Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1860 Page 1
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/ (firming SliIK v^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 15. 1860. N?. 2.864 l THE EVENTIMC2 STAB I fCBLISHBD EVER T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS, C*rn*r o/ PtuHsylvani* avenu4 and 11 tk tt., W. D. W1LL1CH. ?*t?1 m ptoU{?? by oarrieri it |4 i y r*r, or S7 omu par month. To mul nhaoribm t?e piim it 93.9) * fdr, i? *4r+net; 91 for *LX mcntlir, 91 f4t three months; and for Im? than tare# month* At the rata of KoenU a eek. Simla aopi*?. osacixijin wnppsrb, t\ro cist*. IC^ABrccTiiBMBAT* aomd h? utt to tha o?aa bci. ra lio'oioofc m-; other via* thay may ?oti|pm | acUl tha text day. L FIRST LOVK ; I Or, Cmiumt la tkc Niwtrratk Cnlirr. I [COSTtHC*D.| When ereninj? coma, and after * toilet of that particular attention which in nine cases out of ten ons finds leirtire to bestow on one's aclf. he arrived at Mr Alford's honse. The ? . ^ ? - - tnr-. oDjeci mat cnucti bis attention was Laura as the Americans say ' dreadful beiuiiful >he had on a pink drexs, direct fr >m Paris, that flan; around its own atmosphere tin r?u, and nothing could be more finished than her whole tHsrmble. Not that Ibdward noted the exquisite perfection of all the femJaioe and Parisian items whioh completed her attire, bat he was struck bjr the general n. t?j vj 1# - . uo ewu luaua milieu, do wirceij knew how. quite devoted to her; and his vanity I waa flattered, for aha was the belie of the e\ eI ning I li 11 amazing how much oar admiration takes I its tone from the admiration of others, and [ whan to that is added an obrious admiration of ? ourselves, tho charm is irresistable. "Be sure," said Laura, in that low, confidential whisper, which implies that only to one could it be addressed, ' if you see me bored by that weariful > Sir John Dclm re. doeome and make me waits. I Really, papt's oid friends make me quite undutiful.' There was a smile accompanying the words which seemed to say that it was not only to avoid Sir J"hc that she desired to dance with himself. The evening wont off most brilliantly; and K lward went h me with the full intention of thmwinr himself at the fa*?in*tiit? T.f??? ? ? , ? ? ??? the following morning; and, what is much I u<>re. he got up with the same resolution. He hurrried to Ilarley street?and?how propitous the fate# are sometimes?found the Home He .?<.< I't-nsrei atone. An offer is certainly a desperate act. The cavalier? ''Longs to speak, and ret shrinks back, As from a stream in winter, though the chill Be for a moment." ' LI ward certainly felt as little fear as a gentleman well could do under the circumstances He, therefore, lost no time in telling Miss Alfor i that his happiness was in her hands. She received the intelligence with a pretty look of surprise. Really," exclaimed she, ' I never thought of you bat as a friend; and last night I accepted Sir John Belmore As that id his cabriolet, I must go down to the library to receive him; weihould lo interrupted here nithmorniug risiters." Hie disappeared, and at that moment Edward heard J ulia a voice singing on the stairs. It was the last duet that thej had sung together : ''Who shall school the heart's aU'ectlon7 Who bhiill l?tiish Its regret! IX you bUui? my deep rejection Teach, oh teach me to forget.*' 8he entered, looking very pretty, but pale. "Ah,' thought Edward, "she is vexed that I allowed myself to be so engrossed by her siste r l.?? i inei uigai>. "So y mu are alone," exclaimed she. "I have fuoh a piece of news to tell jou! Laura ia c-jing to be married to bir John Belmore. How can she marry a man she positively deSpiMS " Nay," replied Julia, "bat Laura could not lire without gaiety, \loreorer, she is ambitious; I cannot pretend to judge for her; we never ha-t a taste in common." ' You," said Edward, ''would not have so thrown yourself aw*y!" Ah! no," answered she, looking down, 44 the heart is my world." Aud Edward thought he ba>l never seen anything so lovely as the deep blue ejea that now looked up full of tears " Ah too convincing, dangerously dear, In woman's eye, the unanswerable tear." So, Madam," he exclaimed in a voice almost inarticulate from angor. "I know it all. You were married to Captain Dacre yesterday; and you, Sir," turning to Edward, "made jmMmK a party to the shameful " Xu,'* interrupted Julia, "Mr Kaiusforth believed me to be in Swan and Edgar'* shop tiio whole lime. Tbe fact was, I only paved through it." Hlward stood aghast. So the lady, instead of silks and ribbons, was buying, perhaps, the dearest bargain of her life. A few moments convinced him that he was de trop; and he left the father storming, and the daughter in hysterics. On hi* arrival at his lodging*, he fonnd a letter from his guardians in which he found the following entered among other items : ? "Miss Emily Worthington has been ill. but ia now recovering." Edward cared, at this moment, very little about the health or sickness of any in the world. Indeed, he rather thought Emily'* illness wits a judgment upon her. If rhe had answered his letter, he would have been sired all his recent mortification*. He decided on Abjuring the flattering and fickle MX tor ever, and turned to his desk to look over ?<>ine accounts t<> which he was referred by hu guardians. While towing the pupers abmt. half-listless. half-fearful, what should catch his ere bat a letter with the seal not broken! lie started from his seat in consternation. Why it was his own epistle to Miss Wortbington ' Xe wonder that she had not written; she did not eTen know his address A!1 the horrors of his conduct now stared him full in the face Poor. dear, deserted Emily, what mm', her feelings have been ' lie could not bear to think of them. He snatched up a pen, wrote to his guardians, declaring that the illness of his beloved Emily would, if Ihey did not yield, induce him to take any measure however de?perate; and that he insisted on being allowed to visit her. Nothing but his own tytt court satisfy him of her actual recovery He also wrote to Emily, inclosed the truant lettar, and tha following day set off for Allerton. In the meantime what had become of the fair disconsolate ' Emily had certainly quite fulfilled her duty of being miserable enough in the first instance. Nothing oould be duller than the little village to which was consigned the Ariadunc of Allerton. Day after day she roamed?not alung the beach, but along the fields towards the post office, for the letter which, like the breese in Lord Byron's calm, "came not." A fortnight elapsed, when one morning, as she was crossing the grounds of a fine but deserted place in the neighborhood, she was so much struck by the beauty of some pink May, that she stopped to gather it; alas! like most other pleasures, it was out of her reaek- ^Suddenly, a very elegant-locking young Bin emerged from one of the winding Piths, and insisted on gathering it for her. he flower* were so beautiful, when gathered, that it was impossible not to say something in their praise, and flowers lead to man* nth*? subjects. Emily discovered that she was talking to the proprietor of the place.'Lord Elmsley. and of course apologised for her intrasioo lie equally,of course,declared that his grounds were only too happy in baring so fair a guest. Next day they met by chance again, and. at last, she only thing that made Emily relapse into her former languor was?a wet day, for then there was nochance of seeing Lord Elmsley The weather, however, wu, generally speaking,delightful?and they met and talked ?m*y, read together They talked alio of the heart leu neM of the world ; and the deliffhta of aolitude in a way that would have charmed /.i?mr**o. 0a? morning, however, brought L*rd Llmsley a letter. It waa from hia unele, thort and tweet, and ran thoa : "Mir Dear deorgr: Mist Smith'* guardian? ' hare at laat liatcned to reaaon, and allow that your raak ia fairly worth her Hold. Come op. therefore, m **>o m you eta, and preaerve your iuiereet with the lady. What a lucky fellow yoe are to have fine ever, for they have carried the prixe for you However, at w>aea ?re iocoaataot, I advise you to loee no aim in eeoring the heiress. * Your affectionate uncle, E ' T?Ji them." aaid the CarL " to order poath >raea uu:aediaiely. I muet be off to Louden ia the couree of half an hoar." During thia half hoar he diapatched hU luncheon, and?for Lord ElmsleT was a perfectly well-bred man?dispatched the following note to Miss Worthington, whom he waa to have met that morning to show her the remains of the heronry: "My Dear Mist Worthington: Harried aa I am. I do not forget to return the volume you so obligingly lent me. How I envy you the power of remaining in the oountry thia delightful season, while I forced to immure myself in buried and noisy London. Allow me to offer the heat compliments of your devoted aer vaai, Elvhlby " No wonder that Emily tore the note which ohe received with smiles and blushes, into twentj pieces, and did not ret op to breakfast next day. The next week she had a bad oold, and was seated in a most disoonaolate.looking attitude and ahawl, when a letter was brought in. It contained the flrst epistle of Edward's, and the following words in tho envelope : "My Adored Entity: You may forgive mo? I cauDot forgivo myself. Only imagine that the inclosed letter has by some strange chanco remained in my desk, and 1 never discovered the error till this morning. You would pardon me if you knew all I have suffered, iluw I have reproached you! I hope to see you tomorrow, for I cannot rest till I hear from your own lips that you have forgiven your faithful and unhappy Edward." That very morning Emily left off her shawl, and discovered that a walk would do her good The lover* mot the next day, each looking a little pale, which each set (town to their own account. Emily returned to Allerton, and the town was touched to the very heart by a constancy that had stood such a test. "Three months absence," as a. lady observed, "is a terrible trial." The guardians thought so too?and the marriage of Emily WorUrington to Edward Rainsforth soon comBleted the satisfaction of the town of Allerton. a ring the bridal trip, tbe young oouple were onu wet day at an inn looking over a newspaper together, and there they saw?the marriage of Miss Smith with the barl of Elmsley, and of Miss Alvord with Sir John Belmore I never heard that the readers made any remark as they read They returned to Allerton, lived very happily, and were always held up as touching instaii?o? of first lnv? ?nd _.n ?... . ?? ? W ?M\4 VWUstancy in the 19th century. Ambition far Show. One of the most alarming clemonts in the social life of our country, ia the extravagance of the wealthier classes. which induces extravagance in other classes who can ill afford it. I All alike are eager to maintain a good appearance, and this ill-judged ambition leads to speculations, to dishonesty, and to forgeries, to supply resources which ordinary industry cannot furnish. An exchange has some comments, worthy of consideration : What a tendency there is in this American world of ours to value appearances rather than realities! One-half of our families are occupied constantly to keep up appearances. The fault commences very early in the history of our families. Our young mechanics or merchants marry early, and it is well they should do so, provided they would be content with a simple style of living, suiting their furniture, dress, and other family expenses to their income only. But the young mechanic feels too often, when h? marno ?k?? 11? s J - ? ? ? ?... ..vo? vuui uc UiUOb mo in the same style the bosses do. His wife, too, frequently?a young, gay, dashing, thoughtleas girl?feels even more ambition than he does, and the pair starU in life with furniture above their means. Everything then must correspond, and dress and expenses of living become extravagant. Then follows the inevitable Bridget, whose waste, and board, and wages amount to a large sum. Then commences the life-long struggle to keep up appearances The struggle is a hard one, against the wind and tide and current. The man may work hard nnd earn much, but he and his wife started wrong. For the first year, the wife should have done her own work. 8he would have been the better for it. 8he should have been content with plainer furniture, designed for use and not urnament, and he should have been content with less luxurious eating and drinking and smoking. O. this struggle to keep up appearances is terrible to a young mechanic ! It is a hard, hard life to be all the time striving to gain and to keep the front seats iu awciety when property doos not warrant it. The young merchant too often makea th? same mistaken. His career, his struggle, and bis end, will be similar to that of the mechanic, upon a slightly more dangerous scale, nud, generally, with a more ambitious wife. There a wrong feeling about both husband and wife, that their respectability and even their success in business will depend upon the style they assume. The merchant is in more danger of shipwreck in keeping up appearances than the young mechanic. The worn of the latter furnishes an income known beforehand, while the profits of the former are uncertain. The former will likewise labor under the constant temptation of growing rich too fast, and will strain bis credit to keep up appearances as a thriving merchant. Young profession^ men hare the same rocks before them in the voyage of life Many spend their whole existence in rowinr against winH and tide. Their young wires, too, bare more ambition?mure pride of rank and station? and more of the foolish notions of idleness and luxury. Few of them are fitted for their condition, and the; have the sad prospect before them of a struggle to kerp up appearances. When will men w?arn to be contented with the station in which God h-is placed them ? Seaalble Talk. That never'll do, young man! No use to stand on the sidewalk and whin* about hard luck, and say that everything goes against you. Yoa are not half the oonserjuence that your ulk would lead us to believe. The world, hasn't declared war against you. You are like all the reet of as?a mere speck upon the earth1* surface. Were too this moment to go down in the living tide, bat a babble woala linger for a moment upon the surface, and even that would vanish unnoticed. The heart is full of hope and ambition, but is not missed when it oeases to beat. One sach as you would not laave a ripple. You are a coward?a coward?in the battle. There's no fight in you. Yoa have surrendered without a siraggle, and now whine because beaten' Yoa are not yet worthy of a triumph, wr j?u oave not yet earned it. In garret, bat, sod dripping cellar, are ten thousand he roe* who would put you to shame. They must toil or starve. The strife is a desperate one with them, for they wrestl* with want, while ragged and despairing onee watch at the loue hearth the fearful contest. Strong men loek death in the eye when their sinewa are strung by the wail or hungry childhood. Shame on rou ! In the rail vigor of health and uianhixxi. no mouth but your own to fill, and no back bat your own to cover, and yet crouching under the firat scoumnga of adverse fortnne. You know nothing of tho storm, for you hare seen but the summer. One oloud has frightened you. and yoa think you are hardly dealt by. You will be lucky If you find no darker shadows across your path. , -caih! up. vmoc air. * >> v?J- * - w - r w ? MINI I r "in tout pocket* throw off roar coat, ud take fortuae by the throat. Yon mar be thrown 4 gain and again, bat bang on. Pat away the I nonsense that the world la against you 'Taint to Your destiny is in your own strong arm Wis Id it like a man!? with an unbending wilt, and honor and truth tot a guide, the day is oar own. No capital, eh7 Yoo bars capital. God hu given you perfect health. That is an immense capital to start on. Too hare youth and strength?all invulnerable. Add a will to do. pot your sinews in motion, and you wiu. A man in full health and strength should ueyer whine or despair, becaaae fortune does sot pour u stream of gold eaglet into hi* po?k6i. If you have do money, work aod ret it. Industry, economy and integrity will ao wonders From such beginnings fortunes have been reared. They can be again. Will you try it? Or will you wait for the stream to run by so that you can walk dry shod into the Eldorado of wealth7 Or will you meet the waves defiantly, and be the architect of your own fortune ? Try ! It is glorious to oonquer in tho strife. A Soldier's Estimate or Glory.?bir Charles Napier, so distinguished for his military services in India,on receiving despatches frnm V 12-1 v ..vau vuu guvcrnmeni mating mm governor of Scinde with additional pay, and ordering a triumphal oolumn to be cast from the guns he had captured, wrote: "I wish the government would let me go back to my wife and girls ; it would be to me more tbnn pay, glory, and honor. This is glory, is it? Yes. Nine princes have surrendered their swords to me on the field of battle, and their kingdoms hare been conquered by me and attached to my own country. Well, all the glory that can be defired is mine, and I care so little for it that the moment I can, all shall be resigned to live quietly with my wife and girls; no hon?r or riches renavs mo for ?K??nn? ,u-? rv'v - - J ^ tivui lUOUI. VIII* erwiso. this sort of life is life to me, as agreeable, as it may enable me to do good to these poor people. Oh, if I can do any good to serve them where so much blood has been shed in aocarsed war, I shall be happy. May I never see another shot fired Horrid, horrid war !" MRS. WINSLOW, N Expmien ed Norse and Female Phmlolu, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP. Far Children Teethlag, Wfclak ftaatly faellliawa tha prxtM #f taathinf, k* mAii lag ih? (wo*, Mdacirf ali inl?r?oaUaa?will allay ALL rail* and apaarasdia at'.ian.aud ti SURE TO REUVLATE THE BOWELS. D?p?nd apao It, raatbara, It will girt rax ta yaaraalvaa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa h??? pat ?p and ivld tbta articla for arar tan yaara, aod CAB tAT.I!fCOHnil?lir?i?n-r?.T-.M??.. ? L r bin abla ta ??y af u; OTMU Mtdicint? 5itm R1RS. NAa it raiLBD,ii? A HUaLI "? ???!?. ,T4!fC" T0 lr' FICT A cr* I, WINSLWW S ?htn tiiaaly and. Na?ardid va knaw aiiiiTlilNd 110 loaianea of diaaniiafaetian by any * ana who aaad it. Ob tha tatitrr.ry.all ara SYRU1* , dalirhtad with ila riRtTloNS, ?? < ib tarma > bifhaat cenifnatiriMian af i<? mi-irrl affacta and madical Virtaaa. Wa ?[i?k in Jiia niattar ' WHAT VI DO IKOV," aftarran ya*ra' aiparianca, ai?d PLIDiiI ou? RIPL'TaTIO.I FOR THB fl'ltlL?IOT OF WHAT Wl HIRI DMCLAD B. In alnnoat artry inaunca arhara Uia infant ta atffarIryg from pain and aihaaatiori, ralial will ba foand ialftaaa ar taraniy mmataa aftar tha lyrap la acminiatarad. Thia ?aloaHa preparation la uia praaer:ptiao af aoa af tha an lirmiiacID and lIlirt'L ncmil in Haw Er.ylaad, and baa baan ?aad with nbvbb-failii?s iGccsai la THO DSAIfDS Of CASES. It aai aoiy ralla?aa tba child freia pain, bat inrtyarataa tba atamsch and b??ala, carraeta acidity, and givaa tana and aaarfy la tba wbala ayatani. It arid rlni*at inataally raliava Gbifins in tbi BoWblb and Wind Colic, And avareoma canvalalana, which, If jot iraadiJy ramtdiad and in daatb. Wat 1 batiava it tba BBST A*DII"RB1T PIM- FOR I MjI in tha WOI LD In all caaaa of D'.I- CHILDREN 1 ???TBRTend niAB rkcea lit cnil- 1 r?* ?<w " , I i E.E. ? ni ;iu. I?" arno tram uathing|_ ln? (mm ao? othar cast*. W woilit ny is mr? mother who hit a child ??ffarinf from in; of tha foraf air.r complainva?Do ROT LBT TOl'H miJVDICKS, !fOR THI PRIJl'DICK* OF OTHIftl aland ba-.waan rnnr ailiiinr child and tha raliafthai will k* IVHt?TH, alsoLTTKLT HHI?to follow In* on of th ?adi%ina, if liiraly uaad. Fall diracitor.a or g>ir( will a mnoaji* aaeh botua. Noaa ranaina anlaaa lha Uc-aimilo CURTli ft PERKINS, Naw fork, laon tha oauida w riff a oid by Dr?rgiata throufboat tha world. Principal OlS ;a, Ma. 11 Cadar Straal, H. T. fnaa anl? U Carta par Batna. N l!-d4 wlT FOR SALE AND RENT. f^OR RENT?A three story BRICK HOU9K oil H street. between 4th and 5th. AlkO, a twostory BKICK COTTAGE, garden, corner of Tennessee ?vep.ue and noith F street, surrounded Iit a large common pasture, and would l>e a desirable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. B1RQK, 4 46 12<-hst. jy UM>o3m* F^OR SALE?Vert ohenp.on reasonable terms, oneofthemost desirablo BUILDING LOTS in the city, situated on the north west corner of6th st.,and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. F. HODGSON. Stove Manufactory, No. 403 7th Ft., Wtwecn H and 1 sts. au 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It is KAR.i1 11 fIIi!V ?lh A? TKirtaAn?U - - ? -j ? < a avi nni,, if iwrru Georgia. avenue and K *t., Navy Yard : has a large garden lot atl-tched. a pump of good waur n^ar, and contain* 4 oomi, kitohen and woodshed. Will bo rented low, irith or without the lot, to a good tenant. For kvIs cheap, a rood, strong WORK HORSE; works well in anything Inquire of T. K. CI.ARK. Navy V aid ; or of JOHN PATCH, M* H xt . between 4th and 6th. jy 16 1?^OR RENT?'The three story (brown Iront) HOUSE, No. 367 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th stroets. north tide, containing fifteen room*. This house ia convenient to the Patent Offine. Treasury, etc.; is lifhted by gas, and in every way suitab for a boarding house. Rent moderate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, second tlo?>r north win* of Patent Office. jy 14-tf If OR R ENT^Three HRICK HOKSES-oneon r Twelfth street, between C and I); one on the corner of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on H, lx>tween 12th and 13th ?ta. Inquire of JAMES W MARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No, 4 '25. ma 3ntf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the but i time immediately opposite the west wing of the City Hal..recently occupied by Chas. S. Wallach as an otfice. Aleo the front room in the Moond tory and the third floor of the same building. Fot tenns apply to RlcilARD WALLACU, No. W Louisiana avenne. Ja U tf ri UJU^B 'SiSsiiin I F?JCjT? Ku l^jg? K I i Stoves, Grates, Ranges, Furnaces,&o. We her to call the attention of the public to our large and beautiful stock of STOVBS, GRATES, Ac.,ol er^ry description. In addition to oar regular stock, we ask particular attention to the follow in* articles, which we do not think can be e<jua led, certainly not surpassed,by anything in the market: ?he Stewart Air-Tight Cooking Stovs, he Kisterbock Dog-house Furnaoe-the best heater in the world. The Cosmopolitan Cookinf Ranee, Collins A Co.'s improved Parlor Heater, The Challenge Heater, Cox's Gas-barning Stoves, The Banner Complete, Gas Bnrner?the largest and finest elevated-oven Cooking Stove ever offer.d for sale in this city. We a*k special attention to this Stove. We eoliat a call from those desiring to pnrohase. SIBLEY fc GUY, 39'i P?5JL'i Athui, between loth and 11th rts O^Ohserve? Sign tf tJn Iron Dot se_8-eo2ir Flour, meal, mill feed, &o. Just reoeived on oonsiguineui? 470 bbls superior brand of fresh ground Family, Extra and Superfine Flour, 30 bbls. No. 1 Rye do., Fresh ground Corn Meal and Mill Feed of all kinds oonetantly on hand, for sale low in lots to suit. aua&-6m D. L. MORRISON A co. J coal oil. U8T Reoeived from the Virginia Oil Conni! So barrels prime PARAFINE COAL OIL, which is warranted equal to the New Yoik or Boston oil. The trade oaa be supplied on the san>? termg as "S {, [." "" w<""i. TVft r'S??p? ... ..a? I.AP.V Vf aKi ri Vfte^ BiTiw4sJ ai?^ ? i i* 8KIKT8 of go per lor guilty. Lmim in want offtny of tho ahove K<>od? M ,e'T low pnoei wilt ple&M *it? us an ?wly cull. Jl*L_ TATUtlt HUTCHIH'?n. THE PLJLCB 1 8 ? ?l08SZVr$0 I 8 At tkt Leictst Pruts B A foi & " Y N E'S, ~*-l? ^7<&>^ow.'Ha1L \ EDUCATIONAL. Mrs. m. c. brown. No. 9 K Sthkct, Will b? prepared to open. on Monday, the 17th in?tant, en'irefy distinct from her F?m?.lo a. ritiJUAKY CL^S for Bojr*. A* the numt>er will be limited, those desiring to enter should make immediate application. Mrs. B. will be ahly assisted in the Female Department- ae H 3t The yoCng ladies* seminary. No. 39?S I Strkkt, Brtween 12tuntui 131A tit.. Under the superintandcnoe of M las SAKAII WOOD. Commenced Ita present session on Wednesday, the 12th inatant, ae 13 St* M1S8 JHNETTE L. DOUGLASS ^ AS The pleasure of announcing to her friends and the public that she will open her Seminar), at theeorncr of H and llth sts., "Philadelphia Place,* on Monday, September loth. For terms call on the Prinoipal. She will l>e a* mmed uy the following experienced and efficient teachers : Uiu 1HJUGLA&H? Higher English Branches, Composition and Penmanship Miss Abbik M* Brooxs?Latin. Algebra, English Branches. Miss Juliana G Mat?Teacher of Vocal M imo, l'rof. Gkokge C. Schakffkr?Lecturer on Philo*phy. Chemistry.and Physiolncy. Prof IIsn&v E. Mabix?Teachor of French and German. Prof. C. W. Biksmann?Teacher of Piano and Science of Momc. Mifs Mart T Davidson?Piano. J. Madison Watson, or New York?Lecturer on Elocution Joseph G. BRrrr?Teacher of Drawing. ? har of . Mural Science and Classics. se 7-2w T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent < who wish their daughter* to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their physica1 training will receive daily and special Attention, under the moot approve:! system of Caiisthenic* and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth bt. and New York a v. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, anSO-tf Principal*.^ FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. ALEXASOHIA, V A. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 13th. in the hi>use recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq , No. l&o King street. The course of atudy pursued will oompri?e all the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, and Music, F.ench, Latin and Drawing, it desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormick is firepared to receive* limited number of pupils as toarders, who. constituting a part of her own family . will be under her immediate care and supervision. She m ill endeavor, a* lar as possible, to surrobnd them with the oomforts and kindly influences of Home. Htftrenctf.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. K.liu Harnton, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H F??wl?, Esq-. Edgar Snowden, , Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marburj, Esq , Lewis McKenzie, Robert H. Hanion, Esq. W. D. Wallach, Kill tor Evening Star, Benjamin \\ aters, E?q..Jas. 6ntwisle, Jr., Em.,Col. Jolin \V. Minor, Loudoun, essrs. Biackloct A. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tuxs. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branches. 82?i for the annual session?parable seini annually, in advance. Music and Languages at Professors' prices U_/~ Wo e?tra charges. an 28-t( IfRANKLlN ACADEMY. CORMKK ThIRTEKMH A*T> II ST5., A SELECT SCHOOL FOR HOYS, (Formerly localfd tm th , first Want.| This Institution will commence its Third Annual Ses ion, at it* new location, on Monday. S*pteml>er I 3d. Applications for admission mar he made on the premises at any time after the 25th inst. an? lm R. B 1>E TRICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADEMY, COKNKB K iwn T??TB Thi? Institution will resume its d itie* September 3d. Application* made to the Principal at the roomi. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Rtfertncn. Prof. Henry, LL. D., M. H. Miller. Esq., Rev. John C. Snnth, D D., Dr. C P. Culver. Rev. A. G. Carotiiers, Rev. J. P. Davidson. au2Mm _ WASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL," Coemkk or Tenth a5p G Sts. The exercises of this school will be resumed on MONDAY, September 3d. For t*rin? applj at injr resilience on D street, uear Star Office. Circulars at bookstores. au^l SAMUEL KELLY,Principal. SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Miss M. RIDDELL will resume the duties of her school on the first MON DAY in September, at No. j K a > 1 /V u _* ? mi woiiiii mreei. Mii'lm rpHE I RESCOT"T HHiK SCHOOL, " A 37o Eighth St., Hktk iks K ?nd L Sts. Studies will he resumed in this imiti'ution on Md.M DAY, September 3>1. Circular* M bookstores, au 16-U A. C, RICHARDfr. Principal. j^etropolitan collegiate inbtiFOR YOUNG'LADIES, 464 E ST., Hktwkkjc 6TH axd7TH ST?. The fourth annual session of the Institute will oomruonoeon the tirst MONDAY in September, Application^ should be made early, m the number ofpupils ia limited. For particulars see circulars or applv to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H AVEN.NLR, at thejnatitute. au 9-tf Mrs. m. e.kinosford sseminary, 414 E ST.. VVA?H.!?GT??I, D. C. The next session will cominenoe October 1st. 1?6P. Terms, *e., forwarder] on application. au i.s tf Mrs. a. e. bell's seminary, CorM'r tf L and Trnlk st*.. WfMMilon tits. The next session rf this school will commence September 3d, infiO. The yourg ladies of the Institution are paiticularly r^quest^t to lie punctual in attendance at tlie opening of school, and all others who wish to become memliers of the same to inake earlv application, aa the number of pupils will be iiiHiuiu. i ernih, a.c., ki veu on applicatH'U. an 2S-43t&eotOct la* Twkstkrn academy. HE Kxcrcines of thri school, under tlie charge of Dr 9.L Looms, ami the Primary Department Dnd?rMna AiiMib I'eck.viJJ lie resumed !*ep temberai. Circulars oan be obtained at the book stores (Int ) an 17 eo^m MR8. BURR wiU rwume the datiee of her School on Monday, September 24, ou U street, between 13th and 14th ttie^ts se 4 eolin I. M. SINGES, & C0 '8 ~ IMPR-fiVKn SEWING MACHINES, 3*9 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Under National Hotel.) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF machines, Threads) Needles, k TwUl, KEPT ON HAND, c 1-lm KM, H. GLOVER, Agent Bh. stinemetz, . *.136 Pa. Av., bet. i3th ai?i> 13th Sts., Having' jmt returned from New York, ia now opening a oomplete assortment of goods in hi* line of trade? H GENTS' DRESS HA1S, various BEELkb VENTILATING Bfl CA?te;^ ESS HATS,f?^Rf prince'of3 Wales hat, for young men, A beautiful assortment of CAPS for young men, U>js, and children. Piae Calfskin HOOTS itmH .M.?l ?.us Calf GAITERS, food 'qualities, low price*. * 31 TO SOUTHERN 4 WESTERN MERCHANTS. RODEWALD~Jt H.XDALL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AHD I)K A LEU 1 H INDIQO. SPICKS, SOAP. &TARCH, SODA ASH, SAL SODA, BrCARB. SODA, SALERATUS, and GROCERS' DKUUS. ?# IHEAPSIUE BALTIMORE, invite the attention of Merchant* riaiting th? city u> an examinatioaof their *took, which m variety and trioe 1* aot surpaaaed either in thia or any of the Northern oitie*. . ETOraer. respectfully eolioited and faithfully executed autT-lin* |^ H'U'r n rendering to em eu; tad plM^aal to^ft Um we&rer. At f.ANKS Fa?)uouat>i? Ha' and Cay Lmporiura. 444 Pa avenue, near *>, ?t ail a-eofit l!*tUe*tCo?? ' Avery fink lot of gent*'shirt COLLARS. TIES, UNDERSHIRTS. ? ?! DRAWERS. Also, a fine i-tock ot FALL CLOTHING, HATSaad CAPS, ju?t reoeivrd a' SMITH'S, No. 4410 Seventh street, opposite P?>* olsoo. ?d m iti PINE PIANOS FOR RENT OR SALE, r At R'.LIH'S. . Mim NMITI4 tri>vMklr,M , BLLIS'l. Melodaoiu and other iMUumroU for^eo^*t GEORGETOWN ADyEBT'MTS f'OK HARPKK'!* FF-RRV.?CHANGE Of DA YS ?On arvlafter Ju.r,3,inn, the turner AN TKLOPK. Oapt i nr.. . - - * - -* - j. ?? carrying uie i, tuipo mail, will leave Georg<V own EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY ao<f FRIDAY.atTa. m..ud return ?ver* Tu**>lav, Thuradai and Saturday. N. U ? Evrjr \\ edneaday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdatown. au iO-lm* Owm FOR HARPER'S FERRY. I N And after July 3d. l?, th? steamer I.. J. Brencle, Captain W. H. Ritfr, will -Mr"""*, leave Ueorcetown EVERY TIKS DAY, THl RSDAY.and SATl'R^^"^ * DA\ , at 7 o'clock a m.. and return every alternate day,at 6o'clock a. in. On t'te Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to SKepherdatown. je XlSm I^RANDKLU OPTICIAX " J We. 189 ?ruUt tu, gwrfrtim, 11m constantly on hand a large assortment of French Ne?.r-eignted, Periac?tic, Col ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, oi*v^ C* the beat qua.ity. in gold. ailTer. ateel.and Gorman niror ir\mea. N. B. Old F-ames Repaired a?4 new g asses aet in there toortier. ao U-li Mlh|AS.4KYJ. COLLINS A CO.*8 PHILADEL PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonttantlj receiving fieah snpplioa of theabovedelightful beverage, and invite ail peraona who want a pure an adulterated Aie, to give it a trial. ARNY a SH1NN. Agents, fe iT *5r?#?r ft.. fi?ori?io*n. JI Otf. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruit? and 3'frrton, ill., Getrtttoims. Having given ^ir peraonai attention to uua biaeoh of mi buainesa, i are prepared to.. . ? attend to all ca.ia with promptneee Per?on? from adietanoe oa? plied at a *ew minute*' iiotioe.aa I have a large assortment of COFFINS alwa?? on hand. Particular attention paid to tbe removal of the dr ad from the old to tbe new banal grounde. Hoarse* and Horses for hire. ap 1" 6m LIST OF UNCLAIMED PACKAGES at the Office of the Adams Express Company, Washington. D- C., to be sold for freight ai*d charges, if not immediately oal'ed for. flKOKGE H. BURNS, Agent. September let, lMO. Aubin, N Knearaan. M Adaniton. A Kones. Mr* E Atden, J R J kennan, VV J A ii dor mm. J H I HI*- " ?' Adair, O L*urenoe, A B Abbey. Wm ,iviagaton, H B Aahe, W 8 jyoch. A Alaobrook, I R Latrcfbe, H B Berber. Kev S Leonard, Mev C Balland, U Lawton. Sergt W Branch, J W Luonii, M Brown, A M Lancley, U N Brincer. M D Long. 9 B Barclay. A P Lambert, C 6 Bulla, Wm B L<'n?atrotJi, Kcv L L Brown, A _ Lang, J Bemiaa, Prof 8 M Labarra, F Waer, Mra M Lawrence, Col Bowie. K J Leriher.GH Ha'dw u. B H Mott. Col C H Baird. Br Mvera, Col Burna, Maty McFtieraon, J A Bum*, P _ MaoKey, J "r Blackinore, B C M 8 P Browne, M Mo A bee, E B",an. E T Maaon. Hon C Browne, H F Montague, K L Boaae, Wm MoCreery. F A Brown, A V Muldoon, M Barnard. G C Mann* penny. Col Bu'ier, J G Momat, t B Bakor, \V runt A. Co Montgomery, J M?rua, V H ??nH)n,D|i McKrevei.A HroWm.AU MoLeau-WT Ba^e;kl> MoCrfcoken.J Bennett, OjV Mltetaeil. A S I Dyrnea.prJ i cimer.Ab Meefce.JW I Clark, BHI _ Morton, J Coleman, C ^ , Cochrane, J A jijeri ill A 1 eatce, C?rter,CH % tfBrray.T I Csnnou. J M MoMurraT.^;? in. Catu.HL M*ul.!i,lif'?! Connolly, r v Mitchell, H Choute%u, ^ ^ M o M^riU.H ColemW. Mr. MB 5I.11..WC ConiiollTt J McKenny.w colby. P 1Mit?n?ll*As ' Chapman, ra Mnsiy.r r H Cru*er. L . , MoPhereon, C n Chwnberjiin. J Mitohell-W* Cooker, J . n Campbell, JIU Newbrouih, J ? I < oop?r, JoAu. Nai'.or,? . w a CampbeU, T-A Nicholeon.6 w o Clarke, MW J J O Crutoheit, J Patent, Com ot Col burn, J O no do Campb?t 1, Arohy Palmer, E Con rand, CM porter, W D Conrad, C M ? Parker, G * T fegs&to * " uainn. reux L?o ao Dickers, Mr Do do Dutxna, Ch*r Do do Do Mods Do do Dai>T,S?C Pollock, E A Devioe, R J A P?niiiiM. Com ?f Deianey, B Patent, Com of DouglM, MoG Patent Oftoe Dun nam,W 8 Pwr.Tttf . _ . D?iinia, J P Randolph, Col J J Davis, K W Rodcera, J Dunham, E W Rnalmg.J Dowd, h (or Donua) RobMon.Ctpt J Edwards, S Rlob, G W~ Do J S Ridneway, W Katon, W Rotunaon. Mn A Katon, J R*d, laaao EaUne.Dr Riohardson.F Frajer, J L 8b*pperd Wm Farmer, M G Stuart, Rer D C Fr?nob, E B fculli van. J Ford. M Stone, IX B Field, M Seward, J L Purse, J Sempi. Dr Foster, J Solomon, H Ferguson. SW Schmidt. F Hr?ef,Mra J Sch&el. Wm Frsip,Fred Smith, Lima Pa ler. 6 C Seleomaa. J It i Farrill, J Selig man. M ! hoetor, J W Stone, H Grifliu.FC Seibert, 8 I . :i Mkl K 6 Sk i i.I f. A P Gillw, B W Sa?e,Y g??Soranton.JH Gazette Offio* Stevens, h p i Oreon. Pro? G W Sullivan. N S Gn???,J \V ttwitk, \V Gardner. A W Sutton, C r?J^' Sp N Showraker, B r?? w -j ge?mour,J Gitmm, W W Tonay. E Gacpair.G Do. Tyler, CN isssfe fen f[#yA ga&gh^GL * , RSTJT te^DrCA SsuE&iTf fa-SA te."h k&\mkmr Hwvay.H Wr.fht. \V Sj?*?L' N H WjJKoe. Mr. M Harman, S Whitoher, JB j?!2^Sn Wili*M?.J J tV^ Wecnmiji J J " " \Vor??tj?r. J R j&mna, F I. Lk>. Jackson, T B Wars, W U JoM>?,A Wykoff, W C 1 veraotK Hon 8 Ware, fi T Jonea, P Woodrutf. JB Johnaton. Mr* f? F Whiteler.A Hafiy 4c Anderson Well*, Hon D Kidder, B A Whipple, C 5SV"10' $5!S,V& 623ffi'feS" Keehler, 0 Wition, A Kauaenatrauch, O Zeigler, tteo Kirohaer.M Ml-lm QFFl^y^PEC^AND SKAUEI W A*Hi!?GT<>>i, Jaly It, l?en. NOTICE JS fiKREBY GITEN. That, agree ably to the pronnona of the otdinanoe of ttie Corporation approve4 May 12. IMS. the underauned ia now prepared,"whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta. to ieapeot. examine, teat, prove, and aaoertain the aoou raey el rag titration oi any |U meter in n?? tn tan oity." Every meter, if found incorrect will be oouderaaei, and another, sealed and markrd as true, will be *et in its plaoe. if truveU to be aoenrmte in it* fi:o*hurrnu Dt of [II. It will be sealed aocordiattt, and acain pot in ponito* for nee. , OCot No. street, i near Odd Fei Iowa* Mall ) Opeu from 8 a. m . to 5 b. m. CHAKL.E8 W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 18 tf luspector aad Sealer i t tf as Meters, tilled, made by the ?w?t reiiab.c 4is&!erViVlW assyressvE * jniet nor ins, ?o. Ai?<>. F??*oh a> d AMle Brand), por? Holland ?ta. o?i JuMUM andK 1 Ofou Ram, and W ion of oven rvicti tfi ol DALTiMORE ~~ ' F~ fLiw - - BUTTER HOUSE. . aad iwmi, in UachM pa?kT.?-aw?**. THE WEEKLY STAR Tfeta Pkailr tad N?v* Joaraal iw talUM a in?ir MMt? ?f iBNiKw ran bt> fo??d la My attar?u Mbtttta* oa Valardar aioraia*. fin?lfaoy?, ft aana?.. .. 01 * ESsr?is Tw?utj oopi*?.? ?" " By vnTwcnhinc la olafca rim * MMai aaubbora vitnoit ut uwrT*ntioi of t a?a?i HMt,H *1" vm petMived >* f?r oral of IV ?t?1. It innJiaMy ?nUk?i?? M??r that baa iaid? Tk< Krmtmt Si*r oiroillH ao gaaaiaH) ihroagboat tba ooaotry. 11^"Sn-??* aopiMiia * at th? oount*r. pn>*i-<ti*t* y aft"' UW P*9*T. Pnea?1 HKKb CBNTHIZT" PMtaaattri ?kn m aa afMli vlll H lo*?! a oomaMntoi of *> aaata. MISCELLANEOUS. Ttrr ftwr v ?? "" - ? Aua wxiii l X-jLATAJLATlOV lTOBTHY or I NIYKRSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRON Art 1 FOK STATKKMlKir, JVDGKK, CLE KH YttEN. LAIHES. ?i GESTl.EMEIf in ail ptrUof the world Wvtify to mt FROF 0. J WOOD'S 11 AIR RKSTORATIVI, and ??>Dt:e*rn of tti? I'rMi tr? immidoii in it* PHI#" A f*w tMlimumftli onlT o?n b? k*r* iitm; tMri ou ir for roora.aad it Wi:l b* impoaaibia fur you to doubt. 47 WALL stmit, N?W YOBK. Ml Your SOU of til* I6tb inttwn tea boeo teo'ivod. itimr that to* ha^ heard that I had boor benefited Vy Um in of Wood Hair 8" torauv*, aai re^ue?Un* iny oartiftaaU of lhafaat if I had no objection to m** it. . . . I a wart' it to you ehe*'f?!<y. b?? I th>ak It da*. Mt at e i? about M >ear? ; the lor of ha<r auburn, and mo ia?d to ourl. tn or ix ?<?ri riDOe it o*r%o to tarn (!?;. u4 lh? ?c? ? on the rniin of my h?a<1 to U?aa iU mdiiIx it; u4 d*wl>(i( to torni g^g it- Ktok u( th?M ditacra* at>iliti6K incr*aa*?l with tim*. and about 4 montka mce a foorth was addad to tfcrm. by Mir fallina off tha tcp of my baad and threatening to ?k< mt bald. In this atipl?aaant f>radi< am*et I araa iadao?d to try WooH'i Hair Kc*toraUve, mainly to arraat tha failing off ol mj hair, for 1 bad raaliy no ^xpactatioc trial eray hairou'd arar ba raatorad to ita original ooior ric?ft f roa dm. I wa?. bowovei, 6cm.? nurjirn'-d to find, aftar the u?? or two botc? only, 'bat not only waa tae fbilmg off arraalad. 1 hat tha ooior wa? 'Mtond to lb* fray hair* and eaaibility to tba aoalp- an^candrufl ->?a??d to farm | on luy head, ra?y much to tk* r^ai to* t ion of lay wif?. at whnaa aolioitation I wa? mdnArd to tr* it. For thia. among the many *t> i[?uoui i owe u? bar sex. I ?trongly reo?mmend all ro?laod? who v? ue the MiniirsU"* of their wi vee to profit by air (limp a, ami ame it if f rowinr gra? or g?tim ba d. Very reepectfnlly, B*y A- Livijun. To O. J. wood A Co.- 444 Broilil**;. N. Y. My family are abrent from the city, sad 1 Ml ao looter at No. 11 Carr?>l P.aee. Ala., Jaly Wi, ! "?. To Pior. O J. Wood: 0rer f?i> lmr "Bar K oetorau va" baa done mj hair to much ci* >d einoa I ovmmxLoed the u?- of it, that I wian tuMk* known to the pobUc of ita effeota on the hair, whiok are great. A man or woman ma* heaeatly drp v-<) of ban and by a reeort to yoor"Hair Ke?toraure"* the hair will return nor* ueautiiu than aver; at ieaal Uiie ie h.t expei leoce. it all ' Yonratralv, Wit. H. Katrnrr. P. 8 ? Yoa oan poblieh the abore if yoa Uke By pabhehiug la car Aoathrrn paper? yoa will gat m HA nAfrr?nA?? I a^a 1 ? ? - ?? tiioafcae in the Mobile Meroar?,a etroacBovthera paper. w. iTlnPl. ? wood's hair re8tobativk. Paor. o j. W#od: Itear Sir: hum* bad the misfortune to Iom the beet po< Uon of mj hair, from the elfenta of the jrel.ow fever, in Nev Or'?tui la 1*51,1 wae in to make a trial of yoar preparation. and found it to %MW#r u Lfca TUT* li in> needed. Mr hair it now thick and floe?y, m4 bo *i rdb o%n express my obligation* to yon in ii vine t> u10 afflicted such atreasure Fik'.IT Jon5?c?. The R estorati ve i* ?ot up in bottle* of til roe iimi, via : large, medium and *ma'l: the im>l h<Mj half a pint, and retail* for on* dollar per bottle. the medium hold* at least X) per Mat more is pn> portion than tb? mal1. retail# for two dollar* p?*r bott* ; the large hold* * auart. ?0 per oent. mor* in propur tion.and retails for O. J. Wi'OD It CO.. Proprietor*, 444 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market ?Uoet. M.Lnu, Mo. And sold by ail food DtoccIbU and Fane* Goods Dee I era. an n eol?,aiw PROCLAMATIONS O THE CITIZEN* OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETO WN, Ae. Whereas, At th* present *ea*on o tie year CHOLERA MOR Bid, DIARRHEA, baouQ, DYSENTERY. tT*""Ak1.,L.TT.W,?.. prevail to an alariaiag extant: irkcTcm, It ng*t be oftbe f'rst Consequence to every family to know >( a remedy at unoe Soft, Sreedv, and EJU*nout, UK. MU^ I AKUbi or Pun, oBert hia MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER SK R TAI N*ASDTFFECTU A L V FOR THE AMOVE COM PLAINTS Id order to aatiafr THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the aala of tfcia THE MONE^WILL BEVEFUNDED tat all cairi whan the medioine tail a to fire antira aatiafaotioa. Aak, than at any Dm* Store for no MnvTi d nf'B MIRACULOUS P A lVKILJLKK, take m directed, and if not p?rt?ot(r NUiiri, Return to our Agent, D. B. (ll.ARK. E9Q.. 4% Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prioa?25 and 40 CmU per Bottle. For tt.( at all Drue Stores mrrwkwt. jab. McDonnell. General AiMt, jj 11-aotr Biltinnia A NALOBTAN RETIKAT. ~ xl On Ana loot an Island, Orreiita <Je*ri't<nm ?nd Waikmrtem. The subscriber a having leaeed for a erm of ran this beautiful and romantic spot, openea A . . A it for the aooommodatioa of the publio usfrm the Slat da? of Mar. 1W'. For fcauty of^uHX soenerr, delightful promenade#, fcahing. A e, be sdeeit* saperior i? nsnrpa<Bed m tha Union. The douse la large and o<>n???Oou*. haviaf been entirely renovated It hae % large Uaaoing t-aiuoa attached to the hoaee, bea.des Diuiog an<l D>easing K -oms for both ladies aoc gent emen In addition splendid Arbors detaoaed f on the baild'nxa. Parties, Families and lndirirtna a will fend it a moat deairable pace to paaa the sultry days of asm mar, aa every attention will be caaraatied by tha proprietors. The atrioteat eoiioe arraagrmertc will be enforoad, and politi al discussions will ba prohibited. The Larder will be found to contain a ' the delicacies of the aeaaon at al I tinea. The Par will be farniali*d with the ehoiaaat Liquora and Wmaa and the tn*at Beg are. Societies, Sunday Soboola. Clubs and Military Companies will find thia the most deelraMe r?-a Tt near the inetrupolia for apendmg a p eaaaut aad m derly das. ICTChildren nnaooomaanied bv their p?renta or gaardiana, will lie exclerfed fr?m the gtouada. Genuine aad doga prohibited ftjr Bouts will leare the umt rf High a treat. Georgetown, aad G street. Waahingtoa, hoar y.'1 ? ,flwn Parsons prefminc a pl?M?nt wa k ran imk .Um '"wetoiieittk* Mbfic^ojfcflf*' (nr thwsMivtt. ui tarss?o< * co. N EIGHTH ATIONAL EXHIBITION. At ClNCIXHATl. OHIO, S*r*. Tha I'NITK n * n B l#-i' I r&l w<l Ivdnitritl hihihitiot on the cr<njotv libirill) provided by tue ciU*-?nt> of CincinoAti. vfci?k are to I* fcltjd up iu the l**t *ly l?. Titer* will t* ; ?ad TesU for the of I^pLBEMiWwa TIlE WINE*! witK Stall. 1 Pana HORSES. CAftLET SHtEK, MJ jSwf.v)^ nnd m umuIM TrMk.oM mile in l^otth m4 forty fenl m width, for tie e*hibiU?? ctfllorewi. Tko Premiums oferod-Ha oMh.-yfllil, Mlr*r. u<t bronze med?ie,-di#loaM* nml o>ttU>e??, tmvunt to The Kxhibitio* will r?m*in ? ** ?rom WtdwdftT.thr Thur?d.v?. til* ink, at September, thus riviBf lini? to examine ud teat Ue ttnple meets ?nd machinery. For premium liela or information apply attbe OAoe of tho t*ociet?. No. S*? P?. areae*. (up tair* ; J or to the ?r (>?en?*T. m Cinaeaati. Ohio. BtN. PfcKLKV PO??RK. jy M tf 8oo'r U. *. Acnaaitare Soomti. ? ? *** V. v?Ji* rm/1 U . , AIER CII ANT"*, ..... And wbolasMe la ? MILL FKED. roR * UFA L %t .H~ Corner of lAk and B ?tre?u, WMiuiftui eitj. VZT C>?h poid f"T ?|| kind? of fifii- M S ?? 275 ALkE* 275 JAClSON, plastkmkrs. I'niiti. AVon, >?* !M> twnO. |?ll ? ?? A < 1 Ut mm/ cr WOOD A N t> coal u " Of KICK, tfptf Pa. At., Bit* IIih mi ttrn Ht?~ K1 ill a*<l WW*rf fool of >*????now t* kC. JSTttW a* S J#CPfc??.,Wt.5UMil!?U?U.

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