Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR.| WASHINGTON OITT: MONDAY Aaiut 30, 1*60 Spirit *1 the Ntralif Pr?M. The Cemstimticn takea the Inttlligmrtr to talk for palliating Mr Reward"* late Boston speech by denouncing their common adversary the true Democracy Th? mmm? mjWUI.?* - ?? ? *- ?? ?? ?? |?f-* uuu Luniiiicrni* 01 ltr.^th. the speech of Senator Johnson, of Arkansas. in defrnceof the Prinident's message retolng the humrstead bill The lnt*H<ztnter descanta at considerable l?nth upon the preaent atctua of the foreign slave trade. in* We hare recsived from iMiillington "The Atlantic Monthly " for September, with the usual arietv of tnterrttinc contents CUT" Intelligence from Giddings's district, in Ohio, represents that he is b?*aten in the contest for Um republican nomination by Hutchina, the present member. H7""The President and bis suite arrived safe I v at Bedford Springs on Saturday, and was warmly greeted by the visitor* and citizens. Attornev <>eneral Black arrived at the Springs on the day before. Cj~A drsperate street light took place in Monticeilo, Wayne county, Ky., on the day of the Hectioa. John U. Goddard, the clerk of the election, wm shot, and died instantly, and William, his brother, was mortally wounded, U_/~ Tbe number of Southerners now in Philadelphia ia said to be greater than during the same period in any former year. Of nearly a thousand arrivals in the city, on Friday, at tbe hotels, little and big, more than half were from the Stat** of Lonlaiaua, Texas. Alabama and Tennetsee. Ip* J. Buenanaa Cross.convicted of forgery In Philadelphia, hi-a been sentenced to five years' imprisonment In tbe Eastern Penitentiary. His confederate, J Kdgar Bishop.who pleaded guilty ot an attempt to paas the forged check, was aent.-nced to two yeara' impriaonment. IE7" The Staunton (Va ) Convention directed the electors to vote for Douglas, if he can be elected If he cannot be elected, then to v.>u> I M to heat Lincoln. As has already been atated, the Charlottesville Convention adopted a resolution to the ume effect, except substituting Breckinridge for Doug la* a* the first choice. The fifth cattle ?how and fair of the Valle> * a?1-< ? " - ?t.n.unuiai cwcieijr at >* lacDt'Mr, will be held this \ear on the Mttta. 17th, ISth, and 19th days of October. The premium list has been made out It is a most liberal and inviting one. On horses cattle, aheep, hogs, and in all the various departments conne:ted with a fair, theinoat encouraging premiums are to be awarded. jH* The hiring of Iree negroes for taxes took place in Petersburg Thursday. There were 1,193 In .11 # 1- *- ? in ui iur mm, uui previous io ibe appointed time a number of them paid their taxes and consequently were allowed to clear." The bidding was very slow, ? the greater part of those offered for sale were looked ou as worthless character?. Oat of the large number, 1.100 at least, that were for sale, onlv 149 Were r>n ??" -* "? 1 # ( v . , V?VM B? tuc iUW figure of (0 cents per day UTThe St. Louis Xewi discusses wtth some severity the action of the commission to procure a a colossal statue of Colonel Thomas H Benton in giving the order to Miss Hosiner. instead of I)r Stone, of this city. It seems tLit there was an understanding, if not an agreement, that DrSton* should execute the work, that having been also Colonel Benton's wish. The legislature aj preprinted 9>2,5M) for the statue, nnd a considers bie additional sum has been subcribed by citizen* St. Louis. ' PtrHsai. The marriage of M'U Piceoiomlni with the Dnke of Gat-tan i ha* taken place at Siena. Mi*. A Mia Cora R itehie will sail for Europe on the'/SUi iii?t., and p:t<? the coming winter in Puis. Miss Vandenhoff, (Mrs Swinbourne,) the daughter of Vandenhufl the tracedian. and herself an eminent artress. dUd recently in Uirminj; ham. Kngland. She was born in 1815. Cass1 us M Clay is to deliver the annual ad drtta itefore tiie Michigan State AgrW ultural Society at their fair, to be held in Dvtro.t the lirst week in October next. Pbogeiss op thk Passes or Walk* ?A dispatch dated Quebec. Au?{ l?tb. says: '? The Prinze of Wales" squadron, composed of the Hero, Adrladne. and Flying Fish, left Charlotte town onSatusdav afternoon. pa>vd the Straits of Northumberland during the nisrht.and sighted the A'1" ** * nwu ui Dunaay. l owardf evening tnesLipa passed Bonaventura and Pierre Islands, the latter completely tunnelled by tlie aea. The weather was Dae and the set calm, and the magn tl'ent scenery showed to a gre.-tt advantage. T_ be short-a in some places were lined with ureat fields and studded with cottages, hack'd by high mountains, in others jatrtf d clifl's riff rfi re^uy rrom the sea. All alont; tlieeoast the inhabitants tired salutes as the vessel passed. "The s?i?3iironer<t*redGaspe Bay at sunset, and met the Canadian steamers Lady Head and V:c toria, with the Governor-General on board, and tbe ve*els anchored for the nijjht The Gover nor-General went on board the Hero on Monday morning, and the squadro-i procetdtd into Gospe Basin While pas^ng a tishinj? village, whlrL fired a salute, tae Hero grounded on a rpit. bui was got oil with little delay. A deputation cam. off, headed by the Sberifl, and presented an ad drew, welcoming the Prince, and requesting i frf-r rort ti V,* t-KK-i-?a n ' * , ? ,.nuiiauru ?ucre, 10 oe called Fori Albert Tie Prince repliea that he filt gratifl-f< by their ki.d w:shea, but the change of nam*- depended on the local authorities. It it ondeitlood that the change will be made. I he Canadian mlnnkr* then went on board the Princt'i ?Mp and were |reeent?d. At 1 o'clock the squadron left the b.i v ln uoing out a n in fell overboard ftoui the Hero, but was spe^dil) j.kkd up. Cape Getpe was rounded about 4 o'Hnck ow at? -a* ** *" nuvrut aitr *_ape K osier Light-he use WMSt+1 wbcn a thick fc_ tatue on lasting two hour* Tbr ship* separated hut got together again aljout 10 unlock tte next morning when the squadron vraa under St Anne mountain Toward noon one of'be b^arin^s ou tbe Arlndntgot beat-d. and a new one had *o be made, and it wn ten o'ekx k at btght ?> fi?re she irot unH?i* seam again passed Father Point at all aped at 2 o'ckck p. m . arid overtook the rest of tb' f juadron at the mouth of the Segnenay at P a. n> In entering the river. the Hero grounded on tbt b*i. b?t b* movinji iwr yuu> aft. and the aw stance of the Ariadne, sbe was ^ot oil' with little damage. i be Prince tben went on the Victoria and pro< eeded up the ?<atjiienar, accompanied by the little itramrr Tcdatiaac, tbe fleet remaining outalde The dar waa -" * ?" ' - ?.j v uuu com, dui tbe Prtoee uod bis party admired the wild uraodtur ot tbe ?rfii?T *erj much. He went up fortylive mill-*, p- wd Cape Eternity, and returned, reaching the Hero about night/all Among the novel s.^hta was tbe steamer Magnet, whose tvro ?w r? ?f cabins above deck excited sorj rise anion*; the Prince s party Thursday was cold, but Ine Tbe Prince went up tbe Saijuenay again on a Ashing excursion, sad landed Afteru miles from tbe mouth, where huts wore ereck'd, and tbe party enjoyed themselves In flskiiog and hunting. In tbe afternoon tbe r*rtv aacendrd s? ? ?? , 'ty rltr river in birch ( anwi. the Prince btlng padd;rd by two Krencb Cauadlana, leading tbe way The F.yiug F!?h. with nsoet of the officers of tbe quadion. al*o went up the Sauutnav. A? ?ht |M?>d tbe huta she tlr-d a royal naliite. and tbr ?0-?t among tbe precipices and rocks wai niblime Aruoug the Incidents of the day waa tbe introducing of Mr lic^rge McBTth.wftb au invitation In tbe Critice to a bail at London. C.W . Tbe Invitation win courteously ? cepted Th? yquadrtiti is expected to arrive h?re at tw?> \kfl? ni t"-morrow (Saturday.) The Prince ,?,M I 1 -* ? - ' win in.u ?J fc i ' CIUT B Hokriblc Mcibu ? Son and S*ster Killtd.? Omt,? .\ianrti, a convict, who Lad juat aervrd out ? t*-rni of five yearatn the Virginia penltentiarv. for m n an In Logan. county, found tbat his family had moved a< roaa the rivt r to WarHetd, Lawrence county, Va., the hUnawLa Republican says: He followed tbeaa He murdered kls slater In the most ?imm kiu?( manner, literally rutting ber v? t.ikioe o?it ber beart and and backing it to places, and ttj"n throwing the Mr into ? in" i r r>i^tv of I,It son a lad o(about thlrW^n f??'?ndin a by-placf, nearly nUn op by tb? bog??but w*? readily Identlfl^ by a remarkableaear,oa one foot, which bad been ytrftrtc ?>v tur >lu? x. <1 ?Um king. Tbe aon was by a wire wi>o had oMaiord adlvorce After tbe perpetration of th~ae horrid deoda, the ttend, wXh 1m b<tn>). M-'\ lu tbe woods. saying tt it he intruded t?> kill tit fatbrr and mother and ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ a ? ?ma Ufli tUe peeplf miL'bt 1 like him, bur* kiut at tb?- ?t*k?. or do wbat they I wlu. T* ?? * f~fl. ?. ?W, J WASHINGTON RBWI AND SOMIP. Skktchss or Scmmk Tkavil. I Editorial Cnrrnvondrnct of 7%e Stir 1 [No. 20 ] August 16, I860. Orr ros Chablottesvillb, to attesd VieGi!fia ,De.mocbatic State Cob vbhtios?The CorSTKT BETWEEN GOEDOBSVILLB asD cha*LoTTBSVILLB?THE BLU? R 'D(?B?M nSTICIL' lo?The Home or tb* How. William C. Rives?The VaLlev ob Basis in which c HARLOTTB*vjULB Aivd the v hoist a umvtipitt abe SlTt'atkd, Ac. I left Washington last evening for Charlottesville, to attend the Democratic-party State Convention called to devise means of healing the existing difficulty In the organization, growing out of the conflicting nominations of Breckinridge and Douglas, so far as Virginia is concerned. Stnnnliin f..? Ik. .I.M V- .1 in. ? > >'*wtT'u6 uij^ui uj vur way, av IV * again embarked upon the Orange and Alexan. dria Railroad Company1* cart at Culpeper C. H on which I found perhaps a hundred bound upon the errand carrying me away. The journey to the junction with the Central Railroad at Gor MMlie, over one of the finest and most agreeable regions of the Olil Dominion, (described in the St*r lust year, its readers will remember,) was quickly made. At Gordonsvilleour train met the Central Railroad Company's up and down trains, from Staunton and Richmond, for Richmond and Staunton; the three (ours and theirs) having on board perhaps65<> passengers; those of the two up trains Deing principally person*destined for either the Charlottesville Democratic-party's Convention. or for that of the Douglas party, called to meet at Staunton likewise to-day. A jolly set of fellows all these disagreeing Democrats evidently are; though the Douglasltes, being well aware that their Convention is destined to embrace quite half of their party in the whole State, are very shy of the gibes and jeers of their late political brethren ,wbo know well how well they know that the purpose of endeavoring to get up a Donglas organization In Virginia la simply, if possible, thus to give the state's vote in November to Bell and Kverett. Out from Gordonsvllle on the way to Charlottesville, we traverse a beautiful portion of Albemarle?Mr Jpfferson's county. It undulate gen tly, and embraces neither hill nor dale that la uiicul'ivahle As seen from tbe rear seat of the h.iok car of the train, its gran field*, standing com and tobacco patches, will compare with any I saw anywhere In the course of my recent Western and Northern tour; though after progressing six or eight miles, too, much of this land Immediately adjoining the railroad Is left foul The difference In the matter of the universal habit of North and South with reference to ahade trees la striking upon the l!ne of this railroad. Not a farm-house is to be seen here that fails to stand in a grove of apparently original timber?not one. Much fallowing for wheat has already been done here; the first that 1 had seen this season The farms of Albemarle are large; from two to ten thousand bushels being the crop* of wheat its land owner* generally esaay each to raise. Hence their necessity for pushing the labor of fallowing *o aoon after harvest. A* far a* I have seen this region's corn and tobacco crop*, they are better than any I have seen In Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware, thia year; the corn crop of the county of Culpeper, Va., being alone equal in promise to that bordering this Virginia Central Railroad. Aa we near the Blue Ridge the toil improves; though all the way from (Jordonsville it has been of very line quality, as the tobacco, corn, aiyd grass standing on it proves. We are now winding upon the bank of the Rivanna river, a considerable stream that empties into the James river perhaps a hundred miles above Richmond It was for. inerly locked and dammed from the James River canal up to Cbarlott<>svllle, and that work is now b-ing put In boatable order by the Janus River Canal Company, to secure for their canal the benefit of the trade of the fine valley through which the Rivanna course*. Though the banks of this river are high here, they are not only cultivable. but highly productive. Through depressions in theui we catch Tiews of the rolling nUtPSU tnrrnnKu aniiM n'J , ?, ?..?~ f ?!?.? vp? ?uc oiuc mugc, la which the University of Virginia and Charlottesvllle stand; a lovely basin of aomc thousands of acres, atudded with farms a* highly Improved In ill respects and as thrifty and profitably cultivated as any other estatea of tbelr comparatively large size on this continent. The Virginia agriculturist's proverbial passion for tine shade tree* about bis residence is conspicuojsly effective here Turn as the observer will, be sees capitally built mansions surrounded with the various out-buildings of the Virginia estate; all canopied as It were .hi. - -?* ?J _ ..... T. 1 ?u a iuvi anil euiu ii or oiri ((rffn. witb just sufficient openings to give the whole scene an air of quiet and of refined taste, and of coolness wit Lai, most grateful even to behold, on such a weltering day aa the preseut. Off to the left but a few milea distant I perceive Monticello, the home and tomb of Jefferson, upon the very top of a spur of the Blue Rid^e Mow and then I catch a glimpse through the fo. liai>e surroundi ny it of the main building, or nome otber building of the premises. The hill ?* which it stands is perhaps the most precipitous of all within view. Nevertheless, from base to ap*x it is evident that its foliage has long been the object of man's solicitous care. To look at the mansion's position from the cars, is to become aware, instantly, tint it possesses the advantage of one of the finest views in the world?of the kind?of luountaln, valley plain, river town, village, and ofcuitivatedand uncultivated land ^reentering Charlottesville, we follow the Rivauua river's windings immediately around the base of the Moutlcfllo mountain-spur, and thus are able to realize that it* bight Is very considerable, and tbat access to the premises from Charlottesville direct must be by a single very steep or very winding roadway. Here tbe railroad crosses the river twice upon trtssel wo ks, principally conatructed of iron, higher than any even of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, except the Cheat river trtasel work described in the Star about a fortnight since which is quite two hundred feet. On another one of these mountain spurs, but distant some mile* from tbe nearest point of thia Virginia Central rallr/?H *>.?. 1??>- * -- ** " mm *?v luttij I r iiUCUir UI 1110 tlOIl. WIT). C. RivfS. A gentleman at my elbow essayed to point out something of hit improvements visible from the car windows; but I was unable to percelve them, though much of the bill or mountain spur upon which they stand Is evidently highly cultivated. Besides belug a statesman of great erudition and reputation, be is admitted by all to be one of the first agriculturists In the land; cultivating hit large possessions with as proflttble judgment as good Utte. Th#? If?im#?rii*t#> tnnpn*pfc t** rK??iAH??ui. * ? ri ? ? wuai.u%??fiiic irom the east upon the Central railroad does not strike the traveler favorably so far bh the town Itself is concerned; for be is able to see of it there lltftlr more than a measurably dilapidated suburb; the fairly built upper portion of the town bei ng hidden above hint in dense foliage. W. D. W h. . Naval.?The United States brig Dolphin, Commander CharlesSteedman, of the Brazil squadron, has bees ordered home, and will outer the port of Nwfilk. The United States stea-rxr Susquehanna was put In commlMlon at New York on Friday, and ia expected to sail for the Mediterranean aome time next week. Previous to tbe departure from Norfolk of the Brooklyn, tbe masters' mates of that veaael weia discharged, and replaced by midshipmen A almilar change will take place in all naval teasels having master*' mates on board. rr 1 n v - a a ? * * " i uc rvwuaiin uauieu 11110 me navy-yard at Philadelphia on Haturday. Her pay roll will return from Washington on Monday. We believe little le* than SUOUJOwlll sufllce to pay off her crew The dla'ance run by the Powhatan from Norfolk to China waa 10,987 ml lea, which ?he ailed over la 06 day*. She steamed 18,734 miles, and waiat aea, on the station proper, 108 days She waa actually at aea 313 dajr?, and traveled aboat 57.878 mllea. The authorities of the navy-yard were pleased with the ship. Peaceable Condition or thb Utah Indians. A letter received at the Indian Bureau from Major P. Dod^e, Indian airent for Western Utah, dated ' Camp at Lake Blgler. Sierra Nevada Moiid- i talus, July 8th," reports his arrival there and a conference with the Waahae tribe. AlUmnuS -* tor* bad been made to precipitate thia tribe lato ' r wir with the white*, the policy of the Government ha* proved a* sarcewful with them aa with the Pah-utee at Noao and Walker I Jikea Major Dodge arrived on Sunday and made tbe poor Indians happy by feeding tbe hungry and clothing tbe naked. H? writes: "They are now 1* their camp rejoicing and blessing their Great Father in Washington." Douglas ctimiwe to Washixotox via Baltic Moan.?It is said that Senator Douglas willafri^n in Baltimore from his recent tour to the N4Rh?a Thursday, and take up his qli&rters at tbe Sllmor House, wbere a suite of rooms have been enpnged for his accommodation. Arrangements are being made by his friends, it Is aaid, to give bim an I? - At fT - ?111 ? J-J - ciuuuiKuuu rcvrpiiiiH. 11 c win ur tciruaucu m the evening, when It ia expected be will deliver an address. ArroiNTMBRTa ?The following appointments have been made by the President: Alex W. Buell, of Michigan, to be coasul of I Cl'itui .< I.. -1... -? <1 mu vmacu u? nuuviuiaj i M ptavc VI AUQCl Pratt, recalled. John A. Parker, of Virginia, to be conanl of tbo | United State* at Lahaina, in place of Anton G. Chandler, recalled. Gknxkal Coorts-Martial.?It teems that au unusually large number of General Courts-Martial have been ordered within the last mo<;th, in tbe several military departments of tbe Government; and among them is one to convene in this city on tbe Utb of September next. OFirirvn nv DitTiirt lVfii ttta Apr?nr*t*n ? Peter Force, Esq., bas been appointed Major General, and Col. Hickey Brigadier General of the militia of the District of Colombia. Thk VVbatkxe.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Inatltntlon. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. avflvit sw, 1sw. Baltimore. Md cloudy, cool. Washington, D. C clear, warm. r irhmnnh v "o - -?? i ?? ?? y *? ? v?vuu f | ? w . Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 78?. Norfolk, Va clear, 78?, wlud N Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 77?. Wilmington, N.C clear, warm. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm Charleston. 8. C clear, 79", wind SW Augusta. Ga clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear. S33, wind S Macon. Ga clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga cl'-ar, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala c'ojdy, cool. Mobile, Ala clear, fHi". New Orleans, La clear, 83'. FROM TUB WX8T. uj -i r- irun ) i?u. cicar j warm Hagerstown. Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, pleaiant Grafton, Va clear, warm Wheeling, Va cloudy, calm, 63?. Pnrkerthnrtr, Va cloudy- warm Cleveland, O clear. 74?. Elgin, 111 cloudy, 63?, wind 9 Cairo, 111 hazy, 76?, wind SE Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 i. m . (cor //>. * v rta aaa A. * ? ?v- -rm |?>| tcutpcimurv,) ou.iitj, ai noon, iju uuj Thermometer at 7 a. m., 70*; at noon, #4?. Maximum during 48 hour* ending 9 a. m. today, 90'; minimum 67'. | fy"JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOC1A k_3 TION.?The re^iila- weekly meeting of the A "social inn will b?? held Tills EVENING at ? o o ock. Punctual attendance is requester). as business of importance will l>e brought l>efore tho meet ing. CORNELIUS BOYLE, l'rest. W. J. Doxohoo, s?oj. It "TB^OSIRl!* LODGE OF PKRFEPTIOV v.. I R 1. will meet at R o'clock THIS (.Mondav) EVENING. at the Hull, corn-r Ninth ? d D sts I'nnctual attendance requited. It JOS. \V. NAIRN, G. M._ ry?Wi: (iLAS DEMOCRATIC AS?OCIAl_3 TlOv?The rosiilar meeting o! this Association wi 1 l>e held THIS EVENING at their headquarter*, Kiinmell Building. A splendid Kla? will l>o presented by the ladies of the Fifth V\ (ird. Francis tiallagher, Ksq . of Baltimore: Mr Brent, of Alexandria, and o'her prominent Democrats, will address the meeting. Music by the Ma ine D...I uoiili Igw rs? WASHINGTON LIU HT I N FA N 7 RY ? <KA-v,vh,? W" ,w"l ,,,eet on MONlJAY LVfcMNIf,?t 80 clock. Important I>utin6*i requires a full attendance of ail the members. By order, ? ? '"-a* P. J. ENNIS?*, ?ec. Yy*THE REGULAR MONTHLY MKET'-K-3 tnf of the V oiinu Men's Christian Aimcia tion will be heltl at their rooms, oppositx Hrowni t-.oui, L>A V EVKNINft, AhjiihI 2*)i, ?t i o'clock. A communication from J. Augustus Johnson, Esq., l.'nitml States Consul at Syria, iu relation to the massacre of tho Christians at Da masons, Ao , will l>? laid before tho meeting. A full attendance of the meinb-rs is renuested. SAMUEL McELWEE, Jr., an 18 2t Secretary I'ro tem. Mr- COME AND 8KB OUR CELEBRATED NAVY FLANNEL COATS at *4.50 at au 10-2w SMITH'S, No. 4t>0 Seventfi street. ^ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNS LADIES. Minn M. RIDDELL willr<?iiime the duties of her chool on the first MONDAY' in Sepi?inh?r, at No. 451 I welfth street. auiQ-lin VAN DEM ARK'S PORTA B UK FKNCK -A'.y one can aectire richt* Jnr this rrallv rheap and unrivalled Fence, of A tcent L. \V. FALTON\c?>r ner S -v^nth atroet and Pa. avenue, where the in?d?l can lie neon for a few days only Call up gentlemen and before the rights are a 1 sold. Agents wanted. an %?-' o3t* IjVMEKSON INS I 11 L'TE, -A H St.. Bitwiix !2th *?in 13th St*. SELECT CLASSIC A AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Annual Session of thi* school will commAusfl on MONDAY, September 31. Numl*r of pupil* limit?*!. an in (State* ) chas. B. YOUNG. Principal. rn OPENING. I he e street bowing saloon will op n tlii Mo day evening, August i, j . a>?h, l?oi. For the s*a?on, having| ciosrd tor th? pa t three mom lis for \| o t'ie purpose of refitting everything apportMiiung U? th?* Saloon. Ic having been entirely refurnished, snd newly frescoed. The prop-ieto'r willlx* pleamxl to have his friends and the public give him aeall. j. T.marr. an2tl Iw* Royal Havana lottery.?th? following numbers drew the piiucipal prizes >n the drawing of August 4th, lWi: No*. rn**?. | noa Prum injurj. | 2&K $* n?i iHK7l..... 9>JW0 I !*.?>?? "> J 3a , ix?s. wo,sons. sai,ssn, 4457. 5249, 5451 61HV 7 ?8. 7H43, 8W5. 1W4, 1274J, 13IW 32* 1?? "i.47' !^i4 15571 ,MH6' WW. I?H. nwo. nm. iS3j! I9?>7. 19MS, 30641, ZWl, 2KB). 2184.5 23 ?'2. 23181 24??2 24*4. 2435H, 2V49, SSS77. i?7.W, 28WV fJtS. ^2*7 28113 2H-W5. 2H41'5, 2SU27 *<J548 2S72I-# Utt) eacli. ' Whole ticket No. aws >i. held in Lexington V is our 1. The next drawing of thiac?l?kr?M Lottery will take place on the 2ath of August. Kor. particular* sfe au'/ertiiHriipnt in mnthftr rv?lim.r. It* "7 DON RORIQUEzi - .? . I DR. W. I. f"R \(;IN having purchased the Drag Store. No.37ii, uoitlirait comer ofS??v , and I ?t ot*u. lately owned by Dr. T. O. vdp-% Mclntire, is now prepared to accommodate rT X fie foriuer patrona of the Store, and ?h? aub-t iltJ> lie gene ally, with nverylhiuf they tuay waut^^* in hi* liue of t>u?ine*s. Ue keeps constant!* ?n haud a fre-h and pure a*B0rtm?ut of DKI'GH. UdBJllUALMM Hf>UICI>KS,pnrchft?e<l from ome of 'he inost reliable houaea in the United S'ates. There will alio be found PATENT MKDI INKS. FANCV ARTIv I.KS, *OAl\3 aBd PERFl MKitY. Stnot personal attention i?iven to the compound rig of phyaician'N persoriptions at mi iiourti. uay or nuiit. Mimical I n?trniiient?, Tiii8?o? ike., ordereid from the manufacturer at the a ho fleet notice, and at reasonab.e i>ric S. I pledge myself to do all in my power to pfeM* and accommodate evert one wh<? K' a call. 1 have af^w *ftllof?? *?? _ f r - - .w a WI i? I *?*' . r pure R ticle. for medicinal purpose* No 37>, rorne Seventh street west anil 1 street north ? No. 370. an ?-5t^_ fo. mtkeysj Y DEALER IN J liWOOD A THAI I iMi? (I .. -- - ? ? ? MI If L<j II // SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, VV Y Plaster, and White Gravel, (i I! 548 N. E. Cor. 12th & C SuJl II On* m|unre SuiilL I'eiin. At. \l (f WASHjJNGTON, D. C.JJ a? te-tf MBiADAME BOIVIN'S* FEMALE Ai/fERA- ! TIVE PILLS*. for the exclusive u?e of fe males laboring uod?r any ?f the following comniaint*:?Olistmctions. wippression, Green Siek ( lifhi. Head Ache, Pain in the J*ide, Palpitation, i U a thing of Focid. Distu bed Sl-*p, and all inter ruptionn or Irregolartti-aofthe Mc-nsirual Peri (Mi >4 rH -These ?*flU ?hould never be taken l?y females uuriui ri?B??uo7.w> "*"J *"n ? DO 8IHA to .MiHuarnage. Prepared for-Madame Bojvin. at 1* < Hue Vaii?irardt at Pairs, France For ?aie at 179 outh B st, oppojua (MuitftKonian, the ontv a*ent in >\ a-liinitton. an lu .tt* I- EC RIVED AND FOR SALE, ~~ tV MR?. Wl!MSI,OWS SOOT Hi NO SYR UP, " For Children Teething " 8. C. FOR 1), Jr . I)rn?iit, i an 18 3t carper llth at., ami p?. >yt , Thk okan<;k blossom wedding en-i VELOl'E. >u*t intr?Htn??(i by u ** II WEMPfEV ft Woouk, Weddiac Card hugravori, I M17-* 336 P?. ?r? tat. 9tk auU 10U ?U. I V 9 PROF. WOOD* | ttfcdIUIlAllvc tUKlHAL AMD BLOOD &E90VAT0E Is pr?ci?'.'lr wha' ita raise indicate*, for. whil* pleasant to ttoiaate, it!? r8vi*tfji?g,MhilMmnn*. invigorating and ctrwgther Uig totte vT|? powers, and tithe ?Mtie tune revtriMa, relBttAie*. new? Uio Hood to a 1 Ita original ptt'itr, and thus at oiiBa t(itmts nM rmrft's tk*s*rt?m >< Ioatfmk* v dtstah. It ia Ml only preparation ever ?JbMW to the world, oOhnmiOal!i *nd Aliifui.jr o- inHined as to t.- tna ?oaf jKjwertal tonic, and m th? aame ti? ad perfectly adapted aa to act in { "riact acoordanoe with the law* of naturr, MM hence will tootkr the weakest ttomiuh, and ton* up thedigestive organ* auu tnu? alia? an nervous a>id ether irritation. Itiaperfeotly exhila'a ting ard at the aame time it ia composed entirely of vegetable*, yet so comlMBvd aa to produce the most thorough tome ffl >ct, without producing any injurious cons queue*. tuoh a lomedr haa ion* b*en fe.t to b* t% desid-vatani in the medioal world, for it need* no medical ekitl to sea that d'b.litr follow* ali attack* o| disease, and proceed* a"d in deed iaya the ayateia op n to the io*idiou* attacks of in\ny of the most fatal, such, for example, as the following: Consumption, Indneation, Dyspepsia, Lea* of .Appetite, famine**, Nervous liritabi itt. i^iruragia. palpitation ofths heart, Melanohot*, Night sweat*, Lang or, Giddiness, Retention ol. as veil aa Painful obstructed. too profuse, or too ???nt Menstruation, aid Falling of the Womb These all depend npon genora! dehilif. Thi? pure, healthy toil 10 Cordiai and U ood Renovator aa are toouroae thesun i? to pse and sf t There is no mi tak? atx>ut it. But this la not all If the system is weakened we ara open to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse dutaaed. the kidneys refuse to p?rf>uu their functions, and we are troubled with eliding and incontinence <>f urine, or involuntary discharge o( the same, pain in the back, side and between the shoulder*, ex oecdintly liable to slight colds, ooushs. and ii un oneoted, booh emaciation folio* a, and tu?> goes iliiwn to a permature crave. Hal space wul not allow us to enumerate the many ilia to whioh we ere liable in a weakened condition o| the system. But we will eay in thia Cordi W and B ood Kenorator yon have a parfect, safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loaa of App tile, Biliousness, FlaUiIcjco, w>?ak and aick Stomach. Langour, Liver Complaint, Chills and Fever.or am B iiou? attaok, Co. t< venesa, Acidity of the M 'mach. Nervomneea. neuralgia, faip.tition of the Heart, Depression v-f 8pi'iU, irores, Fun plot on lbs Fm?, or any rtismie anting from impure biooj, mob u ??oroftil?, Hrysipeias, Bronchitis Couzh.diffioaity of Breath mi*, Mid ?ll that eiftftK of disease* oal ed female weakness,and enumeiatcd above. We wilal?o say the traveler exposed to epidemics, chau*e of climate and wat?r, will find it a pl?a?ai.t saiespd sure re^tdy, and no ona should ever travel with out. Ke*d*r, try it, for we assure yon yoa will find in it a friend well as a triend in need. All persons of sedentary hahit* will fin4 it a do< - reoi p eventi*e ?l, a* wed u a cure for tho?e ailments which they are particularly exposed Holc# ministers, students, attorneys, literar* g?n?len?en, ?n<1 ladies who are not ac mst- med to much outdoor exorci-e, will find it to t'ieir advautageto keep a bott e constantly on hand; acd abi\e a'l inotueru or tno*e i-eooimn* ouch, will no through that most dangeiou* period n.'t only with alt their aocus omed strength, but ssfe and free fiora the thousand ailments ao prevalent among the femate portion of the wo U. In short, is indeed a mother s rtorfiifkl Tiw it " * 1 " . ?T r j-., J V i.a,,M #wun?; no 10 tt?r run me u v i 'i? W|^ relieve and prove it*e|f cir,phaticalij a Htstorative tot til and Blood Ktnova tor. %YViV\-*** Broadvray, New jV .Market Street. St. Loins, Mo., ami Bottle * l>ruifKiste. Frioe One per PROF. WOOD S rrstor a TIVF /vi/? ni a r . ? mm r W BLOOD RENOVATOR. at) 2P eoly, alw B[ No. 665. J V THE PR?SlI'KNT OF THE UNITED STATE*. la pursuance of l*w. 1, James Bcchasax, Preaident ol tiie United States oi Am?no* do hereby declare and make known that public cake will be held M the undor-inenti"!:ed l.and Ofto*1* in theS fLtr* nf l.'iWft rn.t ?Ka l- ^ 1 * .... - n w? ? ? vnu |?vi ump uorciUAllOr Q98I|[I.& ted, to wit: At the La.d Office at Fort Dopgi, commencing on Monday, the 19ch 'la* ol NuTsnb'r n-at, (or the dupotai ?f the public land*, heretofore uu tf -red. situ-.teii within the following township* and parU of townships, vir: North (xf thi bate line atui wit of the Afth principal meridian. Sectiore \ 3 5,7,9,11,13 15 17, 13 tl,23, S5, 27, ?), 31, S3 and Gi. of towuniiip 93; sections 1, 3. 5, 7, q 11. 1.1 Is II la ?i <n ->e ? " ? , . , . ! 'I *!?* ) , '/t 31 1 1"" 3'i 0| I town?bip 95; "ftii.n* 1.3, 5, 7. 9,11, 13, 'A, 17, 19 21, 23.25,27,23, 31,33, aid 35, of township sect on? I,3,5,7,9,11, 13, 15, 17. l'?. 21.23 2 V 27. 29.3?, 53 ami 55, of township 97: section* 1, 3 5, 7,11. 13 .5,17, 19. 2', 2S 25, 27, a9, 31, 33. antl 35, of lovntinp ?8, of range 27. _ Secnoi.M 1.3 5 7, 9,11, IS, IS. 17 19, 21. i3. 25.27, 29, 3'. S3, aii'l *5. oftowr.*hi? 93; portion* 1. 3, 5, 7, 9, II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 25. 27. 29. 31, I>3. a d 3>. < f town?hif 94; *?c;to38 1. 3 5.7,9,11,13,15 17. H, 2', 23 25.27,29.31.33 *r?1 35 of'ownsinp 9>; ?f?cti r? 1,3,5. 7.9. 11, 13, '5 17. 19,21, i3 25 21, 29 31.3* and I n! * ? - - w'f -w n?p mi ions I 3 ft, 7, 9 41. 13 15, >7, 19, 21, 23, 25,27.2?. 31,13. anl SP, of township 97; sections 1,3,5,1, ?.?, 11,13.15, 17. 1>, 21.23, *5.27, 9,31. S3, and -IS of towns' 'p9>; ??ct onsl,3 5 7.9,11,13, 1^, 17 n. *1 M 25, 27,29, 31, 33, an'l 35, of towurhip 99, of ranee 2?. S oil, 11. 13. 15.17. 19, 2 ,33 25. 57, 2* 31 3:1. anH 3S of township 93! s'C'ioiis 1.3.5,7.9, 11, 13,17, 19,21, i<3, 25 27.23, 31, S3, a..d 3i. of town?nip"4; xotioro 1. 3,5,7,9, 11,13. 15, 17, 19,21,2^.25, 27. if*. SI - 5? n " 1 _ w, ?/ . vrt v ?W Ulp 35; ?CCU 'III If 3f 5t 7, >. lif IS, 14,17, 19,21, 21.25,27, 21 Si 3V and 35 "f tiwnsHp 06; ste' oni 1.3, 5, 7, 9,11.13 15, 17,19 21, .3, 25, 27, 53, 3', 33 *n<l 35. of mwnth'p 97; I r.s I,3, 5,7.9,11,13.15,17.19,21 2.1 25.27. 29.31. 33, and 45, of ownnhip 9B; ?i?c ions 1,3,5,7,9, M, 13.15 17, 19,2l,2? 25,77 29, 31, 33, and 35, of .ownrbip 93, of range 29. Sections 1, 3, 5,7,9.11,13,15,17,19, 21, 23. 25, i7.29, 31,31, and 35, ot tnwrmhfp 93; motion* , 3 ?, 7, 9, II, 13.15,17, 9.21,23,25.27,2*. 31 i 35 of township 94; hoc lo i 1,3 5 7,9, II, 13. 15, 17,19,VI, 23. 25, S7. /9 3t 33, and 35, of to washis 35: seotiona t i 7 9. 11. 13 15. 17. 19.21, 23. 25U' Sj'SI.SS.and 3Vof township Bcrtions 113, 5$ 7, 11 13? I5? 17j '9? <11 C3..5S7.19 31. S3. Hud 35. ol t<>wn*hip97: fctioual, 3,3,7,9,11,11,16.17, 19, *1, 23. 25. 27 23. 31,33 a-i 3>. o rownxhip 92; s-c'ioiu 1.3, 5,7. 9.11.13 15,17, 19,21 23.25, 27.29. 31,33, aort 35. o tjwm jp99;? o Hon* 1.3 5,7.9. 11, 13 5, 17, 19. SI. 2S. 25,27, 29,31. 33, and 35. oftown#ni? 100. of ru*e3'< 1. 3. 6.7. 9 II, 13. IS 17, IP, 21,23 25 27. 29,31, 33. ana 35, ol t<>wa*hip !<!; otun? 1. 3. .5 7. 9,11.13,'5 17. 19, 21, 23, >5. 27. 29. 31 33, mid 3i, of t >wn*hip "*4; section* I-3, 5. 7, 9, II,.13. 15 17 19,21, oi oc on ?i ??1 **" ** oo,?ti'i ? > OI lownalwp '*5; amotions 1.3,5.7,9, 11. 13. 15, >7. lx, 21, i3. 25. 27.20 31,33 ftr.d 35, of township !*>; n'ctlo I. 3, 5. 7. A, 11, 13. 15. 17, 19.21 23 2 >,4.7 29. SI . S3, and 3S of t >wn?htp 97: a*o tlona 1, 3, V 7,9 It. 13, .5, 17, 19, 21, 23. ZS. 27. .9, 31, 33, ?n-' 3', of town'titp !*; sectioua 1,3. 5,7,9,11, IS, IS. 17,19, *1, 23, 25, 27. i9. 3 . 33, ?na 3?, oi owiiaMp *<l; h<s Jtion? 1, 3,5, 7,9,11,15, 17.19 W, i3, 2S, 27, i9, 31,31, ?n<i 3?, of town?i?p lon.of r*n** 31. Mrctiona 1,3,5, 7.*, 11, 13, 15. 17, l?,*l, 23. ?5. 27, 29, 31,33, nn.1 35. of towiiftltip 93; Bfct n it I, 3. 5, 7 4, II, 13. 15. 17, 19. 21.53. 25, 27. 29, 3 , 33, ?l.d 35, of tuvnihip 94; *rctli)B) J, 3. S,7, 9, 11 13,15,17,19, <1, 2%, S5, ?7, ?. 31. 31. * <! 35, of t >wn?h>p 9?; aectio * 1,*,5, 7,9,1 13.15, 17, -<.<1,23 to,27, i?.31.33. and i-5. f wurnfhip9,: a?<?ti -na l.S.5.7 9 11 *- * - 1Q, 21. 21, 25, 57. ?9, fl, S;, a <1 35, of ownxliip <?7; section* I . 3. 5.7. a, 11,13,15, 17.19.21,23,25,27. ;9. 31,31, Mid of to ?n?lnp 98; ouou? 1.3. 5. 7.9, 1, 13,15. 7 19, 21, 23, 25. 27. 29, 31,9">, ?. d *6. of io*( Uip 99; -U- d? 1,*,5. 7,9, II. U, 5.17, 10, 21, 27, 25,27.*9,SI,33, an<i 35 of M>wiiahi? 1?hi, of r*. go 3. tfcvtion. 1, 3. 5, 7, 9. 11, 13. 15. 17, 19. 21. 23 Z5. 27, 29, 31.33, *u<J 3j. * f wniiltip94 lo* n*hip 9>; lection* 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.11 21.21,2.. 27, 2>, 3?.;r?. ?i d 35 rf tow ("ip 9b; > ell >111 1. 3, 5, 7. 9. 11. I J. 15, 17. ID 21, 23.2">. 27. 2>, 31,3\?n 1 3> ? towmhip '*1, "O'lim 1; #. ?. 7. 9. II, 13, 15. 17, 19, 21. 23. 2?. 27, 29.31. 3% a d 36. <>f own?hi?'. ? wtioi.i >. 3 5.7. !>. 11 13, ?5 17, 19.21,23 25, 27. 2"'. 31 33, and 35 <> tfr*rn?hip ??; fotuu* 13,6 7, 9 11. 13 >5,17. H?, 21 23, 25, 27, ?, 31,31, and 35. uf tu vn?nip ton, ol ranpc 3<. A I |h? I jnH ? p , .HV VMIW ? UIUU A VI I1 I WUIIIlVXiOIli on Mondar.the 26th day of November next. Air the diapo?al of the publte lands,heretofore onoff red, sitna'e ' within the following townships ai d parts of townships. *iz : Worth of the bast line and went of the fifth principal meridian. Motions 1,3,5,7,9,11. 1*. 15.17, 19.21.23. 26. 27. i9, 31,31. Ai.d 3 . i f towushi# !i5. sio ion- 1, 3, *,7.8. 11, 13, 15, 17, 19. 21, 23, 85, 27.2V 31. S3, and 35, of "WriB'MP 94. ai c Ioms 1, 3, 6,7, 9, 11. IS,!*, 17, W, 21. .3.25 27.29 . 31.83. ar>d 3 , <if townahia 97: town si p 'M. -eot.ona 1.3,5,7,9. 11,13, 15,17, 19,21.23, 25 V. ??,3I.S3, an 3i. ?>| townxmp 99; aaoiiona 1 3.6,7,9, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27. 2D, 31,53, and 35, of tow li ?hi p ii" oi rauje 34. _ _ > uwuiiup* :*> ?nu "? 01 r*n?e 3S* Town*k.ip9i,ot range? Town'hips 9' 99, *n^ 10"? ?l rang? S7. ToZ"?h'p. 9?.?. ino, of rang? 3*. To?nshipsH8.90 and 100, of rani? S?. Township? "and * Townships *> and J?*? of rjjjg? 41. Towi.?hip? 93 ?nd 100, of?an**?? Townships 99 and 100, of ran?? 43. Townships? ?"S '? ?> ra"*?i*Township* 'J9 and 100, of range ?. 7'uwnshipn'J*' ami U?, of rang? 48. Townships *j9 au > l?. of r*n?i n. Township* ??n and inn of range <8. Townships99 and IPO, o range 49. Land appropriated by law for the use of sohoola, military, atid othnr purposes, together with the swamp and orerflowetf lands," will b? excluded from the sales. The oflnring of the above lands will be oomrnenoed on the days appoints, and will proceed in th? in which they "are advertised, until the whole ".'?21 I have been oflWed and the sale. thus closed ; bat no sale shall be kopt open lonntr than tip weeks, and no private entry of any of tiie lands will l>e admitted until alter :he expiration of the $wo week.. Given under in* hand, at the city of Washington, this lou-tr'en h day of Aucu*t, Anne Domini one "bl YJSII'BUCHAMAN. Rf Ihi PrAtiHAnf jr?:k wiLsoit. Comriii??iouer of ui? General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right ot pre-emption b? any of the land* within the township* and part* of townMiips ab?ve mentioned, i? required to e?tablish the same to the satisfaction or the register &od receiver of the pr"p?r land oflioe.and make p%ySent therefor as soon as practicable after seeing is notioe. and beforo the day appointed for the commencement of the pablio aafiri of the landa ?mbraoinx tne tract claimed: otherwise such claim will be forfeited. JOS S. WT1.HOM uommiaaioner ef the General iabiI Office. Note ?Under the regula.Uons of the department, m heretofore ai.d now existing, no fay meat can made for advertianig proolamations except to raofc Kblishera m are spit tally authorized to publiak bj e Com taieainrwv of the Geueral Land Office. ?u gfl-m.wl-hw 1 TJl%?lF.,VKU A UARGB LOT OF FA I.I, ^ ?!fc?'#SJU&X CtiLKaRH. SuCK}?, and a I ?Vu .VENTS'FL'R NI5SH /NO (HHM# and LI.OTHING at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh at., >ppoito Poat Office. an ll-2w P.. __ w tDOINtt <AKD DKPOT VM oTANTJ.Y Introducing u?w awl Uautifal ?tyle?. .DllftPSEY'A O'TOOI.K ^ PERSONAL. I ?*>awjt^5srur i^?>?d ? SBjjy' "iirmr)7;? moSifc!rmen I t'*^^gjaB?ggs^l pant; mi ; ?n#r?< '? Mayor has takei no *? lion whatever for lae MWinn of said house. alfhoiju cil)??ns ami prOMftv holder* of the Ward ibgtfarfeimmeAs from the company har* waite<t rfp??n hlin tunaa fn re atlon thereto: no satis faction or defi:.i?? atiswer have tkey re?e)vjd ; and whereas this company b?? been orfani??<l for years, and have worked unn<?r more di?advant*ice? than any other company in the citr.We h?rt?n to pav the tirst two yea V rent ourselves. The hufhtine bein< old when we first to<<k possession of I . ft in row a complete wreck. deatrut ing oiir i?ew am! contl) apparatus by it- dampneis*. and ;ts b? in* insecure per?on? have entered it and taken i-eautiful and costly pr Bent* b-Joncinc t?> the company: and although knowing our duty a* firemen. a.,<1 having always endeavored perform that dutv. at HI! t?me? conducting ourselves in an orderly and p aceabfe manner, as good and trao firemen should do, ami being the only com. any in that portion of tiie city, we think we deserve, and it is no more th\u just and right that we should have. 4 houee for the s&fd keeping of our appaiatus and Airrntu a. Therelore be it Resolvt<1. That the company will not, from and afier the 4*h of A in lift oroceed to ant lire and that their truck house t>e closed irrvooabiy until oin thinf default* t* done in regard io the hour*. Resolverl, Thai a oopy ot the al>ov? resolutions l>? righ^d br the committee a- d a copy ?<>nt to the Mavor. ana a so be published in the Krenina Star and Stat??. and that the eompint make their ?a?t appearance.under the present ciritmutancM.on t..e evening of the 3Wh of Aug u?t Commitrt . John T, Chancey. Henry Rock, Joseph V. Mnrpiiv. George \V. MoEifreah, Charles W.Sherwood, Audiew C, Smith. John Letch, jr.. Thomas II. Harper. Joseph B Walling. _ au So KHWARD H. yiPK.***. TVOTICE.?All per?on? ire herehy war?~d and i cautioned from trepasainr in Swi manner, either i?j cro*Mng it or otherwise. oa the farm be luuginc lo tlio heir* ofthe late John Baker. The law will be rigidly enforced a garnet ail inch, an 17 31 JANK BAKKR. Madame felix, fortupk teller, from Paris. inform* hor former friend*, and the public generally, that >lto I,an removed to 4*1 Tenth *treM, between H imd F. where ?he wilt l?e happy to se? all who will favor h^r with a rail. an I3-3W* MAl)AMK MORKICK, TTIIGikat ASTROLO6T?T and rW'UMBjW. Jmtt from Euro?*.?T*U hirhly rift d and intelligent lafly can l?e oon*u!tH on the Cast. Froaeet and Futnre Event*. C*il at No. VJ03 Twenty eroDd street, between H aid j. Washington. je?9Stn* EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, kc. Look out for the yon an ci.uh TRIZE PIC NIC, At ARI,IN?TON ?PRiNG. 2>i u^PUAX. 4'h. I*?. I pR.\ND Pir-NlC AND BA! L 1 , w8 tfr 'RONAAN DcfflfiKTOWN, oF wAsL%F?KR^ CITY hardkn?. A L UJ WOAV ??*? ??** There will !>e ?erv?d up at 6 o'clock a large l?af of llre?d of t*o hundred pound* weight. 0% K*put*<- Braxnaiid Sting Baod haa (?et> flra eima^ed for the o cvoon. Admission 50 cents. l<a?lit-? free MB Co mm it ue rf A'tantrmen's. J. WmmI, V. H*?l futh J. Kwald. II. Kli*M. U. fctolp*. __t ti G. Bereg. it. vvone. Th* procession will l?nv? <i T. Kraft'* corner of Pa av.-'and Kijlitreo utre^t at i o'clock. with the great mammoth loaf of3K' ?onnd?drawn by two wliit? horse". and proceed through the principal Btreet?. It* T~ I. O. O. F. RB M K R E K * < >P K *TR A 1. IJMMiC No l.will jrve n PIC NIC M'vtBIA fPRIXCS.on MONOW . 27th mutant, lor tlir tiei,??fit of tb? wiflows and orphan ehiMren of >-aid Lodge 'I icket? Fifty Cent?. auJ8-3^ J COMMITTFIF.. TFOR AH |.IN<*TON. UK 8TKAMKR GKQKGB W. RIGGfWill rurieverj hour on MONDAY, An- Ik fn?tf h f om F-'irtP'-nth Rtr?;et, lift I iti VVT??lii" '*?? i. -II V|*7| w*? ??? Arlington 8?riAet Firxtt ip at H a m.. lut trip at 10 p. m Fare 10 cei t : child -en ) af pri^e. an I? vt JAVKS 1. CATHCART. Third annual kxcursion OF THK East Washington Bap't Sunday f chool, To GLVMONT PAVILION, On WKDNK9PAY. 221 Ancu*t, 1*?. Th? School h?vm<; oh*rt"re<l t!ie-trainee Thomm Coli.ykr, wi ! give an Kxcumion to - tli?al>ove na?n??l p'*""onZM a<d ti?e committee pledse UOTmelm** -" that no effort will t>e spared to make thin equal to tln'i r former excurfcion*. The boat will leave her <h?rf, H ot nf^vMth at., (Inland) at ha 1 pa ft 7 o'elook ; Navy Yard at I o'clock; B!a:ii<Mi'a wt.arf at half-past 8 o'clock, touching at Alexaodria coinic and returning Withers'* Hrasa Band ha* been engaged for the occasion. Refreshmert ma* i?e ha<i at city price?. Adult tickets, jfl ccnU; children and servant-, loc<nts. Ccmwitie'. Robert Clarke, J. II. B Jenkin*, Charles Alien,, Geo. C. Walker. au 18 3t_ QRAND EXCURSION. The Methodiat ProtestantChu'ch. Ninth street. will make an f.Jtcurston to H a- )pp iler*i>ur*,by Baltimore and OhioJJM?SS5ttMK Railroa*!, on \VeDNKSDAY. August 22d, I860. This Kxf is intended to he something extra. The Choir wii) jsivca Concert. fee. on the ftronnria, pmparetl for the occasion. RrfrtahtnenU can be obtained on the grounds A dinner will !? served in the erove. Tickets for a*1nlt?. 50 ccnt*; children. 25 efnts Tick*'* can be procur<?d a' the stare of Kennel* A Pngh, 8 v<M?tb ?t , IJallantyn's lietwee" D ami F. stg., at the office of Dr. P. G Clapton. P ?t. bel.?w I jM-vent : McrhTwn'i driif >tore. Navy Yard; licwweir* ilru? itor". inland, and of the committee The tiaio will leave at 7.4i> precisely. I Come one?Come all. au 17-4t* T. MOONLIGHT FXCIRHION. IIK C?ncre**t ion of Grace Church! Island) pro- I p<>?e (irim a MOON'I.IIIHT EXCI RSION for tne benefit of the^^2E^B^C C" i connected with the Church, FRIDAY, Aticu*tSI i'hev l.ave chartered the steamer Phittiix, which ill have Eleventh atreet wliarf at5 o'clock p. m , precisely. Withers'* Band ha* been engaged for the uc?aai'-n Refreshments on the boat. I '! ;-? a- r? ? ? ? ? a it?cn? a' cn? s; cn.iurff. its efnli. Committee \ S. E Mwphy, C. Jacnh*. S. B. T.\T1O?\ W. S. Y caiman. iV.S KolterU, R K. B*nl-, | J.N GOi'd'>n. C.H. Hancock. ailo-e? AMU8EMKN1X i ' ASHINGTON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager S W. Gl*n*. THIS B8TA MENT Will op n for the ircalar Fall aad Winter Swob on the night of THURSDAY. Novbmbk* lac. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. Tlie Cotnedttn of the Age. wilt commence an engagemtiitof Twe ve Night* on MONDAY, November 5th. ai.d will be fo'low d bvthe mmt BR I I. 1,1 * ^ T STARS lb the Theatrieal Firm* net t. fn- Communioanous if address! to S W. Glum. "'Old dow?rj Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au lt-ti BA^^ispLAY qf F1RFWORK8 COLUMBIA7 SPRINGS, On TUESDAY, Avguat 2l??. The National (^oadnlle Association take groat 1u nimimini tumr niaUY IriPlUlS th?t m their second GRAND A^MHLV will if take place at COLUMBIA SPRINGS onA TTKSUAY EVENING, August ant. on (A whioh oooasion there will be a grand display of Fireworks AUo, a select string bond will be in attendance Ti kets, Fifty cents; admitting a gentleman ai d ladies. Coaches will leave corner Pa. avenue and Soreuta street at the iwllowi- | hours: 3,4, 5. 7,1 and 9 o'clock. Return vt will leave the Spri cgs at 9, W, 11,'2.1 and 2 o'clock. ? Good order may be raited on, as special police willhe in attendance. Prof Losz wi" act as ballad roaster on this wciti cmiiAB. Br order of the mi ii ao3t COMMITTER. A GRAND MILITARY AND FANCY COS TUMK BAM. ?i 1 take pieoe rt'luH FAL'(J 1 1ER WHITK SULPHUR M < SPRINGS, on WEDNhSDAV. the 23d rfj*E < Anyuat. A auf&cient number of n**<ea tiareU^R turcedybeen obtained to enaure it to be a rerj bril- 1 liantafTur .... Sta*e? mkI hackaconnect with each train in ar- ' renton aad deliver passenger* t the Spriaca in 1ft < hour* time. au 17-d ROBERT HUDGIN, Proprietor. n mpb nn*.nu??.. r,RN8T Ifi and 3d ureut, would r*???otfally flL BBHbjjinSSS Mf on. at kiB Paviliou, oomntMotof at s u'c.ool and ending at to p. m Preriou to th* Coaoort. tb? Saloon ? op?i to thoao dMirinr to wbue psssc: rartiM daainnc the G ardent for Pie Nie per < poera. ere reeaeated to jiveadaj or two noUee. Je 18 3n> ? F SCHOOL FUBN1TCRR 1 OR wtl<? at a t?i ?v. m*l and douMe De-ki, J ruliMMl twe?.t? tour bmbiIk Y lul/ Tl ^M la A a nnTUkki a* i wwviivn OAUOBi J. C MeOl'IRK It CO., Aacii<>M?ra. tut. at 11 o'alMB* v? afcftii wM >? f ni ?2 tu A notion Room* * J- o- u'?B ? co. A?t? |t, j c MoGUIR fc A CO. Autwown. ONI G TW04?T0?V tftAMR HuWK A*P > Lot O* km *??. T * *. ?TII1T? lolTHt At Ant.uJi?ObTHVBBDIV AFTkInOONI A??. ?*. * ? ?' irrmiM*. vr M li L.?t N?. >4 ! h^vtr* 4M. "roDtiui &fr-toB??h ?tr?*t we?t,utw^? li tad H ?|rp'l? nwrth, nilini b^?t W f ? U> ft tiJWt a'W. totMb* with of 7tW?*ory irMBt Haw. ???? ? ? fi>af rrtnm* T?rm?: (H? third wtd** la and It m<mtK?. wi(H int?>r?at, Meat** by a <> <1 of Host ^an^^ur1*_J. C MoGrtW*: % CO . AM By J. C. MlOUIRK ft OP- A mil,mi11 |\KMRARI.K DWELLING HOrW OW I* Xoiih I. ht?k*t inviH I4t* t-mwtT ?'M. !?' Vkbmuvt AriM'i Ko? riu ?4Ja KRIDAV AKTh?t*OUN. Aacart WlS. at ?x n'e'ook. <*?i the ?? afcMl aHI part of (.at B, in aatdmaioa Of marf No. ?v ftanUK I Mt on aortH L. U'??t b?tWK?a }?h alr**t * <! \#rmntt av^ running b%rk ah ! Iiff*?t Willi a fro?t of Is r?#l on > rmnnt i?mw, *r with lb* in* proT*irfriU.oo-irittin( ofH(:r<?-?lnfj !? * **' id inc, ooi'U6|i Si? r<?in?. nud Un<li?* b&ck from th? building id* ftVtt >' f-.rl. *"(3 ?<*;e?n?d on aeh id* by a hand.orfr* tnr?* nb-rr Itnolr dv*Hi?f hoiia^. The loMlion I* o?Mo<**l.on*b>?" for %, privat* r??id*rr*, ?itd th" f t*9*rtj vott dM?i?SJ? a? a r^-idaoce for srrVl amfff Term* On? tmrd o?-h:t fWlH is ?, 1|, ! month*. ? itfa inter***, < our?-<; bf jmh oftrvat < II Mir wjwmmwm M inr prriMU a? J"-d J. C. Moiil lRK A CO , Aaata THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW * By A. GRKEN. or HUt *?KHOI.OAN|? a K i TfHin Ftitirrti. At A'ct.OI-Ob Tt K80A v the 2t?t Mutant, at '* o'oiiK-k a m.,1 hall Mi: at the rr?irtenoe of a re?;'em^n d?o'inirit Immtlllln. on I. *tr*r? Mtm *h and H?h trMt* north. No. M. aa exa- imI a*"1**"1 at Fa* pi tar*, vift. On* Walnut Parlor fait*.? P*io?a, Mahogan*. H( -w wvl MarM* top Cmliir IVhtaa, Ro**woo4 K'oep'um Chmri and Vaaea. Hoilow and Waiuitt What-not. Maiioaant Wari'obe? and Heditfcadi Ma^'t top Dre??jn(tand otb*r Bn-eaar. Marl>|? top and Ht$h> gtnj Wa*h atafca. n r inn ivi vi onK VI f'W ?ori^ Wslnut I ?!>;?? nod Ca->* <fM ClMNia, Uil'and other I oolmt Gla*se?, Feather Beds, a* d BoUtere, Blanket*. Coaiforts. tfailts (Mil ?ti uvl Cmm, Hair, Co'ton Top and Husk MattrasMs, Cottage, Double *.nd ?ir c> SedstaaAs, <?n# t?n feet Fxtens on Tabia,< Walant.k Three I'ly, lagijMnaad oth?r Carpets, Vef.eti*n Carp-< and Stair Boris. Oil Cloth, Matt*, and ?ias Chandeliers, Knives, bo ks, ea and Table Saoons. One Complete Dinner Heit. t:hi-a. GIm* and Crwokerj Ware, Parlor H adiator acrf Air light Stovee. One M<?tih? J*t*r Wove, neaclf Mw. A large I t of Kitchen R' and mMf other a ticlea too nunieroaa to euuwnratA Term* All aamaofand and<*r #J$, oath: over 2*. a credit o| w and W d\t?. for notM satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest tu 15 d A JJRKfcN. Allot ^FUTURE DATS. K? A. GRKKN. Auoiioueer. 2HANWOM1' THRbt STORY FRAME Hocasa ur IMitx ?hikt. on tub Iklabb. at Aoctiox ?On Tt) w?D \ k tiie 2 at inslan'Tl shall sell in Iront of Ui? premises, at? o f <*t ?.?a~ part ul i>>t iNo.t m muirf No. W. with th# ia prortWDti ?hioli ar<* ?wo cood throa story f'?m# h tuift, with t*ck bail<lUii oooliMiai etc lit ?r te? r > m? each, w th p*K*?r?Thi? priiffrt? in litnd?(>li?W illvaN, froativ on 1SK iifft wmI. hft?p?? Koth H C Hmti, car the Smitha ?cia?? Ground*. Term* : One fonrlh cash; balance int. If. M, a?4 24 month*. for fl?te? b a inr InterMt frotti 4m of aa<e A deed given ai.<l a deed of tm*t Uken. TtL* indisputable. aii 15 d A. GHF.EX. Aact. tsy A.UKKKW. Aiouodmt. /MKIDTWO 8TOKY FRAME HOU8IC t*n VI two Lots fkomtiv; oh Maryland AtKxr*. ra?t of Till CaMtol, at Apctioh ?On WliD N KSDa\ . tha^ti instant, I ana l ?*il.ln frost of the premiaoa. at fi o'clock p. m . Lola No. 14 and If* m Muare aouth of aquar* \o.9IS. it haing auhdiviaion of aaid aqoarr. The two l.ota front forty feat on Mart and avetiut. at th? comer of atb atroat pMtt, with ?h? imjarovuiAnta, which ara a good two atory Fram* Hona*. Ac. Tnitii : ) o ?a?h; tha t>aJano? in 6 and 12 Biontkt. for notoa t>?anu* intrrrat from dav of aaia. A d?*d civfu anil a uo*! ?if trn?t 'Fiti* "*"u" " an 17 d ~~ " ~A liRV'v. ii'rAmoZ' B? HA KNAR I) & BUCKEY. Auctioned*. litmrgnown, IX. C CCORNUCOPIA HO I hi. at AUCTION.?On / THURSDAY AHTKRNOON.3J m?t* S)a o'< i>rk, in fro:itnf the pmniM, v* will Mil that d*w aud TaiuaMe property, the 'Cwnwik Hotf ,'' ntu?U*l <>n the corner of Market apaoe and the Canal Thu Houee i? new and in perfect order, C 'Dttii.i ten roomi. bar kited very ?i?K, a*?o i>ack there in an exoelieat and dry oe Jar. Tin* houae ta in a moat excellent position, la a very popular resort. an? la now under good rent to 1, tanfi t Thi? ?aie off*ra an opportunity loKcirtliotd bukine?? location, or foi an invratm' nL o ?rnI? : ca?h: the rrcidee in , If, and IS month'. WitJi interest, and a cured hta itmtit of t. u?t U,e property. Title perf?Kjt _? _? d BaKNAKD tBUOIEV. A nota. Br A. 6RKKV Auctioneer. HAN ? T * O 8T< > K Y FR AM K ?X.f.*?..VfT. ?* TK" I?la?d at Accti s ?On tk?.r - .V. ?f "i" 1 ' *11 IB fro?t of fn JTn.r. C!.' tL ?*??k K m ??? part of lot S in unir* No.* a froa' of IS (?t on oath **,. ween 4i, ud Ctb ?traeU. riu'ini with a sido alley to aJnfVt a ley. l? f-t I .nXTwitV?? impro?? mcnta. vhiek arc a (food tvo-?ior* frame DIKIM, ?C. ... The To* 11 handsomely improved with trees, ehruhben.Ac T?rra? - One half eaah: ba'anoe in i, 13 toil It month*, lor notc? bearing interest. an J6jl A. GREEN. A?t. \1 A KM1A L'S SALE.?la virtu* of a writ of 1*1 fi;'i hc.M isausd from ?b<? Clerk a Oftoe of tha Ci'ouit Court of the District of Colamhiafor th? County ol Washington, ami to me directed. I will exp->?e to puh ic sa.e. fur oanh. in f oat of the Court H^aae d>orof i\i?J cou- t? ? rt'KiiMf* S A"*Bt ?t U o'clock I r. l f r,*hA' ml*? o'*im and i ??r?rt in and to Lot No 8 U H^uar, Ws.,, lh# Cit* ?f NN Mhii|[U)ii, 1). C t together w th tl. and unitfltr tne iinprovatpeiu n?-r0<>D aeisod aud levied ikhi at* the property of John aixl wi I beenM to jatufT jarticiiiJ. No. 9j. to OetoMr tera )M*,ta favor of Mat caret M Dyer, wile rf j n. Corel/ au 7-^tT' M*r,h?' for W>? District of Columbia. \f AKPHAL*9SALE.?I a virtMd tvnti of Itn ~ ?e???d from the Clerk ? olio* of the On cult C???rt <if the LMst'ict of Goiuiabta, for tne county of W ashjuttor, ?o<> to me ui reeled. 1 Will expose to public Mie, for eaeh. to front of ike coert house door of ?a?d o<>unty. on MONDAY". Iks Ctk day of Aacest ne*t, tto'eJocfrm , all defend Jit a nKht,tiUe,oI?in and interestj'-atjd to Let No }?> * No. TS, in the city of Waahtnr*or, d! _*l ,an 4 the improvements t**r*on. ^lx^d %o<( ' v i*<i tt?<in ai thA BPOftAf tf of Chas. H Vau I' a 11 r r. v~7jfn tTl..j.,?r qioifcW 78 i-d 79, to Ootoher term 119 irkM ol John w Tixnpaon and Z. D Gumae j? 13-dU U. 8. Martha! for Dutnct of Colombia .^'^r.arss'SK WILLIAM B. ENTWMLK. ( Formerly L KV^gum**.J Rewetfnlle in/ouu. the cJtiMoa tJ Ai UAW\FK1 ? ?.. wttmrc he wih h? fownrfJK , at ai< hoar*, and will katx a (ratt MtHrMl elated ?t ckoftfRL'Gf, FANCY AiTTctl:*! fcnd all *ood? n?ual!> found in a well fut-MNhwf DruK Store H? prnimami thoaa who m* favor him with thau patronage hi* undivided attention to tMir wants N. B Excluaivejpereonal attention rivwnteiha compoundint of Ph\Mcian?' Prtwictuwa mt mJi houre, day of aight an U-8v* VILI.AGE OHKKN SFMINARY~IH LOCA ?edI a bewtj djMd healthful village li mil** above \\ ilmington. D*l.. and bear the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended trr Ut? Philadelphia Annual Conference of Um> Method >?t fcpi*?..pal Ciiaroh. ?L*'l? oour?e of stud* it eiten*. . ? and thoronk? n the Mathematica'. Clavaical and Knshvh Depart raniM. ngucnu are prrfmr*a H?f nniinNtOt eOllOCS. ' ?r*?r?tor? o?irw foe eoll?c? peot?. rW*r ?"!?? l" n?*de 10 Dickinson ColJoc*TJm institution la provided with Jtrro philo onhioal appanuni to iJInatrato tno stud* of NoturniSoMno*. library *f tkroo Handrod voJuoMa io noMMibk to hmIi 3'JSf.12?. MO:,DiY * * Hoarding.Tuition, *?., for hmn of Mvaok*. Qml attention i* peio to Um amntl deeerteget of student*. Monthly report* ? to r^U. Fur circular* or iaforw>atio* a*t4reae tie Mm J. HKRVKY BARTON. (ifceu Seruinan . Delaware count t, r*-. ^ ? K*f?rr?r?>? Ree l,eriKqctt. f> P. C . WUminctoB. Del ; Mr T.A.. Lata. WmJhU., WASHINOTONPIMI , , I --rw^au^v. Anmmt milWiW J. C- M0611KB, PrMMnt B. 9. HA WON. B-M*nr. ??-? ? UALT1MOKK LIFE 1N8UJ.AWC* OO^-bfc D cokpokatsd inn.?Jou L fciiiMW, rrm. 33lS5K?I!? "?'? ?VT* " DMcriptH& p&mphl?U mar b* oMaiaai at Cb* smetTfaBte? REgSi^jWg&KWtt5l?A.cA 6IN. I hv-is ??c iinwiA?i<Sm?'

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