Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1860 Page 3
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I,PC ALNEWsr j; )'Though Thk Sta* U printed on the ftutnt ?>rain yrrmm m ?me soma M Haitlmore, Its edition .1 so large u to require It to be pot to press at aa f*i\y hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be <w?nt in before 11 o'clock motherwise they may not appear until the next day. Notic* to washiaqtoffiass.?Those of our fel'ow-cltlxena leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should bear In mind that we do not mall Thk 9ta* except after payment in advance at the rate of 31% cent* per month. Notica.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In the Baltimore Sonars received ? ? lurwrnifQ iro|(l THE ST*? Office R*ut?!ors?Yesterday waa rrry aultry, and the UgLt bir?zfi that circulated through the churches In the forenoon were hardly sufficient to make them comfortable. In tb? afternoon and night these had lulled, and the congregation* being generally large, there was little comfort In the crowded churches. St. Mm'krtr'i Church ?Solemn mas* by the Rev Dr. White, and a discourse by Rev Mr. Mo Nallsy. The church commemorated to-day tbe death, as well as tbe assumption of Virgin mother ?>f the cwclfli.redeemer of man. Father McN alley upokeof tbe virtues. tbe Hictity, and purity of mr me 01 ir.iry. ?nn 01 her influence on ber on while ori earth, and now In heaven f*he,"eonUnije'i Mr. iMcNalley, ' la the comforter of the at^idc4, the refuge of sinners, tbe Qaeen rf I Mffk. and occupies a throne in heaven far above nn^elaawt nrrh-anjjela " In conclusion, tb* Kev Father urged all to seek tbe Influence of the Queen of angels to pray for us A>>emhly' * (Prfbytrri*?) Chute k ?The pastor *>f this rh'trrn, tbe Rev. A. G. Carothers, Is still in bad health. *tm\igb, we are glad to learn, somewhat Improved of late, there being some prospect of bis resuming bis labors next Sunday. The pulpit WW tiled vtftrrdir bw iln?mf nr.?rh?r?? V1 rrornlnjr ?er?le? bein^r ronductrd St the Rtv. Air. Vlacker, of New York, who preached from 1 the text of Proverba 3:17. At night the Rev. Mr. Campbell, of Virginia, preached?text, Genesia 4tm Wa.yktnicton Asylum ?The Rev. Thoa.T.Seedw? preached at the Aajrlum in the afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the text of Mark 8, 31: "And when he had railed the dtodI? nnto him with hii .i ?. cipies alio, be said unto them, whosoever will come after me, let htm deny himself, and take tip his cross, and follow me." The congregation seemed to be much interested in the discourse, and the solemn feeling which prevailed, and the V <trs shed by manv, indicated a good vfiect. Tbe committee of the Young Men's Christian Association distributed tracts as usual. Si iri. 1 ?i w * ? "9 v ^ v vnt / i nun?i, jiuJ-uH'inn ?AX I Ml o'clock a. m high maw wu celebrated by Father Rotchford. a lame congregation of worshiper* being present Father Kroes preached an impressive sermon from the Gospel of the day. The excellent choir attached to the church sang with tine effect the 1:2th mass by Mozart, under the leadership of Foertacb, organist. Methodiit Epinopctl Church South?The morn in* kkicc v?aa cuuaucvea by He*. Dr. A. B Longstreet, who preache.d from Romans, 13, 10: ** I'hwfoi* lore Is the fulfilling of the i*w." At wight Her W B R'.wzie preached from Matthew, : 5. t: "Bleved ?r-c they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.'t M'tho-iist PtH/stamt Church, Nimtk t( ?Rev. P. ' 1.. VVflaov pastor. discoursed In the morning service \ipoa the text of John,5. 45: "Kwry man, tberef'jce, that hath heard, and hath learned of the Fattier, comelh uuto me " At night, from Proverbs, 15, 32: "He that rtfuseth instruction dtsplI v ? * ? ?c?n ms own som." MrihoJut SVottjtanf Church, A'ary Yard.?Rev. W.T. I)iimm. pa*tor, preached in the morning from the %rlt of Jamrf, 4, 7: >'Re?lat the Devil." At night from the remainder of the verse: "And he will tlee fioin you."' The discourse* were very Impressive and interesting. Thk PioxE^iDi CoMcutT*.?It should bo a matter of no little pride to Prof St:ai? and the Marine Band that their efforts to cultivate a proper taste for good music amongst the rwnnl? meet with ao decided a success. Notwithstanding all that has been or may yet be (aid In favor of the performance by the band 011 iwomenade concert day* of the so-called popular aire of the day, the fact is patent to any disinterested pereon who attends those entertainments. that the greut mis* of the people appreciate what the musical croaker* call ''hifslulin" music. That ia to any, the music of the older ?nd better author*. It la folly to aav that we have at the preaeut day better musical com|K>sers than those of a half century ago Mnzart, Beethoven. Sebastian, bach, Donnizetti, Bellini, ?n?i others of their times in their musical com positions, gave a character to ca iaic for all time. Thla la not aald with a view to l?e-llttle the efforts of modern inuaic wr'ters, for we have com posers of great merit In l-'k) Wal. lace, \erai, Kalfe. WfVt, Rossini, and others, are men of no mean r.ierit; bnt these gentlemen are pupils in music--pupils, compared with surh mwten as jovrn. Hummel, Mozart, and those of their day. Prof. Scala, In his selections for tlie prome-jadeconcerts. exercises a wise discretion, whlcU meets with universal approbation. He g^ve? ns what we should have, a preponderance o{ standard music, with an occasional variation for the beneilt of the admirers of the '"Old Dsn Tucker'' school, wisely judging that a majority of the people like "hifsluua" music, as iu suJser truth they do. Stbbet 1wp*ovk***ts?For the l>eneflt of the thousand* of our readers in the city, who never see anv of the excellent political paper* of necessarily limited city circulation, In which the municipal power* that be, see fit, la ibetr patriotic wisdom. to do tta? corporation advertising, we Invert the following advertisement gratis: Proposals will he received by the undersigned at the Mayor'* otfice nntll Tuesday, the '.fr'th Instant, at la o'clock, in . lor trimming and graveling Fourteenth street west, from the south side of F to the south side of I street north; the trimming to be done to the satisfaction of the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners l>eforetne graveling commences; the gravel to be nine inches deep In the centre off to four iuches at the gutter line, to be raked of all stone of improper size, and well I 1 : J - s ? wua a oeavy roller. Proposal* will state the price for completing tbe aoove in lamp to tbe sr'.lafaction of tbe Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners. Proposals muit be addressed "Proposals for trimrulng and gra*elmg Fourteenth street.-' Jos. E. Rawlixu*. Commissioner of tbe 1st and 'id wards. <>. Wmtijg W?tii?a Qc?#tiom or Right ? Mr C. Woodward was charged with a violation fa city srdlnance by a waste of water from the pipes Ue was arrested by otfleer Fanning snd ruled his case for trial before J uatice Dunn, where it was tritd last week. The violation charged, consisted in bis Oiling a tub, which be had sold, with water from tbe plug In order to tighten It, which operation occupied from three to five minutes On tbe Ifilh Instant Th? mm iv?? ^ Out of this rase grew a question upon which tbe I magistrate* disagree When the warrant ?peel tin a particular day, and a particular offence. has the i magistrate a right to hear evidence relative to offices of a similar character committed upon previous days, but not charged In the writ? Some justice* hold tbe opinion that the corporation warrant in a penal offence. Is in the nature of an Indictment. In which it is necessary to tlx definitely the date, as well as tbe person snd offence Others contend (hat the justice has a pertect right to hMr an/4 0*f+mm4l% m m I- ? ? ? ??? w.?,?vi cvtiiuvnf its VHCUUCT CUUIml tied on previaws days. Thi Cbsivi Rbtvbbs or th? Fucbtb Wabo. Eleven tfaoonnd five hundred and eight free Inhabitants and 3N) slaves. or a total of ll,t*? aoula In 1S50 the nnmber vu 8,235 free and515 alavea? tout H.T-J The census of i860 jjave Washington an aggregate population of Thia yeai the galna an aa followsFiiat Wardk,t<U; Fourth Tar a fk uxi ur M .* -?<-? ?? ?? * -- ? - *j ? ? iiu j,ivr; r u?n vv sra z *? ; eixu vv ara l.tOu.tsl 10,1(47, which, added to the returns for |9GU for the same wvdi, show present aggregate of population therein to be 32,341. Tne Second, fhlrd, and Seventh Wards are to be beaid from. Dwtir Bsoum Cobs.?We have at this office a stalk of dwarf broooi corn, raised by David Walton, on bis fam near Woodhwa, Fairfax countv The stalk is two feet high to the brush, which Is full as long as the taller vsrinty. The seed wa* obtained by Mr W. In Pennsylvania, and planted X ? ..n.rln.1,1 U- I. -I I _l.w l-l- -?-> ?? ? V-J-Vi a a v w WIW 111! Uldl of It, a* tt > leldt full a* well u Ibe tall atalk. i without eihausuag the land to half the extent Mr W propose* to cure the wed of hla crop, and will accommodate thoae who may wish to cultivate It, with what he can spare ?AUx. Uazttf. Dirrauarie ?Thi? morning a youth named James More was arretted by Othcer Yeatman, i tiarged by hta goardiaaa with disorderly conduct aad threat*. Ho was seat to the Asylum for twenty dart bv J uatic* Donii. It teevidMttbat treat care bad been taken by hi* guardian* to keep him reapecUble, but bad aanociale* bad t>ern the cauae of hi* going *>trajr, and he had become o hardened that be waa beyond control, and Lit fnrida have been conttratned to take thia cour*? in order to place bira beyond the ranch of evil lniueucea. He will be aent tonra. Bcuiiii ? Laat night about nine 'clocfc, the atore of Mr. O. Uirrrtt, on Seventh atreet near U waa entered b/ thieve*. Who cut 0?t tb* ai*tt ?f tbe window blind* tu effect an entrance. While <b*y were in tb* bouse Mr B returned, and as lie entered by tbe front door, Uie tbieves decamped by the btck door f bey bad out time tu effect a Utofougb robbery Tun Oo? PiLinw* are baffiag a k1o'1<>"? tint* at their pic-ntr at Columbia Springs. t<?-day. l*o i?H fail to go o?tr Tbe L ft time, ?? usual. Wilt' be lu tb* coni of the evening. Onwibnsee lefcv* ti? c?m? of. tie vent b street and MuMCbusetts Mtouc at?,?, 4, sad*o'clock. .? , I*fO*TAXT ClTT OlDIKANCM.?Tbfl following have been approved by the Mayor: An Aet for cleaning ttreeta,alleys. Ac., and for tbe removal of garbage. Ac Be it tnnritd, fc , That from and after the passage of thla act the Mayor of the rlty of Washington shall cause the avenues, street*, alleys, gutter*, sewers, and traps to the mouths of sewer* to be cleaned, and to be kept clean, and shall have all dead animals found In any part of the city removed and burled ; the work to be executed by day's labor, under the supervision of the Commisalonerof Health Sec.2. That the Commissioner of Health shall direct the work to be executed under the personal supervision of the Commissioners of Improvement lor me several districts or their appointment*. Sec. 3 That all offal, slops, yarbage, fluid or aolld, ataall be removed under the wme provislon?. supervision, and direction aa are applicable for the cleaning of avenue*, streets, &c, contained in the first section of this act. Sec. 4. That the Com in I sal oner of Health Is hereby directed to designate aome convenient locality In each Ward for a place of depoaite for the acra pings of the streets, which maybe Suitable and profitable ft r agrlciilcnral purposes, and to direct the sale thereof, and deposits the proceeds of such sale or sales to the credit of the respective Wards from which said scraping* shall have been collected. !*ec 5. That there be, snd there Is hereby, appropriated, out of the funds of the several Wards of tnis city, the following sums of money, to enable the Mayor to execute the provisions of this act during the current fiscal year: First Wsrd? For cleaning avenues, streets, kc S?00 00 For removal or garbage 540 00 Second W ard? For cleaning avennes, street*, 1,500 00 For removal of garbage, Ac 540 00 Third Ward? For cleaning avenues, streets, Ac 1,800 00 For removal of garbage, Ac 540 00 Fourth W ard? For cleaning avenues, streets, Ac 2,900 00 For removal of garbage, Ac 540 00 Fifth Ward? Pnr #>1raaldfr anniiM ilu^a *>" '* I , IWI W For removal of garbage, Ac 270 00 Sixth Ward? For cleaning avenue*, rtreeU, Ac 0'JO 00 For removal of garbage, kc 270 00 Seventh Ward? For cleaning nvenae?, atreeta. &e ?00 00 For removal of garbage, Jfcc, 360 00 #11,460 00 or so much thereof ?* maybe nep essary : ProvuUd, That the money hereby aDDroorUted shall i,*~i in the Ward from whose fund il may be drawn, and no other. Sec. 0. That the act of November 12,1856, entitled "An act for the cleaning of avenues, street*, alley*, gutters. Ac., and for otaer purposes," and An act amendatory of the act providing for the cleaning of ths avenues, streets, alleys, gutters, Ac., of the city," approved November 1W, 1*58, approved November 21. 1850, and any other act nr aftti or naria rvf ?fat *? _. ?. r . ?? ?r> ?HVWU?(??tlU W IIU VOC prOvisions of this act. be, and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved August S, INK). Joint K?solnli<rr. remonstrating ftgalokt the increase ol tolls an coal oa the Chesapeake and 'J iii o Canal Where*# thikCorporation having been Informed that an effort will be made at the meeting of the Boaid of Directors of the Chesapeake and Ohio Caoal Company, to be convened at Bath, Berkeley connty, Virginia, oa the 13th Inst, to raise ??1U ? i ? *? " - .wv >vu? vn wui oui^pru uy mc LDfiBpf&if and Ohio Canal to the District or Columbia and Alexandria: therefore, be it Ktsolved, tcThat the Corporate authorities of the city or Washington do hereby remonatrate against the proposed Increase of tolls on coal shipped to the District of Columbia and Alexandria, believing that auy increase of tolls will prove seriously disadvantageous to the best Interests of the canal company and the District. Rtsolved. Tnat the Mavnr and th? t J ? - ?w m a v?l uvu ? V* the Board of Aldermen and the President of the Board of Common Council be, and they are hereby. authorized and empowered to meet the Mid Board of Director! of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company at their meeting to be holden at nforesald, ^nd remonstrate In the name of this Corporation against the said proposed increase of tolla. R'folrtl. That the amount of money necessary to defray the expenses of the delegation from the Corporate authorities of this city'to the meeting aforesaid be, and the same is hereby, appropriated out of the general fund Approved Aug. II, INK) An Act authorizing the Trustees of the Public Schools to organize ten additional public kdoois, sua ior ourt purposes Be it 'Mirted, fr , That the Board of Trustees of Public School* are hereby authorized and directed to organize, a* soon as practicable, ten additional public schools. in such manner as they may deem moat advisable: Proridtd, That suitable rooms can be obtainad for the purpose: And prorid'd further. That :tfe cost of organizing said schools shall not exceed th? aggregate amount of tb?* several sum* hereinafter appropriated. Sec. 2 That two of said schools shall be located l? lk. cs..t ? ' Ill tuc TV-UWI lyiBititi, iwu in IDC SteCOIlCt School District, three in the Third School District, and three in the Fourth School District Sec 3 That for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act toe following suiiis are hereby appropriated out of the school fond, to be expended in accordance with existing law upon the subject of disbursement of money for school purposes: For paying the salaries of teachers, $3*500. Rent of buildinsrs. li.SUi Furniture, inapt, Ac , fi.SCO. Books and stationery, #6(Kt. Fuel and stovea. *250 Contingencies, Approved August 11, I860. Thai. Tkip or k Tiai* or Impiovkd Ca*s ? On Thursday morning a train of ten Improved freight cars, manufactured at the shops of the Orange and Alexandria KailroadComnanv. mad* a trial trip as far as Springfield. and returned These car* have been built upon an improved plan, designed by Mr Thos Nichols, superintendent of the car shop of the Orange Company. In these cars the usual method of joining the timbers by mortise and tennon is abandoned, and a newly invented plan of joining the timbers by strong cast-Iron braces substituted It has been found by experience that the former method, while it required more work, diminished the size, and consequently lessened the strength of the timber at the precise point where it should be strongest. The mortise likewise, in many instances. formed a receptacle for water, and thus soon rotted, and, under the strain to which cars are subjected, gave way. Under the plan of Mr. Nichols, the iron bands which unite the frame work together require little or no cuttlug of the timber, are not liable to be injured by water, and, of course, never rot. They strengthen the ears very much, and give It a solidity in vain sought for by otber methods Other Improvements have been made to the cars, and they have been made larger than ordinary to accommodate cotton and tobacco freights. Sixteen of the improved cars have already been built, aid a lxri/e nam her will follow live of which are already under the handa of the skilful artisans of tbe car shop. There haa also recently been rebuilt a passenger car, tbe painting of which was executed in line style by Mr. C. D. Rudd,and the whole finish of which rrflects'great credit upon all concerned.?Alexandria. Gaxitit. Hjcavy Robbkey is Washihgton ?During an earlv bonr on Saturday morning tbe residence of Michael Fflederburg,a baker In Washington city, was entered and robbed of gold and ailter coin, amounting to about eleven hundred dollars Friederburg reached thia city yesterday afternoon, ad made the following atatemeat to Justice Eaaor. of the We* torn Police elation: Shortly after the perpetration of the robbery waa diecovered, F at once suspected one of hia young men, named Peter Strooel, aa the guilty party. Communicating his auaplciona to othera about the premises, he concluded to proceed to 9trobel a houae and accuae him of the theft. Upon reach1 n the houae he waa told by Strobel'a wife that he bad taken the afternoon car* for Baltimore, for th? purpoae of tranaacting aome bnaineaa, and would not return for several day*. Frlederburg determined to go In search of him, and drove here tn has wwon, accompanied by Strobel's wife. Qutationea by the jiMtice, she stated that she did not know the locality of the house where her hatband was stopping, but would recognize It if she could be conducted to|lt. Tbe justice issued a wsrrant for the arrest of tbe accused, and a search warrant, authorizing tbe officers to search the bouse for tbe valuables The documents were placed la tbe hands of sergeant Stanfield and officer Frougbt, who went In search of the accused,1 but up to a late hour of the night he had not been arrested.?Baltimore American A telegraphic dispatch was received here this morning bv Justice Donn, from Ottcer Keeae, staling that he had arrested Strobe! and ha* him iu custody. Keeae Inquired In hladiapatch how much money bad been stolen, and Mra. Frledenburg replied, about #000 In gold and silver. besides other tilings belonging to inmates of the house From the Inquiry. It Is presumed some of the money has been recovered, sad that Keeae wants to know whether he has recovered lb* whole amount. OimiLUDiiD-HontiCms?Saturday niaht. J W Hayes, drunk and disorderly; Ine and cost*, ?2 16. Sunday, Ju Bryon, (colored,) drank and disorderly; line and casta, flCl 15. Ot*. E. Briscoe, fighting; do ,ft6 15. Kdvrard P Robertson, disorderly *nd profanity; do., 94 15. Biab in who the citizen/ pic-ale at Arlington Springs, this afternoon, for the benefit of 8t. Vincent's Orphan Asylum. We understand that It la passing off In tbe most delightful manner lmvg[liable, and that the festivities will he kept up miiH a Lite boar , i .? I*., iDvuTiiuuNt. ta anoUMr column, 4t the sveacf for a palea* portable fence, which we ha?# iSesdy deeenbed a?d owwweM tothepoblto. I Thi Licnni Casks.?Ol the cum ruled for trial before Juatloe Dor*, of hucksters and others running wagon*. Ac,, without a licence, twelve have ><een derided Three arretted by offlaer Gill wera dismiaard. npon the parties obtaining the license and paying 58 cents costs c?wh. Two arretted by offlrer King were dlspot<d of in the feme virav, and aeven were dismissed A D. Tbour, for cceupylng a qparket stand without paying the lleenae rale, was arrested by officer Zeatman. case dismissed. Jane Shields, Jjamnel Duncan, and Jaae Adims, colored, w-re oiroini oy onicer nou, jur noi complying wun the registry law, being non residents; the two first were ft nod $10.58 each, and the last was diamine*. ThbOipHar's Pic-mc at Arlington To-dat, up to t*J in , was not ao well attended aa had been expected by tbe lady managers, who had made preparations for the accommodation of a large company. Withers' band waa on the spot. mak ing "the* dancing attractive as usual, and those present entered upon a day of enjoyment without waiting for the crowd to arrive. It is to he hoped that many persons will attend this afternoon, thereby making up for the deficit of number* apparent in the early part of the day. The boats and omnlbusses ply punctually according to advertisement. Sals or tnb "Uhion Hotil" im Alkxandiia. ?The "Union Hotel," on Union street, near the 'Maryland ferry," Alexandria, has been purchased by Messrs. Blaeklock k Marshall forf4,2UU, from Mr. Charles Lee, its owner It is the intention of the new owners to have the old building removed at an early day, and to erect upon its alte two flne stares extending through from Uaion atreet to the wharf. PoliC* St'8Pissio?8. ? Order* having been given to the city police not to absent themselves for purp?ae? of amusement across the Potomac, seven of them were suspended on Friday for disobedience in this particular. They went over the previous evening to the prlie plc-nic at Analostan Island The suspension involves loss of pay from the date of the offence to the first of nett motlth. pbfetvll and othbes m. john gibsos> hii1a. The luperifdtai In this case, Which wu referred to In the "Star" a few daft ago, haa been perfected by Judge Pnreell giving the reqnlred bond, with Gen. Jonn W . Patteraou, of Fauqulre. Va , a gentleman of wealth, aa hla surety. The caae, of coarse, belongs to the court* at Virginia. THK " Doroi a9 dlmocratic Association," it will be seen bv an advertisement in another ml umn, hire a meeting at the Kimmeli Houae, this evening, on which occasion a flag ia to be presented T>y the ladies, 4c., Ac. THi \Vat*e Runts.?The polioe officers were busily engaged during the latter part of the past week in distributing the Water Purveyor's notices, that unlesa the rents were immediately paid, the water wotild be ihut off Tat QftA9D BaLL and display of fireworks of tike National (Quadrille Association, at Columbia Springs, comet oft' to morrow, and is expected to be a very enjoyable affair. See advertisement. Tafc Thud Anneal excrroion of the Eaat Washington Baptist Sunday School, to Ulymont Pavilion, comes off on Wednesday next. See advertisement. RSidk*. have you ?ecn Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Road it; it will interest you. au a>-eoly It ts seldom that we notice anything in the med leal line, uor would V? now llnlrt?? ltd uniiM K? convinced that we are not doing onr duty a? a journalist, in recnniroendinic to the public Dr. J, Hosttiter's c*Iebratfd Bitttrt. for the cure of that moat fatal and terrible of all diseases? Fever and Ajftie. From our own experience of this valuable specific, we can Hafely nay, that for diseases of the al*?vu natnre, it stands without a rival. Its timely a?si?tauco has t>av?d man* a fellow being from a premature grave. Evenr day we hear of its conquering the worst ca*e? of Fever and Ague. To those who arc in the least afflicted with anv of the complaints arising irotn an irregularity of the digestive organs, nothing can be more henehial than these Bitters. we cneeriuuy recommend them 'o the thousand* in this !?tate. who are suffering the movt intense Cin. as a certain cure for tneir ill*. Try them, and convinced of tht*ir many exc?llent qualities For sale by druggists and dealers generally ever*where. an 20 eo3t Hollowat'* Pills. Liver Complaint ?The inaid ous and destructive effect* of "blue pill'' on th???stom as a specific for this disease are now entirely superseded by the Use of the mild. antiseptic and vegctah'e remedies. Tli") not only eradicate all traces of this complaint. httf ri Vm tfi>aiil? k.% .. _ - . . . . > ?lin OAIiaiinvm VI^UI to the impaired constitution, and energy to the emaciated invalid. For indiKestion. bihousne s. heart burn, Ao , thrv am the only safe cure. !Md by all Druggists. at i'5c., 6io., and %l per Imx. au 17 lw Homkotathic Rkmkdies All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'a xpecifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly fW family use, in boxes, at 25 and &i cents each. Also, in oases, containing 20 vials, from $4 to #< each, with book of foil directions. For aale by Z. 1). Oilman, 350 Pv avenue, wholesale anl retail agent: W. A. Fitzgerald, 3 A3 north F street; also by F. H. Winter, corner of MaKMtchus?ttii one and SMxth street. Also, Ponrt't Ertraet of Witch Cor internal and extero&l inflammations of Ail Itinritf- rtnlii Mm. Wm?i,ow, an experiencednttraeandfwna!? phyaician, Itaa a Soothing Syrup/or Ckilden Ttitkt??, which greatly facilitates theprocnaa ofteething by softening the rums, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and is ?ure to regulate the bowela. Depend upon it, mothera. it will five rest to youraelvea, and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly safe in ail oaaea. See advertiaeni<Mit ia another column. oell-lr V.yos> Muxnic Inssct Pownnt Exterminate* Bed Buga, Roaches, Ticka, Ants, Garden Insocta, ic o. It contains no Poiton LtoVs Maoxrttc Pill* Are Certain Death to Rata and Mioa. Sold every w here. ap 9-Sm McTKa'a Mi*acrlon* Viivin Dbhtkotek, the oldest and l>eat remedy known for ?xt.riiuiatin* Rata and Mice, Cockroaohes, Bius, Ants, Musquitoea, Fleas, Moths,Grain- Worms and Gar den Injects. ET"Principal Depot, 613 Broadway, N. Y. id by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m Wistab's Balsam or Wild Chkbry. The following letter from Rev. Hkshy Wood, of Concord. N. H., Editor ofthe Con*rotational Journal, apeaca volume* in favor ot VTi<tar s Balaam:? Concord, N. H., March 2. Mxmb?. Seth W. Fowl* 9l Co.?(rtnti'mn: Two yeara ago,a sudden and violent attaek upon my Lungs confined ine to my bed for several woek*, and when 1 recovered, I wa* so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I was often unable to Iaab nr raof n?*nn a Krw4 V>? T'Uj? o..u" u,wv|> ? w?? U|>W|| IV ?/ M IM IllfS II V> J lie C ?J II'71 1 U ? wm extreme, and judging from the inefficaoy of the remedies used, I supposed the dia^&se incurable. Being persuaded to try a bottle of Motor's B"ltnm <tf Wild Cherry. without confidence in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed tie fore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces me to make this public kih/iiiuui, ?nu lo^uiuauouu Uio ttlllOiO W HUIDIS i inilar lyatfl i cted. With reaped, yours truly. Himiy Wood. None genuine unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared fe# S. W. Fowls k. Co., Boston, and fbr satebyZ.D. Oilman,8. C. Ford, jr.,5*. B. Waite, O. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn k Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. an 14-lw j A Woidto tub Ladies.?In recommending to you to use Hostette.'s celebrated Stomach Bitters it ia but j uat to state that as a stiraulaui to the ?y? tem, in imparting strength and vigor durinc certain periodical stage* which are ofttiuie* attended with much oain ana trouhle. we know of no d< enarntioii more Highly adapted to all affliction* consrquwt upon tin* cause, and for a mothor nursing a balx* the Bitters cannot be dispensed with, especially, wiiero the mother's nourishment is inadequate to lh? do maada of the child; consequently her atreugth must yield, and here it ia where a good tonic, auch as Hoatetter'a Stomaoh Bitters, is needed to import temporary strength and vigor to th? whole ayateln Ladfiea should by all means try this remedy, and before so doing, ask your phvaioian who, if he is acquainted withlbe virtuea or the Bittera, will recommend th'ir uae in all eaaea. Sold bj druggiata and dealera generally everywhere. au 13 eo3t Bakst's Tkicop hsrovs la the beet and oheapeat artiole for Dreeaing, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling. Preeerving and Re. atoring the Hair. Ladiea, try it. Sold by all Drug gxata and Perfamera ar is#m MARRIED. At the paraonage of St. Patriok'a Church, on Sundar, 12th mat, by Rev. Father Boyle, Lieut. Z. r 'irk Kf*Tt United States Revenue Service, U. Mim VICTORIA A J., daugh'er of Dr. J. Rutherford Wortter, of WaiDington. * WED, On Thnredny morning, the 16th inst., in Jefferson ooonty, near Harper's Kerry, Va., Col. SaMI'EL STRIUER, altar a short bat severe illness. Of one oextenMvelr known, and so highly esteemed by a 1 who enjoyed the pleasure of his acquainiance. much seed not be said. He was thr- ugh life a friend to at], especially the poor, none of whomever souclit his bounty or favor in vain. * TV 4 IT V i Ik! rm ai c i*r i?/M*n **/>n of i iiinci vr rui. iv-n"i\pCi COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying ikt U. 8. Mati, The unoorsign-n are now running Daily, (eicfft Sunday.) Four horee Coaches h<v u"*r M,rt Leave the Steamboat Hotel, borneToT Seventh trcet and Pa. at7o'olock a. m Returning leave Upper Marlboro' at 11 o olook a. m.,an?l arrive in Washington at Sp'cloek, in tint to oonnect with the 3.30 p. m. t ain for Baltimore. Tne Coaokea are new and commodious, the teams fir?t-olas* in the haada of careful and accomn*>dat Il| UJlVOIt, Fare to Upper Marlboro cent*. ? o iMBg Old Fielda 25 oCentervllle " i Freight and packages in proportion. au 15 U OSBOKN ft CO , Proprietor*. MISS YOUNG'S SEMINARY, If I No. 346 Eighteenth, Nit e I Sr. The duties of this schoo' will be r^sumci! ?n M ON DA V, September SJ. Miss Y. will continse to r?o?iv? a **ieot clns* ( boy* undor U yoar* oi An. ? -n??5!?u.r !l'-J I ? , Correspondent* of Tko S'&r. Owmitowii , A ngvst?, 1849. 1*ht flae ball on Congress ktm-t for Corp Bant Lcd^e I O O P. i> now approaching completion. and addi verv much to the appearance of the locality in which r is situated. The froat, which we dwribed some months since, is now covered with brown mastick, and the interior is Marly finished Mr Samuel Bootes Jr , wis tbe architect; Messrs. Joseph L. Jt w. II. Setnnoes, carpenters; Joseph Collins, bricklayer; J. Kyler, plasterer; sad Goddard * Goder, painters. * tu- (.a. -a as? . ? - i uc mamillary k \uv A^roemy 01 y iiranon h<i? bees raised two storiea this vacation, and workmen are now engaged In repainting the ex terior and interior or the various buildings belonging to the Institution. Mr. J. Dyer Is the carpenter; Mr. A Barbour, bricklayer; and Mr. John Fowler, painter. The work on the West Georgetown acbooi house, at intersection of Market ana htrh streets, im ps niHIv aw? * 41? i?r>? t 1'iv^icaeing, uiiurr mr uim uvn ui iiic Enwrs S?mm?, contractor, and one can now rin lomt Hp* *f It* shape and site. The design la very appropriate, the building roo?ry and comfortable, and the locution excellently chosen Mr. John C. Harkness, of your city, la the architect. In addition to these improvements, there have been finished this see son a fine brick residence on the Heights for Mr Busey, and a first-class three story brick house on Dumbarton street, for Mr. B. Hutchlns, bricklayer. Mr. E. Shoemaker, carpenter, is building for himself a neat and substantial house on First street; Mr Wingate. car| rv?ntpr il HniWl4ab ? ~<a>?wtu^ VH VWn^UM WIVVI* WBUHIUIIJ d'UMiMxi brick dwelling for himself; and Mr. Chafle? Arny; of the popular firm of Arny k flhlnn, 1? having erected on ileall Itreeta line brick residence. Many Improvements and addition* to IJrit-claM dwelling* have been made, the most noticeable of which are the magnificent addition I made to Judge Dunlop's fine houee on Gnv street, and the erection of additional stories on the residences of Mrs. Plckrell and Mr. Henry King. The beautiful and well knoWn place on tbfc Heights, belonging to the estate of Col. Carter, deceased, bas been engaged for a residence by Count Mercier, the French Minister. The dwelling Is now being thoroughly renovated for bit accommodation, ana a large stable ana carriagehouse is being built. Mr. J. Dyer is the contractor Senator Bright haa built a com modi out stable and carrlaKe<houae on his fine property, In tbe same locality. Mr. Barrett was the contractor. We purpose to notice some of the improvements mentioned here at greater length, shortly; and to supply omissions In this hastily written letter. About |30 beef cattle were offered at Orovrr's Rest on triday lsfct. All Were sold U> speculators and butchers at ?> 75aS3 50 per 100 los grots. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS SVm ^ - * m J as a m ? t m * * ? ??/ ! UIM*T UWr^tHfW/* ??/?TC? J 1ST RECEIVED FROM THK INTERIOR of Pennsylvania. a few brand* of Pl'RK RYE VVHlPKV, distilled in th? years IKS and R39. Ttios* wishing to purchase an unadulterattd article for medicinal pnrpoAftM. Slc , seldom have audi an opportunity "flared to thorn. _ . _ __ mi Jb tr BEALL A MATTHEWS. Fib or harpek'8 ferry.--change of D-l^S-Oa and after July,2,J<W>, Jp*h th? itmmir ANTKI<l)PE. C?pt R h'Tll P J. W*LLs,oajr>inf the United State mail, will leave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., awl return ever* Tuesday, Thursday and Satin day. N. B.?Ev?ry W edneaday the Antelope will rua through to Shephcrdstown. _?u DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SA1.K IN I H GEORGETOWN ?l'hf very desiraMe Bwildlns Lot on the south side of First street, <ippo?iti? Cox's Row and adjoining t ie residence of Vv illfttm Slemwer, ? *<., W feet front and 110 feet deep. Al*o, part of Ia>1 No. 2U, at the n<>rthea?t corner ?>f F^ft m and Frederick streets, fronting 75 feet on Fifth street and attout 19> fi-et deep. and psrt of 1/OtNo o4Q * aai/ r? * r? * 1 ie? ??a i mu, vii niawi iWkjruiu anu i?? |buk uc?*j?, Apply to m. ADI.RR, lieorgetown. au i7-*o2w rw* FOR NEW YORK M, HK Paoket schootior Arctic Captain Hicks, ia now reftly for cargo fur the above pott, >,av and will ine:t with dispatch. For freight^?** apply to McCOBB A. uOUOE, *=*? au 16 6t Water ?tr??t. Having determined to chang* my baiinPH, I'll oominenoe from this date td e*M for eaah nlr entire atn<jk of DRY and FANCY GOODS. Having pnrchased o the moat favora bleterma, and being desirous of dosing outaaearljr as poMible, all who may be in want of bargains will Uflfcrell to rive me a call. W. R. HURDLE, _j? 24 1 m Corner of High and Gav ?U. ARAKK CHANCE IS NOW OFFKREDTO knr nua who may be deairous of entering in a profitable busintss, at one of the beat standi in Georgetown, i offer my entire atock of PRY GOODS on reasonable terms, in order to make a change in uiy business. VV. 8 HURDLE. jy 24 lia Comer of High and Q%y ata. OFOR HARPER'S FERRY. N Ami alter July 3d, JMn, the steamer L. J. Brenrle. Captain W. 11. Ritter, will leare Ceoreetown EVERY T<JES DAY, THURSDAY,and SATL'R DAY, at 7 o'clock a m., and return every alternate 6 o'clock a. m. On twe Satunlav trm from Georgetown the boat will rnu through to Sliepherdatown. je 21 3m 77 L03TAND FOUND. f OST.-Be'wMii Georceto^rn B-idge and the Lj Caoitol. vest?rda?, Suodir, Ancuet ifth, the HliB U*Nt> of a Carriage Whw. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at Hit Stable corniTlath and C nt?. JOHN BMQH If LOST?A KEY, a Herring'* Patent Powjer Proof Safe. No. I99?. wtn*h number wm Own the k??; the key wae ma le of oop?er. A int r? afil? reward will be riven if returned to the tub enher, S. KI>W. CLARK, Lumber JJealer. Navy Yard. au 20 3t* FOTND?On Saturday, the 18th innt., a ladies UK kAST PIN. thn uvnu can obtain it hv calling at tl. SEMMES * CO., corner of 9th *t., and Louisiana ave., opposite Centre Market,and proving property. au 2) 2 IOST?On Tuesdav, August 7th, a BI'NDLE of -J Evening Star News-papers, containing four oopies of eacli day for the month of J une, 1X56 Tito finder will revive a liberal reward by jeturning them to this office. au 15 tf BOARDING'. | CO NINTH STREET.?Pereone returning to tJO the city from their summer resorts will find vacant several desirable rooms, having the conveniences of gas, water, a?d bathing Cm ets, at 433 9th ?t., (^ne doo south of F; suitable either for familiea or single gentleman. Table boarders accommodated on moderate terms. au 18 41* FOR SALE AND RENT. [fbr oiktr "For Sal* and Rent" advtrtittnuntt, *44 Ifii 1 FOR RENT-A new FRAME HOUSE, oootaiciug four rooms, pansa?? and cellar- A good tenant may apply to Mr. LEWIS, at the Globe office au ao-8t* A RARE CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO any one desirous of entering, in a ptobtnble business, at one of the beat stands ia Wash'ugton. Entire stock of Groceries on reasonable terms. The star* is for sale or rent. Apply to No J** 18th sU.oorner of K st. an 17 3t* I^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonable terra*, oueofthe most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, sifiated on the north west corner of 6th *t.,ati<l New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 4<K>7th tt., between H and I sts. au 15-tf rmn RRVT-Tan I.AiLntifiil now II R I r If r HOUSK8, on Eichth street rat, between M and N streets north, west side. Apply to MARY C HAlSlilP, No. SSI Mnth str?f-t west, or Dr. KEASBY, No. 338 Pa. avenue, between 9th aud loth streets. jy U 7w* FOR SALE?A lot of LAND oostaining 5 acres in Prince Heorge'rfoou ty .adjoining the District line, A miles north of Washington oity and t miles from the Soldiers' Home, in a healthy neighborhood. improved with a comfortab sdwrlling an i an nrehard ot select fruit. Situation desiraole as a building site, convenient to churches, schools, A c. 1 Terms liberal. For particulars inquire on tlx premises to the subsentier. an lS-eolm* Mrs. E. HAVH TO LET?'The large ami convenient store room under th? new Masouio Hall in Georgetown. Possession will be given on the 10th of October next. Also, the buck room under the ha'I suitable for an officn of a lawver or physician. Apply to M. AD LKR or N.r.j?NKlN THOMAS, n,?a ly opposite the Hall. au 17 eogy STORF. FOR RENT.?Situated on the South side of Pa av*., between 9th and 10th, suitable for anv business. For farther particulars enquire at No. 3o5 Pa. ave., between 9th and 10th s a. au 14 2w T*OR SAL.E? A fine substantial BRICK 17 HOUSK.on 11th ?t., between Land M st*., with large Stable and Carriago Houae. Any one wanting such a House will be cold on very ac commodatinc terms, or exchange for smaller property For a rrivatM residence none can snrmtss it* Inquire of GEO. T. LANULY, en L at., near 14th t- 5U 14 FOR R&N'T?The large STORE ROOM and CET.LAtron the corner of 1 and Seventh ata , Navy Yard. - Tlua room is suitable for ant business. Can be ronton with of wtthout the dwelling Pos,, session aivea lat of September. Apply to JOS. k EPETI 1,4881 at. east. au 5 2W FOR REMT.-A new an4 handgun* FRAME HOlJ?R will be for rent in a few daya. It is beautifully situated op Thirteenth street, brtweon Georgia avenue and K at., Navy Yard; has a large sardsn lot attaohed, a pump of g oo water n ar. aud-contains 4 rooms, kitchen and w- oJahed. Will be reutedlow, with or without the lot, to a good t'uAiit. For sals cheap, a *ood, strong WORK HORSE: works wrTTin anything luouire pf T. ifS.MS "* " "" - ??rfcJS?!,??;,., Gentlemen*' FnVniih.^j W, m IT * (SUfeM Wl P?. mt? near i'i it. vflAtl '? ?>? ? |.ut ?'5'd ' . i JnsM ft ??* 1 * THE LATEST NEWS ; TELEGRAPHIC. VIRGINIA nrMnrRirirro^iTRvriiiM Charlottesville CMA*LOTTr?viLt*, Aug If?Tbf Convention rc-assembleri this morning at8 o'clock. The report of the Virginia delegate* to the Chailestoo and Baltimore conventions, detailing the iraaona for tbelr action, waa received and ordered to be printed. A. resolution was alao adopted. Instructing the electors to vote aa a unit, ao as to prevent the election of Lincoln. If Breckinridge cannot be elected The electoral ticket waa revised, purged of Douglas men. and rt-appolnted as follows: \Vm. Lamb, of NorMk city; Henry L Hopkins, of i'etersbnrg; J K Kdmuuds of Halifax; Tbce. T Tredway. of Prince Kdward: Jas. L. Keraner. of Madison. James Lyon*, of Richmond city; R A. Claybrook. of Northumberland; B*wk)r B Douglas. of king William; Epp* Hunton. of Prince William, Thomas M labcii. of Jefferson; K W Massir. of Rockbridge; W H. Anthony, of Bctetoart; Isaac B Dunn; John G Newman, of Kanawha; Vledeklah K'dwell, of Marlon. Senator Malnn then, on Invitation, address**) the Convention, la a speech of an hoar and a half. Mr Maaoa's speech waa of a strong ultra character. and clearly porinved the evils of the hour, and distinctly and boldly led the mind to the inrTiuiDie conclusion mat disunion wm the onlv remedy It will do Immense good to the national movement inaugurated, and uow revolutionizing tie hearts and minds of the people under the banner of Bell and Kverett Mr. Mason's speech was loudlr applaaded. A resolution was then adopted requesting for ?utrtlcation copies of the speeches of Senators [aaoo and Hunter. And the Convention adjourned hum dn The delegates have generally left for their re. tpertlve homes They left dispirited ss to the prospects ot success, and with Increased bitterness towards the Douglas party. Lacev and Ambler have gone to S'anatoa to meet McRae and Foote in debate. HUI1IH1 LUTHIMB Btacktoh, Au? lb.?The convention rc-aw cabled at nine o'clock A considerable amount of Campaign business was transacted. senatorial and county electors, and State committees. Ac , appoint 4. 'l'Ue following are the electors of this section of tke country: Fairfax Senatorial District, Thornton Triplett Countf El ctort?Alexandria. Ma). C. Trcbman; Fairfax, Barnett McKemge, Prince William, Littleton Tyler On motion of Charles Irvine, a resolution was luupru uiai tar e ei ioru vole or me state be cast for anyone who can defeat Lincoln The commitfe appointed to correspond with the Charlottesville conference rommlt'ee, ap. p?ared and asked to be dtarbftrged, and the request waa unanimously granted. fTte co r sponder.ce between tbe two cuLveniious sbovrs that all overtures for a compromise have been reJer te<l Tbe convention wis then addrewM in able and eloquent speeches by W H Uarinan and Col. Boiling, of Pttosburg. Tbe speeches were enthu*i*st;eallv received. and the Convention adjourned until 3'o'clock. AfrTlSSOOS SKMIO* The Convention reaaaettfbled at 3 o'clock Some buaiiifaa of no general iuterrat wa? trxMac t?-d aud tbe large aaaemblace were' addrcaard bv Col Dorman. of Rockbridge, In a neat speech,which waa well recei ved J B Stovall. of Halifax, followed, In an eloquent and atlrrluflr appeal to the Dem-jcracy. which waa loudlv appUuded A mot'on to adjourn bavin? teen carried. Mr Hopktlia. tbe rtreaidmt. rlnard th? nrnrmllii - I in a beautiful ifwb, at the cncltislon of whirl, he declared the convention adjourned ridt du. A Urge man meeting wu held at nii(bt. and eloquent ipemhes made by G W Brent, of Alexandria, and Charles Irving, of Petersburg. Leter frsH Fa rope. Cap* Race, Aug. 13.?The steamer Glaagow arrived here la?t night. The City of Baltimore arrived out on th? 7th Naples quiet. Nothing laW from Garibaldi MakskiLlbs, Aug 0.?The French troop* have left for Syria. Advice* from Naples state* that .WO troop*, on the eve of joining Garibaldi, bad been arrested The Minister of War had withdrawn the troop* from the Abrutzl, and had ordered the principal part of the armV to concentrate about Naples. Bklobadk. Aug. 6.?Serious disturbance* occurred yesterday between the Servian, Turk* and Bossinian sailor*. The garrison remained quiet Palkkmo, Aug 4.?Large number* of volunteers have arrived and been enthusiastically reveH r>ariKal/li i? knnrlv ? ? . m a . * WW u I * I V A a u? n IH^ of Naples bu aent 4,(**i soldiers to Rezzlo. opposite Messina. who. it ia confidently said, will join Garibaldi on bil landing Naples. Aug. 3 ?All efforts to conclude an armistice with Garibaldi having failed, preparation* are mak i ug to repulse an i n vast on. I in pro vements were being Introduced into the navy aud arm v Tratw. Aug 3?The Prussian Ambassador had assured Count Cavour tbat the atrictest neutrality would be preserved in Italian affairs. A Genoa paper says two Neapolitan regiments ia Calabria had cried out " Viva Garibaldi ' Gheat Brita'x. The Home of Commoni had passed a bill for amalgamating the European and native armies in India. Queen Victoria reviewed seventy-two thousand fVotilsh volunteer*, at Kdinbnrg, on Um 7th Greatenthnslasm wu manifested. In the Honse of Commons, on the 0th, in reply to a query from Mr. Berkeley, the Chancellor of the ElcUfOIlM Itatnl that tii? rnntnr! tbe Aovrrament and the Atlantic Telegrapb Company bed become void, and hereafter the government would exerclv grent caution In entering Into further contracts of similar uudertakings. Fraxci Napoleon was at the Chalons camp It was denied that he Is to have a meeting with the King of Sardinia. The Paris bourse was firmer; rentes 68f., '25c. Ninn. All was quiet In Naples The Government was preparing to operate against tbe Garibaldians, who bad invested Fort Scyllel, In Calabria, opposite Messina. Avstiia. Tbe Emperor of Austria and King of Bavaria are ta have a meeting. THE LATEST. [By Telegraph to Queenstown ] 1.ox do ii. Aug 9 ?The Morning Chronicle may* it has reliable information that the ordnance ?el? t committee of the Commons hare aent a condemnatory report of the Whitwortii gun, in which It is itiU-d that tbey are nut eligible for her Majesty'a service The Glasgow haa 25 cabin and 2<M steerage passengers, ana a full cargo of merchandize for New York AMthcr Arrival fr?m Eirsp?. N*w Yon, August 18.?The steamer Etna has arrived,with Liverpool dates to the 8th Inst Russia sends four ships of the line and two inhales w Of ua. Napoleon had conferred tbe Grind Croaa of tbe Legion of Honor on Ab-del-Kader. for hia aerviees at Damascus. The Governor General of Damascus and Beirut hadbren suspended and arrested The Sardinian Government bad negotiated a loan of fl50,(M),000 livrea at auf itSc. * The British Government bad decided on having tbe whole iron-plated ateam toating batteries got ready for immediate aervic-. England decline* to join actively in tbe Syrian expedition. It was rumored thai the Neapolitan envoy* to Turin, aeeing tbe Impossibility of concluding an alliance between Sardinia and Naples, were to leave Turin forthwith It wbs rumored in Part* that tbe regiments of tha lfn* U'pr?< inrr#:?K?ri frnm ItfH to lift II was denied that Napoleon w.ta to have an interview with tbe King of Sardinia Garibaldi Lad invested Fort Scylelle, la Calabria, opposite to Messina It was stated that tbe Select Com mitt** of tbe British Commons hsd condemned tbe Whitwortb gun. Litupool, Wednesday.?Cotton firm?sales today of 10,000 bales. Aaetker Arrival from Kir*p?. FitTMU Poisr, Aug '2U.?The Montreal Com pane's steamship North American passed here this morning, having left Liverpool on the 9th inat Her news is meagre and unimportant The English Rouse of Commona had voted a subsidy to the Gal way line, thereby confirming their mail contract and securing Its permanency. CoMHSlCUL. Livibpool, Aug 8.?The sales of cotton for the week foot up 8C,000 bales Inferior qualities have advanced Jfd and middling qnallties \d. on the week. Tbe estimated sales of to day are 10,009 bale*, the market dosing firm at 6d for Orleans middling BreadstutTa steady. Pmvis'nns vsrv <lnll Consols tinted at U3a93J,, the decline being doe to the announcement of a ?3,0UU,UU0 loan to India. TtluUNtf the City ( Bttlta-Thf Uttaaa , Heetyttra ilCkelwt Boston, Aug. 18.?The valuation of vb? clttr of B?*tou thews an increase of #13.0Uy,0W> ovar that of laat year. The Htrenan reception at North Cbelaea wm only jpartially ancceaafal. About 5,tw persons V ha KkuitM llfait In fiiflaMU Cincinnati, Auj; 18 ?The c.*n> ?-r? jury Id the cmc of CharlM 8 Brown, reiurm-d a v*rdlot to-day, tti?( bia death wm can* d by a ot?lo .hot trfd byOnor^J Oaldwvll ip arlf dtfiMt. ^?ld irHi was the* livbirttd. V n v*n ; *!1? 'iiiti | \ !*r. imm, aug It* ?deevee CUy (Itimi to A Uff art 11. atote (turf fee QBVtt Willi irr b??lng aucrvaafut In eiTlagtb* pold and that nany r>f th*ir> are rleidlac from f'i * |UO par day la the r.rejron diitKtna The oonaalldatad dltrh la torii^t I la water thronrh the aprin? r*ada and rtilrbea. overflowin? the alutrra. fllllac ?p vbe p:*a. aadd*lrtc tfcoa sandi of dollar* wortT, of damay* to tW Ml a wand quartz mllll* Tbr Black Hawk Mill ki?a hmm suffered to the ntnouat of owrr 9A.9M. aid Nit has been brongbt astlitl tkr Co??oolld?t?d Ditch Ooaipuf In tbf Si 1 aar'a Court to r*u*w? Ik* dttoaM Tb* 8r*t I'nltwd anal I to thl* ration arrived ls*t night. aaalng ?i ick rejoicing ?ea'ersl dt*aatl?faction ha<1 previously c listed at it* brine withheld iftor the cmmmmnmbI of (to* contract time, (renerai belief ri ilH that tb* (' antral Overland Mall ami Ptke*a Prak tipr?? CpniMDr, whlfb KCflwd twtnlf-lvr nrat* <>* each letter to and from the Sutra, had la aaan way prrTented ita arrival Uunarm continue* dull la all the toaraa. Mar* Plrca la Teiaa, New Oilbah*. Aug SO.?The Galreaton mall of the 1-th haa arrived Flournoy (Deai ) for Attorney General baa a large majority over bta competitor 1*t_ ? __i a a a _?.a _ a _ ? *i a ?a - ? - ? ? 1Ur pr.nnpai DMfl SOO ill u? w?in? doom excepting one. In the town af TflW, were recently burned br the tncaa dtarlea L*aa estimated at ?175,000 to *23 '.AM. Baiuatr* Mark BtL*ivoii, Aog JO ?Flour e ooei atead. with ?il?* of *<Jbbi? Howard-U*ttat & SO. Wbwt closed active; wltb aal<* a: f V buafc.; rad SI S3 a I JO; white tlll?|l.i) Tba C?rn anrket la I |11??uun HIX? ill IJ WWI wutu, TWMOW 7QI74 ** .? white 7h?mi l>?Tti nn? are active ud firm. Whlakysfadyatga^x. N*w Vni, Ancint au -Kt?u I* heavy, sal? of T.dOii bbto. WUi to stead r; red !<u?? fil ?i, winter red wrtU-rn fil 27 Cora has d<-elt?Jnu tendencv; sales SI UUU butbela, nn<4 WMPc. Pork Is dull; wss ?l* 75*lt 35 print ISaM. Lard Is heavy Whisky Is firm at *1 *c. WANTS. ANTED? By a reeyectahle woiwm, FIT1I aTIO.1 t? W*i Knqnir* on N at., hotwr+n 4th and Xh at* MBS. CARROL'S. It* WANTKO-B ?A*Ufor? (a tloiaii awl wif?# for ?ix moot he, for which fib p+r month will h? paid. Addreaa, with locality. to., J. A. B. au an gf WZ7ANTED?B> a young man.tweotT-ona y*ar? of m?. a MTL A liON aa elrl id a (tore, wrre* a ftir hand, and la quick at arur?a. fl? t ot reference given. Flense nddress B. W. D. Oily Pout <)!!>? ? . at? ?-2t* WANTKD-A good COOK. also * WOMAN to take care of children. Apply with good rnounim^iidAtioii*. nt 4??9 Pa. ave. m U ?_ WANTLD? Ten girls for vn ioas fI M'ATIOKS?at also, families requiring servants will (ind to their advantage to appl\ to the lTai<>n Intelligence and House Agency office. No. lft Loui?i?ra ave., hxsi City Hall, where orders will ine<tw.tli prompt attention on reasonable terms. Two i-lave bt*ys K>r hire. H. DUNCAN It CO . aii ln 3t* Propnsteis. WANTK1)-Bi n stead? nnd industrious man. n SITUATION as ooilo.ior B?st of rssonmeod/viions nivea. Address .M. C~ Star Oiss. ir u-tf WG ALTS' GOD AND COAL OFF1CK Sts< Pa. At., Bitw. IIt* UI ttll Bti^ North wlf. 1 Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth at., in II *f IWnw **'ar |Vf? h*Mt i ????? ^????? \VTOOD Nov ii th? UiMtoptVMMr l?M *4 vV reduced price?. Wa hare imi* Hook of Wool) Md COAL at rvrj Um AND in io?a, fur cash. Harder a ptewart. /^OAL. OAr?%?rornur H unri l?th iU V> Ian 7-2w* Yard?12th at. and Canal. ?< "> CnWILI. BlYaF,.. DRAB BEAVER dr Caaaimere Drew Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa. are., au le lm near 4S atreet.^ yo CONTRACTORS FOR WATER PIPES. Orric-B ?r thi Wa??iii?tos aqrwwct.f Washington. Aaguat 7. lMn. < Scaled moposal* will be reoeived at thia ofioa until 17 o'clock m.. Aacnat 21 ?t, 1M>, for auppiyiag the following material*: 15f to 17.S *Vmch Pipea, 13 feet long. Bell A Spiggot. Washington Aqueduct pattern. S.VtoSS'i! inch Pipea. IS feet long. Bell A Spiggot. Wa-hinrton Aqueduct pattern. _ ... 4 s? Flange Pi pen, 12 feat long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. _ ... 3 IS inrh l.ange Pipe*. 12 feet long, (drilled) Wa hint ton Aqueduct pattern. . ... . 3 6-1ncli Flange Piaea.Tfaet long,(drilled) W aahiniton Aqu?duct pattern. . . ... 14 incli Flange Pipe, 9faet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattiva. _ A loo. a tew uperial pattern*, each aa Braaehaa, Bend*. Ac. For fmther particelars, examination of drawing*, Ac., apply at thia office. The whole of the casting a will be required to be delivered by the let Ootober next. H. W. BENHAM. Captain of Eagioeen. au 8 tf Chief Eng'r Waahington Aquednet. T>*OPOSAL? FOR FURNISHING WOOD mr and coal. DtnuxixT or tbv fvtiioi.f Aurn.t 16. iw?. < Sublet* Proposals will he r?o?ivwf at thia U* paUrrrent until 12, i>oon, of Monday, the fTth Aa?u?t 1*86, for fnraiahing for the of tt-o Oftcl merit, during the eovning Winter ami Spriag. on* hundred ?n<l fifty tnna %,( th' beat arh'te or grey ?'h and mv?u'.) -ive tuna o' beat r*d uh aathraoi te ooal for farnac** uee, to be f'ee from imporitiee. and delivered at the convenience of the oontraotor before the let day of November next. Proposals wil. alao be received until the aarne time fur fun.l*h;ng one hundred oord? of beet dry. olid hiekor/ wood, aid tventy oorda be?t bakera' (lite vood.luir fee* In length, to be eromptly delivered in each quant.ti*e and at aoch tm?i aa it may be ordered lor use. the Department to harethe privilege of ordering a creator or leea quantity of wood, of either or both kioda. according to the actual reqmrementa of the public earvioa. The wood and ooai both to be delivered upon the flaggiog on the eaat orfnorth fronta of the rateat Qiw band int. aa moat convenient to the Department ...J ; a? aj 14 Jtttm m purmai. w ? ** w W. HAMILTON, PAINTER, wd DEALER IN PAINTS. No. 7th St* nr. r?.r OM PUlm**' Hall. M Mf PUTTV~I* DOWN. 8 CALVERT FORD. Ja., APOTHkCAhY AND DRUGGIST, Pus. Avm i, Coitn or Elxvuti St.. De*Ur m I'l RE DRUGS, CHEMICALS. STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, includinc tkt Imt'ft ?md t/tott FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS, CHOICE A*Tiri.E8*PbM THE TOILET, embracing evorr vfcrietr FRENCH. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN PER FINERY, SOAPS. BRlBS.4*. The proprietor'* per*noal attention given at all hour* to the ooiBpoaaUin# of Ptijuciaa*' Pr*acnp> Uoaa. M 1* i? PROPOSALS FOR "RON RAILING, OOP" r ING. Ac . FOR ENCLOSING CIRCLET ?'rn? E i r Comm'miomik or Pr?Lic Kciloim?.( Awwt IS, I MR. s SCALED P*?>PO?4L? W 11 h? 'fx>U O0 Kt thl? OfflCO p to 12 o'elook. m . Vtk lastftnt, for Um folioviag work lor tli* imp uvemeoi 01 me circ.e wuM fYMctiuo ?f PenoayUaaia and New Hampatur* moiNi Od? UoHHi teat, (l/M Ami ) more or lew. of Wtouiii-Ino? Niihoii. (fomtt I at apart, I wit* three >ii|l? |M ob? liable i?K IU r?iM ud poctitn ba included is the lin?al f?otOne tl Maart 1 ureal f**.41.000 f et,) rooreor 1 aa, of Circular tiianita < op n< 9 by Miaibaa. id pte??a not !< than m? fwt 'org Aim. pm tbowm te?t.('.?w?fiHt)<?f 5 10k Poartd^tion*, 1 foot ? tij 3f-o? (Imp, lae.'wliaf excavation and removal of eaith. P an* for ratline t* be aaen at?ht? (R-? The tiidi for Rai'int. Op??t aad FonHUttn to b? rep* rate. and ma'kad "Propo?ala t?r Ra>'iac for ii?e Circla. or **C'j#ing,** or ''Fou'oauoa,** aa the eaa- may b* J NO. B B< AKH. M ?t ^t28thau t omm wwt. n > vuw* iwn vr/smm.a I Kn i rui ? * - ? ?- ? J \ H S?the haat and oh?M? ?rt?c!? ! li"^ca I and nee. Alao a ?upplr *4 Co*? Gelatin* Born<-it>C<ieMn?; Brown Gtnr* , tor<f*f *i# afr??h lotofMndksinea. * . JjHt Nwti * MuOKK'B wm Rod L>ruj fttor*. au 10 2w II"*. TAKE N"T CE HOMPSONH' CRI,EHRATRD MEDICINKK, LIFE PREFERVRE,wd CORDIAL. for Mi*. wholesale and retail, hy ft. C. FORD. Ir? PtanBMMrtMk. _*? 14 ** oor?f l IU at. ail Pa a?*. THE BTB^RIBER BEGft LEAVE **> IM1 Turin *'! fuer.d* that h? will ofN on the t at in*t..a PROVISION 8T??RR on f itr et, h rwnaa .5 I, and l?tt frtT*t*-*1 to wmi on Hi who win i*vw nun wnn c?u. WUtf ; W. 1.1NIUNil WOOD! WOOD!! gTOVK mm* KINDiJNG WOOD. W M lo?aa r^'U*^n 7- * * W- * ?ALT, MM P*. h?rv?M litk 121 ti at*.. - WiW-tf .^1, -3 T"* " PR1NCK OP \VAI.|M?" Md oU*f MW Rail ??f H?t?. j?, ru?fiv<4 u>-tn ml FMboMbU Bu n4 Pan uki?i 0 ?', Mn-? 4<4 P? w. x?i <?. at. 1/Oft SALK.-A BAV PONY. M ?*?? l?*t T Adaio Korac, ?ixl aloo wotka ??!/ ! Cy li i li wa, alan a art of h*ia< ?? ' )!> ?*W. "I Vn M? fci?dhi?4'?r kwivArrj

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