Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1860 Page 4
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THEKVEINIiMi START * Vhtlaxd Dkmpcxatic Stati Comvimtioi.? The Convention of the friend, of Jud? Dou^laa Ambled at the Maryland Institute in BalUmorts on th. l?th l?at. KdwardSehlev. . ofFred-rirk. ?U appointed temporary chairman, and Sbrtver, Ii>q Frederick, waa afterward* aelectt-d ta permanent pr??ide?t A aeriea of resolution* were adopted approving the platform adopted at Charleston and Baltimore, with the resolutions declaring the purpose to abide by the decisions of the Supreme Court on all point* toucti.n^ slavery; declaring that a united i>rinoera tic party is essential to the maintenanee of the I nion; thatMtrphen A. Douglas waa| unanimously declared uominated for President of the United ? ucicxa*l? icpi ' W II VI ? ? nr\?uni vo*r?. bring over two-third* of the whole ritt loml v?4e, ftcccrdini; to the *-*Ubl:8hed images of the Democratl. p?rtv. and that the Democracy of >Iarylnnd will acquiesce In and snstiln the nomination* of Stephen A. Douglas and IJe.r*chel V. Johnson for the l\-t*idency and Vice Presidency of the I'nlted Sui-i And a* six of the candidates f'T elector* heretofore appointed have refuted to auppo.t the national candidate* >o nominated, the Convention proceeded to fill the vicaacle*. The electoral ticket now stands n* follows : Kleitor at lar.e for the Western Shore. Wm P. MukW of Frederick, for the Eastern Shore. Jobn 11 " Roman, of Cccilj llrst Congrewsonsl dis'rlLt, O W P Sail'h, of Worcester; second disut'-t! Win. K Stephenson, of Harford; llfth district'. Woi.Wallb, of Alleghany; sixth dlrtrkt, Henry K Wooton, of Howard county. The following committee to prepare an 'ddress | io me irmwr '<ir; jMrxy 01 ine Male was then appointed: 0o; W 1? Maulsby, Hon Kdw'ri l.ftiK, Joseph M Parke, 8 J . K. Handy, (Jen. E. Hammond. and J. J Stewart. Colonel .Maulsby was called, and addressed the Convention lie ?aid tLey did not hope for success, but they tad not a forlorn hope; tbev looked forward to suc?**iis fn the futnre The body w*s also addressed by John B. Rowan, F. Gallagher, U. A ? - " n?r. worcraeiir, una I nomas uevecmoo. Stki* ?The murders at Damascus had ceased whfn Fuad Pasha arrived there, July 17, and the Kurds aud Hedolns, who participated in them had retired from the city Tbe English Consul at l>amascusestimated tbe number of murders tbere at from two thousand to two thousand live hundred; other foreign consols plac* th?>m as high as foor thousand The semi-ofliclal Journal de Constant! nnnU irfmlti tK? " 1? ? - ? ? ? r .? >?rw uu?l UVI ?V ?;c U ^ I CO I at | two thousand "The affairs of Syria were debated in both bouses of th? English Parliament on the 3d,when the mrasur?*s determined on were explained by the ministers. It -was said that the protocol drawn up at Paris provided "Ihit, on the requisition of the P?rte, a force of Pi.tXlU troops should be sent to Syria, half of which would be furnished by France " It wis stipulated, however, that their stay should not exreed six months?an extra pre cautionary niedS'ire. wuicn. we are safe in assuming. ei*?a;nted from the English goverunielit Another protocol was also signed, calling upon the Porte to carry out its engagements with resrx?cttoth??Chr'iti?!H,fnt?'redlntoin lS55,a?d regulating the subject of intervention in future. The Pore has adrtrtsied a letter to the Bishop of Syria, ana thf purport of It is thus stated: " His Holiness laments the m; Svirre of the MsroniU-s, which have been coaiuiitted by the Druses, and expresses his horror of the barbarities f Uie Turks. His Holiness further sD?aks In high prats* of the Frenrh expedition, and exhorts tt? Princes to repress the excesses of the tnfldels. and to arrest the enemies of mortality, justice, religion, and social order." ^7*The St Petersburg journals publish some criminal statistics, extracted irom the returns of Ministry of Justice for the year I8.V* The tot*l numKfir "f lV * *' ** v. Iia-u luruuguoui iae KIIMISII Frrrir* amounted in th*t year 404.717, of whom 75,378 were it! 11 in wiion, and the rest at lib?rtv Of the number 711,'ifi > were condemned lo punishment iuvoiv'.ng the lo?snf livii rights; 1 7M were sentenced to bard labor, and 3 f*?i banished to dtatant governments Among the convirts condemned t?i the Iojs <>f the prerogatives belonging to their cl.^ss were 23 hereditary nobles, 39 enjoyino r*f*Anal nnhHittT >? r * ? r?., ?? \.vuirsia?ut'5, V lIICTCDSnil, and 5,fr}4 Individuals belonging to variousclasps. 017" The R? ckingham R' ^isfer savs: We learn from Mr Marshall the President of the Munanaa Gap Rs'lroid. that the a^ent vnt to England tn pur .ran for the road from Mt. Jackson t ? Hama?>iibiir_', fcas returned, and rt-porU that t?ha? ho-ut,'. !;.! iron on very favor .Vole t?rms It will arrive at Alexandria this fait. Mr. Gold?borthe chief engineer, who ha? been alonjj the line, rep irts that the work of grading it pro. greasing uaely. fO" At a Syrian aid meeting in Botton two prep c.tioni for relief have been made?the one to end to the Christian*acirtioof roarse ?prti~etimber, rice, and bread, valued at ?K?,00U, the otb?r to fcend 'bem the money first and tue cargo afterterward Hoth proposition* axe uuder advise ment for the present. 4 D D TXT I t O 4 rn rw* ww -wm ? ? ? v yi j^o A I int. HOTELS. '- gyTE,L,rE Carrail?cd iadj.SC: F M Smith,. la; F Goo J a ' > y: k u i,,,ve la- P SCfe^l vt; *, ^,n,th-^V: G A Tom?r?, ? ' D far m. -Vm?, J iMwarl, NV ; l> I tntie. <jv; ^ m ?vVr?l^LL \VF MocW,, La; ?L . i. 4. " u H W?T wod. F.a: 1' o Ne ?ol ^ r? ' TeB'/?.^,'**'*.^el?>n,do;F Valiant, MmaA.' S-'**1" '#dy? ^ Mie? Goodman. do! k. V i M?"' Vs ?, Mo, f .VloC* iJIh) tnd ladf, Mil*; A B Lomit;Mt kr j w nrlV??|ton, 3o; ? f'oaroi, Ark, u bi l 1 j* il wokinioflj Pi; Or J PowImi 6 Ji RiOQ&rjfou. F6dd. M C M&r;soo hud lidv I m.W A Klddiok. Mi..; ) s J JJSSSJWfl Pyi& i J Kinche?o#, U8C3^i I* Tug**/ Va j 8 Craig, do; \V B White and lad*. M<i: Mi? m.. n*; MIM W hit*, do, Mis* fcaton. Jo, J Mi ward, do; J H?<i|?>a. 1)?:; C A H?r<w%a M'W. l>r?i W itwii, V?. H Pflowden. d-; J ^ I'unoaii. Dei, J dartej, do: H C M udd, ?; R \Val.aof, Va, U Tarnor, ?, do; W A !'*'[]' M-; J 3 D?t ?oeitT. Mo;W Uru<K*. Mdj L VV Hutoiiiiii, do;liack stoa. do. w B&uWN'S HOTKL.-Z MoCordand !j. 6?; P J apnrrow, Fiv MriSVficg *nd ^randciuid Mils Flower, M if* Branat. Mim Ogtfen, M *pr?.:|5. l.aJudge liii'! win *'.d !?*! , Mif; M Sob ??eit and lam. P C Tcekor and Jam. Tex; J Ailvoriii. N a; J Kjiiifri'TT " "aveourt. J J a...' - WmcaJr. T;*n'\ J Wngi.t. Al-.; W BrailTv- w 'i U?|' T U&v?cpo[i!f,hJ ? nl?f *r.d j. renn: T Hopkins. Vv V c>1 leoB;? l? W'Mkm., > y] L iw.Pv j vm* h i'iiPB'av La; fc>larh k a" ",*, r",..? v ? ampton. Mii; ? Wott, J liunt?>r !>?' i* % ?t<Li. AlarOCtajtou, Alia, a C i,l *,Vi i-n' T M.V M Harr,.'. Mi.k; T SiKha*. ? V.! ?' ? A Cil ? K Hici:*r?lM?n ard y,MiaaK L*-ach, Mm)! ni La; P Lauthry, S Pa'ker. Ala; J Jacob-, O i?i k ??u and iy. G iti*. H C-esap aad rtaurhter. N M i tie* and ly, La; J MoClure, rrnu; Vt P Hiif, \ a KIKKWOOD HOL'BK? G R Bard?l<y, NV; C C>>! io?uu. Mas*. K Uouldin/, \Io; Sawyer, Pa; F #! ? 3 Pead etarj, Va; C Boi* an?J f/im, Mate; H lYaMh *rfty, A Ke ca. T?a; J Bain, O; H K*. pl?, Va; J ftortMos. DC; tt K Oagcod, feng; W King W"< d, La. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA XS From tab Uiitxb States. Steamer i. L*ar*. Far. Day*. Knropa New Vork?.Liverpool....Au*.2* Adri&Uo .... New York...H?vr? .Aur 2* P^rnia?? New York ..Liverpool,...Aug.2U Hftinrnoma. ...? New York. .Hamburg ?-pt 1 S. rsbia. Boston Liverpool 8?pt. fi Afrioa -?..New York...Liverpool 8?pt 25 Fbom Ktrope C'wov GImcow New York ..Am, * NAmerican. Li verp<*?l ... I'ortiiwd \u*. 9 A rahia Liverpool Boston Aug. 11 Nov* Sootl*n ..l.ivernn.,1 <? - _ ^-?.. .. AU{. 11 Vanderbitt..-.....9?Bth>pton....\ew York.. *u?. IS Afm* .Li verpooi N?w York... Auk. )* Jiir* Liverpool New York... A ag. 21 Fil???n . oathfpU>n...New York...Aug 22 New Yort..^. ^nutn'pUm .New York... Aer. Stf North Briton.... Liverpool Oiub*-c...... Aug. 3$ C?i.a<ia Liverpool.. ..Boston. A?*. 15 iloneiatan Liverpool Portland ... .Aug. ? Th- Havana mail steamer* leave New York on lha id. i^th, mil, aod 37th of eaoh month, and C L\r.*?u?n on the 4ta and 19th. Tbe California mail ?ti?*'n?r? ieav# New York on ke f U ? ?1 1 ? - ... .... r ui at w month. WNEW GOOD?. F. H*v ju?t wivtd a arje ?t ^cV of Bie&ched aal Br,,,<*''i y"TTwNSot tii* inak<-?. \l??. PHEKTINGS, TABLE LINENS. NAPKIN5*. TOWELING*. lKldM LJNEN*, 2 im> jar<,? I A^NS, from * ??nU to U; HOS1EKY, CLOVW. GVUNTLKTT*, white, RED, BLUE a d Glil%Y FLANNELS in va i?tjr. Ws h%v? ft taw n?h ' - ..... ? ?.. %j i irnur.n ui li nrt wi.iol we iiave marked lose tftan o ft. j, an TAYLOR ft; HUTCHISON. Ho^TKiTEK'b *TOMACH BITTER*, .tra \V in?H.?w ? Sirup, Ui?(u'O Run tee, Kpalditp'a ijlu?, Mustang i.tnirnxo?,u? A?i<-'? Hmck* i'auao -a, Ac , witkflS a fiMtitupp'7 of pa'6 Vl?dioiuea. at MOORE'S Weil Knd Drug ft .r#, 113 f? tTi>nu?,>oith tide r~7"Fr?*h Blue i?.c* miU Cour'*1 Water u alovn Aiao, i in proved Fiait and Vegetable Jars. Jin *w A " * ' XX ALE AND XXX A LEU i'b* purest and m?-it wh Aie 10 this oitr ia u rv-i - wv .T(\nnilitt ru.\ BKtlWKHV. This Aia is mid* from matt and hoss only a-*! -ar Dot tail toztve ??t rm ?*usf&oUon tr ooa swr*. O- GOLlNEAU, Proprietor of tha I* ? I* Wvt>'' ll?v*r> wr?r I t?rtfHV ? . HO. H'lOU hat now on uacd a ver? tri? . 'lock of ita atandasd SiLVKK WAKE, a i hi* own >n\ks. that he will sell aa law as any I th? Nor.'hfm WaiMai* anW <*, and at the a^io- tim" will warr*'*t eveiytU:u( to ba a laniard .'IS* Pv %?*n*i A. 39 P_ NOTICE. ERGONS n^olininc ii"u?r??*piuj or having a ?f hoaaeh wd anaou one lind *? * ' 1 r i*r n i laiflr Htu rifc 4* I*"?* .. O Mill H ?t f6U, #m| 4></|t ^ IITMt, i*9_V**? RITDOVph B|iriliy j\l 1"'vo*\JTT M of A*,Afn;t r. HN? 4 Bt'tOHKUL % dfedflMNT am . ? ? _ ?-j- . . _ . _ __ f MISCELLANEOUS. Q F F I 0 I A L. KLbUTKlU TblibUKArn Dbt vviiLn tub ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Ttiuim Di*A*TMRifT, July 10,laen. Proposals w?H be received at this Department until the Until da; pfSeptwnber next, pursuant to the fullowinc act of Cougrtm*: An Act to faoilitat* communication tx tween the Atlantic and Paoifio State* by elactrio telegraph. fit ii enactol by tke Senatt and Ho**r of Remn*tattr** af Vnittit Stare* nf America in Cmtr ?* mtf'mbM, That the j?eore?ary <itf the Trrasu r. under tho direction of the Preaident of the United States, is hereby authorised and directed to advertise for sealad proposals, to be reoeivfd for 60 days after the passage of this act, (and the fu fiimentof which snail te guarantied by responsible parties, a* is th?< case of bids lor nail eon tracts,) for the use by the Uoveniinet t of a line or line* ot liUMnetio telegraph, to beeooatruoted within two |?ri from the thirty firat day of July, o<ght en hundred and sixty, from sojn? point or points on thn west line of the State ol Missouri by any route or routes whfoft ths said o< ntractors select,(connecting At sooh point or points by telegraph with the cities of Washington, N-w Orleans. NrfW York, CKirle<tor. Philadelphia. tiogt>n.ann oth?r?itios in the Atlantic. Southe-n, and Western Htatea.) to tha oily ol :*an Francisco, iu the State ot California, for a period of ten years, and sh-VI a>*r-J the contract to the lowest re*p<>nsib e bidder.or bidders, provided such proffer does not r quire a larger amount par tear from the United **At<>ft than fortt thousand dollars, and permission is hereby grant'**! to tlm said parties to whom said outraot may be awarde i, or a inajoritr of them. ?r.d their assigns, to ub? urti! the end of the said I t-rm. KiinH nrnrrrtuntaH ?nK.i? 1 m m\ State* a* may be ne?ee?arT for therignt of way and for the pnrposH of eatabhahiug ?tationa I or repair* along g?iJ line, t.ot exceeding at any station one quarter aeotion of land, auoh atatioaa not to txoead one in fifteen mi lea on an average of the t?no!e dutanoe, unlera f aid land* shall be required t*y the tjovernment of the United Sfa'ea for rail road or other purposes, and provided th-1 no right t > pre errrpt any oi said ianda und-*r the lava of the cuitei State* shall inure to and ooinpany, their ncenta or BTVaiit*. or to an* other Doriuin or nnr on? whatsoever: Providtd. That no such con traot shall l>e made until the raid line shall be in actual operation and pavm-nU thereunder shall cease whenever the contractors fail to oompli with tne contract; that the Government > hall, at all t)mes he emit'ed to piioriiy in the use of the line or linos, aa4 shall have the privilege, when authorised by iaw, r r connecting said lii.eornoes by te!e*rapn with anjr military post* of the Uui'ed Stat?r, and to ase the same for liover ninn t purposes: And pro viittd alto, Toat said tine or lines, except suon a* ma? he constructed by the Government to conuect vwu 11110 ui nuns wnii i:i" miiiifiry posts ol trie I'nited States, *h*ll bo open to the use of all citi z?ns of the Unitad f^ates during the term of wild oent-act, on paym nt of the regular charge* for transmission of dispatches: And providtd. alio, That suoli charge* shall not exueeii thr?>- dollars forasini.e dispatch of ten word*, with the usual proportionate deductions upon diiovches ot g^estsr length, provided that nothing herein oonta> tied shall oo: fer upon the said parties any fxelusive right to oobstruct a telegraph to the Pa?i fio, or the Government of the Un't"d States trom granting, from tim? to tiiuc, similar fiaa ckis^sand privileges to other parties r'O.!. i- And ht it further innm/1 Tli?? >,? ?.J oontraotora, or their a?*i?u-, ahn'l ha^e the right to oonstru jt and maintain, through any of the Yer ritoriei- oft*>e United states, a branch line, M>as to 0 nifot lliHir ?ai 1 linn or lhi*a witn Oregors and that tney shall have the permanent right of vaj for aairi lin? or lines, under, or ower.any uuariprop-lat public lai.ds and wator* iath^said by any rout* or rout'a wlnoh the eaid con tractors inaj select with the tree uae during the saiu term of tuoh lands. aa may beueces>arf fur the purpose of establishing station* for repairs a'ong said line or Iinas, not exceeding, at any atation. one auarter aection of land. mnn ?*? hi exceed "one in fifteen mi let on an average of the vhole distanoe; bat thou d any of said quarter ctions U> deemed essential by the Government or auj company acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, the said ooitraotors shall relinquish the occupancy ol no muoh as may b? necessary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount of land for like a*" in 'ts st?w. . mo 8 And be it /urtner enacted. That if, in any ear daring tne continuance of tue said oontraot, h? business done for the Government as hereiut before mentioned by aaoh oontiactor*, or their si.iMi. at the ordinary rat > of charges 'or private mettles, exceed the pnoe contracted to oe pam an aforesaid, tne Secretary oi the Treasury shall, upi'Q said accounts being duly au'henti cated, cert'.fy the amount of such ex ess to c< d <refb: Provi^'i. That the use of the line be given i at any time, free nf oo?>t, to the Coast Sarvejr, the jLniithHO- lan Institution, and the National Oh?er vatury, for scien'ifio purposes: A?d provided fur* tker, '1 hit inebsates received from any indisiUua1, company, or corporation, <>r from any tele<taph lin-s connecting with <his line at eitSer of its termini, man bo 1 in partial: y transmitted in the order o< their reception, excepting that the despatches r?f t h A liAVOPHHittnt ..... vvvimurxh oi(<ftu note pri?'riir: AH*l PTO vidtd further, That Conjroa* thai! at any tune Iia.'o tii'-? rwtit to * t>?r or amend tuia aot. Approval June 16,186". Th? lowest offor for th?o~?of guch telegraphf>>r tnf piblic service, will toe aoe?pt<*d, provided t-^e ti*r.ii4 and c?iiUiuoii?dij?'"4**i la the act chali i.f fullj net lortti ai;d stipulate! ia tu?< pripoaala, which uiu*t l>e ajoompauipj by a guarantee, ia ooufo'isit* with tn* 2Ttn aaotion of tac aot of Jn!r i. IfSfi.iti rricard to inail *ervi?e. to the "flVct that the lin" <>? iii.e* ar>a!l t?e nomp'et*d within the t'Din nr#?*?nri umI lhaf thm -1- -11 r _ ?. w ? ^ ?< ' on >II(|I! VllOIl entor 'uto ol.iiratMHi to the Dnitfd Stat** lor the orkirtn.-uwe el tuc nervioe fur t ie lioveruraent, under r*ld aoi. at the rate* oflVred in tho proposa, . *uo!> guarantee may o* in the following form: "The undersigned residing at . iu the r?tate of . ouiWiake and promise that if the Secretary of the Trtanury hail accppt th? within pro petals, undc<r tiie act <H Jane 16, I860, the line or 'inescf magnetic taieisraun ?hali tie computed and put into operation on or Dofoie th9 time -tit?d iu the act, and that we will then executo with the ra'ti?s ?isnin* the within propona ? au obligati< n to the t inted State*.in due f Tin, a* Hare nrs iui mo poiiuniiatice ui vnfl *rviOP? Our<llQ( to the terms s.nJ aaaditiuna ooatained in sucu proposals." Dated *t . The above guarantee must be aoeompanled with th? certificate ofal'nited Htatea di?triot attorn*, or distriotludge. stating that he is acquainted with each of the parsons signing the guarantee, and kuolrs them to be men of sufficient property to make go"d tne above guarantee. The prop *&!s and gna ante most be sealed up nn<1 directed *o "the SVorntay of theTrea?U'9( \V?4h<niton, I>. C ."and eudo<-*ed"PropaaaU for faeifio T?^efrMh." HOWKLL CUBK, j> 11 2a%uTAVA8. Sflor<'tarj of'he Treneury r>KOPO!*ALS FUR SKALING WAX L Post Office dsraetm*?it, July 24,186?. Sfalko proposal* will r-otivcd at thia I)eps:' iuei:t uttn Hie a<t <1ftf rf S*pt^ir.b?r next, at 12 oVuirt*, noon, for fnrnighint fftlir.K Wax, for tue us" < f thrt Cmt Otftue* mtlie Uiiit*) Suit?*, from he dAt? tlmt tr<e oontraci therH-r : all be i">x?out*?t to the 31*'. day of Dw^tnb-Jr. 1SH4. Til* Wax to bo deLver^J, f'"? ufnfcnae,at thf b a k a*euoi?s of the Oflio* ?>#!>;?'tinent, at Waniiinnt.-n, D 0-, S*w York oity anu Oinrioiiati, Ohio. Tho il quautitj of Wax required at eaoh agency yoar y is bpocifie'j hpiow. iinTHir r >?>. 1.? IFaaAtitgroit, D. C. IV) jMiunOt. oi w-aijet tk>?!iu< VVax.ol good qualit), lor ordinary u*e. Ojstbtct No 2.~AtNfW York city. 8n? pouiijh of Scarlet Sealing Was, Mine as for difctric' No. i Hi8tk1ct No. S.? At Cincinnati, Ohio. 40>|M>uuut> of b?arl?t Sealing Wax,aau?e aa for diatnct No 1. 'i'h o -ntr*/*.! will he tn ,k*' ?? ' * _ ? ? ? w? -? ?v uiww" wauu no I i?uld?r. lit? beat imU to be di-term lied alter a oi> etu I oxaioiuati'iu lor the putpose of a?certiw:iHK wmob bid wi I. in lU practical r?*nit?, be moat advantageous to the Department. It ihe l?i?trict* should be re^onstrroted, or Increased m number, th?? r*eaiiu? Wax t?all be delivered at such p. as* or plane* a* ttu> l'o?tma*t?r General fchai: def innate, at pro rmta proon fampl^s of the sealing Wax required t<* be f>?rni?h*-l can be men at. or procured from, either oi the above named agencies. Kach hlrfHur mn?? f?rn.k ?1 ...m? ui w itiii aii ideuoe of iii? ability to comply with his bid. Tw? suffioieut ecuritioa will be required to a oontrnot. Failure* to furnicb therteallnt *V?i contraot<*i for promptJy, <>r furnl^hinc an artiole inferior to t i?t "oi.fact-d for, will h* O' n'iOercd oient cauae for the forfeiture of the ooniraot. Unta n<>t made in aocordanoe witn th?ae proposals will not Ik? r?usid?r<>d Proposft'b mutt be i arkrd. on tba outside of tha envelope, "Fropo-aU lor Sralinf Wax," and the letter oonta.nioic tn*m adrtre***rf to ? .???>?-? ? - _ . ? -V ?uw I- i?f-? ut^nt PoatuiMtor tie. eral. \\ a?hinrt<>n, D. C. j HokT Jr 26-Uw4w,Th Fnttmaater Gonrral. Proposals for repairing the oua TOM HOUSE A I UAUTIMOttE, Md. TBKASVBT niFAmTMHST, I Waihinotok, Juiy IS, lMn.f Fbopo^als w'll l<? rtci'eJ at thia Department ontil t!i* day <?f Sept*mb*r, A. D.. 186uat 10 ? ? ?1 * uou.uui, onon, 'or me repair* of the Ooitoin UiXM ?jthoi x -<l to t>e r?f&!rnl at Baltimore, Mar> aud, nooorCinc to the p'aua and peoifcoauoi.a prnp\rf-'l at (ftm I)?*pnrtincr.t. Uiddera will ho rtquifd to receive the u d cast iron work di-prnsrd wi'li in part piTir.nt of ths work, at the rate of one doilai por liuudred pound*, and will lie r-qjir^d to famish ah tne material and perform all I'tL- ut?oe?aari labor to oon.pinte the repairs aooorduix to the p aua fun i?h~d. N metr p *r ?s?nt, of the amount of work dotie and mater ale d?liv*red awordinc to oontraot prioe ( aid amount to he in the manner ?r? orio-d by th* oout act, by the eatimat* ot an a?eat ot Ue i)rfarimei.t uppoiuUsd for that purpose) wi 1 be paid monthlt.aa the work proereinca. and t?n per oent. retained until the completion of the contract and aocptanoe of the work l-y the ax^nt arore?.aid, and to be forfeited in the eve-.t of ne. tu>fit">ent of contrast, heecifiostions and drawing* wui he read? on the 15th of A?RD?t, vb?n Xhy can be bwl on application to the _ j- - y wi ?wwii?l tie propoaa s niu?t be aent tn th ? D-' p^rtment. add'esktd 10 the Seoratary of the T'eaaur* and p'Mfilj nndoraed ** Proposalt for repairing the B Uti mart Custom kow*t, and will he open-d at one o o oik ot tne Uat day named lor reonnag the "am*' HOWELL COBB, Jy '7 2iw<w fteoretary of the Treatary. i.?. c. Laiuft. a. a. motv. i.ktrar> LAM**, MOT** AUTRY, mm. *,iTTV&ZfTB'A*LAW Will practice in the HKIWiWfcn. ra and Ar* I Cat* at Jackaou.the Federal Oonrt at Poototoe, e Court* of the Heventh Jadioial Diatrict of Mia >ppi. and wi'l attend to the Colieaooa of Claim# i?rn?(hn<l Mmwiii ?a1l*tf PU*k.OI.D_RYF, WHISKV.-Onhandmmh* HI MM-Of Kure Old K y# Whi. k,. t topper D. ?J*' ,thV"??1r [$'**> iin Pa,,n flvaHiS, M%rt l??<i &ud Virginia, wirrAnted our#' AUp. ;mportal KTur^iM, H?nn??r, (K?rd7Dwu? i " / JKoMm, fee. Alan, P*aoh lad A?p1e Omi* fe 'Ur? HV|ji?d Oln, oW Jtmtioa TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. | . CAPON SPRINGS. 1 EW and Improved route na thf Man&nsaa Gap Rail Road and the SHra?- ?CT? r??? barg ana Capun Turnpike.AflM. * ! J^Br: oaiy 18 miles of (toeing ov?i' ' ' i a oomfortable and safe road. Leave Alexandria 1 in the or?nce and Alexandria Train at 7 15 v in., take the Ma'.avaaa oars at the junction, arrive at l^a fWMt h? C (I'MIAAW A m /vm wj wr v viwa jrs m K are from A lexand r i a to Capon.......?$ From Washington to Capon ? 5 nn For information enquire at tbe Rail Road Offioe corner of Sixth rt. and Pa. av.,>n Washington. *nd at the Tioket OAoe on Union st, Alexandria, Va. jf 12-dtanthAng BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BKANClf. Change or Hours. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JunelSth, I860, trains will run a*follows: Leave Washing tou at 6 20 and 7.41 a. m. Leave Washington at3.2L' and 5J0 p. rn. On Sunday at 3 ft p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.?' p. m. < >n Sunday at 4 ? a. in. Passengers for the Ka?t will take trains at M* and 7.4" a. m and 3 ftp m. n ?sr . ? ? ? - - i ? r ur inn w m m r*> a. m. ana 3.?' p. in. For A nn&polis at 7.*> & m- and a20 p. m. For Norfolk at 740 a. m. On Saturday rtveniug th*3.2Q p. m. train goo* tc Philadelphia only. t3 <1 T H. PARt*ONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN THREE DAT0 WITH Til C TTn Tn V nv TUTtKTt rrnTTTva v ** v 4 V VA X /?VV I XJWi ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR8: Virginia and Tennessee, East 'ietines*** and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Naxhxrtlle and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, JWeiff Orlrrrn* and .Tarknan TO NEW ORLEANS! MKMPHTsTROUTK: Memphis by Rail, thonoe hy First oiass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Moctf<irr,*rj bj Rail, thcno? to Mobile t>* Firstclass Paokets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS? Sundays Ikcutdkd, V ~ ? ?- ? ?a r* ? ? * " - mjtut ?r ?7HHi(ian Bl o B B RDfl O f. m. The HKORGK I'AUE leavr?? her w liart fool of li etrc?-t at 6)tf a. m. and ti\ p in. find connects at A .px?.i>dr;a with tho Oiange and Alexandria Trains for the Smooth ret. Office? i'euuaf Jvama avenue, oorner of f^ixth *t, BA6GA0K CHKCKID THROUGH TO RCW OULB\RS Lynohhnrg - 7 5" Momphia ? S3! ? Baatol.^.... 15ft' Atlanta.?? 2R nri Knosvillo ?_ 80 On Macon ? ? a w> Chattanooga 24 oo Oolumbua 31 Si> Da.ton _.24("0 Montgomery 51 of> Huntaville ,27 no ) v;? M?,mphis,<2 *> Grand Junction 30 00 N.O.J via^. Juno 42 SO Naahvilio 85 to S via Mobiie.. .45 00 THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 900 MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other liae?the Lynr>hbnre Exteumon beinn now completed, aa a!ao the Mltauaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It la provided with First olasa Cars! ITo Now Orleans.?. Til Honrs. Memphis.... ?. ?4 do. Wontpomerr ......S3 do. Nashville 4tt do. H7*Th? U.9 MAI Land ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets o/in bo obtained at th? Honth Western OJfioe, curuer of Sixth street and Pennsji vaiua av e:iue, to the following points: Ljaontuof, linotul, Knoxville, Atlanta, Cbattanoora. Huutsville, Grand Junotion, M/voon, i^ashviiie. Dal ton. Coiumhus, Montgomery. Mobile, Memphis, aud NEW OR!,KAN3. 11 js mrrn ?*n t# mT??? ?? - II t jnr,(M;ir;t UlftBJft iu TIIE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fCyOmnibaee* and Ba?nace Wagons leave the ofEoa at 6 a. in. an<*. 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket Arent, ma 25-tr Corner Sixth et.and Pa. or. 'I^HF STEAMER J AS. GUY Will rweume tier 1. trips on TUESDAY, 21?t of k February lHJf). Will lea/o W ASil INBTON overt TUESDAY and^"?^"? FRIDAY, at 6 o'olock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at half pan* S o'olofk, for CLRRIOMAN and the intermediate Lan lintg. On her return tripe, ihe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at .s o'elook a. m. ( tT/U * W u n ? n i>i umn ??. rnur<, i-roprieior. NATH'L BOUBH. Ag't, Alexandria. _ to30 PA83ASE, FlS/cflffltt0**EALB AMD 8TATKHOOM. f7.fc0. The New York and Virginia Borew 8tenmahi? DAY, Md the Company's Depot. at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. eame day. Passenger* from Waenioftoa and Georgetown oan take the eoaohea oonnecting wilh Alexandria teamlx>at* or railroad, which leave the ooroer of Tth etr'eet and Pa, avenue hourly, or they can leave on the steamer frcra the Wwtern Wnarvea at 11 a*a1o?k n. StaM room? Mn ta engaeed on animation W Mesirw. Mortsn & Rhlnehart, Weetern Whirrei lirt? rcocivod up to tkft hours o/ dey&r .. IP" Jnraianee will be effected on all coo<U bj thUline at the oAce of tae Company at k tor hii tremiara. Tlie Aooommodationa for pattacgera by this line re ir. every reaeect first-o *e?, and 'Tory offort iril be inatie to loiuior Uiia communication with How York an fi|trf>?at.!e and healthful oue. For^freirWor paseaco a?iy to FOWLE * CO., At?nfe, Alexandria. 1_1 li /llliktf m m *~m *-?. n> D vn"M yv bljb * Wii eS-ly 00 West t.,oorn?r Albany,New Yoik. R "~NOTICE~! ? KGl'LAR STEAM PACKET LINE HETWEKN HALTlMORF. A.\l) ,ip~" h. WASHINGTO N.?i-?ave Com. in?m? st. wharf, Iiaitimoro, m owi: Tn*$T NtrHOL ? cv?nr W K ON KSDA Y, at 8 p. m. Columbia, ev?ry SATURDA Y, at 6 ?. in. I eav?> KiW* Wharf. at the foot of 11th strest Wuhmttoo.u follows: roLUMBi < , Rvery WFDNKSDAV MORNING, at6. SSr. Nn Hons.^very SATURDAY, at 6 a. m. For freight, ac., apply to Tims. W. RII.KY. A?w>t, KUey's ihefoot of mar 16-TATfini ltth at.. Wa?hiu?ton NlfcW YORK AND WASHINGTON The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Waahincton for Nov JjTiH* York EVERT WKDNKSDAY. at o'olook p. m., and Now York for initon avert Saturday, at) o'olook p. m. Paeeengera can join the ahip at Alexandria at any time before the hoar of the ite&iner'a departure. N. H.?In the event cf the atoamere inability to eroaa the bar in oonae* nonce or low water, all good* will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by tl?e under aigaed. For freight or puiaio apply to M0R8AN i RHINEHART* xH-B.Mfcftr Weeteni Wharwoa. Notice to Norfolk and potomac travelers! PINEY POINT, POINT LOOK-OUT, OLD I POINT, NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. The oommndiove tin swift (trainer BALTIMORE. haviog been thoroughly 11 ?' k overhauled and iefitted with now boilers and niaehineiy, Ao . will 5'aoed on the aboTn r? Hte MONDAY, the tth of uly, and continue doling th? bathing season, * akygf semi w-?k.f trip^, leavins Wash ins ton Mu.N UA , b ?nu in t KBUAYp at l" o'cjook a w. tiirmnc wi'l lcav? Norfolk ou- TL KsljAYS anu FRlV)AYS ttSoVookp m.i making all the rjTer landiot* going and return*. rare, to __ M^nrv'p fl-Wl Cm?t ?I^SJ gss???vcv::..v ? y* 88BSlw?r. 51. ttSLvSwe:. = ? * Mf 11 l?'U Rn;<l't Ilo>?. 2 *>} Pi ney Point *.< AJaUoi%? Point. ? S.<"j Pomt Look-out S.M To Old Point and Norfolk $5, including meva. Round trip tiokets to Norfolk and Old Point, food for the loiunn f? Children un<*er ten years, i*nd iwvints,hal f fa-e. Freeooiored persons 94. Freights at usual rates and mnrt be prepaid. The steamer Baltimore being the fastest boat on the Potomac, will oonvey psssengeis to Point l<ook out in n hours, making the trip down this beautiful river by daylight. For tickets and further information apply on board toCapt. OH as*. E. MITCH KI<L. or at the Company's "fBo*,oorner Penn. avenue an 1 buth streH, under the National Hotel '?7"Coaches will oall at any n?? '* "m K. MATTINOLY. ' " General Tioket A seat M *-n Potomac Ht<*tnhoat Company. FRANCIS HARPE ttt HK* 58 OPKXID A FAMILY GROCEkY AND FEED STORE, fortter "f New York ttvtnm* and Tenth Respectfully aohcitatlin patronage of thoaewho ?na? be in want of any article in the abor* line. H is odeavr.ra ?hall h? to pieaae. and by a strict attention to the wants of the public, he hopes to merit a ?haie of their patronage. His tock constat* of every article nsuallr to he found in a fiiat olaaa Family Grocery and Feed allure. _ mal7-tf_ I OT8 OF FIANOS FOR RENT AT LOW L* rate*. Piano a f?r sale on Jhe mtx-UcsH reasonable tarma. Great f arcaina in Pianos; alro, in Guitara, Violina. Me-' ? ' ' lfufa<k*a A - ? ???. JOHN f e.lib; I au 15 sole hmU for Ckiokariag 4 Bona' FwSm. 0 MEDICINES. WBE WHAT AYBR* SARSAPAR1LLA O DOES* FOR DERANGEMENT OF THE LITER. Ktnrr^t CftitKUXfl. I Tal!ad*ca Co., Ala , Anc 9. '3M Dr. J. C. Ayt, Lcfttll, Mass.?bir: I take my pen tell you What your ^AK^APARII.LA asi OATH A RTK>4m Lbs have done for me. I na?1 been affliofed with Liver Complaint for six year*, during whioh 1 waa never well,and mucnol the time very sick. My Liver waa sore to the touch, and, th? doctor* said. wu contested. I aufOrea from severe coitiv?uo?s and dia-Th<ra alternately. My skin waa cUmmj and anli*a!tht: ?i? and skin oiten yellow. Occasionally I had a voraneaa appetite, but generally none at sit A dieadfu! sen satinn of oppression oh my stomach, with tai)cu<>r ana a gloomy sensation of sickness ail ovw, kept me in ancuish. You cannot kr.ow how mueli 1 suf(atm! friim nn inHMnriliaKl* iif rli strata Tf.? long continual ceo? thia ooi.dition, Without relief hart worn me out so tha' 1 never expected to be better; bat reading, in the Christian Advooate, <?f jcur traraapanlla, I oomtienoed taking it. with occasional sniaii Uo??3of your Pilie, to regelate the boweia as you direct. From the first, it had more etfeot upon my disorder than 1 supposed anitLing culd have. 1 regained my health rapidly, and now. after eleven wroka, emoy aa go -d health and airength as anv other n*n. May Ui6 "Dispenser of all good" ahower bleaainga on you JOHTI W.STOTT. Prepared by Or. J. C. AYKR & CO.. Lowell, Mass. iv u-eoim XT. O. R. db T. A. HUM JEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH KEMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWKLL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOXjXJ A.RTOUY?r*, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all ens#* whera Opium wan ever n*ed to that of Delirium fremeni.and the oummoR ohief oanae of Diimn LOSB OF SLEEP. ThaTolu Anodyne, tb >u<h oontainiuc not a particle of Opiniu, produoes all the requirements of, and mar t>? need in all oa?ea wherever Opinm was used without proiuoin|[ anything tint uarM, mm leaving the patient in a perfectly natural a ate. The Universal rough Krmedy, (freed from all the oimmun ol>ieotion of <'ou;h Reuwdiee, whioh Sri>duoe ntuwt or prostration,) may be ocnsidered leoommon enemy to ail Throat and LuucComp ainU. and used vith perfect immunity Asking ah u> o?urt from proprietors cr friends the most severe investigation ?rboth Remedies,and readme of our pvnpiilet* to He found with all dealers, anu more particularly to purohase ou!y of tlios* w' o oan ho depended upon, we wait ri confidence tt>e deoi?ion* of Patients and Physician*. "Piioes within reach of ail " eiNIKlt /.6KNT8. J. W. Hc!?nk\vkll A Co., and CommeroiaJ Wharf, Boston, Geo. Hp.ihewkj.l. 145 Water et., i>"w Vork, I 'rd?r the special supervision of JHHiV NRWKLL. t.lieinist and Pharmaceutist hoi>??i? SI... ! . 1. . n bt ^ limn i n ou ?oi o mo W * ? ??i R?'>ni:io oniy.and to whom addreea all communication*. ^>1(1 tyr all respectable dealers everrwhTe, and all th? DrufRiiU in Washington and Georxetown. mar 26 fto.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. ? HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Speoifio Reined* For Diaeaiea of the BUADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROP91CAL SWELLINGS. Thia Medioine inoreaaoa the power of Dicettion, and excite* the ABSORBKNTS into hea ?bT ac ?Un k_ *l_- I?r t -wen * ^ ? t /^?.nK>ta biuu ur w ii iv11 bilO *T A i H* SV I Ul\ l/ALl/C/Al'LD j'(o?ition?, and all UNNaTVR ai ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as weTl m PAIN and INFLAMMATION. ardrfsfood for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV, For Weaknesses Arisinc from Kxoessea, Habit* of Dissipation. Early Indiscretion or Abuae. Atttnded with tkt following Symptom* Indiapoaition to Exertion, Loss of Power, I,ess of Memory, Difficulty of lireatl'ing. Weak Nerves, Trembling, i Horror of Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision, Pain in the JLiaok, (Jniverual Lassitude of the Mu*cn ar System, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions ou the Face, PALUD COHNTF.NANCK. These 8ympti'nu?, If allowed to go on, whioh this medioin' invariably remov'i. soun fol.nws IMPOTbNCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, ' Ijl USE 07 W EtCH THS PAIIKST MAY KXPJHK. VY ho can say that the* are u< t fr- (juently followed by thus ? "DiliKFUL lH^KAXKS " | "INSANITV AND CONSHMPTION. Manj arc a*are of the can** 0/ their Buffering. BUT XONF WILL CO.VFESS. TH B R FCORDS OF THF. INSANE ASYLUMS AtuI the Melancholy Dratht by Consumption Hesr am pi* the truth of tli* awsertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCK AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Res aires tbnaul ol jr.mlioineto Ftrancttien A nd Iiivi*vr?te th? ^ystnm, WkUk Kklmbold'* EXTRACT BUCHU ??rar?A TRIAL WILL COIVMCI THX MUIT SKEPTICAL. FKMA f.F.8?FEMALES?FEMAI-E8, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLK. MARKIKD, OH CCjyTEMPLATINU MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS r-EC?l.?ARTO FEMALES, th* extract Buchu is uneausMed by ' any other rnrrody, as in Cabwit cr Retention , Irregula'ity, Pamfaln^iia, or S'!?pr**??ion ofCus tomary Evncuations, UloMiM <>r jvjirriiou* state ofths Uterus, Leueorrluea or \Vlnt?*. St?ri:Ii?r. Mid Tor a 1 complaints incident to the X wh th?r ansicr from lndlaoretlon, Habits of Dissipation, ?r 1U DECLINE OR C/TASGB OF LIFE. NO FAMILY'*\t/oUMJ *8K*?WJT H O U T IT T*k< no tnon Balsam, Mtrcury, or unpleasant Bfidictn* for and Da?itrout LHstates. HFILMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU crsis . SECRET DISEASES tn all th?ir Stage*. At little expense; Little or noohancaln Diet: No inooiiT?ni*nf?. And no Hrposwrt. It causes a fr*?uent desire an t give* strength to Urinate, thereby Removing obstrnotions. Preventing and onrinr Htnotiirws of the Urethra. Allaying Pain and Inflammation, <> frequent m the ctas^ of ft > s."?a*?">. anrt cxp?IUng all ton on cm Distaud. and tcorn out Ma'tir. thousands upon thousands WHO 1IAVS *SX!t TH* VICTIMS OF QUACKS. and wh<> hav pai'1 heavy fret to t>e oure?1 in a short time. hav* found th?y were deoeived. and that the ruinun" nan, t.y the atf ofFoiriniTri 11TftiPCKNT*," been dried up in the ystem,to break* out in an ater*v*t?'1 form, and FKHHAPii A FTEH MARRIAGE. U*? nki.wmota'e Kiteact Brcnofor a. affecl tions and iti*r>%ae? of Mia URINARY ORGANS. Whether exietme in l MAI.K OR FKMALK. From whatever ;?rif ?natntt and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Dieeafd of oreane r-quire the ai<i ol a Diwti 11 l.i l>. . I ? ?? r*' ** - ? nrii<,Tiuiii,ir? r,A i KAUf MUCH I' , _ IS THE ?>REAT DllRIiTIC. Ana la oerfcun to have the d?mre4 effort in ill Di?WHICH IT IS R KOOMMJ- NDED. tt'irf/H" of tkt ?M.<I reiiablt nnd rftpormtii charter Will aooompatiy the inedici"M CERTIFICATE* OF CURES. ... .. From H to an yeart standing. With Names known to _ . -.??I?NOK AND FAME. Price 8100 Prr l>?Mle, ?r six far ?4O0 mmorru hj any Auurnn, aecnreiy paoKM ITO observation. Dkscribe Symptom * m all Communication*. Cirei Otarantrrd ! Adrice Grttli!! AFFIDAVIT. Poraonally appeared before me, an Aiderman theoity ofPhi arfelphia.H.T. HHLJfHoLt>,whoheiiu duly a worn, doth aay. hia preparation* oo.tein to narootio. to mcronry. or other inturioua dr?t, but are pnrely vepKanle. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworn and aubaoribed befbre me, thia 33d day of November. 1854 WM p mnnKBn m ? Ninth R*o6, Phil*. Address letters for informat'on in eonfidenoe to H. T HELM BOLD, CWirt. API li Unii Iviil vlruFil/ UCillbljIlDt Who endeavor to dispone of th*i* own" aod "othkr" a.k11cls4 oa 1HX bbfvtatioit attainbd Ffelmbold's Genuine Preparation*, " " Extract Rnoiin, " " Sarsaparilla, " 44 Improved Rcie WuL Bold by 9, B. Waits, &U& Seventh street, and 8. C Koan, Ja , oon.ex Penn. aveuae and Eleventh street, I AND ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE, AJ>K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. ! Cut out the advertisement and send t?r it. 1 AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ' ap 4 eolv ' j 279 206 PA* Avi., FORKtON FRUITS, PA. Arm, t CONDIMENTS. to., > j Beja Ie?Y? to oail tha attention of his frienda apd the anblie *eTi*raliy to hia New Store, under Wlll?r<ra Hotel, juat caenod, in oonnexiot with his old eetabliahmeiit, where be wi.l be hapav to rooeive anr order* for *aponor Confeotiona ofFua owa importation. - ~~ m Alao,aJl orders /or Dinners, Snpyere, Balla.and ? Erftte Partiot, whioa will bo aerred up la his intable atyle, with the aame aroaytaeaa and die- i ataf vliinii h? tin hithMtn itinvii iw a j Dm uritNT'P UUNPOWDBR, Fni tale at manufacturer* ^now, by JOHN J. BOG I K. itiouiTOWR.I). Cv SoU Akmuv for tkt District af Ctlumbi*. A larse supply, onib.aoin* every variety, always on hand, "nd delivered frse to all parts or tfieDist let. Ordets oau alto halo/Tat tlieoftoe of Adams' Riy' Com?anT. W^m?liin?ti>n. D. C f??-ta.wlT PHICK* KINO Jt SONS' WORLD RBnowned PiANOS,only for salt by subsnbrr, at whose extensive wsre-ooniliBBBI you will find alwayiia Tar rest iflk.emhrsc M1V'1 , ing every variety, style, prioe of PiaraCor sale upon east terms or discount lor oa?h. Pianos also from oUier good aakers. Pianos for hire. , JOHN V. BTJJS, ? I Piar.o and Musio Dealer, 306 Pa. am , between 9th and latfe Mucin nam K? ...-i*?? -* ??* *m 1 ? A ... ?? -w..* i), iimu U U4 pun, IQUIIOU IflilTHmonU repaired. IT|0 Dl A N (Ml.?<U RE AT BARGAINS ?One RMh JT k rants Piaao. in bae? order, (or $ ?- cjtj. P??tlootar? Gael* Piano for ftfn. Al?< MM 1 Tary food Prince Melcxieon for #3*. PoiMl 11 ( ya M Mooanodatiai term aUw MISCELLANEOUS. ... ~ .*_* -?rp S^. (^0I3FATCHI %\ 7 n I safe the Fieeei! Ks' j At mtciAent* will karrtn, tvm in i?H-r?wrf?>trf tamilus, it ii wy d??ir*h!e to har? >meeh?*p %nd oiiaTfnient wit for r*iuriu Furnitiri. Turi. Crockery, Jto. IPALDIVIO'I PREPARED GLUE m*cta ail ?uou emrrgenoiee. and do household cm afford to ho without it. It is alwava road? *"4 ?P V> the ticking point. There it so lonjcer a n??eesitr for limpmr chairs, splintered veneera, beadieea dolia, ?od broken cradles. It is lust the art'iole for ??ne. rhftii, and other ornamriitai work, ao popular with l*di-s of refinement an^ ta*te. This admirable preparation Is uaed cold, heiag chemically held in eolation, aud pog*->s?:uc ?l the trainable qualities of the beat c*binM maker*' clue. It may be used in the plaoe of ""Unary mucilage, heme vastly more adheeive. " USEFUL in KTERY HOUSE." Prit4.25 cents N. B.?A Brush aeoompaniea each bottle. Wkelttmli L tfni. .Mo. 49 Cedar etreet, New Yort. ddr?M Hh.NRY cTsPALDIN? * CO.. Box No. 3,6N, Ntv York. Pat np for l>?aJera in Chn oontai^tnf roar, K it lit, ivad Twelve Doien?a beantiral Lithofraph<3 Show Card acoompanyinc e?u>h paokac*. -57" ? jy^l- bottle of SPALD1WS FRMPAtlED GLUE will aare ten timai it* ooit annually to every houaehold.-fTl Sold by all prominent Stationery Ornrfieta, Hardware and Fnrniture Dealers, drooerm, and Kanoy Store*. Cour.try merehanta ahneld make a cote of SPA L DIX& S PREPARKU Ol jrjB. vkM Mkiac M th?irlut. It will ?u.n(i mit olunat?. rWlft ly m i S^ILV? LC 7\*9 II Aixt-" j? n>a%n/nrtm** * Jw I **< &v td??t l"**Uf? iiM lid' >7 CO * jfckrf"* V**;u, <yf Rt.,/* ?., 1* if jT yOicJL ^*i * r "* **!? *?? '?? ^ Si IM ?f} JfMii depend ??. ? getting a j**+f 1-^ (IvU lira Am .tkfrmf'lm tt'A.W-*.. V ^ I ? tmid nm '4 rnJm, /f ?.^ ' J *? /j mmmtndrd b <tk* I % hVm*i i?^ r *4 ' 0 ifl vV CmiommtU Us f iirimt .4 %?V\ ' if $5^ A S olow^i^eiOi*.' ' ' CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAXiY'a AHflBAIIC VAI1EY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABELALL OTHE^ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, SOLEl PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. bOK K AT R IX tV 4 * U T V? TO V AV " V7 Ty HA F BOl'R * KKMMEA. fPEEMAN | SIPSOIjJ We offer for eale the above ataodtrd brand of Ann P.ABBftr.Ttia^i 11^ D VA rela an<f {ialf-barreia. Aa it la of oar own feiatilla tion.and hi|hlj improved b? tie, w? oorifk.ei.tly rMomraead it m the fviht an?f beet Wtuaky that oan poaaibly be distilled. We also offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other bracda. from the largeat at<ck of Pine Wlaakiea in the I1 ivited Statea FREKMAN A BI.MP9QN. PbisuLz Distillery, on the Soliuyikili river, Phila Offloee-96 Wall atreet, New York ; and 109 Bo Jth Front street, Philadelphia. isar Sf> It LiftHTNINS! LIGHTNING ! LIGHTNING!!! In Tiki or Piace. Pkkpaii roi Wa! P. UBARRK, 5o?fAws? ro*n*rif lOrA and Ctti^ m a!tuf*ct'jrkk of PLATIN A-TlPPfcD Liu 11 I NING RODS. Re*p??tftiily uu?uuofti to lb* puMio of W aahinftoo and vinmitf tjiat he i? pr?'p&??*l to exeout* all orders for ^rooting Lightning Conductor* on tb* most approved ?ci*i>tific pnneip 0"r>*tmrt??d of the very be*t of iri?t-nai*, on very moderate t*nm. All Piatina tipp^ Point* wbichare manufactured by mo will be tt*jtip?d with n.y name. w?amar v*u?? oj My ur?>ir. maae 10 oraer. iy 9-lm PARAKKINK Q|W THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN! Wear* now rt*?eivinc Pa ftfline Oil direct Iron the works in w<?*Wu Virrmia. The quality of it i* exc'ilwr.t. arodncinr a steady, hnl iant and he&utifiii light, Mid more pi vacant to th? erea than raa Hpht. Thia Oil ia f re- fromarin teratinn,aori ran ni?k mora eonnomiaal than many of the Coal thfa uaed at thia tin*. 117' It la in no way exploeira. we keea alao a anaply of the moat approrad atylea of Lampa, A.o.,f<>r ourninc thia Oil. KING * BuRCHELL* Agenta for lU aala for the Diatriot of CoJamota, Corner t-ifteenth at. and Vermont ar. Great Kaaawha Coal and Oil Company, malt 11 OWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALER XX Theae Scalea are offered to the an hi in aa rka moat ai m pie. durable, an<J reliable aoafee ever pa t ia E. Firatelaea premiaraa have bean awarded than he United PtatM Fair and Virginia Ag-ieultura! iety; Vircima StateA?riaaltaral Pair; Franklin tautute Fair, Pecnaylvania, New York Bute Fair, erfaont State Fur, 2to., fco. In ererr owe where exhibited they aave received firat olaaa pretniama For an e at 55 Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siiier'a Chilled Iron Safe. rteU-lr K* C. PATTISON. AcenL. WA8BiN8TON SEW1K6 ROOMS', MM *tk it., Itto doors North of fa. iM. ?ow lathe time to get SPRING and SUMMKR IRTS made up to order. The aubaeri her ia prepared to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, 4a., at tfc# ahort^at notice. AJ. deeonpf.ona of Sew r.* doaa, UHIRT BOSOMS, COLLARS, aad W*Ki-T BANDi* neatiT nukM, wr i*f a n aorrt F'RE. FIRE. * PUTUMA V W AT K K. J mi "till enrared in the PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BI'AlNK^ it mj c d stand iaPhilhar monio Hail. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water vai readiiy observed at the treof veaterday.aa 1 am wall satisfied I should have bvn burned out but lor the bomtifn! tapilr upor bi premises and th?t of my neighbor* All order* for the introleotioo of Water and Gas jrtll be promptlv attended to. Term* aa reaaena ble aa any plumber la the oity. ir s r. RNvnTt A One at 2s mbU par bodU Oneatftn do. do P1AMO One at I do. ?>nc*til50 do. FOR One at )2 do. One at f> ID do. RKNT. AoduitofliMdo. ^ JOHN P. ELM*.f If B - ft. bnwwa Hh and Otw if. 12.000 KHifflSKtS-V. itss Ue attention of the pubiie to OBrlarteaad veil e* lected Btook of Champagne and Crab Apple Cider, which we r?*ratit?? to f* pure jeioe, and will be old on reasonable terma in order to inakviwv for oar aprinc atook. 6ive i>i a-nail at th*- |< Bottlim DafoC, N. hM on hand a. Iarg? .took of MarU* Muh>i<jiiH L?*w ?*?!? . Al??. Monument iinMi Ston??. Tide . .T4s<5^tes^^aa^rp MMHOIW D*J?SEA . I wM in/ft KJttmmi m tkt WmU FOB ALL DISLAtfKJ^OF IMPKl'PKNCB. LET NO FALSE DELICMCY FEEfEMJ. APPLY INMfcD ATELV. 4 CVEE WARE ARTEL. OR NO CHAEBE. IN FROM ONE To TWO DATS m?4 lludu, nnlliU>? Cncl ?rgrt hMnn^ SmmhS ??iliiy W.m??. Py???p>T. MB in apHb,u? l?mi t M?u, Pkipuiw ifuwWii ?i?nt,TtialLg. I P HM*w,DiNm *f tk? IhLTWm^ (mi t On, lf< (til Iimki at *? ! TimHi PWirim >nu>| (r?? Wmuj kin ?| Twh-:im Dmifi. u< Dmuwiio fncut# vluek nt 4M Miim(i infaMib'* <M#ltii B*tf? iMMU roim ma l^nmiT Mi 1?T? Ikkui ?HUH < utarj Tim. *t; <inM: u4 itnracux fc*wn clwii i*?fi > ka kumit |tm i>m ??i ?f Mm ?f rfc? m?i ?p. tua4 uJ fertllani ta:allacl, mtwhi nHrvai kc* InirutlJ |MNIM(I?NM VMk iW WIIMWIM at *a?4 m mmui tfca h?Mf 9ft. mi hO *h? ni m! ton. MARK!KB PIMORI.c T>u| ? Hut, Mi?( tviriif MfMil fttilM.MltiM aprwiuaa, A*., apaadi.t cara'. t vlw |>Ium himttifantftr ikt MM ^ Df *aMf? Mai? c*??4t u> hit hanar u t f tautt a* u< ? ? pM kw tkil! m ? pfeytiataa. ornc? r?. t K>m ntnui? ?ttn, lafl fcaatf fd |?'nf fr?m BaJuaara ataaai. . iM Mfwtf fill ? U ?w?r?t MSI ul ftM ^ DR. JOBMTOa, Mtabtn rfUi bf< Otlafa a!?afjaaa*, I ??< . ntt "" hm na af lha ?m ihhim aa in tfca MNtl Mk; u< iki ftaatar part ?f wteaa Ii(? i>m ten afaai aa Mm fcav Mtlitf Laa<aa, Nm. fliH?i?li4i? i>M?ktn, t? af bc'.t< Mral af tka MM uuiiiMM( tint ttai ??M itM iHfl, B?; U??bla4 Vltk tl (LU( to Ik* kM< U( Hit itti ulnt, trnt MOMMni Vt*! ?ltrM< at mMm 4a, feaaWtalaaaa ?Hk fraqaant klMkmf. attttM I a ?BM tmk iannfMlnl ( win4. will Mr?4 laMOMilf. Till PARTlvlkAK MOTH:*. Tni| Maa aa4 atbara wka ?<? ?>ara? iftamaalaaa ky a aetata piaeUct ta4al{*d in vhaa alaaa?a iMkti fraqaaailf la*raa< fram aall ca-- p?nia-1. ar at a<te?t, *a atari* at vhteh ara aiffcity lah aaaa wfcaa aalaap, >a4 f aw *ara4, raatfan a?rriua lapmi>:a, *a4 4aa*aa*a Mk mart iar ka4ri ataai4 laMdwraii. tain ara aaaia afifea t*4 ana aaaiaatk?.j tficia ara la<?i kl a?rl? ktktu a( natk ait i Waaknaaa altka 'k >a# late, nJM la It* ?? d tte??aaa a# lif . La?i af Mast a r Pc>?r, PilpiMWi. aftba Bon, l'?a| ?pa? Nat*aaa Irrnaki ty. Bin a|aam?(ika l>ifaa*i?a 'anciiara. tan ara! Dtkth f, *ymjym* af Ca.!*^*.. Ac Ml!fr? Llt.-T?? f*arfal af act* aa tkia nia4 ara ankil ki 4raa4*4-LaaaafM(awp,OMjBaM? afl4aa*, Par-raaaiia af SfurRt, t?U P*rte(*iafa, 4 a*raiac af a?i?i>. Calf I'mrlM. W??a af PaUaAa, Timidity, at* , ara aaita af Uaa aalla f ra < ( 4. NIRTOII PHILITT -TkaaaaaOi aaa aa?1a4ra wtai to lha caaaa afUair *acltaiaf haaJtfc, tkair ka wuif viii, p?i?, iimo u4 iutim4. ? tihfiiU i|f?iru( akaa: Iti in, z*mg% er aympiaux af cMiuiyMl DIStAtn or 1MPKCDKNCK. Wksa tht nuafaiJad tnfi l?pr?4?i.i aafery rfptiutn h4i bl ku lltMkld th? Aofi'ilipm'cl <? ?, k IN a^aa bippiM ihtl an ill-?i?ad aaaa* ?f Aaat ar ?*a>d ( <iK('?rf 4ttf rt him (ram app T">f ' '^"aa w Va, h~" a^ataiaa >*4 raapaciabtliiy, caa aloea btfnand bii* H? W.h tat* tfca kai.-lt af ifnararr. ?ad daaij ng pratandara, ?4?, Nttatakla f oanaf. tleh hia pa-aoir -y aahataaaa. bMa iriCinc antfc altar aaaU. ar loaf tka ataallaat faa cm ka at iatea J. ?al la daapair laaaa ?>.?? ?ilh rainad kaalOi la atffe *ar hia fail* t dia?ppa?r.uaart; * b? lha a** a''l,.j Aaadta ??f n, Mtrfry. k?n?e lh? ? i ?>'. ?> t? Ui? IrnMi m *f?en?^ * On N?ttt. Thrwi, kit..Ac.. pnfftMK f wttfc frifkifBi rapoi.ty, till 4ntk raw * Mf.Ml : bn ir??dfto ??t riu^i ?>j M?<n| ha t* ik?i ? gii'.rin^ CM<>:rf fr?? b?*(n? ? nutM Pk. tomoit KMET T ro?o?o4iiicwuMM? AWT) m.^UTKHCT. By UUffO. ' < liWMUl r. T ?whw. rf ? ?rut Nh lm ?dt?i?ly r*W***4 All mptdimiiiLi i* Mirntfi. PbrslMl ** . !??? . Lm ?f PncniU'i P*vn, K*. T* wtHjwjtt* TnhMwi WxkMNM bkMM ?T 1 ^ H>4 ifiMlilr e?r?d. TIE MIITT T r iri< ttlktt ititnir * Wifc lk? i??t rain, and tha i ?I ?i If m?.' Ml tfirtiirn pai 1mm?4 ky )H- Mmw, *iumm4 fcW mm np*ran ? tna p*p*rt and ir>?f autr >itw.i, Mtia < vbvh b**a ppanrad ipw ts< a(<ia kafwa t*ba caMic, b ? aidaa bla aani nj *a a faotUman ?f ikaiaaut aa? ramiim riUT. la i latriaci pmolH u Ua a>Uia< HaV-l? Dt. J. BOVEE OOP'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTWKS, Arc now being M*d from Maine to the Vr?t Halt Lake, an J Uie nnireraai werdiot of %jl who dm t'lem either a* a ?ae4feanr or a? a hn-rctt. m tf,a? thoy are anaa'paaed in the wnrlo Hr D?4a mp*l them so >oeaafnij* in hia ?raot?oe for 2S yeare before wa parchaaea of bun theaoie ichtto man a factor# and present the.n for m!p to tne pahlie. For the co'e of Inoipiei.t Conromrtioo, Indication. PT" pepaia, Pil^at. Nerreran, Fema.e Com piainta. ard ail oaeet r?an:nac at<>nM. tli?? are he Lond doat't a moat invaluable ran-emi. A aide from ?eir njedioiuaJ ac<>petU?? tfcry are a pare, wbo>e aorne and d? ifcbtfu. Bwciace, producing a!' the pifaaan exhileraiinc effects of Brai.<lr or Wine without their injurious r#"tsl?a. e| all frieo'la of humanity and ali a4vccat*a ??f t*in?erao0* aa?.et na in aanetitainv ?.nef e taluanis V-get*ble Bittera lor cg? mturrci rci ><mi ina owiriiiM with which th* c*intrj m?4 therabj W aid in o*u ?h ui tiimu( and Dr?ck*?**? from the itad, CHAKLE* WIDfMFir.l.D A CO.. Fr^riKort, 7? Wiiiia~ *ev York, i. I^CHWARZE. AtPDt, Wtttfunctoa, D. C. D*. J. BC."vKK DO OP' IMPERIAL G/.V BITTERS. For Dkm^i ol the Kidmen B adder *i.d ('natr? Orrftof, use ?p?oiillj for ? ?inai? Olwywacui, mn (ail to e?r?, and ?r? U> fir* ?*ti? TYTARLBH WIDPIFIKLD A c ? I. Proprietor*, 78 WuUawi ?C, M#% J. SCH > 7 1 ijr Aseot, WaahntgiQ.P. C. fiHK ALL BVFP1C1KMT VI|tK FtMtud < Emrtami, mu No. I u lavalaabLe for arhaaatloa, 9f*rmtor rh?a. klc a:. ihr?ioa diaaWHtiee. No. 8 oompletely ?rwl <!itM Ml traow of t>??? diMUM that hove been httbert" trr*t??d btmiM eooaiand penuoiog* see of oopavta *rw oibtta. No. 3 aae ruUTij eepftaofO the mjarioM mo of neroart, Uerebf weaiinf lo the mfvti efeedf rolief. anpercine all impsr;UM, aud rooUng eitUM Tfcom of<Ji?ef.j*e, TRlEjSKMAR.Noe. 1.?an?t 3.are prepared ta t*e rorm or a o*Ar ?< , of and aod mm be o?rn#d in u>? waiatooat pookel hold in tin own. dhiW into ?oparate doeea,aa tdaiaiitorad m VtiMM, Lai?;uat..i. Riu. Rioord. Ac. Pnoe 13 fwh, or too; nun (or f9 whicti nrM *3 and in fa oa*e?, whoraby U><?r? Ea a tannr of M<-. To b? hi?ft*lio>?l?*rKl rrtail, of Or. BARROW. 194 IJt ?-* k- ?tr**t. '-cr d""f? McDoagaJ atra^t. New Vork. lnmediauiy on rewvin tr* nur?'i(v. Dr. Barrow will forward U>? Tnnfmar to any par" of the world, iw?r? t paokod, and MdroaenJ aooordinc to the inrtiuct om of Om wpitw, Bd alan by B. CALVERT F<1K l>, Jr.. Waalh ton. D. C. C0*4m HHIGHLY IMPORTANT TO A.LL! MRS. COX'S INDIAN rKUETABLK iiKCOCTION. It is wit hnowi that ta tha 9prtaf fm|ti are more apt to ooitrwt disease tbaa m mi ottw period; and it is aaaaify wHI-k&ova that U?ni to ward "f disease t? i? k*fp tha bloo?i para, for "all the ills that i*ah U hau to," ariae from imnty of the Mood, th? main rpnnr of oar aaistoac*. Tt is, therefore, important to ail that tbaaratem shoaW) ha thoronrhlv tlianwi1 and parifced, and thi? oar be don* in the most HTeatr?l wa? by aainc B# tz c iu /VI T^c / ; i w r u r#*i fci V ft r COITION, tb* rnnaJj dieo><rero<rtar tie 0?rf of i: ** ?? af 9km. Jfy-r??eetaa, 5or?fWa. IknM duo, Nervoun lability. Fevers of different kind*. D?*rep*?. LiTftr Crmp'fiint, awl all otherdieea#** ariefnr from mfaritr of the blond. It baa afleefd Uia noat romarkabu cure*, m tu be ak?va br eaneroat <wrtifcc?te? frvn> rereone of ?J?e Bi? )<* * reaper. lability, and ia reo?ma>aoded ??e ue*d it Mine moat leva. uat>'e remedial ?*erl Khiltr. EjTlt la eold by all tbe Drttptti of Baltimore, anjat the reaidenor of the rofrte'or, Mtmrk. cox, Nod* i?bum nlew km mu u blows oa the bottle and her im! on the cork ID" Frioa 91 par bottle, ux bottle* for &. ^Wk?U*+U At ml. R. - T. Cuau* Dr*ri>?U Gr * . t. wu. IJ. C-, WWeeale A*entfor Lii? Di* triot, and trill *uppj the trade at nr pnoe*. mar >f-tr 1 C SWINDLING m ACM. _ AtTIC N !?Q?ac?i.lioote, Cortm*, Beha. flo?piu.t, liit.VMiMtr ur Rinc*-?fcu m all, and, if dupo*Nl tf rett b? mj eiprnim*-, IT* CU?K. . With Mam* ooo'-oeod, arfuee?, id porfoot mlItMLMirmi. kinnwi iilrr. mmm**- \ orJbmj^o^llft, Ohar'??iow?. Mmv Awm.T. DOVB * CO. RK No* pr?p?r?i to tt?nt? u< orttara * Itfc ?AS j H F1TTINV i\ T~ 1*tor? ob RL nr^rt, ? ir-w doon ?nrth of % reca*. wtiwmi; Se famxJ ? I in. m ninfcanJ "?? ?A?liffltH I IlRIL ' Munticmtii op NILITiltr C L O T K I N fli fevrasti* Cow?rm **v ?p>k? ?* ? fHIL d DML PHI A. MILITARY CLOTH* FOR WALR. *m-9m A ' . TBLLOW flNIS LUMBER. ~ tel^Mss ^T&vSfiScil T'iS'S.i!'" IV r. si i ur.o vr nr. " # ?>. w r w ?v l^lllO'U>k*? jaat ftfiMMl a Im*? itnoi wkioh h# will ?>W>r *t >#rj o? nttM tlllMfaf tut *r* wiiMPt to ?wm konf an? <fcic? ui kia Mm m pr*'*"!*' wiM do wc.ii lu uui ?jm1 uuim kia took nSw P?.> If At AITOK ASSORTMENT (K ftoa<-' ?I|H Banon k C*. a^^g^ Pi A NO* )?'t ?m?? rocoty^ at tka oirpBMfl M?M?, cM>ra*f M Pa. ?*.? < KiovMa'fe ac** * j,M W.?. Mfe.12tekOTT I

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