Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1855 Page 4
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TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. l? fcACTlCAL 0PT1.CIA ?"\r CSHES to call the attention to all thru suffet T * wiUj defective *ight, caused by age, sickness and particularly f nm gH?se? injudiciously selected, to bis superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES care fully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency. sui.ed rr?-?i*elv am] ben efleislly to the wearer according m ttoe concavity or convexity of the eye. Wry numerous art' tiif ill ef fect* cawed to the precioni orrun of right from the comaenearnest ot u?ing glasses iu not Otuif pre cisHy suited, by the. use of an Optotneter; and the practice of many >eara, enables him to measure the fo?-al distance ot the eyes, and ?H-h ela*e? that an absolutely required wUl be furnished with precision and satisfaction J. T acknowledge* the very liberal encourage Bent already obtained, ?nd fnnher solicits the pa tronage of those thai have not yet availed themselves of hi* aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sending the glasses in dm, and statinr how many inches thev can read this print wiih thtir spectacles, can toe supplied with such tbu will improve their sight Innumerable testimonial~ to be sen; and refer ences riven to m ny wh?? have derived the greatest ease and comfort from h?-?-?lusse? Circular* to be had gratis, at hi- ofli e. No 5114 Seventh street, three door- from ?Md Fellows' Hall, upstair* a Norfolk. S?* terober 7,1854. Sir?Tbe Spectacles you m tdt for me suit very well, and set iu to h ive improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried Lrrr W. TaxBwtt.L. I have tried a pair of Spectaclcs obtained from Mr Tobiia, and find them of great a^-istance to my sight, anl corresponding with hh ?'escription of the focus. I recommead him a* a skillful optician Hknry A. Wisr. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished me .jrerterday are particularly satisfactory to me They are very decidedly the best I possess, and I am tbe own^r of eigbt or nine pain*, carefully selected in different place* and fr.iiu cpli-.iac* recommended to me on account of their prof? ssion-J standing in Eng land, Praa-f, and the United Stales I have been also nlea?ed wuh yow remarks and direction* on the treatment ot iii? eyes, for the pmposeofpru ?emri2 ai;d improving the siiiht. '.\'?pe?.lful]y >ourx, '?*?? niMViiL, Profeaanr of M. 11., ljou.-ville, Ky LvMCHat.'aa, Nov. 10, 1654 Mr Job* Tobias having furnished me with Glas aes. by whn b I have bc?n greatly aided, (my vision baviuc suffered jpeutiy from reading at uiglit in my earlier life) it afford* me the. highu! pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful prartical optician, and well prepared to aid those who may wed his profes sional services. Wi. R. Rooxir, Bhfer of Methodist Conlerence. Wi. HiMOTon. N. C., Ja^ 27, 1854. Mr. J. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles whi"h I obtai: ed from you las: week are entirely tati>*actory. From at, ir quality in ?h., visual range of my eyes, I have heretofore found zreat difficulty in r-ttinr gla??? of the proper focal distances. It affords me nlearnre to state, that by the aid of your optometer thi< difficulty has been happily obviatid. so that the .sf-5 ycti furnished nie are decidedly the bta?? adapted jo my rye of any I hav?: ever yet nse I. \ ery re?pcet:'ull> yours, R. R. Okamf, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior, Vay7, 1855. From na.uraJ defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I bave been compelled to use glasses for aeve ral years. I hare tried d-ff. rent optician.'' without obt-ining glas?e* perfectly fitted to my eyes Four BB>'nth? since Mr. Tobia* male two pairs especially for me, wnich I have fruad to ?<?rve m- perfect]). By the us* of his op? ?m?:t? r be is enabled to aiJap'. Glasses luir.ui' ly to tbe eye I me t eh- erfully rec ommend Mr. Tobias to a!l having occasion to use gimme*, ai? l bear toy te-timony a? to his skir, an He*ky E Rttpwm, " Assistant Sect*y to fign Land Warrants may 16?tf FOR TU? CUKE 07 Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WOND htCFUL!.'! HYGEANA Brought home to the door of the Million A WONDERFUL discovi ry Ins recently been made l?y Dr. Curt-s of this city, in he treat ment of Conr iiinption. A^hma. ard i'l d'?ease? of the We refer HK CI RTIS'S IIVCE ANA OH INHALING IIYGKA* VAPOR AND UilKRKV aYKL*P.'? V*'ith this r-w meth??d, !>r. C. has rest ?re?l mar.y afflicted ones to he <lt', as an evideoce gf which he has mrimnerabie certificates Spe:iki3/ of the treatment, a phys?ci?n remarks, 'Ml is *;vul'jui that i baling?constantly breathing an agreeably V^t'rg vapor?th*; in- di' iaai prop<.rUei mn-t com-; in direct contact with tbe *h .le *r|al cavitlc of the Inn? aad thus escape the many and varied ebantes priduceii B[?m them wb<-u inir > ifuced intUie ?iomacn, and subj ct to tbt procesc of Question Tae Hvg na is fot nl? at all trie Driirai-l'i throughwut the country- .V. York Dutcl* man of Jan. > 4 The Inba cr is wi m on 'he hrea*>t unde# tiie lineo w.thom the least incoirvenience?the heat of the body being ^nflicient to evaporate the fluid- Hun dreds of cas-s of curei, like tile following, might I* named One package of th<- Hyg arc h*s fjred mt of the Antbma of six years' 'tandinr. J F Kkisbkoet, P. M. of Dunrannon, Pa. i am cured oi'thu Asthma of ten years' sfntidhig by Dr. Curtis's Hygeana. MaRSaBKT Eastow, Brooklyn, N, Y. Mi*. Paul, ?if No. 6 Hammond street, N Y , was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by tbe Hy geana. m My nstrr has been cu"*o <4 a dislres-ing cough of ?ev< ral y.-are standing, an ' decided to i?e incura ble b, tbe physician*. She was cured in one month by tbe ilygeana. j. II. Ga- uski , P. M Uicbmond, Me. ? The Rev. Dr. Chkvxh, of New York, testifies of our medicine in the followinr language: N?w York. Nov. 15, 1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis s Hygeana as a remedy in diseases of th< throat and Lung4 ? Ilsvaig bad some opportunity to testify its efficacy, I am convinced that it u a no^t excellent medi eiae, botli tbe Syrup and tbe iiibaliug application to tbe chest. Prof. 8. Crktkk wnlts us as follows ? Gentlenwm?1 iiave recently had occasion to teat your Ch rry Syrup and Hygean Vapor, in a case of chronic sore throat, that had refused to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and the result ha> satisfied me that, whatever may be tbe competition ol your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy, i wisii, for the sake of tbe afflicted, Lhat It mi^ht f?e broogfat wiihm the r??ch ol all. Dr Jo;tks. one of the mont celebrated Phj'wciaaM hi Ntw Yoik writes as follows: Lir. Ccami? Dear Sir? Having witnessed the ex c.' licit effects of your Hygeana r inhaling Hygeau Va?ju ji.d Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic Bron uik vad beiug iMlch in lavor of counter irritation ia aft- * -n of tLe tliroat, Bronchial tub?-s and lun^s I can ihe; fore cheerfully recommend your MeiM c?H rat us as being the most convenient and eflw tc. i n; de of applying anjUring of the kind I bave ever .^e n. No doubt, tboui>andn of pcrtonn may be n lie^ u, and many cured, by using your W^Kius. 1 must here lie Jlcw? d to couless that I am op pr^ed to prescribing or i.sing secret compounds, but likia lit lie ueiiUy contrive i article, and its ?ffects in the ca<" atxivi alluded ' , bave induced me to ?peak i? iu favis. ? . t 1 Y?n art> at Uberty U> uai- tine many way you may tbuik ^iroptr. Respectfully, your*, Sic. C. - OHMS, M II., No. WW Houston .-,treet, N. Y. Price ihre? dollars a pack lge Sold by CI'RTIS to PERKINS and BOYD to. PACL. No 14V ubamber& street, N. Y Four nackares sent free to any part of the United States for ten dollars. N B?I?r. Curtis's hygeau i ?s tiie ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are base lantaiions, o^ vile and njnriouji count rfeita. ahun ibem as you would PO!S< iN. Frnr sale in W tahtiitfton by CIMRLLS STOTT, Pa. av? aue, near 7tb street; and J. B M<JORE, iu lUe Fust Ward. inay "22? 6m I)KURY'S ANU GILLOTTlTBi .EL PENS in ?arieiy, h-rngtit in pers<jn from tiie manuiactur y the undemigned, an Uiis way seeuring genu ii.?ft?as. as wetf aa tba bwi quality and finish, ot eacii brand. FRANCE TAVbOR. mar 3f> StPKKlOR TABLK AMD PUCKkT Cutlery, Razors, Scissor: , .\c A large assort ment, lower than at any other p?a-ein the city. For good article.- and low prices always call at tbe Housekeeper'? Furnn-hing S ore, 4vt) Heveatb sc umy 'JU G. FRANCIS FINE WATCHES. HAVING mad< a lOnsideraMe addition to ray aoefc of eoLB nrjrrisB patrbi lb vers. and Ltoua' watcubs Of int quality, heavy iti can cases. Also, SILVER WATCHES for boy*. I offer ttoeai at greatly red?ce?i pricey. The uiovt menu ar? selected witii rr. at care, and every Watch ia warranted. PervoM in want *i a tour timekeeper .lvxed to ?ixaaoio my wurtaisoi. it !*o. totou ri. itt-ais . bclw. tttti and tuUi sta, war M A CARD.?LOOK HERE! ALL ye lOTcru of th- good thing* ??l this life. and we will teli you whe-c you msf obtain at lerwt some of them. Thanktwl for pnst favor*, I #ould nww'etfnlly ask a continuance of the same dor ng print and Summer. ? I an prepared to furniah all who will give me a call with the swart and cool tag Revera*es in my line at abort notice. Such as Ice Cream*, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scbarlotte Reuse, Blancmange, .xc Cake* of all kiads. Also, foreign and domestic Froit* and Coafectionery, gen erally kept hi well regulated establishments ot the kind. Particular attention will he paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Balls, Excursion?, Pic Nics, fcc , he., and upua reason able term?. | I'ai! at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be r ?wer.ji 9th and IOth streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Bert quality ICE CKEAM sold m * I 50 * p**rcalloa. uiay 7?e??3ui JOHN W. HIGHTSTINE. IV LAW PARTNERSHIP^ OBBKT J. WALKER and LOUIS J AN IN . have iuruU a co partnership under the firm of''Walker k Janin," for the management ami ar jumtntof cases in the Supreme Court of the United State*, and before the Court or Clninrs at Washing ton City. Addreea Washington, (). C. may 10? eo3m M. WILLIAN" LADIES' DBEsS AND TBiMtflNQ STOBE, Pa. avenue, between ?<A and 8IK streets. M WILLIAN would rei-pectfully r.nnoun:e to ? the Ladies of Waahineton. that be has just received trotn tbe Northern cities a complete stock of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Dress Trimmings Kine French Flowers and Kihauds A large lot of Bonnets, in silk, crape, and straw, of tbe latent patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries of all kind Dresses made in the latest Paris fashion? at rea sonable ? ates. Picking and Fiuting arid Kid Gloves cleaned. Ladies Mantillas, ready made, and made to order, may 31?eoini ^ CIARRI AG \> S?CARRIAGES. IiiAVE n?w on hand, and constantly finishing, a very large asmrtmcnt of Pleasure andrvALJBw < Family CARRIAGES. of the latest fash ions, which I will self as low as the same qualiiv of work can Ire sold in any of the principal markets of Che United States, Tbe subscriber is sow dealing exclusively in Car riages ot his own manufacture, and all work sold by him will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work in 'his market. As I always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to ex amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages tnken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 409 Pa. avenue and 4% street, may 1?c-?3m " NOTICE. i 'HE Undersigned can accommodate part'es with J C<CACHES for pleasure trips. \!. n, to make trips to boats arriving^ after night from th- White House: tor terms apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK, at the Sta=e Stand at the Caprty!, or orders left at G. St T. Parker kCo.'s Store. ' WM. WHALBY. may 16?lm* THE MUTUAL FIR J- ISSUBAlfCX C0MPA HY OF THE J. ISTRJCT OF COLUMBIA. tlHARTEKED by Congress, offers to the property / owners of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance tbnn anv other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. ClIAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATI1EW G. EVERY, Treasurer. liiytwje.! Ward John Van RLwkk Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Muthew G. Emery. I J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana atuBOs [ anu 7th street. Office hour. from 3 to 6 o'clock p.m. ' t'eb 26?eoti [ HAIR WORK. ? / ?RNAMENTS of || .jr. such a- Bracelets, Ckar I V^- ' lams. Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Fini?' r ; R>nrs, made to order, ot any de.-ired design. All orders faiurfully a turn del to. Specimens may :>e so^n at ray store. H. SKM KEN, No. 3 30 Pa. ?v., between Oth an<i 10th sr.. Mar 30 [No. 637.j notice of the K moval of the Land Office from Clintoa to Warsaw, in the State of Mittouri. UNDbK authorit" of tbs set rf Congr: sf entitle 1 . ? An ?"t aothorizm * ehaag?j iu the location of j f^ij'l < ffice ," s^pr v^l M rch 3, 1853, it s hereby ; deeiarrd and m?<l? kco<*n that the Sand offi? f r j the stile of the public In is at Custom,, , will remove t > Wars w, Hentm county, in tb'5 1 3tid St^te, on the ,irtt iay of JiUy next I Given under my bard at the city of Wvibingtoa, thi fif ernth day of May, '.nno uon<ini oue ihocs and eight hnnd rd sni fi ty flTe. By order of 'Jia Pruf'ieat: 30" S WIl -'ON, ConuL.'.^:ojiar rf Q*a<r*i Land Oficf. may 17?lawlw WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Orrica VVavBinotok Aq iim ct, ) Wa-lungtoii, March 7, 18.16. j PiMPOSALS arc invited for graduation, btoiie and bnek manonry, dams, tunre ls. and oth> r work.-- of the Wa-bingron Aqueduct. Proposals ree.-ived up to tbe 8th of May will be opened a' in-m of that day. Maps, profiles, and specifications of tne work will b* re.tdy tor examination on and after the -iOth day ol April next. Propo?ils will be received for the work of partioti hr culver ?, bridges, fcc., as described in th> plans | and specification!-'. Portion:- only of some of Ilia work- can he e?)tn fS?ted under tiie present appropnntion, but nil tiie contracts tor unfinished work will be subject to fu ture appropriations by Congress. The Engineer re serves the right to presenbe the amount of work to be done and rate of progress under such contract for each appropriation,"and, in case of the appro priation not holding out sufficiently, to decide when and what works shell t?; stopped until funds become available. In ct-e of the entire stoppage of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per cent, will be paid, if, in the judgment of the Engineer, the work biis been properly executed so far es it has fane. Payments will be matle in specie checks upon tiie United States Treasury, upon lUe monthly estimates of the Engineer, reserving 10 per cent.; and it will be a condition of all contracts that the workmen shiJI be paid their ful wages monthly and iu specie. All bids sh< uld be eaied and endorsed "Propo sals for work on the Washington A<pieduet." The United States reserve* the right to reject any or all the bids should they not be deemed advan tageous, and to make such arrangements &? n ay be considered most conducive to the progrr-es of the work. Every oflT-r mtut be accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by ?ne or more responsible per sobs, to tiie effect that he or they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if bis or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good and sufficient sureties, lor the completion i.ftbe work undertaken; said guaruutee to be accompanied by the certificate of the United States district judge, United States district attorney, navy agent, or some officer of tbe General Government or iudividual known to tne Engineer or Department of vVar, that tli': guarantors are able to make g?x>d their gua^ntt:*!. Hidi* will be u|>eued in preseuce of bidders if any ot thru) choose to be pre?enu /'oriA of OuaratJtu. To Capt. M. C Meigs, U. S. Lnituieera : We, tbe undersigned, residents oi , in the State of . hereby, jointly aad severally, cove nant with the United States aad gaarti.ty, in case the foregoing bid of be accepts*!, that he or they will, within teu d.? h after Uie acceptancu of said bid, vxecute a contract for tbe ^aine, with good and sufficient sureties, to iienorai th? work or furnish the articles proposed, in conftwauty to tlu: terms of lb*- advertisement under which a was made; and, in case the said ??? >hould lad to enter into coutrac! as aforesaid, we guaranty ui make go-Mi the difference between tbe offer by the said and the next lowest biuder. A. B. C. D. I herebv certify that, to tbe bust of my knowledge and !>?li?f, the above named guarantors are go ;d and sufficient. E. i*. M. C. MEIGS, Cafrtain of Engineers in CTiarge. ? mar 7?uotHayti&wtf Alexandra polka schottish?Hans Krummacher^ new piece of the above name, dedicated to Miss Elir i J. De?' imp, of this city, lust paHmhed and for sate at th" Music Dcp<'t ot je 5 HII.BliS h. HlTZ. ijRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD UUICK 1 STEP.?This excellent piece of Music of the popular compoeer, Mr. Robert Heller, hasjost been published by the subscribers. The title page is mast elegantly ?^nkelltshed. HILBf'S Si HlTZ, Mu"ie PublisdierB, Depot in Star Buildin<cs. je 4- ? lli'ATKli COObKRH, something new, an YY excellent article DOUBLE ICE PITCH EKS, different stvlss and sixes; BriUaama Pitchers, open aud covered; aP kiu<;s of Britiaiima and Bloek Tin Ware. Ft* sale low, at tbe Housekeeper's Furnishing du?ie. 490 Seventh st. may 30 O. Ml AN WIS. KISS ME IP YOU DARE !?A new Waltx, vory suii.'.lile tor lM CiQi)?rs, coni|??.-ed Mid dedicated to IKi?s ? ?, ol tJi'orgeutwu, by Pro!'. W. Hunter, piibiisii'd and for eale at aay llll.BUS fc lUi Z'U Music UtaaH, tf i. ' vrWto Pa. ?V. aad l?th NAVY BEEF AND PORK FOR 185C. NAVY DEPARrMBNT, Bureau of Provfeioiu and Clothing, Jane 1,1MV SEALED PROPOSALS, ^ndnrawi "PrTpfiwl' kr Bepf," and "Proposal* ft>r Po k," as th* caae may be, will be reoni v?d at thin oflfea un m 1J o'clock m. On Saturday, the 14th di* of July next Ibr'urniah ing and delivering, fre* of all cart an i risk to the l nited f tuteft, it the following na?y yards : . _ . Barrels beet. Barrel* fork. At Charlestown, Mass 1,400 1,200 At Brv-okl- n. N Y 3,600 2.400 AtGasport Va 1,400 1,200 6.400 4.800 install of Faid be*fa?4 port mast be delirer?d at each of the abavr-ramed yard*, r?#i?e<tivaly. by tee lstuay of April, 1S66; and tb* temuiuing halt by the 1st day of Jnn?, unless earlier driver ioe should be r< quired by the ehief of ?hi-? burean. Payment to b^ m?..e within thirty rtays ftar deliv ery Bidd-r i must specify their price s- jar -tely and distinctly in separata for the ?e?f fnd for the pork, and for each cf th? pi res ofdiliverr, covering all expense i and all charges The beef must be from well fatt ned cattle, -laugh ter* between the 1st day of Nov-mbar, U66, and the 1st day of January, 18ffl, and w? ghing not Ions than si* hundred rounds, net weight, eaeh. 1 he legs and leg rands of tbe hind quart- rs, and tie shins and shoulder-cloda, the shoulders of ?ut tm and ends of sticking pie****, and at ierat eight ' ou'dq fr. m the ueck end of each forcquarter, orthe pirfs marked No? 1,2,8 4. and 5 on ??? drawing or d*lin?st|on of the frr- and hinl quarters of an oi, which will be attached to and form h part of the -Mitract. must be whol y cxcl ded t om each harml. oti'l 'he remainder of thecarrass, inst'ad of briny out with a clearer, must be cut through with a taw and Inife, to ffirf the meat a swart, luat, and tmooth ajt ; mrancr, in pieces o f not less than ngh> pounds, nor rm>re than twelve pounds, each. The pork ma-t be packed from corn-fel, well-fa t tened hrgs, slaught-rrd be we?*n th? If t day of No mber, 186\ and the 1st day of >a^u*ry, 1856, and weighing not lesa than two hundred ponnde each, excluding the heads, jolea, neck-, shoulders, h?ms. n'g- fe?t, butts, ruipra, lard and al1 refuse pieces; and oust be cut with a saw and knife, in pie-ee ??eighing not lest, 'hin six pounds, nor more than twelve pounds eaeh Both fhe b^andp^rk must be sn'.t d with at least one statute bu-h-l of Turk's Iwland. 1-1* of May. or St Ub'a ua t; an J the b-wf must have five ouncH of fine pulv* ria- 1 s iltpetre to "act. barrel exclusive of a pic 1?, to be wade from f #*h water as ? ro g oalt will make it, and must be perfectly bright end clear. Each barrel must contain full S00 pcunlg, net we ght of betf or poik, and uo exoeaa o weight in wither article w:l! be pa:d f r The barrels h- e tirely n w, and be made of the best seasoned heart o white cak stares and ?eading^: th rtaTes to b- nol l>ssthau Atc eightCs of an >nch thick: and the he:;d'ngs not l?ss than three-four lis of an inch thick ; they must be th'ee fourtba hooped over, including?jis irou hoops, with the best whi e oak or hickory hoops, an 1 e?ch bar rel must have on it 'our iron ho*M s, vig : on? of one and a half inch in width on ea?li b U;?, and one of one a d an eigh h inch in wii h on ?ach chime, and ?nfh to' e r>f one mxte*nts of an in?h thick. Each barn 1 niu^ be cf tte Internal capacity cf thirty two p aliens Each barrel must l>e brao<!? d by burning on i a herd "Navy 1W," rr 'Nary Por>>a' the 'ase msy be, with ?he contr xtor's ntm- aud the year when pHc'.<ed. and weight; aolshal' al o b? branded on th* bung sta^e wit1! the letter B or P , as the caso mav be The beet ard pork will. unle?q otherwi** directed by th? chi f this ln?fe?tel by thein jp-c ing o?oars at 'he r spect:v?- navy yards afore said, and by ?oine ''swo n incp* tor ofsaKed trov;iv Of.s." who w 11 be ee ected by the respee-iye c^nr tcac -rs, who mu^t likewi ? havn the bar-els putin good shipping f nlrr. to th ? .sa-'sficti ,n of ? h* com Mt-ndant* of the r sp ctiv- na?y ys-dnaroresaid, at t'T Jts^ec ion, and at the r own expense. Two or more approvei surety< is a sum *qual to one-half The estimated amount of *he contract will be r qu ml, and ten ppr entum in addit on will ba 'r thhtli froo the ^njou-t cf each payment to be ma<l-, as collateral sh. ur ty fir the du? und faithful p rfrmane^of he r- p? .ive oon'r cte, wh:ch will >n no account be p?id until .he -ontra'ts are com plied with in all r~4pe^ts; and is to be forfaited io tvi? L*n:u<l .State- in ihe ?;ent ot ?ai ure to ccmpletfi the deliverer w.thin the pr 2'ib??i period. In oase of failure rn tt.e p;irt of th con *.*otor to del vsr a 1 or any of the beei' or pork ah te tneatio- ed, of tbe quality and at the time and plaoj ? bove providei, I che contractor will S>rfe?t and pay to the United Stales, ft" iquida ?j dMuinge-1 a of mrnwy iqua' ?50 Ifice the am unt cf th.j contract prica to be paid in of the actual deliv-ry thereo;; which liqui 'UW damages may be recovered from time to t<me ?s thev acc ue. paj /<;e.6t will be made by the Uni t?*i t-'at,-- at the p^-rit ds ilov* t-peclfi?*i, (accept ng tiie tu per a?n?um to be wi ble 11 until thf >rompie tion of the contract, s? be ore ta ea.> after the said b-H t' and fork ahati La\> b en inht*cti i and it?, and bills fur th^ sam? $ha i liaw been pre ??nt<>d to the n*vy ?g-.i.t<-. rafoectiTe y. duly aiv pr )*"fri by the ommsndant' o' tr? -epp r-jvs navy yards, r/c rdini' *o th?> tern s of e^n-ract 7*'- ' parts ?f (he be?f to be exrludtd toilI be particu lar!y <itngn<ited if: the engmviny '?> be attached to the ocn'mat ftr*'Ms interested can ibtaxn tt em, ypitha fr rwvg of the bamj, on application at thxs office. Bdiernwh^fe pt-po >1 ;vr~. a<: ?p*ed (acd none o'h* r?) 'ill Im lortLwitl. 'fit!, aud aa eariy as P'act cable a con?ra-t a ill Se r'.nar-.itte*". to ihem f r esecutica which or-nt act mu<t be raturnad to the buresu within ten day, i xclraiv? cf the t ine requir d for the r-gular tran'mission of thu* mail. I recorl cr duplsoa'u of th - lett-r intorming a b'''er o# th' aooeptnn o of hi<? priposal w'll b? a Qctiflca ion -her ol within the m- arirg of tL.? act of 184C, and his b^d will be made rnd nc I <*ept?i In conf raity with tt!? understanding Every offer male mutt l.e accorcj)nnied (as direct ed iu the 6 h section of the a?: of Congress making ?pprcpriat on.- f rthe naval service fcr 1816-'47, approved 10th 'urust, 1S41) i.y a written gcaran t~e, sigti?l by one or mo e r?sp'>n?d le persors, to the etf ctthat he or tbey undertake that the bidder or bidder- will, if Lis cr t ., ir 1 id ii? ticceDtecl, enter into ?n obligation wuhi,? ten dayr, with good and SufBc'ent sureti-e, to furoinh the article propose 1. This guarantee mu>* h^ a<*<impan:ed by 'he cer *ih*ate of tbe Unitei States di trict judge United s dHtri<;t at orney, or n ivy agent, that tha gnanintore are able to make g >od their giiarante>'. No proporal will he eon?id.-red unless accompa ni d by su-'h guarantee. The bidder's Lame and rcFiden?e, and the named each member of the firm, ? here a company offtra, with the Christinn canin. written in full, mot be di tinctly stated Under the joint re?ol tion of Congraas, approrrd /Tth Ma-cb, 1854, "all bids for supplies ot provi- j sions, clothing, end smtll storet for the csa of the navy, ma be rej?<, ted at th? option of the d*part> eat, if male by on? not known as a manufacturer of, or regu &r di aler in, the ?.rticle propo ed to be furnishai, which fact, or th^ rev^rre, must be dis tinctly st ted in the bids offered." june 4?la*4w [No. ;^8.] Notice of an establishment of an additional f^ane Office in the Territory of Oregon. IN pursuauce of the act or' Congress approved Feb ruary 17, 185S. entitled "An act to eatablioh an .diiitional land dist-ict iT Ui? Territory of Oregon," to b? called the Umpqua diatrict, embtaoin^ ail tlie ianl lyin* south of the loorth standard parallel, it is hereby declared acd made known that the Irnd office for sai l district has reen hcaUd bv the Presi dent of the I'n t'd States at tba town ot Winchester in said Terr tory, until other* if e orda- ed. Given under my hsnd, at the city of Waabingtc-n thia 17th day of May, A. D. U?55 JOHN WIL80V, Commifeioner of General Land Office, nay 18?lawl/w IF YOU HEAD ADVERTISEMENTS 1>LEA8E notice that I have, lr? sh from 'he es- I tablishmeRt in New Vork, liecker'e t^elf Kais inu Fiour, Hecker'a GriLi, Uecker'a Maccaroni and Vermacelli, Hecker'a Farina, one paper of which, at 14 cents, will make a superior di.-h sufficient for fifteen or twenty persons. Also, Oswego Corn titarch and Cornena, a great1 variety of M tiliard's preparations ut Chocolate for taliiig and drinking Baker's superior Cocoa paste from which, in a few tuinulett, by pouring boiling water on it a very superior cup of Chocolate can be made. -Wiicn dollars and ccnts ate made a study and at the same time Hupenur article for health and econ omy ia required, you would do well to rail at KING'S Grocery and Variety Store corner Vermont ave nue and I streets, a few ?teps northeast nl' Jackson Statue. may 11?wtf UNITED 8TATES~MAIL. ? STATE OF LOUISIANA. Post 0*fic? Dkp.m?tjie:?t, June 1,1856. PROPOSALS for carrying the m ill* o.'the Unit*! Ftat?< from tbe 1st day of October, 1855. to be 30th day of Jun?, -S58, inrlu-1ve, m the f illowlng toutein th' State of Lonit-iatia, wi'l be received at the < i n ract ? tii ;e of tht. P?st Office Department, in tbe city of Washing ou, un'il 3 p. iu , of 10th July, 1&66, to b: decided by tbe VOth of the same mouth. LOUISIANA From \st October, 1865, to Iff July, 1868, No 7807 From Bat> t Mart n-vi'la. by Breaux, Bridge, Armaodvilie, L?cnaville, (local,) and Barry's Lsndirg ( ?c<l,) to Cpeleusas, La , 60 miles and back, or.o?* a week Leave Saint Ma tin?v1l!? Monday ut 6 a m Arri** at Opelou?as nex i d-iy by 10 p<m l^rave Opelousaf W? dn<*d?.y at ft a m Arrtva at Pain Marttr.svtll- n*.v day by 10pm Bids tr run three times a w.ek, with n proposed s helole, making cl ** ceanectiors at Ope lousas with the New Orleeus Mail, will be considered. For f>T*s of propo-ali?, guarantee, and certificate; also, instructions and requir* ment?, (embracing eonditioni to be incorporated in ibe ooiitraata, to such an extent as the d pirtment deem prrper.) fee ? Iv?rt'??mest inviting propo al- fr mail fiervk-a in the westetu aud h a'!i*-itt rn State ', dat-d ".'ill January. ISM JAMES CAMPBt LL, June 4?law4w I'oatmaster General. WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR IaOR ALT. TUB TINCTURE HAMPTON EV 1 Ell MADE.?'Tbiu spgke a wi*e and spud man, but mark th< chane- ! Let ilie RlHict<?d near Bim, ?nil then decide wIikUmt to suffer on or be Biu'c wlioin. Ye professional ui.^n, with rained heal h, hearI . - - Re*. Jambs W. Urinnctrr, the talented and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive I? read pnpr, tbe CluUiau Unnier, pub.ished at Fredericksburg, Va., in hia editorial ot the 18th o< May, 1865. thus ?j**ks of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: ?'Some time ago w? merely al'uded to Hampton'^ Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing Biore particularly the great r? lief we have nurseO* derived from its use l?iirinic our coib-giate course, owing to sedent lry h:tbits, w became quitedyspep tic, and were very m?ch troubled with vertigo For more than twelve yearn alter leaving college, we were laboring un ler tii-se two afflict ion g lit the spring of IMG, our ccneml health liecaiiie *o dedicate tliat it wad with peat ?liHi? ? ?iliy we could attend to the ordinary duties of our proteseion Evi rvthinr we ate immediat-'ly turned acid, nur digestive or gans became wlio||> deranged; losing ax it seemed to us, all their activity and vitality; we were con stantly depressed in spiHt, our ererey almost for sook us, aod nothing hut necessity urged us on to action. We had taken strong medicine*, observed greet particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had despaired o! ever recovering -.ur health, when a female friend of ours imp:rtuned us to eet a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us ha' we wou!d find great relief from its use. we briefly repli-d, *:wc nxmld not give a dollar for ail fie 1\nc tine Hampton ever madr, ?o tar as our own individ ual healtfi was concerned." Wc had no faith in it nor anv other medicine in effecting acurei-nui. In the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting U? about it,shi sent and g;:t one b< tile and urged us to accept of it, and lor her sake, as it could not possibly injure as, to use it according to direc tion. For the hi^li regard we had for her and her act of kindness, we promised to do so. And with out exagerruion wo can truly say that before we had used the cortenta of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. We were afraid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Since then, our di??>Uve organs have been uniformly correct, our head cl^ar, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi l.ilitics, and worldly cares will alio#, our spirits have been buoyant, and we eat what we plea?e, and as much as we please, and wh? n we please. and all is well. For the sake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the same relief from its nse tiia: *e have. It should be hepi in every family. No tamilv shou'd ev< r b without H AMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lawyer*, Doct-n?, Ba~ kere, Ministers, in all the Departments of Stats, Lndie? and Gentleman in the high^t walks ?.f life, as well as th^se moving in the most humble spheres, ,pe;ik i>f th- cure* on th.-iu selves and friemis by this wonderful article. Call and ge.i pampMets ariOs. and see ?* ^re? ?? Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neunusra, Dvs pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As i. Jemale medicic-* or for delicate children we believ it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, MO But more street, Baltimore; sn.i .'i04 Broadwav, N. Ynr? Chas. Stott 8t I'.o.. J. B. Moore, P B. ClaBKf (!i.arki &, vV Elliot,and li. MepHtr. son, Washington. by R. ti. F. C:ssbl, George town, and C. i'crnv. Alexandria, und by Dm. gisto ew> v. he c. REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF THE EXETER TREF.T, M. E CHURCH?A strong dejire to benefit the afflicted ind&ces him thus to crnifv. We chat'enge acy other medicine j to present such a nia^s of testimony from gentlemen and ladies of t^gli ttandmg of r.rir own w ll known citizens, who te?tjfy of cares of COUCH, BRO.N LHITIS, RHEUMATIHM DYSPEPSIA. St: Baltikobb, Jinuaiy 24th, 1855. Sicsm. Mortimer & M^vhrcj: 1 take pleasure in saying to you that I have used | >' >or "Hampton's Tincruro" with very great From a serious t iroat affection, tnv cueral healtii j Lad become v:ry aiucli inij iired, wuen I eom ; tnenced to use 4> HainptcaV Tincture." I found! it- effects upon my general lier.lth most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive or?an3 soon right ed* up under its use. I have several time? recommended it to my friends, ai.J in every ca.- , .'it tar as 1 haze beer in formed, they have usr it with socctr-'. Your - '.ralv, * Jons LA^AaAH, Tator t.'f Eietir st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING f P THE LUNGS. Balbish, N. C., Feb 8, 1K5I Mortimer -V Mowhray: I do here .v certify that about twelve months I was taken with a sevr hemorrhage of the Lun|3 and had four attack "f it I v/ is advired to try l)i. Haaiptor.'s Vegetable Tincture I procured on boitle, and after taking which, I was satisfied thai I was murh b? tt?'r; and that, afier tatiiif the fourth bottle, i wha eiitireijr well, and now I enjoy as go xl h*alih as ever I did in my life. J can, and do.witii out the least hesitation. recommend the Tmctur^ to allpersons affl^ctea ia ray way. Yonre, Gso. W. Wcaxlst, CUIUi FiTS?READ 1 Murt to l?ie Sick t.iu,? Gold.? From one of the x.iu. t r?ipectaM* I.?r ;ur'.? t- in Carolina. CllAUi.KSTuS, S. C. Sept. 31, IrXi. Messrs. Mortihbh a Mowdbat:?1The iwle m yonr flarflnton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and ev ry l*ottle bold recomnurid? tli.. valuaMe medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planters have tried il in different ea?es with BKton uhirtf 9uec?:->s, and ar?- [?"t:iiig it by half dozens. It ha* be^n found to l>e th? greatest remedy for rheu motiiJ affections, an.I a wonderful cure has been performed on a pi /ro bev, suffering from Pits. I will furn'sh yr"? with a number of certif!??ote?< if yea wish them. I am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Trott. Call and g"t pamphlets gratia, and see car *;< i Cough,^Bronchitis, Rh' umatisin, Neuralgia, Dy pepsia, Ner.oiisn>'98 and General W?akn?*s. As n female medicine or for delfcate children we believe] it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, 140 Balli- J more street, Baltimore, .tnd 30-J Britadwiiy, N. Yer* ( has. Stott it Co., J. M. RTf.ons, I). B. Cusee, labkc & Bowlino, \V. Elliot and H MrParr. sok, Washington; al.-o, bv R. P. F. <71 sbl, Geot-c town; and C. C. Bbbbt, A!t ic.-, !r u, nud by Eisji; gists everyv/hcre. feb ii!?tr Privato M^flical Treaties on TOM J?HTflfOLOGia*L V1I.V OP MARRUG? FT n. n l*h CHOIX, H. alhAyr. n v i50 Pag^vi a^d 120 lloe Piain an-! '^cisrti Ii!th> f_c-2 Platen. !?rlue ct^'y SI Coats *V| Wi-J'tut free rvf pof-j.<r? in s!? parts of th? Uuioc"^$ -?^ ? OHif^PK^T itCOK EYKB ?' ?U?I.I8UISD, ?nd containing nearly d nble the quantity ot Vr>7 rw natter In ihat rf r?.? {1VP* CtiltTp OR DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. It trott* on PHYSIOLTV , QY OF MABRIAOK, tad tht I HKCitl iKflrmilie?anJ div.i 1-u of ;-ot th and nurarity, re suiting frca eiccosea, which destroy thephybical and mea ?tfc' f??TBera, with obserraf m*. i-t. mar.-duUe. aod dis^aaIi?cat]oti9, ?td their reme.ii;"; -t'tii litHosrraphs, illustnting C-.e anatomy and phwio'ery, ?nd ?iiseaste cf th* repr-v Jnctive orijtng of both their structnr>, tnri faeeM.ons. A po^u'S' ccrjp-thf naive tvaa tisa on th' at.A w iHw t' single ?u<! tsar ried life?happy *n ! fe:iiV.u! mode c/ r?. curing then - and Snfri-#Jle ouee?theh ??jkTiaticn ani -'tic^rtaui. hints to ttx eontorap'atiag nat^it-ir^y, taat will overooa?? ob jeetions to it; uc>na, Lowev^r. should take this iri portant ekep without Srtt cous,ilting it* j)*ge? wmiuer.tarifs oa the olmaseeanJ medi:cl tr?itxr.? it cl fsnsles froai ii .an:7 'u. i?ld a.'e, each ease g? Ically illustrate.* by boautlTJ 15thop;r pljic platss? rerroa^ debii'ty, itr caucs and cure, by a prtc? ? at ouce so nn l ettrtctual. tha*. rarlcre If Impossible?ruled for daily ntaat^cjiieo:?an m?.j tjiK^rraatwrciiiea *un jh xJUoal oe b falbr, and iiore sueoeLLfal moii of t.^Atneat?pi e saationary hints on. tko evils rouuitim ;Vona Ml praatica?an es^ay oj *il lUseofc-.i arieing irc-o ucdiacretion, *ith piain <-nd eiaipl* rules by whi.<fc all peruui: < can cure them-mlves without neroury? remMkc for those aifi^Jfeted miherief and di??p pointed hepes eo unfortunately prm-Jcat in ta? younj. It ia a truthful u:lv;e*r to the marriel y thoe* cf-nteaiplht^ng msriuigs. Itc peruiwi \? per ^<mlor!tr a ? --A * * * 0 mwmvsi .iCfclUif Lif VP 'ZFJi and privilew'S to V: e-rery hu^ion trlav lsea title ! to. Prist 2L?r*t? p?.r copy, or :ire oopias fc/. :zii id lar. frc.? of pc'ctaire tc a^y jj_*t ri U f j red State?. N. B.?Thoy, who prefsv c;ay oolimit s LaOic a spon any cf thedisek'c i ar.:-a v>Uch hid t*e?\ trciL r-ther pers-n?u/ oi by m 41. M'divine tj auj part ef the Cc.on z to dire^tloae, safelt ;.?olfd ?uo <w)~tclly *<k red frcn aii obfilTatiod. Address itr. M. b. i,A OKOIA, M Jaen L?ar or Post Oui^e Bos. fid. Alouny, N. ?. jef Oflloe op'J: daily fvoia 3 * sa t: 0 p ii, ar.4 .t Sunday tivm U uutii t> p iu. 4Cvr CFftce itnviuf ?a froci l u. ?S tl??T&? cL, to 81 Maldost LaBsf Albany, N. V. dee 7 ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a I fine Rosewood PARLOR OR<i \N, botli now j on exhibition at the Mi trop ilii.iii M .lankV Fair. They are from the uiKbufacMfy ?>i lii.^RY ERBEN of Mew York. For term*. Sic , apply ?o Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th street, north of P. HENRY ERBEN." teb 96 -eotf * IAN1> W AURA NTS WANTED, for. j whi li tne hiehi'Rt lttces will be paid by CRITBB BROTHERS, may 31?U (Intel) opp. the IVeasury. DOCTOR HOOFLAND'8 ( CULKBKATED (German Bitters, mpmm it DB. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'a^ P*., WTI.L trpr,(tl'ALl.T Ct'HH \ tffKR COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JACIBICIL Okronie or Nerron* Debility, DiatKl0m Qf fa Kidney*, <mnd ail rfivm* aritimg from a dis ordered Livtr er StvwiurJL. Sucii as ConstiuuLi u. Inward Pilirs, Fullness. or Blond to tin mad, Acidity of the Aoourh, Van tea, II. axilturii; l>iFgu.#t tor food, FViluetw or weight in the Stomacli, Hour ?ru< .ntions, Sink mj a Fiuiiermg at the i'ii of Ih*. ^louiach. dwrni minx oftbr liad.iiurr ed md riifii-ult Br?.*iUimg, Fluttering at the Ili art, Choking or i?tifr.!catin;_> *<on?ations v hrn hi a lpn? Po?tnre, Dtainwi m Virion, FV?tn of \V? ha before the Bight, Fever an.! Dull r in in the fVft^iencyor P< r*i?ra<i ??? YcJbiwi.'** ot the t*kin and Ky?, fin in th? Sid., Hack, Ctom, Liml*. fcc., riudtln. Flu-h - ot U<-ki Burning in lit*: Flesh, Constant lutagm in.^ of Evii, and greai depression of Ppirit*. VHH proprietor, in cailin* U.e .wntion o; th? I. piiMi ? to thif pr?'i;aratio??,do?? s?o with a frri vig of the utmost i-anflrfetice in it* virtues aad adap tation to the* dlee tees for which it i* recommended It ir no uew and untried aruol*, but that ha* *.:>vu the test ot a irn p ars' trial before the Ameri crii poodle, ?it?) il* i?:puUtiou and saio is unnvalb o, any similar pn paragons extant. Hir testi?1 u> ri it* fHw fivra b} she n<Ml pfORi :ir,t i.'td bHI c?rtwn Phjwciar.i and individual*, in a'l part* oi it country li iuimen?e. Tlje followine from North Cat- hna is re#^e? dully sub itL !, re;-nring any .vho may soil doubt, to luy ' ileiuorabilia,"" ur Prac tical U'-f ipt Book for Fannnr* and Families, to ??? ! ad gratis, of a'l the Aeent- lor the German Bit>.erv Piinripal Office and Ma? ofhetory, ISO Ar-h si., Philadelphia, Pa. TF.>TIMONY Fr.OM \'ORTH CARULM V t-crtifirrtc of Dr. W. Smith, ?f Pine J/ifl. JLJ; mfrui County, If. C. Pink Mill, March 4th. 1B64. L>&. <J- Hi. JAcasoa, I'laind ?pbia?D?ar Hir: I I ave been a subject of Dyspepsia, in it" worM f ru?, :<?r la-t fivi: yean. 8iich wa.? u?f coi.ili'i >n f >? .wt lt'r months thM rhr pkr?ir ??ns and all who -iw k;e raid I 11M dr. WuUe in un- c<M?ditioi.. 1 w:. canted to tin wateriti* |?lac?;* in Vir^uiia, T?jnne? t-ee and North (.'aroliHu, but was not b?u- fii'.d bj any water to which I was taken. White on my way h?.ic<\ ! stopped a wt-^k ??t Ewherforiron, a -rnljl vi.lrf?- 'n North Caro'ma, to try the rffircf ot some t'haiybcau? water in that p'ace. At*>m th< last of the week, I went into a dm* *tnre ?? *ei .-ome mrdicine for my child ard mj's^if. Tli<ft were -cveru of the vulace piiy?euii:i? in the *ton\ :.nd r,re cfibctn seeuitd to taki: some int?sn at i;i iu> east' .'rd, af'-t n-kina som** ouertonn, sfei.! Ji - had been r* dj^p^ptir, mid had be?*n prf-atlv l-eiir fitteil t?y the ii<* of " Dr. Ho-ifl ?nd'? iT^riii-in Hi! ters,' <in pared by J" u. and he imuated tha' ( woul ! j tiy the BittKrs Ue ai^o called tlie neit d;-.*r lit my room, aire :u!-L-feil so rauch that I would try U.em that I asked him to m mc one bottle. B<? did it. I atfd ? commenced taking it an directed, :md I d ? ???> ! v/n? iron: benefitted by it than all th? water iir.i u??"di; :r?> ! had ever taken. A tier n.aehine home one of my nri*hb>m? r^mi* to tue ! rv? P" ^rtiption and medicine, ^he e u tic,) and i eav.- him uearly all the Bitter.- I h.^d lelt, v.'nicb ? trect? d much po.vl in hin case. He ha.- often tilled on me for in>re of*the anu- k nd of ni-?li cine, -i\ing he wir more benefitted by it than w.v other h" had ::ik-n. but I have not b**eii able to c?? i.iy more for him or ir.ynelf V . . # tli?!ri . >re, pl?*H?e nliio me a doicn or inorc Mnoon at-j*?f ilble. Respectfully ytlfi, W. SMITH. D. \i. IIUOKLIl, Uoger's Store, Wake t'o., N. C., October 24 IHKl. says:?*' ffc\*inc eip?rien<:ed very ^reat ti?fiie!lt trom the use of ?' Ho-iflard'e Germin Bitter?,in Chronic Dysentery and functional d* - rangemennif the Liver, and in '.?oncomiunt eviW, I am desirous of otadijunt: a -ju:uitiiy <?f u lor the benefit of my cominaoity. V*<Hi will, therefore, plea-" tt.iid a Sot. &c. kt. ? /E87'lFIC'ATE OF Vv M. J. ATWOOM. b. V adkim Co , N. C.,N'<?v. Ik. Dr. C. .Vi. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow m?? i?> M prewi to y.,u my jiJicere tlianks for >o?r di?*o*eiy of a me-iir^ne <vhi?;b. to say the least of it, hat e'. !e<""ttd h cure t:?"t all other ?ned!Cities, thut I ht!'t jtkt n. lwve entirely failed to ?!o. "HooflaniV G<^: inan biitern" have *>iren me of tlia itK*t -ttisboin and au^rava'-d cat?- of ifee pilkb that, perhaps, ev-r fell to tfai; ot u' man My c*se u not a ?trang< r in tilis com!n'jnit>', as I am well known i^tlus ar d the -urnuridtug r'luiiTies, ani can trily &av thai n?y ro cov? ry has a-itotirdi^d all my friends and relations, as I had trie : every:hiner<.i:nmmend**d. and notliii.f did me any ?or>d tinTil J mis prevailed upon to t. y the Bitter*. Yoii are at liberty to any '* : ?t mu> conMSUuic;U4>)n, lor the benefit of toe HfSiCtoil, tu tiiy tliiulr proMu. Tiulyvwuw. '7M. J. ATWOOI. IV,.,.,. i.'pco, rr: nifire'y*ete'i ^le, they inviyrrr* ;-nt Ktreuctlien lUm syst -m. revet pfHtrate if, si d can b ? used for int'an"< as w .1. ;is aduJis. For e3:j by f-^pecuible i<eaters everywhere, and t y Z. D ^'1L>1 IV, VVa-Li'.fiwu, J. L. RTDW^LL, f!e<?rk? t :wn; and J. R. PTEI-POJVT, Aleiandris. mail?lv i (lARTSKS SPAiNiSH MIXTURE Ih* Or#n? L3*rU?r of tha Bloci I Fo* a Ff^rticle of Harcury la It \n l7nuK.:aui ^smrDr for Lerofnl^ Riyt i <'J. Hhejtotiittu, 0'D*tiu2t? Cntan?-u? Kroytk a i, <-t !'u lulefO-J the f?e<?. Blotrliw, Ms Oiroiuc 3cx? Ayaa, ..iL< "?Voiui ot It.tor, t-j ! J? ulfa&i Pain of the lu.aor i*i i loir.1', Htu^l-o ,i Uiceta, 3y;?lulitio ucrr-arcv. ?Tr,-"; (Vr.pK'n1*, ess'l f-'.! ths s an 'is of<? of , >3' j ir i,V cr lxr;.arlty of the B7ood Iir ;ni ta*;M H-dictne, ?b;ch b?s b*-,x!n* ^ i;r?.;od iox U*? u^unbex of .xtr?..rdir?ty ??ire pr?^fri tbronfih > ageiicy, b?*< indttond 'b-** pn?p< at tic t^? at requ?^t of cL?ir fri?nd<i, *o offer ; ;o U.e puti,- . uluoL th. y do with tbe utr:o?t or?~ ?'.?&?*? '??1T.i rlrva** and tmnderful caratrvi ?rti c Th? following certLSrBtee! !el?clod t*cc? a Urg^ mucl% art, however, stronger t??t huei'. '.bar. ?e :ne ? ?foixl propri*rorr; wt> i ur* t.u <fnr imtle?j?n w?-l kc-jin tb'lr lo'.?UCet, ?.iiJ 'h? highest r*rp?xtib:lity. rnacy cf tb^xn re?*.'ug in ;^e :*lty of iliobtao?d "Va. ?. !iO"iDt:N, K+i., of ih? SidttDft r*.:b uc*!'!, too vn otoit* ufre aa^fihr hiite?n *La iilne rtilled Cai.teu j Si asike llxxrcaa adaticifciersxl iu cvr-r a up.ndrtl caaet, iu qmuIv all the tor v b'\ch't iwoyndcd, wltn tb" ??o?t a^it; islrfasly r"?ult? H? pays it It tb?) uo?Tt ?r^rd! :?tiy soJlclts he tw *rer -oca aGti <:il> rtiflitv-GaaiAT CUia:.?1 h?:etj or afy tc^tfot tb?? 1 bed *gn? ko 1 i' f -r of tV n^t v5o;?t?t4?icr1prTon. I bad ??v?nil P? t xkiiUfi, toct 1'rge QuactltiM of Quiula*, !??r. ::7 t;i.l I If! ??? ?1: th? Tcni-H adveitiwd, but all tut rtUM. At U? I triwi Cirt*; ? . ? f ? t ? m .a it in trbi world, anci uio only rc?dbiii* thaT ver reached a.v ea:c. .fOHN Dsavju t*rr<'K,r?f? E'eliatml. Va. 0. b. LilCtl; i.;n_ ,io? iu the ciiy of \ -tu ior tnatiy y* ?n l>' th? Pi-st OSIk, has euc'j ?ionfii:aoe \r>. th? a-jteniaWnj ?C^*?y of C ^r^crV Sj,:OiL<i. fixture, thr.t y.i L-jJS upwa-i.' of 1,5 bcttlw, rflika l?e lttH giv?Ri.t*ay to tin aftioLed.? yir. L tck ^ayit h? bi?* nnv<r known it to fall w!iej taken aec-nOr^ to dlr*^'*n?. l}r. MT>'0S. a praclitirg FbyakUm tod fcraerif cf zUc Gi'-y Hotel, in tbe oiiy cf Jiioksiond, a?.yt. hi has wir?s^r? J ??i a ciurb?r*;fi.istauo?Ui?c!f?vt# .1 Car*er*s Bjaniah K!*txsre, whl-b ^eir snon: truly inrpritln^;. saye in a fiw of O^nKoia^ti ji:, d pendent on the l*lver, tb? good r foctij vpja 4 . u derfol indwl tMM t!KF. !I. PRRnr.Bl. of the firm of Driskt' .5 Kanu, rUchii---!, tuj ^ur?d cored of Lit-t C.:> p'ttini of tiira? f ?ara a^r.ding, by the ufoo. ivi hc.itlea of Oart-r'b ?pani?h Mliture. uiUiATCORS Of KCnOPULA ?"Zb# Hd:'oi:. ?f tb? Ridunond Tlepnhl!*.an h-4i aeivant esaplc/;d in their pr*Ji moia itired c/ violent Scrofolt,. <r u b n?*l *-Jrh l.l^ux i.iba, ?rhich entiraly die } hi a frotawork. T.;o bcttle^ of Csu.-ter?? ipi ULa.vui<t uaa^M * o-rf?ot cir* of bim, an* lx-" Hd. >or?- i a a wtbHa ofiee, -ay they "cheerfully : MOta n-ad it to r.ll ;r* irtth m; Jlim:w .lie blood " fcULL AXJTfDLi Ci'Ul GFBCUOJvJi^ ? >ji4 a verv vattub'.e hoy crr?d of Mcrofole by Cir.t't Sxanifb Mtature. 1 consider it traly a falcat t ae4ida?. M. 7A7I/"S, Oont^ctor ?*? U. f. aid F. fc.. .?i. Co.. IUcbsi inc. Va. 8<iLT UHkUM Oif TWiNfj VMA5.I iKWbl CU^BP Mi- JOHN THOMPSON, r;=idltg !u '^o tS.7 o! r.)CEjiOu*l, W40 etiit'l by three bottia* oT 'C*.'*r'e Hpentab Hiatal*, of calt Kheum, whi:h he hui I r n?#riy ?-e?aty veara eni which all tbejhyeir' a* of th< iftf jcilu ucl cir*. Ur. Tbompscn Ip a t-'S known f?r??b?nt in the city cf PJcbjr^ndf tnd LIr is r~< f'l vrn. ? *Vf?b!?. Vv'if. A. HMTHBW8, of Di^UL.o^d bad a Mtrtac oorod af ft^piii'w, In 'he worst form, bv Oa t? > Hpat'i^i, klialure. lie days be obwgrful.y rNU) mendii it, and oomsidesc. it a very invalcsbie ^ie i cine. EI)V,1K BFr. rtV, ^mt3is?b'ner of the revenu sayp be be? rt^i cbe good eff^-.ts of Carter's hp*nl b Mistare In a number ot SrphiUtfe eases, and s?-T* i? it a perfect eure for that horrible dis??et'. Will. U HAKWOHD.ef Richmond. eurfJ ct cd Sor^s aed C1>rs, which di^ubled Lim fr?m w?H.w { Took a te?* bottlec of Carter's gpauiab Mlatnn-, ai J waa en?W*d to walk without a crutch, i>j ? * lime j-eman??i ly cured *. rv- wi Principal Depots rt M WASP, CLOP* * ^ H Uaiisu laue, Nav Yor>- j, T. \V DYT!T t B0N8, 1?* l^ortt Second sc. ?bllK\*,'irrT A BKRRf?, No 1SJ6 Main etTe'% TSdfo^raJeby CHARLR8 8TOIT, WaAlngtoa, D. 0 . HVNitT PBEU Alexandria, ard by Dni ^^ts tT<inv;hM*. Vri'-- $1 1?-T *>o!tle, ftf ais 1. '*}*h for |? t?i'i 'ii-"!' ^ ^ CMUlR^Tii >P TilB COWMTR^ ?IF HI .rs. ? il sir'B,on-,b^"P- R Midden, m. H .1- A , two Sfi'' rkANCK TAYLOK TPAVU rilS' ? IlciliTUkY. BV KAILROAO DIRKi'T THE! WEST, rir1 m~ - ? ?a una botw*?& VvMhmgton and Whatliac bat 174 bonis! hiuvHi/.g ttm< btwn Wukingtou md Oinrinnati 17 hour* VLrough Tickets and Baggage Check* io be liftd in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD AVI2.G graaily improved it- Woaiern conaer t.on* ii'iw vjtJVfe ut'' rail1! t induo umu |? b?:t wc<-ri VYa.-hir 't'?n, (Jaluniore, and *1] ?>nftimi.' <>ftin West, the X.rUiwe?<t and ilw Soa-.k The cotimctiun tnwmi the tr?in? from WmI i iVr- an<t th- tnur.- bound w-rt troni Bahimu e u "W?W pr**"!-'1* at b.f W . ?iunftoa Juixie* cilM ik Relay Hi u-O 9 niin Oum Baiu ui<?tc. Ttii- i- ibe only cLaa- e of cin r*jUiN bc wecc Wa^inpon and the < ?blo river. Bafpaf m 'heeked ihm:i.1l to Wheeling at tj??? W*?bmroa ?tniion, an ! n cheeked and transferred there, (with :?? |hiw?Miri) wabout charge, for tltoae 1 ? ? - ^ - *- '? " * a itl<Nlll t* ki ll <?t P'HUl - i? Th? COIIIM cuu* i. an l.avt W wbiuf.* >t. daily at 6 a. ?,.j 41/ p ? 1 On Sunday* ai the latti ,? hoar only. At VTh?e!inc dire t cor-fit&ian Is made wnh tbt t ttine of the CKXl R t?. OHIti RAILROAD, mB ninf from Bellaue en the OM?. near Wh?e4irf iroticn C*nib.-idire, Z:in?-fville and N-wai>, ?J l OLI-'MBUH. i'nete ir in? cunufct ai Ne?^| ???tta ilie c*i? oithe Newark. M \uhfi?id and Sai,dt? y Railroad f.?r rtan-iusky, T i!d?, Detroit, Chieafg : L Lout*, eir. At Cduicbuw the C. O. P-ulmaJ tmina connect - ih the fiwt traine of the Little ?f ?mi Railroad to Kan.a, CINCINNATI, L< HFiaVILLE, etc. At Xenia (on l.iule Mourn Railroad) connection ? : >nne?I aith I'm train* tur.-mja Dayto*. to INDIAN AI'OLM, Terre Ha-Jte, Lai-yiUt, Chicago, Roct Island, Louis, etc. P?ifn.?!n hfidiPf throu*M!r*etr tor Ifaa fiki* Vu.k**urg, A'ofrAea, Orlean* etc. whtefc .re u3tn aold at Wa?hini:t n- ar. rransierreri at Oka wwill 10 til' Mail ttteawtv on the Ohio. Tiekatr . t L?iuuviiie, ?Jairo, a mi St. Louia are aoid by Ua* 1 iH>:. *#-FOn CLEVELAND, .vai via CUv<-land tc fuJpJ , T<tro-:t, Phirayv etc, ti<k?U ar?' mid. whrn *tiOhl" H*ia*ijable twtwu'n Wh?*hn| aac vP>viV.v. (for?y mt><) wh?*re a < 'inTtrrtioo witfc the (.Icwaad a>-d PUuburp Kailroad i* in ad p. Travel ie? are r ?|u?-s ?;?i to ii<nict ilia* wkile iha . IumiiiI^ ri?ut?^fl<?riiiie ihntuzh uckctn and t h?ci? .1 iVuliiu^loa, it i* the r .orjoi. ni?.-t s^e?#y, in I dir? ct to n?irly h!I th?* 1 id?ni< p?.nu in tht T*"-' W'r <t. The ?!<??.-i.r? fr ir. WRalui'.cnn to Cm '?iiin.iti iy but 5&i imh l-n-.g about 100 iath? ?hoo nt :hnr? hv any r.;her ?. ui- ! FARE BY ;fTiH<?L'??i TICKETPW?M WASH INoTOS: T<? Whu'luiK, ^ 50; CHtunbaa *13 ?i; !r (um, Ali* HO ; Cuscinnati, %1C ; Loairvillt,^ by -t( am<-r(ro?i?'inr:nnan. $1P; la 'i-tiv;,! *? SI7 5rt; ner.l&n^. fll 15; Toledo, fis "0: I) tr?i? f; 15 20; Oli?*a.*o te anr! %I9 50; 8l (.< .liB, and ^^5. Moapbr, M< w(lr lean<,i'>l, ?'4C. Zf f OR rUKDLill" K and IIARCLR^ ?EiikY M .RTlXrtBUr.t;. BEUKELEY rTRINGS,CUR UPIU.AN'n, BEIIFORHs-rR!NGS,ri'dmont,Oak 'and, an:' rain: 'jtint, Ri>Niifi rii may leave VVa?fc ir.-?en at li r u or 4|{ p. ?. For the n inor teav -i'jtion< bet*v?en l-altimon: and Wii<-el a^, take6 a ?<t train from VVaKb 'tfT Mi 4^T For tmuis !?? and fr<n.t BrJtinqre, Ainiapotw,, Bt*t tja cial adwf rUiim- r.t i tun'.fi iiform.iii tbi >ii{h ticket', kc., ai., 'r to THOt". V PAt-?'??X*; nt, at U'aahmt tmi Station. J<?HV ffT fniWE, Mrirt?"r n; I'nn-rc-rtatioii Haiti more m.d Ohio Ra1.r9.1d Haltianv*. iwajr li-tf : - r i ;x r sr .irce r.ulboad CHaXGB OF rOL'RH. I 1N and .ifttr Monday, tJie 2J I iaauct, the V ? will Uavi WasiiinglOD a; C and c a. m., and 3 ?&4 4* p rn ? ?n t?r?nday at 41,*, t? in IjfHVe BaJtinn re e.t 4 % and 9* a m, and 3 and 5 h ji m (j:\ Hun-iay ai 4 if a in. ap23-ti T- M. PAKSONS, Af -nt ??V i> Mott B?cl?U'? Line & TORK.JtLEXJtSDRJA, tV.i^mSGTOB CITY, JiSD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BACKETS. LINE OF PACKKT* SAIW WEEKLY 1 ti-iin j)ier 1-1 Ka>i Riv?*r. K--w York.aiid ofteaet i." ti'it" *+ty, and are c ?| ii?*:i4jli'iwin|tirsi ki'M v -u'-h: ? on jchr A- T. bfidl, B'-dtll, master. V"w <rhr. H-*tt UeMl, A. V. T?eaweC :'rhr. .<??? D , Wm. Oliver, anatcr. Hi V. Vnlrrrt. I,. A. Hn.itb. n.a*<ter. Srhr. C<9mn>?nder-i:?Ch'.*f. Woe* <n. raaMer. Scl?r. firteMura . Wil ? p. *1 aster. ruos. vtom?-:.? m* all fa^ s;u! -jh, and the *ia*n .i.i u of < ii). rime in t ie trad*, md the only regit i.".c of Was'iinrton C?ti na< ktts. St 1 ?TT BE.'EI.L, Wall nre^t, W. T. 8. 8. MARTHKH 5JON8. Alexandria, Va. THOM *.S BILEY, ito a?8si W iLshirc'mt and D. C. OJMriGS ?.UD ALEXANDRIA SAITJWAD. ihi iind aflrr Tuadvf, i\'m\ 7, 1854, J VJt Carj '."at* Alextrdrla dar.y for Grrloa* .1 vil\? e*?il ir.:f-ia*di!.te ttt'.:r? at 7If o'clock, a :??>. t t] arr-a* ot tfc* boat f-om Waehin^tcn, d; j.; 1 ^T'!" Mm In laMk:*t on toard ion at Jun.ti?n nth e t-aia for 8tr?? 0^:^ a; Waareatoa Ju rtym ru>. u tTain f"r War r- ..'.pi;. ;iui al Coi4i?rmtlle vlih tL* trairit c? tb? v .vm'a C- icrat ilaiuoa I frfXictGou-',Charlotte# H!>, and Stanntca Tlio e\.-8 le^re ^^id"2rT*lle dally fjr Alexandria nnc". Vrt?m">.ia'5 i.ttrl' ih. at Uf;? 12, t. a., c: 1- *? arrival of ulr nk t o- C^e Vir^.Bia Central rail r-?4 isbiA ?iUchaJM 1. Liasict^ rviil*. sad f uanioa T-'iiC 3(111 nOiEM ? rAit...anJila t*j ? * *****m?.>r~ ?^ W " ille S M u ? CiiarlcL.tfiTiUa 4 ? ** IhBtM k tO M " Strwt??rr....^ I 60 ** * Lrachbcr| -6?k Hacawtn I ftO Laray 4 R u ?.'*? k 00 ? Mlclletarf t Si lor I er.nnactirjj mtk the rj^e* a? J.' trlottem.le, r~ Honli jt, Vf^lseed?y?, and PrV davt jt or l?ri.y (Jl Xtw Mart *t, o nr-ectfn? with th? c ago* at Cuij^ i^r, ot x"uot-ua"t,'fJiarsday?, and Sat> u?.?ay 7c: VRacLttfer c ?i!y, taraoetlng with fii? ataca* c'. '-nont For WdJieburt 'la. ft, wl'Jb t'.ie Bta(W at tbe f'U'x.", Pfcr crd*.-: W. TL BROCXBR, AfWfc n"?v 1?<111 _ FOK MOUNT VEKNON. - ?.ir"" la TUESDAYS and FitlDATfl. tar? round i.ri? %\; froi i<drift ' 5 oents tii* lixOM.t ? C?/l.LYkH laafil a ^ l> tuu AlexanjrUi at kVj o*elo:k Ca;?;h.fl lesve lt? ra^iici ?cr Lie boat a. 8k 0 dk Ccaeli '0 :?t?. JSr:<cii?! th^ Coarhra t."' :*jve t*ie'r r?? {rice with 0<y>. A TL<?. Par5*ar. RetVealuaer.u t o die b.>a* aetiS?dti bAV. l GRDMY. Capt UiiL. kVV WOUR A. lilVkRFOUL UN1TUD STATES ?t Mail steamebs. Tua uxi 111 All IVT'C CW IT?i+. P^lTl Ho, da. t ?J"r. BALTIC, Oa,'t. C.nar. rk, ADRIATIC. Capt. flraftoa hate b??n tuiit ty voutract, axpraft / '?* Cc-ftruiaent *>errioe; ?very care haa baeo :ak?n !a th?^r raaiirurtiou, ai In tt<> Kn^inea U) ipeHrw strength arl ape^t, and thr-ir ?r%B mod* fiona fr- j^aen^?ra are uue<;uall??* tor e??gance afi coinfcrt. i'nuv Ot pi nay froa York to Liverpool, la hrstcahia. 41* fcr<cl V BJ .1 ?..M...?...MI . . . . . ,0 Hjicia&tfe u.-e or extra si*e eUte roeai^ gSH kpnia Lir-rpool to frew Ycrk ?.b and ?30. An ?*p?ri-'''M>erf ?Wti atttu'hed to taeh fhlpu So berth ??n J* *e-orac uati] i.?Jd fcr. To: fre'^ht ar pa?aaf-? apply to RDWA1U) K. COLLINS ft 00.,. ?M Wall New lork. B^OWN, tflliPl.Ry 4 CO, . ? ? livarpooL *. 0. KOBRRTB ft 00, 13 King'a Aresk Yard, :x>niom. JOHN UUNKvkA 00, 2C line Notre Pam' dee -toire>;. Par*. OEO. H DRAPrR. llarr*. It* iwaerv of tiwea rhlpe wili no> 1 f?r po'. i, nirer. tsiillica, pp?oie, if -?'.ry, pr?aoal ltatk> or cjeuL. unh?." b&lii c-T ' ;dinf areaifnad ther?t"r. an-i the rain* th*r*> I therein expraaaaj aov 18?dlv '- a j. . . . J. ? BANKING E0USK OF PAIS0 ft ROUEfl Oypnntt ITntieA Statu 7Yea?Mry. I^OXliS, rttoekK and <>th<^ ??cariiirr jvrrha?*4 P and itido. ? luifv.a ai the late of tti | ? 1 eeni ja aanu? *' l.? \. <1 ?>u f'.ja^lia whet It ft Iu. *? Any* 1 f h*4,'t' iao "i4-Cni

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