Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1855 Page 2
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* VFVTNO STAR. ASHTSGTON OTTY: SATURDAY AFTZKBCON Jose 23 AliEIVTN FOR THE hTAB. The following persons ire authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palm**, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pcttinuill & Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palmmr. Scollay's Building. iCT" Advbbtis?m*wts should be handod !:? by 12 o clock, M., otherwise they may t ? appear until the next day. THE WEEKLY SIAB The namb?r for this week presen's iu usual variety of news, foreign and domestic, includ. log accounts cf current events in this city, to getter with choiee selections of tale? ttrac. dote. 4c. " *? Terms?only $1 24 per year or three cents apisce; an ej celled substitute for a news Jetter to a distant friend SPlMT 0? IRK fcf,y.sEHO PtJCSS The Union argues that the Ku^w Nothings are iugging the memory of Jackson into the canvass on their behalf only on the principle th t desperate di.ea.-es require desperate remed es. The Int litgntcer argues elaborately agairst tlie p si ions of the Chailc.sun Mtrcury with reference to tfco sovereignty of the individual . State* cf the African Union. 0 0 ^ ? CF-TI.e Louisville Time? appears to bedis trefsed thn tho American party S-iuth won t ab^'dcc i' j o gams ttioo; ..nd it d->es ccme 2gur:rg ft, ?h.?xv 'bat the A tnerioans can't elect p Pres dent can cypher be'ter than the Time*, a d his figures show a different result. It t- said figure* wm't lie, but we think that deper da upon the will of thrsc who use them Ijomsvi'ir Journal Ihe will or ' S*m"' and ail bis ?oribes must have been verjr perverse about tho time of the Virginia elections! (Hoctrc! ? According to the newspaper ae count* ? f the receLt Know Nothing Platform celebrations. '?Rorovu Candlea*' were lighted in the pyrctechnieal displays. Only thick while the Americans," rxerllenee, were abusing He me tlisy were dolighlingthemselves wi'h "Roman Candles!" ryTbs-j is cow in jail iu Cambridge, Jl? i, a m n who b%? Lcca imprisoned for Jive yca-e beca??e of a debt of twenty-three doiiara?Exchange paper The feil. w is a f ol! If ha would black him'elf. and pa?s fir a runaway nigg?r, ho would b- ;en: away free in fro minutes _ Louisville Journal. Tie editor of the Journal appears to bo uu fait in the art of escaping from New England . but, if the chronicles of twacty odd yean ago may be be ieved; an escaje may b; made with an u^ly whi:ey brown face as readily &6 with a black one. ?'i* tt ?ON" VI,. >...Lt Col. B Bragg and Lady. U. S A Capt Bachaaan. U 8 N , Prof B. Siilimi J', of Yale College, and Gea fl. W. Pafrey of Li arm e l m tlia city yesterday, and are ?topping at Willard's hotel. ....The E igl:sh pipen rojeired by the St. Louis mention a report, said to be founded on good authority, that the Empress Eugenie is exreef e ? to S)on give an to the impeiia! throne of France ....A woman in Lyons, a glove m^ker by trado recently n*), SC(j Won a bet tfait Wyold f*at for seven days. ...Dr Wm C. Starbuck, formerly of Nan tucket, hae been appointed denti?t to the royal xauji.y of I'oi tugal. | .....Vary Anne Durham, a baiicf girl at the Bowery they're, died at her residence. No 51 l?urers street, yesterday morning from tho tttec s cf severe irjuries reeeiveJ about tb<-e* week^ ago at the B.wery theatre, by her *w" 'h'?" <?<?? .... A lady in LouitriUe gaTo her chnd flx teen drops ?f laudanum iu mistake for para gorio. from the cffoctaof which it died. The marriage of Hon John Y. Ma-on's B.MJ. W M^on. lo Roscoe Mr. Dodge, minio er to Spain; Mr O Sul?;vin. Minister to Portugal. Mr. Casa S?S?: tU SMr? 15,1 mon'' to i inl ' ^fr y* Minister to dwinerland andrx-p e.:dear Va . Biren attended a jrrand Ck.?. ii, Fr'?*h *"*?:?> th. Mr E F. Barnard, formerly of WMh left on, orerf the clcrks in thoSureeytr Gen V f <?c^ %t *"r Leaverw^rih. K .naaa Ier ri'ory. died a. ih?t plaooon the 10th inr of 5T?week. ^ br*,fl' "*?' " 1,,D^ of ?" ryTfco Paris fa?hions eay thaf a genUe ; t the c^d5 J r"lT" "V" Baaed J. K, iteiding at Paltanne, Ohio re t ir.'.ir^ v.a Cleveland and loledo Haii oad from th? La Im W.iter Cu/e, ^op?ie?aU ill t-M.V ?: n ,1? ^C,i UT J1" ?/nVa7; *? ?;????* iMc uu S?V?k ?"s" '?* ""'?'".15 k.". nrd'y"h,n o? "I whirr* k- i I oor ch,Jd a f iat of beer whi,h ? and bec ame qui'e drunk, in m to Ckn*l# 1C* f*U',Djar'ng bis head eo badly 10 C*Q* death the next day * nA*?UV7Y ?' TAB^TrR,I5G_Ia the laat TxTr nil aD<1 there*. aD extract Ir^m Monsieur Ma m^oUrK a History tu?u"r,"io ?,hi?t -u.l 0 %c e '' J 9 "** P?1*** the Umous 37?^ Tk ^'pb0i M eMr,J u '.?>? jear A D JX'intei oul Md T?aDd'r ,e"ers weie ace, u a f -Ti? * ?VBBts fontt>ld The ?-ur i er- rt? Qf ,! : ??Bjuration*" ia .-i?uiiar to JZtXm "XFAIT? ou' ? u ? ?PM.d ou, t'x, M\',T u f?.fur?0Ar.u^r07^-i;:?r our streets for many a day ,UJJ5 hrough jeaterday (the 8fh; the re.?i?9 cf a fe s.*ve b.(0Dg.Dg to Major A I. Dunn it ?ih^1'mbp#e tkave ?*rf r,"d 'he diaeiplo, Ihsodore Park6r>-Ld ;h j?eof bia ilk ; 'and we w.,? d not hesrate to o mpa e it, in point - *bi'i y and intelligence, o the f^ ff. u. rou.e pr.cession in New Y rk C *^rA??D<i lh* ?i0re reo??,t exporu from o- iVrIl w', 1 cargo of tkov^l*.' Bu: two woiST?taI''i5> l^wbI^ " * ?h0T,I w.i yw? i? ton moan a. meri ial eaterpr- r?nd ?, iu Hows ia t4i4i*a a. udt Maui Ho? ace in Limbc ? Horaoe Greeley, who, per?ona!ly, hi! many qualitiea making him a remarkable roan as wall u a public apirited *ne?though hia political peeoliaritiea all go through wrong ehufs?has reoently been im priaoned in Paris for refusing to pay the de. mand of a French sculptor for $2 600, on ac count cf injury alleged to have been done in toe unfortuonte New Vork Crystal Palaos to 1 h?- sculptor's work of art. Horace ra3 a di rector of tbac defunct institution, and the de mand aci subsequent arrtst vras u:ade on the LV .Qi that, under the French law, every di rector of such incorporated afTair? is personally responsible for all the dobts of the concern. Horaoe was kept in the Rue de Clinohy prison for some forty-eight hours, during which he was decidedly the American ".ion" of Paris having been called on in his eight by fly. feet apartment by nearly all the Americans of distinction then in that city. It seems that the udge very sensibly decided that Horace's sbould be tried under the law of the vicinago-New York?under which the trans action on which the claim was founded took place A lucky ruling, indeed, for poor Horace, as there happens to be hundreds of tradesmen in Paris who profess to have simi lar claims against the New York Crystal Palace sufficient in the aggregate to swamp the Tribune, and half the rest of the ne re paper establishments in New York, had poor Horace been held answerable lor them, indi vidaally. For some time hia ca?e lookrd rather blue; ^*hen one like himself who is more given to locomotion than any othei newspaper man in this country, must have felt particu lar.y -streaked ' at the imminent prospe:t of spending the remainder of his life in a debtor's prison^in a foreign oouatry, as the leading consequence of ttie lamentable failure of the New York Crystal Palace enterprise Characteriatie, in Know Nothin&iam ? About midnight on the tight befoie laat, thi debris of the meeting in front of the City Hall, transparanciea and all, made its way, under 'he window* of the President, wo hear, and amused themselves for some time by making nig'ut hideous with yells and brulai blackguardism, mingling shouts for " Sam" ounes and denunciations of the Chief Magistrate of the United States, whistling the 44 Rogue's March," Ac , Ac., in the hearing c-f his family. We have no com menrs to make on this affair, further than to assure the distant public that it i? in fair keeping with the conduct of Washington I Know Nothingism cn more than one occasion? in tho dark, of eou:e??toward* Mr. Henry A W:>e, while that gentlemen tarried at the re.-iuenc# of his daughter in this oity, and subsequently towards more than one of our own citizens whose blameless and useful live? have won them the respect of this community, but who. unfortun tely for the peuce of their family and for reapeo: for their righ's 4 > tot happe.i to be disciples of u Sam." It would be worse than idle for reputable persons who are identified with the Kuow No thing party to disclaim respon ibiiity for these disgraceful outrages, as such thing? never occurred here before they gave their counte nance to the plotting of the vicious, ignorant bigoted and virulent, in the darkness and secrecy of midnight, against their fellow citi ?ena. Such conduct is but the legitimate effect of u very plain caui>o indeed. Coi kiuuey'a Vessel ?Washugtoh, Ju-.e 21s*.?W rn. Fabens and Fletcher \Ve*>a;or are nere, it is said for the purpose of getting the treasury Department to nave a clearance is sued tj Col. Kinney's veaiel, now claimed at ew York by the Federal authorities The order was probably obtainod to-day." On inquiry at the Treasury Department we find this story t? be unfounded. Up to last n-ght no su h request as iaa-at^d above had been mado by any parties whatever, nor, a< far as we cjuld perceive, was -here the slight est probab.liry whatever, that any such ro quest, it made would bo granted, i here seems to be a peculiar fatality connected with this Kinney affur, via: that few publications oan be made out ot the Star, with reference to it, that do not prove to bo unmitigated roorbacks on due inves igation. It has been a buaineas of ahecr false prtiences from first to last, for which e>me persons mu*t bo reaponsible, a they could not have been without authors It will be remembered that Col. Kinney'a pro. clamaticn, published immediately alter his al leged flight in a tchc>oner bound for Jamaica, avowed the purpoae of filibustering in Nica ragua. The id ;a of obtaining the authority of this government after what has pas;ed on the subject, for the sailing of the ves-el carry ing to him the means of effectively violating the neutrality laws of the United States, is so very preposterous aj to make it hardly possi ble that tven those who have bean most inoo ulated with Col. K. a idlosyncraoies, would venturj to augge t it to the Government. Our Bchooli?We again call the atttLtion of our fellow citiiens to the progre^iing exam ica .ons of the various public schools of Wash ington, and have to urge aa many of those really identified with our oity s future aa pos sible to b3 sure to attend those ye; to oome off These great nursoriea of true American progresa, (when not perverted to the inculca tion of isma,j and truly benevolent iuatitution?, have improved wonderfully among us in the last ten yeara- -thanks more particularly to thoae public apirited citiiena who have ao long made their improvement the oare of their life as it were; and th? ks, too, to the general in terest -in tham manifested by our population H e remarked, a few days ago, that the real hope for their future is in the continuance and increase of public intereat in them, and have again to aiprers the hope that it will Continue to bo manifested in (hem V/innebago Indiana ?By the aecond article of the treaty with this tribe of Indians, con oluded on the 27th day of February last, a quantity of land equal to eighteen miles square, on the JBlue Earth river in the Terri tory cf Minnesota, was secured to them as a permanent home, to be selected and located by a delegation of the Indians and lbe proper agent of the Government. This selection and location baa been made in the form of a parallelogram meaauring thirteen by about twenty-fcur miles, approaching at its nearest point, wi bin about three miles of the great southern b?nd of the Minnesota (formerly St Peters) river, and (he moath of the Blue Earth In accordance with treaty stipulation re8#r***Ion for which the necessary in atrceti t?, we understand, will ba issued to the land offlce at Wiuona in whose district it Is aituaUd, in a few day?, inciU(1#, by th# ^ of the ptiwiio sui veys the whole of town.hipa -,. j? 24, 25, 2^, 27, weat ol ;ii. -1*1 i>r:^oi{ .1 m ./iuiat; section. 31, 32 3*. U. Si ana 3d, toeing the ?ouihernmJt tier.) of township 108 of each of the range* Juit mentioned; sections 6, 7, 18. 19, and SO of township 100, of range 23; sections 8, 7,18, 19. 30, and 31, of township 107; and seotion SI, of township 108, of the same rarge From all the Information on the subject, this appears to be a delightful tract of 'and, with a surface beautifully diversified, well watered by the Blue Earth river ani its nu? merous iributaries, and altogether admirably calculated to make a happy as well as a per manent borne for ths Indians, and to carry into effeot the humane provisions of the treaty to cduoate and christianise the Indians, and introduce among them the arte of civilised life ay or Wood and the Maine Liquor Law.? It seems to bo understood that Mayor Wood has determined to decline attempting to en foro? Maine liquor la^r of New York, on the 4th of July, when it was to have gone iato effect. On that day, at least three hun dred thousand persons usually walk the streets and park* of New York, many of whom are, of oourse, " half seas over." Mayor Wood is s.iid to comprehend the fact that to attempt to enforce this unconstitutional ordinance on that day, in New York, would surely lead to frightful and life-consuming riots, lie will commence its enforcement on the next day? tie 5th. Th* Herald says that Mayor Wood has been advised by the legal officers of the corporation that the law ha* no bearing what ever on imported liquors, and that he oonse (j eutly designs enforcing it as against the fie of American wines and liquors only, it: icii though it may affect the pockets of Ame ican producers amaiiDgly, will make but little difference, indeed, in the quantity of wines and liquors consumed in the city of New York. The Codification of the L&wi ? Wo have r.gain to call the attention of our fellow citi lens of the District of Columbia to the fact t aat the two legal gentlemen selected by the President to carry out the law of the late ses I j ion directing the oodifi3at:on of the jurispru '*enco of the District of Columbia, are busily engaged on that work in an apartment in Cor c jran s building, at the correr of Fifteenth and V streets. We mention the fact to induce t ;osc who, knowing the legal wants of this community in *ny particular, ::nd feeling anx ious that the change to be made miy be as bcneficial as possible, may avail themselves o* t!ie invitation of the codifiers, some timeginoe extended to all, through the Stir, and make ?) them (the codifiers} suggestions in writing f uoh as they may deem proper. .Pay of Army and J avy Officers in Courts r.mial ?Claims of navy officers, summoned f.? attend army courts-martial, and vice versa, have frequently been preseottd?the navy officers supposing that they were entitled in sjeh cases to the army allowances. It is held fiat as the pay and emoinaeuts in each ser vice are fixed by lav; and regulation, the al lowancea to army and navy offi.-ors attending courts martial in either fervico must be gov orned by tho laws and regulations oi the ser vice to which they respectively belong. ihi Current Operation. -J ti. j Trraiary >.nai acrrjt.- yesterday, the 22d. of June thor: were of Treasury Warrant entered on ' he hooks t.t the Department? i^or the Treasury Department.... $2 020 00 "or the Interior Dopartniont 7 ru vi Jot *.he Customs $4 '?var warrants received and en ,,.?-r?d 289.401 60 ?? ar ref ay warrants received and . ?D^d 14 984 45 Interior repay warrants leceived and entered. 3,000 00 Hot covering into tbe Treasury Iroin miscellaneous sources.... 8 93 ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, June 23, 1855 Last night, the Sunday School attached to >ie Methodist E. Church South, gave a fine exhibition at tho church. Tbe speeches ef Misses English, Hobinson, and JIuntor. as well *3 those of Masters B F Field and 8mith were really woll delivered; but it is scarcely invidious to select the i ecitation of tfce-Dvini U y." by Mas'er Atwell. as or e of the moet touching and eorrcot renderings of a selection we have ever heard. The choir, in all its ef b-ieicy, united in the proeeedings. and fully sustained its high reputation. We are sorry, for he credit of our oity to mention that a party of young men, only transient residents, however, collected round the door of the church creating much annoy ance by their ungenllemanly behavior At I'iGth, however, Ju?tioe English deputed a P-ir.y to remove them, ard, after some little resistance, the pavement was cleared, and the exercises proceeded quietly. "eniD8- *bout six o'clock, a lad named . thryss, aged about fourteen, in the em pioyof one of theooal agencies was seat with to a vessel lying in the stream. While on his way, the boat careened, when he lost his balance, fell overboard, and was drowned His body, up to this morning, has not been recovered. John McUenty was arrested yesterday charged with s-ealing $23 from Eiward Ken nedy Justice Hunter committed him to jail u> answer at the next term of the Circuit CoQrt . Ami Obe of thk Smelling Com utteb ?A con stable of this town convinced, the other day that the breath of a s ranger who was about leaving in the oars srneU of something stro??er than wator, invited him in a s'y way to ?o ua town and get a drink, and having brought him to the lock-up with that pretence, pushei him in, where he was confined most of the day. At an examination be,ore D. H Mi riam, Esq., it appeared that the stranger was f erfeotjy sot or, tho evidence of u constable's nose not being deemed a sufficient proof of drunKennefs An effigy of the constable was 0f the ,,!ta8 near the FKchburg Hotel, tho next morning; and we le^rr. that h? will be required to pay damages 1MPri8onmeric ?Vttckburx (Mast) Quebb Victobia's Sc.ooL-The Queen of England having d.scevered that a large por tion of the children of the domestic and ofher servants at Buckingham Palace are much ne Klectod in the matter of education, has com. manded that premies in Palace street, Pim. should be fitted up as a school, to be opened for educational purposes She intends to det'ay *ll expenses. The number of schol ars of both sexes at present eligible for ad m ism on is 68. An evening school wiil be es abhshed for such of tho elder children as time preTentod fr0In attending in the day Nbw Mbthod or De.stkotihq Flbas?Fam ily OP rSBGBOBS BDBBBO TO DEATH Th? Memphis E?lo of th. 29th ?l, fire occurred several days since on the nlanta .ot. A.H P.gue.?,of U.S,.?t^ M ssiMippi, by which a negro cabin, and a c Jorcd woman and her three children were burned. Ihe fire originated in this singular m .nuer : The negro roan, whose wile and chf. w,lr? ?n the cabin, was very mueh annoyed by .nd lupposln th J ?ndK?r the h0U?2' h0 COnolBded , nthlr H 1 hy Cr? wlth0U' doing ai.y othsr d .mage, and aooordmgiy he went and procured an armful of shucks\id raisin* a plank in the floor of his oaoin them oa the ground under the floor and set fire to 1 here being muoh combustible matter about the cabin, because of the very dry weather, it was but a moment being en veloped m flames. Thus the whole familvgoer. ^hed^ewept tho man, who bartly made his NEW YORK CORRESPONDENCE N?w York Jape 31, 1866. The " old eft inhabitant" pays that this ha# been the ooldett Spring he remembers to have experienced in thif region for many years; and in truth, It has been. eo far. a very eeld | fsason We hare not had three fine days ?that ia, regnlar, clear, sun shiney warm, days?since April. The Know Nothings arer | that on aeeoant of the immense number of j foreigner in this country, the climate is be coming more and more European. It is said I in oerain high cfflc!al quarters that, when Sam occupies the White House. Congress rill be requested to examine iato the weather ' in order to have it cleared In a city like i this, eves the most superficial mind may see many thing* to excite surprise. What curious | statistical information might be picked up about the streets and strange phenomena wit-1 nessed in the various phases of life, where there is such a strange agglomeration of hu manity. As regularly as the tide Water flows into our bay, the living tide of mankind flows j into the bays, channels aid recesses of indus . try; nor does the one ebb into the broad i ocean, to gather newed fresh ties', with more I regularity than the other recedes from its daily toil, in orler tore-invigorate for the toil of the enduing day Between the hours of six and eight o'clock in the morning the leading avenues of the city? Broadway, Bowery, and Chatham street?pre | sent a spectacle truly wonderful. -Thousand* upon thousands are pouring themselves out from the upp r parts of the city into the lower, where the gretl mass of business is carried on. It ia sometimes impossible to stem the tide upon the sidewalk, and person? i anxious to get up town between those hours must either get into a re urning omnibus or run great risk of shattered garments, broken toee, and bruised sides. The rioh banker of Wall street jogs along side bv side wi<h rfc? ooal carrier. The editor of the fashionable evening pnper ia-pushed out of the way by an illiterate shoe black, who is anxious to get down about the ferries before the mud, caused by the last night's rnfn, has become dry; as perhaps, his daily bread depends upon his ex pedition ness the com'ort of every one in his way i? sacrificed to h's haste And here h drop I of philosophy, which seeuii ready to f.ill from I my pen, suggests the similarity between the conduct of tho shoo black and the ambitious politician nho sacrifices everything?friends reelings, affections?to obtaia the end cf his | desires. M I Between 8 and 0 in the morning our streets are comparatively quiev Then different clas.- 1 es take alternate poK?essica every hour, until i 4 in the afternoon, when the morning tide se's back with a tremendous current, that does' not lose its force before 7 iu the evening Be. tween 9 and 10 the large wholesale dealers,! and heavy speculator,, in stocks, their fades j lull of important anticipations walk leisarelv down Broadway to their offices The next UiJnr?08 ,iterarJ men, a few men of I 1 m!?J!i. ? an oocas?onal lady of fashion ^;!ihe,r/trp"r*nce About I o'clook fash londom and London ?wgin to stir briskly along j I b.*twcen that bour and 3 nearly I dav ma' f'C'fl 10 th? City' 00 a fine day make their appearance. At 3 they grad. ually begin to disippear, until, about 4, thev have atmost entirely made nay for the more' plebian part of the community, who now be g n to renre from their labors. i a rin?aV?em 8'ruDK?> aDd? in fact, it is ??r*?SVhat L,: ?chanics and laborers rem;iin l?Jr oiy where they are nearly one half the time out of employmen'. and where they ar-j al? times subjected to the annoyances ; f the fluj uationa of trade, while the Great West #kUP Cr a?m3 t0 ???v? them and RS T.m atapIe an<1 certain remunera ^ion. 3he traleamen here appear to rrefer aammtF 1"*T?n.t,,*tcd 'odgiags. damp cellars, summer complete, cholera, and all the ne fl Ji i M,k 5,9 ,he imP?rt?d infections, to green Riirt. J>Te*tv*r0B,:l0f wiid flow?"- gooi health, and the high 0f enjoyment fhat follows a life of independence ?SfLi^Uirer* ? !*thero were th?u(,aods of i ns*-" in th,?cu?'that *?r? obliged to depend upon soup houses or starve, there were advertisements in the Western papers offering tho greatest inducements to laborers, and me h?Hnn?8 ? M k,nds; yet our starving popu lation could not be induced to leave the city there appears to l.o a sort of fascination iu h!tD^rCeMlCg ,artroiI ?fth? metropolis itmwi uZ ft'9008 tVhii0 the* ar? do ' f ? ?e-cret P?wer th? 8?*"pent has j ver its prey while it is being devoured There " ?0,T thousand? who can t-eareely keep from starving, that could not be induced to leave I tne cit>_by ?ny argument less potent than a posse of police; and hundreds who would no exchange their bed of grass in the park, or the soft side of a plank in tho Nation house, Ijt tne most luxurious couch a country villas* can affoid Why those things are so, 1 will leave for answer so mo e experienced heads i new York ip unusually dull?there is nothing *rSAZd> h Cry r? Hppe?rs to be doing he wS'. J A y, 'J?10* of an? int?rest if the World s Medical Corgress. The persots seT^/ri W,tl il 13 haT? performed mlntnfttT cure8 8iDce tb? commence ment of their session, and person? are coming L*rtsof tlj? country to place them selves under treatment. It strikes me that it ^possible for euoh an institution to do muoh i in which '?8^tut*d a complaint book who feel themselves agrieved may n/?r,th ?"ai1' th' It s?em, de,7 | part e tbf^ ?T- 800(1 aI,hou?h the major and loafera ?p ?ta ar? gainst dogs dirt 1 na loafers, b jme dogs are complained of aa give'offenc# 1?^ " bei"g ('r0M' and not tnJ]y 'ooka. As the eom plaints against dirt have been posted up at "? tin., of .ho oldD.U1 auInMon ' 1 ?nMd? Bot exacl n'uch in.fil-r L^fera aro- however, a modern nuisanoea?r.f in faot' th? "tand.ngj men in i ?if ?.Dr 0a,a#r>- th* ^"or of wo ?,nm tk Cjiin P' of a11 ^P^t-ble per. i tiii M.! 7 prt-habiy be put down after ill.i . oomes in operation; or what ia ' nium 8e?tsCin # 10 pa'B800mer- wh?n th* mill*-1 Great preparations are being made in the mu ieal-ccd dramatic world for tie fall and winter season Some of oar managers and opera jobbers are about visiting Europe in i talent ih th* m0,t brilliant array of rttn i 5 * *v,ar aPP#ur*d before Ameri JnH *ud!.eu?*s Ju'ien, tho great composer! JOBductor, will eertainly pay us another viau before next winter. TacriisKH. liaAYT Suit im Hicmvomd.?The Biohmond Dispatoh says: CinnHr U .?0W P#ndiD? in tl>? United States Cireuit Court in this city, Chief JustieeTaney and Judge Halyburton presiding, involving he sum of $74 000. The suit is brought by Frederick Barred i t Brother, of Baltimore Agents tor the Peruvian Government, againat ^\?ZD^Bl9T\k S0?~lhe plaintiff |i4 000 on a oontraat for guano " PRE8aYTBRIAN CHUKCH I ? ? tveuth Ward, near the corner ot 6tti Ht and Maryland avenue. S. nices commence at 11 fru"',he T^r11 ^evw/l;?l,i.alem cuu?tH -the j,ir^.c? m 'JTjJSfta New Jerusalem Cnurch, on North Capitol stree! b? tween B and C street*, near the Capitol in'the S," m0rk' ??" ? i p ? ? All are invited. No collections je 23-11 he Corn/7 k "d ""'mher of .pL,ft'?,'u4V? zV"* * o. TOE ?,AV E VBsiUS.Ibja ft is earnestly requested that the officers anri m^ii)b?-r8 of th? i or#, will h- c^". an? By order of the Comm. j?> S3?3t J- C. McCDTCHEN, Secretary. UNION GUAR[i8.?The memberTTf^h. hereby notifl*} to m? i i at LUn JunSlvSATURDAY EVENING iareYpiir.iLU",ctual "tendance to in.,: arte," *** of importance ia J>y orutjf. j ?na? a w ?w*Af iMrHny, LIST OP L1TTKK* Remaining i? tke Poet Offitt, ffatkington. P. Am 93, 1655. [Ordtrelto fce M?w(i??r( in the " Event**) St a*.v agreeahlc to th.e folio,ring stctim of Ike Poet OfR-?? Cau>?it h*in; tke n+myaprt having the Imtgmt circm lotion of any Jail* paper yublitkeJin fTaekinglnn: Sgr. 5. .JM As H further made*f, That th" list of letters remmninfr uncalled for in an* po?i office in any city, town, or village, where newspaper* shall be printed, ?hall, hereafter, be publial.ej once mil) in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, ot oftener, kAaU hate tKe largest circulation within the range of the delivery cT said <WHce,tu be decided by the postmaster at sueh office.] WP?m >n? ?pply'nit for letUs la th* following llat, wfl pImm ?*7 tk?y ere iDritTMm. LADIIK* LIST. Ashby, Merg*ret R Littler, M'm Ann# Anderson. Mra Martha 0 Mulliiir, Mr* Mir; M Adam*. Margeret K McNeil?, Mlaa Sarah A At wood. Mm Ann MrKeneey, Mlaa Julia drown. Mlaa Ann ? M-Peuiel, MiteJeoeC Cox, M1aa Ann Mllee, Mra Eilia Clark, Mra M I Meagher, Mra Tlnntby Campbell. Mi pa Oatharlaa MtlKrd, Mlaa Martha C?nn?r, Mlaa Marshall, Charlotte Cleveland, Mlaa Mary T Mattliawa, Mra Matilda Crawford, Miee Laura O'Bryon, Mra AdallnaA Daan. Mra II J OMotn. Mlat Virgln'e Dife, Lucy Baa al, M<aa Mary OetniU, Mra JanaB KiuggoM, Mr?snean Dabnejr. Mra Blliabeth Rn'tb, Mlaa Mary A Da via. Mlaa Mary B Bm'th, Mra M L 0 Delplia, Mra liebaf* Ssi'th, Mra J L I>oo<y, Anna Hmitli, Mra Oaorga F-rria, Miaa Mary A Storm, Mra P?rry Hunt, Mite Adeline Semraee, Mra J Harris, Mra Louisa Stephenaon, Mra Mary Jiiuaa, M*ss Oarah Solomon, Maria Jett, Mlas Elisabeth Bhngart, Carolina Johnaou, Mlaa Kmme t Turker. Ml?a Klliabstli Kuiberg, Mlas Clara Thomas, Mra Sarah 0 t-ee, Mra A H Fsbb,iti(h. Mrs B B Lewie, Miee Bmrn* WaUnn, Mrs Ann l^wls, Mrs Anna 0 W.rlleld. Mlas Mary B Laurence, Mra Kliiabsth Wilson, Mlas Anna Kits* ORBTLKMBBS' LIST. Adlson, A I ??* is, J no Mitchell, Israai Adumi, S W Jr Dawes. Joe 8 Mcllar, John Austin, O D?wiiey. Hn?rh Martlndala, Jastln Anfell, owen Ewlug, Tho? jr Miller, ? J Anderson, H 0 Kston, Sandy Morris, B Adains, James Kdmotids, Mr Morrison A Kapey Adamson, Joa K1elin. Henry Moaa, Demas Adania, Jno J Fllclien, Win B Mills, Andraw Abbott, J D Franlil'n, Wm Mcflarvey, Benar t Abbott, John U Fonk, Bndolpu McMaraara, John Alman, Daniel Forbes, James J McCne, Francis Armetrong, A K Forl>aa, Jainee Mcintosh. Dr B?rck. Waters K Fsnwlck, Jamea McCall, Th~? Boyd, Dr Wm Flsk, Ueo A McXelr, Col Wm Hean. Wm Farrar, F H Norman. F 8 3 I?ack. W 0 Godey, Wm H A Co I Neeley, Robert Rnrrlee, Wm T Ornn, W Niemann, H F Belt, Wm H Greyer, Wm Nlcklaas. Geo C Boland. Thoa Gadlne. 8 U Nebelslck, Chaa Bell, ThosH Godon, Lt 8 W I O'Neal, Wm C Bnrwrll, T 1 Olordanl, Lulgl O'Nell, Jera Bond. Samael Gilpin, J C Owen, David, t Sou Bar, Kobert Oreaory, Jno Oertley, B Kelt*. Royaton Good all. Oeo W Pbllllpa, Wm D a Kiiohanan. McKean Grennell, Geo R S Porter, *>?? T T Byrne, LP Grimes, FC Pmnperctrkel, Roc Butterfleld. L C 2 Gardluir, E C Faraierlao, Jno H Bell, Lewis Gidley, Daniel Praeton, J 8 Bryant,Judge JRM Hocke, Wm Parkhnrst. J M Benson, Juo A Hampton, Thos R Phillip*. Eben Barker, J Henry, Robert J Porter, Lt B 3 Ilnrus, Jno Hough, M F Pratt A H Badger, Judre Haakl I, Mat Queen, O B Lurch, Jiiu C H til, Mr Beed, Richard BmueuKh, Jno C Herborn, Jno Rollins, Alex Brown, Jno D Hoyt, James K Rae James Rlaney, Jno Hile, Jos A Co Robinson, Jno A Barritt, Jno Hill, Clement B Roberta, Jno T Barthollck, Joos'u Hill A Burr Rhyne, James, Henry Howes, C?pt Allen Robinson, C 8 Barrett, G It Herbert, Andrew Smith. Wm H 1 Bowtm, Frank L Henderson, A M Stockton, R P Bnrle:<h, E L Harry A McLean Slaughter, V.r B..pwe'l, Edward Ingraham, Captain Stewart, Jos C Bridgewster. B D N 1 Salom, Jno Frewnter, Darid P Jackaon, Thos 8emnies, J B Beail, D L Jones, Rev 8 T I Shlvera, Jno M Baker, C H J., Henry SmIUi, John Botler, C H Jackson, D B Stone, B W Biker, Botler Joseph, 0 Sheehan, Dan?al Gnmins. Wn Judge, Capt 8oduskey, B L Clark, Wm Jewaii, A W Thompson, Wm Cook. Thomas J .nee, A H Taylor. Patrick Carrlt, J.inae King, Wm M Thomas, Re* David Crapper St?phen Kepler, Prealar Talcott, Charlea Cayer, Saml S Kelly. Jamea Thompson, A Chaae, R 11 Kraitdle. Hiram I'stic. Tb<?s 3 C liina, J Kroh, A'ex Van Master, Wm CUrvoe. Jno A W Lee, Wm L 3 West. Waah'n W Clark, Hiram F Letron, Rev T B Waddy, T W Clarke Goo C Lindalay, Capt Joa Willlama, 8 G Chmpeniug, Major Lee, Jno White, B J George 3 Long. H J Winfree. P Colegate, Cornel's C Labarre, F White, Capt Peter C tn)plM>II.Jud^eJ(i? Lnring, Alooio White, tl M Dillon, Wm Mtfhell, W H Williams Jno 8 Delauey, Tlics B M-.lbanks, Tlioi Wilson, J M D-tnhy, Robert Mitchell, Th s Wilson, R F, AOb Dyson, R C Montgomery, Rtehd Walker. H P Da\ls, Robert May, Mid' R L WHison, Henry Davidson, Major Merven, Jos 8 Wharson, G W Dove, J Mullany. Lt J R M 3 W?nla, G F. D'.iean Mr Middlaton. J F 3 Watson, Charloa Dillon, Jno Martin. Capt Irs Walker, Alex Dalley, Jrremiah Missroon, Lt Jno S INITIALS. The Fat Boy of Matagorda; Sonthern Manufacturers' Hank ; PanVin< Corporation of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria; Snperint-ndent Washington and diaries' t >n Railroad Company; Union Lodge, No. 11. I. 0 0. P.; Harmony Lodge, No ?, I. 0 O P.; Secretary Federal Lodged No 1. JuusW JAMBS 0. BBRRKT. P. M. IO?T?A BAY M ARE, a^out hueen and a half j hand* h'jh, four years old, havme one white hind f'?"t. Any nne returning th" ^anie to RUBEUT H MNEY'S stuble will be rewarded. j.. 21?11* IN IV KUBBERWA'ST BELTS. Uubber, Tu k. I)r< a- up ^ide. Puff and Children's Lnng C<-mb9, Indellible Tnk. anterior roma.le, for dressing the, ft.r ?>a!e low at LAMMO\D'8, 7th tt jo S3 3t GRAND FAMILY EXCURSION. rn ?? ^ The thfe and com modi oob Steam C^r GEORGE P 0E, Capt E V RVTHER, will niak?* hir Second Grand rnrolly Ex-ureion on TUESDAY VI'XT, leavine her flip 7ih st, at 6 o'cloek p m ; romb's Wharf, Na vy Yard at 7; and Alexandria at 7# o'clock p. m. Tiok?*t8 2S eentB. Refre?hnt?*ntii on hoard. Pto'-peri's Hand will be in attendance. J?* ai lawtf EXCURSION. jJT?The WESLEY CH4P7L CHOIR ^TTT *T tht EUTERPE AXS. will inak" an Bzear-ion to the While House t-aniion oh WE'?NK8DAY, the 27th inaia?t. Tb<- lovt-rs of Vocal Music and all who would en joy the day, ar?: invited to accompany them, ra^ai** 50 cents. Dinner will be furnished at the White House for 50 cents The hoat will leave Washington at 8 o'clock a m and for the accommodation of those who may And it inconvenient to leave at that hour will return and k-Rve aga>n at S p m. T. J MAGRUDER,) ROB BALL. > Committee. R.T.TAYLOR, ) Je 33?Si* 20 BAT RDM?BAY ROM ! CASES double distilled BAY RUM 5 Ave gallon demijohns do. by the p*. or gallon JiMt reeeiveil per brif f?ab lla, fiom 8t. Thomas, P. R , and for sale low by WILLIAM M. CRIPP*. 61 Louisiana ave., bet. 8th and 7Ui sts. je 93?:<t IF YOU WANT CHEAP CLOTHING / 1 O TO O'REILLY k CO'fl fltof^, No 81 Brid^ VJT street. Georgetown, wbtre you will find a splendid assortment oi good and fajibionabla Sum ni-r Clothing, Mgrtlmr with Trunks, Carpet P>agt, S.c., at ten per cent lesa than in any other establiah men. in the District. Pusons indebted to the abovo firm would confer a ure al favor bv calling and ruling tlitir accounts, (whi h ihey will find ready for them by tko 1st of July) and thus savs the proprietors the exira ex peiisu tor < ollectioD, lie je 93? MORTON'S SHORT NIB GOLD PENtf of the finest workmanship and finish, and very dif ferent in tht-ir action from any cth?r, suiting many writers who have hitherto not been able to make use of any metallic p mi whatever. Also, Baginy's Gold Pens, including all the best varieties made by that house, for salt*, wbolsale or retoil, at the Bsanutacturei's lowest prices in every ca t. FRANCK TAYLOR je 4?? SEA BATHING. CHES.1PE.1KE HALL, HAMPTON, TuI, IS situated within two miles of Old Point Comfort, with which place hourly communication is had by a neat and comm<Mlicus Omnibui, ofjjlfl the most modern style, aI?o by Boats, Hacks JESB> kc. The Hail will b? open for the reception ot vis ?tort on the Hih of May, at which time the propri etor hopes to be able to make comfortable and hap pv the stay of all who may be seeking pleasure or health. Many improvements have been added, such as Cottages for families, play grounds for children, shade treri, fc.c , indeed ev rything that can con duee to the comfWt of the vis tors. For health and b aury of locatioa, this plai?e i? unsu'pa^s^d. There w daily communication with the Steamers orRichm'?d, Norfolk and Baltimore. Terms, per day 00 Terms, per week II 00 Terms per month, (per day) 1 25 je-23~eo5 R. G. BANKS. fNo 540.J Not ire of th? disco Htinume* of the United States Land Office at Defiance, in the State of Ohio NOTICE is hereby given that, in pursuance of law. and in view rvf the report of the land ofli cer* at DariaNCK, Ohio, that the vacant land in ?aid district i? reduced below one hundred thousand seres, the Secretary ojtke Interior hai directed that said land office at Depiarcb be discontinued ; ami that the lands remaining unsold at the time ofibe discontinusnce be made subiect to sale and entry a' Cmillici thk. the only rt-mainlrg l??<' office in the Sta ie or t 'nio . L.ird- remaining unsolJ and unappropriated bj law,a ?d suhj ct to private entry at the land office ?low discontinued, ?W cea ? t" be subject to enirj at sai I offlee from the date of the recaipt of thi ? no lice by the Register and Receiver thereof; and the land officers at ('miAiooTSt will give pnbiic no tic of the day on which they will be prepared to receive applications lor entries ot anv ?uch lands at theli ef fice. JOS 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner General Land Office. Wasbih'itow, D. C., Jane 18,18SA. ^ EXCURSION TO PINKY POINT. _ THE ME* R BIS OP VIRGIN]* ^fiaLssZrEs r, so 3 a, impendent ore* ?>f Kechab.ies, would in;o ni the cm fit* of G* t-wn and Heshin?ton. that th#" purpose givin*. GR*ND PIC NIC A Nl> COTILLON EXCU1 SION to FINEY POINT, on MONDAY, the 23* i.Stant The splendid ttenmcr Alios C. Paio* bu (*? chartered, anJ Frcher's Cotillon Hand epgafr<j f4 the occa-ion.'ts admittl** Gentlemen an4 two Lad**. ONE DOLLAR AND FIKTY CEN I S, can be pur eha e.1 At *hr b ?at ??r th" tn'>minc of the ?xcu noa Tieke a ? an t? hal rt J hn M:Us's shoe storr, H ? ntli Hlw>, a few ^tru b-l"W E. Wa-hirgtm an i at the bo-.t on the mornirg of the excursion The B ?t will irave ih Seventh street wharf ? 7 o'clock, and the Navv Y nd at 1%. ?? efre - bin en u of all kiutla ran be bad on ihe beat at city prim. Je 20?44 GRAND FXCURSION GORSUCH CHAPEL SUNDAY SCH OL TO FORT WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY, JUHE 27, ISM The Committee of Amo|NMli hive pleaiare in anaonc* inc t? tlieir mend* and the public fn* rally thai their first Excursion will be pivtn a* above, if the weather proves favorable. The Committee p < dgt them*elves that no effort on their pa t will be ?|?a-ed to afford all wbo honor iVra with tbeir prttea e, a pit a-nut and agrevabie <ime. A superior band of Music haa been engaged for t';e occasion. K.f'eshnients will be on the g round and sold at cltv prices. The prr fits aris'ng from the Excursion will go to the benefit cf the School Tickets lor ? iulta, 25 cents?Children half price. The h .at will leave Page's Whaifate#, Alexan dria at 9, and return at 7 o'clock IOminittct of jlrrongeir.rr ti G. J. Hall. G W. Garten, G K Vermillion je 22 ^COAL-COAL. UTE hare now on ihe way a cargo of very supe' rior WHITE ASH COAL, whicb we wtu del vt-r from th. vessel at ?8 JO p?r ton. All orders left the office, Green street, George t-wn, opposite i>if house; or, in Wn-bingna, rf>rner of I and 90th streets, will he stikily attended to. BARRON fc STOVER je 2??3r? MRS. GEORGE, 1ATE fiom E ?g'and, wi-hes to inform the ladies j and ee;.tb m? n of Georgetown and Washington that she can he consulted on the past, present and future events, at her rtaidcr.ce, No. 25 First atreet, between Potomac rnd H:gli streets, a few doors from Fom rt Hal!, Georgetown LaJiea 25? G ntleimn 50 c? ntn. From 8 in the inerning until 9 o'clock at niabt. Je 22-2w* NEW MILLINERY. MIB8 THOMPSON has J nt openc irv ice of N?ap lUao Leghora .heir l*IBS THOMPSON has j st opened our fourth irv ice of N? ap- lttan. Leghorn. Eng li-h straw, Lace, Crape, and other SunrmetL lints.^s who hav not air -ady supplied^ tbemselvaa are invited to call and make their ?elections. Als?. ju-t received a choice lot of Fans. Bi.'k Mil La, fiae 8ilk Gloves, Hosiery, Btc . tofetber witb a sarieiy o articles not necessary to enuaerate, and tr? k]| of which we invite attention. HUTCHIMSON fc Ml'NRO, Fancy Dealers, No. 310 P'nna. avenae. y 22? s " REWARD?Strayed nr stolen front tl?e rah >) <>' ib ron S.i:;.r lay, t(.> 16il: inrtant. na n f?rm. with a f-w mark* on hi* hips, c tifed by the burner*, nn?1 wind gall? 1114 land leg> H< is about 9 or 10 y>-ars old, with ? I -ng tail. The above r? w id will be given ifit turne ? to me. M H \STER(IIN, }? 22 - 2'* !Jo 599 North Capitol street. ? ft 'O ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?Wl * sh;.ll iMM, as u?u&!, our qaart> rly accoaau ?'?triiia be coming week, and respectfully requen that prompt attention may be eiven to 'he aettle ra:-ni of the same on or before the 1st July. ELVAVS U. THOMPSON, 3S6 Pa. av< iiue, bet. 9th and 10th su. j?-22?(Org m) "VJ"OTH 'E.?The bills of our ens'omers will all be J3I ma.ic eff up <?t Monday, the 25 b instant, and rKiMleo d on that ?Jay. M W. GALT k BRO. je '22?3t A ("CO1 'NTS HEADY?Onr castomers having u\ bo. k a<-i-ounts with n? are respectfully notiged that thev are pr.w r. ncy for d?litery, and will be p-esented bv the 28th iust nt, when we earnestly bopf thtt all pernios so lodthted will take pleasure hi puytRKlhe sani? promptly. WALL fc STEPHENS. Jii Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall. Je 22-6t DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Wa?bi>?tor Corrrr, To wit : I hereby certify that John B. PtixHi. of the aatd county, br. tig t before m?-, as ?-tray. tre?pas?ing oa tit- enclosure?, a sft^csled gray Mare, aboot 9 years oltf, twelve hands htgli, aud ^hud belore, aod baa be-n maiked in grar. Given under band of mc, one of the jnattcea of the [ ui an tor said countv, this 22<t Cay of Jane, [Ml. ROBKRT WHITE. The owner of the above marc is requested to prove [>ro|?rrty, t<avcliur?? s and take her awav. jc 22 ?3t* JOHN BULL FRIZELL. I^LASTD; RIBBON FOR t'NDERSLEEVEB, i Elastic cord for Bracelets auperior Needles. Ladies' Dres^ Piotoctors, ScHMtrs, Gift Cup* ai.d Ssucers, Pocket, Chccker, and Cht ss Boards at No 1*4 Seventh at. LAMMOND. Je 21?3t COPARTNERSHIP. I^HE undersigned have this day entered into ? eo . partnership undei the nameof MILLH It BRA SHEARS, for ihe ptirjose of carnirg on tne Boot abd Shoe trade in all u? branches. We wHI nana fixture to order every style of BOOTS and 8HOE8 for ladiea, g> ntleinen and children. All measured work warranted to pleeae. S. C MILLS, T. N. BKAHHEAR8. Call at our store, Ni. S55 south side Pa. avenaa, one door enst of Jackson fc Urn's Grocery, between 6th and 7ih sts. (News) Jetl?6< LAND WARRANTS. WE are pane? the hifhen pticea for LAND WARRANTS. J. M. CLARKE A CO., corner Tenth street ard Penn'a avenue, ? over Washington City Saving's Bank. ia ao?7t? LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Agent lor Claims, Na SST Twelfth street, will ?ive the highest market price in gold for Land Warrants je 7?lm* GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Qfflee No 292 Fenn ave .corner 10th atrttt, (OVKR THE SAVING'S BANK.) t^UIS CEMETERY U laid out on the plan of tbi celelira:ed Greenwood, of New York, and sitn V.<id on the high ground distant one and a quart'r miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol sueel lea ing Uiroctly to the gateway. This Company have secured a chartcr from Con gress, appropriating their erouLd for ever to bunal purpose*, making a Ire uUc to the purchaser, and pi?<bibttiiig ail encroachments ir?>m legislati* u or otherwise, which is of v^et importance to those who wish their dead to revise win re they have p'aced the in, for it has become a cuat.un in all otb< r cities, a hun the burial ground becomes valuable for bibet rrpones, to sell it, and throw the dead proa iscsus iuto oae Inrse pit, and legal meaaares cannot pro v< nt it, as no titles are given to the ground. N B? Pamphlets with a map, the charter, sod by-laws, and all oth?r iiifi.nnatioo can be obtained at .he office. AI?o, all orders tor interments left at Mr. J. P HARVEY'S, No. 410 Seventh street, or any other undertaker, will be promptly attended to. 4^ oAcc open from 10 to 13 o'clock a m. je 18?ly ICE CREAM OF the best quality delivered to faaaiiies, Fairs, fcc., at 31% cente p? r quart, ie* lancy moulds oi plam freeners. Excursions ami Pic Nics lurnisbtd at #1 1 prr 0Um. 0i? .?. inM ^ MAErINrr Tenth street, between D and E Je 19 -lw* ! T O HOUSk.KIC*P?'*"1-p"?w in* to purchase superior Table or Pocket C?t l< ry, heavy Silver plaied or Brittanta Ware, fine Japanned Tea Trays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Feather Duster, Hat Stand, Enrmeled Ket tle, riaurepnn, G avy Strainer, Tea Bell, or anv Ot ihe hundred and one little etceteras needed by every hjuseaeeper, are invited to call on G. FRANCIS, J** 18 490 venth st "UoVKit, Iron Hall Bo.a. rboe, an<3 ? Trunk E-*tablantiineui. \ have received. his day a large assoranent of Genta Fren* h] Patent Leather and Calf Boots and Shoes which I wi'l sell the? p. Also, Bovs' Youths, and Children's SHOES of a0 deeenpQons. All in want pieis*- call at 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot. 8boe aod Trunk Erablishaen', between 9th and 20th Ma le 1# - . NOTIC*.?We kUil as asual issue aU _ bills fmm our books up to Saturday, the flW ultimo. We respectlully request that all to who* they bel ng will promptly settle them on or bafora the let of July. All who deeire to have their bills befoft ?nt oat will find then ready at our desk. . je 18?dtjyl OLAGETT, DODSON * CO.

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