Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1855 Page 2
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rVEVINfi STAR. ? A^HfNG TOW PITY: FAIDAY AFTKUOOW JlM 15. ? flccy ?*"? I XT ADV?WBm should be banded i. by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they nay ?H appear on til the next day. AfllNTS FOB THE "TAB The toil owing persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia ?V. B. Palms*, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pwttiji?ill k Co., Nifltta street. Boston ? V. B. Palms*, Scollay's Building. _ II. J. Bcrnws, Crawford street, Ports mouth, Va, is the Star's agent for that place and Norfolk City. S?1LIT or THX KQ&XL9C PfcKSB The Union discusses the labors of the southern delegate* to (he Philadelphia Know Nothing convention, to show that if thev really knew anything they moit have known that it would be impossible to nationalime the northern Know Hothin^ deleg* as, as the lat ter represented not only the real strength of Know Nothingi?m. (in available rotes ) which strength arises wholly from the fact that Know Sothingvm where it ean carry congres sional or State elections is simply a phaso of abolitionirm working in the dark. The lattlHgeneer argnes wi?a the New Or leans Picayune to d;sproTe the correctness of a portion of the Matter's translation of the famous speecti of M Lusuriaga, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, wherein that jour nal makes M L disavow for his Government the olaim of right to act towards the Ameri can vessels as waa done towards the El Dorado noder Amiiar circumstances. The Intelli gencer insists that he merely said that Spain wonld abstun from so doing in future similar cases uTss Fittu Boos or Saxcbl. the Scribe, unto the Mercur:ana." published in the Star on Wednesday afternoon, should hare been credited to the Philadelphia instead oi the New York Sunday Mercury I'feKtO.V* L. .... The venerable E'isha Whittlesey, First Comptroller of the Treasury, returned to his Ct this morning from his rec nt visit to his ae in Onto, were he was called to attend his so univeisaily revere i w;fe in her last sickness He mee's the since, e sympathy of the large circle of friends iu tbis city, who knew wail the mm* virtues and christian at trir u es of tne partner of his life, whom it had pleaded Providence to take Irom tbem. .... Col. P G. Washington Arsistant Sec retary cf the Treasury is confined to his room by sickness, we regret to learn. .... Jainee White, ship's cook of the flag ship Jamestown, died at K??y West on the first of Jane, iustant, of a pieiol ?Lot wuuod .... C m Ingraham, of the U S Navy has arrived in W^snington, and is stopping at Willards H tel. .... Dr G. B Jackson, of Philadelphia, re oeived from thecitisns of Columbia, Pa., a very hnnd*>me gold mounted c<ie. as a testi monial ot tfeeir appreria ion of his invaluable professional serviees in that place during the prevalence ot tne oholera. .... A demons'ration was male the other day egainst t*ie American Hotel, in Kansas eity, and th* landlord's wife appeared and of fered to fight the whole crowd - .... J. M. Brown has been appointed Swamp Land Commissioner of Arkansas .... E* Gov. Wood, of Texas, is a candidate for the Governorship of that State .... Hon John K Elgee is nominated as Chief Justioe of the Supreme Co art of Louisi ana ....Edward Snowden has been reelected Treasurer of the Corpo ation of Alexandria, Va .... General Qui'man delivered a lecture a few days ago at Jackson, .Miss , before a large audienoe, in favor of the private so c quest of Cuba. .... A preaeher took passage on one of the Lake Erie steamers on a Sunday lately, and before be had boen long on board he applied to the captain for leave to hold a religious meeting The captain replied "No?for any minister who would travel on Sunday is not flt tc preacn on board my b:at." ?~? When a man dies people generally in eu re what p^opery has he l?ft behind him? the angels will ask, what good deeds has he sent btfo e him ? PF" The Perth C urier mentions that a gar denerai K~ir House Has pa- en ted an invention f?r fabricating purer ana tope from the oom mon garden hollyhock. YW The Newport (R I ) Mercury closed its Sli.e-v seventh year ot publication on the 12th inst It is, we believe the oldest news paper in the United States, if not in the world py~Abou' 400 men and five < (floors, includ ing Captain Marcy, of the 5 h Infantry in com mand, will sail from N?w York the latter part of thi- wees, for Corpus Cbristi. The soldiers are r^c uits to be distributed at the various mili ary staticLa in Texas K7*T-e Milwaukie Wisconsin, of Jure 9th, saja ha: there are stored in the varehou*es ef thai eity 175 000 bu>he ? of whett The shipment* during the past week had exceeded the receipts only about 15,000, which aooounis for this large storage py The Atlantic brings intelligence of the arrival at Havre of the low steamer Ariel, of the Yanderbilt Ku opean Line, on the 31st of May having made the passage out in twelve days. Excbllext Advicb ? An I i ern paper cites he following wholesome counsel to the New Hamithire Legislature: ? Let common s~nse mark all jour deliberations and doings Don't visit the nunneries, and beware of Mrs Patter on." AuBBicaie Fiksmbn abodt to Visit Etrtori with o.ia tbxir Eseists ?We learn that several members of the New York Fire De partment are getting up an excursion to the O d World this simmer They are to be ac companied by Dodworih's fsmous oornet band, at d will take passage in one of Collins's steamers to Liverpool. It is their intention to pr need to Lmdon, Manchester and all the {-inepal p ace* in England. cross over to isnoe. visit ihe Grana Exposition of 1855. pay tbeir c ok li mens to bl- M-jsty Louis Napoleon whom they will be reviewed, and return via Vanderbilt s Una of steamer! fnm oavre. The firemen ee ill lake a first olass engine with them Concerts . ill be given by the band du ing tbeir sojourn, to wards defraying their expenses Tsb Last Fisb Stobt ? A oodfish, weighing sixty five pou'.ds, was recently :aught off Qrotan, Lotg Point, Connteticut, in wh<se ttomaeh were foami six beay Ash and six quids, besides a complete eod fishing gear ex oept the lina The took of this gear Is large, attschad to the lower end of the lead, ot a singular shape with as eye at eaeh and, and weighs two aud a quarter pounds All the Oia fishermen who have inspected it say that this gaar is unlike any other whieh they have ever seen, and the question, therefore, is, where did the fish come from ? ? iWMWUBTON TOW?"OP ?tS8!P, Money ?The business man of tkia elty are, Jast now, complaining seriously of the tight neea of the times. whioh mmi to affeot their eollettlona tod mIm mot* than at any pre vioua time in the last year cf rem*Hrable money pressure In Northern eities Indeed, thia State of thtafn is manifest in all buinaaa transacted is V. ajhington?mercantile, me chanical, and professional The alleged oanae ia the rapid approach of the beginning ot the new fiscal year, the time with us for the settlement of old engagement*, and the arrangement of rew transactions. In the laat month or two of each4scai year, much busi nete of the Government is done here on credit. Ihat ia, various appropriations far specific purposes hare no oat, and tfao*G entitled to QQon?y on aeoount of labor on or materials ?appH?d for the specific objects referred to, *re compelled to await the commencement of *e new fiaoal year, (July 1st,) before the au horjties can legally touch the money appro [>riafed for the aervioe ef the new fiscal year. Nevertheless, the amount of money due, with icU for a few weeks or months, as explained ibove, is but a drop in the buoket when com pared with the heavy regular monthly expen li tares of the Government at this point in the iaap? of salaries, wages, ?c The latter, aiher than the former, should regulate the >ondit?on of business in Washington -the ormernot amounting to sufficient, certainly jear. to seriously affeot the business of >ar men in trade What, thereforo, really muses the existing money pressure in Wasb ngton? It can arise from no legitimate cause, deny of our population, who live on fixed alariee, indu'ge in the ruinous habit of an icipating pay day, paying from two to five per entum per month for the privilege of so doing. Jo man doubta that the practice is ruinous o the circumstances of those who thus indulge a the luxury of liviqg beyond their means, >nd to the habits, taates, and independence of 11 depending on those who do so. Its result n the business oommunity wi h wbom they r .de, ia the pressure to which we rofer above rhich is in a great measure the fruit of this vinous habit It may be necessary for one, ?o. or three months, when a person in Got rnment employment is gettii g settled in Pushington; but she affairs of the man who takes a oonstant practice of being shaved at om one to five per cent, a month are in any ther than a thriving condition. We write of lis habit, which works saoh seriously delete ous consequences in this oommunity, more in ?itow than with a disposition to carp We ive seen it render men of talents, high toned laracter and self respect, mean, shuffling id slavish in their souls?slaves first to fasft n, and afterwards to remorse, and to men s.t nes infinitely their inferiors in every attri bute of manly character and capacity, to whom they have contracted debta which they cannot pay as per agreement. Silks satins, stylish houses, regalias, geld headed canes, seats at the opera, and old Madeira, wi.h their usual et ettrraj, are at the bottom of the misery ari-ing fr<,m the habits to which we refer, whioh is equally the lot of the can't pay deb' tor, ii he is a man of integrity of purpose and of the unpaid creditor. It would be a glo rious thing for the future prosperity and hap pineas of this community if the credit ayeieia could be abolished by the dash of a pen, po far as the transactions of all with fixed in eomes are concerned. Ibere are many prudent persons in public employment here who nre getting rich?first on their oommendable ?elf denial, and then on the use of what they have thus saved from th?ir stipend by other public employees, who prefer to pay roundly for the loan of small sums of money, to retrenching their expenses in theae hard time: to the lowest possible n ^"h Really, it is Almost as easy to be a lender in W* hmgton, as a borrower. One year's rigid economy will enable almost any man, on entering office here, so to do I; practiced for a year, there is no trouble after waid? in persevering in the good habit. Try it! Thft End of the Delusion.?At five p m yesterday, we received a dispatch from Phila dilphia announcing tho secession from the Know Nothing Convention of fifty three dele gates, representing the Statee wherein Know No hiegtsw baa really reliable strength. That i*, where the people, being Abolitioaiats at heart, hate the Irish ?nd the Catholics of the United btatee, btc*u.?e under all oireumstanoes whioh have politically agitated our country, threatening at times to destroy its constitution by engrafting on its administration doctrines and measure* at war with ita true principles, they have ever been true to it as made by it* . ramers. They have from tho commencement of the rolling of the anti slavery ball to this hour, been an immoveable aud insurmounta ble impediment to its progress to success. Such an aDiaial as a Catholic clergyman, or an Irish, or other foreign born or native Catholio who is an Abolitionist, is unknown, absolutely unknown in the United States. Such facts give rise to the intense hatred of them whioh exist* in localities where the South is hatod with equal t.itterneaa, the aume olassof people hating both. Wherever Abolitionism is in the aaoendancy, there, too, Know Nothingism 1* to be a permanent institution and only there The Virginia election proves that it cannot attain at the South anything like the real strength and character whioh the late opposi tion to the dominant party has had from the foundation of the Government; all the really conservative portion of that opposition hav ng either retired from politics, er ranged them selves with their old opponent* to combat the new organiiation. Yet, as weak as Know Nothingiam really is at the South, it sends from the Diatriot of Columbia, where it was fairly beaten in the late election, (though the former opposition to the party of the National Administration numbered nearly two to one in our population for twenty five years previoua to the inauguration of tbe new political organiiation) as many delegates witb us muoh power in voting on a platform, as Hassachusetta or Ohio has The Distriot of Columbia and Virginia, e either of them being worth a baubee to Know Nothing ism in a general election, wisued the platform made to suit the notion; of themselves, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Miaaisaippi, Ar kansae Texas Acon the slavery queetion; and this convention being so oonatituted as u? give the Statrs wherein Know Notbingism ia in a hopeleea minority, an equal voioe with thoe* States wherein the opposition to the petty ef the administraiion never faila to suo eeed, it mattere not what banner of opposition they may be fighting under, the eoneequenoe has oeeci that the Diatriot ard the certaio Democrat is Btatea have edopted a platform on which the party in the doubtful and certain anti administration Statee eanaot dream o1 attempting to ataad. So they have gone off from the order m represented from the Booth, In a body. They will not abandon Know Notbiufism, M they prefer II to be, however. They will fif ut nnder Its banner, on whioh hereafter tftl moat ultra abolition principle! frill be Insertb*d. The consequence will be that Know Nothinglsm will die out in the Sonth more rapidly than it rose to some im portance there, whioh was almeat as though by magio It will gain at the North nearly the entire Garrison Abolition party, and will loae there the Hunker Democrats and Silver Grey Whigs who have honestly labored to make it national in its positions on the sla ery1 question It is dead! dead !! dead'!! after a short bat very merry life, indeed. It Will carry no more eleouons, save in loealities where the ultra anti-slaverjites are always sure of suooeas at the polls. It is not Manly to Whine ?Our talented, amiable, oourteous, entertaining, ingenuous, truthful, and knowing neighbor, is in a terrible way over the reoeat removal of one of the Knew Nothing master *eiksnen in the Wash ington navy yard, beoamse, our neighbor al leges, he voted in the reeent election for men sworn, in their lodges, to proscribe every man?messenger, mechanic, clerk, laborer, or whatever olass of employee he may be?from the it vice of the Government, if possible, unless they belong to their " order," and more especially to pr)?cribe men on acoount of the l-md of their birth and the torm of phristian ity in whielv'they may worship God. Oar neighbor forgets th\t the party of whioh the removed person is a meuu>er, on obtaining the sontrol of the affairs of the corporation of Washington, in June, 1854, proscribed every man in its service?from its prinoipal clerks down to and including its eoavengers?who was not of their own politioal kidney. Oar ingenuoas neighbor should farther re member its own boast that so devoted is its party to proscription, that it will not employ in its printing office a single mechanic who is not a member of " the order " Unuer such circumstances, we submit that it is unmanly in our neighbor to wbine, when one of its oonfrerees finds tne poisoned ohalice of proscription, bis lavonte moans of destroy ing others, oommeuded to his own lips. He's a Massachusetts Man.?It teems that Senator W il.'cn A Co.'s new president of the Know Nothing National Counoil, Dr. Bartlett, is not a Keotuokian, as alleged, bat a Lowell Yankee, transplanted to Kentucky some ten yeirs ago, where he has been pursuing the basiness of a theologioal and literary teacher. lit is in faot one of the " unjust, unrighteous and damnable' cla*s of Y-itkee deputy preachers or lecturers?of the claas whose names are to be found upon the list of the three thousand abolition clergymen who anathematised the President, Congress, the -South, and Senator Douglas e.*pecially, in the hope of thus defeating the enaotment of 'he Nebraska bill. This accounts for the fao:> t^at though from Kentucky, he was a sup porter of the views of Ssnntor Wilson in the convention, and the uninimity with which the Senator and all bis abolithn coadjutors there iss jmbled sustained bis pretensions, though a delegate fr m a sl-ve holding S ate, over Sarfcer, u pro slavery New Yorker. A notber Fraud ?Our talented courteous, amiable, entertaining, ingenuous, cbivalrio, and k jowing neighbor, will subserve the cause of oommon bonesty by informing the public which of thuse individuals whose names follow toatof the diiiinguulitd Mr. Tucker, at the ead of its eoent publication of the bogas man* a^era ox the Washington Monument, join that eminent individual in apsaming responsibility tor the budget of infamous falsehoods it em braces. With its characteristic regard for (air dealing, it inserts a line in very small type after the lion. Mr. Tucker's name, * herein it gives 'hose whose names follow an opportunity to shirk responsibility for its statements. It should be understood that the name of the President of the United States, found in the list, is used wholly with out authority; being so pla:od as to gu.I the ignorant with the idea that it is foand there that functionary's sanction; and yet so as to enable those who have taken tnis unwar rantable liberty with it, to excuse themselves by saying that it waa only intended to be used iu giving a list of the managers of theSooiety. He moved and Appointed ? Mr Solomon Goddard, a messenger in the offi:c of the Third Auditor of the Treauiy, has been removed Samuel 11 Taylor ha3 been promoted to the place thus vacated, and John Friszell has been appointed, vioe Taylor promoted. Commander Duncan N Ingraham, late of the sloop of war St. Louis, is in Washington, and stops at Willard s This is bis first visit to Washington since his return to the United States. He is, of course, "the lion" with the political world here Postponed ?The opening of the proposals for the oon traction of the new custom-house at New Haven, Ct, has been postponed until the 19th proximo, to allow time for the eom pletion of the necessary plans and speoifioa. tioni. ?? ?he Current Operations of tha Treasury Department.?On yesterday the 14th of June, (bora were of Treasury Warrants entered oa the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $11,400 13 For the Treaiury Department.... 7,U00 00 For the Interior Department 17 424 24 For the Customs 7,726 95 War warranto received and en tered 107,747 77 War repay warrants reeeived and entered 7,661 94 Lachch or a Seip-or-Wan.?The United States steam frigate Merrimac, one ef the six war vessels ordered to be built by our govern ment, was launched at the Cbarlettown (Mass ) Navy Yard this ferenoon. The keel of the ship was laid in July of last jeer She is built in the strongest manner, chiefly of live oak timber and plank, and there has been used in her hull 226 740 pounds of iron, and 189, 778 pounds of bolt copper Her dimensions are 3,7000 tons, carpenters' measurement. She is to he propelled on the screw principle, with Griffith's English patent propeller, having two blades of 17 feet, diameter Her engine, it is supposed, will be cf 800 horse power. Not withstanding her means of steam propulsion, she will have ample provision for sails. Her mainmast will measure above the spar-deck 86 feet 9 inohes; lenrth of mast head 19 feet 8 inohes. top mast 68 feet, mait head 10 feet 10 iacbee, main-topgallanUmast 34 feet, royal mast 23 feet The fore-mast, misen-mast, Ac . will be in proportion A suit of her sails will contain 13.330 yards of canvass oovering an area of 58 373 square feet.?./V. Y. Ev$. Put, of Tkuraday. XST Letters from Sisters of Mercy, of whom there are 63 ie Sebastopol, portray in lively co lor the soenes of carnage they have to witness, and give a remarkable account of their eele braing divine worship In the Malakoff tower while it was under the fire of the enemy in the reoent bombardment. Tlit Two Horn Act. It Mem* that the two horse act of tbo tori table conductor of our talented, amiable, oonrteous, ohivalric, entertaining, ingenuous, truthful and knowing neighbor, did not elicit aa unanimous applause In tbe Philadelphia Convention aa was anticipated by the daahiog performer. Ita poaea for the Sooth were not admired bj the extreme Southern men in the Convention, while those for the North were absolutely hooted at by the almoat unanimous North there, aa being the mereat counterfeit prdentments of something that should tickle the faney of the North, imaginable. Thia two horae act kioked up such a row aa to end in oompelltng all thoee who represented oonatit uenciea able to carry important eleotions for Know Nothingism, to leave the Convention and make an ont and out Abolition Know Nothing platform for themselves. The following hiatory of aome of their doinga on Wednesday night laatand yesterday morn ing tells the tale: Mr. Eayner on Wedneaday night presented a 8 ries of conciliHtory resolutions They were, in aubatance, condemnatory of theoourse of Southern men, enemiea of the Order, who are straining to make it appear an anti.slavery organiaation, and nlso condemning ita Nortb ern enemies, who are endeavoring to make it appear an advocate of slavery They would leave tbe aubjeot of alavery where the Convo lution leaves it, ao far aa the Order is con cerned, leaving the S:atea, North or South, to make tbeir own iasuea upon it. Tbursdat Morning past onb o'clock ? Tbe Convention has just adjourned. Before adjjurament the following votea had been de clared : In favor of majority report of Committee on Platforms, eigh'y ; against it, fifty nit e. In favor of the minority report, fifty-one ; opposed, ninety two. In favor of Mr Rayner's propoaition, forty, four; opposed, ninety seven. [Correspondence of (he New York Times.] Philadelphia, Thursday Morning. There baa been a grand disruption of the Know Notbiog Order. The Northern mem bers refuse to abido by the Pro Slavery Pla> form that was adopted last night The Northern Delega es to the Americ%n National Convention, oonvened at Philadel phia, met at 8 this morning, at the Girard House, lor the purpose of organising aa a Northe-n Ord-r Hon Henry Wilaon waa called to the Chair, and H M MoAbee waa appointed Seere'ary Hon. J W Fos er. of Mass , as aeon aa tbe meeting wa? organised, presented the follow i: g Platform whioh after having been read, WnB aigned by the representatives Irons tbe several States, as b low : PLATFORM To the Pople of ih" United Statei. The undersigned citiaena of tbe various States, aesemblrd at Philadelphia on thia 14th day of June 1855, feel cone:rained, under tbe existing state of affairs, to affirm tbe following principlea: Firat?Tbe unconditional restoration of that time honored Compromise known aa the Mia i aouri Prohibition, which waa deatroyed in ut- I ter disregard of the >,,rpular will A wrong no lapse of time can pallia'e, and no plea for i'a ; continu ?n-e caa justify; and that wo will use all constitutional me ins to maintain the posi tive guarantee of itrt compact, until the ob ject for wbioh it was enacted baa been oon eliminated by the adaption of Kaneas and Nebraska aa free S'ates. Second? I ha: th? rights of eettlera iu Ter ritories to the free a< d undisturbed exetciso of tbe elective franchise guaranteed to them by the lawe uodor whioh thev are organized,' should be promptly proteocd by the National Executive, whenever viola'ed or threatened, j and ihat we ca not ootaoientiously act with ; tho*e who ^ill not aid us in tbe correction if tbeae National wrorgj. aiid ?ill not even per mit their fair co- s.deration and full dieous-icn J Third?We furthe- declare onr contiruodj and unalterable determination to uae all hon orable effjits to secure such a modification of the naturalisation laws, aided by auoh eleva tion of pub ic seniment as shall guarantee tbe three vital principles of a Republican Gov. ernment?spiritual freedom and free Bible aohoola?thereby promoting the great work of Amerioamairg America Fourth?lhat we invoke the arm of legiala* tion to arrest tha* growing ev^.l?the deporta tion, by foreign autbnritiea. of paupers and convicta to our shorea; and that, as our na tional Cons'i ution requires the Chief Execu tive of our country to be of uative bir h, we deem it equally necssary and important t bat j our diploma'ic represent itivea abroad should also poa*eas uo foreign pr?J idioes to bi*a their : judgment or to i?flu*-nce tbeir official action. ! Ohio?Thomta H ?? rd. L. U Oida, Joshua Martin, John E Kcea J. K Marlay, Geo. B. Morton, H H McAbee. Approve of the above ?adding ?? No more slave territory"? B. White. Geo. B. Morton, A. McKay. Indiana?V\ ilham Cnmback, Sohuyler Col fox, Godluve S Ortb. J. S Harvey, Thomas C. Slaughter, F P Allen. James K. Bryant. Michigan?Israel Coggshall, Mosea A. Mc Naughton. Illinois?Wm W Danjuhower, Wm. H. Young Henry S. Jennings, D L Eaatmayo, Wm. J Phe!ps. Massaobujett'-?Henry J. Gardner, Herry Wilson, J W Foster, A. C Carey, H. W. Kugg, Jamea Buflngton, Andrew A. Rich, mond New Hampahire? Anthony Colby, Jeaae Mann. Stephen B fcherwin. Vermont?Ryland S. Fletcher, Horace Kingaley. Joseph U. Barrett, Evelyn Pier point, Joseph D Hatch Maine?Leuia O. Cowen, A. S. Richmond Benjamin D Peck, John L. Stevena, John S. Layward. Joseph Covell. Jamea M. Lincoln. Iowa?James Thorington, William Lough* ridge. Connecticut?David B. Booth, Thoa. Clark, N.J. Sperry. Rhode Island?Jabes C. Knight, Nathaniel Greene, Wm H. Sweet. Wiaconaln?D E. Wood, R. Chandler, C. W. Cook On motion of Mr Orth, of Indiana, a Cor responding Ocmmittee waa appointed, oonaiat ing of one from each State repreaented in the meeting, aa follows: Ohio?A McRay; Indiana?Goodlove Ortb; Michigan?Mosea A McNorton ; Illinois?W. W. Dannerhower; Maas&ehuaetta?H. J. Gar diner, Governor; New Hampahire?Stephen B. Sberwin; Vermont-J. H. Barrett; Maine ? B. D Peck; Iowa?W Loughridge; Rhode laland?J. C. Knight; Connecticut?H. 1) Sperry. New Jeraey ooincided in the above, but wonid not aign the declaration until they had withdrawn from the National organisation Pennsylvania signed a aimilar declaration to that of the above States. Meeting adjsurned. The regular Convention met again thia morning It ia understood the Plattorm Com mittee will report in favor of the Catholie clause to please Louisiana. Aw Incident op thb Eceopian War.?The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser of tbe 12* h inst., gives the following extract from a private letter from an offioer in the Crimea to acitiien of Buffalo: A curiou- thing occurred yeaterday. A sapper wad brought from thetrenchea with bia jaw broken, and he dooior told me there w?? a piece of it atiokiug out an inch and a half from his fioe. The man aaid it waa done by A round shot, which the doctor diabelieved, but the poor fellow insisted, and aaid: " Yea, and it took off the head of the man next mo Thia waaooncluaive, and the aurgeon proceeded to remove the btne; it came out quite eaay, when tbe doator said to tbe man, whose face appeared to preserve ita form pretty well: "Can you move your jaw?" 'Oh yea, air." waa tbe reply The doctor then put hia finger into the man'a mouth, and found tbe teeth were there, and at length aasured the soldier that it waa no jtw of his that was broken, but that ot his headleas comrade, whioh had ae tually been driven into hia face, inflicting ft severe but not danger'>ua wou?.d. Upon this the man's vltage, whioh had been rather lengthened, rounded up most beautifully .?>..! . iy A contract ia said to have boon entered into with L. Gisborne for a telegraph from Constantinople to Bgypt. Important from Hmu [Correspondence of the New Ycrk Daily Tmi~ ] Hat a* A. Jud* 4 Ho United States war steamer Princeton, Comnxndar B gle will loare this snori>?rg for New York. J. II Felix, Esq , in shipped on board cf * ve*??l bound for Spain two day# ainoo, to 150 thence to Cea*a to serv* his senten^*, on lets met bj the Qeeen's clemency at M dnd It has been oonfldratly asserted that be wonld be released here, so that I very ma-h doabt with the want of ae'lon on the part of the United States, if he finds any relief in Spanish mercy. The rumors for aome ti r.e paat in our midst begin to a??ame tangible and palpable l?n di ions; and there ia now so doubt bat that the intention 1a aeriooalv entertained t) pro euro the abolition of Slavery in Cuba and Eat the Island voder the protection of Qreat rit .i . io order to ovoid Bore serious evi! which ia being in ooano of eoltivatioa, a .der the policy of Geo. Joce do la Concha?tore to inure nut with o oivil aaonfice of the whito population The United Prates will not bo consulted it\ the matter by th^so who represent Creole in terestj in the affsir, because they hare no 000 fidenoe i? the preaent administration, or its adbereooe to any given line that it may as sume. The iufHenee of the Abolitionists of England will settle the Cuba question, and Mr. Pierce may as well withdraw his farcioal (lulf drama before people begin to sospect that they have no business here Health good; 0 few casea of sickness on board Princeton?nothing serious; business of last week active: exchange, New York 2] to 3 discount; London, 9 per cent prem A Limb Broken Five Tikis ? Some three months since a man named Martin Qainn while on a visit to Brooklyn, NY, fell an J br ke his right thigh. He was taken to th? hospital whs e bis thigh was set. but it did not seem to unite as it should, and. according to his own story, it was broken by the surgeon three times in the hospital before it wooid properly unite. Finally, ho reta-ned home ana yesterday was hobbling on two cane* through a passage way, near his bonse, a' South Boston, when the wind alammed .1 gate agtinat him; throwing him down, ar.d Again breaking his thigh, lie was attended by Dr. Jas^tr H York, wbo for the fif<h time so. the limb ?Boston Traveler, Monday. Another Band op Adventurers ?The Courier speaks of the organisation of another bard of adventurers. Their particular field of operation is nit known but according tr the Courier th? i^ design is said to be to tske possesion of s^me on* of 'he Mexican Steles to confiscate the lards and personal estate, and so to reimburse themselves for their ser ?iceq in the ssuw offreedom. Theexpedition is u -der the command of a distinguished Sou hern gentleman who ha* heretofore held several positions of trust The expeditionists are said to have the sympathy, andexpeet the support of a strong party in Mexico. The ex. pedition has so far been organised with the most, absolute secre.-y, as none of their move ments have hereof >re transpired. Sale cr a Smrrr Box ?A gold snoff box, ornamented wito brilliants, wbioh was sent at a present hv the Bmpsrorof France to a gen tleman in New York rity. and which was lev ied on for debt, wis on Wednesday sold at auc'ion by :b? Sheriff in the City Hall Af. ter nnitercus bids it was purchased by John F. Bell A Co., for $300. |3P"We notice that some of the English pa pers ha^? t'*ken oooasion. on Mr Fi ItBort's ar rival in Ecglaad. to denounee him because be Signed the fagitire slave bill, and otherwise manifested kis determination to enforce the provisions of the cons itution. while he wm President of the United States Their strong anti-slavery feeling blinds them to *be court? sy <lue to a stranger ?IV Y Com. Advocate. ,*T. PU'LN ENGLISH LUTHER>N S. S intend giving a Pic Nic st Arliogi >c < n WEDNESDAY, the 27th instant. jelS~-li? M_ON H1GHL \NLLRS ATTLN ti *n - You are hereby notified that th? c<?r s will meet in their arm ry on SATURDAY, toe 16th irstant, at 9 o'clock a. m , tor th< purpose of attending target pmcuce at the Park. A cup. presented 10 the Comaany by Wm M winter, j E-q , will be shot tor before returnirg that day. liy orier of the Commanding officer JNO A. CAMPBELL, Je 15?It* Ord Pgt. pj??IBS ANNUAL MEETING OF TUF tlk"'!*, ~ Stockholders of the W. a N O.Ttlegrnjh L'ii" wi'l h held at Wa?hington, D. C., on the \V FDN P \Y of July neit je IS??' 3' D F CLARKE, 8ee. SEVENTH WARD IJvfON AS^O?l _ n ion - A meeting will be held TMH EVENING *t 8 oYlock, at Potomac Hall, on bu i ties* of importance. WM. COOPER, Sec. je 15- It THE MEMBEK8 OF THE FXKCU tive Committee 01 the I te R>g?inenM Halt are r> quested to be punctual in their" attend ance at Flint'* Motel, on rRIDAY EVENIN ?; n< it | at 8 o'clock, t'onipanie* that have made no re turns will pi ase be roady to do so et that time, je 14 - -1 /THE UNDERSIGNED GROCERY MER chants, in order to give tune for recreati- r to ihe clerks lit their employ, duiing the warmth ot | the Summer inontns. b rtbv agree 10 close their re spective stores at eight o'clock p. m , (Sutures) eveninca excepted,) from this date until the firm day of September nex? GEO. A THO8 PARKER a CO, SAMUEL KACON a CO., MURK W a SEMME3, HAMILTON a LEACH, B. F M iR^ELL, BARBOUR K SEMME8, E. E. W 1TE a CO, ED HALL, RHF.KELL BROTHERS, BERRY a BOWIE, MIDDLETON a BEALL, JE^flE B WILSON. Washington, June 11,1855?3w FOR HIRE?for a TERM OF YEARS, A 1 olore-l Hoy; isatrnnc and able to do the work , oiatnan Inquire at 119 Pa avenua, betw. l'.kh and 90-li ats., over Nioore's Drug Store. je 15?3t? LO 9 T?Yesterday, on tbe Excursion at the White House Paviion, h Hair BRACELET, U'ttti a sola clnop. The gent'eman who was set-11 10 pick it ut> will confer a great Uvor upon tha lativ who lost it, by leaving it at Uiie oflice. je 1&?U* TIMOTHY HAY ?Five hundred bal.?I Northern TIMOTHY HAY, in lot* to mit pur cssera For sale by ROBT D. TWEEDY, Corner Pa. avenue and 13Ui *t., south side. Je 15-ft AT HOHK I PETER IHAKOHA1 HAS BETVBKXD, And o/iving taken up his abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Will U- h;u py to s< e ins eld ftiends at their t* 1 tabliHhtneut, N'?.. 400 Seventh street, oppo ite Oud | Fellows' 11 ill. jt 15? tf DISSOLUTION OF COPAETlfBEfH'F TMfE patt erchiu heretofore exiting un<*er thf h'tu of S. C Mi ls a Co . bas bees this da) dissolve 1. All neraons indelt J to the leteflrm are requeued to make pnywni to John Mills, liy whom the businesa wi I be continue 1 ; and all penona iMving claims against the late firm will preaect tbe same to him for scttlemeLt. 8. C. MILLS, je 15?St JOHN MILLS. CIGARS?CIGARS. SUPERIOU HAVANA CIGARS.-1 bavs received t<vefty Uiouftsnd more 01 those choice Ojiera and Concha btand*. Ai-s. other brands of fine 11 gars. ItOBT. D. TWEEDY, Pa. avenue and 13ib ?u, aout.i aide. je 16*-lw THE POTOMAC RIVER STKAolhOAl COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE O. i'StlCE CAPT ^AMUfeL BAKER, _ WILL LE\VE WASHINGTON A^SgafxT 6 O'CLOCK A. M. AND AL bA.uvlli.i.t AT 7 O'CLOCK A M. ON TUESDAY MORNINGS for?Mattox, Cur rioman, L. Machodoc, Finey Point, Kuuw'e, ? one. ON FRIDAY MORNINGS for?Cha^' Wicomico, Leoaardtowu, Piney Feint, St. Mary s. Cone. _ . "pitei^Slu L?Macah 4 o olock ?. iu 1 fur IkliutiCt 1 \tk%y Point, L k die, t urriQMsn. Mattox 1 Culling at the uaual landings on tbf riTcr when j signals are made. By order of the Board: ' JA8 P. SMITH, Preniden; Alexandria, Va^ Jane 1,1855. jel??tf ?^a???) GUAM I) r ? MOO If LIGHT EXCTTfcgiOH AKD PIC MC ?>r tki marion rifles, AT TM ' WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, Om TCfcftOAl, J uvr. 10.h. 18SS. (The C mpa-?y take great plea*. , ore in aoBonr eing to their n. m us fnend* ard ibe pnb ir cei..-'aJI> thai the* luve cliartw'l Um Bkhoim fiK(|ECC W A.-HINu. TOW. and wilf g;re a grand Lxcarv.on and Pic hfc on the I9h Jaw, lfcS6. The OompM} al?o pledge th- mselves that M {Mine, eipense, or labor shall t* ..pan d ca thru pait to give satisfaction to thoi- Wito honor 'hem wuh ih Ir c??ll?ra?iy Tiir rrry b * CKXiilo* Music baa been eng aged f.?i the tra<n hi, 0&~ nefn ?liuirnu and tupper will b? furniabed by *11 ?i?ri*r -d caterer. Ooinibu?es w??l be at the Wharf on tbt ar rival of th* boai, to cos tct passengers to the Navy Y >rd ard (J* rtthmn for 2S ceuia; to other parts uft-M* c ty 19fc cents. Tickets oNIC I OLLAP -admitting a (esilMai #-?d ladies; to he had of men her if the Compa ny and at tac wlian <>n ihe day o| the excursion. The boat wil< lease Uffm-imd at 1; Washing ton at 9; Navy Yard at 8*. and AlexandrioatS o'clock p m. Con mittfe of .?rranf*mm ft. Sgt J L Foxwell, Lt ??> l.vsna, Pnv Hrni Howard, Pnv II Reefer, Tbos Maker, U- Mr H Morgan, 8 H Spencer, Priv Ceo Bell, W D Turner, Tbos Thompaon. je 13-4 Pk.K ACS AL ? lntnr*auan wanted ot Tbota as ltri'!g"Oiaiit, a shoe cutter by trade, who left Albany, N V., on or about the 1st of Jannary laat, tor Washington ciiy, iu s?a'ch of employment. Aey person knowing ot his win reah'Mit* will confer a ?.?r? at favor up<*n bit ?ister, Mary Ann Itridgemaat, by aildre*?ng her at the Star office. je 14?St LOUT?On WedneMiay, June 13tb, at thei b at wharf at iht toot of 11th strret, a BLACK LtATHER TRUNK, with a small strii' of iron oa each eid, an4 hound across the top wuh doubled rope. Tlw leather on tb?- top of it baa bursied bp lifinit wet with rain, leaving a small p'ace of naked Aood The finder will b.: liberally rewarded by eating it at I'owe)'? Livery Stable. ?tb street, be tween H and 1 streets, to. LL!ZA ART18. je 14? F^Ttk DOLLARS IlEWAHD.?Htrayed ? r stolen from the corner ol 19th and j * ?tr. et?, on the 964:1 uitnn" a r-mall daO j hri die Cow, wi'h crnmp d horns, ?-ithn?|j Miorka of age. N*ck ipp? ar* ro have b'-ea ca , aad iia.r ruhbed off; 1 ar* alit. The above reward wtB '?e paid on the return O' the said Cow. je 14- 3t* WATCHII, JEWELRY. SILVfRH'JIRE. A M. W OALI* k HK< >. ari* eon-taotv r?ceivin| invoice* o! the above, und offer every article in th* ir line, at the lovrtt rut a COLD ASD cILVEK WOiiK of every dewrtp .ion, nm<t? to ordrf, ^^uc^ a* TESTIMONIALS ri '.Jy . ?f her.iebed, with appropnaie 8IL VKR TE V PETS, lil\'NEi?l SEkVlCE#, lie. Precious s?tonea bet in ivory *tyto however etab orate. ARMS, CRESTb, MOT TOES, kc cut on mm. M W GALT h. CO., 394 Pa av.f Uer.v> cen 9ih and 10th at*. j4 14?tr I UK'- Alt S, ??f ariou? b-nndr. pan prune wil' be yr>id low to r|o*r cow 'jrmei't HALL. 0 PENNING, it 14 - 3t 610 Sev nth at. L I M ? . OF th^ b^stqnality. of pur> lv woorf hiirnt, can be h <d in any qu^outy, at all tim*, u a reduced price, from SEELY'S t'atent Kiln, corner of Vte t:mt avei.ue and ?'anal street I-Jaad. je 14?4i* "just reck vkd At MADAML HELABUE'S, % t*- iMtiful a?am ni? fit ot n< w M irn Antique and Gause 1 nay. ui'iifa for dressca. lionr et lliband^, Trenr.b Em tioioe hi ?ne La ? s AI?o, Ur? s? I!at?. Ant FIow -is, >o.a a gr- at vari-ty of Straw Fciiueu, fresk ie?, Ac. A iarj?* a?ts'ruix n: of Stamped Ma l.ns, ?uch ar Infants Drruts CeaaiNlk. Rand .ind >'o!l tf*, o" which (ow.n^ the gnat quanuiy f^ld) tiit price h** h':en rcdcced. S38 Pa. av , Ix t. 12th and 13?h rta. Mi !am ? B kolicitu a c<wuaaance of ih<-' lit-eral patrovgu extendi d her ay the Udie^ t.od for which return- her .Tiupt siucerwlhank;* je 14-3;? HK.W ARD.?St'aveJ fr m the ?nl.scnber 0 / on the^ib instant, ? black florae He has one 'hit hind foot, a white knot on his liack, caused Ik tne sa^d e, and a white?p<itui bia forebe*4. Ar? ?toe re;urnm? tte said i>< "?e to F. S. BLTTLEk'S ?V od Yard, corner 7iii and K sts , on the Canal or 1 ving lnforiiiation 00 th^t lean ??t K.<n will receive 'he above reward- je 13?3l* olKAV fCD?Fro?j| the eomiir n surroundinf ^ the Washington M- nuajent, rii.cui t??| r,o.ocio 'tzSL ./e>-ks nnce, h ri 1 -potted COW, nith sj >*? ite back .?nd l> lly, tw?. wt.ite ard twej r- ?! fe?Jt, whiu* 'ace and rh .rp iionir. A ^uiuiliie ? ^*ar ? will b<* p id if returned to the oworr. en e Miuth rn> >?( E atre? t, three doors east ot Sixth tw -t, N .. 063 je 13 3t* D*. L. B. WRIGHT S UflFAIURO "SOSOrULOUS ANTIDOTX," Krr ihe P. rmant i Cmt, < f CO.rSUMPTION e*d all o-her form, of SCROFULOUS DISEJISES. 'f "HIS Vodicine i? prepared by an eminent phyai I. cianof eighteen >eais practice in New York city, during \ch eh t w he has constantly used it wi'h the mo*t unbounded mcceas, and created for ' a reputation in pri<ate pmctice. tin quil!? <5 in ibe History ot medicine. It acts immediately upon ibe t> nod, cleansing it from ail eemfeloaa humors or tai t'liritie#, ?*novatii??f and. by iri nagic powera. 1K VIOORATiNO IHE WHOI F. SYSTEM, in prorf of w ich, huioirerfa of rexp^ctaMe w.tuwee fraa th.? doctor'* private practice h ve given in their tes timony, nnd ?ntrnai thus*' from aey scroia lou* affection, to call uyon tAe?a a d t&afy your A Treatise on Serotuiou* di?e?re? can be ba: grans at PRINCIPAL PFPOT 40? Broadway, and at D ng Stores ?< neral'v. CHARLES STOTT k. CO., Apema tor Washington. Dla. L. B. WEIGHT'S TASTELFSS -MQU'D CATHARTIC," OH, FAMILY PHYSIC THI* H the he-T. CH F A PEST, and MOST EF FWIBNT CATHARTIC EVER OFFERED TO THE PI'SLIC. It i - TASTFLESS, [thereby avoiding the nau<(W 'ing ? ffect of Pills. Oil, Senn*. fcc.,) and produciag no griping or other painful eff?*cw Unlike all otb , er purgatives, it >earehea 10 the bottom of the dis ease, 1 bo ottfhlv cleanses the stomach, and leavea the bowala entirely free from cosiivetteas. NO FAMILY SHOULD HE WITHOUT rT. Children drink it n?a<<ilv and without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RECOM MENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY. Give it a trial and then judge for \ourselrea lt can be had wnoleaale and retail at E H- STA BLER &. CO'S. Kalumore, or CH ARLES 8TOTT v CO., W.i>hinrton, D. C. DR WRDiMT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Brcadwar. where th? doctor <.an be coatulied daiiy on di-'-aaes generally, trom li to 2 p m . witactS | rharie. je 13???_ T'OR Draaaliiff iki flair?Excelsior Po 5. inadc. h rh?y perfumed and prrpa-ed ex pressl? for hciuiifyiug the hau,cau be had at 484 Seveatb ureet. I.aMMOMD. le 13?3t PHILADvXFSIA lageb sekkdkfot. 8 S1 Pa, iMnii?, Ic UNN 4J^ and 6th tU. If ' E have at al' tim.? the ben PHILADELPHIA YY LAGKR KEIbU 0x1 baud and offer it now ior ?wle for $3 per keg, and in quart bottles for fl S? pe.r doxen We send ihe beer free of c . at to all pana of the eitv. Many physicians hivo reromniend'?d this beer as one of the be?t remedies for weak sioaiacha. .c 13?lm* THE PROTESTANT CHURCHMiN, antTBD BY TB8 M REV STEPHEN H. LYNG. D. P . REV H A? THON. D D, REV. E H CANFIELD^ 18 a large weekly religious newspaper, publiaOaa at 50 a year, in advance. The a**>ve named d Tgym< n hare receatly be? CO ,.e etfitor< of the "Pnl-stant with the anl of mai.y dnungumbed wrt'era of tha "rotesunt EpifCoP?l Church, will cause th.s penod ieaJ 10 take a tiret placa in the rank of Religion* VeW,P""' Frum a. I '?We fully b< lieve that, with our w?ll known I --hurch pnnciplea, oar fearti-ea reamtenanci of tb?s# pnnciple*, we may appea to Ev ^ngelieal Cl>?rcb .nenwith b-ldne-M for support in !h s our opcntai u<*dreas " Subscription received by the Agents, GRAY k BALLASTVN*, je 19?6t 40 8 Seventh MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! H. hENKKI, J?w?llar( le 830 Pa. avanai, HA? m eeived thla dav, direct, the largest aaaon men of magniA?*nt Roman and Ftorentiae M SAIC JEWELRY, which baa ever been offered In tUi ciry. 1 be pattenia ara flf the wery latest stjiea. The lot, being ratber large for th* a 'ranced eon. will be eold at extremely low prices. Magnificent sets of Pins and Ear Rings, fros f> up to f50. Adourars of tbia style of Jewelry aw1 ?ned to exaalne tbia aaaai?mt. )? ?

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