Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1855 Page 4
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ftV l-'NING STAR. The following Uaea are from the jen ef a WasMogtonian oelebreted for hi? wild weet ere adventures [res THB STAB. March, 16o0?8ick and Mptess, my only comrade and devoted fnead left oar tent in the SierraNeva ua Mountains tn hunt ft>r veni on, (oar ?ole rwiimee for t*>d.) Ne never returned, and Miave no docbt nu niudrriM by a band or savages in the vicinity, who fnthtqu^ntlr prowd hostile to a party o? ex plorer*. TEX F&TE Or THX HOSTEB In the Sierra Nevada mountains?high. De?p?dawn a rock girt flen ; The m>Mi d'ri z hooes oi a hunter lie Far from Uie haunts ot men. gave the rn?ii g feet of the as lie Pursues tiie path of the deer. To ie-ek hi.* bread from the acorri tree, Which ?ruw? in a valley near. The bea*s and the wolves, and birds of prey, Long since h-.t" stript tlio* bones, And scattered tlutrelica? where ibfy say "Mongsr rankling ween? and stone* And a rfle ts u??re, and a banter's Knile, A ha.chct. and powder horn, Corrode with ru?t. *i?ce the bloody itrlic, \\ .??! Utt> hauler from Ii e was torn! For id- ne!p ? ?s ti:u?id be <-hased the deer, And Hollowed it down the side Of acra^uv ri >ge, t a canion drear, IV hen; Ibe ben and the wolf abide. In that narr w gicn?from his comrade far, A rifle txho'd the knell ?iftwatateiy ?tig. the evening star Peer'a into 'i e .iu*ky dell! i tie w ary liUt ler lit his lire, And eat of ihe Venn n sweet; Kr,.|-iu.-b a wit'i boughs the blaxir.g pyre, Anrt, weary, laid do?n to sleep. Ttie fire bnrtii low, and the hnnt* r slept, And dreainpi ot his <ti?taiit bomc ; Thr.t' is wife and bis daughter oVr liiin wept, And begj;*?i hiiu no more to r< am ! Alas! dreampt no more In life ! That brave and devoted man'. For a mortal *tab, fr< in t?e Indian's knife, Left him tnete, bhody and wan ! The widvss -oon ? cu'ed the fatal place, And glutted upon the dnd ; And valtu e? an.I ? ag'.es guiher'd apace, To g'enn ? here the wives had fed! How the riv^-ns croak and the eagle cry, As ihey -i?ar o'er the gloomy dell, \\ here tlir- mouldering non s ot the hunter lie? No taM't his story to tell Tner?*V one, b-wever, will lament his fate, And ciMW-a Ul? memory d* ar So true a fri> nd, in that lonely state, ,. hen bo other soul wn? near' Tears may revolve, and consign to the dust The ifc*ntt?*r*d remains of the dead; Rut towil} will mi m'ry h<?M hertru-t, Whilst the heart sends ii* threD to the head ! MocarAUEii. The Catholic Bishops in the United States having been generally stated in newspapers to b? all of foreign birth ex cept two, a Catholic writer from Brook lyn to the New Yoik Express affirms that he has reliable authority for stating the following Catholic bishops to bo of American birth: Bishops John Fitzpatrick, of Boston, Massachusetts: D. W. Bacon, of Port land. Maine: John Timan, of Buffalo, New York; John McCloskey, of Albany, New York: James R Bayley, of New ark, New Jersey ; James M. Young, of Erie. Tennsylvania: R'chard \ . Wheelan, of * heeling, Virginia: John McGrtll, of Richmond, Virginia; R chard P. Miles, of Na&hville, Tenunssee; M. J. Spauld ing, of Louisville, Kentucky: and lieorge Carroll, of CoTington, Kentucky. Mexican Railroad. ? The supreme government cf Mexico have granted to Messrs. Mosso Brothers the exclusive right to build and use a railroad from the capital of Mexico to the port of Santa Anna de Tamaulipas. The company is to be organized within one year from the date of the grant, and the work com menced in six months afterwards. The government is to receive fifteen per cent, of the net protits (or thetirst twenty live years, ard twenty per cent, thereafter, '"i he concession is not to be assigned, hypothecated or sold to any person or association, Mexican or foreign, without the consent of the Govcrment being pre viously obtained.' MOVEMENTS Ox OCEAN STEAMERS, Sain* Lean* Fvr Day. St I,?uis Hr.vre New Yoik..June 6 Arie> - H "? New York.. June 9 Am L. nraooi..Boston .... June 9 V arbi"fl"-" ?.New York.. Bremen June 6 Ft.riua^ou..........N~w York... Il-tvre,........Jane 16 H. roiau. u'ausptoa.N' w York..June 2o Atrrea lloeioo Liverpool... J tine 20 H New York...A?pinwnll. .June 20 Star .?f the Soata .New Vork... Liverpool..June 2u Uuakt r City New \ ork.. Havre June 2b Union New York.. Uatre June UO Toe ? aM!?*ui* summers leave New York oa tl e Sui and &nh of each montii. 4JUit VALij Ai PKLNUiPAL IlOTHLS # BrnKBi* iiotei?t- r a u. as on. C White, P>i H Dewing h wife, 9C L N Kttkn^ad, do .Mrs Burkett, do L L Buwen, >eo H i) hur^ett, do H lieaih, l<(' W Hnlfin.jr, Mi J A Mimnm, Gi J D Eutfin, do B Thompson, La W KitzgeratJ, do H J .hii*>n NY T Fu>-e|., Md Caj?t A M l?a*st?n G jv Wright, Ind B War in & lady, Pa AG Albrutou, NC Miss Stjwotn, do J C VI ay. Pa B F Cook, NY H H Fa:;)-, Mi II U Llhott, Pa W J tl. yiou, Va I T Mom*, Md T Ii MiKs, UdN Capt \ J a??#es Te* J Taylor jr, do Kir llanrni nd, Pi J E Darling, NY W J Berk a ladj, Md C l> tinige Ala Mi-> Mav,lan P Dunn, Vp II King, uo M illardj' Xlot?l~a. a. & J. c. wiLias J RI ke, O N A Whithora, NY C H H'?yt, NY J M Myritks do J dmit i a. laJy, MJ JS Ellis, lajy a two aer Mis* Smith, to vants, do \V Ma erao.i, N Y W B Nichols, Cuba Mr ? J?;fm~to. and lady, E s Munroe, NY Ma? J ?<??,? N Mm* ? Jonatm, do C M Huru:i,ilo Mr Whitney a lad , Md Hon B Bromn. Ala W r4U? r?.ii a lauy, Va A Lipptett, \Y Ml-s A Pa;terj? u, do Z Kiaer-U, Va A Porry J VV Alexander, NY G B Perry, Buenos Ayrea O O Warden ?k> S Kile, do W K Douglass, do National Slotal - a p. wiiLaae C II MeCurdy. Pa Mi?:? V Flinn, Va |) Arthur, do D R Bemmes, go J B scroti J G L.ig t, fa If NY SI) Audeis-jn, do Mis* f Con-idioe, do T Traver-wood. Eng J Poi fa WR? alher, Md V ftuficid a lauuly,NY J J eaiidturd,do L Knight, uo Haiud States Hotal?a. c. backbit. H Fa!e, O CL Clark, Mo M:m C Tinmas, Vu Jre-ier A G Haley Mi Mrs Hnnti r a family, DC W B Tl?o i.p?oo, NY Mrs L Williamson a fhm ML* Caapuiaii, Va iiy,Tenn M' Wa?dw nl, do W vV H ?rns, NY G< n hu-t, do J W huth, La J M Blaier, Md Kl ? knood noaii?i. B. a a. rtarwnos C, W Hendron. Vlaes F II H msworth, Can W KO-.-II. Te* M >1 R? b.rrl- H lady, Pa Capi d Merr<>u, NM J M Bliiifclear, Ct B Baatian, La JT M.ilar, Va A Wright CN T Ferry Dr J B He .luuiy, Md ? ?aiioa Hnusa, Alexandria, Va. a. *iwro?, raorairron. A Gold. MJ W A Taylor, Vn J A V\ ar-hinron, Va J A Mar-hali, do W T Ka do Capi i H Randolph, do ^ Pey'VTj lady anu maid, Pa It Monro#-, Md Mim Howie fa M^s N. w' eld, do T Brown, do E B BluM-iy, Va Mrs Wlae, NY T R l.ovt-, ?o Mim rtt*,4" W T Simmons, do C II Moi^u, Va ti B Bell , La E D Booker d i K R Hinkiiii, do R T Brown. Pa C L Dade, Va U T Summer, Va M Vorj ?. < o J J Little, do L Pnae l, do J tuned, lit*, do B bu.'tix r. do Dr Loam, do W B Ki?f, do P S Col. s. do J>? !*?<?.do . W U Ri\*ea, Jr, l.idy,thiee E P Gain* s, do cLildren a tiorse, do J Nom, NY A Bell, Tettn J M Kodea, RI A CARD LOOK HK&B! ALL je lover* of the good thing* of tMt Mfc, and we will Ml; you wh<r? yon may obtain atlaast some of them. Thanktul tor past favors, I would respectfully "Hi a continuance of tha samo dor og this Spring and Summer. 1 am prepared to furnish all who will give mo a "all with the sweet urt cool ing Beverage* in my Hoe at short notice. Bach a.* Ice Cream*, Water loo*, of all flavor*, Scharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, he Cake* of all kinrl*. Also, foreign and domestic Fraits and Cnafectioocry, gen erally kept ia well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnl*hing Wedding or Bride'* Cake*. Also, Parties. Balls, Excursions, Pic Nic*, itc., fcc., and upon reason able term*. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Beet quality 1CK CUE AM Mid at $1 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3m JOHN W. RIGHT STTNE. LAW PARTNERSHIP] Robert j. walker aoo louis janin have fomed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker k Jan n," for tli? management and ar Eentot" case* in Uie Supreme Court of the United ea, and before the Court of Ciaiurn at Washina ton City. Addreaw Washington, I). C. nay 10?co3in M. WTLLIAN, LADIES' DREiS AND TKiHMIllG BTOBE, Pa. anemce hettreen 7th atui 8th street*. MWILLIAN would re>pectfufly announce to ? thp Ladies of Washington, that h? liu just rcceivi-d from the Northern citie* a complete stock of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Ores* Trimming* Fine French Flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets, in *iikt crape, and straw, of the latent pattern* And an excellent assortment of handsome Embrol deries ?f sill kind Dr'wt'!" made in the Iate?t Paris fashion* ut rea sonable ? ates. Pinking and Fluting and Kid Glove* canned. Lariic* Mantilla*, ready made, and made to order, may 31?eolm CARRIAG * S?CARRIAGES. I HA > E n ?w on hand, nnd constantly (inishinr. a very large as* >rtment of Pleasure andoJCMW, Family I ARRI AGES, of the lot-st fash ions, which I will sell a> low a* the same*quTluy of work can be Mild in any of the principal market* of the United State*. The subscriber ia now dealing exclusively in Car riages ot his own manufacture, and all work -old hy tiim will be warranted, and ceinpire favorably with any work in this market. As I always keep a large assortment, I invite purchaser* and other* to ex amine my stock before purcha-in.r elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS VOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No 409 Pa. avenue and 4# street. may I?eo3m notice! THE Underogmd can a< commodate parr'es with COACHES for pleasure trips. Also, to make trip* to boat* arriving, after nieli from the White flouse.* For term- apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBKOOK, at he Sta.e Stand at the Capnol, or orders left at G. & r. Parker kCo.'*Store. WJ! WHALEY, may 16?lm* THE MUTUAL FIB- I*SUKANCk C?MPA ?Y OF THK ISrEiCT OF COLUMBIA, / CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the property V owner* of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. UI.YSc*ES WARD, President. CHAS WILSON, S?icretarv. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. ?illSIKS. I "lytwe." Ward John Van Riswick Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning ? P. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. McKnlden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenut ami 7th street Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. ra. Mi 90?eotf HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of II iir, such a* Bracelet?, Oiat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrinart, Fit!ffer Rmes, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attemle? to. Specimens may be seen at mv store. ? ? H- SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9Ui and 10th sts. Mnr:? [No 437.J Nottc* of the K mora' of tkt Lund OJfirr from. Clinton to Warsaw, in. thr State, of Missouri. USDs* authority of tJ.* act of Congw* entitlwl ' An a-t auttio'iz n.* It the locit'ou of Land L flics upir r?l M rcS 3, 18.S3 ,t h ho d-cUr?-J and mud- knoarn :h*t tve fund ofTi.-e fe?r ths shIc cf til- pvb c Uais ut Custom. M.ascurl, will bo rem-vc Raej w, Beut'm cjunty, ia the 6 *id Statu, on tha first lay-) July Given und-r my hand, at the city of Washington, thi tif.mriith day of May, Anno Lromiiii one thous and eighi bond k! ?ni fi ty five. lij order of the President: J0TTN WILF0N, Cotatudrtoner of Oenn al Land Office, may IT?lawtlw WASHINGTON AQUIDUUt Orncn W?shisoton Aq MroT, l Wa hincton, March 7, 1856. / PROPOSALS are invited for Graduation, stone and brick masonrr, dams, tunnels, and other works of the WasBington Aqueduct. Pmi?osals r?;ceive<1 up to uie 8Ui of 31ay will be op- neu at noon of that day. Vlap?, profiles, and speeitication* of the work will bfc ready for exaaiiuution on and after the iOth day ol April next Propyl* will N received for the work of partien. iar culverts, tTtde*"kc., a* described ui the plan* and specification j. Portions only or *orne of tlis works can be com pl? ted under the present appr.priation, but ali the contracts for iinflmsbed work Hill Ik: sutijert to fu ture appropriations by Congress The Euxinetr re serve* the ruht to prefcribo the amount of work to be done and rat" of progress under cueh contract for each appropriation, and. in case of the appro priation not holding out sufficiently, to decide when and what work* sh?il be at >p;>ed until funds become available. In case of the enrire stoppage of any par'icular work for want of fund*, the reserved ten per cent, will be pud, if, in lb- ju Umetitof the Engineer, the work ha* be?n properly executed so far as it ha* (one. Payments will be made In specie check* upon the United Slats* Treasury, upon ibe monthly estimate* of the Engineer, reserving 10 per ccnt.; and it will be a condition of all contracts that tke workmen shall b? paid their full wagr* monthly and in specie. All bids hh' nld be #*aled and endorsed " Propo *aLs lor work on the Washington Aqueduet." ' h? United State* reserves the right to r^ set any nv all the bid* should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangements a> u ay be considered most conducive to tlie [irogruu o/the work. Every offur must be accompanied by a wrtten guarantee, *igne-l by one or more responsible per sons, to the effect that he or they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if hi* or their hid be accepted, enter into an obligation, mthin ten days, with'good and sufficient sureties, lorthe completion i fthc work undertaken; said guarantee io be accompanied by the certificate of the United Stfttw district Judge, United States dist'ict attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Government or iiellviduaJ known to tne Engineer or Department of War, that the guarantors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids will be opened in presence ol bidders if any of them choose to be preaeul. Form of (htctrasAsc. To Capt. M. C Meigs, U. 8. Enipaeara t We, the undersigned, rasideacs of , in.the State of .hereby, jointly and severally, cove nant with the United States an-i guaranty, in case the foregoing bid of be arc-opted, that he or they wilt, within ten da s after the acceptanco of said bid, sxecute a contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, to perform the work or furnish the article* proitoscd, in conformity to the term* of the adverti-ement under which it wa* made ; and, in ca<e the said >-hoaid fall to enter into coatrac' as aforesaid, we guaranty to m<ik? go id the difference between the offer by the said ?aad the next lowtst uiudor. A. B. C D. I hereby certify that, to the best of uiy knowledge and belief, the above named guarantors are and sufllcieat. * E. p. M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers in Charge, mar 7??nt?fayPfcwtf Alexandria polka schottish?iian* Krnuimucher's "rw pieee of the above name, deaic ted to Mi.-* Eiiz^i J DeCamp, of thi* city, just published und fur.sue at the %1usic Depit of je 5 IIILBI S tt IIITZ. FRESIDENT'S M' 'UNTF.D GUARD UCICK HTKP ?This excellent pl? ce of Music of the popular composer, Mr. Ritbeit Heller, has just been published by the subscribers. Tan title page i? most elegantly emkellisht-d. IIILBUS k HITZ. Muaic Puhiishcr*, bejiot in Star Building*. WATKH CUOLEtls something new, an excellent artids DOUBLE ICE PITCH ERS, different et les and size*; Brittasnia Pitcher*, ov en and covered; nl* kiml* of Brtttanma and Bhick Tin Ware For snle low, at the Housekeeper's Famishing store, 4 90 8 venih *t. _m*y :M). Q. FRANCIS. ^ K 11,8 M,E .,P X011 DAltE Waltr., very beginners, oomposed and dedicated 5? rJ^ZTTV0' by Itof. W. Huntsr. PubH*hed and lor sals at llll.BUS fc HITZ'B Mu.dc Depot, ?MJ *? Coiner Pa. av. and lfth a* PROPOSAL FOR STATIONERY. Doom or TLtxxvtmr^ Usinp Statw. Clerk's Office, May 35,18SS. r* HMUMM of the 17th Motion of the net or Congrats of the 36th August, 1842. entitled " An ?lit leg* iainc ana maMcg appropriation* for auch n?ce*sary ehjacts a? have b-en usuiliy included in the general apprrprittlon Mlla with-ut anthcrity cf law, nod to fix and provide for certain incidental expense* of the derart ment' and offices of g?T eminent. and for other pm poses," real-d proposals will bi reed-ved at thl* office uctil Wednesday, 27 th June next, at 13 o'clock noon, far furnishing the following aitirlcs of ttationery for the u*n of tha Hru-e cf Representatives daring the Tfiifty fourh Congre a, vis: DESCRIPTION OF ARTICLES Class 1 ?Paper. Item 1?400 warn* white lii?l quarto pott, extra soperfln*, 'a'.nt lined " 2-100 reams [Rime article,] unruftd " 8?50 nam white laid Ba h p*t extra super fine, fn'nt lined 44 4?26 reams [same ar'ic'e.) unrated 45 5?100 ream* extra superfine cream laid na'e paper, la ?e tiie, faint lined and gilt edged " 6?100 reama (same article 1 unrnled ** 7?100 reama oxtra superfine cr?*m laid note. sma'l Bin- gilt edi?? d 14 8?lOOream'wh te can p?por, extra super fine fai*?t lined " 9? 20 ream* 0amepnpe?] nnru!*d 44 10?10 reama b'aca border mourning p par, 5 mams letter and 6 reams note all* M 11?100 rfftnu eoramer^H i?m note paper, large size, faint lined Proposali for the above mus;ata<o the prfav per Team Of itema 1,2, 3, and 4. a portion?net to * xeeed one half of each?to be furnish d g It edged, If re quired. fuss IT?Envelope*. Item 1?200,GOO envt-lopes, t: i k iaid white, Irrge letter nr.* " 2 ?200,000 envelo. e-, thik laid whit?, small letter or larg note siza " 3 ? 60 000 envelope*, thcklaid white, smaU note s'se 44 4 ? 60,000 envelop a, th?:k laid whi'o, offc'al a a* ?' 6?*00 000 envelop a, laid buff.larce letter aise M 6?60 0?0 envelopes. la d buff official aize 44 T?100,000 envelop a, laid buff, ma dura, be tween le t-r and official size, iirao th a*">d st'<v g. f r news paper? and documents The eavgjorei are to b? in all asf< a1>-e ive Preference Trill be given to thos? havirg full po kets. Proposals mutt state the price p^r thous and. Class III.?Knivs, <fc. Item 1?75 drzen four blade pearl handle prcket knves 44 2?75 doz'n [ ame T'icle,] ftne handle 44 .1?25 doz?n twr bl?de peerl cr ahell haodl* po^k<?t kniv?a, small size " 4- 50 asfs s issnra " 5?60 palia first rate oUce 'hears 44 6? 8 dozen iv ry handle erasers Proposals for knives atd erasers must state the price per doz?n. Items Nos. 1,2,5, and 4. are to be of the best quality apd first etyU of finish. ? 'laps IV. Pens, Penho'dcrs, Prnrils, and QuiVs. Item 1- 60 gro^s Aery's d <uble pi>ten' laige Hue barr-l p*>n finepMnt* " 2?60gross Kerry's large band drubls action pen 44 H?100 jctosw PorryVthr^e pvintfdpens " 4? uOO gross fin- qual ty reeUHic p<<n*. in boifs equal to Wheeler's United S'a ea pen " 6?100 groas fine quality me'aliic pens, on ca ds " 0?20 gross b il'ion p 'ra, rn caTda " 7?3grcs3 quill re^ ho!d<?r9 41 8?3 grees roe? wrod p, n ?c lderi for larje bir rel peos " 9?3 groas rvewood pon licldi rs for small barrel rens 44 lO-lOgToa pen tol Vrs. veat atyle?, for pms wi leu' barre'? 44 11?2 gr ss fancy pen holder?, handsome strlea 44 12??0 groea b:aek 1 ad ],encils, equal to Fa b r's. No- 1,2. and 3 44 13?6 jrroiB r?d ie d p-nc I? " 14?7,000 quills 6,000 b<n' qna'ittf orsqu>, and 3.0CH) beat quality e'arifl-d 44 15?20 dozen g<-H prns. with s'iver cise3? I ncne >ut fir^ rate qanlity will be rofs'de-ed Class V ? Ink and JnJiff/ipth. I?eui 1?30 d zen ink, u pint boti Ipb 44 2?10 d'sen irk, in half p tr lottlcj '4 3?15 doa?n ink, in qunr bott'ei u 4?1' doien red ink or carmine 44 6 ? 6 dczsn e andi he . ( hina or cut g'ssa inkatind', with rarks &c H 6?5 dozen fi< e Chira irk tarda, gi.t pump anddubes 41 7?10 doz-in I anl^oroo cut gla-s intstand*. la gj f ri*'? 44 8?10 dozen ha d-r-me cut 'j'aas inkstands, medium *ize 44 9?5 dtaenh?* d-ome i>re^?<l at"a?!a, various p%*t-r: a " 10?5 dosen ''Dr^pxT''.''or other airight pat ent :nk*tAn'Js 44 11?6 dozen 4,PryV improved, or other elastii irk-t:?sd.^ 44 12?4 dosen Lands'ine po-c< lAip, 'adies' ink stKu?j T riou-patterns 44 1??6 desen poraMe apring iukstaods, best qi.ality Class VI.?Memorandum Fnoli, Portfrfict, TaUtU, and Di'jri'g. Item I?20 dosen memoracd im boois. a.-acred s'st-s 44 2?20 doaen portf. lio?, qrart\ with locka. tablet j, and of tin ? quality ? lu portf Mi s,chp, wi:h loc^. and of fioequali v 41 4?10 doaen ri fablwt?, wi h nerd's, asd ?f superior qual tya'd finl-h 44 6?15 d'aen potket d;nri s, offine paper and 11 >iih Class VII.- Wax and Wafers. Item 1?6 pounds email it - tronaparen* wafers. various xlor ?, in aucv b"x^8 44 2?2 gr?es mo:to nafera. i ? f.? cy t> x a 44 8?2u0p^und r?d ?"X oi veri qaalit' 44 4?60 boxrts inn'*v wax, in siuail lindPum? ? b xes Clajs VIII.? Paper *ei<jldz and Paper Folders Item 1? 26 cseu ala' a?te weighta, ehgant patterns 44 2 ? 30dosen cut ft **a paper 'eights, finest qua ity and pare ns 44 3?80 dcaen i.ioe-it ch fin? ivory folders, one in'h ? de tnd not less than 0 ounces to the dozen u 4?20 doaen fin* iv ry f d--s one inch wide, with st*o g * andle 44 25 doaen fl*e pearl f. Idera, astortfd patents, strong band' s Class TX ?Miscellaneous. Item 1?250 dosen red ta e, ' o. 19 4> 2?260 dos-n red ap-, No. 25 " 3?60 oa-n whit? t-pe, No 25 44 4 26 dosen v ta tap?r a'.ands, wi'h wax ta* p-ra fine quality 14 6-20 dosen ?and b x s, fi equalitr 44 0?1,000 p?.un la b ac* emd, in pound papers 44 7 10 dos n letter clirs irilt 44 8?10 dosen letter clips, bronse 44 9?300 fine tvory hai die 1- tter stampa, cheq uered 44 10?160 fine ivory hand e 1 tter s'Bmps. p'aln u 11?l2aozen pi.-o-sh-st quality office ta^te, variou# oolors 44 12?12 dotan bnt'lea adhesive mucilage, fst qua icy 44 13?12dc??n mohair penei s, 1'r^e a'r.s " 14>?5 foui.dri India u^csl ^i^B piepes (n?tive num prelorrad.) 44 16?600 tkins of parchment. 15% by 91 incbaa, to b- ot tbe te' quality, and rubd as per s?niBle furnished bv thi*'fflce Br the aot approved June 17,1#44, the Clerk of tha House of Hrprasenta' Vb? i < dir^ct-d to confine his pur cbaxes-xcluMvelv to ar icle^ ot hf growtli and man ufiustur* of :h? United Btate^ p ovidel tbv stmecaa b?proc<.ir?iof^ucbgr wthandma' ufao'nreofi-uitv hie quality and at reasonab'e price , upon aa pood term?- at auatityand prio aa em be obtained off r ?'*n growth and manu&c4u;e. A preforvnoe will therefore be jjivrn to the ptvttuctlons < f American in^n try; and all pe'sons making propr aala to sup ply any artiele will sate wiie her the same Uoftbe growth and manufo turi of thcUuite- S ate*. The srticies are to be de'ivered free of any charpa fi?r e Triage at tha office of th- C>erk on or batora the 15 th of October n xt. ^i.dtobe paid for assoo3 ae the Commit!?e on Ace unts shall audit >he bill Kac'i bidder tbou?h h- maj iesir - to propose fir the wholect the art*? ea abavnenumerated, wil: be required to m?k? a MtparcU- and dutind proposal far eocti itrrn; and no prop sat or paper inbrscmg moro th?n a sing:* item wi 1 bee .ust Jer?d. >aoh propo sal to be e .dors-d 4 Prep ??al for item No.?. rise* No. ?, of s atiourry tor Hous of Kepre??n*atiTearf _h- United states, and a'dre.^dto the underaiirn d Tuny will be frea of postage. 8uffleient -]>'cimeni> ofeneb item toacoomoany the crop-isal. marked w th the nam- of the bid U r and the number ot the das: i nd item, acjordini? to the -?bove a i vert is ment The person offering to furnish any de?crip4ioa of articles at the lowest price (quality ronfilered)eball receiv?a con'raot for>h ? s?mp, on exe uriog a bond, wi h two or m >re snr?t:e6, tatislactory to the Cie-k, for the performance of the?ame, under af rf-ituie of twioe the contract pr'ce in the care of failurt which bonJ must be filed in the office of said Clerk within tan dava aPer the p:opos^ls have beea opened and the result declared. Tha il$ht is re er?ed, in case it should be neoes aarr, to order a furth'r eurp'y of all or any of the articles contained in th* alr^e lis*. ^ J. W. PO !NEV, tTlerk House Representatives tbitad Sta'es. May2?? law4w DO TOU WANT FIRST RATB I0B CREAM f GO at onca to ARNY. B-i.iga streot,GeorjoMWH, he was awarded a MEDAL by the Mi'iropolj tan Mechanics' Institute, for ICE CBB\l|d, WA TER ICES, and CAKES. iaa/ 96?eott Wt WOULD NOT Gin A DOLLAR Foe all thb toiotceb bamptok ev ER MADE.?Th?n vpokr ? trim and good nin, but mark the change! Let ?h? a dieted near blm, and thaa decide whether to suffer on or be made whole. Ye professional hijb, wiib ruined bcaLb, hear! Rev. Jamus W. Hdsxicct, the talented and inde pendent editor of that huh'y popular and extensive ly read pap- r, the Christum Banner, published nt Frederickfbur?, Va., in hia editorial of the 16th o( May, 1855 thus speaks o1 HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time a<o we merely al'uded to Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the great r? lief we have ourself derived from its use Dtnapg cur collegiate course, owing to sedentary habitJpve lacaine quite dyspep tic, and were very m ich troubled with vertigo For more than twelve years after leaving coilcce, we were laboring anler the*e two afflictions In the Zring of 185U, our general health became so delicate at it was with great difficulty we couid attend to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immedir.tely turned acid, our digestive or gans became wholly deranged; losing as it seemed to as, all their activity and vitality; we were con stantly depresor.l in spirit, our energy almost for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged 110 on to action. We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, an-i all to no purpose We bad degpaired of ever :t-covenng our health, when a female trivnd of ours importuned uh to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us 'hit we wouln fin J great relief from rts use. We briefly repli?*d,uwe would not an a rioimr for ail the Tine lure Hampton ever made, w? far a? our own individ ual bralln was concerned." W e had no faith in it nor anv other medicine in directing a cure on us. In the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, fhe sent nnd got one bottle and urged us to aceepi of it, and for her sake, as it couid not possibly .njure us, to use it according to direc lion For the hitfh regard we had for ber and her act of kindness, we pmutised to do w>. And with out exageratiou we can truly say that belore we had used the contents of one bottle wc felt like a neWmnn We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. iVe were afraid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Since then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head cl?*ar, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly cares will allov, our spirits bave been buoyant, and we eat what we please, and as much as we please, and wbtn we please? and all is well. . For the sake of the t-fflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the saine relief from its use that - e have. It should be hepi in everv lamily. No family should ever b> wi'hout II A M r TO N *8 VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lawyers, Doct ors, Ba k*re, Ministert, In all th;; Departments of Statu, Ladies and Geiilleni*n in the highest walks .f life, as well as those moving in the most humble spheres, speak of the cures on them selves and friends by tiiis wonderful article. Call and get pampniets gratis, and see cues o Cough, bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neui uina, Dv? pepeia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As s **male medicine or for dclicate childieu we belie* it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Ba.t> more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadwrv, N. York Chas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moore, D. B. ClaRKs Clarke & Bowuse, V/. Elliot, ar.d II. McPhkr sow, Wajhingtor ; alio by R. 8. F. Czssil, George town, and C. C. Bsir.r, Alexandria, and by Drup HMj ever. \\ he e. Rev. john lava h an, pastor op thf. EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A strong desire to benefit tlie afflicted induces inni thus to cerify. We chRl engf any other medicine to present such a mass of tes.iiuony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own well-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH* RRON LHIl'lS, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA. 8ic Baltimore, January 24th, 1655. Messrs. Mortimer Mowbray: I take pleasure in saying to you that I havo used f wr "Hamptor.'s Tincture" with very great profit. From a serious t.iroat affe-tion, mv general health had become very much impaired, when I com menced to use ?? Hampton's Tincture." I found its effects upon my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several times recommended it to my' friends, and in every case, as far as 1 have been in formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, Johk Laxahaw, Pastor Of Exeter st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING oFrnE LUNGS. Raleiuii, N. C., Feb 8,1P55. Memf. Mortimer fif Mowf<r<iy: I do here y certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised lo try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one boule, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better; ami that, alter taking the fourth bottle, I was entirely weJi, and row I enjoy as good health as ever I did in ray life. I can, and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to all pereoni afflicted in my way. Yours, G*o. W. Wiazlrt* CURE FIT*?HEAD! Hare lo the kick than (3ola.~ Krom one of the inoef Itapectablc Llrtigkixt.-. in South Carolina. VBaII ifWS, S. c. SepU 21,1S53. M ? ?ggjv. MoaTi-vra i*. Mowbrat:?T;?e sale r.f| four Uampton'a Vegetable Tincture is increa- ns evitry day. nnd every bottle sold recommend* thb Viti ia >!e medicine tt? the .\fflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in differem eases wth aston ishing sueces>, and aie gi.fing it by half dozens. I. has been found to be the gre?t?*M remedy for rh? u matic affections, and a wouderful care ha; betr performed on a negro hov, iuffering from Fits. 1 will fnrnish you widi a number of certificates if you wish tb. m i ain, gentleinee youi r, W. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gr atis, and see cure? ol Cotij^i, Bmnchitis, Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Dvs oepsia, Nervousness a*--l General VVealrneas. As ? female medicine or for delicate children we believe | it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fi MOWBRAY, 140 RaiU niore street, Baltimore, and 3rtt Rroadirr.y. N. York Coas. Stott & f o., J. I!. Mooas, D. 15. Clauki lakes Si Bowuna, W. Elliot, and H MrPncn ?on, Washington; also, by R. 8. F. Ct ssr,, Gi-orae town; and C. C. Rbrry, Alexandria, and by Drup gists e verywlic re. feb & I ? tr Private Modic&l Treatioa r ? PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OP MAERlAai, BT M. B. LA CUOIX. J*. D? AJ BANy. N Y ifcO Pages and ISO "ire PI?In ?.n<l Oofer-d Litho < iat^e. 49* Prlaa an'y M C?ati *yn tY9" of pc^ta^dtr ?I1 jartc nf thsUnion-^g CliS.'.PEKT feOOK fcVEB PURLlKliiiL. *nd containing aorrly d unle the quantity o1 rr-i^ng mutter in that of thr Hmr OlfiN IB OR OQLLAP FUL'LIOaTIONS. It treats oa the PHYSI0I<O GY 0" MARRIAGE, and tht seerst l-flrmltie^and d'jcrdei of youth and narurl y, re ?altiuH ft''ia ejesso^j, which dutioytUdplivsievl and men tal powers with obs?vftt.ioa<_ ou marriage, Iti dm** und dirijuaMflcDtions, sn<l their remedlst; with litho^raphK, iliuetratiBg ih? anatomy and phyiiology, an-i dheasss of the r?pro jue^ve crgana of both esxes.. thsir struetu? , use* and funoticug. A pc?u!s.r ard oo'iipMhtnnTe tv?a ti?6 on the duties and oaut?J" . ( single and mar ried life?happy and hruitiul aJ'!fw.>?s. code ef m suring them lcftP.-jV>tw *r.(i nfcitile ones? theli obvlaaon and res ovjI?important hints to tho<* | wntemplatlng rtetiiirrny that will over??ui?> ob lections to it; ucav, bower^r. (hoitld take this 1m portant step wlrhont lat ooncnlting its pag<a? oommentariee o? the asdloal treatment of femnles froca tn,anr.y to old ???. n&eh ears grspb icsally illubtratea by beaattful lithographic platen? uervov debil'ty, Its euosra an4 cara. by a precoij At once so sl:npl?, ofe and effectual. that tailure Is iapondbla?rules tor daily mtnag^asnt?an tuij in Bp^rtiatorrlwta ?ltli practical obeervationj cn a ?tar, and q< .? succesofai mode of tr*stm*nt~pre Tautiouary hints ot the svile r?sulttiig ftoa saniri j?d practice?an on all iisaasas a ising from indiscretion, with plain ?nd i iaiple rules by whicL all persons can cure thezu^clves without mercury? remedies for those tislf inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so ur.fortnn-t?ly prevalent ja th? rcung. It if a trr.thful adviser :o the marrkd and those contemplating carriage. Its parnsal Is par ticularly recoTanend.*d to perrons entertaining s? sret doubts of thtir phyaicsl condition, and who arc xmsclctio of having haaardpl the health, happlnecr *nd privileges to which every human being is tr. Utled to. Price ses4j pur eopy, cr five eopias iir/ac dol lar. Mailed tree of pot lag# to any part of th? Ca; ?ed Btatee. N. U^-Those who pitrsr may MnsultDr.Li.C20n upon any ?ftbedlneaaea apen which his book treat; ?ither personally or b7 mail Mcdiaiue sent to an pit '?t the Union aoe&r&sg to directioos, rafoh peeked ana earefblly secured t ern all obiervaUon. Address Or. M. It. La CKOIX. No 31 t-oj or Poet Box &79, Alhanv. N. Y. 9V Office open daily frora iiamtoScu, and ou Sunday from 2 until 6 pm. . No. M B^avar at, i?T Albany, N, Y. ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine RoBewood PARLOR ORGAN, now on exhibition at the M?-trop(?liun Mechani.??> Fair. ofNewYork1 m;nur!lctory of HENRY ERBEN For term*, *ppiy M prof. h'HEEL, on 14lh F HENRY EliBiiN. ten 2D - HQCf LAJ!PhXli?aA,ST8 WlRTKD, for! which the MkIn.a prices will tHt paid by mav 3i_ti n p?UBa BgOTUBRjB, may 31?M (Utcl) opp, u?e Treasury. . DOCTOR HOOFLAMCS CBLBBRATBD ?ctman Bitters, mru? IT DB. C. *. JACK80B, Pbilad't, Pi. VTtL KFF*CTnALlT COR? 'k OTEB COMPMT, DYSPEPSIA, JflJHMCE or DtUUtj,, Ditnas? of tU Kiinn/9, and aU do+rate* mrinng /rom J j;. *rd*rtd Li~r mr Stomach, 3 J "* * ** sJucli as Constipation, Inward Pile*, Fnllnem, or UI'kkI tu tiit* Head, Acidity of Uie Stomach, Nau ?ea, Flortburn, His-gust for food, Fullness or weight in tlx; Stomach, door Eru utiona, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach. Bwim min; of the Head, Hurt rd and difficult Breattiinf, Pitr.tering nt the Heart, Choking or HufTocatiaf Sensations when in a lymc P?wture, Dunn- ss 01 Viaioa. Dots of Web* before ih?j tMfht, Fever ai.<: Dull Fain in U.e lit ad, D. fioency ol' Pe:jpirau< Yellowness of the tffcin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Hack, Chest, Limbs, Sic., Sudden Fiu?h*-? of Heat Burning in t be Flesli, Constant I niacin in** of Evil, and rrnar d-'preasion of Spirits. THE proprietor, in citing tue attention of th? pul>li< to*this ;ir<:i>ar*iiou, d???s so w ith a fnei "?<? of the. utmost confidence in it* virtues and ada|. ration to the diseases for which it U recommended It Ls no new and untried article, but one that ha loed the test of a ten year*' trial before the Amen err people, and it* r'-nmation and sale i? unrivalle by any wit* Mar preparation* eiiant. Thejeatun?ta> in its tavor given t.y the mom p'oimnent and weil (?sown Puysician* a^d individuals, in all part* ?rt ? ne country is immense. The following from Norti Cai- lina is respc tl'jlly nub itt d, referring ??? who may still do<ibt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prae ticnl Receipt Book for Farmer* and FamPies, to he had gratis, of a l the Agents tor the German Bitten Principal Office and Manufactory, ISO Arch m , Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM WORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. It*. Stnith. of bine Hiil, Rich tnond County, N. C. Pti?? Hilu, March 4th IBM. Dr. C. M. Jacasow, Phi!ad> Iphi*?l>?ar Sir: I nave, been a subject of Dyspepsia, in ita worst f tin, for the last five yearn. Such was my cm.diiinn I*, .welve months that tiie physicians and all who ?aw me raid I must dig. While in this condition, I w carried t<? the wuterinu places in Virginia, Team's see and North Carolina, t ut *va- u?t benefited bv any water to which f wi? taken. While on my way home, I dipped a week at Rutherfor ton, a ??m*l I viilai," in North Carolina, to trv the elfect <? some Chalybeate water in that p ace. About tie I ant of the week, i went into a drug store to *? tome medicine for my ch.Ki and myseif. Tl. i were t?everal of the vi'fjce physician* in the stor? and oneof them seemed to take some interest ;n mv rase and, after askinc ine some questions, said h had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly b< n fitted bv the "use of " Or. H-wflind's G-rman Bit ters," prepared by y u, and lit; insisted that I would try the Biturs He also called the next dav at mv room, and iusL'ted xo uiuch that I would try thetn that I asked him to g*>t n;p one iKittle. He lid it, and ! commenced taking it as directed, and f do say I wa? more benefitted hv it than ill tne water anil medicine I had ever ta>en. After reaehinu' h- me one of ray neighbors crun> to me fcr a prescription and medico.'-, (he adnpi? tic,) and i gav? him nearly all th>- Bitters I had left, i?"iich eff?;cti d iiiu-. h ia his case. He hasofter. eailed on nie for more of the same k nd of medi cmc, s-avinc he was m<?n- h**n? fi'ted by it than any ottier he had <aken, but I have not been able to aay more tor hr.u or myself 0 ther?-. iore. plea.-e shin me a (! 'Z*'n or more as soon a- po? ?Ue. Respectful I v v cs, W. SMITH. I>. K H<?? >KEK. Kiel's Suire, Wake Co., N. C., ? >?tobera4 1853 -n> :?'* flavin-i experienced ver> feat benefit from ^Ite use of Hi-ofland's German Bitters.*' in fThronic Dysentery ami functional de rangement of the Liver, and ua concomitant evil-, I am det>ir<>u.s of obt.iinimt a quantity of it f<?r ih? benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. AT WOOD. ilCHTSVIM.R, > 4DilK Co , N. C ,Nov. lst,J853. Dr O. M. Jackson?Dear ^ir: Ailow me to ex tiress to you ray sincere thanks fcr your di-covery ?fa meflicice whicti, to say th" least of it, ha* ef teeted a core that all rener med cities, tlmt I h3ve :aken have entirely failed to i?o. "HooflamTs Ger man Bitters" have ?ured me of tii? rno^t stubborn and a*s^avated cas?: of the rtLas tliat, }?eitiaps, ever fell to the lot ol man My ease is n< . a rtranger in ti.ts community, as I am well krown in this ari the -unwinding counties, ar>J can truly tav that mv covery ha* astounded all my friends and relatione, as I had tried everything recotnm< nded, and nothing did mr. any gn .1 until f was prevailed upon to trv the Bitters. You aie at liberty to teake any iwe ot this communication, t?*r the benefit cf the aliiicted, you taay think proper. Truly yours, iVM. J. AT WOOD. ri'?Ma Til se Lltlers are enirrel'j regffc.Sfc, they invigorate and strengthen *he syf ??Pi, nevrr prf>jtrate it, acd can be used tar infanw p. ;v, II ;u? adalts. Fors'deby resi^cia^i" dealers everywhere, r.nd by Z. D. GILMAN, Wa-hiiwton; i. L. KIP WELL, Georgetown; anJ J. R. PIEIIPONT, Alexandria, mar 1- W "AKTIR'M SPANISH MIXTURE. ri?? G mr Pi rlflrr of tb? Hiood t Kot n FarlicU of K?rcury In It an itim U-r Hc-.-fula, Kings Evil, RtBcmr.Cf^ ij. Ciutiaata Chxtanecas Krvptioau, r inie'.es or Ptwtulej or. t_ ? Siotches, BoUf. O'arcjii: E^sn bvg Wo rn or Totter, B.aii ffaar:. Jfr'ar^emept ard psij cf Br>ass an-i Js.r?* * fti5 ".err i.*!c?rs. f *.h}!if:ic Kwrjon, Luib^-'c Hpin-- Cfnnplvctr .a i all the diWM* arisii-s :ro?o an cf Mer uit, Im orad ur? in i"?, oe fmp-.i: :ty of the C'coa. v-lu-i'-l? ii.-u *b.:h t*. become c?lc bmted xr the auxiber of ?xtra rdiaary cures, thrnn&bitr ?rency, has indacei th- propri *torp, tLs org rt r-qu-rt of rhe'.r fr-ends, to rfft?r t to the puW c, ?rMeh h?y do wltli the ut5??ft onr iil?^ in Ita r|rr>i#j VMdtriU cwstire prop ?rtl ? Tbf ^rliLcaVs. 'elected trom ? 'arge nombw, r re, heweecr, Wronger tasUmonv .has the ru?>? ?o- i ?f:%e prcpri?tcre , snd are si tjia genvlMii"a *r~ li p'-t.-u ia lii-ir localities, ntw ?f the h5-h?ie rarpwn^t!':*?, aift&y of o the cit f of Sic'smo d t a. t HOiPeN, j!<|? of tha Ixchange Hotel, R'.ch meed, kr.mvs everywL'<r? says be huseen ?fce Med* (dor called Carter's i*pint?b M:sTtJM.admin*:er? 4 ?ts over * liucdrcd "Hs.-a, in ue?rlt all the dtses?ei tor wi let it 4a rscomaenucd, *ith th? t-oit u?io& iahln^ly gcc^l r-iuita He wye it la tL? ia^t ?? traertl.tiary mfdidne he haa ?vex seen AQUfc 'ND fAV'Srt?OU5AV OURK.?I her-bj ertify thai tor tmee y%a.-R I Lad * gee and F>=v? nf the iaoi-t Ttolmt deeaipiion. 1 Lad several Pbv ioiacc,tr>?k Urge <;u.n*ities of Quinine, Msicnrv i.nd I bei eve ail ti.^ T advei tirrd, but s'l rrltli permanent relief. At last 1 tried Car^>r* :!paiil3h Mlxra-t, tso tottlr? cf wLish s^:t!itlly i.ured me, end I *i.i hiirpy tc it71 h .^e Ixi otsiti r,. (Lllli or levers 61cm I It the b<i>t Veal tn this iroxiJ, and Um cdy r. r U ice that ?v& vaached my oafe JOliN LONODiN. baxvsn Diiei;, u<*a.- Hi sua, .uu. Ya. 0. B. LiOCE, L:*j , uow in c'.i r ot iaoud r,nd fcr la the :,i: b?i eucl ?nSdenw i.: Vet. iti!s!.. cf C^ft- r'. dpsniah Mixture la?t i.? La; cp^stdai'c boitlsB, which te u?s give*! to tlie hlii cteC.? \Ir. Luck aa*s be t*j m >'< iiusvo U to f*iJ whet !ak?& a^. -rdlu^ 10 -laatfcu Dr. UINGIt, a aad ?f ths City ilutrtl, iu the <.;.y Ulehiuonj, s ue has wltaetued in * numoer ci'L .. tineas the .fact cl Car'^r'E ^panl'h ^irtnre, ahljh were uioe' tru!> fur i-blr.f lie ssya <p a race of Consumption, ie pamiaat on the Liver, th? gc-'d elects were won darfal inflaad oadUfcJi U. cf ihe iitai of Drlnfcfei A Morrie, Riohiaond. w-ia cuie-J rured of Liver C ta plaint of three > ears <ttacdin?;, bv the unset 11 bottles of Car'-r?B 3Pfcni h Mi?mro. ORBATCDRi 0:' 8CR0FI'IJf?>Tbs Blltnn ot the Rieliiar-nd Republican h di oenraut emnio>ed in th^ir prw? 1 >oia. sure! or violrtt tLvofcila. 'a bined with Rhe, ritAiera. *Lich ea^tely diaatieu blm from wrek. Tvo Ik .tiss r.t CarteFa fc& Mixture m*dc u juifect care cf lilm, and th'c ill torn in a pubii: ck) tliuj Stbndhllr mec i it to all who i.e a^iaed with auy ilce??o o' the bloci " STILL AN OT liii CU Ii2 Of 30Ri^310JLe-? bid ? J**7 boy rcred of by Car-i '^ Spanish Miattire I sdneider It truly a taluaMs JAM ai* 11 TAYi/>f., OoyductCir ca she JL f and ?. 11. K. Co.. Richmond! Va. SALT RHJtUM Cf TWfcirry tau OUt.SS Mr. JOHN TTJOMPSOh, rwidir j in sh<? vtr of Richmond, wm cured by thr<* bottlej cf Gal-tar's Spanish Mixture, of Halt Rit-m. which ho L? i fcr ?early ? vewty yanra mBJ which all the phffkiau of tn* <tft7 tr-nld not cure Mr. f h *ap*,c a wali kaowu lAarwtant in the city of Riohmaait hli v nu.'t Mararkabl*. A.KATTHBW8, of Ki-ihmord had a f-?rv*nt :ar?det Mtjh-lis, in the to rat fbrm, by Ca-ter'd Spanish fixture He says he cheerfully mtnda it, and ooasldera it a very invaluable mod I cxnt. EDWIN BURWN, oommttrdoncr of the raveno* ?ays he has seen the ?ood eftcts of Cartor'e rpsalab Jais.ure in a number of rij phiftlc casee. und aaya rt Is a wttct sure f rthat hArttble diesase. WM. 0. HARVfOiiD, ?f Richuiccd. cure"! cf old Borea sad Clear*, wh ch disabled hlta ft-m w lkinv Took ? few hoUiti cf Catt?r*a Spanish MJxtor*, a?d waa enabled tc walk without a crutch,In a short time p*:maneu )y cut ad. Prtndpal Depots at M WARD, CLOM A Co* No. St Maldan Lane. N?iw York T. W DYOTT A BOWe, No. 1?3 North tncoad ?t Philadelphia BINVRT A BERKS, No. 12ft Main street, Rich wwnt, Va. And for sale by OHAfiLKS 8T0TT, WaffclngVn, P.C; HBNKY PKBL, Alexanirta, and by Drag^sf "VS $1 par bottle, or nx bottle# for |k sen fl?It SgMOita of i riE 0oUHTErt#"0F ad?gt<W,.ky:R. E. Mrtdati, M. R. I. A-, two nunfcn TAYLOR. TRAV&LKR8' WRK4 TO&Y. R rime bet wen Washington and Wk-iu, but 17* honri! Kunming time b t**rn Walkington and Cincinnati 37 Actcr.i!! Through Tickets and Barrage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD A VI\ u neatly improved iu Weat era cornee _ tioua bow oil era lUe folle-t indoor.oenta to ixavHer* between W aafctaMM, Balua>or< . nd all portion* of the Wen, the Xorthweat and ike s>ouih WMt The connection between the traina from Waah njton and the train* bound w?*et (row Balnrao.-e it /i r* 11 th* Waahingtoa Janrimn (iMrjj called tbeE. lay llou-r) ? wuea (mm Batu :?K?re. Thiai? the only chance of erlra r? quire*' be ^ccc Washington &iid tbc Ohio n?nf i? hacked through to WbM% at the Waa&ngtaa ta.n.n, and recheckrd and traiwferred there (with ;?e pnseentere) w,t!ii?t charge, for ihoae irtdrnt hrnuph tkk?'tK for poinu b?ror>a. The connecting train - Uave Waalunr* >n d&iiv at 6 a m. and 4Un! n On Sunday* at the latt<-< hour only. ^ At \Ylie?lin? Hire t connexion i* made with tha .raij.a of the CF.N TR\i. OHIO RAILROAD, n? line from Rellaire on the Ohio, near Wh. r?<ng broach Ciabhdr, Zaneaville and Newark, to COLUMBUS Tihuc train* connect at Newark with ihr cars of the Newark. Man*fi<ld and Sandus ky Railroad lor San.iusky, Toledo, Detroit,< h.cago St. Louie, etc. At Colombua tl?e C. O. Railroad train* connect with tb< fa?t trains of (be little Miami IlaUroad to Xeaia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE. etc. At Xeni* (on Little Mi.imi Rafhoad) conn<rtion m Tiii?*d with th?- traina through INDIAN V?'OLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock I -land, St. Loaia, etc. *gj* holding ihroucb tlcketa lor ATem yAit tlckihurg. KattKr?, New Orle^n* etc., which ?r* also aold at Wr??hington - are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Maii Steam?*n? on the Ohio. Ticket! or Lvunfcville, Cairo, and St. Louis era aold by thia ?nte. a^-FOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to i'uled ?. Detroit, Chicago, etc., ti-k?U are aold, *dteu t'?e Ohio la navigable between Wheeling ana iVclUville (forty miles i wh?-re a connection with 'ie Clevc'and and Pittsburg Railroad ia made. Travellers ar?- r? quit erf to notice thai wkile thia ia the only route :?fl'?r<tinf through ticket* and cb>*eka ur Wa?hitifcton, it is al?.^ the a'*on?*t, mo?t f^y, and ?iir?>ct to nearly all the huidine points in <he irtit We?t. Th?* distance ft m Washingou to Cm 1' ionati but 6:;i mile*, b?ing about 100 uulc< -horv ?:r tt*an bv any other rout* I FARE BV Til ROUGH TfCKET FR< 'M WAFR INflTON: T ? Wheeling, $9 30: Columbus $1.4 bf<; Oayton, 915 50; Cincinnati, $16 ; Lnuiayillo. by railr<?a<l by ? le;irnrrlrom Cincinnati. fie; la. disnapofo. $17 5"; < lev??!and, f 1*2 15; Toledo. tlS 5?l; D troit. $15 00; Chicapo f&i fi5 and $19 50; Su Lonis. 5<j and $*^5, Memphis, $2?i. New Or lean?,t31, et<*. ?T eOR FRRDFHH K w<l H ARPF.R'B TERRY MABTINjiRURO. HERKELF.V SI-RINGS, CUM BERLA\D, BCDr OKD SPUINl,??, Pu diaaiit,Oak Ian *, and Fairmount, [>a?*en?trs ii^y U>ave Wa-h inirton at 6 a ni or p. m. F-.r ?h? n inor w2V ?nations b- twn n Baltimore and Wii?el:?j, take 6 a m trntn from Wa-bington SHT For iruns to an i irom Baltimore, Accapwlis, etc., **?<? sjw ciiil adv'Ttiaeni'-nts. a#~Kor farther iniorma:jon. tlirr.ocii tlrkeu, kc., appl> to THOrt. If. PARS >NS- \? nt, at vvae.uni* ton Station. JOIP H. D ?NE, Mastrr n: Tia^^jio.tajion Balt;mor?- and Ohio Rauroeit, n^Jtunore. mr.y 3?if Vt AaaiiwfiTON BRANCH K AVLROAdI CH nNGR OF ON and aAer Monday, the SJj inricat, the iriina will Leave Washington at 6 and 6^ a. in., and 3 md 4>| p m ' ?n Sanday at V4 P m L*-ave Baltimore at 4^ and 9a in, and 3 aad 5Jtf p m On Sunday at a m. *pat3-tf T. H. PARfOXS. Ag^nt. Mott Eedsii'g Lino. SEW VOIlK.JILKXjISDKL*. H .1SHTSGTOM CITY, JlSD DISTRICT O* COLUMBIA PJtCKET nj^Hffl LINE <?F PACKETS SAfLS WTF.KLT \ Irotn pier 14 Ctwt ttiv?*r, N?-w York, and oftca?v if n?.ct::-:?arj',and ar? onmpu*'"' oi tlic tuilowin^ first, clans veisfels: New arhr. -A. V. B&itil, B? d?41, mn.-tcr. New sihr. Slott Hctrll, A. V. TredwtJL Sciir. Am D., W'q. Oliver, ma-ter. Schr. Int.u!, L. A. Smith, n>a?rrr. Sciir. Commander-in-Chief, ogl jib, master, Greenicay. Wllairu, n.aster. Toe^e vo?.:!a are all tutt sailers, ?r.J ihe master* men of eKptrimee in ti: tmdt, aisi Uic ociy rogn ar line oi Washiicum Citv packer. MOTT BEFELL, Wail ptreet, N. T. 8. S. MASTERS & SONS, A'.exand a, Va. TIK?: * B EILEY, feb 1?6m Washington and *). C. ? ' ' ?? - " ? ? ? ? - ? ??? LILLSeE AJ?D ALEXANDRIA RAT LJ'. J AD. iiJS! ? U ?T WW.1 ?????????! M <S On artd after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1^54, T^IIK Ctjra leara Aiernodria da'ly for Oorina^ l_ vi:> wb:> intca'^Ii*'^ tatloaa at 7^ o'cioca, a. m., cr the arrival of the boot (rem W%f hln^tco. gir:ag m jipl- t:ii?e Ibr break.'a?t on l-oard. Coa acting a* Maca-^a* J ancti.Tj with a train for Ptrar b'inr, bt Wwrenoe J a -Hon *lfr a train fcr Wt> r-aton. *nd at 0^rd< oaville wttb tha trains en taa VIrK;ui Central K<w1/'Um1 a rhi -hmouJuCharl^tiaa viliM, and bsatUiSoa rhs cr.'? istre 0-:rx!orjJviil? aally f^r A:'_*ndrk aad rtatic-K at i^bafcrp 11, a. a., oa tti* trdval it the traia i o- th?-Virginia Oentral rail Crom SU-!h:no>J, Chr.i1ott?rvllia, Staaatoa. T"!10IT0a TlCiKTB Ptoti Alexaudria to Warrenfon $1 00 " 14 Gordonerllle. 3 M M " Charlottes*B? 4 tt a fewnntra.ft 00 " Straabnrg 8 M " l^rnohburg 6 Ti Wis Waaler 8 M Loray ??????? ae 4 ? M Kew Marhet I 00 " 44 Mldikbcrg 1 3* 1'-? ?i;?oLbcr^. ivuoacting with tbc alagaa at Cuaiivt^aviLe, cc Moudaya, Vainaa^./a, and ftV lap k'cr Le v.j ac! iJarkaL er r.aa ting with tha i kg-v at , t>a '^oealaya.Tburadaya, and SaV ujrday ??>! Wlnohaeter oaij7, c&nnactlng vith tha I at Pie^cont for Hilaiabur,! dau/, ocuaaoiag ?.itL tha i at tha Plun*. Potordat: W ii LiuOCUl *., A^enc COv T?dtl" FOR MOUNT YEilNON. Oa TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. roaud trip $1; fvoa Alai andri- 76 o-ct. The THC^Ai! COLLY KB >awl Waebln^on at 6 and Alexandria at 1V? o'clock. ''-oachcs l<?ave the l spltol tor tLaboaiat tJf o'eli. C - _:h tare SU ceatf P?i?ouA wiubin^ the Ccacbea will lacra thalr ra^ dt^aa with Qao. A Xhoa. Farkw. "^"Hfcfretlxiaetite cn the lK>at. Oct !tf?ctf SA*n, QILKCY. Capi. ?irii IKW TORK * LlYkKPOflL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. TIT'S ^UIPS OOMI'IIIHIVQ IliiB LINI A*I Stlt A'ILjLSTIC, Gapt. VT.X PACiriO, wpc. Kret BALTIC. w'i;-t. &J9bck, ADKIAriaC4rt.0-a.lca. ?>***? ^nr^ fcvc l*r li by coutrart, nF"'** ?r for Gonmnxrut aervW; er. r? cere hai- baea taleu ia their oon?truc?k>n, ?* ta the Kn/iaaa ?? ?naaM dtrwnjjth as 1 ai>e?d. aai tLe:r Kcvciaoda tionj ibe paac^ n^eri are urxni^aiiad Ut a ag.nca and occJar* _ ^ ^ Price of pat^aga irt m York to Livrpjiol? tret cabin.?....? ??4'? anemd ? * Ixcl iirfv? naa of extra aia.- ata'e^ Prom Idaarpool ^ x**w Turk L ^ aui 120 An expariene**! nitron attached to -wOi thlp. No barth can ^-a sec oteo until paid tor. for freight ar na^i^ e ? vi ij *? ^ JlfiHAlii/ K COLLINS A CO., ad WaU Hreet. }t'ew Yctt, TBOW:;, fcUlPI MY A CO., L:varpooL K. 0. !kOB?ilT2 I 00., 13 Kn.g*d Arua Vard, Loadra. JOHN MCNR0B A 00, 23 Bne Notre Dane dea Yl telras, Paris. GEO U. DKAPfiR, flavM. The owner* of tcca fhtps wil. aot awmDtabto lor goid, diver, bullion, ppecie, ja^eliy, pradeaJ ctcnee or oetau, nnlew bli> a! lading ar- rkcai tharifni- m?4 the valaa thereof tha rain expressed aov 16?Alv ' ? ' ? H ?? J --f BAKZIH& HOUSE OF PAIE0 * E0CRI* Oi-vcnie UnM State* BONDS, t.tock* and othet aeewiura paichafi and aold. Interest at the rate of ?ix inj cent aaP* ? lowed on iiepOMit>i wbpa l?A HW 16 aaya of MMipt jaa H teu

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