. rft -tiy harmless, and at the same Un?e poweitully effica eloc*. ?.?See a<lvertleement. _ T^7=>S1 D. Qll.HAt'. Drcgp'nt, l.*u r-mr-'ed to R?g S?eenth L^-' ?treot, opposite V> th? PatrloticTtariW, and r? cow pre par<-d t>fill all orders for Mo.llcl"es, Paint*, Oils, and Olass on arcomnj'rflatlng term*. Strict attention will be paid to physician'* prescriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night bell is on the right of the store door. ap 14?in# T~7?A PHENOMENA IN MBDICINK.?R'onchltla, CoOgh, . ?*?/ r<y. ' !v?-r Comulaints. Scrofula 4c.?For all disease* of the F?t..*1e 0r?t*?0 II *?aii.j i3i?3"nt. A GU -<yican Just 'nfoi ms us it has can*! hi in >f Bron.ultis of a. de*pf ate character?nartlcntar* hereafter. HAMPTON S VKOKTABLK IINCTI RK?Hy It* mild a(v Hon on thei twmach, liver and kiduey*. will <-nre Dyspep (la. Cough Asthma, Bronchial and Lune AT-'tfon* 1'sins In ii-.o h . Side and Brea-t. Consnmptlo-. ?^rofnla, Ooot. Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaint*, I'I'.ca, Wor. *:.l s^r.ou-?,b:;!tl-*-wi?h all diseases.arising from .iiipa.e bl'vxl, au*! it tli( |ra*lMt (eiav wealdi.? ?t er r jowri. Ta's iofaiuable medicine U workfug wonder* BTOn tue human Dauie See advertisement to-day. marT -I??? pBIMITMS AT THE FAIRS.?WHITEHI'BSTS >-/ still In the ascendance.?Tlie jaries of ea*"h of the late n,-, m re. Richmond, and New York awarded their h'gfiii rrem^nme i.. ?. U. VT- amwriority of Pho tot-rar.ii's Stweoecepe* and Dfcguetreotyp^s etiiit-ltfeu. Llr W also received two Medam at the World * Pair, Lon don and a i rem I am at Crystal Palace, New York. a>so the Br?t awards of the HarylanJ Iostltute for three ^Wbi^nrrt's Oallety 1b tUe clt/ la o? avenue. b#t?f. {>1 aud 6th streets. M?D IT |n-T?Nt>AH WALKER a CO., Marble Hall C. thicg liUipo rioin under Brown*' Hotel, respectfully that il dr display of Spring and Summer Clothing t* now ready for lnhoectlon, comprising an assortment of r.,at*, Vest* and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material trimniing and workmanship. To gentlemen who study exrelleore with economy In fashionable articles of U.-cjmi an onoortunity for eelecung Is oflered from one ofbhe lanteei auU u.o.1 eU.a? ;..u ?*=c?- of ever oJered In tbla city at a very reduced scale of prlie*. ??> tl rr~T*LrN'?B?LCNOS.?We refer our reade-i to an adver l.?' lineinent in another colnmn, for full particulars cun ? m'ng the HYOKtSA of I)r. Curtis It !s eaid p. be one >f ihc u.' : remarkable cure* for all deecrlptlon ..f dl-ea~.? of tie lanes e\kr d!t -0 /ered. Uf elrtnee have been MUM to by hundred*, who have obtAiue*! their ki*.iWieage cy tu U?i of all to?clier??experience. CAl TION.?Dr. CI UTIS'S UUGKANa ii the original and only geuuine article. n"^ <a?lm **" jo* SntLLinxTo* receive* all the new Book* and News e. r- ss f-.*t a* pnbllahed. He is agent for Harper's and all Lecthsr Mag.i*.re*. and our reader* will always tind a lie r and good assortment of Blank Books aud Stationery at fc-.V.rV??oce. Odeoe Hnildlng. cor Pa. avanne and ?H st HAUUIUU. At PosedalH, I?. ?'. ?>n the ?ih ir.^tant, by Rev. Pi Maan<r>* AX?KL DE YTU8BIDB, Sf-crctiry to tit- M'xiffin Legation, and ALICE, dr-us'ittr of the late Jolin tiref-n, Leq. On the 13tn inslnnt, tn the Hlih year 01 her a(je, Mrs ANN TAYLOR, ralictol the late Col. John Tayioe, ot Monnt Airy. Wants. 4 SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECT /V libit* ii iridle a^?:d woman, a* cln!d nurse or to aut-n.1 io en tnv.tlid lady. Hhc has no objection to h ii-. k.'-p.n*. Adiirea.. "M C," at thte otficc. !#? i t?'1 ? *, A -TBI* IN A SMALL FAMILY A COM \ pctint woman, to do tht* cook me arH wasrt ir?? lu-ciMinneneatiwns required. Apply at No^S Pi h? a-re^t. Gcnrferown. je i:<?^t* N'Ei.HOUIKL WAMfcll ? A GENTLEMEN n'vin^ in th>'country wishes to |?u?chaa?: a iie ^ro ci'5, from U to 18 yearn of age; one is ac eu-li>Hi'd to do :mv kin.l of work common to wotnen, or liiat cou'db ? taught without severe ciiaaiisemeni. A.iy i ers- ii liavtui> ?uch to well for cash will be as ? :red of her tiUHUMic tioatmeut. Address "Ii," at line ?Ifti-e. ,3? \ 'AN'TED IMMEDIATELY?A HESI'ECTA , . hie Woman, whu is a competent o n*. <'all nt 11 * F street north. je ??eo3t* W IT ANTED?9^00 FOR ONE OBI 'VO YEARS, . t secured by n al estate in this city, worth ihr? e limesiha amount, for which a liberal rew ard will be paid. A ldress "Boi 155 '? ]?; 11?lw \V w ANTE D ?A PARTNER TO WOItK A T - Mone Quarry and contract for nale ol Stone to Governmciil ami .ithera, there beinf now gruit de tuned for etone. Th s Quarry is immediately oppo sue (simrget wn. Lai^e shanty, blacksmith ?hop, ev? ry implement on the fpot. Tl is quarry fur ni.'hct til*: best and largest truck Sione, Aic. A chance u now otfcrcd. Call or write to LLOYD ?t CO, F fteenth street, oppo. the Treasury, may 3?tf Tir ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT Y\ til. y call get a lot 'i4 feet front by 130 ie*t dee,I, for the low price of $75? payable $3 a month without inten^t. Apply at the Uuioii Laud U?ce, 7ih ?l., abov* Odd Fellows' iiall. ap 28-3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. 1~}OA KD1NO.?P'easant rooms for summer, ) w iih boarding forfaioiUvs or hincle persona can ue !? 'id by eaily application al KING'S, J03 nortli O street, between 3J fnd The house is de hah lu'iy situated, and has ;u>t been thoroughly rt? ovated ap t refurnished. Meals lurniehed to tami li< sand day boarders accinnmodaud on ratcnnble terms. MKS. in C. t*KKh.K'!> boanting House, on Pennsylvania avenue, first hou?.- west of Hie Cai>aol gate. Fine roi ins at v ?ru'U- prices, and ever,' possible attention and comfort b< stowed on ladies aiiu gentlemea guesis. mny 2U?3w* \UT IfK.-POH KENT?#AKLOKH AND Ch'tm'iera, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room ami shower baths ar?1 everv attention to render it mo?t agr??? able to ber b<)ay)eis. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Comer Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ st. ap23?3m HO A it L>, dfcc.-MKS. BATES, on the ??uth wi st conier of Pa. avenue and !>th street is pre pared io accommodate gentlemen wtiii rooms, Willi or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfortable who may favor her with their (in .r< wage ap 6?tl FOR. TilE OKANGK & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP KA1LKOADS. 1HIE Subscriber'sCoachesw 11 call for Pasfen??r wl-huigto connect with the above . Railrbads. My Coaches counact win the Steamers Thos CoiMtR or Georok Wasuino to*, which leave Washington at 6 a ni. (j(j~ Meals lurnisliad on the boats. persons wishing the Coaches to call for them can taave their name and rraidenee with Mr. John T T.ll'tian, near th* Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drug store, comer Pennsylvania aveaue and 13th street; or at Geo. at Tho?. Parker it Co.'s store. Coaches can be had Cor Pleasure Trips, may 08-2.n WILLIAM WHALEY. 1~SkKNCH VISITING CARDS, eitra thin, and 4 of the finest finuh, just imi?orted from tons rfi rect,^ FRANCK TAYLOR. ia>y 15 For Sale and Rem F ? F Fna REiW-TWO NEW THREE BTOEY BUCK HOUSES, located on Vermont avenue near north N street, in the yard of each bouse is an ? teeSent pump of water For particulars as to te-'t ke., enquire nt No. 490 north M afreet, or to B. FRt.AL, at CJ L. Colt man's Brick Yird. Je 14?colw* ClTORE FOR RENT?SITUATED ON Hih st., 0 between Pa avenue and F. street, opposite the Franklin Engine House. This nore is a most de -tralde business stHnd, being mtmir.iblv calculated for an office, retail Gibeery, or any business. For terms app?y on the premises. je 13-tit* OR RENT?A LARGE FRONT AND PACK _ Room, over Magnitc\> Hat Store, 44N Pa av tmnw, below 4 jig street. jr it?4t* _J10R^ENT?THE FORREST H ALL RESTAC rant, centrally situated in Georgetown. Thi* is one of the rrost spacious basements in the United Status, and attached to the only public hall in the town. Possession civen 1st July. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner of F and Twentieth sts. First rate Devon Cow and Calf for sale. Apply as above. je 8? lw* A LARGE AM) ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner Lot, containing 14,000 square feet and fronting the Capitol Park for ?ale on accommodating terras if immediate application b > made to HILBUS It HIT7., Corner Pa avenue and 11th st. Being so near the Capitol and but a few minutes' walk from the Car Depot, makes it most advantage ously situated for a large public House. je 5?tf _ For rent?in alexandkia, va., that large three story Brick House, weil known a? the best stand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market Hou?e and now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Possession siv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD & CO., Claim Ageut, loth st, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hing ten, D. C. may 30?tf I^OR RENT-THE THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No 86 Bridge stre?^, <*eotg town, so Ion* occupied a? Emmert's Confectionery. Annlv to ARM V. next dor>r mav 25??*otf tj^OR RENT?THE SToRK NOW ikjCUPIEI) by Joseph Hugcins, Jeweler, Vo. 21 4 avanue. E. OWEN at SON. je 19?er>2w Rents reduced to suit the times $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sh?-d and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and communicat on is had with Georgetown by way i?i H and Seventh fctreeis and Penn. Avenue, morning and aft? rpoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Keii<!ail Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses incp^ ted ?,t ~ny time. Several of tnesc! rcaident-'od will be sold on liberal term*. W W STICK WE Y, No 4, Kendall Green. N. n.?R*nts paid quarterly in advance. apr a, 1855?tf For rent?several handsome par lors and Chamber?, v/'tt> bps;,}. Aiso, ?miii? and transient boaru. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. ?33 F street ap9 ?OR RENT (?R SALE ON REASONABLE _ Terms.?A three story Frame, with basement on New York aveuue, between Fourth and Fifth stre' ts west Alsw. a lilies sti.iy i yi,l4e, with Luck, on 1 street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. west Apply to James \V. B^ker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13tli stieets west. DICKSON fc KING, aP 5?Thtf George town. HOMES for all.?Hcauuiully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the e*ce?diii? low price of $75, payable $J per mouui lilie intiibputable. Union Laud Officc, 7ih st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX. Secretary. i a. OLD POINT COMFORT. THE HOTEL at tills favorite watering place is now open for the reception of gucsu. '1 ue en tire establishment has ?*ecn put in fine order, and greater facilities have been made for landing pas sengers. A awl! steamer has been chartered to act is ten der upon the larger nail boats, and also to mnko ad ditiopaJ trips t?4 Noiiuik mid Portsmouth, including two tHf sou Suniiaj tu and from those cities, thereb> aflordirg an opportunity of a pleasant excursion and enjoy the sea bathing The boat will make ti>liit'g excursions three days in each wet-k. Communications should be a ldie.s?ed to C C. W1LLARD & BRO , 1'ropri; tors. je 4? 2w Ol Point Comfort, Va. PROSPECTUS For publishing a monthly Musical Work in tht city of Washington. THE undersigned, at ilie solicitation of many of their esteemed customers, propose publishing a monthly Musical Work, entitled Tfco Rational Monthly Musical Magazinq. The Magazine will contain from '"our to fix pages of Music, selected from the best European and Na tive Composers In addition to the Music an extra sheet will be added, containing the latest Musical News, Musical Notices, &e The Magazine will be prnt d on the b?st quality Musi.? paper, and will be printed from engraved plates, in the neatest man ner. The first number of the Magazine will be ready about the 1st of Jul v, 1*55. Mr. 8 V. Notes, the Agent for Ute Work, will ?o'icit subscription u? ?n the c>i>Een- of the District of Columbia ami show a number. Jamkh H. Burns, No. 150 Bridge street, is the agent for Georgetown. HILBUS k HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av , 1 th and D st?, Star Building', Washington, i>. G. )miC4 - tf POTOMAC PAVILION, ~ Piney Point, St. Mary g County, Maryland fpHlS desirable place for health and sea-bathing 1 will be opened for the reception of visitois on the 15ih of June, with n<>lh:i>s left undone that will promote the comforts oi its guest. Many ini)irov?? uients have been made since my la-t season. A Lunfh Room haa been bmlt lor the uccominodaticn of visitors at ail reasonable hours, .ay and night. Stables and Carriage Houses have bcon built to accommodate those ut at a distance Billiard Table, Pistol iluliery, Shuffl : Bop.rd, Tep Pin Alleys and Baths have all been improved, and are free to vuitoin only I am thankful to the public for their patronage the Ia?t two seasons, and hope to see my old friends and many new face* the coming season. The Pavi.ion sha I be clean an.1 well kept Children with whooping cough or measles will not be admitted as hoarder*. T?Rmb or BOABl> I For tingle day $2 00 For three days or less than a week, per day , 1 ?0 By the week 10 00 By the month, ptr day 1 25 W. W DIX, Proprietor. Letter Boies have beeii plac? d on all th?J SleqjQ ers lor the accommodation of visitors. je 5?eolm ; NOTIC K.?Our customers are respectfully in formed that on and after Hi is date, until Sep tember, we shall close our store overv evening at 7* o'clock. HILBUS & IllTZ, j?^5 ' Music Depot. A CARD. MRS. K PHILLIP'. No 401 Sixth St., between G and II, desires to inform the ciii zens of Wabhiigion and vicinity, tbnt she is now prepared to give instructions 011 fbe fiano Fe<rte. She hns taught mn^ic in some < f the principal ilies of the Union, and ha* testimonials showing that she is fully competent to discharge the duties of her pro fession to the satisfaction of those who may f.vor her with their patrona^. Terms : $10 for U4 lessons at htr residence, or .f 12 ni the r<-si !ence of her pupils. je 12?eo3m* IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ing UP HOUSEKEEPING. PER80NS removing from the city, and wuhing to dispose of thei' Furniture and Honsekeep ing Utentils, &c , without the trouble of sending theiu to public auction, can do so by culling on us at our Store, 317 1'a avenue, corner of Ninth tt, as we are prepared to buy all such goods as may be ?ffered. Housekeepers and others will do well "by calling on us, as we will pav the highest ca*h prices for all suchg ods. WALL, BARNARD & CO. j-: 7?Um 317 Pa. avenue. LAND WARRANTS^ JOHN D CLARK, Agent tor Claims, No. 637 Twelfth street, will give the highest market price in gold for Land Warrants je 7?lm* PATK!*T IC?C CREAIH PRKEI? ERS. Ice Cream Moulds, Jellv Moulds, Melon Moulds, Rice Mould*, Pudding Moulds, Pudding Paps, Cake Pans, Patty Pans, Cake Cutters, at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 400 7th streak jefl G. FRANCIS. LADIKV -WORK BASKKTS Card Baskets, Traveling Baskets, K-y Bsskets, Knife Baskets, Cigar Baskets, Market Baskets, Clothes Baskets, a largu variety, very low, at (he Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 400 Seventh street. ? 0< FRANCIS. J? 6?' i Auction Bales. S&Fbr Auction SsUt ma fint p*p + Br OKBM * IOOTT, Auction* Large lot op dry goods, pnRwrrru Cigars, lie., at Auction On SATURDAY the 16th mutant, we shall sell, In front of car a lore, tt 0 o'clock a. m., in excellent I6t of Dry Oools, *1* ? Cloths, Cassiinercs, Vesting*. Sii?penders Gloves, Handkerchief, Crape Shawls Tabic Cloth*, Portjmonnaie* Cravats. Teaj Cigars, &c A la-ge lot of Furniture. Te'ms cash. GREEN k 8COTT. je 14 -d Auctioneer*. By GIISKN A SCOTT. Auction**?. \rALL'ABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR THE Long Bridge at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 2)th instant, I shall tell, at 7 o'clock p in ,?ast half of Lot No. 11, in Square 957, fronting 94 feet on south D street, between 13* and 14th sis. west, running back 93 feet to a 30 feet alley The above described property is handsomely lo cated near tbc steamboat wharf. Title iadismtable. Terms: $SflO cash, balance In six aad twelve months, for notes bearing int?re*t from the day of the sale A do?d given and a deed of trnst taken GREEN & SCOTT, Je 14? d Auctioneer! By OREBN * SCOTT. Auctlonssn VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON MA8?*A chusetts avenue at Auction?On WEDNF.S DA V, the 21th instant we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m , a beautiful Building Lot, situated on Massachusetts avenue, between 4th and 5th streets west, it beine Lot No. 9*, in Sq. 517, having a front on the avenue of 87 feet 4 in , running back to a wide alley. Terms. One-third cash ; balance in 6, 19 and 18 months, for ujles bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GRLEN fc SCOTT, je 14?d Auctioneer*. By J. C., Aaetlonttr. T7"EKY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS *T f Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon. June 19th, at 6 o'clock, on thi* premises I sv:all r<dl subdivisions 55, 56. *?, 5* and 59, of Squar- No.' 41s; each fronting 24 feet on 6th street wrst, betw. north M and N streets, running back 105 feet These lot- are siUM< <1 in a rapidly impevins part of ih* City ana are very desirable, being graded and p ved in front. Term*: One-'liird cash ; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured t?y a deed oi trust on the premises. JA8. C. MctlUIRE, je'.l?d Auctioneer. Br GREBM A KCOTT, Auctioneer* VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AND HOUSE and Lot at Auction - On FRIDAY, the 15tli instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p rn., in front of 'he premises, part of lot 21 and all of Lot No.22. in Square No. 15**, having a fronton *taasa?hi*eit? avenue of 88 feet 4 inches, r\\rmir g back about 145 t< et. bftw* en lrfth and lf*;h streets west. The above described property is near Favor's g&rdi n. Ai.d immediately after the sal? of th' above at 7 o'clock, *e shall sell part of Lot No 18, in Suuar* on M north, betwben l? h and 20th -treets w- st, iv(ib tfce ini^ruv. nient?, which are a aooj anl Lviiij D+*w two story containing 4 g?.uri robins and cellar. The lot trout* 16 feet run ning iiaek 97 feet to a 29 teet alley, ft also he* * tin*- spring on the premises. Terms: One third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the saiv. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN k STOTT, j* at?d Auctioneer. By OR?BH *? SCOTT, A uctloncore VALUABLE BUILOING LOT NEAR THE Navy Yard Gate at Auction ?Or. THURSDAY the 14th June, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m in front of the premises, Lot No 4, in Square ?82, fronting 47 feet ?inche?oii south M street, running fa*ek 129 teet I* inches to a 30 feet all y, between ? th and Canai strati* rast, immed:a:ely in front of the Navy Yard w II Terms: One third cnt-h ; the balance in 6 and 12 moths, lor notes bearing interest frum the day of the sale. A dted given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at cost of purchaser. GKK?N * SCOTT, J* 8?<d Auc f>n>-ers. 1 By ?-L McGUlRE, Auctioneer* "RUSTLE'S SALE OF VALU ABLE AND EL igihly situhtej Real Estate ?.u the Island.- By i ieces or pa*cels of ground lying an 1 belus situate in th? city of Washington, and known an-4 distin guished as the nor'h half of Lot N<> l? and the whole of Lot 13 in Square the whole fronting TO teet 6 incf.js on street West, between K mid L streets south, and rurmitic back 100 fe? 1to an it ley, with the bui'dinga a- d improvements, which con?i t of a subs antial and comfortable cottage Imilt Fr.iiue Dwelling House and necessary out houses. The above property is situated in a rapidlv im proving ?art of the city, and <.ffer?. a tavorabl- op portunity v> persons desirous of obia:nii:g a residence or iuveqtieg. The terns of sale will We one third cash > re: idue tn 6, 12, und 18 months, fur not.* hearing interest from cay of sale, secured by a deed of tiust upon the propert1. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property Mill be resold at the risk and expanse of the purchaser. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. CHAS. 8 W ALL *CH, Trustee JAR. C. M Gl'IRE, je G?d Auctioneer. liy J \ S C. McOUIREi Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE REAL I Est ite ? By virtue of a deed of ira?t from Fia-i cis Seldcn, bearing date on the tlr-t day of Decem b?-r 1846, and recorded in Liber VV. K , Ho. 13(1, fo lios 931, 232, anil t;,e subsciiher will sell at public sale, on ViO*?L)AY, the itsih tlayofJune, lttSa, at 6 o'cl ck p rn., on ihe premise*, the we?t baifof Lot Ni? 2, in Square 247, fronting 29 fact on north L street, between 13th ai.d I\ h streets west, runnnij hack 120 feet, wiili the buildings aud iai proveni nts thereon, virM?eu cuai't of two well built frame dwelling h(>us?s. The liliov* property is well located iu a rspidly tm^roviug part of the city. The terms of the ?ale will be ore-half ca^h, and the balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes hear in* interest from day of sa!e, secured by a deed of tru-l on the property If the t?;rms of sale are rot complied with in six days alter the sale, "the property * 11 be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at cost of purcnaser. WALTER LENOX,Trustee. J AS. C. McGlllRE, je 2?eokds Auctioneer. Uy JAN. C. KeGIJinFii A-ucttan*#re \J At UA ULL HALF SQUARE <?F GROUND tt Auction?t>n FRIDAY afternoon J|| ie22d at 6 o'clock, <<n the premises, I shall sell Lets Noe. 1,2 3,4. }, 13,14,15, ar.d C. iu Square No. 159, frcntin.2 respectively on Rliode Island avenue, 17th and North N ?treets Tiie wbol-forms half a square, eoataining 113, 000 >-quar ? feel and i* one oi' ?he most elevated sit u itious in the city, at a short duience frotu, and in full vi w of, the Public BuilUiugs. Terms at the sain. J A 8. C. McGUIEE, je 0?eofcds Auctioneer. Uy J. C. MeGLltLac. Auctloatcr. ~\J~ ALU ABLE REM. ESTATE AT PUBLIC ^ Sale.?The subscriber will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 18i i day ot June. 18ii5, at 5 o'clk p in., on the premises, lot No 32, in square 807, fronting 26 feet on 10th street west, between N and O streets north, and iinproveinenu, which consist of two small frame houses. Terms ot sale; O:io third cash, and balance in 6, 12 and 18 month notts, bearing interest from cay of sale, secured by a deed ot nasi upon the property If th.: terms are not complied with in tl rc? uays after the sale, the < roperty will be Haoid at the risk and expense of the purchaset All conveyancing at the expense of purchaser CHAS- S. WALLAt'H, Attorney. JAMES C. McGUIRE, may 23?eokds Auctioneer. By J. C. McUUIRK, Auctioneer. YEHY VALUABLE BUiLDIN'J LOT IN THE First Waid at Auction.?On TUESDAY af ternoon, June 19.h, at 5 o'clock, on the prtmis's, I shall siII Lot No. 10, in Square 80, fronting 7IJ^ ft. < n north G ftfeet, between 2lst and 221 sts , run ning back 128 feet 8J{ inches. This Lot is situated in a rapidly improving part of the city: a number of first cla> s houses are now in courte of erection in that vicinity, and this sale offers a good opportunity for cn investment Terms : One-fourth cash ; th? residue in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, wi;h interest sausfsctorllv secured. J AS. C McGUIRS, |e 9?eckds Auctioneer. LK8LIRM LADIES OAZETTEOP Paris. London and New York Fashions for June is received aud for sale at SIllLLINtiTON'fl Bookstore. The Watchman, a companion to the popular sto ry of the Lamplighter Tales for the Marines, by the author of Los Glln gos Harper's Magazine for June commcncee a n?w volume The Misting Bride, by Mrs. Southwnnj The Two Geanuaus, by the author of AH the Magazines for June All the New Books and every thing In UN Sta tionery line, for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odecn Building, cer. 4U and Pa. av. je 4?U TELEGRAPHIC. * SirOKTD rot VMM DAILY EVEirorq. BTAJt Another Political Coaveatioa. ?Taw Tobk, Jici 14 ?Thi Tribune of this morning ooataias a special dispatch, stating that *b? Kiu)%c Something Conveation organ ised at rlevel an ! yesterday. C. W Slaek, of Ma^aobosetls, ?&? elected temporary obaif nua, and Burr, of Ohio, and Baker, of M'chi gaa. secretaries Every free State was fally represented The platform will be "oppod. tioa to slavery, the reatoratioa of the Missouri Compromise, and proteetioo of Amerieaa In dustry John W. Stebbins, of Roehteier, will be nominated for Praadeat. Tha Philadelphia Minority Platilrn Tug lutioss P*LADtLrnu, Jaae li.-The minority res olutiocs of .be Know Nothing Coaveatioa oa the subject of slavery were rejected last eight by a vote of nearly two to one The grac4 mass meeting was annoucoed for Satarday night Launch of the flrat new ttaaa Frigate. Bosroa, Jane 14 ?The steam frigate Mr* * r 1 m ac was launched this forenoon at half past eleven She went off the ways beaa ifully * b i gracefully. An immense crowd was pros ent. A salute from Ihe pier battery greeted her advent into a new eloment^^^^ Hew Orleans Markets, fe. Naw Orleabs, Jane 13-The steamer's news was received by the Hationel Werera Telegraph, and published in the regnlar editions of cur afteracoa papers The Wash ington and Orleans line is do an sonth uf Co lumbia. Cotton?Prices advanced nnder the inflsenc* of the steamer s n?ws, ard closed firm Sales of J,^00 bales middling llallts. Corn?West ern white is lower; qnoted at92ta9Se. Freights of cotton to Bremen 11. Pork has decline* ?ifto per hundred. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, June 14 ?Floor Is lower; sales of Uoward street $10.62*; City Mills wM of fered at $10 60; no bu. era No wheat offered kwr a,iw.{Sj.l"?b,r; "lM * ?""? New York Markets New Yori, June 14 ?The eotton is firm and ur.ebanged. Flou' ia 6rm : sales of 5 000 ?a^ rels; g?cd Ohio at #y 50-? 81; ?K.uharn is un changed. wi h a tnaderate demand at previous rE.'ea , " firm Corn i# ? trifl? lo<?er : buthtU Wes ern mixed at ?&* ?<3. Pork is a trifle higher; sales rf old i?78S7atl{ f2?'$1737i~BeW 0,e" *,77*? ? a trifl?' bat not Qnotably unchanged with salea of ^?0 barrels. Wuuky is declinia ?Ohio Si. * New York Stock Market Naw York. June 14 ? Stocks are bettor Money is abundant. Sales at the first bo?-d of tries at 49f- Cleveland ani Tol-do Rail road, 86j; Clevel md ColumbusandC no inn it Katl.oad.110; Virginia ? s. 100; Mi ?ouri 6's, 9b? Cuuterlar.d Onal Company, 29i; R>ad ^K.R^road.Wlj, Ohio Life Trust Comply, 110; Pennsylvania Coal Company, ll2i New \ork Central Railroad, 95. The Senatorial Question. Cokcord, N H , June 12 ?The Democrat* in caucus ro-cight nominate* John S Walls and Harry U.hhard for U. S Senators, ani the candidate lasc y??r for Secretary of Stale, Treasurer and Printer. The Americans id caucus are having a rerr p.ewant lime Paul R G.(,rge th; 'Dj?: de"0?D?sg the grasping proolivitiea of the Free Soileis. and remonstrating ?e?inst 'he nocumaticn of John P Hale to the S?n*te. He made no objection to James Bell, bur con tended that the eleotion of a Halo would prove the destruction of the American party in New Hampshire una in the nation. 8.x thousand Democrats were with him in the State, he said ia opposition to Hale and Abolitionism and in ttvor of Amoricaoifin lhe caucus finally nominated John Bell for the long term ani John P. Hale, for the short senatorial term (second pispalcb } Co*cord, Juno 13 ?The House proceeded to the election of United States Senators thie afternoon, and made choioe of James Bell for the long term, and John P Hale for the short term, by a large majority. The Senate may p ssilly not go into aa eleotion for a day or two FISCHER'S BAND FULL! OILGAN izco. HAVI\(5 now completed ail mv "rrangeaient* f'?r a first raie B vASd and COTILI.ON o \ >U. 1 am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties Exhibit on.*, Parade.-, Pic Nica, Balls, an J Serenades. All those in favor of t cstiten's band are respectfully invited v> encouraju* '?ur en erpriae, hero iu VVa?tu:i,>; n City D O , p Leader. ? 8- Tin Band, un ler mi ti>rccUuii,L>regularfy umformt'd, and trom a practice over twenty yoar* I can give *atistacuou to every one. Uen.?1ence, Pa. aviiiiue, n ?rtL Hide, bet. 9ib aad 1U I. Mreet^ first Jj. r weet of Iron Hall. Order* lel\ with Mc**a Hilbu* Si II-u punotuallv atmn.ted tn. m ,T |4_2?. ' PROSPERI'S CORNEL BAND. i^HtS Baud u s'ntab e f(^ an. and all pu'pri>es ami ia warrant, d to r tve ?t?u?.Uction in iUtbuia who may b; pleaded t<. eng^e them, eitLer a? a Lra*?, Becd, orfotill.m Band. Any number in mu-ii iau* to Ue bad at the ahort* est notice b> applying to FREDERIC PROSFEBI, Leader, nt I'aliavul.'u ^tore, ? pp<?.it? iJhe Marine Hart a ki. N. B?OrdeM left nt Hillms 81 liita'a Moaic De pot, will be promptly atteuded to. may 85?4m TUE POTOMAC RIVER STEa Jl.UAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE U. I'ttiCE CAPT. SAMUfL HAKEU, ? commance har regular * jTiUhi trips on 1US<lAT M0&MBQ, "?-uuit, touching at tte diiT. rant Lanoiiurn on the river. Leace Washington at 6 and Alciandrin &t 7 oVlk on Tu?ula,and Frid ty mortnnjfs Bnuri?tns wi I leave J one River at 4 o'clo- k, ott We<1newl/y ant) Saturday morning>>, until further aoticc may 36-d Off.c* Clerk 0,- HoiiK d,1 PIOPOSALS will be received at ihis office until lio'clock m . on Sa urday, ;iOtn of iune next, lor furn^liin^ tor ih?- ear of tbe H -u-e of Represent a tive? two Lunrfred t?n^ beat ANTIiRA L1-1L COAL, wlint! a?h. l he coal muat be pure ?ud clean, MM) tons of large vgg ?i?^, and 100 iona !1nnLnn,p'' a ul *'*e a fourteen pound wtight, ?J.5MU pouiiJ* to the ton, and delivered free of extra charge in the vaults 01 the Capitol. AUo, for furniahin: for the use of the Hou*: 0/ Representative, two hundred cordi of lir#t qjaiity season* d HlCKoIt\ WOOD, iwcnlv live cords to be sawed twice, liie balance to b<- *awed once : the whole to be mea?ur .1. siwed, and ?towed away m the . aulu of the L'a^uol at the ex'.ease of the coa tractor Both wood am; roal are to be delivered on or ba fore the 15th < { October next, and to be fuhieet to inspection as to quali'jr, wetgttt, an 1 mra-ure by a person to be appointed ? n U.e iart of the HnoM sl Rej reacntativea j. w> FORNEY, je 7_Th4? ,,ou,e ?f ^preaenuuvea, U. 8. I ^ ( lOTl BacWSk. /VrV/ 3ij t-oxra new Cheese 10 balca Hop*, low price Ju?t received and for sale by Je *J-eo3t MURRAY It 8EMMB8. FOK SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yeep old next apring, well-bred,sound,stylndi, gentle, spirited and rspital goera. They arejflHk v ell-broken and pertecily free froji tricks, and will pirticularly auit any gentleman who is tond of driving. The owner pans with them only because hta purpose is to retrenrb his expenaes. They eaa be keen at Southron ? (late Birch's) Siabls, oa 14tb ?treet, aoath of Pa. avenue. For teraia, or an op. portunity to try tbem. enquire at the counter of the Star office. Tbey will be auid a be. gain. ap J?if DR. YHKOD. HAKSHAN K eeps ois uffi *e hours from eight te ten o^rtck a.nv No BOS S*venthit.,?fp. fMrf fsBoips HmJU% ad?1?*

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